Dai Nippon teikoku (1982) - full transcript

Favorable portrayal of Japanese Prime Minister Hideki Tojo, who approved of the bombardment of Pearl Harbor, as a patriot. The film is a jingoistic defense of Japanese imperialism.

The Imperial Japanese Empire


By order of His Imperial Highness

Imperial Army Lieutenants

Sato Cuna,

Baba Akihiko,

Goichi Odajima,

are hereby assigned to the 42nd Army.

You must obey superior officers

and observe military regulations.

Faithfully do your duty and obey orders.




In 1941, relations were strained

between Japan and America.

It was a busy year, full of anxiety.

The Japanese Combined Fleet prepared

for the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Pilots trained hard day and at night.

Moron! You want me to hang you by the balls?

Is this training is too difficult for the men?

The American Pacific Fleet is much

more heavily armed than ours.

This gap can only be up by hard training.

Rescue the pilot! Rescue the pilot!

We will defeat them! And get revenge for you too!


A war fever grips all Japan.

Driven by propaganda, everyone was forced to participate

in the militarist's insanity.

Student ID!

Attending Kyoto Imperial University. Studying what?

-You're a Christian?

Who do you think is more important? His Imperial Majesty or Jesus?

Have you had any military training?

-I have.
-Do not lie! What about this hair?

And here you are singing prayers!

Come on!

While the boys your age are fighting and dying on the front!

You spend your time on chanting prayers. Are not you ashamed?

You're here?

Thank you.

I know a place where there is an excellent coffee.

They are certain to be open.

Excuse me.


Let me introduce the groom, Kokichi Kobayashi.

Kokichi Kobayashi of Ogawa

who has been working for us for many years.

This is a very capable young man.

Next to him is the bride-to-be, Miyo Arai, until recently,

worked as a bus conductor.

-They met for the first time. . . -Enough, there's no time for this.

Shut up! It's just now starting to be interesting.

-They met for the first time. . . -Sorry, I like to tell this part myself.


On our first date, Kokichi and I went to the cinema.

It never occurred to me that we would be married one day.

But today we learned

that Kokichi leaves for the war tomorrow.

I felt terribly sorry but

told him I would wait for him to return since

we did not have time for a wedding today.

So. . .

But I am very happy! Thank you all for coming!

Please look after my things.

I know that I do not need to worry.

If the enemy is going to get me, there's nothing I can do about it.

Knowing that you will be safe is a great happiness for me.

As a Buddhist, I do not see things that way.

But I will not worry unduly.


May I ... touch you?

Will you turn around?

I wanted to wash my hair first.

Do not be angry.

It's fine. Don't worry about it.



Fourth year of the

continued war between Japan and China,

with no end in sight.

In Europe, the Second World War was unleashed.

The German army occupied Belgium, Holland and France

and prepares to invade England.

America responds to Japan,

which had concluded a pact with Germany and Italy

and prepares to move south,

with a rigid economic blockade

including a ban on oil shipments to Japan.

The British and the Dutch did the same.

Japan was caught in an economic 'ABCD' vice

from which it was impossible to escape.

Japan sends a special envoy, Saburo Kurusu,

to assist Ambassador Kichisaburo Nomura

in an attempt to reach a diplomatic solution with America.

However, America insisted that Japan must withdraw from China.

Prime Minister Fumimaro Konoye

The situation had become critical.

Army Minister Hideki Tojo

The Prime Minister had to make a decision.

Navy Minister Koshiro Oikawa

Will diplomacy succeed and open the way to peace with America?

Foreign Minister Teijiro Toyoda

Or unleash a military conflict with other countries?

Konoye residence
October 12, 1941

The Japanese government stood before an important choice. What to do?

As for my opinion,

I would solve all questions by diplomatic means.

We cannot risk war.

That statement surprises me.

During our last meeting on September 6, with His Majesty attending,

you said: "We must preserve the honor of the Empire.

In the event that diplomatic negotiations are not successful by early October,

our demands not satisfied,

we will be forced to declare war on our enemies."

We clearly agreed on this.

Would your current statement not be disrespectful to His Majesty?

Why would a hope for peace be disrespectful?

Foreign Minister, is there still any chance?

I can not say that we have no chance to reach

an agreement with America.

The main problem is withdrawing our troops from China.

If they are withdrawn, there is a chance for peace.

As the representative of the army, I must emphasize here,

that under no circumstances can we withdraw from China.

If America and China force us to withdraw our troops,

it would only encourage them to demand even more.

That we also withdraw from Manchuria and Korea.

Our country will have lost all our conquered lands

which would lead to the destruction of the Empire.

Mr. Oikawa, what is your opinion?

A choice must be made whether to continue our diplomatic efforts or not.

That is your jurisdiction, Mr. Prime Minister.
It should be a political solution.

We submit to your verdict.

I can not obey any order for withdrawal.

On the basis of what was already said by His Highness,

hundreds of men have already begun preparations for war.

They can only be stopped in the event that

we can resolve the whole issue diplomatically.

It all depends on how you want to do this.

Foreign Minister, are you sure?

The result of the negotiations requires agreement by the other party.

In my opinion, the decision that was made

at our last meeting was ... ill-advised.

What are you saying?

Was this important decision not agreed to by all the Ministers?

I agreed with that decision, as the representative of the Army.

If the Navy does not agree with it, then say so.

You can not make such an important decision for the whole country

just to satisfy the Army.

If there is to be a decision for war,

let it be made by one who is sure of himself.

The Konoye cabinet could not come to any decision.

Four days later, Konoye resigned.

October 17, 1941

On this day, Hideki Tojo

received an unexpected invitation to the Imperial Palace.

Koichi Kido, Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal

We were not prepared for this sudden change.

Apparently you are angry with me.
I am responsible for the government's resignation.

I instruct you to create a new cabinet.

Do this in accordance with the constitution.

I am aware that the current situation
is very serious for our country.

Our army and navy must coordinate perfectly.

You must consider all possibilities.

The Navy Minister will help you.

In drawing up the cabinet
coordinate everything with the Marquis Kido.

I give you the desires of His Highness.

Do not pay attention to any decision made during a meeting

in the presence of the Emperor on the 6th of September.

Study the situation of our country and its position

within the framework of the international situation. Those are his words.

At the meeting, His Imperial Highness quoted

verses of Emperor Meiji.

"The waves and winds in different seas
are all the same everywhere.

Then, why are there so many storms? "

That he read these verses shows that

he was determined to have peace.

Forget all about decisions that have been made so far.

I think that you will be able to solve all problems

by diplomatic means.

I have received my orders.

His Highness wants peace.

Tojo satisfied the desire of the Emperor.

He retreated from the decision to fight immediately.

He formed a new cabinet and decided to repair

relations with the US through diplomacy.

However, the High Command of the Army and Navy planned for war

if negotiations failed.

Preparations continued for the surprise attack.


Sorry. It was an accident, sir.

If you bump into an enemy tank, you're dead.

You're a terrible cyclist. What did you do in civilian life?

Barber, sir.

Good. Before we leave, see that everyone gets their hair cut.

You should first learn to ride a tricycle.

What did you do in civilian life?

Abbot of a monastery.

Abbot? You were a monk?

Well, isn't that something!

-Kobayashi, Hondo?

He's got to learn to ride a bike better than that.

He'll slow us down and we'll get eaten by tigers or crocodiles.

Keep practicing while there's still time!

Sir, we're going somewhere where there are tigers and crocodiles?

Why do you have such frightened looks?

If you are afraid of tigers and crocodiles, you can't go to war.

As for US-Japanese negotiations,

the American government knew about the war plans of the Japanese,

because they have been decrypting Japanese messages.

In Europe, war broke out between Germany and Russia.

At first, the German were invincible but then the setbacks started.

It was a good opportunity for America.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Secretary of State Cordell Hull

Admiral William D. Leahy, advisor to the President.

The US government sent Japan an official offer

known as the Hull Note.

America demanded that Japan withdraw

it's armies from Manchuria and the whole of China.

Japan would have lost all the territories

conquered since the reign of the Emperor Meiji.

These demands essentially equaled a declaration of war.

I would be glad for war to happen.

I decided to close my eyes
and come to terms with this.

I have read this note several times

but we can't agree to any of it.

If we were to give in to these demands,

our country will return to what it was before the Sino-Japanese War,

before the Meiji Restoration.

How could we then feed all our people?

It would be suicidal for Japan.

We don't need to talk any more!

We will need to defeat America in war.

If we went to war now, we would have gone against

the will of His Highness.

As Prime Minister, you bear a great responsibility.

However, as soon as His Highness sees the Hull Note

he will understand immediately that negotiations can not continue.

If we accept these demands, it would be only a temporary peace.

Our country would become a slave to America.

Once and for all, Japn will lose its soverignty.

I'm sorry that I can not achieve the will of His Majesty.

So very sorry.

To survive ... we must fight.

December 1, 1941

The Government unanimously decided to go to war.

The final meeting of that fateful year

was spent making the decision whether to go to war.

The prewar constitution did not allow
to the Emperor to disapprove

government decisions made during those meetings.

And on this day the Emperor approved the Cabinet decision

without a word.

Forgive me.

I did not fulfill your will.

What's going on?

It's Dad.

200 miles north of Pearl Harbor
December 8, 1:00 PM

200 miles north of Pearl Harbor
(December 7, 6:00 AM Hawaiian time)

"The fate of the Empire rests on the outcome of this battle.

Let each man do his utmost."

Pilots, man your aircraft! Pilots, man your aircraft!


What is that?

My mother sent me this sash for good luck.

-You want to fly with this? -Yes!


A good luck sash will help you evade enemy bullets?

Are you that afraid of them?

With this attitude, you expect to attack Pearl Harbor?

Listen everyone!

Finally, our great day has come.

Up to today,

you saw many of your comrades die during training.

They did not have a chance to attack American ships and planes.

They swallowed bitter tears as they sank to the seabed.

With them at out sides, we now have the joy to fight with the enemy.

Do you understand the difference?

Make today's raid on Pearl Harbor exactly

as you learned.

-Clear? -Yes.

-Louder! -Yes!

Fly with me only when you are ready for death.

"All aircraft - start attack, start attack."


"Surprise attack successful"

American Losses:

6 battleships sunk, 2 damaged

3 cruisers and 3 destroyers damaged,

169 planes destroyed, 150 damaged

Casualties: 3,784 men

Japanese Losses:

29 aircraft lost, 64 casualties

Nishitani, wait!

Hold on, Nishitani!

Thank you for everything!


December 8, 6:00 AM

The High Command announces that the

Imperial Army and Navy have began war in the Pacific

against the United States and England.

Special issue!

His Imperial Highness, from divine origin,

ruling the Great Japanese Empire for 10,000 years,

thanks his loyal and brave subjects.

Kokichi is sure to be in the thick of it now.
Banzai, Banzai!


Do you think that His Highness will also go to war?

He will stay at the Imperial Palace.

By the time the baby is born, the war will be over.


December 10, naval battle off Malaysia

Two battleships from British Far East Fleet sunk

December 11: Occupation of Guam

December 12: Japanese Army lands in the Philippines

December 23: Occupation of Wake Island

December 25: Capture of Hong Kong

Mr. Egami!

How are you?

They say that it was only a shadow on my lungs.

-I brought you eggs.
-Well, aren't you nice!

-This is from my landlady.

You should eat right now.

I brought you a book of Monet paintings.

You have been such a good friend.

This is great, thanks.

Have you been to church?

Not a good place to go these days.

Dad, this is Mr. Egami. He's the one I told you about.

This is my dad.

Mr. Egami, very happy to meet you.

I am Mr. Kashiwagi from the Kyoto newspaper.

Thank you for visiting my daughter.

My father is also a Christian but insists that he is more Judas than Christian.

I must go now.

You study science?

No, humanities. French literature.

Oh, that's how it is.

It seems that those in the humanities will soon be sent to the front.

Be careful. Don't get my daughter in any trouble.

-Do not be angry. He's just a little drunk.
-It's nothing.

Mama died when I was young.
I've haven't been living with my father for a while.

He drinks sake only when we are together.

Seriously, do not get angry.

January 1942

25th Army Lieutenant-General Tomoyuki Yamashita,

landed on the Malay Peninsula.

He marched 1,000 kilometers through the jungle

headed for Singapore, the largest fortress in the Far East.

Take cover! Take cover!

Everybody, spread out!

Children! Mama. Mama.

The bombing is over. Back in formation, keep moving!

Come on!

Leave! Leave!

Take that!

I'm going!


Damn it, missed!

Bastard. Stop! Stop!

Stop running!

War is an interesting thing.

A person can try something new every day.

What do you think, Monk?

When I die, give me a good eulogy.
Put in a good word for me with God.

My wife respects me.

She won't let anybody walk on my grave.

You have a wife, Sergeant?

Of course.

That's your wife?

Just very similar to her.

I just have to get back home.

I will no longer swear at her. I will not deceive her.
I will cherish her.

I'm an old fool!

I envy the General Staff officers.

This could be one of their wives.

War is only suffering. It's not fair.
Not fair to us lowly soldiers.

Miyo, are you all right? I hope so.

During the last battle, I finally had to kill

an enemy soldier.

I'm thinking of home and you giving birth to a healthy child.

Send me all the details as soon as you can.

I will write you again as soon as we take Singapore.

Remove the sentence about killing the enemy soldier.

For those not at the front, it may not make sense.

-Your wife have a big belly?
-Yes. It was in her last letter.

You didn't have time to get married before leaving

but enough time to conceive a child?

Were it not for the war, you could see the birth.

We do this for our country. You have to be patient.

Sir, do you have a family?

I only have a mother.

She spends the winter in the mountains all alone in Iwate.

We had no money, so I could only go to a military school.

So I had to become a soldier.

I can not repay her for her sacrifice.

The 25th Army struck across the Malay Peninsula.

Beginning with a massive night attack on Singapore,

the last stronghold of the British army in the Far East.

The army managed to cross the Straits of Johor.



Sir, it's a girl!

End her suffering!

Sir, they're all Chinese. There are no Englishman here.

They left the Chinese here to fight, while they themselves fled.


They joined voluntarily.

Even this girl.

They must certainly hate the Japanese.

This despite the fact that we came to
release them from English bondage.

Why are they doing this?

This war will not be easy.

February 11, 1942: The height of the battle for Bukit Timah.

The General Staff wanted to celebrate a victory in Singapore on the

anniversary of the ascension to the throne of the first Japanese emperor.

General Yamashita ordered a coordinated attack from all directions.

The British garrison made a desperate

counter-attack against the Japanese Imperial Guards.



Give me that!



Stop! They're surrendering.

Follow me!

It's a dirty trick!


There's nothing more we can do.

Yura, do not give up!

He's reaching for his wife and children.

Stay. Stay with us!


Murdering bastards!

I will kill you!

Stop! Stop!

You will all stop.


I'll cut you to pieces!



February 15: British surrender and occupation of Singapore

March 8: Occupation of Rangoon in Burma

March 9: Occupation of Java and

access to raw materials in the southern areas.

April 11: Defeat of U.S. troops in the Philippines complete Japan's conquest

of all the resources needed for finishing the war.

However, the initial optimism and confidence in victory

cooled after the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo.

The Imperial Fleet began preparations for

the decisive battle by capturing Midway

to gain control over the entire north Pacific.

However, the U.S. Pacific Fleet knew about

these plans thanks to cracking Japanese naval ciphers.

The Japanese Combined Fleet lost four aircraft carriers.

This defeat was to fundamentally

change the course of the war in the Pacific.

Tokyo Military Hospital



This is Kunio. See how big he is already.

He looks healthy.

Planting flowers?

How is your wound?

It's OK now.

I'm so glad you're not dead.

I was sure that you would not be killed.

Thank you very much.

Private Kobayashi! You have a visitor!

The rest of you, come with me!

Do you want to hold him?

When will you be discharged?

As soon as you are discharged, you can
come back to us.

How is the boss and his wife?

Good. They moved back into Chiba.

They live in a city of fishermen, so they give me fish.

And I sell it on the black market!

I am earning some money.

I started when I heard that you were injured.

I thought you might not be able to devote yourself to being a barber.

However, you seem fine to me.

After being discharged from the hospital, you will be released from the Army.

Come home, huh?

I can not do it.

My friends are still fighting at the front.

Once I recover,
I must go back to the front.

I'm happy that I could return long enough

to at least see you and Kunio.

When I think of those who died,

I can not even dream of any happiness for myself.

I must make it up to all the dead

by giving up my own happiness.

The only thing I can do is go back to the front.

Kokichi! Look at me!

You are not marked for death!

You are not already dead!

I want to show you something. Come with me!

Look at this!

These are yours.

You entrusted me with them when you went to war.

Help me with this.

They are not mine, but someone else's.


You're a barber.

You're not a professional soldier.

You were a barber once.
You can be one again.

Why do you have to leave?

You were in hard fighting and wounded.

What more do you have to do?
Who tells you that you have to?

Kokichi, think about it!

If you belive war is just about heroism and dying...

then you...

you're a fool.

A plain fool!

I'm yours.

I completely belong to you!

Do not leave me!

Do not leave me!

In August of that year, American Marines

landed on Guadalcanal in the southwest Pacific.

America seizes the initiative in the war.

After six months of fierce fighting,

the Japanese Army was scattered in the jungle.

Over 10,000 soldiers have died of starvation.

Former Lieutenant-General Kanji Ishihara

Kanji Ishihara was known as an outstanding strategist,

who developed the plan for the conquest of Manchuria.

But he was an outspoken opponent of Tojo;

who dismissed him from the Army.

Army Ministry

But at that important moment Tojo forgot about their past

and asked Ishihara to express his honest opinion.

The truth is you have nothing special to brag about.

After all, we started this war in order to get

access to raw materials in the southern areas

and to improve our general economic situation.

Instead, you glorify the victories

that do nothing to improve the people's lives.

Everything is expensive, the supply situation is of great concern.

A lot of people hate you and the Army both.

I already know that.

The problem is how to get supplies across the ocean.

The greatest immediate difficulties being here on Guadalcanal.

I called you to ask if you might have

some advice on how to resolve this situation.

Unfortunately not.

It's pointless to send more ships to Guadalcanal

where we have no support either from the air or from the sea.

We must immediately withdraw from there.

I know that too.

As you know,

the General Staff is responsible for strategy and planning.

Even I, the Prime Minister, can not directly interfere in their work.

For example, Midway.

I was not told of the terrible defeat we suffered there.

I only learned about it from His Highness.

Although I feel sorry for you, I can tell you only one thing.

You are not able to wage this war.

You cannot end this war.

Maybe you should resign.

I replaced Konoye in order to start this war.

If I do not continue to lead until the very end,

it will be a betrayal of His Highness.


If, because of your actions, the people turn against the Emperor.

Would that not it be a greater betrayal?


I serve His Highness with all my heart.

If the people were as faithful as I am,

then we will win this war.

I know you want this with all your being and that you are an honest man.

But expecting the same from everyone is pure nonsense.

I tried to convince you but I see it's useless.

Unless you do what I have advised,

Tokyo will soon become ashes.

Not a single tree or blade of grass will remain.

Remember what I have said.

Thank you for coming.

-Would you like to have dinner with me?
-No, thanks.

But could you make sure that I am
no longer followed by the military police?

I am not cooking up anything against you.

That is good.

But do not forget that I am the Prime Minister.

You must be aware that a revolt
is forming against me...

... and His Majesty.

The General Staff decided to withdraw Japanese troops from Guadalcanal.

After this defeat,

America began a series of broad offensives against Japan.

I had forgotten that Japan is such a beautiful country.

Coming here has reminded me.

I am also glad that we came here.

When I look at the faces of the statues of Buddha, I have the

feeling as if they are giving me something to say.

I am glad that you came here with me.

Are you okay?

I keep coughing so.

Do not be angry, for insisting on this path.

My first time on this journey.

I will never regret it.

Neither will I. I finally figured out these feelings.

-Can you hear me?

At the hospital, I brought you a book with paintings by Monet.

An older friend was leaving for the front

in New Guinea,

to face the enemy.

As he was leaving, he asked me:

"What do you think I should say when I'm dying?

I do not want to shout: "Long live His Imperial Highness"

I have neither mother nor a girl.

I'll call your name, Egami. Listen for me. "

Can I call yours?

Tomorrow, I'm leaving for the Navy.

I signed up voluntarily.

All the same, I would have been called up sooner or later.

I decided to do it voluntarily, of my own choice,

to go to war.

This is the only freedom left to us.


And what do I do?

That's no reason.

I believed you.
I only believed you.

Don't do this!

I hate people who want to fight.

I want to stay with you.

You will have to look out for yourself here.

But, for now, you are mine only.

Why me?

I'm so tired of what this war ... has taken from me.

May 29, 1943: Japanese soldiers wiped out during
American recapture of Attu in the Aleutians

November 25, 1943: U.S. Marines destroy Japanese forces

on the islands of Tarawa and Makin.

January - February, 1944: U.S. forces land at Majuro,
Kwajalein, and Eniwetok in the Marshalls.

February 17-18, 1944, U.S. Navy attacks Japanese
naval base at Truk sinking and damaging many ships

Take this!


Help! Help!

Get off! Let go!

We we carry our flag.

Find yourself another boat!

Get lost!

Come on. There is room.

You'd let men drown for a flag?

We have to make more room!


Lieutenant Odajima, what do you want to do?

I will die with my comrades.


I'm Lieutenant Odajima. All my men, come to me.

Hold on! Hold on!
Come to me!

Hurry, hurry!


I'm home!

-Kokichi, are you here?
-Yes, I'm here.

Look how much I got!

Kunio, dad is cutting your hair? You feel up to it?

I had the time.

You closed. Are you going somewhere?

No, just no customers.

I can do this instead.

I will start dinner.

Air-raid Drill

Take a look! All done!


Maybe I'll go get something special to eat.

Shopping now?

Red beans for a celebratory dinner.

I do not need it.


Air raids may come soon.

You shouldn't think about staying in this house.

You should leave with Kunio.

You don't have to worry about me.

Remember when you called me a fool?
You'd be a fool to stay.

I will come back to you alive no matter what.

It does not matter to me whether Japan wins this war or not.

The main thing is to have the war end.

Do not be angry.
It causes me anguish too.


American forces: 775 ships, 130,000 soldiers, 900 aircraft

Japanese forces: not a single ship, 40,000 soldiers, 30 aircraft

June 8, 1944: The U.S. begins the invasion of Saipan.

Miyo, take off your clothes!

Garapan, Saipan

Lieutenant, sir!

Today, this place is rented entirely for my unit.

Go somewhere else!

This is the second one today.

So what?

Madam, here is a lieutenant for you!

What is this? Did she fall in love with his torpedo?

I'll take care of your torpedo.

Okay, it's a deal!


Don't you want to go back to Japan?


I found out that a transport aircraft
from Japan will be here soon.

I could arrange for you to be on it.

Once the fighting starts here,
there will be no escape.

Saipan is the last rock of our outer defenses.

This will be a different kind of battle than before.

Will you go?

What would I do if I went back to Japan?

You need to leave.

I do not even know where to go.
I'm from Okinawa, not from Japan.

No one is waiting for me. Both my parents are dead.

You could go to my mother's place.

It's quiet there.

What would I tell her?

Tell her that you are ...

... my wife.

Why would ...?

Thank you.

It is enough that I know about your feelings for me.

If you care for me that much, I can't leave.

I will stay here and ... die with you.

I brought these girls here. What are they going to do?

For me, this is Japan.

Yes, Japan is here.

Are you free today?

Miyo, I have to go. I wanted to let you know how things were.

At least have lunch. I'll make chanpuru.


Run, take cover!

Get going!

Wait! I want to die with you! With you!

-Grandmother! -Yoko!

- Mommy!
- Mommy!

June 13: Americans begin their invasion of Saipan.

What are you doing? Quickly!

-Do you have a Kitagawa in your unit?

Kitagawa is the father of these children.

They say they got here only yesterday.

I wouldn't know anything about that.
We have been fighting the enemy!

I do not have time for children. How do you?

Damn you!

Get lost!

Hey, Kobayashi!

Is that you, Kobayashi?

You're here?


It's too dangerous to keep children here now.

There's a place in Garapane called Shiragiku.

I'm friends with the woman who runs it.

Ask her if she can take care of them for a while.

Her name is Yasuko Kuniyoshi.

That will be better for them.

Who is your commander now?

Lieutenant Taguchi with the Oreai detachment.

Good, I will tell him what you're doing.

And if Yasuko needs anything, please help her.

What is she to you?

I expect more bombing soon.

You'd better get going.

You're lucky. Come on!

June 15

On this day at 9 am,

the American Army landed on Saipan.

Two of its divisions were sent to Oreai and Charankanu.

By the next day, June 16,

they managed to land almost 70,000 soldiers.

It was as if a hundred hungry cats had
ganged up on one unfortunate mouse.

So began the tragedy that was Saipan.

That night, the Japanese Army attempted a counterattack.

However, the Japanese army lacked weapons and ammunition.

Under the concentrated firepower of the Americans, they were easy prey.

This hastened the destruction of the Japanese forces.

June 17

On this day,

the major fighting has ended.

In the chaos caused by the lack of unified Japanese command,

stragglers and civilians began a disorderly retreat.

Stop. Go back!

Turn around! So you do not want to go back?

I will kill every solider who does not go back!

You dare not retreat! I'll kill you!


Start the attack!

You can go!

-Go on!

Attack ...


Please throw this at me!

I can't. I'm too afraid.

I beg you.

It's too early to die.

Soon reinforcements will come. Pull yourself together. Don't give up!

Please give this to my family.

My wife's name is Fusako,
My children are Kenichi and Yuriko.


I'll send it to your family. Wait here.

Clear? Wait here!

June 24

The General Staff made a decision to not reinforce Saipan.

However, the remaining soldiers and civilians
on Saipan did not know about this decision.

Waiting for reinforcements, they continued day after day,

to walk on the road that led only to death.

Here is good rice!

If you chew it well, it will be delicious.

I'm sorry about your house.

Everything is fine now.
I'll find some snails to eat.

Don't! Grandfather! No no no no!

-Let us die!

Do not eat food from dead soldiers.

It would be better not to live.

If you want to die then die somewhere else!

We're going to survive, together.

What good will it do to die here?

You think you will be rewarded if you die here?

We have only one life.

Let us eat the dirt, even grass, but we have to survive!

You see? Pull yourself together!

We will get back to Japan with the children.

What are you doing here?

We are looking for food.


Ransacking your dead comrades? Is this what Japanese do?

Drop that! Otherwise, I'll shoot you!


Lieutenant Odajima!


Kobayashi, is that you?


You're alive!

You're alive!

It's ready.

The Lieutenant brought us enough food.

It is still hot. Be careful.

Here, this should fill you up.

I was in the Taguchi unit. It was destroyed during the landing.

Only you left? Lucky you.

I am very sorry for the fact that only I escaped.

It's because I told you to go to Garapan.

Don't think about it.

Why do you wear a kimono?

I wanted you to see me in it so I brought it along.

You're beautiful.

It is a pity to waste such beauty here in the woods.

Should I leave this kimono on?

Yes, wear it all the time.

Leaving? Now?

Do not worry, I am only going to report in.


-What are the names of these two children?
-Kenichi and Yuriko.

As soon as there is a good time, tell them.

♪This daddy learns to ride a horse.♪

♪The horse galloped but he could not stop it.♪

♪Children wonder: " Daddy, where are you going? "♪

♪" About where I go, ask the horse! "♪

Ccommand Post in a cave on the top of Mount Tapochau

With me are 19 civilians including 7 males.

Good, thank you.

I'm glad a veteran like you survived.

Tonight, the command post will be moved to the Matanasa valley.

Round up all the soldiers you can find

and join our company here. Dismissed.

I'm sorry but I can not abandon the civilians.

My duty is to take them to a safe place.

You should no longer be escorting those civilians.
Let them go wherever they want.

But at any moment, they could be captured by the enemy.

You have received an order, Lieutenant Odajima! Do not disobey!

-I am going back to them.

I can not leave 19 people to die! I request permission!

Fool! Don't you know what an order is?

After all, you're an officer of the Imperial Army.

Instead of taking care of useless civilians,

you must remember that your first duty is as a soldier!

What does it mean to be a soldier?

Our duty is to protect our homeland.

What is the homeland?

Isn't it the people who live in it?

Here are Japanese. So here is our home!

What should a soldier do if not defend
Japanese people here on the island?

Would it be a victory, if we leave them to die

and only save ourselves?

I do not recognize such orders!

You miserable wretch! I'll kill you myself for desertion!

Maybe you should use this sword to kill Americans instead?

Kill Americans, and not me!

First defeat the enemy then you can have my neck!


You SOBs have any booze for your dinner?

Where is the commander?

I'll teach you the meaning of war!

All officers outside!

Go outside!

- Stop it!
- Drop it! - Go outside!

Come on!

All right, go. Hold on to me tightly.


Run this way.


Sir, run! Don't worry about me.

The American Army approached Hell Valley,

where the Japanese army would make it's last stand.

Command Post
Hell Valley

At the last meeting of all the commanders,

it was decided to make a suicide attack on July 7.

After this order was given,

Saipan's overall commander, Admiral Chuichi Nagumo,

Army General Yoshitsugu Saito, and Chief-of-Staff General Keiji Igeta,

plus all the other top Army and Navy commanders,

decided to commit suicide.

Sir, they say Nagumo, Saito, and

Igeta all committed suicide this morning.

Command still plans to launch a final attack tonight at midnight.

We're supposed to include all the civilians too.

So a suicide attack?

What do we do?

Kobayashi, what do you think?

Tell me what you think.

If it would ensure victory, I would join.

But I do not want to fight only to die.

Whereever we go, they will follow us.

Kobayashi is right.

This is our island.

We all volunteer to die and leave this island to the Americans.

Lt. Odajima, if you are determined to die

then I will kill you here and now!

Lieutenant, they're going crazy back there.

They want to go on the final attack or commit suicide right here now!
They're not going to listen to you.

Kobayashi, remember those Chinese defending Singapore?


I finally understand why they fought so hard.

We thought we were fighting to free Asia from the whites.

We were their enemies ...

... not the whites ...

... because we were invading their homes.

Yasuko just said as much.

♪If I go away to the sea,♪

♪I shall be a corpse washed up.♪

♪If I go away to the mountain,♪

♪I shall be a corpse in the grass.♪

♪But if I die for the Emperor,♪

♪It will not be a regret.♪

♪If I go away to the sea,♪

♪I shall be a corpse washed up.♪

♪If I go away to the mountain,♪

♪I shall be a corpse in the grass.♪

♪But if I die for the Emperor,♪

♪It will not be a regret.♪

♪If we die at sea,♪

♪I shall be a corpse washed up♪

♪If I go away to the mountain,♪

♪I shall be a corpse in the grass.♪


♪But if I die for the Emperor,♪

♪It will not be a regret.♪

♪If I go away to the sea,♪

♪I shall be a corpse washed up.♪

♪If I go away to the mountain,♪

♪I shall be a corpse in the grass.♪

♪But if I die for the Emperor,♪

♪It will not be a regret.♪

Imperial Army and civilians choose the same fate - death.

Cape Marpa

PART TWO: Love overcoming the waves

The primary duty of a soldier

is to maintain loyalty.

Everyone must serve their country in any situation.

Defeat on Saipan

shocked Japanese politicians headed by Konoye.

They demanded that Tojo resign and that

there be an end to the war as soon as possible.

The Tojo Cabinet, who had ruled for two and a half years, finally fell.

July 18, 1944

I, your loyal subject,

am deeply sorry for this failure.

It is no longer possible to rectify this situation

Regretably, I must resign.

I humbly ask His Highness to accept my resignation.

However, Saipan continued to fight.

We will not listen to this! Sing!

Sing softly! There are seriously ill men here.

Doctor, everyone wants water.

I will go to the American soldiers and ask them.

The soldiers will not let you.

Down there is a small river.
We can get water from it for everyone.

I'll go with you.

Yasuko, don't!

We'll be careful. Out there and back in no time.

Wait until Kobayashi and Noda get back.

You must be very thirsty.

Do not be afraid. We're going to die together.

Where are you going? You want to give up?

We only go for water!

Do not worry about what I'm going to do!

Why don't you go out and fight the Americans!

-Hey! -Stop that!

I've had enough. I'm going to give up to the Americans.

Anybody to come with me? Anybody?

Doctor, I'm not going to let you betray us!

I am a doctor.

I can not stay here and watch our wounded slowly die.

There are children here.

Stay here and die a hero for Japan,

but do not force it on those who do not.

You're an officer, have you forgotten military regulations?

"Never allow yourself be taken prisoner!"

Military regulations and reality are two different things.

Sergeant Furukawa, I am thinking with a cool head.

Tomorrow, the Americans will attack.

-They will completely destroy us.
-So what!

We're given the task of defending Saipan.

It is the order of His Highness!

If you are a true Japanese, you must die as the Emperor decrees!


If you are afraid to die, tell me so! I will help you!

Sargeant Furukawa!

We will all die at the hands of the Americans tomorrow anyway.

I am also an officer and you're a noncommissioned officer.

Let's us each kill the other...

... and show everyone how to die.

It is the order of His Highness.

If you're so anxious to die then get out!

Get out!

Get out!

I think I made a mistake.

Now I have to think about how to save everyone.

But even before that, I tried to find a way to stop the war.

If I had done that, Yasuko would still be alive.

I will now contact the Americans

and offer them our surrender.

Give everyone my apologies

and make sure no one acts rashly.

I'll go too.

No, you stay here.

If I'm not back by tomorrow morning,

ask the priest to contact the Americans.

Help them to become normal people again.

Those are you orders.


-Did you give that watch to the children?
-Not yet.

When you do, ...

... tell them that I killed their father ...

... and I that truly regret it.

-That I truly regret it.
-I understand.

I'm relying on you!


we go to see your father.

Your father was a fool!




The next line of defense became the Philippines.

October 20, 1944: The American Army
lands om Leyte in the Philipines.

The Japanese army and navy have been defeated at sea and on land,

there is only one means left of waging war,

the suicide attacks of the kamikaze pilots.

November 8: Special Kamikaze attack

"No enemy seen. Return to base."

"Keep searching."

"Fuel low. Return to base."

"Continue search. Stay with me."


♪Rain, rain drops fall and Mommy♪

♪with an umbrella comes to meet me, I feel good.♪

♪with an umbrella comes to meet me. I feel good.♪

Well done!

Finally, you got it.

Will you sing next time by yourself?
Can you handle it?

Next time by herself.

Lieutenant Egami!

You have disgraced me!

Other pilots, despite the bad weather,

managed to find and attack the enemy!

Only you are back!

You should have accompanied them!

I was given orders to strike the enemy.

I did not get the chance.

I just want to ask if you ...

... kamikaze pilots have any determination to die.

Midshipman Daimono, this insolence...

...from mere students...

We can still die like real soldiers!

-How do you measure that determination?
- Okay, I'll tell you.

Lieutenant Egami,

If I were in your place, I would continue flying

until I ran out of fuel, and then crash in the sea!

Were you really ready for this?

Egami did it for the sake of the pilots.


Afraid to attack!

I thought ...

... today I would join my friends and die.

I was ready for it.

Instead, you disgrace me.

And now this!

Out here with this enemy slut!


We'll settle this later!

What way do you want?

I'll kill you!

Just try it!

Hell, no!

Stop it!



Stop it!

Thanks. That's enough.

Do you live alone?

♪Rain, rain drops fall and mother♪

♪with my umbrella comes to meet me. I feel good.♪

Thank you very much.




January 9, 1945: Americans land

in Lingayen Gulf on Luzon.

Take this! Over there!

Follow me!

February 3, 1945: American Army attacks Manila.

Dirty swine!

Get down!

It's hopeless! We are surrounded!
Charge them!

Captain, this is not a suicide mission!

It will be a pity to send these soldiers to their deaths.

Keep calm!

I'll cover your. Better get all the soldiers out of here.

Give me that!

Come on!

February 26, 1945: The garrison defending Manila,

last remnants of the Japanese army,

were driven out to the mountains north of Luzon.

Here the troops of General Yamashita fought a few more months.

But most of the soldiers, exhausted and deprived of food,

were on the brink of starvation, and fell into a state of despair.

Thanks for the help.


Can we go now?

Midshipman Diamono, what happened?

I got rid of the men who brought us supplies.

You did what?

Who ordered you to?!

Had they returned to the village ...

... they could have informed the Americans and the guerrillas

... where we would be tonight.

Commander, let me get rid of her.

She too is an enemy.

She saw us kill them and we don't know what she will do.

It would be safer to kill her.

Maria is not like that.


What does that say about you, a soldier of the Imperial Army?

Are not you ashamed to kill completely innocent people?

Lieutenant Egami, we must take care of our own people.

And you too!

In a war, it's kill or be killed!

You are our commander, don't you understand?

I do. But I will not kill her.

If you kill her yourself,
I will have no objections.

Commander, think it over.

What is more important for you? The life of one woman

or the lives of your soldiers

who have fought by your side for so long?

Deal with it as the officer of the Imperial Japanese Army that you are.

♪Rain, rain drops fall and mother ...♪

♪with an umbrella comes to meet me. I feel good.♪

March 10, 1945: 80,000 killed in Tokyo firebombing raid.


Do not give up!


Hold on.

Kunio! Kunio!

Don't you dare die!

Everything will be fine.


Damn it!

Damn it!

We will not give up!

April 30, 1945: Berlin falls, Germany surrenders.

July 26, 1945: Potsdam Declaration

The Allies demand the unconditional surrender of Japan
or have it face prompt and utter destruction.

August 6: The atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima.

August 8: The Soviet Union declares war on Japan.

August 9: The atomic bomb is dropped on Nagasaki.

August 14, 1945:

On this day, the last day of the Empire of Japan,

is a meeting at the palace with the Emperor.

Prime Minister Suzuki, who led the government at the end of the war,

was ready to agree to the terms of the

Potsdam Declaration.

But representatives of the Army stated that the country will lose the sovereignty,

and insist that the fate of Japan must be decided by

a final suicidal attack by all our people on the main island.

Two completely opposite views have been proposed.

Prime Minister Suzuki, fearing dissention within the government,

took a totally unprecedented action,

asking the Emperor directly for his opinion

to prevent a crisis of indecision.

I have listened carefully to each of the arguments presented

but my own thoughts have not undergone any change.

We have listened carefully to all the arguments against surrender,

but on closer examination of the international situation

and the position of our country

I think continuation of the war impossible.

I know that the men of our Army and Navy

will find it difficult to lay down their arms.

The occupation of our country will certainly be full of suffering.

Well have I understood what this means for our people.

But I earnestly desire to save the lives of our people.

I am not concerned with what happens to me.

If we continue this war,

our country will turn to ashes.

Our people have suffered greatly.

I can not stand it any more.

I will do whatever is needed to end this war.

In order that the people may know my decision,

I request you to prepare at once an imperial rescript

so that I may broadcast to the nation.

Finally, I call upon each and every one of you to exert himself

to the utmost in the difficult days ahead.

Strive for universal prosperity
and happiness of all our people ...

Emperor's Radio Speech
August 15, 1945

... important duty ...

... transmitted to me by my imperial ancestors, hand on heart ...

If the emperor could have ended this war with a speech,

why he did not do so much earlier?

So ended the more than 70-year expansion of the
Japanese Empire that began with the Emperor Meiji.

Japan almost miraculously stopped

all hostilities in complete tranquility.

Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces General MacArthur
August 30, 1945

He had three objectives upon his arrival in Japan.

You've probably already heard rumors ...

Army Minister Shimomura

... about actions that may be taken
by the Supreme Commander.

I would like to understand what you
intend to do in this regard.

Understanding my responsibility for losing the war,

I must apologize to His Highness and our people with my death.

That is the only way to atone for my failure.

I understand what you must feel.
Before you decide to take you own life, I ask that you...

...consider everything carefully.

The Allies want to organize an international tribunal.

They want to determine the real culprits in this war.
No matter how low or high in rank.

Only you can tell them that.

Without you, the outcome...

...might be unfavorable for our entire country.

I too am an officer.

I recognize that prison would be a great
humiliation for any soldier.

So I must ask that you refrain from commiting suicide,
no matter what.

Will you testify in a trial?

General Tojo.

Some of the Allies want to blame the war on His Highness.

It is obvious that they are plotting to destroy the entire Imperial race.

You are an important witness.

No one else would be able to testify that

His Highness really wanted peace.

Otherwise, the Emperor can not be saved.

For the sake of His Highness, for the future of Japan,

...you must take the entire blame
for starting the war.

Think of it as your last assignment.

Will you be able to go through with this?

As the Prime Minister, I alone started the war.

I am ready to give truthful testimony before the tribunal.

I will no longer think of an irresponsible suicide.

But only on the condition...

...that the Allied tribunal deals fairly with me.

September 11, 1945

I am General Hideki Tojo.

Do you have a warrant?

The warrant must be sent by the Japanese government.

Very well!

You're still here?


They came not to have me testify in court but to be arrested.

I won't submit to arrest.

You must go back to Kyushu.

The children are waiting for you.

You can't stay here alone.

Don't worry about me anymore.

Take care of yourself.

The bullet just missed his heart.

Tojo was saved by the timely intervention of American doctors.

Hajime Sugiyama shoots himself.
Konoye poisons himself.

Along with Tojo, 28 other senior officers

were arrested as 'Class A' war criminals

and brought before the International Tribunal of the Far East.

At the same time, at various places in southeast Asia

several thousand Japanese were brought before other tribunals

to answer for their crimes.

There is the man.

This man killed them.

And this one gave the orders.

Allow me to chop off their heads.


There was no order to execute them.

I killed them myself.

Lieutenant Egami is not to blame.

This is only my fault.

Do not accept these false accusations!

She was not from our village but she was with them.

The village people found her already there.

This man killed her.

-I alone am to the blame.
-Lieutenant Egami!

You were the commander, but I gave the order.

You are not a soldier.

We can not both be victimized in this contrived process.

It is as I say.

I killed Maria.

Be silent!. It was me.

Crying again? I've had enough.

Let him cry. It's makes him feel better.

Can you sleep?

You must be in pain.

I'll be okay.

Compared with the way we used to beat them, this is nothing.

I got you into this fight.

A man like you, you're a real soldier.

I owe you, Lieutenant.

Christians used to annoy me. I despised them.

But because of what you did to save me

I'm glad I served under you.

I didn’t have as much courage as you.

-Mama! Mama!
-Yoshiko, Yoshiko!

-Shut up!
-Shut up!

Close your mouth or I'll close it for you!

Stop it! Stop it!

We will all die soon!

Everyone be quiet. Let me think of home.

If you could be born again, who would you like to be?

I would like to be a turtle,

live for a thousand years and bask in the sun.

I'd chose to be a naval pilot again

and to to war again with America.

You love war so much?

It was over Shanghai.

I shot down an enemy plane ...

and saw the eyes of the pilot as his plane fell.

He was a young Chinese.

I had the feeling that I had known him since childhood.

He smiled at me as if to comfort me.

I can not forget his face.

Sometimes, I was afraid to get back into a plane.

Then I remembered his face.

I dared not become cowardly.

I have to fight as a soldier until I die.

That would be the only way to prove our comradeship.

I have lived with this all my life.

It was my choice.

Lieutenant Egami, you want to try to escape tonight?


I already figured out how.

With this.

What will you do after the escape?

We hide in the mountains until help arrives.

-What help will come?
-It will come.

His Imperial Highness will not allow us to be killed!

We fought because His Highness ordered us.

It is simply impossible that His Highness

would abandon us to the Americans.

Even if the Japanese government accepted the Potsdam Declaration,

and if His Highness was the only one left,

I am convinced that he will come to save us.

We will not submit to death from some trumped-up trial!

Lieutenant Egami,

I had to kill Maria, to fulfill

my duty of a soldier to protect His Highness.

If we forget that we are soldiers,

and allow the Americans to kill us like dogs

then what was the point of Maria's death?

Maria would not have liked this either.

♪Rain, rain drops falling. Mother♪

♪with an umbrella comes to me. I feel good.♪

Lieutenant Egami.

Lieutenant Egami.

Get his pistol and keys!



Daimono! Midshipman Daimono!

I will stay with you.

You are not guilty.

Go back to Japan!

Go back to Japan!

At any cost...

...go back to Japan.

In 1946, the Emperor

renounced his divine origin.

He became a symbol of the reborn, peace-loving Japanese nation.

But at the Far East Tribunal,

the Emperor was still seen as responsibile for the war.

But the US government took the view that it must

simplify the occupation of Japan and erect

a protective barrier against the expansion of Soviet Union.

It insists on maintaining the Imperial system of government.

Beginning the war was the decision of my office.

It was done against his desire.

The Emperor approved it based on my recommendations

and that of the General Staff and other government officials.

The fact is that it was a very reluctant acceptance.

Until the last minute, His Highness was hoping

for a peaceful resolution of the situation.

The thoughts of His Highness regarding the world are clearly seen in the

decree for the declaration of war on December 8, 1941.

At the behest of the Emperor and with the government's consent,

these words were added:

"This war was started not by my own will. There was no other choice."

I am only one responsible for this war.

Neither His Highness nor anyone else bears any responsibility for it.

Speaking today about responsibility,

I mean responsibility to the people for the lost war.

We were forced start a war alone

for the salvation of the independence of our state.

There was no other choice.

As Prime Minister,

I believed it was the right decision.
Other possibilities were simply unworkable.

War is a battle with the enemy.

If you don't listen

to the other side,

you will never know the whole truth about the war.

This trial is nothing but a sham to confirm to the winning side

the rightness of their political motives.

Following this testimony, General Tojo, along with six other

accused was sentenced to death by hanging.

Is everyone doing well?

Kunimasi, what do you think I'll get?

Four years.

Well, what about you? Learning anything?

Why so quiet?

It's these shackles, isn't it?


These means nothing to me.
They cannot bind the soul.

In the end, I have done my duty.

I am delighted that His Highness was not charged.

Hideki, do you have a cold?

No, nothing like that.

I will not allow myself to have a cold.

You see? I have a healthy complexion.

Yes, indeed.

Before I go up on that platform,

I want to be in great shape, rested.

I was recently given two straw mattresses.

You don’t have to worry about me.

Rather, I worry about you.

It won't be easy for you now

But in these worst moments, try to see the good.

At such times, you must believe there is good.

In here, I have found the benefits of Buddhism.

In comparison with the Buddha,

the matters of this world are but a trifle.

Don't you think that's true?


Muntinlupa Prison

We have not seen each other for a long time.

It has not been easy.

Miss Kyoko at the YMCA

received permssion from the Philippine President to visit you.

Coming here was extremely hard for her.

She came here to ask the President to pardon you.

Mr. Egami!

Don't be angry that I did not tell you beforehand.

I couldn’t just sit in Japan and wait.

I have spoken with all your men

who have returned to Japan.

Every one of them said that you killed no one.

That you are not guilty.

I believe that too.

I know how much you were against war and military service.

The priest, and everyone at our church,

believe you've done nothing wrong.

There is hope.

You must tell the court what really happened.

You have to clearly say that you are innocent.

This Court is not part of the U.S. government.

It will be a court of the Philippine government.

If you petition the court,

the commander of the Philippine Army could order

a new trial to be held.

At the same time, it will give you a chance
to ask the President for a pardon.

Leave things as they are.

Mr. Egami.

Someone must pay for the crime committed at Saipan.

I will gladly accept the punishment.

Mr. Egami, the war is over.

For me, it is not over yet.


Mr. Egami,

how is your health?

I help in the church. And I found a job.

I have begun to study painting again.

Do you remember this?

Ever since that time, I think of myself as your wife.

I am Kyoko Egami.

Remember our trip to Nara?

I had already decided by then.

If God has punished you,

I will share with you this punishment.

After all, we belong to each other!

No matter...

...what happens...

I'll always be yours.


do not say anything now,

just come with me ...

...back to Japan. Please!

Come with me back to Japan.

Why do you feel guilty?

Because of the girl named Maria?

Why because of her?

Why do you feel you have to suffer so much?

What if I asked you to forget her?

Why can't you forget her?




Maria ... looked just like you.

When I killed Maria, I killed you.

I do not deserve to be loved.


I did not want to be a soldier.


...in the end I became one voluntarily.

At that moment...

...I lost faith in God

and in love.

They have disappeared.

Therefore, I must die like the soldier I am.

I have to disappear from this world.

This is the only thing left to me.


Then I'll go.

I could not give you my love.

I was unable to do anything for you.


Nothing at all.

I could not do anything.

Return to Japan.

Sorry, time's up.

Kyoko, you must live!

You must live! You must live!

You must live!


You must live no matter what!

You must live!

You must live!

I appeal to God Almighty.

I appeal to God Almighty.

I appeal to God Almighty.

I appeal to God Almighty.

December 23, 1948: Hideki Tojo and six other

'Class A' criminals are hanged.

I appeal to God Almighty.

I appeal to God Almighty.

I appeal to God Almighty.

I appeal to God Almighty.

I appeal to God Almighty.

Your Imperial Highness!

Lieutenant Egami says goodbye to you!

Long live His Majesty the Emperor! Banzai!

So! What is it?

Sir! Stand up!


If I tell you my name, you will return it to me?

You trade on the black market.

Should I allow this?

I will obediantly pay the fine. I beg you.

If I have no customers, we will have nothing to eat.

I do not care. What's your name?

I beg you. Give me back my things.

Answer me, bitch!

So you will not return them to me?

Am I supposed to die with my son?

I've got a lot of work to do!

You’ll here all the time. I see you!

You seem confident in yourself.

Try to arrest me!

I have to do this to feed us.

It is a matter of life and death.

Now let's see who will survive - you or me?!

Stop it, bitch!

My husband died on Saipan.

How am I to live in this damned country?

Better that I kill my little son and I die here with him!

So kill me!

If you don't then I will!

Why are you still crying, brat?

Why are you this way?

If you can longer manage, just jump into the sea and drown!

Then it will be easier for me!

Are you hungry?

When get to the station, I'll buy you something.

How about that? Let's go.