Daeng Phra Khanong (2022) - full transcript

The legend of Mae Nak Prakanong, about a female spirit in the era of King Rama V, is well known but not much is known about her unborn son Dang. He is the spirit of a child who wants nothing more than to befriend humans.

What the…!


Where the hell are the fish?

Damn lizards ate them all.

They might gobble me up next.






Is that you?




Come on, don't jump out at me like that.

You're ghostly pale.

I'm spooked, boy.

Didn't catch any fish today, Uncle Eiang?

You can have my food.



What are you doing? Come play with us.

Come on.

Stop playing with the bell.

You're riling up my bird, little brat.

Come here and eat.

Where're you going?

Stupid bird.

Take a shower then,
you're so hard to please.

Husband, have you sent some food to Daeng?

Don't worry about him.

Even if we don't feed him,
somebody here will.


What's wrong with him?

What is it, Eiang?

It's Daeng. His arms are so long…

Gave me the creeps.

Creeps or crap?

I mean Daeng stretched his
super-long arms from the bank.

So what? Did he give you food?


So why did you freak out?

Get used to it already.

He likes joking around.

Don't be such a chicken.

Did he ever break your legs or your dick?


Right. No need to be scared of him.

I can't help it.

Your face is more horrifying than his.

If you're done here, get out.

I have a lot to do.

You go and give a hand at the temple. Go!

Hard labor.

I'm going now.

I'm not Buddha, don't do that to me.

You want me to be more casual?

Let's go, bro.

Too much.

I'm not your bro.

Everyone, get back to work.

Samlee, what're you doing?

It's my groove.

Guys, wait up.

Uncle Inn, today you'll be dead.

Oh yeah?

Five Elements!





Earth is okay, wind is disgusting.



Let's get him.


Time to go home.

Yes, Mom.

Daeng, see you tomorrow.

I'm going home too.

Wait for me, Heng.

Daeng, see you.

Bye, Daeng.

Bye, Daeng. Bye, Uncle Inn.

Uncle Inn, which way is my house?

Very funny, damn you.


you can play with me.

It's okay.

I can play by myself.

You can go.

Guess I'll go get drunk at the temple.

Now where's the kid asking the way home?

What a brat!



Did you see the fire in Daeng's hand?

No way. Something's wrong with your eyes?

Yeah, probably.

But I'm sure I saw it.

That's messed up.

It's weird.

Where did you come from?

I'm from Bang Kapi, sir.

Your temple, Wat Mahabut,
has a fine reputation.

I'd like you to take me in.

You mean you want to crash here?

This isn't a hotel.

I mean,

I would like to stay here

and focus on my dhamma studies.

I see.

Study hard,
so your eyes will see the light of Buddha.

Yes, Venerable Abbot.

Didn't you shop around for a temple
before getting into monkhood?

Just doing it now?

Inn, go get drunk somewhere else.

But your temple
is great for drinking, sir.

Damn me.

Stray monk.

"Stray" is for dogs.

And monks too.

You should check him out.

Leave me alone!

Drunk as a skunk.

Shut up or I'll shit in your alms bowl.

Now I'll have to clean up his mess.

Just like every day.

The aggregate of mental formations
is called sankhara.

The aggregate of consciousness
is called vijnana.

Visible form and corporeality
can be led astray

by bad intentions

and desires of the mind.

The aggregate of mental formations
is called sankhara.

Visible form and corporeality…

The aggregate of mental formations
is called sankhara.

The aggregate of consciousness
is called vijnana.


Sir, what are you doing?

I was having a sweet dream.


Fai, open the door.

Open the door.

Where are you going?

Daeng, my boy.

I told you not to show up like this.

You're scaring me.

Please stay and talk to me.


Missing your mom and dad again?

When will I see them?

That I don't know.

Well, we have a new monk here.

Why don't you go and give him
a spooky welcome?

Sounds good, sir.





I know it's you.

You can't scare me. Show yourself.

Darn, this is no fun.

Daeng, why are you here?

I need your help.

All my life,
I've never met my mom and dad.

I'll help you.

You promise?

I'll find a way for you
to reunite with your parents.

Thank you.

Now you're blessed.


Chan, move away.

I'm scared.

Venerable Abbot,

does the whole village
know the truth about Daeng?

Not exactly.
The adults haven't told their kids.

They don't want to scare them.


Sprinkling the holy water
won't do me good.

Let me take a gulp.



You're spilling it!


Behave yourself.

Sit back there.

I don't want to sleep alone tonight.

Let me sleep next to you, sir.

Look, my room is more comfy.

And I'll take care of you.

In your dreams, dickhead.

Or you want to sleep with the abbot?

Sir, don't you worry about Daeng.

I'll keep him company tonight.

Good. So, he won't come give me a fright.

Daeng, I brought you some boiled chicken.

Here you are. My wife made it.

And a sweet coconut from Min Buri.

Thank you.

I was about to put kratom leaves
in the chicken,

so you can go in the sun.

But nah, you'd get dizzy instead.

So anyway, enjoy it.

Let's go.

Kratom leaves can help me stand sunlight?

We will love one another.

We will forgive one another.

We will be together till death do us part.

Bless us.

Harry Potter.

Potter my ass! This is Daeng.

The glasses are pretty convincing though.

Let's go. Get up.

Come on, Daeng.

No need to hit me on the head.

Now I feel dizzy.

I could get a brain tumor.

Don't be glum, make some noise! What?

Be my chorus.

"Hey, oh hey hey." Like this.

Let's be merry.

Time to give your donations!

Time to give your donations!


Every folk…

Good Buddhists put money in a box.

All Buddhists put money in a box.

When monks are not there

The box disappears.



This song is so uncool.


Watch your big mouth.

Who gave you that mouth, huh?

Your parents didn't teach you to behave?

I did, but he's a daft kid.

- Dad.
- What, son?

I want to go play with Daeng and Mali.

- You do?
- Yes.

Watch out for grass.


It's full of blades.

Okay, lame.

- Dad.
- What?

Please stop trying to be funny.

It's embarrassing.

A waste of my time.

What did he say again?

Where were we?

Whoa, that hurts.

What the hell are you doing?


Why're you sitting here?

Because I want to.

It's the abbot's seat.

Scram, you drunk.

No need to yell.

Don't be such a thug.

I'm going now.

You're drunk from morning till night.

He needs a kick in the butt
from time to time.

Chief Kluay.

Don't mind the mad and the drunk.

He's the Drunkard of the Year.

We're at the temple

Yes, we're at the temple

Sir, this year we have more people
coming to help out.




Are we the third wheel?

Yup, definitely.

Let's go then.

Gosh, I'll have diabetes soon.

You already have it.

I feel sorry for Daeng.


Don't tell your children
what Daeng really is.

If they know the truth,

Daeng won't have any friends left.

Got it?

Yes, Chief.

Please begin the sermon.

Where has everyone gone?

This side, sir.

This village is cursed.

Be happy in a home, in hell,
in jail, and in a warm hole.

This is a weird sermon, sir.

Never heard it in my life.

"Happy in a home"?

That's normal.

I got that. What about "Happy in hell"?

- Hell is kinda fun, don't you think?
- Right.

"Happy in jail."

Jail is even more fun.

What about "Happy in a warm hole"?

Why not in a warm hole?

What warm hole?

In our mother's womb, for heaven's sake!

As you wish.

Piece of work…

You do that, I'll do the preaching.


Buddha thingamajig…

Gibberish Buddhist Puddagig

Just give me your robe, it'll be easier.

You just sit there!

Go on, sir.

Dirty little shit.

Yo, Daeng digs Mali, Mali digs Daeng.

Let me tell you, man.

You're so sick to dig that chick.

Mali will get a kick from Daeng

This is so wicked
and Daeng's so slick, yo.

What's that strange song, Samlee?

You don't know it yet.

In a hundred years, it will be a classic.

I swear before the sand pagoda

that I will love you
until the last day of my life.

If I break my oath,

if I so much as glance at another chick,

may my good eye go crooked forever.


I guess the pagoda is rotten.

The rancid smell hurts my brain.


What was that?

Help me pick this one.


Have a bite.

It's spicy.

I'll have a bite too.

One bite each and it'll be so sweet.


You're crazy.

They're driving me crazy.

I can't stand it.

Can't stand what?

There. Love birds give me stomachache.

I'm jealous.

I wonder when I'll meet my soulmate.

When your skin turns white.

That's forever.


If I wasn't a human,

would we still be friends?

If you weren't a human,
then what would you be?


you are…

an alien?

Can you shoot laser beams?

Come on, show me.

Just pick the chilis.

Laser beams, please.

Chilis, please.

There's something weird about Daeng,
I'm telling you.

Back at the temple,
I saw him stretch his arm super long.


Nobody can do that.

Yeah, shut up.

Here's a grilled fish.

Let's wait for Samlee.

Where did you get it?

- It's an offering.
- What?

No, no.

I mean Uncle Chief gave it to me.

Just in time.

Now dig in.

Wash your hands first.

They're all black.

Which part of me isn't, huh?

Think before you speak.

Don't make me hit you.

Now eat.


Today we have a grilled fish.

Tomorrow we'll have a barbequed pig.

But there's no pigs around here.

Sometimes your jokes are just mean.

It's not funny at all.

I'm not your food.

Come on, eat.

Wait for me.

Easy, man.

Hope I can get one today.

There must be some here.

There it is.

Don't go anywhere.


There you are.

There you are.

Slippery, eh?

You can't escape my eyes.

Stop moving.

I've got a big one.

Oh another.

My lucky day.


Thanks to my sharp eyes.

Any more out here?

I'm so lucky today.

Looks familiar.

This mudskipper is huge.

It went this way.

There you are. My favorite.

Don't move. I'll make a soup out of you.


My favorite.


It's not a fish?

A ghost!

Daeng's ghost!

Daeng's ghost!

What's that sound?

Who's that?

I don't know.

Wait here.


God damn it!

It's Mai.


What's up with you?

It's Daeng.

He tried to kill me.


Are you sure it's him?

I saw him with my own eyes.

I don't trust his eyes.

Where did you see him?

I was looking for mudskippers
in the banana grove.


The banana grove
by the pond near the forest

after the river by the temple.

You have to deal with
Daeng's ghost, Chief.


I'll set up a night patrol.

So the whole village can sleep soundly.

Are you sure?

I saw him with my own two eyes.


The banana grove
by the pond near the forest

after the river by the temple.

Get a hold of yourself.

There's a Buddha here, don't be a sissy.

Let go of my leg.

See the Buddha statue?

I'm creeped out.

Was it really Daeng?

Look, little love birds.

Hey, come join us.

You two have fun.

We'll be looking forward to your wedding.


We'll crash your party real bad, yo.

Hey guys.


What's that?

Keep your voice down.

This is my father's Buddha amulet.

If Daeng is really a ghost,

when we put this around his neck

he'll scream in burning pain.


Follow me.

Let's see.



You live by yourself,

you should have a protection.


How come he's not in pain?

I think your father's amulet is fake.

Sri, I don't need it.

Samlee, come here.

What's up?

You should have this.

You look like you're possessed.

"Possessed" is kinda vague,
just say I'm Black.


Samlee is a ghost.

Ghost my ass!

I stepped on a splinter!

Squeeze it out.

Sit still!

It hurts!


Your stupid amulet is bad luck!

I've lost big money, damn it.

Next time you'll win some back.

There is no friggin next time.

Don't move.

What is it?


Take that!

Why did you hit me?

I didn't hit you.

I hit Daeng's ghost.

Don't move.

Why did you hit me?

I didn't hit you. I hit Daeng's ghost.

You bashed me squarely on the head.

Daeng, Daeng!

Why did you hit me?

Why did you hit me?

I didn't hit you. I hit Daeng's ghost.

Are you sure it was Daeng?

Sure as hell, Chief.

But don't you worry.

We got him real good.

The rascal won't bother us
for a long time.

Well, looking at you two,

I think it's Daeng who got you good.

You two are liars.

I should kick your sorry asses.

Easy, honey.

Daeng has never harmed anyone.

Are you two trying to protect the devil?

Who are you clowns?

Watch your mouth, intruders!

Easy, don't hurt yourself even more.

I'm Khuay.

You're Khuay!

Khuay who?

Khuay, the great sorcerer
and vanquisher of evil.

And why are you here?

Like I said, I hunt ghosts,

you think I'm here to make cupcakes?

I'll help you get rid of Daeng.

Free of charge.

Free of charge?

Or maybe a little.

Just a little?

Maybe a lot.

There's no ghost for you to hunt here,
so leave.

You can keep fooling yourself.

But one day you will need me.


Let's go.

He's gone bananas.

Leave me alone, would you?

- Samlee.
- What?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be a grownup.

I mean for a job, stupid.



I'm not bad-looking, eh.

I'll get you, Daeng.


Shit. Moron.

Samlee, Heng, come here!

What's wrong?


My fat is killing me.

Daeng has no reflection in the mirror.

Come on, not this again.

My foot still hurts
because of your amulet.

I bet something's wrong with your eyes.

Like when you saw a fire in his hand.

Stop nitpicking him, will you?

But it's true.

See for yourself.

You were looking at a wall, moron.

How come?

Get back to work.

You're wasting my time.

I really need to lose some weight.

How's that possible?
Something's really wrong with my eyes?

Where's the mirror?

I'll get you next time.

Over there.

What a mess.

Over here.



I've been wondering.

Daeng's mother, Nak, was already cremated.

But why is Daeng's body still out there?

A stillborn baby cannot be cremated.

It's bad luck.

So where is the boy's body now?

That I don't know.

It was buried somewhere.

To avoid being dug up
and used for black magic.

What black magic, sir?

Chan, behave.

Excuse me.

Black magic such as turning him
into a voodoo child.

Whoa, gives me goosebumps.

And you give me a bulge.

Wait for me, sir.

Samlee, I envy you.

You have a giant snake.

And I pity you.


Heng, Samlee.


Do you think it's true?

They say if you look between your legs,

you can see ghosts?

Not again, stupid.

And who is "they"?

Why do you believe them?

Well, let me try it then.


You saw it, right?

Crystal clear.

Daeng is a ghost?

No, my balls.


I can't see anything past them.

My belly got in the way.

You two do it.

Do you see what I see?

With both eyes.


You're a ghost!

What now, Sri?

Mali, stay away from this devil.

Didn't your mom tell you

there's a ghost
wreaking havoc in our village?

It's him.

Yeah, my dad told me too.

Stop calling him a ghost.

I won't.
And I'm not going to play with a ghost.

What kind of ghost shows up
in broad daylight?

A daylight ghost!

I said he's not a ghost!

Then go on and have fun with him!

Sure, and you guys should scram!

If you don't believe us,

just look between your legs.

Then you'll see what he really is, yo.

Let's go.

We don't want to be here.

Heng, what're you waiting for?

Though I'm drunk from noon to night

You're still the apple of my eyes…

I feel sorry for you, Daeng.

You're an orphan ghost.

Left behind in this world.

Mak and Nak must have a reason.

But they will come back for you.

Your parents are like my own kids.

When Nak died,

I was the one who wrapped her
in a sacred shroud.

You were born
in the most unusual position.

You came out sideways.

Your mother suffered
such great pain and died.

Uncle Inn,

I want to be alone.

Please go away.

Should've told me earlier.

Could've saved my breath.

Okay, I'm going.

Oh, in winter most girls
have cracked soles

It's not strange since they're cold…

I'm a poetic drunkard.

Samlee, what's wrong with you?

You're going to hurt your horse.

It's my groove, man.

Hey guys.

Winners get a piggyback ride home, okay?

Then no need to race.

You may as well just get on my back now.

Come on, don't give up yet.





Daeng, don't you realize that
we're not living in the same world?

You're shameless.

Guys, let's race to the temple.

Spoils my mood.

I'm sorry, Daeng.

Go left.

What's wrong, Daeng?

My friends don't want to play with me.

Because I'm a ghost.

True friends will never leave you.

I don't mind about Sri, Heng, and Samlee.

But I don't want Mali to know the truth.

Mali is the only friend I have now.

One day everyone will understand.

Daeng, please don't harm me.

Damn husband. Wait for me!

Oops, I dropped a lemon.

Never mind.

Daeng, it's getting late.

You're leaving?

I'll come play with you again tomorrow.

You promise?

I promise.

You go home. I'll clean up.

See you.

If you don't believe us,

just look between your legs.

You'll see what he really is.


Can I play with you?

What's your name?


I'm Mali.

We'll let you play, but you are it.

This is Samlee.

This is Sri.

And this is Heng.

This is why I don't want to fall in love.

Who's gonna love you anyway, Sea Cow?

My latest nickname, huh?

Next you'll call me Hippo, duh.

Mali, just get over him.

People and ghosts can't be together.

This love is impossible…

Stop it.

Have some decency.

My bad.

Listen, your task is to
spread terror in the village.

This time, hold nothing back.

Remember this,

there must be a dead body
in Phra Khanong tonight!


From now on, they will remember my name.

Khuay, the sorcerer
who defeated the ghost of Nak's son!


You look so sad.

What's wrong?

Can you take me to my mom and dad?

What has happened?

I don't want to be here anymore.

All right, I will help you.

But first you have to tell me

where your body was buried.

Your spirit is attached to your body.
That's why you're not free.

It's under the tree where your tent is.

My body is right there.

I'm too drunk to walk.

Oh, Inn.

Who are you?

It's me, Monk Ton.

Why aren't you in bed already?

You're drunk as a fish again.

I'm not a fish.

You're a liar.

Are you a real monk?

I mean you're drunk all day and night.

Yeah, you're right, man.

Who's drunk again?

Your sleeping quarters is there!

Who's drunk, Monk Ton?

Calm down.
You know, if I weren't a monk…


Don't be upset.

I know who's behind all of this.

Someone is turning the
whole village against you.

You're a good ghost.
I know you've never harmed anyone.

You should be admired.

You're like your mother, Nak.
She's also a kind spirit.

Don't give up. I'll support you.

Uncle Inn.

I want to be alone.

Please go away.

I knew you'd say that.

I should have just walked along.

Little rascal.

Back to where I belong.

Drunk as a skunk, in a funk.

Drunk with the monks, what a punk.

Drunk day and night, like a hunk.

Drink, drank, drunk, I'm a skunk.

Drunk but I can still find my rhymes.

I'm so friggin drunk.

But I'm so happy.

Don't worry, be happy.

Left and right.

Back and forth.

I can't even walk straight.

I gotta take a leak.

Who's that?

Daeng, right?

My dick!

Stop it.

Who are you?

It hurts!

What was that?

Uncle Eiang.

Stop it, Daeng!

What have you done?

I didn't do anything.

Go check on him.

Chief, he's dead.

Mali, are you okay?

You must've heard about what happened.

Do you think Daeng did it?

What should I do now, Mom?

I know how you feel.

It's like when all that happened
with his mom,

I was her best friend.

But I did her wrong

by abandoning her.

Why did everyone keep quiet about Daeng?

They pretended Daeng was a human being.

Because we weren't scared of him
like we were of his mother.

But it doesn't matter
if Daeng is a human or not.

These past ten years
Daeng has never harmed anyone.

Did he do anything to you?

Can I go see him?

Of course, sweetie.

Don't be scared.

Damn bananas!

Let's grill him and eat.

You sick bastard.

This isn't a time to joke around.

That's quite a smack.

Be useful for once.

This has gone too far.

Daeng is as evil as his mother.

Shut the hell up.

Why do you always try to protect him?

Enough already, all of you.

- You make me sick.
- My head's all red.

Not funny.

Get out of my sight.

Go away.

Drunk all the time.

Chief, you have to take care of it,

because I'm so scared.

Let me take care of it.

Why are you here?

To make more cupcakes, obviously!

Your husband has sent for me.

What's going on?

Don't argue with me.

Things have escalated.

We have to set things straight.

But I have to ask you one thing.

What is it?

Don't destroy Daeng's spirit.

That's Japanese for yes.

You have my word.

When will you start the ritual?

After sunset?

I've already started it.


Someone left this.

Nobody lost a snake?

Damn leaves are all over the place.

Over there, sir.

Catch him.

I'll get you, Sri!

Catch him.

Guys, listen up.

We have to help Daeng.

The witch doctor is going to catch him.

Why should I care?

Daeng is a ghost and he killed someone.

Daeng didn't do it.

Did it or did not,
it's got nothing to do with us. Yo!

And don't forget…

Daeng is a ghost.

Ghost! Ghost! Ghost!

Whatever he is, he is still our friend.

Fine, I'll go help him without you.


Sri, you're a bright boy
but your heart is full of darkness.

Samlee, your heart
is even darker than your skin.

Wait for me.

I hate this shit.

Poor Daeng, you're in big trouble.

Can you go any slower?

We're not in a race, are we?

Shut up.

And stop bossing me around!

Mali, wait up.

Come on, Heng.

Here we are.

Witch doctor.

I thought you would catch Daeng
at his house.

Why are we here?

I'm going to perform the ritual here.

Do not hurt Daeng.

Stay out of this, Venerable Abbot.

This isn't your jurisdiction.

Go back to the temple.

No, sir! Please help Daeng first.

Right, this is temple grounds.

So it's my jurisdiction.

You have ugly faces,

and your hearts are even uglier.

Well, we're not very nice-looking

but we never go around
begging for food like you do!


I give alms to the monks everyday.

You're insulting me too!

Not you. I meant the abbot.


Daeng went too far and killed someone.

We can't let him go unpunished.

Did you see with your own eyes
that he did it, Khuay?

Khuay's over there, sir.

I'm Kluay.

I've never seen Daeng
do such an awful thing.

Go easy on him, would you?

I can destroy his spirit right now.

A clown like you can do that?

Daeng would break your neck first.

Who's this?

Shit, Uncle Inn.

I didn't hear you coming.

You scared me so bad I went cross-eyed!

What're you looking at?


What're they doing?

Go ask them yourself.

Okay. Hold this for me.

No problem.

What's going on there?

Be careful.

Watch me.

Have you got it?

Come out here!

Isn't that the new monk?

Monk my ass.

You're a bunch of idiots.

As stupid as a donkey
and a lizard and a sea turtle.

- Nothing wrong with donkeys.
- Whatever.

So you've got it?

Yes, Master.

Daeng's body.

You black-hearted, clam-faced, dog-shit!

What was that?

Enough with the falsetto!


Heng, help him.


Thanks, Mali.

Friends have to help each other.

What happened to you?

I don't know.

Heng, go get help.


I don't know.

But I do.

Sri, Samlee!

Put him on my back.

Got him?

Heng, I may not be the brightest boy,

but my heart isn't full of darkness.

Don't get sentimental now.

Let's go.

Don't do it.

Sri, go get Daeng's body.

Hang in there.

You'll be all right.

Lame ass.


I really have to shed a few pounds.


My hand, sir.

Then why the hell are you laughing?

I thought we were done!

Hang in there.

Get off me!

I won't.

You hurt my friend!

Let go of me, asshole!



Mali, run! Run, Mali!

Keep running.

Sri, wait for me!

What's that?

Stop it!

Want to have fun, sir?

You know martial arts?

From a friend at Shaolin Temple.

Wait until you see
the drunken boxer's moves.

It's okay, I get the picture.

Roast monkey?

Perfect with my moonshine.

Let's untie these threads.

Off they go.

Did they strangle this monkey?

Samlee, take Daeng's body to the shelter.


Sri, follow Samlee.

Heng, faster.

I'm a fatso. Don't push me!

Go now.


Are you Daeng?

No, my name is Ngern.

Ngern who?

Oh! So it's you!

You harassed the villagers
and made everyone think it was Daeng.

Damn kid. I'll give you a slap on the ear.

The witch doctor forced me to.
He locked up my spirit.

Thank you for setting me free.

Now I can be reborn.

Good for you. Now go.

You've overstayed your welcome here.

Go where you belong.

Thank you.

Go now.


Don't come back.

Get out of here.

But don't be reborn as my son.

I already have one.

He smokes weed all day
till his tongue turns green.

And smiles like an imbecile.

Yup, like father like son.

Where are the children?

I don't know.


If this doesn't end soon,
I'll be going home skinny.

Untie the sacred thread from Daeng's body.

All right.

What's going on?

Let's go.

Running again?

Ton, wait for me.


How do you like that, bitch?

You're a traitor.

Helping those bastards.

Serves you right.

Here they are.

What's going on?

We've got Daeng's body.

Give it to me.

Or this girl is dead!

Let me go!


Khuay, you are a son of a bitch.

Let the child go!

I'll let her go

after you give me Daeng's body.




A real solid hit, huh.

I'll fight you one-on-one.

Me? Meet my disciple first.

Teach him a lesson.

I think that's enough, sir.

Don't play the hero.

The whole of Phra Khanong
will be flattened!

- Are you summoning Ngern?
- Yes.

I've already set the boy free.

- Already?
- Yup.

Then brace yourself for my Plan B.

Plan B?

Be careful.



Where are you, Daeng?

I was living in peace,

but you turned the whole village
against me!


Now you'll witness my wrath.

I'm not afraid of you, little devil.



Watch out!

That's cool, Daeng.

Stop it, Daeng.

It's time to end this cycle of karma.

Who's that?

Who is she?

It's Nak! It's your mother.


I'm sorry.

I miss you so much.

I miss you too.

Are you my dad?

Heng, where's my dad?

How would I know?

I'm here to take you with me.

Say goodbye to your friends.

I love you, Samlee.

I love you, Daeng.

Do you want to come with me?

Thanks but no thanks. I'm pretty busy.

Daeng, I love you so much.

Same here, Heng.

I'll see you soon.


Say, in 90 years.

I'm not mad at you, Sri,

for turning against me.

I'm sorry.

I really love you.

Mali, if we happen
to meet in the next life,

will you still be my friend?

Good luck, Daeng.

Goodbye, Mali.

Daeng, if I died and became a ghost,

would you still be my friend?


Run, Samlee, run!