Daddy You, Daughter Me (2017) - full transcript

In this the daughter used to spend time with her father when she was a child but when she grew up her relation with his father became weak ...suddenly a new twist came in their life which caused them to understand each other again...with this new twist many things happen ...


Executive Producer KIM Jong-baek IM Jun-sik

Financing Executive KIM Do-yeon

Produced By JOUNG You-dong

- Did you get it?
- Yup.

So pretty!

And yellow too.

When I grow up,
I want to marry you.


Can you promise me that?

Yup! Promise!


When you grow up
and like another boy,

daddy's gonna cry and cry.

I will never like other boys,
I'll marry you.


You promised!

I must be getting old,
I can't stop crying...

My darling Do-yeon.

My little baby.

Come on!

What is it?

I told you not to wash
my undies with dad's!

Look at you,
what's wrong with that?

It just feels weird.

How come? You don't like
mixing our laundry?

Should a family divide
the laundry load?

She wants more lip stains
from your company.


But why are you
telling me that?

You don't even
want to talk to me?

Never mind,
I don't need it.

Won Do-yeon!

Honey, come sit down.

Give it up already.

What do you always do
in the basement?

Nothing much, of course.

Yo, Do-rag!

Did you hear our boys'
new single?

It's dope,
dopest dope.

I told you, it's crap,
worthless crap.

- No, it isn't.
- The dance...

The dance is all weird.

- Like they're swimming.
- You look like a monkey.

It hurts so much.

Are you okay?

That looked painful.

So embarrassing.

That was so uncool...


Aren't you Do-yeon?



I heard you sing well,
Jin-young told me.

There's an audition
next Monday,

can you come?

I'll think about it.

Okay, see you next week.

You know what?

Others may laugh at me,

but he's my destiny.

What destiny?

Who was that?

Why do you always
frown and don't talk to me?

What is he saying?

You don't like talking to
your dad now?

You're into boys
rather than books?

Dad collapsed,
I'll go first, bring Do-yeon.

Even at that state,

I heard everything clearly.

''He must be moved
to a general hospital!''

''His artery must be unclogged,
or he'll die!''

Then the doctors came to me,

and they were punching
my chest over and over again!

That wasn't punching, father.

CPR, it's chest compression.

I was pissed off and
unclogged my own artery!

So they weren't beating me up?

You were lucky.

I'm gonna sleepover
and monitor him.

Can you take her
and head home?

- Is that okay?
- Yeah.

Won Do-yeon!

What's with your face all night?

It's nothing.

Are you dating?

Date? With that biker gang?

Give me your phone.


- Do-yeon!
- Sweetie!

Do-yeon, what's your problem?

Let's hear it out.


I'm doing everything for you.

I just want you to study,
is that so hard?

Get into college.
You can date all you want.

When I was your age,
I was never without a dictionary.

Know what happened to guys
who dated in high school?

Not again.

I'm talking to you.

Take that off!


Do you know what my life
outside home is like?

I wish you'd live
a day in my shoes...

Me too.

I wish you'd do the same too.

If you live my life,
you wouldn't' say it's easy.

Just study?

You have no idea.

You try it,
see if it's possible!

I'm not done with you!

I'm sick of it,
stop treating me like a kid!

How dare you
lash out at me!

Are you done fighting?

You know,

this gingko tree is
over a century old.

According to a legend,

if you pray under here,
it'll grant you a...

Who was I talking to?

- Stupid idiot...
- Dad, up ahead!

Excuse me, where...

Are you Won Sang-tae
from #607?

You can't walk around yet.

Mr. Won?

What's with her?




I had this much
white hair?

What are you doing?!

Dad, this is a dream.

It has to be, right?

Optical illusion or a mirage?

Dad, pinch my cheek.

It hurts!

You too!

No, this won't work.

This is a hospital,
let's get a doctor.

I don't even believe this,
why'd a doctor?

We'll be sent to
the psych ward.

Then what?
We need a solution!

I got it, I got it!

I'll take Dongbu Express.

No frigging way!

There'll be traffic on Dongbu,
take the Hanchun Road.

Then after Hwikyung precinct,
there's White House Club.

Maybe there's construction.

Don't smoke in the car,
we got a kid back here.

Right at White House Club,
stop at the Jeil Pharmacy.

This is a dream.

It has to be.

We'll figure this out
at the hospital.

Psychiatric Hospital


I knew it,
they were mental cases.

Jung Byung-jin


Is that bastard
sleeping on the job again?


Byung-jin, I'm so screwed.

I'm not Do-yeon,
I'm Sang-tae.

Stop laughing, you prick!

I know it's hard to believe,
but you have to.

I'm Sang-tae, buddy!

does your head hurt?

Sang-tae, what's with her?

Sir, I'm Do-yeon.

Kangsan High, 31st year,
Jung Byung-jin.

We were desk partners
for 3 years.

We were Itaewon club regulars.

Nonsan military base,
I was #87, you were #127.

Do I have to mention
the double circumcision?

Byung-jin, it's me!

Won Sang-tae!

Are you messing with me
because you got the beer tab?

Look at me!


This is crazy.

- Nurse! Come in!
- Yes, sir!

Send them away!
Get them out.


You can't do this to me!

The 20-year old gold digger!

You went berserk
wanting to marry her,

I was the one
who found out about her!

- Come out please!
- Let me go!

Whenever you see Nurse Kim,

you said she reminded you
of the female gargoyle,

and you'll let her go
when you remodel this place!

You told your kid all that?

Don't hit my daughter!

Fight outside!

I don't believe this!

How much?

Kiddo, what do you
think you're doing?

You wanna see me
lose my shop?

I really need a drink
right about now.

Absolutely not.

Fine, buy this for me.

Dad, what are you doing?
Don't drink in my body!


But it's my body right now.

I don't frigging believe this.

Oh, you don't?
This family is messed up.

What will you become
when you grow up?

Respect your parent.

Do you know me?

Who are you to
bitch about my family?

''Bitch about''?

How dare you
raise your voice at me!

- Dad, let's leave.
- Don't get pissy in front of a kid.

My body isn't mine,

her body is mine
and I'm in her body.

So I'm her!

Whether you're in his body,
and he's in yours, who cares!

I'm only looking out
for myself!

You crazies are
ruining my day! Get out!

Stupid nutjobs!

She needs parenting!
Your head's even busted!

Get out! Get out!

He's back again?

Get out! Leave! Leave!


Did I do well?
I'll be back.

Get out!

Do-yeon, we should keep this
a secret to your mom, right?

Gotta restore your health.

Eat lots of beef.

My baby eats so well,
another one.

There you go.

I'm so glad you discharged
without any problems.

I was so worried sick.

Wait a minute,
I don't need to diet.


Eat plenty.

Wasn't Do-yeon on a diet?

Don't say that,
she's eating so well.

I feel like drinking,
wanna have a beer?

Here, honey!


You're always drinking!
I hate that about you!

What's with you?

So cringey!

I don't care,
everything's annoying!

Wait a minute.

I wasn't gonna say anything...

but you two don't
normally talk.

Be honest now.

Did you pay her off?
How much?

Come on!

How much?

What the heck?

I'm practically blind

The audition's on Monday 4PM,
practice room, see you then!

Ji-oh wants to see me!


I think I drank too much.

I feel so hot.

Yeah? Then take some
cold medicine.

No need.

No way!
It's unthinkable!

This cannot happen!


Dear Lord, I'll be good.

I won't lie about buying
a textbook to get make-up.

I won't talk so forward
to my friends.

So please,
give me back my body!

How to switch back bodies


I got school tomorrow,
what do we do?!

I'm sure there's a way.

What way?

What if this is permanent?
It's your fault!

Why is this my fault?

Why is everything my fault?

Forget it.

Let's think this through.

Let's think.

Something we ate
at grandpa's?

Then what about
mom and grandpa?

The car accident?

The gingko tree?

Grandpa mentioned it!
That's it!

Let's call and ask.

Sang-tae, how are you?

Father, it's your son-in-law.

Is that you, Do-yeon?

Yes, gramps.

Gingko tree?

That gingko tree...

There's a legend that

souls can be swapped
if you pray under it.

And then?
What do we do?

Well... it's...

One, two, three...

four, five,

six, seven!

7 days! Back to normal
in a week!

But don't ever fight,

dire consequences then!

Go! I'm always go!



Should we believe him?

What a mess.

Go to my work.

Work, school, mom,
they all must be kept up.


What about the audition...

The Revolution presentation
on Friday...

Do-yeon, let's make up
and get along, okay?



Hey, it's switched.
What are you doing?

Come on!

What are you doing?

Cover it up
when going up the stairs!

You're exposed
from the bottom!

Then why wear
such a short skirt?

Do you want your daughter
to look like a midget?

But the undies are visible!

Kids nowadays...


When talking to my friends,
use short phrases.

Add AF at the end
to emphasize.

''She's hot AF!''
''LOL! STFU!'' Okay?

You should be using
proper language.

Abbreviating everything
is damaging our language.

Jesus, dad,
you'll become a loner.

If you don't get something,
be quiet and just react.

If they're laughing
or frowning, do the same.

Remember my BF Jin-young?

Don't ever follow her
to the audition today, okay?

You can't act like yourself
at the office.

Think before you speak!

Actually, don't speak.

So I should STFU?

STFU? Don't use
stuff like that.

If a colleague asks, say
''Sounds good, proceed.''

If a boss orders,
say ''I'll do my best.''

And this is important,

don't ever say
''I'll take responsibility.''

Always ''I'll do my best.''
Got it?


I wrote all important notes,
so call me if you're not sure.

We gotta swap phones too?

Does a phone
like that suits you?

You'll be treated like a pervert.


Don't check my messages.

I know if you checked it,

If you send weird messages
to Ji-oh, I'm gonna kill myself!

How could you say that?

Fine, give it!

Daughters are useless.

Alright, I did it once before,
it can't be that hard.

Let's do this.

Is dad in a high position?

Dang it.

Too good to be true.

Can't believe
I'm a student again.

She looks like
a nerd type.


Ahn Kyung-mi

Kyung-mi ...

Studying hard?
Good to meet you!

I should too.


Why are you sitting here?

You want to study?


I'm going to a cottage
with my boyfriend.

I told mom
you and I are going.

So if she ever calls,
that's the story.

If you ever go on a trip
with Ji-oh,

- you can count on me...
- Scums of society! Go where?

Whatever, you snake.

Forget it,
don't do it then.

Ji-oh? Bastard...

Let's take a look
at this prick.

Stock Liquidation Team


This can't be my office.

Is this an office
or a storage?

Is that so?

But I told Mr. Park
on the way in...

Where is dad's cubicle?

When I'm there next week...

Are you spying on us
to make sure we're working?

This is so morally wrong.

I honestly do all the work!

Am I right?

But... what did I...

Give me the invoice.

I'm still working on it.

That's Ju...

Assistant Manager Ju:
National Quiz Show champion

Irritating but responsible

Choi Hee-jin

Lee Sang-min

She's really fit.

Assistant Manager Nah:
Competent and kind

Yes, I understand.

Gianna Jeon doppelganger


Good morning, Mr. Won.

Alright, let's get lunch!

Dad's really unpopular.

Look at him,

dressed like a gay,
how dare he go after my kid?

I'm so much hotter.


Thank you.


I actually can't sing,

I came here because
I love Ji-oh.

Remember my name,
I'm Choi Min-ji!

I love you!

Do-rag, you nervous?

You used to listen to his music,
are you excited about this?

She did?

Next up is,
Won Do-yeon.

I sang at
the Youth Music Contest.

Band Club Audition

To look kind,

doing everything possible.

To look splendid,

doing everything possible.

Watching the TV,
turning on the radio,

always looking crooked,

cannot see
and cannot hear.

Just the way it is,
crooked as ever!

Crooked, crooked,

crook, crooked,

crook, crooked!

Crooked, crooked!

The ground he's standing on

is crooked.

You sing really well.

I like this song too.

He's got a weird taste.

Lemon, olive oil, Alaska,
and glacial milk extracts...

Any questions, Mr. Won?

What? Pardon?

Sir, you have to focus,
please concentrate, okay?

You wanted to present
at the Revolution meeting!

Honestly, this department
wouldn't run without me.

Our former quiz contestant
is doing great work.

I was first place.

First place.

Next up are model candidates.


Could you zoom in?

I'm sorry.

Kim Joo-hyuk

Damn, he's so old!

Get a celeb model
that teenage girls like.

Sir, take a look,
check out his face.

Study his features carefully.

You said he's a good friend
of the chairman,

so you recommended him.

Oh, I did?

Actually, I was hoping to
change the model too.

Why don't we update the list
and continue the presentation?

Shall we?
We totally should.

Sounds great,
proceed please.


Hee-jin, what time is it?

Almost time to clock out.

Then tonight!

Sir, you have to treat him well
to seal our deal with them.

Good luck!

Dang, company dinner?

Who's this Kwon?

Keep going!
A full circle!

Already a full circle?

Who's this creep?

There goes the mood.

You shoulda went home
if you weren't gonna drink.

Mr. Won, why don't you
sing us a song?

- I'm the best singer...
- No! No!

The mood killer should sing.

Go sing!

If you score over 95,
I'll sign the deal right here!

Mr. Won?


Just go with it.

Wait a minute

How come there's only
2 raspberry wines?

Well, I think they're
squeezing more berries now!

I eat alone,

watch a movie alone,

singing alone,
and I cry and cry.

You're gone,
regrets are useless.

Alone again today.

I walk alone,

watch TV alone,

I get drunk alone,

cry and cry
like this everyday.

Love was sweet,

under the shade of breakup,

I can't fall asleep again tonight.

A karaoke regular?

Mr. Kwon,
it's a done deal then!

I love it when
girls pour drinks..

Let me pour you another.


More, more!

Are you trying to kill me?

So sweet, too sweet!

You are so generous.

I am?

Thank you.

Your body is so generous!

Chicks nowadays,
they're too uptight.

If they don't like a joke,
they scream sexual harassment.

I can't even talk!

So I asked a female employee,

''Do your big boobs
cause back pains?''

Then she went batshit crazy!

I was genuinely worried
as her boss,

and was looking out
for her well-being!

Right? Right?

Of course.


It's all about communication,
isn't that right?

Ms. Nah, how's your back?

Mr. Kwon, I think
you're drunk...

''Do your big boobs
cause back pains?'' Then she...

Mr. Won, what are you doing?

Oh, this?

I wanted a memento
of our communication,

so I uploaded a video
to social networks.

It's a heartless world out there,
I hope it gets a lot of views.

Mr. Kwon's communication
with human touch, isn't it great?

It's not sexual harassment.

Give it a Like everyone,
you too, Mr. Kwon.

My body aches
moving so little.


What the heck?

Why is this bag so raggedy?

So many wrinkles.

Dad's getting old.

What took you so long?

Did you cause any problems?

No way.

No problems.

I had company dinner.

Company dinner?

Jin-young: U were the bomb.
Ji-oh's taste is so old.


Nah: You really could dance!

You went to the audition?
I told you not to!

And you?! What dance!

You danced tonight?

I showed them what I got.

What happened at the audition?

Isn't it obvious?
I bombed.

You must dance really well.
That's my girl.

Thanks for the audition, dad.

We have to get along.

We mustn't fight.

Mr. Won, new style!


You don't even call ahead?

You're late!

General manager wants you.

General manager?

Mr. Won, you wanted to
sever ties with our client?

If you can't take a joke,
how will you maintain your job?

I won't do business
with a pervert.

Are we in school?
Making friends?

It was a done deal,
was it so hard to wrap it?

Watching my employee
get sexually harassed...

Mind your damn business
and do business.

This is why he can't
climb the ladder.

Aren't you worried about
your kid's college tuition?

Delete this video
and go apologize!

Go away.

My portfolio's down again.

Kim said this was a good stock.


Can't you pretend
to study today?

Tomorrow's mock exam.

Mock exam?!

Teacher! Teacher!

Sit down, please!

The bell, Jesus.

When a + 1 is
multiplied by n,

you know this formula.

Sn = n(a+1 ) / 2...

Class nerd,
you're my best shot.

Let's study
at my place together.

Just once...

Just once!

Before you die,

I wish you'd study
just once!


What a punk ass.

Bean paste soup
and egg rolls.


Okay, good.

I'm really okay.

You got scolded
because of me.

Allow me to
buy you a drink.

How about it?

Just one drink.




At our last company dinner,

thank you for avenging me.

I was actually really irritated.

It had to be done.

Holy cow!

Where did you get
your gel nails done?

- This?
- Yeah.

I followed online instruction.

You got talent.


I want to do it too,
they're so pretty.

Here's bean paste soup!

- Looks so good!
- Thank you!

Bust out the kimchi
in the fridge.


Get it yourself!

Have a great meal.

Instead of theater,
we went to a private booth,

and he was trying to make out,
so unromantic.

We're going to the cottage anyway.

I'm not listening...

He's so reckless.

I'm not listening,
I can't hear her.

It's too tight,
I'm taking my bra off.


No! Never!

Not in this house!
You can't!

What's with you?

Are you high?

Damn, it's dad.

He's got a thing
for killing my drive.

Even when I'm studying
at friend's,

he texts and calls.

Like he's spying me,
so annoying.

Why is that annoying?

A parent should worry
if you're late!

It's a scary world out there!

Do-rag, you scare me the most.

What's with you?

My parents wouldn't know
I'm not home.

That's because you're
always a model student.

With a daughter like you,
I wouldn't worry so much.

It's the opposite,
they're utterly uninterested.

I have to pretend to study
to get any attention.

I'm still their daughter.

Are you nuts?

Really? How much
did you spend?

I'm buying clothes
with my own money!


So hot.

Really hot.

Let's talk about that later,

I have to go to dad's
for a few days.

Sure, do that.

Go ahead,
see you.

You're worthless.

What's all this?

Come with me.

What did you buy?
How much was that?

Why did you bring
my friends over?

To study,
mock exam's tomorrow.

We'll pull an all-nighter.

That'll make a difference?

Of course, it will.

I used to study really well.

I'll show you
what studying is like.

I support you in every way
so you can concentrate.

Studying is so easy.

So easy, too easy.

Alright, go on and try it.


I'll prove to you
how easy studying is.


Eyes on the exam!

Hand them in.

Huh? I was only on
question 1.

2nd period: 100 minutes

When a black dog and
a white dog mate,

there's 25% chance of
gray offspring.

If there's 20% chance of
white offspring

when a gray dog and
a yellow dog mate,

what is the chance of
a yellow offspring

when a gray dog
and a white dog mate?

Up to the dog.

I miss Ji-oh...

Come to the helipad, please.

What? What? What?

I got a lot of complaint too!
I'm holding myself back!

What did you do with
Ms. Nah last night?

Life consulting.

She normally talked shit
about you.

But the way she looks at you
changed lately.

Why is that?

She talked shit?

That's not even
half of it.

She spitted in your coffee
every morning!

Mr. Won.

How did you become
so close to Ms. Nah?

Tell me your secret!

She's driving me nuts.

When I smell her...

even her scent makes
my heart beat faster.

I don't know what to do,
I read romance guidebooks.

You know me,

if I know the problem,
I can find the answer.

Give me your phone.

Look at this,
you're a buffoon.

buffoon: socially retarded

Are you a weather man?
Why only talk about weather?

It takes me 30 minutes
to write one of these.

I smell cheese.

Cheese? Do I smell?

It's so cheesy.

You get rejected 100%.

Look at this.

''When the wind blows,
my heart flutters for you.''

What is this?!
It stinks of old man!

Then, what do I do?

Watch this.

How do you type so fast?

I got a crash course
from my daughter.

Ju: So stylish today! My type!

What is that?

Ji-oh: Meet at 5 tmr?
Wanna take you somewhere.

What's this prick saying?

I should delete this...

Welcome home.

The exam?
Did you do well?

Yeah, you know.

I'll know when the score's out.

Should I make you
some ramen?

I'm fine.

Ju: Thank you for today!
You're the best!

What did you do?
He's kissing my butt.

Mr. Ju?

I helped him out
with his relationship mess.


Ji-oh wants to meet
at 5 tomorrow!

I should've deleted it.

No way.

How can I go on your date?

Think of it as...

after school hobby.

That doesn't make
any sense.

And that Ji-oh or whatever,
I don't like him.

Who cares about you.

Ji-oh is...

my destiny.


Do-rag, your reality check is 404.


You're a real
high schooler now.

Mr. Ju, stop horsing around.

Stock Liquidation team.

Oh, yes, yes!

Yes, I understand.


Mr. Won?

The Marketing team will have
a segment on a home shopping show.

They'll be giving away
our lip stain samples!

Aren't you happy?

This is a rare opportunity, sir.

Come on, get ready.

Yes, sir,
I'll get the boxes.

Home shopping?

October Mock Exam Ranking

29 - Won Do-yeon

I better keep this
a secret from her.

Dang, your rank went down.

26 - Bae Jin-young
I went up by 3.

30 - Ahn Kyung-mi

Dead last?

What's wrong?

Messed up the answers?

Are you making fun of me?

I'm always dead last!

I'm so useless!

It's okay,
you gave it 1 10%.

Honestly, you can't
possibly study any harder

Kyung-mi, don't study.
Maybe it's not your thing.

What's the point of studying?

All life paths lead to
fried chicken shop.

Humanities, admin major,
big corporation, chicken shop.

Science, engineering major,
big corporation, chicken shop.

So I'm gonna do
whatever I want,

and take over
dad's chicken shop.

Yeah, you're so right.

You're so pretty!

I saw you on TV.

We're all set.


We got a big problem,
huge problem.

The Marketing team
got into an accident.

What do we do?


Good afternoon, hello.

We're ready to start,
who will go on the air?

We are from Shangpree,

but we're here
just for the freebies.

It doesn't matter,
we just need one of you.

- We're ready.
- Got it.

Here we go.

2 minutes,
get ready!

Ms. Nah, wait, wait, wait.

I got a camera phobia.

You were on that quiz show,
you're good to go.

I can't do it!
It was a radio show!

My legs are trembling!

This is a rare opportunity.

Containing 26 years of
Shangpree's legacy,

if you purchase
Premium Moisture Mask set,

you get another set
for free!

The entire package is
worth $39.99.

But is that all?

No, we got freebies.

The essentials of youths,
lip stains 6-set.

We have someone
from Shangpree.

Good afternoon.



Why's he there?

Lip stain's greatest strength is

the color looks like
it's your natural lips.

Sir, what happened was,

Marketing team had
an accident on the way.

#1 Vivid Red, #2...

Azalea Coral,
#3 Barbie Hot Pink,

#4 Naked Pink.

And #5 Tropical Orange.

This was here?

#6 Sweet Peach.

This is a rare item,
you know that, right?

The high school girls
go crazy over lip stains.

Moisture masks for mothers,

and gift these to your girls,
they'll love you!

Telling the girls to
study isn't parenting.

Just put one of these
on their desks.

This is show of love.

It's begging for a kiss!
Isn't it?

Vivid color looks so nice!

Is that right?

Won Do-yeon.

You usually ranked
in the middle,

what happened to
the mock exam?

Was it because of Kyung-mi?

Not at all!
She's doing her best!

I'm sorry, sir.
I deserve to die.

I'll readily accept
any punishment!

No one deserves to die,
what's with you?

I should call your father.

No way!

Move your hand.
Then with this.

You can't, sir!

Hold onto that tight.

Hello, Mr. Won?

I'm Do-yeon's
homeroom teacher.

Please hit me!
Hit me hard!

Do-yeon's grades went down!

What? You're coming here?

No way!
Don't come!

So you ruined the exam?

I'll use this as a leverage
to go on the date.

Mr. Won, it was amazing.

It was the first time
we sold out due to freebies

Please come again!


Ju, I'm off!

Yes, yes!

Where you going?


I did everything you told me to,
and she swore at me.

It's your fault, I can't even
send weather texts now.

Ju, if you never show
your cards, no one wins.

You must express yourself.

No girls can resist someone
saying ''I like you,'' not one.

You sure about this?

You have absolutely
nothing to lose.

If you're so nervous,
feed her something sweet.

Okay? Good luck!

What's this?


I don't like sweets.

Well, Ms. Nah.


I've been watching you.

I think I'm really into you.

Can we go on a date?

Let's give it a try...

Some guys just don't have it.

You're making me nervous.
Sit down.

Why! Why! Why! Why!

Sir, please calm down.

I'm sorry about that.

This is due to
my lack of parenting.

Why! Why! Why! Why!

Mr. Won, calm down.

Her grade dropped suddenly,
but she's always cheerful...

Why does that matter?

You said ''Happiness comes from
wealth, beauty and score.''

''If you're poor and ugly,
stick with books.''


Do-yeon told me that.

I'm too embarrassed
to be her father anymore.

Studying is easy!

Studying is a student's
only responsibility!

I feed you, clothe you,
give you allowance!

You just have to study,
why's that so hard?

Your exact words!

Stop it, that's enough.

Stop what? You can't even
do it yourself now?

Is that it? Is it?

Happiness isn't
ranked by grades!

Dad! Dad!
Where you going?


Dad! Stop!


- Stop it!
- Dad!

You brat!
Put me down!




You're giddy, aren't you?
You were so excited to hit me!

Feels vindicated
to see me fail?!

Why should I?
It's my grade!

I'm sorry.

I'm so ashamed.

No, dad.

I think I went overboard,
I'm sorry.

I felt something
while going to your work.

We can't all place first.

At least you tried your best.
Isn't that enough?


So, dad.

Go on the date for me.

It's almost time!

- Hurry up! Come on!
- Hey!

- There's no time!
- I can't go on your date!

No way!

I'd look fat in that.

This is so-so...

Nothing to wear.

I'll put anything on.

Hold on, we have no time.

This is good!

Let's see.

This looks too childish.

Yeah, this is it.

Dad, try this on.

The dress is too short.

You normally wear this?

Longer dress makes me
look like a midget.

But still,
how can I wear this?

Think of the grade
you screwed up for me.

Dad, sit down.

I'll do your hair.

This dress,
you bought it for me.

I did?

Yup, for my
middle school graduation.

Where are we going?

We're here.

Let's go in.

It's got Zoo's
'It's Changing.'

It's changing...

'People All Change.'


'Five People' by Morning Train.

Morning Train...

Let's see...

'Train to the World.'

Not too shabby.

They got Zoo's 3rd album.

'Station in Front of City Hall.'


Just after my military draft,

I nervously waited
for my first love there...



The song, that is.

This is here?

This is super rare.

So cool.

I thought you'd hate
places like this.

I'm glad you like it.

Give this a listen.

Because I still
do not understand you,

I am looking for
a path to your heart.

Shining a bright light
on your sorrow,

a path that will
not change my love.

Where could it be,
the path to your heart.

Could I find it?

You feel so

far away.

Wait for me,
wait for me.

Until I can understand you.

Wait for me,
wait for me.


Until I can understand you.




I'm getting off too!

Let's part ways here.




Hi, I'm Do-yeon's dad.

Good to meet you, sir.

I go to her school,
my name is Kang Ji-oh.

I didn't know she had
a handsome boyfriend.

Skin is so fair too...

She may be immature
but be good to her.

Make her happy.


I heard she passed
the audition.

I'll support you
in any way I can.

If you need snack,
give me a call, okay?

Sure, thank you.

Why did you
scream 'no' earlier?

Dad, let's go home.

Not at all,
you can do anything.

Could you date her?
Marriage is good too.

Dad! Let him go.

You're being weird.

That's our house.

Mr. Won, I'll be going then.

Why? Stay a while.

I mean...

Take care then.

Good night, sir.


Go home.

What's with you?

I went on that date
like you asked.

It was my first ever date,

I lost it to you.

Do-yeon, come here.



Your arm will fall off.

Thanks, dad.

''Thanks, dad. ''

I haven't heard that
in a while.

Do-yeon, today's the day.

Shangpree's revolution!

I prepped this for a year.

Ju will take care of it,
so just read this script.

Fine, read what's on here?

Tomorrow is the final day,

a full week
according to grandpa.

Let's get through today.


If they ask you
any questions,

just say ''I'll do my
absolute best.''

I'll do my absolute best!

Very good.
Let's go.

In the second graph...

The presentation is starting soon?

I'm really getting worried.

Keep me on the phone,
so I can listen in.

And when Y is square cube
of X, then take a look...

With this sticker,
smudge a little bit,

just like that.

Take a look,
the make-up revolution!

Sticker make-up

We got lipstick too,
you just stick it on.

It's very simple.

Let's go, move.

Next up is Won Sang-tae
from Stock Liquidation team.

Good afternoon!

I'm department head
Won Sang-tae.

Good afternoon.

We prepared for you

Total Beauty Water
for teenage girls.

Face mist, body mist,
hair essence,

perfume, deodorizer,

a package containing
5 essential items.

In line with Shangpree's brand,
the 350ml package costs...


It will be $50.

All components are
part of our surplus.

We're reusing products
we can't get rid of

and rebranding them as
Total Beauty Water.

Shangpree's revolution,
Total Beauty Water!

It's a decent idea,

but who will spend
$50 for this?

Teenage girls.

We'll get idols to promote,

and design a trendy packaging.

Teens are...

spontaneous buyers,
they'll buy them.

That's my girl!

... and develop new
customer base,

and maintain Shangpree's
brand status.

That's the end of
my presentation.

Thank you.

Good! That's it!

This is the revolution!
Very good!

Good work, it's time for
my overdue promotion.

Lastly, anything to add?

''I'll do my absolute best,''
that's all you have to say.

I'll do my absolute best.



won't sell.

You said the teens
will buy them.

Teens aren't stupid.

They won't blindly buy
because of idol models.

Do-yeon, be quiet.
Shut your mouth!

... accessories, to snacks,
even bus costs are high.

But they'll buy $50 mist?

Lower the cost.

Why are Shangpree products
more expensive than others?

Plenty of girls didn't buy
lip stains due to high cost.

If the cost was a bit low,
there'd be less unsold goods

Teens aren't blind consumers.

Teens are Shangpree's
future consumers.

Don't raise the price,
thinking that kids are stupid.

Sell high quality items
for low price.

That, I believe, is
Shangpree's real revolution.

Can you take
responsibility for that?

I believe that responsibility
comes from understanding others.

If you can't do that, what are you
taking responsibility for?

In order to
revolutionize Shangpree,

we must understand and
acknowledge the teens first.

If that's what it means
to take responsibility,

yes, I'll do that.

You're not wrong.

But it's not pleasant
to hear either.

Won Do-yeon!

You brat!

- Dad! Please!
- Stop right there!

Dad, can you listen to me?

Listen to what?
What else is there?

You little punk,

do you know how many
people you got fired?

- Is my work a joke?
- No, that's not it...

Even if you're so immature!

What'll you do if me
and my team gets the axe?

Do you even know
what responsibility is?

Is it right to say something
you know is wrong?

Is that responsibility?

Why do you always
insist that you're right?

It's not insisting,
I'm worried!

- I've gone through it!
- What are you worried for?

You're not worrying
out of habit?

Can't you worry with me?

Same thing with work too.

You can't even object to
things you disagree!

Isn't that irresponsible?

That's why you're a loner!

I've had it!

Byung-jin, it's Sang-tae.

I'm really Sang-tae.

Not Do-yeon...

Shit! I'm Sang-tae,
you son of a bitch!

Let go!

I gotta talk to my friend!

It's okay,
leave us please.

Outdoor stage in Gyeongju,
under the disco lights,

we were in black suits
and spun white towels.

Here we go.

Mad singer,
Won Sang-tae!

Crazy dancer,
Jung Byung-jin!

I'm mad as hell,
I can't bear it anymore.

How could you leave me
and meet another man?

This can't be!

I'm walking towards you,

how must I face you?

Don't misunderstand.

Then tell me who he is.

It's not the truth.

Then tell me the truth.

I only love you.

I'd rather hear that
you'll leave me.

But why...

You're really Sang-tae?

What do I do,

How did it feel
to live as her?


High school exams
nowadays are no joke.

They never were,
you idiot.

Then why did I think that
they'd be easy now?

Think about what she
really wants.

Why do you always
insist that you're right?

Can't you worry with me?

Assistant Manager
Ju Jang-won

Too amazing for a girl!

Really amazing!

Sir, our entire team
was laid off!

So why did you...

What will you do now?

That's my bike...

Dad, I'm sorry,
I'm really sorry.

Mr. Chairman!

What is it?

You can't go like this,
it's not right.

You can't fire
my team, sir.

You said you'll
take responsibility.

Then take responsibility.

You said we're family!

Mr. Chairman!

Mr. Chairman! Sir!

Mr. Chairman!

Sir, are you alright?


Guardian of Kim Myung-joon?

Come in here please!

Dad's phone is
filled with my pics.

Dad, can you hear me?

It wasn't...

because I hated you.

I could never meet
your expectations...

I didn't want to
disappoint you later.

I thought you'd be

ashamed of me.

I think I avoided you unknowingly.

I'm sorry.

Dad, get up.

You always said
you're alright.

Dad, I love you.







Sir, the chairman is letting us
try again with a low price!

Mr. Won, love you.

I knew it!
See you soon!

- Dad!
- What?

Wait for me.


My baby's all grown up.

Of course, I'm your baby.

You look good.

Dad, let's take
a selfie together.

Should we?

Here we go.

One, two...



Why's he calling
so early in the morning?

- Hey, you!
- Do-yeon.

- You gotta get to college!
- I'm on the way.

Hey! Do-yeon!
Wait for me!

I'm gonna marry dad.

Dad, let's go play!

I want to marry daddy!

I love it when dad
buys me treats.

Dad, please knock
before entering my room.

Some allowance before
I ask you would be nice.

I want to go away
on the weekend...

Don't tell me come home early
because of my boyfriend.

I want double eyelid surgery.
Please let me do it.

I want to live
with big eyes.

Daddy, I love you!

Daddy, I love you!

Dad, I love you!

Love you!

I love you
more than anything!


I think I can be pressured
to say I love him.

I love you.

Dad, love you!

I love you!

Love you!

Dad, I love you!

Father, I love you!

If you were with me,
I think I could treat you well,

but I have so many regrets.
I love you, father.

I miss you so much,

I regret not saying
I love you.

I never got to...

I still love you,
and miss you.

I still think of you a lot.


Where the heck is he
at this hour?

I told you to
call him beforehand.

I called him yesterday.

He keeps forgetting,
nothing I can do.

It's a nice day,
let's wait a bit.


Did I turn off the stove?

Mom, not again.

Did you forget to turn it off
like last time?

Why can't you check that
when you're home all day?

Home all day?

Do you even know
what I do at home?

Have either of you ever
put your clothes in the laundry?

Or dishes in the sink
after a meal?

365 days a year, I have to
think about what to cook!

Do you think it's easier than
writing your report at work?

I'd rather get scolded
by bosses at work.

I'm getting arthritis
from working my butt off,

but all I get are complaints,
let alone a thank you!

My stupid fate.

Do you know what it feels like to
get scolded by a boss half my age?

Forget it,
what's the use.


I know you watch soap operas
and cry like a baby,

I go to the office washroom to...

Let's drop this.

Stop it, both of you.
Let's just go home.

Fine, whatever!
Let's go home!

Come on!

Directed By Kim Hyung-hyup

Mom, when did you
get a license?

I'm gonna get it this year.

I'm so sick of getting
driven around by him.

I've been hearing that
for 10 years.

You wanna bet...