Dabbe: The Possession (2013) - full transcript

Preparing for her wedding, Kübra gets possessed by unknown livings. To cure Kübra, a psychiatrist, Ebru, gets on way. Ebru is also an old friend of Kübra. Ebru would work together with an exorcist to save Kübra. Just when things seemed to be going well, everything start going horribly wrong.

The sound you'll hear has been taken
from the real records of Ceyda T.

- Doctor, as far as I know, you
recommended to use cameras to...

...monitor Ceyda T. at her house.

- Of course, our medical board
signed off on that decision.

- Well, could you please explain us
the purpose of this case?

- Mr... you know that Ceyda T came
to our hospital with the complaint...

...of somnambulism, also called as

Normally, they should
be hospitalized immediately.

But in some other circumstances, some
don't want to be hospitalized. And...

...sleep-walking can be dangerous.
They can hurt themselves, their families.

To eliminate this and to monitor them
as well, we recommend them to be...

...monitored at their home with cameras.

- Do you use these camera
records for treatment, as well?

- Yes, certainly. For true diagnosis
it is a must to watch these records.

"On duty"

Dabba - A Jinni Case

Night 1

Dad! Dad!

Burcu? What happened, honey?

Mom! Mom is not here!


Ceyda? Ceyda?

Mom! Mom!

Dad! Dad! What happened to mom?






- We're going to bed.

- Sinan? Sinan?
What happened?

- Again it was, you're OK?
Are you OK?

I -have a headache, a headache.

OK, no problem.

Mommy! Dad is recording me!

Ceyda? Come, come. Ceyda, wait.

Ece, don't run baby. You'll fall down.

Stop, it's the camera. It is camera!

So, come here.
Is it cold, huh? Cold?


Yes, honey.

Will these always be on record?

Not always, but for a few weeks.

For what are they useful?

You can ask this to Mr. Sinan.

- Haven't you dried your hair yet?
- I have.

- It seems you haven't. It's still wet.
- But I have.

- No, you haven't. Go and dry it.
Where is Fido? Tell me.

I won't tell. I'm cross with you.

OK. I'll find him myself, OK.

And you go and dry your hair. Go.

- Have you ever watched
yourself on camera?

...I sleep-walking?

- Yes, I watched.
- So?

- It's as if I were not that person.
As if it is somebody else, Aysun.

- How? - So simple. For example,
while sleeping at night,

I wake up like
Pinocchio, then like a demoniac...

...I walk around. I break whatever I get.

I try to go out.

- So, you remember nothing right now?
- Certainly

Is it that serious?

That serious.

It's not only sleep-walking,
but also I feel like...

...I am out of that life nowadays.

- So how did that sleep-walking
start to come about, Ceyda?

Ceyda? I mean, you weren't like this before.

I wish I knew.

Aysun, I am afraid.

I am afraid of hurting my family.

Night 2



My God, wind is blowing? Yes, it is.


- Aysun! Regards. A question for you.
- OK, waiting.

- Will he buy that this time?
- lf not, I'll divorce him. Tell him.

- Why don't you take them one
by one? You're going to drop them.

- Nothing happens, mom.
- Nothing happens, mom.

- I've brought it.
- Here honey, let's put it down now.

Let me put one of these here.

Look, look. He is on duty again.

- Let your hands work as well.
He loves recording.

I am fed up with his habit of that.

- Had we better put some more chicken?
- Isn't that enough?

- Honey, slow down.
Both don't run.

- Ece, slow down, sweetie.
- Don't go that further.

- Should we put
some more green peppers?

- Sweetie!
- Put that there... Yeah, there.

- Village wine. Home-made, delicious.
- Where did you get it?

- From that stone house in the
entrance of that known village.

- What's that known village?
- That village which was once on TV.

- I honestly don't know.
- How can you not?

Most of the villagers
went insane, some abandoned.

- Der?nce Village, man, don't you know?
- I don't know. What happened there?

- The Jinni -
- What?

The Jinni -

- Is it sweet?
Do you like the wine?

- Yes, it is but Zafer, tell me about
what happened in that village.

OK. It happened a few years ago.

- One of the villagers
suddenly wakes up and...

...attacks his wife.
He hits her head with wood...

...until he crashes her head.
- And then?

- He told the Police that there was
a creature living in his eye.

- In his eye?
- Yeah. Apparently, the jinni in his eye...

...ordered him to kill his wife.

OK, it is a case of delirium.

- It hasn't finished yet. The imam -
The imam of the village -

- Thank you, Mrs. Asiye.
- Good appetite.

- The imam of the village stopped to
make the villagers perform salaat...

...and shouted
"You, progeniture of the lblis" -

- And he broke off the
ear of one of them.

- Why? Ajinni living also in his eye?
- No, his is something more weird.

- While giving statement to the
police, he told that all their wives...

...made all benefits available to jinn,
that all the kids in the village were...

...not real kids and they were of the jinn.

- lf the imam goes insane, this would
be a subject of gossip for community.

- Yeah, right. The villagers abandoned
their houses and left the village.

Why? Was the village also raided by the jinn?
- I don't know,

But where you live isn't safe, man.

- Of course not. Don't tell Ceyda
anything about it, OK? I don't...

...I don't want to niggle over her.
- What happened? Didn't she recover?

- No, no recovery.
What was the name of the village?

- Der?nce.
- Cheers to Der?nce.

Night 3

Hasemate, hatemata, hatimato.


Mom? Mom? I'm afraid.

Burcu? Burcu, honey? What happened?

Dad, mom came here, but it wasn't her.

Shhh... Come here, I'll check her.

You don't get out of your bed.



Ceyda, what are you doing?


Let's go to bed, huh, to bed?


You died.

Ceyda, you allright? Darling, huh?

- Yep, good morning, my darling,
my darling, my darling.

- Sinan, no recording, no recording
in the morning, no way, please...

- Look like this, God saves you.
- No, no.

- You are allright, you allright.
- No, I am not, no.

- Don't record, no. - Don't go, wait.
- Don't record, no.

- We place it here like this.
- I do my make-up and then you record it.

- A good-morning kiss.
- Good morning, darling.

- Are you OK?
- I am.

- lf you kick me out, I go.
- No, I am not kicking you out.

- lf you kick me out, I go.
- No, I am not kicking you out.

- I won't come again.
- Then go. It's done.

- Is it done?
- Yes, it is.

- Let me check and then -
- Don't do that. Sinan, can't you?

- But this is always done, you know.
- Look, this is also always done...

...how did you find it?
- Where is sweetie?

- In her room. She is a bit angry with
me, she didn't talk to me, you know?

- Don't mind her, she'll get used to it.
- Yeah, it is something you can...

...get used to, yes, that your mom
stands over you at night.

- Honey, what did the doctor say?
The kids're said to be not affected...

...by their sleep-walker
fathers and mothers.

- But this is not something like
sleep-walking, Sinan.

What is it like?

- Anyway, you put this onto the table
and I'll bring Burcu here, honey, OK?

Sweetie, what are you doing there?

Won't you come downstairs?

- Come here, onto the lap of mommy.

- Do you remember that doctor
- that doctor with funny glasses?

- With pink glasses?
- Yes, him.

- Now you know I take pills to recover?
- Yeah.

- OK, that doctor said that I might have
some sleep disorders while using...

...these pills. So until mom recovers,
you try to get used to it, OK sweetie?

- Who was the one with you at night, mom?
- I don't understand.

- When you came to my room, there was
somebody with you.

What did that somebody look like?

Black, it was so black.

You stopped here.

- There was nobody with me, darling.
- Yes, there was.

- Run to kitchen, to breakfast, fast.
Run fast, I'll come right now.

- Sinan!
- Yeah?

- How will the doctor watch that
record of 1000 hours taken for a week?

- He'll not watch it all. I'll select
the ones of Ceyda and give them.

I see, anyway, OK. Have you read it?

- What is it?
- The Book of Azazel. What is it?

- The Book of Azazel.
It means "the book of lblis".

- What is it for?
- It was written in the Andalucia, Spain.

The copies were burnt, there is only
one copy now - in Cordoba Museum.

So to say, it is an illegal book.
- Who is the writer?

- Ajinni named as Abu Shuhase.
- Ajinni?

- Yeah.
- Did you joke with me?

- Really. They say so. So it's banned.
- Allah Allah.

- Look, do you see what's written here?

- "Dabba's something that prompts jinn,
it is live. It haunts the dreams...

...of the people. Dabba'll capture people
in their dreams before the Judgment.

Jinn will drag people into insanity between
sleep and wakefulness, using "Dabba."

- It is something horrible, man.
- What did you find it, man?

- That Dabba's also mentioned in Quran.
Dabba's the creature of Judgment.

- So?
- So, the situation of Ceyda...

...her sleep-walking, the relationship
between jinn and sleep...

...the insanity around here...

- So, man, what's the point?
- The book says that Dabba is contagious and...

...step by step it drags people to mania.

- Cut it short, tell me right now.
- I said, man, I try to broaden your mind.

I told what I knew.

Ok, thank you.

- Look, I have an idea. We go to that village?
We videotape it?

- Surely, no. Nothing for me, thanks.
If you want, you can go on your own.

- Take, take that -
- What are you doing?

- Now record it, you said
you would tell something.


I'll also hit you!

Girls! Play without shouting!

- Sit and let's play with our hands.
- Okay.

Oh, I have to pee.

Burcu! Why is this camera here?

At night, a big black man walked
here, and the camera tapes it.

- Where did he walk?
- Here.

- Didn't you get scared?
- He was behind my mom. I was afraid.

I also want to see him.

- Shall we call him?
- Will he come?


Shhh, shadow, come, shadow, come!

Nothing has come!

- Shhh, he came, he is here.
He's look'ng at us. Wait.

- Girls, what happened? What happened?
Why did you cry out?

- Nothing!
- What happened, Burcu?

- We're just playing.
- Stand up, shall we go downstairs?

- Mommy, ah, mommy!
- Stand up, come, come on!

Come with me.

Night 4

"Just before Judgment, people will
see the jinn while in Yakaza."

What is Yakaza?

"It means a state between
sleepiness and wakefulness."

"Jinn haunt the people
in their dreams."

- Daddy!
- Burcu? Burcu!

We came!

- Burcu!
- Yes, daddy?

- Come on here, my princess.
What are you doing?

I took Fido its meal.

- Come on, we'll talk about something.
- OK, daddy.

Come here, come to me.

- Now, tell me.
Did you yell "daddy" last night?

- Nooo.
- Did you have a nightmare?


- OK, well, did you hear
a bang sound at home last night?

- I didn't hear.
- You didn't hear?

- My little girl, your mom said that
you saw a black man in your room.

- Is it true?
- Yes.

- What does he look like?
- Huge... Black.

- Well, did you see his face?
Describe it.

- I don't know.
- How? Did you talk to him?

- No, I didn't talk.
- Weren't you scared?

OK, well - did you see him again?

- OK, OK, I'll inform afterwards. OK.
- Then give daddy a kiss.

- Thank you.
- Then take daddy coke. Run, run!

You minger!

- Sinan?
- Yeah?

- Your mum called.
What're we gonna do?

- Uh, what is that we're gonna do?
Shall I say "Don't come"?

Oh, tell her "We've got a guest,
our house is not available".

- Tell her something. I don't know.
- Of course, I can't. How can I?

You know my situation.
Tell her that I am ill.

OK, my mum is coming for this.

But I feel stressed. I feel down.

- Could I learn what is the reason
of your psychology of mother-in-law?

- How can I tell my mum "Don't come"?
What do you want from my mum?

- Yes, as they say, the entrance of the
Village Der?nce is around here, Sinan.

Ahead, from the first left door. Yes -

We go ahead.

- Here - the plate is here.
De-r?n-ce. We found the entrance.

Wow, wow, wow!

The houses are abandoned.

There is nobody in here.

Let's go and check

This village went rack and ruin.

How old these houses are!

Holy shit!

- I think the entrance of the village
is from here.


Where could that road lead to?

Who are these? All in black?

Sinan, man, let's run away from here.

- Peace be with you, bros.
More power to you!

- Peace be with you, too, son,
welcome in here

- Uncle, tell me, what happened
in this village?

- Look, behind these rocks is
a baltica river. In early days...

...it was called as a jinni river.

A pregnant woman went and died there.
A horse kicked her out.

As they said, that night
the woman quarreled with...

...her mother-in-law and went to that
river. You know, the jinn which...

...knot the tails of the horses suddenly
got in the womb of the horse.

- And they say there were some
who ran amuck around that area?

Whatever happened - they throttled
each other afterwards.

There were 7 missing people, right?

Those 7 people
were struck by jinn. They say so.

- They were struck by the jinn.
- Yes, they were. And some saw it.

- Oh, I see. But something like "M" was
written on the doors. What is it?

- I don't know anything, son.
- It is "M" of the word "Majnun".

- Majnun?
- Yes, Majnun.

- What does Majnun mean?
- lt means - the people struck by jinn...

...are called "Majnun". Don't you know?
- No, but now I've learned. Thank you.

- So, God gives you strength. - Look, son!
Don't spend much time around here.

- Jinn strikes you.
And - Don't go near the jinni river.

- Peace be with you.
- Thank you, peace also be with you.

- You leave home to me, and I enjoy it.
Look, apple cookies. Delicious. Mmm...

So good.

- Burcu, I don't want to get in.
- Get in, nothing will happen.

- What if it comes?
- It doesn't come.

- It comes when it's dark.
It goes to mom's room.

- But it also came here.
- It comes, but as I am not afraid...

...it doesn't do anything to me.

- What was that sound?
- Shhh! It's near the door, looking at us.

- Burcu, I'm afraid,
please tell it go away.

Shh, wait!


- Go! Go away from here!
We're afraid. Go!

"Don't let people get confused,
because you..."

- Go! Go away from here!
We're afraid! Go!


- What happened? Did you fall?
- What happened? Tell me! Shh!

Now go hand in hand, calm down!

- Auntie! I'd like to ask you
something about Der?nce Village.

- Don't record, don't! Go!
- Auntie! I only asked you something...

...you are like you're gonna hit me.

- Good evening, auntie. God help you!
- Good evening.

- Once I was around that house -
that around the stone chips-

The house with broken doors?

Yes. One night,
all the village dogs gathered...

...they ripped another dog apart
and ate its meat.

- Then they all entered that house.
I was a little afraid...

...but curious as well.
I aimed to look at it from a distance...

Inside was something black, like

...like smoke, from one way to another.

I called my husband, he looked inside.

- So strongly he cried out that now
his left side is paralyzed.

- On some houses,
something red is written.

- Uh, that was also written on
the houses that the dogs entered in.

Anybody there?

Good night bro, could you please look?

- There is a village called Der?nce,
do you know?

- They say it's been haunted by jinn.
- How did it happen?

- Jinn of Dabba. Written in Quran.
They say it will enter in every house.

- The village imam also struck?
- Hey, don't ask that.

- Nobody could work it out.
- Something was written with blood.

Like "M"? What is it, bro?

- Wherever this letter is, its people
are either struck, died or gone away.

- OK, I see, I see. Thank you.
- Alright!

- Take care of yourself. Here is not safe.
- OK, alright. Thank you.

- Bro, good evening.
- Good evening, bro.

- I'd like to ask you some
questions about Der?nce Village.

- What are you going to do with it?
We're afraid of that village.

- It is haunted by the jinn.
- OK, thank you.

- Forget it, don't go to that village.
- Good evening, thank you.

- Now, Sinan, I'll show you the house of
the man who claimed that a jinni...

...lived in his eye. Here is that house.
The one behind. Look, do you see?

- It is this house.
Now, I'm walking towards this house.

- I'm entering into the haunted house.
I hope nothing bad happens to us.

With the name of God.


- It smells disgusting.
Here is shoe rack.

Everything is in dust.

I am downstairs now.

Spider webs -

Pots and pans -

Everything stinks.

The jars -

There is a small room here like that.

Now I am going in.

Here is one of the rooms downstairs.

The wall collapsed into the room.

It stinks everywhere.

This leads to upstairs.

- That event happened upstairs,
and I am heading there.

- Yes, Sinan - then you'll order me
a very beautiful dinner.

Look at what I am doing for you!

- Look, Sinan, you know the man who crushed
his wife's head with wood?

- Did you know that he scratched
his own eyes out?

Just because there was a jinni inside.

- Man, could you imagine?
He dragged a needle into his own eyes.


- What is this?
What are these? A bone?

Human bone or animal bone?

It smells disgusting.

Yes. There is a room here.

Yes. I think that bedroom is here.

- Yes, Sinan. Here is just where he
crushed his wife's head.

The photos - Is this his wife?

Hey, what's going on?

Is there anybody here?

God, was it a bat, huh?

Sinan, that's a bat, you see?

Yes, again a photo here.

There is a cupboard here.

Some rosaries -

- Yes, Sinan,
this is a different room.

What a weird place it is!

- God!
It's just a cat.

What kind of things there are in here!

This house has rotted.

Oh, what's it? What's it?

Is it wood or a chair?

Now I'm going out of here.

Wait a minute! There 's a sound.

What is that, huh?

What is this?

Is it a baby? What is it?

- Repent, just repent!
Is it a human or a monkey?

How a mangy thing it is.

What kind of a baby is that!

- What is this?
Where is this place?


What is this?

I'll leave the camera.

What is this?

Is it a mirror?

Look, Sinan!

"M". Can you see that?

Everywhere is full with it.

What does this "M" mean?

Did you see it?

What is that? Hey, what is that?

There is something here.

- There is something here.
I swear there is.

- We'll see.
- Hello, sweetie. I apologise...

...we forgot our keys at home.

- What's up? Shall we leave it here?
- Yes, leave it, honey.

- I'm so tired. Leave it there,
I won't get angry.

Leave it here, then I'll pick them there.

- You, what are you doing?
Are you OK?

- No. I am not.
- But why?

- Sweetie? You look so pale.
What happened?

Ceyda, there is something
abnormal in this house.

Such horrible things happened.

- How? What happened?
- I feel so bad. My heart still beats...

...so fast. I don't feel well.
- OK, calm down, calm down.

- Are you alright? The girls?
- We're OK, don't worry...

...they are sleeping. But -

- But what?
- Sinan, could you please take us away?

- I'll tell you later.
I don't feel well right now.

- OK, honey.
- I'll take Ece and come immediately.

- OK. Shall I come? Do you want?
- No, no. No need.

- What's going on, huh?
- How could I know? Check if you like.

OK, I will.

- I'm going to ask you something.
- Yeah?

- Do you think that Aysun's behavior
was a little bit exaggerated today?

- Honey, leave Aysun aside, but
let's get rid of those cameras.

- What is it about the cameras?
- It's all about the cameras. It's enough.

- It isn't. You haven't recovered yet.
- This has depressed everybody.

- Look at yourself, you are recording
in the bathroom too.

- I'm not recording, just checking it.
- Don't lie, Sinan. Admit it.

You enjoy this.

- Don't be absurd.
- OK, OK. Whatever! I don't want...

...any cameras at my house.
I'm fed up with it. I'll remove them.

- Then you should've accepted to
be treated at the hospital.

- Don't make me talk!
- OK, what else?

- Then your mother and the rest of you
will announce me "mad".

- OK, forget it. Endure for 2 more days,
then I'll remove it with my own hands.

OK. Now turn it to the other side.

Sinan! Turn it!

- Come on!
- Could you stop talking?

- OK, but I'm waiting here.
- OK, I will, be quiet!

- You're recording in the bathroom.
We have enough cameras at home...

- Leave us in peace
in the bathroom at least.

- Look, it is still recording this way.
I will smash it, Sinan!

- You stink of sweat. Go and have a bath!
- Go out, go out now!

- Ah!
- What happened?

Nothing. The box fell down.

- My nerves've been shot.
- You're doing it yourself.

My mum said she'll bring
somebody else with herself.

- What?
- Mum! She'll take somebody else...

...with herself when coming.

- Who is that somebody else?
- What?

- Who are they? Who?
- Uh, they - They'll pour lead over you.

- I swear I'll pour that lead
over her head. Be sure!

- She said you're attacked
by an evil eye. Not for an ill will.

- Yes, true. Not for an ill will.
She'll prove to her neighbors that...

her daughter-in-law ran amuck.
She thinks that I don't know this.

- Do whatever you do.
I'll sleep right now. Bye, bye.

Night 5


- Burcu! What are you doing, honey?
- Nothing.

- What happened? Why are you awake?
- I -

- You what?
- The balloon has blown out.

- How has it blown out?
- He did it.


- The black man?
- Yes.

Daddy! It is mommy!

- Come here, come, come, come!
Lie on the bed. We'll talk with mom.

You don't get afraid, OK, my baby?

Shh! Don't get afraid, don't!







- Darling, what are you doing,
darling? Ceyda, what are you doing?



- My little girl, go to your room,
go to your room!

- Mom is alright?
- Yes, she is. Now go to your room.

I'll come, you run now, I'll come.

Ceyda, darling? What are you doing?

What are you doing?

Come, come here, come here.

What is this?

Slowly, slowly.

- I have something to show you.
We'll talk about it later.

- Is it something weird?
- Just be patient...

- Now, watch this.
- Okay.

- When was it taken?
- A couple of days ago.

Oh God! Oh my God, what is this?

- I was shocked too when I first saw it.
- I can't believe... It can't be... Oh God.

- I saw weird things when I visited...
the village, it was horrible.

- Wait, wait, we'll talk about it later.
Watch the second one.

- Oh my God!
It is the same thing, I swear!

- You have to believe me!
- Same as what?

Der?nce Village! Der?nce Village!

- Sinan, look. I visited the village,
I saw all the lunatics' houses.

- They were all marked with this letter.
What are you waiting for?

- She draw the same thing, Ceyda did it.
She drew it on the mirror...

...I saw her drawing the same word!

- Sinan, this is so grave and dangerous.
I saw what happened in the village.

- What will the doctor say when he sees?
- Doctor must not know, don't tell him!

- Don't be mad! This is quite different.
I have seen the village.

- Don't shout! She'll hear us.
- But, Ceyda has to see this.

- Don't be silly Zafer!
She is already so scared.

So, what are your plans?

- I don't know what to do.
- Sinan, please. We have to ask for help.

From whom? I don't know anything.

- Come on, watch what I have
recorded in the village.

Night 6

What are those?

- Burcu, did you draw these?
- I didn't.

Don't lie to me, there is a camera
and I'll watch it soon. If you did this...

- I did not do this!
- Tell me the truth!

- Sinan, what is happening?
- What?

- Look what your princess have done.
- Is this why you're yelling at her?

- She just drew a picture. I tidy up.
- Ceyda, don't you remember...

...what you drew on the mirror last night?

- What did I draw?
- Oh...

She saw you drawing... Whatever!

- Sinan, what did I draw on the mirror?


- You should be ashamed.
- I don't care, I'm not coming!

- Look, we'll go get the grandmom,
and come back. Okay?

I'm getting angry.

- What are you doing?
- She is even worse then her mother.

- Honey, come on. It won't take long.
We have to take her unfortunately.

- Unfortunately?
- Yes, what?

- Ceyda, hurry up!
- Okay! Come on honey.

- See you later!
- Don't be late okay? It is not safe in here.

Zafer, don't be a silly.

M... M...

What do you want from this house?

lf you are here, give me a sign.

- What are you doing?
- Shhhh! I'm trying to talk!

- With whom?
- This thing, jinni, evil, whatever it is.

- Zafer, don't be silly!
- Turn off the camera!

Let's go downstairs, leave the camera.

Shh! Wait!

Did you hear it?

- Aysun! Aysun!
- Zafer!

Aysun where are you?

Aysun, shut the door!

- Calm down darling!
- I can't believe it!

Calm down, calm down Aysun.

- Let's get out of this house please!
- Are you OK?

- No! I am not okay at all!
- Calm down, calm down!

- Just drop the camera!
- I am, I am, calm down please.

Calm down, calm down.

Let's get out, please.

Calm down!

- Do not open the door, no, please.
- But we have to get out!

Calm down, please.

- Zafer, zafer.
- Aysun, run, run!

- Grandma!
- Yes, honey.

May I eat some olives?

- Sure! Here it comes, open your mouth.
- Well done.

- Burcu, leave the camera please.
Sinan, take it.

Come on, take my seat.

Sit down honey.

Yes, well done.

- She generally doesn't eat enough.
- Now, she doesn't even give me olives.

She seems to be having fun.

I had better go and find Sinan.

Please continue.

- Would you like some salad Burcu?
- No, thanks.

Sinan, I don't want her!

- I'm sure when she's back she'll
tell everyone that I am mad.

- How she tried to cure me with nonsense.
- Don't be paranoid!

- It is her own religious belief.
Have a little respect.

- Belief? Belief in what?
It is nonsense.

- Everything in this house
is nonsense for you.

- What happened in this house Sinan?
What are you trying to say?

- What happened Sinan?
- Come in, come in.

- We are waiting for you at downstairs.
Are you coming?

- I can't convince her.
If you can, we can go.

Ceyda, it happened to me too.

- What happened?
Is it what you decided not to tell us?

No, something worse.

- When you both were out
something horrible happened to us.

Yes, to both of us.

- Guys, what happened?
- Ceyda, I swear, I was scared to death.

Something invisible and dark choked me.

Look at my chest!

- You have to watch the footage.
There are other things, too.

Sinan, why didn't you tell me?

- I was going to tell you
but you were afraid.

- Will it be gone if we use
religious methods?

- Maybe not, but let's just
do what Aunt Meral says...

...and get rid of this.

- Okay, I'm going downstairs.
If you can convince her, come.

- Ceyda...
- Look, Ceyda. I am serious.

This house is so dangerous.

- Come on, let's do this.
And then we'll decide what to do.

Ceyda, let's go honey.

- Not with my hand, it's your help.
Ceyda, the daughter of Ali and Necla...

...needs your help, our God.

- Save her from evil eyes,
devil enemies.

Oh, it's terrible...

You see the nails?

It seems like it is attacking.

- It looks like a head.
Like a dog's head.

Let's do the same over her belly.

All right.

- Honey, honey, just relax and lie down.
We'll look at your belly.

Come on, lie down girl.

- Extend your legs, great.
Extend. Calm down.

Hold it tight.

Don't touch her, son.

Calm down, sit.

How can I be calm?

Everybody calm down.

- Hold it tight.
Hurry up!

- Get out of my house!
Get out!

- I don't want any of you!
Get out!

- I don't know what to do Zafer.
We have to hospitalize her.

- Buddy, you both went to the hospital.
She regularly takes her medicine.

- All is done.
She is already receiving psychotherapy

Our daughter is shaken, don't you see?

Did you think about Dabbe and jinn?

- Yes, I did.
But I could not make up my mind.

- Why?
- Why? I can not come to a conclusion.

Buddy, I showed you the evidence.

Zafer, do you know what those mean?

- No I don't.
- I have investigated.

- Look, it may be "M" of murder, masons,
something in Egyptian alphabet.

- 13. letter of English alphabet.
All is nonsense. I could not find it.

- I know but I have seen the
same signs in the village.

- People in the village suffer
from the same problem.

- Sleeping, sleepwalking, dreams,
nightmares, madness.

Zafer, enough for God's sake.

All this can't be a coincidence, right?

- Okay, it can't be. Then tell me
what to do.

- We have been talking.
But what is your solution?

- Aysun has met someone.
- Who?

She'll tell you now.

Night 7

- Burcu! Zafer! Zafer!
- Aysun, what happened?

- I have lost Burcu, I can't find her!
She's not in the room!

Sinan! Sinan! Sinan!

- What happened to me?
Sinan, what happened to me?

Sinan, I am so scared!

Ceyda, Burcu is lost!

What? Where is Burcu?


Burcu where are you?

Is she there?

- She's not here either.
- Keep looking!


Burcu, darling?

Burcu, Burcu, princess...


- Dad.
- Burcu!

- Burcu, it's all over.
Are you okay?



- Come on, where are they?
- Just received a message...

...they are about to come.

- Ceyda, where is Burcu?
- She is sleeping upstairs.

- Welcome.
- Thank you.

- I can turn off the camera
if it disturbs you.

- No, not at all. Zafer has told me.
I think it may be useful.

All right then.

Please come in, sir.

- Ceyda, Zafer Sinan.
Aysun, Burcu, Ece.

- Right?
- Yes, right.

Zafer, could you take the camera?

Yes, sure.


- Is there anything else?
- No, we have told you everything, sir.

- So, it first happened to Ceyda,
then to everyone in the house?

Yes, correct.


lf it only happened to Ceyda...

...we may have called it
a psychic disturbance.

- Or a jinni disturbing
a single person.

- But...
- But?

- lf it is happening to more than
one person, it is different.

What is it?

A spell on a place.


- There could be a strong
spell on your house.

But who would do this and why?

May I see the mirror you mentioned?


Come please.

Go to your room, now!

Oh, how sweet she is.

- This is the one.
She drew a letter like this.

It is also recorded, I have a video.

- Zafer, have you told him about
what you saw in Der?nce?

Yes, he did mention it.

I know what happened in Der?nce.

Mr Sad?k, do you know what this is?

Do you know what it means?

- Yes, I know.
Could you take this?


This means 8 in Arabic.

- Therefore, this one is too.
Double eight.

Eighty eight.

- Eighty eight is the
number of jinns.

In Quran, Devil is mentioned 88 times.

Devil has 88 jinn tribes, and...

88. surah in Quran is Gasiya Surah.

- And Gasiya means the outbreak of
the Doomsday.

- 88 is the seal of the devil and
the jinn's ruling of the world.

- I just realized, Hitler's
lucky number is also 88.

- Heil Hitler! was also
inspired from 88.

And you know about Hitler.

- So, jinn are in this house.
Therefore, this number is...

...seen in everywhere.
- Like in Der?nce.

- As the doomsday approaches,
satanists will draw it everywhere.

But what about the spell in here?

Casting a spell is worshipping Satan.

I get it, but is it about Dabba?

Dabba is a sign of the Doomsday.

- As the jealousy, disorder, rumors,
spells arise among the people,

...jinn will be able to affect us more.

- And the cursed creature named Dabba
will appear in that time.

lf it is here in this world now...

...reaching jinn and spells is,
as easy as breathing.

So what is the conclusion?

From now, mankind,
as seen in Babylon,

...will be able to use one of the most
efficient and oldest power of all times.

- Casting spells?
- Yes.

But, why is it in my house?

- May I check the mirror?
- Sure.

- Sinan, could you please help me?
- Of course.

- What is it?
- Is it a spell?

- Be patient.
- Sir, what is it? How did it get there?

Ladies, calm down.



...and a pot.

The door is here...

...but the pot?

Was there a pot here?

- Yes, there was.
- Where is it now?

- It smelt so bad,
so I took it to the backyard.

- May I see it?
- Sure.

- This one?
- Yes.

- Are you sure?
- I am.

- I am going to harm your flowers a bit,
is that okay?

No problem.

What are those?

- We'll see.
- I'm filming.

What are they doing there?

Oh God.

- Execuse me.
- Oh my God.

- Where did we get this?
Didn't you plant it?

Shh, calm down.

Oh God!

Sinan, what is this?

Oh my God.

- Honey, you had better go.
- No, definitely not.

What is this? Oh God...

- What are those?
Sinan, what are those?

Are you okay Mr. Sad?k?

- Yes I am okay.
- Would you like to have water?

Save us from these spells.

God, help us. Save us.

- God, we are in your shelter,
save us from all the evil things.

Help us, we are in your shelter, God.

You are the omnipotent.

We are in your shelter.

Protect us. Watch over us.

Who hung this on the wall?

- Ceyda?
- Sinan I don't like these kinds of things.

- When I saw it, I thought that
your mom bought it.

- Don't be silly!
Why would she buy this?

- She is in favour
of religious methods!

- No, my mom did not put this up.
- Who is it then?

- Ceyda, don't look at me.
I don't do anything without asking.

Me neither.

Look, whoever hung this up is the one
who put the spell on your house.

- The things I've found in the mirror and
pot are related to this eye bead.

- What kind of spell is this?
- It's name is Hamsa.

Also known as the spell of insanity.

- But eye bead is something prevents
us from evil things isn't it?

- In Anatolia, every house has one.
- This kind of thing is used...

...in a very improper way.

- Those things have no power over evil.
On the contrary, they strengthen jinns.

Who brought those to my house?

- The maid?
- Don't you know who gets in the house?

It may be the maid.

- No way, it can't be.
- How can you be sure?

I am so scared and tired.

- Look, this spell is put on you by
someone who is so close to you or...

...someone to whom
you commit your home.

- It must be Asiye,
who else could it be?

- You don't understand, she is a real angel.
we didn't even argue once.

Why would she do something like this?

lf Asiye did it, we must find her.

- I am going to ask you a question,
We have found the spells, bones...

- We have found everything.
Isn't this spell reversed?

- No. From now, this spell is
summoning the most powerful jinns.

So, they are still here?

- They are probably here.
And they do not give up easily.

- Look, there is a place in which
sorcerer make a deal with Satan.

- We can not reverse this spell without
finding this place.

- Don't you have
an address or something?


- She was also our nanny so I signed
a contract with her.

Sevkipasa street... yes.

- I don't know if it's her real address.
- Let's go and see then.

- May I come with you Mr Sad?k?
- No, we had better go alone.

- But Mr Sad?k, he is a lawyer. And
this woman put a curse on us.

She tried to kill us. This is a crime.

- Zafer may help you, he'll film and then
we'll have evidence to give the police.

All right.

- By the way, don't forget that
these creatures get aggressive...

- When you are weak, or when
they are weak.

- And now,
both of you are so exhausted.

- You had better be careful.
They are still here.

- You take care too.
- I will honey.

- Do not go anywhere
until we come back.

Mr Sad?k, please accept this.

No need to hurry.

- That's what I said. but Sinan
wanted to give it right away.

All right then.

- Thanks.
- We thank you.

- Yes, sir.
The same sign again.

What kind of place is this?

God help us, sir.

- I hope we'll solve this problem and
get back home safe and sound Mr Sad?k.

What do you think, sir?

- Source of the spell
is probably here.

This place is really frightening.

Yes, this is her house, sir.

- Seems like there is no one in the house.
What are we going to do?

We have to find a way in.

You mean, we are going in?

What happened? Did you call?

- Shhh.
- Sir, I guess there is someone here.

- Mr Sad?k, did you see the bone ornament?
I have seen the same in the house of...

...the man who crushed
his wife's head.

Cursed woman!

Oh God, what a smell!

- What did this woman
do in this room?

It stinks!

- Oh Gosh,
those are Ceyda's photos!

She stole her photos, why?

What did she want from her?

God damn woman.

- Sir, those are horrible
things, really.

- Zafer, the source of the spell is
probably in this chest.

- I am going to
open it now. Don't be afraid.

- We are to solve
it with God's help.

What is this?

What has this insane woman done?

Spell is even worse than I expected.

She is so dangerous, look.

Ceyda's photo.

Her daughter's photo.


- But, sir, will we be able
to reverse this evil spell?

We'll see.

Sir, I can't stand it. It made me queasy.

- Please take these out of the room, and
we can do it outside. Can't we?

- You had better go out, I have
something to do inside.

All right. I'm really bad.

Mr Sad?k, Mr Sad?k!

- What happened Zafer?
- I saw someone outside...

...she is looking at the house.
- Where?

That way.


- This way,
there was a woman in black.

- There is no one Zafer.
- I swear I saw her Mr Sad?k...

...there was a woman.
She was wearing a black dress.

- Zafer, please, let's just do this thing and
go back home.

All right Mr Sad?k.

- I have seen this picture in
the Der?nce Village.

Mr Sad?k!

- Mr Sad?k!
- I'm coming.

- What happened Zafer?
- What is this, sir?

This is...

I understand now.

- This is jinn baby.
- What do you mean by jinn baby, sir?

- Its mother was a human,
and the father was a jinn.

Children of Asiye, from Der?nce.

- Sir, the owner of this house,
the maid Asiye...

...her husband is a jinn?

No signal. I don't know why.

Don't worry honey, calm down.

Don't scream, don't scream Burcu!

It is the fuse, please wait!

- Years ago, a woman in Der?nce
gave birth to a baby but it was...

...half human, half jinn.

- Peasants say that the baby's mother
was a human and father was a jinn.

They bury the baby alive.

- Then Asiye and her husband drove
the peasants mad.

- But, Mr Sad?k, why did Asiye put
the Hamsa curse on Ceyda?

This is not the Hamsa curse, Zafer.

What is it then?

This is the spell of the doomsday.

Spell of immortality!

We fell into a trap Zafer!

Damn it!

What is this?

What's going on?




Where are you Ceyda?




Burcu... Honey.


Aysun! Ceyda!

Where are you?

- Ceyda! Ceyda!
What is this?

What is this?

What is this?

Where are you?



Why is this door shut?

What are those?

Aysun! Aysun, get up! Lets go!

Aysun get up! Let's go!



Come girl, calm down.

- Are you OK?
- I'm scared!

Don't be, daddy is here.

- We'll get out.
- No, no, no I am not coming!

They are in there, I'm not coming.

- No, we'll get out, come!
- No I'm scared!

Don't worry.


- No dad!
- Shh, honey. Calm down.

I'm calling the police, okay?

Come here, come here...

Come on!

Hey, hey, help us, please!

Don't ask anything, address is...

Kemaldag Street, Site Gebizli.

Site Gebizli.

- Please hurry up, thank you.
Yes! Yes that house! Thank you.

- Burcu! Burcu, do you know
where your mother is?

- Have you seen her?
Where is she?



Aunt Asiye!

Where is my mother?

This film is based on an actual event. The voices and
visions belonging to jinns are all taken from archives.