Dabbe: Zehr-i Cin (2014) - full transcript

Dilek, a housewife suddenly starts to feel presence of something abnormal in a specific room in their house. Though her husband, Omer refuses to agree with her but situation become worse. They find out that, an ancient paranormal creature called Jinn, has cursed on Dilek. They seek for a way to cure her but instead they find out some shocking event of Dilek's early life.

I seek refuge in Allah
from the accursed Satan.

On August 14, 1979,
Mullah Latif Serani of Viran?ehir recorded

the most sickening Djinn-related incident,
in an Anatolian village.

All the missing Mullah left behind
were a few talismans, forbidden notes,

and audio recordings.

There is no deity except You.
Exalted are You.

Indeed, I have been one?of the wrongdoers.


August 14th, 3:43 a.m.

I am Mullah Latif Serani of Viran?ehir.


Oh, the merciful Allah,
bless me with thy mercy.

I was going to keep it a secret.

But I decided otherwise,
even though I know

that this ultimate horror
will catch up with me.

"To practice magic
is to worship Satan," I told them,

but they didn't listen.

As you are my witness, my Lord,
they didn't heed my words.


Now, once again with your aid,
I understand that there exists something

much, much worse than magic.


Seeking refuge in your judgment
from curses and the wrath of the djinn,

I will now tell my story.

May Allah forgive me.

It's coming.

-Help her.
-Come on, sweetie.

-Come on, push.
-Push, sweetie.

-Come on, sweetie.

It's coming.

-Come on.
-Push, honey.

It's almost done.

Come on, one last push
and it'll be over.

-It's here.

-Finally, the baby's here.
-It's here.

It's okay. It's over.

You're done. It's here.

-It's here.
-It's over.

The baby is here, honey. Don't worry.

It's healthy.

-Hurry! They're waiting, it's been hours!
-Who is this guy?

-Come on, give it to me! Let's go!
-Give it back! Who is he?

-Where are you taking my baby?
-Come on, go!

Where are they taking my baby?
Don't give my baby to them, please!

Calm down, honey.

-Where are you taking my baby?
-Calm down.

-Come on.

Let me go!

Let me go! My baby!

-It's okay.
-My baby...

-For Allah's sake!
-Just lie down.

Please, help me!


?mer, wake up.


I heard something downstairs.



I take it you didn't sleep well, honey.

No, I did.

I do have a headache, though.

I don't know, you're acting weird.

I forgot to make toast.

No worries, I'm leaving soon.

All right, see you, honey.

Don't be late this time, okay?



Seda, there's someone in the house!

-I don't know.

They broke in while I was asleep!
They just shut the door.

Hold on, just calm down.
The door is not shut.

Seda, stop.

Who's there?

See, it's just a dog.

What dog? Don't be ridiculous!

What? Why?

Seda, there was someone here.

I told you, they used the door.
Why can't you understand?

Just look at these prints.
Do they look human to you?

Looks like a dog's paws to me.

A dog's paws?

Yeah, the dog opened
the kitchen cabinets as well!

Dilek, honey,

why would a burglar
just trash?the kitchen?

How would I know?

I don't know either.

I'm just trying to calm you down,
that's all.


You're not!
You're angering me even more!

Get a security cam, then.
Don't get me started!

You're right.

My buffoon of a husband
won't understand, though!

I've told him, like, a thousand times!

He keeps postponing it.

Look what happened now.

Don't be such a drama queen.

Sure! It's not your problem, is it?
I'm the one who has to live here, Seda!

All right.

Let's just clean this up
and go get some air.

Come on.


Honey, I'm home!

Akhenaten, the fearless pharaoh
of the ancient Egypt,

who declared war on all evil?things
and defended monotheism,

pointed to the all-seeing-eye.

Does the eye still reside
at the top of the pyramid,

or is humankind facing
an unparalleled curse

that has found its way
into every home?

Fourteen hundred years ago,
a Bedouin alchemist,?Duceyye el-Arabi,

spoke of an entity, who spans
the entire Earth?just like a spiderweb.

According to him,
when evil starts to rule the world,

this creature will enter every home
and poison the human soul.

The Arab alchemists called this creature,
which is also mentioned in the Quran,

The Beast of the Earth.

The world couldn't understand
what this terrible intelligent being was

up until now.

But the answer was just three letters...


The World Wide Web.

The spiderweb that spans the entire Earth.

This web is now in every home.

And the creature's name...

is the Internet.

If it is indeed the Internet
that the prophecies foresaw,

how will our doom play out?

The answer is hidden
in humankind's most sacred library,

in other words, in our very own DNA.

Good morning, sleepyhead.

Please, don't make fun of me.

What is it?

A cramp!

Wait, hold on. Just sit back.

Give me your leg. Let me lift it.

Just relax. Calm down.

Just a little stretch.

Why was your phone off?

Dilek, I swear, you're worse than my mom.


someone broke into the house today.


Something bad could've happened.
What if I ran into the burglar?

We're not sure
if it was burglary yet, are we?

You're killing me, ?mer.

Please, let's not start over again!

But, honey, nothing is missing.


if you don't get a security cam installed,
I swear I'm going to leave!

We're getting one
first thing in the morning.

All right?

You happy now?

Is it okay now?

-I'm talking to you!
-Good night!

Hurry! They're waiting, it's been hours!

Who is this guy?

Give it back! Who is he?

Where are you taking my baby?

Where are they taking my baby? Stop!

Give me my baby!



What is it, Dilek?

I couldn't sleep.

Come on, Dilek, this again?

Come on, just come to bed.

The djinn of?Harith.

The djinn of?Harith.

The djinn of?Harith.

The djinn of...


The djinn...


What is it?

Your nose is bleeding.

What's going on with you, honey?




Where are you going, Dilek?


What is it, honey? Come here.

It's okay, it's over.

It's all right now.

It's okay, baby.

You just had a bad dream, all right?

What was it?

-First, I woke up to a noise.
-All right.

I didn't realize I was dreaming.

There were strangers in the house.

I couldn't see them...

but they were all around me.

The whispers. The screaming.

I could hear a baby crying.

Then I was in this room.

-I saw the mirror.

There was something written on it.

And... the numbers 7-7-3-0.

I remember that.

-Seven, seven, three, zero?

-All right.
-Something happened in that corner.

I had a dagger.

I went to the bedroom.

I killed you.

-You killed me?

And then?

Then I came back here.

A man...

A dead man.

There was blood.

There was milk.

There were scary figures.

They were whispering.

What were they saying?

"The djinn of Harith."

They were saying, "The djinn of Harith."


Is that it?

Yeah, that's it.

It's okay, honey.

It's over now.

It was a horrible nightmare
and it's over now. All right, baby?

There's nothing to be afraid of. I'm here.

You know what?

I think it's your subconscious.

Do you know ?mer Seyfettin's story, Ant?

A rabid dog attacks children, and whatnot.

One of those children
was named ?mer, even.

I read that story when I was a kid,
and the following nights

I kept getting attacked by dogs
in my dreams.

I was constantly fighting with rabid dogs.


So... the burglar broke into the house
and then he broke into your dream, honey.

You went on and on,
and this is the result of your analysis?

Well, it is what happened.

My hands are still shaking, can't you see?

Do you want me to interpret your dream?

You? As if you could.

Who, me?

I'm the best dream interpreter there is.

First of all, my grandmother taught me
how to interpret dreams.

Yeah, right.

Because they reflect an opposite reality,
just like a mirror.

Well, well, well... nice talking.

And in order to understand
what a dream means,

you have to gaze upon its reflection,
not the dream itself.

So, you killed me in your dream, right?

-So, what's the opposite of death?


So we will both live long.

-What is it?

-You saw blood, though. Right?

-It's not going to happen, then.

-Blood spoils dreams.
-And why is that?

So just forget about everything I said.
It's not going to happen.

So what?

The reality, the mirror, the reflection.
All that is garbage now?


What's going on?

Why are you looking at me like that?

Because I'm aroused.

-You're aroused?

Blood... milk...

a dagger... and a fine piece of ass!

-You perv!
-I'm a perv all right. Come here.

?mer the perv wants a baby. Come here!

Camera one...

all set.

Camera two...

all set.

Camera three...

is up and running as well.

And... camera four.

Is something wrong?

No. It's working perfectly fine.


-How do I look?
-You look beautiful, honey.

-And my hair?
-It's amazing.

Tell me the truth.

Damn, you're beautiful!

-You look like a movie star, darling.

-Let's head out. We can't be late.

I wonder where I put the car key.

-I don't know.
-Have you seen it, honey?


Oh, it's here.

Come on, honey.
I don't want to be late.

I'm coming.

Now... where's my purse?



Dilek, come on! We're going to be late!


We might as well just watch you.

Come on, man, that's bullshit!

I swear, I'm telling the truth.

Girls, do you believe anything
this buffoon says?

-I'm not answering.
-I do.

Come on, how can you?

This idiot thinks the snake gets off
by touching her

and you believe that?

-Why not?
-Come on, for God's sake.

-Dude, it's hormonal, all right?

It's hormonal!

See, when the snake touches a man,

it gets aggressive.
But a woman's flesh soothes it.

-Oh, really?
-I swear.

I think women have a distinct scent,
that could be why.

Yeah, even Al Pacino was in that movie,
Scent of a Woman.

I bet your hillbilly husband
hasn't seen it, though.

Bite me, you snob!

Come on, guys.

-It's her birthday!

Come on.

-I'm glad you're here.
-Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, love.

She's getting wild.

Oh, wow.


Step aside for a second.

Pirated DVDs? Shame on you.
Buy the legit ones.

Mar adentro.

-What now?
-The Sea Inside, a Spanish movie.

It's been there for a year,
we haven't seen it yet.

Screw this. Don't you have
any Hollywood action movies?

-Something cool.
-Sure we do. These are all new.

I heard you got security cameras.
I'm glad.

Cameras and an alarm system.

We have top-notch security now.

Speaking of cameras, Dilek,

you know the dream you had?

I did some digging. Can we talk?

Yeah, sure.

Too late, buddy.
I already interpreted the dream.

-You did?
-Yeah. He just said some nonsense.

Aren't we going to watch a movie?

Screw the movie. Let's hear what he's got.


you're the worst.

Come on.

Come on then, tell me, Harun.

You saw the numbers 7-7-3-0
in your dream, right?

I couldn't figure that out,

so I asked someone.
They should reply soon.


And you mentioned
"the djinn of Harith," right?

They were saying that non-stop.

Harith... is the original name of Satan,
who's an ancestor of the Djinn.

Before he was Satan?

Yes, back when he was an angel.

Ancient Egyptians called him Horus.


He had the power to change the world
with just one eye.

He's also the father
of the evil-eye talismans.

Satan of Ancient Egypt.

So, the talisman against the evil eye
is Satan's eye?


-You know what his other name is?

-That's why the evil eye is called?"kem."

So, people have been seeking refuge
in the Devil's eye

in efforts to avoid the evil eye?

They've either been conned
or they just don't know.

Back to the dream, Harun.

To sum it up...

if you encountered Harith in your dream,

that means the Djinn's evil eye
gazes upon you.

Oh, fuck off.


did Dilek know about Harith
before I told her about him?

I didn't.

Then, how can someone dream about
something they don't even know exists?

Harun, are you trying
to make her panic or something?

Hang on, I want to hear this.

-What is that?
-A coral stone.

-What does it do?
-It's also known as the Djinn's stone.

The Djinn's stone?
What does that even mean?

According to ancient Egyptians
and Babylonians,

all types of disease come from the Djinn,

and you can tell?if someone's
been possessed by?using this stone.


By using the third eye,
which resides on the palm.

The third eye?

According to them,

that the djinn first settles
in the person's body

and then starts to see?through
the third eye, on the person's palm.

Is the hamsa somehow related to this?

Exactly. That, coffee readings,?
palm readings, tarot readings.

All of them are related to the third eye.

What about people who can sense illnesses
in other people by using their hands?

Yeah. Bioenergy, chakras, quantum,
all of that.

Even the...

symbol of the Illuminati is rumored
to be born from the same shape.


Come on, dude. You're exagger--


What? Am I wrong?

The dude's correlating your dream
with the Illuminati.

Fine, I'll shut up. Go on, man.

They called these body-possessing
accursed entities the Djinns of Fate.

Wow, man. The Djinns of Fate, huh?


Because these djinns...

hold the power
to influence a person's life

by constantly whispering to them
and confusing them.

-Go on.

if... you saw...

Harith in your dream...

that means there's a djinn
who's watching you.


But we don't know
whether it's possessed you or not.

So, how do we find out?

With this coral stone.

You must close your eyes first.

If you can still see
through your third eye,

then there is a djinn haunting you.

All right.

I want to know. Walk me through it.

Then let's get started.
We should kill the lights.

Place your palm on the stone,
just like this.

Close your eyes.

All right.

Imagine an eye on your palm.


Now, look at the stone?through that eye.

Your actual eyes don't exist anymore.
You're blind.

All right. I'm trying.

It's pitch black around you.


It's so dark, I can't see.

You're in this room...

but you're alone.

-We're not here.
-All right.

I'm in the room.

There's no one else.

You're blindfolded.


Lift your hand up...

and face your palm towards me.


Something's happening.

What is it?

I don't know.

I heard something, but I can't see it.

Is there an eye on your palm, Dilek?


There's an eye
in the palm?of my hand.

What do you see through the eye?


Prepare to die if you set foot in here.


Prepare to die if you set foot in here.

Dilek! Dilek, open your eyes!

Open your eyes.

What did you see?

So, Harun...

what's the deal?
Do you know anything about this?

The same numbers, 7-7-3-0.

There's a reversed cross.

I can't think of any connection.

-So what are we going to do?
-I mean...

I do know some stuff, but...

I'm not an expert or anything.
This is beyond me.

Why are you meddling with things
that are beyond you, then?

All you did was to confuse everyone.

I told someone about her dream...

and they gave me this coral stone

and explained the ritual
we just performed.

Who was it?
Some sort of exorcist or something?

No, nothing like that.
She's actually a very well-informed woman.

A woman?

Who is she, Harun? Do I know her?

Remember that foreign documentary
they shot recently?

-I was the organizer.

I met her there. Her name is Belk?s.

So? What's going to happen to me?

I mean, she told me to call her
after the ritual had been performed.

Then call her.

Hello, Belk?s? It's Harun.

Go ahead, Harun.

Remember the dream my friend, Dilek, had?
The one I told you about?

Yeah. What happened?

We performed the ritual with the stone
like you told me to do.


She saw it.

-She saw an eye in her palm--

Yes, Belk?s?

Bring her to me next Wednesday.

All right. Good night then.

Thanks, good night.
Allah bless her. Take care.

Are you there?

Come on.

Show yourself.

Let's see you.

What the hell are you doing, crazy?

I called the Devil and you showed up.

Wow, the irony.

I can read into things, too, you know.

If you're fed up with my comments,
I can do other stuff as well...

Fat chance.

-Fat chance? Get over here.
-Very fat chance.

You're okay, right?

Can I change the subject?

I'm all right. Go ahead.

Guess what happened today.

-Remember Ozan?


Your old classmate?

Yeah, that's the one.
I ran into him today.


?mer's not around, is he?

No, but he can show up any second.
Just tell me.

He invited me to dinner.

And you went?

Of course.?I had a lovely time, too.

-If Harun hears about this...
-Hang on, I'm not done.

I think he had his hopes up at dinner,
so her invited me over?to his place.

-Don't you tell me you went.
-Do I look like an idiot?

I told him I was getting married soon.

You should've seen the look on his face.

He paid the tab immediately
and basically skedaddled.

You had a little adventure then.
Good for you!

Come on, there's no adventure.
I just had some fun.

I imagine Harun wouldn't find it funny.

Don't get me started.
He's been so whiny lately.

Seda, no.

Don't tell me
you're postponing the wedding.




Seda! Please be there. Please!

Just pick up, damn it!

There we go.

Honey, from the beginning, please.
What happened?

-I just told you.
-No, you didn't.

You were Skyping with Seda

and you got disconnected.

Then you saw someone.

-I didn't say I saw someone.

I was just sitting there...

and, all of a sudden, the power went out.


I heard breathing.

Like a murmur.

Then, something...
I felt something was touching my neck.

-So, murmuring...

...and something was touching your neck.

What was it?

Who the fuck was breathing then?

How would I know? I swear, I don't know.

I didn't see anything.

But it was close.

It touched my neck then pushed me.

-It pushed you?

It pushed me to the floor.

You'd see in the footage
if we hadn't lost power.

What? Why are you looking at me like that?

What do you want from me?

Do you want me to tell you
the house is haunted or something?

Call me crazy while you're at it.

Do you realize you're telling me
that something invisible has touched you?

It's the truth.

Maybe you should see someone.



Bravo, ?mer.

Why are you mad?
What's there to be mad about?

Everyone can get help.

No one's going to call you crazy
because you went to a shrink, Dilek.

No way.

I'm going to see the woman
Harun was talking about.


You're going to get aid from a con artist?

For fuck's sake!
So you studied all these years

just to get advice from a witch woman?

I give up!


"The Three Shades Village."


-What's going on?

-There's a woman in the house.
-All right, calm down.

-A woman...
-I'm here, honey. It's okay.

Just calm down!

Where is she?

I want to move out of this house.

Don't be ridiculous, Dilek.
It's not the house's fault.

Whose fault is it, then?

It's yours.

You're seeing things.

-What do you mean, "what?"

We went through the footage.
There's nothing here!

No one was in the house!

-Don't yell at me.
-I'm not yelling!

I'm telling you, there was someone here!

Who was it, Dilek?

What was it? A djinn?


So, is the djinn a magician?

The camera didn't catch it.
I didn't see it. Apparently only you can!

What the hell?

Hush, it's all right. Calm down.

Just calm down! Calm down.

Hush. Relax.

Someone broke into the house!?
Stay here!

Don't go...

I'm scared.







It's just me! It's all right!

-It's okay!

-They're here!
-It's all right.

They're here. I saw them. They're here!

It's okay now, honey.

You're going to be fine. It's okay.

It's all right.

Who the fuck are you?

?mer! ?mer, stop! Wait!

?mer, wait!


What the fuck is this?

Who the fuck put this in here?

What the fuck do you want from us?

Who the fuck are you?




-What the fuck do you want?


Who are you?

Where the hell is this woman?

Don't yell, she'll be here.

It's all because of you, dude.
What are we even doing here?

Dude, don't throw a fit, okay?
You know why we're here.

What the hell?


Mommy. Mommy!


Dilek, where are you going?

Hold her down.



Leave her.

Mighty Allah, banish all djinns
who possess this child of yours!

Destroy the evil, my Lord.

Don't let Satan claim
this innocent disciple of yours,

our almighty Allah!

How old are you, Dilek?


Twenty-eight. Your father's name?

-All right.

-Your mother's name?


They both died in a car accident,
didn't they?


-And you don't have any siblings.
-I don't

Let me see your eyes.

How well are you sleeping?

I'm a bit of a heavy sleeper, but...

I wasn't always like this.
It happened recently.

I just can't lift my head up
from the pillow.

Anything else?

I feel... I feel something's bothering me.

Like what?

I feel like something bad
is going to happen all the time.

Three days ago,

I started feeling?
some weird things around me.

Especially at night and when I'm alone.

Close your eyes.

Touch them.

Touch all of them firmly.

Pick one out.

Open your eyes.

Why that one?

I don't know.

Don't lie to me, spawn of the Devil.
Answer the question!



Don't you fear Allah?

I don't.

Why are you haunting her?
What do you want? Tell me.

Who sent you?

Do you have any idea who I am?

Ask your accursed djinn friends.

They'll tell you who's Belk?s of Bitlis!

I'll strangle you so hard...

your tongue
will hang?out of your mouth

and those filthy eyes of yours
will pop out of their sockets.

Your carcass will reek of dog shit!

Are you okay, Belk?s? Belk?s!

-Are you okay?
-In the name of Allah...

Where was the totem exactly?




They were in our bedroom, ?mer.

Just hang tight.
We'll know in no time, Allah willing.

Look, it mentions your name.



Get out! Allah damn you!

Get out!

You're here to spy on us, is that it?

I said, get out.

You heathen, you djinn! Go away!

You blasphemer! You heathen!
You should fear Allah and Mohammad!

You wicked demon!

The... Beast...

Don't! Don't come in no matter what.


Show yourself if you're in there.

That wardrobe...

Where is that wardrobe from?

It's an heirloom.

You and this house

are not haunted by just one djinn, dear.

There are so many.

These djinns are furious,
malevolent, and cursed!

It probably...

has something to do with your parents.

My parents?


what were those things in my pillow?
You know...

the charms?

They're not charms, honey.

They're not charms.

It's venomous black magic.

The Venom of the Djinn.

Three thousand years ago, in Babylon,

the demons and the djinns were so powerful
that with their influence,

almost all of humanity
was at war with each other,

like savage, brutal animals.




They were burying kids alive.

Our Lord took pity on humankind.

He showed mercy

and sent two angels, Harut and Marut,
in human disguise

from the heavens to Earth.

The two angels taught white magic
to the humans,

in order to cleanse the people
who became Satan's slaves.

There was only one condition.

They were never, ever to use this magic

for malevolent purposes.

But unfortunately...

as always, the ungrateful humankind

acted frantically with desire
and arrogance.

They sold the information
they got from the angels...

to the demons.

They tortured Harut and Marut terribly.

They tied their ankles with ropes
and hung them down in a pit.


the djinns...

combined the white magic
with their own teachings

and created the venomous black magic.

And then?

No human can withstand
the Venom of the Djinn.

So... what's going to happen now?

We need help from the djinns
if we're going to undo the spell.

We'll do whatever it takes.

Hang on, Harun.
Before you decide for us,

can we at least think about it?

We don't have much time, man.
That's why I...

I'm even more confused now.
I can't think straight.

I think a doctor should see Dilek first.

Don't be so stupid.

We found a bunch of magical material
in the house.

Where did they come from, then?
Did they fall from the sky?

-Someone put them there!

How would I know?!
I'd smash their head if I knew!


a doctor won't be able to do much
at this point.

Dude, she's having a breakdown.
Let's just take her to a shrink first,

then we can try whatever you want!

Hang on.

?mer. Son, listen.

Just because I look like this
and talk like I do,

don't think I'm an?ignorant,
mumbo jumbo exorcist.

I didn't say that.

Listen to me carefully.

I'm absolutely not against doctors.

Hell, I even convince sick people
who come talk to me

to go see a psychiatrist.

I myself even took some of them
to a shrink.


not every incident?is related to djinns.

So, it's not logical
to see a doctor first?


Sometimes, logic is our friend,

but sometimes it can be our nemesis.

It's like a bee. It gives us honey,
but it also stings.

Look, ?mer.

Right now, the most malevolent,
the most cruel djinns in the universe

are running through through her veins.

Don't be fooled by their calmness.

They'll take you through hell
the first chance they get!

My goal...

My goal is to help you,?
but it's your call.

-?mer, please, let's just--

Don't interrupt me.

Let her do what she wants to do.

I swear I'll see a doctor afterwards.

Okay. Do whatever you want,
but do it quickly.

So, Belk?s, what's the plan?

Go get the material from the car.


-Allah willing, it'll be all right.
-Let's help him.

Don't be afraid, honey. Don't worry.

In the name of Allah, I'm going
to invite?a djinn here?to help us.

Whatever happens,

as long as the djinn who accepts
our invitation is here,

don't open your eyes,

don't talk...

and don't move.

Here, take this.

Let's sit down.

In the name of Allah...

You, djinn.

Which tribe are you from?


What is your name?


You, Aluzak.

Are you Muslim?


What religion are you?


Hail to Jesus Christ, son of Mary.

It was he...

who supported the innocent, the sufferers.

If you follow his path...

help this innocent woman.


I will not leave,
not until I save the victim.

In the name of Jesus Christ,
who gifted you the heavens,

tell me what demons are here!


The Yakaza tribe.

Oh, Aluzak, we're running out of time.

Tell us what we have to do
to save her from the Yakaza tribe!

In hoc signo vinces.

All right.

It's okay, calm down.

The djinn is gone.

It is now certain that the spell
is the Venom of the Djinn.

Because the djinns haunting you
are from the Yakaza tribe.

Yakaza? What is that?

Yakaza is the door to the realm of dreams,

and the djinns and afreets
who live behind it

are from the Yakaza realm.

While you're asleep at night,

these djinns wait in the dark,?
stalking you.

They worship a god called Agni.

Agni means "fire"?in Sanskrit.

Their tribe?hates humankind the most.

They can also tempt you
while you're drifting

between consciousness and sleep.

Only one person in history
was able to dominate these djinns.



He was also the only human
who was able to master

the dark art of the Venom of the Djinn.

What does this mean?

"In hoc signo vinces."

I have no idea.

The djinn made me write this
when I asked how you could be saved.

Belk?s, this looks like Latin.

The djinn was Christian.

One of the first ones.

Maybe it sent us an encrypted message

because it was afraid
the other djinns might retaliate.

I know someone
who may be able to tell us what it means.

-I can call them if you want.
-Sure, go ahead. Call them.

So, what's the plan?

Here's the situation.

Someone has cast
the Venom of the Djinn on you

and sent the most dangerous djinns
of the Yakaza tribe after you.

Who would do that? And why?

Dilek wouldn't even hurt a fly.

These djinns claimed this house
as their domain now.2

I found out what it means.

In 312 A.D.,
the Roman emperor Constantine I

sees a giant cross hanging from the sky
in his dream

and then he hears this phrase.

"In hoc signo vinces."

So, here's what it means.

"Crack the code
and you shall be victorious."

"Crack the code
and you shall be victorious."

What's the code, though?

I saw these numbers everywhere.
What else could it be?

Belk?s, what do you think?

Seven, seven, three, zero.

By Allah, I know.

This is why the Yakaza haunts you.

So, if we want to save her,

we'll have to crack this code.

Now, the djinns can pass on a secret
from their own realm to ours

through numbers and symbols.


One must travel to the Yakaza realm

in order to find out what "7-7-3-0" means.

How? Who?


You'll perform the ritual
called The Slumber of Azrael.

"The Slumber of Azrael?" What is that?

See, when we sleep, we're actually dead.

Because the soul leaves the body
while we're sleeping.

Imagine the exact opposite.

Your soul stays here,

but your body travels
to the realm of dreams.

That's what The Slumber of Azrael is.

So, Dilek's going to perform the ritual,?

her body is going to?cross over
to the Djinn realm,

she's going to find out
what "7-7-3-0" means

and she's going to come back?


Is this dangerous? Are there any risks?

Of course,

but it's not more dangerous
than her current circumstance.

I'll need a cup of pig's milk

and a cup of pig's blood--

Dilek? What is it?

Come on. We have to hurry.

They're getting stronger.

The realm of the Djinn
is hidden behind mirrors.

Look at the mirror to your right.

Look at all the faces in the reflection,
from right to left.

Pick one and look into its eyes.

Repeat after me.

Dip your right hand in the milk...

and your left hand in the blood...

very slowly.

Look at the TV.

Keep your focus on the TV.

Go on.

Go on.

Close your eyes.

For now, it's just pitch black.

You're all alone in the dark.

Listen to your heart beating.

Listen carefully.


What do you see?


There's no one here.

You're dreaming now.

You're in the realm of the Yakaza.

Your soul is here, but your body
is in the realm of the Djinn.

Reach forward with your right hand.

Look at your palm.

Now read!


I'm scared.

Don't be.

Djinns thrive off of fear.

The more you fear, the stronger they get.

There's someone watching me.

-Can you see them?

Where are they?

Behind the door.

They're looking at me.

Prepare to die if you set foot in here!


Are you okay?

-I'm fine.
-Are you sure?

I'm okay! Go find Dilek!


is without sin.

But humankind...

is the epitome of evil.

In the name of Allah...

Do you remember who did this to you
in the Yakaza realm?

I don't.

But it was terrifying.


demons and djinns
speak through their bellies.

Did you hear anything at all
while they were doing this to you?

I did.

Kitab-el Ahir.

"Kitab-el Ahir."

They said, "Kitab-el Ahir."

The Kitabel Ahir.

-Is it Arabic?

It means "The Last Book."

The Last Book...

We know the last prophet is Muhammad...

so the last book is the?Quran.

-The Yakaza tribe is telling us

to look in the Quran
to find out what "7-7-3-0" means.

-Here you go.
-In the name of Allah...

Seven, seven, three, zero.

Seven, seven, three, zero.

Surah 77...

Verse 30.

"Go to the three-pronged shade."

"Go to the three-pronged shade."
What is that?

What are they trying to say?

I remember that.

"The three-pronged shade."

It says, "The Three Shades Village."

Belk?s, what are these three shades?

In the old days...

they called the Christian cross
"the three-pronged shade."

Because it goes three separate ways.


in Christianity, there's the Trinity
of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

But what does that have to do with me?

If Surah 77, Verse 30 tells you
to go to the three-pronged shade,

you need to go to that village.
Right, Belk?s?

Is this a Christian village?

I don't know. I've never heard of it.

Where are this box and the pictures from?

I found them
in my mom's belongings, but...

What about your parents?
They never told you about this village?

No. I don't even know
if there's such a village.

Google says there is. It's in Bursa.


My family is from Bursa.

You must go there at once.

Slow down a second.
What do you mean, "at once?"

We don't have time, son.
Her life is in danger.

How can you be so sure?

-How would you know?
-You saw what happened, son.

The djinns who are haunting her told us
to go to the Three Shades Village.

The secret will be unraveled there.

Otherwise, they'll attack her
with all their strength.

I'm not saying we shouldn't go.

Let's just wait for a couple of days,
get some rest.

We'll take her to a doctor.

My leg will feel better and then we'll go.
What's the hurry?


-You talk too much.
-It's none of your business!

It's my wife we're talking about!
Don't stick your nose in our lives!

-You're just being mean.
-I don't care!

Stop fucking annoying me then!

What? Why are you standing up?
Are you going to hit me?

Get the fuck out of my house!

Enough! Stop arguing!


look, I have no interest in this.

My knees hurt all the time,
and I'm diabetic.

I can barely stand up.

I couldn't go there even if I wanted to.

But you know the circumstances.

Do as you please, then.

For Allah's sake...

Exactly how a swindler would react.

Muddy the waters, then run away.

?mer... I can't stay here any longer.

What the hell does that mean?

-Don't yell at me!
-I will!


Didn't you promise to see a doctor
when this was done?

-I did, but it's not done yet!
-I'm done, though, Dilek!

I've been putting up with this
for hours!

Djinns, magic, charms, mirrors,
pigs blood, and all that shit!

Fine. I'm going. You can stay.


Dilek can stay with us tonight.

We can't go to Bursa this late anyway.
We'll leave tomorrow, if we're going.

All right?

Do whatever the hell you want.

I'll take the day off and go see ?mer.

I hope that asshole is sorry now.

We can go see Belk?s with him afterwards.

We'll grab her and leave before sunset.

-See you at the village, all right?
-All right.

I don't even know how to thank you.

Don't be ridiculous.
Just focus on getting better.

-All right, keep me updated.
-Okay. Drive carefully.

Sure. We're off then.

-See you.
-See you. Godspeed.

Are we there yet?

We're going the right way,
or that's what they said.

As-salamu alaykum.

Alaykumu salam, brother.

Sorry for barging in, the door was open.

No worries.

We're looking for a place called
"The Three Shades."

You mean the Three-Pronged Shade Village?

Yes. We saw it on the Internet.

Christians called that place
the Three-Pronged Shade Village.

Muslims called it
the Three Shades Village.

-Both Muslims and Christians lived there?

Look, we're in a hurry.

Where's the village?

No one lives there anymore.

You don't say?

There were a few houses left,

but they got flooded
when the dam was built.

The Ala?at? Dam.

What's up? What do you want from there?

We need to do something.
Is there anyone here who?lived there?

Just Yasin, the crazy guy.
We call him Shackles.

He's troubled, you know.

Troubled as in...

All the villagers are afraid of him.


He shackles himself every night

and talks to the djinns.

You! Didn't I tell you not to play there?


Did you say he talks to the?djinns?


The ones who can tell your fortune.

Something bad always happens
to the people who visit him.

So I'd advise against it.

Can you please take us to him?


I'd never go near that damned man.

I can point you in the right direction
if you want.

Sure, let's go.

Come on.

This is 97.

-Does he live here?
-How would I know?



There's someone in here.


The Devil won't die,
not until the last human falls.

Yasin, we came all the way from Istanbul.

Can you spare us five minutes?

Go away. They're disturbed
by your presence.

Who are "they?"

The djinns.

Why are they disturbed?

They say you reek of blood.

Do they know why we're here?

Three shades, three mortals,
and three evils.


the Djinns...

and the Devil.

Yasin, look...

djinns are haunting this woman.

A hodja who's been helping us said
the problem was about the Three Shades--

Don't speak of that cursed place!

Leave. Go away!

The Yakaza tribe.

What did you say?

I said, the Yakaza tribe.

Come here.

Come closer.


Where are you taking my baby?

You're her.


The Soul-Devouring Child.

What does that mean?

I need to take you there right now.

-Come on, we have to hurry,

or they're going to take you
to their side.

You smell perfect.

French perfume.

Did you call Dilek?

I tried them both.
There's no service there, apparently.

No service?

I should've called him sooner.

He must be worried.

Do you think they suspect anything?

No, I don't think so.

I mean, I cover my tracks.
I don't know about you.

Take the next right.

Are you scared?

Do I look scared?

-Where are we going?
-Follow me.

No one dare set foot in here.

What are these? Graves?

The secret cemetery of the children
who were slain on the day they were born.

What are those shapes on top of them?

They're symbols of the Djinn tribe
that casts the Venom spell.

What do you mean? Be clear!

One of the graves is related to you.

-Dilek, 30 years ago,

forty-one days after you were born,

an unknown, malignant illness
took over your body.

The doctors said you were going to die.

Someone told your parents
about the Deyr-i Haris incident,

which took place
in the Three Shades Village.

"Deyr-i Haris?"

A ritual in which one's fatal illness

gets transferred to someone else's body.

It's called "Deyr-i Haris,"
which means "Demon's pit."

Go on.

The day another baby was born
in the village,

it was taken away from its mother

and brought to you.

My baby...

And using the Yakaza djinns,

the evil sickness that possessed you
was transferred to the other baby,

just like venom.

You lived... and the other baby died.

It was given to the djinns.

How do you know all this?

Because the villagers used me
to summon the?djinns!

-Why would the villagers do this?
-For money.

Wealthy families were killing
poor families' children,

so that their own would live.

They flew in from Germany, France,

even from Israel!

This can't be true.

All the villagers who were complicit
died under a curse.

Illness, fires,


What am I going to do?

Someone told these djinns who you are

using black magic.

They're going to take the life
that they gifted you.

What am I going to do?

Look at these graves carefully.

In one of them, lies the baby
who died because of you.

Which one?

That's for you to find out.

Think of what you lived through.

Which one is it?

This one.

If that's true...

we're going to exhume its remains
and bury them in a proper grave.

Then these?djinns will leave you alone.
You will be saved.

Why are you helping me?

Because you were innocent.
The villagers were cruel.

They always used me for death.
I'm here for life this time around.

Give me the key.

The Yakaza tribe.

They left.

You're saved, Dilek.

They can't hurt you anymore.

Harun! Harun, stop!

Harun, stop!

-Belk?s... Belk?s!




The phone.

Where is it?

My phone...

Where's my phone?

Damn it, where's my phone?!


Hello? Harun?

Goodbye, Seda.



You're only alive
because of?an atrocity.


They killed my baby...

in order to save you.

Let go of me! My baby!

For 30 years...

I lived with that pain.

-It wasn't my fault.
-Right. Sure.

You're innocent.

It was those damned villagers
and your parents.

They're the real demons.



and wealthy.

Oh, and don't forget...

you're their corrupted spawn.

How is this my fault?

You know what, Dilek?

Their children are the ones
who link the dead to this world.

By that I mean...

they suffer, too.

So, your parents are going to feel
every bit of pain I'll inflict upon you.

You look at me as if I'm the Devil.

But in fact...

I wanted nothing more
than a simple life in the village

with my husband.

While I was pregnant...

they murdered my husband.

Then they took my baby
the minute it was born, Dilek.

And what for, Dilek?


Who's responsible
for what happened to us, Dilek?

You can call this revenge if you want.

Blood shall be spilled for every life
that's been taken, Dilek!

For 30 years, I gathered information
about magic and the djinns.

Every bit of it was for this day, Dilek!

But you were holding a Quran...

All three?Abrahamic religions tell us

when doomsday gets closer,

there will be more and more heathens
who act as if they're believers!

Tell me...

am I a heathen, huh?

Please, I beg you. Let me go, please.

-Help me, Allah--
-Don't say his name!

On the day he took my child,

I chose the Devil over him!

And you!

Whoever deals with the Devil...

cannot plead for Allah's mercy!

He won't help the desperate!

If he helped the desperate,

he would've helped me, Dilek!

But... he didn't.


is everything ready, son?

It is, mother.

Help me!

Save me! Someone!


Help me!






Harun, what are you doing?

Harun, please, don't...

What have I ever done to you, Harun?

Harun, I beg you, stop. Please, don't...


?mer, huh?

Your best friend, Seda, is sleeping
with your husband, Dilek.

No. You're lying.

They wouldn't--

My mother and I
have searched for you for years, Dilek.

Once we found you, all we had to do
was get in your home.

Look, if you know someone's weaknesses...

it's very easy.

I realized your husband
was cheating on you.

Then I met Seda.

But of course, Seda is innocent.
She doesn't know who I am.

But after all...

she used me,
so you wouldn't get suspicious,

and I used her, so I could gain access.

You were the one who put the charms?

Weaknesses, Dilek.

They feed on our lives like worms.

Why didn't you kill me on the spot?


you were the only one who could find
my sibling's remains, Dilek.

You deserved the same fate.
It's how the Devil works.

Oh, and... you wanna know
how Seda seduced your husband?

She used a temptation spell
called the Bishop's Spell.

But she's very inexperienced.
And a bit stupid.

She doesn't know
that all magic ends in despair.

-Seda, turn that off.
-I won't!

-I don't like it.
-Why, are you scared?

-Me, scared?

All right then,

pose for me.

-See, I'm not scared.
-Look at you, my fearless lover!

-All right, turn it off.
-Okay, okay! Just say cheese for me.

Oh, come on now...

Don't feel sorry for ?mer, Dilek.

The spell in the pillow was for you.

But the other spell was for him.

A mania spell.

Remember the paintings
I gave you as a gift?

The ones you loved so much.

They induce mania.

The only way to fight evil is to be evil.

Darkness and perversion
have awoken now.

There's no turning back.

They have been cursed!

Now, it's your turn!

They're coming, mom! Hurry!

There's no turning back!
Darkness shall give birth to evil now!

You will suffer the same fate as my child!

Mom, come on!

You'll crawl out of the pit

the same way you fell in!

Hurry up, mom!

Do you hear them?

They're coming for you, Dilek!

Mom, come on!

Belk?s A. and her son, Harun A.:

Two bodies were found
in a burned-down house

near Tokat, Turkey.

The cause of the fire
couldn't be determined.

The bodies were presumed to be a woman
called Belk?s the Exorcist and her son,

but the coroner's report was inconclusive.

Witnesses claim
the mother and son are still alive.

Dilek Y.: She was found
in a comatose state

on a roadside in Mezidk?y, Bursa.

She responded well to treatment.

Any other information
related to the case is classified.

Dilek Y. is still
under protective custody.

?mer Y.:
He was found dead in his house.

The formal coroner's report stated
that it was a murder-suicide,

and that "he slashed his throat
after killing his mistress."

Seda F.: She was found dead
in ?mer Y.'s residence.

The case was registered
as a "lovers' quarrel."

Shackles, a.k.a. Yasin:
No one claimed his remains

and he was buried in a common grave.