Dahmer (2002) - full transcript

Before his arrest and conviction for serial murders, chocolate factory worker Jeffrey Dahmer hunts Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for young attractive males to turn into unconscious (eventually dead) human sex toys, current acts which often prompt memories of earlier killings and of dealings with his suspicious but unaware father.

Hey Jeffrey, Jeff . This is Bill
here he's new

He's been workin' six years over
in the Madison plant. I told him
you could familiarize

him with the aspect with the way
we do things around here

So basically you want to make
sure, uh, wrappers line up the
center line.

Usually about half a roll its
good to open this up, realign
it, centered, you're fine


Ever work these hours before?

I've worked graveyard before

oh this is worse. It kinda
messes with your head if you're
not the right kind of person

Watch your hands. Want to try

It'll eat you up


machine noise


street sounds and noises/car

street sounds and noises/car

outside noises

store sounds/cash

store sounds/cash

store sounds/cash

store sounds/cash

store sounds/cash

Which one do you like

Those right there



I'll buy em for you

Why would you buy me those?

Because I like to do nice things
for people. It makes me feel
good about my self

Are you some kind of nut?

That's sad.


That we've gotten to a point
where doing nice things for
people's considered insane.

I gotta go.

All right wait. I do want
something from you. I want to
buy you those shoes then I'd
like to

take some pictures of you. See I
was right.

Yeah you were right. It's still
a good deal for you. I buy you
these shoes, just gonna take a
couple pictures

Well what kind of pictures?

Just a couple pictures of you,
you know, making a muscle,
sitting in a chair you know
looking tough

Ah, I don't know

Come on, lets get you these

Why do you take these pictures?

Because I think you're a
handsome guy


You know we don't have to get
into it right away. We can just
watch some tv

tv sounds

tv sounds

Move out the way

Do you mind if I take your shirt

Oh, okay.

creepy music

sounds of drill

drilling sound

street sounds


I was talking to his home...


Hey what's wrong with you boy?
You live around here?

Take me home

Drunk as a skunk

I've never seen anyone like him.
I don't know what he thinks he's
doin on...he's lucky

You think he'll be okay?

He'll be okay. Find out where
he's from and get him home.

Hey. What's happening here

What you want

He's my friend

This is your friend?

He's just drunk. Is he all

Well he's got a scrape but he's
extremely intoxicated.

Like I said he's just really
drunk. Let me just,
uhh...police siren

Let him go. Let him go. He's
trying to take that boy away.

Hey Officer, this guy trying to
take this boy away

He's my friend, got way too
drunk. I was just taking him

No he is not his friend. He told
me so.

His name is John

Everything all right here?

No everything is not all right

Everything is fine. Go on with
what you were saying.

If I can just take him home
he'll be okay.

No he wont be okay. Look he's
hurt. He can't even stand up
straight by himself

We're gonna take care of this

No, what you're gonna do is make
sure he get home

Look you two we don't need your
help any more. Now get lost I
mean it

I'm the...

Girls, lets go. We don't need
your help. Goodnight, goodnight.
Go on.

And what were you two doin, here
before you started wanderin'
around outside?

Oh we were just, uh,... Hangin'
out drinkin'

Besides drinkin'

We watched some tv, took some
pictures. Here. We've been
friends a long time.

Yeah, yeah, I can see that. Now
are you two gonna drink anymore?

No, sir, I'm gonna put John here
to bed and I'm gonna watch a

All right. But I wont report you
this time. But if I come across
the two of you again I'm gonna
haul you in

You don't have to worry about
that sir, we're gonna behave

Let's go

I apologize if I was, uh, any

chocking noises

chocking noises

breathing heavily


heavy breathing

phone rings

phone rings

Hello? What? Oh, your gonna
have to calm down grandma, I
can't hear anythin you're saying

You what? No. No I can't. All
right. All right I'm gonna come
over, I'll come over

You what? No. No I can't. All
right. All right I'm gonna come
over, I'll come over

Come on now, come on. Get out of

bird makes noise


Oh Jeffery. Thank god you're

You all right?

Yes, its in there

Yes, its in there

Can you get it

crow squawk

What do you want me to do?

Shoo him out!

scary background music

crow squawk

crow squawk

crow squawk

crow squawk

scary background music and crow

I think your grandmas pretty
nice to let you stay here rent

You just need to be a little
more attentive to other

peoples needs. You can have all
the pleasures you want.

I think I've been attentive dad,
but I guess what you're saying
is I need to be more attentive

Yeah, yeah that's what I'm

Alright, ill do my best.

Good, Jeff there's one other

Your grandmother said there's a
mannequin or something in your

So what, what's the big deal?

Well it upset her. And I gotta
say I find it a little
disturbing myself.

You know what dad if you wanna
go digging around in the

Nobody's digging around...

... Go right ahead Dad...

Nobodies digging around... Your
grandmother came in here, she
was puttin' in some of her

winter bedding and this
mannequin falls out on her. I
mean it scared her.

Well I'm sorry, what am I
supposed to do? It's a mannequin
in the closet.

Big deal. What is the big deal?

I think it's a little strange,
don't you? Yeah.she said it was
dressed, uh,...

Well that's how it came.

How it came? Was it delivered?

Alright. Your know what Dad...
It....its really just a dumb
thing I did.

And I -- I saw this mannequin
and thought maybe it'd be a
challenge, I could sneak it out,

without anybody seeing, like a

So you, you still have it?

Yeah, but ill return it and
this'll be over.

Can I see it?

Its just a mannequin Dad.
Plastic people, they put on
clothes on them.

No need to be sarcastic.

I'm not!

Just relax, lets be rational
here, okay?

Why don't we just go downstairs,
go to church. I'll be attentive
to everyone's needs and I will

return the mannequin and it'll
be okay.

You know what I'd really like to
do right now is to take the
mannequin back to where you

stole it from?

All right. I'm sure the store's
closed but go ahead.

Is it in there?

Yeah that would be the closet.

Well why don't you grab it, well
it it back to the store on our
way to church.

Hey is that my old chemistry
box? Where'd you find that?

Let's go

Its locked

What are you guys doin' in here?

You remember this?

Are you kidding? That's
Pandora's box.

You know who Pandora was Jeff?

Yeah I know the story dad.

You never knew what kind of
disaster was going to hit us
when your father opened up his

chemistry set.

Was there any of the stuff in

It was empty when I found it. I
put a few of my own things in
it, is that going to be a

problem too dad?

No problem I just uh, want to
see if something of mine is in

Well it was empty when I found

Where's the key Jeff?

Like I said it was empty when I
found it. Nothing of yours in it

Well, actually there might be
something of mine in it. I had a
little secret compartment and

I had this little ring that, uh,
my first girlfriend gave me. Id
like to see if its

still in there.

Was no secret compartment. It --
it was empty, you know.

Why don't you open it up Jeff,
why don't you get the key

that's it dad. That's the last
straw. I'm not 12 years old
anymore right?

And Grandma I know I get a good
deal. This is your house and all
but if I can't get any privacy

its not worth it to me at all.

Now, now stop exaggerating and
feeling sorry for yourself now.

He has a right to some privacy

Now this is my goddamn box I
wanna see what's inside of it!

Lionel aren't you being a little
childish? Now let's go to

we'll talk about this later.

Jeffrey open the box or I'm
gunna take it downstairs and pry
it open.

You do what you want, I'm

Jeffrey wait! Jeffrey! This is
because of me not your father.
I'm sorry I started all of this

Its not your fault grandma. Oh
I'm just gonna...


Dad stop. Dad stop. Dad come on.

What the hell is going on.
What's going on?

Listen please.

Listen. There's -- there's
pornographic material in there.
All right? I didn't think

you'd want grandma to see that.
So why don't you go downstairs,
I'll empty out the box and then

I'll bring it to you

Why don't you open it and we'll
go down together?

Because id rather not have --

Jeffrey , your hurt me.

Oh I'm sorry Grandma. I-- I
didn't mean it. I -- it was just
an accident. I apologize.

Dad? Why don't you go down with
Grandma. I'll be down in a
minute all right? Please.


I don't understand what's going
on here.

Its okay mom. Let's go. Come on.
Come on

Sorry Grandma

scary background music

I found the key! You can come

I thought you said it was empty

Course I did, I didn't want
grandma to see it. And I'll uh,
get rid of these.

sighs and mumbling

Ugh, lets go to church

scary background music, and
crow squawk

police car sirens , and scary
background music

police car sirens , and scary
background music

Can I see that knife there?

Which one is that?

The one with the red handle

oh yeah. Sure. This is actually
an eagle fishing knife. See
those circles there,

that's to help you cut the line.
And actually this feature is so
fine , see how that blade

kinda curves up? Now use that to
slice the gills. And you get
right up underneath their chin

like this, slice em' back. Check
it out.

I didn't know fishes had chins.

Yeah they do. [laugh] See most
people they don't know that, but
its actually like right here.

Ill show you on this piece of
paper. See that there, under the
mouth? Now ordinarily that's

what you think was the chin. But
it ain't. This is the chin right
here, where those two fins are

oh those are fins?

All right so it ain't no
Picasso. But you get the idea

You know a lot about fishin'

Yeah. Shoot, man I love to fish,

Why do you like it?

I guess I like outwit the fish.
You know. Get inside their mind

I bet you probably think they
dumb right? But those are some
smart little mother fuckers.

Okay. Some of 'em really get big
and old and shit. Becomes one
reason, you know what it is?


They always smarter than us
fisherman. Now that's real.

So, you don't know a lot about
fishing, what kind of knife you
lookin' for?

You probably want a buck knife
or something huh?

Yeah, what's the biggest buck
knife you have?

Oh yeah, that's this sucker
right here. Check this one out

What's this one for?

I don't know

You don't know?

Look I don't really work here.
I'm just fillin' in for my

He went to go get himself some

Well you fooled me.

Man that's just 'cause you
happen to chose this fishin'
knife that I knew about

If you'd chosen any of these,
man I'd have to straight bull

What happens when your cousin
gets back

Oh, we just gonna hang out here
for awhile until he get finished

and then probably go out and you
know, party or somthin'

You, uh, you wanna come back to
my place and maybe have a few

All right. Yeah, okay, that's
cool. Where you live?

I live right near by


What's you doin' with the knife

I'm just showin' it to this man
right here?

Don't be handling it so much man
get em' all marked up

Would you chill. I ain't even
touchin' the blade.

I seen you touch. Excuse me. Now
give me the knife.

Man be cool. I ain't even
messin' it up. Ask this

Sir, can you tell him now was I
messin' it up?

No, he, uh, did a good job. As a
matter of fact I would like to
buy that knife.

Um, well you see that. That's
what I'm talkin about. You need
to be thankin me boy

I just made a sale for your ass

You ain't sell nothin'. You was
just here. He was gonna get this
one anyway.

Oh, no, see I sold him on that

He did

All right that's cool. It'd be
40 bucks

All right. Here you go

Hey uh Corliss, me and this man
about to go to his apartment and
drink some beers so...

You can come if you like

Yeah, why don't you come ova
cuz, for real we can all go.

No that's cool. I gotta close up

I see you later then huh? All
right cuz

Dumb fool

So, uh, you got a job?

Yeah, I work in a chocolate

Oh man you do? Now that's tight.
That's cool. That's very cool.

I bet you get all free
chocolates you wanna

Yeah. You pretty much get
anything you want, but after a
while you get tired of it

Just the smell of it makes me
sick sometimes.

Oh man I can't ever imagine
getting sick from eatin'

Well it happens

Oh hey you wanna go in here for
a second?

What for?

Just this dude here who owes me
some money and I need to get it
from him.

Plus it's a cool place, we can
get a couple drinks

No, uh, why don't we just go
back to my place. You know we
can drink there

Come on, it's only gonna be a

scary music outside street

scary music outside street

scary music outside street

car horn

What can I get for you

Beer please

That's two bucks

men groaning

men groaning

men groaning

bar music

I bought you a drink

What is it?

It's a little concoction I had
the bartender whip up for ya

Real? What is it?

Rum and coke

You guessed right

You okay?

breathing heavily

breathing heavily

breathing heavily

Whisky and coke



What the fuck is this? Hey! He's
the one. Out!


groans in pain

groans in pain

techno music/club noises

techno music/club noises

Hey, hey Jeffrey. Hey man. Sorry
about that. The guy I was
talkin' to, he was the one who

owe me the money and you know.
Anyway, he ain't have it. It
wasn't cool of me.

I don't care

Shit man, I'm sorry...

Um I'm goin' home

So what I'm not invited anymore?

I never said that.

Alright laugh

Hey, where you at?

I'll be out in a second

What are you doing over there

Hey oh I was checkin out your

Hmm. They're betas.

I know that. I had me some of
these. Can we see 'em fight

Oh, no I like to keep 'em
separate so they don't eat all
my other fish

You ever see piranhas?

I've seen pictures

Man, them awesome ugly mother
fuckers. And they got these big
teeth all lined up

on the bottom so it looks like
this laugh

I'm assuming they got upside
teeth too, but you can only see
the bottom

what's this?

That's a whisky and coke.

Whisky? Oh man I ain't too into

Oh, well its mostly coke.

I can add some more coke if you

I'll just drink this up you
know. Just gonna have to bear
it. Oh.

Jeff, uh, I'll be at the motel


it'll be all right

All right

I'll give you a call when I get
settled in.

Okay see you!

car engine starts

music wood knocks

music wood knocks

hitting wood

Hey you ain't one of those
Buddhist are you?


I know a guy who was a Buddhist,
he had six fingers on one hand.

Well I'm not a Buddhist. And I
have the normal number of
fingers, I think. Yeah see

come on Jeffrey, you can't leave
me doin'all the talkin' it's
gotta be a team effort

You know what I'm sayin'

What are you a god fearing

I'm, I'm not really a Christian
of any sort. I don't ever go to

Then why you wearing that cross

This?... This is my mammas

You know what the cross was
don't you?

Yes, where Jesus died, right?

A torture device. Used to kill
criminals. So when you pray to
it it's like you're

praying to an electric chair or

laughs You weird man

What's weird is when you go to
church and they make you eat
Christ body and drink his blood

Oh, come on, that's just
somthin' they say.

Do you believe you have a soul?

Of course

You know there's no pigeons that
flatter your body when you die

And how many people you seen die

You wanna believe in the pigeon?
That's your business.

I'm not trying to convince
anybody of anything.

Well its really not a pigeon at
all now is it? It's a dove.

I was being sarcastic to make a

Yeah, you always bein' sarcastic
to make your points.

Why don't you try bein' for
real. Hey, tell me a secret

My secret is I wish you would
shut up.

I guess I'll go first. I almost
fucked my own aunt.

Oh okay, I'll hear that one

Well my mamma's best friend in
the world was this woman who
lived across the hall.

Now we called her Aunt Tessa but
she wasn't really no aunt, she
was just some woman

who stayed home all the --

Wait, wait, I thought you said
you almost fucked your own aunt.

Well she was my aunt. She just
wasn't blood relation you know.

Oh, okay. So the real story is
you almost fucked some old bag

Okay, if that's the way you
want to be about it, yes.

I almost fucked some old bag.
But its still a good story.

You wanna hear it or not?

Okay go ahead

Thank you. Anyway, like I was

Aunt Tessa was this real
beautiful, sophisticated type

And she stayed a couple years
over in europe, in Paris, so she
come back

playing these weird French
records and shit.

door knocks

Who is it?

Mom. We're leaving

All right

Would you open the door Jeffrey?

I'm not dressed

Here's, uh, 30 bucks, and if you
run out then, um, call your

All right

You have the number where he's


Are you sure that you don't
wanna come with us?

Yeah, I'm sure.

Well all right. We'll be back on

guitar playing

guitar playing

guitar playing

music/people talking/noises

music/people talking/noises

music/people talking/noises

music/people talking/noises

music/people talking/noises

music/people talking/noises

soft music/ people making love

soft music/ people making love

soft music/ people making love

soft music/ people making love

gentle music

So then she says to me, "Hey
let's go back to my place."

So you know how to play it
smooth, yeah. "Come on
sweetheart, lets go."

Next thing I know we at her
place. Go straight to the

I'm out of my clothes two
seconds flat. Then we go to her

I'm like rubbin' her shoulder
and touchin' her hair.

I go to climb on top of her...

and she stops me cold in my

Like hey Rodney what are you
doin' in my bed? What?

Oh. I was crushed. All the way
in the restaurant, and goin'
back to her place

and gettin' naked and
everything. She has no clue who
I am.

What'd she lose her memory?

Yeah. She had that old folks


Yeah that's it. Man, but she
didn't know me from Adam

I'd a fucked her anyway

laugh You a funny guy Jeffrey.








Hey. Hey you wanna smoke some

All right





guitar playing

Hey you know how I said that my
parent's were on vacation


I was lying

They comin' home now?

No. That's not it. They're dead.

They're dead? Bummer man

Yeah. They were going on
vacation in a plane. I stayed
here to finish school.

Plane went down


Last month

So what are you gonna do?

I, I don't know... I'm just
fuckin' with ya

laughs Jerk. laughs Jerk.

music playing/dancing to the

music playing/dancing to the

music playing/dancing to the

Watch this woo

Oh! Ah!

Hey check this out

Oww! Ah!

You okay?

Yeah man. That sucker can't
dance, whoa.

I can dance


Loosen up

What's this

It's our engagement ring. Now
you put this one on me.

Oh, Jeffrey, I don't know if I'm
ready for no engagement.

You might have to give me a
little bit more time to think
about it

Well if you want me it's now or

All right laugh

Whoa. I gotta play a little bit
more harder to get laugh oh!

That's kinda gross


I want some

It's gross laughing

both laughing

What's so funny

I don't know laugh

Can I have some milk?

Here. Thank you

That is the best fuckin' milk
I've ever had...both laugh

It's just regular milk

You gotta try that, that's
really good

Don't make me laugh

I'm not.

Well don't smile then.

laugh I'm not doing anything.

You have-- you have to turn

Come on.

Oh, no you got milk all over me


Why? Why? laugh oh.

What's that from?

What oh nothing. Wrestling.

Are you any good?

I made it to the state finals.
You know

I bet I can beat ya.



All right that's pretty good.
But you got the easy position.

It doesn't matter


both make noises

both make noises

Say the magic word. Fuck you.
That's not the magic word.

Get off of me!

Say it. Say the magic word then.

Please... You're good.

Hey you okay?

Yeah, might want to get goin'.
Oh man my head is spinnin'

I guess I really can't take that
hard stuff.

Maybe I'll just get you some
more coke

I just gotta get goin'... Take
these cuffs off Jeffrey.

I just gotta get goin'... Take
these cuffs off Jeffrey.


Where the key at?

Come on Jeffrey. I'm feelin'
like I'm about to hurl, will you
just undo this shit. I wanna go.

All right. I'll take 'em off if
you stay.

Alright, fine. I'll leave them

Let me go, let me go


If your eyes were closed and
someone went down on you,

Do you think you'd know the
difference if it was a guy or a

Not into guys if that's what you

How can you be sure?

Because I know

From experience or just 'cause
you always heard it was wrong?

Don't give me that shit, it's
just the way you are.

Just for argument sake then,
just --

It'd be different because you'd
be thinking it was a guy and
then you wouldn't

be turned on by it.

What if it were completely dark
and you couldn't see anything,
how could you be sure?

I guess it wouldn't matter. So
what when am I gonna be in some
dark room with some

invisible guy? laugh

Kind of closed-minded.

Why do I have to have sex with
guys to be open-minded?

You think you're a rebel don't

Not really

Okay, what's your favorite

Bonnie and Clyde.

Okay you're favorite band?

Lynrd Skynrd.

What do you think of The Police?

Don't like 'em.

Well it's pretty obvious you're
a rebel. You're against the

Yeah maybe I am

So why don't you see that having
sex with only girls

is following the most fascist
social of them all

Clyde Barrow broke every law
there was, including killing

He did not fuck guys.

I read he did. Just wouldn't put
that in a movie.

Such bullshit



Don't you see what's gonna
happen it's all there.

You're gonna get married. Then
you're gonna get a boring job

and before you know it you're
gonna have a pot belly.

And you're gonna start hating
your wife. And she's gonna start
hating you.

At which point you're gonna
become completely depressed.

Then you're not gonna have sex
with anybody. Not even yourself.


I'm serious

Yeah well it's not gonna happen
to me.

We'll see

I should probably get goin'.

You don't have to leave.

Yeah I gotta go. Um, can you
give me a ride?

No I'm way too wasted to drive.

Fine. Then I'll walk

You can just hang--hang out
awhile. I mean everything's cool

It's all right

What the fuck are you doing?

Just playing

That doesn't feel like playing
does it? Does it?

Ah! Ah!


eerie music

eerie music

eerie music

eerie music

eerie music

eerie music

eerie music

eerie music

eerie music

eerie music

eerie music

eerie music

eerie music

eerie music

eerie music

eerie music


Oh you there

Back so soon?

Yeah well I went down to the bus
stop and realized it was shut
down, so.

That's too bad.

Yeah, why don't you buy me a cab

I don't wanna buy you a cab.

Why not? After that shit you
just pulled you owe it to me

I don't owe you shit... You're
welcome to stay here if you like

You gonna fuckin' take these
cuffs off man?

You still feel sick?

No. I threw up, so I'm feelin'

You're not gonna pull any knifes
on me are you?

What? You not gonna grab me and
push me on the couch again are

You're such a whiner

What do you expect. You just
can't go around grabbin' and

pushin' on people like that

I was just playin' with you.

Playin' you call that playin'?
'Cause I don't call that

You never hurt anyone before?

No I haven't.


I mean I might hit my little
brothers and sisters before when
we was little kids.

Did you ever wanna kill 'em?
Your parents maybe?

Of course not.

You must be harboring a lot of
anger inside.

I'm not angry inside. All right?

I think you are. I think you act
all sweet and innocent.

But it's only to cover up how
you want to kill people.

Oh man that is some mixed up
shit you talkin'

Is it?

All right, so I'm not all sugar
and spice if that's what you

But it ain't like I'm walkin'
around all day thinkin' about

how I can chop up my mom and

Oh you see right there.

See what?

I didn't say chop up. I asked if
you're ever angry enough to kill

right and I said no I don't
wanna chop 'em up and.

So you must have been thinking
pretty specifically about it

'cause I didn't ever say it.

Oh that's bullshit.

I bet you wanna chop me up right

Oh come on Jeffrey.

sawing sounds

sawing sounds

I know you came back here to
kill me. It's okay.

You want revenge from me
attacking you before.

You're pissed, you're pissed at
everyone because you're gay

everyone laughs at you. Shits on
you. And you're black so it's

Everyone laughs at you. Shits on
you. And you're black so it's

At the bottom of the bottom.
Dance around like a clown, to

get everyone to like you. But no
one really does do they?

So underneath that facade of
your sweet innocent Rodney is

nothing but a thief and a nasty
vengeful killer.

Nothing but a thief and a nasty
vengeful killer.

crying I came back here
because I thought that I really
liked you.

crying I came back here
because I thought that I really
liked you.

I think you're beautiful. You
have beautiful eyes.

You're tall, strong,

but gentle.

I always dreamed about somebody
just like that.

I know it sounds dumb but it's
the truth.


How you doin' there?


I saw you swerving back there a
little bit.

Oh, yeah, I was adjusting my
rear mirror to night vision
'cause your lights were pretty

Hum. Can I see your license

Is this your vehicle Jeffrey?

No sir it's my mom's car.

It's pretty late. Does your mom
know that you have your car?

Uh, no she's gone for the
weekend but she let's me use it.

Does she know your drinkin' too?

No sir, uh, I just had one beer.

What's in those bags?

Uh, the clippings from the
garden. I was actually headed to
the dump with them right now.

Pretty funny time to be going to
a dump Jeffrey.

Yeah, well I haven't been
getting much sleep lately so I
thought I'd, you know,

do some of my chores and you
know make me a little more tired
so I can get some sleep.

All right, well I'm just gonna
ask ya to turn around home and
get back in bed. You do that for

Yes sir.

All right, have a good night.

You too.


What about you?

What about me?

Why don't you try telling me the
truth, about how you feel about

I have...

No you haven't. Why don't you
tell me the truth.

I'm a pervert. I'm an
exhibitionist. I'm a masturbator

and a killer, like you.

laugh You see you can't be
honest one bit. You always have
to bullshit.

I'm telling you the truth.

No you're not. Because I asked
you what you think of me.

I told you.

No you haven't. You just told me
what you think of me. But you
didn't say Rodney I really like

Or Rodney I'm really attracted
to you. You didn't say that.

I'm not.

I think you are.

I know that you're turned on by

And, I also know, that you...
want to be with me. Right?

And, I also know, that you...
want to be with me. Right?

And, you... Want me to stay

Now tell me, you really want me
don't you?

I don't want you.

Oh yeah, I don't believe you.

Wait. Come here.

Wait. Come here.



heavy breathing


What's goin' on here?

Jeff? Hey. Okay?


Where's your mother?

They left.

Where to? Huh?


They went , they went to

Why did you call me?

Did I call you?

Yeah, last night I got a message
you called.

Oh.. Jeffrey.

I don't remember that.

Can you get up?


Up, up, up.

I can get up.

It's okay.


Can you make it to the shower?

I'll put on some coffee all


It's all right.

glass breaking


You sick mother fucker.

I know about these kind of
problems son. You're gonna need
some help.

I'd rather stop on my own.

Drinkin' is a disease. Therapy
can give you some help, believe

I've already tried it.

Oh, well one session, where you
hardly say anything. That's not

You just want me to go 'cause
you don't wanna hear my

Look, you know any time you
wanna tell me about your

any time you wanna tell me about
anything, you know, I'm all ears

Give it a shot Jeff. I'll be
back in an hour.