Daddy's Girl (2018) - full transcript

A young woman held captive by her stepfather becomes the focus of a female vigilante.

Little mother took a hairpin
and put it on my fingertips.

He said:
"It feels like hell all the time."

He said
there are many parts to hell.

But the coldest, the darkest of them
reserved for murderers,

Sodomites and suicide bombers.

Half a year later
he killed himself.

- Say who's my little girl.
- I am.

Yes you are.

Your mother only wanted to put in the mornings.

In the evening he recited prayers.
I couldn't touch him.

He thought not
God awakens our awakening.

You can take the rubbish out.

And clean up. This smells.

K�rp�si� everywhere.

Did you hear? I love you, Zoe.

I'm you, father.

19-year-old woman missing

He is white,
150 cm and weighs about 45 pounds.

Reddish brown hair and brown eyes.
Two holes in the face ...

Modern parents ...

Treat their children
than toys received as a Christmas present.

Throw in the corner when you get bored.

I would never do that to you.

- Or what?
- Oh! I know what.

That way.

Do you see something you like?

Can I have a beer? Thank you.

- Already the third beer alone.
- Offer our bill.

Hi how are you doing?
You seem to miss the company.

I look forward to strong strength.

My friend over there
wants to offer you.

No need.
I already ordered. Thank you.

- Keep the rest.
- And thank you.

- I'm Staci.
- Min'm Zoe.

And he is my friend John.

Such a beautiful evening.

The city does not see stars like this.
Smoke only.

I would switch to a remote area
smoke at any time.

Sometimes it feels
than I could fall into the sky

and leave this shit world.
No one would miss.

Not at first, but then they would see mine
flying across the sky like a star flight.

- You're right again.
- No ...

Aren't you coming along?

He likes to watch.

Close your eyes now.

It's good.

Keep your eyes closed.

- I'm counting to five.
- All right.

Then you can open. �l� fuskaa.





Welcome to Hell.

Isn't that wonderful?


I know you love this.

On the way to the city?

I could help.


- Is he your friend?
- What did you say?

- Bring the lost girl.
- No, it's part of the job.

Deputy Sheriff Scott Wallace,
at your service.

- Are you in use?
- I'll do my best.

- Don't you like the switch?
- Users do not like loose ones.

There is space in the city for these girls.

Don't worry, my hands will stay behind the wheel.

Are you going to linger long?

There is money. I'm not a tramp.

There is nothing loose for the tramp.

- What do you care about that?
- Just asking.

I'm just curious.

- Thank you for the ride, Constable.
- Yup. Take care.

- I hope the girl is found.
- So do I.

He's not going to stop.

No one cares about you.
You are not being searched.

It must be considered urgent.

The alternative is more pain
and suffering as you can imagine.

It does not last.

Listen to me. You can choose.

I wish I could too.

He suffered.

Not to stop the animal,
when it suffers?

We are here to suffer.
You should not question it.

If you still touch my girls,
you know how.

Now you've killed the prey,
so you get to clean up afterwards.

I dont want.

In this house we clean our own traces.

I can't.

High time to learn.

- Same as chopping deer.
- Capricorn is just a silly animal.

Do you consider these girls smart?

Lesson 1: Cut
at the posterior spine through the whole knee.

You get used to it.

Good hunter
always chops its own prey.

- I didn't kill him.
- You can see it that way.

I'm not like you.

Good job. You got blood baptism.
I'll finish it.



- How are the evening courses going?
- Siin�h�n nuo.

- There has never been a reading room.
- Are you going to be a sheriff, like my father?

- I don't know if I think so.
- You can start with Mrs. Calhoun.

- He just called.
- Is that damn window again?

We protect and serve.

- This is the third time.
- At least.

It's intentional vandalism,
nothing else.

- We've talked about them.
- Have you talked?

They would belong to prison.
Miracle that the windows are intact.

I can't keep kids from throwing eggs,
but I'm talking to parents.

My father would have given me a thong.

Hey there!

Saamari sent��n.

I got him back. He came to life,
and I will give him a new body.

I'll make him whole again.

What have you done?


- Sorry, I didn't notice.
- I hate him for his actions.

If only you knew
what it's like to be like that.

- Can I help?
- Yeah, I need a car repairman.

John! There were guests.

- Can I help somehow?
- Hopefully.

The tire burst,
Intersection of Brewster and Milborn.

- Didn't come with a spare tire?
- Didn't happen to come.

I can't help myself.

Thank you for this.

Does not last. I need customers.

"Semper Fi"? Were you at sea?

In Iraq.

- We nailed the rags properly.
- Yeah right.

- When were you there?
- Desert Storm, 2005.

- Why do you ask?
- I was too.

- In Iraq?
- Yes, 2006.

Just before withdrawal.

- What regiment?
- 372.

Military police.

So nothing has changed.
Now you are the assistant sheriff.

Use once, always use.

- Did John help?
- The car is in the backyard, there is a spare tire.

- That guy is scary.
- Is it starting again, Danny?

- He could be the girl's father.
- As long as you don't break the law.

- How do you know?
- It is not a crime to like young girls.

Nice for him, I say.

- Does he work?
- No.

Moved here five years ago.
Why do you ask?

I don't know. Ring a bell.
Like I knew him from somewhere.

Don't let Danny confuse your head.

John lives aside with his girlfriend,
and they remain in their own circumstances.

No wonder.


Stop by it.

Best to see where you step.

Put makeup on your face.
I'm going out in the evening.

Abu Ghraib Prison
controversial methods in Iraq

may be investigated. Last week
a federal judge said,

that he can demand a government
publish 2,000 images,

torture of prisoners in prison.

Judge Albert Howerstine stated no
the Minister of Defense has been unable to demonstrate,

how publishing would be compromised
Americans abroad.

- I don't like this place.
- It's still an hour.

Do you want to get caught?
This is too close.

I'll take one more.

�l� linger too long.

- One more?
- Yup.

Best view for miles.

How much to give tips,
that you pull them all the way down?

Satan's cow!

Best to look out for where you look.

- What can it be?
- Kalja.

I'm changing barrels. Will I bring it to the table?

Just bring. I'm over there ...

... with friends. There.

I will come soon.

Zoe, this is Annie.

- Annie is a tough party.
- Partying is a sweet grief.

Depends on the party.


- Keep the rest.
- Thank you.

- Are you new?
- Everyone knows each other here.

We don't know you. John. John Stone.

Nice to meet you, John Stone.
Min'm Jennifer.

- Jennifer ...?
- Jennifer just.

- Let him be, he's here.
- As long as I'm polite.

Hello, I am at this minute.

I know, but let the adults talk.

Maybe we can get to know each other better.


�l� now, Annie. As long as we talked.

Hey. Come sit here.

Kappas only.

My own daughter.

We're all in the desert.

Like some chainsaw movie.

Try now.

Don't die for it.

- Mind. Doesn't feel good?
- Pretty good, yeah.

You can have a hell of a party here.

Nobody hears.

Wow. Scary man.

Now you get to promise.

Close your eyes.

Keep your eyes closed as you promised.

- Jooko?
- Yeah.


Now I count to three.

Then you open your eyes.




You don't seem to be at a party like this.

�l�, please.

I'm asking.

Shut up.

You look like you need start-up help.

It will be arranged.

- Friendly alarm.
- Oh God.

There is no god here.

You're in another circle of hell,

where lustful suffer forever.

You don't even feel
how wonderful this is.

Your body is in shock.

But gradually the shock subsides,
and then you will know everything.

I promise that.

Please help!

You look a lot like that
without that shit on your face.


If I were your father, I wouldn't let you
leave home as such a paintball.

With methamphetamine
I can spend the whole night.

I will never stop, grind like a pine.

Best hope you stay going.

No. �l�, please.

- Let's see.
- Stop.

Did Daddy do the paperwork?

Thank you.

Good time.

Is this your military time ...?

- What's this?
- Look at that.

- Is that John Stone?
- Alias ​​Jason Riley.

Separated from the Marine Corps in 2008
suffered a penalty for violation.

Is that a "violation"?

He changed his name after the prison,
moved to Bramley County,

married a local girl
and stayed in the elevator.

The wife had a daughter from the previous one
marriage. The girl was 11 at the time of the wedding.

Two years on
the wife committed suicide.

The man took custody of the girl.

You mean, like, what do I think?

Look at the schools,
what name does the girl use.

They have yearbooks and pictures.
He is not difficult to identify.

Kappas only.
The persecution of the police seems to be in the family.

Good morning, America.

- Did you sleep well?
- Hard in that noise.

I saw you peeking.
Hard attempt to sleep.

I'm going to town.
�l� go to the room.

He is not ready yet.
Is it clear?

It's faster to bite them across.

That's how the cougar does that
when trying to get rid of the bears.

Give me a hand, slut.
I'm just trying to help.

This can happen.

But you're used to it.

Now I have to put you in this.

No no!

�l� put on the dummy.

Otherwise, dig the eye.

Nosta p��t�.

Rest now.

You need it.

Why don't you just kill me?

Maybe I'll kill, maybe.

Satan's ass!

- Hey. I don't want to bother.
- Not at all.

- You start early.
- Or I'll stop late.

- Vodka j�ill�.
- Sit down.

- Do you do more than just do this?
- There's nothing better here.

- I'm concurs.
- Like that?

- You're pretty much fun.
- It's not what you think. He is not ...

None of my business.

Just let it come.

Are you going to stay for a long time?

- I'm never going to miss.
- Good.

Oh? I thought
that we will get along.

I just meant ...
This place is like running sand.

If you leave for too long,
that maybe he won't get away.

- All right.
- Ymm�rr�tk�?

Thanks for the tip.

You have to go.

How many times should I say
I don't like that you disappear.

I don't like many of your things,
so the levels are.

And the Lord said, "Let there be light."

�l�, please. Let me be.

Hey, �l�.

Have you seen cats mating?

The female resists, hisses and claws.

But the old package knows
that bitch likes it.

It smells it.


The party is over.

Nobody has said
that little girls are not allowed to play with guns?

Is it always necessary to ruin everything?

Oh God. Thank you!

Thank you.

Mouth open.

What? No.

Go to hell, both of you.

Hey, �l�.

�l� tee sit�.


He doesn't stop.
No one cares about you.

No one will save you.

You have 10 seconds to complete.

The alternative is more pain
and suffering as you can imagine.



I'll let you choose.

I wish I could choose too.







Look for yourself.

Siin�. Here he is.

It's him.

Aha. Right.

What was his name?

When I think about it, it was Chloe.

Chloe Brandt.

So did it in his mother's case.

Zoe? All right?

How's it going?

I went inside.

- You need a little food inside.
- There is no hunger.

You only stick liquor and pills on your face.
Come on now, Zoe.

I couldn't find anything else. The refrigerator is empty.

Sorry, should have visited
in the store today. I'll visit later.

You are too sick.

Maybe sober without recreation.

I don't want you to leave the house alone,
so i go.

I guess I can come along?

�l� move, Chloe.

�l� move!

I wish your father saw it now.

He would fuck you.

Zoe ...


Do you like this?





- Are you Chloe Brandt?
- I have Zoe.

I know who you are.

Susan's little girl, right?

- You're confusing me.
- I can help you.

You have to go.

- What did he say?
- Refused to speak.

If he is the one you win,
he might just want to forget the past.

- The name is changed for many reasons.
- Usually because it is secretable.

Everything went so well.
I don't want to have to move again.

- Satan.
- Stop.

- That devil is guessing something.
- I didn't say anything.

Are you sure?


Best to be.

- Stop.
- I'm not ready yet, honey.

- Stop.
- Go now.

I'm not ready yet.

I'm going to the bath.

- Can I do it?
- From here.

This thing is bothering you.
You have written all day.

It feels like
that no one else cares.

Some people�
just can't help.

In Iraq, I had a daughter,
with whom I ate outdoors.

We were just friends.

He was married.

But, I don't know ...

You know these things.

Why am I telling you this?
Well, anyway.

He went with the convoy to an-Nasiriyya,
and I should have been involved.

But I had the flu.

They were ambushed.

Most died in battle.

But he survived.

They took him prisoner
and kept alive,

until you get tired of him, I guess.

Then killed.

Scott, if you had been there,
you would probably have died yourself.

I guess so.



Hey! John!

John, open the door.

Open now to hell!

If you don't open right away ... John!

It was a joke.

�l� treat me like they do.


Is that what you want?

Do you want me to take
myself spirited like they?

You're all right here yourself.


I don't want you to go anywhere.

I love you.

You are my darling.


And if I may take it for granted ...

You're pretty gorgeous today.

- Your husband is a charmer.
- I don't see Zoe's opinion.

Shots. The dead are awakened.

Take care of him.

You don’t feel very excited.

Leave off.
You don't know what you're up to.

- I think I'm right.
- Listen.

Ladies and gentlemen.
Uno, due, tres.

Give him his bag. I want to take a look.

- Did you know he has a gun?
- You're paranoid.

Everyone here has a gun.

Deep down
you like this as much as I do.

Awakening, a dream.

- I told you to leave.
- Zoe, get out of the way.

I vsynyt wait.

Enough of the girls' stuff.

Or the kind you want.
I also know.

You play this game
with Iraqi prisoners.

We had a hell of a lot of fun.

Is it nice now?


Is it fun now?
I guess he should be, Zoe.

Sick little bastard.

I'm not sick.

I do the service to the world.
Should get paid.

You get a maximum minimum wage, dick.

I'll tell you what I'm doing.

I metsstj. I pruned my position.

Like deer
and other pests.

Otherwise, they are a nuisance
before you know it.

Like you little sluts in your front clothes
and your dirty mouths.

There is nothing else for you
than suck and put.

Everything that moves.

Sooner or later
nature does its job,

and you will have more crazy children.

Everything just goes on,
and before you know it

the whole world is going to hell.

That's what I'm doing here.
I will save the world from carnivores.

I think
that you enjoy the death of others.

Everything dies, slut.
That's how Mother Nature works.

Help me.

- Help.
- I am sorry.

Zoe ...

�l� touch it.

Open it.

Kappas, what a nice view.

Some have a bad habit
step on the shit.

You're supposed to be a soldier.
Satan's coward.

Zoe, Zoe, Zoe ...

Now we have it for you
uninvited guest.

Keep an eye on him.

Did you hear?

I'm going on a slut hunt.

Somewhere here you are.

I smell you,
like a pregnant bitch.

Stop, or I'll shoot!

Satan's cow.

Thanks for trying to save me.

I kind of hoped
that you would do the same to me.


Zoe! Come on, thank you. Dad needs you.

Come on, thank you!


Zoe! Come on!

It's fun to gut you.

Are you my beloved?

A little bit.


That's where my girl is.
He took care of the father.

This shows love, slut.

All girls love dads.

You are not my father.

My father is dead.

And this is the mother.

- I brought a burriton.
- Shouldn't you be here?

Dad asked to bring you food.
Do you want a burriton or not?

Then let it come.
Etk them, that I am handicapped?

- How's the foot doing?
- It's still closed.

That must be a good start.

- Can you come back here?
- I don't know.

Do you want

I don't know.

Listen now. You did a good job.

Do you know what happened to the girl?


I knew it would happen to me
like my mother,

and that I just would
one option.

Thailand may not.

Bobby Grimes. You are here today,
because you kill women.

I didn't want that, really.
I liked those girls.

My head lives in an animal,
and in between it escapes.

I apologize.
I'll get enough help, I swear it.

Lift the knife.

Lift it.

I want you to understand this.

No one cares about you.
No one will save you.

You have 10 seconds to complete.

Take a knife and cut your throat open.

The alternative is more pain
and suffering as you can imagine.


I'll let you choose.

Translation: Sami Siitojoki