Daiamondo wa kizutsukanai (1982) - full transcript

A college student becomes romantically involved with a married middle-aged teacher.


Hello, this is Sasaki prep school.

Do you want to talk with an office
manager? One moment, please.

When you take innocent girls
to a hotel, they act scared.

They don't even want to come
in to a room... what a trouble...

Just ask her to make tea first.

Is Yumiko at work?

You shouldn't work at the
school for over 5 years.

First of all, you get
paid too much.


That's Dash.





U-A=J, you can apply numbers
to this equation.

How long does it take to get to Waseda?

By the way do you want to go
on a 100-kilo hike?

Let's repeat.

Can I borrow your Russian

I have to go to a reception
tonight so I will be late.

50 years from now, I'll be 70
years old, you'll be...

KAGA Mariko


Directed by
FUJITA Toshiya

The Unspoiled Diamond

He often visited his former
students after their graduation.

I heard a rumor that he took
care of them very well...

Don't worry. This is a
women's university.

...she passed an exam to be a
flight attendant.

She uses language skills at
work. At school, she was a

bright individual but she grew
to be an even better person.

She was a career-oriented woman.

It's too bad I have
to say this in past tense.

But, after meeting
her husband today,

I understand why she wants to
leave her career.

I'm happy to know he is a kind
and open-minded person.

We'd like Yoko to be happy
forever. Congratulations!

Nakayama's brother-in-law
Mimura, will give a speech.

Since his parents passed away
when he was young,

his brother is like his parent.
He is also a mentor at work.

My name is Mimura.

When I married my wife,
Nakamura was still in school.

Are you Mr. Mimura's wife?

Yes, I am. Have we met?

My name is Koshiya. I work
with both of them at the school.

Are you a student?

Now he works as a translator
and works at a prep school.

I wanted to say hello to you.

It's nice to meet you.

Having a family will give more
reasons to be successful.

Congratulations, Nakayama.

Thank you very much.



The next speech will be from
the father of the bride.

Hi, what's happening?


What are you doing here?

I came to see what the wife
looks like.

Why did you want to see
Nakayama's wife?

No, I came to see your wife.


That's all. I'm leaving now.

Please take your mom home.

Dad, where are you going?

Shuji, Congratulations.
I'm happy for him.

I wanted to see what your wife
looks like.

You had a disguise?

I wasn't sure it's worth
seeing or not.

Of course, it's not worth it!

Here are your glasses... what's
your schedule tomorrow?

I only have a Russian exam.

I have a class at 10:00 so
I'll come here by 9:30.

Good morning.

Do you want some coffee?

Yes, please. This is for you.

Wow, isn't it expensive?

I don't know... 26,200 yen.

I should get a teaching
certificate, shouldn't I?


It's hard to get a job even if you
have a 4-year degree...

I agree.

I wonder if there's a nice man
out there...

This is my treat.

It was nice to see you at the
reception. What are you doing?

I'm studying for my work.

Do you know if they have any
openings at school?

I'm not sure.
I got a referral, so...

Yeah, you have a connection.
You are lucky.

Don't make it sound easy.
He is respective at work.

I should find someone like him.

Someone like him?

Nekomiya, did they say OK?

No, they didn't. I'm not as
popular as you...

Wow, you eat a lot.

Look how healthy I look.

It's scary...

Be serious.


I better go now.

Do you have a date
with him now?

No, I'm going to work.

Thank you.

You're so naive, Nekomiya.

Excuse me, where should I take
this form?

It's for the liberal arts courses?
Please go to this line.

Thank you very much.

Good morning.

Good morning.


This is the exam and
answer sheet.

Thank you.

This is a reference note and
helpful guides.

They're about auxiliary verbs.
All three are in the future tense.

These problems are made to
trick students.

I see.

It's interesting...

Please submit it to
the office manager.



This is for you. Thank you.


A metaphoric preface doesn't
reflect the writer's true feelings.

How about tautology?

My hidden I've is too much to
bear, that I still love her.

His love for her is just

This is an expression of
his true feelings.

The use of the previous phase
in this poetry

emphasizes his true feelings.

Metaphoric prefaces omit the
writer's true feelings.

The entire poetry reflects the
writer's feelings,

however, omits other elements.

I am sorry. I can't use the
phone at work to call you.

What? Never mind. You're at
the bar, aren't you?

I didn't know you could yell
and get angry, too.

Are you a student in my class?
You caught me...

You said you have a mistress?

Teachers are not perfect, either.
We could have mistresses...

You better clean up
your reputation.

I better behave now.

Come with me.

There are two types of women.
The ones who I want to have

under my umbrella and the ones whom
I want to be under their umbrella.

What's the difference?

Anyone can have a woman.

In order to get a woman, I need
to understand how she works.

You want to be the one who
was chosen, don't you?

Of course.

You don't seem to know these
kind of things...

Do you know him?

He is the top in his class and wants
to enter Tokyo University.

Thank you very much.

Look, a normal person like him
has an umbrella.

An ordinary person is boring.

I have to explain everything to
a young person like you.

I guess it takes time.

Teach me something easy first.

I will give you an intensive course.

- Sake!
- OK.

Are you sure about this?


This is my mistress's place.

Don't you want me
to meet her?

You are strange...

Be careful.


Where are we now?

I told you we're going to my
mistress's condo.

You told me you wanted to
see the place.

Did I say that?

Tell her that I was too drunk to
come home on my own

and then ask me, "Isn't this
your house?" Ok?

Don't you think it'd be strange
to say, "Isn't this your house?"

Well, don't say anything

You never kissed before...?

Of course, I have.

Kiss me passionately...
turn me on...

I'm not that bad though.

Nice breeze.

I painted this picture.


I gave the picture to her as
a gift 12 years ago.


I was teaching art classes
at that time.

You taught art classes?

Do you have something to eat?

No, I don't.

They're for my store.

It must be difficult.

Are you a student?

Yes, I am. I didn't pass an
exam last year.

When I take Mimura's classes,
I improve my skills.

Is that so?

You can't live without him, can you?

I don't think they're life or
death issues.

You are a fine woman.

Well, you have something to eat.

Do you want to eat this?

Do want me to take you home?

Since she took you home, she
can go home by herself.

Yes, I can go home alone.

Please don't bring a girl home
when you're drunk.

Are you all right?
Can you go home alone?

I'll take you home.

No, you don't need to...
where is an elevator?

Turn right.

In 1929...

From 1925, rationalization was
increased, unemployment rate

was high, and people's
purchasing power decreased.

I get paid 700,000 yen a month now.

I'm done with my papers.
Give me half of yours now.

Wow, you're fast.

What do I spend my money on?

Sake, women, and taxi fare.

You think so?

You better stop...
you know what...

and drink sake less.

I work for my sake.

I can't help you
if that's the case...

Are you tired?


I'm tired.
Please get ready for bed.


Come here.

Wow, you have a scar here.

Appendicitis. Doctors used to
cut an opening bigger. Look...

How's her store?

Your woman looks vividly
when she's at her shop.

Did you go to her store?

I just felt like looking...

I'm not in love with her.

What do you mean?

It's been more than 10 years.
We're like husband and wife.

How about me?

You are precious to me.

Excuse me, Sensei...

How did it go?

I passed the exam.


Drink some more.

I can't drink any more.

Are you sick?


If you can't drink, you must be
sick. You don't drink or smoke.

Only sick people say "can't
drink." You know?

Madam, please bring two
bottles of beer.

If you are sick,
please don't drink.


I'll be responsible for
whatever happens to you.

Why did you ask me out?

No, I didn't ask you out.

Human nature is mysterious.

It's impossible to be any closer
than this.

The most we'd connect is a few
inches, anyway.

You're drunk, aren't you?

You went to the restroom and
didn't come back for a while.

I had to make sure you're all
right. You were on the floor.

What are you talking about?

I don't want to go home.
I love you, Sensei.

Never mind. You were
sleeping safe and sound.

Wow, this is beautiful.

We use the best material
so it's expensive.

The quality is excellent.

How much is it?

It is 483,000 yen.

OK. I want to buy this one.

Thank you. Where should we
deliver this furniture to?

The address is 2-5-19
Yoyogi Shibuya

at the Koshiya residence.

2-5-19 is the Koshiya residence,
isn't it?

Please wait for a few minutes.

Let's buy a house just for
the two of us.

Let's buy a house just for
the two of us.

Let's buy a house. Let's buy a house.

Here it is.

You look good.

Stop teasing.


Welcome. Take your time.

Do you know her?



I was a cafeteria manager when
I was in the military.

You weren't an executive?

I had a good time. I wish you
were born 36 years earlier, too.

You would have enjoyed it, too.

That's like a legend in the book.

No, I don't want to be with
the old man...

Gosh, my daughter is
24 years old now.

You are prettier.

Compared to whom?

You said "you are prettier",
didn't you?

No, I didn't. Don't
misunderstand what I said.

What are you doing?

I'm writing a textbook for
a publisher.

For which publisher?

This is for Komeisha. Sensei
introduced me to the publisher.

Mimura's referral?

I think he is at Kawai prep
school now.



Please come with me.

What are you thinking?

What are you talking about?

How long are you going to
continue the relationship?

You think Mimura isn't serious
about me, don't you?


It must be hard to have a
brother-in-law like him.

I think a part of him is serious
but a part of him is just playing.

You'll leave him someday,
so don't play with his feelings.

No, we'll be together forever.

Why don't you join us.
Let's have a drink together.

I heard you quit the prep school.

I didn't want to go to the same
school for two years.

It was a good school.

If I don't pass the exam,
it doesn't matter.

If you fail an exam again, you
will waste another year..

I have to study and try it again.

How's your college life?

It's not very good.

That's for cooking.

We don't cook at home anymore.

Lately, I eat out often.

This style is popular nowadays.

It looks good on you.

This color is too sober, isn't it?

I like that color.

By the way, the girl came to
my shop the other day.

I know, she told me...

Tell her my shop isn't for
young people.

I think young people like
your shop.

Besides, she's my
student at school, that's all.

You need to clean your ears, Honey.

Mom, it's me. How are you?
Why do you talk so loud?

Where am I? I'm at home.
Did you receive a letter?

I work at a prep school part-time.
Sensei recommended me

to the school... I create exam
problems. How smart am I!

Am I drunk? I think I can
drink like dad.

You don't have to hide about
that... Thank you.

I'm not doing anything special.

It's raining hard.

What a trouble...

Hi. I didn't know
you were here.

Come in... you'll get wet.

I will get you a towel.

You are late today.

I had a meeting at work.

How is she?

"Dash" is a person who we saw
the other day?

Yes, "Dash" means that
someone who has a spouse

plus one on the side.

That means you are "Dash,
Dash", right?

Why do you say that?

That's the truth, isn't it?

How can you be so

I don't understand it.

How old are you, anyway?

Can't you decide to be with just
one person?

Why don't you breakup with
one of them for your health?

He can handle a double-life...

How long can he keep doing
this kind of lifestyle?

He made a commitment
to his women.


What he does is morally wrong.


I am sorry for you.

What's on your lip?


I just ate dinner.

I'm going home and
get ready for bed.

Take this umbrella.

Can I borrow some money?
I spent all my money on drinks.

OK, just a minute.

I will return it to you
as soon as I can.

Did you drink too much?

I had a crush on a teacher when
I was in middle school.

Was he a literature teacher?

No, he was a music teacher.

When I went to his classroom
one day, he gave me a candy.

I didn't eat if for a long time
and it got spoiled.

Is that you, honey?

You are still awake?
You can't sleep?

Every time I try to fall sleep,
my leg bothers me here.

Where? Here?

No, calf area.

It feels good.

It feels good.

Let's go eat lunch together.


I think the office manager
knows about you and the girl.

Oh, really.

What are you going to do?

What do you mean?

Are you going to continue
this relationship?

Are you letting her work
at school?

You may not know, but there
are some rumors about you two.

I kind of know about rumors.

You need to behave yourself.
Don't be open in public.

It doesn't matter.
I don't teach logic at school.

My sister is acting weird lately.

My wife went to visit her
the other day.

She was eating grass and
flowers at a garden.

She may know about you
and the girl?

I don't think so.

Are you sure?

I need to take care of Machiko.

I try my best... you know?

I understand. My sister is
spoiled, but that's the reason...

Don't worry about Yumiko.
I'm doing nothing wrong.

I know that.

I didn't know your size.
Is it too big?

It is like an engagement ring.

I'll buy you a birthstone
next time.

Mimura? I thought it was you.


Long time no see.

How have you been?

You never attended our class

Nothing has changed.

You look older...

I can say the same thing
about you...

Is she your daughter?


My work requires me to go to
dinner... See you later.

Let's get married 50 years
from now.

50 years?

All my friends will die so we
can be together.

I will die by then...

We have to hide our
relationship right now.

This may be too big.
It might fit.

Is it possible for you to quit
the school?


We have to hide about us at work.

Nakayama told you about it,
didn't he?

Find something else.

I'll find you a good job. You
can teach junior high students.

I don't plan to live
50 more years.

Don't give up on us.

...don't give up...

Sorry. I'm late.

Where did you get that?

I just bought a car. It was a
one-way... hard to drive.


Coffee, please.

Where did you get the money
to buy that?


How about a down payment?

I took money out from my savings.

I'm going on a trip.

Where are you going?

I haven't decided where
I'm going yet.

Thank you for waiting.

When I become a boring
woman, you'll leave me.

When will you be back?

I'll be back on Tuesday.

Let's get together on Tuesday

I may extend my trip.

Let's meet here on Tuesday.

I'm giving you literature that

hasn't been translated to the
modern language.

I thought it wouldn't be fun if
someone translated it for you,

so I gave you the original.

Try to translate it on your own.

Please don't ask me.
Sit down alone and work on it.

Have a drink.

- Take it.
- Thank you.

You are welcome.

Why are you wearing the ring?

Love is blind...

He won't divorce his wife, anyway.

He doesn't need to...

He won't break up with the
other woman, either.

It's called "having an affair", isn't it?

You are more stubborn than
I thought.

I think so, too.

Break up with him.

I don't know if I'll be with him
for 50 years.

You must love him...

Don't swallow it.

Where are you going?

The pay is 8000 yen per session.
One session is 90 minutes.

Since you don't have
a teaching certificate,

they don't pay you as much.
I think it's not too bad.

I heard the girl you introduced to us,

is doing pretty well at a
new school.

Is that so?
I was worried about her.

She is only 20 years old and
was a student here 5 years ago.

Conjunction Auxiliary verbs...

Let's repeat.

Do you know she isn't
married yet?

She is an old-maid,
isn't she?

One more time, please.

Conjunction Auxiliary verbs are
as follow...

Lonely- Conjugate this word.


Do you want to go on
a 100-kilo hike?

A 100-kilo hike?

It goes from Honjo to Waseda.

Is Honjo in
the Saitama prefecture?

Exercise, Exercise.

There is a car for people who
can't make it to the end.

Let's ask Nekomiya. I'm sure
he wants to go with us.

I haven't seen him lately.
Did you see him?

He may be sick.

It's not like him.

Let's go.

Give me the half of
your energy.

I saw you in my dream last
night. You were naked.


You were studying at pool.

At a pool?

You were wearing your
swimming suit inside out.

So I said to change it. You
started to change in front of me.

That's funny.

And the next scene is at the
second-hand bookstore where we met.

You were looking for
a book naked.

You looked very good.

May I borrow your book?

What kind of a book would you
like to read?

Anything you have is fine.

This book?
It looks interesting...

It's actually a boring one
a philosophy book.

You are right.

I stole this book from here.



May I have cannelloni and
a glass of wine, please?

Your birthday is coming soon,
isn't it?

Don't worry about my birthday.

I'll think of something special for you.

It's OK. I didn't buy a
souvenir for you.

No, that's OK.
You came back here.

Of course,
I would come back here.


I came here early...

I wouldn't come here if I knew
you were with her.

We'll meet at 5:30, right?
Please don't be late.

Where are we going tonight?
I want to eat something different.

I saw a guy in my class.

Remember the one who's top
in our class.

Did you go have coffee?

He told me he likes me. I'll go
out with him if we break up.

Oh, really...

Please break up with me.

If he finds out about you,
he won't go out with me.

Break up with me.

I'll break up with you now.

Why don't you let her go?

Are you all right?

Don't worry.

Your socks got ripped.

No, I am OK.

Is the same color OK?
I'll go buy a new one for you.

Lonely, Lonely, Lonely...

What happen to your knee?

Look at your socks.

My clothes reflect
my feelings...

Where did you hear the poem?

From somewhere...

I forgot to pay my bill...

I paid it for you.

I'm sorry.

It's OK. I don't think I can go
to the restaurant again.

It was a nice place.

She must be drinking, too.

Please take us to Yoyogi.

No, we'll go to Shinjuku.
I want to go to another bar.

I don't have any money.

I know you have more money.

Please don't let her drink
that much.

Please make yourself at home.

Let's drink more.

Why don't you drink?
You wanted to drink more.

I don't feel bad about...

I want you to stay with me until
tomorrow morning...

...making you cry.

I don't care where we are.

What would you like me to do?

Please make love to me.

You want me now?


Let's go to Nakayama's house.
Let's go... ok?

Stand up.

I'm sorry.

Did you call your home?

No, I told my wife not to pick up
a phone in the middle of the night.

I'll call her in the morning.
She wakes up at 5:00 a.m.

You're going to break up with
the girl, right?

You better break up now.

I have your futon (bed) ready
for you.

Thank you. Are you all right?
Let's sleep.

How's he going to talk to his
wife about this situation?

I'm not sure...

I wonder if your sister really
doesn't know about his affair.

Machiko? It's me. I'm sorry,
but I drank too much last night.

I stayed at Shuji's house.
It was too late to call you.

Sister? We haven't drunk for a
long time so we were too drunk.

I asked him to come to my home.

Good morning. This is Yoko.
We're sorry to call you so early.

The two didn't get home until
2:00 a.m. Sorry.

What's wrong with you?

I'll be late to work.

Should we call a taxi for you?

No. Thank you for your help last night.

Every man has some kind of
women history...

This is the beginning of the
Tosa Daily. It's famous.


I'm sorry to be late.

The exam season is at its peak so
we couldn't cancel the class.

Yamashita said he had time to
help out so it worked out well.


I told him that I'll talk to you
about your work performance.

What do you mean by that?

Your teaching style isn't a
good fit for exam prep students.

Please hand me a bag
on the board.

Please give me the bag.

This is a key of my mistress's
condo. Throw it away.

Each one of you was nice to me
I met a nice person like you, too.

I'm leaving now.

Hello, this is the Makimura residence.

You are there, aren't you?

Are you calling
the Makimura residence?

You better make another one.
I have a spare key.

He told me to throw the key...

The guy I told you about the other
day, found out about the affair,

so I wanted your advice.

If you like him, you need to be
honest with him.

He should understand.

I can't be with him if I'm like
this. I don't like this situation.

He won't break up with me.
I can't even go to college.

You need to talk to Mimura
about how you feel.

Please throw away the key
like he said.

Dad, answer the phone.

Leave the phone alone.

Answer the phone.
I can't sleep like this...

Never mind.
Just put futon on top of the phone.

Do it yourself.

Why does she keep calling here...?

It must be from the woman
at the wedding.

I'm very sorry.

Don't be sorry... please deal
with her now.

I'm very sorry

Mom, what are you doing?

Mom, stop! Stop!



I'm cleaning myself...
It's gross.

Do you know what time is it now?

It's 8:30.

Thank you very much.

Kazu, it's me.
Please open the door.

Kazu, Kazuko.

Kazu, it's me.

I don't have a key.
Please open the door.

Open the door now.

He was good at languages...

Your weak point is grammar.

You must not have the chance to
study in the past.

It takes about three months, but
you'll be better at it.

Thank you. Please help him.

Please come to my class
next week.


This is a small gift for you.

She's sleeping at home?
That's good.

It doesn't seem good.
She is on medication again...

Did you get the scar from the
woman on the phone?

I can't marry him if you're like this.

Don't worry.

You should live by yourself.

I'm responsible for my wife.

Not only responsible, she is

My mother was very mean to her.

Before my mother died, she
gave complaint letters to Machiko.

I've heard...

My wife needs me. I can't
leave my mistress, either.

We were together since the
woman was 24 years old.

My daughter is the same age now.

I've heard about that, too.

She has suffered for a long time.

I asked her to terminate her
pregnancy in the past.

I love both of them...

I'm not even angry at you any more.

I want you to understand
I don't want to lose you, either.

I know I'm selfish.

I don't feel well lately.
I need to go to a doctor.

How did you know the phone
call was from the woman?

Didn't you think it was me?

No, I know you won't do that.

Why not?

I know you.

We are over now, aren't we?

My daughter may be getting
married. My wife seems happy.

We're remodeling now.

My wife could live at the house
without me.

We can rent out a part of the house.

You can move in with my wife
when I die.

All three of you can complain
about me and enjoy life together.

Don't act like you know
everything. I was too childish.

I crossed the line with you.
I shouldn't have done that.

Live 50 years more
50 years more.

Too young wasn't an excuse, but
getting old wasn't an excuse, either.

Don't tell me... anything.

Now you show me your true colors.

Your reputation is getting low
at school.

Nobody respects you at school.

You deserved that...


Yumi, Kazu, Machiko. You
always play with our feelings

Please leave us alone now.
We are over.


You just don't understand...

Don't give me a hard time.

I'm going now.

You aren't going.
You are leaving.

Please use the right word.
Fix your tie.

You are awful.

She has an autonomic nervous system
disorder. She needs to rest.

Is that so?

I gave her such a stressful life.
I need to be careful now.

She can live with us, especially
after your daughter is married.

I don't plan to get divorced.

My sister knows about your
affairs. It's better to move on...

It's better to keep it the way it is.
I don't want to end everything.

Let's decipher this poetry and
learn the grammar.

They are the same sound but
have different meanings.

Do you understand how these
sentences work?

Now we're going to start
a 100-kilo hike to Waseda.


How long does it take to
get to Waseda?

Probably, it'll be tomorrow afternoon.

Tomorrow afternoon?


My feet hurt already.

Let's cross the street.
It's green now.

Let's go.

I didn't know you were
participating in this walk.

How are you? Sometimes
happy, sometimes blue...

Sometimes happy, Sometimes
sad... Issa. Maybe it was Basho.

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The end