Dad's Lunch Box (2017) - full transcript

This film was inspired by a real-life story of a Japanese father who for the three years his daughter spent at high school prepared daily bento lunch boxes for her leading to delicious, ...

Well then, take care.

You too.

Look after Midori .

She has a weak constitution . Her diet needs...

I know. I can take care of her.

I can do it.

Hi , welcome.

A box lunch...

Please, have a look.

We've got nice eggplants today. They're very good.

I'll come again.

Hi , welcome.

Toshimi Watanabe

Rena Takeda

Shou Kiyohara

Hikaru Tanaka

Yura Someno, Eriko Kumagai




"To Midori

Starting from today
Dad will make your lunch ."

- Good morning.
- 'Morning .

What's wrong?

Mr. Otsu .

Why're you so antsy?

I'm not antsy.

That's being antsy.

No I'm not.

I've never seen anyone so antsy.

I'm not. Get back to work.

You so are.

- See, right there.
- Nope.

Let's eat lunch.

I'm so hungry. Let's eat.

Midori? Wanna go to the cafeteria?

Actually, today...

I brought a lunch box.

What a simple lunch box that is.

For some reason, my dad made it.

Your dad? That's cool.

I have a feeling it's gonna be bad .


He never cooked when, my mom was around .

- Not at all?
- Never.

- Did you see him making it?
- No.

Isn't that scary?

- It'll be fine.
- Don't worry.

Let's eat.

It's so brown .

What's that thing there?

It might taste good .

Yeah , give it a try.


It's black...

Here I go.

It's so salty.

- You can have my sausage.
- Here. Mine, too.

Thanks. I'm okay.

You like sausage, right?

Is it salty?


It looks salty.

My stomach feels weird .

I bet it was that big lunch .

Maybe I ate too much.

But why'd your dad start cooking now?

Well, see you tomorrow.

- Okay, bye.
- bye.

I'm home.

Dad ...

What is this?

What do you mean?
Did you like it?

That's not the point. It's embarrassing.

What is?

Everything about it.

How did it taste?

It's all frozen food anyways.

That's not true. I made the omelet.

Oh, really? I sure didn't see any omelet.

But you ate it all.

What could I do?

You don't have to make lunch anymore.

No, I'm doing this.

Then at least make it good .

Midori .

How to shred cabbage...

I get it.


Oh, I messed up.

I told you I don't need lunch.

I'll leave your lunch here.

I'm off.

Let's eat.

It's thick.

That is so thick.

And tasteless.

I'm back.

"That's nowhere near shredded!"

What's today's lunch?

I wonder.

All black...


Black, for sure.

No time!

Let's eat.

What in the world ...

What is this?

He probably had no time.

Yeah , I bet. Right?

You know, he must be busy in the morning.

So he made a quick dish .

Fried noodles. . . and bonito flakes.

There's no...


"Three side dishes would be nice."

What happened?

Well, actually. . . I started
making lunch for my daughter.

What? You're making lunch!?

That's impressive.

Well, yeah. But...

What sort of meals are you making?

- Wanna see?
- Sure I do.

Actually, forget it.

C'mon , show me.

It's nothing.

Wow, looks terrible.

You know...

There's little time in the morning and ...

I understand .

I can't make it good .

It's not easy.

I wonder. . . if there are any good ideas.

For a side dish?

Yeah , that too. But also...

Something easy and that tastes good.

Appearance is important, too.
These don't even look appetizing.

Appearance. . . What can be impressive...

I know, Mr. Otsu! Sashimi! Raw cut fish!

- Sashimi?
- Sashimi !

That's brilliant!

Taste is guaranteed .

I bet she'll love it.

You can't go wrong.

- Hey, well done.
- Good idea, right?

- I'll do that tomorrow.
- Give it a try.

I'll write it down .

Hey, Midori .

Look forward to today's lunch.

Doesn't something smell?

Yeah , it reeks in here.

What is this smell?

Doesn't it smell like rotten fish?

Who is it?

Alright, that's it for today.
Be sure to review your notes.

Oh my gosh!

- It stinks!
- Ew!

- What is that?
- Gross.

I bet she was surprised .

I'm home.

Daddy's back.

Midori , how was today's lunch?

Who ever puts raw fish in a box lunch?

Was good, right?

Dad . . . It was totally rotten.

Don't make me lunch anymore.

Man, I screwed up.

How did it go, Mr. Otsu? The sashimi lunch .

It went all wrong .


She got mad at me.

Why? It's just raw fish.

That's why. She said it was rotten.

Oh, I see.

It smelled funky.

- It is summer time.
- Not only that.

What's going on? Fill me in .

Mr. Otsu's making his daughter lunch now.

He made sashimi but it was rotten.

It was your idea.

You jumped at it.

Sashimi? That's ludicrous.

It did look good, though .

- Right?
- But it went bad .

No kidding. What kind of
meals have you been making?

You wanna take a look?

They taste okay.

No way. This is out of the question .


I don't think it's that bad.

Listen. A high school girl's
lunch needs to be cute.

- Cute?
- Yeah, like super cutesy.

How would she feel if she's
the only with this beefy lunch?

Is that how it is?

First of all, this lunch box won't do.

The lunch box?

Yeah , it looks like a huge
Tupperware or something.

Where can I get one?

There are tons online.


Oh, please.

Even a single order?

What a useless father you are.

See? Look at all these cute ones.

That's cute for sure.

- So many, too.
- Right?

Oh, they're adorable.

I can tell this green one
will be perfect for Midori .

Leave this up to me.

- To you?
- Just gimme a sec.

Let's go with this one.

- Light pink.
- Good choice, right?

Um . . . Would it be possible for
you to teach me these things?

Like what?

Maybe some nice side dishes.
Not anything weird like raw fish.

To put in the box lunch?

Please. I beg you , ma'am.

OK, take notes.

- Notes?
- You heard me.

Can I have some recipes, too...

First off, add color.

It can't look dull. You've
got to make it colorful.

You can find recipe books
in any bookstore.

Let's see...

What else can be good?

Boiled eggs, of course.

Do preparations the night before.
It saves time in the morning.

Let's eat. I'm starving.

Is your lunch okay today?

Don't tease her.

So, what's it like?

Like this...

Looks great!

Yeah , not bad.

You think? It could be raw fish.

Forget about that.

- Should I?
- Definitely forget.

That's cute!

It's way cuter.

I guess.

Looks good!

Your dad's really trying.

Who knows...

- Could taste bad .
- It'll be good.

Well then. Let's give it a try.

It's good .

That's a relief.

It's really good.

- Wow.
- That's great.

- It's actually edible.
- Did you say "edible"?

Edible is impressive.

She's eating.

Yeah , it's good .

I'm home.

You're back early.

Dad .

Thanks for the lunch.

It was good .

Thank you.

He's improved.

Yes! I did it!


I'm back.

You're late.

- I was talking with a friend.
- Even so.

You're late these days.


Yeah . You could at least call, can't you?

It's not a big deal.

Come home earlier.

I'm worried about you.

Dad, you're getting annoying.

Look, an airplane.

It's pretty close.

Isn't it flying kind of low?

Yeah , it is.

I'm getting hungry.

What do you eat for lunch at school?

Bread from the kiosk.

Hmm. . . Do you like bread?

It's just that my mom's out working

so she can't make lunch.

I see.

If you want, I could make. ..
I mean, bring lunch for you .

Seriously? That'll be awesome!

I'll give it in the morning .

This is a dream come true.

- Really?
- I'm glad.

- What're you gonna make?
- Let me think.

Maybe an omelet...

- Nice.
- Nothing special.

No, that's great.


You're late again.

I have a favor to ask. Can you make
two meals from tomorrow?


Um . . . The friend I was just with
is a fan of your lunch.

That person always buys
bread at the kiosk.

A fan of my lunch?

That's right! Please, I beg you!

Well, I suppose making two servings
won't make a difference.

If you're okay with the same menu .

Really? Thank you so much!

I'm going to go change.

A fan of my lunch , huh?

I left you two lunches.

Really? Thanks!

- See you , then.
- Okay, bye.

- Sorry I'm late.
- Good morning.

I made lunch.

Oh man, I'm so happy!

- I'm not sure of the taste.
- I bet it's good .

I can't wait to try it.

Let's go, then .

It's warm .

Oh yeah.

It was really good .

- Thanks.
- Really? I'm glad .

Was it enough?

It was. . . But personally, it'd be nice
to have some more meaty stuff.

Meaty stuff...

Like hamburger steak.

You're right.

Or stuffed peppers.

Meaty stuff...

Can you make it?

Yeah , sure.

I see.


Wow, you're buying a lot today again .

Yeah , I'm making two lunches these days.

You look happy, though .

Supposedly there's a fan of my lunch .

Maybe I should make myself a special knife.

Do your best.

I will.

- I'm home.
- Hi .

Hey, Dad?

You know, for lunch ...

Is it possible to have a little more meat, maybe?


I'm in my growth period
and the other person is doing judo.

Judo, huh? That sure needs
lots of energy.

Okay. I'll try to make something more filling .


Look forward to it.

Hello? Yeah, it's okay.

"How was today's lunch?"


Boyfriend's lunch?

Yep. Brought it again .

He's eating food made by your dad.

How could he ever imagine?

It's a hassle to cook.

Don't be lazy.

"It was delicious!"

"I'm glad ."

"You don't like eggplants?"

"Yeah. I really never
liked him since I was a kid ."


what do you guys think
of him leaving the eggplants?

Like this.

- No way.
- Just the eggplants?

Just the eggplants.

That's not right.

- You think so?
- Can't believe it.

- Unacceptable.
- Is it that bad?

- Dad?
- What?

In the lunch you make...

I don't think I want eggplants.

- Eggplants?
- Yeah.

Why? You like them.

I do, but...

Don't you know the saying,
"Don't let the bride eat eggplants"?


Anyways, just don't include eggplants anymore.


I got it.

Midori .

Midori .

The dishes are piling up.

Can you be quiet! I can't concentrate.

Concentrate for what? You're the one
who said you wanted to help. Midori!

Wasn't it warm today?

How was school?

Same as always.

Same as always, huh. I have to agree with that.

- How was it?
- It was good.

Great. I'm glad .

I'd have to say you're a real good cook.


You'll make a great wife.

It must be a hassle every day.

Not really.

I feel bad. Once in a while is fine.

Two servings won't make a difference.

Someone must be talking about you.

That's a superstition.

What's going on?

So my daughter...

She's telling me to make
two lunches these days.

Two lunches?

On top of that

she's being picky about
what to include and what not to.

- I wonder why.
- It's her rebellious stage.

- I don't think so.
- It's got to be.

No, she's already passed that stage.
Gosh, what can it be?

Maybe she's in her
second stage of rebellion.

- There's a second?
- Sure there is.

Is that how it is?

She never used to say those kinds of things.

Like making precise requests for menus.

There's a guy.

She has a boyfriend.

- Now way.
- She is an adolescent.

The lunch is for her boyfriend , too.

That can't be.

She was saying it was someone doing judo.


In the same grade and in the judo club.

And he believes that?

A boyfriend can't be in the judo club?

Be realistic.

You're so naive. You think kids
tell their parents everything?

- At least Midori does!
- Everything?

Oh, is that so?

Midori , of all people?

That's Impossible.

Absolutely not.

Sure. There's no way.

Midori .

Two lunches tomorrow, too?


Hey, um ...

Is that friend of yours strong at judo?


You don't know?

I do.

So is that friend strong or not?

- Strong.
- Really?

What's the name?

Why do you ask?

I'm making lunch everyday.
I should have the right to know.

Y. . . Yuko.


Yuko, huh ...

In any case. . . You gained
weight didn't you?

Really? Did I?

How should I say.
Not exactly chubby. . . Just fatter.

I didn't get fat.

- Yes you did.
- No I didn't.

You won't get a boyfriend like that.

A boyfriend? What do you mean?

What? You have one?

- No.
- Are you sure?

I'm saying I don't.

You know, you've been
coming back late these days.

And you're always looking at your phone.

You're so focused on it, you haven't
been listening to me at all lately.

I mean, seriously. What are you
doing everyday? Get yourself together.

What's your problem?
Mind your own business.

Mom wouldn't ever say anything like that.

Sorry, excuse me.

Good morning.


You made it again? Thanks.

I'm going this way.

- See you .
- Bye.

I'm starving. Let's eat.

Time to eat.

I'm so hungry.

Midori , did you gain weight?

No I didn't!

Open sesame.


Anything wrong?

What? No, nothing.

What're you doing?

I'm picking off the seaweed .

Right. Seaweed is good.

Thanks for the meal. That was good.

"How's today's lunch?"


I'm hanging with my friends today
so we can't go home together.

I see.

Oh yeah.


It's not...

Sorry, I was kinda busy
at lunch and couldn't eat it.

Don't leave Dad's lunch .


What did you say?

Sorry, my friends are waiting.

I'm home.

Hi . Leave your lunch box out.

What happened?

Nothing .

Was "fatso" overdoing it?

Ta-da! I made you lunch!

Seriously? That's great.

- I left eggplants out.
- Good girl.

I'm gonna eat it up.

- Don't leave any.
- Of course not.

I'll get mad if you do.

Even a bit?
You know I like bread the most.

Let's eat.

- Midori , you're eating both?
- Yeah.

- You'll get fat.
- I won't.

Let me eat some of that.

Me too.

Dad's lunch is great.

It's so good .

Let's eat.

This is tasty.

Hey, Midori . What do you want for lunch tomorrow?

Something to...

Let's see... What about steak? You know,

something that'll give you energy.
I bet Yuko will love it, too.


- Dad.
- Hm?

Just one lunch is okay from tomorrow.


Thanks for dinner.

Midori .

Life has its ups and downs.

Even in times of sadness and hardship,

fun things will happen
if you always believe in yourself.

I'm back.

Let's see.


"Happy 17th Birthday"

Midori , dinner's ready.

Don't talk to me now. I won't remember.


Thanks for the meal.

"Last day of lunch"

...And , begin!

"Good luck on your test!"

Looks good today again.

What happened? You don't look happy.

Well, actually. . . Tomorrow's the last day.

The last day?

Oh yeah, your daughter's graduating.

That's right.

Isn't that good? It's less work for you.

Well yeah, but...

2,000 yen ...

And here's your change. Good work.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

Okay now.

Get good...

Get good...


Can't go wrong with sausage.

It's her favorite.



It's the last day of class.
3 years of good work, everyone.

Sit up. . . and bow.

Midori . Thank you for eating
Daddy's lunch for 3 years.

This is a picture of the first lunch I made you .

I know, it looks gross.

But my cooking improved
over the three years.

You never said it tasted bad
even though it did.

Sometimes you got stomach aches,
or the food was rotten

or your friends gave you food .

I'm very sorry for all that.

I gave it all my best today.

I hope you still eat my
boxed lunch once in a while.

Thank you for these past 3 years.

His meals got so much better.

It's good .

Really good.

So good .

I'm home.

Thank you for making me lunch these 3 years.

I always enjoyed the meals you made.

I know you worked very hard.

Your box lunch is the best, Dad.

Midori , you're going to be late for university.


I'm leaving now.

Oh, wait.

Here. I tried for the first time.


See you.

"Fight hard at work!"

Wow, impressive.

It looks delicious.

Thanks for the meal.

It's so good .

Toshimi Watanabe

Rena Takeda

Shou Kiyohara

Hikaru Tanaka

Yura Someno

Eriko Kumagai

Utano Aoi

Mikan Ogino

Yuriko Hara

Ryoko Nakabe

Directed by
Masakazu Fukatsu