Da nao guang chang long (1993) - full transcript

Cheng, an attention-seeking no-hoper who works at a radio station, announcing food prices. But when his path crosses with that of Fong Yan's ghost, the telling of her story helps Cheng become the star presenter of the nightly serial.

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That night of thunderstorm

The dowager drags Chien-wen into the hall

Chien-wen pleads

Don't, madam

Don't? You are a curse

Since you entered our family
master's pet bird was killed

And then the rats and cockroaches

We were invariable unlucky at the lottery

Aren't you jinx? Get out!

Madam, pity me, please

I've got Chun-ping's baby with me

Then the No.1 wife, Piao-mei

Kicked Chien-wen's swollen belly

You must've got that bastard by another man

Madam, Chun-ping did vouchsafe

His true love to me the other day

Are Chien-wen and her baby in mortal danger?

Will Chun-ping find gold

- in San Francisco?
- Have another cup of herbal tea

Dear Listeners

- Remember to tune to the next episode of
- Hot water!

The Stone-Heart Lover

Each episode breaks at a climax

What'll happen to Chien-wen?

- Want to know the ending?
- Yes

Ask me

You work with the broadcasting station?

You won't know unless you do

- Do you work at the broadcasting station?
- Yes

How will Chien-wen and Chun-ping end up?

Is Lei-sha as beautiful as her voice?

They say it's a big broadcasting station

You asked me so many questions.

Let me digress a little

Now let me introduce an exciting program

What program?

Cheng Ming-pao repeats the food prices now

Live port $1.25 a catty

Listen to Swatowese music

Give me a glass of hot milk

This is not Dairy Farm

Chen Chi

Damn you raising your voice like that!

- What are you doing?
- You'll stand to gain

Penicillin, cortisone, cough drops.

Go round the West Point Pier

You smuggling?

You take these to cure, not to kill people

Make a round over there and
you can rest for 3 months

- What's the remuneration?
- 200

- That's quite a lot
- Right

Chen Chi?

Brother Tallie

No, he's Shortie, I'm Tallie

There's a risk in every
line, hide your identity

Tallie, look

Penicillin, quinine and
other medicines, brother

I'm rich

- Give Chen Chi money and tell him to get away
- Thank you


- So you're a spy
- I'm not

- Discharge the cargo and run
- Go down

- Stop!
- Halt!


Our money?

You're wanted. Now I'll strangle you dead

We're friends. I won't betray you

What about the $2,500 you got for the cargo?

I nearly got killed and you ask for money?

What about my cargo?

Dumped into the sea, damn it!

I don't believe it

If I cheated you, I'd end
up like this umbrella

I don't care. Give me back the money

I couldn't help it, Chen Chi

- Chen Chi? He's wanted. Come on!
- Police!

I didn't do it, Chi

So you're a spy!

Chi, I am not a rat

We're brothers, I won't hurt you

- Didn't you say we were cronies?
- Yes

Damn you!

Open the door!

Sorry. I don't want to get jailed

Well, I'll help you like a friend

- Open up!
- Run! Leave me behind!

Be a friend and hold it, brother

Get hold of me!

Chen Chi, you can't get away!

See if you can get away

Come out

Ming-pao, you did a fine thing.
I come out and you...

Come out first

You break my glasses and I get you in jail

We're now even

Here now is a news report

The HK Govt. announced that

Water rationing may be introduced
at month-end due to the draught

The Fire Services promised to
save water when combating fire

A man in a tram was electrocuted to death

The Tramway Co. said it
was not their electricity


Who are you? You look familiar

Are you Chen Chi's girlfriends?
Come to get the money?

Chen Chi has very good taste

How did you get in?

You brought me in

I brought you in?

You're both rough and tough

Mind your speech! I didn't touch you

You touched the umbrella, not me

- This umbrella yours? Take it
- Thank you

Any proof?

My soul is inside it


You got it from your boy friend

So you take it as your soul!?

You misunderstand. I mean...

I'm a ghost

You a ghost?

I'm a ghost too

Go now. I'm afraid of you.
Go now

Go now. Take back your umbrella

Get back to your boy friend

Don't make trouble here

I couldn't get in all because of you

Don't let me see you again, bitch!

Don't be afraid. I won't harm you

I only want you to fix that umbrella for me

I'll buy you a new one

No, any other umbrella won't work

What then?

I want to ask you a favor

No problem

Take me to a place

Where? A cemetery or a graveyard?

Kuang Chang Lung

Kuang Chang Lung?

What a classy carrying a girl's umbrella

Could it be Yam Kim-fai?

Here's Kuang Chang Lung. Looking for people?

No, I come back for vengeance

- Did I scare you?
- No

So cruel. Bake you to death.
Oh, no!

Guess how many times you
can kiss me all your life?

1,000, 10,000, 1,000,000 times. Not enough

promise you won't love any other girls

I do, for anything

The door's being opened. Get in

It's hot

Wait for me

Sister Yam

You always posed as a man.

This girl's umbrella won't suit you

Get up. Let me help you

He's out of his mind. Go now

You forced me to bring you
here, but now you're leaving

What's all this vengeance stuff?

Get no time playing games with you

I don't want to do it

Miss, vengeance is a vicious circle

I saw him, but we're in different worlds now

A razor's edge stands between love and hate

I can't think of a proper description now

In a word, I've done what I wanted to do

Your grudge is none of my business. Bye-bye

Go home and start life anew

I'll go back and have a scented bath

What if you did kill him?

Don't look at me. I don't like it

- What are you doing?
- Sorry, a clansman


I recognize your voice.

You're that broadcaster Cheng Miing-pao

You recognize me?

Your signature, please

Okay, but where?

I'm luck now

Sign over here

Your penmanship is okay


Lei-sha? The celebrated Lei-sha

Sign some more for me

You're smart

Don't ask for anybody's
autographs around here

Why are you here?

I'm Pang Fu, the new broadcaster
of market prices

With your country accent?

Listeners, here now is
a report on food prices

Local pork $2.60 a catty
mainland pork $1.50 a catty

Vegetables: gerian chrysanthemum
$0.45 a catty

Watercress $0.325,

spinach $0.329, choy sum $0.20

Here ends the broadcast of food prices

Let's meet again in the next life. Bye-bye

Was I being emotional?

Kill me! You shouldn't have done that

Even tho' you got fired!

Sorry, Director, I didn't much it

That Tungkuan man was choked to death.

He can't make it

What about the next program?

Ad-bib and you trip on your tongue


Only the two of us can broadcast live here

It's better for you to trip

Director, I won't slip

I don't care. Go out quick!

Sisters' Eau de Cologne is fragrant

Sisters' Eau de Cologne smells good

Remember to buy Sisters' Eau de Cologne only

Five Rams batteries are durable and powerful

Please buy Five Rams batteries

Wing On's bargains for this week-end

Chicken brand cotton underwear
now $0.55; from $0.70

Plastic dustpan $0.10; formerly $0.15

Lady's handbag, originally $3.50,

now $2.95

Come early to Wing On this
Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Four Cows Condensed Milk
Four Cows Condensed Milk

You're tuned to Rediffusion Silver Station

Here now is tonight's special

Be smart

What are you doing?

Director, I don't know how to start

Not so loud

Tell my story, okay?

- Okay?
- Try

Dear listeners,

let me tell you a story

Hope you don't mind

How lousy

Luckily I'm not doing it

Yesterday I picked an umbrella at the wharf

What's so strange?

When I got home, it talked to me.


Even ghosts won't believe it

It's so spooky that you might not believe it

So I've brought it with me here

Trying to wow the listeners!

Yes, I'm coming

Yes, I came from the South a month before

To take over my dad's hotel business

Never expected that my love story

Would've ended up in tragedy

On May 6 afternoon, I came to this hotel...

With my heavy luggage

It's OK. Take this.

Thank you

- Thank you
- You're nice

Why have you got one cent more than I do?

I'm one year older, and taller too

But I'm fatter

My queue is longer than yours

In form, I've taken over
this hotel of my dad's

But somehow I feel that
nothing belongs to me

Except this room of mine

Everybody busily plays his part in life

Comparatively I'm not so busy

Or have no fixed role to play


Look at the accounts

- Miss
- Morning

He seems to play the most special role here

They say he's moved here for over 2 weeks

But he goes out only once every day

He goes out in a hurry and
comes beak in a hurry

Everything's quiet in his room

He seems to take an interest only

In watching scenes outside

What's it so interesting in the street?


He turned out to be a cop

I'm Chung-i's friend

I know you work in this corner.
I want to get some stuff from you

- Have you got any proof?
- Proof?

Mr. Ma, your certificate

Bloody coop, a set-up! Keep away!

Help me, police!

Help me!

Come quickly! What are you waiting for?

A kiss

Keep down!

Don't you know I've been
watching him for 2 weeks?

I set the trap with taxpayers' money

You're a policeman, you should help me

Take it back

Keep away

Shoot you!

Since he left,

there's no more aura of mystery in the hotel

It's like an aging but
sophisticated woman who

Can no longer arouse a man's interest

Good, win!

- Miss
- Morning

Stop making fun

Don't make fun in public

He's that drug peddler who took me hostage

Have a puff

- For you
- Follow me?

No, you're mistaken

You really are mistaken

Get out of the way!

You again?

You really are interfering

I tailed him out of curiosity.
Then I called the police

Call the police, hear that?

You must be ignorant of death?

I'm not afraid of death

You're a busybody

You're interfering

Come, let me take you to see human hell

How's it? How's your luck today?

- Outrageous, it's no fun
- Lost again. Let's go

- Thank you
- Win more

Are you afraid?

Cuties, don't have to work?

Brother Ma, coming again?

Your woman is pretty

Brother Ma

- Where's Ying?
- Down below

Have a cup of tea first

Recently we've got several
pretty girls. Interested?

I have no time today. Some other day

- There are more to see down below
- Where?


Brother Ma, are you free?


I'm bringing a girl to follow you for a day

She wants to enrich her experience

Not bad. A guest outside
wants to get a young lady

Take her for a try

Damn you! Go now

- You're in my way
- Sorry, I'm in your way

Why hit me? It's only for fun

You can't afford to have fun?
You said you're not afraid

Don't hit any more!

I'll hit back if you hit again

Brother Ma, want a room?

They did something daring in a filthy place

Are they unbridled or too impulsive?

Are they unbridled or too impulsive?

Dear listeners, time's up again

I'll finish the story for
you if the occasion arises



Fantastic, you can even cope with that

Isn't that interesting?

You'll continue to enjoy the
fun for sure. Thank you

Cheng Ming-pao, bravo! And
you mimic female voice too!

Listeners, tune to Rediffusion
Silver Network for

Cheng Ming-pao's ghost
story tomorrow at 9 p.m.

Thank you


On my account, boss

Have a bowl of hot beancurd. It's nice

Making fun of a ghost

Sorry, I forgot ghosts don't eat

Sorry, I forgot ghosts don't eat

You're OK. You fear no heat and won't starve

- Who's this?
- It's me

- So fat?
- It was taken when I was fat

The Director praised me for my endowment

Lei-sha has looked up to me

What's be our topic tomorrow night?

My days are numbered. I must
hurry to find my husband

I fail to see why you didn't kill him

Nothing restores your life
even a reunion with him

Would a man forsake his own wife

For a dead one?

Am I very ugly?

Yes, as a ghost

As a human being, you're OK

If you had a wife like me

Would you still go tomcatting?

If I were your husband,

would you let me womanize?

Of course not

Luckily you're not my wife

Why not spend these few days helping me

Offer something good to the listeners?

I can't imitate your voice and you're free

How about telling me tomorrow's story now?

What are you staring at?


It's raining. Go and pack up quickly

What are you doing outside?

I'm hot. I need a shower

Come here and let's bathe
together to save water

I'll bathe myself if you don't

I promise to continue to tell that story

- Serious?
- Thank you, it's thundering

Thank God. God's on my side

Listeners, they're sizzling on

Look, how romantic they are

What a stupid woman. That man looks unreliable

When a girl is in love

She must wear sunglasses

Why? Because she's too blind to see anything

What kind of a man are you?

Isn't it too late for
you to ask me that now?

Yes, if you're a bad man

You know I have only one friend,


I'm a good family girl

But I know nothing about you

Except that you're a policeman

And you're a bachelor

I know you no more than that

It doesn't pay to know so much

In any case, I must know

Why have you brought me here?

You want to know more about me, don't you?

Fang Yin

What are you doing here?

To see you getting excited and jealous?

Why don't you help me?

The way you fell, it was such fun

Go to hell.

A girl must behave herself

You wanton man!

That's an enjoyment, understand?

Enjoyment? Lewdness and lust?

Is it for real?

You're bleeding

- It was only an accident
- I know

Dows it hurt or not?

Your heart aches?

I've scratched your face

I enjoy seeing girls who
care and fight for me

Why? Are you out of your mind?

Don't you like me for that?

She knew this man was playing with her

but she love it

Stupid Woman
What is it?

I want to see policemen Ma

It's too late, Miss

Ma Kuang-shen, come out quickly!

Ma Kuang-shen

Why are you here?

Why? You haven't paid for the love session

What did you say?

Don't take me for your lover. Pay now

What's there to see? Go in and sleep

You covet her money. You
shouldn't have come to me

Bitch, out of my way!

You stand no chance! Come back with me

Don't expect to mix with a rich woman

Don't expect to mix with a rich woman

I like her. Go off quickly

Don't ever come to see me again

Ma, you did a fine thing!

Listen, you can't win the
heart of this fickle man

Don't listen to her nonsense!

I don't feel like saying anything

To try to win a man's heart

Out of jealousy and pride

Does it mean she's madly in love?

Let our listeners judge for themselves

Now the wall clock show time's up again

Goodbye, same time tomorrow night

He said about us. Impossible!

Don't forget she's dead

And I buried her myself

- Then she...
- Never mind

Here ends the episode of

Cheng Ming-pao's horror story

The Female Ghost Vengeance

Tune in at the same time next time

Even if she were a ghost, she
could only take your sool

But not your heart. Right?

Miss Lei-sha

Just call me Lei-sha


I enjoy listening to your program

Thank you

I enjoy eating midnight snacks too

I won't be in your way then

You won't. I need your company


- Or sha-sha
- Sha-sha

Mind the Director,
I'll go and get my handbag


- We've come to arrest you
- Miss Lei-sha, leaving?

Yes, bye-bye

Miss Lei-sha, please autograph for me

- You look okay
- Thank you

Miss Lei-sha, we all admire you

Thank you. Bye-bye

Not in

- Pal
- What's it?

I've stayed long enough.

I must go back to compare a program

I'm Cheng Ming-pao, a broadcaster
of food prices

Have some patience

Why are you detaining me?

Why not? Do I have to sit with you?

No, I'll try hard to sit by myself


You've already detained him the whole day

You've already detained him the whole day

Sorry, may I use the telephone?


I know you

What do you know about me?

I don't know you

I don't think so


Is that all you want to ask
by bringing me here, sir?

We suspect you to be involved in a case

The broadcasting station is waiting
for me to compere my program

Its boss is a J.P. who knows the Governor

You know the consequence for detaining me?

Don't you know the consequence?

I meant to scare you only but it didn't work

Let me go, I beg you.

I must compere my program at 9 p.m.

That's your own business

You can't detain me for nothing

- You know him?
- Chen Chi

Your accomplice broke jail this morning

And he took away the Government's
prison uniform

- That's a frame-up!
- Shut up! Stop nagging!

I'm a Director, but why am I in such a fix

Which other Directors are never in?

Stop grumbling. Try to find
a substitute for Ming-pao

Lei-sha, you're my closest girlfriend

I can't speak without a script in hand

Don't let me down

You'll be the more disappointed
if you know more

The music will soon be over

- You!
- Can I do it?

As the Director,

can you take up the blame for once?

What do you take me for?
You talk to me like that?

Someone who's dissatisfied with you

Calm down. I'll do it

I can only tell erotic stories

Why's there no prologue?

Yes, yes

Thank you

Now Cheng Ming-pao's ghost story begins

Dear listeners

In the last episode, I tried to own a man

And made hi leave that bad woman

For the sake of pride

Why is there no breakdown in this program?

Recording was invented not long ago

I don't think you can mimic
a female voice. Show me

I'm here to give statements
only. Do I have to mimic?

What if that voice is not mine?

Do you feel that voice sounds familiar?

Are you questioning me
or am I questioning you?

But you were quiet

A broaddeasting station can't do without voice

I'll do the asking if you don't



We've detained him for a long time.

The radio station may question us

I'll let you go now

Promise you'll co-operate and
come again whenever required


Thank you

Brother, the bride is fixed

No hurry. Finish this bet first

Luck to the lady going out

Go in

Haven't finished yet

Congratulations, groom!

Congratulations! Let me have a look

You can't see her now

Make way. The bride is coming

You don't even invite me a neighbor.

You won't end up well

Please make way. The bride's coming

Please make way

See if she's beautiful

Mount the sedan

"Over the sedan, Gold and silver jewelry let you want"

Don't worry, it's luck

Burn the bride's umbrella. And riches galore

Stand still

Are you out of your mind?

Ma, I don't care how many
mistresses you have

But you can't desert me.

I won't let you go

Your wedding gifts

- Bitch!
- Don't!

Don't go away!

Don't go away!

Let me go!

So you asked for it

My husband never returns home to sleep

He must be with that whore again

Then one night, I summed up my courage

Madam, brother Ma is not here

Madam, listen, he really isn't here

I just came down from above. I didn't lie

Ask brother Ma if you don't believe me

No fight?

No scenes even for that? What's a new idal

- Mr. Ma, coming back?
- Yes, where's Miss?

In her room

Fang Yin

You're being unfair to me again

I promise this will be the last

No way, you can't control your lust

I swear I'll part with her

Or I'll be condemned by Heaven

Come, let me take you to hospital

Too late

Will you kiss me?


I'm doing you an injustice

You promised you'd be damned
if you didn't leave here

Making fun of me?

Never trust a man

One night I came back early from Macao

I had some unlucky hunches

Come on

Out of my way!


- I thought you were in Macao
- Let go!

I'm only taking a moral holiday.
Don't take it seriously

You made a vow

I did? You fooled me into doing it

Don't quarrel

No love can be settled by quarrelling


Your husband brought me here

Stop, stop!


Stop! Haven't I been unlucky enough?

The business has suffered a downward spin

The people around me have
made me a laughing stock

You brought me into all this

Fang Yin

Let go, don't entangle me

Fang Yin

I was Killed in this way

My spirit lingered in the umbrella
blown away by the wind


- What are you doing?
- I asked for it myself

I was madly in love with
him and I overtrusted him

She's not a ghost, she's my friend

- Come in
- Is that so”?

Why are you so sad?

She's still alive

Let me make the introductions

Our Director Mr. Hsiao.

Miss Lei-sha. Fang Yin

How do you do?

We didn't see her enter the studio

Only a ghost could've come in like that

Magic, magic

Have you been to the toilet?

Have you ever blinked?

She often made a fool of me

She tells a true story. Pity her

Go out
Go and perform

What about me?

Stay here to watch her play magic

- I pity you. No more magic
- Thanks

She's dead and can't revive on the air

She's still alive

If she isn't dead, kill her one more time

A ghost or not, she won't let us go

Let's kill Cheng Ming-pao too, if necessary

- You're inhuman!
- I'm inhuman

You think you're human, Mr. Ma?

Dead or alive, she means much to me

Your friend?

She returned home herself

Come to my home to have tea and cakes first

If you should get evil...

A man gets evil because
he's spoiled by a female

People may see us

Men can't see us

Wait a while

Where are you going?

Isn't your home down below?

You're spooky. Wait for me

Su Chi

What are you doing at this hour?

- Fixing the umbrella
- You told me to do it

Take your time. I'll come for it tomorrow

Sit on the table if the seat is occupied

Sit on the bed if the table is occupied

It's hard to imagine

A thief may have entered

A thief must have been here

Can't find him

A thief has really been here to steal

- Thief!
- Fire!

- Where are you going?
- To rescue that umbrella

- How much is that umbrella?
- Anyway, it's valuable

Mr. Cheng, how come your
umbrella gets burnt?

It's now in flames. My life!

Help put out the fire quickly!

Quick, pour water here!

Ghost, are you all right?

You don't have to help me mend it

No more nonsense

- I knew you wanted...
- Shut up!

You take me for a sex fiend, an animal

You take me for a sex maniac

I am not

I had no time to pull your leg

I got you involved

You may make me madder if you continue

If you drop this umbrella
I won't follow you anymore

Don't doubt my personality

They're arsonists and robbers

Would they let us go so easily?

At worst I'll die with them

Unlike you, I'd be tougher as a ghost

Why are you so infatuated?

Do me another favor. That's simple

Any danger to my life?

I don't want to be a lonely spirit

Let me fix a tablet for you, okay?

Dig out my body

Hope it hasn't decayed yet

Are you serious?

Sha-sha, cooled off now? Sorry

I missed you

Have you got a driving licence?

Where to? Why bring a hoe and a spade?

Sand playing is fun for children

as romance is for adults

You're full of zany ideas

Don't tickle me. Sit tight

- It's very romantic
- Is it?



Here? Can't be?

Let's cross the bridge, Fang Yin

What for?

Let's cross the bridge, Sha-sha

What for?

Never mind

Okay, silence is gold

You stay here. I'll go down and pick it

Excuse me

I didn't do it

- So you're a killer
- I was only helping others

- You want to kill me or rape me first?
- No

- Rape me if you want to kill me
- I won't rape you

- Rape me if you want to kill me
- I won't rape you

He killed Miss Fang

Why did you scare her stiff?

I meant to help you explain only

Sit still, no tricks!

Now I'm ready to get back to the copse

When decay sets in, no more reincarnation

Wipe some more? Must strip

Don't wipe anymore. Put
my corpse on the chair

Put it where the moon shines

Possess it before the day breaks

I'm ready to get back to the copse

When decay sets in, no more reincarnation

You're bewitched by a ghost

You've heard her story. Don't you pity her?

You love her, not me

Go now

What? Deserting me after
I help you dig the corpse?

You desert me in her presence

- What are you doing?
- I can't help it

A man weeps only when his heart is broken

Wish I had a man weeping over me

I'm not weeping over that bitch

I weep only because I fall in my first date

After 30 years as a virgin

Wish I had a man like you

Any plans?

To return to Kuang Chang Lung
to see the last of him

Before I woke up in the morning

She cleaned my home, the left

She returned to her hotel to
meet her heartless husband

Then she was seen hand-in-hand with
her husband leaving the hotel

Since then, they lived happily together

But isn't it sadistic to have

Fought for a man like that?

Possibly, loving someone is
torturing one's own self

Since then, the man/ghost couple's
whereabouts are unknown

The ending may be too abrupt

But it's a happy ending, isn't it?
Goodbye, ladies and gentlemen

With money, you can easily get that

- Don't tell brother about it
- I won't

I forgot to tell you something

The Buddhist rites have been performed

Arms Liu said it could even kill a vampire

Thank you

Don't drink anymore. You can get drunk

I won't, it's plum juice

Ming-pao, the female ghost
vengeance story is over

You haven't told the listeners
about tomorrow's story

It depends on what ghosts I meet tomorrow

Don't make fun of me!

We got lots of calls about
tomorrow's ghost story

There are many kinds

They want Cheng Ming-pao

No problem, right, Ming-pao?

To gain both money and favors, is it okay?

They're used to it

Mr. Cheng

I'm here. You're...

I'm that ugly heroine of your story

Did that ghost possess you
or is she still alive?

Don't take it seriously. Only a story

If she really needs that men. I'll leave

No much the better

But she's now on the way to Kuang Chang Lung

I wish she won't come back
to me like in the story

I wish she won't come back
to me like in the story

- She won't thereafter
- I hope so

I must break her tie

Me, too

Who are you?

Not my concern, I've come
to finish him off too

Keep away!

I'll kill you, Ming-pao
I'll strangle you dead

What's the matter?

Who's it?

- You?
- Are you afraid?

Are you human or a ghost?

I'm human

You're still alive?

I haven't given up yet

Fang Yin


I thought I did something
that can't be remedied

Don't worry, evil will find its root

Please forgive me

I know you mean so much to
me only after I've lost you

It's too late to repent

Since you're alive

Let's sell and leave Kuang Chang Lung

I swear I'll never fail you again

A man swears to any girls like that

You still don't trust me?

Why should I fool you now?

Why weren't you nicer to me before my death?

Why love me now I've become a ghost?

Why she not to dead

I'll put it aside

Would you kill tat woman for me?

Last time it was an accident only

If I wanted to kill you, it
could be an accident too

After you die, I'll kill myself

That won't be necessary. We're both alive

I'll tired. I don't want
to run around anymore

Since we love each other...

Why? I don't want to die

Kill you

Are you out of you mind?

I'm not. I'm doing it because of you

Keep away! I must kill her

- Who are you looking for at this hour?
- Keep away!

- Who are you looking for?
- Him

- Him?
- Shit!

Don't take that gun. At
worst we'll die together

Have you had enough scramble?

I'm rotten. You collect rotten men?

Shoot, shoot, if you wish

Fire, shoot me, fire!

Give me back that gun


Give it to me


Hold it

Gun misfired!

Get it back to me

I killed Cheng with it

I use it to kill ghosts

Ghost? Let me use a pole

Do you sympathize with that ghost above?

I sympathize with that one below

Go away!

- Fang Yin
- What are you doing here?

Don't hurt him

Chen Ming-pao, don't call me
Chen Chi if I don't kill you

Fugitive Chen Chi?

Why are you coming back?

And you?

Nothing special

Who? Who's it?

Looks like a female

- No one must go in
- Lei-sha

- Fang Yin
- Go now

I'll go if you don't

You're nice. If you alive

Our love-hate relationship is over. See you

We have affinity

What has become of your looks?

It's terrible!

You creep, you jilt!

Stop, stop!

You're in love with thin kid?

You know jealousy?

Out of the way!

Don't you?

She's dead and you still bully her?

Is she dead?

Yes, I've come as a walking
corpse with a spirit

Yes, I've come as a walking
corpse with a spirit

Impossible. There's no spirit in this world

I did love you but am not constant

Like other men, I couldn't resist
other girls' temptation

Can't you both be my wife and concubine?

Concubinage is permitted by the Government

Why? Why?

Four Eyes, isn't that right?

You want vengeance

Come on, shoot, shoot!

Four Eyes, come on, shoot!

Yin, I knew you wouldn't kill me

You're still in love with me, aren't you?

Here are 2 bullets, one for that man

The other for that ghost. Reasonable?


If I die, please bury us together

Otherwise, I might as a ghost...

Don't worry

I'll arrange a decent funeral for you



I've never loved you. Go now

But I love you

Don't say I won't help you

What are you doing?

I must keep my promise with her

- Are they legally married?
- Yes

Don't make me crushed by
a ghost, or I'll be mad

Aren't we getting mad?

Benefactors, what were you doing?

Got a multiplex three-in-one?

Two is affinity, three is jinx

That's professional

You brought either of them yourselves.

Buddha be blessed

Finished? Thank you, master

Thank you

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

Affinity or jinx, let them
settle between them


In case of trouble, tell him to come to me

Ming-pao, you really are brave

In fact, love doesn't mean possession only

For instance, police love
me and the prison loves me

But they don't have to possess me, right?

I'll stop if you're not interested

Are you going to give yourself up?

Life is short. Enjoy a few days more. Go now