Da qiao ying xiong zhuan (1981) - full transcript

A hero helps a young student vanquish a cunning, malicious gambling tycoon who's out to take over the family business.

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- Green Dragon.
- Three of a Kind.

Three of Bamboos.

Nine open tiles, watch it.

- What are you doing?
- That's unfair.

- I just play by the rules.
- Whatever.

- Think carefully.
- Done.

Four of a Kind.

Wait, I'm stealing it.

Flush, triple the points.

You cover the losses. We're out of it.

You asked for it. You should've known,
she had nine open tiles.

Triple points. That's losing $256. Damn.

That's right, you knew she was winning.

No, stealing from Four of a Kind
is the same as drawing.

That's $128 each,
which makes $384 for three players.

Stealing is considered as drawing?

That's right. It is considered as drawing.

Of course.
There were obviously nine open tiles.

That's right. Nine open tiles
and you played Four of a Kind.

Naturally, you should cover the payout.

Based on the rules, I only lose $128.

What is this? You should cover the payout.


Only if I discarded the tile,
not if you drew it yourself.

Since it's now a drawing,

I'm only paying $128.
Two dollars change, please.

Where am I supposed to get
the rest from?

From them, of course.

Since you drew it yourself,
it's definitely $128 each.

- In your dreams!
- Don't expect us to pay.

You caused her to win.
Of course you should pay.

You should pay all of it.

I don't care. I insist on getting $384.

I don't care either. I'm only paying $128.

I will sue you all.


Why do you want to collect $384
and not $256? Speak!

I've scored a hand by stealing a tile.

According to the rules,

stealing from Four of a Kind
is regarded as drawing.

That would be $128 each,
which adds up to $384.

That's right.

You, why would you not cover $384?

Because it's regarded
as if she drew it herself.

The rules say I'd have to cover
if there were twelve open tiles

but not if there were nine.
$128 is enough.

You have a point.

Both of you, why wouldn't you pay $128?

We didn't help her win
and she didn't draw the tile.

Yes, there were nine open tiles.

Why should we pay?

You have a point, too.

All four of you are right.

That's right. They're all right.

What the hell? Asking us to pay?


Hearing the plaintiff's
and defendants' arguments

and having looked at the evidence,

after careful deliberation,
the court's verdict is...

The first defendant shall pay $384

because the plaintiff had nine open tiles.

You're responsible for covering the loss.

The law stipulates that stealing
shall be regarded as drawing.

See? I told you it's not our fault.

Yes, luckily.

The plaintiff can only collect $256,

as the last Four of Bamboos
was drawn by the first defendant

and not you.

Good one.

The second and third defendant

shall pay $64 each.

If the tile was regarded as
drawn by the plaintiff,

you'd have to pay $128 as well.

Now, only $64 each.

That's letting you off easy.

Wow, bravo.

What about the outstanding $256?

It's confiscated by the court.

Is that reasonable? Confiscated?

The money is mine!

Not appealable. Court adjourned.

Dear mahjong experts,
the King of Mahjong Competition,

held every four years in Hong Kong,
has come to its finals.

Here are the finalists competing
for the King of Mahjong title.

Gambling magnate and twice champion,

Mr. Yau Bun Lap.


The Mahjong King of the U.S.,
Mr. Tsui Sing Yee.



Shanghai's gambling master,
Mr. Chan Tai Min.


And the last, the young and successful,

one of our Ten Outstanding Young Persons,
Mr. Kwok Chu.


This year's competition features
three forms of gameplay.

They're the blind, hidden
and normal gameplays.

The finalist who wins all three forms

with consecutive eight-point hands

will be Hong Kong's mahjong authority

and crowned the King of Mahjong.




Don't move.

The first round is the Blind Game.

Nine of Bamboos.

Three of a Kind.

Red Dragon.


Six of Bamboos.

Six of Bamboos.

Six of Bamboos again?

Three of Bamboos.

Full house, eight points.


The second round is the Hidden Game.

Six of Dots. Anyone?

Five of Dots. Anyone?


One of Myriads. Anyone?

Three of Bamboos. Anyone?

Four of Myriads. Anyone?

One of Bamboos.

Three of a Kind.

Half Flush, Full House, East Wind
and Green Dragon.

Eight points.

Sorry, I also wanted One of Bamboos.

Flush, eight points.

Could you recognize these tiles?

Why didn't you ask for
Three, Six or Nine of Bamboos?

But One of Bamboos?

Are there any three, six
or nine left?

Three and Nine of Bamboos.

Three and Six of Bamboos.

Six of Bamboos and a pair of Nines.

Three and Six of Bamboos.

Six and Nine of Bamboos.

Three of Bamboos.

All twelve tiles are out.

I don't recognize the tiles,
I remember them.


The third round is the Normal Game.

Red Dragon.

Three of a Kind.

Discard Green Dragon and you'll pay.


Three of a Kind.


Three of a Kind.

Nine of Myriads.

I drew a tile that everyone wants.

Three of a Kind.

It's about time I won.

Wait, it should be my turn.

This is so called

"robbing the English
and giving it to the French."

I'm making a steal.

All of you were vying
for the last Three of Myriads.

Sorry, me too.

Flush, double the points.

Our boss is the best.

Congratulations to Mr. Yau,
King of Mahjong once again.

According to the rules,

the winner
of three consecutive seasons

shall retain the trophy for good.

This concludes our competition this year.

Thank you all for attending.

See you in four years.

Hold on.

Dear all,

I've decided not to take part
in the competition

in four years' time.

Starting tomorrow,
I'll quit the mahjong scene

and formally retire.

It is lonely at the top.

I hope there'll be new blood
four years later

to take my place in the competition.

Thank you.

You are retiring?

Why didn't you tell me before?

Don't you think that occasion
was most appropriate to announce this?


Then, are you thinking of selling
your mahjong parlors and clubhouses?

I have worked on them for decades.

I won't give them up.

So, you'll leave them for me to manage?

I have not decided yet.

Could there be another?

Fat-so, shorty! Are you blind?

In fact, I was looking.

Otherwise, how could I have
bumped into you?

Forget it. Let's not quarrel.

Forget it?
He is wrong, yet so fierce.

Don't be scared of this shorty.

Who are you calling a shorty?

Are you mocking me?

- Hey, just say sorry.
- Huh?

You are in the wrong.

Me? Wrong?

Say it.

- You really want me to?
- Say it.

You say it!
I, Jackie, never apologize for anyhing.

If you don't, you're not leaving!

Fine! I will stay, I fear not.

Worse comes to worst,
I'll return to England.


My friend behaves like a kid.

I apologize on his behalf. Sorry, miss.

Godpa, Aunt May.


Have a seat.


the reason why I've asked you
to come back

is to inform you that I'm retiring.

You are retiring?

Aunt May will manage
the mahjong parlors and clubs.

Stop your studies in England

and stay to help your Aunt May
with the accounts.

The mahjong business
is a specialized field.

It's difficult if you're not an expert.

Johnson doesn't know anything
about mahjong.

Asking him to help...

I'm only asking him to keep the books,
not to oversee the operations.

He specializes in computers,
he must be good with figures.

Easier said than done.

I've been with you for 10 years
and you still don't trust me?

Johnson, from now on
the accounts are yours.

Aunt May will decide on other matters.

Yes, Godpa.

Uncle Jin. This is...

Master's stepson.

His name is Fai.

He's your aunt May's right hand man.

Oh, master Johnson.

Business is good today.

It's always been like this.


Your aunt May wouldn't have
struggled to grab it.

Don't be angry, Fai.

Your Godpa has nine mahjong parlors
and three clubhouses.

Take a look.

It's busy like this day and night.

When it's good, we get
over two million a month.

Three of a Kind.

Keep an eye on him.

You've come to inspect
without delay, huh?

Uncle Jin's just showing me around.

You might be the future boss.

When I have the urge to play
a couple of hands,

would you allow me to, uncle Jin?

I'm not in a position to, Miss.

You have an easy life in England.

Why return and vie for this difficult job?

Who's vying with you?

I respect Godpa's wish.

Our line of business,
do you think it's easy to run?

Only this would take you
some time to learn.

You'd better work hard,

or else someone
would be very disappointed.

Someone is cheating!

- You cheated.
- Who said I cheated?

- You cheated.
- Who said I cheated?

How could it be?

Let's take it outside.


Mrs. Yau, looking for me?

There are some big clients tonight.

Make the necessary preparations.

Are you playing for real?

For real or not for real,
I just want to win.

I know what to do.

Johnson, leave a hundred thousand for me.

For what? I have closed the books.

Does it take Godpa to instruct you?

Master Chong,
do as your aunt May says.

Don't know who's the boss here.

These two guys are in trouble tonight.

Nine of Dots.

Aunt May is asking Fai
for Nine of Bamboos.

Nine of Bamboos.

Three of a Kind.

She wants the Green Dragon.

Five of Dots.

Wow, this tile...

Go ahead.

How can you play like this?

There you go again.

Forget it, I give up.

Half Flush, Full House
with Green Dragon.

Eight points.

You're lucky to have drawn
the Green Dragon.

How can we beat you?

What a pity.
Even with such a good hand,

I couldn't beat you.


Three of a Kind.

This round, your aunt May is favoring Fai.

- East.
- Three of a Kind.

- Two points.
- What the hell!

- Look how beautiful a set I've got!
- Me too.

Why do you play like this?

What do you have?

Let me see.

Why do you look at my tiles?

What's wrong with how I play?

You show me.

Did you want me to discard
Eight of Dots instead?

Next game.

Don't mess around.
I've got nine open tiles.

He is faking it.

- Two of Myriads.
- Three of a Kind.

This time you will lose.

Six of Myriads.

Four of Bamboos.

Got you.

I thought I had to cover all losses,
but looks like I have money to collect.

You didn't win in four rounds,
and now falsely declared a win.

This joint was started by Mr. Kwok Chu.

Aunt May comes here frequently.

Uncle Jin, does she come for the games?

Her interest is not in the games.
Do you get it?

Come on...

Let's go.

You are good.

Who is it?


Mr. Kwok.

Who are you?

He is our young master's friend.

I am asking you.

I am Jackie Chan.

Aunt May.

Master Chong.

Why have you come here?

If I didn't come,
I would've missed a good show.

Young Master.

Don't you know your godmother
wants to run a pool joint as well?

So, godmother wants to open...

Open a pool joint, I mean.

No wonder she frequently sees Mr. Kwok.

Young man,
you are over ambitious.

You should know better
than to treat my godfather this way.

To run a mahjong parlor,

you need to be good at the game,
have quick reflexes

and deal with con men.

It is more difficult than you think.

I know it isn't easy, but I want to try.

Yes, our young master is smart.
I'm sure he will learn quickly.

Uncle Jin,
you've played mahjong for many years

but have not been crowned
King of Mahjong.

Are you really interested?

Not before, but I am now.


Mahjong is a high-class entertainment.

It can drill the brain

to be quick and agile,
widen your network

and develop the team spirit.

Are you saying it's wrong
for your godfather's mahjong business

to allow gambling?

Not at all.

As long as it is transparent and fair,

it is a legitimate business,

except when someone
does immoral things.

So, you are setting me up

and telling on me.

What have I done wrong?

You'd lose your face if I said it.

Master Chong,

the way I see it,
it's a case of sour grapes.

You're the one trying
to cause trouble, not me!

Stop arguing now.

Johnson, since you are interested,
I'll give you six months to learn.

At noon on 27th October,

you and aunt May shall decide by mahjong

who will succeed my business.

Among current mahjong experts,
apart from your godfather, Kwok Chu

and Tsui, who's returned to the States,

there is Yin Xi Liu
whose location is unknown.

But none of them can teach you.

The one I am taking you to
was your godfather's partner

when he traveled between
Hong Kong and Macau, Ping Wu.

Mahjong is something
I haven't played for a long time.

A gambler doesn't know
what will happen tomorrow.

And you know,

he sometimes needs a booze
to forget himself.

With shaky hands and dim vision,

how can one survive?

In the end,

he doesn't know whether
to quit gambling

or stop drinking.

Master, you are lucky.

Lucky? How so?

Ping Wu...

If he doesn't like you,
he wouldn't even bother.

See how he chirps like a bird.

Go and thank him as your mentor.

You are too kind.
Your godfather is my only old friend.

How can I stand by and watch
while his money is taken away?

Besides, I have a score with Kwok Chu.

This will settle it all.

Calm down.

Pour some wine to calm Ping's nerves.



Nine Treasures.

Dots look like donuts

Bamboos look like sticks

Collection of the Myriads
Makes a millionaire

North, South, East and West
are the Winds.

The Three Dragons
are White, Green and Red.

Waiting for one tile is a Single Wait.

Pick up a discarded tile,
it's Three of a Kind.

Three identical tiles make one set.

A single tile you should
put in the middle.

Do you understand?

Kind of.

I will get three experts
to play with you.

They all could be your teachers.

Yi Fan!

Liang Fan!

Shi Sanyiu!

Hurry, it's your turn.

- Captain.
- My turn?

We always have to wait for you.

Five of Dots.

- Three of Bamboos.
- Straight.

Three of Myriads for you.

What's wrong with you? Quick.

White Dragon.

I'll take it. Half Flush, two Dragons.

Seven points.

What's the matter with you?

Let me see.

Why didn't you play
Four of a Kind?

What is it?

I can wait for Three of a Kind,

or win in this way.

Don't you agree
this is the best way to play?

What a joke.

Teacher, why give me a carving knife?

You can carve whatever tile you need.

What's up?

Can't wait another bit?

I have serious business to discuss.

- What kind of serious business?
- Stop fondling.


I'm all ears.

Ping Wu is teaching that kid mahjong.

What can he teach?

Old drunkard.

If Yin Xi Liu were to teach him,
I might be concerned.

But still, we shouldn't risk it.

He is a stubborn old man.

I let him go once.
Now he's opposing me.

Where's the gratitude?

Kwok Chu, this is a company fund.

It's all lost to you now.

I cannot face Mr. Yau.

I might as well risk it all in one bet.

How do you want to bet?

I bet with my life.

How much is it worth?

All that I've lost tonight.


You stay out.

One tile on top.


This doesn't give me any points.

You take it.


Open your tiles.

Six, seven and four.

You're out of luck, losing your life too.

Grandpa, grandpa.

- What is it?
- Alcohol delivery.

A crate of XO from Mr. Kwok.

Bring it in.

Grandpa, Mr. Kwok is so nice to you.

Return it.

There are four stages in mahjong.

Protect yourself,
observe the next player,

delude the previous player
and attack the opposite player.

Teacher, don't teach so fast.

I can't even protect myself.

Be patient, you can't rush it.

Mahjong is a rich game
with endless possibilities.

Those less skilled

require 70% luck and 30% technique.

For the skilled,
they need only 30% luck.

But no one can always win.

There are three important factors
to a game.

Opportunity, timing and human factor.

What's happening?

Ping Wu, long time no see.

Kwok Chu.

I tried to do you good,
but you declined.

Have you forgotten I let you off once?


You drugged me

and consorted with others to cheat me.

Do you think I don't know?

Well said, you now owe me a life.

So, you're now claiming this old life?

I'm not interested in your old life.

Come out.

Yi Fan.



You should know what to do now.




Go away!
Heaven operates beyond reason

I am a down-trodden tiger

I used to be a famous hero

Now turned into a drunkard

Confused and dizzy...

I am a boozer after all.

You can't learn anything more from me.

There are only three months left.

Try to find Yin Xi Liu,

or you're doomed to lose.

- Hi.
- Hi.

How are you?

Not so good.

You have settled Ping.

He has enough booze
to last him half a year.

I also hear that the kid
is doing all he can to look for Yin.

He's really finding Yin?

What are you going to do?

What can I do?

Let me tell him where Yin is.

An informant told me:
"Find Scar Face and you'll find Yin."

He said Scar Face never fails
to eat at this restaurant.

By definition, Scar Face
doesn't sound like a nice guy.

I fear he might not meet us.

He wouldn't see outsiders,
but it's different with buddies.

You're one of the gang?

With a teacher backing us,
we can pass for one.

Which teacher?


I memorized it the whole night.

Born late with hair still wet,
poor with little education.

Hoping brother could guide me,
remember our brotherly pledge.

Sounds genuine.

All because of you.


You think anyone will recognize me
as a detective?

- Anyone could.
- Why?

First, you wear a hat indoors.

Second, you're the only one with a pipe.

Third, it is not raining,
but you're wearing a rain coat.

- Keep it on.
- Why?

He means...
It's worse if you're taken for a flasher.

- Yes.
- That's true.

1647, 1649.
Someone's arriving, take your places.

Detective, this doesn't look like it.

The informant said two old guys
will bring cocaine to Scar Face.

Do you know why
you haven't been promoted

even after 20 years?


Each time we open fire on thugs,
we wound our own guys.

Also, you have zero IQ.

Detective is right. Go catch your man.

Wait, what do you want to do?

Do you know why...
having been a detective for over 30 years,

I am still not a Chief?

I don't know.

That's because I haven't fired you guys.

Hey, brother.

What "brother"?

Just brother.

You know my surname?

Regardless, we're brothers.

I am the devil-incarnate.

What brother?


All men are brothers.
Regardless of their names, right?

Waiter, tea please.


Are you two messing around?

No, we're looking for someone.


Scar Face.

Scar Face?

Yes, where is he?

Why don't you call him?

Scar Face.

This looks bad.

Big, medium and small scar faces.

Which one is Scar Face?

I am.

You are Scar Face?

I'm Scar Face Shing.

Brother Shing, we're brothers.

We need your help.

Brother Shing,
these two fools are bumpkins.

No, no, we are not.

What's your proof?

Poetry recital.

What does it say?


Boils grow from my hair.

My family is poor

but I keep losing when I gamble.

I pray...

I pray that you'll guide me...

Remember our pledge.

When the fruit is ripe.

Are you two messing around?

No, Brother Shing.

He is lazy and hasn't memorized it well.

Let's go up.

What do you two want from me?

Do you want to become
the 168th murder of the year?

No, we are here for Yin Xi Liu.

Yin Xi Liu?


Good, he must be friends with Yin.


Do you know why I'm called Scar Face?

I've been wanting to ask you.
Your face is fair and smooth,

there's not even a pimple.

Too bad I have a scar here.

It was caused by Yin!

I swore to scar Yin in revenge.

Even if I don't,

I'll find his friends and relatives
to pay for his debt.

We are not his relatives...

Prepare to change your names.

This is no joke.

Let's get out of here.

That way, get them quick...

How did a drug deal turn into a fight?

Told you not to trust the informant.

Fighting is also illegal, make arrests.




Jackie, run.

Nobody said anything about arms dealing.
Why did they open fire?

Luckily, there's a bullet left.

Detective, detective.

There's no need for suicide.

Tell me who gave you this information.

Did I wake you?

I want to see you.

Put your heart into it
and you will succeed.

Don't give up when faced with hurdles.

I feel totally hopeless.

Where can I find Yin?

I'm off to France tomorrow
and will return on Wednesday.

Come and pick me up.

Been waiting long?

Yes, for an hour.

What's with the delay?

I switched flights.

- Where's your friend?
- Over there.

Johnson, come here.

My brother, Yin Xi Liu.

Has Ping told you?

I don't teach three kinds of people.

Three kinds?

Got a coin?


Point two fingers out
and listen to me.

What are we doing?

Be quiet and listen.

Try to catch the coin with your fingers.

I don't teach those with slow hands.

I wasn't prepared just now.

Give me another chance.

I don't teach those with slow reflexes.

You can leave.

Mr. Yin.

Train your reflexes and then call me.

- What's the number?
- 2374213.

Kindly repeat that.

I don't teach those with a bad memory.

If you can't improve in these areas,
you can't be a good mahjong player.

Eye movement training, Lesson One.


Look up, look down,

left, right, original position.

Rotate your eye balls.

Protrude your eye balls.


Original position.


What eyes?

I need eye drops.

This is to train your hands' sensitivity.

Yes, teacher.

- What's this?
- Water.

Yes, but what water?

Ice water.

- And this?
- Warm water.

And this?

Boiling water!

Not bad.

Now repeat at high speed.

Boiling water, warm water, ice water.

- What kind of water is this?
- Ice water.

Warm water.

Boiling water.

Look for yourself.

There's no water!

- Me.
- Me.

- Me, you.
- Me, you.

- Me, you, him.
- Me, you, him.

- Me, you, him, your grandpa.
- Me, you, him, your grandpa.

Me, you, him, your grandpa,
grandma, aunt,

your cousin brother,
cousin sister, uncle,

your aunt, elder god-brother
and younger god-brother.

Me, you, him, your grandpa,
grandma, aunt,

your cousin, brother, uncle,

your aunt, elder god-brother
and younger god-brother.

Me, you, him, your grandpa,
grandma, aunt,

cousin brother, cousin sister,
uncle and mother.

Me, you, him, your grandpa,
grandma, aunt,

cousin brother, cousin sister, uncle,


eldest aunt, second aunt,

grand-uncle, grand-aunt...

Come on, quickly.

Great grand-aunt, grand-uncle, aunt,

third uncle, third aunt,

Come on... Say it.

Third uncle, third aunt...

Damn it, that's it.

That's it. You've memorized it.

Now to teach you lightning hands.

Look at me.

I will target your shirt buttons
and pull them one by one.

- Try your best to stop me.
- Yes, teacher.

You're hitting me instead.

Do what I just did, come on.


Mr. Yin, Mr. Yin.

My reflexes and memory
have been trained and improved.

You can teach me mahjong now.

Clean this swimming pool for me.

Yes, Mr. Yin.

Mr. Yin, the pool is cleaned.

The grass is too long there,
mow the lawn.

They must be of the same height.

Mr. Yin, the grass is cut.

Where is the mahjong set?
I'll get it.

It's been quite windy these few days.

Grab a saw and cut the branches.

Mr. Yin, I have only three months left.

How can I win if you don't teach me?

Then leave, you don't have to learn.

I'm sorry, Mr. Yin.

You need to coordinate heart, eyes,
hands and brain.

You've trained your reflexes and memory

but you're careless and impetuous.

If you don't train hard,
you'll waste my effort.

And it'll be better to pack up
and return to your studies in England.

No way, I must beat aunt May.

Mahjong is meant for recreation,

not for gambling or winning.

To be a good mahjong player,
remember this principle.

I understand, Mr. Yin.

All right then, pack up
and move in here tomorrow.

Train hard for three months,
let's see how you perform.

Those branches are not yet cut.
Leave after you have cut them.

Yes, Mr. Yin.

Your brother is so demanding.
He was so hard on me.

Luckily, I am patient.

You're fortunate he agreed
to train you.

Don't repeat the fiasco
with the drunkard teacher

and it should be fine.

He didn't want it that way either.

My brother studied a lot.

He's been to many places
and met many people.

He wouldn't teach you
if he didn't like you.

Tomorrow is the start of hard training.

Tonight is precious.

I wouldn't disturb you.

Wait for me.

I have to go home and pack my bags.

Get back in there.
I'll go and help you pack.

We can still make it tomorrow.

Go and enjoy yourself.

You'll live here for three months.

What you see, feel, touch,
dream and smell will only be mahjong.

Make more contact with it
and you'll progress quickly.

I understand, Mr. Yin.

The saying
"nine out of ten cheat" is false.


Truth is, ten out of ten people cheat.

Today you'll learn to prevent tricks.

There are two ways to cheat in mahjong.

One's during shuffling,
called catching chicks.

When you flip the tiles,

you fix eight tiles that you want.

For example, eight tiles of bamboos.

It's really like catching chicks.

When you do this,
it's all in the reflexes.

Roll the dice right.

It's either for yourself
or the opposite party.

Now it is five.

Wouldn't it give advantage
to the opposition?

No, if you roll the dice wrong,

just shift the tiles
and it messes everything up.

That's true.

Meeting a cheater may not be bad.

The important thing is staying calm.

I met three con men once.

Guess what happened?

Total loss.

This player was only after Dots.

This one only wanted Bamboos.

This guy was looking for Myriads.

They all want to get flushes.

With little effort,

I won five games
with Three Dragons

and six games with a hand of Four Winds.

Self-drawn flush.
This is the shifting trick.

What's wrong with it?

I didn't notice.

Pay attention. I'll do it again.

Did I not get Seven, Eight
and Nine of Dots?

Then Five, Six and Seven of Dots.

I couldn't win with this hand
since I didn't have a pair.

But I drew out One of Dots
and placed it here.

By quickly pushing it over
and shifting Seven of Dots,

I got a pair.

This is called the shifting trick.

- South.
- Three of a Kind.

Seven of Myriads.

Four of a Kind.

Self-drawn, common hand.

Three points.

How did you get Four of a Kind
and win a common hand?

That's right.

I know.

Twenty four full seconds.

This is the borrowing tactic.

Use it after several rounds,
when all are tired.

You reacted after so long.

The tiles would be mixed up
and money paid.

Who would listen to you?

Stay alert.

Got it, Mr. Yin.

I am going to Japan tomorrow.
Train hard on your own.

You'll take a mid-term test
when I'm back.

- Hi, Boss.
- Hi.

- Get another glass.
- All right.

- Mary Kwan.
- What's up?

Where is your pal?

You're upset that she's not here?

No, but the more the merrier.

Oh, you just don't want to see us.

We understand.

Look, speak of the devil!

Who's that?

Her boyfriend.

I brought a friend, hope you don't mind.

No problem. My name is Lai.

His nickname is funny. It's Toad.

That's just my nickname, call me Charlie.

Mr. Toad, I am Johnson.

Johnson, make yourself at home.

Jenny, dance with me.

Dirty old boss.

Want to dance?

Not my thing.

What do you like?

I won't tell you, you'll tease me.

Did you want to go to a hotel with me?

I want to go home to play mahjong!

No need to go home for that.

Can't we play here?

Two, four, eight, four, six
and eight points.

If the stakes aren't high,

it won't do justice to my mahjong set.

It costs me over 20,000 dollars.

Are you sure you'll win?

Look at my accomplishments.

The Four Winds.

The Three Dragons.

Full House.

The boss will win big money.

The Royal Thirteen.

It was a self-drawn win.

Also, Straight Flush.

Sets of Winds and Dragons.

Full House with Ones and Nines.
I drew the Nine of Myriads.

Flush. Self-drawn again.

But it was foul.

Press once to draw the tiles.

Press again to shuffle the tiles.

Electronic dice-rolling.


With such a good hand,
I'll win the first game.

Four points for the first game.

The boss has a good hand.

Two of Bamboos.

Three of a Kind. Thank you, boss.

Sorry, it's an instant win.


Wasn't there a song which goes...

Put the single tile in the center.

The fortune teller was pretty accurate.

He said this month

that this room wouldn't be lucky for me
on odd days.


To be fair, let's move outside.

Boss, is this OK?

- More or less.
- Let's do it here.

- Look at him...
- This will do.

- Wait, sit here.
- All right.


Which tile?

- White Dragon.
- Three of a kind.

Five of Bamboos.

Nine of Dots.

Three of a kind.

Red Dragon.

Three of a kind.

I'm waiting for the Green Dragon.

One of Myriads.

I haven't won once in four rounds.

One of Myriads as well.

Three of Dots.

Chief Chan will retire next week.

I wonder who can replace him.

I have no choice.

Green Dragon.

When I win, I win big.

Three Dragons.

Then I'll have to pay.

Now, you don't need to pay everything

although you lost your promotion.


Three of Myriads.

Four of Bamboos.

- Sorry, self-drawn win.
- What?

Move the table!

I win again. Sorry, Mr. Lai.

Move back in!

God's on my side, it's a Straight Flush.

I won't take your discards.

Red Dragon.

Three of a Kind.

- What for?
- You'll know in a while.

Eight of Bamboos.



Three of a Kind.

Got it!

I've hit the jackpot this time!

That'll be 2,560 each.

Come back up.

I won by double points.

How so?

I had a Straight Flush. All Myriads.
I drew a One of Myriads and won.

How can I be sure of that?

I told you I wouldn't take your discards.
I just needed a Myriads tile to win.

I can also say
that I have three Ones of Myriads.

Do you believe me, Mr. Lai?

I don't care. I won.

If you play chess fast and mahjong slow,
you're likely to lose even with skills.

That is to say,
you should be slow at chess

and quick at mahjong.

I've brought a mahjong machine
from Japan

to train your speed.

I'll demonstrate once.

Setting the tiles.

Drawing a tile.

Discarding a tile.

Taking a tile.

Drawing a tile.

Winning a hand.

Winning a hand.

I heard that
Yin has taught the kid a lot.

A business man
doesn't need this for a living.

He shouldn't interfere.

Do you want me to take care of him?

Might as well.

Since Yin is against me,

I don't need to show him mercy.

How will I be rewarded?

Fai, why do you talk to me like this?

When I gain control of
Yau's mahjong business,

will I not repay you well?

That's a deal then.

Who wants to go swimming?

I swim well.

Let's go.

But someone didn't bring her swimsuit,
so I have to accompany her.

I'm not your excuse.

Just once.

Damn you.

You don't need a swimsuit to swim.

I'll show you, let's go.

Aren't you swimming?

I've been looking at mahjong
all day in the room.

Now, the sky looks like a White Dragon.

The sea reminds me of the Green Dragon.

Would I still want to swim?

You're dead.

Don't, I surrender.

That's what you get
for asking me to skinny-dip.

No, I dare not.

Looks better now.



Hide and don't come out.




Help me!


Damn it.

Bets on One and Four.

Place your bets.



Wow, so much money...

- That's a huge bet.
- Show off.

Go on, open.

Sir, can you wait please?


Well, will you take the bet?

Please wait, sir.

We have a limit on bets.

I thought this was a big company.

Looks like it's a small one.


I'll make an exception and take your bet.

That's more like it. You might win.

Let me open it.


You can't take back your bet now.

That's not my intention.

The way you count the chips is wrong.

What's wrong?

In America we count in twos.

In twos?

Why count in fours?

How to count in twos?

Is there such a thing?

Do you know what you are doing?

Yes, count in twos.

All right, I'll do it your way.

Other guests,
please take back your money.

This game is only
for this gentleman here.


If it were counted in fours,
you would've won.

That's right, how dumb!

You placed bets on Three and Four,
yet asked to count in twos.

You're bound to lose, idiot.

Losing is no problem, I'll try again.

Count in twos again?

Of course, like the last game.


This round we'll follow our rules
and count in fours.

Last round you counted in twos,
why count in fours this time?

If you don't count in twos,

you shouldn't have taken bets
for the last game.

That's right.

Calm down, everyone.

If Mr. Kwok wouldn't play this game,

take back your money and leave.

I'm sure there are other casinos.

Yin, you two are conspiring.

Don't put it that way.

I'm just having some fun
to calm my nerves.

You know, I'm not used to threats.


OK, I'll entertain this game.


There's no need to open. Pay them.

- Yes.
- Wait.

How do you pay if I bet just on one?

Open... Quickly!


All is lost.

Yin, how did you know it'd be one?

Brother Kwok.

Even the best
sometimes depend on luck.

Pay them, game over.

Keen eyes.

Very calm.

Mr. Yin, you're an expert.

But you should've known

that one should mind his own business.

I haven't heard of that.

But I've heard of...
interfering when there's injustice.

So, you're opposing us on purpose?

I want a fair competition.

Why do you seek absolute power
and not give Johnson a chance?

I am the wife of Yau.

Johnson has no right to take from me.

Since it's Yau's intention

to resolve this
at the mahjong table,

then Johnson is eligible to compete.

Yin, I've been patient with you.

Why do you not give in?

I've always been a tough guy.

Quitting is not in my dictionary.

In these three months,
I've taught you all I could teach.

Next week you'll compete with your aunt.

You should be mentally prepared.

Technique doesn't guarantee winning.

There's luck, opportunity

and reaction during competition.

Remember, pride comes before a fall.

I've invited Mr. Lau and Mr. Wong,

two experts,
to test you as a graduation exam.

Stay calm.

- East.
- Three of a Kind.


I can't discard the White Dragon.

Four of Bamboos.


We haven't heard from Mr. White lately.

Why? Do you want to see him?

White Dragon.

Three of a Kind.

Three Dragons, Full House.

But I want the White Dragon.

Half Flush. Four points.

Is Johnson really that good?

My two friends wouldn't misjudge him.

He's near to being the best.


What should we do?

No matter how good he is,

I'll see to it
that he doesn't come to the table.

- Good luck to you.
- Thanks.


You're here.

Yes, you must win

and let me see what you've got.

Play smart!

Ram into them.

What do they want? Speed up.

Don't be scared,
I'll show them how it's done.

Want to escape? Hit it.

Quickly, get him off our back.

Forget it...

Go back, go back.

Go back?
Aren't you afraid of being crushed?

Didn't you say you have good skills?

Back on the road, quickly...

OK, let's go.

Don't worry, I'll take care of it.

Don't be afraid.

See? They can't keep up.

Hey, look out!

Be careful!

That was dangerous!

What the hell! Bastard!

Do you know how to drive?
Reverse the car.

Good, we've lost them. Yeah!

What's this place?

The edge of heaven, I guess.

We're finished.

He can't escape now, ram into him.

They're crushed.

It's done.

- Let's go and collect our money.
- Okay.

He doesn't have the guts to show up.

Let's not waste everyone's time.

Take it as a surrender.

He's coming, he's coming.

Master Chong is here.

Dear friends and experts of the mahjong

and entertainment world,

I've invited you to witness this game,

which will decide whether my wife

or my godson

will succeed in my business.

The winner
will run my nine mahjong parlors

and three clubhouses.

Whoever wins,

I hope will have your support
and guidance.

To ensure fair competition,

I have specially invited
Mr. Tsui from the States

to monitor the game with me.

Mr. Tsui, please take your place.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Hi.
- Hi.

The one who wins two games
out of three will win.

The winner of each game will receive

a figurine of the gods.

Receiving two figurines
signifies victory.



Can't you discard it later?

- East.
- Three of a kind.

- West.
- Three of a Kind.

This will finish the game.

Looks like I am cornered.

All I can do now is to withdraw.


Looks like she won't win
by the Four Winds.


Three of a Kind. One of Dots.

She just played North
and hasn't drawn a tile.

This would not be a loss.


I didn't expect

to win with a North. Thank you.

Three Winds. It's a win.

Uncle Jin, give her a lucky figurine.

Yes, Master.

Aunt May has good skills.

Of course,
how could she compete otherwise!

Sorry, Mr. Yin.

You don't look too well.

Is it over yet?

No, but the incompetent

is losing from the start.

He can't catch up even on a jet.

Five of Dots.


I can wait for three, six, nine,
four or seven for this side

and two, five or eight over here.

I have eight chances to win.
It shouldn't be too hard.

If I discard Nine or One of Dots,

the probability of losing...

He's using a calculator for mahjong.


If I discard two times five or eight,

the chances of losing are 0.250.

If I play the Red Dragon,

the chances of losing are...


It's my best bet.

Red Dragon.

Even if she has a hand of Dots,

it'd give her eight points at the most.

Red Dragon.

What is this kid doing?

Think no more.
I've got a Straight Flush.

Red Dragon.

Hell, an unwanted one.

That's not what we want.

One of Dots.

Three of a kind.

It's bad luck losing to you
with such a good hand.

The probability of you losing to me is...


Not easy indeed.


Three of a kind.

- Nine of Dots.
- Three of a kind.


The Dragons are not out.
Looks like they're stuck.

No one will win.

Only seven tiles are left.

If I play four of a kind,
it'd be two against one.

If not, it'd be two against two.

Two of Myriads.

You old fool,
playing it at the wrong time.

I could've drawn the last tile.

Now there are no more tiles
and I got this useless one.

All of them are risky.

Discarding the Green or Red Dragon

will double the chances
of losing to the kid.

If I discard the White Dragon,

I will only lose to other players.

White Dragon.

Aunt May, it's difficult indeed.

It was hard on you.

take care of my business well.

Something's wrong.

Your godfather treats you well.


Johnson, we've finally arrived.

Teacher, teacher!

I've won!

I've won, aunt May!

That's great.

I protest.

It is obvious Yau is helping him.

This is a set up.

Yau cheated, look.

You be the judge.

Does this count for cheating?

Not playing by the rules is cheating.

You disguised the four of a kind
as Bamboos,

but the three tiles are Green Dragons.

Can't believe a respected man like you
would use such a low trick.

You commit adultery
and lust for my property.

What do you have to say?

The two issues are separate.

Let's not confuse them.

The point is, how do you account
to all the experts for this?

This is a family affair.

I'm not answerable to anyone.

However, I will say politely to all:

"Johnson is my sole heir."

You're obviously biased.

If you have the guts, play once more.

Brother Kwok,
you don't admit defeat, do you?

In order to convince you,
I'll exceptionally play with you.

OK, for a price.

I can't afford too high a stake.

If I lose the game to you, Yin,
I'll disappear immediately.

If you lose...

your student will give his right
of inheritance to Mrs. Yau.

Do you all think it's fair?


Sorry, we're after different combinations.

I drew a tile you wanted.

One of Bamboos.

I am sorry.

I drew the tile you're after.


Six of Bamboos.


Eight of Bamboos.

Nine of Bamboos.

Green Dragon.


Green Dragon.


White Dragon.

Nine of Bamboos.

You sure have quick reflexes

and the ability to adapt quickly.

Unfortunately, I am one step ahead.

White Dragon.


Six of Bamboos.


You discarded the North.

Aren't you afraid of losing?

He must have an incomplete hand.

He's just picking a fight.

One of Bamboos.

As they say,
the one who moves first dies first.

It is so accurate.

Mr. Yin,
why did you discard the North?


we both were aiming
for the Royal Thirteen.

I have the last Nine of Bamboos,
I could discard any tile.

Kwok, do you admit to losing now?

You're lucky!