Dai ke bo che (1986) - full transcript

Piggy is tired of working for his uncle on a pig farm and moves to Kowloon to work as a car parking attendant. He befriends a fellow attendant, appropriately named Parkman, who steals cars at night.

Uncle, let's do it!

1, 2, 3.

Golf Gift, very expensive car.

Not bad.

Is this your car? Pretty.

You don't have to worry.

No thief here.

Does it cost around $150,0007

How do I know, I stole it?

Piggy, time to move.


Uncle, you finished my part already.

What are you looking at?

Start the engine, don't look like a dumb.

You have to pick up all the pigs
from Uncle Choi early in tomorrow.

Uncle, you will be rich.

What do you mean?

You will be the best slaughter.

I come because Ah Fatt is busy.

It's a hard job of our filed.

Then we have to get up at 4am.

Not 4am, 3am. I will wake you up.

It only takes 12 min from Sai Kung to Kowloon.

Just 12 min.

This car breaks down is all because of you.


Be careful.

Don't be scared if I drive,

Uncle, just sit still.

I am terrific.

Are you crazy, slow down.

Slow down...

slow down...

Don't drive so fast.

Come on, you can't catch up with others.

Come on.

I ask you to drive those pigs
not to challenge with others.

Go away, let me drive.

I can handle it.

Shit. Have to thank god that we still alive.

Go and find a car to deliver.

Jesus, I promised Chou to send him the pigs.


What's the matter?

Just scold

if it will make you feel better.

Do you think that is enough?

I promise it won't happen again.

What's the matter?

Those pigs.

My hero, there are only 2 left out of 10.

That is fun.

You'll feel better to say it out.

You'll feel better to say it out.

Don't tell me that this vehicle
need a service again.

Don't mumbling all the time,

if he goes back to England..

Then you will cry all day.

Ah Kao.

What did you say?

I am cleaning the pigs.

I can find someone to replace the job easily.

You are so powerful,
why don't you have a boy with me.

Get up and have lunch.


Siu Chu, what's the matter?

Don't bother your auntie.

She doesn't mean that.

How can you stay with them for your life?

Don't you feel sick?

They support your life.

Do you feel that?

Uncle, I want to do something else.

I mention a few words and you want to quit.

I need a change.

What can you do? You are not well educated.

I can drive and I can cook.

I can work hard, I won't be starved.

Surely, you can leave when-ever you want to.

Last time you want to go England

I bought you the ticket.

Came back and said you want a car, I got you one.

I treat you as my son!

I want to work in town.

Go all the way to England,

you can do nothing.

Except washing dishes in Chinatown.

You can't compare with them,

my brother is lazy bone.

Don't say anything good words for him.

We brought you up,

only asking you to help in the family.

After I came back

and help you for two years already.

Alright, if you like just let him go.

And don't come back again.

Auntie, I didn't say I want to move out.

Doesn't matter,

you are an adult.

You can support yourself and leave us behind.

You go and find a job,

I can manage by myself.

Come back if you want to.

Go to HK Restaurant and look for Meat Ball.

What Ball?

He is the son of Choy Tau, maybe he can help you.

Bill please. Go and have a look!

Yes, manager.

You are the son of Uncle Chuen.

Yes, you are meat ball, I know your Pa very well.

I heard about your father but I don't know him.

The best gambler in Chinatown?

Yes, he has many debtors in London Chinatown.

Your father has a lot of girl friends.

And they are bronze.

My uncle told me that.

You are looking for a job,

what can you do?

I was a waiter in Chinatown.

Actually I've worked for different post.

I'm a good cook.

My favourite dish is fried chop tsun.

You can cheat the foreigners

but not in HK.

What else can you do except
working in the kitchen.


I drive for my uncle for 2 years.

Good, we have a post in the parking service.

It's a tough job.

Living on the client's tips.

That's OK, I can manage.

When can I start?

Now, I'll show you the way.

Thanks, Meat... Mr. Chow.


Get up.

Mr. Chow.

- The champion?
- It's you.

Are you working here?

You know each other?

Yes, last night.


He is working for us now.

You will be the partner.

I'm Stanley,

take care of me in the future.

Not you,

have to take care of the cars.

Where is Ah Wing?

He s parking a car.

Ah Wing.

Come over!

What's the matter? You are sleeping

and he is gambling,

what are you two doing?

Mr. Chow, we have nothing to do.

I have a lot of complaints

about your attitudes.

Ask them to park their cars somewhere else then.

You are hopeless,
change the uniform with Ah Man.

Manager, the captain is looking for you.

OK, Ah Man will show you what you should do.

Thanks, Mr. Chow.

Where can I change the uniform.

What can I do now?

The most important is keeping
the key in good order.

And have a clear mind and fast action.

No need to count the tips, just put it here.


The clients are so stingy,
they won't give a big tips.

That's it.

A Rolls Royce,

how come he hasn't had a driver?

May be he doesn't like that.

It's better to drive it himself.

Ah Man, let me part it.

Ok, park it in the car park. Be careful.


Having dinner, sir?

He is simply a car enthusiast.

What are you doing?

You are looking the way. Start the engine.

What are you doing?


- Are you new comer?
- I'll leave a minute.

Get away now.

You are not riding a horse.

He is so rough.

What are we going to do?

Is it your car?

I can't get through.

Parking it at the back.

That car is not having much luck.

Is there any good one?

No.2 in Arch 1.

What takes you so long?
Can't you manager that car?

He looks like not knowing to drive.

He had a bump and crashed the bumper.

And don't even bother.

Mind your own business.

The client will notice.

He is not your client.

What is his name?

He is the big brother

when he is rich and dummy when he is broke.

He'll even steal the governor's car
when he is the mood.

Don't bother too much.

You've to be smart working here.

Being the big brother?

Being a dummy.

Ah Man, nice magazine.

Who has spare money to lend me?

And I will give back to you very soon.


Thanks, I haven't seen you before.

Today is my first date here.

I am working upstairs.

I am Gigi. What is your name?


Stanley, come to visit me when you are free.

- OK.
- Bye.


You're the only to trust her.


Don't think she is a nice girl?

So you think she is cheating my $207?

No, she'll give you back just now.

Together with a lot of food.

Then... there's a lot of space behind.

Pull it tight.

Park it again.

Miss, can I park it for you?


Never see him that anxious.

May be she is his show white.

She comes very often,

she just has a Benz sport car.

Stealing again.


- Morning
- Sleep a bit longer,

you come back at 4am this morning.

Take care of yourself.

I had enough. Can you manage without me?

I am not a old man yet.

Why people still go out in the mid-night?

Auntie, people sleep early here.

People in town they will come out very late.



How's life out here.

All the car that

I parked yesterday.

Cost more than $1,000,000.

I even parked for Alan Tam.

You have to work harder.

I will.

You are so early?

Doesn't matter.

Take it easy.

Where are you going?

Get change.

What are you doing, you want to have a raise.

Feeling better to work in a neat place.

I am staffing, go and have the breakfast.

Too early.


Disgusting good.

You don't have the appetite.

I don't understand how can those
foreigner would like these.

Mixing all the things together, and tasteless.

When I was in London.

I prefer the instant noodle then the biscuits.

You don't believe that I've been to London.

I didn't say that.

I am so familiar with the shops in Chinatown.

There is a very famous pub in London,
next to that pub

is 2 night club, you can see a stripe dance.

I went there every night.

I suggest we change all these old stuff.

The bulbs & wire, they are really too old.

Forget it, the restaurant is not in good business.

May be we turned the light brighter

will be better.

It's very important for the lighting.

The Japanese restaurant is doing
much better than us.

Your snow white is there.

Give me a deluxe pizza, take away.


She looks great driving a beautiful car.

She has a ticket.

Go and tell her.

Miss, you are having a ticket.

Never mind.


What happen? Did you get her name?

She said never mind.

Great. If I can spend $100,000
to buy a Benz sports

I won't care for it too. Here is $140.

How do you feel

if you can sleep with this beautiful girl?

Even shorten my life for 10 years.

For a girl?

I won't do it. If I will be a millionaire.

I can have 10 girls like her.

It's not worth to shorten my life.

You are only dream to be a millionaire.

Don't be so stingy.


Thank you.

We are not owing each other.


Gigi, she won't pay attention

to other money.

Hey, this $20 is mine.

We really need to change our uniform.

Blue and White.

Will look better with a red line

Do you think we are the waiter in the hotel?

You shouldn't say that,
everyone need to wear properly.

Everyone will look better with neat outfit.

More business more money.

You're too innocent.

Did I say anything wrong?
Not like you with a loose button

and sit like a dumb,

even the money god will run away.

You should have a aim and dream.

Then you will live happily.

I am not in the mood.

Come out, when you feel blue

just shout out loud.

Not like this,


Send those policeman away first.

Come for dinner, Sir?

Hand me your keys.

How do you know that I am a policeman.

You look so smart,

just like a F.B.l. from Scotland.

F.B.l. in Scotland?

Anyway you have good judge.

Haven't seen you before.

I am new here. I am Stanley.


No need to work tonight?

Have to go back the police station later.

Is it hard to be a policeman?

No regular hours.

A bit too busy.

There are very few policeman as nice as you.


Of course.

We are both workers.

What were you talking about,
he won't give you big tips.

That's the manner.

Professional smile.

May be he will feel embarrassed next time?

What's happening?

You know many horse riders?

Do you have any tips?

I will be rich this time.

- What is going on?
- But you've to help me this time.

You still own me $300.

Don't think about it.

Are we good friend?

Don't come again.

That's it.

I'll give you back on Saturday.

Hong Kong is free to say anything you like to.

Come on.


I'm Kitty.

Do you get use to it?

I've been working here for a week only.

If anyone is teasing you, just tell me.

In this area,

everyone will give me face.


Of course.


Why don't you return my call?

What the hell are you doing?

I'm looking for you,

go over that side.

What is it?

Go over that side.

Don't push me!

Big brother.

How about the debt?

Give me one more chance?

Are you acting?

Saturday will be already.

OK. That's it. Thanks. Bye.

OK, Dummy,

my tire is time to change it.

Do it for me.

No problem. I will handle it.

Don't forget.


Are you scare? If so quit now.

Why are you following me?

You steal cars each night.

You'll get caught one day.

I'm not afraid wherever I drive to.

But that's a stolen car.

Use my car,

it's fabulous.

Did you ever get caught?

No. In Hong Kong people impress by others outlook.

Don't let people to look down upon on you.

So don't let people do that to you.

Don't lose any chance to earn money.

I want an expensive car.

You are dreaming.

At least I have a dream.

I am a good driver.

We can still make a good use of the old car?

I know you are a good driver.

No need to show to me.

I get used to this car already.

I have confidence of myself.

No wonder you can't stay long in a job.

And come here parking cars for others.

But it's still better to feed the pigs.

I can see more to work in here.

Each day I park the cars cost over $100.000.

But they still don't belong to you.

But I feel alright already.

Getting a couple thousand dollars each months.

Can't even support your own self?

Find a way to earn more money.

You always look like you are morning.

If ll am the client,

I won't like to see you also.

Smile will make the world more beautiful.

That's too cheap,

I won't do it.

Cheap? That's the manner,

we are serving for parking.

Always says "calling each one big brother".

Plus a little smile, will have a lot returns.

Does your sister have
everything ready to go to England?

Pay the fee will be alright.

Thanks so much that you promise to guarantee her.

- Miss Leung.
- Hi.

She will have a bright future.

Should the money to England next week

any problems?

No problems.

I am late as I have to collect the photos.

Can I see it?

Miss Leung has been waiting you
for the whole morning.


When do you finish your exam?

Still have one more week to go.

Yan Yan.

Wait for me a second.

Enjoy yourself.

Don't go away, wait for me.

Good morning.


You're so early?


Do you need me to wash your car?

No, thanks, as long as to keep it in one piece.


Change a bit better.

$10 again?

- Ah Man
- Hey.

You've a lot of tips today.

You can

if you smile to the client.


Is your master Tso Tso?

No? My master is Ah Man.

Pull it over.

Shit. Wrong information.

Where did you park the car 32317

Look for yourself?

Did you win?


So you can't pay me back that you own me.

You're shorty,

why don't you a horse rider.

I thought of that too.

Stopping annoying me.

I am scared to fall.

Your pizza is coming?


Over there.

You've to take action

if you want a girl friend.

- Move!
- Move!

I don't want to do this.


Take that wire over?

Get it through the car.


Hurry up!

For two?


Come in.

Will she get an electric shock?

Only 1 volts.

What are you standing here for?

Save her.

What happened?

She is fainted.

Miss, the battery is not working probably,

let me fix it,

it's easy.

You bought many stuff.



Yan Yan, are you going to study abroad?


I passed the London High School exam already.


I am very familiar with that place.

Really? My brother didn't mention it?

Your brother will be a good spy.


He never says a word

that's good to keep secrets.

You said everything.

Which University you are attending?



China Town University.

China Town University.

China Town University?

Don't drive too fast, I'm scared.

A pump.


Ah Bill, play this game for me please.

No problem. I will handle it.

Ah Kao.

They are coming back.


Please come in.

It's so late, don't be.

You shouldn't brought that much of food.

You must be Mr. Wong.

Uncle Kao, just call me Parkman.

Piggy always mention about you.



Call me Stanley.

Parkman, come in

and make yourself at home.


Your sister is very pretty.

Come in and sit down.

Don't drink too much.

Otherwise you'll said I've make you crazy again.

I know.

You just take a seat.

I go to prepare the food.

O.K. I'll entertain them.

Ah Kao, come and help me.

Alright, I'm coming.

Eat it, it's very sweet.

Poor uncle,

how can he suffer this for one ten years.

Which woman would stay here with me all her life?

I have nothing lose.

Why not come in?


Uncle, let's go,

Come on.

Sit down.

I'll go and get the dishes.

Parkman, have some beer.

Good, thank you.


Thank you, I serve myself.

You are so polite, try some more.

You will not have so much to eat in England.

What? You are going to England.

Yes. I go to further my study.

Your brother have a good plan on you.

Her brother loves her so much.

When will you go?

When all the document are ready.

It's so cold in London,

bring more clothes with you.

Electrical appliances are so expensive in England.

You must bring tape recorder, radio,

Hair dryer, ironer, etc. with you.


Let's go to see the Hung Ming Lantern.

Come and sit down.

What's the matter?

My sister is too young to look after herself.

I'm worrying.

Take it easy,

I've many friends in Chinatown.

I can ask them

to take care of her.

She can get a part time job

if she wants to.

How about that?

Oh, it's great.

There's a lot of money to be spent.

I've ten thousand dollars, just take it.

Do you trust me?

Surely I do trust my best friend.

Anything better?

Let's discuss it.


Are you calling me?

Yes. Where's the North Sea Fishing Village please?

It's over there.

Oh! It's over there, I have walked pass.

Miss, I think I have seen you before.

I seem to know you.

You're so pretty.

Where's the key?

I couldn't find it!

Think it again.

I searched everywhere.

He wants to have an affair with my girlfriend.

Miss, is there anyone can park my car?

Yes, Ah Wing.

Mr. Yang. What's the matter?

The key is in the car.


Call me when you want to change your job.

It's a waste that you work here.

See you next time.

You are welcome.

What did he say?

He said your ugly face, like a thief.

Yes, I look a thief, but I've a warm heart.

He owes a Benz and have a black heart.

Will you go to see the mid-night movie with me?

I don't have time.

You were talking to that guy for long time!

He's so gentle, you, behave like thief.

What are you looking at? I like a thief?


They decorated their counter.

Should we follow them?

Do you think this will come more money?

Don't say that, look, it's different.


Don't bother.

Ho, take Mr. Yang's car to repair.



Mr. Yang. This is the management office,
someone drove your car away.


He said take it to repair.



What are you doing?

Is you? I meet you everywhere I come.

Come on, take what you want.

Don't you afraid that I'm the undercover.

In my place? I'll kill you if you dare.

Just kidding.

Whose car is it?

The fucking small mind,

mean, nasty hypocrite.

He said I look like thief.

Do I look like a thief?

No, not at all.

You steal things at the place you work.

Don't you afraid be arrested?

Surely not, I will burn this car tonight.

Oh no! Dummy, what a waste? It's a Benz.

Take it if you like.

I don't think this is a good idea.

Don't worry, don't leave your finger prints.

Or destroy if you like, here's the key.

Take it.

Bastard, call me "Thief".


Officer Lau, I'm sorry to keep you wait.

No problem.

I have cleaned the car.

That's already.

We're friends.

Just take it.

Thank you, sir.

Let's get on to the car.


He is not small mind, see twenty dollars tips.

Get out, goblin, dare to seduce my husband.

You are crazy.

Please don't.

Let me go.

Calm down.

Go away!

Still want to go?

What's the matter?

Cheap thing!

Poor me.


Go home and talk about it.

Let's go.

Be careful.

Go for a drive with me.

Who drove this car away?

Parkman is great, took the woman away.

Isn't he smart.

He's been waiting for this to come.

Gigi came to look you.

Is she?


I'll go and find that nymphomaniac.

Have some fun, what's the number?

O.K. I put you through.

Gigi, I want to go for a drive with you.

I borrow a Benz from someone.

I use Benz every day, the worse is this car.

Don't be pink.

You have big meals for too long.

Sometime I saw those guests you entertain.

They're old and ugly, how can you do it?

I just image I'm doing aerobic dance.

One more, two more, three more,

that's it.

Some of them even had no teeth left do it.

Be faith to your occupation.

What happen?

Did you get her name?
It's your fault, the tie is broken.

Have you finish, it's dawn now.

Shit, don't even have spare tie.

Get a taxi.

No, this is somebody's car,
I have to return it.

What should we do then?

Can you help me to push the car?

What? Ask me to push the car?

You go home now, I'll call you tomorrow.

Be a good girl OK?

You are crazy, you asked me to come out.

Don't ever call me again.


Nymphomaniac, go away,
don't make me feel boring.

You cannot die.

I won't. I enjoy the life.

Come to my place.

Why are you still there?



What's the matter?

I apologize for tonight.

My wife is a bit over react.

I know. She will come back to me.

Forget about it.

What are you doing here?

Making love.

Do you want me to come over here?

Can you?

Annie is leaving for L.A. in the morning.

[... don't want...

Anything else?

Go to bed early tonight.

I am not a kid.

I give you a call tomorrow.

I'm sorry,

Good night.

Don't ever call me again.

Money! Money!

Piggy. Be quiet!


You want breakfast?

Good morning.

Parkman, I want to speak to you.

You've make a fortune,
don't have to work anymore.

Right, so you can tell?

How much H.K. money can change for US$1?

7.7 something.

7.7 something...

Why? You had a lot?

Only a few note.


Only a few. Have you finish talking?

Do you know where Stella is?

She didn't tell me.

Well, thank you.

What's the matter?

I want to talk to you.

Get the car 4218.

Hurry up!


I buy you the dinner tonight.

Why don't you get change now?

I buy you the dinner tonight!

Isn't your birthday today?

I want to spend some money.

I want to buy you an expensive dinner.

Forget it.

I will tell you the most important thing
in the world after the dinner.

What the hell are you doing?

We talk about this afterwards alright?

You want to buy me dinner, right?

I want to eat Japanese food in that Hotel.

You must want to your "Pizza"?

Good! You got it.

I've said she will be late.

Of course. I know.

She definitely will come. Be patient!

You see. What a beauty.

Mr. Fung, your friend are inside.

Your "Pizza" is here.

Sure you don't want to come?

Come with friends!

We are sitting over there, come over for a while.

I'll give you a call tonight.

I go in first.

Right when I held my purse like this,
you guess what happen?

I was carrying something in my left hand
and Stella in my right arm.

Just like tied up.
In this way my purse was robber.

In Midland, robber is a very serious problem, and

In Italy, those men touched bottom, remember?

Someone touched your bottom?

Not touching hers, it's mine!

Stella, I want to have a word with you.

No, I harder know you.

Who's that?

Someone parks car for other people.

Sorry, we don't take U.S Dollars.

It's ridiculous.

This is our company practice,
please use credit card.


They don't accept U.S Dollars.

Is there some tips with you?

How much money?

Thank you. $872.

Keep the change.

Hundred something Dollars for tips?


the thousand dollars you've paid.

Pay you back in U.S. Dollars.

Please don't.

She said she doesn't know me well.

Actually I want to buy you a bid meal.

Just want to let you being proud of her.

God knows this will happen.

May be he's her husband.

It can't be!

How do you know?

There's no made in her place.

You must have gone to her place before?

Have made good friend with her, have you?

Who cares who he is,

you have fulfill your plan.

What else do you expect?

I tell you a secret.

Guarantee you'll get your share.

Like she don't know me.

Can you listen to me?

Last night I drove the Benz Dummy stole.

And went for a drive with Gigi, a tie flatted.

Let me finish,
then I tried to find a spare tie.

You guess what I find in the car?

US Dollars, I'm going to be rich this time.

Then you stay here and get rich.

Where are you going?

I'm going to find a car.

Find what?

We have the US Dollars.

It won't be that old man
to have meals with Stella.

It will be you, stupid.

Let's go.

What are you doing with all this US money?

Change them into HK Dollars with others.

Use HK dollars to get US, and change it
the other way round. Are you crazy?

Make sure those money can be used?

Change it in a hotel means
we'll lose interest, but safe.

It'll be OK.

Nothing to be scare of.

What do you mean wait another second.

I'm in here all day now,
come on, what is it?

Mr. I want to change some HK Dollars.


Think about what you want? I'll buy you.

Sorry what,

Man, Come on...

What's wrong with him?

I tell you what to do with your policy, man.

Just take your night out of here.

Hey, try this policy one time, man.

Coming now.

Hey, I only got two days in this town, man.

I want my money.

That's him.

Come on, get it over,

Excuse me sir, I'm the manager.

Please come with us

To the police station.

What do you mean police station.

I'm not going to the police station.

Mr. I'm not going to change it my money.

Sorry sir, here're two fake banknotes.

Fake banknotes again,

let's go to the police station together.

What's your name?

Lee Wo Sau.

And you?

Wong Park man.



Male prostitute?

Sergeant, do not be nasty.

Male prostitute is a kind of service.

We park cars for customers in restaurant.

That's car parking, serving job.

Be nicely, parking cars is a legal occupation.

How do you find out those are fake banknotes?

I'm asking you, not the other way round.

Who's money is this?


Where did you get it?

Given by a customer, it's tips.

He's so generous, Twenty US for tips.

Sergeant, we are innocent.

All the tips are put together.

Who knows they are real or false?

It's the two of you.

Officer Lau.

Sir, how do you know them?


They park car for me, how many fake one?


Officer Lau, you know we are not baddy.

I don't like a police too.

Even someone likes a thief,
he needs not to be one.

Put them down in record, let them go.

They have legal occupation, don't make a fuss.

Yes sir.

There's a lot of false money nowadays,
be careful.

Thank you.

Mr. Lee. Please tell me from beginning again.

What's wrong?

You hear that,

even the police scold us.

I quit.

Quit. If it's real money?

I quit too.

What you still have a lot?

More than one million, all brand new.

Why didn't you tell me earlier.

You didn't ask, it's more than ten million HK.

But we have nothing now.

It was fine before without you.

You suggested to change uniforms,

smile to the clients, so what?

People still calling us parking.

Last time we went for the Japanese food,

You don't have enough money to pay.

Ask me to change the money with you,

you want me to go jail with you.

Don't ever try to cheat me.

Stella, I have something to say to you.

Nothing to say.

Stella, open the door.

Do you want the neighbour to hear this?

I want to make it clear with you.

Let me go,

I don't want to see you, go.

I'll call the police.



You love me,

otherwise you wouldn't bring me here.

I don't know what you are talking about.

I love you.

So what?

I want to be with you,

I'll make you happy.

It can't be done.

I need you.

I don't need you.


Stella, pass me the plastic and medicine.

You're still staying with him.

None of your business,

what are you doing here?

If you can come, either me.

This is my place, everything are mine.

You wet my floor.

Tell him to go.

It's OK,

I'll go.

Dry yourself first.

You were there?

I'm sure it's finished.

Otherwise you won't be here.

You are right.

I've told you before,

he has a Benz, a rich man.

Like you, how can you win?

I have the right to chase after her.

She's not married, why can't 1?

You can,

but look at yourself.

You have nothing to back you up.

No power, no money,

if these are real.

You can do it then..

She knows I have no money.

Some women only playing with men.

Men can use women,

why can't they?

I've warned you before.

She does like a Rolls Royce,

you can afford neither gasoline fee.
More license fee,

why can't you treat her as a stealing car.

Once only.

I can't take it.


Then I should cut my throat.

At least you've happy time with her.

And me? I've few hundred thousand US Dollars.

I've spent not even one note,
I'm supposed to be rich.

If you can't take it, alright.

I give you all the money,

take them with you to Stella.

Throw all on her them, foolish.

Where did you get that much of money?

Uncle, these are wall paper.

Wall paper? Are you trying to cheat me?

Where did you get them from? Tell me.

These are all false money.

False? Then why you stick them all on the wall?

Do you want to put me in the shit?

A lot of policemen walk pass here.

If they find these, they will put me in the jail!

Where did you get them?

I picked them up.

So you think it's alright?

If they find them.
They might think you printed the money,

then you will really be in big trouble.

I can't imagine what will happen

if these are real.

Uncle, you won't say that

if these are real money.

I want to buy you and Auntie a nice house.

I know the house with
iron bar all around. Secure.

That will be the Hotel Prison.

Do you want to put us to the jail
for the rest of our life?

Listen to me,

you gotta to believe the fortunes wheel!

Easy come easy go,

if you want to be rich.

You should use your brain and work hard.

You can't just sit and wait for the money.

Go to bed now, start the new life tomorrow.

Burn all the money,

are they real or false?

What a pity.

Take the car.


It's coming.

Why take so long?

Here comes the car.

It's coming, did you have your meal yet?

Yes, I did.

Are you busy?

Not really.

Mr. Lam.

Thank you, bye.

What's the matter, come over here.

Come and see the car.

What's wrong?

What have you done, I asked you to park the car.

And the door is gone.

I don't know why, I parked it at the car park.


I want to talk to your manager.


So what should we do now?

The door is gone when I went to get the car.

How come?

Very possible...


Exactly the same as the original.

Of course,

I promised you.

Still you have to pay the money you owe me.

Will do.

I left my car with them and went to have my meal.

Now how can I drive without the door.

I'm so sorry, this is an accident,

but it is very trouble to report
to the police station.

Trouble. I'm in trouble without a car.

I'm so sorry,

although this is not our responsibility.

I do know you very well.

I don't want to lose the client like you.

Stop explain,
let me know when it's been fixed.

Yes, I will do that, I'm so sorry.

I thought you work hard,

change the uniforms and lighting.

How did you park the car and the door is gone.

Mr. Chow, surely this is a trap.

Shut up, this is a famous seafood restaurant.

We are running a big business,

if you are so careless.

The clients won't come anymore, in this case.

I'll cease the parking service.

Mr. Chow, don't be like that.

Get the car to fix.

Put the bill in you two's account.

Damn it!

What should we do now?

We've a commitment before,

how can they do this.

We might lose our jobs.

We have to do something.


You stole a Toyota private car

and we know who you are.

Who are you?

You don't need to know, Dummy,

we all work for the money.

I'll pay you $200,000 to get the car back.

Tomorrow 15:00 hours
drive the car to Ocean Terminal.

I'll contact you.



I'm rich.

Phone call.

Mr. Yang Tsit Hong.

Speaking, who is it?

Are you the owner of DA12507

Papa, come to sing the birthday song.

OK. Won't be long.

Come on.

Your car has been stolen,
but you didn't report to the police station.

Who are you?

Do you want your stuff back?

I don't know what are you talking about.

Don't pretend innocent.

I'm calling you

because I want you

to pay to get your car back.

You know what I mean.

What do you want?

I'm only a small potato.

You are famous person in this town.

If I tell the true to the public...

Alright, what is the term?

Listen, tomorrow 14:00 hours

bring $200,000 cash along.

To the top floor of Middle Road car park.

How can I recognize is you?

We'll drive a silver gray Toyota.

You can recognize the car.

I don't have that much cash with me.

Papa, come to have some food.


We scared him.

Dummy is back, do you think he finds the money?

What is your name? What should I call you?


we want to change our plan.

Wait a minute,

it doesn't worth for $200,000.

You want to do a loss deal with me?

Just do what I say.

Tomorrow afternoon 14:00 hours

at the top floor of Middle Road car park.

Come with the Toyota in time,
by your own self.

By my own self? How can I trust you?

We intend to pay $200,000 to change the car.

Because we want to keep this as a secret.

I found something in the car.

You know what I mean.

Those US notes are fake, they're useless to you.

Come tomorrow if you're clever enough.

False money?

Will he come?


Look at him,

he still holding the money.

Wait for Lau comes for meal

as our schedule.

Officer Lau is inside already.

Time is not up yet.

Mr. Yang's car is coming.

I got it.

Go to drive that car.

Don't forget to change your clothes.

Dummy is coming.

OK. Action!

Officer Lau,

someone is stealing your car.

Stealing my car?


Who's stealing my car?

He's getting the tools

at the car park.

I have a car,

let's go to chase him.

Whose car is it?

It's OK, I get on to the car.

Quick, chase him.

I know, that is red traffic signal.

Foolish, Police chase thief.

This car made in 1974,

your car made in 1985.

Eleven years difference, I'll try my best.

It's turning, let's follow him.

What's the matter? What's wrong?

Oh, my god! No gasoline.


How can it be like this?

I forget to fill it up.

What should we do then?

Stop! Stop!

That's my car, my car.

So what are we going to do now?


Don't step out, no wait here.

Stanley, where do you go?

Officer Lau, we find the helper.

Get on to the car, quick.

Did you see the no waiting sign.

I'm the police, I order you to chase that car.

Good, I can drive like an express car,


What's going on?

Someone is stealing his car, there it is.


Sir, which one is yours.

The one is turning now, number 1001.

Why do you think I am?

Are you blind?

Call the control center,

chase that car. Go.

Calling control,

a silver gray private car
license NO. CE1001.

Sit a bit far from me please.


Come in and chase that car,

Move faster.

It's the highest speed.


This monthly ticket is expired.

Don't block the way.

This car goes up just like that?

You report to control, others come with me.



You go this way, I go that way.

Yes sir, follow me.

Report control, we are now at
the Middle Road car park, over.

So many policemen and police cars.

How can you drive like that?

I'm chasing the thief.

How can you knock my car and gone.

Shut up and leave here immediately.

Stay, don't go.

Stay, don't go.

Stay, don't go.

Officer Lau, why did you use the stairs.

There is an elevator.

Don't talk anymore, arrest them.


How's it?

They've been arrested.

They paid for it at the end of the day.

See how happy they are.

People are crazy for money.

We have the same dream before,

it's time to awake.

We should be satisfied with our occupation.

Let's go.

Take your time.

Sir, are you coming for dinner?

Not Japanese food tonight.

Never mind.

I'm going to Seafood Restaurant.

Our services are joint.

Take care of this car.

What are you looking at?

My sister got the education fund.

And a part-time job.

It's great.

Your pizza is coming.

I can't park it,

can you park for me?

How's this?

Your dream comes true.