Daisy Winters (2017) - full transcript

Nobody Notices is a poignant, offbeat, surprisingly humorous and heartfelt story about an eleven-year-old girl's unconventional, yet deeply loving, relationship with her mother, and the daunting challenges she most confront with determination and an unrelenting belief in herself.

I'm not sure
exactly when it happened.

But at some point, I began to figure out

that nobody pays attention to things.

Nobody really notices stuff.

But it wasn't until I was in
Bill, the dead guy's house,

that I started to formulate my plan.

And I also realized

if I did it right,

I could probably get away with it.

♪ Cross my heart and hope to die ♪

♪ All that matters you and I ♪

That was a sick jump.

♪ We've been together through the years ♪

♪ We've seen laughter ♪

♪ And we've seen tears ♪

♪ You're always here ♪

♪ Never far ♪

Fear, by Daisy Winters.

Fear will settle in at
the least excepted time.

It clutches your heart.

Hard to breathe.

Fear is heavy.

Fear is sad.

Fear takes delight in your plight.

But fear is just a coward.


Because when courage comes
along, fear disappears.

Fear, it's only an illusion.
- Hey.

Fear, you can beat it

because it's really just afraid.


♪ You're always here ♪

♪ Never far ♪

Did you guys see that trick I did?

I'll be able to show the
guys that trick I did.



Those boys are a lot older than you.

You shouldn't try to keep up with them.


So, I've been seeing someone.

She's great.

I'd like you both to meet her.

That's great news.

Just say when.

If she leaves you,

will you try to kill yourself again?

Daisy, really?

No, Sandy, it's fine.

She has the right to ask that.

But, Daisy, I think this one
will last the rest of my life.

And if it doesn't?

I'll handle it much
better than the last one.

I promise.


You know, I wrote a poem about that.

I'd love to hear it.

Let's wait till after we finish eating.

I'm finished.

- So am I.
- You two.

Fine, go read it.

You asked for it.

Pills, by Daisy Winters.

She took one, then two, then three.

At around 20 she stopped counting.

She loaded up her kayak
and went to the river.

She knew she'd do it.

The feelings were too hard.

She couldn't handle it.

If it weren't for those stupid fishermen,

she would have accomplished it.

Some people are fighting for their lives,

and she was just hoping to die.

She couldn't even do it.


Well, you are quite the poet.

I really don't
understand you sometimes.

Why did you bring up the poem?

I like that poem.

You know exactly what
I mean, little miss.

Okay, I do.

But it was the truth, mom.

And maybe she'll think twice next time

she tries to off herself.

- Daisy?
- Mom, come on.

She goes and tries to kill
herself because Martha,

who's a total bitch anyway,
left her for some little twit.

Daisy, we don't use
that kind of language.

You do.

Well, I don't want you to.

I am the parent, remember?

Let's not argue.

It's not good for you.

Good morning.

Good morning, Jacks.

Why do you always have to ride that?

I wish my mom would get
me one, or even a bike.

But, she wants me to walk

for the exercise to, you know.

Don't worry, it's just baby fat.

I like walking to school with you.

He seems so happy.

I don't know.

He's always in a hurry.

He seems important to me.

I think, he's depressed.

♪ Little monsters here ♪

♪ There are ♪

♪ And we're wrapped in cotton wool ♪

So what's wrong with your mom?


Some kids at school
said that she was sick.

Why should I tell you?

I don't know,
I was just wondering.

♪ The faces they fool ♪

She's a photographer.

She's really good.

She has her own studio in our house.


My mom was sick once.

With what?


Oh, that's bad is she happy now?


Yeah, she is.

So what's wrong with your mom?

Hey, Daisy, Jackson's here.

- Hey.
- I want you to take

some cookies over to Louise.

- Okay.

And bring a plate over to Doug.

I made a lot.

- Mom.
- Daisy.



I know you from school.

You just moved here, huh?

What's your name?
- His name's Josh.

Wanna come up?

Come on up, you can do it.

That's okay there isn't enough room.


Are you still in trouble?

No, I just have to get my homework done

before I can do anything.

I finished already.

Jackson got in trouble because
he got one B on one test.

His dad's a doctor, so he
has to get all A's always.

Are you older?

What grade are you in?

Where are you from?

I came from London, but I was born here.

He's in seventh grade, come on.


These are from my mom.

And this is Josh.

You know Jackson.




Well, see you.

Well, that was totally weird.

He's weird.

He stays inside all the time.

My mom she makes me take him cookies.

She feels sorry for him.

He moved here a year ago,

and my parents don't like that
he lives across the street.

They think he does drugs.

Well, I think, he does drugs,

and I don't think you
should hang out with him.

I don't hang out with him!

I take him cookies.

My mom makes me.

And anyway who cares if he does drugs?

A lot of people do them.

Have you seen them?


But I'll race you to the end of the block!

Your friend Josh seems nice.

Where'd you meet?

We talked one day after school.

He seemed cool.

He just moved here.

And he's not like the
other seventh grade boys.

They're stupid.

Well, I have some news.

What, you have a boyfriend?

No, I don't have a boyfriend.

Your Aunt Margaret called, and...

And what?

And she's coming for a visit.

No, no, no, she can't come visit.

Daisy, she's my sister,

and she's coming for a visit.

- Why?
- Honey.

She's the only family we have.

I'd rather have no family than have her.

And besides, I do have other family

if you'd tell me.

Come on, it's time for bed.

My sister is gonna be here Sunday.

Well, there you are!

Well, come and give me a hug.

Hi, so good to see you.

You look great.

Oh, still our little tomboy.

You should see Rebecca.

She is all girl, all the time.

So Aunt Margaret was just
catching me up on everyone.


Well, so much for that plate of cookies.

So Rebecca is doing great.

Making straight A's at James Hill House.

She's also one of the top
of her equestrian class.

Oh, and we're convinced that Nicholas

is gonna be a lawyer just like his father.

And, well, Earl's practice
couldn't be better.

He just added another partner.

I cannot believe that
Rebecca's already in high school.

They grow up you so fast, don't they?

Well, she skipped a grade, remember?

- Oh.
- She loves her studies.

Wow, she seems great.

- Daisy.
- What?

I just wondered if she
was a human or an android.

Daisy, that's an awful thing to say.

Margaret, I can discipline my child.

Why don't you go upstairs.

Well, the little angel is asleep.

She told me to say she's sorry.

And she couldn't say it herself?

I just really wanted
her to get to sleep.

She's gotta get up early

for school.
- You spoil her.

If my children spoke that way,

I'd wash their mouths out with soap.

I think, it's barbaric.

Please, children need discipline

not someone they can walk all over.

God dammit, Margaret.

Do you always have to be so critical?

My daughter has had to live with the fact

that her mom has had cancer
since she was six-years-old.

She doesn't know if she's
gonna come home one day,

and I'll be dead.

A child doesn't need that.

No one needs that.

So for once in your life

try to have a little fucking compassion.

You don't have to use that language!

I know she's had a hard time!

But that doesn't excuse her behavior.

After the way you've treated her,

it's a wonder she still speaks to you.

And I have apologized.

What else can I do?

I have never laid a hand on my child.

Kids don't forget easily.

Well, how are you feeling?

What's the latest?

I'm still in remission.

For now.


And who knows?

Every time I think I've beaten it,

it just keeps coming back.

They don't know.


Margaret, please don't cry.

That was good news.

I know, I wanna be optimistic too.

I do.

But, what if...

I mean, what about Daisy?

I've spoken to the lawyer
and everything's in order.

So if when...

Daisy's gonna come and live with you,

and you will receive money
to cover her expenses.

She'll also have some money of her own.

Kids can get into trouble

with too much money or freedom.

They can buy drugs.

I trust my daughter implicitly.

These are the terms.

If you're not agreeable to them,

then she can live with Kathy.

Your lesbian friend?

I hate this.

I'm just trying to help.

If you wanna help, you will respect

the way I have chosen
to raise my daughter.

I do!

But I have to hold onto
my own beliefs too!

That's gonna help Daisy!

And you're gonna be thankful someday!

I shouldn't have
tried to have this conversation.

Fine, fine.

Well, look if you need help

settling the rest of your assets...

It's all taken care of.

And the last thing, and then
we'll be done with this,

when the time comes, I
want a simple funeral.

Pine box,

and no talk of God,

and a bit from Emerson.


I'm sorry.

I think, we both just need
to get some sleep, right?

Goodnight, Margaret.


She's a witch!

I've gotta make a plan.

No way will I ever go live with my aunt.


Your mom seems okay.

Thanks, I don't know.

Hey, Henry died yesterday.

Oh, Jacks, I'm sorry.

Why didn't you ask me
to help you bury him.

My mom said no more
burying in the backyard.

I've done it too many times.

That sucks.

What number was he?

Henry the sixth.

She made me flush him down the toilet,

not a very dignified ending,

and he lived the longest.

Well, just think about
it as a burial at sea.

That's where he'll end up.

Maybe you should try to get a pet,

like besides a goldfish.

You know I want a dog.

I love dogs so much,

but I can only have a
fish, not even a bird.

I guess, it's time for Henry the seventh.

What are you doing?

I wonder if he's out of town or dead.

What are you talking about?

His car has been in the same
exact spot since Thursday.

I wonder if he killed himself.

Daisy, you are so morbid.

Good use of the word.

Daisy, please wait up.

Look, I got an A plus on my test.

I can't wait to show my mom.



Say you're sorry!



Miss, go back under the tape.

I just have a question for you.

Go back under the tape,
and I'll send someone over.

- Oh, hi, Louise.
- Hi, Daisy.

What can I help you with, young lady.

Is he dead.

Why do you ask?

I just figured.

Why'd you figure that
did you see something?

What happened?

I think, he's dead.

You were right.

We're going to need to
talk to the both of you.

Mom, look I'm sorry.

I didn't know they'd
make us come down here.

I didn't know he really hung himself.

It's not like it was
that hard to tell though.

He seemed miserable every time I saw him.

Really, he seemed quite
pleasant and happy to me.

Yeah, I think, that was just fake happy,

kind of like Aunt Margaret.

Oh, shit.

I totally forgot about her.


There you are.

I was worried sick.

- I'm so sorry we...
- I know the whole story.

Jackson's father saw me come home,

and thank goodness 'cause he let me in,

and he explained everything.

What were you doing upstairs?

Oh, I'm sorry.

Am I only allowed in
one part of the house?

It's been a long day.

I'm exhausted and hungry.

We got some food.

Let's eat.
- Okay.

My goodness.

Don't ever go in my room again.

- I was just...
- Being nosy

and going through my stuff.

I have proof.

I was just looking in your room,

and I noticed that movie.

I'd never seen it before.

I was curious.


I can't believe your mother
allows you to watch that.

It's terrible!

Daisy, I know that it's been
difficult with your mother,

but you have such a
dark view of the world.

Not everybody's dying or
trying to kill themselves,

and these kinds of movies
and those books up there,

they're not good for you.

I like my books and my
stuff and so does my mom.

But they influence the way you think.

I mean, why else would you have assumed

that your neighbor was dead?

He was dead.

Everyone dies, Aunt Margaret.

You're gonna die one day, so am I.

Well, Sweetie...

I've gotta get some sleep.

Okay, you sleep tight,
and you say your prayers.

I don't say prayers,

at least not your kind.

Why aren't you asleep?

Oh, I can ask you the same.

What are you writing?

Some options.

Mom, I can't ever go
live with Aunt Margaret.

Daisy, aren't you up a little bit early?

Yeah, is Jackson here?

Yes, but he's getting up,
and he's getting dressed.

Okay, I'll wait.

Hi, Louise, we just came to visit.

Hi, please come in.

Here, have some refreshments.

No, we're okay.

Always loving it when
you come over, Daisy,

and I'm also happy to see you, um?

- Jackson.
- Oh, yes, Jackson.

That's right.

Listen, could you two
believe the excitement

we had on our street last week.

Why would he go and kill himself?

He was so young and handsome,

and he had money too.

I mean, he could have been a movie star.

Well, when I was much younger
and lived in Hollywood,

I met all the movie stars.

Mm-hmm, I was a hatcheck girl at Musso's.

and all the stars came in.

Mr. DiMaggio said that I looked like

the twin sister of Miss Monroe.

Oh, she was sweet as pie.

Too bad she died so young,
but you know what they say,

only the good die young.

Daisy, we shouldn't be doing this.

It's a crime scene.

Come on scaredy cat.

What are you doing?

Come over here.


You think this is his room?

A plan, by Daisy Winters.

It happened in the most unlikely place.

I just wanted to know more about Bill

and what had happened.

But now maybe Bill was helping
me from wherever he was.

We watched from Bill's closest
as his parents struggled

to come to terms with what had happened.

How does someone know?

- And there it was.
- Maybe we should.

His voice.

This is Bill.

Can't come to the phone.

Leave a message and I'll call you back.

As his mom clutched
the answering machine

to her chest like it was her child,

It's the only time

I'm ever gonna hear his voice again.

It started to
bubble up in my brain.

And then hit me.

I realized this could work.

But I couldn't breathe
a word of it to anyone,

not even my best friend Jackson.

There was a lot of work to do.

But I thought if I planned
it well, I could do it.

The plan.


Hey, what's up.

I know what you're doing.


I know what's in your backyard.


What's that?

I don't know.

I just picked it up.

I wanna go home.

We almost got caught.

Was this in his house?

Yeah, but I didn't know what it was.


Let's look at it.

No way, I'll get in trouble!


What does Doug have in his backyard?


Come on, Daisy, tell me.

I still don't think you
should've brought that

without asking her mission.

I get an allowance.

I can buy what I want.

Oh, hi, Josh.
- Here.

Hey, Daisy. Hey, Jackson.

What are you doing?


I'm just hanging out.

This is Daisy and this is Jackson.

Daisy, nice to meet you.

I'm Robert.

Hi, Mr. Robert, I'm Jackson.

Hey, Jackson, nice to meet you too.

You can just call me Robert.

He's not allowed to call
adults by their first name.

His parents won't allow him to.

But I can, Robert.

Just call me Mr. Robert then.


Is that your bike?

- Mm-hmm.
- That's so cool.

I've always wanted a motorcycle.

You want to get on it?

There you go.

Alright, if you're
gonna be on a motorbike,

you gotta wear the helmet.

How's that?

Can you maybe start it and show me stuff

and even take me for a ride?

Well, I could start it up,

but I can't take you for a ride

without your parent's permission, can I?

But, maybe next time.

- Okay, but let's start it.
- All right, all right.

You ready for this.
- Yeah.

Now this is gonna be loud, okay?

- Okay.
- You start it there.

Put the clutch in.

You ready?
- Yeah.

Hold onto your hats.

Okay, there it is.


All right, alright, let's get you off.

Thanks so much.

Well, I'll see you at school.


- Bye.
- Bye.


He's so cool.

Josh is so lucky.

There you are.

I was just about the leave.

Glad you got back in time.

I'll get that later.

Come on, Sweetheart, say
goodbye to your Aunt Margaret.

I'm gonna miss you.


Take care of yourself.


Why do we kill all of our great men?

What do you mean?

Why don't we respect them?

Many of our great women too.

It's sad sometimes, huh, Mom?

Life isn't always fair, is it?

That's why we have to
make every moment count,

every single one.

♪ Mm-ah went the little
green frog one day ♪

♪ Mm-ah went the little green frog ♪

♪ Mm-ah went the little
green frog one day ♪

♪ And they all went mm, mm, ah ♪

♪ But we know frogs go ♪

♪ La, dee, da, dee, da ♪

♪ La, dee, da, dee, da ♪

♪ La, dee, da, dee, da ♪

♪ We know frogs go la, dee, da, dee, da ♪

♪ They don't go mm, mm, ah ♪


Oh, hi, Aunt Margaret.

It's your sister!

Hi, there.

No, no, no, no

I'm just shooting something right now.

Yeah, it's for a client.

Uh-huh, it's gotta be done by tomorrow.

She's doing great.


Thanks for checking in, bye.

The soul of our dear
sister here departed.

We therefore commit
her body to the ground.

Earth to earth,

ashes to ashes,

dust to dust.

In sure and certain hope

of the resurrection to eternal life.

I think he's buried
around here somewhere

since he was just buried.

I think it's weird to bury people.

They're supposed to be
burned and set free.

What do you think happens
to people when they die?

Do you think they're set free?

Yeah, I do.

But then I think they're reincarnated,

and that's the cycle of life.

I like that.

What do you think you were?

I don't know.

Sometimes at night when I can't sleep,

I look out my window at
the stars and dark sky

and think about it.

I like that you think
about that stuff too.

Maybe we were birds
together in our past lives.

Here he is.

His name was William Joseph Fulton.

He was only 33.

I'm leaving now.

And if you don't come, I'll tell on you.


Okay, just a second.

And besides if you tell on me,

you'll get in trouble too.

And I'll tell about the magazine.

I hope you're happier now.


So these are
your mom's photographs?

Yeah, she's great.

Here's her card.

Is that why you're named Daisy?


So, who are you gonna be for Halloween?

A witch, my mom's gonna be one too.

What about you?

I don't know.

Do you wanna go out?

No, I'm gonna stay inside,

and hand out candy to the
little kids with my mom.

I didn't mean for Halloween.

I meant do you wanna go out, out?

Out as in go steady?

Yeah, I know you're
younger than me, but I...

It has nothing to do with that.

But, Josh, I know.

Know what?

It's okay.

We're friends and I know.

Know what?

I can't go out with
you 'cause you're gay.

- I'm not gay!
- Josh!

It's okay that you're gay.

You're still one of my best friends.

Daisy, you think you
know everything about me!

Well, I'm not gay, and
I'm not your friend.

I think you're gay and weird.

You're home early, aren't you?

Everything alright?

No, I hate Daisy.


Uh, what's brought that all about?

Nothing, she's just stupid.

I don't wanna talk about it.


Well, if you wanna talk about it,

you know where I am, right?

Well, done, you've got
it all over your face.


You know that this key

is for the box that's on my dresser.

Inside that box there are three letters.

Those letters are private,

not for you to read or look at.

If anything happens to me,

I want you to mail them, understood?

This is unnecessary, you know.

There's one in there for you.

Do you promise me?

Perfect timing.

Hey, hey, hey.

Promise me.

Yeah, I promise.

Okay, what is up?

Hellen asked me to go with her to Mexico

for the next few months.


Of course, you have to go.

Don't be ridiculous.

How are you feeling?

I am feeling great, I promise.

Now is a good time.

When would you leave?

The day after Christmas.

Look what I found.


How old were you when you
first knew you were gay?


This is a good one.

Around 12 or 13, why?

'Cause my friend Josh.

Well, he asked me out,
like to go out steady,

and I said no 'cause he was gay.

And he got really mad.

Why do you think he's gay?

I don't know, I just do.

Well, if he is, he
might not realize it yet.

I think, you should let him tell you.

Will you get that?


Hey, listen, I meant it.

Go to Mexico for a few months.

It'll be great.

We'll be fine.
- I'll just be

a phone call away if you need anything.

Hey, Jackson, you
remember my friend, Kathy?

Yes, I do.

- Hi.

I can't really stay.

I just came over to see if I could borrow

Daisy's recording device.


I don't have a recording device.

- Yeah, that one.
- Jackson!

I don't have one.

Oh, okay.

Mom, can I walk Jackson home?


Jacks, there are some things

that I don't want my mom to know about,

and you've gotta pay
attention to those things.

I'm sorry, I didn't know.

But your mom's so cool.

I thought you told her everything.

Most stuff, yeah, but not everything.

Not things that will worry her.

- Like what?
- Just some things.

My mom's got a lot on her mind right now.

Kath, have I totally
screwed up my daughter?

Not at all, why?

Well, for one she's bossy.

Poor Jackson is the only
friend who'll put up with her,

and she's already offended
Josh by telling him he's gay.

She's got absolutely no
filter on that mouth of hers.

And lately she won't stop
bugging me about who her dad is.

Why not just tell her?

What would I say?

I fell in love with a married man,

and I never told him about you

because I didn't wanna wreck his marriage.

Well, I wouldn't quite
put it that way, but.

Look what we're playing with.

I've had this since I was five-years-old.

She's stuck in time warp.

And what other kid her age
even knows who Cat Stevens is?

Yeah, but how many mothers
were obsessed with him

the way you were?

So she wants to be like you.

What's so bad about that?

But a little less
intensity would be nice

every once in a while.

♪ Think I've finally found ♪
- Thanks again.

Some more things will be coming over soon.

And remember, it's a surprise for my mom.

So, don't say anything.

Don't worry, I love surprises.

♪ The rays of sun will shine on us ♪

♪ Tomorrow like today ♪

♪ Like winter turns into spring ♪

Good morning.
♪ Like night ♪

Good morning.
♪ Turns into day ♪

Good morning, sleepy.

♪ We will always have a song to sing ♪

♪ And the love will show us the way ♪

♪ The scars will heal ♪

♪ Again we will feel ♪

♪ You will never be alone ♪
- Alright, give me some.

♪ Like winter turns into spring ♪

Thank you so much, children.

♪ Like night turns into day ♪

♪ We will always have our sing to sing ♪

♪ And love will show us the way ♪

Thank you.

Trick or treat?

We have a trick for you.

Reach inside the bowl.


- Thank you.
- Trick or treat?

- Trick or treat?
- Trick or treat?

- Trick or treat?
- Trick or treat?

- Trick or treat?
- Trick or treat?

- Trick or treat?
- Trick or treat?

- Trick or treat?
- Trick or treat?

Trick or treat.

Man, this is so cool.

You guys did even better than last year.

You guys look so pretty.

Oh, awesome costumes.
- Thank you.

The apple's very nutritious.

Alright, we should get going.

A couple of more houses to get to.

And your father hasn't
even seen your costume yet.

Oh, he's gonna love it.

Jackson, you make a very handsome vampire.

Thank you, guys.

I think my dad would like
to see me in my costume too.

Don't you think?

Trick or treat?

Trick or treat?

Thank you.

Thank you.

♪ You thought that you were life ♪

♪ Just wait till you're home ♪

♪ The more you take to your hands ♪

♪ The less you control ♪

Mom here's to an awesome last year

and an even more awesome new year.

And here's to my amazing daughter.

♪ La, la, la, la, la, la ♪

♪ La, la, la, la, la, la ♪

Hey, Josh.

Listen, it's a new year.

So can we go back to being friends?

I take back what I said.

It was wrong, okay?

Listen, I'm sorry.

I miss you, come on.

Okay, but if you ever, ever
say anything like that again.

Got it, I won't, I promise.

Okay, then.


Oh, hi, Dr. Resnick.

That explains the headaches.

It sure is persistent, huh.


Okay, can I have the weekend?


All right, well, I will
see you Monday then.





It's Robert.

- Robert Stergen?
- Yeah.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Listen, I hope you don't mind me calling.

It's just that I just
thought it was, you know,

just such a coincidence that our kids

are at the same school, right?

I mean, yeah, Josh is my son.

You know that right?

No, I actually.

I guess, I just never
figured him to be that age.

Yeah, we moved back from
London this past summer.

And they meet at school.

Kind of amazing, right?

I'll say.

He's a really great kid.

Thank you.

Anyway, so how are you?

Well, Daisy and I are doing great.

Yeah, we are.

We're quite the pair.

You never married.


Wow, okay.

Do you want to grab a coffee
or something sometime?

I mean, just because our
kids are friends at school.

Do you wanna do that?


You know, let me can I get
back to you on that one?



No, thank you for calling.

It's nice to hear your voice.

It's good to speak with you too.

Bye, Sandy.



He give me the creeps.

He's macabre.

Macabre, huh?

Nice word, but can you spell it?


Jacks, got into the state spelling bee.

His parents are very happy.


That's cool.

I'll see you later.
- Okay.

I'm glad we're talking again.


So, are you friends again now?


Is he your best friend?

Jacks, I only have one best friend.

My mom and then you.

Daisy, is that enough?

This hurts.


Mom, I'm in the backyard!

I'm coming!
- Daisy.

You okay?


I just had a bit of a rough day.


What are you doing?

You could've gotten hurt.

Just don't tell anyone, okay?

Okay, I won't.

Hey, that was a cool movie.

I didn't know if I'd like it, but I did.

Mm-mm, Me too.

Mom, are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Just a little dizzy.

It's just a slight headache.

Don't worry.

I can't wait until tomorrow.

I love when we go antiquing.

It's so much fun.

I love it too.

I've been thinking about your dad more.

I never told you about your
dad because it was complicated.

I figured that I was
the result of an affair.

Daisy, why would you say that?

Well, either that or
I was an alien baby.

So you wouldn't hate me for that?

I could never hate you for anything.

I love you too much.

I love you too much, too.

Why are you asleep here?

Mom, come on get up.

It's 9:30 we overslept.

Mom, come on get up.

Are you okay?

Yes, hi, my mom she isn't breathing!

Am I sure what?

Oh, yeah.

Never mind.

She's okay.

Yeah, she just woke up.

Yeah, she's fine.


I love you, mommy.

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ You're now hit against ♪

♪ Even this ♪

♪ Empty handed fist ♪

♪ Can you ever be unburned ♪

♪ Forever is gone away ♪

♪ Dreaming is wide they say ♪

♪ But can you ever be unhurt ♪

♪ Stones on water ♪

♪ Were always meant to sink ♪

♪ Were always meant to sink ♪

♪ Stones on water ♪

♪ Were always meant to sink ♪

♪ Were always meant to sink ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

I know how to do everything.

I'm just gonna miss you so much.

But I'll write you poems
and talk to you every day.

Hi, Mrs. Kumar, is Jackson in?

Yeah, he is, but it's getting late.

Even though it's Sunday it's
still a school night, okay?

He can't come out.

I know, I just need his
help for a few minutes.

Hi, Daisy.

You can go with Daisy but I
want you home in 10 minutes.

Do you understand that?

Listen, my mom's sick,
and she needs her bed moved.

And I can't do it myself, so
I made this pulley system.

And I need your help.

Is that the thing you
made me get in before?

I won't get in it again.

No, you don't have to.


You pull this.

And here's your walkie-talkie.

So, that's how I'll communicate with you.

- Okay.

That's good, Jacks.

Just a little bit more.

Okay, Daisy.

A little bit harder.

Come on!

Sorry, mom.

Did I do okay?

It wasn't very hard.

Yeah, perfect.

Did that move your mom's bed.


Can I see?

Oh, Jacks my mom's sick with the flu.

But she says hi and thanks.

I don't want you to get in trouble.

You should go.

You can hold onto that,

like if we need to talk to each other.


Bye, Daisy.

Bye, jacks.

Mom, I know this is what you wanted.

Aunt Margaret would have
never done this the right way.

I wish there were more people.

But, well you know.

And so I look on those sentiments

which make the glory of the human being,

love, humility, faith.

As being also the intimacy
of divinity in the atoms,

and that as soon as the woman is right,

assurances and previsions emanate

from the interior of
her body and her mind.

As when flowers reach their ripeness,

incense exhales from them,

and as beautiful atmosphere
is generated from the planet

by the averaged emanations
from all its rocks and soils.

♪ To be alive is to be in love ♪

♪ It's to open your arms
and receive from above ♪

♪ To smile so big you can't hear a sound ♪

♪ To trust in your heart
as if no one's around ♪

♪ With a love so true ♪

♪ With a love so true ♪

♪ With a love so true ♪

♪ It never could fail ♪

♪ To open your hand is to understand ♪

♪ What must it take for a man to stand ♪

♪ So one step for you and another for me ♪

♪ To keep moving on ♪

♪ To the bright light we see ♪

♪ With a love so true ♪

♪ With a love so true ♪

♪ With a love so true ♪

♪ It never could fail you ♪

♪ With our love so true ♪

♪ With our love so true ♪

♪ With our love so true ♪

♪ It never could fail you ♪

Good morning, Daisy, I'm
not tired at all, are you?

A little bit.

But thanks for helping me last night.

My mom's better now.

Okay, good, I worry when she's sick.



Are you feeling okay today?

Oh, yeah, fine.

Good, and how's your mom?

She's great.

She's doing great.

See you later.

Okay, bye.

You said there were three
letters in there besides mine.

Where's the one to my dad?

I thought you would have written him one.

What happened?

Where's his letter.

It's okay.

I know, I promised to mail the others.

But I can't.

I'd rather just stay here with you.

Just the two of us, like it's always been.

Hey, Daisy!

You wanna do something?


I finished all my homework.

I had some tuna fish and salad for dinner.

And I'm gonna go to sleep now.


She's expecting.


Oh, hi, Aunt Margaret.

Yeah, she's upstairs.

Hold on, let me get her.

Mom, it's Aunt Margaret!

Hold on, here she is.

Hi, there.

No, I'm just shooting something right now.

Mom, let me talk to her.

Hi, Aunt Margaret.

Do you think you could send me a Bible?

♪ Anything that you might do ♪

Hi, Daisy, how are you?

I'm good, how are you?

I'm good, how's your mother?

I haven't seen her for a while.

She's good.

You know, just been busy
with work and everything.

I see, okay.

Say hello to her for me.

- Okay, bye.
- Bye.

I miss you, Mom.

♪ Mm-ah went the little
green frog one day ♪

♪ Mm-ah went the little green frog ♪

♪ Mm-ah went the little
green frog one day ♪

♪ And they all went mm, mm, ah ♪

♪ But we know frogs go ♪

♪ La, dee, da, dee, da ♪

♪ La, dee, da, dee, da ♪

♪ La, dee, da, dee, da ♪

♪ But we know frogs go
la, dee, da, dee, da ♪

♪ They don't go mm, mm, ah ♪



Mom, it really, really hurts.

I think, it's broken.

Are you okay?

I'm fine.

Your arm doesn't look fine.

I'm gonna be okay.

I'm just waiting for a cab
to take me to the hospital.

I'll take you.

No, that's fine.

They probably won't
treat you without an adult.

Come on we'll take my dog.

I didn't know you had a dog.

Yeah, I just got him.

He's a rescue.

His name is Sunshine.

You know where the hospital is, right?

- Yeah.
- Well, you better

take me there.

Where else would I take you?

Daisy, I'm only helping you
because your mom's not around.

She's around.

She's just busy.

Thanks for helping me,

and for saying you were my uncle.

You're a good liar.

I'll take that as a compliment.

I'll walk you up.

No, that's okay.

Be sure and eat this.

Call me if you need anything.


And, thanks for the food and everything.

Bye, Sunshine.

I'm really tired and
today was not a good day.

Bye, Jacks.
- Bye, Daisy.

Hope your arm feels better.

Hey, Doug!

Hi, Sunshine.

Hey, Sandy, it's Kath.

It's not going so great here in Mexico.

Please call me back.

I just need to hear your voice.

Okay, bye.

Sandy, it's Margaret.

Are you there?

I'm getting really worried.

I haven't heard from you,

and I've been leaving messages.

And I just really need
you to call me back, okay.

And Daisy, if you're getting this,

will you please, please
tell your mother to call me.

Oh, hi.

I baked you some brownies.

I thought they might help with your arm.


Yeah, my mom's out for a while,

but we really appreciate it.

Maybe we could eat
some brownies together?


We'll eat out here.

You want some milk?



You haven't brought me cookies in a while.

I thought maybe it was my turn.

Oh, yeah, sorry about that.

My mom and I have just been really busy.

How is it?

Oh, good.

I mean, better.

Thanks for helping me with it.

I should give your mom the paperwork

from the hospital sometime.

Yeah, okay.

My parents were in a car accident

when I was about your age.

I got put in a foster home.

It sucked.

By the time I was 16 I'd runaway
from my last foster home.

Your mom and dad died in an accident?

My dad did.

My mom's still alive.

Where is she?

In a nursing home not far from here.

The accident left her brain damaged.

She's like a child.

I go see her.

Sorry, that wasn't funny.

Wait how do you have your own house?

My grandpa left me
and my mom some money,

and I'm good with computers.

I created some programs.

Hey, don't anymore of those.

I shouldn't have made them that way.

What do you mean?

It's the only thing I know how to cook.

I thought they might make you feel better

mellow you out, take a with a the pain.

It was stupid don't eat anymore.

Oh, god.

Are these pot brownies.

My mom told me about these once

when we were cooking.

You know, hippies used to eat these.

Yeah, hippies.

Are they from your backyard?



Do you think I could live okay on my own?

I don't know.

What do you think?

I think, I could.

I mean I'm almost 12.

Well, then I think you could too.

I think you've been doing okay so far.

It's okay.

I know what's up.

I won't tell anyone.

Foster homes suck.

Hey, come.

I'm sorry.

I just miss my mom so much.

It's been so hard keeping it a secret.

And if anyone finds out,

I mean, anyone else,

I'll have to stay with.

You're doing a great job.

Who do you have to stay with?

My aunt.

She's terrible, she really is.

And there's no one else?

No, nobody.

I don't know if you're
gonna be able to keep this

secret till you're 18.

Maybe I can.

I mean, it hasn't been that hard.

Nobody really pays attention.

Nobody notices anything.

Stay here.

Don't say anything.

Whoever it is I'll handle it.

No problem.

Oh, hi, Ms. Barnett.

What's up?

I just stopped by to
see if your mother's home.

She missed her last two
parent-teacher appointments

and hasn't called.

That not like her.

Oh, she's out now.

I was supposed to give
you a note about those,

but I forgot.

I'll tell her you stopped by, gotta go.

Daisy, is everything okay?

I really am concerned.

Your mom always shows up.

It's fine, really.

She's just been busy.

Well, she has this new boyfriend,

and she hasn't been around a lot.

Oh, that's okay.

Just make sure she calls me.

Here's my home number.

Hi, I'm Doug you must
be Daisy's teacher.

Sandy's out, but it was my fault

about the parent-teacher conference.

I forgot to remind her.

I'll make sure one of us
is at the next one, thanks.

Thank you, Doug.

So, nobody notices, huh?

Shoot, what am I gonna do?

I think, that'll hold
her off for a while.

It's kind of warm tonight.

I think I'm gonna sleep here with you.

Goodnight, Mom.

I love you.

Oh, shit, what time is it?

It's 10:30.

Come on.

You know this chord?

No, what is it?

It's B major.


I'll come over later after I finish

my homework and spelling practice.

Okay, bye, Jacks.

Daisy, wait!

How dare you, you promise.

This has nothing to do with you.

I'm bringing Sunshine over
for you to take care of her.

I'm in a bit of trouble.

Oh, you didn't tell them?

No, so just be cool, okay.

What'd you do?

Wait is it about what's in your backyard?

No, listen, I can't
explain everything right now,

but I did some stuff
with my computer, so...

You're a hacker!

Here's the key to my house.

You'll find all Sunshine's
food and stuff there.

Don't worry I'll call you later.

Daisy, take care of him.

Oh, god.

What happened?

Who are those guys that took Doug?

Why do you have his dog?

Are you his friend now?

Where's your mom?

Doug asked me to keep his dog

'cause those police guys
were taking him away,

and my mom's out of town for a few days.

So, who's watching you?


Since your mom's gone for a few days

who's your babysitter?

She asked Doug to be,

but I guess I'll just
call her and ask her.

Daisy, something's going on

and you aren't telling me.

What are you talking about?

Nothing's going on.

I already figured it out.

Your mom's sick again.

That's why she's not around.

Yeah, that's it.

My mom is sick again.

You can come they with me.

I can just tell my mom you need to

spend the night for a little while.

No, don't you dare say a word.

Okay, but, I'll turn on my walkie.

Don't be scared, bye.

What am I gonna do?

This is the
State Correctional Facility.

Please accept a collect
call from Doug Anderson,

Doug Anderson.

This is the State.



Hello, Doug.

Oh, hi, Aunt Margaret.

She's not here right now.

No, she isn't.

She's fine.

No, she's just busy.

Yeah, she's out.

I think, I hear her coming.

Hold on a second.

Okay, hold on here she is.

Hi, there.

Sandy pick up the phone.

What was that?

What's going on?

Sandy I have not heard from you.

Now what is happening?

Daisy, pick up the phone this minute.

That was not your mom.

Okay, fine if I don't
hear back from you tonight

I'm gonna come out.

On the next flight I am coming.

Jackson, it's Daisy.

Do you copy?

Jackson, do you copy?

Doug, ran away.

He's fine.

We'll be fine.

I'm almost 12.

That's old enough.

Good morning, mister sleepy head.

Morning, Dad.

What's up?

How you doing?

Listen, you might have heard

your mom and I talking last night.

You mean arguing, yeah.

Yeah, arguing.

But it's all right we worked out it, okay.

So it's all good.

But there is something that
I need to talk to you about.

Sometimes things happen
that we never bargain for,

and, you know, we're all human.

We all make mistakes.

Just get to the point.

What'd you do to screw up, Dad?

Sorry, I have to leave you.

I'll be back though,

and we'll be fine.

Come on, Sunshine.

Well, find the rest of your food here.

Hey, Daisy.

It's Josh's dad.

Do you remember me?


Of course, what are
you doing on my street?

Well, actually I came by to see you.


Well, I thought you might wanna go on

that motorcycle ride that I promised you.

Oh, I can't right now.

I'm kind of busy.

Where you off to?

Nowhere, just going home.

How'd you break your arm?

Riding on my bike.

I'm sorry.

I'm glad you and Josh are talking again.

Yeah, me too.

He really likes you.

Daisy, where's your mom is she around?

Yeah, she's just busy.

Daisy, I don't even
know how to say this.

I received this yesterday.

I knew your mom a while ago.

Well, we were quite fond of one another.

What do you mean?

I'm just gonna read this letter to you.

Dear, Robert, this was a
difficult letter to write.

I've written it a million times.

But now knowing that you're back here

and our kids are friends,
I thought it was time.

You read the rest.

So you're my dad.

Are you sure?

I mean, I guess so
I don't think your mom

would've written this
letter if she wasn't sure.

Where is your mom, Daisy?

Sweetheart, you can tell me.

So that's all of it.

Am I gonna be in trouble?


But I'm here now.

I'm just sorry you had to go
through all this on your own.

So you're really my dad.

Did you really love my mom?

Very much.

Oh, now I get why she never told me.

You were married with a kid, shit.

Daisy, when I first met your mom,

I was bowled over.

We were only friends 'cause I was married.

Now somethings happen in life
that you're not proud of.

But at the same time you don't regret.

That's how it was with your mom.

I know, really I do.

I understand.

You understand me too, right?


I'm sorry, but I waited for you.

But then I just wondered what was going on

and if you were okay, Daisy?

Yeah, everything's okay.

I need to talk to him by myself.

Daisy, why didn't you ever tell me this?

You could've trusted me.

I know, Jacks, I wanted to,

really I did almost every day.

I just didn't want you to worry,

or maybe accidentally tell your mom.

I would've kept it a secret.

I've kept lots of secrets for you.

I know you would've.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

Does this mean you're gonna
live at Josh's house now?

I hope so.


Well, you'll always be
my best friend, Jacks,

and I really mean it, truly.

Oh, no, Daisy.

Oh, brother.

I got this.

Are you alright?


That was my mom's favorite book.


Dad, I'm okay.

We're gonna be okay.


Yeah, we're gonna be good.

♪ Sometimes this life seems no giving ♪

♪ Sometimes it seems to only take ♪

♪ Ah, tell me, tell me, tell me ♪

♪ Where's that good feeling ♪

♪ Why it seems every turn's a mistake ♪

♪ Give me something good ♪

♪ Give me something right ♪

♪ Give me something true ♪

♪ Open my eyes ♪

♪ You gotta believe that
there's always an answer ♪

♪ You gotta know that
there's always a way ♪

♪ You gotta believe that
there's so much to live for ♪

♪ You know that we can make a change ♪

♪ Sometimes this hard
feels like bleeding ♪

♪ Sometimes it rains only pain ♪

♪ Ah, tell me, tell me, tell me ♪

♪ Where's that good feeling ♪

♪ Why it seems every turn's a mistake ♪

♪ Give me something good ♪

♪ Give me something right ♪

♪ Give me something true ♪

♪ Open our eyes ♪

♪ You gotta believe that
there's always an answer ♪

♪ You gotta know that
we can make a change ♪

So after
everything that happened

next door to Jackson,

his mom decided having a dog
wasn't that big of a deal.

And I learned,

some people do notice things.

♪ Can't never get no love ♪

♪ Couldn't never get no love ♪

♪ Don't never get no love ♪

♪ You gotta believe that
there's always an answer ♪

♪ You gotta know that
there's always a way ♪

♪ You believe that there's
so much to live for ♪

♪ To know that we can make a change ♪

♪ You gotta believe that
there's always an answer ♪

♪ You gotta know that
there's always a way ♪

♪ You gotta believe that
there's always an answer ♪

♪ You gotta know that
there's always a way ♪

♪ You gotta believe that
there's so much to live for ♪

♪ To know that we can make a change ♪

♪ You gotta know that
we can make a change ♪