Daaka (2019) - full transcript

Shinda tries robbing a bank so he can be wealthy enough to marry the love of his life. He ends up getting caught, but it turns out that he has a much bigger plan in mind, involving one of Punjab's biggest criminals.

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'That's Shinda.'

'His parents passed
away soon after his birth.'

'Leaving this
three-legged cot for him.'

'Burdened with poverty,
he sleeps a lot these days.'

Wake up, Shinda.

Wake up, son.

What is wrong, uncle?

Today is the last day
to get the yellow card made.

Go and get it.

Yes, I will.

It's already 11 am.
When do you plan to go?

- It's 11 am?
- Yes.

Oh no, 11 missed calls!

I was supposed to
meet Lali's father today.

'Your call cannot connect
because of insufficient balance.'

Fine, I'll call from uncle's phone.

Give me your phone, uncle.

- Hello?
- Lali, it's Shinda.

Where are you?
Daddy's waiting for you.

I just woke up.

At 11 am?

Quickly get ready and come home.

Can we reschedule it for tomorrow?

Today is the last day
to get the yellow card made.

Yellow card? What's that?

It's for people under poverty line.

We will get everything
for free after we get married.

Just send me a good picture
of your in old worn out clothes.

- Why?
- It's made for the ladies.

I'll get your card made
even before we get married.

Have some shame, Shinda.

You are getting excited like
you are getting me a green card.

What should I tell my father you do?

I am just to make
a bright future for us.

Hurry up.

My girl will get suspicious
when she will check my calls.

Lali, call me back on my phone.
I don't have any talktime left.

You have nothing that
one needs in a husband.

I should better find someone else.

Lali! Hello? Lali?

What? She insulted you?

A little.

Uncle, how will I ever get married?

First delete this girl's
number from my phone.

If your aunt finds out
then I won't have a wife either.

Here uncle,
try to save your marriage.

Go. What are you waiting for, tea?

Tea is being made for last 10 years.

You keep getting
upset over small things.

Let me be somebody
before I meet your daddy.

I have been hearing
that since two years.

What have you done so far?

I went from a tea
stall to a mobile stall.

How is that progress?

You will never be happy
when someone progresses.

That is the reason Salman
Khan doesn't get married.

He thinks after he gets
married his wife will say

"So what if a few hundred
million people know you?"

Let's stick to you here.

What's the difference between
a tea stall and a mobile stall?

There is a lot of difference.
Sit down.

First of all,
my clothes no longer get dirty.

Secondly, Airtel,
Jio, Vodafone, and the kind..

They all request
me to sell their things.

You will see, one day Shinda
Jatt will be so famous that..

..your father will
come to you and ask you..

..how do you like that mobile guy?

And I would say.. I hate him.

Whenever I want you
to meet your father..

..you make some excuse
and send me away.

Why don't you say that
you are not serious about me.

You don't want to marry me.

Why are you so sad?

Try to understand, there
is a big difference between us.

How do I face your father?

Balli is talking to a few companies.

We will soon get an
agency of a Chinese phone.

Then I will come
to meet your father.

You are seeking Balli's
help to become successful?

Balli is seeking my
help to become successful.

Look, I know he works
more but I am smarter.

You know how smart he is.

Then why did you make
"your father" your partner?

Father's have a right, don't they?

Don't try to twist my words.

Give me some more time.

I have a feeling that something
big is about to happen.

I'll quickly set up a good
business and approach your father.

I'll go and get Balli.

He must be waiting for me.
We need to open our stall.

You open your stall at 12 pm.

We are the boss.

I am just joking.

Balli does another job.

I have to go and relieve him.

Here, enjoy your meal.

Potatoes again?

You know that she
isn't keeping well.

You cannot get her
the right treatment..

..so at least feed her right.

Potatoes are good for health.

You don't like them
because they are cheap.

If they become expensive..

..then people will start talking.

"Balli served potatoes again!"

That's it. Please forgive me.

Doctor asked us to
give her green vegetables.

What's that green cabbage called?

- Bruce Lee.
- Yes.

Have you ever given her that?

I had once seen it in the city.

When I asked for its price..

..I learnt that we cannot
even afford to see it.

Gurmeet, I too love
Simran as much as you do.

I try my best to get her treated.

I'll make arrangements
for the money any way I can.

Let's go, Balli.

You can do household
work in the evening.

Coming, Shinda.

I'll leave now to open the stall.

Trust me, we will get her treated.

Bye, dear. See you.

Why don't you come on time?

My wife was massaging my feet.

I said you can do that at night.

She will strangle
you if she hears that.

Oh no.

I am out of fuel.


- Who are you talking to?
- Your grandfather.

Why didn't he also get a fuel pump
for you along with the motorbike?

I have some fuel.

That one you stole
from Seth's scooter?

Right. My grandfather's motorbike
has turned me into a thief.

- Hello, Seth.
- Hello.

Why don't you come early?

In the cities,
showrooms open by 11 am.

- That early?
- Yes.

You too should open
our showroom early.

Okay. Sweep the place.

- Shinda?
- Yes?

Someone stole our broom.

This village is full of thieves.

Are you talking about me?

No Sethji, I wouldn't dare.

May we borrow your broom?

Yes, and let's talk
after you are done sweeping.

About the aunt who was
asking for your phone number?

No, she called me already.

Let's talk after
you are done sweeping.

You have me worried.
First, tell me what is this about.

Fine, sit down.

I have decided to sell this shop.

I want to sell this and
invest in a store in the city.

Seth, just because we
didn't pay two months' rent..

..you are looking for
excuses to make us move?

We will pay you the rent.
We aren't running away.

We have barely started our work.

Try to understand, Shinda.

Otherwise, my work will get stuck.

Are you sweeping his shop?

What are you doing
here sitting all dejected?

Do I have to sweep
the place every day?

Look Shinda,
both of you are like sons to me.

If doesn't make a difference to me..

..whether or not you
pay me the pending rent.

But I will have to sell this shop.

One more thing.

The one who might
purchase this shop..

..might not let you
keep your stall here.

You should make arrangements
for that as well.

Sit down, don't fall on me.

Sethji, we will be
on the streets then.

- I am helpless, Balli.
- Hello, Sethji.

- Hello.
- We want to arrange a Ramleela.

- In my shop?
- No, at the Ramleela ground.

We are here to give donation slips.

Don't give me a slip,
I'll come there and donate.

What about you?

I'll come with him
and seek blessings.

Yeah, right!

- Seth?
- Yes?

Give us some time,
we will purchase your shop.

You cannot even manage pay the rent.

How will you get Rs. 250,000?

- We will do something.
- Yes.

Did you read today's newspaper?

People are doing frauds
worth 500 millions rupees.

And you seek time to pay Rs.

Anyway, you initiated this.

Try to arrange for Rs. 250,000.

Look at the newspaper
sometimes, SHO!

It's been 7 days
since Sukhchan escaped.

You are still hunting for clues?

Sir, the entire force
is working at it.

We will surely find a clue.

You should have arrested him by now.

You know the pressure I am facing?

500 million fraud is a big deal.

This is not longer
restricted to your office.

It has reached the CM's office.

Sir, Sukhchan must
have not left our area.

I will find him, sir.

As soon as possible.

Otherwise, you will find a letter
on your table after four days.

Your transfer letter.

Now get out.


- Baint Singh?
- Yes, sir?

Drop everything else
and find Sukhchan.

- Yes, sir.
- Sir, I told you..

..we should solve
Sukhchan's case first.

You are the one who said..

..we want to send our
kids to an expensive school.

So, we should put
up some check posts.

You should have been a woman.

You mean a lady constable?

- We will all get transferred.
- Yes, sir.

- Use everyone in the police station
to look for Sukhchan. - Yes, sir.

- Got it?
- Okay, sir.

Why do you look so sad?

Did anything go wrong?

No, what could go wrong?

This is how we look, Khundi.

Tell me about yourself,
you doing good?

What good?

I have dislocated my shoulder.

Dr. Khan has asked me to
not to carry a gun for a few days.

Manager doesn't want
the gun off my shoulder.

Bank needs security after all.

What security?

I used to be a peon.

They gave me a gun 3 years ago.

They said you just need to carry it.
No one is going to rob this place.

This means if someone
tries to rob a bank..

You don't even know how to shoot?

No, carry it on the
shoulder is enough.

No one is going to rob a bank here.

Come on! So you are like the
scarecrow they use in the fields.

Something like that.

I used to get Rs. 8,000 as a peon.

They gave me a raise of Rs. 2000.

They asked me to carry this gun.

It has benefited me.

I carry a gun and
offer tea to others.

He is better than us.

He makes Rs. 10,000 a month.

Machi, put it on tab.

- Shinda?
- Yes.

Don't tell anyone in the village
that I don't know how to shoot a gun.

Fine, we won't.


You too don't tell anyone.

Everyone in the village knows
that they shouldn't tell anyone.


"You have cat eyes
and chubby cheeks."

"Your body talks to me."

Who is it?


Good morning, sir.

Good morning. Who is it?

Sir, this is Aditi
from Davindra Holiday Club.

We are offering you a 5 Nights
and 6 days free trip to Singapore.

Why's the occasion?

- What?
- Yes.

Can you tell us how much
income tax do you pay, sir?

I don't pay any income tax.
I hold a yellow card.

What is that?

Those who don't have
food to eat get this.

Okay tell me, how much money do
you spend over a person's holiday?

On an average 2,50,000 per couple.

I'll be damned.

Then why don't you give
me this money directly?

I'll buy a shop for myself.

Good sense of humour, sir.

Sir, are you salaried
or self-employed?

We are Kangs, we are Jatts.

I am asking you about your work,
sir. What work do you do, sir?

Oh! I have a mobile stall.

I repair mobiles. I also.. hello?


Hello, Aditi?

It got disconnected.

What is this?

It's AC got burnt.

We will need to get
a new one from the city.

God, I feel like cursing you.

I had just one phone
and that too got ruined.

Don't we have any other mobile?

We have a few of our clients. They
can come any time to collect it.

We can put two sims
in your mobile, right?

- Yes.
- Put my sim in it.

- And Balli, my bed..
- The broken one?

Yes. It broke some more.

You should curse
God for two minutes.

You will feel better.

- Yes.
- Shinda!

You are always busy working.

How about thinking
about God too sometimes?

I was just about to.

What can I do for you?

Ramleela is just around the corner.

You still didn't give any donation.

- Look brother!
- Yes.

I can be Sugreev in the play.
But I cannot give any donation.

Get going.

- It is done?
- It is working.

Now you assume that your
phone got water damaged.

I am joking.

Yes, sir.

Sir, we can beat anyone into
confessing that he is Sukhchan.

It will save our skin.

And what about the 500 million?

- What will we say where did it go?
- We'll say we found him by the river.

Money got carried away in the water.

How did you get this job?

My father passed away.

I got his job.

- Oh, I see. That's why.
- Yes, sir.

Go and get me tea.


Who is it?

Keep driving.
It shows Janu calling. My wife.

I have saved my
girlfriend also as Janu.

- What do I do now?
- Put it on speaker.

Hello? Where are you, Shinda?

- Yours.
- Mine.

I am in the village, Lali.
What happened?

You know the manager
of the bank in your village?

Yes! Is he dead?

No. I have got a marriage
proposal from him.

He holds a government job.
Daddy likes him as well.

You can keep loitering
with that idler Balli.

Lali, I am about to buy the shop
outside which I set up my stall.

I'll come to meet your father
as soon as the deal is finalised.

When? After my marriage?

I should have something
to say to your father.

Give me just a few more days.

You know I can't
say much to my father.

You do as you feel right.

I'm hanging up now.

Shinda, my wife has two bangles.

Let's sell them and get the shop.

What are you saying?

Simran is unwell.

You might need them.

But the shop is important as well.

We will solve this issue.

Hop on, let's find a solution.

- Sir, we have arranged for the money.
- Oh really?

We'll give it to you
as soon as we get the money.

- So from now, this shop is ours.
- Congratulations.

Hey! What is this nonsense?

No advance or documentation.

How is this shop yours now?

How much advance are you giving me?

How much do you want?

According to the usual 25%
it comes to around Rs. 72,500.

But I know you guys, so
you tell me how much can you give?

If you are being so considerate
then be a little more considerate.

We will pay the
whole amount together.

Oh no. I have always said yes
to someone in the city.

I won't be able to say no to them.

He's taking a u-turn.

Don't get angry, sir.

Tell me,
how much should we give you?

Give whatever you can,
we will handle it.

Shinda, he is just polite,
he won't move an inch.

Whatever, but we will have to give him
something. Otherwise, he will say no.

- How much money do you have?
- I have..

Rs. 500..

Rs. 620..

Rs. 720.

From where did you
get so much money?

Forget that.

Your 720 plus this, we have 790 now.

We cannot give him
all the money we have.

We give 1000 rupees
as two months' rent.

And we will give only
790 as an advance for the shop?

At least talk to him.

Don't bother.

I will get it handled
in the village itself.


This is great.

- Congratulations.
- How much is it?

Rs. 790.

We will give the balance as and
when in small instalments of 100s.


Take this.

Have you ever heard me curse?

You will, today. Scoundrels!

You are supposed to give Rs. 72,500.

You could have given Rs. 50,000.

You could have given Rs. 40,000.

What kind of a joke is this?

Sir, Jatts and Baniyas
don't get along.

There are so many
stories about this.

You can prove all those
stories wrong today.

You can create history.

By giving a hug to this Jatt.

We will become one life.

Can you give all
the money in five days?

In seven days?

It will be difficult.

I'll be considerate with you, can
you give all the money in 15 days?


I am getting Rs.
2,50,000 right away.

Don't complain on the 16th day that
I gave the shop to someone else.

- Clear?
- Clear.

All set? All good?

- How are you, Khundi?
- Good, brother.

What brings you to the bank?

We have come to rob it.

Go ahead. That will give
me a chance to check my gun.

We have come to take a loan,
brother. Don't shoot us.

- Hurry up.
- Ms. Pushpa.

Does your husband still hit you?

Times have changed.

- Now I hit him.
- That's good.

Complete the file.

Auntie, we want a loan.

Have some shame.

I must be a few years
younger than you.

Kiddo, we want a loan.

Go and talk to the manager.

I don't want to talk to him.

You give it to me.

You will have to talk
to the manager about the loan.

Go inside.


How can I help you?

We want to...

We need a loan of 250,000 rupees.

What work do you do?

We repair mobile phones.

What's your ITR?

We don't do the
things rich people do.

I am talking about income tax.

Do you play tax?

Why would we seek a
loan if we had any income?

But one thing's for sure.

If my girlfriend leaves
me and marries someone else..

..then too she will
come back only to me.

What does this have
to do with the loan?

Do you have any agricultural land?

Then on what behalf
should we give you a loan?

Bank should have a guarantee
that it will get its money back.


We can go to the
Gurudwara and promise.

Promises won't give you a loan.

Let's talk if you
have any documents.

Otherwise, you may leave.


Let's go.

Did they come here to
take a loan or to scare me?

How much loan do you want?

250,000 rupees.

250,000 rupees?

Do you want to shut this bank down?

250,000 rupees is the
total amount bank has.

If we will give you all the money what
will we do in there, play monopoly?

Then this is a useless bank.

Brother, small banks
only get small deposits.

Just imagine why would
they give a peon a gun?

Because there is
nothing in the bank.

Then why are you
carrying the burden?

You are just hurting your shoulder.

It is a rule.

Whether or not there
is anything in the bank..

..there has to be
security guard outside it.

Even the gun must be wondering
what am I doing in a bank.

If it has been at a Jatt's
place it would get fired every day.

Like firecrackers!

That reminds me,
I took it at home for Diwali.

I thought I'd shoot
if before my kids.

The trigger got stuck
when I tried to shoot.

I came here and told the manager.

He said it will cost 3300,
use your salary and get it repaired.

I thought I shouldn't bother then.

Khundi, what if anything
untoward happens in the bank?

It can be used as a stick then.

And if anything untoward happens
I anyway cannot handle it by myself.

I can guard the front, but
what will we do about the backdoor?

They just have 5-foot tall walls.
Anyone can jump across those.

There must be someone
guarding the backdoor as well.

Oh great.

They don't have enough staff
to handle the banking duties.

Who will they keep at the backdoor?

These bankers are not
worried just because..

..they share a wall
with the police station.

That's enough to scare anyone.

If someone comes from the backdoor, no
one at the police station will know.

Stop lying, Khundi.

You can scream and
call the policemen.

They will come in no time.

Why are you making
me disclose all secrets?

This bank is running
on God's support.

This is inviting
a robbery then, Khundi.

If nothing they should
raise the walls to 10-foot.

You guys are great.

There is just 250,000 in the bank.

You want them to spend
it on making the walls?

You guys don't have any sense.

That's why none of
your businesses work.

- I'll hit you with this glass.
- Let it be.

We were saying this
for your own good.

We couldn't care much
if you made break the walls..

..sell the rubble and
keep the money in the bank.

- Meshi, put it on my tab.
- Okay.

I'll tell the manager that
two super-smart people paid a visit.

They cannot pay Meshi
and they want a loan from bank.

- Right, Meshi.
- Yes.

I don't know how do
I purchase that shop, Lali.

The more I try to move
forward the further I go.

This means you won't
even be able to use the stall?

Seems so.

That's why I said,
how do I face your father?

I thought I would try talking to him
about us when he is in good mood.

He won't let him daughter
marry an unemployed man.

Perhaps God wants
me to marry someone else.

Lali, please don't
marry the bank manager.

He won't keep you happy.

I had gone to him to seek loan.

He thinks he is
someone very important.

He will behave like
that at home as well.

I cannot say no because he is bad.

I should have a reason to tell my
father that you are better than him.

If you were so concerned about me..

..you should have
done something by now.

I want to,
but my fate doesn't support me.

The least I can expect
is your support.

We are live from
Kumkala police station.

Punjab police has finally
been successful in arresting..

..Sukhchan who scammed
government of 500 million.

We are in Kumkala,
district Ludhiana.

Police has been successful
is capturing a very clever criminal.

Yes, we are talking
about Sukhchan Singh.

He has done a scam of 500 million.

We have not been able to talk
to the SHO of this police station..

..and find out how did he manage
to arrest such a clever criminal.

So, Sukhchan got arrested,
how do you feel?

I am feeling very good, brother.

But the amount of money that he has,
police will treat him like a guest.

- That's a huge crowd.
- Khundi?

Why are so many
people gathered here?

Is there a show
at the police station?

They arrested Sukhchan.

- What!
- Let us do our work.

Look, bad deeds meet bad ends.

What will he do with
the 500 million now?

Police will beat
him black and blue..

..and make him even
forget how to count till 50.

Right? Bye.

Shinde, good, we did
not think of earning so much..

..otherwise our condition
would have been the same.

I'd suggest we shouldn't
sit with Khundi anymore.

If we don't hear about
it we won't think about it.

- Right.
- Let's go and open our stall.

Get lost!

This is yours?


I was waiting for you.

Seth, you have given
us 15 days to pay.

It's not even been 3 days.

Look, I thought of something.

How will you manage to arrange
250,000 at such a short notice?

Tell me.

Why don't you say something?

What do we say? We are trying.

Look son, don't lie to me.

Villagers told me that
I shouldn't waste 15 days on you.

You won't be able to get the money.

I am thinking about
your wellbeing here.

There is one option
if you are interested.

If you two sell your houses,
you can gather Rs. 250,000 easily.

What are you saying, Seth?

Where will we stay?

Son, a Baniya is saying that to you.

Remember this.

If you have a shop you
can use it to make a house.

But if you have a house,
you cannot use it to make a shop.

You can work hard
and buy a home later.

Until then stay on rent.

He is right.

How is he right? You have a child.

If the business fails
you won't even have a house.

It's not like we are doing good.

We are anyway doomed.

Let's take a chance.

Let it be.

Seth, we said 15 days, so
you will get the money in 15 days.

Okay? On the 16th if we haven't paid
you then you can do whatever you want.

- Clear?
- Clear.

Come on.

Meshi, make tea.

Two cups.

Don't worry.

It's okay if we lose the shop.
We will open a tea stall.

Right, ruin my business.

We will set it up somewhere else.

We won't take your business.

Shinde, look there.



Who is Shinda, dear?

- Daddy, didn't I tell you about him?
- Okay.

Shinda, my daddy.

- Hello, uncle.
- Hello.

What are you doing here?

I had come to deposit
money in the bank.

It is not right to keep
a lot of cash at home, uncle.

You are right, son.

- Times are bad.
- Yes.

You save money with
great difficulty.

You should keep your
savings in the bank.

We are going to the bank now.

I know the manager.

Let me introduce you as well.

Let's go. Come on.

Let's go.
He will help us get better returns.

You are back to take a loan?

Come with me.

Do your work, come on.

- Hello, uncle.
- Hello.

- Hello, Lali.
- Hello.

You are back?

Sukhdev, we know them.

They have come to deposit
money in your bank.

But uncle, they don't
have an account in this bank.

- They don't have any account?
- Yes.

We want to open a new
account and deposit the money.

No problem.
We'll open a new account.

We are here to open new accounts.

Let's go. Come, Lali.

Come with me.

Brother, new accounts
are opened over here.

Please have a seat.

- Pushpa?
- Yes, sir?

Open a new account for
them and deposit their money.

- Please have a seat.
- Okay, sir.

Lali, uncle, please come with me.

Have a seat, I'll get the form.

Uncle, you always said
that you will come here.

So you have finally come here today.

Yes, I am finally here.

Have a seat.

What would you like
tea or a cold drink?

No, thank you.

Not done. Lali, what about you?

- No, thank you.
- What will we deposit?

We don't have any money.
Let's deposit your kidneys instead.

You are the one who go us here.

We usually used to get
insulted outside the bank.

Today we will get
insulted inside the bank.

Think about how we
will get out of here.

Let's go home.
Why are you torturing yourself?

Let's go, Balli.

Here's the form. Fill it.

Also give me a copy
of your PAN and Aadhar Card.

I only have an Aadhar Card.

Then let it be.
We'll come some other time.

- Let's go.
- Keep coming here, uncle.

Pushpa, did you open the account?

Sir, they don't have a PAN Card.

It's okay.
He'll give it some other time.

He is well known to uncle.

Open the account.

How much money will you deposit?

Tell her.

How much money can one
deposit at the most in your bank?

Brother, a bank has the capacity
of the sea when it comes to money.

You can deposit as much as you want.

Think before you reply. I don't
even have a penny in my pocket.

I want to deposit 100,000 rupees.

Uncle, I am about to buy a shop.

I had the money at home for that.

I thought why keep it at home.

The deal hasn't gone through as yet.
So I should deposit it in the bank.

You are going to buy a shop?

Look daddy, Shinda is
trying his best to progress.

But why isn't the
deal going through, son?

Well, Seth won't budge
from 250,000 rupees.

I thought he should reduce a
little as it is not worth that much.

Then why don't you
ask daddy to mediate?

He has been a government
school teacher.

Everyone in and around
the village respects him.

Seth will surely
be considerate with him.

No, it is not right to trouble
uncle over such a small thing.

Son, what is the harm
if my mediation helps you?

Let's go meet Seth.

We will give him 100,000 and ask
him how much can he go down for me.

- Right?
- Let's go! Let's go!

- Bye.
- Bye.

Bye, Lali.

Is he trying to influence my Lali?

Here you go.

Hello, Mohanlal.

- Hello. Sir, you?
- Hello.

How can I help you?

These kids told me that
they wish to buy your shop.

Yes, they do.

I know them quite well.

Then I don't know to worry.

I'll give them as
much as time they want.

- We don't want time.
- Okay.

-You will get the money on time.
- Okay.

- You asked for 250,000, right?
- Yes.

Now tell me,
how much can you go down for me.

We'll give you 100,000 right away.

Look, I won't lie to you.

A merchant in the city
has quoted 250,000 for it.

Now I will do as you say.

Tell me boys,
how much will you pay him?

Uncle, thank you for speaking
to him, now we will handle the rest.

Look, they had accepted
to pay 250,000.

I can give 10,000
rupees discount for you.

Shinda, give 100,000 to Seth.

- They will give it to me?
- Yes.

I thought you will give it.

these boys had cash in hand.

They were about to deposit it in the
bank as deal didn't went through.

I told them that
I would accompany them.

- You won't say no to me.
- Okay.

Thank you very much for
giving me so much respect.

Bye, Shinda.

Come home in the evening. Okay?

- Bye.
- Sir?

- Yes.
- The 100,000 rupees advance?

At least give me that.

Uncle, I think in a hurry
I forgot the money at home.

I'll give it to you in the evening.
You are just like family.

Bye, Sethji. We will be leaving now.

Son, do come home in the evening.

- We will have sweets ready for you.
- Okay.

Let's go, dear. Let's go.

Shinda, here's 20,000 rupees.

I'll give you 180,000 as
soon as you give me the documents.

Lalaji, I am selling my house.

If you could give
me some more money?

Shinda, this isn't a house.
This is just a piece of land.

No one will give you
the money I am giving you.

Heed my advice, take this
money and start your own business.

Listen, you got hyper when
I asked you to sell my house.

You didn't take much time
to sell your house. How is it fair?

Try to understand, Balli.

You should have seen
how happy Lali's father was..

..when he knew we bought a shop.

If this works out then I am sure he
will certainly think and me and Lali.

That's why he has
invited me for tea.

I can do anything for Lali.

We will go and tell Seth that
we have arranged for 200,000 rupees.

I have sold my house.

We will somehow arrange
for the rest 50,000 as well.

- Right?
- Okay.

I am very happy today.

I too am very happy for you,

- Wait.
- What happened?

- Janu.
- It must be Lali.

She must be asking what time
will I come home in the evening.


Balli! Simran!

Come soon!

- What happened, Gurmeet?
- She fell.

Balli, our Simran!

Don't worry, Gurmeet.

- Where is she?
- Inside.

My daughter!

The tumour in her
stomach has expanded.

Doctor said just medicines
won't be enough now.

We will have to get her operated.

We need 200,000 rupees.

We don't have that kind of money,

Sister-in-law, ask doctor
to prepare for the operation.

- We'll arrange for the money.
- Yes.

Come, Balli.

What had we thought
and what happened, Shinda!

Why do you worry?

They will operate on
Simran within a week's time.

Everything will be fine.

But the shop?

You sold your house for it.

Stupid, to marry the girl you love and
to set up your business comes later.

The most important thing
is the life of a loved one.

I am happy that my house
got sold for a good deed.

- Hello?
- Hello, Shinda?


- Lali?
- Shinda, why didn't you come?

Daddy is waiting for you.

We had to get Balli's daughter
admitted in a hospital.

Oh God. What happened?

- Is everything alright?
- Yes, she was unwell.

Apologise to uncle on my behalf.

- I'll come as soon as I am free.
- It's okay. You stay there.

By the way,
did you give the money to Sethji?

- Yes, I gave him 100,000.
- Okay.

Fine, I'll wait for you. Bye.

I don't want any excuses.

I was shocked yesterday
when the teacher said..

..you have 100,000 cash on you.

It is true,
I sold my house to buy the shop.

Then where is the money?

I told you we had got 20,000.
His daughter was unwell.

So we had to give
it to the hospital.

Stop bluffing, guys.

Go and check in the hospital
if you don't believe us.

She is still there.

We might be scoundrels,
but we won't lie about our daughter.

But I am in fix now.

Either let me sell the
shop because you cannot buy it.

You had given us 15 days.

You can do anything
you want after that.

There aren't many days left anyway.

I need to deposit
some money in the bank.

I'll be right back.

He goes to the bank to
deposit his change every day.

Have you ever had
an account in the bank?

If you had then you would know,
I have an overdraft.

I need to deposit
15,000-20,000 every week.

Go before the bank closes.

Keep them back.

Go, go, go!

Don't push, Inspector.

You'll get into trouble.

I am yet to push you.

If I do, you won't remain standing.

Let's go.

Get him in. Hey! Stay back!

Get him in. Go.

Come on. Stay back!

Yes, sir?

Brother, is the bank
closed because of Sukhchan?

No Mr. Mohanlal,
bank officers are on strike today.

They have nothing else to do.
They keep going on strikes.

- Hello, sir.
- Hello.


He is a liar.

I trusted him because of you.

Seth too lashed out at me.

I have made this decision
after due consideration.

This boy isn't right for you.

Who lies to their loved ones,

I even sold my house
for the shop, Lali.

Balli's daughter fell ill.

There is nothing I could do.

I am out of luck here.

No matter what I tell daddy now,
he will think that I am lying.

I tried so hard to form a
good image of you in front of daddy.

After he met the manager, he
doesn't even want to hear about you.

But you understand, don't you?
That I did the right thing?

Why don't you hold my hand?

Why are you staring at me?

I am just asking for her hand.



Never mess with a Jatt's girlfriend.

If you ever do,
never do it in front of the Jatt.

If you ever want to
do it in front of the Jatt..

..then check his mood first.

Because Jatt likes
to break some bones..

..when he is in a bad mood.

Brother, we are not with them.

We just took a lift from them.
We will go with someone else.

Let's go. Come on.

I can die for you.

And I can kill for you.

So, a shop isn't a big deal.

"Your beauty has become
the talk of the town."

"The money you spend
makes me frown."

"Your beauty has become
the talk of the town."

"The money you spend
makes me frown."

"You end up killing me.."

"..when you get on
the roof to see me."

"Your gait is a killer too."

"You keep embroidering
your dresses.."

"Why don't you
embellish my dress too?"

"You keep embroidering
your dresses.."

"Why don't you
embellish my dress too?"

"You are beautiful like the Heer.."

"I am crazy about thee."

"I am crazy about thee."

"I am crazy about thee."

"You are beautiful like the Heer.."

"I am crazy about thee."

"Make me your beloved."

"Your brothers too
will accept me as a buddy."

"Form a relationship with me."

"You keep embroidering
your dresses.."

"Why don't you
embellish my dress too?"

"You keep embroidering
your dresses.."

"Why don't you
embellish my dress too?"

'Court has sent Sukhchan
on a seven day remand.'

'Police was ordered to
investigate his accompanists too.'

'They should find out where Sukhchan
is hiding the 500 million rupees.'

You love to run away, don't you?

I'll soon make you
run for your life.

I'll fulfill all your desires.

You fulfill all your desires soon,

You won't be able to find me again.

You will get out..

..only after you finish the
punishment government gives you.

If that doesn't happen
then I am not my father's son.


Don't make such claims,
Kuldeep Singh.

50 million is a huge sum.

You won't be able to
earn it in your lifetime.

Take it and get me out of here.

You can blame it
on someone's stupidity.

You are right.

I can take the money.

But I still haven't stooped so low..

..that I'll take it from you.

- Baint?
- Yes?

Come here.

He will be sentenced
in within a week's time.

He will soon leave.

Take such good care of him..

..that no one should
know whether he sighs..

..because of our
hospitality or piles.

Okay, sir.

Don't take the money if
you don't want to, Inspector.

Those who want me out..

..must have already made the layout
of your police station by now.

- Give him some tea
and stuffed flatbread. - Yes, sir.

With pickles?

Balli, what do you think,
what will be his sentence?

He stole government's money.
He will be given a harsh punishment.

It is government's fault.
They don't make proper arrangements.

They are bound to steal.

Look at our bank for example.

Anyone can rob it anytime.

Stop your nonsense.

We don't come here
to talk about robbery.

Brother, who else do I share
my feelings with if not you?

- You don't talk, you bluff.
- Yes.

We have been inside the bank.

You told us about
the 5-feet tall walls.

But you didn't mention
the door beyond that.

It is a wooden door,
its wood is weak.

A dog managed to get
through it yesterday.

We got it reinforced by a carpenter.

I am sure the carpenter
must have done a good job.

How can anyone break
open that door now?

I told you that the wood is weak.

You can literally scrape
your way in through the door.

There are just three
employees inside.

You can make them stand
in a corner by showing them a gun.

You can steal all the money.

No one outside will have
a clue about what's going on inside.


this gun doesn't work either.

- But you can hit them with this gun.
- Yes.

I am a peon, I offer people tea,
I don't hit them.

Don't make me disclose all secrets.

Let some things remain a secret.

It's no longer a secret, you stupid.

You have told us everything.

Don't worry,
Khundi, no one will rob your bank.

I know your gun doesn't work.

But you can shout and
call the policemen, right?

Here's another secret.

- Come closer.
- Do you want us to sit on your lap?

Listen to me.

When there is lunch
break in the bank..

All the staff members makes
me serve them tea and lunch.

By the time I get to eat,
the lunch break is over.

I come out to have lunch
after the lunch break.

Anyone can rob the
bank during this time.


'Take the money!
We have faced enough of poverty.'

'Come on.

Damn you, Manager!

Come. I'll kill you.

I am just a peon,
no one will pay heed to me.

They will say this when
something untoward happens.

"Yes, Khundi was right."

'Consider the bank
robbed then, Khundi.'

"The young man is going
around in full form."

"The young man will
become James Bond today."

"The young man is going
around in full form."

"The young man will
become James Bond today."

"He is being talked
about everywhere."

"He roams around in one area."

"With great courage and no fear"

"Today the robbers
are going to loot."

"With great courage and no fear"

"Today the robbers
are going to loot."

"With great courage and no fear"

"Today the robbers
are going to loot."

The well,
the village square, the dispensary..

..the police station and the bank.

Wow, you arranged for this so soon?

I have been in this village
since 38 years.

I know all these places
as the back of my hand.

According to Khundi this
door won't last more than two kicks.

Because it is at the back no one
will get a sound when it's broken.

That is fine, Shinda.

Just give it another thought.

Do we really need to
rob a bank to get the money?

We aren't doing it for money.

We are doing it for Lali's love.

Why don't you just say that you
want to embarrass the bank manager.

You can take it as you like.

Then consider it robbed, Shinda.

Shinda along with
friends does this work.

25 villages are with you.

25 villages are scared of you.

Shinda has power
of explosives in him.

I'll show you how
to break the bank's door.

We will both run towards
it at full speed.

And kick on the door.

Have knives in your pocket even
if you are attacked with sword.

It's quite windy out here.

I'll hold the door, you kick it.

Have knives in your pocket even
if you are attacked with sword.

I'll lift my hand as you approach.

Give me a signal when you come.

The eyes of heart is watching you.

Where is he?
Why hasn't he come as yet?

With courage he is going to loot.

I am so dead, Shinda!

With courage he is going to loot.

Stand up.

I'll come back.


Balli, that's the village
police station and that's the bank.

And these are the tiny
lanes of the village.

If we get separated while running..

..we will go and hide at the shed.

Now the most important thing.

You will go dressed as
a female for this robbery.

Are we going to rob
a bank or for a dance?

Try to understand.

- Police will think that a man
and a woman robbed the bank. - Okay.

They will be their suspects.

No one will look for us.

Take a worn-out dress from your
wife and prepare for the robbery.

- See you later.
- Okay.

The young man is going
around in full form.

Why are you home so early?

- I needed something.
- What do you want?

Do you have any old
dress and ornaments?


A priest told me that if we
give your old dress and ornaments..

..to a poor person then
it will be good for our business.

Strange, there are
people even poorer than us?

Wait, I'll give it to you.

What's my baby doing?

I am studying.

Here, take it.

Hold it.

Let me put it.

You are dropping half the things.
You will only get half the benefits.

Oh God, please help us.

Sir, your lunch.


Listen, get me some pickle as well.

Madam, your tea.
I'm going for lunch.


- Meshi, make me some tea.
- I'm making it. Have a seat.

I am leaving.

I'll shoot the person who moves.

Parvati, close the door.

Parvati, close the door.

Stupid, you are Parvati.

- Sorry, sweetheart.
- Dacoits?

Do we look like angels to you?

Where's the cash?

- With Pushpa.
- Who is Pushpa?

Who is Pushpa?

I asked who is Pushpa!

- Raise your hand.
- Sir, I.

Don't come here, Pushpa.
Just give me the cash.

This is not right.

- I'll shoot you.
- Oh, God!

Parvati, take the cash from Pushpa.

- Come on. Come on.
- Let's go.

- Come on!
- Hey!

No, brother.

- Remove the money.
- Oh, God.

- Give me the money.
- Here you go.

- How much is it?
- Rs. 80,000.


Do you think we have nothing else
to do? You want us to come back?

It's under you.

Oh! Oh, my God, take it out.

- Rs. 50,000.
- 50! 80 and 50, 130.


- 160.
- Brother..

And 20.

That's just 180.

- I'll lose my job, brother.
- I want Rs. 2,50,000.

That's all we have.

Ujagar, they only have 180.

Kill Pushpa.

She will make sure
you will get Rs. 250,000.

No, Parvati. That's all we have.

How will give you Rs. 250,000?


You better don't interfere.

I'll get you married.

Ujagar, brother, what does this
robbery have to do with my marriage?

Ujagar, sweetheart,
we have nothing to do with this.

Don't get us into trouble
by talking about marriage.

Sir? Why have you closed
the door from inside?

- It's not closing time yet.
- Hey!

We have information that there
are Rs. 250,000 rupees in the bank.

Give us the right amount
or else I will shoot you.

- We gave you what we had.
- Yes.

We really don't have it. I swear.

If you don't believe
it then you can search us.

- Madam!
- How can I search you? It's not right.

- Hello! Not one is listening.
- Sister can.

Okay, no problem.

Parvati, concentrate
on what we came here to do.

We don't have time to waste.

180 isn't enough for us.
Give us 250 or else..

- Damn you.
- Yes.

Manager sir!

Open the door, I am waiting.

I don't understand..

..which idiot told you that there is
Rs. 250,000 rupees in the bank.

- Some bloody smart..
- Madam?

- What?
"- Open the door!"

He has been
shouting from quite some time now.

Police can show up anytime now.

Stay back! Stay back!

Stay back!

Open the door, I am waiting!

- What are you doing?
- Open the door!


What are you doing?

Manager sir!

- Manager can't do anything.
- Ujagar, that gun doesn't work.

Use our gun.

Put your hands down.

Come closer.

You scoundrel, you lie to people that
there is 250,000 rupees in the bank.

They don't even have Rs. 2,00,000.

I swear, I never said that.

You keep telling everyone.

I want 250!

I'll kill everyone!

No, brother! We gave you all we had.

We don't have anymore.
I am telling the truth. I swear.

Ujagar, please listen to me.

I won't listen to anyone.

You will have to.

Can't we make do with 180?

We cannot. We need 240.

We are still short of 60.

We need 240.

Ujagar, why don't
you come back later?

- Do you think we are fools?
- Yes.

You want us to get arrested
by coming back here?

No. Let go of my hand.

We can do one thing.

It's 03:25pm right now.
People deposit money till 4 o'clock.

We will open the gate
and let the depositors in.

You will get the rest of the money.
Don't worry.


Security guard!

Open the gate and
spend people inside.

If someone comes
to withdraw the money..

- ..then you will also lose the 180.
- Yes.

Send only the depositors.

If someone comes to withdraw then
say that the bank is out of cash.

Do you understand?

If you try to act smart..

..then we know that your gun
doesn't work but ours surely does.

We will shoot you.

- My shoulder hurts.
- I know.

- How do you know?
- We rob banks.

We don't have tea
in the canteen, stupid.

- Parvati!
- Yes, Ujagar?

Get his gun.

Give it to him.

Hold my gun.

Take the manager inside.

If anyone tries to act smart..

..then he or she won't be able to
watch the whole robbery take place.

- You.. sit down.
- No..

Not there. On your chair.

- You aren't at a funeral.
- Come on.

Sit down.

Stand up.

How are you, Khundi?

- How's your shoulder?
- Forget about the shoulder.

Just tell me are you
here to deposit or withdraw?


There is no cash in the bank.
Come back tomorrow.

Oh I see.
So, I'll have to come back tomorrow?

No, the manager will
come to your home.

Fine, I'll come on Tuesday.

Madam, I wanted to
deposit 5000 rupees.


Here you go.

How are you, Khundi?

I am fine. Why have you come here?

- My child studies in the city.
- Okay.

I need to pay his fees.
I came to withdraw Rs. 35,000.

There is no cash in the bank.
Come back tomorrow.

I didn't ask for 10 million.

This is such a useless bank.

They don't even have Rs. 35,000.
Move aside.

We don't have cash, brother.
Come back tomorrow.

At least let me talk to them.

Tomorrow is the last
day to pay the fees.

Come on.

- Sister-in-law, talk to him.
- Let us go inside and talk to them.

Come inside.

Madam, we wanted to
withdraw 35,000 rupees.

How did you come inside?

This is a limit.

No one questioned when
we wanted to deposit the money.

Today when we are here
to withdraw our own money..

..you are asking
how did we come inside?

Actually, the bank is out of cash.

Please come back tomorrow.

I want it today.
I need to send it to my child.

Give it to me from the
deposits you collect today.

- Sir, please come back tomorrow.
- I want the money today.

Bloody Khundi is sending
people in to withdraw.

- Yes, uncle?
- I have come to deposit some money.

- Go inside.
- Let's go and sit there.

We will only leave
after we get the money.

They will not give this way.
We have not come to take loan.


I want to deposit Rs. 25,000
in the agent's account.

200, 205, 210.

We have 210 now.

We are still short of 30.

Call all those who have
an account in this bank..

..and ask them to
deposit some money.

Brother, no one will come
like this to deposit.

People should have
money to deposit it.


- Open the book. Open it!
- I am.

Give me the Rs. 25,000
that man just deposited.

- I will manage with that much.
- How can we give it to you?

We need to collect
240 for someone before you.

May your bank get doomed.

May your bank be robbed.

Let's go.

It is a cheater bank.

You and your bank..

I think you get it.

Let's go.

To hell with you all.

- Hello, Sethji?
- Yes, Shinda?

That day you weren't
able to deposit the money.

Make sure you deposit
the money in the bank today.

How can I go leaving
the shop unattended?

Where are you two?

Sethji, we are stuck
doing some important.

We heard that you'd be fined if
you don't deposit the money today.

You should go there. Okay?

It's about to be 4 o'clock.

Bank won't take any deposits now.

They will, for you.
At least come here.

What are you saying?
Not come here, go there.

Right. I mean at least go there.

Fine, I'll close the shutter and go.

210 and 15.


We are still short.

Yes? Who do you want to meet?

Ujagar, I think the
guard fired his gun.

Parvati, quickly take the
money we have managed to gather.

You, sit down.

Khundi, you traitor.

He told us that
the gun doesn't work.

He shot 15 bullets from it.

Sit! Sit down!

Bomb! Bomb!

- Let's go.
- Hurry up!

Hold my hand.

- Pushpa.
- Pushpa.

Save me.

Start the jeep!

- Quickly sit down, Parvati.
- Brother, you had come to rob the bank.

- Why are you taking me with you?
- Where did you come from?

You brought me here
by holding my hand.

It's just been two minutes,
please let me go back.

My life will get ruined
if anyone finds out about this.

Couldn't you speak up sooner?

I got scared.

But you spoke up now.

- If Parvati gets caught inside then we
both will be in trouble. - Sweetheart!

- Help me.
- Come on.

- Brother, help me jump across the wall.
- Hurry up.

Brothers never help
sister jump across walls.

Push the bike.

Sit, Parvati.

Move aside.

Catch him.

Go from that side.




Sit down.

Come on.

This way.

We are safe now.


Don't make any noise.

- Yes.
- Okay.

And I won't tell anyone
that a man came..

..to the warehouse shed.

Why are you here, brother?

My men got me out.

Police is searching for me.

The police is looking for you?

You left the money at the bank?

Stupid, you shouldn't
raise your hand at a woman.

Can you get me out of here?

What are you saying, brother?

We got out with great difficulty.

We cannot.

Son, 50 million is a big amount.

Think about it.

- 50 million?
- I'll give you 50 million..

..if you get me out of here.

I'll get you out
but reduce the amount.

Such a huge sum will
cause us a heart attack.

Stupid, you shouldn't
say no to money.

Half the job is already done.

You just need to get
me out of this village.

I'll do something.

You stay here.

- Brother..
- How are you doing?


- What happened!
- Tell him, that I am a man.

It is your fault.
Remove the veil from your face.

He didn't give me the time.

He's a man.

Uncle, I am taking your cart.

It's okay, son. There's
fodder in it. You can take it.

I'll take it along the fodder
and bring it back as it is.

Do whatever is feasible for you.

Okay, uncle. Let's go, dear.


Don't sit on him. Move that way.

We are hiding someone over there.

Check properly.

- Sukhchan shouldn't escape.
- Stop the car.

Police is checking everyone.

I don't think..

..we will be able to
help him leave the village.

We shouldn't get into trouble..

..because of him.

Let's go back to the village.

Make it believable
that just got the fodder.

They said that a
lot of shots were fired.

Did they catch anyone?

- Police caught all the goons.
- Okay.

- But they couldn't get hold
of Sukhchan. - Oh no.

- Police was saying..
- Yes.

..that Sukhchan is
still in the village.

They say they will catch him soon.

Yes. Police will catch him.

They don't spare anyone.

They won't let him escape.

Right, Jinder?

That is the thing,
police won't let him escape.

He is a scammer.

Sukhchan brother, don't even
breathe for the next few minutes.

We are about to pass
through the police station.

There are policemen everywhere.

This is the only unguarded path.

From here we will
go directly to my house.

Uncle, forget robbing the bank..

..if they even have
an account here..

..I bet you they will never
even come to withdraw money from it.

Right, Meshi?

I had this knee on his neck.

My knee still aches.

- I wonder how his neck is doing?
- Where were you two?

Such a big disaster
happened in the village.

- What happened? - Both bank and
the police station where under attack.

Oh, really?


Not even an hour ago.

See, I had told you,
this bank can be robbed anytime.

It happened just as I had predicted.

Tell them.

So did they take the money?

No, no, no.

Will Khundi let that happen?

He and the manager caught them,
thrashed them and sent them away.

You saw that?

Khundi told me everything.

I had to save the bank.

I couldn't leave and just run away.

Khundi, do you know who they were?

Police will investigate.

We didn't let it get robbed.

They managed to
help Sukhchan escape.

Why are you mixing the people..

..who came for Sukhchan with
the people who robbed the bank?

- Right.
- He had his knee on their neck.

Why are you in this cart today?

You didn't open your stall today?

Uncle Labh asked us
to get fodder for him.

- That's why.
- Yes.

Good that you weren't here.

Ask Meshi how many
bullets were fired.

If you were here you
would have ran for your life.

Enough, Khundi. Stop bluffing.

Don't make me get started.


Yes, sir?

Move the cart aside.


Move, let's go, dear.

Move. Go, go.

Sir, this thingy belongs to him.

It must have fallen
when he was running.

Well done. Go, get me some tea.

- Baint.
- Yes?

Yes, sir?

Do you think he must
have left this area as yet?

Just asking.


- He cannot survive without this, right?
- Yes.

Inform all the medical
stores in this area..

..that anyone who comes to purchase
an asthma pump and not a thingy..

Anyone who comes to
purchase an asthma pump..

They should let us know their name,
number and address.

- Okay?
- Okay.

- Go now.
- Sir.

Here's your bottle, brother.

My pump?

Shops were closed.
We will get it tomorrow morning.

How will I breathe?

Like this.

Breathe in from your nose
and breathe out like this.

I'll slap you.

I have asthma.

I never know when I'll
get an asthma attack.

That's when I need the pump.

Brother, somehow manage
without it tonight.

There are no doors
in my house anyway.

Air comes directly inside.

I don't understand,
why are you making me stay here.

A place which doesn't
even have any doors.

You will get me into trouble.

Brother, you have scammed the
government of 500 million rupees.

Think about this, will Sukhchan
ever stay at a place without doors?

- No. - This is what
the police will think as well.

Don't worry. It's a routine check.
I'll go and check.

- Baint?
- Yes, sir?

Take a constable with you
and find out who stays there.

Okay, sir.

Search each and every house. Go.

What happened, sir?

You know that criminal
Sukhchan has escaped.

- Oh. Yes, yes.
- We want to search your house.

He is inside, come in.

He is crazy.

I too just learn so.

We didn't find him, sir.

Shall we get in the cars, sir?

They left.

Are you crazy?

You don't even realise
what you are saying.

I won't stay with you.
You will get me into trouble.

Calm down, brother.

You don't even have
your asthma pump.

I'll punch you.

What were you telling him?

Brother, I knew for sure that
if I invite him in, he'd never come.

I've travelled in buses without
a ticket when I couldn't help it.

I always used to get caught.

Then I came up with a plan.

Whenever I used to travel
in a bus without a ticket..

..I used to raise my
hand and tell the checker..

my ticket is in my pocket."

"I am going to sleep.
You should check it."

No one ever checked it.

Brother, police officers and paternal
aunt's husband are of the same breed.

They never do what
they are asked to do.

You are very smart.

Can't help it. God gave
me a bad fate with a sharp mind.

Now I am trying to use
my mind and change my fate.

You can plan whatever you want.

But your first plan should
about getting me out of here.

We are more worried
about our 50 million...

..than you are about
your 500 million.

Enjoy your drink.
Come Balli, I'll drop you home.

Get the pump first
thing in the morning.

Don't worry.
Consider it done. Got it?

Uncle, how could I let
them steal from my bank?

- I took them to the back room
of the bank. - Okay.

We didn't fight at all.

But still,
they we begging me before they left.

You should have beaten them up.

I had.

Son, I am impressed
by this feat of yours.

Everyone is talking about you.

Thank you. Yes.

The bank staff is
recommending my name..

..to the government
for bravery award.


You can take it.

It's my friend. I'll call her back.


Do you know who the robbers were?

Whoever they were,
they will never come back.

Police is investigating.

- Yes.
- They will soon get arrested.

Have some biscuits.

Daddy is only praising the manner
after yesterday's bank robbery.

He is quite impressed
by his bravery.

If the manager was so brave
how did the robbers escape?

He wouldn't have let them escape.

The bomb targeted at the police
station fell in the bank instead.

They used that as cover and escaped.

Otherwise, the manager
wouldn't have let them escaped.

Will he say that in a Gurudwara?

- Why? Is he lying?
- Yes, he is.

You say as if you
witnessed the robbery.

I didn't but you know
what someone can or cannot do.

Tell your father not to
get too influenced by the manager.

Daddy would get
influenced by you as well.

But we never know
what you are up to.

You still haven't done
anything about the shop.

How do I tell you?
Everything is about to change.

Forget a shop,
I'll get you a palace.

Just get the shop,
that will be a palace for me.

I can really get a palace.

I am no longer the same Shinda.

Your father is going
after the bank manager.

I will open my own bank.

We are going to get
a lot of money, my love.

Let's go.

"Whenever I see you,
my heart skips a beat."

"A glance by you.. shatters me."

"You make me fear for my life,
this is not right."

"You make me fear for my life,
this is not right."

"You stop me and
just ask for my heart.."

"You stop me and just ask
for my heart, this is not right."

"You stop me and just ask
for my heart, this is not right."

"From the time I have seen you,
I feel restless."

"The attitude you possesses,
my dear.."

"You have made me go crazy."

"Now all day,
I only think about you."

"Now my life is dependent on you."

"Now my life is dependent on you."

"Now all day,
I only think about you."

"My eyes are intoxicating."

"You make my life more beautiful."

"My eyes are intoxicating."

"You make my life more beautiful."

"You steal my heart away.."

"You steal my heart away,
you smile in such a way."

"Now my life is dependent on you."

"You stop me and
just ask for my heart.."

"You stop me and just ask
for my heart, this is not right."

"Now my life is dependent on you."

"Now all day,
I only think about you."

You keep saying that
you will get a lot of money.

At least tell me where
will you get it from.

There is a good
man who is helping us.

I'll tell you everything
once I get the money.

You misdialled me.

Balli has my phone. It must be him.

- Yes, Balli?
- Shinda, we have a problem.

Police has asked
all medicinal shops..

..to note down the name,
address, village, and phone number..

..if anyone comes to
purchase an asthma pump.

I hope you didn't
give them the details.

No, I didn't.
We barely escaped, brother.

But you should come
here immediately.

I am coming.

What happened? Everything okay?

Yes, everything is fine.
But I will need to leave.

I have some work.
I'll see you later.

- Shinda?
- I'll see you later.

- Here you go.
- Okay.

- Morning, afternoon and evening.
- Okay.

We can give him the
cycle pump to breathe.

Why did you bring me
all the way to the city?

We would get into trouble
by purchasing a pump in the village.

Yes, what do you want?

Brother, I forgot
the name of the medicine.

I'll tell you as soon
as I get a message from home.


- No asthma patient has come as yet.
- Keep quiet.

Take this.

- Brother, give me an asthma pump.
- Okay.

Here you go.

Give me your name,
address and telephone number.

- Why?
- Orders from the police.

- Really?
- Yes.

- Okay then also give me a cough syrup.
- Okay.

I got a message from home.
We need Crocin tablets.

- I'll give it.
- Brother, what is this?

It is for people who
have breathing problem.

Breathing problems..


What have you done! Couldn't
you keep your hands to yourself?

Brother, what have my hands done?
It came under my feet.

You made me suffer a loss.

Don't be angry, brother.
We will purchase it, okay?

This for the crocin tablets. Okay?

Kids at home will play with it.

- Take your 20 rupees change.
- It's okay.

You can keep the change, brother.

Why is it so out of shape?

- We risked our lives to bring it.
- Yes.


Brother, I wanted to ask,
by when can we get the money?

Don't worry about the money.

After I leave the village..

..one of my men will
come and give you the money.

But what if your
man doesn't show up?

Then get me back.

You still haven't made
me leave the village..

..and you are already
worried about your money.

I am promising you..

..that your money
is safe at my home.

You will get the money
as soon as I leave the village.

We can take him from here as well.

Lalaji is calling.

- Yes, Lalaji?
- Where are you, Shinda?

When will we register the house?

We are stuck in some important work.

- We will do it in a few days.
- Right.

Do it and get your job done.
And take your money.


Why do we need to
sell the house now?

Let us get the money.

We will be able to treat Simran
and set up a business as well.

Why don't you speak a little louder so
that all the villagers can hear you?

- But I am right, aren't I?
- Like hell, you are right.

'Police was looking for Sukhchan
at every nook and corner.'

'And Balli and Shinda
were trying to find a way..'

'..to get Sukhchan
out of the village.'


1 million.

Why do we have to get
him out of the village?

Let us hand him over to the police.

We will immediately
get 1 million rupees.

He wants the reward!

We will get punished for hiding him.

Let's go.

Brother, this is for you.

No, I don't drink on Thursdays.


I worship the Murshid Pirs.

But you scammed the government
of 500 million on a Thursday.


Hey, don't joke about the saints.

Brother, I wanted to
talk to you about something.

Tell me.

If you could let us talk to the
person who will give us the money..?

We poor souls would feel assured.

Then we would work harder.

- Give me the phone.
- Give it here.

Yes, brother?


You do the role of Ravana so well.

Oh thank you, bro.


I want to go abroad.

I am preparing for IELTS.

Bye, I'll get going now.
I am so tired.

I have to work hard all afternoon.


Sit with us for a while, brother.

How much money does
the Ramleela team give you?

Hardly anything.

It's a free service.

Then why don't you help us as well?

We will pay you 100,000 rupees.

Why are you lying to
me after getting drunk?

I told you I am tired. Let me go.

Wait, wait, wait.

Do you know him?


In short, on Dushera day,
we'll make Sukhchan dress up..

..as Ravana instead of you
and help him leave the village.


Police is giving a reward
of 1 million to catch him.

I am not crazy to
take 100,000 from you.

Like hell police will
give you the reward.

They don't get salaries
for two months at a stretch.

True. And these posters
were printed by the government.

Police didn't even pay the
ones who glued them to the walls.

They had to pay for the
glue too out of their pockets.

And you dollars from them.

But you won't gain any
help if you get only me involved.

What if the boy who does
my makeup tells everyone?

I will charge 200,000 rupees.
Otherwise, I will tell everyone.

You do Shah Rukh Khan's makeup?

He wants 200,000 rupees!

I don't know about Shah Rukh Khan.

It's very simple.

You are giving 100,000 to a nobody.

I deserve to get 200,000 rupees.

Will you pay or should
I tell everyone?

Shinda, pay him what he wants.

Such people are very unpredictable.
He might tell everyone.

We will be left with quite a
lot even after giving away 300,000.


Okay, I'll whatsapp
my account number then.

Oh yes, you will have
to do one more thing.

This Ravana interacts
with all artists.

Rama, Lakshmana,
Sita, Angad, Kumbhkaran.

With everyone. Okay?

Anyone of them could find
out that Ravana has changed.

That's why you need to
get the Ramleela's head as well.

So that this thing
doesn't get exposed.

Take a book and a pen.

You keep recording
who needs to be paid what.

What needs to be paid to whom.

100,000 for Neeta.

100,000 for Mindha.

100,000 for Boota.
And 100,000 for Changeda.

Sir, if we have to
give everyone 100,000..

..then what's the use
of giving you 500,000?

I am charging 500,000
so that they stay in check.

Or else they might open their
mouth even after taking the money.

- How much?
- 3.7 million.

You never donated 5 rupees to them.

And now you are
giving them millions.

They know now.

We will get into trouble
if we don't pay them.

It's just 3.7 million.

It's not like we worked hard for it.

Brother, what are
you two whispering about?

Tell us, do we have a deal?

You will get the money.
You tell us how to go about this.

There isn't much to do then.

Ask that goon to memorise
Ravana's dialogues.

I am Lakeshwar!

I am a part of the sky!

I am a part of the earth!
I am a part of the netherworld!

What's next?

You are at a few more places
but I cannot read Sanskrit.

If you cannot even
read it how do I say it?

- Read what's next.
- What's next?


It's not H-A-H-A,
it means laugh like a Ravana.

I cannot do this.
Find another way.

Brother, this is the easiest way.

The security is quite tight.

Policemen are even checking
pregnant buffalos stomach..

..just in case you
are hiding in there.

- Right?
- Yes.

What's next?

Is the Ravana ready?

- He is getting his makeup done.
- Fine.

In half an hour Hanuman
will come to pick him up.

- Shall I drop him?
- No, no, no.

Ravana will mingle with the
Ramleela actors and leave easily.

If you drop him then everyone's
attention will be on him.

You quickly go and
get his makeup done.


- Ready?
- Yes.

Go then.

Suraj, we will meet at
the city bypass in three hours.

Okay? Yes.

- Have you taken the costume?
- Yes.

I have it in the bag. - Okay.

- Shall I leave?
- Yes. Go, go, go. Hurry up.


Makeup, no one should
know who he is..

everyone will get arrested.

I just spent two months in prison.

Please don't say such things.

You leave and let him
do his work confidently.

- You continue.
- Okay.

Keep that down.

That sword is as big as him.

There are just a few hours
left for our poverty to end.

I think Hanuman is here.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Where is he?
- Just five minutes.

Shinda Singh, what are the
Ramleela actors doing in your house?

How does it concern you?
I have invited them for lunch.

You have lunch at
other people's home.

How can you invite them?

My father was Rama's devotee.

He used to say that he wants to
invite the Ramleela actors for lunch.

- I have heard that as well.
- Yes.

Right, we have to
do it for the dead.

Yes, you have to do it.
So, we are doing it.

- Please leave.
- Fine.

Always seeking hot gossip topic.

Fine, we are leaving.

Start the scooter,
I'll send him in five minutes.

- Okay.
- Kick-start it.

Hurry up.
How much more time will it take?

We are about to reach, brother.

Where are you taking him?

He isn't going to survive today.

Don't worry,
they are talking about the Ravana..

..we will set on
fire today on Dushera.

So, what's the arrangement?

Sir, 15 guards are on Dushera duty.

Six out of them will go with the
artists' chariots leaving the village.

Why will they be
leaving the village?

Sir, four villagers come
together and arrange this Ramleela.

Before they burn the Ravana,
each chariot visits one village.

All hail Lord Rama!

Okay. It will be quite
crowded so stay alert.

I think he will take advantage
of the crowd and try to escape.



- I know.
- What?

Is everything going
according to plan?

Don't worry.

- Everything is going according to plan.
- Leave now.

I think they all are
came for burn the Ravana.

'All hail Lord Rama!'

'All hail Sita Mata!'

'All hail Hanuman!'

'All hail Ravana!'

- Be alert, Baint.
- Yes, sir.

I am watching every moment, sir.

I have two cameras recording
everything as well.

According to the list provided
by the head of the committee..

..they have 22 actors
and 31 backstage help.

- Did you count them?
- Yes, sir.

I have a guard there as well.

I have counted them.

'To keep supporting us so that we
can keep entertaining the villagers.'

'All hail Lord Rama!'

Lakshwar, your time is up.

The only punishment
you deserve it death.

Nothing else.

'All hail Lord Rama!'

Rama, Lakeshwar was immortal,
is immortal and will stay immortal.

He will stay immortal!

Lakeshwar will always
remain immortal!

'All hail Lord Rama!'

'All hail Lord Rama!'

All hail Lord Rama!

All hail Lord Rama!

- Sir?
- Yes?

- You tell me.
- What?

Hail to...

Egoistic Ravana,
it is not your fault.

God doesn't want
this clan in this world.

That's why it is certain
that you will die today.

And it is bound to happen.

How dare you! How dare you!


Move aside.

- Don't fight.
- Leave him. Listen to me.

Here he comes.

He is here to pee. At least
wait for him to finish peeing.

One, two, three four, five.

You did a good job.
You should leave from here.

Brother, our money?

One of my men will come and pay you.

Don't worry about the money.
You should leave from here.

But I need the money right now.

Please trust me.

Don't worry about the money.
You should leave from here.

- Go, go, go.
- Don't forget.

All hail Lord Rama!

Sir, this is yesterday's
report from the chemist shops.

Sir. 16 pumps were sold
in 41 shops in the area.

- Baint!
- Yes, sir.

Are you checking the
records of the shops?

Yes. Of course.

It is right.

All those who bought the
pumps are undergoing treatment.

We have also enquired
about a new purchase.

I personally did it.

He has asthma.

How do you know that?

Sir, we woke him
up and made him run.

He was out of breath.

We gave him the pump
and he felt better.

I don't understand.

How can a person like Sukhchan survive
for five days without his asthma pump?

Sir, we reached five days' records.

- Okay.
- Everything else is fine.

A shop owner wrote a
name and then cancelled it.


Sir, a customer asked
for it by mistake.

He later said he
wanted something else.

That's why I deleted his name.

'Actually, there was some
misunderstanding by my wife.'

'We need a medicine for an allergy.'

And who was this customer?

Balli, from our village.

He has a mobile repair shop.

Sir, we have sold 16 pumps so far.

Here is the list.

There are only 15
people in this list.

Sir, one customer was
playing with the pump.

He broke it.

Then he had to buy it.

- Do you know him?
- No, I don't know him.

But I can recognise
him if he comes before me.

Idea. Show him Balli's photo.

Okay, sir.

Yes, sir. It was him.

There was another man with him.

Sir, Shinda is always with Balli.

It might be him.

He is the one, sir.

They don't look like criminals.

Sir, usually the ones who
look innocent do such things.

Get into the jeep.

Yes, yes. Move in.

Come on, everyone. Let's go.

- Some of you go upstairs and check.
- Okay, sir.

- Check this room.
- Okay, sir.

- Find out if it's the kitchen or what?
- Okay, sir.

- Two of you go there. Go.
- Okay, sir.

- You, go upstairs.
- Okay.

Hurry up.

Come on.



Why did you take so
long to open the door?

My daughter is unwell.

That's why.

- Where is Balli?
- What happened?

Where is Balli?
He wasn't at his stall today.

He must be here somewhere.

He said he would go for the Dushera

His daughter is unwell
and he wants to visit the fair?

He must be on his way back.

He said he had come important work.

He will come back soon.


Sir, the Ramleela's chariots
came back as they had left.

We have called their head here.

He said he will come here as
soon as they set the Ravana on fire.

Do you know Balli and Shinda?

Yes, I know.

Since when are they
associated with Ramleela?

Since two days?

Why did they join the troupe?

I don't know, sir.

I came after two days.

But one thing is surely surprising.

They used to never
even donate 10 rupees.

Why are they going around
with the Ramleela actors?

Sir, let's go to the
Dushera ground and get them.

It's quite late.

They all must have set
the Ravana on fire and left.

You will find them all
at the Ramleela club now.

Sir, please try to understand.

We aren't going anywhere.

We will pay you as soon as
Sukhchan's man gives us the money.

We trusted him. You should trust us.

Don't just say hmm, say something.

Suraj, we have been in
this village since so many years.

Have we ever done anything wrong?

Except for helping Sukhchan.

Let's leave quickly.

Why leave? Let's resolve this issue.

- Police.
- Oh damn.

Please handle the situation,

What happened?

Where are Balli and Shinda?

They were here.
They just left.

You are the head?

What? Yes, sir. Yes.

- Where is Sukhchan?
- What? Who? Who is Sukhchan?

The one you help
get out of the village.

We are telling the truth, sir.

We don't know any Sukhchan. Okay?

- Oh, I see.
- Yes.

No problem, sir.

I have recorded
everything in the camera.

Very good, Baint.

- Thank you, sir.
- It's okay.

- Get them all into the jeeps.
- Yes, sir.

Let's steal their happiness
and peace of mind at least.

Yes, sir.

Stop right here.

- Rewind it.
- Okay.

Before that.

- Yes, pause it.
- Okay.

- Who is Ravana?
- What?

Suraj, sir.

Take him inside and
show him the sun, the moon..

..the stars and the whole universe.

Okay, sir.

Let's go.

Come on.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.

Sir! Sir, please let me go.

I'll tell you the truth.

I'll tell you the truth.

I am not alone.

All of us are involved.

- Where is Balli?
- I don't know.

I keep calling him
but he isn't answering.

Our daughter is seriously ill.

We just called for
the institute's ambulance.

Take her.

Sir. Shinda didn't
come to his house.

Balli too didn't come to his house.

Search the whole village.

Okay, I'll do something.

Who was it?

Lalaji, the one whom
I sold my house told.

Police is looking for us.

What had we thought
that what happened.

- Everything is over.
- Why do you worry?

Take my motorcycle, get Gurmeet
and Simran and leave the village.

- What about you?
- Why do you worry about me?

I'll join you later.

You should first
think about your family.

- I won't leave without you.
- I'll slap you.

I told you, leave!
Take the phone.

Go. I said leave.

'Neither did Sukhchan's
man come here nor did the money.'

'Balli and Shinda keep hiding here
and there to escape the police.'

Hello, Gurmeet?

Balli, where are you?

I am outside the house.
Where are you?

I am at the hospital.
Our daughter's condition got worse.

Come here as soon as possible.

- You two keep an eye there.
- Look over there.

Get him! Don't let him escape.

Come on, let's get him.


Yes. Okay.

Yes, okay.

Sir, we have managed to trace
Shinda and Balli's phone numbers.

Both of them were found
entering the Moga city together.

Then both their phones
where switched off.

I want to talk to the station
in-charge of the Moga police station.

Okay, sir.

What is wrong?
Why are you late today?

What do I say, sir?

There is a problem in our village.

What problem?

- Sukhchan who had escaped
from our village.. - Yes?

Balli and Shinda
had helped him escape.

- Shinda?
- Yes.

Where the hell is Balli?
He has switched off his phone.


Lali, it's me Shinda.

Yes, tell me.

Lali, I wanted to
tell you something.

I too wanted to tell you something.

Don't call me ever again, Shinda.

- Listen to me, Lali.
- No, Shinda.

I always listened to you.

It's okay.

I just wasted some time of my life.

But I learnt a lot from you.

One should never trust anyone.

- Lali, I..
- Police is tracking your phone.

They are perhaps also tracking mine.

Don't call me up ever again.

You have made me
break our relationship.

Now at least let me
honourably marry someone else.

Lali.. Lali!

"The instrument of fate.."

"Drowned so close to the shore."

"Why, God?"

"Oh God.."

"The instrument of fate.."

"Drowned so close to the shore."

"I lived for no reason..
on its support."

"Dreams that break easily.."

"Dreams which cannot
be mended back together.."

"No one should have such dreams."

"No one special should
ever come into my life, oh God."

"If one comes,
then should never leave, oh God."

"If someone intends
to make me cry later.."

"Then that person shouldn't
make me laugh, oh God."

"No one special should
ever come into my life, oh God."

"Shattered pieces of my heart,
take your name."

"Shattered pieces of my heart,
take your name."

"You paid me no heed."

"You didn't take pity on me."

"I had to endure the
pain of separation alone."

"It is difficult to survive."

"My heart weeps day and night."

"No one should trouble
me so much, oh God."

"No one special should
ever come into my life, oh God."

"If one comes,
then should never leave, oh God."

"If someone intends
to make me cry later.."

"Then that person shouldn't
make me laugh, oh God."

"No one special should
ever come into my life, oh God."

"Oh God.."

"My Lord.."

Where are you, Balli?

I keep hiding here and there.

Shinda, Simran is unwell.

She has been hospitalised.

Her condition is very critical.

Don't worry. We will do something.

Do whatever you have to, brother.

But I will go to the
hospital to meet my daughter.

I don't care if
the police arrests me.

Balli, there is only one way
to redeem from the mistake we made.

We'll have to capture Sukhchan
and hand him over to the police.

But where will we find him?

We will have to do something, Balli.

We cannot fight with
God for giving us a bad fate.

We will have to fight with fate.

Forget about fate.

I read in the newspaper that police
didn't even spare the Ramleela artists.

Take care of yourself.

I am hanging up now.

Lali was saying that
they are tracking our phones.

Trying to escape the police?

Where's your partner?

I got separated from
Shinda in the village itself.

You are lying.

Get him in the jeep and
search his house as well.

Okay, sir.

He says they got separated
in the village itself.

In the phone tracking your
numbers place you at the same place.

We have two sims in one phone.

I'll teach you a lesson
on that in the police station.

Hold him.

'I don't drink on Thursdays.'


'I worship the Murshid Pirs.'

'Shinda was on his way
to Murshid Pirs' shrine..'

'..when fate made him
see him on the way itself.'

Quickly, quickly.

Turn around. Follow them.

Stop here.

Thank you very much, brother.

Thank you. Bye.

Brother is here.

- Come on, hurry up.
- Okay.

We don't have much time.

- Okay, brother.
- Hey!


What are you doing here, Shinda?

After getting you
out of the village..

..police learnt that we
helped you leave the village.

We got into trouble, brother.

That is indeed very bad.

That's why I thought there is
only one way to rectify my mistake.

I should take you back
to the police station.

Only then will we
get rid of this trouble.

Don't joke.

We have done so much for you,

Can't you do even this much for us?

We will get you out again.

Now we know how to that quite well.

You have lost your mind.

Son, give him a
few hundred thousands.

He'll get himself treated.

You had agreed to pay
us 50 million, brother.

Take whatever you
are getting and leave.

My mother used to say
that I am quite hot-tempered.

So, I shouldn't fight.

That's why I am
being polite with you.

Please come to the
police station with me.

I'll have to go against my mother.

Have you seen these men?

Is that all of them?
Or do I have to thrash more?

What are you waiting for now?

Go ahead and turn
him black and blue.

Never abuse a Jatt.

If you ever do,
never do it in front of the Jatt.

If you ever want to
do it in front of the Jatt

then check his mood first.

Because Jatt likes to break
some bones when he is in a bad mood.

Look, with all intent and honesty..

..we arrested a very
dangerous criminal Sukhchan.


But two people from your village..

..for their own personal greed helped
him escape from the police station.

One of them is Balli,
who got arrested.

- The other one is..
- SHO sir!

Shinda with Sukhchan?

He caught him.

Your culprit, SHO sir.

Arrest him!

We made a very big mistake, sir.

But what can we say,
we were helpless.

All this happened because of me.

Instead, Balli told
me where Sukhchan is hiding.

He is innocent.

He actually deserves a reward.

His daughter is unwell.

Please let him go.

Baint, take his statement.

- Okay, sir.
- Release the other guy.


'Shinda was sentenced
three months of imprisonment..'

'..for giving refuge to Sukhchan.'

'And Balli was let go scot-free.'

'Sukhchan was sentenced
seven years imprisonment..'

'..for selling government land.'

'The headman and the
lank clerk who helped him..'

'..were sentenced three
years imprisonment.'

You know that criminal
Sukhchan has escaped.

Oh. Yes, yes.

He is inside, come in.

If I were Sukhchan,
I would hide here.

What will you get, sir?

A promotion?

Sukhchan is giving us 50 million
to get him out of this village.

If we join hands, we can
get our hands on the 500 million.

250 each.

No matter how many
promotions you get..

..you will never be able
to make this kind of money.

Oh really?

You have a lot of courage.

Do you think you can
get to his 500 million?

It might sound too far reached..

..but I only say what I can do.

Sir, no one is here.

No one is here either.

Shall we get in the cars, sir?

'And Balli was let The
records of all chemists..

..of this agree
don't just go to me..

SSP gets a copy as well.

Now have to come up
with a plan about how..

..you will get the
pump and from where.


- On Dushera..
- Yes?

You can do whatever you
want in the name of security.

But stay away from the Ramleela.

Get out of the village
as soon as you can.

Ramleel's head told us everything.

Balli got the 1 million as promised.
Now tell me where our money is.

There is a Fortuner
parked in my house.

There is 20 million
on its back seat.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

I am greatful.

SHO sir?

Before we divide the money..

..we need to give 3.7
million to the Ramleela actors.

You could manage to get only
20 million from the 500 million.

And you want me
to share that as well?

I couldn't hide more
than 20 million in the car.

I thought I'll come
later and take it.

I didn't know that the
godown would catch fire.

Now let's share and
make do with what we got.

Have you ever wailed in self-pity?


I have.

I still do, sometimes.

- What do you mean?
- I got you 1 million.

What more do you want?

Forget about the 3.7 million
for those Ramleela actors.

That's settled.
They won't cause trouble.


Oh yes, don't be disheartened
thinking that you lost 100 million.

Look at me, I lost 230 millions.


A very bad fate..

SHO has.

'Shinda new that SHO would
cheat him with the money.'

'That's why he had already
made the arrangement for that.'


Lali's father wouldn't budge.

But I met him and
told him everything.

As to why you did all this.

And the way you mended our mistake..

..by getting Sukhchan
arrested worked in your favour.

- I love you like crazy.
- I know.

Tell me, when are you
going to meet my daddy?

For what?

To talk about our relationship.

Stop it!

What relationship?

That time is long gone.

Now I will directly
come to marry you.

But when?

I just need to do one last thing.

As soon as I finish that.

Now your Shinda isn't
the same person he used to be.

I am different now.

You won't ever stop bluffing,
will you?


She says we are bluffers.

Thank you, sister-in-law.

So, did it work out?

Of course, it had to.

Shinda, you don't believe it.

This 1 milion reward
money has changed our lives.

Simran got treated.

We bought a shop.

the bank which we wanted to rob..

..at the moment we have
the maximum deposit in it.

We will never be
able to spend it all.

Poor man, you will never think big.

That's why God never
gives you a lot.

Come on, be grateful that
Sukhchan didn't give us 50 million.

If he had, I would have
had a heart attack right away.

God saved me.

I wanted to tell
you something important.

Now I fear that you might
get an attack if I tell you.

No, tell me.
We have a lot of money now.

I can always get a stunt planted.

Okay then, listen carefully.

Shinda, I have 500 million.

Let me go and we will
spilt it between us.

You refused to give me 50 million.

So why would you give me 250?

All of them have money in them?


How much?

480 million.

Shinda, the day my daughter
was born I knew it right away..

..that our bad days
won't last for long now.


We won't be able to take
so much money in a motorcycle.

We cannot in a motorcycle.

But I know in what we can.

In village, police baton-charged
at the teachers' rally.

You two keep wasting
time in the cart.

Do you know what frauds
people have been doing?

What happened?

Some Purshotam scammed government
of 1000 million rupees and ran away.


You cannot be big by doing scams.

You need to work hard for it.

You need to drive carts.

Right, Balli?


Go, go, go.

Balli, find out
who this Purshotam is.

"Your beauty has become
the talk of the town."

"The money you spend
makes me frown."

"Your beauty has become
the talk of the town."

"The money you spend
makes me frown."

"You end up killing me.."

"..when you get on
the roof to see me."

"Your gait is a killer too."

"You keep embroidering
your dresses.."

"Why don't you
embellish my dress too?"

"You keep embroidering
your dresses.."

"Why don't you
embellish my dress too?"

"You are beautiful like the Heer.."

"I am crazy about thee."

"Make me your beloved."

"Your brothers too
will accept me as a buddy."

"Make me your beloved."

"Your brothers too
will accept me as a buddy."

"Form a relationship with me."

"You keep embroidering
your dresses.."

"Why don't you
embellish my dress too?"

"You keep embroidering
your dresses.."

"Why don't you
embellish my dress too?"