Damnatus: The Enemy Within (2008) - full transcript

Fan movie based on Warhammer 40k universe. A holy Inquisitor is sent to a distant planet to inspect rumors of heresy. A band of mercenaries is hired to find the heretics' base in an abandoned industrial complex, but something awakens.

The 41st millenium

The Imperium of Mankind

stretches across the entire galaxy.

Still, tremendous wars
rage at its frontiers.

As well as within.

Only a merciless authority

full of cruelty and scorn

is capable of keeping
the Imperium together.

United in the faith
in their god-like Emperor

humanity has no alternative

than to accept their fate.

But mankind changes,

Psykers are born.

Mutants with supernatural skills.

They are the gateway to the Empyrean,

a parallel dimension flushed with energy,

Which made journeys
between the stars possible.

But inside the Immaterium
the emotions of the living gather

and take shape ...

Those personified nightmares

are haunting mankind as daemons.

And their dark gods

have only one intention:

The subjugation
of the substantial universe.

Inquisitor Lessus.

We will soon exit the Immaterium.

The warp abnormality ...

it grew bigger.

We have never arrived too late.


We regret that we
cannot come to your support.

Eldar forces are blocking
the Strait of Calix.

Proceed with your mission.

For the Emperor!

It is the holy duty

of the covertly working

Imperial Inquisition

to hold this menace at bay.

All over the galaxy

they are searching

for the merest hint of corruption

by the rotting seeds of chaos cults.

The merciless Inquisitors

are authorised

to attack

the enemies of the Imperium

at any time, by any means,

to annihilate them.

Welcome back, son of the Conclave.

(Radio traffic)




(Radio traffic)

Fire at will.


Unit Three?



He that committeth no sin, on his knees!

Come on, Nira.

Are you dreaming again?

I really wonder what this is all about!

Even recruits would be better for this ops.

Remember: If they refuse, kill them all.

You know our orders.

Osmar Adeodatus, Planetary Defence Force

Sancta Heroica Theta, Special Forces Legion.

Hieronymus VI. von Remus,

Sergeant Corris,

Wodan Dubrovnik,

as well as the absent Oktavian

are as of now put

under the command
of the Planetary Defence Force.


During operation 312003

you will be accompanied and supported

by Nira Gippus of the Scholastika Psykana,

and by myself.

A witch! Hell, I like it!

What is this operation about?

Suspicious subjects
are rumoured to have gathered

in the old manufactorum inside depth 69.

Our assignment is

to scan this forbidden gathering

and, should the need arise,
cleanse and purge it.

How much?

There will be no pay.

This order came from the highest authority:

The Inquisition!

How can we get to the lowest depth?

We have to take the old supply tubes
in the north east section of the hive.

Thatís why we have to depart
as soon as possible.

What about the old assembly tunnels

inside the... Macharius-wing?

Donít they go straight down?

Those have not been used for centuries.

It is strictly forbidden
to disturb the machine spirits.

We have someone
who gets along with them pretty well.

The sooner we finish this job
the better it is for all of us.

Well, then weíll meet there.

I guess I made myself clear.

When will you be ready for action?

In six hours at the earliest.

Three hours!

For the Emperor!

Into the Eye with the Inquisition!

I wonít do any dirty work for them!

Come on, letís get the hell out of here
while we still can!

You can outrun anybody, Wodan.

But not them. You know that.


somethingís awry with this.

- Why us?
- Exactly.

We havenít had any big operations recently.

And finally this female psyker!

I had the feeling all along

that she was reading my thoughts.

She didnít have
a great deal to do with that.

Weíll see.

Hold this position and prepare yourselves,

Iíll tell Oktavian the news.

Await my complete report within 24 hours.

Signed: Adeodatus



One thing Iíd definitely
like to know, Wodan.


Why are you so scared stiff
of humans with psionic abilities,

but have no reservations
regarding such strange guys like him?

Oktavian is only able to control machines.

I am no fething machine!

At least not completely.

We still should watch that Nira Gippus.

She may be a novice but the Emperor knows
what potential lies within her.

Here they come, our watchdogs.

Very well then, a tech priest.

Iíve never trusted those guys.

If one can call them human at all.

They do not really believe in the Emperor.

He seems to be done, finally.

The rites of awakening are finished.

The elevator will
take us safely to depth 63.


Adeodatus ...

I guess you donít have any

information regarding
this Ñforbidden meetingì,

as I happen to know the
inner workings of the Inquisition.

Considering the military prowess
of this penal squad

they can be nothing but
poorly equipped insurgents.

Do not underestimate us, soldier boy.

If you even had the faintest idea
what we have already seen!

Donít underestimate the Inquisition.

It is my duty to inform you

that I will record any blasphemous
and heretical actions and statements!

I hope you know that, von Remus.

Quite plain.

Come on, letís smoke
this lair of heretics out.

Left flank, Wodan.

Room secured.

Gas and radiation values
are within acceptable ranges.

Very good. Weíll advance
to the next possible descent location.

Oktavian, conduct a deep scan
every 10 minutes.

The laws of the Administratum
do not reach this place

and I donít want any surprises!

They are only armed with light weapons.

Three additional signs
right in room behind that door.

No surveillance sensors
within the perimeter.

I cannot access further sectors.

Good to know.

Must be the walls of the Manufactorum.

Adeodatus. Reporting in.

Command HQ? Can you hear me?

Adeodatus for command HQ.

Can anyone hear me!?

Adept Oktavian?

Do you feel it, too?

I do not feel, psyker.

I see.

But the eye of the Machine God is...
embittered down here.

Thatís not a good omen ...

And where are the others by the way?

Whatís that supposed to be!?

They were meant to wait!

Stop right there! What in the name of
the only true one is your business here?

Because of the only true one
amongst true ones I have come here.

I am searching for my property.

One of my working slaves has escaped.

Youríre in the wrong place here.
We havenít seen anybody.

Thatís odd ...

I was absolutely sure that
he ran in this direction.

But you probably would have seen him
if you hadnít been so easily distracted.

Interesting approach ...

Letís hurry up.
There may be more of them near.

Oktavian, keep an eye on the vicinity.

I guess we gathered enough
information for the Inquisition.

Letís get out of here as soon as possible.

Yeah, exactly!

Our orders are clear, von Remus.

'Cleanse and purge' -
we already bumped off five of them!

Yeah, even without knowing
if they actually posed a threat to us.

I knew it!


Thereís a strange symbol on their cowls.

That confirms our suspicion about
this being a forbidden organisation.

We have to get deeper into the complex,

collect more pieces of evidence
for the Inquisition.


Anything wrong?

Interferences ...
Strange interferences ...

There is... no...

someone was there!

After him!

Great ...

He is moving towards
a big maintenance hall.

Makkabeus sends me.

The preparations have begun.

He wants to talk to you before it starts.

I will be there.

What is it?

I guess we have seen enough, soldier.

You can earn your badges
in another suicide mission.

We follow orders, von Remus.

We donít retreat until
we know what is wrong here.

I somehow have the feeling,
someone in here had...

deeper insights into certain files, eh?

Be quiet! I think I heard something.


Very weak.

Iím on him.


Where's Nira?

A psychic shockwave!

Weíd better hurry up.


Iím sorry!

I didnít mean to do that!

Never do that again!

What happened?

May the Emperor be with us.


felt dizzy.

And then...

he was suddenly there.

Signa accipio.


- Damn, cultists!
- Charge!

Retreat to the hall!

Back into the hall!

Go! Go!

Get them!

Go in and win!

Nira! Watch out,
he's on your back!

Damnatus... est!

I cannot see you anymore...

Maschine empathy.

Finish them!

Heavy weapon, 12 o'clock!

That won't hold them back for long.

Let's go!

Oktavian. Is this the way that
will get us out of here the quickest?

It is the one with
the least enemy activities.


if we ever survive that trip,

please remind me to award
pleasant Mr. Adeodatus here

with some permanent medals!

We need an exit, now!

Watch out!

Someoneís coming!

In the name of the Imperator,
hold your fire!

The seal of the Inquisition.

An operative.

Things are getting better and better, eh?

Youíre lucky I didnít
aim any higher or lower.

Mhm, just a flesh wound ...

Letís hurry,

the door can only be opened from inside.

Nobodyís here.

Good. We have to go back.

It will start soon.

A lot of sectors are
not used by the conclave.

When I heard that you fled
to the north-eastern complex,

I did all I could to hurry up to find you

before they did.


What kind of people are we talking about?

You donít know that?

No, not really.

Strange, this is not the common procedure
with missions of this importance.

Well, I am sorry for your losses.

Unfortunately I lost contact with command.

Otherwise I would have
guided you to a secret entrance.

Thereís no need to feel bad.

We didnít lose anybody.

Inquisitor Lessus didnít send more?


Damn you, what is this all about!?

One moment. We are almost there.

I got myself access to
stratetically important points

and was able to establish
a secret hideout here.

Not quite comfortable,

but better than to be in the
same room with these heretics.

Do you have any dressing material?

Thereís no need for that.

I will personally take care of it later.

Do you have a name or...

is that top secret, too?

Alias: Lechias

Well, Lechias...

Why donít you tell us why weíre here.

Or even better:
What do you think why weíre here.

You were hired to prevent
an unholy ceremony being held

threatening the planet and maybe

even the whole system.

Witch scum then!

I knew it, I knew it all along!

Not a common sorcerer ...

The so called 'Conclave of Ninity'
is led by Zyriakus Makkabeus,

a traitor, on whose trail
we have been for decades.

He must be stopped

before he is able to put
his insane plan into action.

What are his exact plans?

Ignorance is a value
that has to be protected.

There may be a reason why you did not get

every piece of information, mercenaries ...

Sure thing.

Otherwise we wouldnít have
gotten stuck with that crap here!

Itís an...

Invocatio Daemonis, isn't it?

You could put it that way, but...

beware your words and thoughts.

We do not want to lure such...
dark creatures.

For months I have had to
fight off this foul spawn

that is spread widely everywhere down here.

Only too well I know
about these nameless things.


I infiltrated this place

to gather information about
the scheming of this Makkabeus.

But then I lost contact with the HQ

and I could only send few data.

Probably the assigned Inquisitor
doesnít know anything about this situation.

That would explain
why we were sent down here.

Weíre definitely
the wrong guys for that mission.

Let the Inquisition send their specialists!

Yeah, right!

Or even the warriors of the Adeptus Astartes!

Time is ticking though!

A fortunate planetary configuration
is in to happen as I have got to know.

Pardon!? Does that mean
itís all about to start any second

and weíre in midst of this crap!?

What shall we do?

If it is about eliminating the traitor
whose name I do not want to repeat,

I will volunteer for the mission.

Nira and myself are
sufficiently armed for this mission.

I see,

milksop here would like
to be the hero, yes?

Confess, you knew that all the time!

Thatís a stitch-up!
Youíre all in cahoots with each other!

Didnít you listen to him?

It's about Sancta Heroica,

my home!

What use would the Inquisition have of

assigning a bunch of dirty mercenaries
to such an important operation?

But weíre perhaps only
supposed to be a diversion!

Personally I donít feel
the urge to sacrifice myself

for this city or anything else

on this ugly world.

Lower your weapon, Sergeant.

There is no alternative as it seems.

In this universe one is sacrificed

or sacrifices himself.

We could definitely use
some reinforcements.


why donít you just
inform your superior, Adeodatus?

- I...
- His secret uplink

has no connection

since we entered depth 69.

Thatís right. I canít send
any Vid-Log messages since then.

The conclave knows well
how to hide themselves.

But we have that skill as well.

I know a secret passage
beneath the old manufactorum

leading directly to the
inner chambers of the conclaveís lair.

There your will find
the heads of this heretic hydra.

You wonít come with us?

An Imperial operative
with your experience, your skills,

could be very helpful with this.

My strength lies in infiltration,
not in combat.

My skills are rather...


This is not my body.

It is the body of
rich merchant Reuel Eisenstein,

an influential supporter of the conclave.

He could move rather
freely amongst the heretics.

Spys, altering their shape ...

I have heard of rumours that the Inquisition
had such operatives at its disposal.

Enough! Letís go.

I anyway have to go back soon.
Otherwise they would get suspicious.

And under no circumstance
leave the way I showed you!

Donít worry, Oktavian
has already stored the way.

Very well.

Voluntas imperatoris perficiatur.

What used to be manufactured
here, by the way?

Everything the Imperium
needs for its defence.

Tanks, weapons, ammunition.

Why then was this manufactorum shut down?

Nobody knows that exactly nowadays.

There are many rumours of how it is
connected to the great plague centuries ago.

But there are many old wivesí tales
about this old section of the hive anyway.

What a waste ...

I will send a prayer
to the Omissiah for forgiveness..

Whatís wrong?

It's... itís alright.

She suddenly collapsed.

Donít worry. One gets used to it.

We have to move on.

They... they screamed.

Screaming? Who was screaming?

I donít know.

Many of them... many.

But when you came,...

they fell silent.

Youíre not trying
to come on to me, are you?


I took a vow.

Do not pollute my thoughts.

But it is like you were surrounded
by an aura of calmness ...

It keeps bad spirits away.

A foreign race gave it to me
after rescuing me.

Evil xenos tricks!?

If you like to call it that way.

I can feel it protecting me, but...

Iím willing to lend it to you

if it helps you to focus
your thoughts on our mission.

It is wonderful.

Still, keep it hidden.

What's keeping you groxes?

Whatís wrong?


Which way now?

That is the way.

So we now hand over
our fate to a playing card.

Like some inquisitors, too.

You wanted to talk to me,
Inquisitor Makkabaeus?

Yes, honoured Eisenstein.

I hope my two guards did not disturb thou.

But after that strange raid -

During which thou as well hast been
wounded, as I can see -

we are forced to act more cautiously.

Those intruders ...

They could be a vanguard!

Perhaps the puritans among my order
are already breathing down my neck.

They rather came across me like...
a bunch of...

shabby archeotech raiders.

Yes, that may be.

But thou shalt never trust
the outer appearance ...

As I see, you already ordered the staff
being taken out of the stasis chamber.

I thought this should only happen
when the time has come?

I only had it brought
into my chamber to study it.

Do not worry. The splinter essence inside
will not fade that soon.

Far from it.

It is alive, very alive.

Please... be careful with it.

I spent my entire wealth

for this precious staff
being taken to Sancta Heroica.

All our hardship

will be remunerated with the undying
blessing of the Emperor, my friend.


we will begin.

The stars are on the exact
same coordinates as...

1000 years ago when Bíewesh Gíguor -

his false name shall be damned -

spread his foul wings above this planet.

Today, we will bring him
down once and for all.

We will force him into
the righteous chains of faith.

And we will use his power
against his rotten kind.

His breed will burn!

And his retinue

will be erased from the face of

the universe!

Upon my name Makkabaeus.

Sic fiat et non aliter.


Yeess, it shall come.

Now, make thy way as soon as possible
to one of the protection chambers.

And place a personal
purity seal upon the door.

During the ceremony huge amounts
of psychic energies will be released.

It may come to pass

that unasked creatures
of the warp may haunt us.

Prepare thyself for that.

In a few hours everything will be over,

and then we will be able
to continue our research.

Eisenstein, thou shalt
lay thyself to rest anyway.

Thou look weakened.

The wound?

Yees, ...

it seems like that.

Then set out.

I will personally

commit a deed that wilst

go down in the annals

of the Imperium!

I donít get it! We even have
to crawl through this soup here!

Und da vorn wird
das ganze auch noch tiefer.

Hope your sensors are right, Oktavian.

There is nothing
beneath this dirty broth!

Rats, Dubro, just rats ...

I just feel like having a ratburger now.

Do you remember the times
on Necromunda, Corris?

Those were the best ones!

There the sewer was
the most contaminated place.

Yeah! Those were real rats!

Itís ok.

Just a dizzy spell ...

Take me to my chambers.

I have to attend to
some personal affairs.


Thereís no but!

I will follow you to the shelter, soon.

I will make it.

One thing is bothering me, soldier ...

And that would be?

If that is supposed to
be depth 69 above us,

where the Horus are we now?

Weíre still in depth 69.

But maybe the manufactorum
sunk because of hive quakes.

My hive has exactly
191 heights and 69 depths.

Remember that, merc.

All be quiet.

A... warp storm... approaches.

Weíd better hurry up.


What is happening... to me?

It is exceptionally quiet in here ...

That must be the realm
of the inner circle.

Be alert, it cannot be far.

Letís bring this to an end!

Seem as if they were
less fortunate than we were.

Come on, onwards.

(Summoning formula)

Strange things are happening here.

This summoning is not

what it seems to be ...

Kill them!

Kill them quickly!

We must go on.

Well done, Nira ...

Keep them at bay!

In the name of the damned Inquisition,

I hereby adjourn this meeting!

You shall not...

interrupt us now ...

Not now!




You misguided...

you fools!

If this was not what it looked like, ...

what was it?


I... I donít know ...

You could be right.

Wodan saw an inquisitorial rosette
pinned on Makkabaeusí cowl

shortly before he burnt the corpse.

Those were no followers of Chaos,

at least no common ones.

I donít know what we blundered into

and I donít feel the need to know it.

But when we reach the surface

weíll take the first available transport off
this planet and get the hell out of here.

We could take you with us, Nira.

... as we will have an esplanade soon.

I will hand over
your engrams to your brothers

having them brought to Mars and
laid down within the machine godís temple,

as you told me to.

We have to go now,

old friend,

we have to go now.

Omnissias te per

tenebras ducebit.


The same way before it is blocked.

I donít give a damn
what happened to patrol 9.

Hold your positions!

Too late ...


it is so weak...



Stay here, cowardly grots!

Go go! Allís clear.

Do you this taste, too?

Tastes like metal or something.

Whereís Osmar got to?


The brave soldier is injured
and doesnít want to show it.

Iíll pick him up ...

What is that!?

Why didnít you warn us?
Whatís wrong with you, Nira?

You did feel it!

Yes, there... there was something.
In the door.

But it is not only in the door.

It is everwhere!

Itís no use!

Itís growing again!

Go on! Weíll find another exit!

Come on, soldier.

Silence, my brothers!



The ceremony has been interrupted.

You know

what to do, brothers.

Do you think...

theyíll make it on their own?

Corris is a tough one to break.

Heíll make it.

Iím not sure if we came down that way ...

Come on. We have to stay together.

Do you by any chance happen
to know where the exit is?

Of course...

Thereís where all those friendly
guys with the masks come from.

Thatís a way out of here.

Wait here.


Speak of the enemy.

- How many?
- Too many for the two of us.

Do you see the stairs over there?


If we move fast, weíll make it.

- Iíll watch your back.
- Good.


There the killers!

Judge them!

Go down the stairs, quickly!

Come on, come on ...


Take cover!

Whatís wrong, Wodan?

Look at that.


This hive seems to have
more depths than people know.

We got lost in any way.

These markings doesnít
help us on neither.

Come on.

Fortunately the whole
ceiling didnít come down.

Thatíll buy us time.

Come on.

Good, good, good.

Are you alright?

I'm fine, I'm fine ...

which way?

Which way ...

Donít panic ...

Just donít panic.

What in the name... !?

Which way?
Which corridor?

What ...?

This way.

Come on.
We have to take this way.

Looks like a market square ...

or something like that.

That is no market square.

The plague that is said
to have raged down here,

was a soul plague.

The faithful versus the heretics
and the heretics versus the faithful.

Thatís why they sealed the lowest depths
and sank them into oblivion.

Letís keep moving.


Well, Sergeant...

Whatís the deal with your playing card?

In the past, in my regiment,

they called me 'Spade-Ace',

because I always had it with me.

Itís my lucky charm,


Got me out of the slavery -

this little playing card.

My owner was drunken
when he raised his bet, and -

well -

itís been a long time.

Sometimes it feels like
two, three eternities.


shortly after I

entered active duty in the Imperial Guard.

I was twelve back then.

Those guys again!

Run, Adeodatus - run!

Hell, I like it.

Praise Him on Terra!

Looks like somebody was here recently.

The conclave actually
digged very deep as it seems.

Either for research or for worshipping.

Probably it was a bit of both.

Hey, Hiero!

I hear them again.

The voices.

So many.

Your charm, it doesnít help!

Wait, donít do that.

Who knows what will happen if you drop it.

The air and the walls
weep of psychic energy,

no need to be gifted to -

It is not a gift - it is a curse!

Hold on, Nira.
Weíll find a way out.

Poor thing ...


They have welded the door!

Iíll go for reinforcements.

They will be purged for their deed.

Who are you?



no, it canít be.

Y-you cannot...

Y-you just cannot have
found another host.


It canít be!


We better blast our way
to the other direction.

And better be fast!

Thereís no use in praying Adeodatus.

Actions are the prayers of a soldier

and victories his offerings.

Get in there!

Letís hope thereís a way out
on the other side.


Iím sorry.

His orders.

His orders!

How far upwards do these
stairs actually lead?

I hope far.

The assembly tunnels to
the next depth could be sealed.

But we will see.



Blasted rats.




You, too, will die!

We all have to die.

Some sooner!

Others later ...


Iíd better die now for the cause

than later for HIM!

Whatís that supposed to mean?!

Speak, heretic!

We have failed.

HE is free again,
and HE thirsts...

Where is he?

I donít know.

But I will find it out.

Listen, Nira.

You will pass that bridge,
take the stairs.

Youíll make it,

you know that.

Youíre stronger and more
powerful than anyone of us.

But I cannot-

You have to!

In this universe

one will either be sacrified

or sacrifice one-self.

The truth is we canít even
chose the way we die on our own.

You canít have gone far.


He couldn't bear themmm.

The visions I showed him

of my realmmm!


Thy weaponsss are worthlessss

against the omnipotenccce of the change.

My host has grown strong.

Who... ?

Ssso easy to manipulate ...

We jussst have to follow you humansss

to strengthen ourselvesss
at your sssoul fire.

Your friends did entertain me for a while ...


Thou art the lassst one.

Ssso she cannot be far.

My plan did not foresssee you

to shield her that well from me.

Time isss running out.

But this game isss

over now!


Spare thy vigour, young Noviccce.

Do not resist the fate I choossse for thou.


Thou shalt not be here!

I am here

because this is my world!

I came back to claim what once was mine!

And now I shall end what I begun.

Tremendous lies!

Thou roam upon the soil
of the almighty Emperor.

If I cannot stop thee,

his legions will

in his holy name!

How right thou arrrt!

Therefor I mussst open the gate to my realm.

And for this I need thy power!

Thou arrrt not alone ...

Now I sense you,

old friend.

Now I see thou.

Even after I crushed thy body,

thy will tries to cross my plansss?

Just as I frussstrated thine,

Farseer Vintog Phaer?

How ironic ...

Unusual psy activities inside
the depths of Sancta Heroica.

So this is where it will all begin again ...

Transfer the coordinates!

Right from the beginning
thou hast seen through my plans.

Thou hast watched me choose my pieces.

From the addicted changeling,

to the megalomaniac hunter

to the sleeping ssstorm of power.

And now everything is over

as thou brought thy puny
being into the game.

So, this big is thy sacrifice.

The Sphere Gate of Carmanshybed

might be closssed eternally for me,

but thy soul also

is lost forever.

Thou might have tricked me,

but in the plans of the ever-changing

defeats are not included.

As only Chaosss

is eternal!

I predicted

that we wonít be too late.

We are too late.

It is said

that there are more daemons

lurking in the dark

Than there are stars shining in the sky.

But there will be the day,

the stars will stop