Dad Wanted (2020) - full transcript

Blanca's mom stopped letting her ride her BMX bike after her dad died in an accident. So, after reading about a BMX contest happening soon, she tries to enter it without her mom's knowledge. The only problem? A parent needs to sign her in.




Hurry up, you'll be late.

-Have you called the cab?

Then it should be here any minute.

Just look at this mess.

I'm not cleaning it.

Of course you are,
that's what they pay you for.

You're so rude!

So pretty and so cheeky.

I'll tell your mom!

-Good morning.
-Do you know where we're going?

Starting trip to--

-The Humanistic School.

I'll race you there.

Hurry, catch up with her! Quick!

Turn at the roundabout.

Continue to the right.

Turn right.

Look, there comes Blanca.

-She's really good.
-Yes, she made it.

That's my seat.


Get out of my seat.


You're about to reach your destination.

You have reached your destination.

It's a tie.

Is the trip over?

Yes, thanks.

Tamara, do that to Laura again
and you'll regret it.

What? I don't get it. Who's Laura?

Stay here.


This is Laura.

-I mean it.

Hey, that was great.

Really great.


We started an hour and a half late

because the director rejected their shoes.
He said the shoes are too fast.

Too fast? What shoes are too fast?

I didn't get it either,
but I changed them for heels

because… I walk really slow in heels.

You can't do your testing here, Hosh,
what are you thinking?



And he also kept asking
where the hell you were.

-Where are you taking that?
-To set, the director asked me to.

What's up, Mary?

Oh, ma'am.

Sorry to bother you.
Look, I don't want to be a tattletale,

-What did she do?

Blanca won't listen to me.

I told her to clean up her room,
and you know what she said?

That that's why you pay me.

Okay, wait, wait a sec.

-No one listens to me.

How many times did I tell you
what I need in this scene?


Fast shoes?


-Give me a minute.
-I'm not waiting, Fer.

We have a movie to shoot.

So I'd rather quit.

No, wait, Mary. You're quitting?

-No, calm down.
-…a million times, flats!

-Fast shoes, so…

Ernesto isn't coming,
his dog is really sick.


And frankly, well…

if she's going to treat me that way…

-It made me really sad.

-No, I'm not relaxing.

Tell that human being to please…

I don't care if his dog dies,
he'd better make it to my rehearsal.

Mary, here's what we'll do.

Take this week off,
I'll pay you, don't worry.

I just can't talk right now, okay?

It's the third time
the guy cancels a rehearsal. What now?

We could get someone else?

Are you sure?

Chief, I love you. You're the best.

Okay, thanks.

What's up, Beto?

How's it going?

It's going.

Same as usual?

Rum and cola, but well served.


See that?

Those two girls, check them out.

You don't see their type around here much.

Just look at that.

That's why I like this place.

They won't stop checking you out.

They're coming!



-Hey, my friend made a bet with me.
-I'm the friend.

She insists you're in that movie…

-Obscurity and Other Curses.
-Obscurity and Other Curses. That one.

But I say it isn't you.

You know? Something really weird
happened to that guy in the movie.

-Or are you?
-Well, congratulations, you won.

Hey, can we take a picture?

I mean, you don't have to move.
It can be a selfie.

I'm telling you, I'm not…

Sorry, I want to be alone.


We could buy you a drink,
go to a club, do something cool.

You know what? Your loss.

What's wrong with you?


I'm home.



It's late. Go sleep in your room.

Mary tried to quit on me today.

I gave her the week off.

She's going to leave us, Blanca.

I'm taking you to school tomorrow.
We leave at 6:30.

No, wait, wait.

Beto, Beto…

Beto, come on.

Come. Wait, you'll fall.

Leave the bottle here. It's yours.
I'll keep it for next time.

I promise, I do.

Come. Are you all right?

Are you sure? Are you? Really?

Look, it's better
if you leave the car here.

Take a cab.

Let's keep my favorite actor safe, okay?

Okay now, off you go.

Can't you see we can't do without Mary?

No, no long faces. I mean it.

Please, think about it.

Have a nice day.

And close the door. Hey!

Come here! Blanca! Come back.

Don't talk to me, I don't care,
but you'll obey. Go and shut the door.

And you'd better not slam it.

It didn't close. Blanca…
it didn't close.

No wonder she's a troublemaker,
with a mom like that…

I appreciate it, Love. Have a nice day.


You just woke up, man?

No, man, of course not, I'm…

I'm getting in my car.

Hey, come straight to the office, okay?

I'll be there in around…

half an hour.


-I promise, no one saw you.
-Everyone saw us.

-They didn't.
-She humiliated me in front of everyone.

No, she didn't, I promise.

Moms can be such a drag, right?

I only came to give you something.

You may be interested.

Let's see.


I'm sure you'll win.

Really? Is that why you're here?

I still can't enter, I'm too young.

Yes, you can…

if your mom signs you up.

Yeah, right!


I'm signing up.

What's more, I was wondering
if you'd teach me some of your tricks.

You're not cut out for it.

-He teased me first.

Of course I'm cut out for it,
more than you are.

Enter the race. Don't be scared.

Thanks, Fabi.

It's a 100,000-peso prize.

A hundred thousand pesos in ice-cream
for our long and fabulous life!

No, it's 100,000 pesos, but in prizes.

Ice-cream is a prize, isn't it?

Come on, do it.

No! My mom would have a fit
if she knew I rode my bike.

Where's my car?

Sergio. The thing is…

I left it at a bar's parking lot
and it hasn't opened yet.

Get your act together!

"Help me help you, God will help you too."
That's how the saying goes.

They're looking for you to go
to a movie casting.


I told you I don't want to be
an actor anymore. I'm not acting!

You owe me money, okay?

Pay me and then you can do
whatever you want.

Until then…

What is this?

It's your résumé and headshot.

Check it out.


I did you a favor.

I asked where they're filming.

So you have to hand it
to the producer, in person.

-What's more, I'll go with you, you know.
-No, no.

Beto, it's her. It's her!

-The producer?

Hey, can't you… In reverse.

I can't do that, sir.

-It's against the law.
-Are they shooting there?

-Boy, who do you think I am?
-You're unbelievable.

-Hey, can't you turn back?
-It's forbidden to turn in the canal.

I'll get a ticket
for turning where I shouldn't.

Don't say I didn't ask.


Hey, hey!


-Careful, you could fall.

-That's not the song.

-Thanks! Thank you. Excuse me.
-Come on.

Miguel, perfect.

Damn Aniceto, I told you to stop.
They didn't pay!

-Hurry, she'll get away.
-Watch your step. Please, don't fall--

Oh, Mrs. Fernanda.

Sorry, sorry to interrupt.

-Yes, we've got to go.

We've got to go, of course.
I'll go with you.

-We're here now. Careful.
-What are you doing here?

We were hanging out here, and I said,

"Oh, that's right, they're here,
shooting and doing the casting." Right?

-Let me introduce you to…


-It's Alberto Díaz.
-Beto… come, please.

-Oh, I know him.
-He's the dad you need for your movie.

-Beto, give her…
-It's a really old picture.

Give it to her. Sorry…
his hands cramp when he's nervous.

-Yeah, this is his…

-All right.
-His actor's résumé.


-Don't get me wrong. Sorry…
-He looks great.

-You look great--

Okay. What is this?

There you are! Damn crooks!

-Okay, wait. Hey, hey!
-Pay up!

Okay, enough! Leave me alone.

-I have to go.
-Okay, sorry, right.

I'm Sergio Juárez.
Can you give me a minute?

-I'm… his manager.

He's my client.

Guys… look, the casting
is at Del Valle, not here.

Besides, well, you can send me
your material by email.

-Give them the email address.

-I've got to go, really.
-Hey, no, no. Hey!

The presentation card is inside the--


Okay, how was your day?

Lau, how did it go?

Fine, Fer, thanks.
How did it go with your movie?

It's coming along fine, great. Thanks.

-Okay, ask her already.
-Ask me what?

Come on! Ask me what?


Well, we found out
they're holding a huge BMX race.

Blanca is really good. I'm sure she'd win.

Besides, there's this huge prize.

-Really good?

So you've been riding your bike?

Why? You know I forbid it.

No, don't start talking in secret.

What did she tell you?
Lau, what did she say?

Lau! What did she tell you?

Blanca says
what happened to her dad isn't her fault.

Of course, this has nothing to do with it.

Of course not.

I mean, you can't ride your bike,
and that's that.

-But this is really important for her.
-Hey, I said no.

And no means no.


There must be some other way.

My dad says good opportunities
only turn up once in a lifetime.

Well, yes.

But Santiago didn't like them, Valeria.

He didn't like any of them.

We could forge her signature.

We can't. She has to sign me up in person.


I can't believe
all the middle-aged actors are busy.

I mean, I chose the wrong career.

We could ask my mom to sign us up.

Lau, sorry, but your mom
is much worse than mine.

No offense.

You know what?

We'll move the schedule forward.

We could dress my brother up,
put a beard on him and everything.

Lau, your brother is younger than us.

So what? No one has to know.

We'll shoot all the dad scenes later.

I know.

We need to find a dad.

That's what I've been telling you.

No, that's not it. Come, let me explain.


We'll do a casting to find me a dad.

I don't know, Blanca.

It doesn't feel right.

Fine, then I won't compete.

No, no. Don't get mad. I mean…

If your mom finds out…

she'll kill us both.

If my mom finds out,
she'll kill us too. No.



No, no. Okay, wait.


Just do this.

Blanca, hurry up.

I'm leaving.

Stand by.

Testing, testing.

Blanca, are you sure
you want to do this?

Hello, hello.

Check out the agency's name.

Joligud Estars, but within your reach.
How can I help you?

-Uh, is this Sergio Juárez?

At your service.

Well, I'm calling
because we're doing a major casting.

Hang up.

And we need one of your actors.

Turn right at Allende.

Hey… it's you.

-I loved that movie. You looked so cute.

No, no, I wish.

Hey, why are you driving a cab?

No, it's not me, I mean it.

Oh, right.

Something happened to your daughter,
right? I kind of remember.

You kind of remember?

It was horrible.

You can drop me here.


-Yes, drop me here.


Hey, there's a casting for you.
It sounds really big.

I've been trying to reach you, superstar.
Ready for your casting?

Yes, all right, I said yes.

Hey, be really punctual, man.
At 4:00, sharp.

I said I'll do it. Bye.

It's perfect. You're doing great!

All right. Oh, come here!


Hello, hello.

Hello, hi.




Come in.


Close the door.

Yes, sorry.

Take a seat.

Read your lines.

Can we move the lights a bit?

If you can't read this way,
then the part isn't for you.

No, no, fine, I'll do it. Of course I can.

Sorry, are you okay?
Your voice sounds kind of weird.

Yes… I'm a little sick.

Oh… what's wrong?

I did a series as a paramedic.
I can check you if you want.

No, no, sit, sit.

-I have rabies.

I never dealt with rabies in the series.

And action!

"Join me and I'll complete your training."


I'll never join you."

"If you only knew
the power of the Dark Side…"

Are these the lines in the movie?


Well, sort of.

They're part of a movie.
Is that a problem?

No, no. Okay, fine.

"If you only knew
the power of the Dark Side…

Didn't they tell you
what happened to your father?"

"They told me enough.

I know you killed him."


I am your father."

"No, that's not true. That's impossible."

"Search your feelings.
You know it to be true."




"Join me and together
we can rule the galaxy as father and son."

The galaxy?

Is this… a Mexican film?

Can I go out and come in again?

-You don't have to give me this part.
-Well, we're looking for someone…

-I can be the gaffer.
-You did really well.

-You did--

I'm really good doing costumes.
I mean it. I dressed myself today.

Right, we'll let you know, really.
We just want to see more people.

We've got nothing.

Really, Sherlock?


That's not Sherlock. He's Alberto.

And he didn't come. He's a no-show.

There, it's here.

-He's here! To our posts.

By the way, Sherlock is a movie.


I'm here for the casting.


Shut the door!

The light's kind of intense, isn't it?

Go on.

Your name?

Alberto Díaz.

And action!

"Join me and I'll complete your training."

"I'll never join you."

"If you only knew
the power of the Dark Side…

They didn't tell you
what happened to your father."

"They told me enough.

-I know you killed him."

I am your father."

"That's impossible."

"Search your feelings.

You know it to be true.

You can destroy the Emperor.
He has foreseen this.

Join me and together
we can rule the galaxy as father and son."

-"It is the only wa--."

No. What do we do now?

We're having technical difficulties.

What is this?


-No, no, no!
-Don't go!

-You were the best audition.

You're our last hope!

In the movie, does Sherlock
come back in the end?

It has to be Alberto.

Even his last name is the same as mine.

Blanca, there's no way
Alberto will take us seriously.

He caught us.

What are you doing, girls?


Then don't get startled. Don't be silly.

Hey, Blanca, your mom called.

She can't come get you.
She said you should call a cab.

Of course.

Okay, sure.


She thought you'd get mad… madder.

No, no, I truly understand.

-But call for it already. It's late.

I know
how to make Alberto listen to us.

-He's a driver in your cab application.

Oh, great!


He drove me once.

-We can find him there.




You startled me, man!

-What is it?
-I came to get the car.

Wait. First tell me how it went.
Did it go okay?

You sent me to a couple of
ten-year-old girls playing a prank.

Do your job and screen all the nonsense.

And change the agency's name.
It's ridiculous.

Hey, really?

Look, if you'd taken the call,
you would've heard…

it was an imposing voice,
very serious, very… very professional.

I didn't know it was a couple of girls.
And don't mess with my sign.

It's the best decision I've ever made,

ordering it by phone.

Thanks to that,
everyone knows me, everyone.

With all the money you owe me,
80,000 pesos…

Yes, I know.

You remember, don't you?
Until you pay me, your time is mine.


A good rating, huh?

Or I'll take it away.

Beto, I'll take it away!
I'll… take it away.

I didn't choose to go through
what I've gone through,

but at least I can try to do something

to prevent others
from suffering the same fate.

And that doesn't mean
I want to lose anything.


Come on, we're moving!

They only sent four options
for the father part.

-Am I right?
-Give it time. We're searching.

Girl, who told you to move
those scenes to the end of the shoot?

Precisely, I moved them
to buy you some time.

I think it's a brilliant idea.

Why are you clapping?

Because you liked the idea?

Are you asking me or telling me?

-Telling you?

-We'll change it all. Chief, don't go.
-I won't.

We need to talk.
Jime, what's going on with the fire?

I bought Blanquita a present.

She'll love it.

Can you keep an eye on it?
I'll be right back.

What you see there...

Okay, bring it on. Light it up.






Blanca, they'll cancel your account.

Do you have a better idea, Sherlock?

Okay, wasn't Sherlock a movie?

Here he is.
"Alberto Díaz accepted your trip."

Okay, he'll be here in three minutes.

-Here's his number.

-Let's see.

He's here. Quick, hurry.

Come on.

How much do you earn a month
driving for a cab app?


Do you have a better offer?

Actually, we do.

-We could win 100,000 pesos.
-In prizes.

Why do you interrupt?

Oh, it's you.
I'll take you back home right now.

If you don't hear us out,
we'll only give you one star.

Come on. It's only from here to the park.

And we could win 100,000 pesos.

In prizes.

They're holding a BMX race, and, well…

A what?

A cycling race in Mexico.

Extreme track cycling.

The point is my friend is super good

and I'm sure she'd win.

But her mom is really scared of bikes,
and she won't let her do it.

So, what we need is a dad to sign her up.

So, are you in?

Continue forward.

In a quarter of a mile,
you'll reach Green City Park.

Aren't you going to say anything?

All I want is to sign up.


You have reached your destination.

We've reached your destination,
Ms. Blanca.

But we brought you so you can watch her
ride her bike and see she can win.


I waive my ice-cream forever prize.

You can keep the whole prize.

We don't care about the money.

I don't care about money either.

Oh, please! You drive a cab.
I'm sure you need money.

We need a dad
to make you mind your manners.


She needs a dad.


her mom hates bikes…

because her dad died riding one, okay?

What she needs right now
is someone to support her in her dream.

Could you open it?

First, I'll park.


Don't ever tell anyone my business again.


-Hi, Lau.

Go, Blanca!

Do it, Blanca!

Are you okay?

She's had harder falls. Our cue to help
is when she doesn't get up, okay?

Are you all right?



Go, Blanca!

Cue my ass. Hey!

Are you all right?

I'm fine.

What are you laughing at?

I mean, can you do it?

You can't?

I'm sure she gets it from her mom.

Come on!

Well done, that was awesome!

-Come on, your turn. Go on!

It's easy, isn't it?

-You laugh at me, but you can't do it.

-You're scared, huh?

Blanca, come on. Let's go, let's go.

-Grab your backpack. Let's go.
-Blanca, let's go.

-Let's go.
-Think you're funny?

Blanca, enough. Get a grip, okay?


I'll take you home.

Aren't you going to say anything?

I can't do it. Sorry.

Why? She only fell twice.

But she did the hardest trick
I've ever seen.

It's not that.

-Then what is it? It means so much to her.
-Okay, let it go.

Go. We'll get a cab.

It's here. Get in.

-Get in.

You've reached your destination.

Hey, good luck at the race.



What's up?

What is that?

A bike.


I'm talking to my daughter here.

Could you please call your mom
and ask her to come pick you up?

-Go inside.

No, not you. You and I need to talk.
Please, go inside.

I just don't know how to…

How can I get through to you?
You can't ride your bike, Blanca. How?

When did you take it out from the cellar?

Aren't you going to talk to me?

You really aren't going to talk to me?

Go inside. I'm giving it away tomorrow.
I swear I'm giving it away tomorrow.

You're perfect. You're doing great.

Well done. There, come here.

Oh, I'll get dizzy.

Oh, Blanca, this time you really did it.
Why don't you talk to your mom?

I mean, my dad says people
understand each other by talking.

Where can we find a bike?

I'd lend you mine,
but it still has training wheels.

And we still don't have a dad for you.

I know! Let's do another casting.

We'll ask the actors to bring a bike.


Okay, first the bike.

I know who can help us.


He can lend us his.


What are you doing here?

I thought you weren't coming back.

I missed you too.

Lau, go downstairs.
Your mom's here for you.


Think about it, Blanca.

Fabián could help us
with one of our problems.

I'd never ask that stuck-up creep
for anything.


What's up?

Well, nothing…

I want to apologize
for what happened the other day.

You, apologizing?


-Told you.
-No, okay, Blanca, no.

We need him. He can help.

What do you need?

Remember the race you told us about?

Well, I lost my bike, and I was wondering
if you'd lend me yours.

What? We're competing
in the same category.

Yes, but…

I have a better chance
of winning than you, don't I?

-Blanca, enough.

That's cocky!


Fabián, I know I'm new here.
We still don't trust each other too much.

But I want you to know
I'm here to help you.

Won't you say anything?

So you're keeping quiet?

Blanca, why did you punch Fabián?

Oh, so you're keeping quiet too?

Well, this is boring.

I have no choice but to call your mom…

No, not my mom.

She's on a movie set, and she can't come.

But… I could ask my dad to come.

-Your dad?
-Yes, my dad.

I mean… for him to come.



I need you to come to school.
The headmistress wants to talk to you.


Yes, Dad, but I need you to come.
It's really important.

What? No.
And don't call me Dad. It won't work.

Hey, could you drop the phone
while you're driving? Please.

I'm talking to my daughter.

Please, Dad!

I really need you to come.

-If you don't… Mom's going to kill me.

Okay, I'm on my way.

I'll have to cut your trip short.

My daughter needs me.

Great, man… perfect.

He's… on his way.


Pleased to meet you.

First and foremost, let me tell you
I'm very pleased to meet you.

Likewise, Mother.

It's a shame we had to meet
under these circumstances.

What did my Blanquita do?

Blanca got in a fight with a junior.

You got in a fight?

If you think…

it's appropriate
to use corrective measures…

I'll take care of it, Mother.

Sorry, I didn't mean to.

My leg has a nervous tic… Sorry.

Oh, Mr. Díaz, Blanca will be suspended
for three days.

Let's hope she has a better attitude
when she's back.

The Reverend Mother
is waiting for an answer, Blanquita.

Yes, Headmistress.

Why do you call me Mother? I'm not a nun.

You're not?

I always attended…

Well, I went to Catholic schools, so…


I can't believe it.

You broke his nose.


-He called me cocky.
-Well, yes.

Tell me, why did you break his nose?

I didn't. It just bled.

I lost my bike,
asked to borrow his, and he said no.

And your bike?

I'll drive you home.

No, please.
If I'm home early, my mom will kill me.

That's not my problem.
I did my part. Let's go.

No, I'll buy you lunch.

As a thank you.


Then what?

Why are you driving a fine cab
instead of acting?

We really liked your audition.

It's not that easy.

I know it isn't.

That's why I searched for you.

I quit acting.


How long ago did your dad die?

No, I asked you first.

Be good and I'll tell you.

I'm always good.

-It was only this once.
-You broke a kid's nose.

Why is this race so important to you?


Where are you going?


Hey, Blanca!

Don't cross… Watch out, Blanca!

Hey, you'll hurt yourself.

You'll hurt yourself!

I said you'll hurt yourself!

Hey, the trash can isn't to blame!

-Then who is?
-No one!

No one.

Okay? No one. Relax.

No one's to blame.

Come, sit down.


I'll help you.

Too late. I don't have a bike.

It's never too late.

Besides, we'll find you a bike.


You're welcome.

I'll pick you up tomorrow,
7:00 a.m. at school.


Go inside now.

I brought all my savings.
It's almost 1,000 pesos.

Good morning, Blanca.

Good morning. I brought all my savings.

I heard you, but say hello first, okay?

I know how to get more money.



You'll see.

What… are we going to do?

What's your huge plan?

You'll see.


Alberto, what are you doing?

What is this?


Come on, what are you doing?

What are you doing?

That's funny, really funny.



Excuse me.

-Alberto, I said no.
-Listen to me.

Trust me.

Alberto, I don't feel comfortable.

What are you doing?

Alberto, what are you doing?

Excuse me.

Alberto, no.

Alberto, what are you doing?


Not bad for your first day as an actress.

Shut up.

You should've first told me
about your brilliant plan.

You wouldn't have agreed.

-Of course I would have.
-Of course you wouldn't.

You really miss it, don't you?

Aren't you going to tell me
why you left it?

Are you being good?

-You are?

They suspended you from school,

you haven't told your mom,
you're working for a bike behind her back.

Yes, you're being really good.

To you. I'm being really good to you.

I don't like talking about it.

-It's okay.

Okay, will you give me a ride
or should I call another cab?

My mom will be home any minute now.

Yes, call another cab.


I'll take you. Come on.

Okay, listen.

Hey, please, listen.

You being okay doesn't mean
we all have to be okay.

I guess we should take a break.


-Hey, Daniela, please understand.

Listen… Daniela!

No, this isn't a catwalk.


-Cutie, come.

Get ready for another take, Jime,
one more!

-One more take?
-Have you ever lost someone?

Yes, like three or four boyfriends.

No, no, no. I mean lost,
as in gone forever.

I never saw them again.

What I mean is… death.

This scene is about death.

-Has anyone close to you died?

I see.

When you lose someone forever,

you look for something in that person
to keep them alive inside you.

-Finish already!
-Coming, coming.

Can we try another take?

One more!

Are you aware
we haven't even shot half the takes?

Three hours and we're out.

I want more fire everywhere.
I want hell to break loose.

But it's coming out lovely.

-Did you hear that?
-Yes, boss.

Where didn't it enter…

I'll go home to find Blanca asleep again.

She doesn't even talk to you anyway.

Sorry, boss.

-It's okay.

Blanquita better be safe and sound
or I'll kill you!

-She's all right.

-Are you okay? It's way past your bedtime.
-Yes, relax.

Don't tell me to relax.

-Mary, he's a friend.
-Oh, a friend.

He's a bit old to be your friend.

Friend my ass!

You should be ashamed!
Making friends with a child!

-He's an actor.
-So what?

He's an actor?

Really? He's an…

-That's right. I knew you looked…

Yes, that's right. I knew
he looked familiar, really familiar.

This is so exciting! Nice to meet you.

Pleased to meet you!

-What an honor.

Sleep tight.

Really, it's a pleasure.

-Sorry, she scared me.

-Good night.
-Good night, Mary.

He knows my name!

Good night, Mr….

-Who is he?




-See you tomorrow at school.

Okay, explain one thing to me.
What do you mean he'll pose as your dad?

-It's the only way.
-Oh, no.

I tried to convince my mom
and she went crazy. She's impossible.

No, I can't, no.

Do you want her to fire me or kill me?
No way.

-Do it for me.
-I said no.

-I'm begging you.
-Beg all you want.

-I'm not doing it.
-My mom's gonna kill me.

-Mary, please.
-Your mom's here.

-Fine, but promise me this.

-Always let me know where you are.
-Of course.

Pinky promise.

-Pinky promise, sealed with an oath…

Your mom's coming. Don't you say a word.

Good evening.

I'm so glad you're awake.
I wanted to see you!


How was your day?

-How was your day, both of you?
-Well, normal… fine.

Blanquita made it.

For you.


I'm going to bed.

Was she talking to me?

Well, of course.

What the…


Beto, did they steal my car or what?

No. I'm about to start a trip.

That's what I mean. Are you okay?

-Yes, I'll call you later.

Blanca spoke to me.


Good for you!

Have a nice day.

You too, thanks.

-Good morning, boss.
-Good morning.

-Did she really speak to you?

And she did it again this morning.

-I know!
-Gabu, eight minutes, baby!

How's my favorite director?

-I hope that good attitude

is because you have
some actors to show me.

Have some faith.

Look, everything will work out in the end.

Is everything okay?

-Jime, six minutes.
-Yes, sir, I'm on it.

I'm on it. Six minutes!

We're making progress with casting, right?

Have some faith. It'll all work out.

Don't overdo it.

So you want her to jump
through the fire ring?

What's going on? What? No!

I love you.




Yellow Beetle.

Hey, what's with you?

You've never played Punch Buggy?

No, when I was little,
the roads were packed with Beetles.

If we'd slapped each other
for every Beetle we saw, we'd be stupid.

Well, you almost are.

-Excuse me?

I did my best.

Can I ask you something?

Of course.

Do you have any kids?

Why do you ask?

Well, you're a great dad.

Well, yes.

I used to have a daughter.

Her name was Julia.

She died four years ago.


were supposed take a trip
to Valle de Bravo.

I was on set and…

I couldn't make it home in time.

So I asked a driver from production
to drive her to Valle.

I'd catch up with her later.

The driver fell asleep at the wheel.

I'm sorry.

Finish your pizza. I'll go pay.

I told you my story.

Now it's my turn to ask.

Hell no! Those aren't the rules.

Watch your language.

So what are the rules?

Well, there are no rules.
This isn't a game.

Well, if there are no rules,
it's my turn to ask.

Why do you hate your mother so much?

She's to blame for my dad's death.

Why's that?

One day, they got into a fight,
and my dad left on his bike…

and he got hit.

That's not your mom's fault.

Well, you can't blame acting
for what happened to your daughter either.


Where's the fire
in the windows I asked for?

One more take! Get ready for one more!

Hey, that take was really beautiful.

I think we should move
to the next scene. We're way behind.

Why are we way behind?

Because of me or these incompetent fools?

How many times did we rehearse it?
Why isn't that wall covered with flames?

-How many times--
-Come with me. Come.

What? Where?


Go back to your positions!


You're going to have to…


to deal with these "incompetent fools,"
'cause we're your team,

and we're all breaking our backs
to shoot your movie.

All of us, Santiago.

We're sacrificing a lot.

I'm gonna pick up my daughter from school,
and when I'm back…

you'd better be halfway
through the schedule.

-That's a wrap!
-It's a wrap.

That's a wrap! Where's Jova?
That's a wrap.


That'll be all.



Good afternoon, I'm Fernanda Solórzano.
I'm Blanca Díaz's mom.


Excuse me. Will she be much longer?
We're in a bit of a hurry.

Blanca hasn't come in three days.
She's suspended.

Excuse me?

You should've let me know.
This is preposterous.

We told your husband, Blanca's dad.

Blanca's dad is dead.

Well, he came and introduced himself.

-Did you call him?
-No, Blanca called him.


-Where's my daughter? Laura, come.
-Laura, come here.

Where's my daughter?

Answer her
if you don't want to get in trouble.

Where's my daughter?

I'm asking you who my daughter is with.

With an actor.

Where did you get him from?

Hey, what's wrong? Can't you see I'm busy?

Ms. Fernanda…

How are you? I didn't recognize you.

-Will you please calm down?
-Tell me, how can I help you?

-Don't tell me Alberto got the part.
-He's precisely why I'm here. Where is he?

I knew it. He's really great. Not to--

He posed as my daughter's dad.
That's a crime.

Where is he? I'll kill him.


What's your name
and what category are you here for?

Junior, right?

Blanca Díaz Solórzano. And yes, junior.

I need your ID and your dad's, please.

Dad, look at this bike!


-What's up?

-Thanks. It's his voicemail--
-Calm down, Laura. You did nothing wrong.

-Neither did I.
-He won't pick up?

-He won't pick up--
-Where does he live?

-I can't tell you.
-Listen, where does he live?

I can't give you that information.
It's confidential. This company has--

-I'll call the police and--
-No! Look, you know what?

I just remembered. I have my app.
He's a cab driver.

It will show us where he is.

What are you waiting for?
Let's go find him.

Let's go find him right now.
Now, let's go. I don't care.

I really like the color.

And now…

all you need is your bike.

Come on.

Pick the one you like best.

You like this one, don't you?

We can't afford it.

I've been driving
a top-class cab at night,

so… we can afford it.

If you want it, it's yours.

Let go of her!

-Let go of my daughter! Step back!

Let her go. Blanca? Are you okay?

-Are you all right? Did he hurt you?

-Tell me the truth.

Okay… listen.

-Are you okay?

-No, no, calm down.

Look, your daughter…

asked me to help her
sign up for this race,

because it's really important to her.
She's fine.

How would you know
what's important to her?

What's unbelievable
is you agreed to this nonsense.

-I get you, but--
-Let's go.

One more step
and I swear I'll press charges.

-Let's go. Come on!

-Blanca, take your bike.
-No, no.

Don't even think about it. Let's go.

Blanca, you worked hard for it.

It's yours.

Take it.

To top it off, you forced a child to work?

You do know she's underage, don't you?

No… it's not the way you put it.
No, I mean--

-Shut up! Shut up already. Shut up.
-Let's go.

-Get in.

Sit in the front with me. Get in.

What on Earth were you thinking?

He's a stranger, Blanca.

This time you went too far.

Why didn't you answer the phone?
Where is it?

The battery died.

What were you thinking?

Now I'm sure we'll never ever
get you a part again.

And you owe me… so much money.

Eighty thousand pesos.

How did it go?

Did you know this was going on?

-Of course you knew what was going on.

She didn't know.

-I'm sorry.

It's perfect. You're doing great!

All right. Oh, come here!

Have a nice day.

Who is it?

I'm here from the Collections Bureau.

You lost a lawsuit for not showing up.

Here's the writ of seizure.

Open up or we'll knock the door down.

We're here to collect
your 312,495-peso debt. Do you agree?

Take the furniture, the living room
furniture, the carpet, the sofa.

This table, the two chairs.

From the kitchen…

take the dishwasher,
the fridge, the stove.

From the bathroom…
No, don't even go in there.

You sleep here?


The bed, the bedside tables, the dresser.

What about this room?

It's my daughter's.

Take everything
except for the bed and the clothes.

No, you're not taking anything from here.

Please, sir, don't make this harder.

-Give me that.
-No, there's no way.

-Restrain him!
-No, it's all I have left of my daughter.

-Yeah, I'm really sorry.
-All I have left!

-Take care.
-Let me go!

What we've taken still isn't enough
to cover your debt.

Is this jacket yours?


No, hey, that money isn't mine.

-What else would you say?

Is it also all you have left?

Let me be clear, sir.
Nothing here is yours.

Hey, hey, wait!

He's running away! Get him!

-Find out where Fernanda is shooting.

-If she sees you, she'll kill me.

-She'll kill us both.
-I'm doing this to pay you.

228 Tlalpan Avenue, suite five.


I'm talking to you, stop!

Open up! Hey!

Open up! Come out!

Damn you!

Forgive me.

It was all so clear. Forgive me.

Watch out!

-Are you all right?
-Yes, are you?

Thank you.


-One more take. It lacked passion.

-What are you doing here?

-We need to talk.
-Get him out right now! Call the police!

No, let me go!

-Harris, help me. Call the cops.
-My daughter died four years ago!

Let me go.

I'm sorry for your loss,
but Blanca is my daughter, not yours.

Raising her is my responsibility.

Hear me out, okay?


I stopped acting because…

it was easier for me to think…

that if I hadn't been on set…

my daughter would still be with me.

And you know who helped me understand
that's completely absurd?


I know you think…

a bike was responsible
for your husband's death.

You have every right
to think whatever you want…

but don't put that idea
in your daughter's head.


the most talented and passionate person
I've ever met.

And riding bikes is her dream.

Bikes remind her of her dad.

Do you know what I'd give…

to have…

one moment…

just one moment…

to hold my girl in my arms again?

Don't drive her away.

Hold her.

If she ever goes away…

you'll regret it.

Blanca earned this.

It's for her bike.

-I don't need your money.
-It's not my money.

It's Blanca's.


Wasn't he in that charro movie?

-I think so.
-He's perfect!


Shut up.


This guy is perfect for the role.

We'll dye his hair,
put some meat on his bones,

and we've got our dad.

Yes. Yes, right?

Get back to work.



I'm coming in, okay?

Can we talk?

Let's see…

I know…

my reaction wasn't the best.

But I can't let anything happen to you.

Blanca, okay, forgive me.

Look, in the end, all I want…

is for you to grow up,
achieve your goals and dreams.

And, well, if riding your bike
is what makes you happy…

Blabis, you have my support, okay?

Okay, Mom.

I'm fine.

Come on, don't do this.

No, fine, I get it.
I don't want to ride a bike.

Good morning, Mary.


needs to be approached differently.


Okay, excuse me. Let me through.

-You can't do this.

-You can't.

It's collateral. He owes me money.

-There you go.
-Go in.


You said it was for…

emergencies. This is an emergency.

It's an emergency.

I need your help.

Look, Blanca hadn't talked to me
in two years.

Thanks to you, she did.

You can't imagine how long it's been

since my daughter hugged someone
the way she hugged you.

-I apologize. I know--
-Don't apologize to me.

Apologize to Blanca.

You're right. She isn't my daughter.

She's an amazing kid.

And you have her…

with a loss you've been making worse.

Hey, moron, don't…
Don't talk to her like that.

Help me.

I need her to listen to me
and you know how.


You're still in bed?

We have a race in two hours.
Get up, Love.

-Let's go.
-I don't care anymore.

-Come on!
-No, I don't want to.

-Come on.
-No, Mom, I said no. I don't want to.


What is this?

They're fixing up the place,
It needs a change.

The mood is kind of weird, isn't it?

Nothing's going on. You…

If you're trying to convince me,
it's not working.



Once upon a time…

there was a beautiful princess…

named Blanca.

Not like snow…

But rather…

-Stop! This is silly! I'm not competing.

Blanca was always angry…


…evading the world.

And she escaped on her bike.

Until one day,
on one of her magical trips,

she met Prince Charming…

But Blanca made him bleed…

breaking his nose.

I didn't break it!

Okay, almost.

Well, what matters here is…

there was going to be
a major race in the kingdom.

-Major, to say the least.
-And the evil witch…

forbade Blanca from competing.

-Is this for real?
-It's for real.


Blanca felt really confused
and didn't know what to do.

She roamed the world
looking for someone to defeat.

I don't want to defeat anyone.

Until one day…

walking down the road…

she met a wise guide…

who knew nothing about life.


Blanca taught the guide…

that the people who love us so much…

what they really want…

is for us to be happy…

and for us to remember them with love…

but to keep on going.

And you taught me that.


And the beautiful princess…


to go back to biking.


the most amazing girl I know.

You're tenacious, resourceful…

You're smart, beautiful.

And when your dad left us, Blabis, I…

I lost your dad too.

Now I understand…

biking isn't to blame,
but neither am I, baby.

We just didn't know…

what to do with this huge void
he left behind.

And it was my responsibility…

to help you understand,
to help you respect it,

to help you honor him,
and I know I didn't know how to do it.

I know I don't know how to do it,
but I swear I want to try.

Will you please forgive me?

I miss you, Mom.

You're my baby, never forget.

Okay now, we have to go.

-Sorry to pressure you…

Let's go, come on!

-Me too?
-Let's go!

-You're so late. Please, Blabis.
-Oh, no!

The bike!

-Fine, okay!

It's okay.

Is this your gear? Put it on.


$100,000 IN PRIZES

-Turn right.
-Don't shout. I'll turn around.

Starting your drive.

Turn left in 1000 feet.

Then keep to the right.

Let's see.

-No one's giving him directions. Go left.
-It's to the right.

I knew, but I didn't want to interrupt.

Welcome to the 17th BMX race!

Sorry, I'm so sorry.

You can't park here, please.

Listen, you don't understand.
We're parking here.

Everything will be all right.
Relax, I'll handle this.

Come on, hurry.

-Which way?
-It's late.

The girl!

Hi, Blanca Díaz.

Yes, we're here.

-Everything's fine, okay?

No, the elimination race
is about to start. You can't go in.

No, listen, you don't understand.
My daughter has to compete.

You could get in trouble.

You should've gotten here on time
if it's that important to you.

No, you don't understand.

We have to go
to the starting line right now.

-You can go in.

You're so kind, so understanding.

Let's go, hurry.

Lane number six…

Azael Prieto!

Lane number seven, Iván García.

-Help me with the bike!
-I can take it.

I'll take it up, hurry!

The seven bikers are ready
for the 17th BMX race!

Announce her, she's here.
Her name is Blanca Díaz.

-What's going on? You can't be here.
-Announce her.

The girl is late.
She can't compete anymore.

The race hasn't started. Announce her!
Her name is Blanca Díaz.

-Who are you?
-I'm her mom.

I'd do as she says. Blanca Díaz.

-Blanca Díaz.
-Say it!

-Fine, but step down.
-No wonder she's fierce.

In lane one, we have Blanca Díaz.

-Blanca, we're with you.
-Yes, we're with you.

Bikers, ready!

Ready. Bring it on, people!

And off they go, ladies and gentlemen!

Blanca Díaz pedaling fiercely,
she leads the race. She's flying!

This girl is amazing.
Entering the first curve.

What a way to pedal! Neck and neck
trying to catch up with the girl.

She's flying down this BMX track
in this first heat, pedaling through.

There she is, coming in.

And she pedals. Keep pedaling!

The spectators are going crazy.
We hear them cheering for Blanca!

There's no catching up to her.

Entering the third curve. She's flying.

Blanca makes it to the final!

Blanca Díaz wins the heat!

Blanca Díaz qualifies for the grand final!

Oh, you're great!


To choose the rest of the finalists,

the second elimination heat
for the children's category begins.

-Fabián's race!
-Come on, Blanquita!

Let's go. I'll take you.

Blabis, I can't believe
what you can do, darling.

It was so steep. I thought you'd get hurt,
but you didn't. You're the best, Love!

And… go!

And they're flying!

You're the best, Fabián!

It's good sportsmanship, okay?

You're obviously the best. Come on!

They're neck and neck, side by side.

This is so close.

I can't believe it,
going into the second curve.

Fabián, what a technique!

Who will win? And it's…


Fabián wins the third heat and qualifies!

This is exciting. Who will win?

Go. The check!

Come on. It's your turn.

Prove what you're capable of.

I trust you.

-Go get them.

I'm so proud of you.

And I'm sure your dad is cheering you on.

I can't see anything from here.
Let's go higher.

-Come on.
-I can't see a thing.



And the final we've all been waiting for!

Congratulations. Ready?

You had a great race,
but your track was easy.

Oh, really? And yours was hard?

I'll be your bodyguard,
always right behind you.

-You brought your posse?

Have I told you you're amazing?

You can't be here.
I said you couldn't. Please…

Blanca, focus, okay? Focus.

-I love you.
-You'll win. Go get them!

-Magic dust.

All of you are great too,
but she's really good.

-You're the best!
-Okay, enough, please get back.

We're starting now, okay?

-You're the best.
-How's it going, people?

Now we'll start this big Mexico BMX final!

We're ready to start this big final!

Bikers, are you ready?

And… go!

Blanca Díaz flies by!

Shoulder to shoulder, side by side!
And Fabián is right behind her!

Blanca leads at the curve.
The girl won't stop fighting!

What a girl! Blanca Díaz leads the race!

Fabián is racing second.
And third is Pato, neck and neck…

Blanca Díaz in the lead!

Fabián is racing second.
And third is Pato, neck and neck…

And they approach the second curve.

Wow, Blanca Díaz does a wheelie!

Blanca Díaz coming in.

Pedaling hard!
This girl is from another planet!

Unbelievable! Great, Blanca Díaz!

The girl is going to win the race!

Fabián and Toro. Toro, Fabián…

-Oh! There's an accident. Oh, my God!
-They fell.

There's been an accident
in the last curve.

And Blanca's going to win the final!

-No, go back to the race!
-What's going on?

And she managed to hit the brakes.
What's happening?

-What is Blanca Díaz doing?

Blanca Díaz is going back
to check on Fabián, her contender…

-You all right?
-Yes, are you crazy?

-Just a little. Hop on.

I said hop on.

And Toro wins the race!

But Blanca Díaz, what is she doing?
What a great BMX final!

Blanca Díaz finishes her race.
That's what we're seeing.

The crowd is going absolutely wild.

Her family is going crazy.
Blanca Díaz is a champ.


We love you, Blanca! We can't believe it.

What a moment!
They're crossing the line. Go, Blanca!

You were saved from me beating you.

Saved? I saved you.

Of course you didn't.

-Great loss.

Excuse me, may I?

My darling, that was… amazing.

But I lost.

But in the best way. Congratulations.

Are you okay? Did you get hurt?

Blanquita! Are you all right?
That was amazing! Congratulations!

Hey, girl, what was that? You fucked up.

-You fudged up.

-I said fudged. It's an expression.

Don't talk to her like that.

You just made my client
lose his money, my money.

So how much does he owe you?

Eight thousand?

-Eighty, 80,000.
-Now's not the time.

Not now.

Alberto, would you like
to go back to acting?

Well, yes.

See you first thing Monday morning.

I'm so proud of you.

-Oh, we love you, Gorgeous!
-I love you too.


-A picture!

Wait a sec. Take it.

Joligud Estars, official sponsor, okay?