Daddy, Darling (1970) - full transcript

A young Danish girl (Helli Louise) seduces everything in sight after daddy (Ole Wisborg) refuses her naughty come-ons. She'll have a lesbian affair with her teacher, pretend that her teenage boyfriend is dear old dad and finally get to her stepmother (Gio Petre)

I want to buy something

a erotic underwear

When I touch the fabric

Feel so good


Please hold me

I need to be hugged



It’s so fun.

thank you

I miss you when you are not there.

I know

I miss you

When I am not there


This is my job

I have to travel

I know

I think I have to ask someone.

Look after you when I am away

I can ask Miss Carlson of the office to

She is willing


I am no longer a child.

I said, I hate that woman.


Why do you hate Weier?


Because this actually adds to us

What surprised me is that you can't see
her chasing you.

I am going out.

Hello dear

Where is Katia?

She went to see a friend

She stayed there overnight


I hope she is

I brought her a small present.

My brother brought back from Asia.

Young people are now popular

Wearing magic pendant

You have to give her to her.


Do not

You give her

When you see her

She still doesn't know about me.

is not it

do not know


I have been trying to tell her

It would have been different

If she is still a child

But she is not

I have been telling myself

Katia is no longer a child.

She is a little woman

it's time to

Tell her about us

Since we are relocating

I have to leave her alone for so long.

a period of time

And I have neither old friends nor other

Look after her

I'm so lucky to have you


She said no

A young girl should have a mother

When she grows up

Half of the time my father is not at home

My mother

You know she is very lonely.

Who is the boy?


He sleeps in a free bedroom

Mom likes convenience

Do not turn on the lights

I never knew a woman like you before.

What is wrong?

Nothing wrong

I just thought of Katia.

Katia is safe at her friend's house.

You don't have to worry about her coming

In case she appeared

When we are crazy and passionate about
making love

If she appears

She will appear

is not it

Someone will let her go to bed

What is this problem?

Assume this

What will she do tonight?

I want to know how I look at this.

Nothing to wear

Only wear this

You will look

Very beautiful

How absurd we are

You don't think Katia...


What do you think of my mother?

after all

My father has been dead for six years.

She needs someone


Tell me the truth

You have someone

is not it

I don't want to let my mother know.

This is not like sleeping with my father,
do you know?

I used to know a girl, I used to sleep
with her father.

That's nothing.


I know that there are many girls sleeping
with Dad.

Say a name

Not someone you know

There are more girls sharing the same bed
with my father than you think.

not me



How is your father?

What is he doing?

Who is he making love with?



He does not have any girlfriends

a handsome man like your father


He doesn't even

Dating with a woman

I should know,

I have been with him all the time.

You are not with him now.


Why are you going home so early?

everything fine

I feel a little uncomfortable

I have a bad stomach.

You really don't like to see me.

Am I ridiculous?

of course not

It’s just that you look tired.

Why don't you sit down

Let me give you some hot drinks

I have to go upstairs.


I love you so much


Please hold me

I need

Being hugged tightly


Feeling better?

much better

If you feel good

Let us sail the sea


I can not sleep


Why can't you sleep?

I am not sure

How are you wearing


very cold in there

very comfortable

Chuchu frozen people

that is because

When I touch the fabric

Feel like this

it is good


Touch there

Don't feel it

Is the heart swaying?


This is the dress that a woman wears in
the bridal chamber.

Then they


Receive good as



This is old old-fashioned thinking


We have to get up early tomorrow

Go to bed and go to sleep well

good night

Dad, please.

Let me sleep with you

I slept with you before.


Before you were still small

Now you are a little woman.

He is afraid

He knows if he shares with me...


what happened


I want to marry you.


Have you tried your new pajamas?

last night

last night


a boy

You don't know him

He is a person who comes to visit

Is it useful?

not yet

He is very shy, can only say me

a bit


I will get his

Give me more time for a few nights.

Why are you so troublesome?

I have to say that it is better to find
another one.

no, thank you

I want to give this boy


He must not be ordinary


He does


How do you pack your luggage?

I have to go

That idiot


I won't go to my company.

I'm going


I want to

Miss Coulson

a little common sense

You can't be wronged by yourself, Dad.

She is a prostitute


What is this nonsense

Her woman of this age

Never married

Have a lot of men

I also made a lot of women.

You don't have of course I have

Many women

She is a prostitute

She is...

She is... Katia

She loves me

But you don't love her

Of course I love her

I love you too

Don't touch me, Dad.

Do not touch me

We will be back

Next Sunday night


I want you not to go

I want you not to go

You know that I love you, goodbye.

Miss Nordic

You used too much cement

Yes, Miss Dan.

You are sure that your mother has no

I'm very


I will only live to find the place myself.

Ehy Lal




Waiting for me to come out at the door?



You have nails again

Some people think this is very sexy

I think this is very hurtful.

Is there a band
-aid? I bleed very seriously.


I think she has been awake, always
watching us.

How is this?

She is coming

Hello dear

Do you miss me?

I always thought

You know Weier

Miss Carlson

It’s Mrs. Holmquist.

I better go to school.

I want you to have breakfast.

I am not eating dinner at home.

I have an appointment

I understand


I almost forgot your pocket money.


Thank you

Are you planning to leave?

I stayed in school to do my homework.

Miss Dan will let me

Lal asked about your situation this

That is very warm


See you in the morning

good night

good night


Miss Dan

I'm very sorry

Are you OK

I have a few

family problem

And your parents?

I only have


He doesn't understand you

I don't understand him.

You are a very good student

One of the best students in a long time

Why did you choose this line?

My father

Working for a box company

Engaged in packaging

I want to work there.

This is a good field

But have you ever thought about it?

Engage in art


my father

Speaking of this

Before I started learning

He said that there is no future for art.

A girl needs to be guaranteed

He always said this

my father

Miss Dan


Why can't you understand?

do not cry


The school is closing soon.

Is there a problem?

Girl is very depressed

She thought she could

Make her homework

Linna is waiting for us.

I told her that we are about 15 minutes.

I am going to take my coat.

poor child

I think she will overcome

I want Katia to join us.

Do you think this is a good idea?

what is the relationship

Ask her

Miss Sparkling’s sister came to the local
for a while.

We are going to meet her.

Do you want to join us?

You have a chance

See a good artist creation

it is good

Thank you

You Katia

what do you do?

I am just a student

Then I will not give you a drink?

I am 19 years old.

But I don't like drinking

Are you interested in art?

She will be a good student


Just she needs encouragement

Do you create these?

Linna is very successful now.

We are proud of her

I think I am hungry.

I know she didn't have dinner.

There are a lot of food in the kitchen

Why don't you both make some sandwiches?


it is good

That is very warm

What is very warm heart

Your sister and Miss Dan

They are so close

When we wait for the water to boil

Let me show you some of my main

This is my treasure of the town.

Battleship from the 18th century

She is great

An angry war goddess


Sixteenth century

Like Don Quixote’s helmet


This is not Don Quixote’s

But I like it, it comes from a celebrity

this is mine

a big vice

I always collect dolls

This is a hundred years old.

Do you like it?

You have a beautiful home

Hello dear

I didn't sleep waiting for you.

Oh, I don't worry.

I just want to see you.

I met an amazing woman tonight.

She is an artist

Miss Stanley’s sister

Is it Lina Bailin?

You know her

No, no, no, no, I don’t know

I heard about her

She is a...

Promising artist

Critic or appraiser

So I know her

She wants to guide me

Oh, that is a good thing.

I am very happy that you are very excited.

I have to go to sleep.

I have a lot to do tomorrow.

Miss Sparkling wants me to go to her home
after school.

I may have dinner with her again.

Good night, Dad.

Good night, dear



What is it? Dad.

Can you try to be a little better?


Please be patient with me.


Good morning

Good morning, Katia

Want coffee?

This is very warm heart

Thank you

Some toast

no, thank you

There are muffins in the school.

How should I call you?

Just call



Coffee is very good

Thank you

I have to go to school now.

Good morning, dear

I am sorry that I am late. Dear.

She talks to me

Katia really talks to me.


I really want Katia to like me.

This is the charcoal outline of the nude
painting I am creating.

I have a detailed sketch of the same
theme on the sketchbook.

When I use oil paint, we will refer to

if you do not mind

You start to observe me for a while.

During the period you can ask me some

I think you will learn very quickly.

Good morning

Can I have breakfast?

Of course, Katia

what do you want

I really want to eat big pig hooves.

I will help you get it.

You returned late last night.

I am with Lina.

She taught me how she paints



Weier and I plan to go to Norway for the

Going to visit her brother

Maybe you are willing to come


I have a plan for the weekend.

I'm very sorry

Weier and I will be disappointed

Maybe next time


My father and his wife

Going to Norway for the weekend

They really will play

I can

Are you staying with you this weekend?

I am planning to go north.

So I am afraid this is impossible.

I will leave tomorrow night.

I am coming back on Monday.

Hello everyone

I am back

I am back

I miss you very much

I have wanted to give this to you for a
long time.

This is an oriental pendant

I hope you like it

I hope you like it



Walking, really?


Oh, good boy.

Just sitting like this

I dance, what do you think?

I guess you listened to music.

Will come to dance

Katia, I want to...

you will

You will be with me

You will be very honest

I have to go


My father will only go home tomorrow.

Eva will want to know where I am.

She may ask more damn questions

You are afraid that she will

Drive you out

You can’t take your mother and daughter

Can I see you again?

I doubt it

I doubt it

very good

How are you at school today?

Very boring

Working with you

I saw your sister today.

With Miss Dan

full of love

What is good and love

How they look together

I have never seen two women who are such
good friends.

They are not just friends

They are lovers

Are they?

They are lovers

There is nothing wrong with this.


I do not know

I never thought about this problem.

Everyone needs emotion

Still love

We all need love

so beautiful

you are beautiful

That's why clothes look cute.

thank you

Spend a day

Go shopping with me


I like to be with you. Katia.

Don't you like me kissing you?

Of course I like you to kiss me.

Why are you


You surprised me

You don't think this is wrong

of course not

Can I kiss you again?

Just like you

I have never

Call your mother

Ok, dear.

What troubles?

Are you not happy with Katia today?

No, Katia is beautiful.

good performance



What troubles?

You look very


I am a bit depressed

that's it

May be exhausted

After shopping today


you know

I want to know how she does art classes.

I think she is doing very well.



Promise me one thing

Always make love with me

Hard to love

I promise

I promise

I love you

I love you





Who is Tanya?

Your student

What are you doing here?

At this time

I can't stay at home tonight.

Your father is making love with her


Can I stay here?


You chose the most inappropriate night

Didn't she tell you?

I do not understand

Tanya and I are friends

Like my sister and Sigridan



You still don't understand

is not it

I really don't understand

Come make you understand, don’t be afraid

How do women give women happiness?

If you don't understand, you are looking
for the right place.

Tanya is an expert

Demonstration woman how

Can make another woman happy


Only women understand

Another woman's

Real me

Show her Tanya

Do you understand it?

our relationship

All right

Leave here now


leave here

Don't come back again


Especially this

I bought it at a Hungarian shop near the

I got this

In the farmers market

On the lantern


You really have beauty


everything fine?

Maybe you have something


Do you want to talk to me?


I want you to know that you can come to me.

Any time

For any reason

I will never

Reject you

good night

We haven’t been together like this for a
long time.

I'm afraid

I am afraid I have been very busy.


It sounds like you are getting along well
with your new mother.

She is not my mother

She will never be my mother


Oh, I thought you liked her.

She is very good

But she will never be my mother

My dad will find out

He is very wrong

One day

I wonder why Katia is still not going home.

She should go home from school now.

Don't worry about Katia

We get along very well these days.

she is back

Hello there

Why carry luggage

Your father must go on a business trip.

I am sorry, dear.


what's up

In case I want to call you

Can you leave your phone number?

Of course, Katia

This is my call in Stockholm.

Oh, I have to go.

Goodbye, dear.


I go for a week



Just a week, Katia

How about going to the movies tonight?

Let's stay at home tonight.

I am going to make some tea.

Let's go to sleep

Nothing is more beautiful than a good

You smell very sweet

I love you, Weier.


She loves me

She loves me

But you don't love her

You don't love her

I certainly love her.

I love her

I love you too

I love you