Daana Paani (2018) - full transcript

Daana Paani is a Punjabi movie starring Jimmy Shergill and Simi Chahal in prominent roles. The cast also includes Nirmal Rishi. It is a drama directed by Tarnvir Singh Jagpal.

'Where you live, where you eat
is all God's will.'

'It's God's mercy.'

'It's God's mercy.'

"It's God's mercy."

"It's God's mercy."

"You're the guardian of humans."

"It's God's mercy."

"It's God's mercy."

"He will provide you food,
no matter what."

"Don't worry about your livelihood."

"Continue making efforts."

"Your good days aren't too far."

"Continue making efforts."

"Your good days aren't too far."

"Don't give up
as long as He's got your back."

'Basant Kaur is a precious
gem of Punjabi literature.'

'I'm talking about her novel,
The Value of Family.'

'Millions of people are her fans.'

'This has been going
on since quite long.'

'Her only daughter lives in Canada
while she lives here, in Chandigarh.'

'A few days ago, she published
her biography called God's Mercy.'

'I'm going to interview her today.'

Ma'am, Ms. Misha is here.

Please have a seat.

- Greetings, ma'am!
- Greetings! How are you?

I'm fine, ma'am. How are you?

I'm great. What's wrong with me?

That's good to know, ma'am.

- Greetings.
- Greetings, dear. Greetings.

- Sit, dear.
- Yes.

I was quite adamant that
you would be the first one..

..to interview me regarding
this novel of mine.

If you had allowed someone
else to interview you..

..I would have been very upset.

How could I let you get upset?

So, how do you find
the cover of this novel?

It's beautiful, ma'am. All your novels
always have beautiful covers.

I really liked the title of this one.
God's Mercy.

Ma'am, why did you name
your biography, God's Mercy?

Guru Nanak has said..

The string through the nose is in the
hands of the Lord Master..

..one's own actions drive him on.
Wherever his food is, there he eats it

O Nanak, this is the Truth.

The precious lesson that I've learnt
from the journey of my life is..

..that God decides
your fate beforehand..

..and there's nothing
that you can do to change it.

If we surrender to the will of God
then life becomes very peaceful.

Life is not that bad, after all.

You have to walk towards
the destination that God..

..has planned for you,
whether you're happy or not.

Anyway, I don't want
to reveal too many details.

Let me tell you about the novel,

My novel is in two parts.

The first is about separation
and the second is about union.

Why the separation
and then union, ma'am?

I'll tell you.

The first part begins
with the year 1948.

In small village called Allowal,
near Naba.

We lived in a joint family.

Parents, grandparents,
aunts, uncles, and lots of children.

When my mother would cook..

..she would teach me to
make small 'Rotis' alongside.

My father was tall and huge.

I used to took tiny in front of him.

My aunt was very protective of me.

My maternal grandfather
was a Tax Officer.

He would often visit our village
to meet his widowed daughter.

What are you sitting here for?

Who will get the milk?

I'll go in some time, Sister-in-law.

I was feeding Basant.

She was starving.

She starves all the time.
Give that to me.

And do what I've asked you to.
Give me the plate.

Sister-in-law, what's the
big deal if I feed her first?

- She's hungry.
- Stand up, I say!

You've been talking too much!

Just because my son-in-law is dead..

..it doesn't mean my
daughter can be ill-treated.

I can feed my daughter
for the rest of her life.

Such tiffs are common
between sisters-in-law.

She never killed her, did she?

She is the daughter of Inder Singh,
the Tax Officer.

Let alone killing her, no one can
even raise their voice against her.

It's only been two months
since her husband died.

If this is how they've
been treating her now..

..I wonder what they'll
do in the future.

She cannot live there anymore,
no matter what.

Pratap has been appointed
as a Tax Officer in Sangrur.

It's been four years
since his wife passed away.

He has a little child,
but no one to look after him.

He's a nice man. They are well-to-do.

But think about the society.

Those who have committed a crime
must think about the society.

If half of them oppose this decision
the other half will be in favour of it.

India is independent now.

People's thinking about
widow remarriage has changed.

It's not the same anymore.

All right. As you all deem fit.


I don't want to remarry.

Look at the way she talks!
You're a woman.

Let them get their daughter
married if they want to.

But my granddaughter
isn't going anywhere.

My granddaughter will
be raised in my house.

Aunt, she won't be
able to live without me.

I've never separated
from her for even a second.

It's okay. Relax.
Girls are meant to leave you someday.

We've parted from our daughters too.

But she's a child, Aunt.

She doesn't even ask
for food when she's hungry.

Who will understand her over there?

It's a huge family.
I'm sure they'll understand.

Anyway, that's their problem.

If only my family could
understand my feelings!

All right, then.
Do both the councils consent?

All right. Read this.

'Mr. Inder Singh, the Tax Officer..'

'..may get his daughter,
Gurdev Kaur, remarried.'

'However, Mr. Kashmira Singh will
take custody of his granddaughter.'

'Whatever the girl
rightfully deserves..'

'..in terms of the property,
will be transferred to her name.'

'Also, at the right time,
Mr. Kashmira Singh..'

'..will get his granddaughter
married into a good family.'

'Considering the relationship
of a mother with her daughter..'

'..it has also been decided
that the child will be taken to..'

'..her maternal grandfather's house
to meet her mother every six months.'

Mom, who will calm me down
when I cry?

Dear, those whose souls are one
they reside in one another.

They cannot be separated.

When you laugh,
I will laugh within you.

When you cry, I will cry within you.


I'm doing this only for your sake.

Be a good girl.

Don't be naughty.

Your aunt really cares for you.

Always obey her, dear.

Also, don't run around bare feet!


"The ground has slipped
from under my feet."

"My world seems ruined."

"Who will hear my cries?"

"Only you can understand me, O' crow."

"O' crow..
Pass on my message."

"O' crow..
Pass on my message."

"Tell the merciless Lord.."

"Tell the merciless Lord.."

"..never to separate a
daughter from her mother."

"O' crow..
Pass on my message."

"O' crow..
Pass on my message."

"When I gave birth to a girl,
there was silence all around."

"When we laughed, they were silent.
When we cried, they were silent."

"Don't forget the
lullabies I sang to you."

"The lullabies I sang to you."

"I would feed you
to your heart's content."

"I would feed you
to your heart's content."

"Tell the merciless Lord.."

"Tell the merciless Lord, never to
separate a daughter from her mother."

"O' crow..
Pass on my message."

"O' crow..
Pass on my message."

Uncle, when will mom come?

I'll come to pick you, dear. Go now.

I kept staring at that
path for days together.

Neither did uncle come,
nor anyone else.

My mom didn't come either.

Was there no news of your mom?

Upon hearing the
conversations of my elders.

I did understand that mom
was married into an affluent family.

Dear. When your grandpa
comes to take you..

..tell him that you
don't want to go with him.

Tell him that you don't miss your mother
and that you're happy here. Okay?

Okay, dear? Will you tell him that?

How will you say it?

I don't want to go to
my maternal grandpa's house.

I don't miss mom.

I don't want to go to
my maternal grandpa's house.

I don't miss mom.

I'm happy in my paternal
grandfather's house.

She's a child. She can forget her.

But how can her mother forget her?

Sir, you're right.

But when time has healed her wounds
why should we incite it?

Let her be happy here.

By God's grace, if your daughter has
a child she'll be occupied with him.

A year later, they decided
to get me married while I'm a child.

I'm aging.

I wonder if my children
will look after her once I'm gone.

Hence, I want to make sure
that she settles down while I'm alive.

Look at the game of destiny,

The mother just got married and now,
she's going to get married too.

Right. It seems,
they'll live quite close by.

It's not too far
from her in-laws' house.

The in-laws of the mother
and the daughter are neighbours.

God's ways are unique.

Who came to give you
the auspicious gifts?

I don't know.

Did you see what you got?

Grandma put it in a box.

But when I get my auspicious gifts
I'll eat all the sweets from it.

I'll share some with you all as well.

"I'll wear the wedding attire."

"Now is the time for separation."

"Now there will be blessings."

"My dear daughter
goes to her in-laws."

"This is the game of destiny."

"My dear daughter
goes to her in-laws."

"My dear daughter
goes to her in-laws."

You wear these shoes.
Your shoes are broken.

Give that to me.

I'll get new ones
at my in-laws' house.

Keep all my clothes too.

Okay, Sister. I'll keep some for you.

You can wear them when you visit us.

I don't know when I'll
be visiting you again.

Do you know how far their house is?

My mom lives there too.

Okay, bye.

They must be waiting for me.

Sister, the procession left.
They forgot to take you.

Take me along! I got left behind.

"O Lord, you don't hear,
even if I am crying."

"My prayers don't reach you."

"All my dreams are unfulfilled."

What are you doing here?


The procession left.
They forgot to take me along.

No, dear, they haven't forgotten you.

We'll send you to your
in-laws once you're an adult.

You're too young now.

"Where is God hidden?
Left with nothing."

"Where is God hidden?"

Motherly love was showering
from the sky for everyone.

that love gave me the courage.

Days passed by, and I grew up.

But the wound in me did not heal.

It was still the same.

But perhaps,
time had suppressed it somewhere.

Even though I appeared happy,
there was a void in me.

Now, the second part of the story.


It was the year 1962
during the Indo-China war.

There were army camps
on the tall mountains.

Mehtaab Singh! You've been summoned!

Yes, no problem. It will all be here.


There you are!
This Mehtaab Singh is here.

But we summoned
Constable Mehtaab Singh.

Anyway, I'm glad that you're here.

Here he is.


Sir, their names are
causing great nuisance.

When we call one, the other appears.

Not just our names, sir. Our
addresses are almost the same, too.

- Really?
- Mehtaab Singh and I are neighbours.

How far are your villages?

- Quite close by, sir.
- But the councils are separate.

I hope you don't get shot by the Chinese
while they intend to shoot him.

A bullet doesn't have the
person's name written on it.


But it could also happen that one
Mehtaab Singh becomes a martyr..

..and the message is sent
to the other Mehtaab Singh.

That's not a problem either.

I have no one who'd mourn my death.

The report is..

..the Chinese army has proceeded 18
kilometres ahead in the past 24 hours.

The present frontline is
right ahead of this mountain.

In the next 24 hours,
we'll have to form a post on the top.

We can do it, sir.

I know we can.

But they've been
firing every two hours.

We'll have to send a party in advance.


The cold is killing me!

- It's 10.
- 10?

Mehtaab, why didn't you
get married?

I didn't find anyone.

What's wrong?

Actually, my family got killed
in the war of 1946.


My grandfather and I somehow
got to Bathinda from Sialkot, alive.

A few years later,
grandpa passed away.

My friend, I don't even
know which caste I belong to.

I have a vague idea, though.

So, who'd marry their daughter to me?

Who raised you?

I managed somehow.

God sent an angel.

Back in the village, in Khiwa.

Two houses away from mine.

A kind woman got
married and came there.

She was like a mother figure to me.

She'd feed me.

I was raised at her mercy.

Then, when there was an opening.

I took admission in Bathinda.

What's the big deal?

Not everyone in the world is married.

I'm sure you feel like
you should get married.

It's all God's will.

It's just a few of them.

Our guns are nothing
as compared to theirs.

I'll tell you what.

Go back..

..and give them the location
of this Chinese camp.

We'll go together..

..and inform them..

..that we've conquered
the Chinese troop.

Mehtaab Singh, I've recommended
an army medal for you.

Your bravery is outstanding.

I regret one thing, though.

I couldn't bring
Mehtaab's body along.

But it was also important to inform..

..about the location
of the enemy's camp.

Mehtaab Singh served his nation..

..and became a martyr.

None of us can forget him, ever.


A report has arrived from Delhi!

The war is over!

What's the result?


..China will take possession now.

China will take possession?

You mean, we have to surrender?

We're still alive!

If the entire Indian
army had become martyrs..

..it would be okay
to accept that we lost.

Bheem Singh,
you need to understand the situation.

Understand the situation?
That's rubbish!

You understand the situation.

I, Bheem Singh,
don't understand the situation.

This is not right!

This is not right!

All you do is hold
legal proceedings in Delhi.

You pass judgements!

I, Bheem Singh,
do not accept your decision!

We're still alive. We want to fight.

We're steady!

You should have at
least sent us there.

We would have ripped
those Chinese apart!

How can the war..

Harnek Singh.

Shoot me.

I said, shoot me!

I don't want to go home defeated.

I want to go as a martyr. Shoot me!

Shoot me! Shoot me, I say!

Shoot me!

I want to speak
to the Prime Minister!

Let me speak to him.
I want to speak to him..

Bheem Singh!
This is the life of us soldiers!

I want to meet..

We erect camps as brave men..

..but at times,
we are helpless to pull them down.

Take Mehtaab Singh's
belongings to his village.

You too visit your
home for a few days.

"Life is full of sorrow."

"Life is full of sorrow."

"Life is full of sorrow."

"Life is full of sorrow."

"The world is in a mess."

"God is the only hope."

"True friends don't leave your side."

"No matter what the
circumstances are."

"The world is how you perceive it."

"Life is full of sorrow."

"Life is full of sorrow."




I've brought the belongings.

Whose belongings?

It's martyr Mehtaab Singh's bed.

"Death is inevitable."

"Everyone has to accept it."

"Death brings silence
to all the noise."

"Life is full of sorrow."

"Life is full of sorrow."

"You need not go to a holy place."

"God is within you."

Basant Kaur's signatures
on this document.

Basant Kaur hasn't arrived
at her in-laws' house yet.

She's still in her maternal house.

Which village?

Allowal, near Naba.

- Can you give me the address?
- Yes.

"Don't try to please
God all the time."

"Work hard."

"Don't ruin your life
living in misconceptions."

"Life is full of sorrow."

"Life is full of sorrow."

Stop. Let's drink water.


Can you give me some water?


The village ahead is Allowal?


I want to go to Mr.
Kashmira Singh's house.

He passed away.

I'm sure his family
still lives there.

As soon as you step
inside the village..

..the big house that
you'll see is theirs.

Thank you.

Why was he asking about my house?

Is he the soldier you're married to?

But, why is he here?

It's not time for me
to be sent to my in-laws yet.

Perhaps, he's come
for your brother's wedding.

He needs to go to Allowal.
Will you take him along?

Thank you, mister.

You are..

Well, I am a teacher
at the big school.

I see.

I pass by this place every day.

I'm glad I got an
opportunity to serve you.

You've been serving the nation too.


Who are you visiting, in Allowal?

Mr. Kashmira Singh.

I learnt that he's no more.


I belong to that family.
He was my grandfather.

He passed away.

Sir, a girl from your family,
Basant Kaur..

- Is she married to someone from Khiwa?
- Right.

Soldier Mehtaab Singh?

Yes. She's my sister.

She's yet to be sent
to her in-laws' house.

We've learnt that
he's become a soldier.

He too serves the nation, like you.

Serving the nation..

Serving the nation isn't easy, sir.

Often, a person loses
everything in the process.


..why are you beating
around the bush?

Tell me what the matter is.
What are you trying to say?

Mehtaab Singh became a martyr
while trying to fight the Chinese.

I've brought his bedding.

I need Basant Kaur's signatures.


Sir, get a grip.

This is a disaster.

God is never kind to some people.

She's been unfortunate
ever since she was little.

Her father died when
she was very young.

Her mother married another man.

Our family raised her.

She's a very nice girl.

What do I do now?

Get up, sir. Get up.

Control yourself.

"Brother, your mare is blue."

Here she is. Come here, dear.

- Come here.
- She's here.


What do I sing?

The song about the mare. Grandma.

- The mare one..
- Yes, sure, begin.

"Brother, your mare is quite smart."

"Brother, your mare is quite smart."

Where's the groom?
I hope he hasn't fled.

Hey, pass me that.

- Give that to me.
- Listen, just..

- Give me.
- Go outside and..

Go and relax inside.

- I'll be right back.
- Okay. Do what you want.

"Pacify him."

"Brother seems upset today."

"Pacify him."

did a soldier come here?

From where was he
supposed to come?

- From there.
- No soldier came here.

"Brother seems upset today."

"Pacify him by getting decked up."

One can never judge the weather.

Sometimes, it's sunny.
And suddenly, there's mist.

I needed to ask for a favour.

Tell me.

There is a wedding in my family.

It's my youngest
uncle's son's wedding.

The one he is marrying
is my friend's daughter.

We have to maintain relations.

If something goes
wrong at the wedding..

..it will be a problem.

I mean that..

..you can give this
news to my family..

..after five days.

The wedding will be done by then.

Master, my village
is 200 kilometres away from here.

If I go back now..

..it will be difficult to return.

Sir, I will make arrangements for
your stay here for the next five days.

I request you.


The girl's parents have
gone to visit Vaishnudevi.

They might take five
to six days to return.

It might take that long.

But you don't worry about anything.

Your stay here will be comfortable.

Our elders have had good
relations with that family.

Fine, Master.

Are you sure? Did you see carefully?

Is he the same soldier?

How many more soldiers
just walk around in our village?

What were they talking about?

I couldn't hear from so far away.

But they were talking
about something serious.

Nobody here knows anything about it.

Bahadur doesn't mention
anything to anyone.

Ever since he became a teacher,
he doesn't care about anyone.

All he thinks about is himself.

I feel, brother is absolutely ready.

- Ready for what?
- To send you off.

Yes! It is your turn
after Brother's wedding.

I have got two outfits stitched.

I know, we went together
to get them stitched.

- That's great.
- That's great.

Brother, shall I bring you some lassi?

It's time to send you off.

Listen, a friend of mine is visiting.

He is a soldier.
He won't stay in this house.

But we must send his food from here.

Send the food on time.


Sisters, the cotton is too much.

How do I take it? I might drop it.

Can't we just let it be?

No. This is not much.

I can carry it easily.

- Listen to that.
- Why?

Don't we have to take ladoos?

Yes! That's right.

No problem.
We will send the ladoos later.

We haven't even started
making them yet.

Yes, right! Distribute
all the ladoos in the village.

But don't give it to the priests.
This is wrong.

Give them some ladoos.
We'll distribute in the village later.

- Take it, dear.
- Come on.

Sister-in-law, you..

What happened?

I will do it.

Sister-in-law, you can give us
the food too. We're leaving.

We'll give it at the shop.

- Alright, I'll pack it.
- Fine.

Soldier, I am going out.

You take care of the
shop in the meantime.

Nobody shows up at this hour.

If someone comes,
weigh the groceries and give them.

Sir, how would I know
what to sell at what price?

We don't deal in money.

Here, we trade with grains.

People can take whatever
they want in exchange of graisn.

You just make sure that
the grains are all right.

I'll be back soon.

- Fine.
- I'll return soon.

- Is he here?
- Come here.

- You see who is here.
- Nobody's here.

Tell him.


He is not here.
He has gone somewhere.

I've brought food
from the Master's house.

Thank you.

Wait. Talk to him.


She wanted to ask you something.

Yes, go ahead.

She wanted to know your name.

My name is Mehtaab Singh.

Tell him your name too.

- Yes.
- Yes, it'll be fine. Come.

She wanted to tell you her name too.

Yes, tell me.

Her name is Mrs. Basant.

Well, you forgot the lassi.

When he heard your name,
he was stunned.


Dear, whenever you miss me,
look at the stars.

You will be under the
same stars as I will be.

Here come the in-laws!

There's nothing to worry now.

I'm glad you returned.

I was waiting for you, Aunt.

- Well, I was supposed to return.
- No!

What took you so long to come?

What do I do, Sister-in-law?
I never wanted to go.

Mother-in-law is after me.

You're still stuck on that.

You should have told your mother-in-law
that it's your nephew's wedding.

What's the big deal?

Daughter-in-law, surely serve
something sweet to the son-in-law.

I have made kheer for uncle.

Kheer has been prepared for the uncle!

Oh, Lord!

These are 'Pinnis' from home.

This wasn't necessary..

Come on.

Did you see how he was looking?

All my life, I will serve you.

'When someone does good deeds'

'God rewards them.'

'He eradicates sorrow.
He shows light after darkness.'

Why did you say that you'd serve him?

She is afraid that
he might leave her again.

If he has come here to take her,
he surely will.


Come on.

"The love is true,
no matter what the situation is."

"He's making me yearn.
He's making me restless."

"The love is true,
no matter what the situation is."

"I will share everything with you."

"I will share everything with you."

"I will let you live in my eyes,
beloved, I will laugh with you."

"I will let you live in my eyes,
beloved, I will laugh with you."

"I've heard water from wells."

"I've heard water from wells."

"I see the God in you.
That is why I pray to you."

"I see the God in you.
That is why I pray to you."

"There is a breeze of happiness."

"There is a breeze of happiness."

"God has united two people
on this auspicious day."

"God has united two people
on this auspicious day."

Keep this dress and blanket
in the truck. Take it.

- In this?
- Yes.

Come and have a look at this.

Coming, Sister-in-law.

Fold them properly.


They've been stuffing the trunk
with brother's wedding blankets.

No one's talking about you.

That is why I was surprised.
My husband is here.

But nobody talks about it.

Didn't brother tell anyone?

I'm sure he must have told everyone.

But someone should have reacted.

These heavy ones, Sister-in-law?

Yes, that one.

Fine. This is so heavy.

Sister, you ask Aunt.

We'll go out.

Should I ask?

You should. It's fine.


- Come on now.
- You're here, dear.

Keep this on top.

- Someone might get hurt.
- Come.

Aunt, I wanted to talk to you.

Tell me, dear. What is it?

Actually, do you know Mehtaab Singh,
who is staying at the shop?

Are you all planning
to send me off with him?

No, dear. It's nothing like that.

He is here.

Brother Bahadur asked
him to stay at the shop.

Oh, Lord!

Why did he come then?

Did he come for brother's wedding?


Nothing such was mentioned at home.

I will speak to Bahadur.

I too was shocked
upon hearing this, Aunt.

I was swept off my feet in shock.

I did what I thought was right,
at the moment.

I let that soldier stay
for five days in the village.

I begged him to give the
news once the wedding was complete.

He's a loner. He has no family.

But he is nice.

So, he agreed.


Why don't we do this?

This marriage was fixed
by our father and his father.

Now, it has been years
since the elders passed away.

We have no connection between us now.

Everyone here knows..

..that she is married
to the soldier Mehtaab Singh.

Sir, you know everything.

She was a child when she got married.
We didn't send her off.

She doesn't have parents.
And now this has happened.

I wonder why I am being punished.

My daughter is a gem of a person.

Ma'am, I respect your emotions

I'm a traveller.
I came here to give you this bed.

And now, I will go back to my world.

Sir, this is all destiny.

When God unites two destinies,
they find their ways.

You.. I mean..

You don't have a family too.

Even you could settle down.

And she will also have a family.

But is the girl ready for this?
Did you talk to her, and ask her?

Sir, the girl is still young.

If she makes a wrong decision,
she'll regret for life.

I and aunt have decided.

We will not find a
nice man like you for her.

We will send her off with you.

She will understand
when she grows older.

Later, she'll thank God.

At least few people
should know about this.

Some elder should know.

No, dear. It is better
to keep this a secret.

If more people find out,
this news will spread like wildfire.


You are the elders.

Listen to me. What happened to your
educated man? Are you not ashamed?

You've made the son-in-law stay
at another's place for so many days.


Make some sweet.
We need to send food to the guest.

He kept eating bland
food for so many days.

And get a nice mattress
from inside and send it to him.

You have kept him at a useless place.

Tell me something.
Why didn't you inform us before?

That Mehtaab Singh is at his house?

I thought that you all were busy
with the arrangements of the wedding.

Had you found out
that he has arrived..

..you'd pamper him
and not do all these jobs.

What are you saying?

You should use that teacher's
mind at your school.

You always try to
be a smarty-pant here.

Darn this teacher.

Let it be. What is to be done now?

We will send her off in two days.
What else to do?

Tell me something.
Why are you in a rush? Can't you wait?

There are talks going on.

The situation at the
China border is devastating.

He has a few days off.

I wonder when he'd return.

He's right.

So, tell us, Mom, what do we do?

Well, do as you deem fit.

Fine, let's make arrangements.

- Really?
- Yes, let's do it.

All right, then.
In the name of the Lord.

"I have begun to have dreams
about you. Oh, God, watch over us."

"We both are going to unite.
Oh, God, watch over us."

"I have begun to have dreams
about you. Oh, God, watch over us."

"We both are going to unite.
Oh, God, watch over us."

"Oh, God, watch over us."

"The wedding procession will come."

"The wedding will happen soon."

"The wedding procession will come."

"The wedding will happen soon."

"You have started to decorate.."

"You have started to
decorate your bridal dress."

"Oh, God, watch over us."

"We both are going to unite.
Oh, God, watch over us."

"I have begun to have dreams
about you. Oh, God, watch over us."

"Oh, God, watch over us."

"Your talks are as sweet as sugar."

"The laddoos are also sweet."

"Your talks are as sweet as sugar."

"The laddoos are also sweet."


"Everything is so sweet.
Oh, God, watch over us."

"I have begun to have dreams
about you. Oh, God, watch over us."

"We both are going to unite.
Oh, God, watch over us."

"I have begun to have dreams
about you. Oh, God, watch over us."

"Oh, God, watch over us."

- Greetings.
- Greetings.

- Greetings.
- Greetings.

- Greetings.
- Who is that, Uncle?

I don't recognise him.

- Wow!
- Get up, pal.

Have some 'Pinni'.

Did you make it? They were delicious.

How are you, Mehtaab?

- Would you like to eat something?
- Bheem Singh, what brings you here?

Yes, my sister is married
to someone in this village.

I see.

- Come on.
- This is great. We..

It is not right for a soldier
to do something wrong, Mehtaab.

Instead of mourning for
the martyr Mehtaab Singh..

..you are marrying his fiancée.
This is betrayal.

That is not true.
I will explain everything later.

What will you explain to me?

It is not wrong to marry a widow,

But betraying someone is indeed wrong.

It is not just about you. This
will bring humiliation to the army.

And I will not let
you carry out this misdeed.

Guddi. Hey, Guddi!

Yes? Greetings.

Who is that man in the purple turban?

He is my uncle.

- So, let me talk to him.
- Let it be, Bheem Singh.

This is helping someone settle down.

Where is sister?

I don't mind you settling down,

Actually, I have witnessed it all.

It would've been different
had I not seen it.

And yet, if I stay mum about it,
I'll be equally a part in this crime.

And you cannot ask..

..a soldier to do wrong.

You can continue your love story.

I will wage war.

Bheem Singh.

So, mister, is it true?

It is true.

Bring the blade!
I will behead this man!

"I smiled and endured all the pain."

"Because of you,
I'm left alone in this world."

"I smiled and endured all the pain."

"Because of you,
I'm left alone in this world."

"I got taunted by the world.
But that is fine, O' Lord."

"I am like a refugee who
is thrown out of his city."

"I got taunted by the world.
But that is fine, O' Lord."

"I am like a refugee who
is thrown out of his city."

"I kept looking and it kept raining."

"I kept explaining it to the world."

"I kept looking and it kept raining."

"I kept explaining it to the world."

"The poor have no
power before the rich."

"But I saw the Lord in my beloved."

"Your elixir was poison to me,
O' Lord."

"I am like a refugee who
is thrown out of his city."

"I am like a refugee who
is thrown out of his city."

"There are no flowers
blooming in our paths."

"I left the comfortable lanes."

"There are no flowers
blooming in our paths."

"I left the comfortable lanes."

"We stumble and fall
into the abyss of sorrow."

"And nobody can describe
the pain that we face."

"Everyone is going out, O' Lord."

"I am like a refugee who
is thrown out of his city."

"I got taunted by the world.
But that is fine, O' Lord."

"I am like a refugee who
is thrown out of his city."

Hear me out.

Explain to them.
I will kill everyone in minutes.

That is what I had
been doing in the past.

Wait, Soldier! Wait.

Are you out of your mind, Uncle?

I asked him to marry Basant.

So kill this rascal first.

He wants to bring shame to the family.

My sister became a
widow at the age of 19.

If the poor girl had to be
locked inside her house as a widow..

..that would apparently
bring you a lot of honour, right!

Isn't it better to
marry such a nice man..

..instead of living
alone all her life?

Let it be, Teacher! All the
women and girls of our village..

..will go away without
even getting married.

This is not just your family
matter but now, a village affair.

- It's about our honour!
- What honour do you speak of, Balkar?

This is not honour, but torture.

Unity is not to terrorise
people but to help them.

Unity isn't to corner someone.

Unity is to save
people from being alone.

That day also it was torture..

..the day Basant's widowed
mother was married to someone else.

And my grandfather, Kashmira Singh..

..made this girl separate from her
mother and stay at home saying that..

..she was Kashmira
Singh's granddaughter..

..and that she would be raised by him.

What honour do you speak of?

Well, you are right.

People should be happy
that someone is settling down.

But you should have made
it public and got them married.

Uncle, Basant was
married in her childhood.

Had I done it again, would they
let me? Wouldn't they question me?

And if I had told them
the truth and got her married..

..they would have
never let this happen.

Saying, her husband just passed away
and you are getting her married again.

You speak of gathering people, right?

They were present the day
mother and daughter were separated.

Even when you separate the grass
from the ground, my soul trembles.

You can continue the
discussion as much as you wish.

But I think this boy has a point.

So, Uncle,
you suggest what should be done now.

Well, we don't have to think about it.
Marry the girl and send her off.

That's fine.

at least ask the girl about it.

Tell me, dear. What do you want to do?

Aunt, how do I leave?

That's it. Stop right here, sir.

Come, Basant Kaur.
Your in-laws' house is here.

It seems, the gate is jammed.

Hold on, dear. I'm coming.

Greetings, Aunt! Did you get the news?

She is my mother's sister.

She lives next door.
She is like a mother to me.

- Who are you?
- I don't know who I am.

You tell me who I am. Tell me..

- Basant!
- Yes.

My Basant!

My dear!

"There are stars in the sky."

"There are stars in the sky."

"God has united.."

"..their bright colours."

"God has united.."

"..their bright colours."

'There are sweet fruits in the tree.'

'When it is time
for two souls to unite.'

'God unites their paths.'

'When I met your mother..'

'..she was alone.'

'And she began living with us.'

'Time passed in bliss.'

'God blessed me with a daughter.'

'Sirat. She now lives in Canada.'

'The time I spent
away from my mother..'

'..I spent more time in serving her.'

'She passed away very peacefully.'

'When she did,
she had a smile on her face.'

Last year..

..Mehtaab also passed away.

Even he had a smile on his face.

He inspired me for this autobiography.

And he suggested the
name 'Daana Paani' for it.

It is important in life..

..that when someone
leaves this world..

..he should always
have a smile on his face.

Ma'am. Isha, ma'am.

- Mom.
- Ma'am.

- Mom, what happened?
- Ma'am.

- Wake up.
- Ma'am.

What happened, Brother?

What happened, Mom?

- Ma'am.
- Mom..


'The lamps of love will strengthen.'

'The ones who separate in this world,
unite in heavens.'

'He, the Creator of this world,
is watching over everyone.'

'He made this world
with His own hands.'

'He gives people joys and sorrows.'

'He does everything
and gets everything done.'

'Man is a puny being before Him.'

'Man is a puny being before Him.

"Oh, crow, pass on my message."

"Oh, crow, pass on my message."

"Tell the God up there."

"Tell the God up there never to
separate a daughter from her mother."

"Oh, crow, pass on my message."

"Oh, crow, pass on my message."

"When I gave birth to a girl,
there was silence all around."

"When we laughed and cried,
they were silent."

"Don't forget the
lullabies I sang to you."

"The lullabies I sang to you."

"I would feed you
to your heart's content."

"I would feed you
to your heart's content."

"Tell the God up there."

"Tell the God up there never to
separate a daughter from her mother."

"Oh crow, pass on the message."

"Oh crow, pass on the message."

"The bond between a mother
and a daughter is unbreakable."

"The interest is more
loved that the corpus."

"The eagles go where
the tiny sparrows play."

"The eagles go"

"Oh, crow, where should
I put the colourful thing."

"Where should I put it?"

"Tell the God up there."

"Tell the God up there never to
separate a daughter from her mother."

"Oh crow, pass on the message."

"Oh crow, pass on the message."