Da gong kuang xian qu (1989) - full transcript

Three colleagues (Carol Cheng, Joey Wong, Sandy Lam) at a Hong Kong corporation put in overtime at the office one night and stumbled upon a bag filled with 10 million dollars in cash. Ecstatic with their wealthy find, they took the money and began to concoct a safe plan to spend it. However, when the friends discover that their company's senior manager was blackmailed and the money left behind to pay out the blackmailer was reported missing, the friends fear that they might be reprimanded for finding and taking the cash.

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I really can't endure it any more

Don't you know you've done the
Company an injustice?

You're 10 minutes late

Miss Wu, you're half right half wrong

What do you mean?

Do you mean your upper half are late

and lower half are not

or your left half are late

and right half are not?

You three have been late 17 days in a month

You're averagely 10 minutes late every day,

considering that your average wage is $5,0007?

You are always late

Do you know how much the Company has lost


Should be $211.05

Miss, you're a Cashier, you know better

I have a pay rise only from the middle
of this month

Averagely the sum of wages of us
is less than $5,000

I was 3 days late before the 15th.

The average rate is $3.60

so it should be $200

I won't care to reckon with you now

Anyway, it's wrong of you

to enter the office before 9 o'clock

Come in

Why are you late again?

In fact, I told them many times already

Miss Wu, you shouldn't I concern yourself
with such trifles

Leave it to me to handle it

Get away!

Miss Wu, I clocked in only a bit late

It's nice of you to know it

And you, you always bring back
comic books to read.

Don't think I didn't know it

How dare you say you're only a bit late?

You're again half right half wrong

Angie reads only during lunch intervals...

You're making me mad.

Anyway, with such wages

You're sold to the company all 8 hours daily

Morning, Auntie

Am I interrupting you?

You got into the lift

when it was so crammed

Sometimes I had to wait for over

half an hour for the lift

I want to consult you on something

You go out to work


greet me

Tell Kitty to type this 24 copies.

I need it for the meeting day after tomorrow


Miss Wu wants you to type it in 24 copies

They're required for the morning
after tomorrow. Look at it!

Miss Wu, this is Kitty.

I just got a proposal

and I'm not sure if I could make it
day after tomorrow

You know I'm terribly busy

I've to charge O.T. if I get no help

I see. Aren't you afraid
it can't be kept confidential?

Good, I'll have Angie type it


Damn, I got caught by Wu Tse-tien again today

I confronted her so much, she might fire me

If I got fired this time,

it's be the 13th

I've been out for work for less than 3 years

I can't type or do steno with fluent English

I thought this money-counting job

would be suitable for me

If I should lost it too

Man might say I'm good for nothing

What has it to do with Man?

Yes, but...

But what? We're not getting fired

Who's got fired?

What can you do for me?

We were not late this morning,

but we got a heck from Wu

because I failed to cram into the lift

It would be unfair if we got fired as a result

You're half right half wrong

Working outside is not always worthwhile

Uncle Hsiu, you're in the same boat

I'm not a redundant. We both are caged birds

to be seen by others

Uncle Hsiu

Today's my first day.
Let me make the introduction

This is Candy

She's Becky,
he's the New Security Manager Albert


Hi, morning

What a coincidence

I'm sorry about what happened.
Is your car alright?

I crashed his car accidentally this morning

and got a heck from Candy

It was Becky that you hit, It's me, not her

I won't talk with you now

Uncle Hsiu, please take him away

Albert, let's go over there.

He was furious because he got cursed

He damaged your car.

Why don't you ask him for compensation?

Nonsense, my car was in poor condition

It's due for inspection next month.

I can't afford to have it repaired

Without a car, it saves money and trouble

But you get more trouble

fighting into buses

and MTR packed like sardines

And those lousy men

took advantage once I got in

Luckily you're tall

Those men sweat like hell in summer

I feel like nauseating
once they raise their hands

And some "Milanos" are cheap

They read porno papers with pants unzipped

It really is nauseating

Right, it's better to drive your own car to work

You won't get crammed nor meet these lousy men

But it's costly to maintain a car

Never. My dad's car is gas-saving

I get a free car-park at my residence too

The car-park in the office is free too

How could it be costly?

Didn't you say you'd let a room to others?

I've thought it over. It's not too good

Living with a good friend may spoil our friendship

And it's inconvenient to let it to a bachelor

Besides, mine is a government flat

I might get evicted

if the truth was known

In this case,

I've to return to Canada to join my dad

You really are a nuisance


Wu Tse-tien's incorrigible. I really can't stand it

Maybe she endured too much

when she was a student

She enjoys dictating things to others

Hi, why are you taking so long doing it?

Why are you so slow? Washed away?

No, no tissue

I really admire boys.
They just finish and shake it

What are you talking about? Well

Did the teacher in your Commercial School

teach you typing?

Hey, why are you so late?

Are you still mad at that?

Well, it's not that Chi Mao-ying

Chi Mao-ying

Mao, Mao-ying

Mao, good, good

- Hey, there's no water
- Use this

He's given everything to you to do

Nine o'clock sharp day after tomorrow, right?

Forget it

Why do we always get bullied?

You can quit

if only you get a windfall

or go job-hopping

I'll say the same thing too...

Angie, there's a chicken feather in your lip

Where? Where?

Here. Let me flush it for you

Have you watch TV last night?

No, I haven't seen it
as Lo Hoi Pang hasn't show up

Yes, it isn't funny anymore

We haven't played mahjong for a long time

Yes, we can't find partners


Maybe we can go the Macau next month
after receiving the salary

Great! Go for gambling

I won't join you guys

The ticket are so expensive

You girls are really saving

How's the weather these days?

It's been raining here

but Toronto is better. And don't forget

Don't pile up used clothing, it gets stunk

And boil some soup yourself,

don't always eat Instant Noodles

Take Cup Noodles then

Hey, give my regards to Billy

I give you my regards

Sister, I'm entering University next month

Hi, hi, hi, let me tell you a secret

I've made a boyfriend Andrew

He's nice to me, but he's a foreigner

A foreigner?

Let me talk. Hey, have you got an admirer?

This Uncle 3" s nephew is nice

Let's talk again tonight

Dinner's ready.

Don't spill it all over
or I'll hit you

What good is it in going?

If I won a Mark 6 lottery

I'd change for a flat

with 3 bed rooms and 2 living rooms

I'll wall-paper it beautifully.
This sofa has to be changed

The whole flat will be carpeted

The TV set has to be replaced for a 32" one

It must have laser and surround sound

And your room

will be fitted with TV set
and VTR too

It should be smaller

because you only have a dog with you

But I'll hire a Filipino maid to serve us both

Time is up

Turn it on

Lousy TV

Hey, don't turn it off, just wait

41, 42...

42, oh, I'm rich!

Take the noodles first

If your work there very hard?

I'll earn more so we can live more comfortably

With whom?

What did you say?

May, don't eat noodles. It's time for dinner soon

Dad, I'm talking. Don't interrupt

Who is it?

Dad, he asked me when you'd take me
to Canada?

Okay, okay, it won't be long

Don't talk so long. It's expensive. That's all

Hello, Hello, hello


Don't eat noodles. It's mealtime soon

Old man, don't smoke, it's mealtime soon

What has smoking to do with eating?

What has eating noodles to do with the meal?

Don't talk nonsense

Hey, Becky, what happened? Nothing

Have you called Candy?

Well, let me call her.

She'll be happy for sure. Bye

Won! Splendid!

Hey, where's my belt?


Where have you put it?

Here, here

Hey, hey, it's terrific

Well, you decide. Okay, bye-bye!

Hey, Man, Man, I've won it

What? Got a stroke?

I won the Mark 6 lottery

You did? How much is the dividend this time?

Only a consolation prize

It's not a real win then.

If you do, you need no consolation

If I win more often, I need no more consolat

If I won the 1st prize with over $1 million,

it's be terrific


What if you really win?

If I really win?

Splendid, I've already had my plans

I quit my job and you quit yours

We both go honeymooning

Then we both emigrate to Canada, okay?

Then you bring me a baby in Canada,

preferably a boy

Then I'll bring my mom to Canada too

You stay in Canada to take care of
the baby and my mom

Then I fly back to HK to earn more money

then return to Canada to join my mom

What about me?

Calm down. You said you were only dreaming

Why take it seriously?

If I really won Mark 6, I'd desert you

I'm only joking

See who's calling me

Chi called me

to go to play snooker

You only have your fine-weather friends in min

Calm down

I'll pick you up tomorrow night

and we'll dine together

Okay, bye-bye. Stop dreaming


Hello, I'm...

Going out again?

Well, don't ever come back

What are you up to again?

You promised to pick me up. You always lie

Forget it. We'll get our pay today

Let's go out to eat

That night, Man and I talked about emigration

I was really excited

but he wanted to bring his mom there too

leaving me behind to take care of the child

Don't ever commit yourself
Why have I returned?

It was stormy when I got there last year

I didn't go out the whole week, I didn't eat well

I don't know much English

and can't understand what's on TV

I did all I could to convince dad
to let me come back

If he prefers to emigrate, let him do it.

I must stay in Hong Kong anyway


I want to get some petty cash

Fill in this Form first

Well, is your car alright?

Yes, my car is shock-proof

What about yours?

It was only an accident. I was rushing to work

Let me buy you Lunch to say "sorry"

Okay. Have you filled it?

Let me think it over first

Okay, see you later

Excuse me.

Hey, are you going fishing
tomorrow night?

Okay, but I must consult my wife first

Okay. Bye-bye

I hate men fishing.

They sit moping at the pier for nothing

Crazy, I'm not going

Hey, it's not much money. Have you got it?

I've got it here

Mind you down business

Miss, the Form has been changed
since last month

Are you not informed?

Catherine upstairs gave me that

I know nothing about the
General Affairs Department business

Catherine has been here for more than a month

But you've been here for over a year

Listen, do it again

Let me have it at 5 o'clock sharp!

What's it?

I want to set something straight

Come in with me. I want to talk to you

She really are a nuisance


It's me

What's it?

...want to have dinner with you

I'm not going

Frankly, when I was a student

I excelled in football, swimming,
mountain-climbing and parachuting

Isn't that a bluff?

Strangely, I was a poor driver

I failed up to 8 exams

That's not strange

Many people in HK won after many flops

In Canada,

that foreign examiner got fed up
with me

He insisted on giving me a licence
on the 2nd exam

I turned it down and insisted on wining it myself

No wonder many want to apply for
driving licences abroad

Don't make fun of me

I hit you because I'm a bad driver

You're half right and half wrong

I rushed to work that morning
and took breakfast in the car

Otherwise, you wouldn't have hit me so easily

That's true too

Wouldn't it be wonderful

if Kitty and Wu were fired?

You're okay. Uncle Hsiu's nice to you


Hey, let's have supper tonight,

then see a show. Okay?

Isn't that too expensive?

Don't be miserly. You've just got your pay today

Okay. Hello, hello...

This kind of tissue sells for $3.50
in a supermarket

Our special price is $3.20, 10% off for staff

It's 80% cheaper each box, or $ 8 for 10 boxes

Aren't you going, to cram back to Sharin

With so many bags of items?


Let's change the subject

I want to grow my hair long, okay?

I always said OK to you many times

What do yodu want to eat?

Mandarin, you go on

One Shanghai fried noodles, coarse, please!

One sour soup, hotter, One portion of buns

Since when have you spoken
broken Shanghaiese?

I'm a Shanghaiese, but I can't speak the dialect

I want to woo Man's mom

Oh, no, Man

Well, did someone ask you to dinner tonight

That must have been over 10 years ago

Go out and verify it

I have at least 3 appointments each day

Only if I nod my head

those men will form a long queue

I didn't know. You didn't tell me

Angie's working overtime

I'm accompanying her in office

There's food in the fridge

Hey, what's your rating of him?

Rating? Albert's got no marks

Look at his head
and you know he's headless

His long hands nearly touch the ground

No wonder he flopped in over 10 driving tests

What has he got in his face?

Looks like bullet holes


Enough. You said he's worthless


Can't you order yourself?

You can't.

I ordered each time and you ate only

I won't return, I won't return anymore

Don't get excited. Quarrel again?

Why do I cook and wash every time?

And I've to serve his friends too

I told you not to cohabit with him

He's taking you for his wife and amah

He said cohabitation is the vogue overseas

And wife-swapping is popular too

Sooner or later you'll be swapped

So I insist on being single

I've to take care of myself, but I get freedom

People used to say

"Love is valuable
and freedom is more so

There's much wisdom in it

Oh, bad, I still I have something to do

I've to hand it over to Wu Tse-tien tomorrow

I had hunch earlier

I told Man we were working overtime with you

Never mind, let's not go to see a movie

We'll stay to help you finish it. Okay?

No problem. Anyway, I don't want to go home
to see that creep

That's a deal


I hear that you're going to the country
to take a wife

I went back several times a year. You know it

What do you do? An OK Shop on,
24-hour business?

No way

Life is hard

Have you eaten?

Yes, thank you

Goodbye! Goodbye!

You girls are really trivial

Just give you a touch

To see whether it is real or not?

Of course it's real

You muscles are weak. You need more exercise

Hurry up and you can see the 9:30 show on time

Hey, I want to grow my hair long

You want to imitate me?

You can do it

Don't ever do it, you'll regret

Work, 24 copies each

Hurry up!

What's this? Are you playing Millionaire?

No, it's real

How come there's so much money here?

Must be dirty money

Guess how much it is?

It mean's "flying a kite with foot hair"

We must take chances


This must be dirty money

Nobody's here

Why take the goods lift?

It's not so crammed

Hey, miss

You're office workers

This way, please. No need to follow the queue

I'm really happy today

Nobody sees us


How do we use the money?

You like shopping best


Don't worry. Smile, smile

We've got a bargain today

Yes, yes

Stay calm. Smile... Don't look at them

I really am scared

Keep calm. Hold it. Get going

Guess how much money there is here?

Let me count it for you, I'm expert in that

$10 million!

Hey, not so loud!

The whole Hong Kong can hear your voice!

$10 million

$3,333,333 each

The odd balance is yours
because you saw it first

Holt it, could it be counterfeit notes?

Don't scare me, I count over a million each day

I note whether it's a real or counterfeit
by touching it only


Why was such a big bag of money
put in the street? Could it...

Could the Company be selling heroin?

Isn't that dangerous?

We might be chopped to pieces
or be spilt with acid

You're half right, half wrong

What if the Company really sells heroin?

Nobody has seen us. If we don't expose it

Who'd chop us?

Well, could it be...

Could the big boss be kidnapped?

We would ruin things accidentally then

This must be the ransom

We still saw him in office safe and sound today

Besides, the ransom is normally delivered
through the telephone booth

in the suburbs or in a warehouse,
not in the office

Could it be...

Please be more optimistic,

maybe the big boss will lose
a amount of money,

or maybe he wants to tip us

for the decor

Or he wants to subsidize you for a trip

to Canada to see your boyfriend

Or he wants to compensate you for your thrift

No more nonsense.

Anyway, let's keep calm

and take things as they come

Let's spend it as our own

I've never seen so much money all my life

Hold it, we mustn't spend it

We all read in novels about that

What then?

We must attend office as usual

as if nothing has happened

When can we spend it them?

We'll set one month as the deadline


Whether or not to spend in then. Agreed?


Besides, this is only between us three

Don't ever tell others

Not even to Man?

Of course, or he may tell his mom

and his mom may tell her neighbours,

then the whole world knows it

Maybe let's go abroad

No, or people may suspect it


How are we going to hide so much money then?

Well, how?

I have an idea

Well, haven't you gone too far?

You use it to store
Martial Arts novels, don't you?

What do you mean?

My dad's former projector

for storing blue movies and magazines

Put it here then

Don't worry

My mom couldn't find it for half a century

Let's all sit down

To set your mind at ease, you two move in

We'll have custody of the money together

Tomorrow morning we'll each buy a lock
to lock it

Okay. Anything happens, we'll escape together

I'm afraid Man may object

It's serious business, not act of separation

Right, it'll do you good to make him jealous

A small parting is better than a new wedding

And you can test out his sincerity too

Right, let's hide the money first

traveling, candle dinner

We can say anything

But coming to the club

club girl

girls are easy to handle

By giving her some advantage

she'd do anything you dictate her to

Are you really doing what you said?

Of course!

Your wife's still not back

Could she keep a beau outside?

You can't trust women these days

So much the better.

I could save separation fees

Don't be so cocky

Little Chan in our office eloped
with a shampoo boy this way

Take care if she comes back to move things

So much the better. You know

my girlfriends line up from Tsimshatsui
to Shatin

Carol, Maggie, Do-do and Susan kept

calling me and I haven't answered it yet

A bevy of girls wait to be picked up by me

Maggie and Carol? Are you sure?

Don't you believe it?

Ask them yourself tomorrow

I'm keeping several boxes of love letters
at my mom's home

without time to read them

Hi, Angie, Becky, so you're here

Hi, Candy who appeared on the TV
and just now

She looks like you in expression

Well, let's chat later

What are you doing? Going for a tour?

What are you doing?

I'm moving in to join Becky for some time

Come here

Is it true?

What did you say just now?

I was only exaggerating

My friend is here

Hey, go quickly

Candy, don't go

Come back early. I won't beg you

Who wants you to do that?
Play mahjong with your fine-weather friends

Candy, go then, don't ever come back

Go on with playing

Girls are like clothing. Play, play

Well, today's the first

Don't come back for the whole month

Don't! You can see him freely

but don't tell that to him.

One month's a short period

Let's take some money to spend, okay?

I've never slept on such an expensive bed

Now I feel most comfortable

Money means much.
We don't have to work to get a heck

Right. I'm busy but they can't help me

I really can't endure it any more

You're wasting much of the company money,

What? I'll quit. Don't be cocky

What? You want to quit?

Yes, I'm rich now,

I won't get heck from you anymore

Go to hell! Go to hell, Chicken Ying...

Hey, what are you trying to find out?

Guess if the money has codes?

Anyway, we must probe this case

Test Albert out

when you see him tomorrow

See if you can find out anything
from the young boss,

What about me?

You do the laundry and cook

Do the laundry and cook!

It's late. Keep the money and let's go to bed

You take my sister's former room,

you take my former room


Me sleeping alone? I'm afraid of darkness

Just keep the door open

Give me some money

to put into the doll
and I'll hold it in bed

You are a nuisance

It's alright, but don't spend the money

Hey, don't wake up others

Angie and Candy are already in bed

Be nice

and I'll give you VTR, TV and a room

Now I've got them

and I can find a Filipino maid to serve me

Angie, still not in bed?

Go to sleep

Damn, I'm too excited to sleep

Help me

Help me

Come here

What happened?

Why are you yelling?

You scared me. Sleep!


Come with me to get back some money

I didn't take away your money!

What? Go to the Account Dept
to get me back some money


Hey, don't go

What were you doing just now?

I was working

Do you want to date me?

You mean that last call?

Are you afraid? I'll wait downstairs
after work tonight

I'm afraid!

Don't keep cool and see the environment

I'm damn scared!

Not so hard, it hurts

I have a cold.

Why are you so timid?

What happened?

I want to get back some money

What money?

The petty cash I applied for yesterday

Petty cash? Why didn't you say so?


Uncle Hsiu, out fishing tonight?

Tonight? Sorry, not tonight

I must go back with my wife to her home to eat
What about tomorrow?


Albert, you go fishing tonight?

I like fishing too

Did you notice something wrong
with the company?

Yes, it has lost much money

How much?

You don't know it?

The Company vied with the Japs
for the Hokkaide Oilfield work

but others have taken half of the business

So the stocks have dropped and the boss in mad

In fact, the Tangs can monopolize the business

Right, I really don't understand

Hey, the big boss

Impossible. The Company...

Quiet! Fish!

Oh, a miss


Well, my grandpa is not that cruel

He was bandit chief but was beaten

because he was not wicked enough

However, he's horrible when he's in a huff

The temperature may go up with a radius of 2 km

Are you serious?

No, I made an experiment

and took the temperature

What would he react if

he got cheated out of his money

I don't know

My mom said someone stole his

favorite Buddhist figure

Has it been found?

Yes, but the maid is missing

So horrible?

I'd rather believe it

Don't ask me. I shouldn't have told you

We've known each other for so long

I promised not to reveal this

I see. Who? Speak up

No, no

You said you promised someone that just now

I'll ask someone else

Try then

I promised Angie and Becky

Angie and Becky?

I don't believe it

Never mind. You'll know in 2 weeks

Two weeks

Well, I'll give you 2 weeks

I knew it already

You want to test him out in 2 weeks

If it doesn't work,

then you'll come back
to me. Right?

That's not fair

What? You really are impossible


Well, I was bad to you normally.

I curse you

and played mahjong and snooker
when I was free

I failed my promise to pick you up too

But you can't desert me for that

Tell me,

and I'll change, really change

That's not the reason, you don't understand

But it's not bad for you to change

You're going to move back to join me then?

No, give me two weeks time

It takes time for you to change

Is there no room for maneuvering?

Okay, two weeks

Listen, don't let others advantage of you

It's really hard for me to save money

Let's go. Don't worry

Buy whatever you like

Buy also the things you dislike

Really? It's really expensive

- It's rather cheap.
- Buy it

Let's go to eat roasted pork bud

I want to see movie

You've scared me

Buy it, no matter it's expensive or not

We gonna buy now

Buy it...

Buy it if you like

Buy it...

Stop your conversation, I'm waiting for a call

Who took my lipstick?

I have said that you needn't be scared.

It's your turn to wash the dishes today.

Everthing's normal here. What about your

It's all quiet here

It smells good

Look, am I beautiful in it?

Of course, it's so expensive

Forget it. People wear beautiful dresses
when going out

but I wear them only at home

That's really unfair

No way. We're black market rich ladies

Let's take the money and spend it

My money almost has spend

There's only a few hundred left in my bank A/C

I've already waited so long.
It should be safe now

Candy's right.

Let's spend it or not...

No, I have many outstanding bills too

We can't spend a cent of the money
till we find out its origin

It would be fatal if people discovered it

Don't worry too much.
I have no more money in my bank

I already said "no"

People may suspect us when we spend it

They may think we stole it

We may get jailed for not reporting it

I saw Albert whispering to a group of men
in office

Wonder what they were discussing

Man may desert me if I don't tell him now

Well, wait one week more, that's a deal


You agree on anything

Are you?

Well, you win by a majority vote

Well, let's drink champagne


Wonder how Man's doing without me

You're asking for trouble.

He's not worthy of you

He plays ball Monday, poker Tuesday

goes night horse-racing Wednesday,
plays mahjong Thursday

sappears Friday, goes horse-racing Saturday

Ho goes out with you Sunday,
but with his mom too

Thank you very much indeed

Sometimes he does care for me

Everything is predestined. Don't worry

Even if you get hold of him,

he may slip away too

Well, you alone are special

Of course

I've worked the whole night for nothing

Well, let's get some old stuff to see

This woman is disgusting


Why has this man powered himself?

Thank you for coming

Thank you. Bye-bye

What's on your mind?

That blue movie you saw last night?

Dreaming of Hawaiian beach

in a week's time


Uncle Hsiu wants you to go in

What's it? Let's go together

Go in and the ICAC will interrogate you
like a prisoner

You're finished

Go now

Where's Candy?

Over here

Come in and sit down

I understand, Mr. Hu, I'll make a thorough probe

I'll call you

once I'm finished here

Let me introduce:

Candy, Becky, Mr. Lam of ICAC

We've come to see the functions
of each department

and if there is any loophole of corruption

No, no corruption

Don't misunderstand!

We're not suspecting anyone

We only want to get acquainted with
your functions

They're the Company's cashiers,

I only act according to normal procedures

Could another department head ask you
for money?

No, we don't pay without Hsiu's signature

What about collection?

Does all cash pass through you?

No, we don't collect freely

Well, we don't collect or pay without bills

If someone comes to pay without bills

we won't collect without lettering him
sign the bill

We don't pay without receiving the bill

Each bill is paid after

the amount has been confirmed with
Hsiu's signature

We issue the bill

with another signature by Hsiu

We collect and pay against bills only

Yes, yes

Come in

Pao Erh

Hey, Albert, you're here too?


What's up? Are they collecting hush money?


I was joking

Don't scare them, they're timid

I won't, it's only for fun

You may leave. Thank you

Go now

This time it's "Abbot's handkerchief"

What does that mean?

We're finished for sure

So serious?

They came to get info only.
Don't worry too much

Don't worry too much

Don't worry

You're calm because you were not interrogated

I've never been scared all my life

When the ICAC men were here

the air-conditioning was much colder

Judging from the fact that

they questioned you 2 only

they must be suspecting us

Right, luckily we were calm

According to my analysis

if they suspect you and

have proof against you

they wouldn't question you

If they suspect you and

have no proof against you

they wouldn't question you
to arouse your attention

If they do not suspect you and

have no proof against you

they won't arrest you

This is my logic

Do you understand what she said?

It means: Don't worry too much

Keep checking how much they know

Dad, you must help me this time

You know how much is that gold mine worth?

Tell him how much it's worth

Around $8,000 million

$8,000 million?

You collected $200 million from that Jap

and you gave him half of your shareholding!

Dad, it was my fault. Auntie!

You know? I was sweared by Chiu Sir today.

I had to leave before that ball game was over

Dad, it was my fault

but you must help me, or I'll be in jail,

you get jailed, and I lose face.

I won't let you get jailed for that

I'll confess it for you to ICAC

I'll say I authorized you to collect the money

As to yourself, go as far away as possible

Sinking to grow honey dews or

Hainan to chop bamboos, it's up to you

What about Auntie?


Dad, give me another chance

Me to forgive you to allow to perpetuate again?

Bring back $20 million then

Dad, I only have $19 million now

Who put the blame on you
or did you do it yourself?

Dad, believe me, I'm speaking the truth

Who know that you collected the money
from the Jap?

Only a friend

I'm the more outraged then

Why didn't you tell me that?



Call Police Supt Chen.

I want to talk to him

Grandpa, that's unfair to Uncle


We do business open and aboveboard

but you the young generation has ruined us

Albert, call him now


Mr. Chan, you know what's been going on

Get out that spy as quickly as possible please

I saw that night's hit book

The signature was unclear because many passed

What about the watchman?

Watchman Ta is away in Sinkiang
for a honeymoon

Take him to see me when he returns

and I'll have him identified


The money is of secondary importance

It's crucial to get that suspect

I've already brought those
department managers concerned

Go and meet them

It's our duty to catch the thugs
and get the money

We'll do our best

but whether there's the sum of $10 million

and the blackmail remain a riddle

What did you say?

I can sue you for damaging my reputation.

Who's your boss?


Mr. Chen, this is our family affair

I don't want to make it known,
You know what I mean?

Don't worry, we won't disclose it to the public

Come in



Granduncle Three



Police Supt Chen.

The managers
who worked OT that might

Sorry, gentlemen,

something unpleasant has happened

involving an extortion case

You were on the spot that night

so I want your presence

I must take him to jail by every means

Let me know if you go,
I'll see you off at the airport

Mr. Chen, did your security system

record the looks of the suspects

when the incident occurred?

If we had the records,
we wouldn't need your help

We can arrest them ourselves

Are you having a party now?

Yes, but it was destroyed.

The photos are unclear

That's the crux

We need these for powerful proof

Never mind, that cassette can be reinstated

Now let's see the first vision

The vision you've seen shows 3 suspects

then the second vision

This is another vision.

There's only 1 man on it

We believe that man there

is the bandit that night


You must be one of them

When do you think, Mr. Chen?

A computer in Scotland Yard could

turn the vision into digits

rearrange them and bring back the vision

We may take the cassette to Scotland Yard

But this may take 2-3 months time

Our computer has this device too

I'm sure we can reinstate the vision in 3 days

Okay. I'll put some men to watch it
day and night

There seems something wrong

with the security system here

Video tape

Bang, bang. If your mom goes away

she can't take care of you anymore

Be nice

Who didn't turn off the light
after using the toilet?

Damn, I'm damn scared

I never had any sleepless night before

Don't worry, it's going to be alright

Yes, it's alright

Nobody knows we did it. I'm not afraid

Why can't you sleep?

We didn't rob or blackmail

We picked the money on the ground only

No one wants to arrest you

My dad used to say:

HK is thrives because everyone's greedy

We're now only doing our duty

My dad worked like a slave all his life

He didn't even buy lotteries

He lived in a government low-cost flat

Right. If we were not rich

How we can have beautiful dresses?

We wouldn't have got Laser Disc?

Don't worry, it's going to be alright

Don't you know that?

If you did, you'd be rich

Whom are you betting on?

$50,000 each on Mr. Li and Mr. Chen

Any tips?

Ask the computer Wonderman when you see him

It's best to check the computer room

It's not easy to get in. You go

Bet, bet

Why hurry? Going to bet?

Don't bet too big!

What's going on?

Thank you, Mr. Tang.

Hope we can see something on the screen soon

I hope so too

I'll take you to Albert now, okay?

No need. I know what to do

I'll call him first. Thank you!

Don't mention it. Sorry I can't help you

Miss, Miss, can I use your phone?


Thank you!

Hello, Albert? This is Bowie

I'm with the Security Guard.

We want you to identify someone

I'll wait for you outside the Cashier's office

Uncle Hsiu, excuse me

Oh, why is no one betting on me?

What a shame

Hi, wait for me

Cashier's office

Hey, Becky? The security guard's coming up
to identify people

You go first

What happened?

Put on your shoes



- Damn, damn, what's now?
- What's now?

The police are coming to identify people

We can't stay here. They may see us

I'm scared!

The best way is to run! Run quickly!

The money was put in this position

Where's Angie?

She was here just now. Let me look for her

Hi, have you seen Angie?


Just now I saw her

entering the Copying Room to copy


Calm down

Hey, they can't see us, let's go!

Tat, You look around to identify people

Hey, wait, please!


What's up?


I'm busy. I'll talk to you in a minute

Why shout? Grunting in bed?
They're coming for us

All your fault.

I told you to keep calm always

What? You shouted too

I followed you only

I didn't shout first. Who shouted first?

Not me, I followed you too

Don't get mad

You took us to take that lift

We met these men and almost got exposed

Not my fault. Angie took this course always


Would we follow her too if she told us

to follow a dark path?

Since when have I should you a dark path?

I only said "if"

Right. Well, if you didn't call me

I needn't have to run so soon

Right, that mainlander couldn't identify us

I'm trying to help you. You're heartless

How did I know he didn't recognize us?

Well, I won't talk to you now

Everything would be fine if you kept quiet

I'm unlucky to have talked to you

Hello, hello

Hello, call Candy, won't you?

What did you say?

Say to the mirror

Did Candy want to see me on something?

No idea. Maybe she wants to know your plans

I don't know either

Tell her to clean up and be ready for the jail

So serious? There's no proof against us

You never can tell. There's no point in waiting

Have you been followed?

I didn't know she would talk freely

You scared me

It's you who scared me.

Why say it in the Toilet?

Don't move. Look closely

Speak up

Now all we must do is to unite
to overcome difficulties

What then?

Rack your brains

Let's all rack our brains

I have an idea

Go and steal the tape

Everything will be alright then

So easy?

We can't, there are police around every day

Hold it.

Maybe it's not so tight in the daytime

Mark is nice to me

Maybe I stand a chance!

Yes, let's try

Okay, stay calm,

don't shout. Understand?


Hey, did you look for me just now?

I didn't


That's called diplomacy

Well, let's be friends. Let's go


Police. Are you going to steal or not?

Miss, is it alright?

Yes. Please pick it up for me

Okay, okay

Don't turn, you may fall

Thank you!

Don't mention it



Come in. Be quick

Thank you!

Hi, we're just passing by

They're curious

Mind if they look around?

No. Please sit down

Please sit down. No, please stand

He seems to be watching video.


What's he watching? Freeze Frame?

The blue tape rerun once and again

Let me see

So it's hidden so secretly

Angie, he likes blue tapes


this is the Company's security videotape

It's cute. Can it be turned on?

Yes, I want to know too

The vision you see now is that tape

The whole program is fed into the computer

and the computer analyzes it into digits

The digits turn into vision again

I really don't understand this principle

Right, right

This is the computer known digital science

But my computer is more complex

It can reevaluate the digits

and turn them back into vision

No, I didn't touch it

I just pushed these two buttons

You pushed the hidden-camera button.
Now it's beaming you

Don't push haphazardly, silly girl

You can't see anything if it breaks down

Never mind.

Now the whole program
is fed into the computer

I can't even be erased. Next time, be careful

It's alright now. We're going

Hey, hey, why don't you stand a bit longer?

You nearly scared me to death

Oh, I forgot to ask him when it will appear

I'll go and ask him now

Are you out of your mind?

Well, let's scatter to check tonight


What's my mission?

You go home

Do you want it or not?

I had wanted to date you out

I want to have a heart-to-heart talk with you

Sometimes if you don't say it

it is understood


Yes. I'm a straightforward person

But after being a Security Manager, I'm alert

I understand many things


but something's out of control

I know

Let it take the natural course then

Natural course?

You think it's not fast enough?


I'm scared and don't know how to end it

What? Take it, when ripe

You really are reliable

I understand

You want a share too?

To share with others?

You want the whole of it?

Don't you?

Yes, but I must consult them first


Consult your parents first

We've only just started. Can't we wait?

Stared? You know what you're saying?

Yes, yes

When I crashed your car and got scolded by you

I fell in love with you already

Uncle Hsiu always praised you in my presence

I trembled at the sight of you

Oh, you really are romantic

Hey, when will that thing be reinstated?

When I got that videocassette from Security

the vision was mostly destroyed

I tried to bring it back then

In fact, you won't understand what I say

But according to my estimate

it may appear in 15 hours

Bad, I don't want to get jailed


Never mind, never mind

Let's change the subject

Who could be the hero in the cassette?

Why? Did you bet heavily?

No. I didn't

But Candy betted much

I don't know it myself. It will appear tomorrow


Yes, I think many would be excited

What about us?

Well, what'd happen to those in the cassette?

If proof is against them

they may get 8-9 years

then they'll come out after 1997

They'll lose their freedom all their life then

You may put it this way

Isn't that too bad?

Who are you looking for?

Where's man?

Which Man?

Man Lee. Who are you?

Oh, Li was moved out


Hey, Where are you?

Hello, Peter, it's me

Why are you calling me so early?

I'll come to see you tomorrow

Well, why?

It's urgent. I'll come tomorrow

Don't, Don't

I must tell you now

I'm already married

I already said nervousness may spoil it


but you need additional lessons
when you're free



It's alright now. Retire early

I'm afraid many may not have a
peaceful sleep tonight

Right, I can't sleep too

Don't be nervous. Win or loss is common

I know that to hope is normal

Well, I must get out now

Watch out

You drive carefully too


What's it?

Where's Candy?

Where's that bitch?

What shall we do now?

Albert told me just now they never doubt us

They insisted that the blackmailer
has taken the money

But he said even blackmailer may get 10 years

We didn't blackmail

No way. If the cassette should

show us and the money

no amount of water can cleanse us

You're half right half wrong

Enough. We'll get jailed soon

We can't get jailed half-half, maniac!

Don't get excited. I'm not serious

I didn't ruin you

In fact, you're unlucky, you kicked the money

You had a hand too

You made so many suggestions

You wanted us to move in.

In face you wanted our company

Who wants your company?

You stained my flat

You littered your underwear

Your hair clogged the bathroom each time

Sorry, it was your dog's hair.

Don't frame me

You're making me mad

You've made a mess of everything

I didn't care about your dog

He was scabby,

so I clipped if for him

Thanks for nothing

Don't ever touch my things from now on

Quiet! What a nuisance!

You're more of a nuisance

You always shout for nothing.
You're good for nothing

Well, keep quiet

You say I'm good for nothing?

I did all the household chores

What did you do?
You never kept your mouth shut

Quiet now, we'll all get caught tomorrow

Don't fight now

Who cares?

Now Peter won't care for me anymore

Why do I need the money?


He's already married!

Don't cry

Let's find a way out

I thought I could go with him to Canada

and live happily together

but now...

What good is money?

I share your view too. With the money

I've lost Man and getting caught now

How shall we dispose of the money then?

Are we to dump it into the street?

We'll get caught and lose our jobs tomorrow

Try something now. Hurry up!

Let's put the money back in the original position

Right, let's do it

and pretend nothing has happened

No way. If someone picks it, we're finished too

Put it into the big boss's room then

His room is locked

We're not to do it now

Let's put it during lunch interval tomorrow
when there's no one around

Good idea

What if the videotape should show us?

Never mind.

We were working overtime
that night

We must vow to deny everything

Now the money will be intact there tomorrow

They should forgive us out of humanity


Me, too

Hey, what time is it now?

29 minutes past eleven o'clock

Look closely

Time's not up yet. Be patient

Why are you scared?

Don't be nervous

There's still an hour. Rushing to lose money?

There may be more stakes

Uncle Hsiu, the vision will appear in minutes.

Will you go? If not, I go first.

Well, I'll come down right away. Don't go away

I want everybody to go to the Computer Room

Let's march early

Don't ever touch them to leave fingerprints

Hurry up. No one around

Can't be opened. What now?

No idea

Try the Manager's office

Okay. It makes no difference

Well, where to put it?

Over here. Not too good

Over there


No, not too good

Over there?


In the cabinet

Over here?

Close the door. Don't regret

I always said my room is much more comfortable

Why so many men standing down there?

Please, please. Please sit down, dad

Make yourself at home. Please, please

Sit down, everybody

Want anything to drink?

Gala premiere?

Shall we uncork a champagne?


Mark, start

Connect it. Thank you!

The three should be the overtime workers
that night

I checked and find that many came here

that night to check the inventory.

They're not suspicious

- Let's bring the money back
- No

The other vision can be seen right away

So it's you!

As I told you

We won't lose

So it's you brat. You blackmailed me

and brought me all the trouble

Superintendent Chen, arrest him

Granduncle, I'm doing you an injustice

but I was seized by a mad desire to

cope with this rascal

And I didn't take the money

Who the hell has taken it then?

I didn't take the money

Granduncle, I didn't!

Don't deny

You're pointing an accusing finger on others.

Arrest him

- Come on
- No...

Granduncle, believe me. I didn't do it

Don't deny.

Could it be with me then?

Could it be here?

Oh, granduncle, the money's here


Dad, not my fault. He framed me up

Me? I didn't put the money down

Don't deny

The money's here

Quiet, quiet

You brat

Pack up and

go to Hainan to chop bamboo trees

Dad, I'm innocent! Dad

Pay, pay

What? Have we lost?

As I said, you're no good

In fact I can afford the dresses myself

The sofa will come tomorrow

but I have no more money.
And I've ordered a new car

Cancel it

I've paid the deposits for 3 suits
and 4 pairs of shoes

It's like a dream

In fact, money doesn't mean much



Hey, hey, hey, look. What now?

We'll keep it of course

Let's divide it equally

Of course. See who can count the fastest

I'm counting it now

Now my sofa is for sure

- I want to buy 10 dresses.
- I sold my car.

It's up to you. Let's have kicks.

1,2, 3