Dachimawa Lee (2008) - full transcript

Under Japanese imperialism, Korean national treasure Golden Buddha is stolen. The interim government appoints legendary Korean spy Agent Dachimawa LEE to recover the fabled statue and reveal the dark plot behind the theft. The first attempted recovery operation fails miserably, loosing both the statue and his sexy partner. Agent LEE discovers that the failure was an inside job and fueled by rage of revenge, he must face off the shadowy figure behind the plot on the snowy field of Switzerland where the statue is believed to be hidden.

YEAR 1942,

Plan one is in motion.

Go ahead and begin plan two.

He is heading your way.

You might get caught!

A thirsty dog must drink.

Take the list and go!

You'll become a nameless ghost
in this foreign country.

Is there anything more to say?

Please go! Or else you will
depart from this sorry world too!

You are a good person.

I wish I had you...

It doesn't matter whether a person
is good or evil.

We will all die eventually.

Only the method and purpose may vary.

If this is our fate, let it be.

We shall meet it head on!

Why do I have this nagging thought
that someone could break in here?

It must be my paranoia.

"To Elegy, the queen of darkness,"

look up at the stars in the sky.

They shine at night
and people hide in the darkness.

Evil was born in the night.

Throw down the chains of betrayal,

and take my fist as repentance"?

No. This can't be happening.

Your lies are unforgivable!

Why did you do it? Why?

I had no choice!

Enough with the excuses!

Tell me this isn't true!

When puberty hits,

love becomes more important
than friendship.

When one gets old,

pursuit of happiness becomes
more important than national security.

Enough with the show!

Who would cast a stone at her
in this time of tragic history?

Codename Madam Jang.
Her real name is Sook-ja Jang.

She was once an ordinary girl with dreams.

She looked old for her age though.

But as her family fought against
the Japanese occupation,

she was naturally influenced
by their involvement in the movement.

She soon found herself following
in their footsteps as a secret agent

to help achieve independence for Korea.

Being a secret agent for 13 years

had deprived her of her youth
as well as a normal love life.

She fell in love once,

but she was sacrificed it

for the love of her country.

Sook-ja was also a woman who has
burning passion running through her veins.

Away from her family, she spent years
alone carrying out dangerous missions.

She blew up buildings.
There, another explosion.

She tortured spies. Inflicting pain.

She killed people,
but every night she felt utterly alone.

Then one day, a lonely wolf
came before this lonely woman.

My goodness.

She fell in love with this man,
and his name was Damanegi!

I chose passionate love, that's all.

I don't want just a fling,

or something to shield me
against loneliness.

So, you have some innocence left in you.

But you have committed treason

and cheated on our country!

Cheated? I'm not married to my country!

It's still common law marriage!

This doesn't change anything!

Don't pick flowers
that have already withered.


Stop defending yourself.

Just accept your sins,

and end your secret agent life!

Accept my fist while you're at it.

Swallow it,

and you will explode
in five seconds, Jang Madam.

It's not Jang Madam. It's Madam Jang.

I see.

Bye, Sook-ja.

What is taking so long?

My goodness! What took you so long?

Was it because of Madam Jang?


It was true.

Who would have thought
that she would end up like that.

A beautiful rose has many thorns.

The list of Japanese agents?


My goodness.

I believe it is time to bid farewell
to this place.


With you, always.


Good evening.

Today we talk about

the Golden Buddha

that contains names
of Korean secret agents

who are threatening the future
of the Japanese Empire.

The agents on the list
work all around the world

to collect funds for their course.

The moment we get that list,

the freedom fighters
and the Shanghai provisional government,

who have been expanding their activities
down from Manchuria,

will take a tremendous hit
and be forced to retreat.

We have received the reports.

But how do you propose

to get your hands on Golden Buddha?

Well... Okay.

Sir, how are you going to get the statue?

Provide us with cash
and we shall get it for you in no time.

We also like Miss Myeong-wol.

If we give them
basic information and cash,

they can bring us
the Golden Buddha in no time.

Also, they like Miss Myeong-wol.

I see.

I can give you

the necessary funds that you need,

but do you know where the statue is?

Did he say he can give the money but is
worried about the statue's whereabouts?

Yes, that's right.

Then, tell him not to worry
about the whereabouts of the statue.

He says,

you don't have to worry

about the whereabouts of the statue.

How come no one is translating
any of this into Chinese?

I don't understand anything.

Just have the money ready

and I will tell you where it is.

To guarantee the safety of the money
and the statue,

let's meet in Switzerland
at the World Spy Conference.

We'll make the exchange
in a secret bank there.

- Sir.
- Yes?

Let's exchange the statue
and money in Switzerland.

Watch out!


Sorry, sir. We tried our best.

You idiot!

So, someone was listening.

There she is.

- There.
- Over there!

Over here!

A pussy cat with sharp claws.

How cute.

How much to buy you? I want to buy you.

I won't ask for a discount.

Your words are as foul as your breath.

You're obviously not an ordinary cat

seeing that you made it this far.

Why you...

You traitor!

That was my mom's name.

Listen, you son of a traitor.

I'll kneel before you today,

but mark my words,
everyone will know your treacherous acts!

I see.

You leave me no choice,
but to zip up that cute little mouth.


"It is like moths to a flame."

Or, "out of the pan and into the fire."

Doesn't that mean
that the situation is getting worse?

Wouldn't "as leaves in the wind"
be more appropriate here?

But that implies that we are helpless.

Leaves have no voice,

but our comrades

are crying out to us.

That is not logical.

Such good ears you have.

There is only one thing we can do.

We must send him in.

You don't mean...

- Let me help you, ma'am.
- Okay.

- Thank you so much.
- You're welcome.

Oh, my back.

Oh, no!

What's going on?

What is wrong with him?

My goodness! My money is gone!

Hey everyone, my money is gone!

What do I do now?

Is that how you greet a person?
You bastard!

Give it to me.


You're pushing it.

Are you testing my patience?

One of us

is certainly being patient.

Look at this guy.

I'm afraid

I have lost my patience a long time ago.

That's your problem.

You are on my nerves!

What an idiot.

You're determined to sign off your life
on a speeding train!

You seem to have signed off

on your decency, little boy.

Who the fuck are you?

Don't you recognize the Border Lynx?

You should already know my name by now.

- My goodness!
- Yes!



Lynx or Mink or whoever you are,

this is getting heavy.

Could you return it to the owner?

Yes, sir.

You thief!

Why did I do that?

It's all my fault.


It was all because of you.

Are you giving my money back?

Would repenting now
cleanse my disgraced blood?

I found it.

I reproach myself to no end!

Oh, God!


Weep until all the bad blood
is washed away by your tears.

Who doesn't make mistakes?

Did we come into this world to cry?

As long as there are youngsters like you

who will acknowledge their sins,

our future is still looking bright!

My goodness.

It's time to say good bye.

Good bye.


What do you want?

I live this sorry life

because I met the wrong kind of people.

I wanted to meet a person like you
and take the right path,

but reality would not let me do so.

What a pity.

But if you take me under your wing,

I will dedicate my life

to doing the right thing.


He's so handsome.

I am not big enough of a man
to be responsible for another man's life.

I understand what you mean.

But take a look around.

I'm sure you'll find someone
who is much worthier.


Let's not forget how we crossed
our destined paths today.

A round of applause.

A round of applause.

Dachimawa Lee!

Dachimawa Lee!

Dachimawa Lee!


Help me!

Trying to resist me
makes you even more irresistible.

Being the men we are,
how can we pass this up?

I'm sure she's delicious.

She'll taste like wild raspberries.

Why are you doing this? I'll scream!

Go on, scream!

We also enjoy having a woman
scream and swear at us.



No wonder the sky was as overcast
on my wife's ugly face today.

It was a sign that I would meet
an obnoxious guest from Korea.

You should be careful.

Or something bad might happen.

You filthy Korean!

I'll let you sleep on a cold bed,

six feet under!

There's nothing like Korean martial arts
to wipe the smile off your grotesque face!

- He's cool.
- Martial arts?

I'll take you on.

This should be fun.

Oh, no!


Take this.

Take that.

Take this.

Take that.

Take this.

Take that.

- Take that!
- You protect yourself quite well.

I see you've been taking lessons
from a master.

But you underestimated me!

Take that!

Use karate.

Come on.

Take this!

And this!

How about that?

You Korean! This samurai
will teach you a lesson!

Didn't expect that, did you? Roll!

I'm hit.

Take that.

- Poor maiden.
- You're so noble.

Don't worry.

My ribs!

Neck breaker!

Take this!

Shoulder breaker!


You live up to your reputation.

Nice to meet you.

I'm Mari and I'll be your partner
on this mission.


You are really something.

I'm Agent Six.

I'm not sure I like this kind of greeting.

I apologize if we've offended you.

But we needed to see
if you were up to the task.

You'll be my partner?

What about Yeon-ja?

I guess you haven't heard.

She's been missing for two days.
She was in a mission.

It's unlikely

for her to still be alive.

- No way.
- Yes.

She's dead.

Agent Yeon-ja was tracking a leak
within the agency

when she disappeared.

This is Snowy Horse.
It's a restaurant in Tokyo.

Snowy Horse...

She knew Japanese agents
met there frequently,

so she worked undercover as a waitress.


the horse got to her.

According to her reports so far,

Japanese spies are looking for this.

Is it real gold?

It's only 14-karat gold.

More like a single coat actually.

That's not important.

What's inside is important.

Inside the Buddha?

The statue contains a list
of all our secret agents

who are working around the world
to raise funds for an army

for our independence.


Agent Eight managed to get the statue
and is waiting for us in Manchuria.

The problem is that Manchurian bandits
are tracking this statue too.

You must go to our lab
at Princeton University

to get weapons and funds.


Come on, hurry.

Who is this guy?

You're still in your prime.

You're still a sweet talker.

I heard about your mission.

It will be your most difficult
and most dangerous mission yet.

Laying down my life is not a big deal
when it is for my country.

Until the East Sea

And the Mount Baekdu

All wear away

May God

Protect our country

Rose of Sharon

And the beautiful Mount Kumgang

May you live on forever

With Korea and its people

Give me sample number 1002.

You bad man!


Up to your old tricks again?


Stealing women's hearts.

There's no time for jokes.

Yeon-ja is...

You're right. Sorry to hear that.

I forgot we have no time to waste.

Oh, wait. Take this.

What kind of weapon is this?

Hold on.


Hold your temper.

This is a breath of heaven.

It's fine.

This is something called a chewing gum.

It was developed in Mexico and the U.S.
in the mid 1800s.

It's a must for agents like yourself
who meet all kinds of people.

It stays chewy in your mouth
without melting.

Now, let's get started.

You're familiar with this model, right?

This is...

It's the latest automatic model.

But it's made from an alloy
unlike the other models.

That's why it is heavy.

One hit and it's lights out.

But in order to match the weight,

the barrel is filled with a special alloy.

So, the bullets here

- will have to be used in a different gun.
- I see.

Last but not least...


Isn't that a sprayer?
For hydrochloric acid?

You're thinking like a field agent.

This is not simply a sprayer.

This is a portable bidet
and it's still in development

in other countries.


Our agents suffered
from irregular lifestyles

and frequent all-nighters.

Last month,
Agent 62 who worked in Frankfurt

lost his life to bleeding
caused by hemorrhoids.

So! The uncomfortable feeling you get

when taking a poo after a long stakeout

or after a sweaty chase,

you can say good bye to all that.

I'm sorry for sending only Agent Mari
with you on such a dangerous mission.

It only seats two people anyway.

It would be my pleasure

to go with such a beautiful agent.

You're a bad man!

I'm embarrassed!

Oh, no.

God, that must hurt.

She looks tough,
but she's a soft-hearted woman.

Please look after her.

Whether an agent is a man or a woman,
it makes no difference.

Agent Mari is just an agent to me.

For so long,

you have opened up

to so many female agents,

so I'm quite surprised by that remark.

I want to make one thing very clear.

Yeon-ja is the last tenant of my heart.

Then accomplish this mission

in her honor!

Agent Lee, are you crying?

I believe,

it is the rain.

What rain?


There's a speed limit up ahead.

Please reduce your speed.


Hello. Please come in.

Good day.

You have a lot of nice things.

I didn't know there was such a place.

Just tell me what you need.

We're looking for a Buddha statue.

I see.

We have those.

What kind are you looking for?

One that's made of gold.

My goodness.

- I'm sorry.
- Why?

We don't have any gold ones.


We heard that you have it.

You were misinformed.



So, the statue sprouted wings
and flew off?

Agent Eight?

Bring on the statue

before I count to three.

- You coward!
- One.

- Just kill me!
- Two.

For our independence!



Watch where you're going!

I'm sorry.

Let's go!

You can even speak Chinese.

How many languages do you speak?

Enough to embrace the whole world.

My goodness.

How could they?


We were too late.

If your hair didn't get caught
in the propeller,

we might have arrived in time.

I don't know what to say.

I take full responsibility
for not separating my emotions

from my job...

Agent Eight!

I thought I wouldn't get to say good bye.

I'm relieved to see you.

Save your breath.

It's too late.

Agent Eight!

Agent Eight!

Agent Eight!

I didn't carry out my mission.

Please forgive me.

Who has the right to forgive?

Human beings do not have the right

to give forgiveness to others.

There isn't much time.


It was the Manchurian bandits.

A man called Mr. Wang.

He's their contact.

Mr. Wang!

If you take a horse

to the place I'm about to tell you,

you might catch up to them.

The horses outside...


Agent Eight!

Agent Eight!



Agent Eight is now gone forever.

The world is working against us.

That means we are alone

in this world.

If you think

of Agent Eight leaving us,

I would say this is more

of an upsetting and painful situation.

How did he die?

To get the statue,
the Manchurian bandits tortured him

and suffocated him to death

by forcing snot and saliva

down his throat.

Those villains!


We should move before it's too late.

The two of us?


The statue is obviously there.

If I fail and die, you must go and get it.

You have to stay here in case I...

Don't say that.

Don't even say that jokingly.



I don't want to put you in danger.

Dachimawa Lee.

Promise that you will come back to me.

We shouldn't.

We should.

Why is my heart racing?

My head and my heart are conflicted.

I'm ready.

I can't do this.

You can.

- That's right.
- Your lips are drawing me in.

Oh, no.





Sneaking in is going to be tough.

One hit and it's lights out.

This is not enough.

What shall I do?

So, the bullets here

will have to be used in a different gun.

Professor Nam prepared me
for every possible situation.

I just hope he lives a long, full life
and continues working for our country.

Don't kick. Pull.

That hurts.

Drop your weapons and raise your hands!

Wait, this is Manchuria!

I said, drop your weapons
and raise your hands!

I like your spirit.

What do you want?

I heard that there's a lot of money
to be made here.

I want a cut.

What are you talking about?

The Golden Buddha!


What the hell are you talking about?

Whoever chops his head off
gets a case of gold!

- Get him!
- Yes, sir!


I told you not to come down here!

We don't have much time!

My license is restricted to cars.

I told you I don't have the right license.

Where is the statue?



Oh, no.

Bring me his dead body!

Quick! Find the Golden Buddha!

Come on. Find it!

Oh, no!

Come on, get a move on!

Come on.

Where is it?

Oh, no.

Where am I?

Who are you?

Why am I here?

Oh, no.

I don't remember a thing.

How I came here...

Who I am...

I don't know who you are,

but you seem like a rich businessman
or a diplomat.

Why is that?

You had a lot of cash in your pocket.

So, I guess you're buying lunch?

What would I do with money

when I don't even know who I am?

This was in your pocket too.

I don't know where it's from,

but it looks like a sturdy device.

I'm not sure, but I don't think...

Are you whining over a bottle?

No, it's just that...

How come you didn't prepare
protection money for me?

Do I have to beat the crap out of you?

What are you looking at?

Get out of here, all of you.

My goodness.


You should be more careful.

Just let me know if you have any problems.

What a strange man.


Wait here.

Sir, how long has it been?

Do you know me?


You're pretending not to know me
just because I made a tiny mistake?

What are you doing way out here?

I don't know.

Have you seen me here before?

Sir, I know it's my fault that
I haven't grown up to be a better man,

but if you keep this up, I'll get upset.

Who the hell am I?

Let me go!

If you don't want me here, just say so.

- There's no need to publicly embarrass me.
- How am I so strong?

Like I told you before,
I didn't plan to keep living like this.

I have an aging mother,
sisters who are getting married,

my cousins and half cousins
who were born out of wedlock.

I have a huge family to take care of!

You're so cruel.

What does his family have to do with me?

I don't know.

Dachimawa Lee, just wait and see.

You should've knocked me down
when you had the chance.

I shall never forget

how you have embarrassed me!

What the hell?

- Damn it!
- Who's this?



You're from Korea, right?

We're looking for a Korean.

You can be our man.


It fits you well.

That's the only thing

my dad left me
along with his cooking knife.

Memories are a beautiful thing
even if you are alone or sad.

But I...

I remember

absolutely nothing at all.


Can you chop up some wood
so that I can light a fire?

Hurry up with the firewood.

I can't do this. The ax is broken.

Then, what do we do?

We could starve
or freeze to death without fire.


are you suggesting that I use my fist?

What are you mad at me for?

You could use the knife in the house.




Spare me!


Move back, you dickheads.

You've got nine lives.

You thought you could hurt me
and get away with it?

Why are you doing this to me?

What is with you?

Dachimawa Lee.

What happened to your aura?

Turned into a sissy now, have you?

He's nothing.

Dachimawa Lee?

There must be a misunderstanding.

Misunderstanding? You bastard!

What happened to your manners?

You insist on disappointing me?

I used to respect you!

I've seen enough.

Let's just chop his head off.

Sir, just give me a minute.

Do you want to live?

We could let you live.

But then you would have to pay us back.


Crawl under my legs

while barking like a dog.


Or we could show her a good time.

Let go of me!

How could you do this
to your own countryman?

Countryman, you say?

Where I stand is my country.

The fate of the seeds
change depending on the soil.

You wilted and I bloomed!

- Sir!
- Wait!

So, you're thinking about it.

Dachimawa Lee is crawling.

Bark like a dog!

- Woof!
- Louder!






You're so talented!

Do you think your fist is really all that?
It's all soft and mushy.

Get up, you fuck.

Go on, do your thing!


Bring it on, smart ass!

That was fun.

- Sir.
- Yes?

If we kill him now,

it won't make us feel that much better.

His hands are useless now,

so we can keep him here
and torture him whenever we like.

That sounds good.

You're certainly worthy
of being my blood brother.

You're no better than a worm!

We win!


Get up.

Are you up? Help me with this.

We have to burn all this and leave.

What? Leave?

They said they'd be back.

Burning everything and running away
is not the answer!

I may not know who I am,
but I know what's right and what's wrong.

Life is not about running away!

You're all talk,

you know that?

Give me that.

You don't even know who you are.

What can you possibly do
when you can't even use your arm?


- This is...
- Give it back!

It can't be!

You have a way out or what?

- You shouldn't be reading this!
- What is it?

It's a romance novel.

There might be more.

It's hot!

Yes. This is it!


The knife inside is not for cooking.

It's the broken sword of a warrior.

Your dad was not a cook.

He was a lone warrior
who secluded himself from the world.





Oh, no.

You walk with confidence.

Come on, then.

Why are you stopping, fucker?

Feeling better now, Dachimawa Lee?

Last time was no fun,
so I waited for you to get better.

But seeing that you look fine now,

it's either you recovered really fast
or I didn't hit you hard enough!

It's all gone!

You must have saved on bandages!

I thank God for bringing you back here.

You just picked

your day to die.

This day is too nice to die alone.

You all had your last meals, right?

You bastard.

The one-armed swordsman!

This is getting more and more interesting!

Here are the tickets
for you villainous bastards!

What tickets?

For the express train!

Curiosity is killing me!

I wonder what tickets

that big mouth with no balls got for us?

Stop stalling and just say it!

All in good time.

It's where all evil men like you go.

It's going to be a long trip
for all of you.

Do you mean hell?


I'll send you on a one-way train!

You're going nowhere near heaven, anyway!

What are you waiting for?
Off with his head!

Yes, sir!

You're all tied up.

Don't come any closer.

I'm ready. I'll block.

Pathetic to the end.

Completely impenetrable.

- Hey, sir!
- What?

Fuck it.

Oh, no. He's in front of me.

He's so handsome.

- You.
- What?

That hurts. He's so strong.

You bore me.

I'm falling down.

Are you faking it? Get up!

I'm sorry, sir!

Another beating.

You're overacting.

You thought I couldn't remember who I was.

Border Lynx and Mr. Wang! Both of you!

You brought me both luck and misfortune.


you trampled on my pride
and gave me humiliating pain.

But physical pain fades away.

The greater pain

was not knowing who I was.

But when you hit me
and I hit my head on the ground,

the impact brought my memory back.

Is he combing his hair?

Then, you are?

He looks fine.


Border Lynx!

My goodness.

You shed crocodile tears
on the train to Shanghai.

Don't expect me to have mercy on you.

Wait, sir!

I know the whereabouts of the thing
and the woman that you are looking for.


The thing is already in Switzerland.

A traitor in your agency did this to you.

That's what he told me.

The traitor is...

How could you?

Switzerland? A traitor in the agency?

Mr. Wang!


I need more answers from this tongue.

After I hear those answers,
I'll cut it myself.

What's this?

It's me!

He's like the wind.

Dachimawa Lee!

Come here for a moment.

If we had met in good times,

we could have been friends.


It's a shame.

No way.

Because of the age difference,

we couldn't have been friends, anyway.


Girl with no name.

It's time for me to say good bye.

Take this to remember me by.


This was mine.


Now that your memory is back,
please tell me your name.


You will always

be in my heart!

I have no regrets now!


What happened, Dachimawa Lee?

Where have you been?

I had a slight problem,

so I took a little detour.

What about Agent Mari?

What a pity.

Something doesn't add up.

Only Agent Mari, you,

Agent Six and I knew about this mission.

According to my sources,

we have a traitor in the agency.

Where did you get that information?

Three minus one is two.

You and I make two.

Two minus one means
that one of us is the traitor.

Now reveal yourself.

After you contacted me,
I got to work and found out

that the statue and the money
that was taken from a safe in Geneva,

will be exchanged in the Alps area.

It won't be too late
to continue our conversation there.

What makes you so sure?

The confidence of someone
who holds the key to the truth.

That's a rare commodity.

You can't dodge an unexpected bullet.

I leave the rest...

to you.


That is where the exchange
will take place.

Only the main participants can go in.

You won't need back-up.

So the truth will come out.

We'll see when we open it.

Whether it's a treasure chest
or a Pandora's box.


You follow that Japanese fellow.
I shall follow the Shadow Man.

Chances are the statue is
in the Japanese man's bag.

Get the bag and meet me
at the opera theater we talked about!

The opera theater!

We must hurry. All right, then.

Hey! Shepherd!

Stop following me!

Oh, no.




Come here!

Come here! Damanegi!

- Is that a snowball?
- I don't know!

Oh, no!



I'm out of breath!

You scum!


Damn! That slippery little eel.

Almost there!

Take that!


My secret weapon!

What a loser.


Over here!



They might be listening to us.
We must be careful.

What happened?

Everything was a plot.

A plot?

The traitor is...


That treacherous...

Now that your secret is out,
how do you feel?

What? You still have no idea.

Enough of your lies!

Look at this first!



Yes, it's me.

You still don't get it?

The real traitor is...

So, your efforts paid off.

No. No!

Not after everything I went through

to find you...

It can't be.

I was one step ahead of you.

Save the drama for your buddy
on the way to hell!

I faked my death.

A precaution to counter the intel
that the agency was tracking the traitor.

Actually, she's the daughter
of the traitor.



I'm dying here.

Unfortunately, Agent Nine lost his life
to save mine.

So instead,

I became Agent Six
and continued with the mission.

Then who are you?

The real me?

This is who...

I really am.


That motorcycle was rigged,

and you made me drive it on purpose
even though I had the wrong license.

Those bandits only threw rocks,

but there was blood from your chest
like it was hit by a bullet.

Then the sidecar fell off.

Everything had already been planned.

One more thing.

She was disguised as Shadow Man,
but I found out who she was.

Having lost the money to me
and getting shot,

she came here to see you.

Then what happens next?

Seeing as you're still talking,
I guess you're not the type to go quietly.

Look at me.

Who do I remind you of?

- It can't be.
- Are you...

Madam Jang, who died at your hand...
She was my sister!

You two brought it upon yourselves!

That's not our fault!

You can't say it's not your fault
when she died in your hands.

If you don't want a hole in your chest,
give me the statue in the bag.

I'd rather take this to hell
where your sister is right now.


Give me that!

- It's for indigestion!
- I can't let you die twice!

How touching.

Let me!

Oh, my!

Enough with your tactics!

No more warning shots!

I have one last thing to say.

I'm not interested.

I know that you won't shoot me.

Shut your mouth!


Your love for your country may have faded,

but not the love you have for me!

- Enough!
- Take it!

- Stop!
- No!


You're a bad man.

I don't want to die.

No use regretting now, isn't it?

Stop that. Just as my heart

was finally ready
to let in another tenant...

It's getting dark in here.

It actually is dark.


I don't want it to end like this.


the silicone in your breast
saved your life.

Don't lose hope!

You have dreams that no silicone
can ever replace!

Being with you in my final hour

makes me feel like my dirty soul

has been saved.

Please know this one thing...

Let's not say anything anymore.


When you're tired of a scent,

you replace it with a new one.

Dogs attract dogs and blood draws blood.

Just put down your toy gun.

Don't worry about me. Just shoot him!

Feisty as usual, kitty cat!

I'll let you live

with the guilt of having killed Mari!


Where is...

There's no need to hurry.

I have a plan.



Then please check this.

Serve this specialty tonight

to the people on this list.

I mean...

Just make sure...

Put this in their drinks.

Our company made a special list

of people with jet lag.

We're giving vitamins as gifts.

We got the statue,
so our mission is accomplished.

I'd like to see the statue

with the list of people
who have been bothering us.

Well, I just happen to...

have it right here.



How can you laugh
at a situation like this?

Our agents' lives are in danger.
I can't believe you.

How would they know our agents?

What? Are you kidding me?

Did you hurt your head?

We lost the Golden Buddha again.
My goodness.

Do you mean...

- Do you mean this?
- What?


May I look at it first?

Of course.


What a big catch!


did the Korean agents
get all the Japanese aliases?

Let me see!










This is cheap gilding.

We're fucked!

How could you not check it?

It can't be!

You'll be executed

for disclosing top secret information
and killing agents.


Then you switched the list
of Korean agents with Japanese agents?

The mission felt wrong,
right from the start.

So, I set a trap just in case
and Damanegi fell right into it.

You didn't suspect me too, did you?

I'll have to choose my answer wisely.

Wait, what happened to the money?

It was the Japanese agency's money anyway,

so let's consider it gone.

That's too bad.

So the mission was to lose
both people and money.

But we found each other.

You're so handsome.


- Come here.
- This is exciting.

This feeling of security.

Many were sacrificed,

but we protected it until the end.

So it is indeed
"a sweet reward at the end of the road."

We should celebrate the fact
that we were all in sync

and our voices were heard as one.

But wait a minute.

Where are Comrades Lee and Geum?


So this is how it all ends.

After all, history is written by winners.

Money and brains empower you,
not your fist.

Too bad for those
who aren't aware of that.

You mean life is all about
deceiving each other?

While we take over these U.S. plains,

they'll forget about this money.

Then, we'll go back home
and plan for a takeover.

It's a brilliant plan.



Yes, ma'am?

Hold on.

You idiot!

You can't be...

It's a great day for a trip together.

You backstabbing villains!

How could this be?

Then you are?

They call me...



Please, spare my life!

- Man of evil!
- I need to live!

Take the ticket for...

I have to live!

- The express train...
- The express train...

We are fellow countrymen!

- To hell!
- No!

Take that!


One, two, three!

Keep spinning, you jerk!

That's good! Spin him.

Oh, dear!

They're gone.

My lady.

Why are you looking at me like that?

Am I wearing too much makeup?


Finally, everything is over.


What about Mari
and the love triangle between us?

What? The only triangle in my life
are triangular dumplings.

Then, I'll be the spicy filling
in your dumpling.

Even in the face of death?


Don't say that.

You must have resented me.

How did you know that?


I think it's time we said good bye
to this place.

With you, always, Dachimawa Lee.


Oh, my.

- Finally.
- I'm trembling.

- My goodness.
- What?

Oh my goodness. Is he going to die?

You tease.

Oh god. That hurts!



Let's do this again.

Why are they there?

My arms hurt.

What an idiot.

Look at this guy.

That is my mom's...

Let's try again.

Six feet under...

Of all the...

You can survive...

Sorry about that!

Sorry! That's my bad.

- Are you all right?
- Cut!




Subtitle translation by Seong-hee Lee