Dachra (2018) - full transcript

A Tunisian horror film set in a cannibal village. Based on true story

Start digging there!

He has the key in his eye.

If you're afraid, go home.
I'll finish up.

So many assholes in my life!

You didn't answer!

I never answer while driving.

You've become so damn civilized.

That's more like it!

- Where's Walid?
- How would I know?

I understand your concerns.

I've been through it myself.

You'll manage. Don't panic, all right?

You'll have time to...

Hello, sir.

Not on time once this year!

It's you who comes early!

You'll have time to catch up.

- Nice hair!
- Fuck off!


The project will be
a filmed investigative report.

You're free to choose
the subject and length.

What I care about most
is the deadline.

You have 15 days to do it.

Not a day more.

Hear that, Walid?

Loud and clear.

I also want a detailed paper
outlining the shoot.

Work alone or in teams.

Up to you.

We'll set a date with the jury

once I've validated the projects.

What I want above all

are extremely exclusive stories.

I want nothing banal.

And please, nothing on the Revolution!

I have nothing against it,

but last year I had 20 projects

on this desk,
all of them identical.


Exclusive stories only, Walid.

Got it? Exclusive stories.

Show us what you've got.

Count on me.

Good luck.

God have mercy on him.

Bless you.

- Thanks for helping.
- It was nothing.


No, no, son. I can't...

Thank you.

For the old man, if you want.

We'll pray for him
in the cemetery.

God have mercy on him.


Yes, Grandpa.
Where have you been?

No, I called.

I answered your missed call.
You didn't pick up.


Don't wait for me for lunch.

Where are you going?

All right.

Heat something up when you get back.

Make sure you eat.

Take your pills.
And no snacks.

Drop off the truck
when you're done.

I will, don't worry.


I'm in class, Grandpa. Bye...

I'll call you later.

You just blew him off!

- He is such a pain!
- He worries.

I'm not 5, Bilel.

He worries anyway.

And least you know your grandpa.

At least you know your parents!

What the fuck?

Sorry, I didn't mean it.

- Same dumbass.
- Butt out.

That tastes weird.

- What?
- Is it tuna?

It tastes like tuna?



I have an idea.

A story on suckers.

With Walid as an example.

Good idea!

You're both suckers.

Why not prostitution?

We'll interview Bilel's family
for details.

Why my family?

Enough, guys.

Your joking around
always leads to fights.

This time I'm serious.

I heard a weird story.
I'm usually skeptical.

Another dumb story?

Let him talk.

Can I tell him to fuck himself?

Be my guest.

My mom's friend came over yesterday.

Her daughter's a nurse
in a psychiatric hospital.

She said a patient there

bit a nurse
who was trying to treat her.

Almost took her nose off.

Lots of blood.

I asked my mom.
She heard about this patient years ago.

There were articles about her.

They called her "Mongia".

I asked my mom to tell me more.

She was found 20 years ago
on a highway,

naked and mutilated.

Her throat slashed open.

Without any ID on her.

Tunisian? Tourist?

The police rushed her to hospital.

They stitched her up.

After she woke up from anesthesia,

she became aggressive.

She started screaming.

Spoke in weird voices. Crazy!

No one ever went there
asking about her.

- Good subject?
- Where's the investigation?

And the exclusivity?

A crazy lady is nothing.

- Not so simple!
- As for exclusivity,

we'll be the first to film her.

They won't let us.

Filming in an asylum isn't easy!

My contact will let us film.

It's more than that.

We need a permit.
Or else when we finish,

they'll refuse the story
for being unethical.

I'll get a permit.

The subject is a madwoman?

It's everything told about her.

- That she's a witch.
- Like your mom.

Like your sister!
I'm being serious!

Why a witch?

She scares them all.

She crawls around
speaking in strange voices.

What crap!

Sometimes her room is empty
and she appears from nowhere.

Weird stuff.

She's just crazy.

I don't believe in that stuff.

It may be a good subject.
It's about work, not beliefs.


- Tuesday.
- Why not tomorrow?

Why the rush?

Tomorrow's good.


Your camera, my recorder.

She'll see to the rest.

I don't buy it,
but it's all we got.

- You're in?
- Yep.

That's it.

Here I am. Don't worry,

God protect you.

What's wrong?

I saw her again.

I saw her again, Grandpa.

Don't panic.

Ask God to protect you.

Recite the verses I taught you.

I'm here now, my child.

I'm here, my child.

I'm here.


please forgive me.

I know it's hard for you.
Forgive me.

Don't worry about me.


Forgive me, Grandpa.

Forgive me.


Where are you?

I'm coming.

I'm on my way.


Move it, shithead!

Out of the way!

You called your contact
at the asylum?

I'm talking to you!

What, Bilel?

You told her we're coming to film?

Yes, must I repeat it 20 times?

I called her, I swear.

Just to make sure.

I really did.

We'll interview the director
of the asylum.

No problem. I'd planned on it anyway.

He's a bit of a dick.

Like you.

You're sure we can film Mongia
in the asylum?

Yes, don't worry.

We'll see.

I bet he's lying.

Walid, here we go again.
I'm not doing this for nothing!

Don't start blaming everything on me.

The idiot next to you
is talking out his ass.

- I know you.
- No, you don't.

We're used to your immaturity!

- I did everything.
- Enough!


My contact is calling.

Shut up, asshole.

We're on the way, Baya.

Yasmine, what's wrong?


You both ignore me!

What's your problem?
What do you want?

Why are you upset?

I didn't sleep well.

Shut up!

Fucking shit!

Why are you angry?
What is it, honey?

Stop kissing me, shithead!

I'll put my music on.

Whatever the fuck you want.

- Speak, sir.
- Is that okay?

It's fine.

Baya, do I look okay?

Camera... and rolling.


Let's go.

Welcome, Doctor.

First, we'd all like to thank you

for having us today.
You must be busy.

Can you introduce yourself to us?

I'm Dr. Fakhri Imed,


I studied in Paris

and was an intern
in Tunisia and abroad.

As my colleagues know,

I'm the youngest director
of this facility.

We're changing things.
Like this ward.

We now treat patients

we couldn't take on in the past.

I was lucky, when I was young,

to train with great psychiatrists.

I hope to show what they taught me,

but that's for others to say.

Enough about me.

Thank you.

We came to discuss one patient

among the 40 you mentioned.
Her name is Mongia.

Tell us about her.

We have no patient
who goes by that name.

Do we have a Mong...?

Just to remind you, it's Mongia

who attacked one of the nurses here.

That never happened.
I'd have been informed.

You obviously weren't.

We only have 40 patients.
None of them attacked a nurse.

It's untrue.

It's a well-known case.

Mongia is not her real name.

She was found 20 years ago

on a highway with her throat cut.

She supposedly uses...

I don't know who you're talking about.

Check the patient registry.
You won't find her.

So in fact
you don't know all your patients?

She's not in this hospital.

Can we move on
or do you have more questions?

To refresh your memory,
Mongia is well known...

My memory is fresh.

She is not our patient.

Tell us if we're wrong.

A lot of people talk about the incident.

People talk...

We have a great success rate
with our clinical cases.

One of the patients here
isn't considered a witch?

A witch?

Witchcraft is part of various cultures
and religions.

Even in the Koran.

We believe in science,

but you're babbling
about sorcery and witches.

End of interview.

It's just one case.

Baya, have them pack up

and leave.

Can we film here?

Don't film anything!

Just leave, please.

Okay, enough.

I'll take the mic.

Remove it.

Good job, Walid.

Let's go.

Why didn't you warn him?

I couldn't bring it up.

You should have told me before.

I thought it was okay.

I looked so dumb.

I need my job.
Your project can't fuck it up.

You should have told me.

I couldn't know.

What now?

Bribe the guards
so you can film the patient.

- Are you sure?
- Of course.

- Money will do it.
- Sure!

Just a second.

I told you he was useless.

Now, let's see.


They'll need something.


Money, dickwad! Not peanuts.

I have nothing!

I know. You're always broke!

Our 40 dinars for gas. Take it.

20 from each of us.
Pay the rest.

- How cute!
- Just go!

We're good. Here's 40 dinars.

He didn't put in any money.

Not one cent.

So stingy!

We made a deal.
Wait until I call you.

- I'll call.
- No, I'll call.

It must be today.

Stop it or you can keep your money.

I'll call you.

See you later.

All good?

Yes, but it'll be a night shoot.


Because we only paid 40 dinars.

We saw you.

I did everything.
My hair is soaking.

No more excuses.

I did all the back and forth!

Are you okay?

Are you okay?

Yasmine! Are you all right?

We're waiting for you.

Come on.

Monia works nights.

Nice to meet you.

Don't make a sound.

I'm taking a huge risk.

Baya, we're good.

It's the guards.

Okay, but we're good.

What's your name?


Like the soccer player.
Great name!

You like soccer?

No, badminton.

Don't like soccer?

Love is in the air.

She'll teach you soccer.

Soccer for the sucker.

Dangerous patients are kept here.

The director was unsettled

when you mentioned her.

Mongia's been here over 20 years.

God protect us.

Why do you say that?

Everybody is scared of Mongia.

Why call her a witch?

You'll soon see.

Witch or not,
all we want is to film her.

Witchcraft is such a load of crap.

So she can't fly?

When she first came here,

she fasted for months
and lost no weight.

No kidding.

She bit the ear off a male nurse.

They once found her,
throat cut, limbs in chains.

They stitched her up
and she tore it open.

Witch or not?

Did he scare you?

Foufou is harmless.

Are you okay?

I want no trouble.

Do your stuff fast.

Don't worry.

Who's going in?

Me, the camera, Bilel...

Not me.
Use the camera mic.


Not at all.

Mongia, you have guests.

Follow me.

Listen to me.
Film from here.

No closer. Sit here.


I'll do my rounds and come back.

I'll leave Monia here.

Be careful, please!

Why do you care about Mongia?

Can you keep quiet?

You have Facebook?



I'm Yasmine. This is Bilel.

We came to film you.

Don't bother! She won't talk!

What happened
before they brought you here?

Don't get close.


This is a map.

The area you were found in.

Do you recall the exact location?

It's you...



Monia, call the guards!

Yasmine, run!


A cat made these scratches?

Yes, an alley cat.

So you all accompanied her?

Why are you so worried?

I'm not, Uncle Bashir.

When she tried to feed the cat...

I lied to you, Grandpa.

Walid's cat did it.
That's why he's upset.

It was my pussy.

I mean my mom's cat.

Her cat.

A cat...

We have to go.

I'll drive you.

It's fine.

Let me, guys.

- We'll go eat.
- Night, Uncle Bashir.


Thanks, guys!

Wait, Bilel.

Here's the map.



I may be old, but I'm not naïve.

- What's wrong?
- You can talk to me.

Why lie?

I'm not lying.
Walid's cat scratched me.


I'm responsible for you.

Your mom asked me
to look after you.

I promised her I would.

Don't give me reason to worry, please.

All right, I promise.

Don't worry.

Give me a kiss.

Get going.

Let me kiss you.

Stop, you'll break my jaw.



See the sheikh again.

It's been ages.

I don't want to see him again.

You still dream
about the woman in black?


I saw the sheikh
and still dream of her.

Why see him again?

Do it for me.

I don't like him...

- Please, for me.
- Okay.

This is the last time!

- Okay.
- The last time, I swear.

All right.

Make us two sandwiches.


- 2 or 3 sausages?
- Just 2.

One with 3, one with 2.

Coming up.

What a fucking night!

- What did you do with Monia?
- Monia?

The soccer fan!

What are you talking about?

No salad for me.

Give me an egg, please.

Yes, Yasmine.

Are you sure?

It's no joke.
Tomorrow we'll go shoot.

You're fucking crazy.

Don't forget your equipment.

And tell Walid

not to forget his.

I'll tell him.

Meet at the university.

Don't be late.

All right.

See you tomorrow.

See you.

She wants to finish what we started.

What's wrong?

Look me in the eyes.

She has bigger balls than you.

That hurt!


she wouldn't come.

I tried, but in vain.

No problem.

My child,

you've grown.

She looks like her mother.

Thank you.

What's wrong?

Tell him.

Tell him nothing's wrong.


It's not true.

Every night I watch over her.

She sleeps poorly

and still sees the woman in black.

What do you see?

Answer the sheikh.

I heard him, Grandpa.

What do you see?

You know what I see.

Must I repeat it?

You recited the verses?

Yes, and it doesn't help.

I'll be late for school.

Excuse me. Yasmine!

I'm sorry.

You didn't tell her?

I couldn't.

I promised her mother.

I'm scared for her.

God have mercy.


No, Walid.

I get sick behind.

- I won't switch.
- Bilel, get in.

Such a fucking pain!

Hurts from behind?

What a dirty mind! Stop it.

Bilel, just get in.

Don't piss me off in the morning.

Get in and stop arguing!

Come on, baby. Sit on my lap.

Stop it, asshole.

Take the next right.

Why a road map? Use Google!

No network.

- What's wrong?
- I feel sick.

- Gonna puke.
- God!

- Pull over.
- Don't puke in Bashir's car.

- Open the door!
- Use the other side.

Don't die, asshole.


- Just like a pregnant woman.
- Help him!

Wash your face in the puddle.

Get the fuck away.

- Need your gynecologist?
- Asshole!

- What's her number?
- You okay?

How far along are you?

Walid, go see what he wants.

Hey there.

Good morning. You okay?

Our friend is a little sick, that's all.

I have water.

We have water too.

Where are you heading?

Nearby. Not far...


Not too far from here.

Hello, sir.

Good morning, miss.

If you need anything, ask.
Don't be shy.

Thanks, we're fine.

- It's up to you.
- We're really fine.

God be with you.

Get better, bro.

Peace on you.

All better, Bilel?

Come on, man.

How are you feeling?

- Tell me, sweetheart.
- Get in.

- Are you in pain?
- Shut up!

Get in. Stop nagging.

The first pregnancy is tough.
Next one will be easier.

Why didn't you use protection?

Peace on you.

This guy is a real stalker. How creepy.

You okay?


Still no network?


Pull over. Let's ask him.

Think so?

He must know the area.

- Come with me.
- Okay.

Hi, sir.

We wanted to ask...


There's a village here.

Where is it?

A woman was found here long ago.

Where was she from?

How helpful.

Why is he shouting?

Yes, Walid?

That's the spot.

You sure?

I am.



Bilel, let's check this way.


It's a path.

Let's climb up, not down.

He can sense paths.

It really feels like a path.

Yes, it does. Come and follow us.

Come on, Walid.

Hurry, shithead.

How do you feel now?
At home with the animals?

In the Name of Allah,
protector against harm

in Heaven, on Earth, All-Knowing...

Take the tripod.

Give it to me.

Hand it to me.

Wait! Come on...

Fuck! It's wet!

We're stranded.
Sure it's here?

- Yes.
- We can't go back.

Don't be a pussy.

- Give me the camera.
- Wait.

Give it to me in one piece.

I'm very tired.

We should go back.
Know where we're going?

We're following Walid.

Let's go back.

Don't be wimps.
It's just a walk in the forest.

You know how to get back?

Why would we go back?

You'll get us lost.

We must almost be there.

You know where we are?

Come on, Walid.

We're almost there.

What the hell?
We're going around in circles!

I can't walk anymore.

Stop complaining. Try to enjoy.

Enjoy what?
Shut up and enjoy the silence.


What's she eating?

Yasmine, wait.

Stop, Yasmine!

What the fuck is that?

Take the stuff.

Wait, don't be afraid!

Don't be afraid!


I didn't know you were coming.

I could have driven you here.

We didn't know the village name.

- Feeling better, bro?
- Fine.

Careful next time you drink.


I'm Saber, at your service.

Nice to meet you.
Yasmine, Walid, Bilel.


Come have something to drink.

Come on.

A nice hot tea.

Go make the tea.

Nice place here, Saber.



I searched this spot on Google.

I didn't find it.


We couldn't find it on the map.


So why are you here?

We're journalism students.


Last year.

We heard rumors.

Over 20 years ago,

by the road near the forest,

they found a mutilated woman.

The state police found her.

Algia? The crazy woman?

No, Mongia.

It's an old story.
I know nothing about it.

Can we find someone who remembers?

There are no witnesses left.

The women here don't talk to strangers.

You really love meat.

For sure.

Meat is good.

I bet.

Very good tea, Saber.

Shall we go?

Where to?

- Stay for dinner.
- No thanks.

No, you have to.
I brought some fresh meat.

I asked the women to cook.

We really must be going.

We should stay.

- Night is falling.
- It's nice here.

What about the forest?

- How do we get home?
- We eat fast.

And what about Bashir?

- Text him.
- With no network?

What's wrong?

No network.

Yes, up on the roof.

Call from there.

Thanks, Saber.

You're welcome.

And what will you cook for us?



"Mongia attacked a nurse."

"The nurses consider her a witch..."



Please answer.

Answer, my child.

They drink lots of wine.

- No signal.
- Stop.



It's fucking freezing!

You won't get a signal!

I have one bar...


don't worry about me.

I'm studying with the guys.


Stop it! Stop it right now!

- What is it?
- Stop making noise!

Look at this.

Dumb ass!

God have mercy on us.

God have mercy on us.

Good tongue.

Where's the meat?

Here it comes.

Thank you.

Is this the hotel you asked about?

I hope you like it.

Why aren't you eating?

It's delicious.

Come on, eat.

Eat up!

Your daughter?

She's your daughter?

Who, Rebeh?

My niece. Her dad died.

We saw her in the woods.

- Did she bother you?
- No...

My late brother

married his cousin.
You know the risk.

She's a bit special.

But she's harmless!

God protect her!

- Eat now.
- Thanks.

How can you leave now?
It's dark out!

Walid can drive.

Yasmine has bad night vision.

Where is Walid?

You drive, like we said.

I can't see at night
since my laser surgery.


Laser, to fix her vision.

- Are you better?
- Yes, thanks.

Yasmine, I forgot my glasses.


I can't drive without them!

Are you serious?

You can all spend the night here.

The house my brother built is empty.

You can stay in it.

No thanks, Saber.
We should really get going.

Even tourists used to stay there.

Journalists too.

No, thank you.

Can you drive us to our car?

We'll get lost.

We really must get home, thanks.

Anyway, you're welcome to stay.

I can always go check on the car.

We have to go.
My grandfather will be worried sick.

Just drive us to the car.

Thank you.

Be right back. Think it over.


- Why so quiet?
- What about it?

What about what?

Sleeping here.

Are you nuts?

I'm going home. I won't stay.

- Bashir must be freaking out.
- Call him.

There's no network! No way!

Calm down, Yasmine.

We'll leave at dawn.

I won't wait till dawn. I'm going home!

And drive in the dark?

Why not?

Aren't I right?

- No night vision, no glasses.
- Good job!

You'd rather have an accident?

I won't spend the night here.

Grandpa will worry.

Yasmine, listen to us.

No fucking way!

Come in.

Come in. Don't be shy.


It's been ages
since we opened the house.

I can see that!

Make yourselves at home.

Yasmine, I asked the women.
You can stay with them.

We prefer to stay together.

That would be inappropriate.

We're like siblings.

Come on in, guys. Come in.

Thank you.

I'll get some wood for the fireplace.


The Jacuzzi is there.

Very funny.

Creepy house!

It's not a hotel.
Shut up and go to sleep.

Only one bed.

Only one girl. Move!

That's my spot.

Where do I sleep?



Take it easy, asshole.

What is it?

Stop being scared!

Is this some kind of joke?

Thanks, Yasmine!

Walid, that's my spot.

Shut up and sleep!

I don't like this guy.

You, the first house.

You, the second door.

He saw us.

Good morning.


How was the night?

Great! What a palace!

The best we could offer.

You're so kind, thanks.
We slept well.

I wish I had more...

How kind of you.


I want my charger from the car.

You'll get lost alone.
It's a big forest.

I'll take you
when I drive the women.

You can't go by foot.

Get ready.

Thanks a lot!

Bilel, here.

- Can't you keep quiet?
- What did I say?

You were rude to him.

I had an awful night's sleep.

Why should I say it was great?

Ever hear of common courtesy?

I'll learn it from you.

- Do!
- I'm the one with back pain.

Poor thing.

It hurts like hell.

Shut up!

No need to be rude.

Leave me alone.

Don't tell me to shut up.

And you had to film us sleeping?

What the fuck?

What the fuck?

How do I rewind?

- Damn, I deleted it!
- What's wrong?

- Nothing!
- Give me the camera!

What are you doing?

Just watching the videos.

Never touch my camera!

Stick to sound.

Why so angry?

Good morning.


I'm Yasmine.

We met at dinner.

What's your name?

You won't say?


Nice to meet you.

How old are you?

You don't know?

How long have you been pregnant?

Seven months.


Why are you scared?

What does a woman feel during pregnancy?

Can you tell me?

I'm not pregnant.

Is it a boy or a girl?

Run away. Now.

Damn you! Go get the goats!

Why are you angry?

What was she saying?

We were talking about pregnancy.

She's dumb!

I told you yesterday,
women mustn't speak to strangers.

She did nothing wrong!

Forget about her.

I asked the women
to make couscous with meat.

- No!
- You have to.

We have to go home.

It will warm you up.

See you later.

- Did you film this morning?
- No.

We need footage.

We'll get it.

Where's Yasmine?


Saber! I'm coming with you!

I'm going back!

I hate him!
I'm going to the car!

- Know the way?
- I'll find it.

- Got the keys?
- Yes!

Stop it, please!

Why are you stressed?

Stressed? How so?

I don't know. Worried.

I'm not.

So what is it?

I spoke with the pregnant girl.

Which one?

There's only one pregnant girl.


I tried to film her.

She gave me the shivers.

How so?

She was scared.
She wouldn't speak

or answer my questions.

She was terrified!

Then at one point,

she came close and whispered:

"Run away! Now!"

Run away now?

I swear!

- Are you sure?
- Totally!

So we must run away fast. My God...

Are you teasing?
She really scared me!

Come on! She's a crazy girl!

Crazy? Why are saying that?

I can tell right away.

She's jealous, so she said to go.

Jealous of what?

Is the forest full of sexy boys?

Cut it out!

So Saber is evil?

You're hopeless, I swear.

We have to go. Where is Bilel?

Getting the charger.

I hope he'll be back soon.

If a tiger killed him,
I wouldn't care.

Oh my God!

What is this?

What is this?

Hello, Walid.

Hi, Saber.

Madame Yasmine...

It's about the car...

I checked on it.

- I'm a bit ashamed.
- Why?

Some kids stole the tires.


How could they?

Relax, it's nothing.

- Seriously?
- No worries.

This is unacceptable.

- We towed it.
- Towed? What the hell?

Don't be scared.
Everybody knows me around here.

Don't make me mad!

The car was your responsibility.

They didn't know you were my guests!

Shit! How do we go home?

What hospitality!

Don't get mad.
I'll check on it again

and come back with good news.

I'm sorry.

Happy now?
I said to go yesterday!

How will we get home?

Is it me who stole the tires?

I said to leave yesterday!


Let's go.

What's going on?

Let's leave now!

- What happened?
- Now!

Take it easy!

Have Saber get the car.

There is no car.

- What?
- The tires were stolen.

No way!

It's nothing. He'll get it.

What's wrong?

- Blood...
- What?

- Relax, it's not real.
- Slow down.

Tombs, blood, human bones!

There's nothing.
You're paranoid.

Don't push me!

Take it easy, you two.

Tell us what happened slowly.

He brought bags with bodies.

Bloody bags with bodies!

- Who?
- Stop talking crap!

- The bags!
- Follow him!



A man in the woods gave you bags.

- I don't get it!
- What's inside?

A slaughtered sheep for couscous!

I'll get the car!

Are you satisfied?

Happy now?

What a wimp!

Are you out of your mind?

Are you okay, Walid?

Get up.

Are you insane?
What's wrong with you?

You're crazy!


Run away!


September 12th, 1995.


I reached the village,
happy to find it by myself.

I got lost on the way,

but then found it.

First thing I noticed,

so many women.

I said hello but no one answered.


The smell of firewood everywhere.

Meat hanging all over.

Maybe their customs,

but it was weird.


I kept saying hello, tried to speak,

but no one answered.

The day I arrived,

I met two men,

silent as well.

I never saw them again.

My second day there.

I am kept in a cold house

but I had information to find.

I had a job to finish.

They made me a dinner of meat.

Weird taste.

Like nothing I ever ate.

The atmosphere here is heavy.

I am uncomfortable.

I want to leave.

I must finish this investigation.

And write the article I came to write.

Of the women here,
only one intrigues me.

The woman in black.

Dressed in black,

her face covered.

Everyone fears her.

- What you reading?
- Nothing.

Where's Walid?

I don't know.

I'm here.

Still mad?



I'll record some ambient noise.

- Sorry, my friend.
- Forget it.

Don't worry!

September 15, 1995.

Many women come to see
the woman in black.

Most come at night.

My questions

went unanswered.

They seemed intrusive,

but I must know what's going on.

I want to know

what they're doing with her.

I waited for nightfall.

I went.

I saw what I shouldn't have.

Give her the picture.

Give her what she wants!


is what these women practice.

That's why they come to them.

Not only that.

What we suspected seems true.

Extracting treasures.

I thought the bags contained goats.

But the shouts are human.

I found the hiding place.

It's in the old hotel.

I don't know where exactly.

They call them "zouhri",

holders of the key,

a spot in the eye
or a long line in the palm.

Silly beliefs,
but they took many children.

Most of them beggars.


Some are kidnapped from hospitals.

Nobody believed my articles
on the kidnappings.

I haven't left the house for 3 days.

It's raining hard.

Once in a while
a woman knocks on my window

to see if I'm still here.

But I can't leave.

Something's happening tonight.

I'm sure of it.


I'm scared...

I'm scared...

I waited for the big woman to go.

Two women followed,

then two men carrying bags.

I followed discreetly.

Don't be afraid. I'm here, don't worry!

A girl of 3 or 4 was in the bag.

A red ribbon covered her face.

On her left hand, a birthmark.

A crescent moon...

Bashir, take the girl. Take her!

Get in, quick!

I have to check something
in the stable.

- I'll call the cops!
- There are kids inside!

- I'll call the cops.
- Don't!

Take care of her!

Tell her nothing till she grows up.

Don't go. Come back!

My name is...


You... you...

The girl in the village,


I took a picture of her,

but I've seen her before.

I'm not crazy. I've seen her before.

In old pictures.

When the hotel was still open.

In 1920.

She's still the same.

She hasn't grown up.



What's that?

She's giving birth?

They deliver babies with knives?

Is it the baby?

Something weird is going on.

Where is she taking him?

Follow her.

I'm not budging.

Then I'll do it.

If you won't, I will.

- Let's go home.
- What's wrong?

- Let's leave.
- What is it?

- They'll kill us!
- Who?

- They'll kill us!
- Yasmine, calm down!

- Let's leave.
- Once we get the car.

There is no car! Don't open!

- Maybe it's Walid.
- It's not!

"I seek refuge
with the Lord of Mankind,

"the King of Mankind,
the God of Mankind.

"From the mischief of the Whisperer,

"who withdraws and whispers

"into the hearts of Mankind,

"among genies and men."

Get up, my child.

I'm here now. Don't be scared.

Hold onto me and walk.

Hurry up.

He's dead, Yasmine.

God have mercy on him.

Walk faster.


It's Walid.

Get up, Walid, please get up.

Have her release the "Thing".

Yasmine, get up and run away.


We'll follow you. Come on, run!

Something weird happened.

I'll get the permit.


You forgot the map.

That's the spot.

Her name is Algia?

No, Mongia.

Eat. It's tasty.

Yasmine, I forgot my glasses.

Let's sleep here.

She's the one.