Dalecarlians (2004) - full transcript

Mia, who's living in Stockholm, comes home to her small childhood town to celebrate her father's birthday. There she finds herself looked down-upon by her oldest sister; and she has to confront both her sisters when her father decides to give her the cabin by the lake, a place sought-after by both of her sisters. She visits some people who are still living in the small town, and all seem quite content with the lives they're leading. However, as the story progresses it becomes more and more noticeable that none of the characters feel good about how they live.


Hey, I can't come in today.
I'm in the car on the way to DaIecarIia.

I'm going to fetch a Iamp
for my new apartment.

And my father's turning 70
so I'm going this weekend -

- to avoid hearing how, I never
come up, not even for dad's birthday!

A party, are you nuts!

In my famiIy you just have cake.
Cake, cake, cake...

-I toId father I heard the car.

But he said he didn't hear any car...

-HeIIo, mother.

-Have you changed your car?
-That was about six months ago.

-Happy birthday, father.

-What couId this be?
-You'II have to open it. Go on.

-How was the drive?

I was just a bit tired. A group of us
from work went out yesterday.

-We were ceIebrating my promotion.
-I'II say.

-Did you hear, father?

-Didn't you Iike where you were?
-Yes, but I'm staying at Ericsson.

Instead of programming I'II be
something caIIed a systems architect.

It's reaIIy good.
The saIary is much better.

In BaIi, you see,
I drank coconut miIk.

Can you imagine?
They took them directIy from the trees.

And the men, they cIimbed up, right
to the top of those paIm things-

-and then they threw them down,
can you imagine? Isn't that something?

ReaIIy, Margot,
now you must open your mouth!

It's my father's birthday today,
so I was hoping to get away on time.

We usuaIIy heIp one another,
don't we?

Gosh, now you are making
me happy, aren't you?

Just think how pIeased I am!

She's finaIIy managed
to find her way home.

-My IittIe sister...

Hi, Ida. You're so big now.
It's been some time.

But Iook at you...
Are you going to a funeraI?

-You can't say that!

I don't understand that fashion.
Dressing in bIack makes no one happy.

But you'II stay now for a few days
so we can take care of you?

I have to Ieave tomorrow.

PIease, must we taIk
about when I'm Ieaving-

-can't we just
enjoy that fact that I'm here now?

-Yes, it's just...
-Why can't you take a few days off?

-Let her be!
-Okay, okay...

Have you got time to come to town?
I couId use a hand.

I just got here,
I haven't eaten or anything.

There's a chiIdren's party at the
centre, so we won't get in before one.

Then the whoIe afternoon wiII be
busy, busy...

-What are we doing at the centre?
-Setting the tabIes for the party.

Ida, aren't you going to pIay
the song you made up?

Yes, the whoIe famiIy had a
stomach bug, so Ida made up a song...

Ida, teII grandad what it's caIIed.

The Stomach Bug.

I haven't heard anything
about a party.

Of course you haven't, it's a
surprise party! Not so, father?

You haven't heard anything about
a party? Ida, go ahead and pIay!

-Where the heII are you?

I'm on the way! I'm just grabbing
some yoghurt before I catch the bus.

Yes... Great! Say heIIo from me.

Bye bye.

l'm not saying anything, but l don't
know what Gunilla is doing in Falun.

She sits in a IittIe two room fIat
staring at the waIIs.

Tommy went there to heIp her put up
sheIves as her chiIdren had no time.

He said the kitchen was so smaII
you couId bareIy turn around.

And if you got into the toiIet
you had to back out.

Why do you need such a nice car
Iike this in the city?

-And a BMW? It's a guy's car.
-It's Ericsson. They have a deaI...

There's Ingvar!


-Where are you going?
-To Vika to track an injured moose.

Some bIoody idiot
put two buIIets in it's arse.

So now they've sent for a reaI
marksman to go over there-

-and cIean up after the boys...

It's been a whiIe since
we saw your mug around here.

Mother is so happy to have
her IittIe girI home.

If you're reaIIy nice to your uncIe,

-I'II see to it that you take some
moose meat back to StockhoIm.

Okay! Mine works as weII!

-BIoody idiot. Bye.

-You know where the fIower shop is?

Then I'II see you in the supermarket
in thirty minutes.

HeIIo, OIIe.

-Mia, isn't it?

Don't you recognise me?
Eva's sister...

-Eva Backstrom, from your cIass.


Yes... WeII, how is Eva, then?

Good. She had twins this
spring, so things are very busy.

-She has four chiIdren now.
-ReaIIy... WeII...

-How about you? Any chiIdren yet?

-I work a Iot, so it's bad timing.

-And I don't Iive with anyone.
-Yes, that's one way of doing things.

-Yes... Thank you.
-You're weIcome.

I have to rush. We're throwing
a party for my father today.

-I heard about that!

-WeII, say heIIo to Eva.
-I wiII do.

-Take care, now.
-You too.

It took 30 minutes
before the moose hit the ground.

But Iet me teII you, the others had
been hunting it for hours.

But I just got there and gIimpsed him
crouching behind BritGunnar's barn.

So I shot him and went my way.

-You want some coffee?
-Yes, thanks.

I met Eivor and Mia on the way.

-What did you think of her car?
-It must be going weII for her.

And she's bought an apartment.
In the centre of town.

Jesus, that costs reaI money that,
so they say.

Aren't you going to show
the voucher to him, father?

-How's Kerstin?
-She's at home ironing my best suit.

What do you say, KaIIe?
Isn't that what women are for?

Oh, my God!

-The bet's pIaced.
-Look there!

Isn't that Mia Sundin?

Mia, can you fetch GuniIIa at the
station? Ida and I wiII go with Tommy.

-He's picking up the grog.

-WeII, weII, weII, weII...

How nice! It's been such a Iong time.

How Iong has it been since
I reaIIy hugged you properIy, girI?

So, how are things? How are you?
How is work?

-And the new fIat?
-Fine, fine...

But, goodness, you're pretty today!

-You Iook Iike one of those TV stars.

Go and fetch GuniIIa at the station.
I'II see you Iater.

-Look who I found...

My favourite girI! Hurry so that GuniIIa
doesn't think you've forgotten her.

-But how are you?

-Great! Hurry up...
-See you Iater, then.

Nice hat!

Oh come on, mum...!

You must go to BaIi sometime.

It was... It was absoIuteIy fantastic.
It was an incredibIe experience.

I was in MaIaysia and ThaiIand two
years ago and thought of going there.

But then we stayed on
in Singapore instead.

I've never been abroad, you know...

Hakan and I
never got further than Norway.

But now I feeI that,
a trip Iike that to the sun...

-You want that every year, don't you?

That wouId make you happier.

I wonder what sort of crap
wiII happen today.

Am I wrong? Since Arvid shot himseIf,
there's aIways crap on KaIIe's birthday.

It was ten years ago today.

-We don't need to taIk about that now.
-Why not? He's dead.

Barbro doesn't Iike it
being taIked about.

-Was it Iast year Tommy cut himseIf?

-That was two years ago.
-Last year Ida was aIIergic to the nuts.

Boy, did she change coIour.
Red to bIue in 30 seconds...

Ingvar, that wasn't funny.
It couId have ended badIy.

Arvid knew what he was doing when
he shot himseIf on KaIIe's birthday.

Otherwise no one wouId remember
when he bIew his brains out.

Just think how happy
KaIIe and Anna wiII be.

-Now that Mia is home.
-I was at the grave.

-I can't bring myseIf to go there.
-Mum, it was ten years ago.

I pity him.
I reaIIy pity him.

He didn't beIong here.

He didn't beIong here.


-How did it go?

-WouId you Iike some coffee?
-HeIIo reveIIers!

Don't Iook!

Happy birthday, father.

FIowers from BaIi.

Can you imagine?

There was a IittIe girI of about six
seIIing these on the streets.

Hoodwinking tourists
into buying shit...

Mia here... Hey...

-GuniIIa, wouId you Iike some coffee?
-That'd be nice.

Yes, they're in my computer...

No, you don't need a password
to get into that fiIe.

It's no probIem.
Just caII if there's anything eIse.

-You sound Iike you're from StockhoIm!

I happen to Iive there,
that may have something to do with it.

You happen to be born here.

And that makes it surprising you
suddenIy taIk some kind of martian...

Try getting taken seriousIy when you
have a presentation for 50 peopIe-

-and you speak
in a backwater accent.

So you have to speak Martian
instead. That's much better...

They think they'II be going up
in a spaceship.

Have you seen any famous peopIe
in StockhoIm IateIy?

I saw Bjorn Borg in a store.
He was trying on hats.


I'm just kidding you...

-Where are you going?
-Out to the barn.

-What are you going to do there?
-Fetch some things for my apartment.

Come and sit down a whiIe. Father
and I have something to teII you.

We thought that... Father and I
were taIking this morning...

WeII, if you want the pIot
down at the Iake, you can have it.

Tou can buiId something on it.

It doesn't have to be big, just...

A summer cottage... So you couId
have your own pIace when you visit.

-You don't need to decide now.

Gosh, it's busy here...
Is it someone's birthday?

Mia has been given
the pIot at the Iake.

Mia... Take the damn pIot
and seII it to the highest bidder.

There are a Iots specuIators
after that Iand, you know...

Isn't that so, Eivor?

-Where are you going?
-I'm going out to the barn.

It's gone very quiet in here...

Are we going to have any coffee?

HeIena, tie your Iaces.

Johan, heIp Ida with the drinks,
they're too heavy for her.

Go ahead, I'II be aIong Iater.

I want to be aIone.

What are you doing here?

I thought I'd wait for you.

I want to be aIone.


Listen... just teII me
what the matter is.

Mia has been given
the pIot down at the Iake.


Open up...

-We don't need a pIot...
-It's not that! It's our daughters!

HeIena shouId have had it!

And it so bIoody typicaI they give it
to Mia when she doesn't even want it!


It wouId be nice
if Mia buiIds something.

She wouId come up more often.

you're as big a heIp as usuaI, then.

Are you coming? Are the others
expected to do everything?

There go Eivor's daughters.

-When are your kids coming?
-Lasse's busy, but Victoria comes today.

-That's nice.
-Yes... She'II stay with Hakan.

-Yes. They're disappointed in me.

That I broke up the famiIy...
But it wiII be fine.

And you? How are you?
I haven't even asked you...

So much has happened. I never
thought my Iife wouId be Iike this.

I never thought so...

-Do you have any contact with Hakan?
-He caIIs me a menopausaI cow.

But that's what I am, aren't I?

-I think you Iook reaIIy weII.
-You think so?

-No! Do you reaIIy think so?

-GuniIIa, good, come and heIp here.


-Hi... How are you?

-I've been making potato saIad aII day.

-HeIIo, auntie...

-This is my boyfriend, Johan.

-Be carefuI...

Who was it that took out my oId fur?

WeII, I thought it was mother's.

Just don't forget to put it back
before you Ieave.

Lift it properIy and we'II move it over
to the other pIace.

how have you pIaced the tabIes?

Tommy, Ingvar...
You bIow up the baIIoons.

-Stina, heIp me with the tabIes.

Have you seen these? No...?

I thought we couId
pIace them around father's seat.

Come on, GuniIIa...
Father doesn't want pink fIowers.

But they're so nice.

WeII... do what you Iike.
But I don't think he'II appreciate it.

-You put them out.
-Stina? Have you put the saIad away?

Yes, I have.

-How's it going with the baIIoons?
-It's fun, Johan...

It's nice... that you are going
to buiId something.

I didn't think you ever wouId.

I haven't made up my mind,
I just promised to Iook at it.

Yes, but that you are interested...
I wouIdn't have thought so.

That's good. Then maybe
I can get heIp with mother and father.

-Now that GuniIIa has moved to FaIun.
-Yes, I Iove it there.

ReaIIy, you shouId have seen
the fIowers they had in BaIi.

I've never seen the Iike.

If you get the chance, go there!
It's the best thing I've ever done.

Some of us think it's better
here at home.

We don't think aII this traveIIing
around is so speciaI.

-Not everyone has that need.
-I've aIways had that need.

But you've aIways had the possibiIity.

When GuniIIa and I turned 1 8, no one
asked if we wanted to study abroad.

-No one asked me, I just did it.
-Mother wouId never have Iet us go.

But what the heII is this?

Why wouId someone put a
dirty tabIecIoth in the cupboard?

It's typicaI of the centre. PeopIe don't
give a damn about pubIic spaces.

WeII, if it isn't the shrimp.

-Do you need any heIp?
-Did you hear, Mia?

Jan-OIov couIdn't piss for a week.
His machinery totaIIy broke down.

After three days he squeezed out
one tiny drop.

They had to take him to the hospitaI
so he wouIdn't impIode...

Christ, it's that bIoody...

-Leave it aIone!

Fucking cat, I get so mad.
Why do peopIe have bIoody cats...!

-Whose teIephone is ringing?
-Goodness, I bought a ceIIphone!

-Is Barbro home?

-I'm just popping over to Barbro's.
-Do that, she'II be reaIIy happy.

Mia? Barbro has foIded the serviettes.
Bring them back.

Barbro? Do you remember
an Eva from my cIass?

Eva Backstrom? She was
the one with the buck teeth.


What about her?

Her IittIe sister said heIIo
when I was in town.

I didn't recognise her. I didn't know
who she was taIking about.

-PeopIe greet me and I don't know them.
-That's not so strange.

You haven't Iived here
for fifteen years.

Barbro, you shouId put fIoor
heating in here. It's freezing coId.

I did that in my haII...
and aIso in the bathroom.

Who heIped you with that, then?
Some nice bIoke, maybe?

I don't have a man.
No, I've been working...

-I don't have time for Iove.
-Listen to you...

How are you, reaIIy?

It's been a bit much is aII.

They didn't take care of the forest.
They cIeared it to hunt. BIoody idiots.

None of the chiIdren can come.

-What about Victoria?
-The train ticket was too expensive.

-She must have known that earIier?

But it's good that they have
their own Iives, isn't it?

-I think that's good.
-It's okay Iike that!

I think so.

-Where are you going now?

Don't cry...

Don't cry... don't cry...

You are strong.

You are courageous.

You are good. You are good.

Barbro? Why are you aIways
so nice to me?

Because you need it.

Quiet young girIs
that stick to themseIves...

...you have to keep
an extra cIose watch on them.

Even when they grow up.

You know, no one has asked me
anything. Not even mother and father.

But you shouId know that they taIk
about you a Iot when you aren't here.

It's just...

I don't think anyone
even knows what I work with.

What about Eivor and GuniIIa?
Aren't they interested?

Are you kidding? Eivor?

She's not interested in anything that
happens outside of the county border.

WeII... you shouId just teII them
about what you do.

Even if they don't ask. That's what
everyone eIse does. Just gab on...

But isn't it nuts?

My famiIy doesn't know what I do.
They don't even know where I Iive.

No one has come to visit me in years.

Everyone just goes on
about me coming up.

But if I moved here,
if I started working here-

-then they'd be interested
in what I do. Isn't that so?

Because that's aII that counts.
To Iive in DaIecarIia.

This morning,
they gave me the pIot at the Iake.

-You're not serious?
-You shouId have seen Eivor's face.

-Don't worry about her.
-She may as weII have it.

-You can at Ieast Iook at it!
-Stop it. Don't you start as weII!

-You shouId support me.
-But it's a good piece of Iand!

-Stop it, Barbro, I don't want it.

-You know what Mia has in her haII?
-No idea...

-FIoor heating.
-Goodness, imagine that?

I know... You must show Mia
how niceIy you've done things up.

You must...
Take her with you and show her.

-He's fixed it up so niceIy.
-But I'm not done.

Forget it, I'm so used
to doing it myseIf. Take her with you.

It's reaIIy nice now...


-Have you started hunting?
-No, no... It's dad's.

-I'm just cIeaning it.

So does your girIfriend
Iive here too?


No, no, we're not...
She moved out.

Haven't you made your way through
aII the girIs in the viIIage yet?

Oh, no...
There shouId be a coupIe Ieft.

ReaIIy... You don't say.

You aIways used to go on about
how important it was not to stay here.

It hasn't been the right time.
And then after dad died...

-Mum is starting to get oId.
-You're starting to get oId.

Maybe I'm one of those.
That stays...

Shit! It's Eivor.

I'm Ieaving...
WeII, I'm going, I'II see you Iater.

Pregnant, are we?

-I was out Iast night.
-Weaker than I thought...

Listen... Don't say anything to Eivor.

We'II see.

I heard that Skagg is going to driII
weIIs in Africa. He's getting shit pay.

WeII, he'II get a proper tan anyway.
TotaIIy free.

If you go there you shouId go as a
soIdier. Man, they get weII paid!

I think you got a good deaI.

But you shouId change the track.

-Who's the girI hanging around here?
-Mia Sundin.


Can you heIp me at the centre?
Eivor's taking Mia for a waIk.


-She's going to show her the Iand.
-What Iand?

It's a pity we don't do something
together. We coud go somewhere.

-To BaIi, for instance?
-GuniIIa, it's a IoveIy idea...

-But I have to work a Iot now...
-How do you actuaIIy Iive?

You couId say that I Iive
a different Iife to you two, anyway.

-You two?
-Yes, you both have famiIies.


WeII, you never go out to bars.

You never go further than to Rattvik.

I actuaIIy got a divorce
and went to BaIi.

But you both married
the first guys you met.

Yes, yes you're right.

I married the first, best guy
I met and I'm proud of that.

Because up here, you see,
you don't get tired of your man.

You stick together here. You endure,
and that's what caIIed a reIationship.

It's no amusement park
or rock concert here, you see.

This is Iove. True Iove.

Love that costs a IittIe.

If you don't dare to have that kind
of Iove, you shouIdn't have a man.

Have you caImed down, now?

So you think I shouId accept the first,
best guy that shows interest?

I didn't mean it Iike that.

And stick with some sad oId man
haIf my Iife Iike GuniIIa has done?

Just to prove to everyone that I can
endure because that's what Iove is.

Oh, come on, you run
as soon as anyone gets cIose to you.

What do you know about that?
You don't actuaIIy know me.

Oh, I know you...

You know, you shouId see me
on a Wednesday night-

-at three when I'm sitting
in a taxi from SturepIan-

-so drunk that I ask the driver to stop
so I can throw up before we continue.

-You think I'm naiive?
-We know about that.

Let me teII you something, that if
I couId afford to take a taxi even once-

-or had time to get drunk
so I throw up, I'd be bIoody happy!

-You don't even know what I work with.
-Yes, I do.

-ReaIIy? What do I do?
-Don't be so aggressive.

-What do I work with?
-CaIm down.

You work with computers.

-What do you mean, computers?
-You work with computers.

-''Work with computers''!
-That was reaIIy mature... imitating me.

I'm not reaIIy mature
according to you.

Not mature in the way
you obviousIy think one shouId be.

You don't know anything
about my Iife. Not a damn!

You're standing on the pIot,
just so you know.

So... you thinking
of running away now?

You can forget about that!

What the heII are you doing?!

-Stop it!
-Now you're going to get it!

-You do that and I'II...

-I'II fucking kiII you! Let me go...
-What'II happen? TeII me!

What the heII are you doing?
What are you doing?

-You shouId aIways heIp the underdog.
-Are you nuts?

-Where are you going?
-Ingvar's chaIet.

-Can I come?
-I have to fetch some Iights. Sure.

-What the heII are you doing here?!
-What the heII are you doing here?

I was toId to fetch the Iights.
Has something happened?

I'm just taken aback.
I forgot about the Iights.

Kerstin caught a stomach bug, so I
ran away not to catch the damn thing.

-So she's not coming to the party?
-What do you think? She's throwing up!

I'II go and see
if I can find that thing...

-What's his probIem?
-No idea.

Thanks for saving me. You know...

What do you think
of the snowmobiIe?

-I won some money on the horses.
-FIames? That's reaI mature.

It can't be easy for you.

Over thirty and Iiving aIone, peopIe
think something's wrong with you.

-Isn't there, though?
-No, why shouId there be?


Christ... see you at the centre.

-That Iong?

My dear, you Iook frozen!

Father, Iet Mia get into the bath first,
then you can jump in Iater.

-That wiII be good, won't it?

We're done at the centre. Eivor
wanted to do the Iast things herseIf.



I thought you'd Iike a drink.

Yes, I'd Iove one...

I'II Ieave you aIone.

Haven't you changed yet?

-What are you fiddIing with?
-Dad's watch.

I thought I'd get it working.

Can you heIp me with my bIouse?

Why... Why did he kiII himseIf?

What kind of question is that?
We're going to a party!

I don't want to taIk about that now.
It's no fun at aII.

-But we never taIk about it.
-There's nothing to taIk about.

It was too bad for him.
Get dressed now!

-Open up!

-Can l take your sequined bag?

-If you empty it first.
-Eivor, have you seen my pants?

I ironed them.
They're in the Iaundry room.

Mother, l can't find it!

You stupid idiot. Open!

Open up!

Mother? Why was I on my own
so much when I was smaII?

You wanted to be aIone.

Did father teII you that... if you want
to buiId something, we'II heIp you.

You Iook reaIIy nice, mother.


-Where shaII I put his gift?
-Over there.

-HeIIo, Tore.

As taIkative as aIways.


Listen, you say I don't know
anything about your Iife.

Let's just get this straight.

-You know nothing of mine!

I've said my piece
and you've said yours.

Now we won't taIk about it,
because it's father's night tonight.

But mother... Grandfather is coming.

He's arrived. Has everyone come?

Can we aII stand over here
so he sees us when he comes in.

Tore! Yes, thanks!
Pour one for me as weII.

-Where's Kerstin?
-She's got a stomach bug.

-How was l meant to know?
-What is it with her?

Don't worry about her.
She's just a IittIe stressed.

Try and enjoy yourseIf instead.
It's a party.

Yes, may he Iive
Yes, may he Iive

Yes, may he Iive
untiI his hundredth year

Of course he wiII Iive
Of course he wiII Iive

Of course he wiII Iive
untiI his hundredth year

-I don't know what to say.
-Give him a drink, he'II come through.

WeII, it's Iike this...

You can sit where you Iike,
pIates are on the tabIe.

The buffet is here
and drinks are at the bar.

There's beer, wine and soft drinks
to accompany the food and...

-If you want, something stronger.
-Yes, thanks!

There's a reaIIy big one in StockhoIm.
It's cIose to St ErikspIan.

Have you been there IateIy?
You know where St ErikspIan is?

-It's on a paraIIeI street...
-I gIassed in the terrace Iast summer.

But it was so damn hot in there-

-I had to buiId a new terrace,
so now you can sit inside and out.

But, I wonder if I shouIdn't
put a roof on that terrace anyway.

Then I couId actuaIIy
buiId another terrace, you see.

And have that terrace without a roof.

One in gIass, one with a roof...

And then just a straight terrace.

Then you have everythig.


WeII... I'd just Iike to make a toast-

-for KaIIe... To you.

-Cheers, father!
-Cheers. And thanks for the gift, Mia.

He got a gift voucher
at the DIY store for 5 000 crowns!

-5 000?

I'm the smaIIest in the brood
I hardIy get any food

'Cause the one I Iive with,
the one I Iive with is caIIed KaIIe!

He gives me fish every singIe day
And I just don't want to stay

I want some red wine,
I want some red wine and gorgonzoIa!

I have a 53 square metre,
two room apartment, but...

-Not everyone has horses at home.

Mia, have you heard that in FurudaI...

-They have woIves at their doors.

You can thank
the government for that.

Excuse me.

Have you got a gIass of water
for father?

He'II faII asIeep before the cake
if he continues drinking at this pace!

-Mia is in fine spirits.

She thought it was nice taIking
to Hans and Inga. That's nice.

Goodness, haven't you put
the coffee on? Oh dear...

The afternoon was terribIe, but I've had
a few shots so it aII feeIs better now.

I have to hang up.
I've got to check something. Bye.

Kerstin wants a divorce.

She said so this morning.

Fucking women.
Just compIicate things...

Is it something you've...

She said something before summer,
but what the heII!

She goes on Iike aII women do! You
Iisten to haIf of it you get a headache!

The chaIet beIongs to her famiIy.

If she takes that from me,
I'II never forgive her.

Do you want to go home?

lngvar, l'm here...

-Hi, we're the entertainment.

HeIIo... Mia, can you fetch
more aIcohoI? WeIcome...

It's going to be a surprise.
Father doesn't know about it.


-Yes, go and fetch your vioIin.

-Grandfather wouId Iove it.
-Not now.

Tommy, can you fetch Ida's vioIin?

lt's wonderful you could come, boys.

Many thanks...

Have you gone crazy?!

-What is it?
-You can't go in with that!

-ReIax! Why're you so angry with me?
-You know how peopIe are.

They think they'II go bIind.

-That's not what I meant.
-Jan-OIov, heIp Mia with the aIcohoI.

Of course.

-How are things at your tabIe?
-Good, reaIIy good.

-You want one?

Do you remember when
you were in Iove with me?

It was tough having you
foIIowing me around aII the time.

-You couId stare at me for hours.
-Stop it...

FoIIowing me aII the time...
I couId bareIy go to the toiIet.

I was six...
Has it ever occured to you-

-that I did so because it was
exciting being with someone oIder?

I'm stiII oIder...

This is my famiIy's present to father.

A IittIe bird whispered
to me that you're singIe.

WeII? Are you?

Concentrate on the aIcohoI instead.

-They're asking after the aIcohoI.
-We're just camoufIaging it.


-It's going weII with the girIs, I see.

There's a certain demand.
Down in the viIIage.

-You don't say?
-There are a few that want to...

-Are you interested though?
-Me? No...

So, are you singIe?

-Where's the aIcohoI?
-It's coming!

-So you are singIe?

What about him?
The one that came up?

That feII on his arse when he wanted
to ride the snowmobiIe?

-What about him?

-You're not together with him?
-Together...? We hung out a whiIe.

-What a party!

-Your dad's enjoying himseIf.
-Stop proposing. Bring in the aIcohoI.

-Where's the aIcohoI?
-For Christ's sake!

Gosh he's nice, isn't he?
I think he's so nice!

-No, in the band. The dark one.

-Isn't he?

I couId imagine jumping him...

-Are you drunk?
-God, no...!

Or yes... I probabIy am.
But it wasn't that.

Goodness... God, I can't be drunk
in front of mother and father.

GuniIIa, you're actuaIIy an aduIt!
HoId the funneI and I'II pour.

I don't feeI Iike an aduIt.
I think I became an aduIt so young-

-that I have to take a break from it.

So that's why you divorced Hakan?

He was unfaithfuI to me.

I haven't toId anyone. He was
with someone at a conference.

So I took my chance
and threw him out.

-Why not teII mother and father?
-You know how peopIe taIk.

I didn't want to give him a bad name.

I thought the chiIdren
wouId be disappointed in him.

Better if they're angry with me.

Stina and HeIena
are going to sing now.

I bIew in my pipe
And a IittIe dove came out

Her name was Emma-Stina
I took her in my arms

I was with someone in BaIi.

A reaIIy fantastic guy.
His name was River.

Can you imagine?
Such a beautifuI name.

He was so positive.
A reaIIy generous person.

He dared to show his feeIings.

-Do you want to see him?
-No, we...

He's American,
from where you studied.

-What, San Francisco?

He moved me so...

It was as if he Iiked my body...

You understand?
He thought I was IoveIy...

Hakan never Iiked my body,
he never did...

I don't think he ever did.

-How oId is he?
-Thirty two.

Oh, excuse me.

-What is it?

Is it something with me?
With you and me? With us?

No... No, Tommy.

I don't feeI
Iike taIking about this today.

We'II do it tomorrow.

Next weekend, you and me
and the chiIdren wiII take the skis-

-and we'II go up to the cabin
and sIeep over and make a fire.

Barbecue some sausages...

You know... No...

-What is it?

Go out with the tray,
I'II get the bucket.

-I Iove you, Mia.
-Why do you say that?

I never said so...

HeIIo Kerstin, it's Eivor here.
How's your stomach?

You've aIways been so strong.

You've managed on your own.

It's easy then
to forget to say things Iike that.

-I Iove you.
-Do you want a beer?

Yes, that'd be nice!

Get it together.
Come on, get it together.

Ingvar? Ingvar!

I think it's time for you to go home.

-What, is the party over?
-I taIked to Kerstin.

Damn woman, I'm not going home.

Oh dear, what have we here?

What the heII do you aII want?
Why can't you ever be happy?

Why must you think and think
aII the time? Why can't you just Iive?

-I don't know what you're taIking about.
-Damn egotists, that's what you are!

You just think of yourseIves!

And read about others who've strangIed
their husbands and Ieft the country!

-I don't understand what you're...
-You never understood anything!

And when you, for the first time
in your Iife, dared to make a decision-

-then you decided
to Ieave your famiIy.

But, Ingvar...

I'm going into the hospitaI on Monday.

Whatever I do it turns out wrong.

I try to do weII,
but itjust turns out wrong.

Then I hear that I was Iame...

Now that I've finaIIy
gotten myseIf together...

I get caIIed an egoist!

-Have you given up aIready?

The party's hardIy begun.

Now damnit... It's about time
someone got this wake going!

-I just wanted to teII someone.
-Of course you wanted to.

-But how...?
-I don't want to taIk about it now.

Not... not right now, anyway.

Then we won't...

Now that I've finaIIy found myseIf...

...I'm just someone
that peopIe find embarrassing.

Goodness... are you in here?

Here I am crying when there's a party
going on. You can't do that, can you?

Keep smiling! That's what everyone
in BaIi said, that I was so happy.

They thought that was nice.


Yes! That wasn't a day too soon.

-What the heII are you doing?
-Damn cat!

You shit!

-You IittIe...
-Ingvar, now you're being chiIdish.

You Iet HeIena drive you home,
then Kerstin put you to bed.

Then you taIk
about this tomorrow Iike aduIts.

I don't know what you're up to,
but this is no way to resoIve probIems!

Nothing gets better when you cut
down a tree that beIongs to the town!

Christ, you're so boring...!

It's Iike watching paint dry...

So damn uneccessary!

Chist, there it goes again.
Damn Ingvar!

-Take it easy.
-How can he be so idiotic?

You and Jan-OIov take this tree
away tomorrow morning.

And we'II take off these Iights
so no more get broken.

I don't reaIIy think you see me!

-Listen, I see you very weII.
-What do you see?

-You don't want to know.
-Yes... teII me.

You're stiII Iiving here
and with your mother...

You don't even have
your own famiIy or any chiIdren...

I see everything I don't want to be.

What if I can't have chiIdren?

Hey, shrimp? Damn...

When are you going to start hunting?

TeII it Iike it is...
You can't stand the sight of bIood.

UnIike your father. I must say,
on the 1 0th anniversary of his death...

I'm impressed by him. Not everyone
dares to bIow their brains out.

-Mia? Can you take this?

Come on, mum, Iet's dance.

I'd Iike a dance now!

-I can't go on.
-That's fine...

I can dance anyway.

Mum, you're IoveIy...

Your hair's IoveIy.


Time for the cake!

-I want to Iight the candIes.
-Has anyone seen Ingvar?

-Let him be...
-Easy for you to say.

-You don't know why he's carrying on.
-Yes I do...

-I found him sobbing in the toiIet.
-What, is Ingvar unhappy?

Put in the candIes and we won't taIk
about this anymore.

-You know that man you danced with?

He's married with three chiIdren.

Don't worry.
GuniIIa aIready has a guy... on BaIi.

-An American.
-You can't speak EngIish!

That's what's amazing. I hardIy
understood a word, but it didn't matter!

-So, you're moving there now?
-Are you crazy?

-Me? Speak for yourseIf.
-Just put in the candIes...

You can go to heII, you damn...

...damn oId witch...

HeIIo in the cottage!

But... What the heII...?

Go on... shoot...

Go ahead and shoot...

Then he shouId be shot
Then he shouId be shot

You shrimpy shrimp fucker...

Come on. Shoot...

Jesus, come on...! Aim up
so you don't mess up the waIIs.

You fucking amateur!
Go ahead and shoot!


We're having cake...

What are you doing? Hm?

What are you doing?

I don't beIong here.

I'm Iike dad!

-I shouId be eIsewhere. I'm Iike him.
-You're not Iike him.

-You're strong.
-I'm not strong, I'm just pityfuI.

-You're not pityfuI.
-It's a pity for us... men...

-I'm 37 and Iive at home.
-You don't Iive at home!

You have your own pIace. You Iive
here because you wanted to.

But it's crazy!

Sometimes one wants crazy things.

I can't even shoot myseIf.
At Ieast dad dared to.

He dared to drop everything
and bIow his brains out.

It was sad the worId's so hard he had to
kiII himseIf to show how bad it can be.

But he dared to... He...

He wasn't courageous!

He was so cowardIy
he had to kiII himseIf.

And that was just as weII for him.
Because if he were here now-

-then I wouId kiII him!
I wouIdn't do it quickIy.

No, I wouId draw it out so he couId
reaIIy feeI what it is to Iive!

And what it is to be dead!

Mum, what the heII...?

You cowardIy, pitifuI...

...pathetic person!

Who wouId rather destroy other
peopIe's Iives than deaI with his own!

-What's he doing with the gun?
-Shit... BIoody Ingvar!

What the heII?
Didn't I teII you to go home?

Shrimp tried to bIow his brains out!

I won't be sorry for you one minute
after what you've done to Jan-OIov!

And me?!
You didn't even dare taIking about it!

You didn't dare share with me!

Even though I was there. What did
you think I became your wife for?

I'm so tired of going around feeIing
sorry for you and hoIding you up!

When you've put it in your son's head
that the onIy way to soIve anything-

-is to bIow his head to bits!

-Shut up!

And aII of you...? I'm so damn tired
of hearing your moaning.

So tired of hearing your nonsense!

I'm so bIoody tired
of seeing you Iose one another!

Just because you are aII
so damn stubborn!

You're not pityfuI, Jan-OIov.
Men are not pityfuI...

It's just a IittIe easier to think so.
To feeI sorry for someone.

Then you don't need to feeI angry.
You can just feeI sorrow.

Mum, I Iove you.

Just so you know...
Your sister is pregnant.


GuniIIa, it's not congratuIations.
It's shit...

What does he say?

The dad?

There is no dad, there's...

There's a 1 9 year oId with dreadIocks
who's a DJ in a hip-hop group.

Besides which he's the son
of my boss. And he won't be a dad.

-Are you going to have an abortion?
-Of course I'm having an abortion!

-Where are you going?
-To sIeep. I'm Ieaving earIy tomorrow.

I see? So you're running away?

Mia, we have to try
and resoIve this together.

Is cIever Eivor going to heIp me now?

What an honour!
You've waited a Iong time for this.

Why do you think
I onIy want to hurt you?

I don't think you onIy want to hurt me.

-You aim to hurt GuniIIa, too.
-How can you say that?

Of course I want things
to go weII for you both.

So you mean to say that you
supported GuniIIa in her divorce?

That you're happy that
a 32 year oId backpacker in BaIi-

-finaIIy made her experience
reaIIy good sex?

shafted and expIoited her, you mean?

I'd Iove to get misIed,
shafted and expIoited-

-severaI time a year
if it's as nice as it was in BaIi!

I'd Iike to get misIed every day.

Mia, you shouId know that...

...it's actuaIIy not so easy for me.

ReaIIy, how can you say that?

You have everything! You have a
famiIy, kids and someone to Iive with.

-I have nothing. Just myseIf.
-But you have us!

And you don't want anything!
You don't want a man.

You want nothing to do with us
and you don't want kids.

So, you're never prepared to invest.
And if you don't invest...

-You get nothing!
-It's actuaIIy not so easy.

You spoiIed bIoody brat!

Sure, I understand you drink aIcohoI,
throw up and take taxis.

But can you picture me at three
on a Wednesday morning-

-when I'm in a cIoset crying as
quietIy as I can not to wake the famiIy?

And my heart is thundering away,
because I'm panic stricken...

Because everything...
everything depends on me!

Getting mother to the doctor, caIming
father because he's worried-

-about whether GuniIIa is weII.
HeIping Barbro hang her curtains...

Nagging Tommy to cIean the car. Tidy,
cIean up... Unnoticed, undemanding...

-Just exist, exist, exist...!
-Just say no!

This is no bIoody workpIace where
you can come and go as you Iike!

-This... This is Iife!
-I Iike my work.

Why can't I just do that?

I'm happy in my apartment
and I'm happy in the city I Iive in.

Why can no other person Iive
in another way to you?

Just Iisten to yourseIf...

Me, me, me...! It's aIways your
dreams that must come true.

It's aIways been Iike that!
But do you know what...?

You have two parents here.
And they're starting to get oId now.

And the day you have time for them,
they'II certainIy be dead!

Just because you've dedicated
your Iife to caring for our parents-

-doesn't mean you can force us to!

I want to heIp,
but I have to do it in my way!


It's not so easy for me to come here
when you make me feeI so worthIess!


Mia, I admire you.

I want to teII you that you are good.

But aII...

AII that comes
out are just strange...

...hard, nasty words. I...

I want to be cIose to you.

I want to be participate.



What is it? Go and fetch Tommy.

Fetch Tommy, hurry up!


Eivor's not weII.

-I shot it! The cat!
-What do you mean, not weII?

I shot that fucking cat!

Gunilla, hand me the frying pan.

How are we to bury her?
We don't know what she wanted.

Father, don't think about that now.
Did you put the potatoes on?

-What did she throw a party for?

The doctor said
it had nothing to do with that.

GuniIIa, get out the sausage.
We have to fry it.

And beetroots? Where are
the beetroots? We need those.

Take it easy, mother.
I'II get them out.

They have to have food. GuniIIa, you
have to heIp Tommy with cIeaning.

Yes, of course I wiII.

I'II make the mushroom pie
that Eivor reaIIy Iikes.

Yes, heIIo? HeIIo Kerstin.

It was... a heart attack.

We'II taIk more another day. Bye.

I have to Ieave.

When are you going to the hospitaI?

GuniIIa toId me.


Is it...

Is it urgent?

Then maybe you can heIp me
make a mushroom pie?

-So, you're here?
-I was just fetching the Iamp.

Have you thought about...

...what you're going
to do with the chiId?

I don't know, I...

I thought... I wouId
get in touch with him.

The guy...
More than that I don't know.

-Beside what Eivor wouId have thought.
-You never cared what she thought.

But it's just that... How can
you give up on someone so cIose?

Are you
starting to bIame yourseIf now?

No, I just wonder
how one can be so cIumsy.

-You had nothing in common.
-We had everything in common.

But she never did anything for you.

-But she tried, anyway.
-And so...?

Best to remember her as she was.

Stubborn... obstinate...


So damn... She was difficuIt.

-She was annoying.
-She was so DaIecarIia.

Just that with the traditionaI outfit...

Like a IittIe brat...

-I Ioved her.
-I Ioved her...

So much...

I didn't get to teII her.

-Are you Ieaving.


I thought...

I don't think I see you so weII.

I think I made up my mind
Iong ago as to who you were.

And you know it's hard to change
your mind when you've made it.

Strange how
everything happens at the same time.

I don't know what to think.

They caIIed me this morning.

Asked me if I wanted
to go to Africa to driII weIIs.

Someone dropped out and...

...and they wondered if I wanted to go.

I'II be back in a year.

CaII me if you want some more.

Do you hear? How siIent it is?

TransIation: AIexander KeiIIer