Da jiao tou yu sao niang zi (1979) - full transcript

Tough cop Bruce Li arrives back in town in time to investigate a series of odd murders. Victims have two pierce marks on their necks. The killer is an expert in the Iron Finger strike. The fights are fantastic with the two Bruce's and Ku Feng going at it and all are excellent.

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(energetic classical music)

(suspenseful jazz music)



Who are you?

You are bothered me.

You've got to die.


Who are you?

What is this?

I told you.







(dramatic instrumental music)

(upbeat instrumental music)

Please, please come in.


Oh, Mr. Li how are you?


I'm here with an old friend.

Well why not join me?

We already got a table.

(upbeat funk music)

Well how's things, busy?

Well lately there's less robbery

but there's been an increase in murder.

Well anything I can do to help?

Bruce, you're here on vacation.

Still we're old friends.

If you like, I'll help.

Let's not talk shop,
this is a welcome dinner.

Alright, cheers.



He a friend of yours?

That's Li, he works at
Chang's kung fu school.

Well folks we got a
special entertainer tonight,

the top Taoist kung fu
fighter in Southeast Asia.

Taoist fighter?

I'm proud to present Mr. Wong Ki.



(sultry lounge music)


Hey Lulu.

Let go.

What are you thinking?

That fellas nothing special.

Come on.

Drink up.





That guy's really terrific.

They say his kung fu is great.

Thank you.

Well those were a few
simple little tricks.

But if anyone is interested.

In that case, come on up

and we'll have a little contest.

(glass shatters)


I'll show you kung fu.



(dramatic instrumental music)

I'll get you.

You'll see.

Oh hello.

Why are you here?


I must apologize.

For beating up your boyfriend.

There's no need

and who said he's my boyfriend?


Then he.

Come on, forget him.

Teacher do you ever take pupils?


That depends who it is.



Now let's go to my place.

(funky instrumental music)

Sit down.

It's hot.

Yeah it is.

Take your coat off.

Yeah right.

You really are hot.

Why not take your shirt off?

Hey right.

You really are so strong.

Just training.

Tell you what, let's take a shower.


I just thought, I don't know your name.

Hey what's it, tell me yeah?

My name is Lulu.

Well anyway, that's what they call me.


Now tell me, you like kung fu?

Only that kind of kung fu.



Now let's see.

Who teaches who?

(upbeat funk music)

(tense suspenseful funk music)

(distant moaning)


(tense instrumental music)

Damn it.

Must of left it at her place.


I feel like killing today

and you're the nominated candidate.


(dramatic instrumental music)




Listen, who are you?

Why are you doing this?

It doesn't matter who I am

but I'm gonna kill you.

Oh, it's a fight.

Let's go.

Huh, iron skin?

[Man] Nothing so exotic
but you're very close.


(dramatic instrumental music)

Trachea punctured and vertebrae broken.

Maybe it was caused by a gardeners fork.

Not a fork.


It was fingers.

It's a type of kung fu.

I've seen experts kill people like that.

Iron Finger.

Well you let me have you report

as soon as you can.


Look at this.


No, only the victims.

I saw this last night, I'm quite sure.

Somewhere in that night club.

Right, it was on that fella
who had a fight with Wong.

That's the guy who's
working for teacher Chen,

names Lee Se Hun.

Well I'm not saying for
sure he did the killing

but still we've had a few
cases like this recently.

It's possibly the work of some expert.

I'll check the schools.

But still these people don't normally

cooperate with cops.

You forget, I used
to be a teacher myself.

So then, I know how to
handle them, don't worry.

(soft suspenseful music)

(doorbell buzzes)


Lee Se Hun in?


Who are you?

Names Bruce.

Wong Ki's friend.

He's out.

Hey, what is this?

Let go.



What's wrong?

Wong Ki sent a man here for Mr. Li.


Damn it.

Cheeky bastard.



My friend what business
do you have in this place?

I came for him.

My friend your way of
coming in wasn't too polite.

Wasn't my fault, they started the fight.

I see, first of all
Wong Ki beats up on me,

now he sends for me.


Not bad, quite convincing.

Wong Ki's dead, but then you knew that.


And you killed him.


I killed him?

Who says so?

You any proof?

Oh sure.

(suspenseful bass music)

Last night at one AM, where were you?

Well I let Mr. Li in
about 11 o'clock last night.

Right, I dressed his injuries.

I was wrong, sorry and I apologize.


God damn it.

Stupid fool.

(doorbell buzzes)

What do you want here so early?

I'm Wong Ki's friend.


Sit down.

So you know Wong Ki?

Was he up here at all last night?

What you say?

I'm still asleep, not hearing too well.

What time was it when Wong Ki left here?

Did his wife ask you to come here?

Or are you gay?

Listen have you ever
seen this thing before?

Is that all you're gonna show me?

Hmm really?


And don't come back here.

(soft suspenseful music)


Who's is this?

That's my cousins.

He borrowed some money from me.

Couldn't pay it back and
the watch is security.

Now tell me where you last night?

Tell me.

But first tell me what you did.

One day I'll catch you and then.

Come on.

Don't get all nasty.

Come I'll massage you.

(sultry jazz music)


Damn it.

You know my kung fu stops me having sex.

What are you doing?

You, you want to kill me?

Well why don't you
stop that stupid kung fu?

Learn another technique.

Lulu, I've gone too
far to try to stop now.

(chilling piano music)

(soft tense music)

Teacher Chen, how are you?

Fine thanks.

That business, I'm sorry.

Not at all.

I should be thanking you
for not arresting Li.

Even so, I was too rough.

Everyone says that
Wong Ki was a tough man

and hard to beat.

So how was he killed?

Somebody used the iron finger technique.

Tell me, do you know anyone

who practices this style?


There is one fellow called Wu Pao.

Teaches at the Aisha Club.

A teacher huh?

Wu Pao.


Hey, what is it?

Teacher, this guy wants to teach here

and he has a recommendation letter.

You master here?

Tell me, we ever met before?

I came from Singapore.

It's all in the letter.

Wan Han, arrange a test.


Right, come tomorrow.

All the teachers have different grades

according to their skills.

Okay, hold your hands up high.

Excuse me, miss.

I'm Susu.

Tell me, which grade do you teach?

I teach third grade.

Is third grade the highest.

No, it's the lowest.

See my father?

Your father?

You did say you'd
come to see the master.



(dramatic instrumental music)

Alright, get up.

I'll go with you.

Well, his kung fu's okay.

Better watch him.


Now come on.

He's not bad but he couldn't
even beat Lin Sa Lung.

(tense drum music)


(tense dramatic music)

Hey, Sa Lung, watch it.

Iron finger can be dangerous.

Hey listen, your kung
fu's improved a lot.

Hey you and Susu, hows it going?

Getting married, I hope.

Eh no way.

It's her father.

Won't even let me meet her.

I give up.

Hey don't give up, try again.

Her old mans really stubborn

and that Hu Pao, he
doesn't like me either.

You now, it's been weeks
now since I saw her.

(wood clattering)


Well now, it's your turn next

and if you manage to beat him

then you'll be appointed
as a second grade teacher.

Mr. Chen, should we use
the poles or our fists?

Fists will be fine but I'm
scared that I'll hurt you.

Let me worry.




Mr. Chen, I'm sorry.

Not bad.

You did well.

So if you'd like you can work here

as one of the teaching staff.



Take Mr. Chen in, show him around.

(tense suspenseful music)

Hold it.

Haven't you seen that sign there?

Well I simply wanted to meet the master.

You can meet him when I say you can.

That isn't any of your business.

Right, I'll take you in.


Oh Mr. Hu is treating father.

Father, this is our
latest teacher, Mr. Chen.

Well this is dad.

Pleased to meet you.

Mr. Chen passed his test here today.

He fought with Chin and
beat him handsomely.

So then I've asked him to
join our teaching staff

as second grade.


In fact he comes here
with good recommendations.

I had meant to tell you about him later.

That's good.

I'm very pleased you've joined us.

Master Chen hope you'll stay here.

Thank you, sir.

Master you take a rest now.


Come, we must go now.

Let him rest, please.


Jin Su.

How did you get in?

I sneaked in.

I was waiting for hours.

Thought you were sick so I got worried.

Sneaked in?

I think that's a bit too much.

If Wa Pao finds you, there'll be trouble.

I don't like him.

Why is it your fathers put him in charge?

I think he's too ambitious.

Hey Su.


Wa Pao's gonna hear about this.

Stop it, stop it.

Stop it.

Stop the fighting.


Let me go, let me go.


Stop it, stop it.

Stop it.

Get out.



So you'd help a stranger

to fight against your own colleagues?

Well get out of here, immediately.

Well alright.

Its what you want, it's fine with me.

See ya.

Oh just now, I found this
thing by your room, take it.

Not mine, keep it.

Hey Mr. Chen, Mr. Chen.

Mr. Chen.

Now wait.

Mr. Chen, wait.

Mr. Chen, why did you leave?

Are you scared of him?

This thing, is it Hu Paos?

I've never seen it.

Hey how long as your dad been sick?

About two years.

Does Hu Pao always give him treatment?


Right I think he's
getting the wrong treatment.

Why not consult a doctor?

Right, I think we should.

Listen, thanks for helping Gin Se.

I'll see you.

(wood clattering)


(tense dramatic music)

(upbeat funky music)

Well now according to the report

they don't think the victim was raped.

I guess they must be right.

If she'd been raped, I'm pretty certain

that some of her clothing
would of been torn.

Captain, she died of
those neck injuries.

Some sort of sharp instrument.

Or the iron finger.

The doctor thinks it was
some kind of metal fork.

How does a girl fit into all this?

What's the connection?

I must see someone.

What, have you got a lead?

Not yet.

(soft suspenseful music)

Tell me, is Chan Ti See in?

No he's not.

Can we help?

Teacher Long's here, though.

Teacher Long, he wants Teacher Chan.

Listen, got a question.

Wednesday night around
midnight, where were you?


Well why should I tell you?

Hold it.

Just tell me.

You'd like a fight huh?


Hey hold it.

Cut that out now.

Stop it.

Come on stop it.

Who does he think he is?

A damn cop.

Right, I'm a cop.

Now answer that question and the truth.


Hold it!

(tense suspenseful music)


Hey, hey.

Come back.

Don't fight.

There's some mistake,
he's done nothing bad.

Well now, can you actually guarantee

that he didn't last Wednesday?

Wednesday, Wednesday?

No I can't but still,
I now he's a good guy.

Get lost.

Now hold it.


Hey hold it.


Don't fight.




(tense instrumental music)


Hey stop it.

Stop it.


Hey don't fight.

Hey don't fight, come on.

Come on guys don't fight.

Come on.

Hey let go of me.

Put me down.

No you gotta go.

I'll give you one more chance or else

I'll take you in.

Damn you.


Hey stop it.

Come on.

That's enough.

Come on that's enough.


Stop it.

Get out.

Stop fighting.


(tense suspenseful music)

Hold it.

Hiding illegal immigrants huh?

So Yo, go on, get out.

Hey hey don't fight.

Don't be stupid, tell him the truth.

You got it wrong.

Wednesday night he was busy
trying to help that poor girl

over there.

Is this yours?

Is this yours?

Its not.

I'll ask you just one question.

Oh go on.

Tell me, apart from you,
who practices the iron finger?

Well now, I guess there's only Hu Pao.

In fact, we had a fight once.

He beat the pants of me then.

Since then I've learned the technique.

I hope in the next contest
I'll be good enough

to beat the pants off him.

You mean the teacher Hu Pao?

Could he be the killer?

But still, why the hell would we want

to kill Wong Ki?

(tense suspenseful music)

Would you say that he's
perfected that technique?

It's hard to say but still.

I know his master once said

he was practicing something extra special.

It wasn't the normal
iron finger but something

more vicious, I'm not sure what.


A couple of guys have bust in.

Okay, I'll see you.


Come on.

Hold it!

So it's you two again, eh.

Chin Jin Se, last night you made trouble

at our place.

Tonight we're returning the favor.

God damn it.

I'll fix you.


No hurry.

You take one, I'll take the other.


Let's go.

I see.

You think Hu Pao was involved?

Maybe, I can't be sure.

How's his private life?

Oh I get here that he was living

with this playgirl.


What's her name?

It's Lulu.

We suspect she's crooked.

She works in the vice racket.

Well why not pull her in?

We don't have any proof.

Lulu, say is she the one
with Li Chi Hi that night?

That's her.

Hey hold it.

Take it easy.

Don't worry, I will, I'll see.

Well now the master once told me,

even an expert like Hu has
gotta have one weak point.

I know but still, we don't
know where his weak spot is.

There's only four.

And those are in turn,
forehead, eyes, breasts, temple.

All we have to do to try them out.

One at a time.

Right where's tin?

He's pretty late.

Gone to see Susu.

Oh I must go.

See you soon, bye.

Hold it.

Listen, make it soon.

(phone rings)

[Phone] Hello, boss?

Go on, what is it?

[Phone] Boss, the shipments
are arriving tomorrow.

We just had word.


Hello, hello?

International operator.

My code number's double two double two.

Get me Manila Macatte, 7304593.

I'll hold on.


Have you?

Now listen.

Everything's on time.

Bring a couple fellas.

I know.

The sooner the better.


See you.

(suspenseful upbeat drum music)

Quick come on.

Quickly hurry.


Where's Li?

Some work.

You've got them all, how many?


The boss?

I'm here, that's enough.

Let's go.

Move, come on.

Hurry up.

Get in the car there.


Come on get in the back.

Move it.


(women whimpering)

Alright don't be scared.

You'll be safe here.

You clean em up.

Give them some clothes and hurry.

Right, come on.

Listen you look after em.

Be careful.

Sure, don't worry.

Alright you, you lousy bitch.

You killed our boss and
ripped off his shipment.

But your boss wouldn't cooperate.

Alright we're taking those girls now.

Don't try to stop us.

You must be kidding.

You'll never get em.

Oh yeah?

You'll soon see.


Take em.


Come on quick.

Come on.


Come on, lets go.

(soft sensual music)

Give me a cigarette.


Get on the floor and make like a horse,

I'll ride you.

Oh sure.

Quick, quick.

(sensual funk music)


Open your mouth.




(rapid drum music)

(tense instrumental music)

I'll kill you.

Come on, get out.

Go on.

Hurry get out.


(energetic funk music)




Damn you.

Don't say I didn't warn you.



(dramatic instrumental music)


Master Li.


Now talk or I'm gonna hurt you.

Why'd you do this?

Someone, someone paid
us, paid us to kill you.


It was Hu.

Where is he?

At central auto (unintelligible).

Hey, hey.

(tense string music)



(tense string music)


This thing, is it yours?

Give it to me.


(dramatic instrumental music)


(knock at door)

Who are you?

Names Bruce, friend of Mr. Hu's.

Mrs. Hu, I think we met
in Thailand, remember.

Oh of course, you're Bruce.

You're right, my names Bruce Chen.

- Remember?
- Yes.

Mr. Hu?

Don't know, he went out
last night, not back yet.

Well in fact I met him last night.

We talked awhile then he left.

After he left, I found this thing.

So then I thought I'd bring round.

Oh well that Hu Paos,
why did Si Ji have it?

Hu Pao.

You mean the kung fu teacher Hu Pao?

Right, Si Ji's brother, didn't you know?

This is his and as a matter of fact,

it was given to him by Si Ji.

Mrs. Hu, I'm police.

I want you to sign a statement saying

this belongs to Hu Pao
and then I'll arrest him.

But first, I have some bad news.

I'm sorry.

You see, I'm afraid your husbands dead.

Bruce, the captains been called out.

What is it?



22 Deep Bay.

Right I'll go there, right away.

(dramatic instrumental music)

Listen you better come.

The captain wants you.

(tense dramatic music)

(woman groans)

Hu Pao, he killed, killed.

Lulu, do you know where Hu Pao is now?

A good guess he's gone abroad.

I know he had some girls from Vietnam,

refuges and he plans to sell them.

Send them to the Philippines.

Maybe he's going there.

On a ship?


On which pier?

Qui Xong.

(dramatic instrumental music)

God damn it, hurry.

Get going.

Right, right.

Move it.

Come on.

Hurry up.

Come on.


Quickly, quickly.




Hold it there.

Bruce, I suggest you
mind your own business.

Hu Pao, I'm doing that.

I'm a cop and I've got you.

Oh yeah on what charges?

I think you know.

Now you come with me.




(dramatic tense instrumental music)


(upbeat funk music)


(tense dramatic music)


They're gone.


Hey, hey hey.


Where have your friends gone?

(energetic tense music)

No, no please.



Hey you.




(tense marching music)


(tense dramatic music)

Right side.





(dramatic instrumental music)

Well now, surprise.


(dramatic instrumental music)

(upbeat funk music)