Daddy's Little Girl (2014) - full transcript

In a time when stranger danger is ever present, a single father learns that it's the ones you trust most who have to be watched the closest.

Push, c'mon, you're nearly
there Stacy. One more big push.

Push, baby. You're
doing so well.

I can't do this. I
can't do this anymore!

I know it hurts, but
you're doing great, Stacy.

I am pushing!

Don't touch me.

Ok. This is it.

The big one.

On the next push, I want you to
push as hard as you can, Stacy.

We got it! We got it!

She's beautiful,
she's beautiful.

Congratulations, you guys.

You have a healthy baby girl.

We have a baby girl.

Congratulations, Derek!

Keep going. That's enough.
No, keep going.

Keep going.
Keep going.

Where's Barbie?

Here's Barbie?
Oh, there it is.

No, there's another
one somewhere.

Let's do Barbie's hair.

- No.
- No? Pony's hair.

What style are you going
to do pony's hair?


Why style are you going to do?

Ummm, plattes.

You're going to platte it?


C'mon, we need more bubbles.


More bubbles...

I need the scrunchy thing.
I'm going to make bubbles.

How do you make bubbles?

Oh! So close.

Oh! Bless you.

Head back.

It's cold!

Come on, no it's not.

Are you finished yet?

Almost, keep your eyes closed.

Last one, here we go.

There we go.

Okay cutie!

Outcha get.


- Come on.
- No.





So is there something
special happening tomorrow?


Well, what is it?

It's my birthday!

No it's not, you, re fibbing me.

Yes it is.

I'll be six tomorrow!

Six, no your not, you'll
be three tomorrow.

No, I'll be six tomorrow.


Will you really be six tomorrow?


You know daddy
loves you very much.

How much do you love your daddy?

In the whole world!

Only in the whole world?

To the moon and back!

I love you to the
moon and back as well.


I'll see you in the morning.

Daddy, daddy wake up!

What do you want?

Go back to bed.

Daddy, wake up, it is my

- What, today?
- Yeah!

Is it your birthday today?

Yeah, there's fairy
stuff everywhere.

Really? No,
there's not.

Yeah. Yes
there is.

Okay. You
better show me.

C'mon quick!

I'm coming, I'm coming.

- Hey.
- Hey babe.

Hey there!

What's this? A
new career mate?

Hell no, this is a once off.

Aww I dunno, I think
it kind of suites you.

Yeah well, we all know
he doesn't need a costume

To be a clown.


- Hello.
- Hey

Hey sweetie, you having fun?

Can you push me on the swing?

You want me to push
you on the swing set?

Yes please.

Okay. Let's go.

You look funny as a clown.

But I'm the best clown in the
world, aren't I?





Come here, mummy's on
the phone for you.

Uncle Tommy, stop.
Mummy's on the phone.

Okay, off you hop.

Hey sweetie, how's it going?

Wicked witch, aye?

She could have
called first thing.

Geez, it gives me the shits.

I wouldn't worry about it mate.

Look around, Georgia's
having a blast.

From Uncle Colin I got a
princess doll.

A princess doll, wow!

Okay baby, can you put your
daddy back on the phone for me?

Yep. Daddy, mummy wants you.

Good luck mate.

You know what, I'm glad your
family's having fun

With my daughter!

Oh please!

Yeah, I'll have her back
no later then six pm!

Okay, can I go now and
enjoy my daughter's birthday?

Piss off, Derek!

Thank you! Thank
you very much!

Great day yesterday,
Georgia had a ball, aye?

Yeah, she did.

Hey, thanks again for

She loved that doll,
even took it home with her.

Any time, she's like
my daughter as well.

She's so similar
to you, you know.

I think that's what pisses
her mother off the most.

You heard from Tommy yet?

Nope. He was suppose to be here
to get the rosolins' order out,

But as usual, one of us
will have to finish it.

Yeah, I'll get onto it.

Speak of the devil.
He's all yours, mate.

Hey boys!

Tommy, we've spoken about this.
You promised you weren't going

To be late anymore.

Sorry bro, it was a late night.

Yeah, well make sure it
doesn't happen again.

You're starting to
piss Colin off,

And he owns this place as well.

Things are hard enough as it
is and this behavior's

Not good enough.

Okay! I get it boss!

Jeeze, I'll make it up to you.

Well, actually next
weekend I have a date.

Did I hear right?

You have a date?

So uh, how much you paying her?

Yeah, yeah.

But seriously, I have Georgia.

Can you watch her
that night, please?

Look, I can help out if
Tommy can't step up.

Come on it's one night,
you've done it before.

Go on mate, she's the cutest
niece you've got.

Okay! I'll do it.

And not so you can score either!

I'll pick her up first thing.

Yeah, no worries mate.

Now, go get that
job finished for me.

Yeah, you little prick.


Can you come in
here for a minute?

Oy, do some work.

Close the door.

Think I know what's coming.

This the tax paper work?

Yep, and these are the
bills that we are behind in.

Look, we've spoken
about this mate,

And today we have to
make a decision.

I know.

Well, we've kept your
brother on, and he is always

Late, and we cant
afford to pay him anymore.

The time has come to
let him go, my friend.

It's either that, or we'll
all be out of jobs,

And you've got a
daughter to think about.

Well, I think you
better tell him.

He might take a swing at me.

Okay, I'll take care of it. Just
give me a few more

Days, so we can get
these last jobs out.

Then I'll talk to him.

Then you'll do it?

Yeah, I'll do it.

I promise.

Dad, will sian be
at Uncle Tommy's house?

You know what, I'm not too sure.

I guess we'll see
when we get there.

Sian said she'll paint
my nails for me.

I bet she can't do them as
good as daddy can, hey?


Hey, look sian is here!

Is she?

Yep, that's her car.

Hey mate.

Hey man.

Now, she has to have a bath,

And after dinner make
sure she brushes her teeth.

Did you have fun
last night, honey?

Yep, sian painted my nails
for me, aren't they pretty?

They are very pretty.

Did you win anything
last night, daddy?

What do you mean?

Like, Uncle Tommy said,
did you get lucky?

Ah, well daddy didn't lose.

Weren't you showing
me your nails?



Hey missy, did you have fun?

Yep, sian painted my nails
for me aren't they pretty.

They are beautiful.

Come on, you can tell
me all about it.

So what's the point in
having a daughter

If you're only going to
dump her with your brother?

Stace please, don't start on me.

I haven't done anything wrong.

Also you might want to move her
table set, I almost ran it over.

Well, if you watched where you're
going, you wouldn't run it over.

She loves playing
with it out here.

You fixed that broken
window in her room yet?

No, when I get some
money, I'll get someone

Around to fix it.

Look, stop being so stubborn, if
you let me in the house I'll fix

It for you.

I'll fix it when I'm ready!

Okay. It
closes fine.

Okay fine, I'm just offering.

It's a pretty shady
area, but your call.

Hey cutie, be a good girl, daddy
will call you through the week,

I love you!

I love you daddy!

Shit surf.

Yeah I know, it's shocking.

Look mate, I need to
talk to you about work.

Why, what's the
scot's problem now?

Na, it's not him, it's me.

You know business has
been quiet for months.

You're not getting
your boards out

And you keep turning up late.

What do you mean, I bust my
arse off for that place.

C'mon, you haven't for
months and you know it.

So what, are you trying to
say I'm fired or something?


Derek, are you firing me?

Things are really tight
right now, champ.

We can't even pay our bills.

And we're behind in our taxes.

My hands are tied.

Mate, this is bullshit!

You and I started that place,

And Colin came in
after we set it up.

And you're firing me?

I'll lose my house
if I don't have a job!

You'll get another job.

I don't need a guilt trip.

We'll all lose everything if I
don't do this, and you know it.

Fuck the both of ya.

Did you brush your teeth?


Let me smell.

Good girl.

Want your Teddy?

Not that one, can I sleep
with my princess doll?

Princess doll,
where's your princess doll?

Over there.

There you go, now she can
share your pillow with you.

Did you have fun with
daddy this weekend?

Yep, daddy got lucky last night.

Who told you that?

Uncle Tommy.

So that's why he dropped
you off over there.

Daddy told you to
fix the window.

Yes, he did.

Now don't be cheeky.

Okay, mummy will see
you in the morning.

Mwah. I love you.

I love you, mummy.

What? Who's gone?

Shit the bed, mate?

I just got a call from Stacey
saying Georgia was missing.

What? What do you
mean she's missing?

I'm not sure. Stacey said she
went into Georgia's room

And she wasn't there.

She'll be okay, mate.

I'm leaving now.

What if something's
happened to her, mate?

Don't even think like that
okay, I'll see you at Stacey's.

I'm about twenty minutes
away. I'll see you there.

What's going on?

I don't know!

How long has she
actually been missing?

I woke up and she was gone.

Please sir, we have
officers in the house.

Look I'm her father.
What's going on?

No! It's a
crime scene.

Look, just wait outside.

The detective will be
with you in a minute.

Have you seen my daughter?

No, sorry I haven't.

What about you?

Have you seen my daughter?
Georgia, blonde hair.

She's only small;
Six years old.

No, sorry, I haven't
seen anything.

Oh come on! Has anyone
seen anything?

You're the father, I assume.

No, no. Derek!
Derek! Come here!

Derek, is it?

Detective Michael Harris,
sunshine coast civ.

What's going on,
where's my daughter?

From what we can tell, she was taken from
her bedroom through an unlocked window.

That fucking window!
I warned you about that window.

Derek, now is not the time.

Look, your friend is right, we
have police blocking off all the

Streets in the neighborhood, and
we have more officers arriving

To door-knock and help
look for your daughter.



Her name, my daughters
name is Georgia.

Look, we'll do all we can to
find Georgia as fast as possible.

Do you have a
current photo of her?

Stacey, how about you and me
go inside and find a current

Picture of Georgia? Okay?

So what now, what can I do?
She's six years old, mate.

I have a couple of
questions, if that's okay?

Do you or your wife
have any enemies?

Stacey's not my
wife, and no, I don't.

I can't speak for her.

Do you owe anyone large
amounts of money for any reason?

Yeah, the tax department, what's
that got to do with anything?

My daughter is gone, missing,
disappeared and you're playing

Twenty friggin'
questions with me.

Sorry, but we need to ask, the
smallest thing may lead

Us to finding Georgia.

Look, I promise we'll do
everything we can,

But we'll need your help also.

Derek, what's going on?

Look, I'll leave you for
now, we'll chat again later.

I told Stacey about that
fucking window.

What window?

Ah, you mean the broken
window in Georgia's room.


I thought you
fixed that ages ago?

Is that where they're
saying she got out from?

Not got out, she was taken.

Georgia wouldn't
climb out that window.

Okay, everyone listen up.

We're looking for a six year
old girl. Her name is Georgia.

This is the most current
photo we have of Georgia.

We believe she was taken from
her bedroom some time between

10 pm and 4 am this morning.

I would like to ask all the
neighbors of this street and

Neighboring streets to check
in your backyards, under your

Houses, in trees, sheds,
and even in your homes.

If she has lost her way,
she will be cold and scared.

If you do find her, approach her
carefully, as not to startle her,

And once again,
radio back to base.

Excuse me.

Alright. I've just heard that there
are severe storms coming over.

So let's get out there, guys, and
find this little girl, and bring

Her home safely to
her mum and dad.





It's Derek.


Oh thank God!

Yeah, yeah, I'll meet
you there, okay.

Did they find her, love?

Yeah, Derek overheard a policeman
saying they found her at fisher's point.

Oh, this is great news!

Oh, I told you she'd be okay!

Can someone drive
me there, please?

Yeah, c'mon.

Thank God, mate. I
was so worried.

I know. Little bugger.

She's got some
explaining to do, aye.

Just as well, we caught her
before the storm kicked in, mate.

I'll wait here for Stacey.


Please join with me as we
bow our heads in prayer.

Our father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come, thy will
be done, on earth as it is

In heaven. Give us this day our
daily bread and forgive us our

Trespasses, as we forgive those
who trespass against us, and lead

Us not into temptation, but
deliver us from evil, for thine is

The kingdom, and the power, and
the glory, forever and ever, amen.

She's just a baby.

She's just a baby.

It was a beautiful
send off, Derek.

If there's anything you need,
you'd just let me know, alright?

Anything I can do?

I just don't understand how any
of this could happen.

Excuse me?!

What did you just say?!

What did you say?

You can't understand
how this happened?


Are you serious,
tell me you're joking!

Derek, don't!

Derek, that's enough.

Don't you dare tell
me that's enough!

I told this stupid bitch
time and time again

About that fucking window!

Go on, tell em!

Fuck off!

This is not my fault.

Come on mate, calm down.

No you can all just piss off!

I'm sick of always
being the bad guy.

I offered to fix that
window so many times,

But you, yes you,
wouldn't let me.

So because of your stupidity
and your stubbornness

My daughter is dead.

So don't you dare stand there
and say, how could this happen?

I could tell you exactly
how this happened.

Come on mate, you've
said your piece.

I haven't even started
to say my piece.

Come on, let's go for a walk.

Yeah well, we
were all thinking it.

It's not my fault.
It's not my fault.

God, baby, I miss you so much.

I miss you too daddy.

Sorry. I'm so sorry I wasn't
there to protect you.

It's okay daddy.
It's not your fault.

You know I love you very much.

To the moon and back.

That's right.

We say that to each other
all the time, don't we?

Oy! Oy Derek, wake up.

C'mon champ, this has
got to stop.

Shit mate, not you too.

Why don't you all give me time,
I've only just lost my daughter.

I have a pretty good excuse.

I know you have, but all you do
is stay trapped in this house.

Every time I come around,
that TV is bloody blaring.

Surprised the neighbors
haven't complained.

Not as easy as you think.

She comes and visits
me every night.

What do you mean she comes
and visits you every night?

I'm not sure if
they're dreams or real.

They seem so real
when she's here.

We just lay here and talk.

They're just dreams, my friend.

Look, did you go to that
group I told you about?

What group?

Oh, the grieving parents thing.

No, I didn't.

Are you gonna go?

Thinking about it.

You should mate. They'll be
able to help you through this.

It'll be awesome, you'll see.

Now get yourself up,
we're going for a surf today.

Yeah ok, let's go for a surf.

Do you want me to call Tommy,
see if he's keen as well?

I haven't seen him since the
funeral, so I really couldn't

Give a shit if he comes or not.

Thanks col, I needed this.

Any time mate, you know that.

Georgia loved coming
here and having a swim.

Do you remember the
time she ran down

To the water and fell
flat on her face?

Well, that's one more thing
she won't ever do again.

Listen, are you going to that
meeting tonight?

What meeting?

You know exactly what meeting.

Look I'm happy to come
along with you if you want.

It'll be good for you.

I think you might be right.
Might do me some good.

So you're going, then?

If it means you'll leave me the
hell alone, then yes, I'll go.

You're sure you don't
want me to come with you?

Thanks, but I think I'll go
on my own, just listen in.


Georgia, is that you?


Georgia, is that you honey?

Hello daddy!


Hey mate, how you going?

Hey tom, I'm getting there.

Haven't heard from
you since the funeral.

Yeah sorry, I just had to deal
with it my own way, you know?

Yeah, I understand,
seen mum and dad lately?

Yeah, I was over
there last night.

I think they're coming around to see
you, check up on how you're going.

Mum said you really upset Tanya.

Yeah, I'll have to call Tanya.

Was a bit of a prick to her when
she came over, forgot about that.

Sian okay?

Sian was fine,
mate, she understood.

That's good.

Tell her sorry for me.

Will do.

Hey, I'm having a
party this Saturday arvo.

I want you to come over and
have a beer with me.

I dunno, mate.

I don't think I really want to be
around people right now, you know.

Oh, bullshit!

You can't live your life
like a hermit forever, bro!

Just, come over for a few hours.

There'll be some
talent here, I promise.

Yeah, I'll think about it.

What time's this
shindig kicking off anyway?

Ah, starting at
four, the barbecue.

You better come, I'll be pissed
off it you don't.

We'll see how I'm going.

Anyway, I better
get ready for work.

I appreciate you calling
Tommy, means a lot to me.

You know I love
you, little brother.

I love you too, bro.

See you Saturday.

Oy! See you
Saturday, right?

Okay, fair enough.
I'll let you know.

Yeah, yeah, I'll annoy
you again in a few days.

Later mate.

Yeah, bye.

I'm losing my shit.

Hey mate, how you goin'?


I'm getting the
mackenzie job done.

I finished the patch job on
that one over there,

But I cant find their job card.

Oh, that's okay. That's the
feltch's board.

Card for that's in the office.

You okay?

What do you mean, am I okay?

Because I'm working, there
must be something wrong?

Didn't mean to offend you, mate.

You just seem a little
different, that's all.

Did you go to that
meeting last night?

Those meetings are intense; Not
sure I really want to go back.

I had to listen to this guy
talk about his daughter.

Are you still having
dreams about Georgia?

I got a call from
Tommy this morning.

Oh yeah, what's the long
lost brother up to now?

He's having a party this
weekend. Wants me to come.

Probably needs someone
to cook the food.

Ah, look I think
that's a great idea.

You should go.

One, you'll get to spend some
time with your little brother,

And two, it might actually
take your mind off things.

You never know, you'll probably
have fun.

I dunno, Tommy's parties
are always over the top.

I think it'd be great.

And look, if it gets
too much, then just leave.

Yeah, stuff it.
I will go.

Be good to catch up with
tom and sian again,

And have a quiet beer.

There you go!

Now can you turn the power back
on so we can make some money,

And get the ato off our backs?

No worries, if you need me
I'll be out in front.


Colin, it's detective
Harris here.

Can I speak to Derek please?

Yeah I'll just get him for you.

Derek! That's detective
Harris on the phone.


Hello Derek, this is detective
Harris here, how are you?

Good, do you have
some news for me yet?

Well, we have no new suspects,
but we're getting lots of calls

From the public, people are
starting to come forward

With new information.

So have any of those callers
given you any information that

Actually helps the case?

Ya know, this has been going
on for over six months now,

And you say the same
thing every time.

Look I understand you're
frustrated, it can be hard work

Sifting through all the
information we're getting,

But I really believe we're
starting to get somewhere.

We have one caller
recently mention seeing a man,

Maybe early thirties, leaving
fisher's point around three A.M.

We're getting the man to do a
sketch up of what he saw, but it

Was dark, so I'm not sure we'll
get an accurate description.

Well I appreciate your
efforts Michael,

But as usual, I won't
hold my breath.

Look I'll give you a call when
we get the sketch up and ready.

You can come in and
have a look, you never know,

It could be a solid lead.

Yep, thanks for
the call. Bye.

Any news?

Same shit, different day.

They're useless pricks,
that's all I can say.

I'm sorry mate, this'll
break, I can feel it.

Someone will give this
fucker away, you'll see.

Yeah, I've had enough for
today, I'm going home to relax.

I'll finish this tomorrow.

That's okay, I'll look
after the jobs for today.

Look, I'll give you a
call tomorrow,

Maybe go for a surf
or something?

Sounds like a plan.
Call me in the morning.

- See ya later.
- See ya mate.

Sorry about that.

Hey! I was just about to
call you, and here you are.

Just sneaking off before
anyone knew I was here.

What, you can't leave
yet, you only just got here.

Look around, sian, I don't fit
in with all these youngins.

Don't be silly, and
besides you're not

Going anywhere with that
dip. I love French onion!

Come on, let's take
these inside.

Come and have a
beer with me, man.

Hey mate!

Good to see Tommy's still got
it. He's pissed already.

Better not, be he's supposed to
be cooking the food later.

Anyway, here, pass me your drinks,
I'll put them in the fridge.

- Thanks.
- Thanks.


Awww, I love you bro!

Ahh, I'm glad you came.

Hey, you want a beer?

Open your eyes, he's
already got one.

Oh my gosh, Derek!

Marissa, how are
you? Come here!

Yeah, she's back
from Italy, mate.

And she's hanging out
with her favorite cuz.

Yeah, well, someone's
gotta help sian

Look after this crazy bugger.

So, how you been, anyway?

Yeah, day by day, you know.

He's been great, he's here
to get plastered with me.

Now go back out side and go and
have some fun.

Damn bro, do we
have the hottest cousin or what!


Is that not alright?

Okay, moving along,
what's for dinner I'm hungry?

Come out and talk to me. Give me
five minutes then I'll come out.



You can be so rude sometimes!


What's for dinner?

We're having steak and sausages.

And I'm going
to start cooking soon.

Kinky little fucker.

What the hell is going on here?

Hey man, what are ya doin'?

Ah I was laying down, then I
remembered Stacey was going to

Send me some pictures
of Georgia to my email.

So I was hoping to check it.

If that's okay with you.

Yeah, that's cool dude.

Save some to my desktop as well.

Alright, after you've done
that, get your arse out here

And have a brew with me.


Tommy, where are you?

Yeah, I'm coming.
Shit, settle down.

Bloody women, aye.

Hey, if you're not out
there in five minutes

I'll have to drink
'em all on me own.

Yeah, I'll be there, let
me check my email.


Derek are you still in there?

Hey! Tommy said you
had an email from

Stacey with some
pictures of Georgia?

Was wondering if I
could have a look?

Ah, I wish, she hasn't
sent them yet.

Ah, that sucks.

Feeling any better?

Not really. Think I might
go home and go to sleep.

Okay, I understand.

C'mon, I'll take you out the
back so Tommy doesn't corner

You for another drink.

That'd be good.

Think he needs a sleep as well.

Uh huh.

Just give me a sec.

Yeah, take your time.

I first met Ben at the beach
when he was doing nippers.

Ben is a good looking kid,
but on the cheeky side.

When I was younger, my
dad would beat me

If I didn't do what I was told.

I warned Ben one day that he
would get into trouble

If he didn't stop it.

Of course, Ben
wouldn't listen to me.

Don't worry dad, I showed him.

Today was shit at work.
Colin's really pissing me off

With all his nagging.

Derek just stands
there and let's him do it.

I had to release some pressure.


Derek? You
alright, mate?

Sorry, I was off
with the fairies.

Yeah, you seemed to be.

Are you here to see me?

No, I was walking past and
had a moment, I guess.

What've you got there, mate?

What, this?

Just book work for
the surf shop.

Never ends, aye.

Speaking of book work, I've got
that sketch for you,

If you wanna come in and see it?

Is it okay if I come
back through the week?

I've got a lot on today.

Sure, no problem.

I can drop it down to
the store, if you like.

Ah, that's right, I'm
taking off for a week.

We can do it when I get back.

You sure? I can go
and get it.

It'll only take a few minutes.

No, I don't have time today.
I've got to run.

Look, I'll call you
when I get back.

Alright, I'll talk to you
in a week or so, I guess.

Here's one for ya: Did you
hear that story about the

Fella on the farm that
chopped his arm off,

And to stop the bleeding,
he used a hot iron?

Is that really possible?

If the iron's super hot, yeah.

You could try cauterizing
the wound to stop the bleeding.

Probably destroy
the tissue though.

Plus it'd hurt like hell!

Must have been a brave man.

Wouldn't someone pass
out from the pain though?

The human body can
withstand so much pain.

Most of us will never have
to go through what we're

Truly capable of handling.

Thank God.

Hey doc, I was watching YouTube
the other day and I saw this

Footage of a dentist in
Germany or something...

He was smoking and
looked to be drunk.

He was pulling this guy's teeth
out, and jeeze it looked brutal.

Yes, I've seen that one.

That is without doubt
the roughest dental work

I've ever seen.

Ah, the guy in the chair was
losing so much blood,

Surely it wouldn't have
happened like that,

Or he could have at least
stopped the bleeding?

Well, there are right ways and
wrong ways to extract a tooth.

Naturally, we use the
proper tools to do it.

For example, ah let's see, this
one here is designed to get down

Inside the gum.

And ah this little baby, which
just happens to be my favorite,

Is designed to
pull the tooth out.

How about the days where
people were tortured though?

They didn't have all this fancy
equipment we have today to keep

People awake, or
alive for that matter.

It's all about
conditioning, mate.


What the hell are you
talking about, you piss head?

Well, you know how, ah,
you go for a run and

On the first day
you run a "k."


Yeah, and if you ran every
other day you'd be able

To run further, right?

For sure.

Yeah, so torturing
someone's the same.

It's all about conditioning
the person's pain threshold.

What they used to do was
push you to the limit

Where you'd be about to
pass out, then stop.

Then come back the next day
and push you even further.

It's really a mental tug of war
between your brain and the pain.

Eventually they'd
pass out, though.

Well, how would you wake
'em up if they did pass out?

Its not overly hard, you can get
products over the counter to do that.

Smelling salts have been around
since at least the seventeenth

Century to help revive a
person that's passed out.

And they work because the
ammonia gas irritates the lungs

And triggers and
inhalation reflex.

Which then wakes
you up, easy as!

Sounds like it.


Hey, yeah, it's been a while.

Another beer, mate?

Does a bear shit in the woods?

What, have you been
throwing down a few?

Ah, I'm on me fourth.

So, when's the misses get back?

I dunno. Five, six
days, maybe a week.

Party time at your place?

Hell yeah, hasn't stopped mate.

Home brew's the
best. Cheers.

So, how you going, mate?

You coping with it all okay?

Yeah, I'd feel a lot better if
they just caught the fucker.


Are the cops
even doing anything?

It just seems like they have
no leads at all.

Yeah, that's the problem.
They have no clue.

I don't think they'll
ever catch who did this.

They said they had
no forensic evidence.

All they have is
some old bastard

Who saw someone
around three A.M.

But detective Harris reckons
nothing will come of that

Because it was too dark to get
a good look at the guy.

Shit, that sucks mate.

So did the old guy say
anything about what he saw?

Only that the guy he saw looked
to be late twenties, early

Thirties, but
nothing will come of it.

This bastard will
get away with it.

Slow down there, turbo, you
don't wanna injure yourself.

Mate, I'll drink you under the
table any day of the week.

How about you show me this pool
room, and I'll kick your arse.

You're on.

Jeeze, strong brews mate!

You alright there?

Yeah I'm good, just a
little dizzy, that's all.

Is that going to be your
excuse when I smash ya?

You wish mate.

You're okay, just
take your time.

Tommy, you can't move. You're
bolted down to the table.

Oh, I've performed
a tracheotomy on you

So you can't talk either.

It's amazing what you can
learn on the net these days.

The only way you can talk
is if I block that hole.

I wouldn't go throwing your
head around either.

There are pretty sharp spikes
pointed at your skull.

I reckon it'd hurt a
lot if you hit em'.

Now, what are you trying to say?

What are you doing?

Ah! Come off it tom,
don't act like you don't know!

If you tell me the truth
right now, I'll let you go.

Truth about what?

I'm going to give you one more
chance to tell me the truth.

This is it.

If the next words outta'
your mouth are not what

I want to hear,
well fuck ya then.

So you wanna confess?

What have I done?

You know what pisses
me off the most

About having a pool table?

People always spill crap on
them and wreck the felt.

Look what you have done, Tommy.

You are bleeding on my table.

Shit. Well now I have to
stop the bleeding.

I did it.

You did what?

I killed her.

I have your diary, I know
exactly what you did to my

Daughter, you sick prick.

She was six years old.

You killed Georgia because you
where mad at Colin and me.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

And she wasn't the only one.

You're a child killer,
rapist, pedophile.

You're scum!

Don't bother Tommy. I
cut out your throat

So I didn't have to
listen to your dribble.

How old was Georgia?

She was six.

For every year she was alive
you're going to get tortured

For a whole day.

Six years equals six days.

And when I say tortured, I
mean I'm going to cause you so

Much fucking pain you'll
wish you were never born!

You are not my brother!

The only thing I wanna hear
coming out of your mouth is you

Yelling from the
pain I'm causing you.

That looks like it's
pretty painful.

That should hold you
down for a while.

I'm going to see Colin.

You just stay there, and
I'll be back soon.

You seem in good spirits today!

Do I?

That week off seems to
have done you a world of good.

What'd you get up to?

I rebuilt my pool room.

Looks good now.

So we're on for a pool
comp soon then?

Hell yeah!

I'm ordering new felt for the
old girl next week.

Once I have that,
we'll get into it.

So, when're you
coming back to the shop?

Hmm, give me a few more days.

I have a few things
to finish up.

Then I'm all yours.

Good to have you back, mate.
Take all the time you need.

Now I have a story
for you Tommy.

I really don't think you're
going to wanna hear it,

But I'm going to tell
you anyway.

It's about that little
boy in england.

Five year old that was taken
from the shopping centre.

Did you ever hear
about that little boy?

Ah, it's a sad story really.

This little boy was
shopping with his mother.

Then the next thing
you know, he's gone.

Taken by two ten year old boys.

They took him down
to the train tracks

And did the most horrific
things to him.

They even cut off his fingers.

When I read this, Tommy,
after losing Georgia,

I really felt for that family.

So for the sake of justice
I'm gonna cut off your fingers.

One at a time.

Hold that thought!

Nearly forgot the wax!

Need to make sure
this wax is melted

So you don't bleed everywhere.

This will be a lot easier
if you don't move.

Okay, okay!
I've stopped.

I don't know why you're upset.

I only cut off two
of your fingers!

Now the wax is to
stop the bleeding...

But it won't stick
with all this blood.

Let's get you cleaned up.

Good timing!

Mum's calling.


Nah, just waxing some stuff.

Yeah sure, what time
where you thinking?

Okay cool. See ya
then, yeah...

I better finish this waxing.

I love you too.

Mum and dad are coming to visit.

I better get organized.

Don't worry, I'll bring
you down some food.

Can't have you starving
to death on me.

I got a call from that
detective the other day.

What did he have to say?

It's been nearly six months.

Not too much as usual,
apparently some old guy saw

Someone around three a, m,
walking out of fishers point.

Although it was dark, the cops
are getting a sketch artist to

Draw up a picture of
what the old fart saw.

Don't say that.
Hey dad, do you remember

That girl that was killed, uh,
shit, like twelve years ago on

The coast, the young girl?

Alison karney. Is
that who you mean?

Yeah, that's the one, what'd they
do to her killer in jail again?

Jeeze son, I can't
really remember.

Hang on, just gotta put
my washing in the dryer.

Be back in a second.

Gotta love clothes dryers.

I was just saying
that we should get going,

Your father wants to
watch the footy.

I just remembered what they
did to that guy in prison.


Hey, Tommy you awake?

I was just chatting with
dad upstairs, and

He told me what he wants me to
do to you for killing Georgia.

So tomorrow we'll do dad's
idea, just to make him happy.

You know how he's always gotta
throw his two Bob's worth in.

Righto, well I'm off to bed.
We have a big day tomorrow.

What'd you say?

Just kill me.

Oh, I will kill you mate,
don't you worry about that.

Everything you did to Georgia
will come back ten fold,

Starting tomorrow.

Sleep well.

Do you want me to
leave this or take it out?

Leave it.

I can't hear you properly.

You want me to
twist it a little?

It's kinda weird, but okay!


Night bro!

Hey Tommy!

Check this out.

Guess where this is going to go.

What? No idea?

Up your arse, mate!

Hey, don't panic!

I have lube.

You don't think I'd just
ram it up there, do you?

Now your probably wondering
why I wanna stick a pipe up your

Arse right?

Well that's where
this comes into it.

See I'm going to stick the
barbed wire up the pipe and into

Your guts.

Then I'm going to remove the
tube and leave it up there.

You excited?

I am!

I told you we had a
big day ahead of us.

I enjoyed killing her...

What'd you say about Georgia?

Oh God, I'm sorry.

I hope this fucking hurts,
you little prick.

Oh, this is sharp shit.

I bet you wish I used lube now.

Please Derek, I'm
sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

We seem to be stuck!

I wonder if it's your guts. Or
if it's the pipe.

Hey Colin!

How's business?

Yeah, things are picking up.

What can I do for you?

I'm just here to see Derek.

We have a sketch
for him to look at.

Ah yeah he mentioned you
had a witness or something.

He's not actually in today, he's
got a few days off.

Ah, we'll find him at home then?

Definitely. He's working on a
pool room. Really good for him.

Giving him something
to do, you know.

That's great.

Uh, actually,

While we're here, could you
have a look at this sketch?

Sure, anything to help.

You know who that is, don't you?

Thanks for your help.

Come on, wake up, Tommy.

Oy Tommy, can you hear me?

Oh thank God!

I thought I might have
lost you there for a minute.

Might have pushed you a
bit hard yesterday...

What doesn't kill you, right?

Can't have you nodding off
and missing everything.

Yep, might have to do
that in sections, mate.

While we wait, how
about we read a little?

Recognize this?

There are three stories
in here I think we need

To seriously discuss, don't you?

And to save us time I've
highlighted the important parts.

Let's talk about little Ben.

He was ten years old, Tommy.

What would make any man want
to hurt a ten year old boy?

Do you know I've met
Ben's older sister?

Let me tell you,
she is pissed off.

She'd cause you a lot of pain
too, but well, she can't be here,

So I guess I'll
need to do it for her.

Now you say you broke his
knees so he couldn't run away.

Well, I did some research
on knee breaking.

And I thought
you'd appreciate this!

I found the plans on Google.

The knee splitter.

So for little Ben and his older
sister, I made one just for you.

What's say we try this baby out?

Don't you dare pass out, you
coward! You can handle it!

Ben was ten years old when you
smashed his knee caps!

It's all about conditioning,
remember? You can take it!

You think this is bad?

Wait 'til you see whats
coming, this is nothing tom!

I loved you, you were my
brother, and all along you were

The worst scum of the earth.

You fucking disgust me.

You still have two days left
to pay for what you did.

You piece of shit!

Suck it up!

Are you doing bad stuff
to Uncle Tommy?

Yes baby, I'm teaching
him a lesson.

Uncle Tommy is a bad man.

Does it make you feel
happy to hurt Uncle Tommy?

No baby, hurting people is bad,

But sometimes really bad people
deserve to be punished.

Daddy, you said when people are
bad to call the policeman, and

The policeman will
put them in jail.

I just want Uncle
Tommy to never forget

What he has put us through,

Then daddy will call the police.


Yes baby, I promise.

I love you, daddy.

I love you too, baby girl.

I come down here to
give you a drink

And look what you've
done to yourself, Tommy.

Seriously Houdini, what's
the plan of attack here?

Shred your last good hand
getting loose, then you have to

Free your head from those spikes,
which is pretty bloody hard even

For me, and I made the fucker!

After all that, you have to
free your ankles. Then what?

Run out of here on a broken knee
with two feet of barbed wire

Sticking out of your arse?

How the fuck did you
get away with murder?

Mmm. That's right,
you didn't.

Well I guess this
hand's gotta go!

Please, Derek.

Don't bother!

Who the hell is that?

Some people have bad timing.

Might be around the back?

Okay, okay, settle
down, I'm comin'.

Ah Michael, how's things?

Morning Derek,
sorry to bother you.

Got a few minutes?

Yeah sure, come in.

Excuse the mess.

Sit down guys, you want
a coffee or something?

Ah, no thanks. We
won't hold you up.

We called into the store
to see you, but, ah,

Colin said you were
having a few days off.

Yeah that's right,
taking a few more days,

Then heading back in next week.

So what's this about, do
you have some news for me?

Actually I think we might,
we called into the surf shop

Yesterday to show you this.

When Colin saw it, he thought it
looked exactly like your

Brother Thomas.

Detective Harris! Detective

I guess it looks like
Tommy a little.

Wait, you don't think Tommy's
the guy who did this?

Well, no, but we certainly
would like to talk to him.

We dropped into his house the
other day, but he wasn't there.

You heard from him
at all lately?

Derek, have you heard from him?

Um no, no, um, Tommy
does his own thing.

Although mum and dad did
ask me the other night

When they were over if
I'd seen him.

I think he went away
with his girlfriend.

She's a photographer and had
a job out west.

I tried to call her but she
had no reception.

Fair enough. Do you know
when they're getting back?

Saturday or Sunday I believe?

Okay well, I think
that's all we need for now.

Oh, um, if you do hear
from your brother,

Tell him to give me a call.

Now, let's talk about kelsie.

What'd she ever do to you?

What was it about her that
made you take her out to

The bush to rape and kill her?

The part that really gets me
is that you had a beautiful

Girlfriend and you chose to
rape a fifteen year old girl.

And to think, sian said
she'd want you in jail.

Pedophiles get what?

Couple of years, then they're
let out to do it again?

Not really effective, is it?

Perhaps you'd like to see
what it feels like to be raped?

Pease Derek.

Did that hurt?

Did that hurt?

If you don't answer
me, I'll do it again!

Did that hurt?


Now you know how kelsie felt!

I see our conditioning is coming
along quite well.

Might be time to
push it up a notch.

There was a little boy in
Western Australia that was

Beaten by his stepfather.

Ya' know how he did it?

He put the phone
book on him, like this.

Then beat him with a hammer.

Now you can't tell me that hurt.
I think you can take more!

Now that's gotta hurt!

I bet you're finding
it hard to breathe!

I need a break, Tommy!
This is hard work!

You have a rest. We have
a lot to get to

In the next 24 hours.

Tomorrow we talk about
Georgia, but today,

Well, today it's about kelsie.

I have a question for you Tommy.

You going to tell me the truth?


Sure, but then you'll
tell me what I wanna know.



That's enough.

Now as you can tell,
I have a hammer,

And this time there
is no phone book.

You mess me around I'll
crack you with this hammer.

Where is kelsie's body?


The old cane shed,
just off the high way.

We used to play there as kids.

So if I was to call the cops
right now and tell them

To head out there,
they'll find her body, right?

Yes, buried under
an old steel pile.

That wasn't so hard, and
I didn't have to hit you.

That's for raping
and killing her!

I have some information on
a missing 15 year old girl,

Her name is kelsie Taylor, her
body can be found under a pile

Of steel behind an old cane
shed just off the Bruce highway.

North of the sunshine coast.

You can't miss the cane farm.

Good luck.

Look at the master at work.

What're you building, Georgia?

A sand castle.

Maybe we could live
there one day?

No we cant, silly Billy.

Why can't we live there?

Because it's made out of sand!

You're so smart baby. How
much do you love daddy?

Daddy, you know how much!

Now, leave it, leave it!

Leave you, the professional.

"I opened her window
and climbed inside."

I knew about the window
from Derek telling me how Stacy

Wouldn't let him fix it.

I picked up Georgia out of her bed.
She woke slightly and I told

Her it's okay, it's Uncle
Tommy. Go back to sleep.

I climbed out the
window with her.

She woke again and I said we
were going to see her dad

And for her to go back to sleep.

I took her up the road to my car
and laid her on the back seat.

I don't know why, Georgia.

I didn't really want to take
her, but I was so angry at Derek

For firing me and
choosing her and Colin over me.

I wanted to get him back.

I took her down to the beach.

I knew she loved the beach.

My intention was to drown her,

But she woke up and started
crying. I couldn't shut her up.

She kept asking for her father
over and over again.

No matter what I said to
calm her it was always,

'I want my daddy, Uncle Tommy
I want my daddy.'

Drove me insane.

"So I hit her."

You sat there every day saying
how much you loved Georgia

And our family.

I can't believe such
lies came out of your mouth.

So that's what we're going
to start with first.

What are you going to do?

Before I couldn't
hear you scream,

Now I can hear every
noise you make.

That's for all the bullshit
you dribbled to me,

My daughter, and my family.

I think it's time
this has to go.

You took my daughter's
right hand...

An eye for an eye.

No! No! Please Derek,
I'm sorry!

Hey mate.

- I got him, mate.
- Got who?

Holy shit, Derek,
what have you done?

Tommy, Tommy can you hear me?

What the fuck happened here?

We need to call an ambulance.

Forget him col, he's dying now.

This fucker got
what he deserved.

Are you insane?

We need to get help now,
and if you don't, I will.


This fucker killed Georgia. He
deserves everything he gets.

And if you continue to annoy me
I'll cut your fucking head off.

You understand me?

I understand mate, he
deserves it, I didn't realize.

Sorry please, please,
just let me go.

Go on, get out.

Call mum and dad for me.

Fuck, fuck...

Harris, it's Colin. Derek's
got Tommy and he's killing him.

Slow down, slow down,
I don't understand.

What do you mean,
"he's killing him?"

He's got Tommy locked
in the pool room,

My God, it's a
fucking mess down there.

Okay, how do you know this?

'Cause he tried to cut
my fucking head off!

Are you still in the house?

No, he let me go.
He told me to leave.

Good. Stay out the
front, on the street.

Do not go back in the house,
we will be there in a minute.

Time to die, bro.

Derek, please. Please.

I gotta go. That's
detective Harris here now.

I've got to go speak to him.

I don't know whats
happened, Tanya.

Just give your mum a call, and
I'll see you when you get here.


See ya. Bye.

Colin, are you okay?

Have you got any other injuries?

Look, I'm fine, you
better get down there.

Tommy's in a bad way.

Derek thinks he killed Georgia.

Okay, calm down. Listen
to me, is he armed?


Does he have a weapon?

Ah, he's got a knife.

Okay, is Tommy still alive?

Look, put it this way, if you
don't get down there now,

He's gonna kill him.

Alright, you stay with
detective Johnson.

Sit in the car.

I need you to sit in the car.

Hold that on your neck
and calm down.

Sam, call for back-up and make
sure they're on their way.

I'm going in to talk to Derek.

Derek, don't leave me
like this, just kill me.


Don't do anything stupid,
mate! I'm coming down!

Stay there.

I mean it.
Stay where you are.




No, Tommy, I'll do my
time for torturing you,

But you will always be the
murderer in this family.

Oy Tommy, don't die mate,
help's on the way.

Jail's next for you.
They'll love you in there.


It's over.


I know mate.




The victim's downstairs.

Georgia: Uncle
Tommy's down there.


I love you, daddy.

To the moon and back, baby.
To the moon and back.