Daddy (1987) - full transcript

Two high schoolers are unprepared for the reality of parenthood when the girl becomes pregnant.

(Multicom Jingle)

(upbeat guitar music)

- Bobby, stop.




- I love you.

- You love sex.

- Stacy, really.

We don't have to do
anything you don't wanna do.

- You have to come up with some new lines.

- Well help me out, what do
you think will work on ya?


- Bobby, stop.

- What do I get if I stop?

- You really love me?

Do you?

- [Coach] As I'm sure
you all read the chapter

on reliable birth control
methods over the weekend,

we're gonna have a little quiz.

- Quiz?

- Bobby, what's an IUD?

- Oh, it's, uh.

Shut up, man.

It's like this little thing
that the doctor kinda--


- What do the initials stand for?

- Driving under the influence.

- That's a DUI, idiot.

- Intrauterine device.

- Well, somebody did their homework.

- Aren't they dangerous?

I mean, that's what my sister told me.

- Well, they aren't
recommended for young women

or women who still wanna have babies.

But the pill is, as
long as you don't smoke.

- Yo Coach, I got a question.

- [Coach] Yeah.

- What happens if the prophylactic breaks?

- [Student] You don't have to worry.


- That happens to be very rare.

I don't know why you guys
think condoms don't work.

They do, they work for years.

You can't be too careful these days

with all the diseases and everything.

- How come all boys think about is sex?

- [Bobby] Oh, I suppose girls
don't think about it, too.

- No, not all the time.

You never stop.

You guys have sex on the brain.

- Well what else is there?

Everywhere you look there's just sex.

- See what I mean, that's
all they think about.

- Alright, alright, look,
I know you guys joke around

because you're embarrassed by this stuff.

- Nah, I'm not embarrassed.

- [Coach] You feel
guilty about having sex.

- (nervously laughs) I don't feel guilty.

- Look, I'm serious.

You don't protect yourselves

so you don't have to admit
you're gonna have sex.

Well that's really childless thinking.

And personally, I think you
kids are too young to have sex.

You can say no.

(school bell rings)

So to answer a question
somebody left on my desk,

doing it in a swimming is
not affective birth control.

- Kirsten, can we finish this?

- There's nothing left to talk about.

I said everything I
wanted to say on Friday.

I made myself very clear.

- I mean it, alright?

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to blow up, alright?

I was just frustrated.

- Look, let's just be friends, okay?

- Oh.

- I don't need another friend.

- Ouch.

- Wow, Sparks just doesn't know when

to back off and slide away.

- [Bobby] So let me get this straight,

are they breaking up or what?

- Yeah, she gave him his
ring back in homeroom Friday.

The dude is history.

(energetic guitar music)

- Look, I can't go home, alright?

Dad's gonna kill me.

I mean, I'm running away,
can I borrow some money?

- You got your report card.

What'd you get?

A, C, D, D minus, F.

An F in typing?

How'd you fail typing?

Nobody fails typing.

- My teacher just got mad

'cause she caught me cheating once.

- Man, see, only you can figure out

how to cheat on a typing test.

- Look, it was just a test to see

how many words we can type.

I just slipped in a paper that
I started the night before.

- You're an idiot, Chris.

- I hate typing.

- Well how you gonna be a writer?

- I'll write longhand.

- Dream on, little brother.

Salads, mozzarella marinara, garlic bread.

Oh yeah and another pasta, right?

Okay, I'll be right back
with your dinner order.

- [Lady] Excuse me, young man.

- Oh, yes ma'am, I'll get
your salad right away.

- Can we have some more bread please?

- Oh, yeah, I'm sorry about that.

- Also, can he have a side
of the white clam sauce?

- Sure, you got it.

Alright, Nesta, here it goes.

I need a baccata, marcella, cacciatore,

three salads, three bread,

and three sides of OG, you got it?

- Got it.
- Hey, what about table four?

I told 'em two minutes two minutes ago.

Alright, Dad, I need a small
half pepperoni half sausage.

You got that?

- Yeah, where's your brother?

- Hey.
- Oh hey Al.

How you doing there?

- Hey Al, your order's ready.

Hey Nesta, pick up Mr. Mazareno's order.

Hey, Matty!

Hiya baby, how you doing?

Come here.

Hiya, sweetheart.

- Hi.
- You been a good boy today?

- No.
- Yes, I'm always a good boy.

- He has not been a good boy.

- Yes, I have.
- What you been doing?

- He's been driving me nuts.

- What?
- He's picked up.

He's grabbing and pointing.

- You grabbing again?

You put your nose in the nose garage.

- Hey, watch your back, Mom.

Hey there, Champ, what do you say there?

- [Matty] Yes, I want some soda pop.

- [Dad] Soda pop, you got it.

- [Matty] More chicken.

- [Mom] Here Bobby, can you get this?

- [Matty] Can I have some milk?

- Yes, if you say.

- Please.
- You want two pieces?

- No, he doesn't need two pieces.

- Well you got two.

- Where's the report card?

- What do you mean?

- You know what I mean.

Come on, don't be a wise guy.

Hand it over, don't tell me you left it

in your locker at school.

- Hold on.
- Come on.

Sit up like a big boy.

Now wipe your hands.

- I don't find this amusing, Chris.

- Let me see.

Let me see.

I wanna see!

- [Mom] Matty, turn around here

and eat the rest of your dinner.

- [Matty] I want to see.

- [Mom] You wanna go
back in a booster chair?

- Pass that to your mother.

- Talk about this.

Chris, how can you get an A
in English and fail typing?

- You failed typing?

- [Mom] You're not applying yourself.

- Mom, typing's boring.

It just doesn't stimulate me.

- Wouldn't it help if you
could type your book reports?

- Pretty soon they're gonna

have a typewriter you just talk into.

So I don't need to learn how to type.

- Is typing that hard?

- Since I'm gonna be a writer,

I don't need to learn math, science,

or any of that stuff.

- You got it all figured out, don't you?

Well, you're grounded
until you get a minimum

of a C average in all your subjects.

Now how does that stimulate you?

- Dad.
- The subject is closed.

Bobby, pass the coffee.

- Please.

- [Bobby] Dad, can I borrow $20?

- What do you need it for?

- Can I have a dollar?

- You're not gambling, are you?

- I want a dollar.
- Don't tell me

there are poker games going on.

- No, I don't gamble.

Mom, you know that.

I just wanna buy a couple
records and a song book.

- [Dad] Ask Nesta if he needs
help in the kitchen, huh?

- Dad, I just punched out.

- Please.

- Dad, can we please discuss this?

- Hey, I said the sub--

- The subject is closed.

- Matty!

- Here they come, start laughing.

- What?
- Start laughing.

- Oh yeah. (laughing)

- You know what I mean?

Just out of nowhere, the guy,

boom, you hit him in the head.

- Oh man.

- Hi Dewey.

- Hi Lana, how you doing?

- Good, how are you?

- Hi Bobby.

- Hi, how you doing?

- [Kirsten] Good.


- Hey, I heard you got into Columbia.

- I really lucked out.

- That's great.

- You applied to music school, didn't you?

- Yeah, Livingston School of Music.

It's in Boston.

- I hear Boston's wild.

- Yeah, that's why Bobby going.

- Yeah.

- I see.

- Yeah.

- See ya.

- Oh man, she's definitely
got the hots for you.

- Yeah?

- Oh man.

Come on.

- Oh man.

- What?

- I just don't know.

- You nervous?

Don't be nervous.

- What about?

- You look a little nervous.

- No, no, no, no.

- [Dewey] Don't embarrass me.

- You don't embarrass me this time.

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness.

What a confidence.

(phone ringing)

Somebody get that phone.

- So Bobby, where's Stacy?

- I don't know.

- Aren't you guys going together?

- All I know is I said I
was going to Boston, right?

- That's right.

- Right here, right now.

- Right here, right now.

That's all I know too.

- Hey Stacy.

How you doing?

- Okay.

- You know Lana and Kirsten, right?

- Yeah, can we talk outside?

- [Bobby] Right now?

- Yeah, if you're not too busy.

- Yeah.

Hey Michelle.

- [Dewey] What do you guys
say we get something to eat?

- What?


- Just come on.

- Talk if you gotta talk.

- So what's going on with us?

- Truth?

Look, you know, I know you want some kind

of commitment or something.

- No, I just wanna know where we're at.

If you don't think I'm
good enough for you.

- Look, quit putting yourself down.

I can't stand it when you do that.

- So what, are you gonna
start going out with Kirsten?

- I was just sitting in the restaurant.

- [Stacy] Are you?

- Do you gotta know right now?

- Yes.
- Why?

- I'm pregnant.

- What?

- So what are we gonna do?

- We?

- Yes.

I have an appointment at the
clinic tomorrow to make sure.

Will you come with me?

- I can't cut school tomorrow.

I got a Spanish test.

I've got music tomorrow.

- Fine, stop the car.

- What are you doing, what are you doing?

- Stop the car!

(tires screeching)

- Stacy, wait!

Stacy, what are you doing?

Stacy, Stacy.

Look, look, I pulled out.

I pulled out every time.

How could you be pregnant?

- One must've got away.

- [Dad] This subject is closed.

- [Mom] You're not applying yourself.

- [Chris] It just doesn't stimulate me.

- [Bobby] Dad, can I borrow $20?

- [Dad] What do you need it for?

- Matty, sit down.

Get in your chair, okay?

- [Chris] It just doesn't stimulate me.

- This subject is closed.

- You're not applying yourself.

Pick up the phone, Stacy's on the line.

Will you get dressed?

Breakfast is ready, you're
gonna be late for school.

- [Stacy] So I'm gonna
leave study hall at 11:30.

Say I feel sick and take a bus downtown

'cause my appointment
at the clinic's at noon.

I'm gonna be back at school by 1:30.

And I'm gonna wait for you to call me

on the cafeteria phone, okay?

- Okay.

- [Stacy] 555-2810.

- 2810, got it.

- [Stacy] Bobby.

- What?

- I love you.
- Bobby, here.

- Okay, Stacy, I'll
talk to you later, okay?

- 1:30.

- Okay, bye.

- Matty, Chris, come on, it's breakfast.

- [Coach] Let's go, keep it moving.

Don't stop, keep it moving.

Layouts, let's go.

- So you're going out with Kirsten?

You heard me, Burnette.

- Come on, let's go.

Come on, keep it moving.


Be under control.

That's it.

Keep moving, let's go.

Let's go, you look like
elementary school kids.

- It's not over between
us so you stay away.

- Don't threaten me, man.

- Hey!

Now either one of you
two guys have a problem?

- No, Coach, no.

- Then let's play ball.

Come on!

Keep it moving.

- I mean it, you get near her
again, I'm gonna kill you.

- Hold it!

Alright, enough, enough.

Get 'em up.

Okay, alright.

Both of you hit the shower, you first, go.

And don't come out until you're dressed.

And you're going after him.

Hit the wall, up against
the wall, let's go.

Alright, what are you looking at?


Give me the ball.

Now hustle, let's go.


Follow it up.

Keep it moving.

- Coach, can I make a phone call?

- No, I said hit the wall.

- Look, it's important.

I'm really sorry about that.

It's important.

- Go ahead.

- Thanks.
- No, not there.

Use that phone.

- [Sparks] No, I just
got out of gym class.

- Hey, can I use the phone?

Really, really, it's an emergency.

- Get out of here before
I rip your face off.


Yeah, I'm here.

Oh, it's nobody.

Burnette, you don't know
him and you don't want to.

- Come on, Sparks.

- So why don't you buzz off, Burnette?


Oh yeah, I can hold.

It's no problem.

You buzz off.

- Stop it, stop it, stop it!

Both of you!

- Now you've had it.

- Anytime, Bobby.

- I'll pull apart after school.

- I'll be there.

- Neither one of you will be there.

Both of you to the office right now.

- Miss Lipton, you can't do that.

They'll get suspended.

- Dewey, go over there and sit down.

- But they're really nice boys.

They're not really gonna
fight after school.

Are you?
- No.

- Are you?

- No.
- See.

See, they're excellent buddies, look.

Look at this.

Look at those guys.

See, they're just fine.

Now who's gonna sit in the front
row of your class tomorrow?

- That's right, they
love you, Miss Lipton.

- Quiet, Jake.

Dewey, if you don't go
over there and sit down,

I'm gonna send you with them.

- Okay, okay, I'll go for 'em.

If I have the one life,
I'll give it to my school.

- Dewey, come back here and sit down.

And you two, detention at 3:00 in room 102

and not one minute late.

Now you have five seconds to get back

to your respective classes.

John, you go first.

- Thank you, Miss Lipton.

- And don't run.

Sit down, class.

Now Bobby.

- Thank you, Miss Lipton.

- Bobby, get away from that phone

and get back to gym now.

- Okay.

- Coming out?

- Yeah, it's in the rock section under P.

- Oh thanks.

- What happened to the singles list

I asked you to do yesterday?

- I forgot.

- You did inventory, right?

- I'll go do it right now.

- That's okay.

Take care of this customer, I'll do it.

Are you feeling okay?

- Yeah, yeah.

♪ You could have a steam train ♪

♪ If you'd just lay down on your tracks ♪

♪ You could have an aeroplane flying ♪

♪ If you bring your blue sky back ♪

♪ All you do is call me ♪

♪ I'll be anything you need ♪

♪ You could have a big dipper ♪

- Stacy, I tried to call
whether you believe it or not.

I did, I tried.

- Well, I definitely am.

♪ You could have a bumper car, bumping ♪

- Okay, I'll get some money for you.

- I haven't made up my mind yet.

- About what?

♪ Sledgehammer ♪

- Oh thanks.

♪ Why don't you call my name ♪

- Stacy.

- I can't talk right now.

- Okay, what time do you get off work?

- She gets off at nine.

- Alright, I'll come back at nine.

- [Dad] Don't be a wise guy.

- [Mom] I went to shop for
these sneakers for this one.

Do you know how much they cost?

I could buy Bobby a new pair of shoes.

- [Dad] Why don't you go
to a children's store?

- [Mom] Honey, this is
the children's store.

It doesn't make any sense.

- [Dad] Then let him walk barefoot.

- [Matty] No.

- [Mom] What's the matter, honey?

Aren't you hungry?

- Nu-huh.

- I am.

- Then you eat your vegetables.

You're not running a fever
or something, are you?

- I'm fine, Mom.

- [Matty] I want dessert.

- When you clean your plate.

- [Mom] Matty, come on!

- Dad, can I be excused and let off

at work so I can study with Dewey?

- Dewey studies?

Since when does Dewey study?

- You're the one to talk.

- Bobby, you're excused.

- Thanks, Dad.
- Come on, guys, settle down.

Be back right by 11.
- Hey, hey!

Alright, that's enough!

(upbeat music)

♪ Come on, baby, bang your head ♪

♪ Spin this web ♪

♪ You're better off
alive than you are dead ♪

♪ Spin this web ♪

♪ Listen to the order of
the words in your head ♪

♪ Spin this web ♪

♪ Do it like your sister
did it when she's 10 ♪

♪ Spin this web ♪

♪ Make me a princess ♪

♪ Baby, be my king ♪

♪ Me in the jungle ♪

♪ Let's listen to the spider sing ♪

- You know my sister,
Diane, your husband James?

They've been trying to have
a baby for three years.

They saw four doctors

and they went to a therapist
and they took tests.

Finally she got pregnant.

And then she miscarried.

And now nothing.

- You thinking of having a kid

and letting your sister raise it?

- No, I can just understand her wanting

to have a baby to love, that's all.

- That's your sister, she's married.

- We're two months along.

Do you know what that means?

It makes it the first time we ever did it.

- I thought you couldn't
get pregnant the first time.

- That's what I thought too.

Maybe it's fate.

- What about school?

What are you gonna do about school?

- I don't know.

I guess I'll just drop out for awhile.

I hate school anyways.

- Stacy, you gotta have an abortion.

You gotta.

- No, I don't.

I don't have to.

No, don't tell me what I have to do.

Bobby, I can do whatever I want.

This is my baby.

This is the only thing in
this whole world that's mine

and I'm gonna keep it.

- Look, if you're thinking of having a kid

'cause you're lonely, you're crazy.

Why don't you make a
couple of friends, Stacy?

Why don't you make a couple of friends?

- Stop, don't worry about it.

I'm not gonna count on you.

- Good, go!

- I will!
- Good, go!

Don't count 'cause I'm gonna
be 3,000 miles away next year.

- Good.

♪ Spin this web around my head ♪

♪ On the ground, around the town ♪

♪ Spin this web ♪

- Come on, let's go for
a walk on the beach.

- I think the beach is overrated.

- You don't like the ocean?

- It needs to be flushed.

No, seriously, I come to
the beach about once a year

just to make sure it's
there and then I go home.

- Weird.

- Beaches aren't the same here.

They're better in the east

where they have boardwalks, you know?

- Yeah.
- To me, that's what makes

the beach the beach.

- What about Venice Boardwalk?

- No, it's not the same.

See, out east they're made
out of wood, you know?

And you can hang out underneath 'em.

And sing.

- Sing?

- Yeah, yeah.

I don't think you quite, yeah, sing.

But I heard if a guy stops
right before, it's okay, right?

- Well, a lot of people think
a girl can't get pregnant

if a guy withdraws better ejaculating.

That's not true, it's false.

The reality is that sperm can
be present even before climax.

Why, why do you ask?

You didn't get a girl pregnant, did you?

(upbeat music)

- Well, you know, it'd take awhile.

- There you are, Dewey.

Wanna dance?

- Yeah, sure.
- Do it up.

- Yeah, I will.

No, I will.

- [Bobby] I know you will.


- How you doing, Bobby?

- Good, how you?

- Alright.
- Good.

- This is Cathy.

- Hi.

- Hi, nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

How are you?

- Bobby, he's the musician, right?

- Yeah.

- I hear you're very talented.

- Well, you can't believe
everything you hear.

- You want something to drink?

- Yeah okay, soda.

- Okay, great.

- Nice to meet you, Cathy.

- Nice to meet you, too.

- Very nice.

- [Jake] Yeah, too nice for me.

- What do you mean?

- I'm thinking about going for it tonight.

I don't know how much of a chance I have.

I've been working on her all summer.

It's been a very slow go,
if you know what I mean.

- You got protection?

You want a rubber?

- You have one?

- Yeah.


- What are you, a coach?

- Hey, you gotta be careful.

- Hey, what are you guys talking about?

- Oh, nothing much.

How you doing?

Do you wanna dance?

- Are you sure Kirsten would let you?

- I think Kirsten would
let me, let's dance.

What do you say?

(soft romantic music)

Hey, you've got a nice house.

- [Kirsten] Thank you.

- It's really nice.

What's the upstairs like?

- It's nice.

- How about a tour?

- Will you be good?

- I'm always good.

- Okay.

You know after you
dropped me off last week.

- Yeah?

- My father said he thought you seemed

like a really nice guy.

- Goes to show you, you can't
judge a book by its cover.

- That's what I told him.

This is my parent's bedroom.

- It's big.

- Mm-hm, excuse me.

And this is the guest bedroom.

This is my brother's room.

He's away at Princeton.

- And this is Kirsten's room.

- [Kirsten] Bobby.

- What?

- What, what are you doing?

- Hey, check this out.

- What?

- [Bobby] Holy cow,
would you look at that?

- What?

- [Bobby] Wait, I love this song.

Wanna dance?

- Okay.

You're trouble.

- No, I'm not.

I told you I was nice.

♪ You got your family
and they need you there ♪

♪ Although I try to resist ♪

♪ Being last on your list ♪

♪ But no other man's gonna do ♪

♪ So I'm saving all my love for you ♪

♪ It's not very easy living all alone ♪

♪ My friends try and tell
me find a man of my own ♪

♪ But each time I try ♪

♪ I just break down ♪

- Bobby, no.

♪ 'Cause I'd rather be home feeling blue ♪

I don't wanna go that far.

- What's the matter?

Don't you like me?

♪ So I'm saving all my love for you ♪

- I just don't want to.

- How come?

- I'm not ready.

I wanna wait till it's right.

- It's right now.

Right now.

♪ You said be patient ♪

♪ Just stay a little longer ♪

♪ But that's just an old fantasy ♪

- Bobby, don't.


- If you're worried, I've got protection.


- Look, that has nothing to do with it.

I said no.

No is no, can't you take no for an answer?

- You have to start eating dinner.

- What do you care what I eat?

You don't want me to
have this baby anyways.

- No, you have to start
eating better for yourself.

You, there's steamed
vegetables on the stove.

- I hate steamed vegetables.

- There's chicken in the refrigerator.

- Come on, Ma.

I can take care of myself.

- No, no, you can't.

That's obvious.

Who's that?

Hey you!

- [Stacy] Who is it?

- Hey, you!

Come here.

Come here.

Come on in.

It's still not too late for
her to have an abortion.

And I've been trying to
convince her to have one.

- I agree.

- Great, yeah, I'm glad you both agree.

Why don't you two go get one?

- Alright, alright, listen.

Let's talk about it adoption again.

- Ma, I'm not giving it up.

- Stacy.
- It's my baby.

It needs me.

- You're a baby.

You can't have a baby.

- I'm gonna.

- Who do you think's
gonna take care of it?

You think Bobby's gonna?

- You had Diane when you were 17.

Why didn't you have an abortion

or give her up for an adoption?

- Honey, don't make
the same mistake I did.

It's a nightmare raising a baby alone.

And if you drop out of
school, you'll never go back.

You'll never go back
if you have this baby.

Why you sitting there so quiet?

What are you gonna do?

- What can I do?

- Did you hear that?


He's not gonna be around

and I don't wanna raise another baby.

- Who asked you to?

- Stacy, you can't keep this baby.

- I'm gonna keep it.

- Dad.



- Bobby?

Did you have an accident?

- Yeah.

- How far along is she?

- Three and a half months.

- You're positive it's yours?

- Positive.

Dad, I don't wanna be a father.

Well Bobby, obviously
you're gonna be a father

whether you like it or not.

Why didn't you come to me sooner?

- I've been so scared, Dad.

- What happened?


Honey, what's the matter?

- He got Stacy pregnant.

- Stacy's pregnant?

- Yeah.

Yeah and she's gonna have the baby.

- Stacy gonna have a baby and keep it?

- I don't want her to have it
and her mother doesn't either.

- Well, does she know how you feel?

- Yeah.

- There's no changing her mind?

- No, Ma, no.

- Mike, didn't you ever
talk to Bobby about sex?

- Yeah, I figured he knew what to do.

- But you're suppose to talk to her son.

Didn't you ever just set him
down once and talk to him?

- Hey, my father never had to tell me.

- Well hopefully you have
a better relationship

with Bobby than your father had with you.

- Why didn't you?

You're his mother.

- [Mom] It's your responsibility.

- What's going on?

- Chris, just go back to bed.

- [Chris] What are you fighting about?

- We're not fighting.

- Go to bed, Chris.

- Well come on.

- Go back to bed.

- Bobby, what's going on?

- Now!

Bobby, didn't you know that
she could get pregnant?

- I knew, of course I knew.

- Then why didn't you protect yourself?

- Well I thought I was.

I mean, I never.

- [Mom] You never, you never thought.

- I mean, doesn't the
school tell you anything?

- Damn it, Mike.

We're his parents, it's our job.

- Okay, yeah, right.

- Stop arguing, it's not
your fault, it's mine.

- You know what this means?

How this is gonna change your whole life?

How are you gonna support a baby?

- What about college?

- I'm not changing any of my plans.

- What are you gonna do?

You just gonna walk away from Stacy?

- You two aren't gonna
get married, are you?

- No.

- Of course he's not gonna get married.

Chris, to bed!

He's got his whole future ahead of him.

But he should stand up like a man.

- [Mom] You mean give her money.

- Have you offered to help?

- Not yet.

- Look Bobby, it's your child.

It's always gonna be yours.

- I know, Dad.

I know.

(school bell rings)

- My mom kicked me out.

Said I can't move back in
unless I give up the baby.

- Really?

- Bobby, I need a place to live.

- Wow.

- I'll find a place.

- Hey Stacy.


- Hey Stacy, you ready to go?

- Yeah, I'll be right over.

- What's he doing here?

- I'll talk to you later, Michelle.

- Okay, see ya.

- He's giving me a ride to the hospital.

I have an appointment for an ultrasound.

- Wait, what's that?

- I don't know, it's
something that costs $200.

My sister lent me the money.

- Well, what's it for?

- I don't know.

The doctor just thought I should have one.

- Are you okay?

Is something wrong?

Stacy, is something wrong?

- I don't know, I've been
having a lot of pains lately.

And the doctor wants to
make sure the baby's okay

'cause I'm so young, you know?

My sister had that
miscarriage and everything.

- Let me take you, alright?

- No, I'm good, I have a ride.

- Come on, Stacy, let me take you.

- It's okay.

- No, look, I wanna take you, okay?

It's not a problem.

- Look, let go.
- Didn't you cause

enough grief already?

- Stay out of this, okay?

- Hey man, don't touch me, alright?

- Stay out of it.

- Stop it!

- Don't touch me.
- Stop it!

Stop it!

You leave me alone.

That's what you've been so good at doing.

Why don't you keep doing it?


- You got a problem, huh?

What's so funny?

You think that's funny?

Hi, I need to go to ultrasound
to see Stacy Holder.

- I'm sorry, only fathers can go in there.

No kids allowed.

- I am the father.

- Third door on your left.

- Thanks, ma'am.

- Hi.

- [Nurse] Yes?

- I'm Bobby.

- [Nurse] This is the father?

- Yeah.
- Hi Stacy.

- Hi.

- Okay, there's the baby's head.

- [Stacy] Is everything okay?

- Very good fluid, clear
and healthy looking.

No blood.

Your baby is developing
just as it should, Stacy.

Nothing's wrong.

There's a slight chance we may
be able to identify the sex.

- You can?

- Well I don't wanna know what it is.

- We don't wanna know what it is.

- Okay.

- [Stacy] John?

John's the most common
name in the United States.

- Well then I definitely don't want that.

Hey, did you feel that?

- Yeah.

- Did you feel that?
- Yeah.

- That little sucker kicked me, didn't he?

- No.
- Yes, he did.

- No, he didn't.
- Yes, he did.

- It was a punch.

- Oh, it was a punch.

I got it, I got it.

We'll just call him
Chuck after Chuck Norris.

- [Stacy] Bobby!

- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

- Oh my God.

You have to be careful.

You can't roughhouse like that around me.

- It's okay, nothing's broken, okay?

It's alright.

- You're way to physical around me.

You can't roughhouse like that.

I'm not Dewey.

- Alright, alright.

It's okay, alright?

- Will you love the baby if it's a girl?

- It's my baby, I love it whatever it is.

- Do you love me?

- Uh-huh.

- [Stacy] You never tell me, Bobby.

- Well you know I do.

- You gotta tell me.

- I love you.

- Not like that.

- Stacy.

Put your nose in the nose garage.

Come here.

I love you.

But I gotta go.

- Wait, wait, wait, wait.

- What?

You okay?

- One more.

- What?

- Kiss.

- One more.

- Oh gross.

- What?

- I've gotten so ugly, haven't I?

I look so fat and bloated.

Like a fat pig.

- No, you don't.

You're just pregnant.

- Where are the potato chips?

Did you hide them?

- Hey, you're suppose, you
can't have potato chips anyway.

You're suppose to stick
that low salt diet.

Have some fruit?

You want a banana or
an apple or something?

Here, have an apple.

- [Stacy] I'm sick of fruit!

I want potato chips!

- Stacy, if you're gonna
start freaking out.

Look, I gotta go.

- No, wait, please, I'm sorry.

Please don't go, I just have this headache

and I'm not suppose to take Aspirin.

I'm going crazy.

- Look, just get up here, lift up.

Get under the covers, lift up.

- [Stacy] I hate this bed.

- Just lie down then, okay?

And relax and take it easy, okay?



I'll see you.
- Wait.

- I'll see you later.
- You come by after school?

- I can't, I gotta work today.

- Will you come by tomorrow?

- Tomorrow's real busy.

I'll come back Friday if I can.

- [Stacy] Bobby.

- [Bobby] What?

- I had a dream last night
that the baby was born dead.

- I thought you stopped having those.

- I keep thinking about
you going away next year.

- Don't think about it, okay?

- Bobby, come on.

Just stay with me.

Please, just today.

I never asked you to cut before.

I'm so scared.

- I can't miss school today.

I got music, you know I don't miss music.

- Fine then, go.

You know I can break
my water at any minute.

You don't care.

- [Bobby] You're not even
due for another month.

You're being ridiculous.

- Go to school with Dewey and
have fun with your friends.

Play at recess.

- You're talking like I'm
going to a party or something.

I'm going to school.

Remember school, you hated
it when you went there.

- Don't yell at me.

You know all the books
say it's bad for the baby.

- I don't wanna leave
here in a fight again.

- Get out.

- Bye.


- [Dewey] Hey, do it again.

What took you so long?

- Man, these mood swings are nightmares.

It's crazy, she's just back and forth.

It's so hard to be around her.

- What does she do all day?

Just veg?

- She's suppose to stay in bed

so she just watches soap operas and MTV

and every once in awhile Michelle

or her sister will come by.

- What about her mom?

- She wants her to move back in.

- At least they're talking again.

- Yeah, yeah, but Stacy's
not gonna move back in.

She thinks everything's gonna
be fine when the baby comes.

- Hey, wait, why are we walking?

Where the Caddy?

- It died last night, man.

- Drag, it died?

- Yeah, and the tranny,
it's gonna cost me a fortune

to get a rebuilt one or a used one.

- So hit up your old man.

- I can't.
- You got to.

- I can't, I already
owe him 250 for medical.

Do you got Spanish?

- Yeah, relax, it's easy.

- Is it right?

- What you mean is it right?

Of course it is.

- [Dewey] Yeah, let's go.

(classical guitar music)

- What made you become
interested in guitar, Bobby?

- I saw the film on the
Monterey Pop Festive,

you know where Hendrix
lights his guitar on fire

and plays the Star Spangled Banner.

But then actually my first
guitar teacher turned me

on to classical.

- Did you write that piece?

- Yeah.

- You're good.

Academics are also important

and your last quarter, your grades.

- Well, I've had some personal
problems that distracted me.

- You're doing better now.

- I am, I will be.

- What are you gonna be
playing on your cello?

- I'll play a bouree from
one of the Bach suites.

(cello music)

(speaking in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

- Kirsten.

(speaking in foreign language)

- Me?

(speaking in foreign language)

- This weekend, not last.

You used the past tense.

- Hey, that's an (speaking
in foreign language) deck.

- What's the difference?

All my weekends are the same.

(speaking in foreign language)

- Sorry.

- Stacy's in labor, she's at the hospital.

- She is?

Wait, I don't have a
car, it's in the shop.

- Come on, I'll take you.

Come with me, come on.

Excuse me.

- [Teacher] It looks great
but I wanna see more contour.

- Dewey, Dewey, she's having it right now.

She's having it.

- Lobby.

The front desk.

Take her this, go ahead.

- [Dewey] Bobby, wait up.

Bobby, wait up.

- Excuse me, ma'am, I'm the father.

- Which father?

- Stacy, Stacy's Holder.

- Stacy Holder.
- One at a time.

- She's having a baby.

- Calm down, what's the name?

- Holder, H-O-L-D-E-R.

- Holder.
- Holder, one moment please.

- She's in labor right now.

Can you hurry up a little?

- Bobby.

- Stacy, Stacy, are you okay?

I thought she was having
the baby right now.

- Calm down, it'll be awhile.

First babies like to take their time.

- Oh okay, are you alright?

- Uh-huh.
- Does it hurt?

Does it hurt?

- At times.

- Are you okay?
- Stay with me.

- Okay, okay, just a second.

- Don't go.

- Bobby, I'll wait for
you in the waiting room.

- [Bobby] Okay.

Hey Coach, thanks a lot.

- That's alright, Bobby.

You wanna stay a little bit?

- [Dewey] Yeah, I'm good, okay.

- Keep me posted.

- [Dewey] Yeah okay.

- What?

- Hey Dad.

- Well?

- Nah, it's still gonna be awhile I guess.

- Man, what is taking so long?

- Dewey, babies just
don't pop out like toast.

- [Dewey] I know, Mrs. Burnette.

- Oh, Mom, Dad, this is
Mrs. Holder, Stacy's mother.

- Bobby, we've talked
on the phone, remember?

- Oh yeah.

- I'm Diane, Stacy's sister.

- Oh yeah, hey Diane.

How you doing?


- What time is it?

- 8:30.

- [Dewey] Man, this took my money.

- [Speaker] Bobby
Burnette, Bobby Burnette.

Please come to the delivery room.

- That's it.
- That's you, that's you.


- [Doctor] Now push.

That a girl, push.

Come on, push hard.

Okay, come on, give me a good one.



- Stacy, I'm here.

It's a baby.

- I hope so.

- I mean it's a boy!

- How's Stacy?

- Stacy's fine, she's beautiful.

It's good.

- [Dad] I got a grandson.

- You should've seen this.
- I'm a grandfather.

- [Bobby] He's so small and
he's got these little hands

and fingernails, he has fingernails.

And it's just incredible.

(phone rings)

You can't keep me here, Mom.

- [Mom] Oh yes, I can.

You're on my watch.

- Guess who's on the phone again.

- Tell her I'll be right there, will ya?

She wants to know how long.

- Half hour.

Tell her half hour.

- [Chris] What do I tell her

when she calls back in 20 minutes?

- [Bobby] Just tell her
I'll be right there, okay?

- Alright, let me get this right,

you don't wanna talk to her?

- Right.

- [Mom] What's wrong with Stacy?

- Nothing's wrong with Stacy.

- Bobby, look, come here.

Come on, just talk to me, okay?

Honey, I don't think you've
thought this through.

- I have.

Dad, can you give me a ride?

- Bobby, you leaving your stereo?

- [Bobby] Yeah, she's got one.

You can borrow it.

- Alright, what about your model cars?

- No room, they're yours.

- Alright!

(baby crying)

- He can't be hungry.

You just fed him an hour ago.

(baby crying)

Come here.

Come here.

That's a good boy.

- [Stacy] Is he wet?

- No, he's not wet.

That's a good boy, Cody.

There we go.

Go back to sleep.

(baby whining)

No, no, no.

(baby crying)


(baby crying)

Shut up.

Shut up, you little bastard, shut up.

Shut up!

Stacy, Stacy, wake up.

You gotta take him before I
throw him out the window, here.

(school bell rings)

- Hey, how's it good?

No, seriously, congratulations, really.

I wish you luck.

- Hey man, what's happening?

- Oh man.
- What Sparks say?

What'd he say?

Hey, you want me to do it?

- I got it.
- I can do it for you.

- I got it.

- Alright.

- Hey Dewey.

- Hey man, what's going on?

Bobby, Bobby, relax.

What's the number?

- Two, 28, 38.

- What you so mad about?

- What's the matter?

Baby kept you up all night again?

- That little creep
keeps me up every night.

- Hey, you coming to my
party Saturday night?

It's gonna be radical, dude.

- I can't.

- What do you mean you can't?

- I gotta work.

- So come after work, it's gonna late.

- I gotta go home.

- Bring Stacy.

- And what about the baby?

- Bobby, get a babysister.

Use to babysit, take the night off.

- And what am I gonna pay her with?

Potato chips?

Do you have any idea how in debt I am?

I owe money up to here.

Do you have any idea?

- No, I don't.
- You have no idea, do you?

- No, I don't.

- You have no idea, Dewey.

- No, I don't.

(school bell rings)

- [Teacher] So that we
find it with sediment.

Physical characteristics, very often,

reveal to us what we need
to know about the origin.

For example, a stream that flows smoothly

would tend to deposit first
of course the heavy fragments.

And as it moves farther
and farther along its path,

it would settle the finer

and finer particles out towards the end.

So that sediment would consists mainly--

(school bell rings)

Alright, pages 113 to 125.

There will be an oral tomorrow.

- Hello Cody Michael, yes.

- [Girl] I wanna hold
it, can I hold it, Stacy?

Here, hold this book.

What's wrong?

I wanna hold him.

(baby crying)

(school bell rings)

- [Girl] Bye Stacy, good luck.

(baby crying)
- Aww, what's the matter?

- [Stacy] It's okay.

- Shut him up, Stacy.

- I'm trying.

- Please, could you
leave the classroom area?

It's very disruptive.

- Sorry.

- School is not really
the place for an infant.

- I'm sorry.

He's wet.

- Why did you bring him?

- I'm going to the doctor.

I need to get some money.

- What now?

- I'm gonna get fitted for a diaphragm.

- [Bobby] What do you
want a diaphragm for?

You never wanted one before.

- Well, I want one now.

- But why?

We never have sex.

- Well hopefully we'll start again.

Bobby, you scared to have sex?

- No.

- [Stacy] You just don't want to?

- How much does it cost?


- Well the clinic charges
whatever you can afford,

so they'll probably give me one for free

but I've gotta see the doctor first.

We gotta give her something.

We owe her so much.

- [Bobby] Here.

- Well what are you
keeping that money for?

- [Bobby] I gotta keep some
to give the mechanic, okay?

- Okay, don't get mad.

You know I'm doing this for both of us.

- Great.

- Wait, where you going now?

- I gotta see the Coach.

He wants to talk to me about something.

- Well wait.

- Why?
- Wait for me.

'Cause I wanna thank him

for giving you a ride to the hospital.

- I'll thank him for you.

- No, Bobby, stop.

Wait, I'm coming with you.

Okay, come on.

Come on.


- Come on.
- Alright, just keep going.

- Hey Coach.

- Hey.
- You wanted to see me?

- Hi Bobby.


- Hi.

- Hi.

- Hi, thanks for giving
him a ride to the hospital.

- That's a pleasure.

Tom, I'll be right back.

- What's?

That's a big boy?
- Uh-huh.

- What's going on?

- Stacy, you know if you two
have to talk about something,

I think it would be a good idea

if you took it to your guidance counselor.

- What's going on?

- I just thought maybe we
should talk about it with you.

Bobby might feel more
comfortable if you don't mind.

- Nah, I don't mind.

It's right in here, the weight room.

Come on.

Say, you wanna give me about 10 minutes?

- Yeah, sure, sure.
- Okay.

- Come on, hustle.

Hustle, let's go.
- Let's go.

- What's going on?

- I called Mr. Jacobs yesterday.

- Why?

- 'Cause you're always getting mad, Bobby.

And you scream at the baby
and you get me scared.

We need someone to talk to.

- Well I think we can handle it.

Thanks a lot, Coach.

I really appreciate all your help.

- Bobby, Bobby.
- We need to talk about this.

- Why'd you call him behind my back?

- [Stacy] 'Cause you know
you wouldn't come otherwise.

- Okay, calm down, both of you.

- Look, I'm doing my best, aren't I?

Aren't I?

I'm working my butt off in
that restaurant every night.

Weekends too, every weekend night.

- I know.

- And what do you do?

You don't do nothing.

You just sit at home.
- Taking care of a baby

24 hours a day isn't that easy.

- Well, at least they get to
sleep which is more than I do.

I don't do anything anymore, Coach.

Understand that?

I go to work, I go to
school, I go to work,

and I go back to school.

I don't have for my
friends, music, nothing.

- So what'd you expect, Bobby?

Your life not to change?

- No.
- See, he is getting mad.

- You're trying to control me.

- I'm not trying to control you.

- Yes you are.

- See, he resents me.

Didn't I tell you?

- Why don't you two relax?

- He doesn't even kiss me anymore.

- Oh, you gotta tell him everything?

- Bobby.
- Bobby!

- [Coach] Bobby, Bobby, wait a minute.

Bobby, Bobby, wait.

- You're on her side.

We don't have anything
to talk about, Coach.

- I am not on anyone's side.

Now what's going on here?

Are you kids gonna split up?

- I don't know.

- Well are you gonna be around
when your baby grows up?

- I'm the father, I accept that.

It's just that, it's just that.

Look at what I've done.

I mean, look what I'm doing.

Why can't anybody give me
credit for that, Coach?

I mean, it's not all my
fault either, you know that?

It's not, she wanted to do
it just as much as I did.

- Get beyond that, get beyond that.

And stop blaming her.

- I'm not blaming anybody.

- Yes, you are, you are.

- I'm not, it's just that
she wants me to be a husband.

She's wants me to be like my father.

I'm not ready for that.

- Okay, okay, listen, look,
I can understand that.

But you keep taking it out on the baby.

Now look, you have to grow up.

You have to grow up today.

You have to grow up now, you hear?

Look, when you decided to take on sex,

you took on a huge responsibility, kid.

You did and you have to
accept that responsibility.

- I know.
- And it's not just a matter

of providing for the baby now.

- I know, I know.

You think I don't know that?

It's like somebody took my,

the best part of my life
and skipped till the end.

I'm just a kid, Coach.

I just wanna have a good
time with my friends.

I can't handle this, Coach.

I can't handle this.

- Yes, you can.

- No, I can't.

- You can.

Now let's go back inside
and we'll work it out.

- No, no.



- [Coach] Bobby!

- I'm sorry, kid.

I can't get you a tranny

until you get the money, all the money.

You can't leave it here either.

So you think it's gonna be
awhile before the dough,

you better tow it home.

- Hey.

Can I ask you a question?

- [Mechanic] Huh?

- I wanna ask you a question.

- Yeah, alright.

- What do I look like?

- What do you look like?

- Yeah, you're looking at me.

What do you see?

- I see a kid.

- Anything else?

- No.

- Thanks.

- Hey!

What did you want me to say?

- Doesn't matter, you said what you said.

- Alright.

I'll stick in a rebuild tranny for $575.

- $575?

- Okay, $550, that's as low as I go.

- You wanna buy it?

- You'd sell it?

- How much you give me?

- I'll give you $800.

- Cash?


(upbeat music)


How's Cody?

Is he alright?

- He's got gas, okay?

- How you doing?

- Where have you been?

Where have you been all day?

Your mom called, you didn't go to work.

- I sold my car.

- You did?

- Yup.

Bought a CD though.

Got a great deal.

I got some great disks.

I got Springsteen, some Tina Turner.

- How much do you get for your car?

- I got like $350 left, too.

- How much did you get for your car?

- $800.

- Are you kidding me?

- No.

- You spent $450 on this?

- It lists for seven.

- Do you know far that money could go?

For medicine and doctor
bills, diaper bills?

We need that money for the baby.

It's your baby!

- I know it's my baby.

It's also my life.

I have to lead my own my life.

- Our lives aren't our own anymore, Bobby.

- Yeah, I know.

I can't hardly take it.

- [Stacy] Well you're
gonna have to take it.

- No, I don't.

We're not married.

- Oh, and I guess that would kill you.

- Yeah, it might.

It might just.

- Where were you today?

- Look, you're not my wife.

You're not my mother and I
don't have to tell you anything.

- Yes, you do.

- Don't do that.
- Where were you?

- Don't do that.

- I wanna know, where have you been?

- Look, just don't, okay.

I had to walk, I don't have a car, okay?

- Tell me where you've been.

Don't go.

Get out!

- Don't.

(baby crying)

Go and don't come back.

(soft somber music)

- I'll take it back.

- [Woman] Okay, so see you
back here next Thursday.

Alright, Stacy?

- So?

- I got it.

- How much?

- $498 a month.

- Great.

- It is great.

Well what are you mad about now?

- I'm not mad.

Would you stop asking me
if I'm mad all the time?

- Where else would we
get that kind of money?

You think I thought it was
gonna be this expensive?

- Just don't tell anybody, okay?

I wouldn't want anybody
to know you're on welfare.

- You think I'm proud of it?

You think I like to come to this place?

- I gotta go.

Lunch is almost over, get back to school.

- You expect me to carry
this bag on my head?

Come on, Bobby.

Put this bag on my head.

Come on, come on.

- Don't do that.

I'm gonna be late, you know?

'Cause of you.
- You'll only be

a few minutes late, come on.

- Yeah, well.

I'm always doing it.

I'm not enjoying this at all.

Stop that.

Stop that.

Hey, check it out.

I got in.

- Pleased to inform you,

you've been accepted at
Livingston School of Music.

Way to go, that's great.

- Now congratulate, Dewey.

He got accepted to the
University of Arizona.

- [Bobby] Hey man, that's great.


- It was a couple days ago.

- Well why didn't you tell me?

Hey, congratulations though.

- Thanks a lot, you too, man.

- Congratulations, dude.

- Thanks, man.

- Congratulations, Bobby.

- Thanks, Joyce.

I'm going, Stacy.

I'm going!

Nothing is gonna change that.

I'm going!

(cello music)

- Bobby.

- What's the matter?

- I'm leaving.

- What?


Wait, where you going?

- Bobby, what are you doing?

What's going on?

- [Matty] I got you!

- Hi Matty.

Matty, where's Mom?

Is Mom here?

- [Matty] Oh Cody!

Let me see Cody!
- Mom!

- [Matty] Cody!

- Mom!


Momma, where are ya?


- Cody, let me see.

- Look out, look out, Matty.

Mom, Mom, Stacy split.

- What?

- She came to school and she
dumped off Cody and she split.

- Where did she go?

- I don't know, Mom.

I don't know.

- Cody.
- Careful, Matty.

Careful, careful.

Wait, don't point that gun.

That's a baby, Matty, come on.

Come on, don't do that.

- Now where did she go?

- I don't know, Mom.

I don't know.

- When is she coming back?

- I don't know.

I called her mom and she
doesn't know where she went.

And her sister said she might've gone

to San Francisco or something.

- Bobby, Bobby!

- And she's got an old boyfriend in Vegas.

- Bobby.
- What?

- You're not making sense.

- But Mom, I'm in the
middle of a Spanish final.

Can you please watch Cody?

Please, here's the bag.

- Alright, but Bobby?

- [Bobby] What?

- You be back after school.

- [Bobby] But Mom, I
got track after school.

I can't come straight home.

- No, Bobby.
- I'll come after track.

- Bobby, Cody is your responsibility.

- But Mom!
- You come right home

after school.

- Okay.


(upbeat music)

♪ Waking up in the sun ♪

♪ To find out the day is undone ♪

♪ Waking up in the sun ♪

♪ Waking up in the sun ♪

♪ I grit the sand in my teeth ♪

- Okay Bobby, come on.

Let's dance.

- [Bobby] No, no, I don't feel like it.

- Come on, Bobby.

- No thanks, Joyce.

- One dance.

- Joyce, come on.

Don't do that, I just don't
feel like dancing, alright?

- I'll dance with you, Joyce.

- There you go.

♪ And the pound of the beat ♪

♪ There's the rhythm in the water ♪

- What are you doing over here?

- Hey Coach.

- How's Cody?

- Good, he's good.

- Where's Stacy?

- She's out of town.

- You came alone?

- Yeah, I came alone.

I just didn't want to
sit home alone, you know?

You know?

♪ I kiss the blue of the sky ♪

♪ I saw tears that I cry ♪

- Everything alright?

- Yeah.

♪ Waking up in the sun ♪

- Everything alright?

♪ Waking up in the sun ♪

- She split, Coach.

- She left?


- A week and a half ago.

- Where'd she go?

- She was in San Francisco last week.

I guess she's coming back
tomorrow or the next day.

I don't know.

- [Coach] I bet you miss Cody.

- I have Cody.

She left him with me.

See, my folk's got him tonight.

- Bobby.

Do you love Stacy?

- I don't know.

Sometimes I guess I do.

I love my kid, yeah.


And she's a good person, Coach.

You know that?

I don't know what I know anymore.

It's just I didn't think things
would turn out like this.

You know?

- Look, Bobby.

Look, if there's ever anything I can do.

You know, if you need to talk to anyone,

feel free to come back.

I'll always be here.

- Yeah.

Thanks, Coach.

♪ Waking up in the sun ♪

♪ The beat is always rerun ♪

(baby whining)

(soft guitar music)

(baby crying)


- Hi.

- How you doing?

- Good.

I had to get away to think about stuff.

I missed you.

You mad?

'Cause I really don't care if you are.

But I don't resent you anymore.

You should go to Boston.

You should go to college.

We'll be fine.

And Bobby, you really don't have

to live here with us anymore.

You know, when you moved in,

I thought we were gonna be together.

I thought we were gonna
be a family and happy.

Just the three of us.

Since that's not the way it's gonna be,

then I think you should
just move back home.

You're gonna be going in September anyway

so I would rather you just go
now then me think about me.

- West Valley High has been
our home for three years.

All of us have studied here, eaten here,

and some of us have slept here.

We are sad, yet we are happy to leave.

Now we will enter a new world

where we stand on our own two feet.

Where our voices will be heard

and where are demands
will no longer be ignored.

No longer are we children but adults.

No longer will our mistakes
be covered up but exploited.

And no longer will our
failures be blamed on another.

(baby cries)

but placed directly on our shoulders.

Here is where we diverge.

Many of us will be going to college

and many of us will be going to work.

Therefore, we have come
to this commencement

with apprehension of what is ahead.

We must now choose our own path of life,

for we achieve happiness
by pursuing our goals.

- [Boy] I want a double dip bubble gum

with some burgundy cherry and sprinkles.

- Yeah and I'm next and I'm having

a double dip black raspberry pistachio.

- Yeah, pistachio.

Change mine to pistachio.

- With what?

- Burgundy cherry.

I mean, where have you been all your life?

Behind the counter.


- But rum raisin's the best here.

- Oh yeah, change mine to rum raisin.

- Look kid, do you wanna die?

What do you want?

- Well, I'm gonna have a
double dip black raspberry

with pistachio dipped in hot fudge.

Hey, how much extra is hot fudge?

- 75 cents.

- 75 cents?

- [Boy] 75 cents?

- Yes.

- [Boy] What a ripoff.

- This place stinks.

We need to go to the yogurt
place where it's cheaper.

(speaking in foreign language)

- It's okay.

They're just kids.

Spoiled kids.

- You want a cone?

- Yeah.

- Strawberry?

- Mm-hm.

- Hi Stacy.

- Hi.

- Hi Cody.

Wow, he's getting so big.

- Yeah, he's eight months now.

- Hey Bobby.

- Hi.

- How you doing?

- Good, how are you?

- Excellent, excellent.

- Good.

What's up?

- What's up?

I'm a serious dude now, a college man.

- You got the tie on.

- Yeah.

I'm working for my father over
the holidays for experience.

- Stock broker?

- [Jake] Stock broker, yeah.

- Yeah.

Hey, how's school in New York?

- Manhattan is the best.

Can you believe it?

I made it through the first semester.

- Great, that's great.

- So you're not working
for your old man, huh?

- No, no, I'm actually
making more money here

as an assistant manager.

If things will go well,
I'll be manager in the fall.

It's pretty cool.

It's only part-time, you know?

- Right.

Hey, how's night school?

- Good, it's good.

I'm taking a lot of other
stuff besides just music.

I'll have other stuff to fall back on.

- That's important, yeah.

- You gotta be realistic.

- Definitely.

Well look, I gotta get back to the office.

I just wanted to stop by and say hi.

I'll see you.

- Yeah, stop in again before you go.

- I will, I will.

Take care, you two.

- [Stacy] It's gonna be okay, baby.

Everything's gonna be alright.

(festive music)

(soft guitar music)