Daemuga: Hangwa Heung (2022) - full transcript

DAEMUGA consists of four parts. Part 1: an incident in which a professional shaman named Shin Nam unexpectedly becomes involved. Part 2: another shaman, named Gangnam, appears to begin his strange and comical investigation. Part 3: a gangster bent on re-developing a village, and an old shaman, Ma Seongjunn struggle. Part 4: the final exorcism begins. The unpredictable genre, anomalies and variations of the 'excitement' are the charm of DAEMUGA, which starts out as a satirical story that unfolds into an unexpected comedy and thriller. It soon enters into the midst of a new event that brings scattered characters into one place and finally peaks in a bizarre way.

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Chapter 1: Shaman Academy

10th week of shaman training


Wrap up and move to the classroom!

Yes, sir.

Just a second.



What sound?

I don't know. Is someone fighting?

I know, the deposit...

You think I'd spend the
apartment's deposit?

No need to come to Seoul, Mom.

I'll go visit you.

Actually I got a job
at a small company.

Yeah, thanks.

But they want me to deposit
$10,000 for my internship.

It's because they're a small company.

Hey, you. Come up here.

You all know it, right?

He's the best. The best learner.

I told you anything is
possible with hard work.

He looks a bit slow, but he did it.

He's a great medium.

A child god possessed him.

Where will you run your business?


OK, that's good!

That boutique neighborhood suits you.

We'll call you Gangnam Shaman!

Give him a hand!

But I did the medium rite before him.

You're not at that level.

You didn't receive the spirit.


He's got fun written on his face.

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Now, let's see what our soon-to-be
master fortune teller can do!

Back to the dance studio.

Are you ready?

Post a reply.

Please recommend a great shaman!

One who does fortunes and rites.

I know a great young shaman.

Looking for a shaman who does rites.

Someone in Seoul preferably.

I know a talented shaman.
I'll send his contacts.

Everything you said is wrong.

- You think I'll pay for a rite?
- Sir, my fee...

All I have is table salt...

- Spirits, please bless...
- Hello?

Is this a bad time?

A rite!

- You should've made an appointment first.
- A rite!

I asked online for a splendid shaman,

and replies came flooding
in recommending you.

You must be splendid.

No speaking while I tell fortunes.

The spirit says you suffer from
health, money and personal issues.

In the past you devoutly
honored your ancestors,

but after your turn to religion,
everything's gone to ruin.

I'm an atheist.

What I mean is, not religion per se...

But your ancestors feel neglected
without memorial offerings.

I never miss a memorial offering.

You do them always, but at what time?

9 PM.

That's the problem. It
should be the afternoon!

Besides that...

I'll use the restroom.

- Where is it?
- There, on the left.

Damn it...

Come back in 2 days.

If you do, I'll tell you something
to make your jaw drop.

What the hell?

They moved away.

The daughter was so nice.

Down there is a place
called 'Hanyang Mart'.

It was run by her late stepdad.

Every day he'd get drunk and beat her.

But one day he got
drunk and hung himself.

Like this.

The daughter cried so much.

Their home was in a
redevelopment zone, District 7.

You'll see the red flags.

Have to clean this up to do a rite...

Mom, wait a few days.

Son, why aren't you answering
my calls? Mom, wait a few days.

A father who left too soon... huh?

This rite will cost $10,000.

You weren't scared walking here alone?

No. Do I look weak?

I was a regional judo finalist.

Judo fighter... take down,
body throw... wait a minute.

Curious about your father?

What do you want to know?

How did you...?

That's what I'm famous
for. Isn't that why you came?

Your house is being
demolished? I see...

Call me before it's demolished...

I want to hear his voice.

My father...

A rite.

We can call him with a rite.

- Then...
- You know what?

Young shamans are the best mediums.

Visitor for Ma Seong-jun?

I think I can meet my father.

Your dead father...


This will be fun.

Come in.

Did I teach you shamanism
so you could cheat people?

I need money.

I need to earn back the
$10,000 I paid for this course.

So you cheat people?

You can't call down spirits.
Why accept a customer?

You called shamanism
lifetime employment!

A blue ocean!

It must've been a typo.

A million people
tell fortunes in Korea.

It's a red ocean.

Blue or red, just help me
call a spirit, you damned fu...

Hey, did you call me fucker?

Tomorrow, 10 AM.

A spirit battle.

I'll teach you if you win.

A battle? With who?

This is a battle.

Convey the life you've
lived, in freestyle.

Choose one you feel confident about.

Dodang-subi san-subi
Dul-subi bubi-subi!

Dodang-subi san-subi
Dul-subi bubi-subi!

Dodang-subi san-subi
Dul-subi bubi-subi!

Born under Mars and Venus
in Seoul, Magok District 586-24

raised with tender indulgence
by his loving parents,

only for the lazybones to
accomplish nothing in 30 years of life.

His grandfather said, you can't
do anything, just do what I say.

Even a lazybones is
good at lazing around.

The Great Jade Emperor said,
just believe the gods and jump!

Heaven gathers its spiritual energy!

The road to heaven is at your door!

Manchuria lies under that mountain!

The yellow road is at your door!

Jump, jump, jump, jump!

Jump higher! You jump! I jump!

He's worn out, and grandfather says:

Just you who's tired?
I'm tired, the world is tired!

We're all tired, you punk!

He gets all worked up,
but then he calms down,

and in a good mood, he decides
to do his youthful spin kick.

Hang it!

Time to flip now. How flippant!

Sky spirit...

Sky spirits in the sky,
land spirits in the land!

Are you tired? I'm
tired. We're all tired.

People are tired. The lion's tired.

The monster's tired.
The insect's tired!

Lively, lively...

No soul in that.

You're just faking it.


Take ten. You come with me.

The rest of you practice!

Are you embarrassed?


Your client is a woman?

How'd you know?

9 out of 10 are women.

Use probability.

She's a bit dense?

How'd you know?

Because she hired a guy like you.

I don't know what to do.

I want to prove it. That I'm alive.

If you want to save your
skin, memorize this well.

"My confession"?

In church, you confess
before the service.

To get possessed,
confess. Bare your soul.

If you want to call a
spirit, give it all you have.

If you're desperate, a spirit may come.

What's this incantation called?

This? 'Daemuga'.

Dae meaning "great", mu for "shaman", ga
for "song". "The Great Shaman's Song."

Shall I explain?

Unauthorized duplication
prohibited It's a legendary story.

Campaign for healthy home
viewing It's a legendary story.

When democratization swept the nation,

the people received guidance
from an extraordinary shaman

called the 'Deoksu Palace Fairy'.

She made 'The Great Shaman's Song'?


It was her husband, a failed medium.

My teacher, Baek Bong.

Not only did Baek Bong cook,

but to satisfy his
wife's fastidious tastes,

he made all sauces from scratch.

Mmm... salty!

Baek Bong discovered a new means

- to act as a spirit medium...
- My confession.

I lived as a shaman's husband...

A departed soul in my body!

The ultimate incantation
to call down spirits - I did it!

Even better than a
medium! Rock and Roll!

Having failed as a medium, he
turned his piteous life into words.

DAEMUGA and painstakingly
composed the Song.

I see a bright future!

So Baek Bong went out to
spread the miraculous news.

While promoting the Song,

the cops nabbed and tortured him
for distributing anti-state leaflets.

And all copies of the Song were burned!

He and the Deoksu
Palace Fairy had a son,

but he had no interest in shamanism.

So 'The Great Shaman's Song'
was left to his only student, me.

Want to save yourself?
This is your urgent task!

If you fail, you're finished.

Complete 'The Great
Shaman's Song' and memorize it!

I charge for costume rental.

$50 per 24 hours.

Know the National Cemetery?

Outside that subway station,
it's practically deserted.

There's a nice pedestrian overpass.
But next to it, there's another.

It's an odd overpass
that nobody crosses.

Stand there, and feel
the spirits pass by you.

My confession...

The story of my youth.

I was poor.

No part-time job that I haven't tried.

Posting flyers, convenience store
clerk, passing out flyers, delivery,

waiting tables, the beer
house, the barbecue house,

nighttime driver, master dishwasher,

manual labor in winter,
construction in the summer,

sleep in and you're dead.

The best job seeker,
who only gets temp work,

the best exam taker, who
gets "Thank you for applying."

Failure, failure,
failure... damn, my finger!

- We regret to inform you...
- Failure, failure...

Back to work. The convenience store.

So I invested $10,000 in a blue ocean.

What style would you like?

Shaman style.

My teacher told me.
This is future value.

A blue ocean.

My dear lord...

thin sash on top, thick sash below.

I have no father...

I grant you...!

Shut the hell up!

Spin, spin, spin.

You met me and I met you.

Spin, spin, spin!

Backwards, backwards!


That was awesome.


Come on... come on...

Departed soul on Nokyangsan Hill.

Linger on a while, dead spirit.

Forgive this soul! Forgive
this departed brother.

Gaze at heaven and depart.

I have no father. No father.

Know my pain, father.

Come to me. I'll embrace you.

I'll hear what you say.

Spirits in the sky and land!

Spirits of lightning and great nations!

Spirits of ancestors
of three generations!

Shamans, open up a path.

Escort this soul to paradise!

That smell...


The apples he liked
when he was alive...

I bought sweet things
from the department store.

Why'd you call me? I'm leaving.

I'm leaving! I'm leaving!

- I'm going!
- Father?

I'm leaving! I'm leaving!

Father, don't go.


No, I need to go.

Father, I've something to
ask. Answer me, please!

Where's the relocation contract?

Why do you want that?

Was it you?!

Why'd you kill me?

Why'd you...?

Where's the contract? Answer me, Dad.

The contract.

The relocation contract!

The stone floor.

- I put it under their floor...
- Their floor?

They? Who's they?

What should I say?

Hello? I caught a suspect...

I mean a murderer.

I mean, wait a sec.

What's the reward for
reporting something like this?

Who'd she kill? Me.

I mean, her father.

I didn't see it myself...

Let's drop the introductions.

9 Months Later Let's
drop the introductions.

9 Months Later

I won't tell you my
date of birth or anything.

If you guess it... If
you don't guess it...


No kids? So you want a baby.

How did you know?

If you do, don't carry
around any metal.

I'll leave these here.

Such a resemblance...
Can I touch that face?


Sleeping with a young
woman was so cruel.

It hurts so much...

Hold on, I have a call.

Hello, Dad.

You all right?

Sure, your son is always the best.

Dad, let me call you back.

Are you crying?

What a small space.

What a small heart.

You don't recognize me?
I'm in a morning drama.

I sleep late.

When can I get cast in a miniseries?

If you enlarge your heart,
you'll land a miniseries.

Any discount for celebrities?

Are you... a churchgoer?

I'm a deacon.

I see.

Then it might be better
to ask your priest...

My son disappeared, 9 months ago.

The detective gave me your number.

My number?

What's your son's name?

Missing person

Shin Nam.

Please find my son!

He's not back yet?

Last winter I told the
detective all I know.

The last I saw him was on video chat.

No, that's not necessary. Please don't.

It's not that.

I found this in the
shaman's house he set up.

Oh, sorry.

'The Great Shaman's Song'?

Nam, where are you?

Shin Nam?

Go where?

Mr. Ma Seong-jun?

You ignored your
duties, and are in solitary?

You set up a brewery.

Is it really possible
to brew alcohol in jail?

Sure, put bread in
some rubbing alcohol,

add dried out rice,
and it ferments nicely.

Where did he hide it?

In the toilet, deep
beneath a pile of feces.

He had it buried
underneath excrements...

Damn it!

- Got a wet tissue?
- No, none.

- You guys give them out...
- Not us.

- Then you...
- I don't have any.

If you make it dirty and let
it spoil, it ferments quickly.

Look at these.

They're petitions sent
by your neighbors.

It's written here. District
7 Redevelopment Zone?

The man I pray to...

is from that place. District 7.

Chapter 2: Redevelopment

Thank you for your
support of redevelopment

He called the police
from that neighborhood.

He wanted to report
someone who killed her father,

then he asked about a reward...

That was the last my
son's voice was heard.

District 7...

Someone who killed her father...

The construction manager is that way...

Thank you.

Excuse me, are you the
construction manager?

I have to ask you
something, may I take a seat?

Some meat?

It's hard on you, right?

Your ex-wife has the kids?

You must miss them.

The kids miss you, too.

Your daughter...

How could the law stop a
parent from seeing his kids?

Just a minute.

You see these in old
villages sometimes.

Totem poles of people who
died protecting the country.

These are Teoju
Grandfather and Grandmother.

Even they live together...

'The Great Shaman's Song'...

You like antiques? Want it?

What's going on?

You'll pull out my hair!

Who are you, old man?

Why are you snooping around?

I'm not old...

But who would you be?

That's not for you to know.

With public sentiment this
bad, you shouldn't hang around.

This is a democratic
country, I can go where I...

In a democratic country,
you shouldn't trespass.

Making public sentiment bad.

If you move, your nose will be broken.

Then don't hit me!

Your nose.

Manager, did you watch
the black box footage I sent?

Yeah, how'd you get
tangled up with those guys?

Who the hell are they
to show up like that?

The one who hit you is
Son Ik-su, a real brute.

He and his thugs have all
of District 7 under his thumb,

so we haven't been able
to start construction there.

He promised everyone they'd
get double compensation.

Been a year already.

Just today they were all
preparing a homecoming.

A homecoming for who?

They've been waiting
for him. Ma Seong-jun.

A gangster?

No, a famous shaman from District 7.

All the district is united.

Our Son Ik-su has
done a splendid job, truly.

There's one thing. I
may have heard wrong...

But one person in District 7 is
holding out, threatening the project.

Holding out?

Who could that be?

Is it any of you?


Not you, right?

But there is someone. There is.

Actually, the person
holding out is with us now.

I'll introduce her. Our secret weapon.


Some of you may know me.

I moved out a year ago.

There was an unfortunate
incident in my family.

To recover from this tragedy,

I relied greatly on Attorney Ma.

I'm very thankful, and
I'll do what he wishes.

Now, the redevelopment
of District 7 will begin.

"The redevelopment
of District 7 will begin."

For you to say it out loud,
you must be confident.

Just drink from the bottle.

Drinking from the bottle
makes a bad impression.

Things have gotten complicated
after she hired that rookie shaman.

She tried to find a shaman
who was a good medium.

If he'd been successful, it
would've saved me the trouble.

Why is that woman so hot on you?


I'm so good looking!

Her house is 3700 square feet.

Under redevelopment,
she'd get 5 apartments.

Worth $5 million.

- $5 million!
- But there's more.

Because of that house,
redevelopment is held up.


With the relocation contract, you
could strike a much bigger deal.

How will you prepare the rite?

10 days isn't a long time.

I don't think I can find your son.

I'm sor...


I'm closed for today. Come back...


Sorry to drop in like this...

Are you drunk?

You must open your
heart for me to read it.

It's open, wide.

It's closed.

Then you open it.

I can't.

You have to do it.

What do you mean?

You should accommodate me.

Your energy is strong.

Is it a child spirit?

It just ran off scared.

What are you talking about?

A spirit that flees from fear
does not return so easily...

Less than a year since you
became a medium, right?

How'd you know?

Wow, what a view. Amazing.

You came to District 7?

How'd you know?

How do you think?

- Are you a shaman?
- Me?

Ma Seong-jun, mongrel sexer.

District 7 is my neighborhood.

Don't come back.

Okay, child spirit?

You're a mutt.

A mutt.

He's coming.

No need to worry. He's a mutt.

I'm not a mutt, am I?

Child spirit?

Child spirit?

What's with me?

Child spirit.

Ring those bells for me.

Why are you so
obsessed with District 7?

It's not my hometown, but I
have many memories here.

I got the residents to all
hang their hopes on you.

So, in whose house is that stone floor?

This redevelopment zone is so vast...

When I get possessed
in the rite, I'll know.

We'll see.

Shin Nam? I heard he's missing.


Nothing I can do.

That bastard. Did he short circuit?

Short circuit?

Short circuit.

When a powerful force enters your body,

your spirit energy goes out of whack.

Lucky to be alive.

If your energy is twisted
you can become an idiot.

A possession gone
wrong messes up your soul.

Like an idiot.


Was I wrong to give it to him?

Is this what you gave him?

Why do you have this?

So your child spirit fled
after meeting a strong guy...

There's a pedestrian overpass
where almost no one goes...

The architect of that overpass

made it easy for the spirits
in the cemetery to pass.

Stand there and feel
the spirits pass by.

There are spirits there
who defended our country.

My confession.

I was a player.

Players, enter!

They call me Endorphin. Number 1.

I'm a gentle man. Number 2.

Everything about me is big. Number 3.

I can play like no other. Number 7.

Number 8.

I want him! He's why I came!

Can't I have him this time?

- I came yesterday, too.
- Is that him?

Come sit by me, baby.

I was an ace.

- Listen to me, baby!
- Let me in!

Look at his face. He's
a player? Not a coach?

But he has a particular talent.

In his pants?

Nobody gets me, but you do, don't you?

I listen well.

I don't just listen. Instead
their pain becomes...

my own.

My boyfriend cheated on me.

I cheated on my boyfriend.

But why is it the cops raid women's
clubs so much more than men's?

I decided to listen to
peoples' stories again.

Find your blue ocean! With this
new way, I found my calling as...

I'm not a mutt!

A shaman!

Just a few days to the rite.

I looked into things during
that year of waiting around.

They say you're better than
anyone at calling dead spirits.

Prove it to me.

Was his name Shin Nam?

Maybe it's time to discharge him.

I'm curious about one thing.
That shaman Shin Nam...

I hear he was a student
at a shaman academy.

Where's that academy? Do you know?

Great spirits of heaven and earth!

Nam, Nam, Shin Nam!

A soul without essence.

Linger on a while, dead spirit.

Spirits of heaven and earth,

I'll sing you this song,
so hear my story!

I'll hear what you say.

Shin Nam!

Why does the famous Mr. Ma
Seong-jun want to learn...

'The Great Shaman's Song'?

My Confession, and the song.

I just have to fill it out and sing?

Damn it...


With a name that means "devil".

I am Ma Seong-jun. A great shaman.

20 years ago, I
started with one candle.

I prayed for the people
until that flame went out.

Who is "Devil's Man Jun?" When I
got stronger, the candles multiplied,

and I tried my best not
to let the flame extinguish.

The shaman who overcame the economic
crisis! And more people followed me.

I am District 7's biggest star!

I lost everything after
falling for Ma Seong-jun!

But the spirit left me.

Why did it leave?

But even so, I stayed devout.

What reignited my flame was liquor.

Instead of visitors from all
regions, I had soju from all regions.

I can still recognize
each regional taste.

I'm a soju sommelier.

And then I met her.

The sun is trying so hard to come out.

We've seen each other
around, haven't we?

You look different today.

Yes, I'll protect you.

The Devil's Man Jun.

If my teeth fall out, I'll use my gums.

I want to go back.

Please, come.

One Year Ago

Already many of you...

gave me your relocation contracts.
We don't want redevelopment!

If we stick together, I'll get
you not double or triple,

but five times the price!

Mr. Choi!


Watch your steps, sir.

Hello, thanks for coming.

- Sit here, ma'am.
- I'll pour you a drink.

Make yourself at home.

If you need anything, tell me.

Have a seat.

Now I just need you to
sign over power of attorney.

How much do you want
for the relocation contract?

Are you...

A rich man?

Your mom died because of you!



Wait here.

Yes, sir.

I told him to stop... but...

She's with you, right?

Stay out of my home.
I'll take responsibility.


With no relocation contract,
your girlfriend goes to jail.

I'll try reaching him in
a rite, ask where it is.

Didn't you know?

I'm the invincible
shaman, Ma Seong-jun.

A rite?

To call back a dead person?

In return, you know nothing
about the Hanyang Mart incident.

But what should we do?

You called the cops on me.

I'm going to jail!

I'll do it when I get back.

You said you'd do it
when you get back...

Do it...

I'll own District 7.

Do it!

I'll own District 7!

The twelve great spirits...

- The twelve great spirits...
- Only when your drunken body recovers,

and the sorrow inside you
comes flowing out like a waterfall,

can your performance of Daemuga that

began with My Confession be completed.

Those were the wise
words of Teacher Baek Bong.


- Six...
- Good luck!

Let's go!

It's dark... I'm scared.

Take a look around you.

Three transmission towers...

A cross... Three telephone poles.

Where is that place?

Under a mountain.

Palace... Yellow palace...

Yellow palace?

Yellow Palace...

Yellow Motel...

Yellow Hotel? Motel? Hotel?

Three transmission towers.

A cross and three telephone poles.

Under a mountain...


Chapter 3: Spirit


Kingdom Hotel.

Out of Business

The guy who pulled my hair?

Son Ik-su is here? Hurry, hurry!

Hurry up!

My wife made some
kimchi. It's quite good.

She used local organic
hot peppers, real fresh taste.

I'll pack you some, so
enjoy it with your family.

What are you doing?

I'm a bit lost.

I called, but nobody picked up.

Must've been my husband.

Who introduced you?


He arrived just before
me, Mr. Son Ik-su?

This place is hard-core.

Most of their guardians
just care about this...

If you beat them enough, they listen.

And we use drugs.

All the same, age 20 to 60.

Shall we go to the men's floor?

Since I came so far,
I'd like to discharge him.

You're supposed to tell
us a month in advance.

But you're a regular here.

Bring more next time, okay?

Hey, put newspapers down in my
room, and bring the discharge drugs.

Pesticides are most effective,
but I worry about aftereffects.

We can't just bury them anymore.

Hey, bring No.12 to my room.

Honey. No.12 is going home today.

Ah, Mr. Son...

I bought some beer.

Looking for the
bathroom. I'll wet my pants!

There's no bathroom here.

I'll embrace you. I'll
hear what you say.

Took about 5 months
to train him with this bell.

One ring, and he stops for 30 minutes.

While fixing his leg, we became close.

What a shame.

So he's being discharged?

Take him.

Who's his guardian?

You didn't know?

Mr. Son. Son Ik-scuse me.

Red Sun...

You missed me?

Know what this is?


Anything you want to tell me about?

The relocation contract, for example?

Nothing to tell.

Where will the discharged patient go?

Mr. Son didn't tell you?

Oh, they were supposed
to sign multiple times here.

Where you think?


Ah, heaven.

When will he go?

You saw them bringing
the discharge drugs.

He's probably drinking it now.

It's pesticide.

Bye-bye. Sweet dreams.

You asshole!


Son of a bitch!


I should've killed him before!


Hallelujah! Nam, Nam, Shin Nam!

Just hold tight! I'll
make you fly like me!

First, let me report those bastards.

Do 'The Great Shaman's
Song' and the dance backwards.

It's the only way!

Rewind and Play at the same time!

A newfangled Reverse Rite!

What was it?

Only when the sorrow inside you
comes flowing out like a waterfall.


You ordered Chinese?

24-hour delivery

Your noodles...

Let's eat.


I'm dead tired.

I was hoping you'd wake up,
so I ordered sweet and sour pork.

- Don't do it.
- Don't do what?


I like the sauce separate.

Wow, amazing...

You saw everything those 9
months, as if in a glass cage?

The son of a bitch who
tried to poison me, Son Ik-su.

He made me like this.

I don't like him either.

He kept asking me where
the relocation contract is.

Relocation contract?

Those houses with red flags

refuse to move, and
wait for Son Ik-su's order.

Ma Seong-jun and Son Ik-su
are planning a big rite here.

Do you have any sense
of where the contract is?

If I call the spirit
again, I can find out.

If we do a rite here.

Ma Seong-jun? Is he a good shaman?

I met him but...

I'm much better.

Ma Seong-jun...

I remember that name.

Forget the others, keep
an eye on Ma Seong-jun.

From the way Son talks,

they don't seem to
be particularly close.

Each one using the other.

That's my sense of it.

How do you know?

Try doing nothing but
thinking for 9 months.

They're on bad terms?


Should we shake things up?

I'll take your pain. Come to me.

I'll embrace you.

I will speak your words.

Show me your will.

Since I will return.

Since I will return!

Am I late?

Sorry, after calling you to my home.

I can bow too, right?

These should be switched.

The chestnuts go on the inside.

I've heard a lot about you.

Mom met my stepdad when
she was pregnant with me.

Then she died in childbirth.

He hated me ever since.

Because I'm the one who killed her.

I even learned judo to survive.

Have some alcohol. It's
part of the memorial offering.

Why don't you stop me from drinking?


Isn't something you can stop.

Son Ik-su is waiting.

Don't come out, whatever happens.

That guy Gangnam freed Shin Nam?

Ma Seong-jun.

You shamans are all the same.

Are you really so talented?

We just need to call the father
and ask where the contract is.

Then she can go free?

Today's his memorial? Then ask him now.

His spirit should be hovering there.

Go ask, then I'll leave her alone.

Something on your shirt.

Damned shamans...

A dead man hid something,
so I have to rely on you freaks.

The relocation contract.

Let's do the rite here.

At Honey Mansion.

Go smear his spirit with
honey, so he can't run.

If you don't all want
to be buried here.

Do I get back luck
for hitting a shaman?

I'm the mutt. You need the contract?

How'd you know?

Yesterday, in my dreams,
my spirit visited me.

He talked to me about some customer.

Mr. Mutt.

If I report the Shin Nam
incident, your business is history.

Isn't the contract more important?

Order some coffee.

Herbal Tea.

I'm working out.

What about the contract?

The contract?

In that family's stone floor.

Who's that family?

If we do a rite...

No proper greeting from
you punks? I'm your senior.

You're Shin Nam?

I hear you wear diapers.

I took them off.

I'm impressed. How'd
you bring him back?

I have my methods.

What do you want? Money?

Let us take part in tomorrow's rite.

If we succeed, $10,000 for me.

I'll take a single penny.

- You make me look greedy.
- Ah, what a cool guy.

I need proof.

That I've surpassed you and
won the title of top shaman.

You said you're better than him!

Keep quiet.

If you two fail, you're dead.

He won't stop at beating you.

Did any of you dream of
being a shaman as a kid?

Give it up! There's no future in it.

We know the best secret
method for calling spirits.

Secret method?

'The Great Shaman's Song'?

Uncross your legs, idiot!

The top shaman, Devil's
Man Jun. Do a search.

If you really come to the rite,

you should bring diapers too.

Just a minute.

How could an experienced shaman
like you talk that way before a rite?

A rite.

You know what a rite is?

Look at my face, jerk!

Joy. Anger. Sadness. Pleasure.

A rite

releases sorrow as fun.

Just enough sorrow, just enough fun.

They'll pay for the
tea. I didn't drink it.


Sorrow and fun...

I'm sorry!

I was wrong!

Taking down your flag?

Are you dealing behind my back?

Smile! Leave behind a nice photo.

Hey, don't you remember me?

I moved here as a kid,
we lived in a tiny room.

You and the others chased us out.

My mom left,

my dad got drunk
and set himself on fire.

I cried so much.

I regret leaving my dad then.

He must have been so upset.

Each day I promised
myself to come back.

This land is all mine!

I've marked it all!

District 7 is united!

No one can leave!

You all promised!

I'll make you rich,
so you live under me.

You think they can't redevelop
because of that one house?

Let's pray with one heart.

Just like you drove out my family.

Wise gods of heaven and earth,

please fill Gangnam and
Shin Nam with spiritual power...

Mom, I'll bring the $10,000.
And my lost time, too.

Let's prepare... we'll prepare.

For the rite.

I usually don't smoke cigarettes.
Final Chapter: The Rite

But before doing a
rite, I'd smoke just one.

I was nervous, but I felt...

A dim anticipation? I loved that.

I feel like smoking now...

District 7 is united!

You practiced all night, didn't you?

I ordered red underwear for good luck.

Totally missed on the size.

It's so tight that my face is swollen.

It's like a bikini.

Nice makeup.

Do we really need all this?

I want to tell my father.

That I'm the best.

A great shaman.

Great shaman...

Will we end this all today?

This will be a piece of cake, huh?

If I can't call the spirit,
I'll be in a wheelchair!

What are you mumbling?


Shit what?

Is that woman...

He's here.


Makeup suits me better.

Who will triumph today?

Nam, there's no cassette.

Today's performance is live.

The confession is twice as
effective in front of a crowd,

according to Teacher Baek Bong.


Mr. Kwak?

What style would you like?

Shaman style.

My name is Shin Nam.

I'm a medium.

I had a poor youth.

King of part-time jobs.

Come on, Mutt.

I was a player.

I want him! He's mine!

I chose him first!

I was an ace.

Look at his face. He's
a player? Not a coach?

I tried finding a permanent job.

The best exam taker!

But he has a particular talent.

In his pants?

I can't live like this.

My mom struggled to raise me alone.

To my deaconess mom
who cooks in a diner.

Thanks for raising me by yourself.

I'll do my best.

I need to succeed, for
the sake of my mom.

But there's nothing I'm good at.


To find my blue ocean,
I invested $10,000.

The teacher told me,
this is future value,

a blue ocean!

I was much better
than you! I was much...

better looking.

Failure, failure, King of failure!

A convenience store clerk!

Eating the thrown away scraps.

My father asked me.

Did I raise you to be
some kind of gigolo?

You know who I am?

None of you know.

I'm Jun.

I'm Ma Seong-jun.

I'm a great shaman.

But then my deacon mom starts

calling, calling, calling!

Bring me my $10,000.

But the spirit left
me. Why did it leave?

It's true, I got a bit wild.

But even so, I stayed so devout!

A gigolo is a good
son? Let's die together!

Did I raise you to be
some kind of gigolo?

Father, I'll earn money
and be a good son.

Are you listening, Dad?

I'm the best.

Only the shell of a shaman remained.

Ma Seong-jun.

My spirit left me. All I
heard were complaints.

So I withdrew into myself.

In place of a candle, I had soju!

I'm a soju sommelier.

A drop to my lips, and I know!

I've found my calling.
My calling! As...

a shaman!

Was the spirit called by
Shin Nam really your father?

I was so shocked.

But I don't want you to do it.

I won't let you go to jail.

Even still... I will protect you.

I'll become a man who
is able to protect you.

If there's no spirit, then
with Ma Seong-jun spirit.

Devil's Man Jun. If no
teeth, then with my gums!

I want to come back!

Why do you roam around, not coming in.

Father, I'm calling you.

Come on.

Come on!

God of heaven!

This song is for you, so please listen!

I have no father.

Father, know my pain.

Then I will take your pain.

Come to me!

I'll embrace you. I'll
speak your words.

Long live the spirits,
Daehamjaesok and Jenjeseok!

Spirits in the sky and land!

Spirit of lighting! The
twelve great spirits!

Spirits of three generations!
The great Myeongdu spirit!

The shaman's robe, jacket and skirt,

thin sash on top, thick sash below!

Iron bells and white
fan, a headdress on top!

Linger on a while, dead spirit!

Forgive this soul!

Gods of nature!

Forgive this departed brother!

Gaze at heaven, and depart!

I will speak your words!

Spirits in the sky and land!

- Iron bells and white fan on top!
- Shamans, open up a path.

Turn and accept your eternal bed,

Escort this soul to paradise!

- Oh spirit!
- Father, come here!

Father of this land!

You scoundrel!

Why is my lower body stuck?

Why'd you call me?

The fall harvest is done,
why are you gathered here?

The totem of the Teoju spirits!

Teoju Grandfather and Grandmother!

Can you feel it?

It feels like someone called me here.

When a spirit enters you,
your body and soul transforms.

Though of course,
every spirit is different.

It may be...

that we were destined to
become shamans from the start.

If you're too greedy, you
won't even get dog food.

Your father is really
worried about you.

His only child turning into a hellion.

It's all my land!

You shitheads mocked the wrong guy!

Go away, go away!

Where are you going?

Where are you going!


You damned bastard!

Finish them.

Are you some kind of con?

You said you were the best medium!

What's with his eyes?

That smell...


Why'd you call me?

Why'd you call me?

I'm leaving.

I'm going.

- I'm leaving.
- Father, don't go!


Why did you...?


I'm sorry.

So sorry.


Why did I...

treat you that way?

How can I believe that you're him?

Are you...

Are you...

a rich man?

Father, help me. The
relocation contract.

You bastards! Bastards!

In their stone floor. The stone floor.

In their stone floor!

Their house?

Stone floor?

You all, come to your senses!

The No. 1 shaman
speaks. Cast off your greed!

Why are you No. 1?

I was possessed first.

Oh, right.

You freaks want to die?

That family's stone
floor has disappeared.

It's here?

Say it's not true! Call him again!

- Call him and tell me it's not true!
- Stop...

I'll tear it apart with an
excavator or my own hands!

District 7 is finished.

You're screwed.

- You goddamned shithead!
- It's over!

Fuck off.

Who the fuck said it's over?

I told you to stop.

The police are coming.

You confessed?

I guess your spirit is
back. You can smile now.

Hey criminal ringleader, the
ambulance is coming, just wait.

I'll come back.

I transferred...

I sensed a deposit come in, Miss Jung.

But what about medical
costs and physical therapy?


I'll wait for you.

Thank you for confessing.

But I can't contain my curiosity.

What are all these shamans doing here?

And the other matter...
the title of top shaman.

But I guess spirits can see each other?

Do you see me?

So the two rumored
greatest are both here?

You already got paid.
I'll give you a penny later.

A penny.

Your spirit came too.

It's back.

Dragon King spirit?

Teamwork brought it back.
The three of us together.

It was a good rite.


Hey, shamans!

What is it you did today?