Dagmar's Hot Pants, Inc. (1971) - full transcript

Known to her clients as Dagmar, she's a classy Swedish call girl in Copenhagen. After two years she's ready to quit, and we follow her on what she hopes is her last day in the trade. She wakes at 9 AM, gets her first call and a marriage proposal, checks in with her doctor, pays final visits to various clients, arranges to lease her flat, passes on her black book to a colleague, tries to beg off on an impromptu session with Japanese businessmen, has a quick conversation with her brother, and makes a couple of charitable contributions. All the while, her eyes on the clock, there's the threat of her pimp finding out about her plans. If she pulls it off, what awaits?

Good morning, Lenny.
Time to rise and shine.

Well, Lenny, the big day is here,

the one we've been waiting for.


Hello. Dagmar, how are you?

Who's calling?

It's John, dear.

John who?

John blackstone from Chicago.

Hello, John.

Just a second.

Why are you calling, John?

I just landed, baby,
and I'd like to see you.

I'd love to, John, really,
but it's impossible today.

Please, dagmar.

I'd like to see you just for a few minutes.

It's very important.

Well, okay, I guess I
could make it right now.

Great. I'll be right over in a half hour.

Okay, John. But remember,
I must leave by 10:55.

Sure, I'm on my way. Bye.

Don't stop, honey.

Hello. -Dagmar: Vivi.

Yes, who's calling?

It's dagmar.

Busy now. I'll call you back in 10 minutes.

Five minutes.


-Hi, sis. -Jan?

Yeah. How many brothers do you have?

Hi. It's been a long time, jan.

I've been knocking around
and playing with a group,

and we just came back to town last night.

What's up?

Well, it's been kind of rough.
That's the reason I'm calling you.

Could I see you sometime today?

Because it's very important.

Are you in trouble?

I'll explain when I see you.

How about 4:00 this afternoon?

Great. At your place?

I'll be downtown shopping.
Let me think where.

-Some place quiet. -Hmm.

Let's meet at Peter's
pub. Know where it is?

I know it. I'll be there, 4:00.

Okay, bye. And thank you, sis.

Bye, jan.

What did she say?

It's all set.

Stop being like that, Anna.

You know I care more for you
than any girl I've ever known.

Come on, Annie girl. Do it for me.


Annie, love, you know you don't mean it.

Now, please do it for me.


-Please, Anna. -No.

Please do it for me.



Hello, doll. This is vivi.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

But I had an all-night customer

who decided he wanted
an eye-opener this morning.

Were you busy last night?

No, I wanted to be well-rested.

I have so many things to do today.

I was so excited about
moving in to your apartment.

Could hardly sleep last night.

But he wouldn't have let me anyway.

Hold on a second hon.

Well, that ought to put me in a
lousy mood for the rest of the day.

What happened?

I found my first gray hair.

I better start my retirement plan soon,

or I'll end up waiting on
tables in a couple of years.

Not you, vivi. You'll end
up marrying a Swiss banker.

That's how I started out,
marrying a Swiss banker.

I've been going down ever since.

Vivi, you're just too much.

He said the same thing just
before he had a heart attack.

Listen, vivi, the meeting at my
lawyer's office to sign the lease,

it's at 1:00 sharp, on the fifth
floor of the viking building.

The name is Jensen,
Swensen, Johansen and fink.

Right, I got it down in my book.

And don't be late. There's a
lot of reading and signing to do.

And don't forget to bring
the 35,000 crown in cash.

Don't worry, doll. It's all counted
and stacked away in my hatbox.

And don't forget, the
price includes the furjacket,

the dresses I picked out,
the negligees and wigs.

That's the deal.

I've been practically starving myself

to death to fit into your size.

I'm sure you won't...

See you at my lawyer's office, dear.

Make sure you're on time for once. Bye.


John: I'm here, sweetheart.

Come on up.

I'm sorry I'm late, dear.
But that traffic was just awful.

Hi, John.

Wow. Hold it. Hold it just a second.


Man, you're beautiful.

You know something?

There aren't many women in this world

who can look so good
so early in the morning.


What is there about Denmark that
make American men so romantic?

I mean it, dear. I really mean it.


I like to undress you, Johnny.

Me too.

Okay, I'll take it from here, honey.

Sorry, Lenny. It'll only take a minute.

I'm ready for you, Johnny.

Be there in a second, honey.

I'm waiting.

I want you. I want you right now.

Hurry, Johnny. Hurry, please.

Here I come, baby.

Talking about your
Scandinavian design, baby.

You're a sight worth flying
3,000 miles just to look at.

Are you just sightseeing, John?

Come on.

You know I didn't come to
Copenhagen just as a tourist.

Watch out, baby. Here comes your lover boy.

What's the matter, lover boy?

This never happened to me before.

Maybe it was the sudden change in climate.

Of course.

Could have been the water.

You know, the water on the plane

tasted a little strange last night.


Why didn't I think of it before?

Could have been the change in time.

Do you have special times
to make love in Chicago?

Well, whatever it is,

I feel terrible.

You're still my lover boy.

Am I?

Johnny, you're so good.

I am?

Johnny, you drive me wild.

I do?

Johnny, you are the greatest.

I was.

You are.

But I know your weak point.

You do?

Yeah, you told me that night in
London when you had too many beers.

I did?

Mmm-hmm. It's some place around here.

Dagmar, stop.

I can't stand it. Dagmar, darling.

That's better, darling. Now, are you ready?

Too late.

Dag, baby, this may sound a little corny,

but I love you.

Thank you, John. It's
nice of you to say that.

I love you, and I wanna
go right on loving you.

Maybe you can arrange to move here.

I'm really serious, baby.

I dig you so much I'd even
give up the hardware business.

You and I could have a
great life together, baby.

Aren't you forgetting a few little things,

like your wife and your family?

That's what I wanna talk to you about, dag.

You know, I spent this past
weekend thinking about the two of us

and about the mockery of marriage

that I've been hung up
with for the past 20 years.

So Helen and I had a long talk,

and the two of us decided to call it quits.

I got a long way to go
before I'm through with it,

but, darling, you're worth every bit of it.

Are you sure?

I was never surer of anything in my life.

And, honey,

that's why I brought this for you.

It's fabulous, John. But why?

"Wh y"?

Because you're the most
wonderful person in this whole world.

And I want you to get out of this
lousy business once and for all

and marry me.

Now, what do you say?

Aren't you getting hungry?

Don't let yourself be carried
away by your emotions, Johnny.

It's all very romantic and
glamorous whenever we get together,

but you're always on a holiday then.

You wanna forget your
problems and have a ball with me.

And what's wrong with that?

We get along great whenever
we're together, don't we?

Sure, we do,

but it's different when
you're married, you know.

It's a steady grind.

Doing the same routine
day after day, like with Helen.

I become a dull housewife,
and you get bored with me.

I'd never be bored with you, dagmar.

We can't live in bed all the time, Johnny.

You really don't know what I'm like.

I hate housekeeping, and I can't cook.

I'm moody and sometimes bitchy.

And I drink too much and
spend money like a fool.

Nobody's perfect, not even me.

And sooner or later, we're bound to
meet someone who knew me before.

Maybe the guy who recommended me to you.

Are you still so sure, Johnny?

Sure, I'm sure.

What about you, hon?

I really don't know what to say.

It's all so sudden and unexpected.

I'm ovennhelmed.

And I'm going to be late
for my doctor's appointment

if you don't leave right now.

Anything wrong, baby?

No, just a checkup.

You know, you still haven't
given me your answer, sweetheart.

Please, Johnny, give me
a little time to think it over.

Well, how long, baby? You know I
gotta get on a plane tomorrow night.

I'll give you my answer tomorrow.

Call me at 9:00 in the morning,

and we'll make a lunch date, okay, Johnny?


Johnny, I think you better keep this ring.

But why?

Because it's too big, and I might lose it.

Baby, you're something else.

Now, be careful walking around with it.

Here, I want you to
take this till tomorrow.

No, Johnny, I couldn't
take that from you, not now.

As a matter of fact,
here are a couple more.

I want you to buy yourself a
nice present from me to you.

Thank you.

See you tomorrow.



Woman: Miss dagmar Anderson, please.

-Speaking. -This is sas calling.

You are now confirmed on flight sk121

to Stockholm tonight at 7:30 pm.

Please check in at least a
half hour before departure time.

Thank you. I will.

-Goodbye. -Bye.


-Hello. -Hi, clear, this is Ingrid.

Ingrid, I'm so glad to hear
from you. What's happened?

Listen, I've got a date this
afternoon with a very good customer,

the first I've had since I got sick.

He's just landed from Tokyo,
and he's bringing over a friend.

But I haven't got anyone for the friend.

They're good for 500 crowns each.

The last time, mine gave
me an extra 100 as a tip,

which I'd split with you.

Come on, dagmar. Let's
play doubles this afternoon.

I'd like to, Ingrid, but it's impossible.

And I must run now, or I
miss an important appointment.

I'm sorry, but...

Forget the appointment.

Just try to remember all
the times I've canceled dates

when you called and said you needed me.

And the time I loaned you rent
money when nobody else would.

And I really need the money. I
haven't even paid this month's rent.

I'll try to help you out. I'll call...

Don't bother. I thought you were my friend,

but now I see you're
selfish like the rest of them.

Hello, bibi, this is dagmar.

I wonder if you can help
Ingrid out this afternoon.

I'm sorry. I'd like to help you,
dagmar, but I got my hands full today.

Just a second, Fritz, darling.

I'm sorry, dagmar. I
can't. I'm just too beat.

Okay, Fritz.

I'm sorry, dagmar, but I'm all tied up.

I'd like to help you, dagmar,
but I'm just dead tired.

I'm sorry, dagmar, but I'm on
my monthly vacation this week.

No, I've found a wonderful
person who loves me,

and I've quit that sick,
perverted life forever.

That told her off.

I'm busy today, dagmar.

I got my first job.

Acting in a movie.


Director: All right, masks on, everyone.




Ingrid: Hello. -Ingrid, this is dagmar.

Honestly, honey, I
wasn't trying to fluff you off.

I'll make the party somehow,
but I'll be a little late.

And I can't stay later than 3:15.

Thanks very much, dag, darling.

I'm sorry for what I said before.

I haven't time to talk
now. I'm late for the doctor.

See you later. Bye.

Yes, the report on dagmar Anderson, please.

I'll hold on.

Yes, that's right.

Thank you.

You have nothing to worry
about. The test is negative.

Good. Will you fill
outthatform for me, please?

Of course.

I suppose there are occasional
occupational hazards in your line of work.


That'll be 75 crowns.

My nurse is out, so I'll
take it if you don't mind.

Here you are.

All properly filled out, just like you are.

Mm-hmm? Thank you.

And here is your money.


All these tests and examinations

must cost you girls a lot of money.

You can get all of your medical services

free any time you want to, dagmar.

Really? How?

Well, by donating your services

to the advancement of
my research in sexology.

I think your research is advancing

a little too fast already, doctor.

Does the medical association
approve what you're doing?

They'll never know.

Is there anything else
I can do for you today?

Anything you want me to look at?

Not today, doctor. I'm in great shape.

You certainly are, the best
of all my female patients.

Tell me, that form, are you
thinking of leaving your line of work?

That's my business,

and try to keep your mind
on yours, Dr. Adamson.

Let's keep our relationship
on a strictly professional basis.

If you prefer.

I'm sorry, dagmar, but whenever I see you,

you have a strange effect upon me.

My heart's beating like a trip hammer.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Maybe you should see a good doctor.


I thought you made all your
physical examinations in there, doctor.

She's a professional girl.

I just play a little teasing game with her.

Doing a little research for my book.

Well, from now on, you
only play doctor with me.

Of course.

You dear thing.

-Hello, miss lindstrom. -Good afternoon.

Have a seat, please.

Thank you.

Miss Anderson is here for her appointment.

I will.

He'll be right with you, miss Anderson.

Hello, miss Anderson.

Hello, Mr. Hansen.

You can go to lunch now, miss lindstrom.

Tell the switchboard I'm taking
no calls until further notice.

Except on my private line.

Yes, Mr. Hansen.

Uh, shall I order some
lunch for you, Mr. Hansen?

No, thanks. I'll take care of it.

Just run along and enjoy your lunch.

I'm sure you'll enjoy yours, Mr. Hansen.

Why so gentle, Harold? That's not like you.

You've been so helpful to me, Harold.

I wanna show you how much I
appreciate your tips on the stock market.

When you asked me to stop by
here today, I thought you needed me.

I do. I do. I do.


Miss Anderson, may I
present my son, Gunnar?

I am his son, Gunnar.

Very pleased to meet you.

Clumsy clod.

Sorry. Maybe I need
glasses. I keep tripping.

Glasses aren't what you need.

I know what you need. You need a woman.


Do you really think that
would help my balance, papa?

Don't call me "papa."

-Gunnar is a virgin. -Huh?

I'm a virgin.

That's nothing to be ashamed
of. Everybody was a virgin once.

Believe me, I don't wanna be a virgin.

I just don't know how to begin.

I think you should start with a girl.

See? What did I tell you? She
knows all about these things.

Miss Anderson is a nurse.

Yes, a nurse.

I'm glad. I wanted to talk about
this with a professional person.

Mr. Hansen, if you'll leave
me alone with the patient,

it will be more professional that way.

Yes, alone.

Why don't you go do
some filing or something?

I filed all the correspondence.

Then go file your nails.

Yes, Mr. Hansen.

Someday, I hope you appreciate

the sacrifices your
father has made for you.

Nice weather we've been
having, don't you think?

I almost made the football team this year.

But I fell, and they
thought I broke my leg.


Do you wanna see?

In a minute.

Now, tell me.

You're not afraid of sex, are you?

Me? Me afraid of sex?


Well, if everything is normal, there
should be nothing to be afraid of.

We'll have to check you first.

Check me?

Yes, take your clothes off.

-Here? -Of course.

You sure you're a nurse?

Would your father lie?

-No. -Then take your clothes off.

My clothes off?

Yes, I can't examine you like this.


Very good.

Keep going.

Shirt too?

Of course.

Don't think of me as a
woman. Think of me as a nurse.

Not a woman, a nurse.

Very nice.

So far, you're
well-equipped for normal sex.

Can I put my shirt back on?

In a minute, after you
take your trousers off.

My trousers?

I'm a nurse, remember?

I have to?

Yes, you must. It's the only way.

The only way.

I get nervous with you watching me.

Let me help you.

That's where they thought I broke my leg.

It healed very nicely.

Shorts, please.

I've changed my mind.

Your father wants you to be healthy.

You don't wanna live with
pimples for the rest of your life.



Is anything wrong?

No, everything is excellent.

I don't like to say this, but
something seems to be happening.

Don't worry. That's very normal.

I'm glad to hear that.

Now, can I put my clothes on?


First, we must have a little talk.

A talk?

Now, Gunnar, you must remember

there are some differences
between men and women.

I know. I look in my father's magazines.

And these differences
are there for a purpose.

I think it's best I
demonstrate them for you.

Yes, perhaps that would be best.

Now, give me your close attention.

You see, in any relationship
between men and women,

these differences are
what give pleasure or pain,

happiness or unhappiness.

Are you really sure you're a nurse?

Pay attention.

You'll find there are certain
things you wanna do, and...

I think I know! I think you
don't have to tell me anymore!

That's my boy!

Hello. This is miss Anderson. Any message?

He wouldn't leave his name? That's strange.

Svend at 5:00. Okay, thank you.

The money.

Here. I'll put them here and there.

Take this.

-Who's there? -Gunilla.

All right.

Sorry to keep you waiting, dear. Come in.

Untz gave me your message,

but I couldn't take any time off until now.

My, you look a little heavier since

the last time I saw you, miss Anderson.

Yes, I guess I've put
on some weight recently.

You aren't in any trouble, are you?

No, not any more than usual.

I wanted to tell you that
I leased my apartment.

I'm leaving town tonight.

So soon. You sure you're not in trouble?

Positive. Everything is going just great.

Who is taking over the apartment?

Vivi eriksson. She's very nice.

I told her all about you,

and she wants you to come
in on the same days as before.

Thank you, miss Anderson.

Before I go, there is
something I want to give you.

Here are some things I know you can use.

Including that big hat of
mine that you like so much.

Oh, my, that's so nice of you.

And this is for you.

For a new dress.

That's too much.

No, I want you to have it.

Well, I have to rush to an appointment,
Gunilla, so I say goodbye now.

-Bye. -Goodbye, dear.

Well, dear, please be careful
wherever you are going.

I couldn't help but see what
you are doing for a living.

It doesn't matter to
me. I'm not one to judge.

Lord knows I haven't been
exactly an angel myself,

but watch out that you don't get hurt.

Lots of girls in your business
end up in all kinds of trouble.

I'll be careful.

I hope you aren't offended by what I said.

I know that inside where it
counts, you are a good person,

and I wish you nothing
but the best. God bless you.

Thank you. Goodbye.

Goodbye, dear.

I'm late.

Twenty three, twenty four, twenty five.

I believe everything is in order now.

Have you finished reading the lease?

-I guess so. -Any problem?

Why do you use so small print?

To save space, I suppose.

Well, now, if everything is acceptable,

will you please sign all the copies

wherever I've marked two x's in pencil?

That's fine.

I'll have my secretary notarize the papers.

It will only take a minute.

I'm glad he left us alone for a minute.

Why, dear?

I can give you my address book.

Gee, I wish I had as nice a
handwriting as you do, dagmar.

After each customer's name, I
put down what he paid for a visit,

so you know what each one's good for.

The names that have a checkmark

I've already told about
you taking over for me.

This is just great, dag.

You sure have been a busy girl.

Hey, there's one I know.

Did Rosenberg pay you 500?

I guess so.

That old bastard.

He told me he had a bad
season and got me down to 250.

Well, here are all the documents,

signed, notarized and delivered.

The best of luck in your
new apartment, miss eriksson.

Thank you. You're such a sweet man.

Maybe we can do some
business together in the future.

I'm always at your service.

Bye now.


Now, don't forget to contact
me every month, dagmar.

Don't worry. I will.

I hope you're not carrying
all that money very far.

No, just to the bank next door.

Would you like me to go there with you?

No, thank you. It's not necessary.

Could you tell me, where
is your ladies' room?


Three shots of aquavit coming right up.

Would you like another glass?

You talked us into it.

What happened? Did your friend get lost?

She had to make a stop on the way,

but I'm sure she'll be here any minute.

In Japan, if geisha late for date,

next day, she back
working on transistor radio.

But she had this appointment
before you gentlemen called.

Believe me, she's worth
waiting for. She's Swedish.

Ah, there she is.

- I came as fast as I could.
- Well, everything's okay.

-We were just getting acquainted. -Oh.

Dagmar, this is my friend,
Mr. Tishoro suzuki, from Tokyo.

And this is his friend,
Mr. Sessue nakajima.

You weren't kidding us, Ingrid.

She's built like a brick pagoda.

You're quite a hunk of man yourself.

Well, I told you he was.

Both of you mind taking
picture with me for souvenir?

Why not?

Put your knee here and show lovely legs.


Hold it.

That was excellent.

Wait till the boys back at the
explorers club see this one.

Atoast to our Scandinavian beauties.

And to our rising suns.

What kind of business
do you do, Mr. Suzuki?

That's suzuki tone, transistor radio. Here.

Have one.

-Oh. -It picks up police calls.

In case you're ever in any trouble.

-Thank you. -Oh!

Have you girls ever seen this?

What is it?

Japanese wedding book.

Given to all brides.

Why, you can buy these photographs

in any porno shop in Copenhagen.

These paintings by great artists.

Some over 1,000 years old.

Looks like no one's found a
new way in over 1,000 years.

How come the men and women are
wearing clothes when they make love?

Honorable ancestor believed sexier
when you're not showing everything.

Maybe they had a point there.

-Also, Japanese house have no heat. -Hmm.

You care to dance?

I thought you would never ask.

Do you mind if I get
into my working clothes?

Please continue. I like the way you
move that beautiful body of yours.

I like the way you move
that powerful body of yours.

You make classic opponent
in the contest of love.

I'm ready to test your strength
in that contest at any time.

I accept your challenge.

Sessue: We shall begin battle now.

Dagmar: Sessue, baby,
I wanna make love not war.

Victorious samurai always
carry off prettiest girl he can find.

May I carry you off to field of dishonor?

Be my guest.

Excuse, please. Why you read?

You're never too old to learn
something new, Mr. Suzuki.

Sessue, baby, you're
driving me out of my mind.

Why you do that?

For my wedding night book.

-You like? -I like.

-Ah so. -So so.

Man: Open up! Open
up! I know you're in there!

Open up!

Get a move on! Open up!

Can't he come back? Today of all days.

I better go see who it is
before he breaks the door down.

Get dressed.

Man: Open up! Open up, or I bring police!

Why, Igor smirnov, this is a surprise.

Come in, your excellency.

So now you realize that I wouldn't
leave without Retribution.

I was just having a bath when
you announced your arrival.

Why don't you sit down?
Would you like a drink?

Do you have some vodka?

No, but there's plenty of bourbon,

a gift from an American friend.

Capitalistic poison.

If my tovarish smell it, I
will be transferred to China.

Well, Igor, I didn't expect to
see your smiling face so soon.

Is there anything else I can do for you?


Give me back my money.

What money?

"What money?" You
know very well what money.

Yesterday, I had 500 rubles in my
wallet from some little transaction.

And this morning, nothing, nothing at all.

Only picture of my wife in Moscow.

When we got back here last
night, you had only 100 crowns left.

Of which I gave you 10 back to use
as payment for taxi service, remember?

-I want back my money. -I haven't...

Or else I'm going to police.

I haven't got it.

Why don't you go to the police?

Maybe they'll help you find it.

I can't.

Because if my government
finds out about the rubles,

I'm being sent to Siberia.

Igor, you must have lost it or
hidden it somewhere before I met you.

You weren't exactly sober.

I swear you didn't have more
than 100 crowns when we got here.

Don't lie to me, you cheat!

I'm telling the truth.

I have experienced a
girl of your type before.

I'm warning you. Give me the money,

or else you will be a
very, very sorry girl.

Sorry to interrupt scene of
Russian diplomacy in action.

But please do not touch lovely Danish lady.

Who is that?

Another customer that you can Rob?

Very diplomatic.

Suggest you leave now to avoid
becoming next Russian in orbit.

I'm not afraid of you.

Get out, or else I break you in half!

Speaking of breaking
in half, observe please.

Do I make point?

For the sake of international
Harmony, let's talk.

Give me my rubles, and I can go.

No rubles here.

Apologize to injured lady
and leave quietly please.

I apologize to this slut? Never.

This what?


I thought you say that.

All can come in now.

His excellency has just
received first lesson in karate.

That was a beautiful exhibition of the art.

I thought you killed him.

No, but he will never
dance swan lake again.

Ingrid: Thank you, but I
think you'd better leave now.

Ingrid: Dagmar, towel please.

Thank you.

I'm sorry about it turning
out to be such a wild party.

For some minutes there, it
looked like we were in big trouble.

I guess you have to expect
it in this kind of business.

I haven't got the change
of a 500 crown note,

so I'll have it changed
in the bar downstairs.

It's all right, Ingrid. You keep all of it.

It's a going-away present from me.

Do you really mean it?

Of course. I know how much you need it now.

Dag, you're a doll.

But I haven't even had time
to ask you about your trip.

Where are you going?

I'm not sure.

How long will you be gone?

Ingrid, we are too
close for me to lie to you.

I'm moving out for good.

I've had enough of this
rat race and this business.

I'm never coming back.

So please don't ask me where I'm going.

I can't believe it.

Do you really think you can
quit this business for good?

Why not?

To some girls, it's been a way of life.

For me, it's been a
temporary, high-paying job,

and at a time when I needed
a lot of money for something.

For someone special, I decided

that now is the time for
me to quit, while I'm ahead.

I hope you're right.

Does Vince know?

God, no. He'd kill me.

When he comes back, I'll be gone
for good. He'll never know where I am.

I just can't believe you're
really going for good.

You're the nicest person I met
since I came to Copenhagen.

I'm going to miss you terribly, darling.

Please, Ingrid, I've got to go.

F for fredrick. F for fredrick.

Our rendezvous is confirmed.

Repeat. Confirmed at
1900 hours. Over and out.

Hey, dagmar. It's me.

Hi, Britta. What are you
doing on a motorcycle?

I'm applying modern
methods to an old business.

Dag, I'm sitting on a fortune.

This motorcycle and the
radiophone have tripled my gross.

By next year, I will be
able to retire to majorca.

Do the police give you any trouble?


Last week, I got a speeding
ticket and one for overtime parking.

Hello. Yeah.

C for Charlie.

I'm approaching your zone right now.

Just keep your pants on, Charlie.
The traffic's very heavy now.

Roger. Over and out.

Sorry, I've got to get going.

Give me a call. I'm looking
for someone to drive this night.

Goodbye, Britta.

Bye now.

I know I should try to keep
in touch with you more often,

but I seem to get myself
wrapped up in things.

Is something wrong?

I suppose so.

What? Is that group of yours breaking up?

No, not yet.

We spent a lot of money on
amplifiers and arrangements,

and just when I'm broke,
something unexpected turned up

and I need some cash right away.

How much?

Three thousand five hundred crowns.

That much?

You're lucky.

I just cashed in some stocks, and I
got the money in traveler's checks.

I'm going away for a trip tonight.

Aren't you going to ask
me what I need it for?

No, it doesn't matter.

I know you wouldn't ask
me if you didn't need it badly.

I need it for an abortion.

Well, it's a little late for
me to tell you to be careful.

You're a big boy now.

Yeah, but it wasn't my fault.

You mean she got you high and raped you?

I mean she lied to me.

Told me she was taking pills.

If she was, they were fertility pills.

The kook thought this
would get me to marry her.

How long have you known her?

I've known her for three or four months.

I really like her,

but she knows I'm not
ready to get tied down

till I've made it in my career.

She must really love you very much, jan.

Maybe you should marry her.

Think it over.

That sounds funny coming
from you of all people.

Why do you say that?

Well, you aren't exactly the
marrying kind either, are you?

You've always said your
modelling career comes first, too.

Maybe I've just been waiting
for the right man to come along.

One of these days, I might surprise you.

I hope things turn out all right,

and don't write that girl off too fast.

You may never find another one
who loves you as much as she does.

I'll write to you in a few weeks.

Take care, jan.

Goodbye, Marie, and thanks.

Forget it. Bye.

Did you get the money?


She just happened to have
it on her in traveler's checks.

Did she ask what it was for?

No, but I told her.

What did she say?

That I should marry you.

She did?

Yeah, she's a very sweet,
sentimental and moral girl, my sister,

the call girl.

Does she know that you know?

No, if she wanted me to know,
she would've told me long ago.

She's a great kid though,
but sick, just as we are.

Will you do it?

Do what?

What your sister told you to.

Maybe. I'll have to think about it.

Will you do it?

Do what?

What I got the money for.

Maybe. I have to think about it, too.

I'm not boring you, am I, dag?

I'm sorry. It's not your fault, svend.

I got a lot on my mind today.

Give me a little time,
and I'll get into the mood.



Take it easy, kid. That isn't Coca-Cola.

I thought it tasted funny.

Do you want a shot?

Not when I'm on duty.

Mmm. How long have you
been on the vice squad?

Sixteen years now.

Do you like it?

It's a job.

Better than some, worse than others.

At least it isn't dull.

Did you ever have to shoot
anybody with your gun?


Did you kill anyone?


What's the third degree for?

Just curious.

After all this time, I
know so little about you.

Did you ever give a suspect the going over?

Yeah, on occasion.

And I've taken it, too.

Funny, you just don't
look like dick Tracy to me.

Funny, you don't look
like Fanny hill to me.

Ah, touche.

Sorry I've been such a drag today.

I've been under all kinds of pressure.

Is there anything I can do?


Make me forget everything

except that sexy lieutenant
making love to me.

Now, just lie down and
watch the scene of the crime.

I'm going to take the law in my own hands.

Before I go,

want to tell me what's bugging you today?

Lots of things, lieutenant.

There is something that might interest you.

I'm leaving town tonight, so
you won't be seeing me anymore.

Are you serious?

Sure, I am.


Well, lieutenant Johansen,

I can hardly say that crime
doesn't pay, but I had enough.

I see.

But why did you make love to me

when you don't need me
for protection anymore?

Why not?

You kept me from getting
busted for two years now.

And besides, I don't believe
in running away from the police.

Not when they are big and handsome.

You really like me then?

Any questions, fuzz?

If I knew you were going,

I would've bought you
a present or something.

Forget it, lieutenant. You've
done enough for me already.

Save the money and spend it for
a Christmas present for your kid.

Okay, I will.

You're a wonderful girl, dagmar.

I bet you say that to all the
wonderful girls in your precinct.

No kidding, I'm really
going to miss seeing you.

I thought you might,

so I made some arrangements so
you wouldn't be lonesome very long.

What do you mean?

A friend of mine, vivi
eriksson, is moving in tomorrow.

I told her about you. She's
expecting you to drop by

and the same mutually-beneficial
conditions that we had.

-So you had it all figured out? -Uh-huh.

And suppose I don't want
to continue the arrangement?

My female instinct told me that
you wouldn't screw up a good deal.

I guess your female instinct was right.

Well, take care of yourself.

And if you're ever in trouble
and I can help, give me a call.

-Bye, kid. -Bye, svend.


All right to come out, Mr. Bergman.
The show is over for tonight.

Tell me, dagmar dear,

is it true you're moving out tonight?

Yes, I'm really going.

I'm very sorry to hear that.

But don't worry,

a friend of mine, vivi
eriksson, is moving in.

I told her all about you,

and your front-row seat
will be reserved for you.


It should be very exciting
to watch somebody new,

somebody you've never seen before.


Now, not too much excitement.

Let's remember your condition.

You know what the doctor
said about your heart.

I'll take a tranquilizer
the first few times.


But there's 200 here, Mr. Bergman.

Didn't you make a mistake?

No, dagmar.

It's a going-away present from me.

In the past two years, you've
almost become a daughter to me.

Woman: Sas flight
information, can I help you?

Yes, please. Could you tell me if
the 7:30 plane to Stockholm tonight

will be leaving on time?

Just a moment please.

Yes, it took off from Paris on time

and is expected to land on schedule.

Mmm-hmm. Thank you very much.

I didn't forget you.

Hello, this is miss Anderson.

Okay, I'm waiting.

This is dagmar Anderson, vestergaard 21.

Hello, dagmar.


I thought I'd surprise you.

It looks like I did.

I'm sorry, I'll be delayed a while.

Going on a trip there, dag?

My mother's pretty sick, Vince,

so I have to go home for a few days.

Is that so?

You know you don't leave town
without checking with me by cable.

You said you wouldn't be back for a month,

and I was only going home for a few days.

You're full of it.

You were running off to
shack up with some meatball.

Where was he taking you?


Maybe this will convince you.

Look here.

A simple suit and some sweaters.

Does that look like I was
going away for a swinging time?

It don't matter. We made a deal.

I pay the rent as long as you're here.

Whenever I'm here...

I'm sorry, Vince.

But I thought you might make
an exception for my mother.

You're breaking my heart.

Take off your coat and stay a while.

Okay. You're the boss.

That's better.

What are you drinking, Vince?

The usual. Scotch on the rocks.

You better cancel everything
for the next few days.

We're gonna be real busy.

How come, honey?

I flew in from the states
with a very important man.

You can call him Benny b.

Everyone does.

Things got a little hot for him over there.

I want you to be real nice
to him in and out of the sack.

Anything you say.

Here's your drink.

-That's good. -Mmm-hmm.

So what's on your schedule for tonight?

First, we take Benny to dinner at tivoli.


He'll go crazy over the place.

Then we'll bring him back here for...

Meanwhile, we got an
hour or so to relax and...

Sorry I was a little rough with you, baby,

but you know I'm so
crazy about you, don't you?

It was my fault, Vince. I was out of line.

I really missed you, baby.

Now let's make up for lost time.

It's been a long time for me too, darling.

Vince: What're you doing now?

Taking a shower. I want to be
fresh and seductive for my lover boy.

You are the cleanest broad I've ever known.

That's the secret of my sex appeal, love.

Dag, you've got a great body.

You sure know what
to do with it, too, baby.

So do you. That's why I'm so mad about you.

Could you hand me that towel please?

Yeah, sure.

Look, lover boy,

why don't you take a quick shower

and get yourself nice and fresh for me?

I want you to be kissing sweet all over.

It'll only take a minute.

Sure, baby. Anything to satisfy.


Hey, dag, how about another double scotch?

Hey, dag, where's the drink?


That dirty...

It's so beautiful. I love this...



I don't need it anymore.

Well, how do you feel now, Mrs. Peterson?

Very happy to be married
to Dr. Lennart Peterson.

And what would you like
to do now, Mrs. Peterson?

Go to bed. It's been a
long day, Dr. Peterson.

Will it take you long, darling?

Just a minute more.

Marie, I want you to know that

I do feel sort of guilty.

I mean, letting you pay for my
school, and now, buying the house

and setting up my office in umea.

Why should you?

We made an agreement about our future,

and I think it's turned out very well.

Yes, I think so too, but I wonder
what other people would say.

Who cares?

They'd say I was just using you,

or was a male mistress or something.

But, darling, I want you to believe
me that I'd love you just as much

if we both didn't have
a crown to our names.

I believe you.

Darling, I didn't do it just for you.

I was investing in my
future as well as yours.

You will repay me a million times over

by the love and happiness you'll
bring me in the years to come.

I hope so.

Besides, why should
a brilliant boy like you

be cheated out of your
chance to be a doctor

just because your father
died and left you nothing

and my father left me with a lot?

So I want you to promise
me not to mention it again.

I know you're right.

It's just that you have
done everything for me,

and I haven't done anything for you.

Well, Dr. Peterson, you
can start working on that now.

What's the matter?

Well, there's something
else I want to tell you

before we do anything.


Something I think you should
know before we make love.

Is something wrong?

Well, it's a little hard
for me to tell you.

Tell me what?

Well, Marie, two years is a long time.

With me in medical school,
and you working in Copenhagen,

well, I got so lonely and frustrated,

and I didn't want to get
involved with anybody, so I...

Well, I started visiting a prostitute,

and I've had such a
bad conscience about it,

because I was paying her with your money.

There. I'm glad I told you.

I'm sorry, darling. Do you
think you can forgive me?

Of course.

Maybe I should be thankful to her.


Well, if she hadn't taken your
mind off your sexual problems,

you might not have
passed your medical exams,

or you might have got involved
with some luscious woman

who wanted you for herself.

That's right. But a prostitute?

Aren't you shocked a little?

Not really.

After all, I think they've
served an important purpose

from the beginning of time.

As the old saying goes,

"they also serve who lie and wait."

Marie, I just realized what a
really remarkable woman you are.

Then if we are separated,

it's all right if I go to one?

You do, doctor, and I'll
perform major surgery.

Dagmar: Just a second.