Dabangg 2 (2012) - full transcript

Chulbul Pandey is transferred and promoted to Kanpur. He is happily married with Rajjo. Kanpur witness a lot of criminal activities daily and kidnapping, rape and murders are done in broad daylight. The main antagonist/villain is Baccha Bhaiyaa, politician and a strong contender for the upcoming elections and Chulbul Pandey sabotages his political image by revealing his immoral activities to the public, media and police force. Chulbul Pandey takes Baccha Bhaiya head on & remains 'Dabang' as always

Son. Eat your lunch.
- Yes, mother.

And listen.
Don't trouble anyone, okay.

Okay, mother.

These days there have been
a lot of complaints about you.

- Bye, mother.


Let go. Let go of the child.

Take him along.

My son.


Start the car, quickly.

You deal..
- Sir, what about the land?

- Hello. Chetan Gupta.

- We've your son.

Bring one million rupees
to the Burma Factory.

Anshul, the child's
name is Anshul Gupta and..

..he's believed to be Cement
Trader Chetan Gupta's son.

We've learnt that Chetan Gupta..

..has been demanded a
ransom of one million rupees.

This entire incident
occurred in Bajariya area..

..and a new Police officer
has been appointed here..

..and his name is Chulbul Pande.

We couldn't contact Mr. Pande yet..

What a strange city?
- What's wrong, papa?

Crime in the morning.

Couldn't the department
send someone else?

Wrong place to transfer him.

Brother wasn't transferred.

Instead he got himself transferred.

He was saying "he wants the
achieve big feat in the big city.

Achieve big feats?

Shut up!
Your wailing is making me deaf.

Shut up!

I want my mother.

Shut up!

Shut up will you.

You're stuck in this
because of your father.

I want to go to my papa.

He's delaying in bringing the money.

Shut up!

Take a look.

What's he saying?

Hey stupid, listen closely.

This is Tiwari and l am Chaubey.

We're Chulbul Pande's colleagues.

This time,
sir isn't coming through here..

..but that way!

Oh no!

So... My name is..


Chulbul Pande.
- Correct.

Chulbul Pande.

The government has given
me the responsibility..

..to maintain law and order.

Who are you?

Who am l?
- Gappu.


So Gappu.

This issue is between you and me.

This child.


- Pappu.

This child Pappu is third party.

Why don't you recommend something..

..so that he's stays
away from trouble and enjoys.

The child enjoys!


Safe position.

Come Pappu.

First I will give you a kiss..

..then teach these three a lesson.

Sit down.

What's your father's name, son?
- Chetan Gupta.

And your mother..


Let's fly.

- There's Pappu!


Chaubey, what are you doing here?

Where is Chulbur sir?

Stop worrying about Chulbul sir!

You should be worrying
about the goons.

He's Kung-fu Pande.


Serve him tea.
- Yes.

Leave me.

- Stop, Pappu. Stop.


What are you doing here?
- I beg you.

Go up!
- Run!

Go, leave.


Quiet! Quiet!

Come on!

Who's calling?
- Mother.

Then answer it.
- Okay.

Hello, aunt. Greetings.

Chulbul Pande speaking.

He's a rascal, sir.



See you again.
- Thank you. See you, sir.

- Yes, uncle.

You didn't tell me your mother's name.

- My son. My child.

Mr. Gupta.
- Yes.

Thank you very much.

You saved my son's life.

No need for that.

He enjoyed a lot.
- Yes.

Mr. Gupta.
- Yes.

The attaché case looks hold.

Hand it over to Mr. Chaubey.

There's money in it.

I know. One million.

You can pay the killer.

But not the saviour.

Right, mommy.

Yes of course, give it.

Haven't you heard his name?

Robin Hood Pande.

The real Social Worker!

He's not a rascal like you.

You can send detectives after me..

..but you can't appoint a
bodyguard for the child. - Quiet.

I will expose all your
wrong deeds. - Quiet.

I will defame you in the society.
- Here, take it.

Mr. Chaubey,
I think this isn't myjurisdiction.


Let's go.
- I'd rather break your head.

Sir, press.

Mr. Pande,
you created a sensation in Kanpur.

I think we're going to have fun.

Of course, definitely you will.

Sir, we want to ask
you a few questions.

So that was Chulbul Pande,
alias Robin Hood Pande.

I think Kanpur has finally
got its share of fearless inspector.

He's said we're definitely
going to have fun.

This is Raina Tripathi,
with cameraman Bablu Tanwar.


Come on.
- Slowly. It pains.


Come on. Get it.

Sir, shall l put this
in Chulbul Pande Welfare Fund.

Do as you please, Mr. Chaubey.

What are you doing, Mr. Sharma?

Locking them up, sir.

I can see that, but why?

So that they don't run away?

- Yes, sir.

That reminds me.

What was it?

If criminals escape
from my police station..

..then to hell with
the police station, and..

To hell with lnspector.

Inspector. Mr. Sharma.

"Swords wielding
and arrows being shot."

"Death shivers in its boots."

"Swords wielding
and arrows being shot."

"Death shivers in its boots."

"All the direction
tremors when l roar."

"When the sinner's in his clutches."

"His breath stops."


"The sky quivers, the earth shakes."

"His footsteps cause earthquakes."


"Evil never crosses its path."

"Sinners are scared of him."

"The weak praise him
and the helpless pray to him."

"Whoever locks horns with him,
regrets it all his life."

"When the sinner's in his clutches."

"His breath stops."

"Kills two with one punch."

"Bashes their head in."

"No one recovers from his slap."

"When fire erupts in his eyes,
it even melts iron."

"When the sinner's in his clutches."

"His breath stops."


See you, Tiwari.
- Jai Hind, sir.

That reminds me how is your son?
- He's fine, sir.

Give him my love.
- Yes, sir.

Such grace.

I think you've gelled
quietly nicely with Kanpur.

I'm a police officer's wife.

I will gel with any place you take me.

Then turn around,
and march towards the bedroom.

It's been ages since l heard that.

By the way,
there are others here from Lalganj.

Do you want me to send them back?

- Chulbul, are you okay?

The news on television
really got me worried.

And I couldn't contact you either.

Everything's fine, papa.

The child's been safely
handover to her mother.

They also rewarded
me with one million.

So l deposited 200,000
in the police welfare fund..

..and the rest in Chulbul
Pande Charitable Trust.

Such a big reward?

It was a big feat.


Roasted groundnuts for you.

Where is Makki?

There he is.

I see.

Let me shower some love on him.


Get up, Makki.

What is it, brother?

Were you sleeping?
- Yes.

You should've told
me that you were sleeping.

I wouldn't have disturbed you.

Oh, brother.

It was such a nice dream.

Why do you trouble the poor guy?

Do you want me to trouble you?
- Yes.

But only after four whistles.

Not yours. The cooker.

So control emotions until then.

Acting smart with me.

Why are you so worried about Nirmala?

Didn't she say she will come back?

She won't come back, sister-in-law?


I told Nirmala that "Brother's
getting transferred to Kanpur".

"We're all going there
so you come along as well."

She said "I won't come".

"l will stay here and
look after my father."

"You stay here as well."

I said "I will look after my father,
not yours".

And we had an argument on this issue.

She asked me to leave..

..and I said "You can go to hell".

"l am leaving" and here I am.

So, can I keep this?



See you.

See you!


See you.

- Yes.

I've brought a Zeus phone for you.

I've heard good reviews about it.

You did the right thing, son.

Now I can trouble you every hour.

You can also listen to music.
Allow me.

That's my favourite.

I'll change it.
- No, no.

It's nice.

Let it play, l'll hear it.
- I see.

See you.
- Okay.

It has a camera as well.
- Camera!

You're forgetting something.

Rajjo, control your emotions.

Father's sitting outside.

He might get a heart-attack.

Thank you.

See you.


Hello, who is this?

Prajapati Pande speaking.

Oh, God. My prince charming.


That will keep papa busy.

Yes, sir.

Sir, we need to go to
the SP sir's office. - Why?

He wants to meet you.

He's an interesting man.
- Can't you hear? Move it.

Move the cart.
- Forgive me, sir..

Politely, Wardi Singh.

Do you talk to your father like that?

Giving the police force a bad name.

Come on.

Let's see how interesting is your SP.

It makes my blood boil.

Let's go.

I really...love pizza.

Allow me, sir.
- Let it be.

I have it twice a week for lunch.

And I don't pay for it either.

Ask how?
- How?

The company states "Delivery
in 30 minutes or free".

They're always 10 minutes late.

Ask how?
- How?

The constable at the
crossroad keeps him busy.


You serve the people..

..so you can take some reward for it.


I'm really pleased
with your kidnapping case.

Thank you, sir.

I've a rule.

Whetherjunior or senior,
when someone does a good job..

..it makes me really happy.

And about me.

In 17 years of my service..

..I've learnt more of what not to do.

So, I work less and
save more of my service.

Right, sir.

There are people like
you in the department..

..and also like me.

Maintain the pressure.

The administration should be proper.

Perfect balance.

Come on. Have some pizza.

You have it, sir.

It's enough for you.

Shiv Balak Verma speaking.

Don't worry, sir.
I am not scared of anyone.

I will surely testify against Baccha.

Yes, sir.
I am coming directly to the court.

Yes, sir. Goodbye.

They killed him!

I told you he will kill you!

They killed him!

They killed Murari's father.

Inspector, what are you doing here?

Go and catch Baccha.

He's the one who killed him.

Go and catch Baccha.

Who does he think he is?

Baccha isn't God!

He cannot seize the temple.

Why can't we go in?

I will go in. Let's see who stops me.

Anyone can try stopping me.

Move. Move aside.
- What?

Why are you creating a racket?

Are you in a hurry?

Can't you see the Lord's busy inside?

It was a mistake. Don't beat him.

I am not beating him,
I'm just talking to him.

This is called beating.
- What are you doing? Don't beat him.

Don't beat him.
- This. Like this.

Why are you creating a scene here?

What if some media
personnel had seen this?

They're always looking
for opportunities.

To defame him.

The veneration ends.

Move aside.

Give some space.


Move aside. Move aside. Come on.

Brother Genda.

There she is.

That one's nice, right grandpa.

This one.

What do you want?

- Let's go, Let's go.

Wonder when she'll
shower some love on me?

Give me some love.

Yes, son.

The job's done.
- Bless you, son.

Now stay out of the
city for a few days.

Fine, brother. We get it.

Respected Mr. Verma.

He was adamant on
testifying against me.

I sent him straight to hell.

This new inspector is quite popular.

He's name is Chulbul Pande.

He rescued the child from
the kidnappers within three hours.

He's been quite a handful in Lalganj.

Right, Radhe.
- Yes, brother.

He uprooted Chedi completely.

We were fortunate to escape.

He's a stubborn police officer,

So what do you want me to do?

Do you want me to retire to Haridwar?

Leave Kanpur forever?

Brother, l was just..
- Yes, l know.

He's more of a businessman
and less of a police officer. - Yes.

He's here to expand
his business in this city.

Let's see.

Whether he's beneficial for me or not.

Hit it.
- Take it. Take it.

Volleyball's the best game..

..strengthen every
police officer's arms.

We'll need to get used to it.


- Yes, Siddiqui.

We're playing cops and robbers.

Sir. Robber cops. Or cops robber.

Sir. These two are Phd
holders in the crime world.

They're dangerous criminals.

They've many cases of loot,
plunder and murder.

But the public are so scared..

..that we don't have a single
witness or evidence against them..

..all because of Baccha.

And they're realised.

Don't blame the people.

The people are not at fault.

Right, Chaubey.

Then we've to give them degree.

Third degree, sir.

Such rascals should be taken
to the banks of Ganga and sacrificed.

Mr. Sharma, a new avatar?

These rascals have been troubling..

..the people and police
for five-six years.

So let's test them.

Can they endure the same
pain they've given others?

Yes, sir.

- Let the police come.

I don't look like a goon, do l?

What's that?

'Gulab Jamun' (Sweets).

That reminds me.

Mr. Tiwari.
- Yes, sir.

You were supposed to
get your hernia operated.

I got it done before
being transferred to Kanpur.

It's better now.
- I see.


Won't you welcome me?

Put it down.

Wait. Public safety.

Hey you.

Come on, get going.

Save me..

Mr. Sharma, careful.

No. No.

God...be with you!

Mr. Sharma.

Why you..


I swear I won't spare you next time.

Don't ever swear.



Mr. Pande.
- Sir, sir.

Mr. Pande.

What does the police have
to say about this incident?

The following are the
details of the incident.

Mr. Sharma received a call..

..and few people
are planning a robbery.

And you killed them.

Look, I am a peace-loving inspector.

Killing is too far-fetched.

I never even cuss anyone.

Right, Mr. Tiwari.
- He's there, sir.

Yes, sir.

Look. Our sir is very generous.

Even the use of truncheons
are banned in the station.

If he wants to slap anyone..

..he makes sure that
he doesn't hit ear. - Yes.

Mr. Pande, what happened next?

We surrounded them and
asked them to surrender.

But they started firing at us.

So we replied.

By opening fire.

You could've arrested them as well.

Why did you have to kill them?

Madam reporter, what do you want?

Some of our police men
could've died in their firing.

And Mr. Sharma would've
been lying shot.


Mr. Sharma, what are you thinking?

I didn't let it happen.
- Yes, sir.

Look, if we lose police men..

..then who will look after all of you.

I want to ask you one last question,
Mr. Pande.

I think that's enough
for such a small incident.

Given to the current
condition of the city..

..we both have work to do.


See you.

By the way, what time will
this be broadcasted on television?

On 9:30. And the repeat at 10:30.

Thank you.

Please, answer our questions.

Sir, one question.

Pandey's saying they are looters.

But he didn't link them to you.

Yes, l noticed that.

As much as l know this inspector..

..I am sure there's a plan behind it.

Anyway, we'll deal with
him when the time comes.

You've become hot news.

That's a good thing.
- Thank you.

- No, sir.

It's good for digestion.

And it's tangy.

I finish a bottle in the entire day.

And to digest that.
- Another bottle.

By the way, both the shooters
worked for Baccha. - Yes.

And they murdered Shiv Bala.
- Yes.

Why didn't you tell this to the media?

Sir, it wouldn't have
given us any result.

We couldn't have reached a conclusion.

We would've been busy
with the proceedings.

It's not that easy for the law..

..to throw criminals
like Baccha behind bars.

You're right.

I've a similar experience.

But there should be pressure
on people like Baccha.

We'll go ahead with
the proceedings, sir.

But I will do it my way.

Like you say.

Maintain pressure.
- Yes sir.

Come, I'll treat
you to some sweetmeat.

This is Banarasi, madam. The red one.

Are we in the fields?
- No, sir. This is the main street.

Incredible lndia!
- Yes.

Find out who's the MLA here. - Right.

My wife's waiting.
- But, sir.

Excuse me.
- Yes.

Can you lend me your cycle?
- Of course.

Thank you.

Sir's taking the cycle.

Mother cow!

Move aside.

Move aside. Make way.

I've been waiting for so long.

It's a police job.

So l got delayed.

There was a cow sitting
in the middle of the road.

But here l am.

Shop all you want.
Take all that you can.

I'm standing right here.


"You're eyes are deceitful."

"Your eyes.."


"You're eyes are deceitful."

"We met just yesterday."

"And forgot all about me today."


"You're eyes are deceitful."

"Why are you so upset with Chulbul?"

"Why don't you listen to me?"

"Why are you after me?"

"Let me go."

"l don't know what
your intentions are."

"l want to give you my heart."

"Ask with a smile and
I'll give up my life."

"We met just yesterday."

"And forgot all about me today."


"You're eyes are deceitful."

"The world's scared of me."

"But l am scared of you, you know."

"Don't try to persuade me."

"Let me go.

"l do know it all."

"l love your grace."

"There's approval in your no."

"We met just yesterday."

"And forgot all about me today."


"You're eyes are deceitful."


"You're eyes are deceitful."

What's wrong?

Couldn't sleep tonight?

Were you missing Nirmala?

Oh, brother.

Even you think l am missing Nirmala.

If that's not true then
you will have to prove it?

I will ask you a riddle.

And if you answer it correctly,
then l will believe you.


Fateh Singh and Banne.


Banne and Fateh Singh.

No, no.

Fateh Singh and Banne and you.

Went into the jungle for hunting?
- For what?

For hunting.

Fateh Singh was killed by a lion.

Banne was blown away by a storm.

Two died in the jungle.

The one left returned from the jungle.

So tell me..
who returned from the jungle?


Who returned from the jungle?

It's a difficult riddle.

It'll take you some time.

Think about it and tell me.

Who returned from the jungle?

He's asked me a difficult question.

- Huh.

Tell me, who returned from the jungle.

What a strange question?

One was eaten up by the lion.

The other got blown away by the storm.

So who was left?

Who returned from the jungle?

Chulbul asked you this riddle.

Why should l answer it?

Fine, don't tell me.

I will find the answer myself.

There was once a
Kaalidas and a Devdas..

..and now there's Makkidas.

Hey. Raise the gates.

It's Baccha's vehicle.
Raise the barricade.

It'll cost you 40 rupees,
you'll have to buy a ticket.

Have you lost your mind?

Here's your 40 rupees.

Tell them Khilawan was
here and he shot at you.


Bajariya police station.

Sir. Forgive me, sir.

It was a mistake, sir.

I will never make
this mistake again, sir.

Forgive me, sir.

Why were you waiting
to learn your lesson..

..only after l rearranged your face.

Wise men call it 'waste of time'.

He will get bail tomorrow, sir.

Who believes in violence?

I know, sir.

Tiwari believes in violence, sir.

Here you go, Mr. Tiwari.
- Thank you, sir.

One more thing, sir.

Do l make his back
red like the buffoon..

..or black like that of a buffalo.

50-50. - Cocktail, sir.

It's going to be fun, sir.

Or sir, how about the same old one?

Between two legs..

What do you think, Mr. Chaubey?

Between two legs better, sir.

Better sir. Go on.

I will tell you everything, sir.

- Yes, sir.

I think he's done.

Order some food for him.

And.. start the proceedings.

Give it.
- Here.

And the rest.


Stop. Stop.

Park at the side, come on.



Fine him too.

Hey. What's going on here?

Don't create a scene for
extracting some extra dough.

We give it anyway.

Here you go.
Give it to your inspector.

Did you get this habit at the brothel?

Better mend your ways.

Otherwise if l resort to my ways..

..you will lose dearly.

Pandey sir, that's the only
way I know to handle the police.

It's an old habit,
I can't leave it so soon.

I suggest that you get used to it.

By the way, the name's Chunni.


That reminds me.

- Yes, sir.

Is Chunni male or female?

Sir, it's female.


Then why is he pretending to be a man.

Ask him to settle down with someone..

..and make him a proud father.

Thank you, sir.

Thank you, Chunni.

And now, the new officer in-charge..

..of Bajariya police station Mr.
Chulbul Pandey..

..will say a few words.

- Yes, sir.

Give it.
- Here you go.

This is a small gift..

..for the better future of
the children of our police officers..

..on behalf of Mr. Chaubey.
- Take it.


And all the policemen and Mr. Pandey..

..will entertain everyone.

"l always do as I please."

"Never listen to anyone."

"l always do as I please."

"Never listen to anyone."

I never do regular duty."

"Sitting in the police station."

"Sitting in the police
station on duty."

"Pandeyji's whistling freely."

"Sitting in the police
station on duty."

"Pandeyji's whistling freely."

"Pandeyji's whistling freely on duty."

"lt's a bad habit.."

"Pandeyji's whistling.. "

Shut up.

"Pandeyji's whistling freely."

"This police officer has
squeezed all the fun out of Munni."

"You'll be left with nothing
if the bird flies away."

"lf the bird flies away."

"l admit.."

"l admit your beauty's enthralling."

"But Pandeyji's on duty."

"He calls me his life."

"He calls me his sweetheart."

"Always up to some tricks."

"He calls me his princess."

"l never get trapped."

"You can demand anything you like."

"Sitting in the police station."

"When Mr. Pandey arrives."

"That's when the beat plays right."

"Goons and ruffians shiver
in their boots and say."

"We'd rather die."

"l never do anything
that doesn't suit me."

"l attack my enemy unalarmed."

"Sitting in the police station."

"Sitting in the police
station on duty."

"Pandeyji's whistling freely."

"lt's a bad habit.."

"Pandeyji's whistling.. "

"Pandeyji's whistling freely."

"Pandeyji's whistling freely on duty."

Glory to - Baccha Singh.

Your love and enthusiasm
has overwhelmed me.

I believe that by making me win..

..you're giving me
a chance to serve you.

I want to live really long.

Not for myself.

But for you.

To serve you.

Glory to - Baccha Singh.

He's a crook, sir.

He's giving a speech
on serving the people.

And his goons are threatening
people for their votes.

That means he's got all
the qualities of a politician.

What do you say, Chaubey?

What about the country?

Country on death-bed, sir.

All kidney fail, sir.

Country on death-bed, sir.

All kidney fail, sir.

No, Chaubey.

There are people like us..

..who are providing glucose
and oxygen to the country.

Yes, sir.

Mr. Avadh Narayan,
our party head is present amongst us.

He will now say a few words.

Here, sir.
- Thank you.

Mr. Avadh Narayan.

Who is this?

Ladies and Gentlemen.

He's an old sinner, sir.

He's the one who gives
crooks licence to be politician.

He's Baccha's guru!

You've lent your support to the party.

Hey! Sit!

Hey! Come here!

If you can't respect
women and children..

..at least respect this 'khadi'.


That's Chulbul Pandey.

He's very arrogant.

I knew that.

I've locked horns with
four police officers till now.

I know how to treat people like him.

Soon we'll have a
nice meeting with him.


Come, sir. - Oh, God!

The generation these
days don't know how to eat.

I still need 12
sweetmeats after dinner.

The doctor said, control
your appetite or you'll explode.

I said fine, as you say.

Now I eat only 1 1.

Wow, what control sir. - Yes.

What's that?


SP Mathur and Chulbul
Pandey are coming this way.

Baccha. I've brought your
special guest, Chulbul Pande.


Find out whether those
people from Rampur..

..have sent the papers
to the lawyer or not.

Otherwise take some men,
barge in his house..

..and point the gun on his head.

Pandey, this is Baccha.

It's okay, SP sir.

You've told me his name.

I'm sure he'll understand who I am.

He's new here.

Give him some time.

Go ahead.

Look, sir.

It's like this,
I always find out who the dancer is..

..before going to the brothel.

How she looks,
how she sways to the beat.

Your full name is Thakur Baccha Lal.

Your father had two more sons.

Chunni and Gainda.

You started out as
a juicer in this city.

Today you're squeezing the city.

Your father, Mr.
Kesari Lal died of dengue.

And your mother.. died in happiness.

You use jasmine oil in your hair.

And you bathe with lifebuoy personnel.

Red powder to brush your teeth.

And underwear, Young lndia no. 90.

The other information
is slightly personal.

You won't be able to hear it,
and I won't be able to say it.

Hey. You're still alive.

Friends. Gracing us
with her presence now..

..is famous singer, Mamta Sharma.
- Forget it. He is just a kid.

What do you call the
animal to whom we throw bones?


And the bigger one?


So what's better?

Should l butt out?

- You will fill me with holes.

And what will happen to you?
- Confuse.


How do l breathe and..

"How could it be?"

"How could you make
chutney without the curry?"

"How could it be?"

"How could you make
chutney without the curry?"

"Me and my darling
were flying in a plane."

"Plane catch fire and
we fall inside the train."

"How could it be?"

"How could you make
chutney without the curry?"

I couldn't endure your humiliation.


Don't get so personal.

It wasn't that bad.

What happened wasn't something small.

Our humiliation means his pride.

And if everyone humiliates us..

..then how will we
thrive in this city.

I didn't say that I've
forgotten what happened.

But sometimes you shouldn't
act in haste but use your mind.

That's exactly how l've
been ruling this place.

But Pandey has shown his colours..

..and I've written
down his name on my list.

Papa. - Yes.

What magic did you cast on mother..

..which I couldn't get off?

At least tell me where you two met.

Don't bore me.

Fine, don't tell
me if you don't want to.

Some other time.

Papa. - What is it?

Are you asleep?

I was saying, if you can't sleep..

..and if you're in the
mood to tell me then tell me.

You won't stay quiet
as long as l don't tell me.

So listen.

Your mother.. - Mother.

I met your mother
in a marriage function.

We bumped accidentally.

The tea-tray fell on me as well.

I was surprised.

I kept staring at her.

But nothing happened there.

Then, I talked to your aunt in Patna.

She talked to your mother.

And then your mother finally agreed.

And then when she smiled..




After the marriage,
you left me with my aunt..

..and went to see a movie.

Which movie was it?

Julie or Coolie.

Your mother.. - Papa.

Learn to respect your mother.

You're talking to your father.

You're upset.

You're angry. Mother was right.

Sleeping with you is no fun at all.

I'm going to sleep with my wife.

What did his mother say?

Is that what she said?

Who is calling at this hour?

Hello. - Allah! Prajapati Pandey.

My prince charming.

You're sleeping all
alone on the roof today.

Aasma. Who are you talking to?

Allah! My husband's back.

He's very dangerous. - Hello. Hello.

Better cover yourself with a blanket.

Aasma, you will never mend your ways.

Hello. - l'm disconnecting.

Hello. Hello, Aasma.


Surprising, Pandey.


Rajjo. - Yes.

Where's my watch, Rajjo?

Rajjo. Where's my belt?

Rajjo. Where's the comb?



You're my wife, not a slave.

Whenever l get assertive,
you should rebel. Get it.

Come on, let me leave.

Give it.

Fine, I'll take it myself.

One more.

I'll set a few criminals free today.

Uncle. Uncle, no need to walk.

This car's for you. - Who are you?

We're members of the 'Old
People Service Committee'.

We look after old man.

Come on. - No, l am fine.

Come on, uncle.

Come on.

I said come on.

What is this insolence?

Uncle, this is the way l do service.

Sit confortably.

We'll have a light conversation..

..and then l will drop you home.

What do you mean?

Uncle, your son.

Mr. Chulbul Pandey.

He's terrorized the city.

And respected people
like us don't like this.

See, people who don't have a family..

..or don't love their
family do such things.

Get it.

I am not satisfied.

But what to do?

Brother has tied my hands.

Baccha. I am his younger brother.


Come on, let's go.

What was the urgency, papa?

I was on duty.

You're not the only one
in the police department.

There are other people working there.

Papa. What's wrong?

Our family has finally stablized.

Everything's going fine.

Soon we'll hear the
giggles of children.

Now, goons like Baccha
shouldn't ruin our peace.

Think about what l am saying.

Hello. - Hello.

Is the money transferred?
- Yes, let me see.

Yes, it is.

The money's transferred
quickly this time.

It used to take 5 days earlier.

The money's transferred
within 24 hours.

Great. Thank you. - Okay.

You're walking really
carefully these days.

Let me go.

Don't get so restless. l don't bite.

I heard that your family's
thinking about your marriage.

I've dreamt of making you my queen..

..and you're looking
for a another prince charming.

I swear I will do something drastic.

Let of my hand.

Hurry up.

The chain's acting up.

What's wrong, dear? You look worried.

Nothing, grandpa.

There are too many
mad dogs in the city.

I wonder who will
do something about it.

I spent my life serving this country..

..and it's getting difficult
for me to even breathe here now.

Is this how I am being
repaid for my sacrifice?

Listen.. - Let me speak.

This is my granddaughter Anjali.

She's soon to get married.

And a goon has
threatened to abduct her.

And his name is Genda.

And he's the MLA Baccha's brother.

I.. - No ifs and buts.

Take down my FIR.

Respected gentlemen.

I apologise for all
that you had to suffer.

By the way,
which struggle did you take part in?

The freedom struggle.

So, go home.

Sit on your rocking chair
and arrange for the marriage.

Your struggle came
in handy to you and me too.

Call the bride.




So, master? Why did you stop playing?

The real lover's here for his bride.

Play. - Play you rascals.

Tie the knot.

And ask the groom to
stay away from the bride.

The bride's sweetheart
is here for her.

Why are you here?

Why? What do you want?


Didn't l promise you that
I will abduct your granddaughter?

I beg you.

Move aside old man.

Move! - Grandpa.

Don't make me kill you.

Hey, leave her. - Leave me.

I do the hard work
and you take the reward.

You think it's that easy.

Leave me. Let go of my son.

Someone save her.

If anyone interferes there
will make a massacre here.

Let me go. Grandpa.

Let's go, sweetheart. - Leave me.

Look who is here?

From Bajariya Police Station,
Chulbul Pandey.


Pandey, you know who l am.

I am Baccha's brother.

He rules the city.

I am the witness,
the lawyer and the judge here.

Isn't he speaking too much?

Officers like you bathe my buffaloes.

I think your father
didn't explain you properly.

It's my fault.

I behaved myself.

If l had slapped him a few times..

..you would've received
the right message.

I think brother Genda's
getting to emotional.

He's counting his last days..

..why do you want him
to see your dead body.

I will take this girl along.

And right before your eyes.


Shall I press the trigger?

Surprising, Genda.

You will slap my father.

Abduct the girl.

There's a police station, police.
And there's me.

What did you get out it?

Congratulations for your marriage.

Thank you.

See you.


Wait here.

Papa. You've been
angry for two days now..

..and made me worried.

How would you have felt
if they had abducted the girl..

..from her marriage
right in front of me?

Papa, I don't like hurting you.

But I cannot guarantee
of keeping you happy..

..while doing my duty.

Yes. lf you want.

Then l can quit the police force.

See you.

What's going on, Mr. Mathur? - Baccha.

What's going on?

Whatever happened with
my brother is plain hooliganism..

..and not legal action.

If someone commits a
crime or upholds the law..

..then arrest him.

The court's there to punish him.

You think you can punish him,
kill him.

My brother has been murdered..

..and it will be accounted for.
- Of course.

Of course, Baccha.

I am not denying it.

And I will discuss this incident
with the higher officials.

It will be investigated.

I didn't come here pleading
for investigation or probes.

I came here to tell
you that this is war.

Pandey will now realise
that this is Kanpur not Lalganj.

And I am Baccha Singh, not Chedi.

Baccha Singh

Ba.. - Enough!

Let's go.


They say think of someone
and if he appears before you..

..he's blessed with a long life.

But if l think of someone
and he appears before me..

..then he doesn't live for long.

Start counting your days, Pandey.

You're going through a bad phase..

..and you're asking
me to count the days.

You're a big player, aren't you?

So l will play a bigger game with you.

I will make your plight such that..

..you will regret that
you were transferred to Kanpur.

Here's a small advice.

Drop that thought.

Whether I do or not..

..but you will surely regret
I was transferred to Kanpur.

This is your friend Jugal
Sharma from 97.4 Kanpur.

Today we will talk about
fearless police officer..

..Chulbul Pandey,
alias Robin Hood Pandey.

His arrival has filled the
air of Kanpur with new freshness.

Goons and ruffians are in a jeopardy..

..and evil-doers
are counting their days.

For the first time,
people believe in a police officer..

..more than themselves.

Papa, eat your dinner.

We've a call, Ms. Prabha and..

..she would like to say
something about Chulbul Pandey.

Yes, Ms. Prabha. Please go ahead.

Finish all the bread.

These days you eat less. - Okay.

Go get some more bread.

Right away.

And people call him Chulbul
Pandey alias Kung-fu Pandey.

Tell me one thing.

Do you ever do anything?

You never sleep?

Every woman in the
world regrets that..

..their husband fall
asleep after a tired day.

And you're the first
wife who regrets..

..that her husband never sleeps.

Better mend your ways, Mr. Pandey.

You're soon to be a father.

And what if I don't?

Then l will leave you and go away,
to my father.

Your father sacrificed
his life for your happiness..

..so will you repay him with tears?

Surprising, Mrs. Pandey.

"Love has bound us in this union."

"My heart beats just for you."

"My heart skips a beat."

"When you said this."

"l will spend my
entire life with you."

"l've made this promise to Lord."

"Love has created this union."

"My heart beats just for you."

"When your eyes.. "

"Don't talk to me."

"l swear feel lifeless."

"How can you.."

"Feel lifeless."

"l wouldn't have existed without you."

"You are me are one."

"l'm in love with you."

"lt will keep growing."

"l've promised that to Lord."

"Love has created this union."

"My heart beats just for you."

"My life-long companion."

"l'm the light and you're the lamp."

"Our future looks bright."

"Even the stars are out..
to admire my sweetheart."

"Let me take you in my arms,
save you from them."

"Let go."

"Come closer."

"l admit defeat."

"l promised that to Lord."

Mrs. Pandey,
continue your medications..

..and come back again in
a month for another check-up.


Mr. Pandey,
you need to take care of her now.

That reminds me.

As my personal friend and doctor..

..I want to ask you a question.

Go ahead.


How long?

Seven months.

Do you want to ask anything else?

Are you sure?

Are you satisfied now?

Shall we go?

We were worried for no reason.

Let's go. - Thank you, doctor.

We'll take your leave.
- Okay, Mr. Pandey.

You're holding me so tight.

Are you feeling cold
or will you fall down?

What did the doctor say?

It's good news.

Let's go home and I will tell you.

Chulbul. - Yes, sir.

Hello, Mr. Mathur. - Bless you, dear.

I need to talk to you.

Yes, sir.

Chulbul. l've put in
a request for your transfer.


Look. I know scoundrels like Baccha.

They are lowly people.

They can do anything.

They don't think.

You're a family man.

You've a father, a brother.

And soon you will become a father.

Just think.

If anything happens to you..

..what will happen
to these poor souls?

Do you understand?

Thank you.

I will think about it.

Look. I am taking
my medicines one time.


You're back, Chulbul. - Yes.

Papa, please sign here and here.

What is this, Chulbul?

Sign it.

What is this?

Papa, I got myself insured.

What? - I got myself insured.


Yes, papa.

And you're the nominee.

What are you thinking, son?

I'm a police officer.

Anything can happen at anytime.

Why do you think like that?

Stop worrying about me.

Don't consider me your weakness.

Your father's still strong enough..

..to deal with 100 such Bacchas.

Papa, wasn't that a little too much?


You can deal with
the ones that escape me.

If mother had seen this,
it would've been really nice.

What did you say?
- You're getting me wrong.

What did you say?
- I am not praising Chulbul Pandey.


I will deal with you. - Useless.

Get up.


You should behave properly
with the party-workers.

After all,
they work for us day and night..

..and have some expectations with us.

Baccha Singh, in politics..

..you've to think beyond
happiness and sorrows. - l see.

My brother died just a few days ago..

..and I am here to attend the meeting.

What else do you want me to do?

And that lowly party-worker
was praising Pandey.

Baccha Singh,
why don't you understand?

The red carpet's
being laid out for you.

It's time to reap the harvest.

Control yourself.

What do I do?

Call the media and
praise Pandey's actions.

And say that my brother
was a rascal and a pervert.

And say that he deserved this
for his lowly and cheap actions!

Should l say that?

Say it.

Say that to the media.

I fully support the police's actions.

If any goon behaves
like this with a girl..

..then he should
face such consequences.

Even if he's the MP, MLA or CM's son.

He was my brother, and l feel
ashamed and unfortunate about it.

So that means you're saying Mr.
Pandey was right.

Yes. Of course.


I want to congratulate
Pandey for his actions.

Are you giving this statement
for political mileage?


Just because l gave you some
respect and said a few words..

..you're taking advantage of it.

What are you doing?

Stop it.

Baccha sir.

Not for political mileage,
I'm doing it for my peace of mind.

Thank you. Go.

Hey. Tea for me and tiger
biscuit for Chulbul sir.

Sir. Baccha.

Pandey. Just a few more days.

Once the elections are over,
after that..

..I will settle your score properly.

Let me give you a free advice.

I've already insured myself.

You should do it too.

You too Chaubey.

You'll be useful even after you die.
- Yes, sir.

By the way, what did he want?

Two slaps, sir.

I don't understand this game now.

A lowly police officer
kills my brother..

..and we give statements praising him.

If this is what we
need to do for politics..

..then l cannot do it!

I cannot do it!

I am not saying anything.

And what can l say?

Because I don't understand a thing.

Why do you look worried?

What do I say, papa?

I dreamt about my father.

What did he say?
- He didn't say a word.

He was running after
you with a stick..

..but he thrashed me.

Why did he thrash you?

Because I interfered to save you.

By the way,
I am happy that you were safe.

What are you thinking now?

I always dreamt that
someday you will respect me.

And now you respect
me even in your dreams.

All thanks to God.

I love you, papa.

5 kilos of flour.

And..Anything else?

5 litres of sugar as well. - Yes.

5 litres of su..

We sell sugar in kilos not litres.

Guess your wife hasn't returned yet.

You're missing her.

I don't think about her now.

Now all I think about now
is who returned from the jungle.

Jungle.. - Put it in my account.


Pray to Hanuman and all
your problems will be solved.

Whose bag is this?

Sister-in-law. - Yes.

Who's here? - Remember, I told you..

..that my aunt's
daughter Shobha's coming.

I see.

Sister-in-law, l am really hungry.
Serve the food quickly.

Yes, sit down.

Shobha. - Yes, sister.

Give him something to eat, please.

Sister-in-law. Just a minute.

Your aunt's daughter looks
a lot like Nirmala, doesn't she?

Shobha? No?

Nirmala's complexion is wheatish..

..and she also has big eyes.

Yes, l see.

You haven't called in a month.

Are you in love with someone else?

Do you visit the brothel?



Brother, open the door.

How did you know
that l just fell asleep?

Open the door.


Go ahead.

Brother, l returned from the jungle?

Any problems on the way?
- No, brother.

So now? - Good night.

Did you tell papa?



Why come visit me for two days?

Just to trouble me.

And why train to be a teacher?

After the training l will get a job.

And earn money.

We'll soon have children.

Their education, future..

..we have to look after that.

I am there for that.

I don't deny that.

I want you to just
love me and I will work.

Look after yourself. - Okay.

My job's sending
people to the hospital..

..but I will take you
to the hospital myself.

Do one thing.

Send me a picture
of yours through MMS.

Okay, catch you later.

Makkhi's just flown into the station.

Behave properly with him. - Okay.

Brother, l want to do something.

I want to be someone.

I want to be a police
officer and be like you.


Say that again.

I want to join the police
force and be successful like you.

Do something.

Makki, one needs to be enthusiastic,

..dedicated and intelligent
to be a police officer.

I am filled with these qualities, sir.

Just give me a Chance.

Makkhan Prajapati Pandey..

..won't give you a
reason to complain. - Okay.

Fine, then your training begins today.

I will tell Tiwari to
teach you work discipline.

Yes, sir.

Salute comrade Makkhi.

Get it, Tiwari. - Yes, sir.

First, l will provide him
with DIG level information..

..and then send him to camp.

Well done, Tiwari.


He was right here. Where did he go?

Give me your full name.

Ramsukh Pasi.

Father's name. - Gangaram Pasi.

Place of incident. - Babupurwa.

Time. - Morning, between 10 and 11.

Sir, please do something.

Do you suspect anyone?

Sir, l've a good
relation with everyone.

I don't know how all this happened.

Get up



How many people were present?

He's now Makkhanchand
Prajapati Pandey.

I like it.

Do you suspect anyone?

Makkhanchand Prajapati Pandey.
- Yes, sir.

Any plans for tonight? - Nothing, sir.

How about a bash with your
elder brother? - Okay, brother.

"When I stretch my body."

"l can hear sighs
coming from the road."

"My gait.. creates a uproar."

"Everyone looks charmed by me."

"My photo."

"Stick my photo..
to your heart with Fevicol."

"With Fevicol."

"l am ready.."

"l am ready and willing."

"Woo me with a miss call."

"Stick my photo..
to your heart with Fevicol."

"Sway away."

"Keep swaying."

"Sway with fun."

"Keep swaying."

"Sway with the intoxication."

"Fall in love with
the daughter of grapes."

"You'll forget all advices
with just a quarter of it."

"The drinker will enjoy life."

"This alcohol gives
you a kick with just water."

"Come sweetheart,
let me show you heaven."

"Let me set this cold water on fire."

"The entire country's.."

"The entire country's your slave."

"l am a tandoori.."

"l am a tandoori chicken."

"Gobble me down with alcohol."

"Stick my photo..
to your heart with Fevicol."

"People say I am tasty like butter."

"l'll cut your heart out."

"My youth's sharp like cutter."

"My grace makes anyone faint."

"Better keep the shutter
of your eyes closed."

"People of the city
are waiting for you."

"Waiting for you."

"Your waist rocks the
district of the state."

"But the story.."

"But this is old story."

"But still.."

"But still l will stick your
photo on my heart, with Fevicol."

"My gypsy with siren's ready."

"Ride it away with petrol."

"With petrol."

"Stick my photo.. to your heart."

"Stick my photo.."

"With Fevicol."

"l will flirt around with baby doll."

"l will woo this
girl with a miss call."

"With a bat and ball."

"With the cinema hall."

"With marriage hall."

"With over all."

"l will stick your photo on my heart,
with Fevicol."

"Stick my photo.. to your heart."

"Stick it with.."

"Stick it with Fevicol."

Oh no!

Handover the urn to him.

Please leave.

This poster's fine.

Just the emblem should come up here.

Go. - Yes.

The money's going to the party.

Send the money by evening.


You didn't go for the oblations.

Brother, the rally's tomorrow.

So l sent uncle along.


Genda was your brother.

Wasn't he your brother?

Did you do any duty as his brother?

You just performed the final rites,
lit his pyre.

Was that all your duty.

Brother, you raised
me with such love and care.

I never missed father.

But I miss him today.

If father had been alive
then Pandey would've been dead.

Baccha Singh, what's going on?

The high-command's coming
on a visit next week.

And we aren't prepared.

You didn't attend
yesterday's meeting either.

If you can't handle the responsibility
then vacate your post.


Your responsibility will
be given to someone else.


That will take time.

Written on paper.

I'll have to think of a reason.

Will this do?

Get lost!

Rajjo. Have your lunch properly.

I'll be late.
We'll have dinner together.

Listen. Please take me to the temple.

I want to pray.

Makkhi will take you to the temple.

I didn't marry Makkhi.

Always Makkhi.

If you couldn't spare
time for your wife..

..then why did you marry me?

You're getting angry for no reason.

Come on, l'll take you along.

Forget it, l will go with Makkhi.

I see.

Siddiqui, I will come post lunch.

Your sister-in-law's
cleaning my clock.


See you.

Come on.


You're my husband. - Great.

Not my slave. - Wow

That was a thrilling performance.

If my stubbornness hampers your work..

..then you should scold me.

Come on.

Give it.

I'm really busy.

Answer my prayer soon.

Let's go.

So what did you pray for?

I said make me an uncle soon. - I see.

And what did God say?

He said it will take
as long as it normally takes.

I see.

So you're discussing
about junior Chulbul.

Brother Makkhi.

What are you doing?
- Leave me. Leave me.

Expecting a heir after
killing one of mine.

Don't touch her.
I said don't touch her.

Pandeji your wife has given birth to a very beautiful baby.





This is called settling the scores.

Brother as principal
sum and child for interest.

We couldn't save your child.


Surprising, Mr. Pandey.

That rascal killed my son.

I'm very upset, Mr. Pandey.

Teach Baccha Singh a lesson..

..so he realises
what l've lost and who.

I promise you.

After today Baccha Singh and family..

..will never have a heir.

Hello. - Baccha sir.

Chulbul's coming.

What to do?

Today you'll realise..

..why I shouldn't have
been transferred to Kanpur.

Baccha sir, I suggest that let's
not get into this mess right now.

That Pandey's very dangerous.

We'll take some time and
deal with him properly some day?

Does it look l can wait
any longer to kill Pandey?

It will happen today.

It has to happen today.

You are right.

It has to happen today.

My conscience's saying the same thing.

Pandey will die today..

..and we'll also perform
his oblations at this very bank.

We'll shred him to pieces.

We'll make mincemeat out of him.

Just sit down comfortably
and watch Pandey's death.

Today we'll make
his plight such that..

..he will regret being born.

And why did I lock horns with Baccha.


Mr. Pandey. Did that hurt?

Prepare for his final rites.

I'll go say thanks to God.

Such a pious person
should meet God personally.

See. l told you that
Pandey's very dangerous.

But you didn't..


Hit only as much as you can endure.

Didn't you hear what
I was telling your brother?

Don't relieve him, Pandey.

If he stays alive he'll stay in news.

The law will stay in news.

You see, the pressure
should be maintained.

Come on.

Handcuff me.

Arrest me. - Handcuff him.

Let's go quickly. - Let's go.

Let's show him our hospitality.


This is just temporary.

I will come back.

And then l will snatch
everything from you one by one.

I will show you the
dreadful face of death.

That's Baccha's promise.

That reminds me.

You've made my wife suffer.

Pandey. You've made a mess.

You should've have warned
me before relieving me.

Didn't you hear what he was saying?

How long will I have to deal with him?

Don't I have other things to do?

I'll lock horns with
someone else if I have to.

He'll love it and so will I.

Siddiqi, thank you. - Thank you sir.

Who filled you with holes?

It wasn't me.

Baccha Singh did this to him, sir.

Jai Hind. - You're here.

He's useful. Take him to the hospital.

Ask him where Baccha
had hidden his treasure.

And if he doesn't tell
then fill him with more holes.

So, Mr. Mathur.

Can Kanpur breathe
a sigh of relief now?

You rid us of this sinner.

I want a holiday.
I want to take your wife out.

I will make you uncle.

So, Tiwari. How long does it take?

It will take as long
as it normally does.

Chaubey, in my case.

In this case all cases are same, sir.

In this case all cases are same, sir!

Surprising, Chaubey.

Little rascal. Open your eyes.

I am your papa.

And I am your papa's papa.

Your grandpa.

Hey. He looks just
like his grandfather.


Rajjo's father.

Surprising, sir.

You scared me.

He didn't like the compliment either.


Photo. - You!


Why smile?

Here's laughter.

Mother, how's the shirt..


What's your father
doing next to my mother?

Mr. Pandey!

Excuse me.

Prajapati Pandey.

Allah! My prince charming.

Drinking tea all alone.

My heart aches.

Mix me in your life
and I'll be your tea.

Look Aasma. I've a family.

I've son, daughters-in-law.

And now even have a grandson.

This won't do.

Allah! My wretched husband's coming.

Aasma, who are you talking to?

You will never change.
Give me the phone.


Drinking tea all alone.

Give him tea.


Last night l dreamt about mother.
- Mother?


She was asking... who is Aasma?


And she asked me to say this verbatim.

That, if you do like her then..

..you can give her
a place in your heart.

You'll have a support for old age.


Your mother.. - What?

Had a big heart.

Thank you.

Sir, we heard that Chhedi
Singh's brother is looking for you.

Chhedi Singh's brother?

Yes, sir.

Why does he want to dig his own grave?

Have this ice-candy?

I will go put a bullet in him.

"l always do as I please."

"Never listen to anyone."

"l always do as I please."

"Never listen to anyone."

I never do regular duty."

"Sitting in the police station."

"Sitting in the police
station on duty."

"Pandeyji's whistling freely."

"Sitting in the police
station on duty."

"Pandeyji's whistling freely."

"This police officer has
squeezed all the fun out of Munni."

"You'll be left with nothing
if the bird flies away."

"lf the bird flies away."

"l admit.."

"l admit your beauty's enthralling."

"But Pandeyji's on duty."

"He calls me his life."

"He calls me his sweetheart."

"Always up to some tricks."

"He calls me his princess."

"l never get trapped."

"You can demand anything you like."

"Sitting in the police station."

"When Mr. Pandey arrives."

"That's when the beat plays right."

"Goons and ruffians shiver
in their boots and say."

"We'd rather die."

"l never do anything
that doesn't suit me."

"l attack my enemy unalarmed."

"Sitting in the police station."

"Sitting in the police
station on duty."

"Pandeyji's whistling freely."

"lt's a bad habit.."

"Pandeyji's whistling.. "

"Pandeyji's whistling freely."

"Pandeyji's whistling freely on duty."