Dal Ja's Spring (2007) - full transcript

A 33 successful career girl, Dal Ja, who's failed in love enlists a paid boyfriend, a confident younger Tae-bong to save face from a failed romance. Dal Ja is drawn Tae-bong and also meets a rich separated man who interests her too. Dal Ja's Spring explores career, friendship and family and personal fulfillment, as well as romance. Dal Ja's family, friends, and co-workers are important and provide the backbone of her world. Dal Ja learns many lessons through her family and friends while balancing work, family and finding the path of love in her life.

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It's all right. I will drive myself today.

The things I asked you to prepare just now...
have you prepared them?

I've placed them in the front seat
next to the driver's seat.

Thank you.

For the next month, will you be my girlfriend?


No change to the terms of contract.

Three hours per day for a month.

Only some rules changed.

Simple skinship* is a basic service.
(*intimacy through touch)

If deeper skinship is desired,

We'll go according to how we both feel.

If one of us starts to develop personal feelings,


Then we'll really date.

How is that?

Not bad, right?

I'm 33 years old.

A guy six years younger than me wants to date me.

Oh my God!

-Episode 9-

It's meditation time.

You are very angry now.

Filled with unbearable anger.

Close your eyes.
Count backwards from the number three.

Three, two, one...

Three, two, one...

Breathe deeply... exhale?


Open your eyes.

Now, start exercising freely to ease yourself...

One, two, one, two...

Repeat the movements,
and you will be able to release your anger.

Find the inner peace that you're looking for.

I don't see how this can work.

Why not?

According to what you've just said,

now you want to try to date me...

That's what you meant right?

Yeah, that's what I meant.
Let's try it out.

But don't you know?

We have a six-year age gap.

Which means, when I was in University,

you were still a high school lad.

Ignoring such a big age gap
and going on to date you...

I get a headache when I think of it.

It doesn't make any sense.

Didn't you say you missed me?

Well that was...

I didn't hear anything from you.

I was curious.

You like me, right?

You missed me because you like me.

You're curious because you like me.

You... you... who are you accusing now?

I never said that I liked you.

When did I ever say that I liked you?

When did I ever say that?

You don't even have to say it if you like someone.

You can use your eyes.

You can sigh.

You can even use hand gestures.

For me...

I have never considered dating a younger guy.

It has never, ever crossed my mind.

I don't even consider
guys younger than me to be men.

Do you know that?


You really don't see me as a man?

I see you as a man.


I... I... I...

In comparison, I still prefer men older than me.

Capability, safety, warmth, security.

I like men with those traits.

You got it?

With your age, it's not easy to find such a man.

Haven't you had a taste of it?

You've met a player.

You've also encountered a married man.

Anyway, it will not be you.

I don't even know who you really are.

How do you earn a living... what do you do...

And your family background...

I totally don't know anything.

I don't even know a thing.

Not even one thing.

That's why... let's slowly understand
each other from now on.

That's why we have to date.

You really don't listen, huh?!

All right then.

Assuming that we get together,

Do you think we will ever get to that level?

About that... we'll have to try it out first.

It's obvious even if we don't try.

It's so obvious that this is impossible.

Well, let's try it out first
before saying that it's impossible.

What if you regret it after trying it out?
What will you do?

That too, I will think about it when it happens.

This is really making me crazy.

What is wrong with you?

Why are you doing this to me?

Why do you think I am acting this way?

You really don't know?

You want me to give you several reasons to choose?

1. For world peace.

2. To conquer the universe.

3. I'm attracted to you.

Which one's your choice?

Well... that...

Why do you need to think so long?

It's such an easy question.

Well... that's because...

It's awkward for me to say it aloud, you fella.

If we continue on like this, it'll be supper time.

Let's get some quality sleep tonight.

We'll talk about it when we get up tomorrow.

Which room should I use?


This room?

Or the room over there?


Oh. That room over there, right?

Wow... it's so messy.

Is this a room?
Or is it a home shopping warehouse?

Hey... what are you doing over there?

What can I do?

I'm exhausted. I want to sleep here.

Ah... about that...
Why do you want to sleep here now?

Because I don't have any place to stay now.


The three million.

It's the deposit which I got back
from withdrawing from my previous rental.

After getting the deposit,

they get back the room.
You know that, right?

I'm in this kind of situation now.

You should tidy up this place.

What is this?



Foot-massaging machine.

You've never used any of these even once, right?

You've gotta clean this place up. Can we sell these?

Get out!

Get out of my house immediately!

This fella is ignorant of my presence, huh?

Hey... I'm not that kind of woman!

Whose place are you talking nonsense at?

You... if you dare come into my house again...

I will immediately report you to the police.


I asked if you've understood what I said.

You've left?

It's so cold here.

Do you want me freeze here outside in the cold?

I'm really going to freeze to death.

Ahh... he's really making me concerned.

Why don't I just let him stay for one night?

No, no... You can't do that.

If you let him in this once,

There'll be a second time and then a third time...

What if he really freezes to death out there?

That's his problem. Why should I worry?

It's so comfortable.

It's so warm.

If you had come ten minutes later,

I could have really frozen to death.

Just for tonight.

Just stay for tonight.

When the sun rises tomorrow,
you better go back to where you came from right away.

Got it?

Good night.

You be careful of what you do.

For most animals, when their territories are invaded...

They will become very sensitive.

They will act squeamishly.

Or they might act offensively toward their enemy.

Or they might feel uneasy.

Or just find themselves unable to sleep all night,
pacing in their own territories.

In a serious case,

If they find evidence of their enemies in their territory,

They might just abandon the place altogether.

The person is unable to answer your call right now.
Please leave a message after the beep.

It's me.

You're also tired of it right?

I am also very tired of it.

Please don't hide from me. Get in touch with me.


He's really got the guts to sleep like a pig, huh?

You will even find yourself in such awkward situations.

You slept well?

What did I do again?

I saw it.

I actually saw it!

What should I do?

Episode 9 ? The weight of a brick

Ah... got my eyes tainted early this morning already.

Excuse me... your zipper's open.

-Good morning Wee Seon Joo.
-Good morning.

Something wrong?


Dal Ja, you have something going on?

No. Nothing.

Hello, Seon Joo.

I've got the tickets for Saturday.

These are the ones right? The ones you wanted.

VIP seats.

What is it? Something happened?

No. Nothing.

Why? Sae Do, you have something?

Well... no.

That's good then.

Saturday Night Fever.

Ah... this one!

Wait. Will I be free this Saturday?

Anyway, thanks a lot, Sae Do.

It's not yours.

It's mine.

You're not thoughtful enough Dal Ja.

Where did you learn that from?
Didn't they teach you to be thoughtful in college?

Forget about it if it's not mine.

You want to watch the musical?

This Saturday you're free, right?

I will buy the tickets and wait for you.

No, you don't have to. I was just joking.

It's also one that I'd like to see.

Let's go together.

Well... that...

So it's settled, okay?

I still have some company matters to handle.

See you.

I seemed like I was desperate. Was I too obvious?


Was my suggestion of our dating place too abrupt?

Perfect timing.



It would have been better if he'd come after me earlier.

When I needed it, you didn't come for me.

Now that I'm aging...

And getting less energetic,
only now you come after me.

[Dal Ja's Home ? Waiter Wanted]



My name is Kang Tae Bong.

Who are you?

Aiyoo... aren't you the spare tire?

Right, you're the spare tire.

How are you, Grandmother?

Good, I'm good.

But what brings you here?

I had initially thought of coming to eat.

But then I saw this at the entrance.

What is your name?

Kang Tae Bong.

Oh... Kang Tae Bong.

What about your age?

I'm 27 this year.

Oh, so you're six years younger than our Dal Ja, right?

Dal Ja let you come here?

No. Dal Ja doesn't even know I'm here.

Oh really?

But what did you do for a living in the past?


Well... I did this and that...

You're hinting at me not to ask about your past, right?

I just think my past
is nothing worth mentioning, Grandma.

But I've never done anything bad or dirty.

Right, that's the way it should be.

I could see it with my eyes.

For men...

To have a mysterious aura is not bad either.


Take a look at the news nowadays.

There are more than one million youngsters
without anything to do in society nowadays.

At least he has something that he wants to do.

What's to be so picky about?

Because he knows Dal Ja... that's why...

That's even more reason
why we should take care of him.

Because he knows Dal Ja.

But Mother...


Look at this kid, he's fast.

Please have a seat here.

Oh... Dal Ja's mother employed a new waiter, huh?

Ahh... this kid's cute.

I'll get you some warm water first.

Temporary detention?

Wee Seon Joo?

Yeah. She just got a notice regarding the reduction
of her commission starting this week.

Oh my!

[Seoul District Court ? Adjudication]


What could it be? She's in debt of course.

Most of Wee Seon Joo's clothes are sponsored.

From what I know, even her accessories
are sponsored by entertainment sponsors.

It doesn't matter how much sponsorship she's got.

Who can control her if she's a spendthrift?

In short, now our whole team's in a glum mood.

Since you've left us, Representative Oh,

Our sales have been decreasing.

Chief Nam complains and vents
his anger on us every day.

Anyway, our spirit
has been completely dampened, Rep Oh.

When can she return to our team?


Nothing can be done without me around...

I'm really worried now.

Not just for our team,

but also for Wee Seon Joo.

You worry about yourself.

You can't even look out for yourself, let alone others.

Being scolded by Ga Ga Ma every day.

Oh ho unnie... what about scolding now?

I'm not even a stonewear*. (*scolding and stonewear
have the same pronunciation in Korean)

It isn't scolding.

It's just my patience
and me tolerating the whole situation.

Is that so?

To be frank, what's so great about that Ahjumma,
besides being the Team Manager?


She's also aging as I am aging.
So what's there to be so afraid about?


Oh my... Team Manager!

You've come to have lunch?

You're a bit late today.

Eat more then.

What? Quickly eat.

Quickly eat.

Oh Dal Ja.


Come look for me after lunch.


These are the records for last month's refunds.

Arrange them chronologically.

And regarding the index
for the leftover items in the warehouse,

Check on the items again and record them.

By today.

But isn't this the job
for the SCM team or the MD team?

Aren't we supposed to focus
on customer service as our priority?

Because I need them urgently.

Please be aware of the situation now.


Did she hear what I said?

Why do you look so pale?

Is it because that we're aging together,
and I'm giving you such work,

so you're not happy about it?

So she heard.


Aiyoo... what are you talking about?

Why would I feel unhappy?

You can command me anytime.

I will do my best.

Do these today, right?

It's hard to work for a living
nowadays, right Team Manager?

Dal Ja.

Why don't we have a drink?

Let's have a drink together.

When I was 20 years old,
I really thought I could have everything that I wanted.

I could see my posters everywhere.

I was surrounded by people wherever I went.

I had a lot of money.

I was famous.

I had even met the love of my life.

If it was like what you've said,
then you didn't lack anything at all.


I remembered I was very envious of you back then.

In fact, all of those are of no use.


Do you know what makes my heart ache the most?

My love... I was of no value to that person.

If it wasn't due to over-exhaustion
of loving that person,

I wouldn't have broken up with him.

Money and fame, those are not important.

Because I didn't own them from the start.

Like what they always say.

I got them because of luck only.


Love isn't like that.

To women, love and marriage...

They're like dreams
which we have held onto since we were young.

I'm also a woman.

It's not that I haven't dreamt of it before.

But everyone in the whole world

thinks that I'd divorced because of money.

To that person...

And to all the people out there...

My love...

meant nothing at all.

That's what makes my heart ache the most.

I'm sorry.

Actually, I was also the same.

I also had the same misunderstanding.

How good it'd be if everything passed by quickly...

It'd also be good if all these bad memories
could be erased as soon as possible.

To that person and to me,

it'd be the best if we both were
released from that situation,

and live a good life after that.

And... also not to get upset over love again.

She's also a woman.

Just like me.

She's also an ordinary woman susceptible to pain.


We still have to cheer for love.

Just because you've been hurt once,

to give up on love just like that,

it doesn't make sense.

What if you really meet someone good?

You're the one who loses out.

That sounds like the lyrics to a trot song
(music popular in 1970s).

Trot songs are life, and life is a trot song.

When I think about it again,
it's like I'm talking about myself.

Isn't it?

For trot. Cheers!

For trot. Cheers!

You guys...

What are you doing here?

Team Manager...

Oh Dal Ja.

Do you really know the seriousness here?

I asked you to check on the stocks and record them.

In such broad daylight...

And you're drinking during work...

I am sorry Team Manager.

But this time I'm not arguing or defending myself.

That was really the first can.

It's true.

The warehouse was very dusty,

My throat was a bit dry... that's why...

It's because of me.

I assume you've heard of the news.

I've been having some personal difficulties lately.

You're not part of our team.

Please don't interfere.

As a person involved,
I think I still can interfere right?

It happened just because she was trying
to console a former colleague having difficulties.

What's so big of a matter,

That you need to drink during work?

Drinking like that...

Drinking so much until you get drunk...

You immerse yourself in self-pity
and reveal your true feelings.

The way I look at it,
you think you're cool doing such a thing.

I will never tolerate such acts.

The company pays you people salaries
not for you do these things.

Got it?

You speak with so much of harshness.
Do you feel happy?

What did you just say?

Living such a boring and stifling life,

like a tin can filled to the brim...

Does it make you happy?

Seon Joo.

I know a bit about people just like you.

Divorced women like me,

you totally despise and look down on us.

You don't even look us in the eye.

That is true.

I have not one bit of pity for divorced women.

I don't need your sympathy.

And I don't need your understanding as well.

So when you judge and criticize someone,

don't just simply make a conclusion.

If you've never encountered what I've gone through,

simply don't say a thing.

I am sorry Dal Ja.

What are you all doing looking at me?

Oh Dal Ja.

Before you finish today,

hand in everything,
and don't leave out a single thing.

I thought you'd be dead.

Wee Seon Joo's inner strength's really not bad eh...

She didn't even blink an eye in front of our Team Manager,

and told her everything she wanted to at once.

It's my first time seeing her like this.

Wait a minute.

Why didn't Team Manager go back to her office...

and went to the warehouse instead?

Can you give me another plate of carrot cake?

All right.

Hello. These are your side dishes.

Thank you.

Hey... hey... The spare tire's very popular.

Come and look. Come quick.

A shop originally filled with mostly male customers,

is filled mostly with women now.

Hey, you don't have to say anything.

Just let him stay.

It's comfortable seeing him around.

And moreover, our business is getting better.

Aren't we killing two birds with one stone like this?

Here... bean paste soup
and kimchi chigae for table number two.

Here, I'm coming.

Bean paste soup and kimchi chigae.
for table number two... done.

He has strong arms too.

Look at how he carries the bowls sturdily.

Enjoy your meal.

Thank you. Goodbye.

Take care.

See you.

Aren't you tired?

Is there anything not tiring in the world?

It's just a small matter.

You look clever.

Why do you want to insist
on becoming a waiter in a bento restaurant?

About a year ago,
I ate a bento set given by someone.

It was the first time I had eaten a bento set
filled with warmth and sincerity since I was born.

Your mother isn't around anymore?

No. She's still around.

But she really doesn't know
a single thing about cooking.

She's been giving me money since I started schooling.

To let me buy my own food.

After eating the bento rice, my life totally changed.

After that experience, my dream
was to open the best bento restaurant in the world.

But this is still a bit...

It's not like you don't know our Dal Ja.

Actually I'm more curious just because of Dal Ja.

The one who raised Dal Ja
into a healthy and righteous person.

How does she cook? How does she make side dishes...

For a mother who has been doing this for 20 years,

it makes her really proud. Dal Ja I mean.

That's why I had an urge to learn from you.

Can you teach me the recipe (secret)?

Can you?

We only open during noon time and dinner time.

You can come to work at 10AM.

Because we target the working class,

we don't usually open on weekends.

So you've accepted me as your apprentice?

The onions and garlic for tomorrow are in the kitchen.

Go prepare.

We'll start from selecting the right ingredients.

I will work hard, Master!

Who is it?

Hey... what are you doing?

What's that smell?

Have you been to the garlic plantation?

You've just planted garlic?

I've found a job.

Not long from now,

the greatest bento restaurant
in the whole of Korea will be born.

Just wait.

Coming soon.

Hey? who allowed you
to use someone else's bathroom?

Really... I really found a job.

I'll share the water and electricity bills with you.

This fella's determined to stay here now, huh?!

Hey... Kang Tae Bong.

Come out right now.

Aren't you coming out of my bathroom right now?


Really! I got my eyes tainted again!

Now you're really interested, huh?!

Seeing others naked.

Who asked you to simply barge
into other people's homes?

And you even used the bathroom like it's your own.

How can you be so harsh toward a homeless person?

Think about it.

This is a single woman's home.

A single woman's home.

Suddenly a guy barges in

and blindly says that he wants to stay here.

What kind of woman would sit still and ignore all this?


In a stricter sense, this...

What is this? This...

Trespassing in others' homes.

Right, it's that one. Trespassing in others' homes.

You also know about this, huh?

You're doing this.

You really hate being with me?

Or you're afraid of other people's perceptions?


Are other people's opinions that important?

Of course.

I am a woman.

Moreover, I will get married in the future.

Although I don't know who my future husband will be,

I don't want to do something
equivalent to betrayal to him.

I've held onto this principle until this very moment.

I've been living holding onto this.

You got it?

Even if nothing happens between us,

it'll be obvious
that we're cohabitating if this is exposed.

No matter how hard I defend myself,

would anyone believe me?


Now when I look at you... you're so cute!

I am not joking now.

I am also not joking.

Take it.

After taking it, look for a house tomorrow right away.

Hey... Kang Tae Bong.

In that case we will never be able to really start fresh!

If I take back the three million,

anything I say would only be worth three million to you.

Anything I do would only be worth three million.

No matter how hard I try,

our relationship would only be worth the three million.

Don't you get what I'm saying?

I'm sorry for screaming at you.

Give me some time.

Until I earn my own money and find a place to stay.

Till then please help me out.

I will try my best
not to let your apartment neighbors see me.

Your friends around you will never find out.

I will keep this a secret.

I am sorry.

For this period only... it's a favor.

Give me an espresso.

Oh Dal Ja!

Why? What is it?

What is going on?


What can be going on? Nothing.

Aish... you're bored with nothing to do.
Your eyes were wide open.


What? What is it?

That fella came in.

What fella?

Tae Bong. Kang Tae Bong.

Kang Tae Bong. Ah... your spare tire.

He said he's staying at my place temporarily
and insisted on staying. What should I do?

What? Heeeyy...

That's great. You finally did it!

I thought such a thing
would never happen to Oh Dal Ja.

You're awesome. You did great!

Come, let me give you a kiss.

Don't play with me.

To me it's a serious thing here.

Who's joking here?

I'm wishing you all the best with all my sincerity now.

What did Go sunbae say?

I haven't told her yet. I've been lying to her.

Oh Dal Ja, are you crazy?

No way! No way!


Well you're right.

She'll definitely react to this that way.

The real problem now...

He said he wants to date me now.

What are you talking about?

Weren't you guys dating all this while?


Ah... this guy doesn't know about our contract.

No. Well we've not been really serious
about the relationship all this time.

Hey... Oh Dal Ja.

What crap are you talking about now?
Seeing love as a joke...

You've tainted the sanctity of love.

You have to be sincere with love... you really..

Do you know that true love can be heartbreaking?

Ah... I have a headache now.

Here let me tell you...

Let me ask you this.

Is your heart actually with Rep Eom?

Or is it with the spare tire?

Or perhaps it's still with me? Is it me?

Never mind already.

Am I not asking you about the one you like now?
You're really...

Really... why do you keep asking this now?

At this critical moment,

the person who really needs your answer urgently
is sitting behind you. That's why.

Have you been well?


[Since when was he here?]

[I don't know the specifics...!]

You've been quite busy
with the coming spring project, huh?

Well, it's going well.

Right, didn't you say
you wanted to see the musical that day?

There's one showing at 8PM tonight.

Do you want me to fetch you?

Or do you want us to meet up earlier?

We'll eat before we go... that's also good.

Well... Actually I have quite a lot of work to finish up.

I'll go to the venue directly then, okay?

Oh I see.

All right.

Well, see you there then.

I'm a bit busy, I've got to go.

See you.

See that?

He's not joking either.

He's busy all the time.

Don't bother me.

About inviting her for dinner...
Maybe I shouldn't have said that?

No, it's all right.

I left at the right time, right?

Yes, Rep.


The index you asked me to hand in yesterday.

About that...

About the incident yesterday,
concerning Wee Seon Joo...

Of course, you as the Team Manager,
should stick to your own principles.

But I don't think you should
judge Wee Seon Joo's life like that.

Be it that she's married or divorced,

it's not about who's right or wrong,

it's just pure choice.

The real problem here is...

that everyone's too frivolous.

They're too na?ve. Too shallow...

Life has a deeper meaning than what you all think.

It's burdensome.

To Wee Seon Joo who's divorced,

or to Oh Dal Ja who's involved with a married man,

in my eyes you all are
just a bunch of immature people.

Even so,

we're still working hard to learn
with knocks and bumps all over.

And the amount of pain we've gone through,

plus all the broken pieces,

we're actually experiencing
the burden and weight of living.

So, you're asking me to be more lenient toward you?

No... but...


I hope you can put aside your prejudice.

Even a strong man
cannot withstand prejudicial comments.

The VIP list for next week...

Prepare the list by tonight and give it to me.

I can't do anything about my prejudice toward you.

Anyway, I just don't like the sight of you.

Nothing will change.

To protect ourselves...

To make ourselves look stronger on the outside...

In the deepest corner of one's heart,

perhaps there is a brick wall embedded within?

As we grow older,
the brick wall grows sturdier and more solid as well.

This makes it more difficult
for us to accept another person.

It also makes it difficult for us
to be accepted by another person.

In the end,
we will lock ourselves within the brick walls.

Will we become lonelier?

Perhaps loneliness is more bearable than pain itself?


Ah, you've just finished?

Didn't you say you found a job?

You got fired so soon?

Isn't it Saturday today?

It's a bento restaurant which targets working people.

There'll be no customers during weekends.

That's why I was thinking of going back earlier.

But I don't have the apartment keys.

If I had waited in front of your door,

there'll be gossiping among
the ahjummas passing by again.

If that happens, our Oh Dal Ja will be furious again.

That's why I came here.

So that we can go home together.

No matter how hard I've looked at it,
we're impossible, Tae Bong.

I'm not confident.

I'm not confident enough to
develop a relationship with you.

Looking at it now, our Oh Dal Ja

is a complete scarefreak, huh?

That's right, I'm a scarefreak.

It's best to just live peacefully.

I don't want to live a tiring life.

If I start dating you,

who knows how complicated it will get.

Who knows how much we'll have to go through.

I... don't have that confidence.

Even if I love you, I still lack the confidence.

We still have to live on. What can we do?

What if you really fall in love with me?
What will you do?



Dal Ja, can you come over now?

Seon Joo.

What are you guys doing here? Leave!

Go out!

Stay out of the way!

What's going on? Why isn't she here yet?

Is she stuck in the traffic?

The phone is switched off at the moment.
After the beep...

What now? Why switch off her phone?

Is her battery dead?

Seon Joo.

Seon Joo.

Seon Joo, are you all right?


Look here you guys,
what are you doing in another person's house?

Get out of here right away!

We can't leave.

Then I'm going to call the police. Really!

Call then, just try calling the cops.

This woman also owes me money.

This woman's ex-husband
has taken off with our money.

It's her ex-husband's business. Why come here?

You guys are really funny.

Ah... get up quick!

Get out!

You just hit me?

You hit me?

This has nothing to do with you. Don't interfere.

Gangsters threatening and inflicting harm on others

are targets of the police (prosecutors).
Don't you know?

What are you talking about?

-So? Then?
-Trespassing on private property.

Plus proof of physical damage to property.

It's a crime under Code 366 for Damage to Property,

with a sanction of three years imprisonment
or a 700 million fine.

Do you know about that?

The phone is switched off...

There's only one minute left to the play. Everyone
please return to your seats as soon as possible.

Just pay me the money.

Then I'll just leave quietly.

Did Wee Seon Joo sign the loan agreement?

The husband borrowed the money.
Couples should both be responsible for the money.

Do you know for what purpose
the money was used for?

I don't know.

He trusted his friend and invested his money
in some business. It turned out like this in the end.

The money wasn't used for the maintenance
of the couple's relationship and living.

If it was a pure personal use on the ex-husband's part.

Wee Seon Joo would have
no responsibility whatsoever for the debt.

Her ex-husband swindled my money.
He gave her some property when they divorced.

This is the reason.

Got it? She acted voluntarily.

Did you receive any property
from your ex-husband when you divorced?


Did he give you any compensation?


She said no!

She said she didn't receive anything.

This is such a big joke.

I'll sue you for deception.

Go ahead and sue her then.

Take this opportunity to reveal all the violence
you've committed in the past three years.

Let's solve this all for once.

According to the current situation,
Miss Wee Seon Joo has a 99% probability of winning.

-What do you mean?
-If you have other unresolved debts,

please deal with Wee Seon Joo's ex-husband.

If you come and disturb Miss Wee Seon Joo again,

We will then take appropriate actions.

Oh... Kang Tae Bong. Brilliant!

Hey kiddo, you're kiddin' me.

What do you do? Don't tell me you're a lawyer?

You're right. I am a lawyer.

A year ago, I was under Lee and Jang Co. Law Firm.
I am currently taking a short break.

I will be Miss Wee Seon Joo's
legal adviser from now on.

You have anything else to say?

-Hey kids...

-We'll leave first.
-Yes, we got it.

Are you all right? Did you get hurt?


We'll go to the court to cancel
the detention order tomorrow.

He's right. Just let Tae Bong handle it.

He seems to be an expert in this field.

Why didn't you take action earlier?

If you had taken legal action earlier,
you wouldn't have to succumb to such disturbance.

We'll talk about this next time.

[Seon Joo]

[Dal Ja]


I am sorry. Something came up so I couldn't make it.


I am sorry Rep Eom. Something urgent
came up just now so I couldn't make it.

What happened?

It's complicated. I'll tell you next time.

Was it because of work?

Ah... yes. It's also considered as work I guess.

So, have you solved the matter?

Yes. I'm at home now.
I feel like resting a bit; I'm a bit tired.

I'll call you again tomorrow.

You... you...

I am sorry. I will call you again.

I am really sorry that I didn't make it tonight.

Well then...

Is it really all right that I go home myself?

It's all right. If I leave, Seon Joo will feel lonely.


It's not true right?

Just now you said you're a lawyer.

It's not true right?

The only truth about Kang Tae Bong.

I've never lied to Dal Ja.

Then it's also true that
you've worked at Lee and Jang before?

Do you want to give them a call and confirm it?

You've got someone backing you up right?

It's not because you're capable right?

If you continue on like this, it'll be supper time again.

Go in. We'll talk about this next time.

Anyway, thank you for your help today.

With you, we were able to chase the bad guys away.

You're like Superman.

The second fact about me:

There's a big difference
between Superman and myself.

I am just an ordinary 27 year old guy
dreaming to open my own bento restaurant.

Good night, Dal Ja.

Are you really not going back?

It's all right.

You still have to go to work tomorrow.

It's just a 30 minute journey.

I'll get up 30 minutes earlier,
go home for a while, and then go to work.

I was a bit anxious...
afraid that she would push my hand away.

But she didn't do so.

I am 33 years old.
I feel as if I've gotten rid of a brick inside my heart.

It's meditation time.

You are very angry now.

Filled with unbearable anger.

Close your eyes.
Count backwards from the number three.

Three, two, one...

Seon Joo. It's Shin Sae Do.

Open the door quick. Open the door quick.

Dal Ja. It's Eom Ki Joong here.

I saw your living room lights on.

Come out and let's talk.

Dal Ja. Oh Dal Ja.

Dal Ja. Let's talk.

Let's talk, Oh Dal Ja.

When everyone was fretting the whole night,

because I was rid of the brick inside my heart,
I slept very soundly.

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