Dae Mul (2010) - full transcript

Seo Hye Rim is a hot-tempered news announcer who was fired by the broadcasting company, but is later elected to the National Assembly and became the first female president of Korea. She faces political pressure and potential impeachment from Kang Tae San and his followers, but survives with the aid of the prosecutor Ha Do Ya.

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Dae Mul - Episode 5

Is the oxtail soup ready yet, President?

Your Excellency...

No problem.
Don't mention it.

Because of this smell,
I could not sleep properly.

Can I have a taste of this meat?

Of course, Your Excellency.

It is alright, guards.

This is the best way to taste the flavor.

How is it, Your Excellency?

Yes, this indeed the taste.

Because of this taste, so I have no choice
but to abduct you to Cheong Wa Dae.

Your Excellency...

I heard Prosecutor He was injured.
How is he right now?

Nothing serious, he is fine now.

Have been boiling ox horn soup to
supplement his loss, so he is much better now.

In a Country with the rule of law,
a Prosecutor can actually be stabbed.

These criminals will be caught and punished.

Your Excellency.

There is always danger associated
with working for the Country.

But, for you being so busy
to show concern about my son.

I am really grateful, Your Excellency.

It is really delicious.

The food is turning cold.

Don't feel restricted.
Eat it while it is hot.

How is it?

- It is really good.
- Very delicious.

Miss Seo Hye-Rim,
does it suit your appetite.


Because it is what we used
to eat at home.

So it reminds me of my
Mother's home cook food.

Let's eat to our fill.
Then, we will continue to work hard!

Although, during the process of the election
there will be many difficulties.

I hope that after you are elected.

You can put in the same effort
as this bowl of oxtail soup.

Touching people with your politics.

Although, I know I am inadequate in many ways.
I will do my very best, Mr. President.

You will end up an independent candidate.
At the Nam-Song District running for the election.

I am sorry, Representative Minister.

Mr. Kang Tae-San Congress Member, removed me
from People Friends Party public recommended list.

All roads eventually lead you to Rome.

Just like the situation
before you became a Member.

To stand for election
without party affiliation.

Leave an impression, so that even if you have to get in
Legislative Council first to enter into Congress.

Do you know what I mean?

Thank you, Representative Minister.

After I am elected, I will be loyal to you.

As Kim Tae-Bong Secretary in control
of Kim Tae-Bong's trust.

It should not be a problem.

You are as closely related to my family.

I brought the election letters.

People Friend Party's HBS host born,
Seo Hye-Rim is the No. 1 Candidate.

Do-Ya, I came.

Why does Sister keep looking at me like that?

It is so annoying.

I just went to Cheong Wa Dae.
After eating Uncle's oxtail soup, I came back.

Uncle is very worried about you.

Heard you removed your stitches.
How is your body?


What is your real purpose
for running the election campaign?

When I was struggling with the mosquities,
you told me to go run for election campaign.

That was meant as a joke.

I don't know what that Kang Tae-San
used to persuade you.

Do you think with 2 or 3 million,
you can go into politics?

Requires a lot of money.

Campaign fees also.

Plan to use Dong-Ho's Father company relief fund?
To pay for the campaign fees.


Sister, you are crazy.

Sooner or later you become a beggar.

Looks like this will not do.
Sister, you better migrate to Australia.

I will not escape again.

After being a Congress Member.

I will protect just like Dong He's father did.

Reclamation land that nobody bothers.

So you must quickly recover.

To identify the criminal that tried to kill you.

Mommy, Fighting!

Eh, Fighting!

The car is ready.

Let's move out, Candidate Seo.

Today is the first day.
I better walk to the Party Office.

Yes, then let's do it that way.

Mom, do not worry.
Go into the house first.

Quickly, go.
They are waiting for you.

No. 1, Candidate Seo Hye-Rim.
I am going.

- Miss Seo Hye-Rim, Hello.
- Hello.

Yes, Seo Hye-Rim.

Sister, Fighting!

Thank you!

You be late for classes.
Quickly, go to school.

Must be because she is a public figure.

So the reaction is not the same.

Getting support from kids
who do not even have the right to vote.

What is the use?


I am Candidate Seo Hye-Rim.

Please look after me.

Miss Seo you better return.


I wasn't talking to you.

Yes, I was talking to Miss Seo.

What are you doing?
That is considered sexual harassment.

This is all counted in the tea charges.

Isn't it, Miss Seo?

That is just the basic.

And there are more rewards.

I am going.

The sky will not fall down.

Please sit down.

- Yes.
- Please sit.

What must I do now?

Please invite us to drink rice wine.

It is not even 10am.

Elections in the country is
won by on treating others.

We will be waiting for you
in the hotel in front, please then.

- Let's go.
- Go.

I do not know as a widow.
What courage are you using to stand for election.

If you came just to look around.
Then go back.

This is because you look like my daughter.
So I am reminding you.

Secretary General.

Elections are all like this.

I am sorry, Candidate Seo.

Are they all Kim Tae-Bong
Congress Member's men?

So, they will be very critical
in the beginning.

But when the election campaign starts,
things will get better.

How about we cleaned the area for hygiene?
Since there is nothing to do, Secretary General.


Your six abdominal muscles because of that wound
had become seven abdominal muscles.

You still have mood to joke around.

Hey, lucky you are single.
And your body is strong.

That, late night if it was a women.

Or like me, a Father with several daughters.

Being stabbed by that knife,
what to do?

District Director!

To someone who nearly died.
District Director, how can you say such things?

Criminal drove away in the car.

The car being burnt into a scrap metal.
Was discovered on a road by the Country side.

And did not leave any traces on the knife.

Even if U.S. CSI Team come here,
they will not be able to catch him.

The criminals will be caught.

Do you know who the criminals are?

Who else?

Who is the person who will
benefit most if I am killed?

That defeated guy who is unable to kill me.

Brat. Do you think there are only one or two of
that kind of guys in the Republic of Korea?

The guys you arrest every year,
there are at least about a hundred of them.

Yes, the Cowboy Incident,
Woo Congress Member.

And Lee Bae-Ho will certainly hate you
as if you are his itchy teeth.

I already said it is not me,
Prosecutor He.

I know, friend.

Then, why am I handcuffed?

Article 68 of the Road Traffic charges.

Prohibited Acts on the road.

Traffic safety facilities were damaged.

3 years in prison or a fine of 7 million.

To demonstrate social discontent.

The cost of that action is no joke.

Let me see.

Damaged more than a hundred street lights.

Value of each bulb is 25,000.

Value of each fuse is 50,000.

Total of 7.5 million.

3 days required to install street lights.

1.05 million to leased installation vehicles.

Hire two people per 150,000.

3 days, that is like 90,000.

Total of 9.45 million.

Coupled with your fine.

The cost of anti-social behavior
you have to pay is.

More than 15 million.

So you will sentence me with a fine?

If you eat prison food,
together with your Father.

Who will look after
your Grandpa property?

Thank you, Prosecutor He.

Did you see the criminal face?

I really...

I said many times,
I only saw his nose.

Not indicted.

Department Head.

Yes, Prosecutor.

Release of the suspect Kim Chul-Gyu.

I understand.

- Security Patrol.
- Yes.

- Please take Mr. Kim Chul-Gyu out.
- Yes.

Thank you.

Really Thank You, Friend...

- You have worked hard.
- Yes.

You have worked hard.

Why let him go, Prosecutor?

You could detain him.
Why did't you detain him?

If we release a bait.

Won't you hook the fish?

Oh, Do-Ya.
You are working already?



I heard that you started
the election campaign.


But, is it alright for you to work?

I am looking for the man who stabbed me.

You cannot expect to do it all alone.

Have you taken your lunch?

For such a memorable day.

Let me treat you to a meal?

Oh, Ha Do-Ya.

I seem to be completely isolated here.

What, isolated?

- Do-Ya.
- Oh?

Who is it?

Who isolated, Sister?

I stand out, right now!

You these neighbors.
Don't think this is a joke!

Haven't you heard that engaging in
politics is like consultation?

Are you alright?

You should not be walking around.

Shouted too loudly.

What to do?

Do you want to go into the office?

No, no need.

Prosecutor He,
what are you doing right now?


During the election period, you this Prosecutor.
dare to swing and wait in front of the office.

Prosecutor is found doing something with
election, and discovered by reporters.

Not only you will die.
But Miss Seo Hye-Rim will also die.

Do you understand, you brat!

Oh, there is still such a thing,
District Director?

I just gave you a tip.

So today's lunch is your treat.

Do you understand?


Follow me.

Sorry, I cannot.

Today noon, Sister will have to be alone.

Eat in isolation and lonely.

Hey, even you have to isolate me?

We the People Friends Party.

Want to overthrow the past
Colonial corrupt personnel.

Recommended a number of public members
to breath together with the National.

As the people's livelihood politics candidate.

Especially in this replacement election.

Replace the old political people.

Recommended a new public candidates.

I believe that they will bring
fresh wind blowing in Congress.

In order to allow the
Republic of Korea to change.

Hope everyone will support us.

Mr. Kang Congress Member.

It is said that during course of
public recommended process..

You and the party Guidance Department
has undergone some great friction.

Lee Bae-Ho, Representative Minister
leading a new era and a new look.

Entrust me with all
the rights and has inspired me.

Party Guidance Department recommended
public member?s results was very satisfied.

How can he say like this?

Because of corrupt People Friends Party?

I really...

What is this?
Until now, that means we are all corrupt?

Mr. Kang Congress Member that...

Has he played over his head,
Representative Minister.

Mr. Kang Congress Member
is really overbearing.

Is immeasurable with any other young people.

Don't you agree, President Kim?

Headache election season is here once again.

To those in power can be removed
any idea of Congress.

He must be drunk in broad daylight.

As long as touched upon
will be able to find fault.

In this season of confusion.

As prosecutors, the best strategy
for us is not to do anything at all.


Wait for this period to end.
Everyone will be on vacation.

We must definitely not be shaken.

- Yes, the District Director.
- Yes.

Do you mean, if we see some unlawful
acts happing in front of us, we must ignore it?

As a Prosecutor who takes the national tax.

You must continue to work hard.
But try not to encounter any illegal acts.

You brats!

Do you understand?

- Yes.
- Yes.

Hey, Uncle.

How far is Nam-Song?

Underbred Kid.

Coming soon.

All these Country bumpkin
only know how to say it coming soon.

How much further do I have to drive?

This kid.

If you can find it, it should be an hour.

If you are unable to find it,
you will need to spend more time.

Quickly, go and return back.


We do not have time.

Uncle, is there a toilet nearby?

The whole field here is the toilet.


Casually poop, it is alright.

Casually poop.

- Brother is really bad.
- That how to say I say.

Said to be unshakeable.
No matter what chaos people bring.

Yes, find a place.

Quickly, go.

Unknowingly, it is time for apple season.

Try it.

My family Chul-Gyu, you have let
him go by just sentencing him a fine.

Thank you.

Do you have any other
evidence, Congress Member?

Regarding money transferred
to Lee Bae-Ho account.

Development funds have been
handled as a party.

And cash cannot be traced.

Congress Member have you
given Mr. Lee Bae-Ho...

Anything of value?

You should give it up.

I almost died from being stabbed by a knife.

Even if I want to give up now, it is too late.

So I want to get to the bottom of it.

I do not believe an ardent Prosecutor alone
will be able to seize political people.

Or am I wrong?

If you do not wished to be
stabbed again, give up now.

Chul-Gyu, does he frequently come?

I haven't seen much of him recently.

20-year political career.
To the end, all family members die.

No matter, whether Father or son.

All I am left is debt
and a criminal record.

I know I am shameless.

But Chul-Gyu, please take care of him.

Although, it is a bad destiny,
but we are friends after all.

This kid originally is naughty.

And I don't know what
trouble he will be in.

Candidate Seo Hye-Rim.

You must be elected.

Thank you for coming here
despite your busy schedule.

Thank you, Mr. Kang Congress Member.

I believe you will pull together.

To get our Candidate Seo Hye-Rim
into the Congress.

You do not have to worry.

We will get her elected.

Should be coming soon.

Who else is coming?

Yes, she is very punctual time ...

Please take off.


Please all take off
your pants and shoes.


Since you are a female Candidate,
you must look feminine.

You must definitely not make
woman's lose face.

Now, immediately.

Change the pants into a skirt.

Replace the leather shoes.

The shoes chosen must be
the most conspicuous to people's eyes.

This is...

Let me introduce.

This person is here to help Miss Seo Hye-Rim
to participate in the elections.

I am the Party's Institute of Research,
Wang Joong-Ki Election Chief.

Wang Election Chief have
trained many Congress Members.

As well as the number of
grass-roots organization leaders.

I am older than Miss Seo Hye-Rim.

And I am the most experienced consultant.

I rely on you then.
I know I lack a lot but I will do my best.

Forget about putting in your best effort.

You must have this mentality.
If you are unable to be elected,
you will be dead.

I have learnt all of
Candidate Seo's personal information.

And it is worst than I expected.

But, since I came to participate
in the elections.

Then, I must not be defeated.

Meeting Room is up here.

Although, from the beginning,
the People Friend Party situation is adverse.

However, after Kim Tae-Bong
Former Congress Member's bribery case.

Now, the People Friends Party's support...

Is drops to a record low of 19 percent.

As the opposition party supported is 30 percent.

10 percent support non-political affiliation.

40 percent support for the ruling party.

The following...

are 500 local voters.

According to Gender, Age, Education, Area.
The results of our research.

When did you get these data?

Well-Being Party,
Candidate Li Ji-Tai is 25 percent.

Non Party,
Candidate Kim Hyun-Gab is 20 percent.

Our Party, Candidate Seo Hye-Rim is...

12 percent.

The remaining 40 percent are fixed vote.

Non-political affiliation vote and
fixed votes percentage is so large.

I think this is because
Kim Tae-Bong former Congress Member.

Anyway as it goes, Candidate Seo
chance of getting elected is Zero.

Candidate Seo.

You should have lots of
experience in love?


How to seize the heart of
a lover trying escape?

This is this election,
the winning strategy.

From just now,
everyone has been slipping away.

Where did they go?

They went opposite.
They fly there without any loyalty.

All went to Kim Hyun-Gab Office.

- What?
- Cheers...


Kim Hyun-Gab...
Kim Hyun-Gab...

Just now those people,
why did they go there?

Not just those people,
vice chairman.

The Party Member's list was taken over.


Long live...
Long live...

What are you all doing?

Mr. Kang Congress Member.

Mr. Kang is also here to
support candidate Kim Hyun-Gab.

How can you do such a thing?

Being People Friend Party Members.

How can you support
an insignificant Candidate?

As Party Members,
actually stolen the Party Member's List?

And came to support the opponents?

Do you think the Party Ethics Committee?
Is just an empty shell?

I will be holding a meeting to
pursue your responsibilities.

Compared to a zero
probability Candidate elect.

Support Candidate Kim Hyun-Gab, to get back
the love of their original heart of the party.

If you do not support, then forget it.
What nonsense are you talking, Mr. Kang Congress Member?


Say that again,
Mr. Woo Congress Member.

Below is related to this
replacement election of Congress Member.

Lee Bae-Ho People Friend Party
special interview.

Hello, Mr. Lee Representative Minister.

Hello, everybody.

People Friend Party,
Mr. Kang Tae-San Election Chairman.

The public recommended
rookie has become a topic.

In order, to reform the political culture.

We support his initiative.
Give up the party offer.

Mr. Kang Election Chairman
courageous decision.

Our party in this Replacement Election,
is resolved to implementing a clean government.

Clean government.

Our Party will rely on policy and
political party's efforts to win.

Our Party will ban all money
and material support.

So it is like that.

With due respect.

But some say the election with the party,
is elected by money and organization.

If you really do that,
do you think you can win the election?

Our People Friend Party, are not concerned
about the number of elected Congress Member.

We ask the voters to rely on policy
to choose their Candidate.

But, our People Friend Party Decided.
All the Candidates election cost fees.

To be fully donated to
Society Teen Parents Group.

Hello, everybody. I'm the Nam-Song Hai-Song
Replacement Election Candidate...

Replacement hell.

Do it as if is a live TV recording.
Do not be nervous.

Hello everybody, I'm this....

Candidate Seo.

There is a bug in your neck.

Just speak with just now that voice.

Hello, everybody. I am People Friend Party
No. 1 Candidate, Seo Hye-Rim.

Everyone listen to me.
I want...

To have the power.

To deal with Nam-Song Hai-Song problem.

And understand better than anybody else.

Firstly, I...

Yes, I...

Dear voters...

I am No. 4, candidate Kim Hyun-Gab.

We can not wait for the
outstanding compensation.

I am willing to climb the mountain and
go down into sea without hesitation.

Mr. Kang Congress Member.

Lee Bae-Ho Representative Minister
Advocates a clean government.

And the support funds for candidates.

Will be donated to Society Teen Parents Group.

Do you should know this from before?


Does that make any sense?

Although, there is no support for the Central Party.
But do have countermeasures?

Apprenticeship Candidate Seo
How do you feel?

Clean politics?


Of course, we must have
a transparent electoral.

I will try my best to
implement the clean government.

Mr. Kang Congress Member his face.

Even without looking at his face,
Representative Minister.

Mr. Kang Congress Member.

Clean government?
What is this all about, Representative Minister?

Why didn't discuss this with me,
this elected chairman?

Why did you suddenly do this?

The image of the Party
was damage Kim Tae-Bong.

So, in order to restore the image,
this decision was made.

You just help look into it.

Representative Minister.

Want to change the corrupt political.
This is what you need to bear at this point.

Yes, I see the support for
Seo Hye-Rim is a little low.

You need to worry more about that.

Mr. Kang Congress Member, anxious
hopping sounds can be heard from here.

In the last election,
my luck was bad.

Politics is to create luck.

Wang Electoral Chief.

Clean government, isn't it good?

To advocate a clean
and transparent elections.

Candidate Seo.

Central Party cutting funding for election.

To let us battle out on our own.

Means for you to die.

I am not going to meet
the challenge with just my mouth.

Father of the child's relief fund,
Plus the house with the house security deposit.

- Court election costs
- Court election costs 1.5 Billion.

You want to run for Congress?

Even the cost of county council elections
is more than that.

I have to immediately go to Seoul.
Looks like I need to come forward.

Wait a minute,
Mr. Kang Congress Member.

I, be it the Central Party or
Mr Kang Congress Member.

Do not want to accept your money support.

Candidate Seo.

Election expenses as required by the court.

I would like to use my own money.

My money at best, to provide election campaign
participants with meals.

I do not wish to buy votes.
I hope you will understand.

To win by clean politics.

I kind of like that.

Well, you say this politics.

The gap is so big
with money or not money.

Miss Seo Hye-Rim,
this is really not easy.

Kim Hyun-Gab... Kim Hyun-Gab...
Kim Hyun-Gab... Kim Hyun-Gab...

You really want to help her.

Going into politics is a difficult thing.

I am now personally experiencing it.

In such a short distance.

Even one centimeter also cannot get close.
That is politics.

This is...

Our Prosecutor's destiny.

You or cannot you do it?

How long have we not been given our daily wage?

Candidate Seo said even if she needs to
borrow from loan sharks she will chip in.

So just wait a while.

How can this be?

Wait a moment.
Wait a moment.


Hello, President Kim.

Yes, the cost of lobbying a camera?

No money, how to go for Election?

Secretary General, Sorry I am late.

You have come.

I am sorry.

You have worked hard,
Candidate Seo.

They are volunteers
And not to collect debt.

Secretary General, I am sorry.
Thank You!

Most of the staff because of
Kim Hyun-Gab have all escaped.

Only you one person guarding the office.

Always giving you trouble.

Candidate Seo said is too polite.

I just did what I had to do.
What is there to say thank you?

This is the Court Election Fee.

Exactly 1 Billion and 5 Thousand.

Yes, it is using my husband's life.

Until end of the election,
please use it wisely.

This money is very precious to me.

Well, I will treat it
as if it is my life.

I will make good use of it
in the right place.

But, Wang Election Chief haven't come.

To prepare the Convention,
had worked throughout the night.

So she called to say she will
head directly to the lobby scene.

Kim Hyun-Gab... Kim Hyun-Gab...
Kim Hyun-Gab... Kim Hyun-Gab...

Will build a seawater spa pool,
To keep visitors coming throughout the year.

If at the beach to set up
a wind power generation equipment.

Costs will be significantly reduced.

And can be come a Tourism product.

Really, is killing two birds with one stone.

Let's begin our lobby speech, Candidate Seo.

Establishment of aquatic livestock
with national laws and regulation.

In order not to let citizens
suffer huge losses due to disaster.

The introduction of safety measures

Don't you intend to
continue saying, Candidate Seo?

Wait a moment, Wang Election Chief.

So many things, I have to
finish doing in a year?


All these things, how can a one-year term
Congress Member be able to finish?

This is false promise that one cannot honor.

What are you doing, Candidate Seo?

We are now in front of citizens
who are entitled to vote.

But these are lies.

You both do not need to quarrel.

Just let us build a KTX here?

Land prices will also rise and rise.

After KTX will pass by here,
of course it will be better.

But this is a national policy
that has been decided.

If you want to change the line.

The Country will suffer a great loss.

I cannot tell a lie
just to get your vote.

Oh, for Heaven Sake!

What are you doing?
If voters ask you to do that, that is what you should do.

That is right.
If it is Kim Hyun-Gab, he will promise us long ago.

Everyone, Congress Member will not
sweep the front yard for every person.

I do not want to be elected,
using these unable to realized commitments.

If you do not wish to be elected,
why are you running for election?

I believe someone forced you up here.

Let's go.

Everyone, I believe the regional development.
Must coordinate the interests of the motherland.

Only abandoned the area for
their own self-interest sake.

Only then will we...

No one is listening.

Let's end the lobby and
return to the office.

Thank you for listening to us.

It is here, Prosecutor.

Masahiro sword.

Prices are ninety-five thousand.

It seems to be sand transfer machine blade
with special treatment.

It is said when gang hire killer in employment.
This is how they sharpen the knife.

I will go check which organization.


You have come, District director.

This is the latest report
of illegal indoor gambling.

This is the police jurisdiction.

How can I do grab other people's jobs?

I heard it is associated with the Election.

Police personally requested
a joint investigation.

Gambling and Election what is the relationship,
District Director?

In the rural country,
running for local Elections.

Where did the money suddenly come from?

Seo Hye-Rim even if she grow horns
will not be able to grow the money.

That means someone is lying.

That is a transaction under
the jurisdiction of urban management.

We only focus on violent organizations.

You this kid. Urban management is
charge of the gambling place.

Anyway, you are all idle now.

Ha Do-Ya, you will be responsible for
investigating the gambling place.

Did you hear me?

I know.

Money cannot be spent.
No commitment to Convention.

I said, when why did you
run for this election?

To be eliminated?

In order, to write in your resume
the experience of losing an election?

Do not blame me,
Wang Election Chef.

I did it that because my heart is
unable to accept your Conventions.

People who run for Congress.

In addition to being elected,
what other ideas do they have?

Convention need not be applied in practice.

But used for the Election purpose.

I said many times already.

In the Republic of Korea.

Which Congress Member rely on
feasible Convention to be elected?

Let him stand out and see.

Furthermore, if you become a
Congress Member with ability.

Such a convention,
why can't it be implemented?

Don't say KTX. Even if it is to travel to the Moon,
spacecraft can be made. Why do you say cannot?

I just do not want to make agreements
that I cannot fulfill.

While your simple idea is very good.

But, if unsuccessful in being elected.

Whether or not you be able to comply.
All these will become wasted paper.

Beautiful defeat.
Sounds nice to hear.

Do you know how miserable that is?

Dirty victory compared to beautiful defeat
is sometimes a thousand times greater.

No matter what,
we cannot lie to the voters.

If you go on being so stubborn.

Even if it is Mr. Kang
Congress Member who requests me to help.

I have to give up the election.

Do as you please.


You have any availability rooms?

Customer, are you alone?

I came to gambling.

Money is in the bag.

Please wait a moment.

Yes, customer.

Come down.

Hey, what are you doing?

You better be good.

You intend to give advance warning?

Room number?

Room 305 and 402.

I bet everything I have.

Wait a moment.

Read the card carefully.

Royal Flush.

Wait, see what I have.


No objections, right?

Who is it?

What are you doing?

Everyone stop where you are!

We will record everything with the DV.

- Freeze!
- Do not move!

This is the knife-edge.


You, actually hit me
where I was previously injured?

You are dead for sure.

Dad, you are looking for me?

I have heard the things happening between
Lee Bae-Ho and you.

I had a difficult time arranging
to meet with Lee Bae-Ho.

Unconditionally quit the post of Chairman.

And kneel in front of
Lee Bae-Ho to beg for mercy.


Even if you wish to draw your sword
there is a right time to do so.

A rookie and you dare be responsible for
Replacement Election.

This is my own choice.

Even if there is a responsibility
it will be borne by me.

How are you going to be responsible?

Resign from from
your Congress Member position?

If is only for an elected Congress Member.

I do not have to choose you
to be my son-in-law.

Do you think big power is child play?

Dae-Won-Gun know how to bite the bullet.

Rare heroic comedy performance
in front the rival.

Want to jump far.

Should must first learn to crawl.

I benefited a lot in the past two days.

Thank you for your guidance.

If you really learnt something,
that is a good thing.

Come, let's drink a cup.

This election...

I will repay you back.

Kang son-in-law.

To break a shaking like a
drunken-like corrupted political.

I will come back alive.

To meet you elder.

Kang son-in-law, what are you doing?

I am sorry, Dad.

I'm sorry, Representative Minister.

I apologize to you on his behalf.

Previously, my boss.

President Kim, do you know him?


He has a hot temper but
is a person full of charismatic.

He once said.

People willing to be trampled.
Is no fun at all.

Head high as the serpent.
Then, is fun to trampling on.

This shows that...

Please forgive him for
his youth and ignorance.

Son-in-law is also my child.
It is my fault for not teaching the child well.

President Kim, you have a good son-in-law.

At that age, if he does not
have any ideas, then...

What is the use?

Only when he experience
the sinister society.

Will he grow up.

Mr. Kang Congress Member,
I want to leave this place.

What happened, Wang Election Chief?

Candidate Seo, she...

Actually, flatly rejected my Convention.

There is nothing else I can do.

Wang Election Chief,
let's make the long story short.

I want to place all my political career.

And gamble it on Seo Hye-Rim's election.

So Wang Election Chief,
please bet your life on it as well.


Wang Election Chief.

Let's go for a drink.

At this time,
you still have the mood to drink?

Today, is a very hard day.

Don't you drink?

I am not that kind of person
who go drinking whenever it is hard.

I also will not drink
without a drinking partner.

Candidate Seo.

Tell me the truth.

What is your reason for running the election?

Want to let my Dong-He.
Be able to eat whitebait that is as large as Mackerel.


At the end of the river over there.

There is a block of land
around the estuary to the seas.

Although, there is only
mosquitoes swarm pit living there.

To abandon the land there.
People also cannot live there.

If it is blindly develop.

This river will have to
bear the full decay.

And not allow people to live and work.

Whitebait group will also leave.


I want to run for the election.

What you are saying?

If we say it like now.
Will we be able to sway the hearts of the voters?


We neither have the financial resources.

And no organization.

And we cannot compete in a similar way as Kim Hyun-Gab.
How are you to compete with Kim Hyun-Gab?

This is how we should do it?

Although, it is very difficult.

You have to completely change
the thrust of the Election conception.

That is...

To have whitebait as big mackerel group
return to that land development.

This should be what we should do.

Inside this.

By itself has hundreds of millions of potential.

And you also did a special edition coverage.

And together with the residents near the land
and fought with Prosecutors.

Residents here, have long forgotten about it.

That is so like Wang Election Chief.

You are really worthy of
being the Election expert.

Mr. Kang Congress Member
has bet his political career.

We have to give this a shot.


Let's start from the bottom up,
Wang Election Chief.




Everyone, our activities has ended.

Should we go and play?

- That is nice.
- That is nice.

- Where should we go?
- Where should we go?

Do you want to go down there and see?

Yeah, That, isn't it Bololo Sister?

Hello, everybody.
I'm Seo Hye-Rim.

That Sister, during that time,
wasn't she completely destroyed?

Yes, and there is nobody.

Just flies, flying around.
Just flies, flying around.

Yeah, since we have nothing to do.

Let go cheer for Bololo Sister.

- Ok.
- Ok.
- Ok.

Let's Go!

All of you.

This river.

Don't everyone wish to have whitebait
as large as mackerel group once again come back?

Because of the mosquitoes swarm, residents who
unable to live a good life, were forced to leave.

So it is necessary to let them
return to their homeland.


We must convince Miyoshi Group.

Prevent Establishing a LCD factory
and field in environment protection.

For this issue.

I, Seo Hye-Rim.

Will risk my life to fight this cause.

Seo Hye-Rim... Seo Hye-Rim...
Seo Hye-Rim... Seo Hye-Rim...

Seo Hye-Rim...
Seo Hye-Rim...
Seo Hye-Rim...

Thank you.


Do you remember me?

Aren't you Lee-De?


What is the matter?

Rainbow orange colour is Lee-De, you?

Yes, Sister.

I'm sorry during the election.

Because the company is enjoined.

After I recognized Sister,
I wanted to say hello to you.

I am sorry.

Ah, so you starred in the
original Bololo before.

You did so great.

Lee-De, what a name?

Aiya, you.

At that time, during the video shoot.

Because wet your pants.
Sister helped you with a favor. Do you remember?

Of course.

At that time, Sister quietly took me to the bathroom.

Help me change clothes and helped me wash it.

That is really great!

Quickly, go in.

This summer we said before.
What sort of a cheer is that?

Can't you stay there properly.

Although, I do not know whether
to call you Sister or Auntie.

I say, aren't you cold at all?

Belly button already showing.

I am only thirty.


This is our concept of this election.

Environmental Land Development.

And save whitebait.

What do you mean?

This is fall already, where got whitebait?
What will Seo Hye-Rim do?

What will she do?

Sister election that time,
we destroyed but not completely destroyed.

We have to repay this debt.

For our Bololo Sister.

How about we stage a public performance?

- Ok.
- Ok.
- Ok.

Ah, but we have no money for that.

It does not matter.
No need any money.

Can really come over and play?

That is, of course.

Everyone, come take a look.

Green field development.
Save the whitebait.

Develop environmental friendly.
Save the whitebait.

Save whitebait.

Green field development.

Save whitebait, Seo Hye-Rim.

Save whitebait, Seo Hye-Rim.

Nam-Song Hai-Song, Seo Hye-Rim.

All of you.

This election.

Although, it is just a year of alternate term only.

I will not promise to you anything
I can not fulfill to do.

This river.

Will have whitebait as big as mackerel group
coming back again.

We want to...

Develop land in an environmentally friendly way.

All of you...

All of you...

Would you like to Nam-Song Hai-Song
entrust to our Bololo Sister?

Believe in Seo Hye-Rim...

Believe in Seo Hye-Rim...

Believe in Seo Hye-Rim...

Believe in Seo Hye-Rim...

No. 1...
No. 1, Seo Hye-Rim...

No. 1.
No. 1, Seo Hye-Rim.

Seo Hye-Rim... Seo Hye-Rim...
Seo Hye-Rim... Seo Hye-Rim...

Good, all of you.

Well-being Party candidate, Li Jitai
19 percent.

Non-Party Candidate Kim Hyun-Gab
31 percent.

Our Party Candidate Seo Hye-Rim.

24 percent!

We are about to catch up to
Candidate Kim Hyun-Gab.

All of you just need to
make a little more progress!


Thank you everyone.
This is all thanks to all your help.

What is there to be thankful of.

We are here to return a favor only.

Seo Hye-Rim Sister, Cheers!

Now here is the Candidate
Seo Hye-Rim's speech live.

Candidate Seo Hye-Rim, speech
focuses on reclamation issue.

She advocated the develop land in
environmentally friendly way.

To let residence who left return home.

Let her area... This seems serious.

This election is the same as yesterday.

Looks like Seo Hye-Rim advocating
land claims issues.

Wait a moment, Kim...


Regarding the land issues.

Do not mention Seo Hye-Rim's
environmental way.

Must unconditionally advocate
to maintain development.

Ah, yes.


About Seo Hye-Rim.

Put Matador strategy into effect.

You know what is Matador, right?

No, I know.
Black propaganda.

Since Seo Hye-Rim is a widow.

You must focus on the problem
on the man attacking her.

Must crushed her to the ground.
Make sure she is unable to make a comeback.

Then, there is only one
public recommended to go up.

Because it is very difficult to tell the truth.
No one is willing to come forward.

You can play this to the election.

Really thank you, Seo Hye-Rim.

This is credit should go to
the Wang Election Chief.

Mr. Kang Congress Member.

Very fortunate to use land issues in the election.
It has created role in the transition.

If you do not want the Convention
from now on to become a useless object.

Only thing left is for new voters
to accept the new things.

This problem when I returned to Seoul.

I will have a good discussion with
Mr. Jang Congress Member.

I hope you can continue to battle,
Seo Hye-Rim.

In addition, to the rogue in front.

Over there is...

Minister of Welfare Party.

Next to that person is
the Future Party Youth Minister.

Beside that is...

A non-Party Candidate Kim Hyun-Gab's man

These are really fantastic...

This is not a group of Department Heads
for Election Conference.

This is a group of Department heads
at a Casino.

Aiyo, really...

- Department Head.
- Yes.

Over there, the one who fought with me.

Which party does he belong to?


He is the Secretary General of public affairs
at People Friend Party under Candidate Seo Hye-Rim.

What you say?

That Aunty where did she get the Money?

I, this guy, really deserve to die.

That money...

Candidate Seo said that was her husband's
compensation money.

The money you gamble,
don't tell me...

Secretary General,
what is this all about?

Cannot be.

Yes right, there should be some mistake?

Please kill me, Candidate Seo.

I am crazy... I...

How can you do that?

That is what kind of money?

The money in the savings account.

And his former gambling debt.

All lost in the gambling table.

Confiscation money is also almost all gone.

That money...

It my husband who used his life to obtain.
Secretary General.

Sister, you also really...

I'm speechless...

During the Election,
actually give the money to others.

What are you going to do?

That money was to be used for many things.

Give it up.

I have investigated a bit.

That person is a gambling man
with previous criminal record.

Because of gambling.

Even his family was shattered.

Although money is money.

But, to be betrayed by my own people,
I am really find it hard to believe.

That man... When all the staff left,
still stayed back.

Do you mean that...
This is also all planned?

How can such a thing happen in the world?

How can?

Stand up!

This is really exciting.

All hugging together.

Brat, see how I am going
to deal with you.

Do you know the election circle?

I am late, aunty.

Lee Bae-Ho Representative Minister's wife
They want to take out some painting collection.

Go and pay her a visit,
then talk about it.

To take out so many collection painting.
What is the reason for, Aunty?

Their home and our galleries is
like that on a regular basis.

After the Replacement Election.
Next year will usher Main Election.

So should be because they need money.


Election funds and take out collections painting
what has to do with anything?

Try not to know too much about political circles.

Or you will be injured.

Buy it with profit sharing using the full price
at 15% to 20% of the price.

It has always been like that.

Aigoo, Mr. Kang Congress Member.

Where is the President?

President, he...

Is with Lee Bae-Ho, Representative Minister.

Lee Bae-Ho Representative Minister?

Hello, Lee Bae-Ho Representative Minister.

If there is something,
we will talk later.

You came just in time.

Mr. Kang Congress Member,
please sit down.

Once again I request you, President Kim.

Nam-Song Hai-Song District
Candidate Kim Hyun-Gab said...

Miyoshi group's LCD factory land.

Will unconditionally maintain the development
as his proposed Convention.

R-Representative Minister.

Will you agree, President Kim?

Dad, this is something I and
Candidate Seo Hye-Rim...

Keep Quiet.

I agree with Lee Representative Minister.


Thank you, President Kim.

Then, I will say goo-bye first,
Mr. Kang Congress Member.

Please walk carefully.

Daddy, I'm the chairman of
the Replacement Election Strategy.

How you can do this?

Without Lee Bae-Ho's the help.
You intend to raise replacement election.

Don't need to see the results
and it is obvious.

Since you and Lee Bae-Ho a bet on it.

I'm going to have to do it for the sake of
tens of thousands of workers at Miyoshi Group.

And frankly I also feel sorry for money.

Whose dog is the money in
name of hundreds of billions?

It does not matter you?

Do you think...

Do you think it is for you
these garbage guys people?

To pick up and wipe your ass,
so I went into politics?

Sister, why are you not resting today?

Go home and sleep.

Tomorrow, we will discuss
the countermeasures again.

As the saying goes,
tomorrow the sun will rise tomorrow.


I don't want to go home.
Send me to the station.

With your body, you want to go lobby the scene?

Sister, are you crazy?

Everyone is waiting for me.
Quickly drive me to the station.


Sister, you are really dead.

Let's go.

It does not matter you.

Mr. Kang Congress Member,
wait a moment.

Let's go.

There is a room upstairs.

Go bandage your wound.
And clean the blood stains here.

We are going, Sister.
Please support No. 1, Seo Hye-Rim.

Remember No. 1.

That Sister...
Is that really the sister I know, Seo Hye-Rim?

How come, you think of running for election?

No. 1, Seo Hye-Rim.

Hello, I am Seo Hye-Rim.
Please take care of me.

[Event chase]

Congress Member Candidate with Prosecutor.

Thank you.
Please walk carefully.

Please take care of me.

I'm Seo Hye-Rim.

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