Daburu beddo (1983) - full transcript


Mrs. Ueno is so young.

She's holding up very well.

Who thought he'd die so young?

Is that one of your recent photos?

I don't know.

Couldn't she find a better place for it?

Of all places, on the TV set?

Who cares about that?

Especially, he can't care anymore.

But still...

Mr. Kato, you're so busy...

You and your wife are so kind.

Am I the only friend from college?


He didn't tell me about anyone.

How typical of him.
Always so tactless.

He was an idiot.

I met his parents when
we needed their signature.

They were critical?

His mom and dad were so young.

We were still in middle school.


Is it true that dad died
with a school girl?

Ueno Residence

A exhaust-gas suicide must be painful.

I don't know about that.

I heard once it's just a black out.

But they had a smile on their faces.


Original Novel by Chinatsu Nakayama

Screenplay by Haruhiko Arai

Music by Ryudo Uzaki

Directed by Toshiya Fujita

- Should I close the window?
- Yeah.

I can't get why he killed himself.

Are you sure?

That's right.
At the peak of a fruitful life.

I can't see the fruit
he brought in this life.

He left behind a kid and a wife.

You think his family
should just move on?

So if I died, how would you feel?

- It would be hard.
- You bet.

Keeping that in mind,
I'll live long.

You don't even have an insurance.

It must be hard for his wife.

Taro, listen, Mom and Dad
are going out.

Please, set an alarm to go to bed early.

And don't stay all night on TV.

Alright, see you!

She hasn't repaired that door.


- Good evening.
- What a surprise!

I thought: "only regulars
would insist like that."

Auntie, long time no see.

Masako, I'm so glad you brought
your husband along.

Be welcomed again.
Come in, now, come in.

Gentlemen, I have old friends over.
Would you mind changing seats?


No, it's fine, give us the bill.

What? You're leaving?
Thanks, it's ¥3000.

- Sorry about that.
- It's alright.


- There you are.
- Thank you.

- Thank you for coming.
- Good evening.

Come again.

Come on guys, sit down.
Come here.

Give us some saké.
Warm it up.

Of course, I always warm it up.

You forgot?

Hey, Auntie, could I have a hot pot?

Alright, sure.

How long has it been?

- I thought you are so busy.
- You're right, I am.

That's great.

The students who come
here often see you on TV.

I'm sure they often
complain that it's boring.

You were always criticizing TV.

He'd often get into arguments here.

You and Yamazaki had
that bad-ass attitude.

Right, Toru Yamazaki.

Is he still coming?

Yes, he cherishes the memories.
Here, it's hot!

You mean, Yamazaki the song writer?

Indeed. What?
You never met him here?

I only heard of him.

- Auntie.
- Yes?

How is he now?

- Yamazaki?
- Yeah.

Same old, same old.
Just like you.

And just like Masako.

I'm no longer a young lady.


- Oh, speaking about the devil.
- It's been a while.

Hey, Yamazaki, she's with you?

Well, kind of.

Poor girl, she's been here all evening.

I'm sorry.

Don't apologize.
I'm sure you don't mean it.

Forgive me, could you sit here?

They're all a gang, you see.
Forgive me.

Come on, please sit down.

There you are.


You drank all those?

It's fine.

- Auntie, saké.
- Coming.


- Please.
- Huh?

She's my wife.

Ah, thank you.

Does she drink?

Her name is Riko Miura.


God rest his soul.
Let's drink!

- Who's soul?
- Mr. Ueno's.

You mean our Ueno?

He got into a fight?

He killed himself with a student.

No way!

But he was a middle school teacher...

You mean, an old student?

Nope, she was a third year.

A third year?
Why kill himself?

When his wife called,
I thought just the same.

You're right, I had to help him often.

That time when they
ambushed him in an alley.

I said: "Kids, you settle that at school."

He had left politics long ago.

How could he just die?

Since he made past his youth,
he should've had a long life.

Kato handles his liquor well now.

He's at his limit,
he's about to collapse.


Alright, what's next?

Could you come over?
I'm exhausted.

You won't be much of a host, then.

Come on, guys,
I'd like to drink more.

You wanna go?

Would you like to join us?

I'm heading back.

Hey, Riko.

Is she okay?

He's that tired, huh?

He must wake up early
to go to the agency.

I'll get you some ice.

Come on, go to bed.


Sorry, I'm turning in.

Look, I'll leave.

Have a quiet drink, you're not
working tomorrow, right?


You're not concerned
about your girlfriend?

She's young, she needs more sleep.

Marriage is great.

- Good night.
- Night.

Alright, let's drink.

- May I use your phone?
- Sure.


Hello? Is Riko home?

It's Yamazaki.

She isn't home yet?

So, what can I do?

What's this number?


You have something to write?


Please, tell her to call me.

She lives with her sister.

Where can she be?
Aren't you worried?

Why don't you get married?

With whom?

I don't know.

That's hard to answer.

A fear of commitment, maybe?

You may be a deeper person
than you look.

And why did you get married?

Let me think.

I wanted to leave home.

You left home to build
another home?

Then, we had a kid.

How about abortion?

I did that too.

Why are you up, Taro?
Are we too noisy?

I need to pee.

You could greet our guest.

Good night.


I killed many of them too, you know.

Of what?

Two fetuses with each
girlfriend, that is.

- Poor thing.
- Who is?

Your girlfriends.

That's why I walked out.

The truth is, you can't get married.


Did you compose many songs?

- Yup.
- Any song I'd know?

None was a hit.

Kato says you deserve more
public recognition.

It's not that I don't want to be popular.

There should be some of
your songs here.

How about this one?

Come on, you don't have to.

Love Hotel

Neither you nor me can hope for the ideal love

The only thing I see is your relaxed body

The only thing I see is your relaxed body
You see, I slept with Ueno.

The only thing I see is your relaxed body

- In the old days?
- Yes.

You want to forget a man who left you

Kato and him were students back then.
Ueno was a hot-head.

surrender your undressed body to me,

surrender your undressed body to me,
Ueno had that sparkle in his eyes.

surrender your undressed body to me,

surrender your undressed body to me,
Does Kato know about it?

He probably doesn't.

we shyly step on the rotating bed

And why would you tell me that?

we are gently rocked, I embrace
you looking at our reflection

I wonder why.

we are gently rocked, I embrace
you looking at our reflection

What's going on in that cute head?

Love Hotel
What's going on in that cute head?

Love Hotel

Some women can't feel their breasts.

I'm not like that.

when our bodies part, we'll move
on to our respective worlds

Oh, I see.

I'm relieved.

- You're going to sleep?
- Yeah.

It's just that moment when our mind feels free

Why does that feeling of lightness makes us smile?

But once you go and close the door, it is all gone

I stop the rotating bed and lit up a cigarette

The smoke blurs my reflection in the mirror

Hey! Hey!

Mr. Driver, could you drive me
to Hamadayama instead?

But you said Sayama.

My mistake.

Who is it?

It's Yamazaki.

Riko isn't back yet.

Could I wait for her inside?

I can't let you in when Riko is out.

Come on, I'm drunk.
Would you mind, please?

I really can't.
Go to your place.

I'm not going back to that lonely place.

Open that door, please.


Good evening.

Sorry, it's a mess.

Sorry for the intrusion.

You never receive guys here?

You're the first one.


You don't have a boyfriend?

I hate the thought of it.

Then, do you like girls?

- You're a lesbian?
- I'm not.

I just don't like men.


Even my sister hates men.

Riko doesn't like men?

She says that women start to be
miserable when they date.

We men could say the same.

As soon as a boy loses his virginity,
he's on the road to hell.

- The road to hell?
- Yes.

Like Itto Ogami from
"Lone Wolf and Cub".

You kids don't know anything.

The nursery rhyme:
"She's waiting for you there",

"and she'll cut you in halves."

Do you think women need men?

You mean, you don't have
a sexuality?

Should I have one?

Everybody does.

Are you really a virgin?

You're a rare pearl.

Shouldn't you go now?

I'm not going.

I don't think Riko will be back.

Don't even try, it's locked.
Good night!

You fool!




It hurts!

Yuko, can you feel it?

Huh, what should I feel?

I don't feel anything.

Even if you don't, just pretend you do.

Just hold him and breathe heavily.


It's like I'm living a nightmare.

It's not that I'm fighting
with my wife.

I can't put a finger on it.

My job is increasingly stressful.

I know I'm not the best husband.

My mother wasn't rich.

She raised me on her own.

If I compare my wife to her,

I think she has great qualities too.

But she may have met someone.

It's the only way to explain it!

I finally got a hold of you.

I'm arresting you!

You can't wear wooden sandals
here, you know.

Excuse me.

In the next station, the exit is
on the right side.

Where were you last night?

Yuko is a young girl.

You can't come when she's alone.

So, where were you?

You really want to know?


I slept with another guy.

Who is it?

You don't know him.

You like him?

I hate him.

You told your sister that you
hate all men, didn't you?

Haven't you?


Come here.

You finally managed to get it up.

You need to be jealous of a rival.

Just shut up.



I hate erected penises.

- I'm doing it.
- No, stop.

I'm leaving.


What? It's just you?

Oh, Yamazaki?

What do you mean,
"it's just you"?

So, what's up?

Well, you know, I come
back late everyday.

I don't know, let me ask her.

What? Me?

He'd like to drink with you again.

Yes, it's me speaking.

Sorry, our invitation was
too casual last time.

You left without a word?

The day after tomorrow?

Whatever Kato says,
I'd like to decide for myself.



You didn't want to talk to him?

Alright, see you.
Thank you.

What's that funny smell
on you, Riko?

It doesn't smell like you.

I've just been raped.

Who raped you?


I thought he was impotent.

He managed to do it?

I'll take a bath.

I was raped today too.

It was a scene we shot.

That hurts!

You're hurting me.

- This is not good.
- But it's perfect.


But she's hardly singing at all!

Taro, dinner is ready.

We're eating now?
It's so early.

Well, Mom has to go out.

- You'll be a good boy at home alone.
- Yes.

Mom, you're not eating with me?

I'm not hungry yet.

- Thank you for the meal.
- Yes.

Hey, girl, want to drink tea with me?

Sorry, I'm meeting my husband.

Come on, it's just for a bit.

- No way.
- Come with me.

Hey, welcome!

Good evening.

Kato is coming later?

For you, sir.

Thank you.

You two are so close.

- Saké, please.
- Sure.

- On a hot day, I'd rather drink it cold.
- A cold one, sure.

It's so hot today.

I'm fine.
Another one.

Now, what happened?


Yes, Isuzu bar.

Is there a Kato?

He wants to talk to you.


Yes, hello?

Sure, but why?

You prefer another place?

'The Lion'?
Yes, I think I know it.

Hey, do you know the mane of
the lion hinders him.

You mean the male lion?

Yes, the king of the jungle.

And why would his hair be
a hindering?

You see, the lioness has
to hunt in the pack.

So, the male doesn't do anything.

She feeds her male,

and he only grows fatter.

Ah, I see it now.
He's like her bodyguard.

No animal in the jungle
would defy him.

That's great, loafing around all day.

I envy him.

But he has a tough life.

He has all those females.

- That's great.
- It's not like that.

He gives them attention
only once a year to mate.

He mates with any of them, then.

Sometimes younger males come around
to cater to the females needs.

Males would roam in the
savanna for 10 days.

Going on without food or water.

Under the heat of the summer savanna.

Just listening to you,
I feel exhausted.

They can't even find their food.

As I said, the lioness does the hunting.

I'd rather be the one hunting.

However, for these males,

their only function in life is to mate.


What if a lion doesn't appeal
to females?

Do the females kick him out?

What do you think, sir?

Let's go.


Where can we go?

We need a bar where no one knows us.

More drinking?

Do you want more?

Not drinking?

I'm fine.

It doesn't show that you breast-fed.

Touch them.

Suck on them.

You can come now.

I can't get it up.


You drink too much.

It's because I'm tense.

You're my first married woman.

We're doing something wrong.

Maybe we are.

I heard you doing it with Kato
the last night we met.

You were enjoying it.

I have to go back.

I have to go back home.

No, no.

No, no!


What is it?
What do you want?


It's because I like you...

That's why I couldn't wait
any longer.

I didn't know you were a virgin.

Take me.


Excellent shot.


- Alright, prepare for the night shooting.
- No, we're stopping here.

Thank you.


You're reading a lot.

It's a passion.

But one book everyday
sure is amazing.

I'm a fast reader.

How come you don't use the college library?
You're a student, right?

I study in an institute.

This is the only library
where I meet you.

Do you have a boyfriend?

Do you have to know?

It's just that, I like you a lot.

I'd be so disappointed if you had one.

Come on, hit her!

You want to do it, right?

Do you want to do it with me?

It's so noisy here.

It's 9 already, you're going to be late.

I don't want to go.

You're taking the day off?

That guy is coming everyday.

When I see him,
I want to throw up.


In the subway they decide
to part... or to meet again?

Who is there?

You're not working today?

I just skipped.

That's enough, idiot.

You naughty girl.

You screwed up your work,
now you screw up mine.

I'm sorry.

It's the first time I see you
writing a song.

What's so special?

I love to see you struggle.

- You're making fun of me?
- Oh, no.

I like you, after all.

So, why were you avoiding me?

Why did you cheat on me?

I felt so insecure.

I don't feel you really like me.

Our future is so vague.

What if it turned bad?

Is that a marriage proposal?

Would that be so impossible?

I told you many times.

I would be out of control
if I got married.

We'd end up hating each other.

So, you mean, I'm your
girl just like this?

Why not?
Sure I consider you mine.

And I'm your man.

So, it's just sex once a week?

And nothing more?

You don't like that?

It's fine.

Hey, come in.

But you're busy with work.

It's fine.

What are you doing?



Please, stop.

I was about to call you.

You're not busy now?

I'm not that free either.

I just want to talk.

- Huh?
- Hop in.


I'll start with a beer.

A beer?

A friend from college,
Yamazaki the author.

Pleased to meet you,
I'm Masako.

- Masako?
- Right.

The same as Mr. Kato's wife.

It's not spelled the same.

Mine means "Good Girl".

What is it... you want to talk about?

In fact, I need a favor.

A favor?

You didn't run fast, but
you were good at scoring.

Yeah, it suits my personality.

You scored a lot.

- In baseball, you mean?
- Right.

We have a match on Sunday,
we need a pitcher.

Ours just got hospitalized.

You want me to throw?


I never even played catch ball.

You'll be fine, it's on a lawn anyway.

That's why you wanted to see me?

Is that okay?

Sure, if it's on a lawn, I'm game.

- Say, Mr. Kato.
- Yes.

You have no country shootings lately.

Sure, there's one in Izu for three days.

- When?
- From the 5th.

Maybe I'll go with you.
Is it okay?

No, you can't this time.

Oh, why not?


Who's that boy?

He's my lover.
Isn't it so?

That is, we're working on the same movie.

You're not allowed to bring men here.


Why did you make her drink?

She didn't drink that much.

Anyway, thank you for
bringing her back.

Good night.

Why are you pretending to be drunk?




Nice ball.

You like her?
Your wife.


- Masako.
- What?

The "Good Girl".

What are you saying?

You cheat on your wife?

Just kidding!

Don't play dumb.

I needed that.

How was baseball?

What's so funny?

We were ridiculed.

Everyone asked me why I
brought him along.

I won't bring him again.

My bad.

Dad, did you score?

A 'crushing victory'.

Does that mean you won?

I'm kidding, this gentleman
made us lose.

We ended with a 'no control' pitcher.

A pass and a dead ball.

- Bases loaded.
- Really?

We stopped losing when
we kicked him out.

But we had to call him
back and lost again.

Thank you for the meal.

Ah, Taro, are you finished already?

Don't come later begging for food.


We lost, but just playing was fun.

- I like lawn baseball.
- Yeah.

Taro, the TV is too loud.

Now, stop.

You got a new haircut?


That girl is an easy lay,
I had her.

You're kidding me, huh?

- I'd never have guessed.
- Right.

She was so wet.

I had to stop and ask
her to wipe herself.

I never saw that much juice before.

Thank you very much.

You don't need to worry.

Taro, say hi to grandpa
and grandma.

Alright, take care.

- See you.
- Bye bye.


Did you?


My son's gone.

Kato is out too.

He's out on a shooting
for four days.

I'm aware.

That's why I came.

Stop... stop.

Stop, not here.
Okay? Not here.

No, no.

No, stop.

We can't...

We can't...


Ever since I was a kid
I always thought,

some day I'd take power
and rule the world.

The way you took me today?


What if you don't rule the world?

Then, I'll cast a curse
on all creatures.

- Until the day you die?
- Right.

Taking me isn't taking
the world, you know?

"Even if I can't have the world,"

"having you now, is all I need."

Is that the kind of bullshit
you want to hear?

Not at all.

I came.

- Don't stop!
- Sorry.





I can hear it.


That sound...

I can hear it in your neck.

The regular sound of your heart.

Such a comforting sound.

It's raining.

And we're in bed.

You're still thinking about
ruling the world?

I was thinking of how hungry I am.

I'll cook for you.

What can we do today?

You tell me.

If we'd met before, we could
have ended up married.

Not a chance.

Even if I'd asked you?

Well, maybe.

There's a dark cloud in
my heart, I feel guilty.

Because you're married?

Should I stop being married?

You can't.

It's getting unbearable.

The first day we had sex,
did you do it with Kato too?


He just took me.

Two men in a day, huh?

I'm going to leave him.

Come on, let's take a bath.

Come when I call.

Masako, it's me. Open up.

You can come now.

Why did you call me?

Kato came back!

No way?!

He couldn't enter because of the chain.

What can we do?

Is he waiting outside?

No, I think he left.

I'm sorry.

I didn't hear you, I was in the bathroom.
See you.

What do I do?

He's coming.
He called from downstairs.

Hurry up, leave!

I can't.

But why?

Don't ask me to do that.

But Kato is coming!

Why should we lie?

What got into you?

If you go, no one has to lie.

- I'll just say I didn't sleep here.
- Please, hurry up and go!

I'm not going!

But why?
What do you want?

You said you wanted
to leave him.

Ah, it's him!

You want me to hide in the closet?

No, you just had to go earlier!

What happened at work?

It was raining.

Yamazaki is here.

He came early, drunk.
He thought you'd be here.

- Is he sleeping?
- He's up now.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Hang over?

I'll be fine.

Take a bath.

- Is it ready?
- Yes.

Yamazaki, a bath will sober you up.

Alright then, I'll go.

Are you hungry?

I'll cook fresh food.

Do you like him?

Why do you ask?

I like him.
He's your friend, after all.

Thank you.

Have a beer.

No, I'm fine.

Come on, have a glass with me.

I should go now.

And I'm going to bed.

See you.

Oh my!

Lovers' suicide.
A teacher and his 15 yo. student!

You need to commit yourself more.

Show how much passion you feel for her.
Pull her with more muscle.

Stand upright, look her in the eyes.

- Got it?
- I get it.

Alright, let's do this.

Alright, we're filming!

We're filming!

Ready... action!

- Come, already.
- No, no.

It's too late for complaints.


It could be his kid, we don't know.

I want it.

Come on, let's abort it.

I want to see it.

But why?
You're still a kid yourself.

I'm not a kid, I'm not.

You're going back to your husband?

I think it is better.

Will you stick with your family?

Stop pressuring me.

That's not my intention.

But your husband is between us.

He knows something will happen.

And why should I make
something happen?

But really... not much happened.

Um... Ms. Miura is not working?

She quit her job.

- She quit?
- Yes.

Thank you.

I was looking for you.


I wanted to see you again.

I'm pregnant and the kid is yours.

Are you keeping it?

I don't care, come with us.

A gang rape?

I don't even care if you do.


I'm here.

It's fine.


You can stay.

How would that happen?

How about Kato?

He knows about us,
but he's not talking.

So, what next?

I don't know.

I just did my usual shopping and
headed home on the train...

What's wrong?

Are you hungry?

You don't have to cook.

Then, take me.
You can do anything to me.

Take it easy.

I couldn't come.

Yes, yes, yes!

Yes, yes!

The phone's ringing.


Yes, she's here.


It's Kato.
He wants to talk with you.

What do I tell him?

She doesn't want to talk to you.

That's right.

Yes, I'll go.
See you.

Kato wants to talk with me.

About what?

About you cheating on him.

What does he mean 'cheating'?

He sees it as a fling, probably.

So, the real meaning of this,

is that he believes he owns me.

That's what marriage
is about, right?

Alright then, I'll divorce him.

That's an option.

At any rate, I'll see
what he wants.

You want ice, right?

She's the only one I have.

She can't be one of your lays.

You and me get that, right?

You can't have her on the side,

and fuck her on whims.

My wife can't be one of your girls.

For you, it's just a game, right?

I don't know about that.

She doesn't feel like the others I've
played with in the past.

You love her?

I like her, she's a good woman.

- So if I left her, you'd take her?
- You'd divorce her?

No, I don't want that.

Will you forgive her?

I have no alternative.

I didn't marry her just for her looks.

Ten years, you see?

Longer than I've known you.

We're still paying for this house.

We have a kid together.

She can't just flush
it all down the drain.

You love her?

A couple is not about that.

It's years of intimacy with someone
who's not even your blood.

If the only cement was love,
it wouldn't hold that long.

I don't have the first clue about that.

- Well, get married and you'll see.
- She mentioned divorce.

I'm not taking it.

I will tell her that.

But what's your plan?

It's just that... I want her.

It's about sex, that's all.

Stealing another man's wife.
What an idiot.

Human beings only live once.

We have to seize our life.

We don't know when we die.




Alright, I get it.


It was that person.

It wasn't.

I have to go out.

It was that person, right?

It's not.

Do you mind?

So, what do you want?

You're not seeing Riko lately.

She doesn't seem to like me.

It's nothing personal with you,
she just has an issue with men.

And I'm one of them!

Riko's not well lately.

She just works and comes back home.

If I come home late, she gets mad.

Mr. Yamazaki, could you
take her out?

Where does she work?

She works for a loan shark.

A loan shark?!

I hate that!

Excuse me, could you lend
me some money?

How much do you need?

I need ¥300,000.

Could you show me some
sort of identification?

There it is.

Tokio Shimada, Financial Consultant,
Lives in Nerimaku, delivered in April 1983.

What's wrong?

It's fine.

Please fill this form and wait.

Thank you.

I came to take you back.
Let's go home together.

I'm begging you.

Yamazaki told me.

I don't want to pressure you.

I broke up with a lover too.

Let's end it here, before we do
something we regret.

You had a lover?

I can't believe it.

You didn't know?

Then, why are you cheating on me?

We had a tacit rule that, even if we
cheated, we'd stay together.

So what did you do?

You broke our tacit rule!

I never heard about such a rule.

You stupid bitch!

You had to do this with my friend.

So, any other man would be okay?

Shut up, bitch.

Just you shut up.


These are Yamazaki's clothes.

Take them off, take them off!
Take them off!

Damn you.

No, stop.

No, no.

No, no.

I told you, stop!




I'm sorry.

I'm begging you, come home.

You know I need you.


Excuse me?

Who is it?

I called from the station
a bit ago.

Toru is not here?

Well, he went out.



Riko's periods are late.


She may be pregnant.

You're serious?

But I guess we don't know
who the father is.

It's hard on her.

Poor Riko.

What are you doing?
Playing doctor?


We were talking about your kid.

Shall we get married?

Let's give it a try.

You know I sleep around.

And I sleep around too.

Last time, I was in bed
with three men.

And I've been fucking a
housewife for two days.

Those three fucked me
nine times.

They flipped me over all night long.

I fucked her for 48 hours straight.

- You're lying?
- It's the truth.

I even fucked a stray dog
across the street!

- You're lying.
- It's the truth!

Such idiots.

But the kid?
Is it serious?

I'm never late, so I'm probably pregnant.

Are you keeping it?

You're not asking who's the father?

Who's kid is it?

It's my kid.

I'll go now.

She's waiting for you, right?

She was wearing your
shirt and jeans.

You're not going?

They're really doing it.

Huh? You think so?

Should we cut?

Ah, they're back!

You mean, the clients?

My periods are back.

Hello, this is Matsushi Sushi.
I'm collecting the dishes.

It's so hot.

Madam, I saw you dance yesterday.

Were you dancing too?

Would you come in for
a cool drink?

You sure?
How about your husband?

He won't come back.

Sorry to barge in.

Ah, that's great!

You were so kind!


Would you help me cheating
on my husband?

Thank you.

- The money.
- The money?

Should I pay?

Of course not.

It's fine, Madam.
You don't have to.

Sure I do.

See you again.


Give me a ride.

Where to, Madam?

I'll think about it on the way.

Produced by: Yutaka Okada
Planning: Naoya Narita, Kodai Yamada

Planning Co-operation: Haruo Kondo

Original story: Chinatsu Nakayama
Script: Haruhiko Arai

Cinematography: Shohei Ando
Art Direction: Akiyoshi Satani

Lighting: Tadaaki Shimada
Recording: Nobumasa Fukushima

Music: Ryudo Uzaki

Editing: Osamu Inoue
Assistant Director: Fumihiko Kato


Naoko Otani
Eri Ishida

Hitomi Takahashi
Reiko Nakamura

Keiko Hida
Miyoko Akaza

Cho Bang-ho

Yuji Nogami
Akira Nakagawa

Kazuko Yoshiyuki
Keiichiro Ishioka

Yu Fujiki
Yuki Kitazume

Seijun Suzuki

Ittoku Kishibe
Akira Emoto

Directed by: Toshiya Fujita