Daava (1997) - full transcript

Inspector Arjun and his two siblings, Bhishma and Suraj are made targets when they decides to go against a notorious criminal gang who call themselves, 'Chamunda brothers'. The gang first kill Suraj when he attempt to expose their unlawful activities and then they attempt to split Arjun and Bhishma over their family properties, so that the gang can easily take advantage of the brothers enmity for each other by killing them at the right time.

Billa here

Billa why are you looking
stright, look at the right.


We have seized all the dens
of Aslam and Billa.

All his business and his men
are under our control.

Chamunda brothers have
made a name, brother.

Entire Mumbai shudders at the sight of these brothers.

The best thing will be when
Aslam and Billa's right hand..

..Bhushan will be in our control.

- What is the use brother?
- He is a golden goose.

By confining him we
can find out about the..

..billions of dollar deal that Aslam
was going to do after two days.

But brothers in a short time
to get him out of the police custody

..is not only difficult,
but is impossible.

Chhagan. On this earth the history..

..always repeats itself.

Just go through the pages of
history, you will get the story.

- Inspector Shinde.
- Yes sir.

- Is everything alright?
- Yes sir.

- All arrangements are done?
- Yes sir.

Alright sir...tomorrow
at 7:30am sharp.

- Father please save me!
- Ajay!

Please save me father!
- Welcome minister.

Thanks a lot for handing
over Bhushan to me.

Leave my son!

We will surely leave him
but after the task is over.

Did you forget that according to your promise
you have us get across the border?

I know it..that is why
I got the car along.

Very good.

Whoever you are..

..just remember that you cannot
play with the law time and again.

Minister such is our relation with the law.

By arresting Bhushan
the law had made us helpless.

And to free him, we have
made the law powerless.

Please hand over my son.

What is the hurry minister?
Till such time..

..we all don't cross the border..

..you and your son shall
be in our custody.

Are you alright?
- Yes papa.

Inspector Arjun.

Valorous people like you
are the strength of the law.

Keep the good work.
- Thank you, sir. Thank you very much.

Brother.. I'm very sorry to
hear about Jagan's death.

I'am also very sad.

But the inspector who killed him
is alive yet.

He will also died brother.

To live and die
is the doctrine of our business.

But the regret is only
of one thing.

We still haven't got hold

.. that rascal Bhushan
for whom Jagan gave up his life.

Bushan was one of your enemies.

Yes he was, but we
caught him alive..

..then it would have been
very beneficial for us.

Because he wasn't
a man but a Gold mine.

But that inspector ruined
our entire plan.

Brother if you say the
that inspector.. - No.

..not yet.
This is not the time.

It is the guideline
of our business that..

..keep doing your work silently.

And hide yourself from all,
as far as possible.

To raise a hand on
a police man means..

..to come into the limelight.

To kill him we will have
to wait for the right time..

..and the right opportunity.

But brother..
- Chhagan is right.

My I come sir?
- Come in.

There is an important
message for you,..

..the dreaded terrorist
Bhaktawar Singh..

..has escaped from the jail
along with his accomplice.

What? Bhaktawar has escaped?
-Yes sir.

Just 2 days before after
a dangerous encounter Bhishma,..

..had arrested him on the border.

Commander Shakti Singh.
Where is Bhishma?

The humanity cannot be wiped
out even if the man is.

No matter what strategies
are planned by the devils.

So says this earth and
so does the sky..

The savior of righteousness
is the greatest.

Whenever the Satanic
rule will encourage..

..injustice and inmorality.

And then will arrive
the destroyers ot he evil.

And this is a challenge.

Bhaktawar..Jagawar has helped
you evade the arrest.

You would have barely managed
to make two ends meet..

..even if you served for you entire life.

This reward of Bhaktawar
filthy rich sepoy.

You haven't done a great favor
by giving this money.

Bhaktawar..don't waste your time
in these useless talks..

Hereafter also you
might require me.

Hey you, I give money
and get my work done.

If not you then some other
colleague of yours will do.


Attention everybody.
Put of the fire.

Throw the lights.



I made a mistake.
Please forgive me.

You keep this but
please leave me.

Inspector Jagawar..
looking at your face.

Today Bhishma hates both the law

and the protectors of the law.

I don't want to hear any
of your explanations Bhishma.

Sir I..- Do you know how many
blunders you've made?

The first mistake..

..that without the orders
of the Platoon commander of the reigment..

..you started off to finish
Bhaktawar and his gang.

If I waited for the orders then
I'd have lost one day of leave.

Second mistake was that you
shot at, inspector Jagawar.

Sir, that inspector had helped
Bhaktawar to escape.

Shut up!
- He was bribed by Bhaktawar.

Just shut up!

By killing a security officer
you have become a murderer Bhishma.

If a protector of the nation kills a traitor
and is the branded as a criminal..

... then I do no respect such a law.

Even if I had got him alive to you

..then your lethargic legal
laws would have tried him..

..for years and would have
acquitted him as an innocent.

Then you are suspended.
For two months.

I do not mind sir.

And you can go now.
-Thank you very much.

Major, you had been asked to report,
what is the matter?

Nothing just that my one month's leave has
been extended to two months.

Now I will coolly go to my village
and enjoy my mother's cooking.

And have fun with my two brothers.

Oh no Bahadur Singh,
this girl is in a bad shape.

She should be reached
to the hospital, come on.

Sister,...please do not worry.

I will take you to the hospital..come.

Come..take it easy.

- My neck. - Come on
out with your purse.

I'm a sepoy.- Keep it
to your police station.

Remove your purse.
- I will remove it, wait.

This has my salary
of the month...oh my neck.

It's a hand or a hammer!

Take this baby.

Oh my neck.

She has taken my entire
salary and given me this.

Tea, sir. - Hasmukh Singh..

Where is Barood Singh?
- Sir..

He comes late as usual.

Where is the comissioner's file?
- He knows it sir.

Has he ever given anything.

Just go away from here.

When Barood Singh comes,
send him to me.

I'm watching since long that
you are pampering him.

Please have the tea,
else it will become cold.

Barood Singh reporting, Sir.

So you are here? You go.

What happened?
I was walking..

..now its not a fault
of a tree falling.

Yes what is the fault of the tree,..

..the fault is of your neck
that it came under it. - Yes sir.

Now will you do one favor?

Will you get commissioner's
file? - Yes, sir.

Then go.
- Yes sir.


Today night there's a New year
Party in the hotel Blue park.

Where there is a drug deal
that is going to take place..

..with one Mr. Robert
who's come from Hong Kong..

..through which you can catch
many big drug dealers.

Hall?! Hall?!

"We are crazy, why are you
scared of the crazy."

"If we have to then lets
love each other my friend.

"What if any one obstructs
us or any one stops us."

"Let us acquaint
ourselves to each other."

"Just hear what this heart says."

"Now come into my arms."

"How can I agree to you."

"Any thing can happen anytime."

"I fear this big bad world."

"And I also fear a crazy being like you."

"We are crazy now
why fear the crazy?"

"Love as much as you
want we are ready."

"We are crazy now
why fear the crazy?"

"Love as much as you
want we are ready."

"What if any one obstructs
us or any one stops us."

"Let us acquaint
ourselves to each other."

Robert hand me
over that box of drugs.

Search him.

Sir,..Nothing is found on him.

Sir, I have understood
where the box is.


Excuse me!

See, that lane is very dark..

..can you drop me to the end?

Thank you.

I'm very scared of darkness.

Don't you feel..

..that these dark lanes
should have more lights?

Like this.

Remove the money from your
pocket and hand it over.

What if I don't?
- Then I will tear my clothes.

Then? - Then
I will shout loudly.

Then-Then I will
yell and gather a crowd.

And that crowd will beat you up.


After that police will come

Come on hurry up,
handover to me.

No I will have to.

You are a real great item.

What connection do you
- I don't know any Robert.

You are lying.
- No, I'm telling the truth.

Where did you deliver the box?

Which box?

The one which was given to
you by Robert in the New Year party.

No one had given me that box,
but I stole in thinking..

..I'll get some money inside.

But..then I throw it in the gutter.

Sir, agreed that I'm a petty thief..

..but I have never allowed
anyone to touch me.

Looks like you will believe me
when I kill myself.

What is this nonsense?

If only someone had slapped
me like this long before.

Then probably I wouldn't be
picking pockets on the streets.

Sir, whatever I told you
till now is the truth.

If I was working
with someone like Robert..

..then you wouldn't find me
in these dark lanes..

..but some fantastic hotel or a bungalow.

See you..

.. leave this small
time robbery and..

..get married to some
good person and..

..and settle down.

Will you marry me?

Will you settle down with me?

So..are you shaken sir?

It's very easy to say..

..but difficult to do.

Barood Singh do one thing. - Yes.

Leave this girl
and give her this money.

Give her this too.

Give it me. - Hey you bald fellow stop it.

You will get suffocated.
No child don't cry.


What happened?
- I told you not to do it?

Bunty.. I told you not to.
See my shirt is soiled. Seema!

Suraj...when did you come?

I came when my loving brother was scolding
his son Bunty for wetting his shirt..

.. and was calling out to Seema.

Brother.. Who is this Seema?

I don't know of any Seema.

You are hiding it from
then your brother owns a truck.

And he has traveled a lot.

Now don't hide it from me.
Tell me fast

Told you I don't know Seema.

But tell me what business are you doing?

Of transport.
How's the business doing?

I'll tell you..first take this sweet.

Brother.. I have got a very
large contract of poultry..

..to supply eggs.
- Very good!

I want you to work very hard and..

..excel in the business of transport.

Come on get fresh
..lets eat food and..

..tomorrow we
have to go to our village.

Who's here so late in the night?

I'll see. - Just see.
You refresh yourself.

I... - Are you Seema?

How do you know?
- I not only know you..

..but also your kids
and your husband too.

Meaning..- Have you gone mad?

Please don't believe him
he is mad and talk rubbish.

Please come inside.
- No I must get back..

..I just came to return your money.

You believed me and
made me realize my mistakes..

..that is enough for me. And yes.

..you manage to scare
girls by drinking ale.

I'll tell you something,
I was really scared for a while.

Brother, you said
you don't know any Seema?

You shut up.
- Okay I'll tell her..

..that you got married
to her and kids..

Seema..please listen to me.

What rubbish are you talking?

Not rubbish but connecting your line.

Is this the way to connect
a line? Go from here.

This person is a truck owner.

And he himself is the driver.

I have given him a contract
of supplying eggs at my farm.

Where we supply drugs through the eggs.

When you have given a contract
the chap must be good.

We have many of our own trucks..

..and many drivers too.
Then why do we need him?

No, we do, because
this Suraj is the younger..

..brother of Inpector Arjun.

"We all are crazy people."

"Nobody can recognize us.

"We have come here to entertain everybody."

"In an ecstatic mood
we sing songs of love."

"Hey madam, mister listen."

"The group of friends are
going in a buoyant mood."

"On this shining path,"

"The group of friends are
going in a buoyant mood."

"On this shining path,"

"Hey listen you fair girl."

"We have come to this town."

"Its our age for fun and frolic."

"Neither we have worries
nor any fear."

"Its our age for fun and frolic."

"Neither we have worries
nor any fear."

"Lets have some frolic
and get some money.

"It will be great fun."

"We all are crazy here."

I feel very happy when all
my 3 sons are with me.

Brother why don't we
all stay together in the city?

We sell off all this land
and lead a peaceful life.

Idiots are like you, who sell
off the ancestral property..

..and live a life
in a strange city.

I'll die but, but never
sell off my ancestral property.

You say you never get angry
on your younger brother.

I just joked and
you just pounced on me.

Never make a joke like this ever.



What is it? - Sir..

..I hope not you too.

Did you have also it? - Yes sir.

Once I fell in love with
a girl from Kolhapur.

Sir...She asked me to meet.

What did I know
that her father was a wrestler..

..he lifted me 3 times and dropped me..

..and the fourth time he said..

..that I will bury you here itself.

Barood Singh reporting sir.

Sir, I will go. But do
you remember what I said?

Yes, please go.
- Thank you sir.

What is the time?
- It's 12.

12 o'clock - Yes sir.

Is this police station or a theater?

Sir, some one gave you this letter.

Sir..when the person
loses sleep in the night..

..and so also the peace of mind.

Which means that she is in love.

Same are my feelings for you.

If you have a little
sentiment for me.

Then come to meet me
at Banjara Hills at 4pm. Seema.

The loss of sleep and peace
of mind means one is in love.

And same are my feelings for you.
If you love me..

"You are in my heart."

"You are in my heart."

"You are my life and my desire."

"You are in my heart."

"You are my life and my desire."

"You are in my heart."

"You are in my heart."

"Agreed my sweethart
you are cross with me."

"But listen to what
my heart has to say."

"Your heart is agreeing."

"But your lips say a no."

"I liked your style."

"There are many beautiful girls."

"But for me only you are the one."

"You are in my heart."

"You are in my heart."

"Agreed my sweetheart
you made a mistake."

"And this was one of my styles."

"How can exist getting angry on you."

"I won't be able
to live away from you."

"My entire prestige is in your care."

"You are in my heart."

"You are in my heart."

"You are my life and my desire."

"You are in my heart."

"You are in my heart."

"You are in my heart."

"You are in my heart."

Come on load the goods fast.
I don't have time.

Come on uncle..don't be
lazy enter my name.

Hey I'm doing your work.

I hope you won't make
me sit here whole day.

Let me do my work.
-I don't have time.

I have to go to meet my brother.

And tell me where have I to deliver the goods.

Same to Chandni Chowk.


Powder.. So what, you are working
since so long haven't you seen?

Are you blind? Take it.

That I will surely but,
to the police station.

Stop that scoundrel.
Don't let him go.

Wait,..don't kill him.

He will die...but that time..

..when he will be beneficial
for us by his death.

How can his death be
beneficial to us?

Its a very old story Madan.

There was a village
surrounded by thick forests.

In that jungle two dogs had
created terror instead of tigers.

The dwellers of that village were scared of
passing through the jungle.

Once..there came a clever
hunter in that village..

..he came to know about
the terror of those dogs.

The hunter was unarmed
and set of with a dry bone.

As soon as the dogs
came in front of him..

..he threw that dry bone
in between the two.

After that..the bone broke
all the relations between the two of them.

We understood brother.

Now go and search
that other dog Bhishma..

..and the dry bone is here with you.

Here comes the rogue who can turn to a lie..

..and also a lie into a truth.

What is he doing in our village?

-Hey you city dweller.

You come here,
as you I will not come to you.

What is it?

Can you tell me
where does Bhishma stay?

Who are you?
- I'm a friend.

At this time he is not at home.

He will be in the godown..
at the end of the lane..

..on the backside is the godown.

Thank you.

What is this man doing in the village?

Mangal Singh...horse from Kathiawad..

..there is something fishy.

Bhishma...- Who is it?

Who is remembering me
early in the morning?

Is your name Bhishma?

There vill be many....in this world.

I'm that Bhishma who is
identified by Suraj and Arjun.

Then I'm in the correct place.
Arjun sent me.

Arjun sent you, then
why didn't you tell me?

Why are you standing out.
Come and sit here.

How are Arjun and Suraj,
are they allright?

They are not okay.

That is why I had to come here.

Don't talk in riddles,
tell me soon what happened?

Are they in trouble?
- Looks like you are naive.

That is why I have
my sympathy with you.

I don't have courage to relate what I'm..

..going to looking at your innocence.

But what to do my profession do it.

If you talk in riddles
I will break your head.

Tell me what is the matter?

Arjun has asked his share
of from the ancestral property.

Scoundrel..are you drunk?

You lawyer dare you
talk this about my brother!

The sun my rise in the west but
my Arjun can never do such a thing.

My brother cannot act so demeaning.

You are lying.
- What is the need for me too?

My profession is law.

If you don't pay heed to my request then..

..he will have to go to court.

What rubbish are you
talking about my brother?

You scoundrel.

You won't agree till I pull out your tongue.

Then do it!
- Stop it you two.

I'm just acting on his behalf
he has sent me here as a lawyer.

What do I know about the
feud between you two brothers.

If you don't believe it then see.

Look at this..
.. this is the summon.

And here is the notice. Hold it.

Mangal Singh this is right opportunity.

A step brother remain a stepbrother after all.

He is my flesh and blood my own.

Whom should I tell,
that my son is a defector?

Probably the fault lies with me.

Hey you city dweller...
with Bhishma?

You said that Bhishma is your friend.

How did this turn into an enmity?

What have you got to do?
- I have it..

The willage dweller Mangal Singh..

..One piece horse from Kathiawad,

So what can I do?

I haven't unterstood one thing..

Arjun who was devoted to his brother Bhishma..

..has changed or has been changed.

What do you know about Arjun?

I know him very well.

Both respect me a lot.

I have to avenge
an old deal with Bhishma.

Sir, if you get togheter with me..

..then Bhishma can be ruined.

- How is that? - Look here..

..Bhishma thinks of me as his friend..

..then I'll take advantage
of that friendship.

What are you trying to say?

Sir..its an era of inflation..

..and by becoming a traitor
On can gain a lot of prosperity.

Then it is not termed
as betrayal. Understand?

You look like a gunk but
are a clever plotter.

This is what I wanted
to make you understand.

I'm that even an ant can.

..make a biggest elephant
fall on the ground.

Come with me.

Oh my God...Mangal Singh..

..you have come
to the right place.

Looks like your luck is shining upon you.

I have come to Mumbai many times..

..but never seen such a extravaganza.

This is a theatrics.

So he is that sample.
-Hey sir..

I'm not a sample...
But mangal Singh.

One piece horse from Kathiawad.

Madan..have you explained
to him what he has to do?

I understand everything..
you mean that..

..I have destroy the entire family in one shot.

Then think that the family is destroyed.

Think it once again Mangal.

On one hand is the
intelligent Arjun and..

..on other hand is the iron man Bhishma

What is there to think?

So what if Arjun is a police officer..

..I have seen him growing since childhood..

Only Bhishma is the one
who has the real wealth..

If it wasn't for the that.

The he wouldn't have been
anywhere near me.

Now that Bhishma will know.

What is Mangal.

Mangal Singh? - Yes, I went to your..

..police station..there I
came to know you are at home..

..so I come here.

What is the matter?

You come and have your food,..

..or else after hearing me
you will not be able to eat.

What happened?
What all hasn't.

You are such a big police
officer, but very naive.

You are such a big police
officer, but very naive.

..but now my conscience
has dragged me here.

I don't want that you should..

What happened to Bhishma?

Where is your brother Bhishma..

He used to lavish affection
on you and your brother.

But for the property he
has changed his stance. - Mangal!

You don't know Arjun..

..this greed for property is such.

Once that greed enter ones mind..

..then that breaks
all the relations.

And as it is Bhishma is
not your real brother.

After all he is a step brother.

By calling Bhishma a stepbrother,
you have managed to break

..all old relations
now if you utter one more word..

..the I'll break you to pieces.

Beat me as much as you like.

I came to you thinking
of you as my close kin..

..go and save your brother Suraj.

What happened to Suraj?
Tell me the truth.

The division of property
is there is every house.

But no brother snatches
any brother's share.

I have heard Bhishma
saying that..

..that he will kill Suraj.

But will not part with the
third share of the property.

I'm telling you that
he will ruin you both.

You both are step brothers.

You are talking about
the share to Arjun..

..you scoundrel.

I know Arjun very well..

Get out of here.

Dare you come here with
your rotten tongue..

..You donkey from Kathiawad.

Arjun is not only my brother
but my life he is the light of my house.

What of property..I can give my life for him.

I knew it, that truth
will thing Bhishma

..many times light of the
house can put the house afire.

My name is Mangal Singh
..from Kathiawad I'll see you.


It is your bad luck
that you are the younger brother

..of inspector Arjun
who killed my brother Chhagan.

After dying today
when go to God tell him..

..never to make you Arjun's brother
in any of your rebirths.

Or else you will get killed by Chamunda
every time like this.

Very good....Mangal Singh.

Horse from Kathiawad.

In my childhood my mother told
me that an astrologer..

..predicted that
I have a astrologer right?

Yes, Mangal Singh.

The astrologer was right.

But one of your job is still
remaining Mangal Singh.

That will also be done.

Why are you worried
when I'm there.

Let me enjoy this
royal treatment.

That you have to for your
entire life. Mangal.

First do this job.

Hey you.. if anyone disturbs
me while eating..

..then I don't like it.

Now this is an important job
hence I will do, understand.

- This is Mangal Singh.

Yes Mangal, struck..

Everything ruined,
I told you ..

...before that Bhishma
has gone crazy.

If you want to save
your brother then..

..go to the garde
of Danapur and see him.

Over..your job is done.

Now let me eat. Yes.

No Mangal...another small
job is left as yet.

Surely the astrologer told your mother
that you have royal fortune

... in your luck.

But he forgot to tell
you mother probably..

..that you are destined
to die enjoying the same.

What are you doing?

Suraj! Look here
your brother Arjun! Suraj!



By killing my brother you have
proved that. - What? Suraj?

Don't try and act come with me.

You are fighting here and there..

..your brother's coffin is waiting.

Light the pyre Bhishma.
- Wait.

I will light the pyre.

I will not let those hands light the pyre,
who have killed Suraj.

Who has hands full of blood
that I know very well. - Arjun!

I can answer that too.

But at the moment I want
to light my brother's pyre.

Don't call him your brother.
You are the murderer.

Look has this..tornado created..

...any less a havoc in
my house than this storm?

This darkness is not only
outside but in our hearts.

In such a stormy night..

..when your father left
me alone in this world.

I embraced my three
kids and thought..

..that my kids will make
my abode into a heaven.

And will get me out of this sorrow.

But..today the same sorrow..

..has become a bane in my life.

My innocent Suraj has parted away from me.

The light of the pyre is not yet over..

..mother's tears too haven't
stopped flowing.

And you all have already
murdered my belief in you.

You both are thirsty
for each other's blood?

Mother, if a man is
thirsty with greed..

..then he can murder any
amount of relations.

You are right it is the greed that made..

..you kill your brother.

I did not murder Suraj but you can do
anything to fulfill your dirty plans.

- Have you gone mad Bhishma?

Not me mother
but he has gone crazy.

He has killed Suraj.
- Not me but you have killed him.

You ask Mangal Singh
he was the witness.

No Mangal Singh.

That lawyer will give evidence
regarding your since.

As you had asked for your
share in the property

Lawyer! Division, now what
is this new plot of yours?

Why are you two brothers
in the dark, who is this Mangal Singh?

And who is this lawyer?

Some one has made you a victim
of their dirty scheme.

Just think..when Suraj was
even in a little distress..

..you both would be so tormented.

Can any of you ever kill
someone who wante..

..to ruin our entire family.

Bhishma you are the eldest,
you should understand.

I'm able to understan that
this entire master plan..

..is of that Mangal Singh
and that lawyer.

Those two cannot
escape my wrath anymore.

I swear on you mother,
I kill Suraj's murderers.

No brother. The law
will punish the guilty not you.

The revenge in the brother's
death cannot..

..wait for the law to
take its own course.

Hey, this man is coming
here..be careful.

Do you know him?
- This is Suraj Sir.

He has not come here since long.

Don't try and act smart.

You know it wey well
that he was murdered.

Sir, but swear on God
I know anything about him.

But I wll find out, on the 10 of this month..
Suraj was murdered.

I just want to know that that day
who was here on duty.

We two were there sir. And...

..there were 5 drivers,
and Suraj was included in it.

Where are the rest 4 drivers?

Call them I want to enquire with them.

Where will we search for them sir?

Hey..before I reach
back the police station..

..they should reach there, it is clear?

Good morning sir.
- Greetings sir.

Shinde, there should be a checking for every
vehicle that passes the Mumbai Pune highway.

No vehicle should pass without
being checked, clear? - Yes, sir.

Sir, the four truck drivers
you had called have come.

Where are they?
- In the lock up.


Tell me, what do you know
about Suraj's murder?

We don't know anything, sir.

Constable...you all go out.

I want to ask them something.

Sir! I want to meet the inspector.

- Sir! I want to meet the inspector.

What is it?

I want to file a report. By when
will the inspector be free?

Leave me!

Sir, don't beat them so much.

Tell me who killed Suraj!

Spare them sir.
Don't be so brutal to them.

If they go to court,
you will be in trouble.

Sir. As per plan, we raided all places..

..but got no clue about the murderes.

We did not even find
any you gave us.

But the Malad police had found
an unclaimed body some days ago.

Whose descripion is very much like Mangal.

Any photo?
- This is that body's photo.

You can go.

Only Mangal Singh could
lead us to those murderers.

But what will I tell Bhishma now?

We tricked inspector Arjun in such a manner..

..that he will never be
able to guess all his life.

How is that?

I killed his brother..

..and created a rift between him
ahd his step brother.

Barood Singh
- Can I speak to inspector Arjun?

Who is calling?

Look, I want to give him some
important information.

I used to wonder how all
our news reaches the police.

This was the only way to nab you.

And finally we..

Hey! Catch her!

Please save me.

If I had not banged into you today..

..then perhaps by now..

Why did this lawyer want to kill you?

He is not a lawyer.

He is Chhagan the brother
of the dons of this city, Chamunda Brothers.

And they only have murdered Suraj.

How can you say
this with such conviction?

Because until now, I have been
working with Chamunda Brothers.

You were forced to work for them? - Yes.

I wanted to avenge
the murder of my family.

A year ago, Chamunda Brothers had killed an inspector.

My father was an eye witness
to that murder.

My father's evidence's could send them to the gallows.

That is why they
not only killed my father..

..but also my mother
and my innocent brother.

To take my revenge I started
working for Chamunda Brothers.

And what information I got,
I secretely passed it on to Arjun.

This will be your last information.

I will take your revenge.

Look, how lucky that dog is.

How close he is to those girls.

If it was us instead of that dog..

..even we'd be that close to them.

We are very unfortunate.

It is we who slog day and night..

..but our boss who has all
the fun with his girlfriend.

You'll see, even our days will come.

Even we will have a good time.

We can never get so lucky.

We are only destined to do
our duty under the hot sun.

What are you two
fools doing here?


But how come you are here?
You quit that job of yours?

I have closed down my business.

Since when?
- Since your boss robbed me.


Our boss robbed you?

That means he can be booked under Section 379

If you like, we can arrest him.

No...no! I am going to arrest your boss.

"You are in my heart,
in my heart beat."

"O my love, I love you."

"You are in my dreams.
I crave only for you."

"You are in my dreams.
I crave only for you."

"O my love!"

"You are in my heart,
in my heart beat."

"You are in my heart,
in my heart beat."

"Despite meeting you often
I crave to meet me."

"I didn't feel like this before.
What feeling is this?"

"This is a new emotion."

'I am bemused. I am in a daze."

"I have heard this is
what love does to you."

"What kind of ecstasy is this?"

"I am totally taken in by you.
I am los in you."

"O my love!"

"You are in my heart,
in my heart beat."

"You are in my heart,
in my heart beat."

"The spell was cast
in the first glance itself."

"I lost my heart to you."

"Gift me your heart."

"After swaying in your loving arms.."

"..even my life sways with joy."

" I gift my heart to you."

"I love you. I am
committing no crime."

"I love you. I am
committing no crime."

"O my love!"

"You are in my heart,
in my heart beat."

"You are in my heart,
in my heart beat."

"O my love, I love you."

"I will make you belong to me,
and take you away from here."

"O my love!"

"You are in my heart,
- In my heart beat."

- How did the lights go off?
- Maybe the fuse went out.

Let's go and check.

Be careful.

I'm not in the habit
of talking too much.

Where are Chamunda Brothers?

We don't know.

I will not ask a third time.
Where are Chamunda Brothers?

I'm telling the truth.They have
not come here since many days.

I grant you all your life.

When chamunda comes,
tell him Bhishma had come.

Yes. - And will come again.

Come, Arjun. How are you?

Strange! You recognised me even
without having seen me.

I recognise the warmth of
your hands sonce childhood.

What brings you here?

A complaint has been
lodged against you.

You went on a rampage in Chamunda
brother's godow. And threatened to kill them.

- Who Chamunda brothers
- Don't pretend.

If Chamunda brothers
are Suraj killers,..

..they will be punished.

But you don't take
law into your hands.

The law needs evidence, and I'll
not leave behind any evidence.

You can continue doing your
duty without worry.

Sorry inspector, the cigarette
slipped out of my hand.

The fire that doesn't extinguish
on its own, is put out.

Just the way you have
arrested Bhishma..

..for going on a rampage
in our godow.

The law book talks of evidence.

Without evidence, forget the innocent..

..even the culprit cannot be booked.

What nonsense are you talking!

Does that mean you haven't
arrested that culprit yet?

I send culprits straight to
the gallows, Mr. Dhawan.

Have patience.

What are you trying to say, Arjun?

Exactly what you are thinking, Mr. Madan.

Bhishma's going on a rampage
in your godown proves..

..that you are connected
with Suraj's murder.

But regretfully, law is
depdendent on evidence.

But the day I lay my hands
on the evidence..

..I will drag you to jail like dogs.

You managed to enter our house,
inspector Arjun.

But only your corpse will go out of here.

And the police department will
not even fond your body.

That must be the Comissioner.

Before coming here, I'd told him
that I'm going to mett two dogs.

Shall I take the call? - Yes.

Hello, - Dhawan, it's me, Chhagan.

Yes Comissioner,
Inspector Arjun here.

Inspector Arjun?
What are you doing there?

My brother haven't
shot you dead yet?

The shooting was about
to begin when you called.

Stop your nonsense and give
the line to my brother.

Alright, I will keep the phone
on the table like you said.

If you hear gunshots,
come here with the police force.

And arrest these mad dogs.

I have heard you love telling stories.

I'll tell you a story today.

This story is of a lion who was thirsty.

Looking for water,
he reached another jungle.

Over there, he met two other lions.

The lion stopped him and said
he cannot drink water.

Instead of being afraid,
the lion sprung at them.

And he realised that they were
not two lions but two donkeys.

When the donkeys asked the lion..

..how he came to know they
were donkeys and not lions..

..he said it was very simple.

A lion doesn't need to declare he is lion.

Likewisw, even a shooter does
not say he is going to shoot.

The real shooters just shoots.

Even I am like a thirsty lion.

The day I find evidence,
you two will..

- Brtoher, I am Chhagan.

Chhagan, you! That means he was
talking to you for so long.

I think he fooled us all and ran away.


I wanted to meet inspector Arjun.

Inspector Arjun?
He has been transferred.

Transferred? But where?

'Jhumri Tilaliya'.

'Jhumri Tilaliya'?

But he was posted here until
yesterday. - Was, not anymore.

Ok thank you, let's go.


What are you doing in my chair?

You were not here, so I thought
of doing your duty.

What is the matter?

How come you came
to the police station today?

I came to tell you to stop
being dependent on law.

It has been able to help
no one until today.

So you have come to advise me?

It was necessary.
Look at this girl.

Chamunda brothers have
killed her parents too.

She kept making the
rounds of police stations.

She kept calling you and giving
you evidence against criminals.

What could you do
for her until today?

I... - You could do nothing.

Nothing can be done
under this roof.

If you look at the sun, it
will only dazzle your eyes.

Nice reply.

Let"s go, Deepa.

Just a minute. Where are
you going, brother?

To watch a film
in Gaiety cinema.

Even you can come
along if you like.

No thanks, I'm on duty.

They are going for a film and
gave us a lecture and went.

- Shall I tell you something?
- Yes.

Even we will go to the
movies on a holiday.

And we will take cormer seats.

What if we don't
get corner seats?

Then we'll watch the
movie, what else?

You go and sit,
I'll join you soon.

I met Supriya in the library.

Nice, give me two.

What an insolent man!

Your sandals are good.

You'll had killed my brother,
hadn't you?

Not me, my brother killed him.
I didn't kill him.

No...no... I didn't do anything.

I didn't kill him.

Listen, you go and light
the theatre.

Shut-up! Sit down all of you.

Arjun, you?

You said you are on duty
and you cannot come for the film.

Madan, one of the Chamunda
brothers, has been murdered.

Madan has been murdered?

That's good news.
One devil less in this world.

But Madan must have been murdered somewhere
outside.What are you doing here?

The culprit is sitting
right before my eyes.

My only problem is I have
no evidence to arrest you.

I think you are mistaken.

We have been sitting here
and watching the film.

You two are togheter in this.
And your evidence doesn't count.

Alright, if you don't trust Deepa,
ask someone else.

You can ask those girls.
Right sister?

- Has this man been here all
along? - Yes inspector.

He is very brazen.
He has been teasing us.

Brother, man can run,
but not faster than time.

The law will have a reply
to your every smart move.

Mark my words!

- What happened?

Brother!...- What happened?
I ask what happened?

- What happened?

Madan was killed by Bhishma.

Just wipe out those two brothers.

Who have snatched my brother from me. Go..

The song were good, but rest
of the movie was okay.

Deepa.. with your help, I have
managed to be succesful..

in my first step of revenge.

Bhishma..I'm at the
moment with Arjun..

You come to meet me at once.
Your mother.

Hey stop the vehicle.
- What is it?

- Where is mother?

I'll call you later.

What is the matter?
You look very disturbed.

I haven't come to your police station,
but meet my mother.

If you have committed a crime then..

..you have no right
to meet mother.

You have no proof regarding my crime.

- Mother.

What happened mother?

What is this unauspicious
moment son..

..the lamp that I lit
for prayers went off.

This is just a coincidence mother.

Both your sons are with you
then what can be unauspicious?

But mother, why did you come
to the city all of sudden?

Yesterday night I had
a very bad dream..

..as if the enemy wants
to snatch youaway like Suraj.

My heart was at unrest.
And came to see you.

I have a lot of grievance
with you both.

Both are staying separately
in the same city?

Bhishma! ..Arjun!

- Left.

Come on..turn to the
left..let it go on.

Come on ..let it go back. Easy easy.

Corect.. come on let it go back.

Hey... what are you doing?

Listen Arjun, I cannot give you
warrants against Chamunda.

See we don't have any
proof against them.

Enough sir.

The laws knows only one word

I'm tired of this word.

Whenever we want to take
action ..

.. we are restricted because
of lack of enough proof.

Sir..today my mother died.

Tomorrow some other
from your house dies.

What will you do..
will you run behind him?

Arjun, your talks carry weight.

Let me tell you one thing.

I have been hearing since childhood that
the law can reach very far..

.., but sir it is not so, but the law
is bound with restrictions.

And because of this restrictions

..our sepoys are getting killed.

After that a huge function is held..

..the sepoy's photograph is honoured..

..and his relatives are
awarded with some money.

And big people like you
stand and give ovation.

That's it and next moment they are forgotten.

When will this nation
be freed? When?

- Brother, there is a bad news.

Bad news? - Yes brother.
- What is it?

Chhagan is killed.
- No!

- Yes brother?

Inform Bihari, Anna and Carlos.

That tomorrow at 12 midnight..

..Chamunda is selling
the Mumbai city.


This is my Mumbai.

The dream city of India.

This is that town where every
Indian dreams of settling down.

Where every Mafia dreams of ruling.

Today I'm going to have
a city which was obtained..

..by the dominance and
the power of Chamunda brothers..

..today it will be auctioned.

For such a small job what was
the need to gather this crowd?

You could have called up on the phone
and we would have bestowed you with all the wealth.

No Bihari! Chamunda is
a bigger merchant than you.

My underworld, gambling dens and casino's..

..have a mass of wealth flowing.
I don't need the money.

The what do you want?

I want these two men... Alive.

Only two men? - Yes.

The bidding starts from deal.

Any one of you who fulfills the job,
I will hand over..

..the golden Key of Mumbai
and leave India for good.

But where will we find these two?

They will surely in search of me..

..will reach one of my dens.

Come on bring it the box here.

Where's Chamunda?
- I don't know anything.

Truly.. I don't know.
I don't know anything.

This gun has a bullet
named on you.

Where's Chamunda?
- I don't know anything.

I will tell you where Chamunda is.

Why are you killing
that poor man?

Brother he is a very big
Don of India.

He is Anna from the South.

And that is Bihari
who shudders the north.

Today.. the enemies
of the nation are here..

..now this is not just a revenge
but a major battle.

What is this?

Arjun, what is this?

I think its their parcel
- Lets see.

This parcel is in your name.
- Take it.

Take it.


Hey son..

It is your
age to play with toys.

Don't pick this gun.

Hey you..stop firing
those crackers.

Or else I will shoot
your brothers head off.

Death dancing over your head..

..and say that don't get scared.

Don't shoot. Take this.
I dropped the gun.

This is called as love for the brother.

Very good Bihari,
I did not know that these two..

..will come into
our hands so easily.

And such a big city
Mumbai is in our fists.

Do you both know that
in lure of your lives..

..Chamunda is giving
us the golden Key of Mumbai.

But there is a problem.

Mumbai city is one
and you are three.

How will you distribute
amongst yourselve?

And the important thing is, who
will take us to Chamunda?

You..you..or you?

And another thing is that
whoever takes us to Chamunda..

..the Mumbai city will belong to him.


For which two will have
to die and one will remain alive.

You all decide who willremain alive.

Till then I'm sitting
with my brother. - Yes come.

Okay now attack.
- Start off.

Come lets sit here.
Ring side seats.

Whom do you think
will win? - Anna.

I think Bihari will win.

Anna will win..See.
He is very strong.

Bihari will win , the people
from Bihar are very strong.

One is gone.
Now two are left.

Now in these two see
Anna will win.

I say Bihari will win.

If he does then I will kill Chamunda.

And if Anna wins then
I will kill Chamunda. - Okay.

Here brother..

..these two are gone
and the third is the winner.

Lets congratulate him.
- He has won.


You were great?

Listen, call up Chamunda.

I just call him here, right now.
- Do it then.

This is Carlos, I have
caught hold of these rats.

You come here soon.

Carlos..you fulfilled your promis.

Now by killing both of them
I will fulfill my promise.

The humanity cannot be wiped out,
even if a human is.

What ever strategy may a devil plan

When a Satan will encourage the
injuste and wrongdoing.

And then will arrive
and destroyers the evil.

This is a Challenge!