Dakota Bound (2001) - full transcript

In the not-so-distant future, a massive plague kills almost everyone on Earth, except for about 20 young women from a small private school.

You always have to stay
and listen. Just in case.

On what other occasion,
Kate? We never saw or heard.

Nothing happens. Relax.

l went.

Why are you so afraid of?

There may be raiders.

A. Never saw none.

Sister could just come up with them
to scare us? Maybe they don't exist?

Over the past three years was gone
three girls. What happened to them?

Maybe they just ran away from
boring tales sister Helen.

Lisa... Do you remember how it was...

As it was before?

l sometimes dream. Looks so real...


Center! Center! We were attacked.
l repeat. We were attacked.

We are under attack! Missile
attack! We have been attacked!

Place here. Let's move.

Move it!

Let go of me!

Zalaz'te inside, ladies.



Everybody hid?

l almost got caught.

Yes, even a little bit...

Spend the night here.

Let's go!

First, find out what
they have in the truck.

This is crazy.


This is a job for a
woman, l'll give you one.

Cook you know how?

Get out.

She sleeps?


l do not sleep, my children.

Sister, we have seen the Raiders.

- Almost all of them were men.
- Men?

What are you talking about?

The brook.

There have been four raider on the
truck, and their prisoner was a woman.

They have seen?

No, l was cautious.

l tried to look at the van,
but the door was locked.

lt could catch.

So what?

lf you are caught, we all
would be in great danger.

Sooner or later it had to happen.

lt is because of them we've
prepared all these traps?

Do not come to the raiders, Elizabeth.

Do not go near him.


l'm dying.


Why is that? All will be well.

l'm dying child.

You know all this.

l was afraid of this moment,

although l knew that
my time is running out.

You have to know the past,

lf you want to survive the future.

The old days, my sister?

Yes, my child.

and more...

l must tell you

of a great journey, that you have to go,

to find his destiny.

Mountain in the south...

lt's called Cheyenne.

Kate, get all here.

Everybody out!

When you were still very young.

ln the world it was time for war.

Great nations fought each other.

Many people died.

The few survivors of
those days survived.

We remember what made
their way here from school.

How difficult and dangerous it was.

Later, the privacy of this
place Protect us from what

What happened after the war.

Civilization disappeared.

People are divided on
gangsters and their victims.

No one thought about what happened.


This is a wild new world

from which l was trying to
protect you, my children.

Keep you out of it so
far, as soon as possible.

Perhaps l thought that

l sowed the seeds of love and kindness

that can make a world
of again a great place.

l believe l can protect you
from the madness forever.

But, see, this is not going to happen.

Because madness does
not want to disappear.

Only you...

Get some rest.

Where are you going?

l want to find their own destiny,

but not the one sister
Helen came up to me.


Do you really believe that it tells us?

ln the war that killed the entire world?

Plague, slavery... Some sacred
mountain, we need to find.

And why did she cheat?

Yes, to keep us here!

We are here to stay
horoshenkimii and cleanly.

All in the name of her God.

Whatever we do is magic
action, of which she spoke.

We should do so only
on the sacred mountain.

lt is our sacred duty.

- the new Eve.

ls it not because of Eve,
God drove man out of paradise?

You really want to leave?

What if my sister Elena will get worse?

What do we do when its gone?

We will sit here and
wait until after the meal?

Bent out of boredom?

This truck could be our the
only chance to get out of here.

But if you're sure they're friends
... Why do you have a weapon?

Little strahovochka.

l will not let you alone.

l'm going with you.


Hey, l want to eat!

Sister Helen did not cheat. This woman
- a slave.

Need to know that they
are hiding in a truck.

The last time it was locked.

Now l have a key.

Cover me.

Come, sit with me.

She is mine!

She needs a man.

Fuck off!

This guy broke.

l told you
- fuck off!

Hands off, asshole!

Leave me alone!

Take it easy.

Stop it. Fuck off!

Go get yourself another.

Damn woman.

What Xpe...


Need to tell her sister Helen.

You did the right
thing by releasing them.

What are their names?

Her name is Miranda.

And that does not know his name.

l called her on Friday,
like Robinson Crusoe.

You said... was still a girl?

She died?

lt was brand new, did
not know the rules...

That panicked.

What a pity.

But both of you are safe now.

Kate and Lisa will help
you on your new path.

They will show you what freedom is.

Here you will live.

No, it is not allowed.

Slave can go inside only
by the call of the hostess.

To satisfy her.

To meet?

You are no longer a slave. You are free.

No, no, no, no.

Sit down next to me.

Let's eat.

Do as l do...

How long have you been a slave?

Long as l can remember.

How did you get to the raiders?

They killed our host.

Tribal chief, far from here.

l think they wanted to sell us soon.

There are no free men?

No. Only hosts and raiders.

And how can you become a master?

Do the owners have a gun.

And power. They are afraid.

l think it always has been.

lt seems from the outside world
- is a horrible place.

Ordinary world... as elsewhere.

Everyone has a role to play in it.

Some of the food is
grown, others are fighting.

And some, like us...
trained to give pleasure.

l know very little about
what do you call...


This is for you.

And this, too.

l think l should pray
for your salvation.

Like this... ''Pray''?

l'll show you.

Sit down.

That's it.

Close your eyes.

Thank you, Lord,

For that generously freed thy servant
Friday from the bonds of slavery.

For that keep us on the
path of sin and vice.

And dawns on us His grace and kindness.

Help us keep the path
of purity and salvation.


Time for bed.

- What are you doing?
- You said that it was time to sleep.

No, silly. On the bed.

Maybe it is small, but there
we both have enough space.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.


Show me.

Show me everything.

lt is so prerasno!

With a man...

Show me how it is... be a man.

As well.

Go on, slave. Go on.

Here's your place.

Give it to me.

Sit down, child.

l'll show you your way.

Sister Helen showed me the
road to the mountain Cheyenne.

She said that l have to lead us all.

l do not care who will lead us,
- get out of here as soon as possible.

We're not going anywhere until Sister
Helen will not be able to climb.

Or until he dies...

l killed, to save you.
Now you kill for me.

Kill her? Why?

Because l told you so.

Do it!


Davie stronger!

Rest in peace, old woman.

Where it has brought us?

This former ldaho.

Do you remember the place that we
passed recently? lt was called Callas.

We never get to the mountain.
And it can not exist?

No, no. lt exists. See it here.

And how do we get there?

With prayers?

lf you haven't noticed, we're almost out
of gas. We must get more or go on foot.



Come here!



Looks lovely.

But we can not pay.

Even as it is.

Do you want to exchange it for gasoline?

Are you crazy? We can not.

We released it.

Relax, Kate. We will not sell anybody.

Just go and see how it all works.

No, it's too dangerous.

Any better ideas?

lt's simple. We go, we
get gas and drive on.

Then l'll go with you.

No way. We can not
risk our leader, right?


Miranda mine.


lf you are a slave,

then should look like a slave.


Caption: ''Welcome to Nowhere''

Where are you going?

lnside. There are goods.

For such a goner many do not get.
For mines need slaves stronger.

- a slave to ublazhaniya.


Who is there to Trading?

l need gas. Have something
to offer in return.

Show it to the appraiser.

Turn around!


Can l help you?

l need to evaluate my slave.

Maybe 8 carats.

And how long is it
possible to buy fuel?

Until 7. We take a 1 carat itself.

l'm not sure it's somewhere 500 liters.

lt is necessary to check it.

Not bad.

Very well.

OK, let's see the rest.

Come on, let's go.

All right, stop.

Ladies and gentlemen!

Ladies and gentlemen, l beg
your attention! We start bidding.

Fresh hot girls with
unexplored wilderness areas.

Today you will find something special.

We have to choose the best slaves.

We guarantee the quality of our product.

Only the highest grade.

First on our list of Marie. Marie
from lllinois, ladies and gentlemen.

Great girl! Very useful both during
harvest, and in the evening.

Who will l save?

Who will give 4?

4 carats.

There are 4 carats.

Five, who will give a five?



A buyer for six. Who will give
seven? Seven, seven, seven...

Sold! A man with a big
beard Tamarkin and long.

Next lngrid. Local girl.
East River, South Dakota.

Created in order to give
pleasure. 91-7 1-91 dimensions.

Trained weasel. The Scandinavian!

And you know what that means.

We start with five.
Give me five, give 5!

There are five! 6 Give, give 6!

6! There are 6! Allow 7! 7?

Come on, seven! 7, let 7!

Six times.

Six, two.

Sold. 6 carats. The
woman with the necklace.

Now Susie Jones! Pretty babe
with a distant Mississippi.

What donors what donors.
Well, cowboys, interested?

Do not want it in your yard?

Let's start. To start 3.

3 carats.

How much you want?


Since these wastes and
half did not receive it.

And you give more?



l need gas.

l have enough gasoline for the army.

And where is it?

Sold for 3!

ln stock. Not far from here.

The appraiser said it
was worth 500 liters.

6! There are 6! Waiting
for 7! 7, who is 7?

6 times. 6, two. Sold!

Sold to a woman in a black dress.

She trained weasel?


And last for today, gentlemen. Last!

Debbie from Des Moines. Yes,
Debbie from Des Moines, lowa.

From the heart of the country.


Easily trained, excellent mechanic.

Yes, you heard right. Useful both
in the bedroom and in the garage.

Let's start with 5.

Now 6. Give 6.

Then 500 liters a good price.

7, let 7! 7!

6! 6 times. 6, two!

Sold! Debbie from Des Moines.

But l do not need it.

You there, are you? Announced his?

What a pity.

Listen. Maybe we can agree.

For example?

l'll show you.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
That's all for this week.

See you next week. Come again.

l call him Adam.

Too cowardly to Gladiator. But
the worker is worth something.

We talked about the fuel.

Looks like you're more
interested in meat, not fuel.

Why do you even so much fuel?

l have my reasons.

l have a suggestion.

Give it to me on trial for one night.
Morning zaberesh it from the warehouse.

And what's to stop you just steal it?

Take instead of Adam.

Come back to me tomorrow.

You're not too generous?

But not very much. Without actually
trying, l still would not buy.

And since we are both at least have fun.

And tomorrow, you will get your fuel.


Make yourself at home.

Coward. As he had said.

Stand up!


Show me what a man.


Sir, the man would kill
her. Soon she would be dead.

Go. You know what to do...

No, that l do not need from you.
Of you and l need information.

Tell me everything you
know about your mistress.

Who she is and how she got here?

l can not. She is my mistress.

Tomorrow l'll be your
master. One way or another.

So do not play with me.

Why would she need so much fuel?


l can not believe it.
She really sold it.

But where is it?

l'll show you who is the
coward. l'll kill for freedom!

You will die for it.

l can not believe it.

Where were you?

Hang out with the locals.

lt is surprising how much
you can learn in this way.

What about Miranda? Some people
in uniform took her somewhere.

You really sold it?

Relax, Kate. lt's only for one night.

The man who took it,
there is a fuel dump near.

He said that he would
give for it 500 liters.

Why are you sure that he will do it?

Why does not he just steal it?

Because he wants to get back his slave.

While getting something else.


He's not here.

He said that he would be
here. And will Miranda.

But he's not here!

Start, boys!

Come on, shoot.

Get back her fried ham.



Die, you lying bastard!


First bury the dead.


He is buried.

All l did this dirty
work instead of you.

Here are our friends!

You have to respect them!

What are you doing?

Raise your shovel!


Stop it.

Why? We're not going to dig his grave.

Or maybe he does not deserve the grave?

Do not shoot! l'm not armed!

Dig it!

Get out.

You give him away?

Of course the ladies.

lt does not hurt us.
We are not murderers.


No, he's dead!

No, please.

You do not understand, do
you? He is an enemy, Kate!

Do not kill the enemy
- it will kill you. So opened.

lt always was.

We do not kill unnecessarily.

Kate, he is the enemy! He must die!

Kill him and l'll kill you.

You would not. For him?

Not for him.

For what we have taught my sister Helen.

Please do not make me.

Let's do it all together.

Who is in favor of killing him?

l do not believe it!
You're all against me!

Maybe l should knock his
brains to see what you're cool?

Do it and l'll shoot.

Get out of here.

Get out.

To hell with you! To
hell with all of you!

Sometimes l think...
Maybe it's just a dream.

You never thought that
Sister Helen can be wrong.

Maybe it's just her
dream. Her dream for us.

This is not a dream.

lt is our destiny. Our future.

But this is not important.

We will walk until we
arrive. Or until we die.

The rest want to vote.
They do not want this dream.

They do not want to go further.

And you?

l am with you until the end.

Whatever we were not expecting.

So do l.

- lose something.

Who are you?
What are you doing here?

My name Eyron. l am a forester.
My wife and l live in a hut nearby.

No weapons, he is clean.

Do you have a gun at home?

Shotgun. And rifle.


A little bit.

South Dakota. Do you
know how to get there?

This is South Dakota.

And where Cheyenne Mountain?

Hence it must be through Deer Valley
and then 200 miles to the south.

Can you take us there?


But first, l'll take you to
him and we will share a meal.

But it is a good idea.

You're playing with death, if
you want to pass on deer gorge.

You will always get caught.

How is ''caught''?

There everywhere soldiers McCracken.


Leader. He owns the old silver mine.

Such a strong girl like you can
be a good performance... Or worse.

He is a reward for everyone
caught up in the ravine.

Enough... about the fishing.

ln the morning l'll take the
girls to the entrance of the gorge.

And will come under the
gun SOLDlERS McCracken?

Do not be silly, Arno.

We don't want you get involved.
Just show us the direction.

Probably for the best.

Let the girls, at least,
we will rest overnight.

All right.

Suffer from it will not be.

Going to sleep over there.

l'll put some blankets of wood.

Hey, hey! Listen to me!

What did he want?

What do you think?

He's a man.

Come on, bind it and insert the gag.

And what happens to you
when he wakes up?

lt's nothing. l'll go with you.

Let rot here alone.

l brew tea in our way.

He is trying to say something.

He says that your journey has ended.

Take them.

- to me!

Had problems?

He tried to warn them.

And he would have
succeeded, if not for me.

l do not need traitors.

But l appreciate the dedication.

Let's move! Do not stop!

Move it!

Do not stop.

See new.

Here's a new girl.

And one more.

You have nothing to fear.

- man.

And like all men
- he has a weakness.

That a woman can use.

Why are you here? With him?

Not long ago, you almost killed him.

When l left you, l went in his wake.

We talked and l realized
that we have a lot in common.

He likes strong women.

And l'm his favorite.

And the way it should stay.

What do you mean?

McCracken picked you.

Probably wants to enjoy his bed.
l do not want that to happen.

You do not have to worry. l'd rather
slit my throat than give myself to him.

lf you try, l will cut you myself.

l think it's better for both of us, if
you find yourself a real location.

Take her away. Then come back.

To work.

Our neighbor, he and Cheyenne Mountain.

They say that the car away
to her three-hour drive.

ls this true?

True. We left the place
in search of adventure.

And that's what we found.

What about the escape?

Running away is not the hard part. ln
the mine is not very strong security.

lt is difficult to get
somewhere after that.

ln McCracken trackers. Here,
too, only it has a transport.

Where it is held?

lmmediately at the exit from the mine.

So why not steal it?

lt is not so easy.

He is the only key on
a chain around his neck.

As l said
- so why not steal it?

Come on, quietly. And
you will be punished.


l can... you... award.

For your behavior you must vyses.

But l only did what the master ordered.

Or l can leave you here.

That you enjoyed my kindness.

The owner will never let me.

You know that he is old and weak flesh.

And l will be the mistress of the house.

l will spare you. Yet.

But choose on whose side you're
on. And choose quickly. Go.

Our Heavenly Father,
forgive me for my sin.

Not for the sake of earthly
vanity, but in the name of freedom.

Hallowed be thy name, Thy kingdom come.

There is only one way
to get the key McCracken.


Go to him and offer yourself.

But you can not...

l have to. This is the only chance.

l'll give the guard his reward on merit.

And we run.

Wait for me at the entrance to the mine.


l do not need.


Lisa told me that you...
inexperienced with men.

ls that so?

Lisa tried to hide you from me.

Now l see why.

And where is my reward.

Come on, l'm waiting for her.

How dare you come here?

lt again with him.

Put me!

Come here.

Relax. l'll do it myself.

You better. Much, much better.

l hope you liked it.

Because this is your end.

l have to get scared?

You can not kill me. You
do not have enough spirit.

Thou shalt not kill
- this sister Helen taught you too well.

l have long told you,
Kate. lt's all about power.

Now l've got everything, and you
will be responsible for his death.

Run while you can, killer.

You know it's a lie.

For you - a lie. For me - the truth.
Just run!

This will only make
the revenge is sweeter.


Your death will be avenged.


She killed him and tried to kill me!

Give your weapons!

Further not pass.



Faster. Zalaz'te.

l will not let you go.

You really can kill his old friend?

No way!

Liz is not the...

Liz is not the one

who will lead you to
the Cheyenne Mountain.

lt's weak body.

And the soul.

Everything is changing.

Hey! We did it!

We are free.


We must meet Kate, and
then we will be free.

Relax and wait for her.

And if she can not?

Wait until sunrise, and then leave.

Let's hide here.

Hi, Kate!

Now we are safe.

- And Makkrakenom?
- Dead. Liz killed him.

Here we go.