Dafne (2019) - full transcript

Dafne is a self-aware and bright young woman with Down syndrome. When her mother dies, she has to attend to her father too, on top of attempting to process her own grief.

I'm coming.
I've got a pebble in my shoe.

No rush, there's plenty
of time, Dafne.

No, there isn't.

Who would you like to be ?

I'd like to be in the Renaissance
period, when everything blossomed.

but who would you like to be ?

A lady-in-waiting, the ones
with the parasols that accompany...

- I'd like to be the first woman pilot.
- Nice !

Yes, I'd really like to fly.


I'm having my shower first !

I still need to get ready,
dressed and do my make-up.

Go ahead.
I'll catch up with you later !

Don't wake Dad up,
or he'll spend hours in the bathroom !

- He can't sleep there.
- Well, I'm taking a shower now !


Maria !

Hey, hi !

- Are you no longer grounded ?
- Yes, thank goodness !

Hold on, I'll be right back.

The earth covers the moon.

It's strange to think that.

In the polar regions,
it's always full.

- Okay.
- It's hard to understand.

I'm worried !

He wants to bring his wife to Italy

and he needs to prove he works
many more hours than he actually does.

And I don't want to make
a false declaration.

Don't start stressing over this too !
Maria, please !

- What's this ?
- That's mine !

I bought it yesterday.

Everything's so expensive here.

But I have my own money,
my own debit card,

and I need to make my own decisions.

Take a good look at her.

She's so cute.
I love her.

She stole my heart.

- Don't talk like a TV ad !
- Nonsense !

The bedsheets !

- Where are you going ?
- I'll be right back.

I'm going to the laundry room,
I'll be right back.

- What's Mum doing ?
- I'll go see.

Help !

Help !

Will they operate on her ?

I don't know.

When you do that
it means it's serious.

I can suss you out, Dad.


At the cafeteria.

I'm coming...

No, I'll come.

Why the fifth floor ?

I'm coming.


Luigi !

What kind of a stunt did she pull ?

What happened ?

- Dafne, darling !
- Auntie !

Uncle !

They'll dress her.

They'll see to it.

Mum !


- Let's sit down.
- No !

Mum's not going to leave us.

That's not true !
I don't want to talk about it !

- This will help you, take it.
- What is it ?


I don't want those pills.

They're pills to stop you from crying.

She should take these pills
to stop crying !

I want to cry !

Come back !

Let me go !

Your breath makes me sick,
you smoke too much !

- Where is it ?
- Here, on the right.

There it is.

Why aren't we taking our car ?

Honey, your dad doesn't feel like
driving all that way.

I don't want to go all that way !

I'm going back to work tomorrow !

You know your mum was born there
and wanted to be buried there.

The holidays are over.
I hate holidays !

- You're right.
- Grandma died on holiday too.

- Come on, let's go.
- My work is sacred to me !

Come on, get in the car.

- We'll call your manager.
- No, I'll do it !

Why did you throw it away ?

- What did you throw away ?
- Nothing.

Have you gone nuts ?

We need to turn on the power
and the boiler.

- It's freezing !
- It's too humid here.

This house is always closed.

- We'll get the fire going.
- There's no wood.

It's in the storeroom.

Of course it had to start
raining too.

I won't insist.
If you change your mind, I'm here.

Of course I can come back
this weekend if you like.

It doesn't take long from Rome,
only two hours.

I can take time off work, it's fine.

What are you doing up there ?

There's no reception anywhere else !

I want to go and live with Viola.

No more nonsense.

I feel bad about the sponge,

but at least someone will find it.

No, actually
it's best if no one finds it.

What about my privacy ?

I knocked,
but you didn't hear me.

Of course, with all this rain !

- This will help you sleep.
- That's impossible with this noise !

Exactly !

- Come on, sit up !
- I can't swallow it.

- Earlier you could.
- That was this morning.

Now it's different !

You need to take it twice a day.

I'll spit it out.

Dafne, please.

- I won't force you.
- Just try !

Okay, I'll put it here.

- Do as you please.
- Your hand's shaking.

- Take care.
- Don't worry, Mum.

Thanks, Rossana.

Can you move over ?

The caterpillars are being massacred.

I rescued one.

How cute !

It's sweet !


I'm not throwing anything away.

It's all too big for you.

Many things could go to people
who need them.

Maybe we can give them to Ganesh
for his wife.

I know Mum gave her one
of her dresses.

They were roughly the same height.


But they only wear light clothes,

because it's always hot.

I need to lie down.

What about you ?
Are you coming ?

I'll never set foot
in your bedroom again.

Stop looking at me like that !

That's for sure !

The fridge is empty !

I'll do the shopping.

Okay. As you like.

- What are you doing with the mail ?
- It's all junk.

I'm going, see you tonight.

Call me if you need anything.

Don't forget...
We're hard-working people,

we're a team.

- Sit here !
- Don't get up.

- No, go ahead.
- Thanks !

Is anyone here ?

- Is anyone here ?
- Jack !

At last !

- Come, let me show you something.
- What ?

Why did you change
your profile picture ?

No reason, I just felt like it.

The other one was better,
this one's a back shot.

You shouldn't hide your face,
you're so handsome !

- Thanks, but I'm not hiding it.
- Yes, you are.

- And do you know why ?
- Why ?

Because you don't like
yourself enough.

Be quiet !
She's coming.


- Hi !
- Hi, Dafne !

- Are you all here for me ?
- Of course !

It's great that you're all here,
this has never happened before !

- Hi, my dear !
- Hi !

- You've done an amazing thing !
- Like it ?

- Welcome back, gorgeous !
- Thanks so much !

Wow, look at all this stuff !

Pizza, crackers, crisps, popcorn
and cream cakes, I love them !

- Let's start !
- Where from ?

From what you like best !

We wanted to tell you that...

whatever you may need,
we're here for you...


- All of us...
- Thanks.

We're all thinking of you.

- Let's begin !
- Shall we ?

Hi, Grace !

It's so hot !

- Hi.
- Hey, hi !

Camilla ?

- Welcome to the team !
- Thanks !

Do you roll your own cigarettes ?
Like the stock boy.

- Right.
- Look, you can't smoke here.

If they catch you,
you'll be in trouble.

Actually, they'll fire you right away !

Well, I'll just finish this one,
and next time I'll smoke elsewhere.

That'll be better.

I heard about your mother.
I'm really sorry.


Do you like it here ?

I'm new, I've just started,
I need to get used to it.

- You need to settle in.
- Right.

Do you like it ?

- Loads !
- What do you like about it ?

Everything !

- Everything ?
- Yes.

Absolutely everything !

Especially when I create things
from scratch.

- Like what ?
- Labels.

- Labels ?
- Yes, labels.

Dad ?

- You're back ?
- Yes. Why was the shop closed ?

I closed early to go shopping.

- You're back late.
- Yes, I went to the Association.

You got an avocado ?
You went with Ganesh !

He asked me to get some.

Look at all this stuff !
What are these ?

They're frozen, they should be
in the freezer.

No, leave them out.
We'll eat them now.

Fine by me.

How was work ?

Great, they all carry me around
like this... Like a queen.

They organized a party.

- You obviously deserve it.
- Right !

What are you doing ?

I'm coming !

We should eat something
else sometimes !

We could make caramelized shrimps.

We can still afford them !

A meal fit for a king !

- Now's not the right time.
- You look like... Joseph II.

Where are you going ?

To throw the rubbish out.

What would you like to see ?

Mum ?

What are you doing there ?

I'm coming...

Why are you here ?

Hi, Dafne !

Madam !

How nice to see you !

I haven't seen you for ages !

What happened ? What's going on ?

I've been very ill.

I'm sorry. How are you now ?

Not great...

Have you moved the water ?

Yes, that's right.
Come, I'll take you !

How are you ?

I get up and I'm grumpy.

How come ?

Will you do me a favour,
if you can ?

- A favour ?
- Could you give this note to Jack ?

- Who's Jack ?
- The manager ! Giacomo Giachi !

But I don't even know him !

He's a gentleman.

- Is that so ?
- I mean, he's special.

He has two young kids, he lives in Pisa
and he's asked to be transferred.

I'm sure they'll allow it.

I'm prepared, you know.

This is a sea port,
people come, people go.

- I mustn't get attached.
- We all get attached to some things.

Me, to people...

- You, to cigarettes !
- I get attached to people too !

I've already grown fond of you.

- Really ?
- Of course !

But Dafne, I think I'll work here
for a while, then I'll change.

So why do you do it then ?

Because I need to work.

I tried to study Medicine,
but I didn't pass the exam so I'm here.

- Don't your parents help you ?
- I haven't seen them for two years.

- Why ?
- I never visit them.

Why ?

It's a long story.

Even because they won't let me smoke.

Yes, okay...

I'm not coming !

If he's there, I'm not coming !

Viola, it's impossible !
I'm in Pisa !

In Pisa ?

I'm in Pisa.
There's no reception...

I'll call you back later.

- Is everything okay ? What happened ?
- Don't ask.

- Special price ?
- Of course, as usual.

Viola, here, take this.



Take this.
I'll park the car.

What's in here ?

- Pink mash !
- Meaning ?

It's made with beetroots.

I hate them,
I can't stand the sight of them.

If you don't try some,
you'll hurt my feelings.

You'll hurt my feelings !
Why didn't you tell me ?

I could've brought something too !

- My mum and I made it with love.
- I'm sure you did.

Well ?

You took the lift for one floor ?

- She wanted to !
- No, that's not true, liar !

- You look like a rebel in that jacket.
- And you look very chic !

- Hi !
- Hi !

Hi, honey !

Hi, guys !

- Hi, Vi.
- Hi, Vittorio.

Look who it is.

Madam, if you'll allow,
may I have this dance, please ?

- Why don't you go with him ?
- Go on !

- Me ?
- Yes !

- Just one !
- But look into my eyes !

Dafne, will you come to the stadium
with me on Sunday ?

You've got a cheek to ask me that !

Listen, we could...
Let's make a deal:

just the two of us,
you'll come with me and we'll watch...

On Sunday, just the two of us
at the stadium.

I can see nothing's changed for you !
You're as tactful as a horse !

Yes, but a very nice horse !

- Where have you been ?
- Out for a walk.

Why ?

I don't know why...

I needed to walk.

That's not an answer.

- I'm going to bed.
- Okay, off you go !

What are you doing ?

We haven't used all our kilowatts.

Why the torch ?


What am I supposed to look at ?

Turn it off !

Look !

Look how they're shaking !

Like that, Dad, you'll make them shake
even more.

That's what I think.

I can't stand... photographs.

And I can't stand whiny people !

You can't come in, I'm naked !

I'm taking a shower,
I'm wide awake now !

What have you been doing until now ?
Will you tell me ?

You can't waste water like that !

Running water relaxes me !
And you don't !

I want a lock on the bathroom door,
and on my bedroom door !

I'm an adult !

Adult, my foot !
My foot !

How pretty I was !

And modest.

You say it yourself ?

Aren't you angry ?

I'm glad you came in.

I came in earlier too.

You didn't hear me.

I watched you while you were sleeping.

You were breathing...

But you can't sleep all the time,
you have to work too.

I can't work anymore.

Shall we go visit Mum ?


On foot though !

On foot ?

You know how long that'll take ?

We'll exercise, what's the problem ?

I don't want to sound soppy,
but you're the best dad in the world !

That's right !
As long as you get your own way !

That's not true !

Me, doctor, be quiet...
Always be quiet...

Sorry Ganesh, but I never understand
a word of what you say.

You can talk at the doctor's office,
but you can't shout or make noise.

I had to clean...

house, the doctor's office...

Never anyone there...

I don't talk.

Why did you wash all these clothes ?

Your father told me.

He washed them to give them away.
That man isn't normal.

I don't know...

Hush, be quiet !

I never hear anything anyway.

This is staying here.

Bookcases are for books,
not for vases.

Let's take this opportunity
to revolutionise things a bit.

I've got a good eye for interiors.

Let's start with those vases there,
then work your way down

and pass them to me.

Coming back ?

- Who ?
- You.

Yes, I'm coming back, don't worry.

Yes, you too, whenever you like.

Lots of love.

Clean the switches later.

- The witches ?
- These things.

Yes, okay.

Your life-long friends
The long embraces

Music, books

Opening presents

Far-away travels

That make you dream

The films that move you right
to your heart

The glances and that moment
before you kiss

Shooting stars, the scent of the wind

Life is still

The most beautiful thing I have

A handshake

A laughing child

August rain
And the sound of the sea

A glass of wine with your father

Helping someone

Life is still
The most beautiful thing I have

And now

The most natural thing to do

Is stopping for a moment to think

That the small things are the most real

And they stay inside you

And make you feel warm

And that's the only reason

To keep looking ahead

And at the end of the day

They tell you what you want

This is too tight.

It's uncomfortable.

It's not tight,
the shop assistant told you.

It's ergonomic.
Plus you're nice and slim !

Nice and slim...

It's boiling hot !

We'll see if you'll boil.
It'll be freezing !

And these...
What are they ?

They're nose prints left by people.

- People can leave nose prints ?
- It's because their skin is greasy.

How gross, they never clean them.

Excuse me...

I've just received...
12 emails.


But we said we'd take the dirt paths !

There's a footpath.

- What's up ?
- No, nothing...

Whenever you see a door,
you go in.

You know I'm naturally curious.

This place... enchants you.

Like when you listen to opera.

It strips you naked.

Not on the outside.
But inside, in your soul.

It's a wonderful church.

It's not a church,
it's an ice-house.

They made ice here
before fridges existed.

Did ice-creams exist
when you were little ?

Of course.

And slushies too.

My mum used to give me ten liras.

I remember that
because it was a rare event.

You know I met a priest ?

Where ?

In church.
I always go there after work.

- Every day ?
- No, not on Saturdays and Sundays.

- What do you do there ?
- I talk about me, about you...

- To the priest ?
- No, to myself.

You do that at home too.

Yes, but there's never anyone
at the church, not even the priest.

I've only seen him once or twice.

- What's this priest's name ?
- I don't know.

I just know that he has a dog
called Zeus.

Don't give me the third degree
about him

because it's clear
that he's a believer.

- Of what ?
- God, who else ?

I believe in Him too,
deep down.

What do you mean by "deep down" ?
What are you ashamed of ?

Well, of you, sometimes, Dad...
I'm a bit ashamed.

Are you ashamed of me ?


I'm sorry.

You see ? You are a bit ashamed.

I can tell from your expression.


- Hello !
- Good morning !

How long are you taking, Dad ?

Are you feeling lighter now ?

Light as a feather !

- Maps are a real passion for you.
- Nonsense !

- What is it ?
- It's a jug.

A jug ?

It's there, all alone.

- It used to be full of wine.
- You always think about wine !

- Am I always drunk ?
- Quite.

You're pretty out of it.

- Come on, let's go !
- Yes.

Come on !

Stop pulling me.

You can always count on me.

Do you have to keep telling me ?

Yes, like a mantra !

And you know why ?

I want to be your saviour.

There it is, The Hunter !

Anyone here ?

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

We need a room for the night
and dinner.


Why are you looking
at me like that ?

- My eyesight is not very good.
- Oh, right !

I thought it was a disapproving look.

There's too much garlic.

Garlic's better than wine.

I don't get why

female birds are always uglier
than male ones.

Males need to be handsome.

Peacocks show off
to attract females.

So why don't females show off too ?

Because females do the choosing.

Oh, really ?

Yes, that's how it is.

Who told you ?

I heard it once on TV, I think.

Damn it !

- What now ?
- Now everything will defrost !

Who's that ?

- Must be her husband.
- It's the hunter !

- What are you going to do ?
- There must be a solution !

You can't defrost something
then freeze it again.

Do you need a hand ?

Can I help you ?

- Are you any good with this ?
- No, but I can try.

Try what ?
There's no point if you're no good !

Are you good with computers ?

No, but she is.

You're always on those...
What are they called ?


How many birthday wishes did you get ?


You see ?

But she's a modern girl,
I can tell from her hair, it's stylish.

She goes to the hairdresser's
twice a week.

Of course, with my dandruff !
I inherited it from him.

It doesn't bother me.
They're obsessions.

No, they're habits.
Yours are obsessions.

- Is the computer broken too ?
- It's full of ads.

Come, I'll show you.

And no more wine for you !

Let me be !

She sent me out,
she said I'll distract her.

She's smart.

I thought all those kids
had their tongues out all the time.

So did I, when she was born.

When she was born...

That must've been hard.

When she was born...

I didn't visit the hospital
for three days.

I didn't want to see anyone,

not even my father.

Everyone was asking me:
"Are you happy ?"

I'd say a few words then leave.

I couldn't accept that my daughter
was a mongoloid,

as they said back then.

I couldn't look at her.


If we'd wanted to,
we could've left her there.

With who ?

I have no idea.

But one morning...

my wife put her in front of me.

"Feel her", she said.

"She smells like us.
Just like us.

She's just like us."

From that day I started looking at her.

You couldn't be afraid of her.

Then as she grew,

she started copying her mother
in everything.

She's so meticulous.

She does all the housework,
on the weekends.

She does it with such passion !
The ironing,

the cooking, the dusting.

Just think,
when I was ill,

she even gave me my injections.

You must be very proud.

- But you've been great parents too.
- My wife, in particular.

I never studied,

I tried to stimulate her
as best I could.

- Did you do everything yourselves ?
- No !

My wife took her to every single
"specialism" she could find.


You see ?
She even corrects me.

Your computer is full of viruses,
you need an anti-virus.

I never bring one with me.

- Miss ?
- Yes ?

We're honoured to have you
as our guest.

- He's old-fashioned.
- A bit too much for my liking.

Dad, I'm going to bed,
I'm tired, I feel it in my bones.

You always have to be ready with her,
even when she's tired.

- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.

Goodnight !

Hey, are you sleeping ?

Yes, I'm sleeping, Dad.

What's up ?


You know, I can suss you out too.


You said it'd be all downhill !

It's the last uphill stretch.

Dad, turn around !

Give me a smile !
You'll look better !

My goodness, this boot.

It's killing me !

So much stuff...

Where are the plasters ?

They're not here.

Anything else in there ?

Yes, I have a secret too,
but I can't tell you about it

or it wouldn't be a secret !
That's how it is.

Hello ?

No, I'm not confirming that.

I didn't make an appointment.

No, I'm not interested.

I'm sure !


- Who was that ?
- Wrong number.

- A neurologist ?
- A doctor's office.

I gave them your number.

- A neurologist ?
- Yes.

A colleague of mine told me,

the one who made me smoke.

- She made you smoke ?
- Yes, but I didn't inhale.

I just did this !

That was our agreement.

But, listen
about our agreement...

If you don't stop, I'll start !

I don't need a neurologist
to stop smoking.

You do !

They study the mind,
that's where the problem is.

- It's tough.
- Life is tough.

You're a "human" man.

You know what I'd really like to do ?
Buy Camilla her wedding dress.

Stupid girl !

Right. You know that a true friend
walks neither ahead nor behind you,

but always by your side.

- Be careful.
- Yes.

Don't topple over now.

Hello ?

Actually, excuse me.

Do you have a plaster
and some disinfectant, please ?

Yes, we should have some.
A plaster...

We've never been asked before,
but we should have some.


- Where are you going ?
- To Corniolo.

- On foot ? How come ?
- Walking clears the mind.

But the footpaths are dangerous
in this weather.

We'll manage.

We can give you a lift if you like.

- Yes ! That'd be great.
- Dafne...

It's no problem.

Don't worry, get in.

Watch out ! Okay.

Boys are handsome ! Aren't they ?

Look at them... so well-built.

You looked different when you were
young, you had a huge head of hair.

It happens to everyone.

Exactly !C'est la vie !

You're old, super old, extra old !

Do you two have girlfriends ?

Well, that's a good question.

- I have !
- Good.

- Yes, me too.
- Good, I'm happy to hear that.

We're happy, with a few problems,
but just normal ones.

- Like in all relationships, right ?
- Right.

Do you have a boyfriend ?

I was flirting with a guy,
but it ended on June 20th.

Now I'm very happy
and enjoying being single.

Very happy and enjoying being single,
wow !


Why did you split up ?

For personal reasons...
of course.

We'll stop there.

That way it'll look like
we arrived on foot.

Another kiss.

Hold on, don't I get a kiss ?

Yes, of course you do !
Silly question !

Well, I was worried !

Although you're a bit too nosey
for a man.

Come on, please !

- Come on, Dafne !
- I'm coming !

- Bye, Dafne !
- Safe journey !

- Thanks !
- Bye, thanks !

- Bye, see you !
- Thanks !

I could come and live up here
and leave you and Viola at home,

with someone giving you a hand,
at least at first.

No, you'll stay there.

- Me and Viola will get our own house !
- That's easy to say !

You've been saying that
for 5 years !

The Association has no money.

- We can sell the shop !
- No !

- Nobody would buy it.
- I'll buy it !

I'll open my own bakery,
just how I like it !

- Keep on dreaming !
- Dreaming costs nothing !

- It's closed.
- It's best if we come back tomorrow.

I could start an orchard.
I could give it a go.

Don't start, please.

Or I'll send you to the nuthouse.

We did well, didn't we ?

I'd say so,
apart from the lift.

You see that you have
no self-confidence ?

Enough !

Stop lecturing me !

My head is about to burst !

Are you tired ?

I'm not.

Apart from my feet,
but I like having tired feet.

They're freezing.

I'll make myself
a hot water bottle later anyway.

Let's open up this house,
to let some air in.

It's always closed and damp.

I don't know why Mum liked
staying here so much.

It stinks like a stable !

Well, there are no mosquitoes here,
while at the sea last summer,

they hounded your mum !

They devoured her !

But not us two.

I wonder why mosquitoes don't like
our blood.

She blossomed here.

She could stay outdoors.

She'd breathe fresh air,
and sing !

She was better than you !

You look rich, Dad !

With your cigarette,
and this bubbly manner.

Come, sit down.
Come on in !

Have a seat !

I have a present for you.

But you can't use it,
swear you won't.

I swear.

I'm testing you,

like a diabetic in front of a cake.

A lighter !

- The best present there is.
- Thanks.

But it's not for this.

Light this candle.

I don't feel like playing now.

This is the real secret.

I found it.

In here there's Mum's breath.

Be careful.

She's still alive in here.