Dagaalty (2020) - full transcript

A conman tries to save an innocent girl from the clutches of a womanizer after realizing that he had fallen in love with her.

Please, I need drugs.

I can't live without that.

I plead you, I need drugs.

I will obey to your words.

I beg you please give
me drugs.


This is how they behave
when there is lots of money.

Doing something insane.

With all his money and influence,

No matter how beauteous the girl is,
will lie on his lap the next moment.

Instead, he would draw
and we have to find her

We have found so far, right?

Wonder, whom he has drawn now?


My best creation ever.

I don't think I can beat this.

Whoever and wherever she is,
I need her.

Start with five crores.

Okay, sir.


Would you like to have tea?

Inquire about this girl.

-Okay, brother.

We got the photo.
We will begin to search, everywhere.


"Did she come before you?"

"Hey, don't you need a kiss?"

"The glass eyed beau!"


"The glass eyed beau!"

"I've broken so many hearts, accidentally"

"Give me your heart, please..."

"I'll caress and make it chill"

"I'll kiss without breaking"

"Hey, yeah! Aaliyah,
Hipnotic fire!"

"I'm a hipnotic fire!"

"When you do well"

"The Joker told you not
to do it for free"

"The batman is zero
The Joker is my hero"

"The money matters..."

"Day by day, we take up
a new disguise"

"Will you disband everything
and come along?"

"We will find who you are!"

"I've disbanded many roles"
"Come to my side"

"Shall I take off your attires?"

"Give me your heart
to check whether it's gold"

"I'll check the quality
without melting it"

"Hey, yeah! Aaliyah,
Hipnotic fire!"

"I'm a hipnotic fire!"

Thank you!

Hey, Guru!

I'm in an important work.
Don't disturb me.

I'll come and meet Bhaiya later.
-Come and sit in the car

I said, I'll come and meet.

You go.

Hey, lift him.

Hey, don't spill my drink.

In spite of my request...

You should have listened to me.

Stay blessed, my son.

Won't you let me to booze
for a while, peacefully?

I'll stab you...

Hey, to whom?

Hey, wait.

Why there is blood on head?

Because you hit me.

Hey, where is the stuff?

Bhaiya, do you know what happened?

I'm trying to follow him, closely.


Hey, stop!

He is escaping.
Catch him.

Constables, go and catch him.

Pardon me this time, Bhaiya.

Please, Bhaiya.



It's said, there are no rules
in our occupation.

But, there are two rules.
The first one, don't commit mistake.

And the second one, don't forgive
when committed mistake.

You've broken the first rule.
But, I'll not violate the second rule.

Let the punishment given to you,
be a lesson to everyone.

Kill him.

Brother, anyhow you've decided to kill me.

My last wish,
I'll just smoke a cigarette.

Hey, he said okay, isn't it?
Untie me.


Oh, sinners! Beaten him to death
and have done door delivery too.

Hey, dude!

How will I survive in Bombay
without you?


Hey, even after death, you've left
the money for a friend.

You're the true friend!

I'll paste 'tearful tribute' posters
in all languages.

And I'll do your last rites grandly.
Just see, the last rites...

Let it be,
First, take your hand off my money.

Hey, haven't you died yet?

Instead of being happy that I'm alive.
Why are you getting shocked?

Not that dude, I didn't expect you
to come back alive.

I too didn't expect you
to become a great actor.

How good you're in acting!
-Let it be.

If he targets on someone,
he is guaranteed a death certificate.

How did you escape?

There should be a reason
behind Bhaiya having this.

Okay, let me try.

Why is this girl's photo, here?

Hey, do you know her?

If I knew,
will you let me to go?

Do you know or not?

I know.

Hey, don't kill him.

I'll talk to Bhaiya and come back.

Do you know?
-I know, Bhaiya.

Don't lie.

Her name is Geetha.
She is doing nursing.

She belongs to south.

Where at south?

Why would i say, Bhaiya?

If I say where she is,
won't you kill me and abduct her?

Believe me, Bhaiya.

You want the girl
and I want my life.

Give me some time.
I'll get the girl.

I'll give you one week time.
I want this girl.

If you get me this girl,
I'll let you alive.

Not only that,
I'll give you five lakh rupees too.


Bhaiya, I've to travel too far.

It'll be good
if I get any advance money.

The victory is our's!

Hey, you did business
for damn five lakh rupees.

Give me the phone.

Hello, Bhaiya!

I'm Dheena, speaking.
-Tell me.

Bhaiya, Guru is very young to deal this.


Not that, Bhaiya.
This is a little risky job.

If you give eight lakh rupees,
we can finish the job immediately.

What do you say?

I'll give ten lakh rupees
on the whole.

Excellent, Bhaiya!

Hey, I've finished the deal
for ten lakh rupees.

Bhaiya, for whatever issue,
you can contact me, directly.

Bringing that girl is my responsibility, okay?

If that girl doesn't come...

... I don't know into how many pieces,
I'll chop you.

Bhaiya, why are you talking inauspiciously
at this good moment?

You start counting the money,
I'll come along with the girl.


Okay, Bhaiya.

Hey, tell me where is that girl.

I'll take her to him
and bring the money.

Which girl?


Get lost.

I lied to escape from him.

You'd have told me
when I called him.

When you voluntarily do last rites
for yourself,

I was just thinking
why to hinder you.

Bend a little.
-Rites for me?

He had sprinkled the divine water!

Sir, governor's daughter marriage?

Sir, island purchase?

Sir, meeting with home minister?
-Next month.

Sir, Bihar plant!

Sir, BBC interview?

Sir, Miss Universe?


What happened?

Sir, we're searching.

Why is it getting delay?

It's because of…

Don't give me reasons.
Get her soon.

Okay, sir.


If, the Scorpio mouth utter,
he will chop into pieces.



Where are you leaving?


Hey, this is my brief, isn't it?

I'm using it for past four days.
Keep it.

You've started to steal
all my things, right?

It's okay, stay with me.
Listen to me.

I can't die, being with you.

I'll go to a remote place, work hard
or I'll cheat someone and survive.

Leave me.

Leave me.
-Hey, Damn it.

The lion will secrete saliva,
If it see your plumpy body.

Don't you feel ashamed,
to say you're scared of him?

If I talk with you,
I'll be late for Howrah mail.

I've to bathe,
get me shikakai powder.

Without taking the ticket, you're going
to hide in toilet and travel, right?

Then why bother to travel by Howrah or
Ananthapuri express?

What ever you say,
I've decided to leave.

Listen to me.
-Leave me.

Look, what all he has stolen!

He has stolen from six years child
to sixty years old granny.

He has stolen all these
without even knowing the purpose.

It seems to be original!

Hey, where did you steal this camera?

It was a gift to me.

No one will offer you a lift,
who will gift you?

Hey, look! this girl's photo is
in this camera.


Where did I steal?

Excuse me!

What do you want?,
I'm a bachelor, tell me.

Can you take a photograph of me?

A selfie?
Come on.

-No, just me.

Even foreigners are not
hanging around.

Remove it.

Wear it.

Go and stand.

How much will this cost?

It's okay, turn around.

Smile, ready! one, two…

Get lost, crazy!

Hey, it's my camera!

Gateway of India.

Tell me, once again.

Come, I'll show you in person.

Greetings, brother!

Hey, why are you alarming
through noise?

Dude, all these guys
has learnt the work from me.

That's why, greeting me.

There are more thieves
than the visitors here, isn't it?

-Hey, my purse!

It's me who pickpocketed your purse
for safety reasons.

Have it.
-Give it.

Tell me the model number.

How do I know the model number?

I've local babe number,
shall I give?

Hey, tell me the camera model number.

Oh, camera model number!

Who is that?
Looking like actor Manobala.


I lost my mobile phone.

Write a complaint here.

Till I find the address,
divert him.

His face looks like the speed breaker.

Sir, my brother is missing.

Give me the photo.

If you ask suddenly,
where can I get the photo?

I'll accomplish the work by using you.

Until the work get's over you're my brother.

What are you doing?

Sir, searching.


This guy, a mad who asks
for bribe to all passersby.

I got the address, come on.
-Hey, you made me caught with police.

Hey, I've seen this person.

Hey, goof! it's you.

Oh, no!
He has boarded the auto.

Hey, dude! wait.
I'm also coming.

Hey, dude!
Would the foreigner remember my face?

Hey, your face looks awful.
It can't be forgotten soon.

Then, you deal this.
I'll move.

I'm here, right?
Why do you fear?

I'm afraid since you are here.

Oh, no! the foreigner has come
looking for me.


Don't hit me.
Oh, no!

Hey, return the camera.

Give it to her.
Do what I say.

I'll not return.
-Hey, return it.

You said, you are afraid since I'm here.

Dude, I just told.
I'll fall on your feet.

Please, dude.
-You didn't fall on my feet.

I can't listen properly.
-Hey, rascal! return it.

Excuse me.


I have your camera.

This is your camera, right?

Thank you.
-Take it.

India is very good.
-Thank you.

This guy is very bad.

Look, just because of you,
it's a shame for India.

These people had swindled
from our country.

Hey, that's British
and these people are from Australia.

Whatever, they are foreigners, right?

Okay, you blackie.
Move away.

Excuse me, all are nice photos.

Where did you take this photo?

I think this one was taken
in Tamil Nadu.

Where at Tamil Nadu?

Maybe at Thiruchendur.


Okay, nice meeting you.
-See you.

Thank you.

When did you go?

Hey, we got to know the place.

We will go to Thiruchendur,
abduct the girl, get ten lakhs and enjoy.

Dude, there's a correction.

What's the correction?
-I've more work here.

You go to Thiruchendur,
abduct the girl and bring her here.

Let's get ten lakhs,
share it and enjoy.

How is this plan?

Greedy for getting money.

Dude, if I'm not in Bombay,
arson will occur.


A heroine is supposed to run like this,
you aren't good enough.

Sister, you don't have anyother job.

Sister, today's scene was awesome.

Thank you.

Thank you, sister.

From where did this come from?

While running I flinched it.

Very good.

I don't want.

You ran hard.
why are you denying?

Once you become a director,
won't you groom me like Rajini or Kamal?

Only one Rajini and one Kamal.

At least, like Ajith or Vijay!

For you, this is more than enough.

Come, let's go.

Okay, coming.

Are you behaving like a girl?
All are complaining about you.

You damage things at the market,
in the name of making a film.

Everyone are approach me
asking for compensation.

When I was at the temple...

...a guy came and asking me to
get a chance from Malli.

Are we running a cinema company?

I asked you to get her married.
So that everything will be good.

Who listens to me?

Look, I've fulfilled all your wishes.

You wanted to study in college,
I did it.

You asked for a camera,
I bought it for you.

What more should I do?

It's you who spoiled her by pampering.

Have it.


No point in letting you be like this,
I'll inform the matchmaker…

…and tell to show you not one,
but ten bridegrooms.

You choose whom you like
and get married.

Instead of getting married and having a family,
she is going after cinema.

Oh, no!
Malli is missing!

What happened?

Where did she go?

She fled from home.
-Shut your mouth.

Where is she?

You know, tell me.

Where is she?
-Don't know, dad.

Should I check everything.
Won't you people check?

Where is my daughter?

Why are you asking me?
You've to take care of her.

I didn't see her.
-Go and bring my shirt.


Dear, are you going to see a girl
or going to search?

Leave now.

Should always maintain a status, isn't it?


Come, let's go.
Malli is missing.

Uncle, the guys have come.

Come, let's search.
-Uncle! you don't worry, I'll take care.

Son-in-law, please take care.
-Go, look for her

I'll come with Malli.

Hey, start the vehicle.

Bhai, a cup of tea.

If I ask him, it'll be revealed to all.

I just came, but don't know
whether she is here or not!

Brother, have it.

Brother, a guy is looking at Malli's photo
in the tea shop.

What are you saying?
-Yes, brother.

Do you know this girl?

Hey, it's our Malli!

She is Chieftain's daughter.
She wants to become a great film director.

She has even told me
to get an offer for acting.

Where is this girl's house?


Your face looks like a yawning monkey,
when you're about to act, why not me?

I'll not tell you.
Go away.

Are you a Google?
if you don't say, can't I find out?

Her name is Malli, Chieftain's daughter.

Excuse me.
-Hey, where is Malli?

I'm asking you,
where is Malli?

Over there!
Go and buy it.

Hey, are you mocking me?

Hit you...

What are you looking at, as if
it is a test match?

Who is this cat moustache faced?
Raising hands on me, while talking.

You've shown a photo now, isn't it?
He is her sister's husband.


I'm having your sister-in-law's photo.

But, you get tensed,
as if I'm having your wife's.

Hey, why are you getting tensed?

Hey, hit him.
Only then, he will tell us the truth.

You fools!

I swear,
I don't know any truth.

Catch him.

You got caught!

I don't know.

I don't know any truth.
Leave me.

Catch him and thrash him.

Hey, give my attire.

I'm telling you,
I don't know anything.

I don't know.

Hey, wait...wait...

Hey, leave me.

(Magic words)
Let the eyes burn.

Brother, he has left.

Brother, go.
For whom are you waiting?

I'm waiting for you.
-Hey, you cat moustache!

Hey, catch him.

Brother, Malli has left to Chennai,
in early bus.

Tie him in our godown.

Let's get Malli back
and spare him, later.

Come, let's go.
Start the vehicle.

Is she the girl I came looking for?

Did that girl leave to Chennai?

Then, what work I have here!

Hey, stop.

Hey, stop.

Hey, come fast.

Look well.
Search properly.

What, dude?

Malli is not in this bus.

Hey, this girl came in this bus, right?
-Yes, brother.

She got down at Pudhukottai
to watch the shooting.

Come on.

What's that sound?

Cinema shooting.

A huge crowd has gathered to watch the shooting,
if this crowd comes to the theater.

Then, all the films will be successful.

Brother, have you seen this girl?

Hey, move away,
I want to watch the shooting.

Hey, flimsy hair headed,
have you seen this girl?

Hey, go away.


I'm waiting for the heroine
to take tik tok.

Hey, be careful.

In another two days, you will die.
Now you want to take tik tok.

My phone!

Go away.
-My tik tok!

The scene to be taken now is,
already to the girl who is engaged...

...that means the heroine,
the hero is coming to convey his love.

How is it?
-Great scene, sir.

It's very fresh.

You will continue
to be in the company.

Sir, the same scene was done by Thala
in the film " Kaadhal Mannan”.

Thalapathi did in his film "Youth”.

Madhavan did in "Minnale”.

The same scene has featured
twice in your film.

You review the film post release.

Now started coming even
to the shooting spot.

Hey, assistant director!

-Come here.

Sir, what are you doing?

Come here.

Chase this girl away.
Don't act smart.

You leave, please.
-Don't make him tensed.

What I had tensed him?

Go away.
Please, go.

Okay, I'll leave.

Hey, hello!

Hey, just wait.

That girl is known to me.

Whoever it is, leave after the shooting.

Known girl!
-Just wait.

You are irritating...

She was here.
Where did she go?

Why is she sitting
inside the bush?

Hello, serpent might be there.
Why do you sit there?

Oh, no! these guys!

You buffalo!

Hey, come here.

Have you seen this girl?

How many of you will show the photo
and ask whether I've seen this girl?

Hey, we came just now.

Who asked you earlier?

A guy wearing a shirt with floral print.

Floral shirt?
-Didn't even let me to watch the shooting.

Always disturbing.

Who is that?
-The guy with floral shirt?


Don't leave him, catch him.
-Okay, brother.

Sir, as you said, at the end of the
romantic scene, I've kept a lip lock shot.

Are you happy?

Oh, this is how you became a director!

Wonder, the voice sounds different!

Turn back.

Hey, who are you?

Wearing the hero's costume.

I'm the dupe for hero.

A dupe for a romantic scene?

How do I look to you?

Looking like a street seller.

Hey, I'm a director.

Are you Balu Mahendra?
Can't you direct without wearing a hat?

Hey, come here.

Someone is wearing the hero's costume.
Which shirt did you give for the hero?

Tell us.

Where is Malli?
Tell us.

Where is Malli?
Hey, leave him.

Hey, leave.
Hey, where is Malli?

Hey, who are you?

I'm the hero of this film.

Let you be a hero or whoever.

Hey, untill we find Malli,
this shooting won't happen.

Dude, she looks charming.

Hey, run away.
-Hey, stop.

You thugs, scampers, wastrels...

I'll see to you later.

I came to rescue you.

Thank you very much.

I feel like telling you something,
but not able to.

It's usually said in all the films.
You came at right time and rescued me.

How did you get here, at this time?

I was going to my uncle's house
at Chennai.

That's when…
-Are you going alone?

I always go alone.

My bag!

Sorry, I've to leave.


Hello, what happened?

You have done a great help to me.

You've to do one more help.

What help?
Do I've to buy sweet for your uncle?

Not that, I'll tell you the truth.

I flee from my house.

The person who is sitting there like
'Gilli, Prakash Raj' is my brother-in-law

The shooting is cancelled.
Leave now.

If I get caught, my life will be ruined.

Help me, please.

Generally, I've helping tendency.
and now you're pleading, okay.

Not to go that side.

Then, let's wait here
and look out for the bus.

How will the bus come here?

You know right?

Leave the bag.
Follow me.

My name is Malli.

You didn't say anything about yourself.

My name is Guru,
I've come from Mumbai on a small task.

Robert, are you sleeping?
-Yes, sir.


My sleep is disturbed
and I couldn't concentrate.

I'm so stressed.

You're sleeping well
instead of searching.

No, sir.

We are searching.

Why don't you understand?
I need her.

I'm throbbing to see her.

I can understand.
I'll find out, sir.

How much money I've said?

Five crore rupees, sir.


Make it double.
-Okay, sir.

Guru, how are you going to
take her to Mumbai?

Damn it.

I'm getting too old notions.

Should I change the brand
of the cigarette?

She wish to become
a great film director.

Brother, a cup of tea.

Serve it.

Serve more.

It's enough.
The idli might suffocate.

What are you going
to do in Chennai?

Straight away, I'll meet Sun pictures
head Kalanidhi Maran and narrate the story.

Either with actor Ajith or Vijay,
I'll do a film and become a big director.

Then, what the film directors
Shiva and Atlee will do?

They have contract for ten years.

No chance of directing actor
Ajith or Vijay.

Is it?

Moreover, as soon as you reach Chennai,
your uncle will abduct you.

How will you do a film, then?

Yes, isn't it?

I didn't think about this.

You're keen on thinking
what to eat next?

I've a good notion.
No need, leave it.

Tell me, what's that?

Better, you...
No need.

Tell me, what's that?

Why can't you do a film in Hindi?

I can do...
But, I don't know Hindi.

She gets trapped on her own.

A.R Murugadoss made a film
with actor Aamir khan without knowing Hindi?

Do you've a story for Shahrukh khan?

Shahrukh khan!

The stories for actors Ajith and Vijay
will not suit him.

I've a story for Suriya.
That will suit him.

Yes, why are you asking?

Shahrukh khan's manager is my good friend.

Shahrukh khan encourages female directors.
He did three films with Farah khan.

Those three were hit films.
You too are a female director.

That's why, I'm thinking
why don't you do a film there.

The wish is to be a director.

Why bother whether
it's Tamil or Hindi?

The God has shown a good way,
don't miss it, Malli

Shahrukh khan, Farah khan
and Malli khan...

It's good to hear so, isn't it?

Why to bother about
the language in cinema?

Let's do it.


Brother, give the bill.

Sir, the balance.

Take it.
It's your tips.

Shall we go?

I'm not coming to Mumbai.


How can I come with a stranger?

Is it necessary for you, Guru?

The stranger can save you...

...travel along with you
the whole night and buy you food.

I thought of helping you
as you were ambitious.

But, I need this disgrace.


Go away.

Give back the tips money.

I lost the tips.


-Just a minute.


Just wait.

Don't be angry.

Have to look before I leap.

The moment I saw you,
I found that you're good.

Even then, I'm a young woman.
And you're a young man.

How to travel alone?

That's why...

Oh, no! I don't want to
deal with you.

It's like, I'm paid for taking you
to Mumbai...

...and it is as if I'm deceiving you.

Is it my fate?
Brother, start the vehicle.

No...I never thought like that.
I'm sorry.

I'll also accompany you.
Take me, please.

Start the vehicle.

Have you met Sharukh khan?

Why did you ask like this?

We both are close.

He invited me to his house
for Ramzan to eat biryani.

I said, I won't eat non-vegetarian
on Saturday.

He got enraged.

When listening you,
it's like you're lying.

Which one is lie?

If you're close friend of him,

How could have he sent you
without eating biryani?

Oh, gosh!
You're very sharp minded.

Can't even tell a simple lie
to you.

Malli is great!

It's true,
I ate biryani on that day.

You can't cheat me.

Then, the 'Zero' film director came
to narrate a story.

He asked me to listen the story.

I listened to the story,
told him it's good and to go ahead.

The film was a big hit.

From then on, he tortures me
to listen the stories.

Is it?

Will you listen my story
and tell whether it'll be a hit?

Tell me.

I told you not to eat
that spoilt food.

Do you've pyrosis?

Let Shahrukh khan be in your mind.

In the opening shot...

Thiruchendur, Thaipoosam festival.

Five thousand people are lifting
the Kavadi (Burden dance).

Amidst the crowd, suddenly a guy
in yellow colored attires...

...jumps out, hailing the lord Murugan.

Who is that?


Shahrukh khan!

You mean, Shahrukh khan
in yellow colored attires!

The opening shot is rocking!

Immediately, the opening song begins.

A fight scene
after the opening song ends.

A guy grabs Sharukh khan's hands
and twists it.

His eyes turns red.

Looking at him,
he delivers a punch dialogue.

What's that?

"I'm not a drumstick
to get twisted if you do"

Oh, god!
-"I'm Murugan!"

I got stuck.

How did the first half go?

It went with a single tyre.


No, the first half was well.

I told you the interval scene.
Can you feel it?

I felt nothing.
But the driver felt a little.

Didn't you feel?

It's similar to the waist scene
in the film, 'Khushi'.

If it doesn't make sense,
you can't understand the second half.

If understood, are you going
to get an Oscar?

Come here.
-For what?

I said, come here.

I can't listen to the story.

I've headache.
I want to have a cup of tea.

Okay, listen to this scene.

You'll be relieved of head ache.
-Oh, no!

Now, you're the hero.
-What? Am I the hero?

I'm the heroine.

Oh! that's why,
you wanted me to be hero.

Keep your hand on my waist.

Oh, no! Tell me to keep my hand
on the burning fire. I will.

But not on the women's waist.
It's very dangerous.

Don't be afraid.

It's just acting.

Keep it.

Not over the waist.
Just near the waist.

Oh, sorry.

No, I just did it,
to let my acting be natural.

Now, the heroine comes close
to the hero and hugs...

What? Did you feel now?

Yeah, I felt.

That's what, I said.
You can feel it.

Just tell me,
when there are similar scenes.

"Look there...look there..."
"Two birds are flying!"

"Their paths are different"

"Even though, they fly together"

"It's garden, all the way"

"Don't forget to enjoy
the fragrance"

"Travelling is a lesson"

"Don't get used to the novelties
when going on"

"For the mind that wants to fly"
"Travelling is the wings"

"Why to pay to laugh?"

"The world is shrinking
in the way of passerby"

"Look there...look there..."
"Two birds are flying!"

"Their paths are different"

"Even though, they fly together"

"Though we listen to many stories
or we spectacle things"

"The pleasure of travelling
can't be understood by narration"

"Sometimes by walk,
"Many times by vehicle"

"The language spoken
by this highway is a puzzle"

"As far as I see,
there is the sky"

"As for as I search,
there is wisdom"

"It'll prolong as far as I roam"

"The experience adds on"

"The illusion just gets exhausted"

"Will become like a child"

"The mind will be lost
in search of the words and singing"

"For the mind that wants to fly"
"Travelling is the wings"

"Why to pay to laugh?"

"The world is shrinking
in the way of passerby"

Darling, why aren't you
talking to me?

Are you angry on me?
You don't worry.

We both will smash your
husband's head with stone...

...and will do show in
Raj channel's programme 'Kopiyam'.

Later, we will go to Germany
and settle down.

What's your call?
Is it okay?

Tell me.
I'm asking you, right?

Hey, who's that knocking the door?

You stay here.
I'll be back.

They won't let me to lie
even next to the poster.

Hey, Dheena!

Open the door.

Oh, my god!

What to do now?

Don't know where is he now!

What's this ringtone?

My friend!

If you meet him in person,
you will buy him two bananas.

He resembles a monkey.

Just a second.


Dude, he has come here
with the goons.


Hey, he has come home
with the goons.


Can you heed me or not?

'Can't heed' is clear.

Hey, is 'can't heed' clear to you?

Hey, he has come with his goons,
straight away.

Many vehicles are
passing on, here.

My life is in perils, here.

Is it important about
the vehicles there?

Do you heed me or not?


Hey, come out and speak.

Wait, I'll come out.


The signal is not clear.


Dude, where are you?
-I'm here.

Dude, do you know?
That crazy...

Then, who am I?
-Just now, I told.

Hit him.

Oh, no!

It's hurting.

Are you speaking to me
watching an action film?

Only the hitting sounds
are heard.

You can't heed me when speaking,
but can you heed the blow?

You rascal.


Oh, no!

Oh, he is banging me.


Bhaiya, tell him to leave me.

If he doesn't come with the girl,
I'll chop you into pieces...

...and send him the parcel.

You are hitting me, because
you don't know where he is.

Then how will you send him
the parcel?

Oh, god! we might get caught.



Uncle has seen me.

Catch her.

Oh, no!

Look there, Malli is going
in that auto.

Catch her.

Hey, Auto.

My good time!

I'm coming along with you
to Bombay.

Else, my brother-in-law
would have caught me.

Come on.

Someone might be hiding.

No one is here.

It's getting late for train.

Come on.
-No one is there, Isn't it?

Grab her in.

Come on.



What's driving is this?

Go fast.


Leave me...


Take left.


Take your hand.

If you touch me,
I'll hit you.

What's the sound there?
Go and check.

Hey, what's the sound?

Who are you?
What are you doing here?

Where is that girl?

I'll stab you.
Where is that girl?



Inside here...

Who are you?

Where is that girl?

Where is that girl?
-Which girl?



How dare you've come here
to take the girl?


I thought my uncle was a wastrel.
But, he has strong influence...

Come, it's getting late for train.
Let's talk everything else, later.

(Indistinct chatters)

Lord Muruga! I must go to Bombay...

...somehow, make a film with Shahrukh khan
and should become a great director.

You must save me.

The bell has rung.

Lord Murugan has given the order.

Surely, this will happen.

-Where are you?

Whenever I call,
your phone is not reachable.

Are you trying to cheat me?


Listen to me, first.
-Tell me.

The girl is with me.
-Is it!

Didn't I tell you?
Guru will finish the job, perfectly.

When are you coming, dear?

I'm coming tomorrow morning
at 7 o'clock.

If you don't come?
-I'll come at 7.45, then.

Am I driving the train?
I can come only when it arrives.

That's right.

Reach safely, dear.

Let the girl be safe.
-I'll take care.

Give the money
and take away the girl.

Is it okay, dear?

I'll definitely find the girl
before you come from the U.S.

You go without worrying, sir.

Happy journey, sir.

Don't say, do it.

Sorry, sir.

Did you see him?
Until now, he went four times.

He would've ate spoilt samosas.
So, must be stomach upset.

Not that, I said he is just
going around to look at me.

Nowadays, guys are busy
looking the girls in tiktok.

Why would they even look at
the girls who are travelling?

You don't believe, right?
Just look there!


You pleaded me to give
the lower berth...

...as you can't step
to upper berth.

You said, you got headache
and want to sleep.

I'll take the pill and sleep.
-Where is the pill?

Thrown the pill.
Sleep now.

Did you see the chart?

Totally, there are 72 people
in the compartment.

Only seven of them are women.

Five of them are senior citizens.

A small girl
and another one is you.

If a guy looks at you,
when you are in a crowd of hundred men,

...that's not a beauty.

If a guy looks at you
when you are in a crowd of hundred women,

...that's beauty!

Excellent, boss!

Enough, it's enough of you rearing pigs.

The punch dialogue?
I'll have it in my film.

Yeah, have it.

Whatever you say,
I'm a beauteous.

Do you know how many guys
proposed me in the college?

Move aside.

Tell a lot of false stories like this.
So that, I can sleep well.

Are you stealing the shoe?

Sir, leg...

Come here.

The shoe is very dirty.

Wear it.

Brother, the train will reach
the station in an hour.

When she is going around saying,
she wants to direct a film...

...I know, someday she will deceive
everyone and flee.

Grandma, will you shut your mouth?
Always scolding my sister.

This is why, I told you to
inform the police.

She is always weeping.

Where will she go?
She will come.

The home was lively
when she was around.

But, now?

My daughter will never tolerate hunger.

Wonder, where she is
and how is she?

Hey, stop the train.
-Are you mad?

Do you think this as a bicycle?

This is the Government's train.
Get lost.

Idiot he is.
He came asking to stop the train.

No other job for him.

Hey, who are you?

Come on.

Where are you taking me?



Brother, give me a cigarette.

Just I've smoked and thrown it.
Go and take it.

Wonder, who are they?

They just came, hit
and took away.

Has anyone died
by the time I went to smoke?

What happened to the vessel head?

He is good.

What happened?

The girl who came along
with you was taken away...

...by the hooligans, suddenly
in the previous station.

We don't know what to do, sir.

Sir, a girl was abducted
from this station, did you see?

Are you a Tamil?
How is Rajini car?

It's in good condition.

A girl was abducted
from this station, did you see?

Why are you shaking the head
like a novelty dog kept in the car?

Very difficult.

You mean to shake head like you?

I said, it's difficult to get the girl.
You go back.

What are you saying?

The Muthurapalli hooligans have abducted her.

You say as if a crow
took away the snacks.

Which side did they go?

Don't take them, gently.

Shall I soak in washing powder?

Hey, you're talking a lot.

Go three kilometres from here.

A village will come.
Ask there.

You might have said it first,
coconut head.

Brother, have you seen anyone
taking a girl?


A girl!

You mean a girl?

Sir, come along with me.

Slim and stout girls are with me.

I've whatever varieties you need.

He is a wastrel.
Come along with me.

Good company.

Oh, no!

Sir, I've good discounts for you.

Lip kiss is not available there
But it is available here.

Sir, His offers onlt half an hour
My offer is for one hour.

Extra time for you.

There is no massage there.
You've here.

Come on.

Hey, middlemen! are you doing
marketing for shameless job?

I haven't come for that.
Leave me.

How to make them understand?



Are you a Tamil?

Pay the money and get in.

No, I haven't come for that.
-Get in.

You don't seem to have come for this.
Why are you here?

A girl known to me was abducted.

Just a minute.

I came in search of her.

This is her photo.
Did you see her, anywhere?

These thugs will not leave
even the sheer beauty girls.

She looks beautiful too.

Definitely, this must be the job
of Narasimha Reddy.

This girl is more gifted.
You've come for her.

But, for me?
Okay, leave it.

Nobody will say anything
if you ask showing this photo.

Come on.

Hey, stop.

Just one girl isn't enough for him.
He needs many girls.

Take him to Narasimha Reddy.

He'd have told me earlier.
-Come, hop on.


Robert sir, we have got the girl.

Is it?

First, send me a photo.

Why just a photo,
I'll send you a selfie video.

This is the house.
Go and ask Apparao.

-It's me.


Where are you from?

-From Chennai?

Who has sent you?

Martin or Farooq?


Get inside.

Hello, Tell me brother.

Hey, come.

What are you doing?
Come fast.

Okay brother.

Go inside.

Come in.

Come, see her.

Is she okay?


Brother move.

Rani and devi come here.

Lord Muruga!

Didn't you like her?

Look after her.

Lord Muruga! save me.

Hey, why are you weeping?

I must take a video.

Smile a little.

Smile a little.

Come here.

Someone, open the door.

Come here, dear.

Come here.




Malli, listen to me.

Don't cry.
I have come.

Don't cry.
Listen to me.

We will go away from here.

Listen to me.

Don't cry.

Listen to me just a minute.

Hey, who is he?

Brother, it was him
who accompanied her.

Greetings, Reddy sir!

Actually, a small mistake has happened.

She is my wife.

Everyone pierce the ear
but I've pierced my nose too.

To me?
Kill him.


Leave me.

Come this side.

All flee away.
Run away.

Come this way.

All flee away.
Run away.

Malli, come on.

Hey, everyone come here.
They are fleeing.

Hurry up.

I'll kill you.
Get lost.

Why had he locked his nose?

Why are you weeping now?

In such a place...
When I think of it...

I must go...

Take me back to my home.

Get down.


Go back to your home.

If you go now, everyone will yell
that you've eloped.

If you win and go,
everyone will celebrate you.

You go, if you don't want it.

You will regret till the end
for giving up at this point.

Your wish was great.
Your dream was new.

That's why, I thought of helping you.

Everything is waste.

Okay, bye.

Come, let's leave.

Why isn't she giving any reaction?

If you're afraid of problems,
you're a woman of anciest times.

If the same problems are afraid
of you, you're a modern woman.

MGR starred in the film,
'Adimai penn'(Slave girl)

Finally, let me say one thing.

This hand is meant to
sign autographs.

Don't let it to do household chores.

I felt like saying.
That's all.

He is irritating.

Shahrukh Khan's manager is calling.

Hello, Bhaiya!

A small problem.

I'm not coming by train
instead coming on road.

Hey, don't tell lies.

You know what will happen,
if you lie.

You can't be alive.

Bhaiya, believe me.

Better, you talk to her if you want.

But, talk to her like I say.


Take it.
Tell him your decision.

Guru told me everything.
-Tell him, I'll come...

-I'll come, sir.


What happened?


We could have gone by the jeep.
Why are you struggling like this?

Adjust a little.

Their vehicle is risky for us.

In a while, let's get on
to another vehicle.

It's not difficult for me.

I grew up with the cattles
in my hometown.

It is you who is struggling.

I've nothing to struggle,
just going jovial.

I love goats.
I'm a good shepherd.

Oh, no! It has opened the valve.

My new shoe!
My jeans pant!

Oh, gosh!

"Some flight of fancy
is caressing me"

"The nostalgia makes me
go around"

"The curvy highway lays puzzles"

"I don't have any answer to utter"

You should have a girlfriend
at Bombay, isn't it?

Yes, even last week Boney Kapoor's
younger daughter proposed me.

What did you say?

I said, let your sister
get married, first.

Then, let's talk about it.

Will you believe,
whatever I say?

You seem to be a deceitful crane.

Will any girl fall in love with me
for the way I look.


Love has nothing to do with looks.

It comes spontaneously.

oh, is it?

Love is like rain.

If you look high, we don't know
from where and how it comes?

We know whether it rains,
only when the droplet falls on us.

As well as the love too.

Don't know from where
and how it came?

We feel the love, only after
it blossom in us.

I don't know all those.

If it rains, I'll enjoy rum.
And if it's sunny, I'll enjoy beer.

Hey, move away.

"Grinning at your fake smile"

"I admire your little rage"

"The film shows..."

"Why do you stumble
in my dreams?"

"I forget the purpose I came for"

"I'm sliding in my mind"


Tell me, Bhaiya.
-Where are you?

I've come near.
I'll reach in an hour.

Okay, come to the station.

The light of the moon!

Gentle breeze!

A lonely place!

What do you think
when you see all these?

It's untime.

I think, there will be
nuisance of dogs, confirmedly.

It's barking!

Tell me.

Dude, where is that girl?
-She is with me.

In ten minutes, I'll get ten lakhs.

Robert, i have seen her.

I'll call you in ten minutes.


Senseless, not ten lakhs.

That girl is worth for ten crores.
Bhaiya has deceived us.

Hey, why aren't you replying?
What can we do now?

I'll take care.
Hang up the phone.


Hey, Guru!

Catch him.


Catch him.


Where are you running like a hen
opened from the basket?

Did you think this is
your hometown, Thiruchendur?

It's Mumbai.

I know how to go in any lane.

Come this way.
Come on.

Whenever I'm chased,
I get stuck at the dead end.

I came even last week.
Nothing was here.

Suddenly, a wall has been built here.

Has the wall been built in a week
and the plants have grown on it?

It's okay, leave it.

Even a cat can slip..

That's said for elephant, isn't it?

Is that more important.
Have they come!

Hurry up.

How did you climb this wall
wearing the skirt?


Go soon.

Catch him.

Catch him.

Enough of making fun.
Jump now.

Why are they chasing you?

Did you cheat them borrowing money?

They aren't chasing me but you.

Why should they chase me?

Who are they?
What did I do?

My brother-in-law doesn't have
anyone in Bombay.

Who else is chasing me?

Shall I say, since you came to narrate
a story to Sharukh khan...

...Salman Khan hates that
and is trying to kidnap you.

Even a child wouldn't believe it.

What to lie, then?

Maybe, can it be like this?

Since I came to narrate the story
to Sharukh khan...

...some underground don, who hates it
might've planned this plot.

Oh, my goodness!

Same wavelength
for both of us.

I thought it would be like that.
And you said the same.

That's what the director is!
You're a great director!

Okay, come.
Let's go.

They might arrive.

Guru, don't be afraid.

Even the Tsunami could'nt do anything
to our hometown, Thiruchendur.

I'm from Thiruchendur.
Nobody can do me anything.

Inquire about me in my hometown.

Oh, gosh!
It's late.

The last bus would've gone.
Shall I inquire the next time, when I go?

Come on.
Let's go, now.

Come, sit here.

I'll be back.
sit here.


Where is the girl?


I'll bring you the girl
worth for ten crores.

You will give me ten lakhs
and take away the balance?

Hey, do you know
to whom are you talking?

Hello! Who is speaking?
-I'm Bhaiya, speaking.

I'm talking only with you.
Then, why are you confusing me?

Don't make fun, Guru.
That girl must come here, immediately.

Poke the ear fiercely,
you may get the wound, immediately.

But can't get the girl.

Don't do something awful
in the name of mannerism.

Take your hand.

What's your final decision?

Don't you know still I prank?

I can't send the girl.

Your share of money
will reach you tomorrow.

If it's bad time for the rat...

...it will hop and dance
in front of the cat.

Okay, old cat.
It seems you're frustrated.

Go somewhere, steal milk,
drink and sleep.

Think well just for a minute.
Do you know who are you opposing?

Bhaiya, I must think before I oppose.
Shouldn't think after opposing.

Don't make me to speak like a hero.
Hang up the phone.

Have you ever been to Mumbai?

Are you aware of any secret?

That is, about treasure,
a murder tape, like that...

I don't know.

But, I've a story about the treasure.
Shall I tell you?

Oh, no!
No need.

Do you know?

Definitely, it must be the job
of Narasimha Reddy.

Hey, Reddy!

You say the girl is with you.

Bhaiya called and said,
the girl is with him.

Where is the girl now?

The girl is neither with Reddy
nor with the Bhaiya.

She is with me.

Why is everyone looking for that girl?
What's there with the girl?

That doesn't matter to you.

Who are you?
-This doesn't matter to you.

You need the girl
and I need the money.

Give me the money
and take the girl.

Everyone is calling
and say the girl is with me.

Are you pranking?

Henceforth, I'll only believe
if you show the girl.

You didn't believe me, right?
Do one thing.

Hang up the call
and connect to video call.

I'll show the girl.

Who is he?
-Shahrukh Khan's manager.

Oh, should I narrate the story
on phone?

-Yeah, okay.

Come to the hotel.
Take the money.

Excuse me.


I am...

I know.
You're Shahrukh Khan's manager.


Everything is set.
We can move now.

The bill?

Don't worry.
It'll be taken care of.

Come, let's go.




Guru has some other work.
He will join us later.





Found her!


What's her name?


I'll come.

Get my jet ready.

Do you've a story for Shahrukh Khan?

It's like, I'm paid for taking you
to Mumbai...

...and it is as if I'm deceiving you.

Your wish was great.
Your dream was new.

That's why, I thought of helping you.



The life is selfishness.

If we want to be good,
we can do whatever.


"My elation is heavy"
"My path is towering high"

"My elation is heavy"
"My path is towering high"

"From now on..."
"The crowd which cheers loudly, is behind"

"The green lush garden"

"And the fog"
"Hopping and dancing"

"Don't know where it merges?"

"I'm pouncing"
"I'll heave the things"

"Garner on the shore"

"Trying to go through
the pits and piths"

"I'm searching..."

"I don't have time to look back-
So, I'm running"

"I sing, when I get delayed wisdom"

"When looking at the glittery things"
"You drool over"

"You're struggling between
the woman and wealth"

"My elation is heavy"
"My path is towering high"

"From now on..."
"The crowd which cheers loudly, is behind"

"The green lush garden"

And the fog"
"Hopping and dancing"

"Don't know where it merges?"

Have you met Sharukh khan?

Why did you ask like this?

We both are close.

"Not aloof...not together..."
"Though stone hearted..."

Eloping with trust on someone,
gets pregnant and goes mad.

"Even the Chameleon will change
its colour when it gets trapped"

"You trickster, you're changing everyday
when looking at money"

"I can understand, dude!"

"Which is right and wrong,
it's clear!"

"Hey, because of some thoughts,
You've scattered my illusions"

Love is like rain.

If you look high, we don't know
from where and how it comes?

We feel the love, only after
it blossom in us.

"My elation is heavy"
"My path is towering high"

"From now on..."
"The crowd which cheers loudly, is behind"

"My elation is heavy"
"My path is towering high"

Why are they sitting sad
as if they lost something new?

Shouldn't have silly feelings.
Take it.

Hey, Marie.
Take it, go.

What happened?

My mind is disturbed.

Where do you've to get disturbed?

I think, it's fault to leave the girl.

Don't feel for the girl.

If you spill the rice on the roof,
thousands of crows will come.

You don't understand what I say?

What do you want to do now?

Will return the money
and I wish I could bring the girl.

Do you know to whom
have you sent the girl?

To Vijay Samrat.

Why didn't you tell me this, earlier?

Where did you allow me to tell?

When I said she is worth
not for ten lakhs but ten crores...

...you disconnected the call.

Straight away, you left the girl,
took the money and booked the room.

We played songs too.

I did a fault.

What's that fault?
Who's not at fault?

Why are you worried?

I don't know what I did
was right or wrong, so far.

But, now I feel it's right
to bring the girl back.

Look here, acting like a good guy
doesn't suit you.

Listen to me.

How much respect?
How many girls?

How can we leave
this great life?

She is pityful and innocent.

I can't live with the thought
that I've cheated on the girl...

...who trusted me.

Hey, where are you going?

Don't go to my room
without my permission?

Listen to me.

Hey, dude.

Though you give the money,
he will not send the girl.

Listen to me.
Wouldn't you listen?

If you move, I'll shoot you.

What's this?

I know that.
But, why do you have this?

I know well, you might do this.

Keep the money and go.
Else, I'll shoot you.

Shoot me.
-I'll shoot you.

Shoot me.
-Get lost.

What are you searching?

That's a rubber bullet.

All the rich people have a pistol.
Since I'm rich, I've bought a fake gun.

Dude, when you felt the girl
is important than money,

Friendship is more important
than money for me.

We both go together
and bring the girl.

Come, let's go.
Come on.


Go and change your attire.
-Sorry, dude.

When I get emotional,
I'm not aware of what I speak.

You move on, I'll come.


I'll give your money,
you send the girl back.

Who are you?
Which girl?

Hello, I'm Guru speaking.

The girl, Malli...


Hello, sir.

Robert, where is the girl?

As usual, she is in your house.

I'll come in thirty minutes.

Okay, sir.

I'll tell to get her ready.

Make up!

Dude, the security is strict.

They doesn't seem to be inebriated.

I too know to talk like this.

How to go inside
when so many people are here?

I got it.

What are you going to do?

I'll keep in your attire.
-You said, it's difficult to come inside.

Look, how I brought you inside.

Shut your mouth and be quiet.

We hit the mango but it fell
on the bulb by mistake.

Please, leave us.
Hey, stop.

Hey, why are you pleading him?
-Who? Did I plead him?

Enough of playing the music by mouth.

Tell me, what's the issue.

I've stolen the matchbox
from the security.

Oh, my dear!

Like the monkey in the film, 'Alavuddin',
you too help me often.

So, are you Alavuddin?

Will you accept,
you're the monkey?

Will you buy me banana
if I accept?

Won't you appreciate me
when I stole the matchbox from him?

What did you do to appreciate?
I've a lighter.

Why did you plead him
for the matchbox?

Light it.

Take it.
Show me.

Hey, someone is coming.

Who's that?

No one.
Come on.

Hey, come here.
Sound is heard.

Someone is coming.

Yeah, isn't it?

No one is seen.

You walk now.

-Walk now.

- Oh, no!

It's free footwear.


I've stolen in the temple.

Should it be worn on the legs?

Where else to wear?

Hey, the footwear...
-I'm wearing to hands.


Someone is coming.

We are trapped.

Why are you making noise?
Someone might see.

Get lost, egg head.

Move away, you buffalo.

Security alert.

Two accused have intruded.


I came first, I'll stand here.
-Leave me some space.

They both have escaped,

No, they are inside.

Hey, you're talking like a brilliant.

He says, they've escaped.

Switch it off and sleep.

I'll find you and kill you.

Good luck.

How is it, dude?

Where did he go?

Hey, what's this?
What injection is this?

Why are you doing this?

The only asset I have is my life.

Seems, it'll be lost because of him.

Dude, come this side.
-Don't betray yourself.

We are in security dress.
Come, boldly.

Be careful.
It might be Samrat's room.

She is inside.

Please, I'm not that kind of girl.

A fraud deceived me saying that he will
make me a film director and me left here.

Just see whether he is that fraud.

Show your face.



You're the one who works here, right?

Malli, listen to me.
I've come to save you.

Still, how many lies
are you going to say?

No, I'm telling you the truth.

I trusted you to the core.

I came to Mumbai, trusting you.
-Why did you come?

But you deceived me.

What's that she is looking for?

She is looking for something
to hit you.

Hey, Malli!

Be careful.


Dude, why are you getting hit
for my sake?

I'm not getting hit.
You're giving me the blow.

She is lifting the TV.
Catch her.

She seems to be violent.

Come on, hold her.

Don't shout.

Don't leave.

Hold her.

Don't shout.
Really, I came to save you.

Don't make noise.
We will get caught, altogether.

He might come.

It seems, the shoe size is 24.

Dude, we are caught.

He is standing here.

So happy.

Now, you go and hide.
We will find you.

What's that sound?

Give that.
Hit him with this.

Hit him.

Come on.
Listen to me, come on.

First, take her away, out.
Take her.

Dude, be safe.
I'll take care.

Hey, come.

Hey, I won't leave you.

Yeah, hold me tight.




Hello, sir!
-Robert, is she ready?

Few minutes, sir.

What's happening here, Malik?

Where is that girl?

If we don't get her,
Samrat will kill all of us.

Go and search.

Okay, sir.

Who are you?

You made a video call
and turning back.


Madhan! China Madhan!

The girl you're looking for
is with me.

What are you saying?

Didn't you believe?

Just a minute.

Have you seen?

Give me ten crores
and take the girl.

I'll give you.

Get inside along with the girl.

I love you.

Is the party okay?
Is my acting good?

First, cover your face
with the mask.

I've just spoken and
finalized for ten crores.

You don't mess up
doing something.

The mask will peel off in two hours.

You shouldn't remove this till I say.

Okay, what will you do
the moment you see Samrat?

I'll hug him, bite his ear
and kiss on the lips.


You've shown your tamarind intellect.

Samrat is a psycho.

He likes when he does
on his own.

By routine, if you hug him,
won't he find that you're fake?

Sorry, Madhan.
-What sorry?

China is the first to make
fake products in this world.

Next is this Madhan.

That's why, I'm 'China Madhan'.

Wow! It's excellent, isn't it?

Oh, no!
Leave me.

I'm not that kind of girl.

Leave me.

Leave me, please.

Change her attires
and get her ready.

Money in hand,
then juice for mouth.


Have you got the juice
in your mouth?

You took the girl
who was here, changed her attires...

...and asking for ten crores?

What? The girl from here!

-Robert, how long still?

Few minutes, sir.

Go fast!

I just sent her out.

They are bringing her changing
the attire.

That buffalo doesn't do
any work, properly.

Hey, Ramji!
What's going on there?

Oh, no! listen to me.
Be quiet.

If they see you...

Okay, sir.

Are you hitting the one
who came to save you?

Do you know how much
I trusted him?

But, Guru deceived me.

Who deceived you?

If it were someone else,
would've run away taking ten crores.

But he has come back,
since you're important to him.

Don't you understand, yet?

What are you looking at?
I can no longer speak, seriously.

Did Guru really come
to take me?


I'm sorry.

Where is Guru?

He is inside.

I'm going to save Guru.

Hey, what will you do
to save him?

Somehow, he will deceive them
and come.

You come along with me,
let's jump over the compound...

... and go by an auto.
Come on.

Listen to me.

Leave me.
-Listen to me.

I'll come with Guru.
-Hey, crazy!

Is he Samrat?

Get him in line, Pushpa.

Hey, Malli!

Malli, listen to me.
-How long to wait?


What happened to you?

Come, let's move from here.

Let's go out.

If anyone witness us?
-I'll take care.

It's okay, if it's you.

If someone else see?

What happened to you?
Why are you talking like this?

Have they administered the drugs?

Hey, why are you going down?

Come, let's move from here.


Come on.

Somehow, he will come out.
You come.

I must go inside.

If we go inside,
we can't come out.

Come on.

Oh, no!

Didn't I tell?

They will bring the girl here
and take the money.

Excellent, Bhaiya.

Bhaiya, we already brought the girl,
took the money and enjoyed.

And we have come again
to save her.

Not aware of it,
you came along with this egg head...

... and speaking punch dialogues.

Bhaiya, don't touch me.
It's tickling.

What he says is true.

Guru has come to save me.

He is good.

I must see him.

Come, dear.
I'll take you.

Hey, is he a share auto?
You're going along as soon as he called.


Hello, sir!
-Robert, is the girl ready?

Few minutes, sir.

If the girl doesn't come,
You'll die in few minutes.


Viswanath, where did you go?

Sir, I went to washroom
because of stomach upset.

The girl is missing again.

What are you saying, sir?

Go and search her.


Robert, the girl you're looking for
is with me.

Is everyone making fun?

I'm outside Samrat's house
along with the girl.

Is it?

Should I give ten crores?

It's fifteen crores!

I'll give.

Bring the girl inside.

After looking at all these,
you dare to hit me?

Robert, she is the girl
you asked for.

Govindaswamy, she isn't the girl
you asked for.

But the fake one.

What are you saying?

Don't I know who prepared
the mask for her?

Hold onto her face
and pull the mask.

That will come handy.

Pull it.

Why are you confusing, unnecessarily?

Wonder, the mask didn't come off?

Hello, sir!

Hey, are you going to
send her or not?

Few minutes, sir.

Take her to Samrat's room.

Why do you really took up
the security job?

Just now, Bhaiya took her inside.

You're bringing her out.

You're faster than spider man.
-How could have Bhaiya took her inside?


Why are you wasting the time?

She has been administered drugs.
That's why, blabbering..

Okay, come.
Let's go.

Hey, leave my hand.

China Madhan told me
as only one guy.

China Madhan?
-Not two people.

It's become routine for him.

She is talking like a babe.

Babe, right!

She looks beautiful!

Who are you?

I'm tamarind tree, Pushpa.

China Madhan brought me here
with a mask.

Oh, no!

Then, Malli!

You go and bring Malli.

I'm Samrat.

What's your cost?

Tell me, immediately.

Who is Samrat?

I'll show you.

You wear this mask, first.

Don't laugh, you goof.

Ask him the money.

Ask him.

Robert, give the money and take her.


It's not me, but him.


There are many people inside.
How can we get in?

Are there many people, really?


Look, one more time.

Why don't you believe it?

They are in the same place.

He got me trapped.

'Where are you, my dear?'
'Where would I be, without you?'.

Your song is nice.

This is love!

I miss my Guru a lot.

Hello, sir!
How are you?

I'm fine.

What's your name?
-I don't know, sir.

Shall I give an idea for all
of us to escape?

Who are you to tell me?

I'll decide myself.

Look at me.

How, sir?

No one can transgress me
in making gloves with finger prints.

I'm Madhan, China Madhan!

Are you that babe's uncle?

But, Guru will come.

Definitely, he will come for me.

Guru has come.

I have come with him.


Is she from Hong Kong or China?

She is from Thiruchendur.

You come.

Come on.

Come on.


I'll go along with Guru.

I have mistaken you.
Forgive me.

'Will you pardon me?'

If we get caught,
both of us will be made as soup.

Asking to pardon now.

Be quiet.

Malli, be quiet.


Hey, who are you?

You look like Mickey mouse
on the cake. Get up.

Sir, it's okay if you disgrace me.

I don't have time to disgrace you.
I'm going out, urgently.


Who is he?

Don't you know me
who made you the mask?

Pushpa! It's me...

Oh, are you the reason
for the confusions, prevailing?

Sir, if you give me
the ten crores, I'll go.

You stay here.

We will go and tell the manager
to arrange the money.

Just wait.

If you get in and without meeting
the manager and starts to enjoy...

Who will be cheated here?

Good question.

Then, we will wait here.

You meet the manager
and get the money.


We will stay here.

You meet the manager
and get the money.

You will be here.

I've to go inside
and get the money.

Get the money saying samrat has told.



Don't do anything.

Just now, a guy took the girl
whom you're looking for.

Sir, so soon?

Are you happy, sir?

My gift, sir.

What happened, sir?

Don't move.

Hi, Samrat!

Is this the work
of the Mickey mouse?

Are you trying to kill Samrat,
on greed of money?

Hey, who is Samrat?

What's question is this, you goof.

The girl is holding his hands,
he is Samrat.

He is Samrat!

This coat isn't mine.

Very good!



Samrat, leave Guru.

"A brand new path"
"My path is towering high"

"It's the phase building game, henceforth"

"The time that turns right"


One more!

Why do you need one more?

Sir, don't imitate
actors Rajini and Simbu.

Just do like yourself.

It has to be casual
should'nt seem like dancing?

If not to be known,
I've to play cards, hiding.

Shall we dance?
-What happened?


Hey, will he do it
one more or not?

Mam, the brightness is coming down.

Hey, who is he?
Talking about brightness at 9 o'clock?

I'm struggling getting stuck with you.

Tell him, if he speaks too much,
I'll change the hero.

Oh, good! Please do it.

The owner of 'Saravana Stores'
is listening to stories.

Better, tell him the story.
-Sir, don't speak against the director.

I'll bang on your mouth.

Hey, both of you leave.
I can't dance. That's what I know.

Sir! What's the issue?
-Welcome, master!

Is this a song shoot or fight shoot?
-No, master.

Everyone rebuffed her story.

For the sake of marrying her,
I've agreed to act.

She is taking revenge on me,
casting as hero.

This is an experiment for truth.

Master, now he is the hero.

Do you know, he is a trickster, earlier?


Hello, shall I reveal
what you were doing previously?

Good, it's interesting.
Tell me.

Master, you're getting
interested to listen gossips.

You're pretty much spoiled
after attending the reality TV Show.

Master, you get the shot ready.


Vanitha is better than this girl.
- Let me see, how he will not dance.

Hey, come here.
Come here.


I can't dance.
What will you do?

You'll come home tonight, isn't it?
Definitely, you've to sleep outside.

I'll dance.
-That's good!

I'm ready, master.
Let's go for a take.