Daddy Long-legs (1990) - full transcript

It's an anime cartoon serious based on the original novel of DADDY LONG LEGS written by Jean Webster. It takes you through the high school life of Judy Abbot and her mysterious benefactor called Jhon Smith.

My Daddy Long Legs

I'm not good at expressing myself

Kirei goto wa nigate na no

Even if words of love overflow.

Ai no kotoba afurete mo

But these tears are not false.

Dakedo namida wa uso janai

That is the indisputable truth.

Aragaenai shinjitsu

My love toward you that I just remembered

Oboetate no itoshisa wa

I can't write that in a letter.

Tegami no naka kakikirezu

I'm moving toward you.

Anata he mukete ashiyoseru

There's a confusion I can't speak of yet.

Mada ienai tomadoi

It all starts now! It's always from now on!

Subete wa kore kara Itsudemo kore kara

Now I'm ready to be a lady for love!

Being a Tutor is no Easy Task

She took my purse Mama!


Is that true Abbott-san?

It's true. I picked it up.

My! So are you saying that my children are lying?

My sister isn't lying!

She took it!

That's not true. This...

You keep quiet.

So why do you have Karen's purse?

Like I said I-

Excuse me Madam.

Young Karen dropped it in the garden a short while ago.

And then this young lady picked it up.

She ran after them immediately but they were completely absorbed in their mischief.

Isn't that right Miss Karen?

Oh did I drop it?

I must have dropped it without realizing it.

That's the truth Mama.

Now go to your room and study.

Yes Mama.

It seems that we have had a misunderstanding.

Your pay will be forty dollars a month.

When can you start?

Can you begin tomorrow?


Elsa give her the children's' schedule and textbooks

At once Madam.

Well I have other things to attend to so please excuse me.

Um... Thank you very much for what you did back there.

I just hate liars.

They weren't always like that.

But I can't believe you took the job after they accused you of being a thief.

I don't think you need to worry about money either.

I need money.

You'll just waste it on a plain dress.

Anyway nothing special happened.

Eh? Judy?

Oh so you really wanted to speak to her didn't you?

Judy's having her interview for the tutoring position.

She looks busy.

Oh she just got back.

I'll put her on.

It's Uncle Jervis.


Hello? Judy speaking.

Oh Judy.

I heard that you started working as a tutor.

Yes. I just got back from the interview.

I think it will be a tough job but she said that she'd pay me forty dollars!

Don't you think that's wonderful?

I can earn forty dollars a month!

But why did you decide to do this all of a sudden?

Do you want to buy something?

No. I thought that if I become a tutor I could study at the same time.

But won't it be hard to juggle your studies and your tutoring at the same time?

I think that you'll find work a challenge.

No! I'm fine!

Does your guardian know about this?


Yes I explained it to him.

But this was my own decision.


Hello? Judy?

Judy did anything bad happen?

Uncle are you that worried about Judy?

Oh Julia.

Dear Daddy Long Legs

No. Dear John Smith-sama

I read your letter advising me not to take the job.

I am sorry to cause you such worry

but after the interview I have decided to take the tutoring job as planned.

I want to try to do as much as I can.

Please forgive me.

P.S. My allowance is enough.

I am returning the check to you.


I quit!

Please tell that to Mrs. Patterson.


What mischievous brats!

Will you be coming in?

Or not?

Yes! Thanks for having me.

Um... Where is Mrs. Patterson?

I need to say hello.

Don't worry about that. She'll be satisfied as long as you do your job properly.


And besides she's in an important meeting right now.

She's out at the moment.

Abbott-sensei is here.

Good afternoon!

Oh how awful!

Let's clean up before we begin your lessons!

Come on! Clean up!

Leave me alone.

I don't want this dress!

I don't want it!

Cindy! What are you doing?


You hit my sister!

Welcome home.

Mama came home!


Sensei hit sister!

I'll tell my Mama about this!

She'll fire you!

Mama! Mama!

Sensei hit sister!


So what are you trying to say?

Mama! Hey Mama!

Go back to your room!

But Mama I have something to talk with you-

Do it now!

I'm asking you if you can have dinner with us once in a while.

All I ever do is work hard so you can live in luxury!

Do you think that we will be happy if you keep throwing money at us?

Then what do you want?

Hurry and tell me!

I can't wait for you to tell me what you want.

I'm going to a meeting in New York now.

Do you want me to tell you?

You can't buy what I want in a Tiffany's or Macy's store!

I'll leave you a checkbook.



Let's go Cindy.

Miss Abbott John Smith-sama does not wish for you to become a tutor.


Is that you Judy?


A tutor?

That must be tough.


To be honest I didn't expect it to be this hard.

But that's wonderful Judy.

You're already thinking about being independent.

I'm not independent.

I just thought that I should start doing something now.

But I've lost all my confidence.

That's not like you.


No matter what happens you keep going with a smile!

You're like an invincible quarterback.

No I'm not.

I wonder...

I have to start doing something too.

I can't keep doing football all my life.

That's not true!

Well I'd like to do many different things.

Study and romance too.

Oh please let me off here.

If you drive all the way to the dormitory Sloan-san will make a big fuss again.


Thank you for driving me home.

You really helped me out.

I was feeling a little depressed.

Do your best.

I'll be rooting for you.

Thank you Jimmie.

That's just what I would expect from an aggressive quarterback.


"Be myself" eh?

Okay then!

They're having a meal right now.

Good afternoon Karen Cindy.

Oh are you finished already?

It doesn't matter does it?

Or are you going to hit me again if I don't eat it?

Well shall we begin?

Well shall we clean up?

I see.

Well... Who is this?

That's Elsa!

That's right.

And these are Elsa's...?

Her hands.

Yes. Her hands.

This is the word for "hand".

I know that.


Then write it for me.

You really do know it!

Very good!


Next... What could this be?


Yes. Dolls.

Now Karen.

What do you think Elsa will do with these dolls?

She'll tidy them up of course.

That's right.

Can you write a sentence about that?

Elsa will tidy up the dolls.

Elsa worked hard and put the dolls away.

Okay Cindy what's this?

Cindy is holding many books!


So what do you think Cindy will do with those books?

Tidy them up of course.

My! Why is this room so messy?

Mama! Cindy wrote this! Look!

Please have them tidy this up at once.




Cindy! Stop!

Let me go! Let me go!

What's going on?


No! No!

Listen to me.

What an awful child.

What's going on here?

Don't you understand Mama?

I hate you! I hate Mama and Papa!

What do they want?

They're lonely.

They both are.

Cindy. Karen.

It's time for P.E.

What's wrong?

Say what do you usually play?

Tell me.

We don't play with adults.


You think I'm an adult?

Thank you. That's the first time anyone's ever said that to me.

I know.

Lets play Kick the Can!

"Kick the Can?"

I have an empty can.

Do you know how to play "Kick the Can"?

Of course!

Hurry and hide!

Found ya!

She caught us!!

Dear Daddy Long Legs I'm finally on track with my job

To be honest it's a lot of hard work but I met Jimmie by chance and I regained my confidence.

This is good!

Oh how pretty!

This is good!

When I met Jimmie I understood.

Everyone goes through tough and lonely times and they need someone to warm their heart.

Even if they only get a little bit of help the person who was helped can go on to help others.

I'm going to do my best from here on out!

Oh no.

If my grades drop I won't be able to get the scholarship.

Judy Abbott.


I'm sorry.


Are you going tutoring now?


Oh yeah. A letter arrived for you.

A letter?

It's from Daddy.

Aren't you glad Judy?

Mr. John Smith does not approve of you keeping your job.

He thinks that it would be in the way of your education

which is the very objective of his support.

This is a formal request.

You may take this as an order from your benefactor and he expects you to obey.

Please devote yourself solely to your education without further delay.

Walter Griggs.

What's wrong Judy?

What happened?

Her face is completely pale!

You're quitting


I'm sorry. I just got to know you but my situation has changed.

It's not because I hate you.

I'll go and speak with your mother now.

Judy Abbott-san.

Are you going to quit no matter what?

I'm sorry.

I suppose it cannot be helped.

But I have one final favor to ask.


I'll do anything I can!



Would you please tell me how to play Kick the Can?

Kick the Can?


Of course I will!



Will you play Kick the Can with us?

Do you mean it?

I do.


Now let's go to the garden you two.

I'll get an empty can.


Dear Daddy Long Legs I have quit my tutoring job per your request.

To be honest it was harder than I thought to balance work and study.

I think that you taught me about this before it became too much for me to cope with.

But I think that this was a valuable experience that I could not have learned in the classroom.

From Judy Abbott who has grown up a little.

I received an invitation from Jimmie

and we decided to spend our summer vacation at his holiday home in the Adirondacks.

I made holiday plans with Sallie and Julia so we could have lots of fun!

But then I received a letter from Daddy that contained something unexpected!

Next episode: A Ruthless Order.

Please watch.

When your eyes say you will never give up

Megezu in itsumo hitomi nara

They're twinkling and sparkling. You are wonderful!

Kira kira kagayaku kimi ga suteki da yo

The wind that blows behind you

Kimi no ato kara so yo kaze ga

And follows you like your friends do.

Nakama no you ni sa tsuite fuite ku

Just a little wild and cute

Sukoshi wairudo de kyuuto na

The angels that you're surrounded by.

Kimi wo torimaku tenshitachi

In order to grasp your powerful dream

Chikara tsuyoku yume hikiyoseru you ni

Don't worry about your messy hair.

Hotsureta maegami kini shinaide ku

The power to grasp a long desired dream

Nebari tsuyoku yume hikiyoseru chikara

One who has that can be recognized by everyone.

Mochi awaseta kimi dare mo ga mitomeru