Da zhu jian shi (2021) - full transcript

The peerless swordsmith, Ming Yze, created the sword of light, but was killed by the traitor Zhao Han who served in court. Twenty years later his son Meng Yang grew up and wants to take revenge for his father. To fulfil his destiny he needs to finish the sword of shadow, but no smith takes up this job. One day Meng Yang and his gang of orphans were hired to escort prince Gong Zido to the palace to ascend the throne.

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It was a time the emperor started to confiscate all weapons.

He commanded Meng Yezi, the best swordsmith in the realm,

to make him a legendary sword – Sword of Light.

When the sword is ultimately cast, Meng Yezi cast Sword of Shadow,

to rein Sword of Light for incoming bloodshed.

The danger arrives at his doorstep,

while Sword of Shadow is yet to be done.

Kill them.



May the Sword of Shadow bless my son Meng Yang

For a life of peace.


come with me!

My time has come to an end,

yet I haven't finished the sword.

You can revenge for me

when the sword is ultimately cast.

Father, come


Zhao Han

Sword of Light,

So fine.

Who really wants me dead?

His Majesty, or you?

There's nothing more to be said.

Someone paid 22 pounds of gold

For your life

Come on then


We, White Rainbow Assassins, will shed no blood on an unlucky day

Today is a big unlucky day

So count yourself lucky

Boss is ready


One, two, three

You seem like a good man

You can have half the gold

Leaving a personal object, and I can spare your life.

My good man,

you can have

all the gold




did you get the sword

Those who know the answer

were dead already

One can see the person through his sword.

I hope you deserve to own it.

What does that mean?

Don't come closer

So... we done?

Boss awed him

You don't know shit.

Awed him?

Who shot the arrows?


You almost got me


Be quiet!

Be quiet!

Back off!

Let us in

Back off!

Let us in

Back off! Shut it!

Open the damn gate

Wanna die?

God darn it

Why this time?

I heard

a few insurgent troops are coming from the East

They are grabbing civilians everywhere,

so brutal.

Back off!

Open it please.

Make way,

make way.

Be quiet!

Hey bro

We are castellan's servants

Not refugees

Please let us in


Why they do that?



Not nice.

What are you looking at?

Tell the guards

The refugees might sneak in after dark

Castellan Luo

Your Highness


What do you think of my boots


They match well with your temperament

Speaking of the boots,

I'll have to tell a story

Ten years ago

A grand famine broke forth around here.

Refugees don't know where to go

The castellan, however,

is a forethoughtful wise man

He was afraid that the refugees might cause chaos in the city

So he closed the gate

When the refugees had nothing to eat and no place to live

They marched north and seek refuge with the barbarians

Not long after

They took revenge

And brought the barbarians into the Red Town

They skinned the castellan alive


Made the boots with his skin

Hey, you fool upstairs!

Open the freaking gate!

Open it!

Or I'll stick you with my fingers

One by one!

Aren't you scared!

The human skinned boots still look new

and now they are-

I get it now

Your Highness

Open the gate

and let them in!

Yes, sir.





Very comfortable



Just an exiled prince, let's wait and see

It's opened!


It worked!


Make way

Let's go!




Lunch calls!

We've got food!

Take it easy.

Thank you, Sister Luna

One by one


Orders, orders.

Thank you.

We have enough,

one after one

Don't eat too fast

Here you go

It's so good


This one for you

Sister Luna

We can split it in half

You can have it all

I'm not hungry


But you haven't had anything for days

No worries

When Meng Yang comes back

He'll bring food for us


Meng Yang

I have an announcement

We got the deal


What do you mean...


Stop messing around

Bring this to Boss Xing

Get some food

No, reserve the whole restaurant

Let us feast.


You're not coming?


I'll catch up with you later



Boss Xing

Since we got him

About the bounty...

It is

indeed Zhongshan's jade pedant

Of course

No one can survive three moves

Under our boss

It's strange

If Zhongshan's dead

Then why someone saw him

on the broadway this morning?


I watched him fell off the cliff with my own eyes.

I know you guys reasonably well

Just some little gangs

How could you possibly kill Zhongshan?

You can't disavow our work

The evidence is here

I never disavow anything

We had a deal

Get me his head

And I give you 22 pounds of gold

With just the jade pendant

Then you can have this


I can get the money tomorrow

Can you do anything about it, please?

How many times do I have to tell you?

Money isn't the issue.

Your sword was made

With the most delicate iron from the Five Mountains

And the best alloy from the realm

Just go around the world

There might be only a few

who can help you with it.

So there is someone who can


the best swordsmith

Meng Yezi is killed

Who else dares to cast swords


How about you sell it to me

I can melt it

And make some hoes

Put it in a good value

What do you think?

Bear with it

You can't be this impulsive anymore

He was insulting us

There's no way I'll take that

What's more important? Your so-called dignity or your life?


We can't find any odd jobs

with the refugees now in town.

I'd eat more in my dreams

if I knew


Maybe my anger

Can feed me up

"Here Lies My Dearest Father: Meng Yezi"

Old man

I'd trade my sword

for twenty coins

I give you thirty

You can't sell it

Let go

It's your only hope for revenge

I can't even kill a chicken

with this damn sword

Now talking about revenge?

What could happen what after you sell it?



Have a pancake


Here you go

where did it come from


Here comes our good life!

So this might be a suitable business for you guys

A young gentleman needs to go to the Palace

and he needs a few guards

The Palace?

The insurgent troops are everywhere now

Our fee will be high




Stand up Wonton

We can't be looked down

Where are my legs?


220 pounds of gold

Half down payment

Buy your men

some decent outfit

leave at once

Meng Yang

Did you feel anything strange?


I haven't been this happy since forever!

I mean

With so much bounty

Why do they have to pick us?

It's a dangerous journey to the Palace

With war and famine everywhere now

Who even wants to go?


But neither do we.

With so much bounty

We'll run away halfway.

I'm telling you

No more pancake for you from me

You had enough

Thanks to that gentleman

Or they won't even get shelter here


Qiongqi, Wonton

Give them our pancakes




You give them those

Slowly, slowly


the pancakes

From our boss

Take it

Thank you.

Thank you.


So you are the guy who is going with us?

Just to be clear

It's too much danger on the way to the Palace

You'll have to pay the other half now

No problem

Let's go

Good job

I'm flattered

Castellan Luo

You know who they're with, right?


yes I do

You do?

Then I can't have you anymore

Send out a message

Prince Du is on his way

Yes sir.

What a superb inn!

We'll stay here tonight.

Welcome, Your Highness.

Your Highness

Does it mean that he's...

Prince Du?

Why aren't you all be seating?


Your Highness

We are all paupers

How could we possibly be sitting with you?

The country isn't one man's country

And there's no high and low

Besides, we're companions

I see no reason that we can't sit together


sit down now

Come on

Mister Meng

May I take a look at your sword, please?

Show it to His Highness

I heard Your Highness is fond of swords

I bet you can tell if it's a good one

Influenced by what I saw and heard

I guess I know a little

The shape and weight is strong like a mountain

Even though rusted,

It's still a beautiful sword

The swordsmith's mark

You have never seen one?





Come on

Meng Yang


Meng Yang

I know what you are about to say


I won't touch him

I've heard Prince Du is a kind and wise man

So different from his father

Speak of today


You go

and tell everyone to pack

We're leaving tonight



Who's playing Qin

this late?

Go away!

Away! Go away!

There you go!

You can kill me

Spare the others

I never had a living soul

fled out of my hand

Who are you

The best assassin in the world

White Rainbow Assassins

Ji Wuliu





Sister Luna

Are you okay?

You're bleeding

Who is he?

White Rainbow Assassins

Ji Wuliu

Thank you, everyone, for helping me

No worries,

it's our job

You don't need to thank us, Your Highness

People who can order about White Rainbow

Must be a powerful man at high places

Ordinary civilians like you are no match to him

So please leave soon

Your Highness

You are the crowned Prince

How dare they even lay hands on you?


My father wants me to accede the throne

Now they tried to kill me

It's obvious someone doesn't want me back

I wish you a safe journey back,


Your Highness...

Meng Yang

I'll escort His Highness tomorrow

You need to take our guys back to the Red Town


You said

Because I'm the boss


You've seen it

You guys can't deal with the assassins

But Prince and I

Can at least cover ourselves

Be careful then

Meng Yang

You promised us

That you'll protect us


Don't worry

I'm a man of my word

I believe you

It has nothing to do with the job

I just want to see the Palace

These are all corpses of insurgent troops

Some civil strife shit seems to me

Which way should we take?

The trail

Lots of insurgents over that direction

The person who wants me dead

is much more murderous than insurgents

I'll go change


How do I look?

Now you are a proper civilian

One for you

and one for you

Someone lives here!

Too bad!


The insurgents are here.

Please hide quickly!


Go to the storage room.

Take the horse!

Sir, hurry!

Come to the storage



Quickly, please!

Don't make a sound

You go over there.

Where are the people!

Who else in the property?

Just me and my son.

Take him!


My good sir,

please spare me!


no one else

could take care of my son!




Get off!




My dear son!

Don't cry


My dear


It's okay, it's alright

You are not coming back, are you?

Silly boy

When the willow tree is breeding sprouts.

I'll be back



Take him!




Take good care of yourself!







Are you okay?


What are you doing?

I'm going to save them!

Save them?


Kill those insurgents?

Then you'll attract the whole troop here

They'll not just be taken, they'll be dead

What's your suggestion?

You are the Prince,

the future emperor

They're all your people

And you're just sitting here and watch?

But the insurgents are my people as well!

They want a good life, too.

Violence can't solve all these problems

But a peaceful world can

Meng Yang

Why do you think I'm heading back to the Palace?

For the throne that everyone wants?

I know the journey is a call of death

But I need to do it

For the people, and the world.

Give out my order

Summon the rest of our people

Yes, sir!

As a prince,

why were you at the Red Town?

My father sent out an order

to burn the books

and confiscate weapons

I spoke against him, and he wasn't happy about it

Then he sent me away

Don't you find it strange?

If he wants you to be his heir

Why let someone like us do the job?

People care about their reputations

in the Palace

If someone wants the throne

and do not wish to be suspected

Let me disappear quietly on the way back could be the best option

Who is that person?

Do you possibly know?

I was away for too long

And I don't see the situation in the Palace anymore

You left me the jade?

Of course

to get you killed here


does that sword come from?

I was about to ask you the same question

I can tell you

Then shoot and cut the bullshit

But first, you are going to tell me

Where is Prince Du?

Go to hell

It might be the insurgent troops coming this way




I know he's here!

Meng Yang


please don't blame Sister Luna

We insisted on coming


We had a deal that we'll die and live together

We won't let you risk along


What the hell are you doing?

Did you find out the answer?

You were following me


While it's dark

Go back now!

And after that?

After that, we'll just starve and live like the old days?

Still better than die!

What's the difference between the past life and death?

If we can help Prince Du to take back his throne

Maybe we can change this world

we can save people like us from starving!

I don't want to starve

I don't want to go back

Neither do I

That's what we want


Your Highness!

Your Highness!

Your Highness

We found you at last!

Why are you here?

You said we'll stay together, remember?

And you ditched us


You haven't eaten, right?

I just had dinner,


I saved you a...

We've been through all the things together

There's no way to separate a family like ours

Wait, couldn't find the bite...

Meng Yang

Meng Yang



Run Your Highness!

Your Highness!








You go first!





Go now!




I really want to have a bite now


can finally protect the boss

Don't go...


let go of the Prince...

Meng Yang

Your Highness

Are you alright?

I'm sorry




I'm sorry

They are outside

Why don't you go out and save them!

Meng Yang

They don't want to see you like this

What do they want?

They are just a few orphans

All they want is to live

This is all your fault

Your bullshit throne

Your stupid peace

They are all dead because of you

I'm sorry

Who's down there


Let's go and see!

The insurgents...

Let's go!

Take them!


Let go of me!


Be quick!

Behave yourself!


Get up!


Get over here!


What are you looking at?

Behave yourself!

Over there!



We're from the Red Town

Heading to the Palace for business

We didn't expect

a group of bandits on the way

Sorry to disturb you

There is chaos everywhere

Why not go for the broadway



The broadway

Is crowded with greedy officials

They'll rip us off

We're all refugees

You may rest here then


They are from the outside

I want to see the outside


My dear

Meng Yang

It's all my fault

I shouldn't have let you guys came along

We'll head back to the Red Town tomorrow

If we leave now

Aren't they be dead for nothing?

I haven't seen they act like that for my whole life

Meng Yang

You promised to protect us

Now they are gone

You need to finish what they haven't done

What are you talking about?

We aren't able -

We aren't able to protect his throne

Don't you know that from the beginning?

Then what are you able to do?

Still being a fraud?

Or revenge for your father?


I'll leave by myself

You were asking for me?

Getting any better?

Thanks to your medication

I'm almost recovered

The Picking Osmund is quite damaged

Many words are missing, I'm afraid?

Long ago, when we set out,

the willows spread their shade.

Now, when we shall be returning,

the snow will be falling clouds.

Long and tedious will be our marching,

we shall hunger, we shall thirst.

Our hearts are stricken with sorrow,

but no one listens to our plaint.

These books

were burnt by that fatuous ruler many years ago

How could you possibly know the words?

My father used to work in the royal library

I had the honor to read a few books when I was little

Those burnt books are now gone

Such a shame


However, if people who read them remember

Even they were burnt

They remain

You are a brilliant man of knowledge

Here, we are isolated from the war

I'm wondering if you would stay

And help me?

If you use a sword like that

There's no necessity for revenge

You can go home now

Go away

Leave me alone

You can't get grip of the sword


Because you don't believe in it

That's why it's not fast enough

Are you laughing at me?

Blunt like this

What can it do?

It's not the sword that's blunt

It's your heart

You don't believe in your sword

How come it has any power

Don't give me those talks

The sword is unfinished

It can do nothing

Always someone else's fault.

Your faith should be sharper than the sword

And stronger


The true strength isn't about taking lives

But saving lives

I believe in you so much

How can you not believe in yourself?

We gonna need some tools

If we want to go up

I saw someone came down from up there yesterday

There must be a way

Isn't it a little bit rude to leave without saying goodbye?

What an honor, Your Highness


it just crossed my mind that

We are insurgents!

Take them

General Chen

What is it about?

Raise your royal head and look around

Their families


All dead in the bloody hands of your father

They run for their lives

And hide underground where they don't see the light of the day

Burn him alive!

Burn him alive!

Burn him alive!

Burn him alive!

Burn him alive!

Burn him alive!


Burn him alive!

My buddies

are all dead because of him

I want to set the fire


Meng Yang you -


I give you the opportunity

No tricks

Let go of him

Burn him alive!

Burn him alive!

Burn him alive!

Burn him alive!

My buddies

They are orphans

They are timider

and weaker than me

World peace? They don't know what that means.

But they do know

that killing

and running away

won't save the troubled world

The person you are going to kill

is a humane and wise heir to the throne

is the only hope to change the world

The flowers are bloomed

and the skies are blue

Don't you want to go up and see them?

I do

My lady?

You -

We escaped from the burnt village

and has been hiding the Red Town

They gave us food when we were starving

Thanks to them we are alive

I saved you the other half

Thank you

Let him go

Follow the east river

You'll find a way to the Palace

Thank you

But remember

If you can't make a good emperor

I'll break in the Palace and kill you

If I can

I hope you can lead them out

I failed to take Prince Du's head

I'm leaving

The White Rainbow Assassins said

Never go against destiny or cheat one's will

I'm out of the game

And no one can stop me

How dare you!

How dare you!

I never want to see this treacherous gangster anymore!

Did you find out the answer?

You knew

I did, when we were at the inn

And I guess Ji Wuliu's Sword of Light

was cast by your father, too

My father told me

I can revenge for him

When the sword is ultimately casted

I spent twelve years

and did everything I can but still...

I can see nothing special from this sword

except reining Sword of Light

Maybe your father meant something else


Thank you

For what you said in the cave

You owe me a few lives of my brothers

You will not die easily

The light of thy

is brighter than the sword

You have many people risk their lives for thy

Maybe You are the destiny

There is a dangerous road lying ahead of thy

Take care

That is the Palace in front of us


We'll drink when we get there!

We will

Let's go.

It's okay

They are here to lead the way

How dare you

to follow me all the way to the Palace

Not exactly

Zhao Han

It's you

Lord Protector Zhao Han

A dog

of the emperor

Well, having been a dog for so many years

Now it's time for me to be a man

How dare you to assassin the Prince

Right near the Palace

You're going to die

Just not today

Oh, you're the son of Meng Yezi

I remember I killed your whole family

How come you are alive


Meng Yang

I couldn't remember when's the last time

I'm sitting here with you for a sunset

You won't forget about me


Meng Yang

You promised us that you'll protect us


Don't worry

I'm a man of my word



Zhao Han!

Your Majesty

Your Majesty?

Time to die




Prince Du killed his Majesty for the throne,

here ended his reign

Take your time

No hurry

For a better world

For a better world

Your Highness

Please don't make mistakes again, Your Highness

Don't make mistakes again

Turn around

It's you

I didn't expect to see you here at piles of corpses

Who killed them

Zhao Han's troops

It's time for your revenge

When the sword is ultimately casted

Master Meng knows Zhao Han holds great powers

He said that because he doesn't want

you to be bond to vengeance

Now I understand

But it's too late

Master Meng once said

White is hard

Yellow is tenacious

A mixture of the two will be hard and tenacious

That makes a good sword

What does that mean?

Go ask him then

My time has come to an end

Yet I haven't finished the sword

It's time to revenge for me

When the sword is ultimately cast




Zhao Han

Who really wants me dead?

His Majesty, or you?

There's nothing more to be said

Meng Yang, did you find out the answer?


Sword of Shadow reins Sword of Light

to protect you

But the key to unleashing its real power

are you


Besides strength

You need a good heart, to protect other people and the world

Sword of Shadow rise from your blood

When your will connects with the soul of it

You will understand

Never forget

You are a Meng

Never forget

Your responsibility

Prince Du

Killed His Majesty for the throne

The sin is no way to be forgiven

To make the justice

and reinforce the rules

He shall be beheaded in public

One man violates the law

I'll kill that man

One city violates the law

I'll slaughter that city

Aren't we said that if the Prince violates the law, he must be punished like an ordinary people

Who else

Dares to violate my law!


Is that guy stupid?

You came alone

I am a little loath to kill you


Over my back

I present to you the whole world!

Someone told me

It's not a sword

that can fix the troubled world

It's your faith


I'm going to save him

And he

will save the whole world!

Kill him!

Do you really think the world will remember you?

It's me

who they remember!

Sword of Shadow reins Sword of Light

to protect you

But the key to unleashing its real power

are you

Meng Yang

You can do it

As a swordsmith from House of Meng

Go reach your peak of perfection!



The throne

has never been yours to sit on

The outside

The world

Are waiting for you

So are we gonna fight or not?

Prince is here!

Your Highness!

Meng Yang

Thank you for taking back the world for me


There's someone here to see you


What for?

He said

for a drink.