Dai foo ji ga (1994) - full transcript

A big family faces many life problems, and everyone tries best to find love and happiness in the new year.


My God, today is the 16th day of the 12th moon

Try my carrot cake.

Everyone has a dream.

Please bless my family.

Please bless my son, Kau Fu and his wife.

So that they will live happily together again.

No more argues.

I've not see my grand-daughter for a lone time.

Please bless my second son, Kau Kwai.

To have a sharp tongue!

And, not to quarrel with his dad anymore.

Bless my youngest son, Kau Kei,
make him a good boy.

And, bless my daughter,
Kau Ann return from France.

And let her settle in Hong Kong!

My God, my wish is so simple.

I hope all members
of my family will gather together.

To have a family union dinner,
if so, I will be so...


Are you alright!

Are you alright!

Where is the toothpick?

Did you eat it?

He swallow the toothpick in his throat.

Be quick! Be quick!

What a trouble!

Grand-dad has swallowed a toothpick.

Go and get your dad now.

Quick! Kau Kwai! Open the door!

What a big trouble!

Open the door.

What the hell is it?

Your dad has swallowed a toothpick!

Good post!

How dare you fool me!

You'd turn 360 degree.

Shut up!

Don't scare me! How are you now?

How are you now?

What's the matter!

What's the matter!

Ask your brother to help, go.

Call the ambulance now.


Dad, why are you so clumsy!

Brother didn't answer me.

That bastart! I'll teach him a lesson.

Grand-dad is conscious now.


Did you over-cook the rice?

You scared us.

But you shouldn't over cook the rice!

Dad, are you alright?

Don't call the ambulance.

I did!

I've just called Kau Fu.

But his mobile phone is always engaged.

You are all bastards!

Your grandsons!

Are all weird!

Dad, how wise are you.

How can you put all the blames on your dad?


Why don't you blame your own sperm?

They were good sperm!

What do you want to eat?

Sign it!

Come here please.

I will give you 400% raise.

Really? Boss.


That's the smile I want.

Do you understand?

We are serving people.

We should give them a smiling face.

Be cheerful!

You know, Japan can be so strong.

Because the Japanses women smiles 24 hours.

And bow with courtesy.

Let me demonstrate once.

They are your bosses.

Thank you, welcome

Why are you here?

I just want to chat with you!

You are not welcomed here, go now!

You open the shop, so I can come in.

If you don't serve me!
I will go to Consumer Council for a complaint.

How can she do that?

What do you want to eat?

I want to see my daughter!

It's not on the menu!

I really miss her.

Can you let me see her?

The court did forbid you to see her.

Please forget it!

You are too tough!

I can do something tougher!


Hold it, or I will sue you
of indecent assaulting me.

You are too nasty.

You nasty woman!

How dare you scold me!

How dare you scold me!

Ladies and gentlemen,

See how they treat the customers!

Stop eating? It's poisonous.

See how bad is that man.

"Ichiban" Very good.

Your shirt is dirtied?

What's wrong?

Have eaten yet?

Let me cook a noodle for you, come on.

Come, let me toast to you.

I can't make it, I can't

Come on! Cheers!

Come on, I won't sign
the contract with you if not drink.

Come on, let's drink together.


- Good!
- Good!

Drink with me!


- Drink.
- Drink.


Drink with me

Right, drink with us, one by one.


How are you?

Go and fix the contract.

I'd contribute something to show daddy.


Show time.


Good drinker.

Come...I'll sign

He signed.

Kau Fu.


Kau Fu.

Are you alright?

Daddy, you are drunk again.

Come on hurry up.

Hide up!

Come on, be good,

hide under the bed.

Have you signed the contract, is it a billion?


Isn't the amount 8 million?


How do you do business? Do you have brain?

You are always like that.

You always get drunk and leave the mess to me.

No businessman would deal like this.

You just torture your own stomach.

Don't you think I am willing to do so?

Don't you think it's enjoyable to be drunk?

Stop it.

You always get mad after drunk!

I want it.


Come here.

I don't want to be tortured again.

You are crazy, I want to divorce.

That's a real cat

Your Honour,
he loves throwing things after dunk.

I am scared.

I am afraid, sooner or later.

He would would throw my daughter to the street.

Your Honour,
he has serious psychological problem

How can a father,
who can't control his ownself.

To see his own kid alone?

Please stop him from visiting his daughter.


It's so noisy!

Turn it off! You bastard!

What's the matter?


He's like shit.

Cheers to shit!

You always make me mad!

You too!

My Supreme Buddha!


Bastard, if you don't quit this job.

Never come home again.

I won't quit.

Relation with you.


[...Will never...


my talent!


Thank you.

Bastard, how dar you!

What's wrong with you two?

Kwai, where are you going to?




Kwai. Kwali.

Who is it?

Good morning auntie.

I brought some oranges.

- Cousin.
- Cousin.


Are you going to market that early?

I will support you forever.

Damn it.

Bastard, you are useless.

You quarreled with cousin, didn't you?

They always make me mad!

Cheers to make you mad!

Luckily I still have Kau Ann.

She is coming back.

I know she is coming back.

I couldn't have sound sleeps in these nights.

I've arranged everything.

I want to give her...surprise.

Very surprise.

Extremely surprise.

Quick, answer the phone.

She will arrive tomorrow.

Let me talk to her

My dear cousin, I am Chung.

I miss you so much.

I know you are on the way back home.

I miss you so much

Remember not to miss the plane.

Bye, Bye

Cousin, I am now going to pack up.

Let's chat when I am back, alright?


Cousin, she turns cool to me.

When she comes back, you will met everyday.

Let the love of yours develop.

It will be much better.

I am going to burn the incense to thank God.

Foon, come here with me, come on.

When she returns.

I will stay with her everyday.

Dad, Mom. Cousin.

Kau An.

- Kau Kei.
- Sister.

Brother, where is sister-in-law?

Kau Ann, you look different?

You look different.

But you are still pretty.

Sure, I've lived in France so long.
I've changed a lot.

Let's go now.

Wait, I still have a friend.

Brother, hurry up.

Let me introduce.

My dad, my mom, my cousin, my brother.


I'm touched for having
such a warm reception from you.

Auntie, I can tell from
the first sight you are a good mother.

Cousin, you are so tanned.

But uncle, you are different.

You are like a piece of charcoal.

- Come on.
- Alright.

- Dad, go and get the car now.
- Go and get the car.

Your dad is really like a piece of charcoal.

Has he always eaten chocolate?

Let's go.

- Let me help you.
- Thank you.

Roberto hasn't any relatives in Hong Kong.

So, he will live in our place.

- What?
- Don't you mind it?

Let's go.

It's time to go to the restaurant.

Aren't we going home?

Chung, you go with Ann.

And the rest of you, follow me.

Let's go

Canned sardines?

Big mouth.

See you later.

There is not much change in Hong Kong.

That stone is still here.


What's you name?

You may call me Roberto.


Or, anything you like.

Are you grown up in foreign country?

Yes, when I was four.

First time to return.

How about your parents?

They died.

When I was ten, I became orphan.

The, I followed my auntie to France.

Where is your auntie?

She died many years ago.

So, you have no relatives.


I have a god-mother.

But she passed away last year.

You have had bad luck.

May God bless you, say something lucky!

Which room will he stay?



They match each other.

What is Roberto?

An ordinary friend of mine.

- Really?
- Why should I cheat you?

I don't have to worry then.

Cousin, from now on.

I won't let you leave me again.

You know...

When I see you, I am so impulsive...

I am so impulsive...

I do want to hold you tightly with may arms.

I know you need me too.

- Cousin.
- I want to give you a surprise.

Open it, I am giving you a surprise.

Like it?

Let's get married at once.

I want to hold you every night.

I want to kiss every inch of you.


Do you want me to kiss you now?

I want to throw up.

Hold it...Wait a second...

Why did he stop suddenly?


Why did Ann throw up?

Maybe a plane sick.

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

I didn't do anything.

Cousin! You'd better park the car.

I do want a rest.

Are you alright?

Brother, I am having a trouble.


He forces me to marry him.


He said, he's strong intention to

hold me every night,

and kiss every inch of my body.

Every inch?

I wonder. Hongkies use centimeter

instead of inch in calculating.

Stop kidding.

Do you love him?

Well, we just grew up together.

So, go ahead.

You may say no.

Say no?

My dad would kill me.

So, ask you dad to marry him.

I wouldn't have treated my marriage as shift.

Bull shit

Know it is.

Kau Ann is back!

- Auntie!
- Sister

Well, what a perfect match!

You'd better call your auntie mom

Wealthy women.

Who is that guy?

From France, forget about him.

Please take you seat.

Brother is coming.

Brother Kwai.

Brother Kwai.

Break through.

Am I pretty?

Why you went into fugitive?

What a bastard! Sneaking move!

I know dad wants...Throw up.

So, go now.

It will create misunderstanding!

Don't talk.



Come and sit here!

Sister, since it's big day.

Let's drink to celebrate it.

- Alright, come on.
- Not this one.

The wine.


I don't know how to drink

and high blood pressure.

Don't worry, just little bit!

Come on! Drink!

You mean it?

At your age auntie,
you shouldn't drink too much.

Sit down, sit down first.

Help yourself.

Drink tea can help your digestive system.

Fast shitting.

Are you happy?


Everything here are designed for you.

I think you've wasted too much money.


I want to give you a real surprise.

Would you give me a break?

Dear friends.

Welcome to this party.

Today, I have a good news to announce.

I, Hou Chung.

I've grown up

I hope all of you.

Will be my witness.

I want to announce,

my declaration of love to my cousin

I want to propose to my cousin Ann.

Thank you.

Help me.

What we do?

Ann, I will love you forever.

Never change.

Marry him Ann, come on.

Please marry me, Ann.

Stop fooling.

Help me.

Dear friends.

Uncle, auntie,

in fact, what he has just done to Ann.

Last week, I did the same to Ann.

She promised to marry me.

I've paid the deposit too.

You are late.




You mean him an ordinary friend?

Pal, listen to me.

Tell you what.

I've got black belt in karate.

You are not right,
your cousin is so nice to you.

What a shame.

Enjoy the dinner.

I've to chase my daughter back.

I've to teach her a lesion.

Enjoy your sorrow.

What'll we do now?

They are so nice.

Let's eat...

Your brother drives so fast,
I am afraid I can't follow

I am not family with Hong Kong.

Brother, you've dragged me down.

Turn your head back.

You kissed me before so many relatives.

Only such body languages.

Can cut verbal explanations, you know?

You said you have paid deposit!

It will create misunderstanding!

You have to pay deposit.

You have to pay deposit to buy a good.

I want to throw up!

Do you mean it? Just one word
can make you throw up.

I mean it.

Why did they stop the car?

She throws up again?


Sister is going to marry such monster?

Will the babies of them be ETs?

You shouldn't worry too much.


You go to see Grandpa.

You go by yourself.

If you go together,

You'll scare him.

You share the room with Kau Kee.


What a nightmare!

Just do what I told you, lead him to the room.

Come on.

No need for me to go?

- Yes.
- Make it tomorrow morning.

Good night.



When did you come back?

I just arrived.

- Just arrived?
- Yes.

How are you?

I brought something for you

- For me?
- Yes.

It's a massage machine. I brought it in Europe.

What's this?


It's fashion, Grandpa.

Don't bother Grandpa.

Isn't it fashion?


Let me talk with Grandpa a little bit longer.

Come here. I've got something to ask you.

Open it.

Be frank, is true?


- Are you pregnant?
- Right?

Of course not.

Don't tell lie.

Don't touch my things.

Don't touch my books.

Would you please don't touch my luggage?

That bed is mine.

You sleep over there.

Don't mix up

How much money does he earn per month?

He's been jobless for a long time.

He has a rich daddy, right?

He has no money to live in a hotel.

You love this kind of people?

I'm tired since I took a long flight.

Why don't you listen to me?

He is a little bit weird,

but later,

you will find out he's nice.

I go to sleep

Take it easy.

Can 1?

I think you can't

Let me talk with my daughter for a while.

I know she is somewhere around,
may I talk to her?

You're a witch!

Brother, what's wrong with you and your wife?

You better ask her.

Am I too nosy?


I am hungry.

You always fool around.

Why haven't you starved to death?

I don't demand much from living.

If I were born some years earlier.
I'd have been a hippy.

You are.


How can you marry my daughter?

Love, I guess.

Love? How can you afford her living?

Isn't it your duty?

You want to be an Adonis?

Such serious question...

I'll talk to you tomorrow morning.

Hey, you'd better tell me now.

How can you afford your family?

Alright, I'll look for a job.

I know...

What a tragedy!

Brother, how is it?

I don't think it fits me.

You'd dress up for an interview.

Aren't we go out for sight seeing?

So dress up like a Hongkie!

Show me.

Not bad!

I'm not used to it

You will be used to it.


Why not go to Guanzhou?


We've arrived.

- Take a picture, come on.
- Alright, come on.

Look this way.

Great! She fits you.


Not bad.

Come on.


So smart.

Go ahead.

What? I'm not that easy going.

I do want to choose.

Come on, this way.

Thank you.

Not much romance.

You are too selective.


It's you who is blocking my way.

- Any handsome guy?

I don't think he is.


- Brother.
- Are you dealing business in Guangzhou?

Yes, let's eat.

I've checked out, I am leaving.

Why in a hurry?

I miss my daughter so much.

I am now hurrying to see her.

Divorced man.

Let's go.

Eat fast.

I don't want to eat.
- I've wasted few hours to feed you.


You bitch, come and eat.

Hurry up.

You are so naughty.

I'll beat you if you don't eat.

Why did you beat my daughter?

Your daughter deserves to be beaten.

I won't do it.




- Daddy
- Baby

I miss you so much

Good girl.

Dad, it's you.

You should eat.

Or the rats will bite your ass.

Mom is back.

Uncle George always goes out with mom.

What are you doing?

Come down!

Come down!

Stop stabbing me.

Come down!

I will call the police to arrest you.

You can't see her under
the judgment of the court.

You always enjoy yourself
but didn't care about her.

- How dare you say so?
- Mr. Yam,

being the lawyer of Yuet Yung

I am now warning you.

- According to the ordinance of the court,
- Stop it.

You are expert in those divorce cases.

And you're good at courting the divorced women.

How dare you be that cheap!

If you keep talking like this,
I'll sue you of slandering.

The police are coming.

Disappear now, or you will have trouble.

One two,


What a chicken.


What do you want?

What's next?


Watch this.

This is not for sale yet.


Give it to me, I will treat you ice cream.

Let me have a look first.

I will tell you the story now.


What an amazing story.

A Jurassic Saint
and the Evil has fought severely.

In the war, they can find out
the real meaning of love.

Give it to me.

Yam Kau Kei. How dare you!

How dare you bring such nonsense book here...

You have set up
a wrong image to the classmates.

Miss Ho...

You'd copy
the school regulations for 500 times.

And ask your parents to see me.

Please don't.

Not today.

But see me tomorrow after school

I just do it for your own good.

You will know it after you leave school.

Brother, you should help me.

I've brought the clothes of my dad.

If he knows my teacher wants to see him.

He will break my head.

You deserve it.

How dare you! You are heartless.

I just want to promote the book for you



want your promotion.

You how Plain Coffee
is complaint against your comic?

It's a bad publication.

It will harm the kids.

And it's drawn badly.

Cheap words too.

So, you admit it.

Go now.

Don't make her angry.

Or, she will kick me out to the school.


If she scolds you, just smile.

Nod your head, and say something nonsense.

She is called Plain Coffee?

How dare you? Lower you voice.

She loves standing behind others.

Miss Ho,

he is my dad.

She is Plain Coffee


Greet Miss Ho.

I am Miss Ho, are you Mr. Yam?

Please come in.

He doesn't pay attention is studying.

He doesn't care his homework too.

He loves chatting with classmates and eating.


He brought such comics back to school.

It harms the other classmates.


The meanings of such comics are harmful.

You look.

It's not Chinese at all.


It's poor.


I am teaching arts.

So ll think

such comics are too childish



Only the bitch and
the noneducated people will love it.







Dad, mom is waiting for us to have dinner.

Mr. Yam.

You'd better apologise.


I will give a poor grade to your son's conduct.

He's stay after school
for one month as punishment.

Like father like son.

You named you son Kau Kee, it's too foolish!

What a failure.

You go

Back home.



Are you hurt?

Next time...

"Finally finds you"

"So surprised, so magical"

"Love you so much "

"Seeing you makes me crazy"

"Makes me dizzy"

"You take my soul away"

"Uncontrollable heartbeat"

"Fooling around and sluggish"

"Getting insane and confused"

"Feel like jelly and drunk"

"Too excited to get a fever"

"Thank you for your understandling"

"Billions kisses are still not enough”

"Kissing you like crazy"

"and fly up high"

"Giving you all my love"

"Jurassic dragons are smiling"

"Let's ask the Dragon "

"Would the dragon please”

"witness our"

"long lasting"

"ever "


Bye Bye.

Bye Bye Miss Ho

Don't be late again.


Brother, do you want to shit right here?

It's illegal to shit here.

There is toilet in our school

Yes, there is toilet.

Make it next time.



Your look is very close!

One piece missing

the Saint...


To date...



Angel likes eating sweet soup



There is

I am sorry.


Isn't it enough?

Stop staring or I will call the police.


How dare you wolves!

Fresh vegetables.

Buy a little bit.


Come and buy

Lady, vegetable.

Nice vegetable.

Pretty girl, I've nice vegetable for sale.


Give me 4 catties of green onion.

You want so many?

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

- Keep the change.
- Thank you.

- You're welcome.
- Pretty girl,

- buy some vegetable.
- Alright?

You didn't give me a call?

Sister, I've just
eaten sweep soup with my friend

You haven't eaten rice, but you ate dessert?

Let's eat first!

Did you go with a boyfriend?


There must be something wrong!

I've told you many times.

You can never trust the man.

Say our dad!

After our birth,
he didn't leave a word but went sailing.

When mom died, he was not will to come back.

Sister, please stop

Or I can eat.

Didn't any boy date you?


This is...for...

Thank you



Let's take pictures with them.


Be good.

Greet him now.

Good morning brother




He is from another school.

Don't be naughty!



Go good.

Treat me


What did you say?

I look idiot?

What did you say?

Today is my holiday.

I want to see you.

But I should be the volunteer.

I just want you to play with us.

I can't imagine you would see them in such way

They are no monsters.

They are just less luckier than us.


Forget it. If you don't like them,
just leave us alone.

Sau Kit, Sau Kit.

Sorry, I don't mean it.

I misunderstood that you pity me.

Why did you speak so fluently?


Try again, to speak fluently.


Then I make it.


I and


Live together 5 years.

Didn't talk


Please don't

I haven't had dad since I was small.

I do want to have a dad.


Let's go and take pictures


Sit closer.

Step back!

Sit closer.

Step back!

- Sit closer.
- Step back!


Are you alright!

Do you want to play with me?

No. I just want to hit you.

I did want to beat you in the restaurant.

But I didn't want to do it
in front of those people

Why don't you go ahead now?

There is nobody around,
it's no use to beat you!

France must be a country of free sex.

You must have known
many styles on sex techniques.

My cousin is so innocent.

To be tempted by you.

We Chinese.

To buy anything you want.

Unlike you.

Your brain is filled with sex.

Hey, run two rounds.

They you won't feel any sex desire.

I am going to tell you.

My cousin and I have fallen in love.

Since we started our puberty.

You just fell for her only,

Who cares.

It's love anyway.

You interrupted suddenly.

I know, you just want the wealth of my uncle.

Give me a price!


You think I am a gigolo?

Tell you cousin.

I think you have been rich enough.

To buy anything you want.

But I tell you.

Love is depended on power.

Obviously I am taller than you.

But you are not white enough.

It is another kind of attraction.

Some girls said I am really sexy.


It's not sex, but sexy, adjective.

Sexy, follow me.

Don't say too fast



- Where were we up to?
- Up to?

In fact, you are too proud.

That's why, you miss something.

What it it?


You should meet failure frequently.

Experience how tobe teased, mocked by others.

So, it will help you and your future.

I wonder, does failure help?

You've got it.

Can you help me?


Step on me tease me.

Torture me.

- Really?
- Really.

For my future's sake,

Can you teach me one more lesion?

I am busy now.

Make it next time.

Des failure help?

Don't chase after me.

Call me Mimi.

Isn't it called love?

Master Wong Fai-hong
most powerful No-shadow kick.

I've got the secret of it.

When the enemy doesn't move...

You move when he moves.

Attack his face.

When his hand presses yours down.

Attack his eyes again.

And kick follows.

This is no-shadow kick.

Since he is not prepared.

He just cares the upper part only.

He won't care his lower part.

So, this is called No-shadow-kick.

And its' call Dick Kick. Got me?

Yes, grandpa.

It's so pretty.

This is the most up date fashion in Europe.

Did you make it yourself.


I studied fashion design for three year.

Like it? I will knit one for you.

All dead.


One dies after the other

The cat will love it.

Not enough oxygen, right?

Of course not.

Don't pretend to be an expert.

Let me try.

You are jobless.

Have you ever worried of poverty?

But I am rich in my heart.

Uncle, don't think that I am criticizing you.

You have good food, but you never happy.

Although I am poor.

I am happy.

My daughter will suffer so much!

It's fixed.

You are great!

I studied engineering in college.

My drunken son is back.

Ah. Just like shit.

See how awful is your look!

Sooner or later, I will be driven crazy by you.


You bastard, you always blame your son.

Shut up.

Are you blaming me?

You are blaming your son too.

Forget it.

Or, one more son will leave us.


My dear grandson, forget about them.

They are much more tougher than me.Damn it.

Brother Fu, you can't drink all day.

When I think of my daughter, my heart hurts.

You have to think something.

The nasty woman keeps
very close to my daughter, how?

But you can use your brain to fill the gap.

Fill the gap?

Don't you think I am a magician?

No, I don't want it.

Bad girl, I can't tolerate you.

Me too!

What's the matter?

I hate serving you.

Daughter, I have to work.

I can't take care of you all day.

You always kick the maid away.

Don't you want me to lock you up?

Hello, Miss Chan, I am Mrs. Yam.

Right, it's me again.

My maid has left.

Please find another for me.

I am hurrying to work, right.

Exporting labour from Russia?

Anything will do.


Hang up so fast.


Come in...

You are employed.

She is my daughter.

Feed her.

If she doesn't listen to you,

just spank her ass.


Be good, I am late.

Remember to feed her.

Thank you

- Baby
- Don't come close to me.

Be good.

Let me feed you.

Baby, if you don't eat,

the rats will bite your ass.



Does she return?

I am Sharon.

We've employed someone else.

So strange.

Listen carefully.

We must...

be sure win.

Ever success.


He is crazy.

Don't you think it's a war?

You are so clumsy.

It's you who is clumsy.

If you answer back again, I won't let you go.

Mom is not going, she bored us.

She is always like that.

Let me go.

- Alright, get in the car.
- Auntie,

why don't you go fishing with us?

I dislike going out to meet others.

I don't know what clothing should I wear.

If I dress not properly, it is not good.

You can't put it in that way.

If you dress up, you would be very pretty.

Are you kidding?

I am serious.

If you make up a little bit,

say, put some shadow...set your hard.

And the dress should be...

How is it?

You are not serious in fishing.

My name means not serious in Chinese.


You can't get any fish in this way.

Don't bother me, just mind your own

Can you get any fish?


Granny, very big fish.

You don't list to the senior.

Learn from me.

Like a cooked dog!


Damn it.

Thank you.

It's no big deal.

I don't have to listen to you.

You use such big sausage to fish!

You don't listen to me.


You just blame others without self reflecting.

You didn't listen to your dad too.

Why don't you give him freedom
to do his own job?

Come and eat.

What's wrong?

I'm burnt.

Come on...


Put some honey on it.

It will make you feel comfortable.

Isn't it?

You do concern me.

We are pretending to be lovers, aren't we?

I will leave next week.

It hurts.

Too much exaggeration!

Will you miss me?

My mom is flattered by you.

She will be the one who misses you most.

You whole family is flattered by me!


Come come come

Let's pretend to be loves.

Granny wants a piece of steak.

I will do it.

- Honey, keep on please.
- Sure.

Hey, my idol.

How is it?

Did you make my sister pregnant?

Your sister is a nice girl.

How can you talk such thing behind her?

Are you fooling me?


You are great in taking my cousin's girl.

He is totally failed because of you!

Can you keep the secret?

I don't think you can.

But I will tell you too.

Your sister and I have been good friends.

But she uses me to brush your cousin off.

I will leave next week,
I've book a flight already.


Of course no.

I won't ell you the truth.

For you are too nosy.


Am I alright?

You are pretty.


Over there.

Do you understand?

Not understand.

What's you opinion?

It's nice looking

Wah. What's wrong with you?

Pretty woman...

Are you enjoying the breeze?

How dare you take my wife's advantage?

She wants praise of her dressing, doesn't she?

Do you want me to beat you up.

Do you mean it?


Step aside.

Granny, stay away.

I don't want others
think I am bullying an old man.



Dress such sexy clothes again.

What a shame!

Can you hear?

Damn it!


Come tomorrow.

Thank you boss. Let's call it a day.

Madam, you are back.

You have cleaned my house!

Thank you very much.

It's my job.

Where is baby?

She is sleeping.

Sharon, you are a good helper.

You are flattering me.

I am so tired.

Come in and massage me please.


Come on.

Why are you fluent in speaking Mandarin?

My father is a Chinese.

My mom is a Russian, so I know Mandarin.


That's why6 you are so tall.

Come on.

Madam, your skin is so smooth.

Answer it please.




Your ex-husband.

If he calls again, scold him.

Why not scold him now.

And curse him too, don't you agree.


Damn you, you evil, monster,

You are shit.


You don't feel shame.

If you bother my Madam,
I'll ask someone beat you up.

Any more?

Every words tell my heart.

Go to hell

Will it be too much.

No, he is cheap, he deserves it.

How can he be
so heatless to brush his wife off.


Do you still miss him?

If he didn't get drunk, he treated me well.

We had a happy family.


It's so windy.

Let me close the windows
otherwise you get cold.

It must be that bastard, let me open the door.

You rang a wrong bell.

- He rang a wrong bell
- Sharon, he is George.


Why did you curse me through the line?

What? Did he call?

Are you Yam Kau Fu?

Are you Yam Kau Fu?

Wrong number only.

Please give me a glass of beer.

I was in real bad luck!

What's the matter?

I miss you so much.

I am worring about you.

That's why I come to see you at once.

Let me put some ice in it.

Aren't you busy today?

My paper work is less important than you.

- Be serious.
- We don't mind old tricks,

Most important of all, it works.

You hand is so cold.

Let me warm them!

My heart is freezing, how can my hands be warm?

You want a warm heart? It's easy.

Madam baby needs you.

Please go and take a look.


Are you looking for me?

I am having a meeting. I will call you tonight.

Bye Bye.

Cold beer, Mr. George

Thank you


You look familiar to me.

You are like...

Oriental Sharon Stone.

Are you mixed?

Yes, Chinese and Russia!

You are attractive.

You are good at speaking Cantonese.

Thank you you dad.

Your feet are pretty.

Thank you mom.

George, will you stay here for dinner?

I don't want to leave tonight.
Give me a chance.

Please don't.

We are adults.

So, we can do something for adults.

What's wrong?

Excuse me!




Are you alright?

What's wrong with you?

George, may I accompany you to the hospital?

No need, I can handle by myself.

I will call you later.

Take care.

Madam, George isn't good at all.

He farted!

He had a stomach ache.

But he is nice to me and always makes me happy.

He wants to sleep with you, so he flatters you.

Every woman wants to be flattered.

If my ex-husband was like him,

we wouldn't have divorced.

Sharon, we are women.

You should understand me.

Yes, I do.


I am not in good mood.

Why not chat with me?


Tell me how your husband courted you.

How nice he treated you.

He must have some benefits.

Do you remember? Tell me.



What did you say?

Is any word missing?




Than talk

Maybe, it's better to tell me through your lips



Don't be that serious.




Did you bumb into someone?

Why are you so free?

You haven't gone home for a long time.


How to know...

Uncle, she is my maid.


Sharon, my uncle.


Uncle, everyone knows
you haven't home for a lone time.

You know?

Alright, cut the crap to escape anymore mistake

Let's not bother him to court girl.

Mistake again.

Let's go some place to have fun.

Bye bye uncle.

My brother





She is too young to have a divorce.





Haven't you gone home for a long time?


Take you...

To see my mom.

So soon?

I am afraid...


Is nice...

Good mother...

How about your dad?


Wong Chi Keung,
you can't draw as you wish.

First, focus the thing you are going to draw.

Daddy of Yam Kau Kee.

How is it?

Draw the way you like.

You look so smart.

To match him?

To match you!

It's true.

Who are you looking for?

I am the Discipline Officer
of Kau Kee's school.

I want to see his mom.

Please come in.

I am his mom


You are his mom?

Did he break any school regulations?

Hold it!

Is Yam's dad your husband?

How can you raise such a question?

I see.

You are bought to be his dad's wife.

You married him when he was just a baby.

So, you raised your husband and your son.

Such awful Chinese custom is till existing now.

What did you say? Please come in!

I pity you.

By the way, it's the fault of the men.

You are old.

But he shouldn't court my sister.



Your husband is courting his son's teacher.

My sister is too innocent.

That's why he dresses in that way!

Honey, what will we eat tonight?

You bastard...


I have witness here, you can't deny.

Who is he?

Hold it.

How many husbands do you have?

How can you ask in this way?

He is not the dad of Yam Kau Kee whom I saw.

Who is coming?


That's him.



Bitch sister?

He is the dad of Yam Kau Kee.

Kau Kee's dad?

Bastard, stop going, come here!

OK, I will tell you the truth.

You draw the comics.

That's shit!


Follow me back home.


Hold it, don't call me sister.

Don't bother my sister again.

I wll call the police to arrest you.




Don't help me, please go away.

These presents are given by you.

Now, it's meaningless to me.

I am now returning it to you.

Don't be childish.

You wasted much of my time.

You fooled me!

You are too hard-hearted.

I didn't cheat you.

Alright, take it as my fault.

Forget it, let's cut the crap!

It's time for me to wake up.

I will forget the past, let them be history.


Like sister like brother.

He is cheating you, I am damn sure.

Wake up now.

Or you will regret!

Let's go.

Miss, you've just told the words in my mind.

I've not listened to such pretty voice before!

Thank you

Let me give you a ride.

No, thinks.

She is something!

Bastard, you make me feel shame.

Do you know? It's a shame!

I did no fault.

Not shameful.

You still answer back!


I should have scolded you!

Forget it.

It's your fault as to be such a mother.


Hold it.


You bastard,
you are the black sheep of my family!

You should stop going with that girl.

Or, I will...

And I will...

Break the relationship with you.

Where are you going?


I want you two to die and never reincarnate.


Don't panic.


I am here to protect the Saint.

Yam Kau Kee?

Stop messing up. Take him away.

Where can you go?

Let them go please.

It's not your business!

- No.
- Get lost.

Don't panic.

Bite them.

Thank you!

It is raised by me.

It will protect us.

In this world.

Only love is great.



Yam Kau Kwai...

Yam Kaw Kwai...

I want to talk to you.

How dare you tease me?

Happy ending? Never.

I will show you another ending.

You will be in deep shit now.

How dare you court my sister!

Go to hell...You deserve it.

Sorry sir.

I'm art teacher,
I thought I was attending a lesson.



You scared me.

What a coincidence.

- Coincidence?
- Right, I work nearby.

I saw you when I was crossing the road.

I feel so happy to see you.

Go on.

We met in Kau Ann's home, claim it coincidence.

But this time,

I think it's destiny.

You believe in destiny?

Don't you think I am innocent?

I have to hold a meeting in the morning.

But if you are willing
to have a breakfast with me.

I lost appetite after seeing you.

Never mind.

When you feel hungry, just give me a chance.


I am waiting for you...

Ling Ling.

You are nonsense & disgusting.


If there is destiny,

I will count three, the come up

One two three.

I am sure you would miss it.


I am waiting for you "Lin"

I mean phone call.

Who are you looking for?

Is Roberto here?


He is my friend

How is it?

I have something urgent to seek for your help

Come in.

George wants to go for a trip with Yuet Yung.

You know, when they are abroad.

Two will be in one room.

He can do whatever he wants.

She want me to
take care of baby so she won't worry.

Think something for me.

A woman comes to look for Roberto.


Other than lustful, he is so wise.

He has no weak point.

That's his weak point.

Your girlfriend?

Your brother.

Hello, Miss Big Tits.

I am not woman.

I am your brother.

I did study stage make up in university.

You are so ugly.

Eat this.

It's nutritious.

Here comes the soup.

I am sorry.


I am sorry.

Let me wash it for you.

Go and wash it.

You've dirtied your trousers.

Kiss me as compensation.

Telephone book.

Who is his mistress?

Just call all women.

Hello, Masy

I'm George.

See you tonight in the
Japanese restaurant at 8pm



- Yuet yung
- Why are you free tonight.

Because I have a date with my girlfriend.

I have to free.

- A date with you?
- Boss, Boss,

Have a seat.


Why are you here?

You dated me. No secret.

Any surprise?

Haven't you got any seat?

Let me introduce.

Yuet Yung, Vivian.

She is my cousin.


You jerk.

You called me at last.

Take a seat.

George, who is she?

My client, I've just fixed her devoice.


Hello George. Honey.

This is my treat.

You find your own seat.

Yuet Yung, do you have 4 separate tables?

See, so many girlfriends.

Let see how he handles it.

He has various kinds of girlfriends.

See this one.


You should have racial discrimination.


Right, I've to go in and join them.


Jesus Christ

Super Star

George, who are they?

I am asking you!

I am asking who they are

Shut up!

George, you are so bad.

You wolf, how many women so you have?

God bless you all.

Yuet Yung, please listen to me.

They are all your relatives, I know.


You flattered the sister too.

She is my relative.

You want to give me a surprise.

Thank God.

I've begged for ten years.

Finally you're willing to donate to us.

Thank God.

I must be trapped, who did it?

You did it, right?

You wolf, you have been disclosed!

Bitch, I didn't harm you at all.

Why did you trap me?

You always ruin other's family.

You will take advantage of Yuet Yung,
not that easy.

Sharon, you shouldn't say such thing.

You are fired!


How can you fire me?

I am her fiancé!

But I am her husband.

It's you!

Yuet Yung!

You hurt me once.

And you cheated me again.

Honey, in fact ll...

At least, I still have gained my dignity.

It's like wearing a clothe.

But this time you take all off from me.

Yam Kau Ful!





Yuet Yung, please forgive me.

Don't follow me.

Don't follow me.

You always wear a mask.

You wear a mask to social.

You wear a mask to face your wife.

I did help him to make that mask.

She doesn't mean that.

Don't just stick to your business.

Please just don't care about your dad.

I am your wife!

I need your care too!

I need your respect too

Move please.


Where is he going?

He won't forgive himself.

Let's have a drink.


It's troublesome to fall in love.

Not exactly.

Have you ever fallen in love.

How about you?

I raised the question first.

I may not answer you.

You are escaping from love.

I know.

It's great responsibility to love the others.

See who is your another half.

I know I won't be a good husband.

But you will be a good lover.

I know.

I am sure.

If you stay with me.

You will be very happy.

No cigarettes.

Please give me a pack of cigarettes.

Pretty lady.

Would you like a dance?


You are so sexy.

I am not interested in you.

Excuse me, we're leaving.

What's going on?

Who will you look like when you get old?

I must be like Lin Chin Xia.

No. You are like plum.

A plum!

To bed.

Not here.

At the back.

Here's your clothing.

Not suitable for children.

You are courting my sister.

You just deny it. Lidida.

You shouldn't say such thing with me.

You are well planned.



Why? Changed.

Saint, we are safe.

We are safe!

You look so awful!


Now, you are helpless.

You'd better listen to me.


You said you love me, Saint.


Now I am Jurassic Wolf.

Together with them.

We are the lustful family.

Strip her.


In this world.

I am the most nasty Saint!

I've told you, he is nasty.

You look!

See his pictures, so bad!

That's what in his mind.


Leave me alone.

I'm innocent...


My sister won't bother you!

Forget it!



I don't know what to say.


You make me sick.

You look like sick.

You like dead fishes.

Ann, take his win away.

Don't drink anymore!

You will change to be dead fist too.

So noisy.

Do you want to rebel?

You make me sick!


Shut up!

I want to write calligraphy.

Today is New Year eve.

Tomorrow will be the 1st day of Lunar New Year.

Would you please shut up?

Everyone will be happy to enjoy new year eve.

What wrong did I do in my previous life?

See, my daughter was changed too.

Dad, I can tolerate no more.

It's your fault. You made us become like this.

Fu becomes coward cos' you always scold him.

He lost his wife too.

And brother Kawi.

He always stays in his room drawing comics.

He just wants to stay away from you.

Ann said is correct.

I am going to support you!

How dare you!

Why did I go to France?

I don't want to become another coward.

I want to seek for myself.

Back to myself.

Isn't it taught by the French rascal?

I didn't teach her such thing.

Sorry, I'm sorry.

I've brought trouble to you.

I'd better go back to France



Are you leaving like this?

I think,

it will be better to you all

Take care.

You too.

Rich family

Rich family

What's the meaning of Rich family?

If there is always quarrel,

How can you claim your home sweet?

You should treasure your family

Or, you will regret! Shit!


You're in time.


Don't come back...

Hong Kong.

I've made so many mistakes,

Even Kau Kee thinks that
I am courting his sister.

Aren't you.


Your dad hates me so much!


Forget about him.

I know

By the way,

You have some misunderstanding
with your girlfriend.

If she is good.

Don't give her up easily.

Go on.

Kau Ann.

Good girl.

- I am not looking for you.
- How dare you!

How dare you!

Because I love Sau Kit.

So I have guts.

I have guts,

Because I love Sau Kit.

You spoke fluently.

I can't live without Sau Kit.

She gives me faith.

In this world,

she is the one who understands me most.

She loves me unconditionally.

I have to marry her.

I don't fear any obstructions.

Sau Kit.

I love you

You could say that complete sentence!

Not only saying.

I want to do it.

Let's go.

Don't follow him.

If you leave, don't ever come back.

Don't cal me sister.

It's OK, sister.

The girl is so poor to have no daddy.

In fact you shouldn't blame him.

I did suggest the tricks.

You just want to tell me such things?

Although we meet for the first time.

To be polite, I have to say good bye to you.

Because I have to go back to France tonight.

My sister-in-law...

Doesn't Ann miss you?

In face, your husband
is still loving you so much


Don't you agree?

You are persuading me to treasure it.

Why do you give up that easily?

See you.

May I sit down?

What a coincidence?

I've tailed you.


I want to woo you.

You are too straight forward.

This is my merit.

It's a waste of time to guess.

I can't afford wasting time, I am getting old.

Me too.

Are you willing to be courted by me?

Cheap adjective.


I'll accept it.

But why are you nicknamed "Plain Coffee"?

I see, you love drinking plain coffee.

I think so.

Please give me another plain coffee.

Plain coffee.

In fact...

In fact...

I do have it.

I know,

They are obvious.

Come on, let's have the family union dinner.

Grandpa has no appetite.

Forget about him.

Mom, what are you doing?

For a woman.

Why makes her to be willing
to cook all day in kitchen.

Cook daily.

And not even any complaint.

Just want to cook for her beloved family.

Husband and kids.

To make them happy.

But all of you look so sad.

This family union dinner...

It's meaningless at all.

We have gap with dad, he is so out-dated.

We can communicate.

Open the door first.

She doesn't mean to complain against you.

She is right,

- Brother.
- Miss Ho.

- Mom.
- You're back.

We come back to have dinner.

Sorry, we are late.

Not at all.

Come and sit.

Kwali, serve vegetable to Miss Ho.

Uncle, you may call me Sau Kit.

Sau Kit, just take it as your home.

Just like a family.

It must be the God of Fortune for red pocket.

Give him a red pocket.

I'm going too.

How are you?

Miss Ho?

Yam Kau Kee.

Don't panic, I won't punish you now.

Make it after the holiday.

- Uncle, auntie.
- Hou Chung.

We have had a date.

We wish to join you to have dinner.

- Come on.
- Sit.

Set the table.

Come on. Help yourself.


Will you blame me.

You are right!

You should fight for your own luck.

Lets its.


We will get married before Kwai


It's funny to brother-in-law with you.

It's really funny.

How about you and Roberto?

Let's eat.

So hearbreaking.

Please give me a break.

Let me receive it.




Go inside.


Kei Kei

Come and have dinner with us.

Thank you for giving me another chance.

I am giving chance to Sharon.

I will take a chair for you, come on.

They are all in pairs.

We are the only lonely hearts.

Lone hearts.

Good boy, would you mind your tongue?

Dad, hit my head.

If you don't hit my head, I won't feel ease.

Go and have your dinner.


Where will you have your honey moon?

Let me answer the door.

God of Fortune is coming

Who are you?

How are you?


You look so smart.

I'd better follow your custom.

I want to propose to someone.


You can get married at last.



Thank you.

I have to thank you too.

We are waiting for you
to have family union dinner.

Come on!

Who is it?

- Grand-pa.
- Watch me.

- Isn't it great!
- Bravo...

I wrote it in the garden.

Rich family.

Is love?

Isn't it good?


Hang it up...

Let's eat now.

Alright, let's eat together.

Let's eat.

Dad, this is for you.