Daisy Diamond (2007) - full transcript

A tragic story about Anna who dreams of one thing only: making it as an actress. She moves from Sweden to Copenhagen to pursue her dream. But fate has something else in store for her. Though she struggles to give her 4 month old daughter a good start in life, she ultimately fails to unite her dream of acting with a safe and loving environment for her child, culminating in a desperate act that has fatal consequences for Anna and her daughter.

We need more.

Get any money from your parents
for your birthday?

Give it to me.

- I need it.
- For what?

A train ticket to Copenhagen.

- Why are you going to Copenhagen?
- For a film audition.

You're too ugly to be an actress.
You're so stupid.

- Stop it.
- You look okay now. You look great.

- I'm going to be an actress.
- No one wants to look at you.

- Hand over the money. Hand it over.
- No.

Hand it over!


- Do you love me? Do you?
- Yeah.

You're only saying that because
you're afraid I'll steal your money.

Don't you hide money from me.
Don't hide your fucking money!

- Prove you love me.
- How?

Beg for it. Go on.
Beg for it.

I'm not on the pill. Lay off!

- Calm down.
- I told you to beg for it!

Okay! Fuck me. Fuck me.

Let go.

Let go.

Thank you!
We can't work in that racket.

I'm sorry.

There, there, Daisy.

Thank you, that was great.

You've got great energy,
many fine moments and a nice face.

But I'm afraid
we can't use you this time.


This just won't work, Daisy.
We have to help each other.

I don't know what else do to.

You promised to be quiet.
But you never listen.

We're running out of money.
Get it, Daisy?

If you'd let me do these auditions,
I could make some money for us.

But oh no, not you. You only care
about yourself and no one else.

You little monster.

Who are you?

I ought to sell you
and make a few bucks.

You cried when you came out of me.
You didn't want to be born.

I struggled for 23 hours
to get you out.

You knew you'd only cause me pain.

Think I don't feel like
crying and screaming too?

You're a child.

You haven't earned the right to show
the world all your discontent.

Just because I'm your mother, I don't
have to put up with your tantrums.

Think I don't get it?

You hate me because
I forced you into this world.

Is that what you want me to say?

So you get an excuse to think
I'm a terrible mother?

I may well be,
but you know what?

Even if you cry and scream
the rest of your life, -

- I'll still love you more
than anything else.

There, there.

Calm down.

Hush now.

It was at a party, right?

It was late and rowdy.

As the day was dawning,
someone said:

"You have almost everything
as a woman and as an artist."

"But you lack motherliness."

You thought it ludicrous and laughed.
But it haunted you later.

You grew concerned and finally
let your husband impregnate you.

You wanted to become a mother.

You became afraid
when there was no turning back.

Afraid of the responsibility.
Afraid of being tied down.

Afraid of losing the theater,
afraid of the pain, of dying.

Afraid of your swelling body.

But you keep playing the part.

The part of a happy,
young expectant mother.

Everyone said: "She's so beautiful.
More beautiful than ever before."

You tried several times
to procure an abortion, but in vain.

When you realized it was irrevocable,
you hated the child.

You wished for it
to be stillborn.

You wished
your baby would die at birth.

You wanted a stillborn child.

It was a long and complicated birth
that dragged out for several days.

They had to deliver the child
by forceps.

You regarded the disfigured child
with revulsion and whispered:

"Please die soon. Please die."

But he survived. The boy cried
day and night, and you hated him.

You were scared.
You were plagued by guilt.

Finally, relatives and a nanny
took care of the baby.

And you could rise
and return to the theater.

It won't do
if you don't remember your lines.

I'm sorry but my daughter
was sick all night.

Well, your daughter isn't auditioning
for the part, is she?

But your troubles weren't over.

The little boy developed
an intense love for his mother.

You tried to avoid it because
you felt you couldn't return it.

You kept trying
but it was awkward and cruel...

Stop! I want her to be cold as ice
but you're on the verge of tears.

You think he's repulsive
and you're afraid.

Go on.

It just won't work.
You do realize that, don't you?

Let's try the other girl.

- I can do it.
- Thank you! Next.

- Please consider me for the part.
- We'll let you know.

- I want to know now.
- Didn't you hear me? Thank you!

We'll send you a letter. Next!

You might as well leave.
I got the part.

Didn't you hear me? Go away.
She's found the one she wants.

Come along.

Karl-Henrik and I rented
a cottage by the sea.

Karl-Henrik and I rented
a cottage by the sea.

It was in June and we had
the place all to ourselves.

One day he went to town
and I went to the beach on my own.

It was a hot, sunny day.

Another girl was there.
She lived on a nearby island -

- but had paddled over to our beach
because it was more undisturbed.

We lay there side by side
completely naked in the sun.

We dozed off and woke up
and just lay there.

We wore these cheap
straw hats.

Mine had a blue band.

I lay there peering out
from under the hat.

- Taking in the scenery...
- Shut up!

Why aren't you crying now? You only
do it to ruin everything for me.

You ruin it
for everyone else, too.

They wanted to watch the film
but you ruined it.

They thought: "What
an impossible brat." But you're not.

You're not impossible.
But all you can do is cry.

You can't even tell me
what you're upset about.

What are you so upset about?

Is it me?

Am I the one who upsets you so?


That's you. See?

That's you and me.
Little Daisy.

Give Mommy a smile.

Look, Daisy. You and me.

My beautiful little Daisy.

Remember when we went
to the woods? Yes, you do.

We laid down in the grass by the lake
and you reached for a flower.

It was a daisy.

Yes, you reached out like that.
And I took your little hand in mine.

You grabbed my finger
and held it tight.

And you smiled. That was
the first time I saw you smile.


Yes, you do.

You were awfully beautiful.

Look at my belly.
All saggy.

And my breasts are droopy
like two empty bags.

And it's all your fault.

Happy now?
No one else wants Mommy.

You've got me all to yourself.

I'm sorry.
That was a dumb thing to say.

Please don't cry.

Please, Daisy.
Don't cry anymore.

I can't stand any more of it.

If you really love me,
you'll stop crying right now.


Good God!
I can't do anything with you.

All you can do is scream.

That's enough. Be quiet.

Stop screaming
and everything will be all right.

Where have you been?
Your letters didn't reveal much.

- Your sister's right. You're a mess.
- Look at yourself. You're a loser.

So you come running back to Daddy.
Daddy's little pet, huh?

Do you want to know a secret?
I'm really quite proud of you.

You and I don't put on a show.

We're true to ourselves
and always have been,

I remember you in your crib,

I put my finger
into your little hand -

- and you grabbed it
and held it tight.

And I said to myself:
"That's my girl!"

- Daddy...
- She's got willpower.

The others' hands were like Jell-o.
But not yours.

- I didn't become an actress.
- No, I guessed you'd failed.

Or else you wouldn't have returned
without the Palms, would you?

I became a hooker.

- I've been fucked by strange men.
- A piece of chocolate, anyone?

Excuse me, but someone's baby
is crying its head off out here.

- Oh, come on! We're doing a scene.
- Whose child is it out here?

Someone has got to own that kid.

- It's mine.
- I see. You've got kids?

- It's my sister's. I'm babysitting.
- And what a fine job you're doing.

I'm sorry.

Let's get on with it. Next!

- Thanks. Maybe we'll call you.
- She's not mine, so it's no problem.

Welcome. Take a seat.

That's your mother,
your sister and your father.

Let's start from the top.

You have to go to sleep now.

I have to, anyway.

You can stay awake
but I need to get some sleep.

You don't decide when I get to sleep.
You don't decide everything.


I'm going to sleep. Good night.

God, you're mean.
Can't I sleep for just five minutes?

Be quiet.

Shut up and go to sleep!

Shut up, will you?

I'm sorry for yelling at you
and being so unreasonable.

Forgive me.

I only want what's best for you.
It's not your fault I'm your mother.

You shouldn't have to listen
to all my crap.

Why I want the part? I believe
I can add something unique to it.

I'm going to draw on
my own experiences.

Promise me to be quiet.

You really have to
help me now, Daisy. Don't cry.


Okay. Let's get a move on.

I can do it.

I can do it.

- Hi. Anna Nordberg?
- Yes.

- What are you going to do for us?
- I'm playing Laura, the blond.

I believe I can add
something unique to the part -

- by drawing on my own experiences.
"Insight" sounds so pretentious...

- Right, fine. Got any training?
- I attended a drama school in Malm?.

- Which one?
- The Malm? Private Drama School.

- Never heard of it.
- But it didn't meet my standards.

Walk up and down, please.

Imagine you're the sexiest woman
alive out to score Brad Pitt.

Could you loosen up
your hips a little?

Try to use your entire body,
including the upper part, -

- to get a better flow.

Okay, look, Anna.

I don't see you as a sexy bimbo.

- I can too play sexy.
- And your breasts are too small.

- I'll buy a push-up bra.
- There are nude scenes, too.

They look much larger on screen.
Give me a chance.

- I already have.
- I'm sexier than everyone else!

I'm sure you are.

You don't know shit. You're a lousy
director. Everyone puts you down.

Directors, actors and critics.
All your films are crap!

Okay, fine.
Thanks for coming.

- No.
- Yes, go away.

No, you have to give me
another chance. Give me a chance!

You have to give me chance
to show what I can do.

Give me something I can work with.
Looking sexy isn't acting!

Only soap opera directors want that.
Give me a chance.

I can play any role better than
anyone else! I can be anything!

Actually, that was quite good,
only we're not looking for a psycho.

Bye for now.

You have to eat.

I need peace to work
so I can get a job and earn money.

You don't want to live
on the streets, do you?

Please, Daisy.
For my sake, try again.

It's really yummy. Look.

Come on.

Please, Daisy,
don't be so pigheaded.

I haven't got any more milk. How long
are you going to punish me for that?

You're going to die if you don't eat.
Eat something, now!

I'm sick of discussing this.
I'm in charge here!

You're going to eat now.
You're going to eat now, God damn it!

Open wide.



Please sleep. All night.

You have to. Good night.

Now what's wrong?

Great, Daisy!
Trust you to do it now!

You know all the stores are shut.
Smart move, Daisy!

You always make things so difficult.
We haven't got any diapers.

No diaper here, no diaper there.
Trust you to do this!

Pee, pee, pee!
Are you happy now, Daisy?

Shut up! Shut up!

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

Shut up! I can't take it anymore.
Shut up!

I can't take it anymore.

I can't take it anymore.

Shut up!

Forgive me.

You deserve to go to hell.
How can anyone forgive you for this?

I want her back.
I want her to come back.

It's too late.

She'll never cry again.
Happy now?

I didn't mean to kill her.
I just couldn't...

I didn't mean to..

Spare me your excuses.
Your action speaks for itself.

You ought to be hanged... and shot.

I'm not an evil person.
She kept crying and I could take it.

I didn't want to...
I didn't mean to...

You're an evil, repulsive person.
May you burn in hell.

I want to make it right.

I want her back.
I want to tell her I'm sorry.

- I love her.
- It's too late.

I love her...

Thank you.

It says you speak fluent Danish
but it doesn't sound like it.

But I do. "The rain
in the Danish plain falls mainly..."

- Very good, but...
- I'll go to language school.

There's no time.

Why can't I have an accent? There
are lots of foreigners in Denmark.

We need someone to play a guest
in the church. She's got a few lines.

The lead actress Sofie Gr?b?l
meets her at the funeral.

- I'll take it.
- How old are you?

- 22, but...
- Almost too old.

- What did you have in mind?
- In mind?

I don't know.

You're not a trained actress
so I can't give you the rate.

But if you do it for free,
it's yours.


How can anyone forgive you for this?
She's dead.

I can't go on living. I love her.
I didn't mean to...

You're an evil, repulsive person.
You ought to be hanged and shot.

I didn't mean to kill her.
I just couldn't...


Sofie, I want you to cry for real
or I won't believe you're sad.

Okay? We need sympathize with you.

So more tears, please.

From the top.

Roll camera.


She's dead. How can anyone
forgive you for this?

I didn't mean to kill her.
I just couldn't...

I didn't mean to...

Forgive me.

Forgive me.

You're an evil, repulsive person.
May you burn in hell.

I'm not an evil person. She
kept crying and I couldn't take it.

Spare me your excuses.
Your action speaks for itself.

You ought to be hanged and shot.

I want to make it right.
I want her back.

I want to tell her I'm sorry.
I love her.

- I love her. I love her.
- Cut!

- It's a wrap. Next scene.
- Well, that's that, then.

- That's all for today.
- But I had a scene with lines.

They cut it. But thanks anyway.
Maybe we'll see you again.

When I was a girl, my Mom sold me
to men who abused me -

- so she could get money for booze.

When she came home drunk, she cut
me with a razor blade while I slept.

She was angry with me for being born
so she couldn't get a new man.

Know what she said to me?

"Incredible that a person can live
with all the hate I feel for you."

That's the kind of lines he wrote.
I told him they rung false.

I told him to revise the dialogue
or I didn't want to be in his film.

- More wine? Or something else?
- Wine is fine.

- Your scene turned out great.
- It did?

- It worked well with you and Sofie.
- You have a great way with actors.

You think so?

It's a relief to meet
a competent director -

- who doesn't have to assert himself
all the time.


You've chosen a tough racket
but I think you're going to make it.

- You do?
- I wouldn't say it otherwise.

You've got presence
and an interesting face.

You've got self-discipline. You have
to be passionate about your work.

If it's just a fad,
you might as well forget it.

I've always wanted
to be an actress.

Like when you were a kid
and dressed up. A way of escape.

Want to make me happy?

I know It's a lot to ask
but I need your help.

It's no big deal.
I just want you to talk to me.

Not about anything in particular.
Anything you like.

What we're having for dinner, or
if the sea's cold after the storm.

- Can I ask you something?
- Yes.

How would you like to go back
to my place and have sex?

Think of it as a casting.

It'll make it easier for me
to recommend you to other directors.

I always thought great artists
sympathized with others.

I thought their art sprung
from a need to help others.

How stupid of me.

Talk to me, Daisy.


I haven't abandoned you. I just hid
you so they can't do anything to you.

Someday you'll come for me
and I'll be as pure as you.

Think I can't be?

Think I can't be as pure as you?

- Mommy.
- Yes.

I was something special.

Did you ever think about that?

There's never been anyone like me
and there never will be.

Don't you love me anymore?

- But you have to.
- Because you're my mother?

- Yes, of course.
- What if I don't?

- Then you're not a good daughter.
- You're not a good mother.

I never said I was.

A mother should make a child
who loves her, or she's a bad mother.

What if you don't deserve my love?

- If you aren't nice enough?
- Then you shouldn't have made me.

I didn't mean to.

Why didn't you just get an abortion
and kill me right from the start?

I didn't have the guts.

I'm sorry.

Rapunzel was afraid of the prince.
She'd never seen a man before.

But he was so nice and polite
that she soon forgot her fear.

Now that the prince saw Rapunzel, -

- she looked even lovelier
than he had thought.

"He's wonderful," thought Rapunzel.
"I think I'm in love."

That accent just won't do.
Thomas said you spoke fluent Danish.

Rapunzel is Danish and doesn't talk
Swedish. We'll have to replace you.

How about dinner sometime?
You're incredibly beautiful.

Let me give you my phone number.

I love being a director.
Know what I love even more?

That special chemistry between
two people who've only just met -

- and who don't have a flying fuck
in common.

Are you married?

Is that something you need to know
before the rest of the night unfolds?

Think you have to take off your
panties in order to play Rapunzel?


If I choose to fuck you tonight,
it doesn't affect my marriage.

You're gone tomorrow. If you're
a good lay and I remember you, -

- you get to play Rapunzel next time.
Does that answer your question?

I sense you're a real actress.

Free of any real pain.
Nothing really hurts you.

If it hurts, you use it in a scene.
I envy you that.

Your superficiality. Everything rolls
off on you, know what I mean?

Know what?
I love actresses.

Particularly when they get too old.
Like you'll be someday.

That... pain.

Not because it's a meaningless,
war-ridden, violent, evil world, -

- no, you're in pain because
no one wants to look at you anymore.

You have too many wrinkles.

Your charm's lost its charm.

Your ass is saggy,
your boobs are droopy.

That's when it comes creeping in...
the pain.

But it's a gift for you, because
it'll make a real actress out of you.

Just a shame it's too late.

That pain is the only thing
that will ever be real to you.

To hell with the world.

The tragedy of the world is
that no one sees you.

Suddenly there's nothing left of you
and what you thought was your life.

Nothing but the empty shell
craving attention.

That desperate folly,
for some reason I respect that.

You don't feel hurt, do you?

- Why do you think I'm here?
- What do you mean?

If I didn't think
I could fuck my way to a part, -

- I wouldn't waste an entire evening
on a jerk like you, would I?

Don't be miffed.

Give me a smile.

I don't want to.

That's more like it.

I just wrote a script
with a female lead.

It's Joan of Arc
as an animated film.

About a woman who really
believes in something.

Who's got conviction,
principles, ideals.

All the stuff you actors
don't know crap about.

Would you like to go
back to my place and read it?

Hi. I've seen you in the back yard.

It just struck me
you always carry your kid around.

Can't you afford a baby buggy?

I don't use mine anymore,
so I thought you could use it.

- No thanks.
- I'll sell it to you cheap. 500.

- No thanks.
- It's bad for your back.

Let me just go and get it
so you can see it, okay?

- How can I help you?
- I'd like a part in your films.

You think I can't?
Think I'm not talented enough?

We've got fixed rates.
Girl-girl, 1,500. Girl-boy, 2,000.

Gangbang, 2,500.

Alex and I borrowed
his friends' house by the sea.

One day he went to town to get
some speed, and I went to the beach.

It was a nice, hot day.

There was another girl
at the beach.

We lay there side by side
completely naked in the sun.

Suddenly I noticed two people
on the rocks opposite to us.

"Two guys are watching us,"
I told the girl.

"Let them," she said.

I could see they were quite young.

The bravest one went over
and crouched down next to Katarina.

He pretended to have a problem with
his foot and fiddled with his toes.

I felt a strange sensation.

Suddenly I heard Katarina say:
"Aren't you turned on?"

She took his hand
and helped him undress.

Suddenly he was on top of her.

She helped him inside
and held his bum.

The other guy sat on the rocks

I heard Katarina whisper something
in his ear and laugh.

His face was right in front of me
all red and puffy.

I turned to him:
"Don't you want to be with me too?"

Katarina said:
"Be with her now."

So he pulled out of her
and threw himself at me.

Han grabbed my breast
and squeezed it until it hurt.

But somehow I was ready
and came almost right away.

I was just about to say: "Don't
get me pregnant." Then he came.

I felt
like I'd never felt it before -

- how his sperm gushed into me.

He bent over backwards
and came over and over again.

Katarina lay watching him
and held him from behind.

When he was finished, she took
his hand and made herself come.

When she came, she let out a loud
scream, and we all started laughing.

Sorry, I'm babbling. Do you mind?
You're great to talk to.

It so warm and nice.

You're the first person
who's ever listened to me.

We went for a swim and parted.

When I came home from the beach,
Alex was waiting.

He wanted money
but I wouldn't give him any.

He was furious and raped me
until I gave it to him.

He fucked you against your will
with his big, fat cock.

You're making me horny.
Did you know that?

I'll show you.

Thanks. Now for the close-ups.

Can I ask you something?
Michael wants to know if you do anal.

You get 200 extra.
What do I tell him?

- We could get another girl.
- No, it's okay.

Anal is okay.

- Yes, yes, yes!
- More, Anna.

Pull it out and
dick whip her ass.

And back in.
Scream again, Anna.

More, Anna. Scream.

- I'm coming.
- Stop him! We need close-ups.

Stop him!

What the hell are you doing?

One day I'll come to you, Daisy,
and we'll be together forever.

I'll take you in my arms. You'll
rest your head on my shoulder.

I'll hug you and apologize
for all the things I've done to you.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I'll take your cold hands in mine
and warm them.

Feel your breath on my cheek.

You'll feel my heart beat.

We'll hug each other,
our hearts beating in time.

And you'll be me, -

- and I'll be you.

Nice ass.

Perfect tits. That's good.

Most men don't like hookers with
big tits. Reminds them of their mom.

You look more like their daughter.

Especially if you shave your pussy.

Okay, sit down.

You look fantastic.
You really have star quality.

- You think so?
- I'm an old whore. I never lie.

Glamour Girls, hello.

She's no longer with us. But we have
a new girl starting tomorrow.

Do you do anal?

Golden shower?

Urine sex.

That's quite all right. Bye.

- So, what should we call you?
- Call me?

Your stage name. Lulu...

Sabrina? Vanessa?



I want to be called Daisy Diamond.

Daisy Diamond. "Born to please".

Absolute novice.

New to the business.

Raunchy, -

- seductive and super sexy.

A naughty little schoolgirl
eager to play forbidden games.

Daisy Diamond.

Daisy's got a cute babydoll face
with silky lips made for sucking.

Large, innocent Bambi eyes that read
your fantasies like an open book.

An insatiable sex kitten with
a slender, elastic X-rated body -

- offering you
first-class Lollta sex.

Her lustful girly breasts
long for your touch.

Her ever-happy nipples
are always ready to play.

Her mischievous ass is firm, -

- and her wet virgin tight
honey pot is longing for you.

Hi, I'm Daisy.

Lie down
and I'll show you a good time.

Is that nice?

Can I ask you something?

Will you pretend to be my mom?

How do you want your mom to be?

Very strict.
And I've been a bad boy.

Look at me when I'm talking to you.

- Have you been a bad boy today?
- No... I kissed one of the girls.

Bad boy! You know Mommy doesn't
like you kissing other girls.

- No dinner for you, then.
- I'm sorry, Mommy.

I'm sorry.

Bad boy!
Mommy is very disappointed in you.

- Bad boy.
- I'm sorry.

Mommy's little boy.
Let Mommy comfort you.

You tried several times
to procure an abortion, but in vain.

When you realized
it was irrevocable, -

- you hated the child
and wished for it to be stillborn.

You wanted a stillborn child.

You wanted the child to die.

It was a long and complicated birth
that dragged out for several days.

They had to deliver the child
by forceps.

You regarded the disfigured child
with revulsion and whispered:

"Please die soon.
Please die. "

The boy cried day and night,
and you hated him.

You were scared.
You were plagued by guilt.

But your troubles weren't over.


I sorted out the children's clothes
and thought you might like this.

And I brought the buggy. If you can't
afford it, we'll work something out.

- Do you have a boy or a girl?
- A boy.

- What's his name?
- No, I've got a girl.

Don't you know what you've got?

Yes. My friend's looking after her.
She's got a child, too.

Come with me.
It won't take long.

I run a day care. Let me look after
your child and you have her nearby.

Let's give you a bath.

Hold him while I run the bath,
will you?

Okay, bring him in.

Come on in.

- What can I do for you today?
- Something a little more advanced.

You're a fast mover.

Fuck me.

Have you got a mommy, too?

- Everyone's got a mommy.
- Did she take good care of you?

Don't ask so many questions.

- Mommy.
- Yes, Daisy.

- Where's Daddy?
- Why?

He took off
because he couldn't stand you.

It wasn't my fault,
it was yours.

The thought of having you
terrified him.

Daddy took off because he hated you.
So he didn't want to save you.

Am I right?

Don't you think
I deserve to be saved?

- No, not the way you are.
- Now you're upsetting me.

A person can't behave like you
and expect to be saved.

No, maybe you're right.

Know what?
I should have kept my dick.

I miss my dick.

Think you can get it back?

Don't you think
you can buy one in China?

No, I bet they've gotten too rich.

I bet they've stopped selling
organs and peckers in China.

You need to go to Africa.

Mind you, that would look funny.
Picture this.

My pale ass, and when I turn around,
I've got a black boner.

No, that won't work.


Is there anything wrong?

What's up?

You can tell me.

I'm your friend, Daisy.

You can trust me.


What's wrong?

I was raped by my boyfriend.

My parents turned their backs on me
so I ran off to Copenhagen.

He got me pregnant.

I gave birth at Hvidovre Hospital.

But I couldn't take care of her.
I didn't have any milk.

She refused to eat anything else.
She never slept and I never slept.

Everything fell apart, and finally
I drowned her in the bathtub.

I ran in and took her little body.
She was four months old.

Then I held her down
in the water until...

...until she didn't move anymore.

She was all blue and heavy
when I pulled her out of the water.

And now, here I am.

What a terrible story, Daisy.

But I'm glad you...

I take it as a great vote
of confidence that you told me.

I really appreciate it.

You're not Daisy Diamond anymore.

Now you're a real human being to me.

Now I've heard your story.

Now I know something about you.

- I've got something on you, Daisy.
- What?

Did you think about that?

- Hi.
- What do you want?

Why don't you answer your phone?
I want to help you.

- I talked to some directors...
- I don't want your help.

I don't believe you. You're lying.
You're lonely and I want to help you.

- Shut up and get lost!
- You're miserable.

- I don't want you here! Shut up!
- I want to help you.

Look at me.

Everything is ending now.

Everything is disappearing.

I'm coming to you, Daisy.

I'm coming home to you now.


Hey, get out of here!

Do you hear me? Get lost!
Don't you take my customers.

Fuck off!

I want half an hour.

No condom, okay?

- What do you want?
- Nothing.

How much do you charge for nothing?

I don't get it...

I'm giving you 4,000 kroner.
You get that, don't you?

I don't want any money.

My mom and dad
won't kiss me anymore.

They're afraid of catching it.

Know what the biggest
life killer is?

That we protect ourselves.
We're protecting ourselves to death.

But not you and me, huh?
Not the two of us.

Do you miss me, Daisy?
Do you?

I miss you too.

Please let me
come home to you now.

Can I? I miss you.

I miss your breath and your lips
when I kiss you good morning.

I miss taking a bath with you
and you comforting me when I cry.

I miss you sneezing on my shirt and
biting my finger when you're hungry.

I miss you kicking my belly
when you're mad at me.

I miss your screams so I can comfort
you and you sleeping with me -

- protecting me against nightmares.

I miss your soft skin
against my face -

- and feeling your little round head
nestling in my hand.

I miss feeding you
and keeping you alive.

I miss your chubby little feet.

I miss your warm body.

I miss getting you dressed
in the morning -

- and you resisting
because you'd rather be naked.

I miss carrying you -

- and holding
your life in my hands.

I'm coming home to you now.

All the dirt has been washed off.

I'm going to be pure again.
I promise you.

I'm coming home to you.
Then everything will begin.

I'm coming. Now.

Hi, Sofie.
Describe your character to us.

Hi, Thomas.

I hope you enjoy the film.

- Hi, Thomas. I have to talk to you.
- I don't have time for that.

- It's important.
- Sorry.

- What's in it for me?
- The rights to my story.

- What about you?
- I want the lead part.

- So this is where you're hiding.
- Hi, Sofie.

Have you met Anna?
Anna, this is Sofie.

- You have met before.
- Where?

- Anna was in the church scene.
- Right. Now I remember.

I thought I... Hi.

- Can we take your picture?
- Sure you can.

Call me.

Okay, the last one.

- You never grow tired of this girl.
- Oh, you don't?

Anna, whenever you're ready.

Anna? Okay?

Roll camera.

Quiet on the set.

And... action.