Dan Oniroku nawa to hada (1979) - full transcript

Okoma (literally, Red Cherry) was a woman gambler until she retired from the yakuza world. Two years later, she returns home, and finds that the big boss has been assassinated and his daughter is having trouble keeping things in line against the rival gang headed by the men who killed her father. Okoma decides to avenge her former boss and help his daughter, a former friend of hers. She recruits her own gang, starting with an expert knife-fighter, her former lover. After a fight, the new Gang Leader captures and tortures Okoma sadistically.

That's how you've known me,
Naomi Kotani.

I'm announcing my retirement
from the gambling world.

Thank you for your support...

and continuous assistance.

Also, I appreciate this
splendid farewell celebration.

I'm glad those of you here could make it,
and I thank you.

Since this is my final performance...

I'd like to make this one of
my best games yet.

Oniroku Dan : Rope and Skin


Novel by ONIROKU Dan
Screenplay Isao MATSUMOTO


Camera: Yoshihiro Yamazaki

Music by Taichi TSUKIMIZATO
Asst Director Takeshi SUGANO


Naomi TANI and




Tadayuki OHIRA
Ryoichi SATO


Directed by Shogoro NISHIMURA


Ofusa, I don't appreciate that.

What's that supposed to mean?

Under your hand...

you're hiding a trick card.

You embarrassed me in front of
these gentlemen.

You must accept the consequence.

Ofusa is a famous dealer...

that's why I asked her to accompany me,
what you've done is an outrage...

You do understand false accusation...

By trick card did you mean this?

A trick card.

You bitch!

I trusted you and
you've disgraced me!

Get her out of here!

I'm so sorry about that,
I'm so embarrassed.

Mr. Yuki.

Your dealer's shame
is your shame as well.

You must assume responsibility
for this matter.

What did you say!?

You turned this into a big show,
you cant hold...


I'm sorry but...

- you're being illogical.
- What!

You're biting the hand...

...that feeds you!

Come. Come.

Everyone please calm down.

This is Okuma's last night
with us.

As a favor to me,
can we put these emotions in check?


I respect your request.

Okuma, do you understand me?

Mr. Yuki, what do you say?

Big boss...

Hello sir, and Mr. Hanai...

I wanted to thank you for your assistance.

No problem.

We are both used to Yuki's behavior.

I can't imagine going to gamble
and not seeing your face.

it's not going
to be the same around here.

Don't you agree Hanai?

Is his name Kenzo?

The chef that you're going to marry.

I told him about the marriage.

because I'm sure you're tired
of him trying to flatter you.

He's the one you should
be watching out for.


I wish you both
the best of luck.

A woman's happiness lies...

in a happy marriage.


She was worried because
you haven't come home yet and it's late.

Ridiculous! I'm not an old man.

- You remember Yukiyo?
- Eh?

Last I saw you, you were this tall.

Excuse me sir,
we have very pretty girls here.

- Onobu!
- Oh Shin!

I want to have a family
with you.

Please wait for me.

Can you wait?

I can't stand thinking about...
you having sex with anyone else!

I've thought about running away...
with you.

No Shin, we cant.

Why do you say that?

You really don't understand,
how severe the punishment is.

You can't even imagine it.

I'm scared.

Get up bitch!

You bitch!
You destroyed my honor!

Please stop.

You wanted me to play the trick!!!


Did I hurt you , Ofusa?

Did I?

I hate you...I hate you.

I lost to her.

We can't let her get away with that!

You're not the only one who's
been embarrassed by her.

Don't worry, we'll get her back.

She's retiring now, she shouldn't mind
losing an arm or two.

My dear.

I've been waiting forever
for this day.

Me too.

I'm going to take good
care of you.

I'm going to work even harder as
a chef for us now.

That's why we decided
to open our own restaurant...

no matter how small it is.

I'm looking forward to our lives.


You're too anxious.

- I'm going to the bath house.
- Okay.

I'm going to wash away
that gambling dirt.

That's too bad.

even Red Cherry Okoma
can't fight without her clothes.

Come on out Okoma!
I have to pay you back for your insult.

This isn't fair!

Is this Yuki's clan behavior?

You know our reputation,
our behavior speaks for itself.

Don't die! No!

Bitch! I'll show you!

We won't forget this.

Excuse me, I'll take this.

What are you doing?

She's got a great ass.

You're too pretty to be a waitress.

You deserve something
better than this job.

- Where do you think you're going?
- Let me go!

Stop it!

Sir, please!


Dear customers...

your behavior is inexcusable.

You're right!

We're just really drunk.

I wish we could refuse
certain guests.

I'm feel sorry that you
have to do this job.

Don't say that.

If you didn't hire me,
I would never have survived.

I can't believe these are
the words of Red Cherry.

I'm very sorry...

we all try to forget our past.

Don't worry.

Once you keep busy, you'll
soon forget everything.

How come... you never
ask me about my life?

Don't you want to know?

I don't need to know everything.
We've both lived rough lives.

If you'd like to stay here,
I'd enjoy your company.

Why don't the both of us drink till dawn.



- Onobu!
- Shin!

Are you still whining?

How dare you two.
try and run away from us.

Suspend him.

Watch carefully Onobu,
we're going to do the same thing to you.



Keep moving!

Hey wait! Big boss!

Daruma clan are holding
a public punishment.

This girl tried to run away last night.

Isn't she pretty merchandise?

We have lots of whores just like her.

You want to take her to our brothel?

Sir, go ahead touch her anywhere.

Go ahead.

Don't worry, just do it.

Please forgive me...

Who said you could talk!

Isn't that enough?

You have no say in our matters.

We have our rules, and
punishment for leaving is public humiliation.

What a stupid rule.

Yes, she may be embarrassed.

but it's even more embarrassing for
yourselves dragging a naked girl here.

He's right! Stop this!

She may have done wrong.
but this public display is despicable.

Tell Mr. Yuki for me personally.

You idiots!

You just ran away without doing anything?

I'm sorry... but we couldn't challenge Big boss.
The whole ma...

He can eat shit!

He's too old, his time is over!

I've never interfered with their business
till now...

It's time to invade their turf.

Boss, tonight is a perfect chance.

Sakura boss will be in the next
town for a meeting.

When Yukiyo was a child,
she begged me to come to this bridge.

Yuki clan tried to secure
a license for construction.

They are so greedy about everything.

Are you the Sakura boss?

Boss, please get up!
Don't die.

Get out of here!

You forgot something!

She has really nice legs.

Stop it!
Get off of her!

Stop this!

Seiji , we're just checking out
what belongs to our Boss now.

If you don't believe it,
I got the paper right here.

What is that?

Listen up!

This is your loan note.

Our Boss paid for this note.

I see the Yuki clan is still
up to no good.

It's Okoma!

Madam Yukiyo.

it's been a long time.

I'm warning you Okoma, it might not be
safe for you around here.

When I see your face, my arm
starts hurting again.

If you don't keep your mouth
shut you might lose it this time.

You bitch!

Listen Yukiyo,
pay the debt or this store is ours.

Or you can become a whore
for our Boss.

What! Okuma is back!

This is a bad time
for her to show up.

Just as you were ready to
devour the Sakura Boss' daughter.

Shut up!

Don't be so upset.

Why don't you seduce Okuma...

then you'd have two flowers
in your hands.

How brilliant.

She took care of you and my boys
quite nicely.

This will be so much fun.

Sakura Boss.

it's me Okuma.

I came here as soon as
I heard the terrible news.

I'm sorry I wasn't here to help.
I apologize.

I know it's too late for him,
but I can help you.

I promise the Yuki clan
won't lay a finger on you.

Thank you Okuma.

My dad is smiling in his grave.

Since the Boss has passed,
everyone has left except for me and Seiji.

The Yuki clan is too powerful
for the 3 of us.

The assassin was a foreigner,
but we know who organized it.

I'm so angry we can't do anything!
Those filthy pigs!!

What a shame.

The Sakura clan used to be so noble.

Isn't it a pity how no one believes
in loyalty.

To be honest,
the clan wasn't....

as powerful as you think.
He cared too much about fairness.

We always had financial problems.

Now Yuki is taking advantage of us.

I can't take this anymore!

Let's attack.

We can't.

Seji and Yasu we agreed.
to retire from the Yakuza world.

But Miss...

you owe 500 Yen.
and we don't have enough for you.

Let me help you,
it'd be an honor.

Seji and Yasu even though you are not
Yakuza anymore.

I haven't given anything up.

Yuki doesn't deserve clean money,
remember I'm a gambler.

Place your bets.




I see...

I was unaware of this tragedy.
I wish I could've been here.

I was involved in a Yakuza war.
And was just released from jail.

I didn't want...

to see you like this Mr. Hanai.

Me neither, Okuma-san.

I had hoped you'd found happiness.
And would never have to look back.

God has damned me to be a
gambler...instead of a wife.

May I ask, what
attracted you to the Yakuza world?

My father was a gambler too.

I didn't have much of a choice.

Before I knew it,
I was a gambler with a tattoo.

I'm sorry.

That was a hard question.

Okuma-san....a woman's
happiness could never be found at a casino.

Please take this money
to help Sakura's daughter.

And take this for protection.

Take it.

What! What did Seiji do?

He was stupid, he tried
attacking us all by himself.

So we decided to keep him
so we could teach him a lesson.

If you want him back, give us 800 Yen...

or the deed to the store.

Miss, it's a trick.
I don't think Seiji is with them.


how do you explain
why he's not here?

Don't fall for it.
It's a trap.

Welcome. Welcome.

Sakura's daughter.

Did you bring the deed with you?

Please let me see Seiji.

Otherwise I won't cooperate
with you.

I want to see the deed first.
Or you won't be seeing anybody.

You did bring the deed, right?

You better have!

Stop treating the pretty lady
like an animal.

Now Yukiyo-san, we know you love
Seiji very very much.

You'd rather have him die?

Please let me see Seiji.

To make sure...
will you endorse this note.

Your imprint is fine.

Now let me see him!

He's not here.

supposedly he's running around
trying to raise money for you.

You bastard!

Hey calm down.

You'll ruin that pretty face
crying like that.

Don't be afraid.

You're going to be one
of our prostitutes.

I'll prepare things for you.

Get undressed!

Don't touch me!

That hurt!

Why are you just standing there...

rip her clothes off.

My Boss likes to make love...

in this manner.
You like it so far?

Look at these tiny breasts.
They're so tender.

Get out.

Please let me go.

You're so cute I can't help myself.

Seiji, are you alone?
Where have you been?

I've been trying to get money,
where else?

Something terrible has happened.
They took Yukiyo.

What? Are you serious?

Gentlemen, we have many
pretty girls here.

You sir, come right this way.

Give her back!

Give her back to me!

Shut your mouth!
Don't make a scene.

We have paying customers inside,
can you keep it down?

Have you changed your mind?
Will you go home quietly?

Don't move.

Can you see this gun?

Lead me to where she is.

You're going to be fine.

Let's get you up.

I knew you'd come...

it's been a long time hasn't it Okuma?

You look sexier than ever.

Quiet! I'm here for the girl.

The girl?

We have lots of girls here,
don't we?

Perhaps she's talking about...
the new whore.


Unlike you, this girl is real friendly.
She also gave us the deed to the store.

What did you say?

If this is about her debt,
I brought you 500 of it.

I'm afraid it's too late for that.

I'm sorry, Okuma-san.

This is all my fault, I'm so stupid!

Okuma, drop the weapon.

I wonder who's faster.

- If you let her go safely...
- If you take her place...

I'll gladly let her go

Get on with it!
Drop the gun!


Now let her go,
like you said.

Not yet!

First, we have to pay you back.
I don't think you realize what you've done to us.

Do you want an apology?

It's not that simple...

taking your fingers
would be more like it!

If I do it, will you let her go?

Certainly, how could we say "no" to
Red Cherry Okuma's great apology?

What are you doing?

I still don't feel safe,
even though you've dropped the gun.

Now, get undressed.


I've exposed myself.
Now let her go.

I still see clothes on you.

Stand up!

You must be so embarrassed
showing your private area.

Do you want to borrow
the Boss' underpants?

What a great idea!


You promised to let her go!

She told me she doesn't
want to go.

She want's to stay with you.

You're an animal!
I wonder if you're a real woman.

That's enough!!
Because of you, I'm not a dealer anymore!

Now, I just train whores!

I'll show you how long and hard
it is to be properly trained.

Me here, I'm in charge of torture.
I've been looking forward to you.

How's that feel?

Seiji, hang in there!

Don't worry.
Okuma must have her by now.


An egg and a banana?

What are you doing with them?

Simple, she needs to have her cunt
trained so she really knows how to use it.

I'm not satisfied with her becoming
a ordinary whore.

She's going to be a special whore,
who can do tricks with her cunt.

Okuma, you're going to make us
so much money once you learn these tricks.


Before you do this to me,
you better let her go.

What'll you do if we don't?

When you can break the egg
and cut the banana with your pussy...

then we'll let your precious Yukiyo go.

That bitch won't cooperate!

Tie her legs!

Which one do you want first Okuma?

You want this one?

or do you want to save
the big one for last?

I'll let you choose.

Let me put them in...
I have a score to settle with her.

It's hard at first,
you just got to get in the right mood.

Yukiyo, sorry for not paying
attention to you.


do anything you want to me!

But please let her go.

Let Okuma go!

I guess you'll be needing this.
Since you'll be here for awhile.

Alright, I'll help you do it.

Don't be shy, I'm the one
that deflowered you, remember.

Think of me as your husband.

What are you doing?

Let me help you break that egg!

What do you think so far
of your cunt training?

You like it Okuma?

Shame on you,
you don't even deserve that tattoo.

She broke it.

So you finally did it?

Why isn't Yukiyo and Okuma back yet?

I really don't know.

What do you think you're doing?
You can't go look for them.

I prey they will both
come back home safely.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

- Hanai, it's you!
- I've been looking for you.

I heard Okuma is staying here.
Is that right?

We need your help!!

Is that so?
So, Okuma's training is going well.

Besides her beauty,
she's got a great pussy.

- A great pussy?
- Yes.

It's time to show them what
you've learned.

Move it!

I've heard you've got a great pussy.

She'll demonstrate it
for you.

You can make a real apology.

Say what I told you to say.

I can't hear you.

Are you saying you want to
see Yukiyo raped right now?

I apologize for my behavior
against the Yuki clan.

To make up for it, I'll work very hard as
a whore at your brothel.

Say the rest!

Tonight is my first night as a whore.
You can abuse me to your liking.

Remove my underpants.

How did you get her say that Ofusa?

It takes proper training,
she's not done apologizing just yet.

I'm going to shave her.
To make her look pure like a virgin.

Then Boss you can really see this
bitch's delicious cunt.

I like this plan, continue!

Genpachi, bring Yukiyo over here to see this.

Poor little girl.

You must be so embarrassed.

Come on, get up.

Please, just kill me!
Death is better than this.

Don't be so pessimistic.

I just want you to look at something
right now.



Please forgive me Okuma-san!

Because of my stupidity,
you are shamed like this.

Don't give up Yukiyo.

- Someday we can...
- No, I'm not pure anymore.

Think of this as a nightmare.
Think of Seiji right now.

He's not going to love
you any different because of this.

Don't worry about these beasts!

What did you just say?
Why don't you say it again ...bitch!

Calm down.
Come and take a look at this.

Yukiyo-san, watch carefully
as Okuma becomes a little girl again.

Okuma, how do you feel?

How was that?
Are you ready now?

Standing while pissing is
something only a real special whore can do.

She's a dragon lady.
She's going to have a strong flow.

Do it!

Don't tease us Okuma.

Or Yukiyo will take your place.

Boss! Boss!

Hanai is here!

- Hanai, is he alone?
- Yes.

He's as guilty as Okuma,
why don't you bring him in?

What do you think Hanai?

An interesting show isn't it.
You and Okuma are close...

maybe you'd like to help her.

May I take them both with me?

That depends on you.

What do you want me to do?

I want you to get undressed.

give me your knife.

You bastard!

Get him!

Wait a minute, please!
Maybe I was wrong.


Do you really have to leave?



I want you and Seiji to
be happy with each other.

He loves you very much.

Yasu, please look after them
and take care of yourself.


Translation by Yuko Mihara
Timing and Synching by CHiU