Damned Summer (2017) - full transcript

Idling afternoons, drugs, heartbreaks, psychedelic moods immersed in music. An adrenaline rush with Lisbon as the backdrop of a drifting youth.




Is grandpa gonna take long?

This lemon tree

Is the one that should have...

But this year hasn't
been going right for it

It should have big ripe lemons

Medium ones

And flowers

And little lemons too.

But not this year

There are some buds showing up on this one.

Two little buds.

Who was saying hello over there?

- It's Daniel
- Oh, it's the little one.


It’s yours


A stick.

A stick? That’s a cane.

It's his.

He's plucking out the root
from the water there.

Four meters.

Four meters?

Oh, he’s taking off his cap.

- Good morning.
- Good morning!

You doing good?

- Carrying on fine.
- You carry on fine?

- You stroll around all the time.
- Mrs. Virtuosa, everything good?

Grandma Bina, everything good?

Hello Daniel, You’re so big!

Are you fine?

I sat down already because
I was already tired... Of standing

- Car.
- It’s my car. Wanna go for a ride?

Wanna go for a ride with João?


Far away, that’s right.

Mr. Arménio, everything good?

- I'm fine, what about you?
- Carrying on fine.

The young people are always fine.
It’s the elders who get it worse.

I’ve been over there in Lisbon,
in the Academy. It’s what has to be.

It has to be. That’s life.

- And around here, same old?
- Same old.

- Nothing but weeds.
- A lot of old folks but we like it here.

-Of course, who doesn’t?

What about you, how you doing?
You shake my hand or not?

Oh right...
You get here and it’s just this and that…

I’m greeting the people.

Are you fine?

- Give me a kiss. See you next time.
- Bye bye.

Are you smiling because I’m leaving?

- Getting nervous because I’m leaving?
- No no, not at all.

Are you missing me already?
Leave it, I’ll call you once I arrive.


Ok, ma?

Go at ease.

Let’s go?

Say goodbye, sweetie. You’re going too?
Get in the car then. He doesn’t care.

- Bye bye
- Bye grandma.

- See you next time.
- See you, God willing. Have a safe trip.

Why the fuck are we here?

Leave it. What’s wrong?

I wanna go to Lisbon. Fuck it.

L’sbon? Listen to that stupid accent.

Look at this shit,
taking us to a dirt road.

- Oops. My bad.
- Watch it.

Didn't mean too

Let me check the revolutions per minute.

- Watch it!
- It’s cool.


Slow down. You’re on a dirt road, man.

- This is like a Porsche.
- Oh yeah, is it?

You’ll drive us over the hill in a second.

- Already shitting your pants?
- No, just slow down man.

- Chickenshit.
- Fuck you.

- Look, just for you.
- Hey, watch it!

Fucking hell

Don’t mess up my uniform.

Jiu-Jitsu. Now we learn jiu-jitsu.

They rip ears off.

That’s horrible.

Hi, everything good?

I’m Diana and you’re Olga, right?
Come in. Come in.

I’ll show you the rooms first and
then you can ask whatever you want, ok?

This one is Chico’s room,
who’s the only boy living here.

It’s the biggest room, unfortunately.

It’s the one I wanted but when I moved in,
Chico was already living here already so…

I didn’t have a shot.

Living in the house there’s Chico, the only boy, then there’s
me and Tatiana, who used to live in this room right here.

Which is the one you’re moving
into, supposedly.

Then there’s my room and then it’s Viviana’s,
who’s the other girl living here.

I’ll show you Tatiana’s room. Go in.

Go in.

The furniture you see belongs here
so you’ll have everything you need.

But feel free to bring anything else.

The curtains, the rug, the bedcover,
the sheets, they’re all from here.

You don’t need to bring
anything unless you want to.

Once the room is yours, then it’s yours.

That stuff on the wall is Tatiana’s,
she’ll take it with her eventually.

It’s a bit smaller than Chico’s

His is the biggest.

So, this is my room,
much alike the previous one.

Even the furniture and
layout is very similar.

Now, I'll show you the balcony,
which is where we hang-dry our clothes.

Chico, Olga’s here.

- The girl who came to look at Tatiana’s room.
- What’s up Olga, everything good?


This is Chico from the big
room, unfortunately.

So, this is where we hang our clothes.

They both smoke so this is
where they come to smoke.

Diana, do you by any chance
have a shirt I can borrow?

What for?

To go play football.

I have some I use for the gym.

Pink, yellow, green…

No problem, no problem.
I forgot to wash mine.

Ok, I’ll bring you one.

Look here!

Who’s going to be the goalkeeper?

- Who? -Man, you need better aim if
you don’t want to be a goalkeeper.

So it’s going to be me again?

Shut up and dress like a footbal player.

What’s that Chico? Change your shirt, man.

Fuck you, I didn’t have anything else.

Again with that shit? Again…

Chico’s bueno?

Let’s go team.

I’m going to meet Carlota
and I’m sweating like a pig.

- You’re not taking a shower?
- No man, I’m going straight to there.



That corn odor

I don’t plan on doing stuff with her.

You’re a filthy slob

So, are we playing?

- So kid, you’re all dead? -Those guys
don’t wanna switch and I’m dying.

Fine. Here.

I am too. It’s good to sweat.

Let’s just drink some water
then we’ll resume.

Sorry, dude.

You ok?

- Does it get rid of the stink?
- Not yours.

Can I score a sip?

Haven’t I been setting you up
throughout the match?

- Let me drink a bit.
- Who’s closing?

Are you ok?

- Are you ok man? Go wash your face.
- Do you need water?

- Wash your face down there.
- Smoke one more, might make it better.


- What’s up?
- What’s up?

You went like that?

Yeah, had nothing else.
Diana lent it to me.

How did it go?

I’ll tell you. I’m thirsty.

You didn’t go hand out resumes, did you?

Oh yeah. I didn’t.

So what?

Let me just put this shit away.

That’s for you.

I don't wanna be a street
musician but thanks anyway.

What’s up man?


Thank you, really.

- Hello.
- Everything good?

Look, dinner’s not ready yet,
but come in, please.

Not ready, right? Here then.

Chico, you really didn’t have to.

- Just to help the party.
- You really didn’t. Come in.

Make yourself comfortable.

Come meet the rest of the people.

- Look, what about Aranha?
- He's late as usual.

Don’t laugh. He’s always like this.

This is the kitchen. This is Gina.

Gina, this is Chico.

Hi, how are you?

- Thierry, this is Chico.
- Excuse me, honey.

Everything Good?


Look, this isn’t dinner for carnivores.

Oh shit.

All you do is shit, really.

Look here, was it you who brought this?

Yes he did, but you have to look
at the mess you made.

I’ll clean it up.
This is not a medieval tavern, honey.

More like colonial.

Get me a shovel, Clara.

Don’t laugh.
It’s almost always the same shit.

You’re friends are kinda crazy.

Some days

This is Maria.

- Hello, everything good?
- Everything good.

But, tell me how it went
last night after I split.

Last night… Last night after you split.

We were in “Primeiro Andar” and an old guy
showed up and paid for shots and whiskey.

What a bender.

He paid you whiskey?

In “Primeiro andar”?

He must’ve been totally wasted, too.

- How did you get home?
- I walked

Alone. But it was chill.

Was it necessary?
After I offered you bed and safety?

Not sure it’d be safer in here.

- Will you help me with dinner?
- I will, I will, chill. No problem.

Maria, are you coming?

Be right there.

Clara, can you get me a lighter?

- Sure, I’ll bring you one.
- I have one.

- You do?
- I do

Looks like you don’t.

Hello darling, how are you today?

My wonderful black mamba.

Late as usual.

Everybody’s waiting for you.

I don’t care about their waiting

- Is it almost done?
- Careful you don't burn yourself.

No, it's almost ready.

There were glasses.

At some point he brings it to me on a tray and I
realized I hadn't asked for the things to be in a bag.

So I faced him and said "what I really
wanted was to take it up the package"

Are you alright, Clara?


You know what I wished had come
in a package for this dinner?

Dinner itself, cause in fact this is shitty

Maybe if you were earlier.

That would’ve done it, right?
With the oregano and all that stuff.

You’re so sweet.
Next time you'll cook.

Was it you?

It was.

I’m sorry, darling.

Because I broke the cumin in the kitchen.

How'd you break the cumin?

- I broke the cumin.
- Let's not talk of sad things

Look, I'm feeling a hell of a vibe here.

- Really?
- Yeah.

You're eating it also.

Is this one of your dinner parties
where no one knows each other?

- Or does everybody know each other already?
- No

It was love at first sight.

- We know each other.
- From where?

-I'll tell you. We'll put it forward...

You have a choice, between Philosophy,
which we took together.

Architecture and Urbanism…

The thing called Marine
Multimedia Science...

or journalism.

That reminds me of something...

Thank you, Clara.

Fuck, Clara, why do you always have
to ruin it? This was a fun game.

Because you don’t know how to play
it, my love.

Wait, so you all graduated right?

Except for Aranha. That one I know

- Except for aranha?
- He was there for a few days.

29 days.

So after graduating what are you
guys thinking of doing?

I’m taking a Masters.

Clara has a really nice blog.

- You have a blog?
- Yes.

A fashion blog.

- How’s it called?
- Tight Skirt.

What is it exactly?

- My sister read your blog last week.
- Aranha, a moment.

I combine clothes, imagine, to help people.

Say you have a job interview or a
cocktail party...

I’ll make low cost ensembles.
I’ll go to the stores and…

Her main model is Maria.


Maria is the main model for everybody.

Tone it down, Aranha. Way down.

- Maybe you tone it down.
- Can someone turn off the TV?

What am I doing?

You could be a little more discreet, no?

What about you?

How did you end up here?

How did you meet them?

- Clara's my childhood mate and she introduced me.
- Let's make a toast

I thought I was the only outsider here.

- And you guys? Do you have something?
- We have a vlog. You know what it is?

It's a website...
We make videos, go places...

True. We go to events... Went to all
the music festivals. Except Boom.

But don’t think a lot about it,

- We’re not going to Boom.
- Or our heads will explode

- You can go with your friends, but not me.
- Yes we are. Let's all go.

But you didn't tell me what you do

Come again?

You didn’t tell me what you do.

- You didn’t ask.
- Let’s make a toast, Maria.


Maria, join the toast.

Do I know what you do?

I studied philosophy.

And right now I’m having dinner with
three and a half journalism graduates.

Can you pay us attention?

Chico, I know you’re spellbound.
But can we make a toast?


Maria, let's go?

Let's make a toast to the
heat inside each of us.

To our explosive selves.

- But don't forget to answer my question.
- Because it's summer?

- Because it’s winter and I need a fire.
- I'm leaving

Where are you going?



Because I want to study abroad.

But why are you going away to London?

- I told you, I want to study abroad.
- But why are you going away?

Chico, you have to look at the camera.

- I’m Camões.
- You really have to look at the camera.

I'm almost burning your hair, Clara.

Just dare.

I’m not capturing everybody.
You have to get real close to me.

My smoke is shutting my eyes.

Aranha, you have to lean in.

One, two, three.

- Awesome.
- Let me see.

It's great.

Chico, come take another photo.

Chico, come.

Chico, you recognize your name, right?

Never mind, we'll take one.

You remind me of my cat

Do you smoke?

I’ve been smoking.

You smoke this stuff?

So, why are you going to London?

My boyfriend and I
want a change of scenery.

And I think I won’t hate people in London.

Does that mean you hate people here?

The ones I don’t know.



Chico. Can you come with me
to the bedroom, please.

Why did you dye your hair?

Now this is awesome.

How do you have such a thing in
your bedroom? I don't get it, man!

It’s like a disco in here.

It’s my bedroom, Chico.

That's a good reasoning.

This is a total trip.

I know what to do? I'll call Telmo.

Who’s Telmo?

He’s a friend of mine

who probably has a place
for us all to go.

And that would be awesome.


Hello, sir.

What’s up?

Yeah, I’ve been drinking. A little bit.

Yeah. How are you?

Ok good. Where are you going to
hang tonight?


Ok, you get ready too
because it’s gonna be tough on you too.

That, I'm not even telling you.

It might go great.

Ok man, hug. See you soon.

I got us a place to go.

Telmo will be there. Or he will be.

Didn't quite get it, but ok.

"Amigos do Minho",
do you think tey'll agree?

Hey, think tey'll agree?

I think so.

That's cool. The night is ours.

Just a question, why is that window
different from the others?

Do you know?

Things are the way they are.

That's a good reasoning.

Let's go?

Let's go.

After all my question earlier was
to no avail, right?


My question earlier was to no avail.

What question?

Why did you dye your hair like that?

It wasn’t to no avail,
I just didn’t want to answer.

Even if I wanted to, you
wouldn’t have stayed to hear it.

I'll admit to that.

It’s ok, fine.

But then don't ask anything about me
because I won’t answer you.

Not about me or my family.

Don't take it badly but my relatives are very sensitive
people, not to be talked about behind their backs.

And I wouldn't want you to think
I'm the sort to do that.

I can't hear half the thing you say.

Can't understand, why you talk so low?

Do you want me to keep
saying ‘why’ or ‘what’?

I can’t hear you

Maybe you're doing it on purpose.

Aren’t you missing something?


Nothing at all?

I don’t think so.

I am missing something. The lighter.

I thought so.

You found one.

Look, it works.

That was a struggle.

Can I have my lighter back?

Your lighter?

How come it's your lighter?

Did you notice this picture?

I didn’t show it to you yet.

I’ve seen it.

Take it.

Take your lighter.

Thank you.

Keep our lighter safe for me?

Text him...

15 minutes?

We’ve been here for 10 minutes...

5 minutes.

15 minutes to get here and
he hasn't said a word.

So, what's up Maria?

- He’s with his friend.
- So…

I’m not having a lot of fun.

What's up?

Besides I have some stuff to
take care of.

What stuff?

Don't I work?

Art doesn’t take vacations, my dear.

But, we'll meet later, ok?

- You're going already?
- I am.

Are you guys dating?


Are you together? Is it official?

- Yeah. Come dance, woman.
- My friends, I gotta go.

When I was litlle I dreamed about
a little Clara.

And suddenly she appeared
and gave me a little boner.

How's it going?

Oh, they fell.

Look, I’m going, all right?

- Tell me if you need anything.
- Bye.

What do you mean?
Didn’t we plan…

We did.
But now I'm going.

Aranha, wait there!

- Why do you keep pushing my buttons?
- I’m not.

I know you're not but I have stuff to do.

- Gotta go.
- But you said.

You know what?

Tina! Let’s do Tina.

This is Telmo.

- What?
- Telmo.


Hi, I'm Clara.

My pleasure.

Let's get a lighter.

- Hey guys.
- What’s up, Doc?

Have you danced it off?

- What?
- Danced it off?


Have you been friends with Chico for long?

A few years.

And you?

A few months.

- Do you like this music?
- Listenable.

Let's dance.


Come on.

You know it's your first
and last time here?


You're going to London.



You are free and I am free

And there's a night to go trough

Why wouldn't we go together

Why wouldn't we stay

In the adventure of the senses

You are lonely and I am lonelier

You, that's got my eyes on you

You have my open hand

Waiting to close

Around your empty hand

Come, because love

Is not time

Nor is it time

That makes it

Come, because love

Is the moment

Where I give myself

Where you give yourself

You, that are looking for someone

And me, looking for whoever wants to

To be the end of this energy

To be a body of pleasure

To be the end of another day

You keep waiting

For the best that never arrives

And the hope that has been found

Before you, by someone else

And I'm better than nothing


Are you awake?

I am.

Are you leaving?

- No, why should I?
- Leave Chico.



- What’s wrong?
- Chico, go.

But why?

Please leave.

- No. Give me a reason to go.
- Please, just go.


Can you give me a reason to send me away?

Chico, please, leave.

- But why? Why do you want me to leave?
- Can you go?

Just go.


Give me a reason.

What's up, sheriff?

What are you doing here?

What am I doing here?

I'm keeping on with yesterday.

- Yeah?
- Yeah. We’re cool.

I’m working.

This early, dude?

Some things you can’t control, bro.

And people’s yearning
for smoke is one of them.

- You cool?
- Yeah.

I’m on my way to an interview.
I just stopped to kill some time. Chill.

No worries.

An interview to what?

To a restaurant.
No, thanks man, I don’t want to be fuzzy

What's up, man?

I thought you were going to
be on the radio or something.

It wasn’t making much sense.

It wasn’t making any sense
but I was playing along, you know?

Alright, he's being interviewed for a job.

- Yeah, I’m going.
- Good stuff. Where is it?

A restaurant there. Casa do Alentejo.

Good stuff. What time?

Half past one, dude.

They’re buying you lunch, I hope.

I don’t know man. But I get them.

An appointment at half past one.

But it’s true. But they said,
you come by that time.

You’ll get a sense of the place.

It’s gonna be crowded.
It’s lunchtime. So it’s ok.

Fuck it.

And after that?

After that my day's gonna be chill.

What about your night?

My night?

My night is wide open.

What do you propose?

You wanna go to a party?

What party?

A party.

Where’s that party?

At Luis’s.

- I have no clue who Luís is.
- But he throws parties.


Well, since I've got nothing
going on, I might be in.

What time?


I'm waiting for them

and I’m going home to change,
because I reek of tobacco.

- So, in the afternoon.
- In the afternoon, yeah.

We could have lunch. No we couldn't,
because of your lunchtime interview.

So, we can have lunch after
your lunchtime interview.

We make some pizzas by my house.

I'll change clothes and drop my bag.

Are you wearing those shoes?

Is that comfortable?

- Anything more comfortable than this?
- Barefoot.

I would recommend barefoot.

You pick some books
then you go for a coffee.

You check your day planner and whatnot.

And while you’re drinking the coffee

you pretend to scribble
some notes in your notebook.

Then you mix the notebook with the day planner and
the books, you put everything away and take off.

- Some fucking scheme.
- Ok?

Or... even simpler

What a friend of mine does.

He brings a fancy shopping bag like Zara's.

Or Vodafone’s, whatever.

The hard ones.

And he sneakily drops the books inside.

Gives them a little tap and they fall.

The heaviest I’ve heard of
was this dude who stole a…

a fucking encyclopedia on Greece, see?

A murderous slab of a book.

Under his arm...
Heading for the exit.

And when he’s by the alarms,
just before, he hoists his arm like this.

And says to the security guard:
"look I’ll take this one, ok?"

He laughs and the security
guard smiles back.

He walks out.

Because he lifted the book over the alarms,
it would never set them off.


- Dude, those guys are crazy.
- But you must be careful with the alarms.

Like, you’re not really taking notes there,
you’re minding the alarms.

Same thing when you pretend
to read the books. You're reading fuck old.

You should know the books you want.

Or, I don't know,
I always get a bit nervous.

So you shouldn’t smoke before.

You probably do it stoned, right?

No problem smoking a little...

No problem smoking a little...

Yeah, the thing is...

You just can’t smoke a big fatty in a rush.

- Before going.
- Yeah.


That roach is just cardboard dude.

- Where?
- It’s cardboard.

You smoked all that shit, man.

A guy can't just count some pigeons.

And you smoke the whole joint by yourself.

Cardboard is vitamin, man.

What time is it, dude?

That’s right

That’s right

- Now the shit hits the fan.
- Quarter past one, dude.

What time do you have to be there?

The interview is supposed
to be at half past one.

So we go then, bro.

I don't feel like running and I won't but if we
catch the 28 we'll be there in twenty minutes.

That would be perfect.

Perfect, I mean... not really.

I can’t be there in twenty minutes.

Five minutes late is the
Portuguese right-on-time.

It’s no big deal.

What about your mates?

Man, I don’t know.

We’ll wait five more minutes.

We'll wait five more minutes, tops,
and we take off.

I mean, fuck those fucking guys.

I need to get a new cellphone.

But the guys knew about that, man.

They knew. I arranged it for now.

But they’re an hour late
and I don’t think they’re coming now.

So, let’s scram so you won’t be too late.

- How was I here for an hour?
- How were you here for an hour?

How long have you even been here?

You have no idea.

What’s happening here,
what’s happening in time. What is time…

I just know you’ll be late if
you realize you have to leave now.

That’s good, dude.

It's good, as in, it's beautiful.
Keep cutting.

Don't despair. Show’s not over.

Is he crying?

Looks acceptable.

But next time bet your daughter's name

Never your hair.

It’s great, man.

It could be shorter.
Do you want it shorter?

It's good. Check the mirror.

Because it’s like, not normal.
It’s like a vision.

Looks like you have a track right here.

Looks special. It’s a special cut.

See? You like it already.
It shows in your eyes.

I see where this can go.

- It's cool, modern. You look young.
- Yeah?

General studies.

Have you heard of it?
Lisbon's Faculty of Letters.

But what do you do?

People don't have a real notion.

- Fine arts is really cool. They draw a great deal.
- Which classes do you go to?

Basically they let you take classes from
many different programs.

I think I know you.

You Dj at Musicbox, right?
Mondays? Tuesdays?

Yes, I used to.

I think I saw you there once.

He’s too good for Music Box.

Right, and this is Gonçalo.

Uh. Gonçalo.

- Are you ok, my darling?
- Yes.

What’s wrong? You're not right.

I don’t know. It’s Gonçalo.

What a bore. That’ll wash away.

- Shot?
- Shot, yeah.


We're complicated.

What complicated?
What we have is shit.

We have nothing. We've got nothing.

You’ve got nothing.
We’ve got nothing.

You wanna do a line?

Not now. Later.

Ok, we're just finishing this

- The music… fuck, I burned myself.
- Are you almost done?

Yeah, we're down to the last ones.

Good, cause I got everyone waiting.

They're not waiting long,
We're about done.

Come on, do a line.

Later. The music, I'm on it.

A little line before you go.

- Come on, hurry up. It's my party.
- What? I couldn't hear you.

- I can’t hear you.
- It's my party!

It's too noisy in here!
I can't hear you.

- You gotta fucking speak louder.
- Hurry up.

Alright, I'll hurry.

I'm right on the edge, dude,
right on the edge.

Careful with that shit, dude.

You gotta chill out now.

I know nothing, dude.

Do you know what this party reminds me of?

The people hanging around?

That school we visited once. Remember?
St. Mary's High, in Coimbra.

It’s the same mood. Same spirit.

You know whose fault that is?

- It's Quarta-Feira’s.
- He always gets us in these things.

So what? Aren't there good
looking people here?

And I could go for some.

Darling, you're so pretty.

That hairdo looks good on you.

Remind me what we’re doing here.

That’s what I’d like to know. I’m sick of
waiting. Don't know what’s going on upstairs.

Do you know what’s going on upstairs?

When I was downstairs…

I was told to come upstairs.

So I could go upstairs.

So that the people downstairs

Would tell the people downstairs
that there were shots upstairs.


- Have you been upstairs?
- No because I was downstairs.

No, wait, I was in the basement.
Even lower.

- On minus two.
- Chill. House shots.


Give me a cigarette.

You mean a lighter. You have a cigarette.

Sorry, I used it as an ashtray
so you can't drink it.

- You’re Telmo.
- I am.

You remember my name? I’m Luís.

And this is my house.
You can do whatever you want.

- To the house?
- Or to the owner of the house.

- You’re too kind.
- I know I am.

I'm wonderful, don’t doubt it.

- My earring, where’s my earring?
- Over there

Damn you, you’re trying to fool me.

Stop it!

- Should I drink this?
- No, it’s your ashtray.

Hey, Luís! Is it good upstairs or what?

It’s wonderful. All fun and games.

You’ll like it. You should try some.

In fact, you should do
a lot of experimenting.

Life's great for that.

Why are you laughing?

- The king of the party has arrived, I see.
- Your highness.

As king of the party I'll ask the
owner of the party…

Music, dude!

Where’s the music?

Play some goddamn music.

Come on, man. Do I need to
kiss you on the mouth?

Don't want you to kiss me in the mouth.

Don’t ruin stuff for me.

Where’s the sound system?

I think it’s downstairs.

Come on, cutie pie.

Go put on some music.

I’ll play whatever music you want.

Thank you, Helder!

What’s up, Quarta?
Where have you been?

Long time, dude...

It's a videogame thing.

It’s like you’re playing and there’s
a camper there and then…

- This must be a drag for you.
- Sorry, what?


What’s up, dude.

- Listen, have you been upstairs?
- Upstairs?

- Yeah.
- Where?


Cut the line if you’re in such a hurry.

Go check it out.

- Go say hello.
- Hello!

- Go back to your place.
- I will. I will.

Just a moment.



- What's your name really?
- It’s Tania. Go back to your place.


- You well?
- I’m fine.

- You’re fine?
- Excellent.

Can you give us a second to talk
about something super important.


Go right ahead.

When I say one second,
I mean one second space-wise.

Maybe a minute, ten. I really need to talk
to her. You'd be helping a lot if you left.

- Chill?
- Yeah.

Thank you so much.

Talk to me.

I don’t wanna talk to you and your friends,
I wanna talk to you alone.

Are you with her?


Are you two together?

What together, he's gay, for Chrissake.

So it won’t be possible to talk to you.

It is possible to talk to me here,
where I want to be.

I just wanted to apologize, but it's cool.

It’s not like…

Fuck it.

- What’s upstairs?
- Molly. Go back to your place.

- Wait, let me integrate all the intel. Is it?
- Yeah

- Are you scared?
- A little bit, yes.

Hey, there’s a line.

She gave me green light
for the whole night.


What’s happening upstairs, man?

Why are you scared? You never took it?


Never did.
Is it any good, at least?

You go ahead, please.

- I’ll go with you. You'll see, it's fun.
- Yeah?

- I’m not gonna get all fucked up?
- No, no.

Okay, I’ll trust you. It's cool.

You good?

- Done any stuff yet?
- What?

- Taken anything?
- Yes.


A cigarette.

Dude, you’ve been doing
that for fifteen minutes.


Not cool. You’re frying.

Get out of there, you're frying.

Bro, you good? Listen.

You good?

I flipped the soda glass and
completely spaced out...


Tell me.

The dude's been pulling that blind strap
for fifteen minutes now.

He won’t speak to me

Now the blinds are stuck up there.

And there he is.

I don't know what to do.
Go give him a tap.


Hello? Did you see Quarta Feira?

I have to hang up, bye.

- Have you seen Quarta Feira?
- No.

Have you seen Quarta Feira?

Have you seen Quarta Feira?

Fuck, homie. Quarta Feira…

Maybe later.

- Have you seen Quarta Feira?
- What?

- Have you seen Quarta Feira?
- Not me.

Good evening...

- Have you seen Quarta Feira?
- Who’s that?

He’s an individual...

I can’t describe him.



You’re here, dude.

What happened to your shirt?

We must get the old stuff out to
bring in the new, dude.


Weren’t you dating her?

The one with the yellow shirt.

Already forgot about that.

I see it now, dude.

That’s great, kid.

Stop, leave him. What a bore.

Are you ok?

- You’re very cool, you know?
- Thank you.

Stop, you’re ruining my window.

He might wreck the whole house.

Telmo, wait.

Let it go, alright?

Leave it


Dude, are you kinda stuck?

Why are we going trough this?

He wasn't bonkers. He was a freak.
It's different.

- It’s quite different.
- It's the same.

- It’s not.
- It is.

It isn’t, no.

What's the difference?

What's the difference?

Picture a dance floor

bursting with people

digging this hardcore beat.

Quite a scene.

You see Spiralia in the midst,
stoned out of his mind.

To see that guy, what a scene.

He had this pipe,

cock-shaped, made of blueish glass.

Picture this Mexican

With the dope stashed
in the balls of this thing.

And sucking on the tip.

Can you picture this person
in that background?

The worst was, at some point,

the guy falls asleep on standing up.

With that shit in his mouth.

He falls asleep and the other freaks start
feeding the pipe bits of hash.

You could see the guy breathing
in the smoke in his sleep.

What a crazy scene.

It was one hell of a trippy thing. At some
point the guy wakes up and suddenly says:

"I had the best dream of my life."

So, how would you react if you ran
into Spiralia on the street?

I’d give him a hug.

- Really.
- Best thing you could do?

To spiralia, sure.

What about yesterday’s freaks?

I’d give each one a hug too.
They could form a line.

Nice couch.

Isn’t it?

Found it three days ago
in the trash.


Those people yesterday...

I wasn’t myself. They weren’t themselves.

It’s like we’re strangers now.

It’ll be hard to recognize each other.

That was the High, you see?

That's the thing.

How am I to recognize their
normal selves now?

I mean, to me that's their normal state.

It's how I met them.

Like that guy, that total freak,
spinning around.

How will I recognize him on the
street if he’s not whirling?


You know how it works.

That’s nightlife.

Why did we stop?

- You got ciggies?
- No, wanna check that shit?

Why did we stop?

- Do you have cigarettes?
- No. We don’t smoke. We're real healthy.

Doesn’t smoke, but has a cigarette…

Is this a cigarette?

Oh, you smoke those things?

You can’t give me a cigarette?

And you say nothing?

I can’t give it to everybody.

You’re always asleep kid.

Let’s smoke this ciggie.


- We’ll smoke halfsies.
- We’ll smoke halfsies.


You guys rehearsed that.

- Sometimes it happens.
- You must know each other for a long time.


What’s your deal then? Just hanging here?

- Just smoking a cigarette then we go home.
- Home?

Why home?

- Nothing's happening. There's nothing open.
- There is.

And I wanted to smoke one.
You got some?

There’s one thing we can do

and we can do it

on the way there.

Yeah, we’re going home.

We'll go.

Do you... Do you...

Do you got smoke?

- You wanna smoke?
- Yes…

- Let’s smoke a joint. -Let’s give
these ladies something to smoke.

They're a little cheery.

No, we’ll smoke it in the After.

- Bro, we can smoke one here.
- Where's this After?

- Girls we were heading home.
- We can roll it here.

Chat on the way, and go there.

- What's the place called?
- Europa Sunrise.

- I’ve heard about it.
- You have?

- And we can get it for free. That's what's up.
- Where is it?

Thirty minutes from here?

You gotta blow a lot of people to
dodge the cover charge.

Blow them or give them bum fun.

C'mon girls, weren't we going home.

- Let’s have a beer in the After.
- No, c'mon, After is at home.

You're going out with a friend like this?

- She’s cool.
- She’s just a bit drunk.

- Then, I don’t want to meet her sober.
- She’s just tired.

My house is nearer than that shit hole.
I'm walking.

Girl’s, c’mon…
Oksana, don't be a drag.

- Oksana? Is that a name?
- What’s your problem?

- It’s yours?
- Yes, it’s mine.

Sounded like a pet's name.

Oksana has a temper.

Once in a while, ok?

If you got a problem you can start
fucking walking.

Calm down...

Just found it odd. Never heard of
anyone named like that.

Ok, it's cool, sorry Oksana.

Oksana. Such a beautiful name.
Oksana... Rexona...

- We roll and smoke on the way, talking...
- But is it close?

- We can get there in twenty minutes.
- I would go, but…

- And it's free.
- For sure?

Why? You’re like a VIP?

I’m like the elite

with connections, you dig?

I think you’re all talk.

You talk a lot.

What’s you're name again?

Galáxia (Galaxy)

What? It’s a great name.

- His name is Galáxia.
- Galáxia, great name.

Why is that your name?


Is that a name?

No it’s a nickname.

When I played football
I used to have a star drawn here, you dig?

So, the guys started calling me Galáxia.

Oksana, let’s go to the After.

I’m not going.

Come on, let’s smoke.
What else do you wanna do?

Drink, smoke, enjoy life…

So just hop on

We’re some handsome fellas.

You’re such a big mouth.

But my mouth is...


No, I meant you got a deep throat.

Excuse me…

What do you mean?

What do you mean?

- Just because of that one we’re leaving.
- No!

- Wait, write down your number.
- No way, let’s go.

What a drag

This friend of yours.

What? She left?

Give me your number.

- You give me yours.
- What's this place called again?

Europa Sunrise.

What’s up, dude?

It’s enough, man. Enough.

That shit's dead to me.

You can go to my bedroom.

I’ll doze here a bit then you can.


Wake the fuck up.

Take it.

Much appreciated

I’m gonna crash here tonight



Explain it Catarina, why do you
have to sleep over again?

Wait, I should explain to you why I wanna
stay and sleep with my boyfriend?

Can't you tell me?

You don’t even live here.
What's your deal?

Crossing the line, dude.

Leave it. I wanna see where this goes.

- You need to stay here.
- Is it?

For starters, you forgot your keys.

Yet Again.

I forgot my keys.


Wouldn't your roommates
open the door for you.

Maybe I don’t wanna wake
my friends up.

That’s not even a problem.

It is for me. I don't wanna
wake them.

That's not it

It's not that you don't want to.

That’s also a possibility.

Then you must know where they went.

You know better than me that
they might have gone out.

- They went out?
- No…

I’m almost certain you know where they are,
and it's not at home.

You seem to have a lot of insight
into my friends.

Where's Tania?

Chico, I’m gonna tell you something.

Don’t take it the wrong way.

I’m gonna be more of a friend
to you than you were to me.

Chico, forget Tania.

Believe me. Forget Tania

It's what's best for you.


Come on, tell me where she is.
You know.

Text her.

I don’t have her number.

- You can find other ways to reach her.
- I can’t if she’s out.

Go find her, then.

Who’s coming with me?

- If you really want to see her,
go find her. -Tell him where the girl is.

Come with me, Telmo. Please.

I'm not going.

It's all good, I'll go on my own.

I'll drift around.

Looking for her.

Please come with me guys.

You have the whole summer
ahead of you dude...

But it's friday night.
An awesome night.

Dude, you're on no sleep.
Stay over.

Let him go.


You’re gonna wake the kid up?

- It's impossible. You can't do it.
- The kid's coming with me.

You’ll see.

I'd pay to see that.

Cool. Right away.

Fuck, man.

Easy, kid.

Have some of this.

Let's go out. Enjoy the night.
It's nice out.

- Where to?
- I don’t know.

You still have some of that weed?

Galáxia has it.

Let’s go find him, then.
We’ve got our destination.

- He must've smoked it all.
- He called me eighteen times.

Wait maybe I’ll join them then.

I'll come with you.

You’re going out?

We’ll go, the three of us.

The kid can hook up with Galáxia
and Chico can give me a hand.

I don’t think I can help
you with that, Catarina.

Don't know if I can help you find
Tania then.

Out of the way.

- I'm pretty sure it's a no go.
- Where we're going I'm pretty sure it's doable.

No problem.

And Tania should be there.

Fuck Catarina, stay over and let the
kids go by themselves.

Why don't you come along?

I can’t tonight. I got plans.


Those are some plans.

Everybody’s got great plans today.

One’s going out looking for nothing.

The other stays home
waiting on nothing either.

Big plans.

Nothing, it’s true Telmo.

Are we going?

If we don’t leave now, we'll never do it.
It's really late.

Fuck, let's go.

Who’s getting my purse?

It's gonna have to be you Miguel.

I'm crashing.

That's right, you wake and rise.
It's chill.

Let’s go, kid. Pick it up.

I'm in the groove. Let's go.

Get the purse and let’s go.

Gotta do your thing.

- You’re so shy, how come?
- I smoked a lot.

It does that to you? Makes you tame?
So sweet.

It's making me edgy.

No one's judging. You can do whatever.

Just look at Galáxia!

I got a kid asking for blow,
a girl wants molly. What's up with that?

- Meanwhile the Frenchman's here.
- The Frenchman's in the after?

It's all good.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm gonna check
if he wants any. I'll be back.

- What’s up, kid?
- You got some E?

For whom?

- Some guy.
- Who? I'll beat him up.

Who is it? Where is he?

There, behind the bald guy.

Oh, that kid. Ok, I’ll go with you.

All good?

I heard about some E..

How's that?

Anyone for a puff?

Galáxia, smoke this one.

There's still a drink.

Stand in line.

How's it going?

You're bringing me some clients?

Hello. All good? I'm Catarina.

Why are you being like this?

- I’m not doing anything.
- Why are you being like this?

- You playing around?
- I’m not doing anything wrong.

What’s up, dude? You good?

Fucking bitch, dude.

What’s up, man? You need two?

- What?
- One is not enough?

-Wanna get in on this? Come on in.

- What do you want?
- What?

- What’s the problem, dude?
- Two of them?

- So what?
- One's not enough?

- What’s your problem with that?
- Why does it have to be two?

What's it to you? They're my friends.
I can't have two?

You need two?

What're you gonna do about it?

What do you want, asshole?