Damini (1993) - full transcript

The theme revolves around the character Damini who represents truth and innocence. After her marriage in renowned wealthy family, Damini happens to see a cruel act done by her brother-in-law. She wants the victim to get justice, but the family including her husband oppose her, which leads her to leave the house. Soon she is helped by a drunkard, an ex-advocate, who helps her in all respect to reach to her aim and therefore justice.

(VO)Above all the courts of
justice in this world..

..is a certain court of justice.

And that court of justice
is a person's conscience.

There is no higher court of
justice than a person's conscience.

Our film 'Damini'..

..is based on these words of Gandhiji.

(Thunder Rumbling)

(Breathing Heavily)

(Wind Whooshing)



Go away!

What's wrong?

Scared, are you?

Why are you scared?

What is it?

Why isn't anyone of them here?

They've all gone home.

Yes, they've gone home.

Would you like to go home, too?

- Who will you go home with?

With mother.
- Your mother won't be coming here.

She said she can't take you home.

Why were you brought here?

Speak up.. why were you brought here?

They said.. I wasn't all right.

But I'm all right..
- Rubbish.

Why have you applied
that colour on your arm?

Why have you applied that?

I didn't do this..

..they did. I even have a bruise.


Where's your house?

You can't remember. Right?

I know..
- What do you know?

I'll tell you later.
- Tell me now.. speak up!

It's far away.
- What?

It's far away.
- Far away, eh?

All right, prepare to
administer shock treatment.

(Music Playing)

Where are you dragging me,
Dilip? We'll be bored to death!

Let's go to the hotel and
discuss the board meeting tomorrow.

I'll fix all that. Come.
The show is about to begin.

What show can we expect
here in a town like Nasik?

All right. You must have been
to the best of shows in Bombay.

But this dance will have
you spinning! - I'm with you.

"I swing without my love.
How can I forget my promise to him?"

"I swing without my love.
How can I forget my promise to him?"

"I feel like
reaching out to the skies.."

"I come flying,
bringing the rains with me.."

"I come flying,
bringing the rains with me.."

"You live in my heart, my love.."

"I swing without my love.
How can I forget my promise to him?"

"I have suffered for years,
don't punish me anymore.."

"I can't bear this distance.
Come into my arms.."

"My eyes always looked for you.."

"You don't know
how I spent my days and nights.."

"The roses are young.
There's romance in the air.."

"They bring along a
new life. Come to me.."

"I swing without my love.
How can I forget my promise to him?"

"I swing without my love.
How can I forget my promise to him?"

"I feel like
reaching out to the skies.."

"I come flying,
bringing the rains with me.."

"You live in my heart, my love.."

"I swing without my love.
How can I forget my promise to him?"

"My heart pines for you.."

"You make my dreams come alive.."

"My heart pines for you.."

"You make my dreams come alive.."

"I'm so lonely. Questions bother me."

"I'm puzzled. So come to me.."

(Crowd Applauding)

- This is a fabulous dance!

A beautiful girl, isn't she?
She was fantastic!

And how about Aamir Khan?
- He's good, too. But she..

Let's meet the girl and
congratulate her. Come on!

Oh, come on! We've got to talk.
- What about the meeting?

We must congratulate these newcomers.
It boosts their self-confidence.

Come on..

Thank you, Mr. Khan for
taking some time out..

..for the school's charity programme.

- We're grateful to you.

I'm grateful to you
for this opportunity.

We work for ourselves everyday.

It feels good to do
something charitable.

It gives me peace of mind.
- You're very kind.

Thanks a lot, Aamir.

Your appearance had a
great effect on the show.

I don't think I alone..
- Don't say that.

You were the life of the show.
You're a great dancer.

In fact, an artist like you
belongs in the film industry. - Yes.

I could talk to some people,
if you're interested.

Films? No, thank you..

I can't act.

I do a bit of what my teacher
taught me, with great difficulty.

And I still end up making mistakes.

I take part in these charity shows
whenever there's an opportunity.

I'm happy with this.

That's how she is.

And that's nice. The way she is.

May we leave?
- Sure.

Don't you know what to say?
- They're coming.

What more should I have said?
The show went off well, didn't it?

"I swing without my love.."

Mr. Aamir, congratulations.
- Hello.

Meet Mr. Shekhar
Gupta of Gupta & Sons.

You were fantastic!
- Thank you.

I'm an ardent fan of yours.

I saw your film 'Dil' 22 times.

When is 'Andaz Apna Apna' releasing?
- Very soon.

Make it soon, so that..

Okay, bye.
- Bye.

Mr. Gupta, bye.


And you're responsible.
- Am I?

Of course! You shoot your
mouth at every place you can.

Am I a chatter-box?
- Am I one?

Yes, you are!
- You're the one! You!

All right. I'm the one
- Devika.

Oh. Birju.

Devika, it's all right, isn't it?
Our matter.. - What is it?

I'm not talking to you.
- Why ask again?

Haven't I already told you?

So I should be there, then?
- What is he talking about?

Never mind.



Father! How did Shanti..

Let's go. You
shouldn't be watching all this.

Go on..

Come along, dear.

That's how girls are.

They should be married the
moment they come of age.

And what did Shanti want to
prove by committing suicide?

Won't they get a bad name now?

Her poor father.
I met him the other day.

The poor fellow was complaining that
he couldn't arrange for her dowry.

Regardless of how poor
the girl's father is..

..he won't get his daughter
married to a worthless, useless man!

No matter what you say, we have
two daughters of marriageable age.

They're getting older.
- As if I don't understand!

I'm not twiddling my thumbs!

You're not the only one who's worried.

Can't you request someone and..

I just have to grovel now!

Dowry, relations, horoscopes..
everything has to be looked into!

We must look into
their family background.

But you're always nagging me!

I've been telling you!
Poison me and end my misery!

I'm the unfortunate mother, after all.

But why should you die?
It's I who should do that!

I'm unfit!

I have fathered those girls,
but I can't get them married!

I'll commit suicide,
that'll end the story!

You can run the house on the pension.
Look after your girls, too.


I'm leaving with Birju tonight.
- With Birju?

Where to?

To Bombay. A relative
of his owns a factory.

Once we reach there..
- Are you crazy?

How could you let that
drunkard mislead you?

What does he know?

The loafer! He only
drinks and watches movies!

(Thunder Rumbling)

But he could change
after marriage, couldn't he?

I want to give
myself a chance in life.

You're punishing yourself!
- Never mind.

It'll at least lessen Dad's burden.

I want to live. Won't you help me?

But, sister..
- Please!


Write to me.
- I will.

She told you last night.
Why didn't you tell me?

She hasn't done anything wrong.

She has humiliated us in society!

What society are you talking about?

Has anyone ever
stepped forward to help us?

Sure, your Laxminarayan did.

He sympathised with us.. and
sought sister's hand in marriage.

He has two daughters as old as her!

The lecherous old rascal! The creep!

And Ram Mohan?

He got engaged to sister
in everybody's presence.

He just severed it. And why?

For dowry.

How much did you plead with him?
Did anyone help?

Mom even fell at his feet.

No one had anything to say,
they just watched the fun.

Darn society! You're
worried about people..

..who will never do anything for us.

This is exactly what leads to
demands like dowry, horoscopes..

Girls end up spinsters in their homes.

What happens is my concern!

You don't understand
what the girls go through.

Shanti's father couldn't either.

- Yes, Mom? Go on.

Where were you last evening?

Last evening? Don't ask
what I went through, mom.

What's up? Are you all right?

I am. And I'm not.

Mr. Bajaj is here. Talk to him.

That's just what I couldn't do, Mom!

Pray that I meet her and talk to her.


Yes. The line got disconnected.

He was being weird.

Don't get a man married on time,
and he goes astray.

Am I right, Mr. Gupta?
- Speaking from experience, eh?


Look at him. He's
younger than Shekhar.

But isn't he happy
because he's married?

Uncle.. - I'd advise you to get
Shekhar married at the earliest.

My daughter will handle
the rest. Right, uncle?

Lucy and Shekhar are
made for each other.

The day they get married, both
Gupta and Bajaj can rejoice!


What happened, dear?
What happened to my daughter?

Nothing, Papa. I spilt some tea.
- Impertinent woman!

You spilled hot tea on her!
Get me some ice, please.

Get some ice.

Don't look here, witch! Just get lost!
The uneducated idiot!

Apply some Burnol, please..

Apply some Burnol, please..

Don't watch us, idiot!
Just get lost!

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I just can't bear
anything happening to Lucy.

She hasn't had a mother, you see.

All I dream is for her to
be your daughter-in-law.

(Music Playing)

"Ever since I've set my eyes on you.."

"..I've been so restless."

"Ever since I've set my eyes on you.."

"..I've been so restless."

"Ever since I have desired you.."

"..I've been so restless."

"You have robbed me of my sleep."

"Oh, how my passions torment me."

"Whenever I remember you,
I feel a bittersweet pain.."

"Ever since I've found you.."

"I've been dreaming all day.."

"Ever since I have desired you.."

"..I've been so restless."

"Ever since I've set my eyes on you.."

"..I've been so restless."

"Ever since I have desired you.."

"..I've been so restless.."

(Birds Chirping)

Excuse me..
where does Ms. Damini live?

There she is.
- Where? - There.

Why don't you send him to school?
He's always sitting here.

He refuses to go. What do I do?
- How can he refuse?

Won't you go?

How will you be a great
man if you don't study?

Send him over to my place.
I'll fix him.

How about some
pedas (Indian sweet)?

Taste this. It's made of
pure clarified-butter.

Taste it. Go on, sir.

I'll give you a kilo of
laddoos (Indian sweet), too.

People come from far and
wide to try my sweet-meats.

Once they've eaten, they
head straight for the hospital!

Didn't some children fall sick last
week? - What are you saying, Damini?

The same rotten stuff!
- She's a rotten girl!

Six children.
- I'll complain to your father!

You're ruining my business.

Sure. If you don't stop
adulterating your stuff..

..I'll hang a signboard. "Beware of
Mewalal's adulterated sweets"

I mean it. It's meant for the flies.

Let me show you a nice shop.

Damini! Watch out! Your cherished
truth is going to cost you some day!

Is it a sin to speak the truth?
- No. (Temple Bell Tolling)

Yet nobody speaks the truth! Right?

- There's hanky-panky everywhere.

Am I right? And everyone's
keeping quiet. - Hold this.

There's a temple near my house.

The priest there sells the
coconuts he receives for the Lord!

Coconuts are being sold and resold,
but no one speaks up!

Sold and resold..
- They're all silent!

That's how things are!

And if I speak up,
my sister scolds me.

Devika. She says I talk too much.

Do I really talk too much?
- No, you don't speak much.

Exactly! One needs to
speak up when required..

..or such things will keep happening.
- What will keep happening?

Who are you talking to? Who's he?

Actually, it was pedas..
- Mr. Pede, eh?

No. My name is Shekhar..
- Shekhar Pede, I see.

It's Shekhar Gupta. My name
is Shekhar Gupta. - Oh. - Yes.

What brings you here?

I.. You must've heard of
Gupta Industries, Gupta Mills..

Oh, yes. They belong
to Mr. Kedarnath Gupta.

That's right. I'm his elder son.
- I see!

I'm here on business.

By the way, I saw your show.
- Really.

You're a wonderful dancer. Great.

(Birds Chirping)

I want to marry your daughter.

Pardon me?
- Yes.

My father can talk
to you, if you wish.

Why should he? I will..
- Why do you want to marry?

Pardon me?
- I mean, why do you want to marry me?

You don't know me well enough.
We've just met.

How can you..

Ms. Damini, sometimes one
doesn't strike a chord for years.

And yet, one meeting with someone..

..and you think you've
known them for years.


Don't you think so?

A post-master's daughter
will now be my daughter-in-law.

At least meet her, Mom.
- Shut up!

Our relatives are ridiculing us.

The younger son is already married.
And you.. you're still a bachelor.

How would they know that the younger
son didn't marry of his own volition..

..we had to get them married.

They had an affair
in college, you see.

Had we not accepted the poor girl,
she would have been ruined!

But Deepa from the Agarwal family.

She's not some poor girl.

Damini comes from a
poor family, all right.

But she has great ideals
and a lot of talent.

You got to know of
everything in just one meeting!

Yes, Mom. I have this feeling that
it's Damini that I've been..

Mom, please!


What sort of name is that!
- What's wrong?


Compare her with a real gem.
Mr. Bajaj's daughter..Lucy.

Will you keep quiet, Uncle?
- I think we must meet the girl.

Oh, thank you, Dad.

But tell me something, son.
- Yes?

What's so special about her?

Well, you're meeting her soon.
Find out for yourself.

Hurry up, dear.
They've been waiting for so long.

One minute, Mom.

Nice tea-set!

Of course. Mom said to be careful
with the hot tea or it'll break.

It cost Rs.52 a pair.
- I see.

Damini made this herself.
- Oh, really?

She's always been
interested in crafts.

Embroidery and knitting..
she's an expert at it.

She's simply outstanding
in dance and music too.

Of course. We saw that!
It was there that..

No.. I..

I don't see your
elder daughter, Devika.

Where is she?
- At her uncle's, you know.. - Uncle?

She's away at her uncle's.
- I see.

If they ask about your sister,
say she's away at your uncle's.

Don't talk too much, all right.
You're a regular chatter-box.

Bring Damini out here.

Let's go.

Excuse me..

Before you make up your mind,
I want to tell you something.

Go on.

My sister, Devika..
- She's away at her uncle's.


She has gone to Bombay. With Birju.

Birju used to stay
in the neighbourhood.

She'll be marrying him in Bombay.

Careful.. that costs 52 Rupees a pair!

It comes from the neighbour's.

You did a good thing by telling us.

Nobody cares to be
so candid nowadays..

That's what is special about you.

It will not affect our decision.

Am I right, Dad?
- What can I say?

Shall we ask the priest to look for
an auspicious date for the wedding?

Congratulations, sir!

Shekhar, congratulations!

Bless you.
- Congratulations! To you, too.

Thanks a lot! Get some sweets..

Some sweet-meats, I mean. Quick.

(Crackers Sound)

"You always wear nine bangles.."

What are you doing
here with the women?

You ought to be out
with the guests! Go on.

Everyone needs me, you know.
How can I handle them all?

Here you are. The Seeta necklace.
A family ornament.

It now belongs to you.

Because you're the
elder daughter-in-law.

It costs Rs.900,000, you know.

Rich people, rich gifts.
- This is strange, Sumitra.

You didn't gift such things to
your younger daughter-in-law.

But the moment
she steps into the house..

What value does this necklace
hold for my younger daughter-in-law?

She brought two boxes
full of gold in dowry.

But this poor girl..

She's a lucky girl that
Shekhar took a liking to her.

And Shekhar has always
been the soft-hearted man.

Remember? He brought a little
kitten home from the street?

Why are you bringing
up those old tales?

I'm only trying to tell
you that he hasn't changed.

He hasn't rid
himself of his old habits.

What are you up to?

The new bride isn't
supposed to work so much.

You act like a grandma!

Don't you handle all the
household chores, too?

So what? It's like my own house.

Give that to me.
- Let go, I say.

I'm cooking a dish for my husband.

You experience a different kind
of joy cooking for your husband.

I see!


- Yes, uncle?

Could you knit a flower on
my kurta? - Sure, I will.

- Yes, auntie?

Could you have the sari on
my bed sent to the laundry?

Very well. The kurta goes to..


All right. Embroidery
and the laundry. - Damini?

Yes, Mummy? - We're all going to
Mr. Gupta's for a prayer ceremony.

All right. I'll finish the
chores and come over with Deepa.

No. Deepa's joining us.

So stay back here and help Urmi.

We're expecting guests this evening.

All right.

There's so much to do.
Let's get cracking.

After we finish our work,
let's watch TV.

It's a minor gash, Urmi. It's okay.

What's wrong with you?

I don't know why, but I feel
very sad when I see you in pain.

Damini! Where are you?
- Oh.

There's nobody else at home.
Where are you?!

I'm here upstairs.

Could you cook that,
Urmi? I'll be back soon.

You experience a different kind
of joy cooking for your husband.

All right. I'll cook it myself.

If he lets you go!


What did you say?


You can't break this partnership!
I'll lose millions!

We had already decided..
- It was also decided..

..that Shekhar would
marry my daughter.

You can't link marriage with business!

Everything a businessman does
is linked with something, Gupta.

Now look. Whatever has happened..

Nothing has happened.
It all begins now.

I've seen you rise,
Gupta. I'll now see you fall.

A loss of Rs.150 million?!

That's just for Baroda, sister.

Another Rs.200 million in Calcutta
and it works out to Rs.350 million.

Just Rs.650 million
short of a Rs.1 billion.

Neither Shekhar nor my husband
told me anything about this.

How would they?

All this has
happened because of Damini.

Bajaj is the enemy.

(Birds Chirping)

What's going on?
- Nothing.

Nothing my foot!
You're making those birds fly away.

I was only..
- What!

These are singing birds, you know.
- Oh?

Yes. They sing.

Birds don't sing in a cage.
They only cry.

How are you finding it here, Damini?
- Me.. - Yes.

I'm afraid.

I feel as if I don't belong here.

I wonder what you saw in me that
you married me, without even..

I'm always thinking
of doing something..

..that will keep you happy.

You don't need to do anything.
You're perfect as you are.

I wish I could make it my aim to
fulfil everyone of your desires.

Your joys and laughter
mean everything to me.

I wish I could keep looking at you..

..just looking at you..
- Mom!


Scared me, didn't you?

I'll fix you this evening.

And don't touch that cage, okay?

Just release those birds!
- Really?

(Music Playing)

"The Moon and stars are witnesses.."

"The moon and stars are witnesses.."

"Witnesses of our union.."

"Witnesses of our craziness.."

"They're all witnesses.."

"The moon and stars are witnesses.."

"The moon and stars are witnesses.."

"Witnesses of our union.."

"Witnesses of our craziness.."

"They're all witnesses.."

"The moon and stars are witnesses.."

"Hidden away in my heart
you shall always remain.."

"In you, I see myself.
You're my reflection.."

"Hidden away in my heart
you shall always remain.."

"In you, I see myself.
You're my reflection.."

"Life without you,
there never will be.."

"The moon and stars are witnesses.."

"The moon and stars are witnesses.."

"Witnesses of our union.."

"Witnesses of our craziness.."

"They're all witnesses.."

"The moon and stars are witnesses.."

"Damini, Damini, my Damini."

"Damini, Damini, my Damini."

"I've forgotten
everything else in the world.."

"Ever since I fell in love with you.."

"I only want you. I don't
want anything else from God."

"I've forgotten
everything else in the world.."

"Ever since I fell in love with you.."

"I only want you. I don't
want anything else from God."

"There are desires in my heart,
and a prayer on my lips.."

"The moon and stars are witnesses.."

"The moon and stars are witnesses.."

"Witnesses of our union.."

"Witnesses of our craziness.."

"They're all witnesses.."

"The moon and stars are witnesses.."

"The moon and stars are witnesses.."

"Damini, Damini, my Damini."

"Damini, Damini, my Damini."

"Damini.. Damini.. Damini is yours."

"Damini.. Damini.. Damini is yours."

(Drums Playing)


No.. please!

A little, okay?
- Okay.

A little here, a little here..

Greetings on your first Holi.

My turn now. - Okay.
But very little colour. - Really?

It might get in my eyes.

Oh, yes.

Hey, I won't spare you.

No, no, let me go.
- It's Holi.

What are you up to?

Stop it. She's asking you not to.

Go downstairs.

There's a lot to do downstairs. Go on.

Sure, ma'am. I'll get some sweetmeats.

Where have you been? People
are asking for sweet-meats.

Yes, first I'll..
- Give this to me.

First go and fetch sweet-meats.
- All right.

I'm coming.


- Ma'am!

- Ma'am!

Leave her, Rakesh.
- Ma'am!

Leave her, Rakesh.

Get away.

Leave her.
- Get away.

Leave her!
- Get away.

Ma'am! No!

Help me. No.
- Leave her, Rakesh.

- Rakesh.


- Come down!

Come up!


First listen to what I have to say.

Rakesh and his friends
have taken Urmi up there.

Hurry up. Anything can happen there.
- No!


- No.



Shall I call father?
- Shut up!



Oh. Damini. Damini.

Give me the car keys!
- What's happened to Urmi?

- Where are you taking her?

Hurry up!

Rascal! Aren't you
ashamed of doing such a thing?

I'll kill you!

You'll kill him just
because he has made a mistake?


That girl has grown up in this house.

How can he do this?
Just because she's a maid?

Shekhar, enough!
- Shekhar!

You should be ashamed of yourself!

Shekhar, take care of Damini.
I'll handle the rest!

Go, please.
- Disgraceful.

What sin did I commit that
such a son was born to me?

Forgive me, Dad.
- Go to your in-law's place.

If anybody asks you, say that
you have been there for a few days.

Say that you had gone there
to celebrate Holi!

Get lost from here.
- Come.

- Come on.

Be careful.


- How is Urmi?

How are you feeling?

Where is she?

She's fine. She has gone home.

How can she be fine?

We should go to her immediately.

She'll need us. She'll need a doctor.

When she sees us..
- We can't go there.


There.. it'll become a police case.

You haven't informed the police yet?

The police? It's about Rakesh.

Sir, the master has called
you downstairs. - All right.

The police is here.

Say that we are coming.
- All right.

The police is there downstairs.

It's possible that they
might interrogate you.

Just say that you
haven't seen anything.

I'll explain later, but just say that.

Just say that you were in your room.
You haven't seen a thing.

Don't forget.

I have already told you that Urmi..

..hasn't been working here
since the past seven days.

She was thrown out
when caught her stealing.

What do we have to do
with what she does outside?

Urmi has mentioned your son
Rakesh's name in her statement.

So what difference does it make?

She was an immoral girl.

Sumita, keep quiet.
- Brother-in-law..

I'll make a call to Delhi.

He'll be transferred right away.
- Who are you threatening?

A poor girl has been raped
in this house. And all of you?

What nonsense!

This is a decent family.
Mind your tongue.

Urmi has said
everything in her statement.

She also said that
Damini has seen everything.

I want to meet Damini
and take her statement.

Damini isn't feeling well.

She hasn't even come out of her room.

Meet her tomorrow.
You may ask her whatever you like.

Not tomorrow. Right away!
- But she can't meet you!

Now look..

Bring Damini downstairs.

We regret what has happened.

But if things worsen,
Rakesh's life will be ruined.

He has a wife.. a child.

Reply to the police cautiously.

The honour of this
family is now in your hands.

Speak, Ms. Damini.

Whatever happened with Urmi,
you've seen it with your own eyes.

Urmi has also stated
that you tried to help her.

It's abominable. The perpetrators
dumped her in the sewer.

And now that poor girl is fighting
for her life at the hospital.

Tell me, Ms Damini.
Who were those people?

If you speak the truth,
Urmi will get justice.

Help her.

My husband must have told you..

..that I'm not well.

I was in my room all day.

What you're saying..

I don't know anything.

You're lying. For God's sake,
speak the truth.

For Urmi's sake, speak the truth..

Good night, officer.

Your lie may prove to
be very expensive for Urmi.

No, I don't want to hear anything.

You lied to me? You told
me that Urmi is all right!

What else could I do, Damini?
As it is, you're not feeling well.

Think about Urmi.

That poor girl is there. And we..

Instead of doing something
for her, everybody is lying.

And you made me lie too?
- Yes, I made you lie.

Because the truth
will ruin everything.

We'll have to suppress this matter.

- Yes.

Rakesh is my brother.

It's a family matter.

How can one hand him
over to the police?

The police will do what they have to.

We shouldn't be thinking
about all this.

Before our very eyes, Urmi was..

We should help her, come what may.

Why don't you understand?
This isn't the time to be emotional.

If this matter is pursued..

..Rakesh and his friends
will be punished.

The reputation of four
families will be ruined!

She served you all her life.

Today she's in the hospital.
And you talk about reputation.

Try to understand.

Look, nobody will lose anything.

Truth can never cause a loss
to anybody. And it never will.

We'll meet her right away.

We'll take your mother along.
She'll be comforted.

Urmi will feel good
when she seeing us.

Take me to her, please.

I want to meet Urmi.
She must be expecting us.

She must be expecting me.


The rape has taken
place at the right time.

Now I'll rape the honour
of Gupta's family.

Let the games begin.

(Tv Playing)


We thought that he'll
rescue us on hearing us out.

But no.. he continues to play.

Brother-in-law.. listen
to what I have to say.

Let's go to Jaunpur.

Thank God that a plot of
land had been put aside.

It's come in handy
at a time of crisis.

Will you please shut up?

Mr. Chaddha!

Everything has been done.

The date.. hearing..
and the judgement.

Mr. Gupta.. everybody knows..

..that when Barrister
Chaddha takes up a case..

..the court date is determined later.

The judgement is
determined in my favour.

But the matter getting worse.

The police come into our
home whenever they like.

What the boys have done
is nothing too serious.

Such things are common in
one's youth. Everyone indulges.

The only foolish thing was that
if they wanted to do all this..

..they could've
consulted me in advance.

Anyway, you better keep
this in mind for the future.

What is to be done now?

Mr. Gupta..

I have understood all
the moves of this game.

I have also understood
that your son Shekhar..

..and your daughter-in-law
are drawbacks.

Especially the daughter-in-law.

What's her name? Damini!

She's very emotional.

And the police will sense
this weakness very soon.

And the police will
begin harassing her.

Get her out of the
city at the earliest.

What are you saying?

Damini is my daughter-in-law
My son Shekhar loves her dearly.

Love, friendship, emotions,
and relationships..

..are very ordinary and weak things.

These things can make
us loose a winning battle.

If one is afflicted with them,
defeat is certain.

And I, Inderjeet Chaddha,
never accept defeat.

I'll ruin everything.
But I won't accept defeat.


Help, ma'am!

Urmi! Urmi! Urmi!

Urmi! Urmi!


I'm Urmi!


I'm sorry.

Damini.. what happened?

Control yourself.

You don't know what it's doing
to me looking at you like this.

I agree. What you say
is absolutely right.

But you tell me..
how can I go against my own family?

What should I do?

What should I do?

I know that the
family is angry with me.

I don't want to hurt anybody.

But a sin has taken
place in this house.

And I'm unable to wipe
it away from my mind.

You teach me.. You explain to me..

How should one kill
one's own conscience?

Explain to me. Because this
is disturbing me severely.

I'm suffocating.

Help me. Help me, Shekhar.

Tell us, who were those people?

What are their names?

Tell me, who took the car keys?

Speak up!
- I don't know, sir.

It's good that the
servants didn't speak out.

Otherwise, all of us
would've been behind bars by now.

The police are thirsty for our blood.

They are not even prepared to
speak to us, let alone be bribed.

I don't understand anything.

Before the police make
Damini say anything..

..send her far away from here.
- But she should be willing!

She's only saying that
she wants to meet Urmi.

Shekhar is somehow
preventing her from doing so.

It has been four days
since the incident happened.

Urmi is still alive at the hospital.

And Damini is not
letting us live in peace.

It would've been better if she
was dumped on the train tracks.


We'll have to somehow convince
Damini that Urmi has recovered..

..and she has gone to her
village with her grandfather.

Somehow send Damini
to Delhi with Shekhar.

It's very important to
make Damini speak the truth.

Use your intelligence
instead of your force.

But sir..
- Do whatever you have to.

Win over Damini's trust.

Wait here. I'll check in the luggage.

Hello, Ms. Damini.
I'm Inspector Ratan.

I tried to meet you several times.

But your family
members didn't allow me.

So I.. - If my family members
don't want you to meet me..

..then you shouldn't
speak to me like this.

By the time you return,
Urmi may not be alive anymore.

She's dying. She's in the hospital.

Look at this!

Urmi's condition is very severe.

She's bleeding continuously.

She can't get up from her bed.
She's waiting for you.

She may have be handicapped
for the rest of her life.

She might die too. Look, Ms. Damini..

What nonsense is this?
- You see.. Mr. Gupta!

I'll teach you a lesson.

Who do you think you are?

If you are a cop,
can you do anything you like?

You're her husband. So will
you have your way with her?

I'll take you to bloody court.
Take you to bloody court!

I will make you realize that
money is not everything.

Go and threaten somebody else!

How dare you manhandle a cop!
- Shut up!

You will regret it

He's misusing his position.

Sometimes at home,
sometimes at the airport..

This is no way to behave.

If you are a cop,
can you do anything you like?

Why are you determined to go to
the hospital? What'll come of it?

I wonder what the
Inspector has told you!

You're so adamant about
going to the hospital.

We won't go to the hospital.
We can't go.

Mr. Chaddha said that..

..none of the family members
should visit the hospital.

The police may make another case.
But you're just so insistent!

I thought of taking you
somewhere for sightseeing.

Since I was going to Delhi on work..

I thought of mixing
business and pleasure.

Why are you silent?
Why don't you say something?

It's very necessary
that I go to Delhi.

I can't miss the last flight. Get up.

I won't go.

Then go to the hospital and meet Urmi.

She means everything to you.
We don't mean anything to you.

This house, our dignity,
doesn't that matter to you?

Tell the police everything.
Ruin everything.

Darn it!

You'll feel relieved.

Let my brother be hanged.

I don't want that.

I only..

Let us meet Urmi just once.

If she's fine, if her treatment
is proceeding properly..

Let's make sure.
- What exactly do you want?

Do you think that we are
Urmi's enemies? Are we beasts?

Whatever needs to be
done is being done.

Dad said that
he's willing to pay any amount..

..to the girl's family
to suppress the matter.

The family's reputation
will remain clean and..


You're putting a price on that girl?

Will money bring back
everything she has lost?

People who can have such thoughts..

..can even kill for the
sake of their honour.

They can kill anybody.
It's possible that even I..

(Airplanes Sound)

Ma'am! Ma'am!

- Oh, ma'am!

Ma'am! Ma'am!

- Ma'am!

Why didn't you come all these days?

Urmi, I..

Nobody came. Nobody came.

I didn't know that you..

I was told that you're fine.

No, ma'am. I'm not well.

I'm in great pain.

I'll speak to the doctor.

I'll arrange for your
medicines and everything else.

Once you recover, come home again.

Home? No, I won't go home.

I'll go to my village.
To my grandfather.

Your grandfather didn't come?

You're all alone?
- Yes.

I'm not sure if
somebody has informed him.

I'll inform him. Your
grandfather will come.

Don't worry. Everything will be fine.

I'll never recover.
- Yes, you will.

- You shouldn't say that.

Look! My bleeding doesn't stop.

You have done the police a
great help by agreeing to testify.

But what are you doing for Urmi?

Is the your duty done by
getting her to the hospital?

She isn't receiving
proper treatment or good care.

Her grandfather has not been informed.

A constable has been
sent to her village.

Ms. Damini, will you reverse
your statement in future?

What? - I mean your
husband isn't here right now.

When he returns and pressurises you..
- No.

I should have told
you the truth earlier.

That day.. I wonder why..

I'll never lie again.

I only want Urmi to recover.

Her condition is not good.

We should admit her to a
good hospital so that..

Everything will be fine.
You're with us now.

Whatever you have seen, remember it..

..and get it recorded in
your statement. Go ahead!

Will my statement..

..cause problems for my
husband and parents-in-law?

Because they are not at fault at all.

Don't worry. I'm there.

Make your statement
without any fear. Go ahead.

(Phone Ringing)

Inspector Kadam.
- Tell me, Kadam. - Hello, sir.

Good that you phoned, sir.
Damini's making her statement.

Good news. Our case
has become strong now.

Yes, sir. She's giving
her statement right here.

I have convinced her.

Mr. Gupta telephoned.

A sum of Rs.300,000
has been finalised.


Now that we have a statement,
we'll get more money.

Very good. Just a minute.

Mr. Bajaj, we have made Damini speak.

Gupta is paying Rs.300,000
to close the case.

Whatever amount Gupta is
paying to suppress the case..

..take Rs.100,000 more
and keep the case alive.

Let's see whether the case is
closed or whether it's kept alive.

The case is becoming quite important.

Handle it intelligently.

Sir, think about my promotion.

You'll get your promotion too, Kadam.
Why do you worry?

Thank you.
- Come on. Get up, fast.

Why? Why, sir?
- Come on.

Come on. Your father is affluent.

Listen to me..
- Come on.

As soon as, my husband comes,
you'll lose your jobs.

Let me make a call to Delhi.
- Call wherever you like.

The warrant has been
issued on Damini's testimony.

Do whatever you like.

Sister, that Damini?

Damini! Come downstairs.
- Come down.

So you have spilled out
venom at the police station!

Are you relieved now?

We've been unlucky
since Shekhar saw you.

Everything is ruined.
Get out of the house now.

I knew that in this house..

I did what I thought was right
for this family's well-being.

If I have committed any mistake
unknowingly, please forgive me.

Wherever I live, I'll always
pray for this family's well-being.

A woman is supposed to
be a man's subordinate.

And this woman is challenging men?

I'll never let Damini set
an example for other women.

I'll send her to a mental asylum.

How is that girl related to you?

What's her relationship with you?

She is a girl like I am.
Is this not enough of a relationship?

I don't want to argue with you.

It's their greatness..

..that they still want to
take you back to their home.

A girl's real home is with
her husband, not her father.

Who made this tradition
that a girl's real home..

..is with her husband,
not with her father?

A house where she grows up..

..one fine day,
the same home is no longer hers.

Does the forging of new relationship
sever all old relationships?

Does that girl have no
right in that house?

We don't mean that, dear.
- Why does a girl alienated.

Why do her parents think
she is her in-laws' property?

For any reason, if she has
to leave her in-law's house..

..where will she go?

Should she commit suicide?
That's not what tradition says.

Child.. - At the time of her
marriage, does the father..

..give away his daughter,
or does he perform her last rites?

Enough, daughter.

Try to understand me.

It's not a matter of a few days.
It's a matter of all your life.

How long will we old people live?
Give up your insistence.

Don't be afraid.
Your picture will appear on television.

The whole world should
know what has happened to you.

Zoom into the face. The mark
on the face should be seen.

What's going on?
- Move back!

When you were raped by all
those people, how did you feel?

What an absurd question this is!

Why are you disturbing us?
Come back over here.

- Let us do our work.

- I want this mark.

Move her away. The mark will
be seen only when there's light.

What are you people doing?
- Are you her relative?

I'm Damini!

Damini Gupta!
- Damini Gupta!

Damini Gupta!
- Damini Gupta!

Ms. Damini! - Naresh,
pan the camera in this direction.

Hello, I'm Rita Upadhyay from Network.

You must have watched
our video magazine.

This is Damini Gupta,
Kedarnath Gupta's daughter-in-law.

Where did this old man come from?
Get him out of here.

He's the girl's grandfather!
- Grandfather?

- Make him sit.

Seat him.

Is this okay?
- All right?

No, make him stand up.

Give backlight.

What are your thoughts about rape?
- What's going on?

Ms. Damini, how did you
get the strength to speak..

..against women's exploitation?
- What is this?

Pan the camera from the
grandfather to Ms. Damini.

Bring an expression of anger
and a little pain on your face.

Ms. Damini, the sari
border isn't suitable.

Can another sari be arranged?
- Let it be.

Pick her up a little.
- Yes, of course!

Move away!

Aren't you people ashamed?

You want to sell
somebody's devastation?

You can't see this
innocent girl's pain.

You can only her sari's border!

What? What do you want to know?

What do you want to see? Look at this!

Why? Why have you closed your noses?

You like to write
and publish the truth.

But you can't see it.

You need a handkerchief to see it?

Go away.

You see, we..
- Go away!

Go away, otherwise
I'll start screaming.

Damini left home, and you
didn't let me know about it?

Whenever I phoned from Delhi..
- What could we have done?

You had so many worries at work. And..

There's life apart
from business too, Dad.

Damini is emotional.
But she's not bad at heart.

I could've returned,
and set things right.

You say as if it was our fault
and we threw her out of the house.

We had begged her not to leave.

No, it's a lie. Damini
can't do such a thing.

How wonderful, dear!

Damini has influenced
you in such a short time.

You're sad at her having left home.

But your own brother has
been taken away by the police.

Doesn't that bother you?
- Mom! It does. Rakesh..

Damini too is..


Dad.. You should..

You must be tired. Take rest.

We have suffered
hardships since childhood.

Father and mother have been
so worried about our marriage.

There was so much suffering.

And today.. when you have everything..

Sister, I haven't forgotten anything.

I understand everything.

But an innocent person's life is
ruined, and everybody is quiet.

And they want me to remain quiet, too.

I can't remain quiet.

If I remain quiet,
wouldn't I be party to sin?

No.. don't!

Looks like the sun has
risen from the west today!

Ms. Damini.. in our humble home?

Mr. Shekhar didn't come?
- No.

He's not an ordinary person,
after all.

He's in charge of a
business worth millions.

But bring him sometime.
I want to show him my programme.

'Birju Mimicry Artist All-In-One.'

Please bring water for me.

She doesn't understand my talent.

The Goddess' statue? How wonderful!
I do holy shows free.

Here.. Have you
brought our son's medicine?

Our son's medicine?
- I gave you the money this morning.

It so happened that
I met my friends on the way.

We played cards. Sometimes
I won, sometimes I lost.

Then I lost everything.

You just talk, nothing else.

Whatever I earn with my
hard work, you gamble away.

You talk about money all the time.

You spoil my mood.
You keep lecturing me.

This is my home, not your school.

Don't talk to me as though
you are my teacher.

I command so much respect outside.

She doesn't understand my talent.

You're a curse to my life.

I would have gone
places if it wasn't for you.

Ms Damini, make sure you
bring Mr. Shekhar along.

There's our programme
next week in the colony.

"Oh traveller.."


Love is a blessing which
only the fortunate receive.

You have received it. Don't reject it.

Shekhar treats you so nicely.

And you walked out on him.

Is there anything greater than love?

(Knock On Door)


- Please come.

- Hello.

When did you come from Delhi?
- Day before yesterday.

I'll be going to the market.

Please be seated.
- I'm fine.

(Baby Crying)

How about a soft-drink?
- No, thank you.

Please be seated. Shall
I make you a cup of tea?

You haven't done the right thing.

Leaving home like this and
speaking against my family..

All this..

I didn't say anything against anybody.

I just spoke the truth.
- To hell with your truth!

The police.. the press..
They pretend to be sympathetic.

They are not concerned with the truth.

They are not concerned about Urmi.

They are merely using you. That's it!

They want to make you into
an instrument that harms us.

It's just politics.
Why don't you understand?

You're being
victimised by their conspiracy.

Everybody is playing this
game for his own selfish gains.

I don't understand this game.

I just want justice for Urmi.

What justice? Justice from whom?

Nothing is going to happen.

The damage is not irreparable.
Forget everything.

Return home with me for my sake?

I'll speak to my parents.
Don't be hurt by their reaction.

Moreover, you living
here alone? I don't like it.

I'm not happy living away from you.

- But what?

The same madness again?
All that talk of conscience?

The sad part is that..

..there are more
important things for you than me.

And my life.. No!

If Urmi goes to court,
all of us will be behind bars.

What for? Urmi can't
even walk properly.

The man from court, who
has gone to the hospital..

..to record Urmi's statement
has been won over by my dad.

As for Damini, Chaddha is
bound to exploit her in the court.

My dad said the same thing.
Don't worry.

Damini's truth doesn't hold water.

Those who have money can
do anything. Anything.

- Yes.

Then how about doing it once again!


The story narrated
by this girl Damini..

..whether there is truth
in what she says or not..

..that'll be decided later.

I say that no such incident
took place in Gupta's home.

Urmi is an immoral girl.
- This is a lie.

Urmi isn't immoral.

She's a very decent,
honest and hard-working girl.

- But how can you wrongly..

Silence! I'm speaking.

That girl is a thief,
immoral and a crook.

Seven days before the incident,
she was caught stealing..

..and she was thrown out of the house.

Thereafter, if she was raped,
or was making merry with her friends..

..what does the Gupta
family have got to do with it?

Four people raped
Urmi in that very house.

The charge-sheet,
the police investigation report..

..and medical certificates
all are in her favour.

So I wish that..
- You wish a lot, Mr. Saxena.

This is a court, not a
shrine where wishes are fulfilled.

Solid evidences and
eye-witnesses are presented here.

I've exposed several half
truths in this very court.

You too have seen that.

Ms. Damini, was she wearing
clothes at that time?

I have already said
earlier that she was raped.

Is this question necessary?

That's why I'm asking!

Was she wearing clothes
at that time or not?

When I saw her the first time,
at that time..

Speak loudly. I can't hear.
What did you see?

When I saw her the first time,
she was dressed.

They were taking her away.

And when I reached there
along with my husband..

Was she nude?

Yes. Speak up.
- There was a sari but..

Speak loudly. I can't hear.
- No.

The sari was there,
but it was only draped around her.

So the girl was half-nude.

Now tell me, what were
those four boys doing?

I think..
- Don't think. Say with certainty.

It's a matter of the
destinies of four young people.

Say with certainty.

Two of the boys were
close to her head.

Where were their hands?
On her chest or her shoulders?

Two boys had grabbed her by the arms..

What was the third boy doing?
- He was near her feet.

Speak loudly. I can't hear.
I have already told you.

One boy was sitting near her feet.
He had grabbed her feet.

Look at me when you talk
to me. Don't look down.

Was he holding her feet or her thighs?

Do you know what thighs are?

The area upwards from the
knees are known as thighs.

Was he holding the feet or the thighs?

- I see.

And what was the fourth boy doing?

The fourth boy..

He was lying near Urmi.

Was he lying near her, or above..

Shut up!

Now tell me,
if I present some boys before you..

..will you be able to recognise..

..the faces of those four
boys from among them? - Yes.

I would like to call
some boys to the court.

With your permission.
- Permission granted.

Come in, boys!

But there were only
four boys that day!

You'll have to identify
the four from among them.

That was a Holi Day and their
faces were covered with colour.

Come, identify them.
- All right.

Come and look at them closely.

Don't be afraid. Look carefully.

Was he the one?

No? Was he the one?

Look closely. Don't be scared.

Is he the one?

Keep him away. I'm looking.

Recognise them! Is he the one?

Their faces were not covered..

..with so much colour that day.
- Faces are coloured like this only.

Recognise him. Is he the one?

Ask him to keep a distance.

He's trying to mislead me.

Is he the one?
- This..

Wrong! He's a constable.

But I didn't say that..
- It doesn't matter.

One can make mistakes.
Look at him. Is he the one?

Was he holding her arms?
- Keep them away.

Was he holding her feet?
- Keep them away.

Was he holding her thighs?
- Keep them away!

Keep them away! Keep them away.

Go out.

What are you trying
to prove, Mr. Chaddha?

I want to prove that
this girl is mad. - What?

She loses her mental
balance when she sees colours.

No, no.. it's nothing of the sort.
- She begins to concoct stories.

It's a lie.
- She starts behaving abnormally.

Father, what..

She screams.
- What are you saying? - Silence!

- Objection, milord.

Mr. Chaddha is trying
to complicate the case.

I would like to
present some more witnesses.

One day, I noticed
that she was babbling.

She was talking to herself.

I don't know what she was saying.
She resembled a mad person.

One day I got her a beautiful dress.

It was such a colourful dress.
But she tore the dress to pieces.

One day, I had brought her
rainbow-coloured threads.

She looked at the coloured
threads as if they were snakes.

She began abusing me. She's a fool!

They are lying to
protect their family's honour.

I'll present a witness who
doesn't belong to the Gupta family.

Damini's father, Mr. Chandrakant!

Swear that you will speak the truth.
- Yes.

Is it true that your
daughter Damini is..

..mentally challenged?
- No.

What did you say?
- Yes.

She was eight years old when..

..she was playing Holi
with her friends on the roof.

While playing, she fell from
the roof and became unconscious.

- She was unconscious for three hours.

When she regained consciousness..
- Father.

..she began to behave awkwardly.

She began babbling.

Ever since then,
we keep her away from colours.

She began imagining strange things,
concocted stories.

Point to be noted, milord.

But Damini is a very good daughter.

She looks after the house well.
- All right, you may go.

- Judge..

She's a very good daughter.

May every parent get
a daughter like her.

She would never want anybody's loss.

All right. You may go.



Damini is insane.

Gupta's enemies, his business rivals,
took advantage of this..

..to bring disrepute
to the Gupta family.

I would like the allegations on
the four boys to be withdrawn..

..and Damini to be sent to a
good mental hospital for treatment.

That's all, Your Honour.

After hearing the
testimony of the witnesses..

..the court hereby concludes
that Damini should be kept under..

..medical observation at the
mental hospital for two weeks.

The next date for
hearing of the case..

..will be determined after
receiving the doctor's report.

You have made a joke out of Damini.

Chaddha had said that
he'll wind up the case today itself.

I didn't come to the
court because you said so.

And now you say she has been
sent to the mental asylum?

Why are you being so cruel
to Damini? What's her sin?

Dad, Damini is my wife.
She's your daughter-in-law..

Go and bring her.

And send us all to jail.

Destroy this family's honour.
Do as you like.

When you talked of marriage..

..neither did we consider
the home nor their status.

We just saw your love,
and made her our daughter-in-law.

Today she's bent on
ruining the family name.

And we should stand and watch the fun?

But Damini too..

Now look..

This fight isn't meant
to harm Damini..

..but to protect the
honour of this family.

It's a matter of a few days.
Once the report arrives..

Her mental condition isn't right.

Whatever she said didn't happen.
And the case will be closed.

Bring her back.
I'll accompany you to bring her back.


I'm your father. I know you well.

I won't let any thing happen to you.

Can I meet Damini?

It's not right for you to
meet her for a few days.


The police, the press,
everyone is focussing on this case.

Oh, God. - The case might
get complicated further.

It's a matter of a few days.
Everything will be fine.

You had said that the case will
be closed if I lie in the court.

So I said just what you asked me to.

Now bring my daughter back to
your home as soon as possible.

She's in the mental asylum.
- Don't worry.

She'll come back very soon.

She'll come back home soon.

Mr. Bajaj! Please come!

You may go. Didn't I tell you
that she'll come back? - Okay.

Please be seated, Mr. Bajaj.

Mr. Gupta, Mr. Bajaj..
now forget whatever is the past.

Damini will definitely not return.

Consider your own interests
now and form relationships.

Become in-laws.

I wish my daughter to be
married into his family.

Because of Shekhar's insistence,
I had to agree to his marriage.

Otherwise, none of us
were happy about it.

I didn't even like the name.
Damini means lightening.

She fell like lightening and
separated the two of them.

Fireflies, which are like lightening..

..can be found in
abundance in my backyard.

Go and arrange for some champagne.

I'll be right back.

I agree to whatever Mr. Chaddha says.

Dad will come.. mom will come..

..sister will come..

Then all of us will go far..

..holding the hair.

In a train..

She's turning it.
Look, she's turning it.

Shut up! Otherwise I'll beat you!

She'll beat me.

I'll tell mom.
She'll come and beat everybody.

Everyone hits me.

I'll tell sister too.
She too will come and beat everybody.

I'll tell them everything.

(Drums Playing)

(Tabla Playing)

Why hasn't Damini
been made insane by now?

By giving her too many shocks,
her nerves in the brain might rupture.

She might die too.
- She might die?

Have such death cases happened before?

We take all precautions.

But a couple of patients
have committed suicide.

Then Damini too can commit suicide!
- What?

I mean..

She can die accidentally.

- Yes?

Damini isn't in her room.
- What?

- Come.

We always take complete care.
But I don't know how..

Is this a hospital or what?

You'll have to pay a
heavy price, ma'am!

Rakesh.. - Yes? - I checked in
the grounds, in the kitchen.

But she's not to be seen.

Hey! Hey! Listen.

Hey! Hey!



Leave me.


Excuse me, doctor.
- Yes?

Dad is on the line.
Mr. Chaddha too wants to speak to you.

It's very, very urgent.

Shall we go?

Let's go.

Ram Singh!
- Yes, sir?

A girl has escaped.

Let's look for her. Hurry up.

There she is. Over there!
- Catch her. Quick!

Open the door.

Save me! Save me!

Save me!

You drunkard! Leave the girl!

Didn't you hear?

Move back.

Leave the girl!


(Thunder Rumbling)

Looks like it's going to rain.

My home is close by.

If you wish, you can stay for a while.

I will leave you home.

Here, have a cup of tea.

It'll be good for you.

I'll arrange for an autorickshaw.

Are you a lawyer?
- I was a lawyer once.

Who were these people
who were chasing you?

My name is Damini.

Is this the place?
- Yes.

That drunkard had taken
her away from this place.

Forget it, Damini.

Forget about the courts.
You won't get anything.

Wouldn't I get justice?
- Justice?

I have seen what justice is.

I have even experienced it.

Truth.. the voice of the soul.
All that is nonsense!

Those who depend on
it only get suffering.

My wife Aarti.. she
too had ideals like you.

She too talked like you do.

She wanted me to become a barrister..

..that I fight for truth and justice.

Once when she was buying
something from the market..

..an affluent drunk crushed
her under his car and sped off.

What's more, Damini..

..I couldn't even get justice for her.

They were the same people.

The same Chaddha, the same courts,
the same things.

Witnesses were bought over,
witnesses were manipulated.

People compromise with
their conscience for peanuts.

If there's a law to prevent crime,
there are ten ways to break it.

And in the middle of it all,
what justice can one get?

And I.. like a fool..

..made the rounds of
courts again and again.

And all I got was a date!

I agree time has been very unfair
to you. But if people like you..

..give up hope, who will
fight for people like us?

I have stopped attending courts.

Not for my sake or Urmi's sake,
but for your wife Aarti's sake..

Don't take her name.
- I'm reminding you.

She wanted to make you
a barrister so that..

..you could ensure justice
for the poor and weak people.

I'm dead for this world.

Do you mean that a girl..

..her life, her honour..

..has no meaning for you?

It has no meaning.

All right. Then forget everything.

Drown yourself in your liquor.

Aarti's soul will feel very peaceful.


A court which ridiculed
my Aarti's death..

..I'll never go to such a court.


You had told me that the
letter has already been dispatched.

But the letter is still here?
- Sir, I thought that..

What did you think?

You thought that
you would get away with lying.

Why are you scared
of speaking the truth?

It's a small thing.
- It's not a small thing, Dilip.

Why do men lie? Why are men
afraid of speaking the truth?


Everybody is lying. Everybody..

I..I just hope everything
is okay with Damini.

Everything be well..

No. I won't open it.

Damini has to be taken
to the mental asylum.

I won't let you take her there.
They are driving her insane.

It's a court order.
How can she not go?

No, my husband isn't at home.
I can't open the door.

Break the door.
- Yes, sir.

Run away, Damini. Jump out
of the window and run away.


She escaped from the window.
Chase her.

Enough is enough.

Come along willingly,
or I'll have to use force.

How wonderful, Kadam!
You have shown a lot of alertness.

So you've finally been promoted!

The department has given
you the responsibility of..

..using force against women, has it?

Have you forgotten the law just
because you've stopped practicing it?

I have an arrest warrant
in this girl's name.

I too have a legal document.
A stay order.

Damini won't go anywhere
till the next date of hearing.

Try and come up with another scheme..

..with the people whom
you're dealing with.

I won't spare you, Govind.

Whenever, wherever..

Send a constable. I'll deal with him.

Move carefully, Kadam.
The case is very slippery.

If you slip, you'll keep on tumbling.

No, Damini.

You won't weep now.
Those people will weep.

No! Those people..

We are ruined. We have had it.

There are only two ways now.

If we are saved,
we'll go back to Jaunpur.

Otherwise, to the mental asylum.

Have you gone mad or what?

I'm not the only one who has gone mad.

All of us have gone mad.

He's the one, Mr. Chaddha,
who used to say that fireflies..

..which are like lightening, can be
found in abundance in his backyard.

Now has lightening struck you down.

He was going to make Damini insane!

Learn to stay within your limits.

That drunkard Govind will rescue her?

The last time,
I entangled him in such a manner..

..that he had
forgotten his way to court.

The same thing will
happen this time too.

I'll press such a
nerve that they'll scream.


How has this happened?
Grandfather, how..


What has she done?

She was so happy just yesterday.

She was saying that
she'll return to the village.

Mr. Govind.. this Urmi..

She was going to be operated tomorrow.

Urmi couldn't bear the pain.
She committed suicide.

Urmi wouldn't commit suicide.
It's a lie.

What lie?

Everything is the truth.

Here's the letter which
was found in Urmi's hand.

And we have just filed a report.


..read Mr. Kadam's truth.

'I can't bear the pain any longer.'

'The suffering is increasing.'

'I am committing
suicide of my own accord.'

This is a lie. This
isn't Urmi's letter.

That poor girl didn't
even know how to write.

What nonsense!
This letter was found in her hand.

You're speaking nonsense! Nonsense!

This truth was found in Urmi's hand.

In her hands.

And her hands are smeared with blood.

And there's not even a
drop of blood on your truth.

Many questions will
be raised in court.

And I'll make you write such a letter.

In the court.
- Govind!

You're accusing a
responsible police officer!

Do you realise the meaning of
meddling with the police, don't you?

I'm aware of the police as well as
what happens at your police station..

..where many brave policemen
tie up an innocent man..

..and display their
strength by thrashing him.

Kadam, have you ever gone to a zoo?

- A zoo!

Even children throw
peanuts at caged lions.

That's something different.

If you confront a
lion out in the open..

..the wrong impression you have
of being a man will be cleared.

- Don't scream!

Save your heavy voice for the court.

You have to give many answers there.


..tell Chaddha that Govind is
coming back to the courts again.

(Thunder Rumbling)

Instead of meddling
with me in the courts..

..it would be better to
settle the matter out-of-court.

You know that Inderjeet Chaddha..

..is never defeated.

Have you ever seen children removing
kites from the electric wires?


Even children remove entangled
kites from some wires.

That's a different matter.

But the wire which you've
touched by taking up Damini's case..

..you'll get such a shock that
you won't even be able to shake.

The rope has been burnt,
but the strength remains.

Gupta is willing to pay Rs.400,000.

For one girl's honour,
this is quite a sum.

You have made
considerable progress, Chaddha.

You have come from dealing
in law to auctioning honour?

Such a profession is
known as pimping. - Govind!

Don't scream!

Otherwise I'll close
this case here itself.

No dates, no hearing.

Justice. That too right away!

Tell him, Chaddha.

Such toys are sold
aplenty in the market.

But the heart
required to play with it..

..is not available in any market.

A man is born with it.

And when this
5-pound arm hits somebody..

..a man doesn't wake up.
He just goes up there!

I'll give you the reply
tomorrow in the court.

And remember.. if you
misbehave in the court in any manner..

..I'll beat you right there.

The judge will keep on
screaming 'Order, order'..

..and you'll continue to be beaten up.


(Thunder Rumbling)

Damini's a very
clever and cunning girl.

She has certainly been
born in a poor family.

But she always dreamt of affluence.

So she lured a decent boy
like Shekhar with her beauty.

Actually, she had been
eyeing Mr. Gupta's wealth.

And when despite her best efforts..

..she couldn't lay her
hands on the wealth..

..she was filled with fury.

She decided to seek revenge from..

..the family which didn't
allow her dreams to be fulfilled..

Taking advantage of this fact,
the Gupta family's enemies..

..bought her off by paying her money.

They hatched a big conspiracy.

The rape which happened
in the market..

..they tried to prove that the
rape happened in Mr. Gupta's home..

..so that the Gupta family's
good name could be ruined forever.

Such a lowly, cunning girl
should be punished most severely..

..so that womankind
learn a lesson from this.

That's all, Your Honour.

Your Honour, Mr. Chaddha
has somewhat confused me.

Looks like he sees
too many Hindi movies.

Because this case is
like a Hindi movie..

..in which many stories are entangled.

During the last hearing, Mr. Chaddha
had said that Damini is insane.

Today, he says that Damini is cunning.

So cunning that she can scheme,
conspire, plan.

I think that a girl who is
insane can't be cunning.

And if she is so cunning,
then she can't be insane.

So I would like that
Mr. Chaddha be sent..

..to a mental asylum at
government expense just like Damini.

Just for a few days.

So that when he comes
back after treatment..

..he can tell us clearly
whether Damini is insane or cunning.

I'll prepare my defence accordingly.

That's all, milord.


Milord, I have already proved
that Damini is a lowly woman.

The people that are lowly
are those who raped a girl..

..a girl who had grown
up in their own home!

The people that are lowly are those
who arranged a girl to be murdered..

..a girl who is lying
helpless in a hospital.

That girl wasn't
raped in Gupta's home..

and neither has she been murdered.

She has committed suicide and
I have already presented my witnesses.

And I would like to question
those very witnesses, milord.

Permission granted.

You've been working for Mr. Gupta
since 10 years. - Yes, sir.

It means that you're loyal to him.
- Yes.

Dutiful. They trust you completely.

You take complete care of the cars?
- Yes.

Like their repairing, filling the
petrol.. - It's all my responsibility.

So, on Holi, when those four boys
took Urmi away.. - Yes. - Then..

Pay attention, Mr. Chaddha.

So, on that day, when the
four boys took Urmi away..

..they must have been very worried.

They must have searched for you,
for the car.. for the keys?

No, sir. I don't keep
the keys of the Gypsy.

How do you know that
they went in a Gypsy?

No, sir. I got to know later, sir.

You mean you got to know
later that the rape took place.

Point to be noted, Milord.

All right, Mangesh. You may go.

Okay. - Bloody fool.
- Mangesh.. - Yes?

Mr. Chaddha, do you
wish to scold Mangesh?


You were mumbling. So I thought
maybe you want to ask him something.

- So, Mr. Kadam..

Urmi couldn't have cut her throat
with the letter in her hand..

..nor could she write a
letter after cutting her throat.

So, it means that somebody
else kept the letter there.

Actually.. ar.. ch.. pa..

Mr. Chaddha, do you
understand his language?

As it is, you don't hear very well!

The most important thing is that
Urmi didn't know how to write.

Her ration card bears her thumb
impression, not her signature.

And Urmi's killers
perhaps didn't know about this.

Just like Mr. Kadam and
Mr. Chaddha don't know.

Am I wrong, Mr. Chaddha?

I would like your permission to
call Shekhar Gupta, Damini's husband.

You have permission.

Swear that you will speak the truth.
- I will speak the truth.

Mr. Shekhar, do you love your wife?

I don't want to answer
such an absurd question.

How strange! I asked a
very simple question.

Whether a husband
loves his wife or not.

What say, Mr. Chaddha?
Did I ask anything wrong?


So tell me, do you love her or not?
- I do.

What did you say?
Did you hear, Mr. Chaddha?

No, he didn't.

Mr. Chaddha and I are hard of
hearing. Please, speak louder.

I love her.

Don't lower your eyes.

Look into your wife's eyes and
say whether you love her or not.

It's a matter of a woman's trust.

I love her a lot.

Mr. Shekhar loves his wife very much.

I heard it. Mr. Chaddha heard it,
too. Everybody heard it.

I though you could have said
the same thing with a smile.

Mr. Shekhar..
I'm shocked that you love a woman..

..who is ill-natured, who is insane..

You love a woman who
insults your parents.

You love a woman who caused
havoc in your family's peace.

A woman who doesn't loves you,
but your wealth.

A woman who is bringing
disrepute to the Gupta family.

What nonsense are you talking?
You're talking rubbish.

I'm not saying this.

This is what has been alleged by
your lawyer and your family members.

I'm not saying anything wrong, am I?

Anyway, I know that
these people are lying.

Mr. Shekhar, on that Holi day..

..when your frightened wife
came and took you to the terrace..

..where you saw Urmi being raped..

Pay attention, Mr. Chaddha.

What did you do then?

Nothing of the sort happened.
- What?

It means Damini is lying.
- I didn't say that.

What did you say?

Damini says that a rape took place.
You say it didn't.

So Damini is lying. Why is she lying?

Why is she..

I'm saying nothing
of the sort happened.

It means that Damini is insane.
- Absolutely not.

Mr. Chaddha, I'm sorry.

You're right. Damini is a lowly woman.

She is a immoral woman who sold
out for money. - Stop this nonsense!

I am talking sense.
- Stop it, stop it!

Mr. Govind, please come here.

You have no right to speak
to my husband like this.

Whether he testifies in my
favour or not, it's his decision.

But don't embarrass him
like this in the court.

Let him go.
- What do you think you are?

- Am I your servant? Your slave?

Have you bought me over?

I wouldn't let a lowly woman like
you come anywhere near me.. - Govind!

If you speak any other
word against my wife..


Sorry, Damini.

Did you see, Milord?

When I say anything to the husband,
the wife feels bad.

When I say anything to the wife,
the husband screams.

This proves that there's a
deep love between them..

..which is as firm as a rock
despite such a delicate situation.

Despite the fact that Damini
accused Shekhar's brother of rape.

Despite the fact that Damini
dragged the Gupta family to the courts.

Still Shekhar can't bear to
hear a word against Damini.

Because he knows
beyond any doubt that..

..whatever Damini is
doing is the right thing.

That she's speaking the truth.

Now I would like to hear that
truth from Mr. Shekhar himself.

Mr. Shekhar, I won't ask
you any further question.

I'm leaving this case.

Because Damini
doesn't need me, but you.

She is your wife.

You mean everything to her.
So you have to make a decision.

Whether you'll let your
innocent wife be punished..

..to save those four criminals..

You have to make that decision.

I don't understand anything.

What is he trying to accomplish
by proving that true love..

..exists between a husband and wife?

He should feel ashamed that..

..he's taking the assistance
of a woman's fake emotions.

Shut up, you law-pimping scoundrel!

Shut up, you two-bit nobody!

Order, order, order.

Milord, my health has
deteriorated all of a sudden.

I request the court..

..to give another date.

Because of Mr. Chaddha's
health being deteriorated..

..the date of the next
hearing will be determined later.

Now this fight is no longer
restricted between Damini and us.

On one side are those people..

..who have been tolerating
atrocities since ages.

And on the other side are us.

Damini has managed a tremendous
support from the common man.

And now there's only one way out.

Just like Urmi's murder was
made out to be a suicide..

..similarly Damini's death
should be made a road accident.

The torch of truth that
she's going around with..

..that torch will have to be
extinguished with her blood.

It's nice.

A woman whose conscience
you couldn't buy..

..whose goodness you
couldn't fight against..

..whose faith you couldn't break..

..by deciding to give her death..

..you're giving ample
proof of being true men.

Stop this nonsense!

People are ridiculing
us all over the city.

People are abusing us on the streets.

You know, don't you?

There's only way now
to save our honour.

Honour? What honour
are you talking of?

A man in whose house
an innocent girl has been raped..

..he's talking of honour?

A man who got a helpless,
weak girl murdered in the hospital..

..he's talking of honour?

A man who can think of getting
his daughter-in-law killed..

..he's talking of honour?

Where is the honour?
Where is the honour?

Instead, it's better for
a person to die of shame.

How many more crimes will
you commit to hide one crime?

You don't realise to what
extent you have fallen, Dad!

Today I'm proud that
I'm Damini's husband.

But I will have to say with shame
that I'm Kedarnath Gupta's son.

Don't touch me! Don't touch me!

You'll speak like this to your father?
- Enough is enough.

I feel like suffocating
you to death right now!

But I can't kill anybody.

And I regret it.

And yes!

I'm going to side with Damini.

Do whatever you like.

Damini will emerge victorious.

(Tires Screeching)

That's our Shekhar.
- Yes.

Where are you going?
We'll miss the train.

Go on. - At such times, even a stray
dog of one's street proves his loyalty.

He's our own Shekhar!

Follow them, driver!

Tinu, nobody should know that
Damini is in your home. - All right.

Bring Damini tomorrow to the court
carefully through the back lanes.

It's possible that
I might be assaulted.

But it's very necessary that
Damini reaches court tomorrow.

Don't worry. She's like my sister.

Govind was saved.

Damini shouldn't reach
the courts tomorrow.

I'll prevent her.

I'll take the next date.

And before the next date..


Damini is a very clever
and intelligent girl.

By now, she has realised that
very soon she's going to be exposed.

She has run away. Now only the
police can arrest and bring her.

One should wait for such a day,
and a next date of hearing be given.

I'm fully convinced that somebody is
preventing Damini from coming here.

But I'm confident
that she'll surely come.

Because many are banking upon her,
and she has our prayers.

She'll surely come.

Hurry up.

Go Yadav.

(Tires Screeching)

This is the height of waiting.

Now you should give the
next date for hearing.

Before you determine the next date,
I would like to say something.

You have permission.

In the first hearing,
it was said that Damini is insane.

She was sent away to
the mental asylum..

..where a full attempt was
made to make her insane.

Before the second hearing..

..Urmi was murdered at the hospital..

..and the case was
registered as a suicide..

..whereas I
established in the court that..

..Urmi didn't commit suicide.

..that she has been murdered.

And Mr. Shekhar too was
about to speak out the truth..

..when Mr. Chaddha
played another trick.

He feigned sickness and
took a next date of hearing.

Otherwise, a decision about this
case would've come about that day.

And today, you're again
giving a next date for hearing.

And before that date,
some truck will run me down..

..and the case will be
registered as an accident.

You'll give yet another date.

And before that date,
Damini will be made insane and dumped..

..into a mental asylum.

Thus, neither will there be
anybody to fight for truth..

..nor to seek justice.

All that will remain
is a date for hearing.

And this is what has been happening.

Dates after dates for
hearings have been given..

..but justice has not been meted out.

Only the dates have been given.

The agents of law have used
these dates for hearings..

..as a weapon against justice.

These people trade in
law outside the courts..

..between two dates of hearings.

Witnesses are bought over,
witnesses are manipulated and killed.

All that remains are
dates of hearings.

For the sake of justice,
people sell off their land..

..and property to
fight cases in courts.

But all that remains
are dates of hearings.

Even women have sold off their
ornaments for the sake of justice.

And all that they have
got is a date of hearing.

Months and years pass
by visiting the courts..

..and many applicants
become history themselves.

And all they get is a date.

This case is about the weak
and oppressed people of India.

Today their entire attention
is focussed on you.

What do you give them?
Justice or a date for hearing?

If you can't give them justice,
then stop this farce..

..pull out these witness boxes,
tear up the books of law..

..so that more people are not
ruined in their pursuit of justice.

(Crowd Applauding)

Milord, what is going on?

This is contempt of court.

It is contempt of court

Punish him.. now, right away.

Order, order.

Mr. Chaddha, the court will decide who
should be punished and who shouldn't.

Order, order.

Until this court
reaches some decision..

..the hearing won't be postponed.

Come on! Come forward!

Come forward!

Show your manliness! Show me!

Move forward!

Touch me. Come on!

Move forward!

Why are you moving back?

Move forward. Touch me. Come on!

Come on!

I can say with certainty
that Damini won't come back.

Damini won't come back.
- Damini has come!

Damini has come! Damini has come!

Damini has come!

You're all right, I hope.

They were trying to kill me.

I have come here safely
with great difficulty.

I had guessed it right.

They tried to kill Damini.

Now the court can understand who
stands to gain with Damini's death.

Why would Gupta and
Bajaj do any such thing?

Point to be noted, milord.

I didn't take anybody's name.

By taking Mr. Bajaj's name,
Mr. Chaddha has proved that..

..Bajaj too is associated with the
Gupta family in this conspiracy.

(Crowd Applauding)

Order, order.

Milord, I now seek permission
to call Mr. Shekhar Gupta.

A man whose wife is such a mad woman..

..how can he show his face to anyone?

The poor man has run away.
- It's impossible.

Shekhar can't go anywhere
leaving Damini in such a state.

I think that either he has been
forcibly locked up somewhere..

..or to protect the false
honour of the Gupta family..

..he could even have been eliminated.

What nonsense are you talking?
- I'm speaking right.

It's impossible.

No father can kill his own son.
- Why not?

Those who can attack
their daughter-in-law..

..who can consider her nothing
more than a sacrificial lamb..


I don't want justice.

Calm down, Damini.
Truth will emerge victorious.

We will get justice.
- What truth?

What justice?

I don't want anything.
- Damini..

Let me speak, Mr. Govind.

I have seen a lot. I have heard a lot.

These people have made a
business out of Urmi's rape.

They have made it their livelihood.

The press has sold Urmi's
devastation in instalments..

..in the form of juicy stories.

The police has made her ruin
a medium of amassing money.

And a doctor, who is
considered another form of God..

..he ran away after accepting money..

..leaving Urmi behind to die.

These people are worse than vultures.

They feed on living human beings.

All of them are fakes and frauds.

They adorn the idol of the Goddess
in the temple with silk clothes..

..while outside they remove
women's clothes. Undress them.

I don't want to prove the
truth among such people.

Just because
I witnessed Urmi's rape once..

..just because I set
about to get her justice..

She was raped at
every nook and corner.

Sometimes at the police station,
at other times in these courts.

She was raped repeatedly.
She was raped every time.

Where were the hands?

Where were the hands?

Where were the hands?
On the arm, or on the shoulders?

On the waist, or on the thighs?

How nude was she?

These questions were important.

But in what manner were
these questions posed to me?

And when such ghastly
questions were being posed to me..

..why didn't anybody
raise a voice of protest?

Where were those brothers..

..who wear rakhis and set
out to protect their sisters?

Why are everybody's
eyes lowered today? Why?

That day, everybody had
their eyes focussed on me..

..when Mr. Chaddha was
going about insulting me.

What do you say, Mr. Chaddha?

The portion above the
knees is known as thighs.

I too know that.

Now I ask you. Answer me, Mr. Chaddha.

The area under the neck is
known as the chest, isn't it?

You're short of hearing.

So I will scream and say so
that you can hear clearly.

The area under the neck
is known as the chest.

A person's first identity is
determined by this part of the body.

Every mother feeds milk by
placing the child onto her breast.

You too must have drunk
your mother's milk like that.

Would you have
questioned your mother or sister..

..the way you questioned me?

Answer me, Mr. Chaddha.

Look into my eyes and answer me.


No.. I don't want truth.

At least let Urmi's
soul rest in peace.

I'm withdrawing this case.

Perhaps I was mad
that till today I was..

I am mad.

Send me back to the mental asylum.

Perhaps that's the right place for me.

I am fit to be there.

Forgive me, Shekhar.


I'm a culprit. I'm an offender.

It's true that Urmi was raped.

I saw it. In my house.

My brother and his friends raped Urmi.

This fact was concealed by
me and my family members.

So that our honour isn't tainted.

So that our false
honour isn't tainted.

It's also true that Urmi was murdered.

Mr. Chaddha, Mr. Bajaj..

..and my father are
involved in this conspiracy.

If I have been able to
gather the courage to reach here..

..despite such
embarrassing circumstances..

If I have been able to reach
here despite fighting death..

..the strength for that is
standing in front of me.

It's Damini, my wife.

I'm proud..

..that Damini is my wife.

And I'm proud that I'm her husband.

(Crowd Applauding)

Order, order.

After hearing all the
witnesses and Shekhar's testimony..

..Rakesh and his three friends
Mahesh Kadia, Anup Arya and..

..Bharat Sabhrawal are
hereby sentenced to..

..seven years imprisonment for
committing the crime of rape..

..and all those family
members of the Gupta family..

..who tried to cover up this crime..

..are hereby sentenced
to two years imprisonment.

Inderjeet Chaddha,
Kedarnath Gupta, and Tolu Bajaj..

..are hereby sentenced to
seven years imprisonment..

..for conspiring to murder Urmi.

No action will be taken
against Shekhar Gupta..

..who helped this
court mete out justice.

(Crowd Applauding)

Order, order.

Neither I nor this court
deserve this applause.

I ask those who have a
grievance against the court.

Who does justice?

It's your own conscience that
metes out the greatest justice.

And there's no greater
court than the conscience.

It's Damini who has proved this
statement of Gandhiji to be true.

The law and the court
are grateful to Damini.

In the history of law this day..

..and judgement will be
known as Damini's judgement.

In honour of Damini..

..let us all congratulate Damini..

..with the sound of
our clapping hands.

(Crowd Applauding)

Congratulation to you.

(Camera Clicks)

"Damini, Damini, my Damini."

"Damini, Damini, my Damini."

"Damini.. Damini.. Damini is yours."

"Damini.. Damini.. Damini is yours."

"Damini, Damini, my Damini."

"Damini.. Damini.. Damini is yours."