Da tie nu (1974) - full transcript

The movie starts with murder and robbery. Chin Kang (Kam Kong) has a criminal record as a thief but has served his time and now earns an honest living as a blacksmith. He is the dumb ox in the title and this role was made for him. Leung Siu-Chung (Bruce Leung's father) is one of the action directors. His strength is making the fights solid and realistic. The story is a twist on the revenge plot with Chin Kang being falsely accused. There is quite a bit of drama in this movie but it is all done well and serves to spice up and not drag down the action.This movie has a few titles depending on country of release. In 2015 I watched a German version based on the title screen "Shaolin - Der Todesschrei des Panthers" (Return of the Panther). This copy was dubbed into English. The movie is also known as "The Dumb Ox" or "Kung Fu Strongman" or "Chinese Kung Fu". "The Dumb Ox" is considered the original title. That copy played as 4:3 video with both sides of the picture cut off. (Back in the VHS days that was how it was done. Chop!) Since then I came across a wide screen version. Wide screen versions of these movies from the 1980s and earlier are hard to find. It was dubbed in English but overdubbed in Russian. I suspect this to be a fan edit. Thank you, Russian fan, but I don't speak Russian and cannot remove that audio.I originally reviewed the movie and rated it 8/10 and ranked it as one of the best martial arts movies of 1974. I also recommended it for viewers beginning to get into this movie genre.This year I watched the movie again. I played the muted video of the wide screen and synchronized it with the audio of the English dubbed 4:3 version. It's always interesting to watch a movie again after many years to see if I feel the same way about it.Kam Kong or Chin Kang was a student of the Korean martial artist Dorian Tan (Tan Tao-liang). His first movie lead was alongside the great Kurata Yasuaki in 1973 "One by One" which I also reviewed here. Other than his birthdate of August 26, 1936 and his movie credits I have not been able to find information about his life. I have watched almost all of his 61 movies and rate most of them above average for the year and genre. "One-armed Boxer vs. the Flying Guillotine" with Kimmy Wang Yu is my favorite. Chin Kang's fighting skills are supreme in this movie. He does twelve or more moves without a cut and versus multiple opponents in many fights. He demonstrates power and accuracy with his strikes and parries. His posture and all the small details of fighting are spot on. Plus, he has concurrent facial expressions in his fights that match the choreography and add to the visual experience.I totally enjoyed my second viewing of this movie. My opinion, rating, and recommendation of this movie is the same as it was four years ago. I rate this movie as one of the best martial arts movie made in 1974 with a score of 8 out of 10.Only the Shaw Brothers series of Shaolin Temple movies rate higher.Typically I only recommend these movies to other fans of the genre. This time, in addition to that, I also recommend this movie to anyone who is thinking about watching a movie of this genre to see if you like it. It is a fine movie to introduce new viewers to the genre.

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we did real good business

hey listen

as soon as i get back

i'll take some dough and then go and pay

a little visit to my girlfriend that's

just tough you're so scared of your wife

you wouldn't die try anything get lost

hey hey let's hurry there's been bandits

operating around here let's get going

huh huh how was there is huh

look i'd like to meet those guys i mean

to say there's a reward out for them i

could get my hands on that i'd really

have it made then think of all the women

i could have huh

it won't happen we won't be robbed after

all we come from king village i mean

they wouldn't dare



i got a job to do

you stay in the village until i get back

and when will that be



maybe five or six weeks

and remember

be careful while i'm gone

don't you worry i'm always careful

i hope so

if you need me to know where i am









you must be a stranger

you're wasting your time with him he

doesn't talk

you see he's the village dermocks

and he never talks to anyone around here


what's this place

king village


and what brings you here

oh nothing

any hotels


well now there's a couple of ends

but still if you want comfort

then come to my place

well now i'd like to

but i've no dough

we don't need any more penniless bums





try your


stupid food




let me show you how


you're doing a good job we've improved a


you sure know your job

thanks but you've got some pretty good

men here they work hard

dad what's this

kung fu is very popular now i know and

i'm determined that king village is

going to be the best at kung fu that's

why i hired you

your son's coming on well


i was testing him and it seems to me he

didn't do very

well you're fast

and i must admit

you really had me there

but still

i warn you never try that again unless

you're serious

fighters tend to have fast reflexes and

you just might get hurt by mistake

i didn't mean any harm when was your

sense of humor

now stop that you just watch your


brother dad was saying how good you are

come on let's try one

now listen forget it

i might hurt you

mess up your face hey if i did that who

would marry her



dad and how was that

mischie's very good

a real tomboy never learned to behave

like a lady

might have a heroin on your hands


sounds like a good thing in theory but

on the other hand could be uncomfortable


you want some more


now look let's call it quits







it's trouble

what's wrong

it's mr chair's youngest son

and the two t brothers

you see

they've been on business haven't they

that's right

now they've been killed



over there

right come on come on


i'd like you to come too

i might need you of course

be pleased to help

we'll both come along right let's go

i'm coming too you can stay at home




hey tell me what's going on here


as you're on your own here take my


you better move on why

i'd rather not say just take my advice

get out of here

matter of fact i was thinking i might

like to stay here

it's just a crummy place why should you


i tell you i like crummy places

now what's more i like trouble

some more wine all right but take my

word and don't get involved

there's a gang around here a gang of

bandits and they kill us

i tell you i've just been told they

killed three of our villagers

they were all good men been to town and

some business

took their money and killed them all it

was awful

and what's more last month there were

some professional escorts killed on the

way here

how were they killed

some of them were hung up in trees

others had broken necks







ah there you go





what's up



nothing couldn't find a thing


i'm sorry i brought you i wasted your


don't say that we're part of your

village too now

so we're involved

we've got to catch those guys all three

of them

hey listen who said there were three

well what are we going to do

we'll go back

we'll have to stay on our guard keep an

eye on all strangers and i'll get in

touch with the other villagers

hmm a good idea

if we can all unite

we'll soon catch those guys sure







another robbery

there's been a lot of robberies around

here recently


not a bad business huh


there's no capital involved

and easier money than working as a


wouldn't you say

you know what

you look kind of familiar to me

i'm sure i know you

where'd you come from

oh right

you make something and i unbox

but still i want a strong one

to hold a real tough fella yeah like an

ox like you

i won't


you can tour

and why not

wasted time

you couldn't catch a kid

let alone a grown man better save your


hey save your breath


hold it

where are you going where are you a

traveler i just thought i'd go up and

see those guys who were killed

is that all right

you like corpses

my young lady

you're pretty rude

and why should i be polite i warn you we

don't want any more trouble here



if you got troubles


it's your own people


what does that mean


better ask him

hold it


all right miss let's not fight one of

these days you'll understand




and what's your name then where you from

my name is yang chung

a traveler

what brings you here


you could say



i warn you

you better mind your own business

and if i don't care to do that

now young man i warn you don't try to

throw your weight around here

do you own this place then

mr wong is the leader of king village oh

mr wong

so that's who you are

well then i will make trouble

hold it

sounds to me you know who the bandits


your own people


ignore him i think that he's abandoned


that's so is it written on my face you



oh you're an instructor

well let me instruct you

the most unlikely people turn out to be


you never would guess mr yang

if you know something tell us we've

simply got to catch these men

do you recognize that thing

what is it

what's it for


that's just what he is



what do you think can i pick up this


i guess so


mr liu

i don't think you can

can you do you really think that you can


stomachs all right

damn it


that's good


you had it all planned


now come on you just couldn't do it not

strong enough it's that simple

so what he's an animal

miss joy


huh why are you still here

miss troy who's that

he's just some nosy stranger



wouldn't you like to find out

find out just who the killers are


you mean you know who the bandits are

maybe not

not for sure

but still

i have a good idea though

well tell us

what's that got to do with it

seen it before huh

yes of course seen it often before but

where though

of course down at the blacksmith's place

and this thing's the murder weapon

so he was the dumbox

i don't believe it

we've got the evidence

let's go get him


i warn you you cut that out making

trouble here for innocent men i think

you look more like a murderer yourself

well maybe so

but you're wrong though

but you're far too young to know very




i've done my time i've paid my debt

won't they ever forget it

just because i went wrong once

will they always believe that i'm still

a crook

miss charlie let's go get him now

sister mr learn was saying they've got

the proof it must be deluxe there isn't

any definite evidence

you go home i'm going down there


don't do anything yet not till there's


anyway he's a real tough guy

you couldn't handle him ever you

wouldn't have any chance with him you

goddamn you listen hey

don't fight hi sam let's go


hey hi son

i'll go get low

we can probably use him what for don't

be ridiculous

he's just a dumbass and i can handle him

by myself

all right well you go get him then

and kill him hm



he came here two years ago

he looked like an honest man to me

so i gave him permission to settle down


how could i have known of this

now look

you mustn't blame yourself

you can never tell by looks

we're lucky mr yang spotted him

there's other things too

you don't know

he was in jail

some years ago

i think

that the only reason he came up here

was to avoid recognition

oh how come you know all this then

because it's my business

i'm a bounty hunter you see

what's more i'm a damn good one too

all right


why don't you get him


what's wrong


your son's just gonna have to try and

get the dumb ox wouldn't listen

so i thought i better tell you

no good

what's wrong he can't handle him

it's a pity

he'll be on the alert now

i'll go

hey listen

we'll make sure he doesn't escape

we'll seal the roads


look at him

listen what is this




you blended lousy murderer

now look you come and accuse me give me

no chance to talk i should touch your


we should never let you stay here get






you're really a tough one

i'll be expecting a big reward for you

you're making a mistake

do you think i don't know about you

your background

i serve my time

that's it

nothing else

but still

you were crooked weren't you huh


i was stupid

nothing else

come on

you came up here to carry on like before

disguised as a blacksmith

well go on admit it now

do you recognize this thing


so it was him


blaming someone else

but with your record

why should i believe you yeah that's


i've got a record huh

and so i can never be trusted

guess you're right

all that i deserve

well do whatever you want to

i won't blame you

hold it

who do you suspect

well tell me



my god get this lot

listen let's have no tricks or i'll kill


now look

give me a share

and then i can get through

damn you

lecherous bum

if you could think more about your job

instead of women

you wouldn't bungle this

and leave evidence behind

but it was good they think it was the

blacksmith now

yang isn't a fool

he knows his business he's an expert

pretty soon he'll be on to us

i think we should get all the money

together and go hey listen what now

don't want to leave the girls is that

what it is oh no

nothing like that

i was thinking of what the boss will say

you know what sort of temper the boss

has got


that fella yang is convinced the democs

is the guilty one

maybe so

but the sooner we leave the better don't

you think

anyway wong still trusts us

and for us that's important it gives us


if things go wrong then we can kill yang

as well

claim they were partners

let's go right we'll do that


hmm come on here

give me a kiss

don't be so cheeky

come on in here

i can't no time i'm going off for a

little while for two or three days just

drop past to say goodbye hey one kiss

go on

don't be so silly people will see you

imagine what they'll say about you


see you


and what brings you along here then

you said

you had the best accommodation in the

whole village

and that's very true too


but still

it's rather expensive though


tell me

dumb ox what do you think of him

you mean you think i've been to bed with



he's tough

but still

don't think he's a crook

and what about lang

when it comes to bed

all the men are the same

also that's it

he's a customer too is that right

he's got dough that's all that's all i


hey how long have they been here he and

his partner

they came together some time ago

oh but lo

he's a real creep


what was their job before they came here

you're nosy

why all these questions

what are you trying to find out

i think

i think you could help me i've asked


but no one knows anything

in fact

you're the only one who knows liam

i mean

he must have talked to you


all right

he told me once

he'd always been a drifter

um and he said

he'd move soon wouldn't stay long

he just wanted to get some money

when he had

then he'd take me with him

as a teacher

he wouldn't get paid much woody

um don't know


he's real generous to me


why do you want to know this

one last thing

do you know this

learn's got one too

just who are you

never mind

let's just forget it

keep this it's for you i'm going



and so then you're quite lucky don't you


hey come back soon




i knew you'd do it try and steal the

money listen i

i just needed some dough the traveling


hmm you're going to screw this whole

thing up you stupid idiot listen

get going

go tell the chief we need him here




pulling out


i nearly blamed the wrong man

you're going to be sorry you didn't


[ __ ]





what do we do now

make use of the body


far as long as concerned

yang believed dumbox was abandoned

so then it looked like they had a fight


then you are a fool

it's damned obvious

what we do is take the body

i'd leave it near the village and then

we tell mr wong

that dumbox killed him

after that there'll be no more doubt

they'll know he's the bandit

and in that case

with one stone

it's all very tidy














what's wrong

and the ox is digging a grave i saw him

a grave that's right for burying yang

he's killing lizzy killer

go tell dad i'm going


miss charlie


cut the acting it's useless

now i know why you decided to kill him

he knew all about you about your

background but i know it too and so do

lots of others so kill me and then kill

all the rest of them


you don't dare

you only dare to kill poor unarmed


but you dare face me

now listen save your breath

hey listen don't do this






listen let me explain



miss chewie let me talk stop this

well now you're getting scared




come on





come on



don't push me



if i hadn't wanted to come along

i wouldn't tell my be here


let's hang

in here


all of you know now

he's got a record

a crook

been a jail

mr wong that's right i was in jail

i admit it still

i've done nothing since

dad he's lying

well then

what now and into the courts

dad he's a killer let's just hang him

get back

mr lowe

gonna kill me

a crook like you deserves to die i'm no


but you are

you stupid fools

you don't scare me i'm not scared to die

but i know who the real crooks

are uh



like this right

do anything foolish now

back go on

mr lowe dad he isn't abandoned if he

were one he'd have tried to get away

and instead he stayed here

turn out get back

look at your brother he broke his leg

well maybe he did then i'd send him to

court let the law decide on it after all

that's what the law's there for

and if you must kill him at least untie

his hands and give him a chance

you shut up


you're all in this together now wait


why didn't you try to stop him he'd have

killed him that's why






god damn you you

you wanna die just yet



where is she

sit down

talk want to see dumbox what's up

we don't need him but master lo is

holding your father

go get the law hurry up

hi sir

you take a rest

don't worry it's gonna be all right

but trust me now


hey look there's low


all right what's been going on

it's finished and as for the money

dumbox has got it ah

damn it what are you trying to pull

hold it

this dumbarks fellow was he called the

battling ark some time ago

i know he was in jail once

um right that's him oh you know him


we've still got one card their village


we can get money for him

but still they've sent some men to get

the law

try to intercept them

why the night air


he said he said what if he did and why

should we trust him

well don't shout at me he can help

father which is more than you can do now

don't forget you said he was a crook

because he was once in jail

wouldn't listen to him and attacked him

all self-righteous couldn't be wrong

all those words but you can't help your

father i'm doing something i'm reporting

to the law

oh so now you think of the law

but you didn't want to know about the

law before did you

all you wanted to do then was to hang

him eh well well shut up oh just calm

down now we must think this out make

some plans there's nothing we can do

except wait for them

wait till they contact us

just like ox said

we'll go and get in there

well i saw him a little while ago going

to that horse place


and all the time that i've lived here

you're the only one who's ever talked to


just you

all the others ignored me all of them

oh but still you wouldn't talk to me

i had to do all the talking never got a

word out of you

i know

but i did want to talk really

just felt ashamed


i mean because of my record

yeah you know how [ __ ] up


don't die

i know exactly how you feel i get it all

the time

they're pigs all of them


why'd you come to see me now of all


because i'm leaving today

and because you were nice to me

i know you don't know me


i do think of you as a friend

and so i dropped by

just to say goodbye to you

seems to me you're really quite a softie

you know what

there's something i've always wanted to


you really should settle down

and get yourself a nice husband

get out of this job


here here's to us


hey hey mister


hey our cat's broken

can you help us

lend us yours

can you do it


huh can you help us

thank you


why won't you talk




halo bear on the car come on listen oh

my god what happened


who would do that


oh god



come to the cemetery

cause your brother's stupid

two good men are being killed



come to the cemetery


it's him


hey boss

do you think he will come

patience he'll come all right

i'm worried in case he's too smart for




well if that fellow was really smart

he wouldn't have been in jail


hey boss here he comes



well now

it's you it's been a long time eh hasn't

it now


surprised to see me

see i'm still alive

don't be like that

listen brother look let's forget the

brother bit

what do you want

see you peace hurry up

you're just as stubborn as ever

haven't changed get to the point


i'm with the business

you my money where is it now

go on

well now

you give it to me and i'll give you a


if not

you'll know what'll happen then

of course

you'll start to get rough

you and your apes


what do you say

i want mr wong back

well all right

you'll get him back we get the cash

that's all the cash not some of it

that's a deal

but if you've harmed him at all

then you won't get a damn scent




oh you're alone and my dad it's all


don't you worry

made a deal

they'll be turning him loose tomorrow go

on it doesn't make any sense yet

i'll be meeting them on the hillside


your father will be all right

i can't trust you you may be one of them



forget it

after all it's a lot of money

and what's my father to you

i'll handle this from now on


all right you where is he

where's the dumbox

never mind about him i'm handling this

get lost

we want the money was no deal

i'm going to kill you even if i die

right i'll fix that




the marks


my sister's going to challenge those


what the stupid fool you've gotta go and

help her

you will







don't you want the dough

hold it

where's one

where's the money we want to have that

money first












hey boss









my dad






oh i see

so you want to find it out do you


i'll give you a half

that'll make you rich












uh it's funny i really like you

still i got to have though

so then i got a choice

i i must kill you