Dallas Buyers Club (2013) - full transcript

Dallas 1985. Electrician and sometimes rodeo bull rider Ron Woodroof lives hard, which includes heavy smoking, drinking, drug use (primarily cocaine) and casual sex. He is racist and homophobic. While in the hospital on a work related injury, the doctors discover and inform him that he is HIV+, and that he will most-likely die within thirty days. Ron is initially in angry denial that he would have a disease that only "faggots" have, but upon quick reflection comes to the realization that the diagnosis is probably true. He begins to read whatever research is available about the disease, which at this time seems to be most effectively treated by the drug AZT. AZT, however, is only in the clinical trials stage within the US. Incredulous that he, as a dying man, cannot pay for any drug which may save or at least prolong his life, he goes searching for it by whatever means possible. It eventually leads him to Mexico and a "Dr." Vass, an American physician whose license was revoked in the US because of his AIDS related work against US regulations. Dr. Vass leads Ron to a cocktail of other drugs, some vitamins, he believes are more effective in treating the symptoms, since the virus, as Ron learns, will always be in the system of those who have been exposed to it. Ron begins to smuggle these drugs not approved by the FDA into the US, not only for his own use but for sale to other HIV+ persons. In this venture, he goes into an unlikely partnership with a HIV+ transgender woman named Rayon, who he met in the hospital and who has greater contact with AIDS patients through the gay community. As they try to work both above ground to get the meds to those that need them and underground to avoid detection by especially the FDA, Ron comes up with an idea to circumvent the fact of selling the drugs - which are not considered drugs yet since they are not FDA approved - directly to the HIV+ population, which then should should not be against the law. Richard Barkley and Dr. Sevard, the FDA's lead man on the file and one of Ron's doctors respectively, the latter who sees clinical trials as the only way to determine the efficacy of drugs despite the fact that Ron and others would have probably died already without these drugs, try to stop Ron and Rayon at every turn. Caught in the middle is Dr. Eve Saks, another of Ron's doctors, who understands why policies are in place, but who can sympathize with Ron, Rayon and others - all her patients, directly or indirectly - in their situation.

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How much do you want, Neddie?

- Twenty times.

- Yeah, fifty.

Did ya hear Rock Hudson was a cock sucker?

Where'd ya hear that shit?!

It's called a newspaper.
Right there.

It's a shame, ain't it?

All that fine Hollywood pussy,
just'll being wasted.

On a guy who smokes his friends.

Rog, this ain't the sandbox.
Twenty's the minimum.



Lazy cheap sonofabitch.
- alright, fine.

Look at him...
look at him.

Who the hell's Rock Hudson, anyway?

He's an actor, dumbass!

You ever seen, 'North by NorthWest'?

Calm the nerves, brother.

It's your day, I can feel it.

I don't know, Ron.
- Oh, I do. Eight seconds.

Look at this? Hey, hey?

Six hundred and forty bucks.

Now, if you can do that?

You're gonna be gettin blown by..

a hundred dollar hooker, before
you can scrape the bullshit off your boots, brother.

Beat that, motherfucker.

You ready?

..three one thousand...

Fuck that!

Ron, get back here!
You fake fucker!

C'mon, get him behind that fence!
Come on!


I need you to arrest me.
- Fuck off, Woodroof.

Get me outta this shit.
- Looks like you got a few pissed off customers.

Tucker, You gonna cuff me or not?
- No, figure it out yourself!

Son of a bitch.

Back off!
or, I'll arrest all of you.

Son of a bitch.

They're gonna kick the shit out of you
some day, Woodroof.

Maybe worse.


Gotta die somehow.

Handle your business, huh?

Get your shit together.

Shit, Tuck. You're startin' to sound like
your goddamn old man.

How's he doin' any way?

There's good days and bad.

Ah, he's a tough one, Al.

I just can't imagine how disappointed
he must be havin' a cop for a son.

Get the fuck outta my car.

Thanks for the lift, Nate.

You okay?

You rattled my fuckin' brain.

What brain?

Alright, Clinto.

That shit is purer than
a preacher daughter's pussy. Right there.

Not after you just coughed
your lungs all over it.

One dollar.

I got ya dollar.

Hell yeah.


You think anymore 'bout Saudi Arabia?

They need guys over there.

Fuck, no!

What do you wanna go work
for a buncha sand niggas anyway, huh?

Cos, they pay five times
as much, that's why.

That's right.

I'm signing up.

They got hot ass over there?

It's a Muslim country.
You can't fuck the women.

Now, that takes me out right then.
- Woodroof,

there's been an accident on platform five.
They need an electrician right away!

- Yes, Sir!

Alright, I'll check y'all later.
- Alright, Adios.

Let me see that preacher daughter's pussy.

Dumb ass, spic.

Damn! How'd you get your leg in there?

Any ambulance coming?

He's illegal.

Call that fucking ambulance.

Call it! Fuck.

I'm gonna shut it down.

Platform 5, A2..
man down...man down!

His leg's caught in the rail...

Mr. Woodroof.

I see you've found our stash.

I'm Dr. Sevard.

Ah, why don't you..

..go ahead and hop up here
for me. If you don't mind?

Thank you.


We saw something which...

which concerned us.

In your initial blood work.
So, we ran some additional tests.

It's your blood tests.

What kinda blood tests?

cause.. I don't use drugs.
- We didn't test your blood for drugs.

Oh good,

cause, that ain't none of y'all business anyway.

That's all right.


You've tested positive for HIV --

Which is the virus that causes AIDS.

Are you fucking kidding me?

I'm like that fuckin' Rock
cock-suckin' Hudson bullshit?!

Mr. Woodroof.

Have you ever used intravenous drugs?

Have you ever engaged in
homosexual conduct?

Homo? Did you say, Homo?
- Yeah.

That's what you said..isn't it?

Are you fucking kidding me?

I ain't no faggot, motherfucker.

I don't even know, no fucking faggots.

Look at me.
What do you see..huh?

A goddamn rodeo is what you see!

Mr. Woodroof?
- Alright, just fuckin' watch it.

Mr. Woodroof, can you just..

No, I can't do shit!
You speak fucking English motherfucker!

Calling me a motherfucking faggot.
I'll rip your fuckin' ass boy!

Your T-cell count is down to nine,

A healthy person has between
five hundred and fifteen hundred.

Frankly, we're surprised you're even alive.

Surprise this:

you've made a fuckin' mistake!

You must've mixed my blood with
some daisy puller or sumptin.

Cos, that shit ain't me.
- We ran the blood test several times.

Here's some information about HIV and AIDS
you may find informative.

These are your test results.

Mr. Woodroof,

If you could listen to me for a moment.

I know this can be a very scary thing.
And, you're probably feeling alone right now.

But, what we'd like to do is
to impress upon you the gravity of your situation.

Based on your health.

Based on your condition,
based on all the evidence we have;

We estimate that you have about thirty days left.

To put your affairs in order.

Thirty days?

I'm sorry.

Fuck this!

What is this shit?!

Fucking thirty days. Motherfukers!

Let me give y'all news flash,

there ain't nothin' out there that can kill
fuckin' Ron Woodroof in thirty days.

Day 1.

Damn, doctors cut your balls off?


You tell ?em you got a cold
and they'll give you two weeks off.

You should try it.

Well, you didn't miss nothin' at work.

Shit, I'd take disability any day.

I mean I tell em I got a fucking,


..and they try to tell me I got
some kinda HIV virus..


Hell, like I got the AIDS.

Damn hospitals man,
mixed up my blood samples.

- You know, I went to them doctors one time,

they tell me I had chlamydia,
I get back home I had fuckin' crabs.

That's what the fuck I'm saying, man.

You tell 'em you got fucking headache.
They tell you got brain cancer.

Shit, I heard you get that..

..just by touchin' someone. Or..

..that queers get it.
- Fucking faggots.

That's it.
Which is exactly why it's a mistake.


what if it ain't?

What if what ain't?

A mistake.


Shit, I know you got a
pussy addiction, motherfucker.

Hey, Soff.

Hello, Debb.

We going?

Yeah, we goin'.


You wanna take these ladies
for a twirl?

Y'all go ahead. I'm good.
I'll catch up with y'all..alright?

Alright brother, you cool?

- Alright.

See you there.

Alright. See ya in little bit.
Miss Alaska..Miss Louisiana.

Bye, care boy.

RICK FERRIS: Azidothymidine, or AZT --
was originally developed as a treatment for cancer.

With the onset of HIV, however,

we at Avinex Industires began a trial
in which we administered AZT to infected lab animals.

Initial findings suggested increased CD4 counts,

restored T-cell immunity..
- Isn't it also true that it had some...

Troubleing side effects in animal tests,

a significant decrease in the red and white
blood cells in the animals?

Yes, but its effect on the virus is better than
anything else that's been tested.

In '64, when AZT was developed for
cancer treatment, it was shelved;

due to lack of anti-cancer efficacy and toxicity.

We believe those problems were dosage based.

So, you're conducting another animal study?

Actually, the FDA has given us permission
to go straight to human trials..

...which is what brings me here today.

We're conducting a double-blind,
placebo-controlled randomized trial..

..throughout the United States.

Dallas Mercy is one of the proposed sites.

How long do you see the study going on?

We're hoping to fast track it..

... within a year?

During which time the hospital and its administering
physicians will be very well compensated for their efforts.

Sadly, the AIDS crisis will only
get worse before it gets better.

And, I know I speak for everyone
at Aven Exem when I say,

This is a unique opportunity.

A chance to be on the forefront in finding a cure.

Does it not drive you just a little bit crazy
to see these guys talking about;

curing the sick
while they're flashing gold Rolexes?

What do they know about sick patients?
- They're a big pharma reps, not doctors.

And like it or not,
this is a business.

How the hell did they get permission
to go straight to human trials?

People are desperate.
You know, people are dying.

There is nothing else out there.


Day 7.

I need to see Dr. Sevard.

Dr. Sevard's not here today.

I can't wait till tomorrow.

If you'll tell me what the problem is,
maybe I can help you.

You wanna know the list of my problems?

My lungs bleeding, my skin crawling,

there's a fucking jackhammer in my head
and that's the least of my fuckin' problems lady.

Mr. Woodroof?
- No, no..no...no.

I don't want no nurse.
I want a doctor.

I want a goddamn doctor!

Well..How can I help you?
- Are you fuckin' deaf, lady?

No, I'm a fucking doctor!

If you want to discuss your list of problems,
you can meet me in my office in twenty minutes.


I like your style, Doc.

Mr. Woodroof.

Can you get me AZT?

I know the Avinex Industries,

just released it for testing, right?

I wanna buy some,


That isn't how it works.

For about a year, a group of patients will
either get the drug or a placebo,

It's totally left up to chance,
not even the doctors are allowed to know.

Who you give..

.. dyin' people sugar pills?

It's the only way to know if a drug works.

Can you get some for me?

I got cash.

I can go a month..

..a week. However you wanna do.
- I hear you.

Unfortunately, no.

But, when it's proven to work and..

...if you fit the profile,
then yes.

So, you're tellin' me I'm as good as a horse,

being held for dog food..huh?


How about this stuffs, overseas..huh?

In Germany, they got this..

Dextran Sulfate.

Alright, they got this DDC in France,
It's suppose to keep the healthy cells you got.

From getting, the HIV.

They got AL 721 over in Israel...
How can i get some of this?

None of those drugs have
been approved by the FDA.

Screw the FDA,

I'm gonna be DOA.

What..I gotta..

... sue this hospital to get my medicine?
- Mr. Woodroof, I assure you,

that would be a waste of precious time.

There is a support group that meets daily,
at Draddy Auditorium.

I suggest, you try it out.

Maybe, talk about your feelings
and your concerns...

I'm dying.

What're you tellin' me
to go get a hug from a bunch of faggots?

Good day.

Hey! Neddie Jay,

get me a shot of Cactus and a buck back.


It's hard to say,
how much I missed your all ugly mugs.

What do you say Clinto, where you hangin'

..your pants lately today?

Get me another beer,
will you, sweetheart?

What the fuck, did you say?

I said grab me a cold one,


You askin' me to kick yer ass?

Nah, wouldn't wanna get none of that
faggot blood on me.

Hey, come on.
- Fucker!

No..no, I'm alright.
That motherfucker is the fucking problem.

What the fuck is your problem, man?

Hey Ron, I don't want no trouble, alright?

Fuck you all!

Fuck, all of y'all!

Fuckin' goddamn it.
He spit on my face.

Can I get a fuckin' soap?
- Get me a towel...please. c'mon.

Fucking Christ!

As I stand here tonight,
clinical trials are underway..

with an eye toward fast-tracking AZT

and making it available
for the public as soon as possible.

In short, I'm happy to say that help
may finally be on the way.

How long before the drug is approved?

The FDA standard procedure to approve
a new drug is eight to twelve years.

Hey, It's your first time right?
- Back the fuck off Tinkerbell.

I'll knock your teeth so far into your goddamn
throat you're gonna put toothbrush into your asshole

But, we need it now!

It may help, Hell..we'll take the chance!

What about dextran sulfate?!

We're working closely with the FDA
to make sure every effort is made to fast track..

It's both our job and the FDA's
to make sure the drug is safe -

Forget it, we can get it in Mexico.

I just need to slow it down a little.

Get me down and catch my breath, will you?

I ain't ready to crawl into a corner. Alright?

I just ain't fucking ready.

Man, if you're up there you better
be listening, a'right.

And if I got one chance, I don't mind.

Fucking chance, show we a sign.

Show me the sign.

If you're not gonna look or buy a dance,
you could at least tip me.

Here's twenty.

I'll take a dance, it ain't fer me.

You just keep it on shaking,
I'll see you.

Day 8.

Day 9.
A beautiful day, in Dallas..Texas.

Right here, Motherfuckers!

There ain't no more,
they started lockin' it up.

I got more cash.


What the fuck is this?
- In Mexico. A doctor, he has some.

What the hell is this bullshit?
You don't think I know..

what you're fuckin' doing man.. huh?




You're in the hospital.

You almost died.

I bet that didn't surprise anyone. Right?

Was that a smile?

You've had a blood transfusion.

Mr. Woodroof..

I'm doctor Sevard.


I remember you.

I need you to tell me where you obtained AZT from.

How it got in your blood.

Oh, I don't know what you're talkin' about.

Dealing in pharmaceutical drugs is illegal.


Get some rest.

Where are you goin'?
We were just gettin' somewhere.

Honey, you don't have the slightest chance.

I'm Rayon.


fuck off and go back to your bed.
- Relax,

I don't bite.

I guess you're handsome in a Texas hick,
white trash, dumb, kinda way.

Get the fuck outta here,

whatever you are.
Before I kick you in the fuckin' face.

You wanna play cards?

You got cash?

How does that strike your fancy?

Do you mind, If i snuggle?

Stay at the end of the bed.

Ten dollar minimum?

Be my guest.

Alright, Miss Man.
What you got?

Full house.

Jacks over threes.

I'd have figured you for queens.


Sorry darlin'.



You alright?

Wait relax. Where's it?
- Get off me.

I got you. I got you, don't worry.
Just relax..relax.


- Right there.

Get it..get it.

I got it. I got it.

That's it.

Okay, let me get you some water.

Drink this, darling.

You gotta stay hydrated
or your muscles will cramp.

- That better?

That's better.

That's good.

You got nice feet.

Jesus Christ, I'm straight,


Why the fuck you in here anyway?

The AZT trial.

My friend is paying me to split my dose with him.
That way we'll both get some.

How much is he paying you?

Five grand.

I coulda charged him twenty.


If I want any.

Will you sell me some?

I'm sorry, sweetie.

I can't split my dose and hers.

Besides, I made a deal.

Anyone who plays cards like you
ain't got five grand anyhow.

Right here.

My lord, sometimes we can't get
a moment's rest around here.

Mr. Woodroof!

Where are you going?

I signed myself out.
- You're too sick to leave here.

The worst-case scenario being what?

We can keep you comfortable.

What? Hook me up to the morphine drip.
Let me fade on out?

Nah, sorry lady,
but I prefer to die with my boots on.

I still live here, you hear me?!

I fuckin' live here!!

Fuck you!

Day 29.

Day 30.

I'm lookin' for Dr. Vass.
- Speak up.

I'm lookin' for Vass, for some AZT.

You won't find that shit here.

Looking to poison yourself?

Jesus fuckin' Christ!

Check him in.

Cocaine, alcohol, methamphetamine,


That's what I call a recipe for disaster.

This place is a shit-hole, Doc.

Who said I was a Doctor?

They revoked my license to practice
three years ago,

that's why I'm down in this shit-hole.

Why? What'd you do?


Now, What these drugs you're doing,
they're breaking down your immune system,

making you susceptible to infections.

So, you're saying cocaine gave me pneumonia?

No, I'm saying, Cocaine made you
more susceptible.

As did AZT.

I thought AZT's supposed to help me.

The only people AZT helps are
the people who sell it.

It kills every cell it comes in contact with.

Now, I'm prescribing,
a regimen of vitamins..

..as well as the mineral zinc
to build your immune system.

You'll also be taking Aloe
and essential fatty acids.

Sounds fun?

You missed your last
trial appointment, Ray.

Where were you?

o you like this blouse?

Cause I think the neckline's
a little plungeing.


the whole point of this study is to determine
if AZT is helping people.

Come on, Evie, you know
there ain't no helpin' me.

That doesn't mean I'm going to stop trying.

Why are you so good to me?

Bless your little heart.

Just promise me,
you'll show up for the rest of the trial.

I promise you,
that I will try my very best.

I want you, to mean it.


Is that Marcus from home-ec?

I swear to God.

He's grown up, my Lord!

A little too plungey, by the way.

I think, yes.

I appreciate ya honesty.

Damn it.

three months later


Your T-Cell count's improving.

I still got HIV?

You'll always test positive for HIV,

and now, you have AIDS,

could be all the toxic shit
you've been pumping into your body,

You shot your immune system.

Now you have chronic pneumonia,
among other things.

It can cause memory loss,
mood swings,

aching joints...
-If it sucks, I got it.

I can't get my cock up...
all that shit..

Whatever is shit i go it.
Don't I?

Yeah, well..

Let's not start a pity party
too soon.

This is DDC,

it acts as an anti viral
similar to AZT but less toxic.

And this is..

Peptide T, it's a protein -- totally non-toxic.

Early studies have shown it
these can help with all of that.

This is what I had you, since you got here.

And you can't buy them back in the U.S.A?

No, not approved.

Look at this place.

Chinks, homos and herbs,

hot nurses..

you got a regular new world order
going on here, Vass.

You could be makin' a fortune off of this.

If you get caught,

don't say you got AIDS.

Or, they'll never let you back in.

A blessed day to you, Sir.

Have ablessed day.

Anything to declare?
- No, nothing.

Have a good day.
- Thank you.

And, a blessed day to you, Sir.
- Father, passport, please?

Anything to declare.
- No sir. Nada.

You're a priest?

Yes, I am.

I'm Richard Barkley, from the Food and Drug
Administration office.

How can I help you, Mr.Barkley?


You have over 2,000 pills here.

You are only allowed to bring in
a ninety day supply.

As I was telling the gentlemen earlier,

I am a sick man.
I have cancer.

I take 22 pills a day.

and these are my vials of Vitamins.

This is non-toxic protein serum.

This is my ninety day supply.


You do realize that importing
unapproved drugs for sale..

... is a very serious offense?
- Of course, it is.

As I said, they're not for sale.

Nor are they illegal,

Merely "unapproved."

If we get the slightest indication,
that you're selling these drugs for profit,

you could be thrown in jail
for a very long time...


Hand to God. I promise
to take every one of them pills myself.

My life depends on it.


Cowboy, are you coming in?

Are you fucking kidding me?!

This man also had a transfusion?

The AZT.

We can tell who's on it by the symptoms.

Most of them need new blood.

He's actually getting worse.

So, why are they stopping the trial?

What do you mean?
- Avinex Industries.

You didn't see the memo?

They claim most people are feeling better
and fewer people are dying.

Transfusions always makes
patients feel better.

Give the placebo patients new blood
and they'll feel better too.

I have questions about the
drug's safety, David.

It's dropping white blood cells
in a lot of my patients.

It's their call, Eve.

So, we can get the drug to the people
who actually need it.

After eight months?

Well, test results are overwhelmingly positive.
AZT works.

We don't know, what the long term
effects are. It's irresponsible.

These people die, Eve.

There are no long-term effects.

Can I read a copy of the study?

It's still being written.

Hey, hey..hey...hey!

Jesus Fuckin' Christ!
You fucking idiot!

I've been looking for you, Lonestar.
- You know, I could've killed you!

I feel better!
I wanted to thank you.

Well, Good for you.
Now get the fuck out!

I need more of that cocktail shit you got!

Listen Tinkerbell, unless you got
more cash or new clients..

I'm busy. Now, get the fuck out of my car.
- Let's just do this quickly so I can

get the fuck out!

You got enough for 20 of us?


You know what?

You don't deserve our money,

you homophobic asshole!


Am I fuckin' dreamin'?

I got your 20 in trunk.

Find me 20 more
and I'll cut you in.

Five percent.

Adios, cowboy.

What the fuck is your problem?

I can handle your insults,
but... five percent?

Alright, Ten.

Twenty five,

take it or leave it.

I don't have all day.



Here y'all.

Two T's for one of that.

How much?
- 25.

Rayon, where the fuck are you goin'?

Com on in,
It's a fucking bore out here!

Goddamn it.

A tree with most honey, attracts
the most bees.

Lot's of customers here, darlin'.

A little smile,
will go a long way.

Thank you.

Fuck off.

Ronnie, where're you going?

You gotta be kidding me?!

This place is perfect.

We gotta lay low.
Not get busted.

Besides, I got a plan.

Well, it's a very attractive place.

Right up you alley.

This place is disgusting.
We have got to disinfect.

Do not use the word ?we?.

Now you wanna put your apron on
Then, start cleaning shit up.

I wouldn't know,
where to start.

Howdy Counselor,

Hi, I'm Rayon.

He's my partner.

Business partner.

Your office's next door.

Have fun, boys.

El produco de Mexico.
Now, this is all for your...

..personal use?
-Oh, yes. Absolutely.

I got you the paper work for
your Corporation.

I do not wanna know what that is for.

Well, I ain't selling drugs no more, Counselor.

I'm giving 'em away.
For free.

By selling memberships.

Four hundred dollars a month in dues..

and you get,
all the meds you want.

You son of a bitch!

Bitches. Plural.

There's a bunch of faggots up in New York.
Runnin' a hell of a racket.

Just like this.

That's where I got the idea.

Welcome to the Dallas Buyers Club.

NEWS ANCHOR: Avinex Industries announced today,

that AZT has been approved
as the first drug to treat AIDS.

At a cost of $10,000 per year
per patient,

AZT is the most expensive drug ever marketed.

Avinex stock jumped a whopping
12% today on the news.

Two months later
I know, i know. It's been too long.

Oh, my lord!
I'll call you back.

Michael and Ian,
the happiest couple..

..in the entire universe.
Oh, my God!

Give me some sugar.

Ian, you look like a
two dollar bill.

Hold on.
You just stay right here, okay.

I'm so glad that you came.
I'm gonna fix you up.

Roanie, we have two new customers.

If you call me Roanie again...

..I'ma use this to give you the sex change
you been hopin' for.

Send them in.

Meet the big boss.

Come on, in.

Oh, shit. Sorry,
C'mon sit down.

Rayon, turn that shit down!

Meds and the Treatments are free,
but the membership, $400 a month.

Alright, you're gonna have to sign a waiver.

We are not responsibility
for the drugs that we give you.

You croak, you croak.

That's not our problem.
It's yours.

We had AZT,

and it helped Ian a little at the beginning,

First of all, flush that shit down the toilet.

It's bad news.

Secondly, stay away from anything
that'll cook your insides.

You gotta stay clean. Alright?

Third, get healthy and if your brain's broke,
I got something called Peptide T that'll fix right up.


I got a start pack.

I'll have more in a week.

Untill then,

watch what you eat
and who you eat.

Four hundred.
- Yeah.

Rayon, give me some coffee.

Coming up, Roanie!

He didn't call, leave a message?

No, Nothing.

He did change his address recently.


Shohun o Kaiku.

Uh huh, interferon.

How much can I buy from you?

Yes, Mr.Yamata.

Let me figure out,
how much i can take off your hands.

..I'm gonna have to call you back.

Mr.Yamata, i'm gonna have to go.
I'm gonna call you back, Okay?

- What are you doing here?

I live here.
- Where's Rayon?

You're roommates?
- uh..Not exactly.

What are you doing here?

Roger Thompson?

This is my patient.
Are you treating these people?

They're treatin' themselves.
- With what?

Vitamins, Peptide T, DDC.
Anything but that poison you're hawkin'.

So, you ever wear any colors?

Every time I see you,
All I see is white.

White coat, white shoes...

Tell Rayon, I was looking for him.

And, I'm telling my patients
to stay away from here.


Excuse me.

Say, you wanna go grab a steak sometime?
I know it's red...

Now, that's the shit that'll rot your insides.

What a surprise, FDA approved.

What the fuck is potassium benzoate?


You kiddin' me?

Hey, Don't pollute me with that processed crap.
I'm eatin' healthy and you should too.

It's protein, it's good for you.

It's processed.
Put it back.

You can't tell me what to do.

You're such a bully.

Hey Ron.

What say you T.J?

How're you doin' man?

Oh, just tryin' to make a living.

You know how it is.
- Yeah, yeah.

Fucking faggots, everywhere.

Hey, T.J,
This is Rayon.



He said hi to you.
Shake his hand.

Come on, buddy, what's your problem?

Fuck you!

Take his hands T.J.

Give him a good one.
Give him good one.


I want you to fuck off.

..and go on back to your miserable life.



Put it back.

Alright, guys!

Hang in there.
We'll get you hook up, shortly.

Fifty bucks.

No, alright.

You ain't got the money,
you don't join the club.

Hey, everybody!

Let's get this straight.
Membership, 400 bucks.

You're a member,
you get the meds.

If you're not a member,
You don't.

Got it?!

I'm not running a goddamn charity.

You need 350 more.

You're bags are all packed and..

here's your ticket.

Whoa, whoa..whoa!

Are you fuckin' high?

None of your business.
- Oh, when it concerns my business,

It sure the fuck its.

If I can't trust you,
it is my business.

You motherfucker!

Denise, get in here.

You're in charge!
- No!

You can trust me!
- Look at you,

You're a fuckin' mess.
Get your shit straight!

or, I'll chunk you to curb,
along with your 25 fuckin' percent!

Quit acting like a little bitch!

Have my new Caddy is at the airport
for when I get back.

Watch over that fuckin' monkey.

Mr. Woodroof?

Regarding your order.

I am so sorry, but...

we are no longer allowed to export..

... interferon to the United States.

What do you mean, Doc?

We discussed this,
two weeks ago. On the telephone.

I was...

not aware of the regulation.
Two weeks ago.

I am sorry.
I know you've come a long way.

Fourteen hours..

on a plane..

but hey, who gives a shit, right?

if it's a about money,
I can make it worth your while.

I've got case full of cash, right here.

Please understand.

Japanese doctors,

will be the only ones
who can make the purchase.

Alpha interferon....Two thousand vials.

That is correct.

That's right.
Delivered directly to my office.

Thank you.

Slow drip.
- Interferon?

Very strong.

Goddamn, I like your style..Hiroshi.

Prepare the sedation.
10 milligrams.

- Your passport please.

Yes, have Dr.Sevard proceed.
Until, i get there.

Where're you coming from?
- Oh, excuse me. Japan.

Medical research.

Good to be back,

in U.S.A.

Thank you, Sir.

We don't know what the drugs are.

He's got HIV.
- Woodroof?


I got AIDS.

Come on in,
Join the party!

Ahh, Mr. Woodroof.

Doctor Sevard.

I bet you're surprised, to see me.

You nearly killed yourself.


we need to know where you acquired the drugs.

And I need to know, what exactly
you're pumpin' into bloodstream here Doc.


This is a combination of AZT...
and uh..we also got a full spectrum of...


I'm suing you for attempted murder!

Where's my stuff? Barkley..

Your stuff gave you a heart attack.
- Go to hell.

I say what goes in my body, not you.

That decision, like it or not,
is left up to the people in this hospital.

You think I'm one of your goddamn
guinea pigs, Sevard..huh?

Well do I look like a rodent to you?
- Mr. Woodroof,

You think you're clever?

You shoot your body full of unknown
drugs. And, you're smuggling a two year supply.

Well, hear this.

I will bust you,

I will take you're drugs and I will burn them.

You are done!
-You're a fool...

if you think you're helping yourself.
- That's right.

I fooled you, didn't I?

You said, I'd be dead in thirty days.

cuz it's a year later..

and lookie who's still here?

I'm done with you.

- You got anything to say to me..

you say it to my real doctor.
Dr. Eve Sak.

And you..
bring the fuckin' army.

Mr. Woodroof, please get back to the bed.
- Ain't dealing with you.

What the hell is going on in here?

Goddamn, that was good though right?

You're his physician and you can't tell me
what medications he's on?

He came in once for advice.

I have no idea
what he does outside of this hospital.

Well, the FDA confiscated over
two thousand vials of alpha interferon.

Which he was about
to sell to AIDS patients.

To our patients!
- Actually, I've been reading about Buyers Clubs.

They've been having some success
eliminating symptoms with some of these

new drugs..
- Yeah and without controlled trials,

We're not gonna find a cure
because we'll have no legitimate data.

Tell your patients
to stay away from him.

Yes, sir.


Yeah..uh huh.

Hold on..I said,
hold on!

This guy says the Florida
Buyers Club is cheaper.

Well then, tell him to move to
the fuckin' sunshine state!

David:That's what I'm telling you.
I can't get it back.

What do you mean you can't get it back?!
It was authorized by a doctor!

The FDA said it was a Japanese doctor
with no legal standing.

What can I say,
they make it up as they go.

Goddamn it!

Alright, check Amsterdam, China and Israel.
cause that's where I'm fuckin' goin'!

I like your style, Doc.

Good doing business with you.

I don't trust the white coat
who's trying to sell me the drugs.

I Fed-Ex it to Seattle to my lab there
and they test if for me.

Then, I test it all on myself before
I give it to anyone.

I respect that
you're learning about your illness..

but some of these people need
to be in the hospital.

Why? All they wants is to serve up AZT.

AZT helps eradicate the virus.

Fuck the virus! Dr. Sak.
You know this.

once you got that, you're married to it.
AZT or not.

We're talking about
symptoms and survival.

Look, I'm no scientist but...
- You're not? 'Cause you sounds..

so... scientific.

You fuckin' high again?


Why are my fucking walls painted red?

It's cranberry mocha.
It's for the holidays.

Alright, People can live with this thing
for longer than they're saying.

Ninety-six-percent of people in the U.S.A
who have AIDS today,

Are gonna die within six months.
- I know the statistics.

Then use them. You don't give AZT
somebody with broken immune system?

It's toxic!
- If you're abusing it, like you did,

and you're just taking it without
medical surveillance, of course it is.

Yeah, I did abuse it.

But I'm off it now, look at me.

I'm here, feeling great.

And I'm not the only one.

Why is Boy George's
mug all over my fuckin' room?

It's Marc Bolan, silly!

Another babe, for your wall of shame.
- Get out, both of you.

Take your sunflower and get the fuck out.

Oh, come on.
I'm not finished yet.

Where the hell are my trial patients?

We need you to fill up this form.

We need your name.

We need your address, phone number..
Your complete medical history..

And your..
- Denise!

Excuse me.

Who's the girl?
- A customer.

She is HIV positive?

She got full blown AIDS.

Here's your phone numbers.

Here i'm gonna need your
complete medical history.

Cos we need to know
what's going on....

For fucks sake.

You stick it in, pussy.

Who do you think is gonna do that
when I'm not here?

Stick it in.

I swear it Ray.

God sure was dressin' the wrong doll
when he blessed you with a set of balls.

Give me that.

Look, it's one thing for me
not to like you,

but why don't you be a better friend
to yourself?

If I really thought you were interested,

I'd tell you.

What are you doin' here?

The IRS.

You're being audited.

Look, here's a couple of
godless shiners out there.

Huh, good job boys. Great stuff.

This is how they got Al Capone, ain't it?

Don't piss them off.
If there's a fine, we'll pay it.

Fine. You wanna find me huh?

How much you want? Huh.

Ten grand? Twenty grand?

You think that's gonna stop it.
What's your fucking number, huh?

What is it?


News Anchor: Operations are expected to return
to normal today at FDA headquaters.

Outside Washington.
A day after the arrest of 175 demonstrators.

The protestors, some of whom are
dying from AIDS

Brought their interests to the FDA complex..

They were demanding faster action
on new drugs to the deadly vir..

You don't have a snowball's chance
wearing that okay?

Rayon, I can assure you, that I do not need help
pickin' up ladies from your sorry ass.

Trailer trash and rodeo groupies
do not count as ladies.

You got her flowers?

Oh, hell.

Have a good time, girls!
- Oh, rod.

It's the Wildflowers.
Texas style.

That's for you.
- Really?

That's beautiful.

And I don't even have to water.

- Thank you.

Thanks for coming.


Guess, who paid me a little..

..visit today?
- Who?


Trying to run me outta town.

Got any ideas,
who might've tipped them off?

You don't believe that I would

No, not you.

That snake you work for.
That's my prime candidate.

I gotta ask you watch what you..

say when you're around him.
Cos, he's got a hard on for me, You know.

As a matter fact, if you hear of anything...
in his office, that might concern my business;

I'd sure appreciate you,

share it with me.

I'd appreciate it.

Hello sir.
Bring us your best bottle of Cabernet.

Nice restaurant, beautiful woman.

I swear, I feel like a human again.

Why are we here?

Just for this, wine..dine
have a good time and enjoy ourselves.

- It's as simple as that, I promise you Doc.

C'mon, try it with me.

Smell the steak.

If you need more inspiration just,

look at the handsome man,
sitting across the table from you.

Paying for your dinner tonight!

- Alright.

Why'd you become a doctor?


Why'd I become a do..uhm..

I was good at science.

My Dad said that
studying history was a waste of time.

So, I went to med school.

Your dad sounds like a practical man.

He was..

He was.

Your turn. What about you?
Why did you become... an

- electrician, right?

My dad was an..

Pretty darn good one too.

But he was a hell lot of a better drinker.

I can imagine.
- Anyway, I was around it a lot.

Electrician part.
Got kinda good at it.

Open shit up,
check out the inside..put it back together.

Well, somebody thought I was good enough,
to pay me a little money for it.

Kept some change in my pocket.

Then, I end up being the pround
owner of a Texaco card.

What about your mom?

Mom was a painter.

Well uhm...

Kind of a gypsy woman.

You know.

She got tired a' all the bullshit and all that.
You know how it is.

She made this, your mom?

You ain't gotta hang it if you're not..
I know you like everything perfect.

I do not.

I'm gonna hang this.


Don't you want to keep it?

You enjoy your life, little lady.

You only got one.

Yep Sir..
that's my favourite juice.


Thanks for coming.

To wildflowers.

And both them rib eyes.

I'm gonna kill him!

See you next week.

BARKLEY: I have court order permitting me,
to confiscate...

Y'all are handsome. But, if you don't have a
search warrant you ain't coming in.


The hell's all this?
- Sorry, Ron.

Gentlemen, I'm gonna need you all to
leave the premises in an orderly fashion, please!

Mr. Woodroof, I have a court order
permitting us to confiscate

any and all non-FDA approved
drugs or supplements.

My entire inventory.

That's aloe vera, sir! It's a plant.

Why the shit do you care, if we eat plants?

It's improperly labeled.
That's a violation of FDA regulations.

That's a bullshit technicality
and you know it!

Rayon, Get my lawyer on the phone.
- Yeah.

Our primary concern is preventing
a market for illegal drugs.

What's illegal? These are vitamins
and minerals, huh?

Vitamins and minerals that
gave you a heart attack, remember?

No. I ain't selling them no more,
you confiscated it, remember?

What you got Alzheimers, Richard?

Take some of that Peptide T,
fixes that too.

I remember these.

Yeah, it's a fucking protein!

For dementia, which I have.

For the hundredth time,

just take a fuckin' look at my research.

Mr. Woodroof, I wouldn't want you
to spend your last days in jail.

If you have a product that you want tested,
fill out an application and go through the process.

Don't threaten me, motherfucker!
The process?

FDA bullshit for pay up!
I know the fuck that is.

You'll be getting your fine for non-compliance

and improper labeling.
- Yeah, shove it up your ass!


Your lawyer.


David, yeah listen.

These fuckers are comin' at me man,
from all angles!

I wanna file a restraining order!

- Against who? Ron?

Against the Government and their fuckin' FDA!
That's who.

Do it!

March 11, 1987
New Anchor: Now food and drug administration is,

proposing a permanent change
in it's regulations.

This new regulations specifically,

will have special criteria that would apply
to immediate life threatening conditions.

Recognising, that such patients

are willing to accept a greater risk then
that which normally be the case.

by individuals who have been prescribed
the medication by a physician.

What the hell does that mean?

t means we were unapproved.
Now we're illegal!

You put the seat down.




I'm gotta get these MDs to write some goddamn
prescriptions so we can keep dealin'


Look i'm gonna stay on the domestic sides.
I need you to check the international.

Start with Amsterdam.

Right, there's a Dr.Bradley in Alberta
He'll play ball.

Alright, call me back.

Hey, Chelsea..

Get 'em smokies a round of beers,
will you?

Your credit cards are maxed

The pharmacy bills are due,
you gotta hang on to your money, huh?

How 'bout that size?

I think, those would look nice on me.
- You ain't gettin' tits, Rayon.

Now look, Memberships are high
and so is demand.

So, all we need is more members.
Where do we get those?

Support groups.
- Exactly.

In the meantime we could try the bank?

Oh yeah, Bonnie and Clyde comin' in for a loan.

Will you stop starin' at her tits,
you're startin' to look normal.

Oh, you keep the change honey.
You deserve it.

Sorry to hear about
your dad's Alzheimer, Tuck.

This will help--Woodroof.

There we go.

This place is a shithole.

I'll give you one fifty a month.

plus, 20% off your membership
for four months.

Mr. Woodroof --
- Don't try to con me.

We don't want money.
- What the fuck do you want?

The house is free.
We want to help.

Well that's good news.


You fuckin' with me?

We got a club.

Just down the street, where you can get
the meds that I'm talking about.

We treat, more than five times
the amount of patients,

as large as any clinics.

And get this..

We got one tenth of death ratio.

So, you wanna hear some more?
Check us out.

Here's my information.

Step on up.
At our place of business.

We are open

She looks great.

I guess, I didn't make the cut.

You made that choice yourself.

It wasn't a choice, Dad.

What do you want, Raymond?

Oh, I'm fine, thanks.
And you?

Long time no see.

I suppose I should thank you
for wearing men's clothes..

..and not embarrassing me.

Are you ashamed of me?
Because I never realized that.

God help me.

He is helpin' you.
I have AIDS.

I'm sorry, dad.

I met somebody, who's been very kind to me.

And, I'd like to repay that debt.

But, I need help.


How's __?

- Raymond.

We're working on different angle.
Recoup it under a differrent name or something.

I understand, what you're saying.
The heat on this new rule from FDA..

Sorry, Mr. Woodroof.
I'm not changing my mind.

Goddamn it!

God, when I meet you..

I wanna be pretty
if it's the last thing I do.

I'll be a beautiful angel.

Dr. Browning, I understand.

Do you understand where I'm comin' from?

You..? Doc..?

Not one fucking MD
would write me a script.

Not one.


Oh, well...

Maybe this will help.

Where'd you get this?

Did you sell your ass?

Really, where did you get it?

I sold my life insurance policy.

Not like I'm gonna need it anyway.

Thank you.

Guess who's going to Mexico,
lookin' for a hot date?

Do I look like someone,
who takes vacations?

A little tequila, sunshine and tacos
never hurt anybody.

Is that a no?

I kinda figure, you might rain on my
party. But, hell I had to take a shot, didn't I?

Listen, I'm onto something new.

Alright, looks real promising.

I need to ask you a favour.

I need you to write me prescriptions,

so, I can come back across the border.

I might not need it but if I do,

Then, I'll have them.

You know this rule that
the FDA just passed, it's total bullshit.

It's all lip service.
- I know, you're right.

And I can't either.
I'm sorry.

We can't write scripts for
random people and random drugs.

Plus, what if something goes wrong
with these drugs?

We could get sued, lose our license.
- I know..I know.

I hear you.

Well, had to give it a shot.

Speaking of...

I'll be taking one,
this afternoon;

Thinking about you.


You keep that, nurse Ratched!

Okay, i'm taking you to the hospital.

- No..no...no!

Rayon, trust me.
- No!

I don't wanna die!

You're not gonna die.

You're not gonna die.
Now, just..trust me, c'mon!

Secretions that the caterpillar uses
to protect itself..

...during the incubation period...

...act as a non-toxic
anti-viral for humans.

The answer to a question.

Check this out.

It's The Lancet medical review.

And, they published a study conducted in France.

It proves, AZT alone is too toxic for
most to tolerate,

and had no lasting effect
on HIV blood levels.

Of course, Avinex Industries and the NIH
they didn't include, the study in their press release.

Of course, they didn't.

Now, these are early trial
results for Fluconazole.

The anti-fungal?
- Yeah. - I read about this.

You want to take some home?
- As much I can carry.

You can come in, if you want.
- Oh, no.

I took him off of it as you instructed.

He's just on morphine now.

I'll be in my office.

Thanks for calling.

Walker, Dorsett,

Blount, Newsome,


these are patients?

Yes, sir.

They're also the names of players
on the Dallas Cowboys.

No shit?

Well, that's a hell of a coincidence,
isn't it?

Isn't this a little ridiculous?
- You said it.

Can you prove these are patients?

Can you prove they're not?

How're you doing, Denise?
- All right.

Those are the emergencies.

Where is the Idiot?

I thought, you knew.

At the hospital.

I need security on the fourth floor,
right away.

Mr. Woodroof.

You need to wait outside.
- There you are, you son of a bitch.

Mr. Woodroof.


You need to wait outside.

You are a murderer!

You call yourself a doctor, huh?

You are a fucking murderer!

Don't let him kill you.

Take him out of this hopital!

Oh, Jesus.

Excuse me.

I got two from Austin.

All on AZT.

Their insurance is paying
for the treatment..But,

..they don't know
if they can afford to switch.

Hook 'em up.

But...We're pretty cash poor.

Sell the car.



Bone Marrow depletion.

Seizures, Fever, Hearing loss,


Sound like AIDS to you?

Nah, that there comes..

...in a box of AZT,
a list of the side effects.

No wonder Rayon is dead.

Rayon was a drug addict!

He didn't die from one day of AZT,
He died from the disease as a whole!

You stole my prescription pad, Ron!

So, don't accuse me of
acting irresponsibly!

Rayon came to the hospital, on his own..
- ..and got dragged out in goddamn garbage bag!

He was my friend too!

Read that.

I want all my HIV patients on

the asymptomatic study to have their AZT
dosage lowered to minimum, 600mg.

I got over 3 thousand people who need
to get their hands on Peptide T.

Including me.
- Yeah, I understand.

They shut your lab down. What can I say?
- If I don't get it by the end of the week..

I wanna file a lawsuit.
- Come on, Ron.

You lost the restraining order, remember?

This is Texas.

The court system is your final resort.

Well, then find a place where it fuckin' ain't.

Alright, go to...

San Francisco, get me a goddamn sissy judge,
just figure it out!

Ten thousand of 'em.


I'd like to turn it over to
my collegue in the CDC

who'll talk about prevention.

Mr. Woodroof..

Would you kindly, tell us
what you are doing?

Just giving people information, Richard.
At this trial I'm in.

And, make sure they know
what's going on.

And, what is going on?

Why did you cut off, Peptide T, Richard?

Non-toxic drug,
that I got proof work.

Not only the National Institute
of Mental Health, your own people...

say, it's completely safe.

Mr. Woodroof..

I'm afraid that you're nothing more
than a common drug dealer.

So, if you'll excuse us..
- Oh, I'm the drug dealer?

No, you're the fuckin' drug dealer.

Goddamn, people are dying.

And, y'all up there are afraid,
that we're gonna find an alternative without you.

See, the pharma companies
pay the FDA,

to push their product.

Fuck no, they don't wanna see
my research.

I don't have enough cash
in my pocket, to make it worth their while.

It's enough!
- That's it right there.

I tell you what..
I'm gonna be a pain in your ass,

till I'm six feet under.
- Let's go outside, now.

Maybe, one day.

You'll get off your ass
and do your fuckin' job!

I need you to leave, let's go.

Here, pass this around.

Don't listen to those cocksuckers.

We think it is in everyone's best
interest that you resign.

I won't.

You'll have to fire me.



Y'all go fuck yourselves!

One left.

That took some balls!

Hey..a nice, warm hug...

That's what you need.

That and a..

..day of watchin' some bull ridin',

doctor Woodroof's orders.

You ever miss a regular life?

Regular life?

What's that?

It doesn't exist.

Yeah, I guess.

I just want...


... an ice-cold beer,
bull ride again.


take my woman dancing.

I want kids...

I got one..one life right?
-- mine.

But I want someone else's sometimes.

Sometimes, I feel I'm fighting for a life
I just ain't got the time to live.

I want it all to mean somethin'.

It does.


Step over by your vehicle.

Step over by your car.

Hey, I got this.
- Sir, step out of the road.

Hey, I got it.

Ron, what the hell is going on?

Do you understand me?

Come on.

Why don't I get you home.

Judge: The Constitution, specifically
the Ninth Amendment,

does not state that you have
the right to be mentally healthy..

or physically healthy.

It does state that you have a right
to chose your own medical care;

but that is interpreted
as medical care that is approved..

by the Food and Drug Administration.

Regarding the FDA, the court is
highly disturbed by its bullying tactics..

and direct interference with a drug
whose own agency

has found to be non-toxic.

The FDA was formed

to protect people,

not prevent them from getting help.

The law does not seem to make
much common sense, sometimes.

If a person has been found to be
terminally ill..

they ought to be able to take just about
anything they feel will help...

but that is not the law.

Mr. Woodroof,

I'm moved to compassion by your plight,

But, what is lacking here is
the legal authority to intervene.

I'm sorry. This..

...case is hereby dismissed.

MAN ON PHONE: We lost.


Following the trial, the FDA allowed
Ron to obtain Peptide T for his own personal use.

Day 2557

Ronald Woodroof died on September 12, 1992,
seven years after he was diagnosed with HIV.

A lower dose of AZT became widely used in later drug
combinations that saved millions of lives.

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-: D3xt3r :-