Daegyeol (2016) - full transcript

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My arm! Arm!

Ow! Arm!


Look! A UFO!

My back! Back!

I won't get fooled again.

I'm serious! My back! Please!

My back! It hurts!

- For real?
- Yes! My back!

That's enough. You can't beat me.

That's too bad.

Big Boss!

You lived up to your reputation!

You're not too bad
yourself, Mr. Zackie Shen.

I didn't think you'd
pull Drunken Master...

Oh year, this is a
book that I treasure,

I'd like you to have it, as a gift.


You didn't have to...

But I counted $70,
didn't we agreed on $100?

When I went to the ATM,

my cellphone bill was due!

Can we call it even with the book?

You can't do that.

Give me $10 more.

I need some cab fare...

Nowhere to go, nowhere.

To the Philippines
and sell street food?

So stupid...

What? He's here?

Change your socks, they stink.

Wash your hair for once, it stinks.

I washed it this morning.

It doesn't smell...

And maybe you don't realize it,

but I wash thoroughly
on a daily basis.

And I put on perfume too!

Shut it.

The douche is here.

Mr. KIM?

You're under arrest for
blackmail and attempted murder.

You have the right to an attorney...

Hold him down.

5 gangsters are fighting
against a single man.

Seoul Mapo Police Det.
CHOI Kang-ho is defending...

5 men attacked at once.

I thought I could really die...

But if cops get scared,
who'll get the bad guys?

I'm a Korean cop.

You talk so eloquently.

With that face, you
should've been an actor.

Right? Mina?


Actors are so handsome!

You think too realistically.

I guarantee you, TV
stations will call you soon.

Stop this bullcrap and go study.

Why bring that up? You're not my mom!

What happened to the job interview?

Oh, that...

Well, you know.

You failed again?

I told you to just study
for the police academy!

I'm never gonna be a po-po.


You think anyone can become a cop?

If you weren't my brother...

Mina, you have to study hard.

Or you'll end up like him, okay?

So, your Indonesian
boyfriend is missing for 3 days?


Why did you wait so long to report?

Scared of getting deported.

He didn't say where he was going?

I don't know where,

but he went to fight, to make money.

Is he a fixer?


Never heard of it?

Works for loansharks,
get paid to hit people.

Dwy was a silat fighter in Indonesia.

People on social networks
picked fights with him,

Koreans called it Reality Fight.

Reality Fight?

Det. CHOI.

I got a possible hit in
North Eastern district,

they got a body of a foreigner.

The body was thrown in
the river to destroy evidence.

It surfaced when the dam
overflowed after the rain.

We do not know where and
how Reality Fight is taking place.

Reality fight?

Yes, it's a new phrase.

It's in reference to
virtual fighting games,

but it takes place in
real life with real deaths.

In other words,

they're living out violent
video games in real life.

Crazy sons of bitches...

So he died during a Reality Fight?

Yes, it fits his
girlfriend's statement,

and the bruises are
clearly from a brawl.

Thanks to the Cyber Crimes
Unit, we have 6 Reality Fight sites,

and we're narrowing down on suspects,

who recently
participated in these fights.

Where the hell is he?

'ImaPopo'? Are you 'ImaPopo'?

Why're you so late?
I got a schedule too.

Cash up front please.
Let's get it out of the way.

Too many people change their minds.


You're 'Big Boss'?



Am I gonna be okay?

I'm not going to prison, right?

Go easy on him.

He's scared shitless.

Kang-ho, let him go, he's just a kid.

He deserves it! He needs a lesson!

As if being a bully in
high school wasn't enough!


A year behind bars will do wonders.

What? No!

Give me a break, I'll never do this.

I'm not fond of prison.

Open the cage,
I'll kill him this time!

Open it! Give me a gun!

I'll shoot him!

Please calm him down!

Let go!

He's dead to me...

The defendant is fined $300 and
120 hours of community service.

When will you grow up?

Reality Fight at your age?

I'm so embarrassed to be with you.

When one matures
too fast, he could die.

Is this funny to you?

Sorry, I promise I won't do it again.

Swear to God! I'm done!

Let's take a break.

It's over, you idiot.

Why all of sudden?

Ask yourself that, why am I like this?

Don't call me, I made myself clear.

Jung-ran! Hey!



We have a ton of
seniors who live alone,

and we're short on volunteers,
so we get people like you

to help them out.

It's easy - laundry,
dishes and chitchat.

You know what they're like.

Where the hell is it?


Excuse me, sir!

What the...

Get more booze!


I know you're a delinquent!
Go get some booze!

Going on a booze
run as soon as I arrive?

Shall I notify your probation officer?

That you're skipping
and harassing seniors?

You're so full of crap.

I haven't even started yet.

Looks like you're in good health,

you don't need a helper.

Take care, sir.

Then go clean some
senile granny's piss and shit.

Which brand do you prefer?

Don't have a washer?

You're it.

Our welfare system is too lenient.

Why am I washing blankets every time?

Do you wet your bed?

You bastard...

Did you starve?

It's a tough living, real tough.

Do I have to finish community service?

Can you just say I did it?

Want a criminal record?

I'm the idiot for asking.

I sent you $300.

Treat Jung-ran to something nice.

She must be stressed
for dating an idiot.

Dude, seriously, I love you.

Don't chase after a girl who left you.

It's nothing like that.

Like hell, boy.

You act like someone who got the boot.

I'll let you off the hook early today.


You're getting a call.

It's spam.


Super quick, eh?

It's company dinner,
I can't stay long.

I told you not to call me.

Tada! Happy birthday!

- I remembered.
- It's tomorrow.

It'll be your birthday in a few hours.

Let's not do this.

Come on, take it.

I'm tired of this!

I'll never see you again.

I don't need anything from you.

What's wrong with you?
What the hell did I do?!


You're a new recruit
for the dev team, right?

What's going on?

Excuse me, we're talking here.

They're asking for
you, please go on in.

Yes, sir.

We're not done! Jung-ran!

What the hell!

You're doing her no
favor, please go home.

Who the fuck are you?

I'm familiar with people like you,

learn some manners and
treat ladies with respect.


I guess you don't
realize that I'm 'Big Boss'!

Goddamn loser.

Come back here!


I should return it.

You can't drink before paying!

Stop yapping and just drive.

You got money, right?
Don't expect me to pay.

I'm stupid penniless.

Yo! Drive!

It comes to $375.10.

Pay up.

Pay? Of course!


I'm so sorry.


It's that way.


Hey! Stop!


Decent looking guy like
you doing some bad shit, eh?

Bring it when I ask nicely.


Ever heard of 'Big Boss'?

Big Boss?

Never heard of it.

Anyway, bring it.

Your buddies?

Your pallbearers, asshole.

With so many thieves
around, how can I rehabilitate?

Come one at a time.

I said one at a time!

Having fun here?

Who the hell?

Frigging drunkard!

Has he gone mad?

Drunken Master?


So fucking cool...

Master of drop kick,

worked on Hong Kong
films in the late '70s,

alongside Jackie CHAN and Sammo HUNG,

and worked on countless kung fu films,

but disappeared in the
'80s, HWANG Chan-sub.

That's you, right?

What are you talking about?

Sifu, teach me Drunken Master.

I want to be the best.

Are you drunk?


Shut you yap and go scrub the toilet.

It's yellowing.

It's not a sin for wanting to learn.

I won't move an inch until you do.

This isn't a school, idiot.

Please teach me!

Chug that.


Drunken Master requires
learning to to drink.

Do I have to drink?

Did you not watch those films?

Mimic praying mantis
for Praying Mantis kung fu,

same for snake and crane kung fu,

and if you drink?

Drunken Master.

Start drinking, asshole.

So what do you wish to learn?

Who the hell are you?

You disrespectful bastard!

Fill your drinks.

All filled up?

Let's congratulate chief's
promotion to the HQ!


Bottoms up!

He won't go to the HQ alone, right?

You're all coming
with me so don't worry.

Don't forget us when you get there

How can I?

Meat's burning, flip it.

Yes, hello?


Let's drink!


- Stuff yourself!
- Sure!

Drink some more.

I'm going after Reality Fight suspect.

Send support if you don't
hear from me in 2 hours.

Hey, So-eun.

Early this morning, die
hard cop Det. CHOI Kang-ho

was found injured in
Jamsil Han River Park...

Mapo District Det. CHOI
Kang-ho was discovered at 5 AM,

and was transferred to ICU,

but he has not regained consciousness.

What happened?

There was a Reality
Fight case recently,

he was going after a suspect.

Reality Fight?


Who's the suspect?

We're not sure.

Or how he even found the suspect.

Although the sales are down
25% from the previous quarter,

but it's expected to rise
with the release of new titles.


What was the cause?


The cause of falling sales.

Due to aggressive marketing
strategies of our competitors,

and the influx of
popular overseas titles...

You don't get second
chances in this industry.

You'll end up scraping
the bottom of the barrel.

Do you understand what I'm saying?

We got an interesting
opponent for you tonight.

He's a popular YouTuber,
you should brace yourself.

Have a great game.

Come on.

Hey, chink.

Is that the best you've got?

Should I go a little soft on you?

No, but you should
try harder next time.

Are you kidding bro?

You've the one who is
getting busted right now.

He's dead, will that be a problem?

He was an illegal alien, don't worry.

I'll send a cleaner within the hour.

Also, I saw something
very enticing earlier.

I've looked into your request.

He's an ex-marine,
and Lv. 4 taekwondo,

Lv. 5 hapkido and 3-dan
judo, and he's highly decorated.

His wife die 4 years
ago in a car accident,

and he lives with a
daughter and a brother.

Are you thinking of challenging him?

Why not? It could be fun.

We want the best for our clients.

Yes, hello?

Is this Det. CHOI Kang-ho?

Yes, who's this?

There's someone
who'd like to meet you.

You know I'm a cop, so
what's the meaning of this?

It's our client's wish.

It's not a bad deal for you too.

You'll find something
that you're after.

As you know, you must come alone.

If we suspect otherwise,
we'll pull out without hesitation.

You really came alone.

Don't need a cavalry
to bring in a psycho.

Hold on a little longer.

I'll find the bastard
who did this to you.

This is Big Boss of Versus CafĂŠ.

I'm posting this to seek your help.

My brother was assaulted
near a helipad in Jamsil,

and is currently in a coma.

If you're a witness or
have info, contact me.

Who dares to assault him...

I'll send in my boys!

I'll post it on Facebook!

Big Boss! Are you there?

It's a long shot, but a
member has some info.

Is this it?

Yes, this is the address.

From what I hear,

it may have been the
same guy who did this to me.

Your brother's fame
probably got to his attention.

Did you see his face?

He had a mask on.

Like the Phantom of the Opera mask.

My nose!

Stop! I give up!

I'll give your money
back, so please stop!

No more!

You son of a bitch!

With $30,000 he paid me,

I paid my dojo debt.

I'm telling you this to help you out,

but I can't go to the police.

Do you have his contact info?

It was arranged through a broker.

I called to complain, but
the number didn't exist.

Probably a burner phone.

Oh yeah!

That bastard will have a neck scar.

He was breaking my leg,

and I grabbed his neck.

I grabbed it so hard
that my nails broke off.

He should have a visible scar.

Also, he drives a silver Audi.

Slender face, sharp
nose and about 185cm tall.

This isn't enough to
narrow down a suspect.

Can't you let me meet him?

He can't come forward.

Actually, an Audi SUV was
spotted on a nearby CCTV.


What are we waiting for? He's the one!

Did he mention anything else?

Oh, he has a neck scar.

A scar?

Neck scar...

Goddamn loser...

I know him!


- Put a mask on him.
- Okay.

Master CHO, is this
him? Please verify, hurry!

It could be him...

No, it's him! The mask was black.

Looks like he has a juvie record.


He stabbed his parents when he was 11.

His biological father and step-mother,

he stabbed them dozens of times.

It was all over the
news a long time ago.


Then he...

So he's the one, right?

It's never so clear cut,
so calm down and...

How can I?! We found him!

That son of a bitch...


Hey, you can't go in there!

Stop! Stop!

Not at all. I'll see you then.

You are?


It is you!

You're the one who
assaulted my brother.

What's the meaning of this?

You're him, asshole!

Why did you do it? Why?!

Looks like we've met before.

Is this because of that time?

You're quite disrespectful.

Shut your hole and
get ready for a beat.

Thought you could
touch me with that skill?

Mr. HAN Jae-hee,

you're under arrest for
assault and attempted murder.

So you were resting at
home on that particular night?

Do you have any friends
or maid to corroborate that?

People don't constantly
live around alibis.

Is this your car?


Even the owner wouldn't
make out this photo.

We're widening our search field.

You'd be advised to
come clean before too late.

You've been asking the same
question for over 30 minutes.

You don't have anything.

Not a single piece of evidence.

What exactly are you waiting for?

Chief, did you hear back from Det. OH?

Did he get the witness?

He's almost there, we'll hear soon.

Are you talking about Master CHO?

What for? He helped me out!

I know, but we got
nothing else to go on.

We got no evidence, you know that.

But still...

He'll think that I ratted him out.

You shouldn't have gotten
involved so recklessly.

You're the one who made him a suspect.

If we don't move
quickly, we'll lose him.

Mr. CHO Tae-su?

No one's here?

Holy shit!

What happened?

CHO hung himself.


He committed suicide?

Who did? Master CHO?

We'll know more after the autopsy,

but that's the initial conclusion.

Release HAN.

We still got time, we'll
get warrant for his office...

Det. YOON.

You're not a rookie, you
know how this places out.

The prosecutor is up my ass
because it's not even worth an arrest!

Release him.

You can't.

I'm Mr. HAN Jae-hee's attorney.

I'd like to file a complaint
for an illegal arrest.

According to criminal law...

The thing is...

There was a misunderstanding,
we're releasing him now.

Go release him!

- This way.
- Sorry about that.

Took you long enough.

Hey! Where you going, asshole!

Easy, easy.

Want a go?

So cocky for a loser.

What did you say?!

Your brother begged,
he cried like a bitch.

He begged for his life.

You son of a!


It's him! He's the perp!

Are you injured?

He said so himself!

That bastard!

Hey! Get back here!

We're not done!

That's enough, asshole!

You're not the only one
suffering due to Kang-ho!

You're not the only one!


- Are you with him too?
- What did you say?

- Did you take money from him?
- Take what, asshole!

You little shit! Get back here!

He told me!

Come on out.

The chief wanted you
to stay until tomorrow.

I'm giving you a break
for your brother's sake.

And HAN's lawyer filed a
restraining order against you.

Don't even go near him.

Or you may end up
in jail before the perp.

Sorry, So-eun, I got you involved.

Stay strong.

I'm off then.

His veins are clogged with
anger, no wonder he passed out.

What an idiot.

Is this right?

Gramps, I got you some rice cakes!

Jesus Christ!

Who are you?!

You're awake?

I didn't see anything!

I want to learn everything.

And I'll avenge my brother, sifu.

So you'll kill him or something?


I'll kill him.

And will that wake
him out of his coma?

Or bring someone back from the dead?

But I can't just sit back!

He could kill who knows how many more.

If he makes you a cripple?
Who'll look after your brother?

That's why I need your teaching.

But you can't even drunk.

I'll start drinking then.

I didn't say I couldn't,
I can drink too!

Please teach me!

If you don't, I just kill myself here.

I'll agree to it since I
can't dispose of a body,

but you'll become a beast
when you chase after one,

and you'll face a decision.

About what you want to be.

Goddamn idiot...

Drink like water.

Chug it.

Become the drink, and it becomes you.

Drunkenness will subdue
pain, and turn you unpredictable.

Allow it to take its course.

Find strength in tenderness.

That's the foundation
of Drunken Master.

His martial arts may
be a form of killing,

but only weaker moves will best his.

Tenderness is how
you'll break the strong...

Look at this bastard!


Basis of Drunken Master is alcohol!

Conquer alcohol before conquering him.

And best your drunken self.

Drink instead of your meals.

Afternoon, sir.

I'm your new secretary MIN Jung-ran.

Good to see you.

I specifically requested you,
I hope that wasn't rude of me.

Not at all.

I'm thankful that I'm in a
position to do more good.

Very good.

Oh yeah.

If you don't have any
plans, how about dinner?

I'd like to discuss
our new partnership.

Yes, sir.

They mistook the new
console for a bomb,

and I was held in Dallas
airport for over 3 hours.

What a hassle.

But you created this
company due to your hard work.

There's still more work to be done.

I hope you become a crucial partner.

Can you do it?

Yes, of course, sir.


I got this kid buying booze,

probably to drink with his
friends at the playground,

he's getting every kind of drink.

Screw checking ID,
this isn't my store,

the boss will get the ticket.

It's the end of the
world, kids nowadays.

Want some cigarettes too?

I've been working out for a week,

when do I get the real lesson?

You can't learn shit
with a shitty body.

Is this actually good for something?

How will this help, dammit!

Stop yapping and keep going.

Whenever you eat,
take dumps and jerk off,

use that wrist snap. Got it?

Are you kidding me?

Teach me how to kick his ass!

Thought I'd do that?
Doesn't hurt at all.

Wait a minute!

Now that you know what it
feels, shut up and get to work.



I didn't see anything, keep at it!

Do it right.

If booze didn't exist in heaven
drunk immortals wouldn't exist,

if earth didn't enjoy the
booze, booze couldn't be made.

As the universe love
booze, we must accept it.

Clear ale is like nirvana,
rice wine is filled with wit.

When combined, one
can achieve enlightenment.

With 3 drinks, you become
one with the universe,

How can one explain
happiness of drunkenness

to those who don't drink.

- I'm drunk!
- Yeah?

Shall we get started then?

LU Dongbin,

powerful drunken Taoist.

QUAN Zhongli,

the drunken Taoist with a large pot.

CAO Guojiu,

the drunken expert of stranglehold.

HAN Xiangzi,

flutist Taoist with killer wrists.

Iron-crutch LI,

ill-tempered drunk
with a powerful right leg.

LAN Caihe,

the expert attacker of the waist.

ZHANG Guolao,

drunken Taoist with dual kick.

HE Xiangu,

the female Taoist
with an alluring walk.

What was that for?

That's HE Xiangu. Try it.

I may be desperate
but I refuse to do that.

It's the only way to learn, come on!

Touch it!

I... didn't see anything again.

That bastard killed Master CHO too.

To bring peace to us all,

we must avenge him.

If we're not careful,
they'll take their side.

Police, media and everyone else.

He's addicted to fighting.

What if we entice him?

Entice him?

Do you think he'll ever watch this?

Of course he will!
Just take the first shot.

Here we go!

Ready, action!

Hello all, I'm CHOI Pung-ho.

This is my first Dojo Buster video.

- Very good!
- Let's go in!

We're at a judo dojo.

Nice flip! Awesome!

Where is the dojo master?

Who are you?

Ever heard of Dojo Buster?

I'm here to challenge him.

Looking for me?

Let's come back here another time.

- While we're here...
- He's above my weight.

Big Boss, you can do it!

Good luck!

First hit!

Dojo Buster video hits a million views

After accumulating over
1 million views in a week...

One young man's martial
arts video is gaining attention.

...implement CRM in order to
consolidate IT infrastructures.

Yes, very good.

Sir, this YouTube video...

Yo, HAN Jae-hee.

I know you're watching
this, you devil incarnate.

How do you sleep at night
after what you did to my bro?

Take my word for it,
you'll die in my hands.

What'd people say when
they see the real you?

CEO of JSOFT? Successful IT exec?

No, you're just a killer.

A killer who stabbed
his parents to death.

Don't hide behind a
mask and let's go at it.

I'll be waiting.

You got any evidence
to pinpoint my boss?


I'm the evidence! He said to me...

Forget it, you won't believe me.

This has nothing to do with you.

How is it not?

He's my boss and I
work at his company.

Please stop this.

I know I did things that
undermined my credibility.

I know why you hate me.

But can't you believe me?

I've never been proud of myself

in front of you, my
brother, or even my niece.

But this is different.

The perp is in front of me,
and I should do nothing?

Like a spineless bitch?

No, I can't.

Don't you get it?
This fight isn't for me.

It's for my brother, and my family.

I don't know what you're saying.

Don't cause a scene
and just look after him.

You disappoint me.

Mr. HAN.

Chamber of Commerce meeting is at 3 PM.

Was that today?

Yes, sir.

Okay, thank you.


Yes, sir.

What I want to discuss
today is something universal.

It's about a mindset that
is required for living this life.

It's about a match.

We encounter countless
matches in our lives.

What decision will you make?

Will you risk your life
to fight a good fight,

or accept the loss
because it's okay to lose?

I'd like to believe that
JSOFT fellows are the former.

Become a winner no matter the cost.

It's the only way to survive
this viciously competitive world.

This may sound harsh,

the loser must forever
become the slave to the winner.

Is that what you want?

If you think that's not so
bad, you can live like that.

But not me.

Not at all.

And not you too.

Book me a flight to New York tomorrow.


I was intrigued by your proposal.

Or I should say I'm intrigued by you.

No bullshit, set time and place.

Are you up for it?

Holy cow...

Are you?


You remind me of when I was young.

Film industry was controlled
by gangsters back then.

I had jobs to kill people for money,

but my friend died in the process.

I returned the favor to his killer.

I served 10 years in
Hong Kong prison for it.

But that wasn't all.

The son of gangster I killed
took revenge on my family.

I lost everything because of it.

My wife, my child,

even myself too.

Aren't you scared?

You'll become me or die.

I'm scared.

Every night I ask myself
if I'll die in his hands,

or if this is right.

But what if nothing gets done,

that scares me the most.

Get a bottle of Scotch
Blue on the way back.

Yes, sifu. I'll be back shortly.

I'm Pung-ho's friend Jung-ran.

He could be in danger now.

Don't worry too much.

We can triangulate his
phone and find out their meet.

Do you like this place?


Perfect place for you to die.

Do you know why I accepted to this?

Not curious at all.

You don't know yourself yet.

But I know you well, a megalomaniac.

Someone desperate
for attention like a child.

No more mincing
words, let's get on with it.

Shall we?

Pretty good.

Did you get some schooling?

You're better than this.

If you keep this up, I'll get angry.

I already am!

You must've gone mad.

I feel it!

If booze didn't exist in heaven
drunk immortals wouldn't exist,

if earth didn't enjoy the
booze, booze couldn't be made.

What a moron.

As the universe love
booze, we must accept it.

LU Dongbin's power!

Iron-crutch LI's right leg!

Son of a bitch!

Dodged it, eh?

Drunken Master?

Scary shitless?

Drunken Taoist with a large pot!

I went easy on you,
that was my mistake.

Fine, drink.

Good, good.

Let's put an end to this.

CAO Guojiu's strangle hold, you bitch!

You cheap bastard!


Got a complaint?


I'm not done with you yet!

Stop being a crybaby
and get up, asshole!

Winning is about
doing whatever it takes!

You really are unforgivable...

HE Xiangu's alluring walk!

I'm scared.

Every night I ask myself,

if I'll die in his hands,

or if this is right.


what if nothing gets done,

that scares me the most.

See that?

That was the highlight,
Pung-ho's Drunken...

A game studio CEO was arrested

at 2 AM last night in a Seoul club...

...HAN suffered abuse
from his step-mother

and stabbed her dozens of times...

Bro, I'm here.

...applauded for his sincerity
and respect for the minority,

JSOFT CEO HAN Jae-hee was arrested

for Reality Fighting
charges in a Seoul club.

Our reporter has the story.

I got your revenge.

Proud of me?

So please wake up.

Shouldn't you open your
eyes right about now?



No one's here.

It's you, Pung-ho!

What took you so long?

Good afternoon.

What happened to sifu?

The old man left a few days ago.

Who's that?

- Girlfriend?
- Yes.

Oh! He left this for you.

- I'm off then.
- Okay.

She's cute!

That old fart.

Sorry for leaving without a word.

I've been hiding here way too long.

But I'd like to see the world now.

Don't worry, I won't thank you for it.

Now that you've experienced it,

lead your own life of Drunken Master.

Don't ignore it, don't be scared,

have a great life.

And keep the Scotch Blue for me.

I'll come back for it.

And get a job this year!