Da 5 Bloods (2020) - full transcript

Four African American vets battle the forces of man and nature when they return to Vietnam seeking the remains of their fallen squad leader and the gold fortune he helped them hide.

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My conscience won't let me
go shoot my brother

or some darker people or some poor,
hungry people in the mud

for big, powerful America,
and shoot them for what?

They never called me "nigger."
They never lynched me.

They didn't put no dogs on me.
They didn't rob me of my nationality.

♪ Rockets... ♪

That's one small step
for man, one giant leap for mankind.

When you take 20 million black people
and make them fight all your wars

and pick all your cotton and you never
give them any real recompense,

sooner or later their allegiance
towards you is going to wear thin.

♪ No chance ♪

♪ To increase ♪

♪ Finance ♪

America has declared war on black people.

♪ Bills pile up ♪

♪ Sky high ♪

♪ Send that boy off ♪

♪ To die... ♪

If the link-up is not made

between what's happening
in Vietnam and here,

we may very well face a period
of full-blown fascism very soon.

♪ Crime is ♪

♪ Increasing ♪

♪ Trigger-happy ♪

♪ Policing ♪

♪ Panic ♪

♪ Is spreading ♪

♪ God knows when... ♪

I shall not seek
and I will not accept

the nomination of my party
for another term as your president.

America needs a full-time
president and a full-time Congress.

I shall resign the presidency
effective at noon tomorrow.

In the Civil War, 186,000
black men fought in the military service,

and we were promised freedom
and we didn't get it. In World War II,

850,000 black men fought,
and we were promised freedom,

and we didn't get it. Now here we go
with the damn Vietnam War,

and we still ain't gettin' nothin'
but racist police brutality, et cetera.

♪ Mother, mother ♪

♪ Mother, mother ♪

♪ Everybody thinks we're wrong ♪

♪ Mother, mother ♪

♪ Who are they to judge us? ♪

♪ Mother, mother... ♪

God damn! Whoo!

My man!

-What's going on, man?
-How you doing? How you doing, man?

Oh, my goodness. So good to see you.

-You, too, Blood! Hey, man.
-Look at you!

God damn, Eddie, you still pigeon-toed?
You didn't get that shit fixed?

Well, I decided not to.
Why, brother? The women love it.

Besides, did you know
that Jackie Robinson, John Elway,

Agassi, Messi, Neymar,
Mookie and MJ are all pigeon-toed?

And you, shit.
Let me give you some power.

-Let me see if I can remember this.
-Come on, you got it.

-Okay, all right. Here we go.
-Give me some of that black shit.

-Get in here.

-Finally. Finally.

-Yeah, man.
-Look at you.

-How you doing?
-I'm all right. I'm all right.

-Bring it here!
-There he is.

How we feelin'?

-Hold on.
-Finally. Finally.

Now, look at you.

-It sure is good to see y'all.
-Ain't this some shit?

I'm tellin', it's a stone cold trip
being back here in country.

Baby, we got off that plane, that heat
hit me upside the head, ski-bop!

Just like in '68.

-Yeah, brother man, we are back.
-The Bloods is back.

-5 Bloods don't die, we just multiply!
-Yeah, yeah!

Soon to be five.


Hey, uh, look what I found.

Oh. Young Blood.

-Get you home, Blood.
- Damn.

Brother man in all his glory.

-Let me see it, man.


- Uh, ma'am?
- Yes, sir.

Can you please make sure
that all four rooms are on my card?

No, no, thank you. I'm good. I'm good.

- Hey, on me, remember?
- Nah, nah, I got mine.

-I ain't your welfare charity case.
-Ain't nobody saying no shit like that.

Everybody know your black ass
and that big black Amex card,

the biggest fucking car dealership
in the world, right?

Keep your money, man.

I see your head still hard as hell.

Just like my Swanson Johnson.

Man, you crazy as hell, bruh.

♪ I used to go out to parties... ♪


♪ 'Cause I was too nervous ♪

♪ To really get down ♪

♪ But my body yearned to be free ♪

♪ I got up on the floor and found ♪

♪ Somebody to choose me ♪

♪ No more standin' beside the wall ♪

♪ I done got myself together, baby ♪

♪ I'm havin' a ball ♪

Hey, y'all know I got an 18-year-old son?

What, he's 18 now?

Yeah, check this out.

-Look at that handsome dude, man.


Must take after his mama.

I got thug-ass hardheads
moving into my hood.

Now Cissy wants to move out.

You got a piece for protection?

Yeah, I got a piece for protection.
Got a side piece.

I got Smith on one side
and Wesson on the other.

-Money, please.
-No. You gotta go. You gotta go, son.

-I'm good.

-GI, GI.
-They don't have no age limit

-on a bar in Vietnam, then?
-GI, GI.

No, no, you gotta... Come on,
get him the fuck out of here.

Money, money. GI.

-There you go, all right.
-Twenty bucks.


Now he got more in his damn cup
than I got in my wallet.

- Man, they'll take you.
- Shit.

It's a damn shame.

On the real, man.

We got back from Nam, we didn't get
nothing but a hard damn time.

-Folks called us baby killers.

See, I bought into all that bullshit.

How did your life change? Yeah, right.

Time we got these free-loading immigrants
off our backs and build that wall.

Negroes better wake the fuck up
with the quickness, man.

-No, no, no, no, no!
-I'm just saying. I'm--

Don't tell me that you voted
for President Fake Bone Spurs.

-Yeah, I voted for him.
-Get the fuck out of here.

He didn't vote for him.

-I thought that was you.
-Impeach him.

That grinnin'-ass Negro on the front row.

Right there behind Trump at that rally.
"Ha! Ha! It's me! It's me!"

Blacks for Trump, you watch.

You watch.
Those signs are great, thank you.

Fake news.

Uh-huh. See? That's what they all go to.

-Fake news.
-Always go to that one.

-I'm tired of not getting mine, man.

I feel you. I feel you.

Been fucked my whole goddamn life, bruh.
Goin' for me!

Shit. For real.

-I mean, back in the day,

-being a brother meant something.
-Yeah, man.

We fought against the man.

-We loved one another.

We became ace boon coon blood brothers
out there in that damn jungle.

-Preach on it.

-Stormin' Norm demanded it.
-He did.

-Sure did.
-All right, come on.

-Here we go. Boom!

- Boom!
- All right, yeah.


-This is our guide, Vinh.
-Hey, I'm Eddie.

-I'm Melvin, man.

-Nice to meet you.
-How you doing?

- Good.
- Paul, man.

-Good to meet you.

Gentlemen, welcome back to Vietnam.

- Thank you.
- Thank you, man.

I have itinerary for you.
That's for you.

- For you.
- Thank you.

-For you. Thank you.
-Pull up a seat.

I still think hiking into the jungle
without me as your guide is a big mistake.

-We know that jungle, man.
-Yes, we sure do.

Oh, yeah.

Do you have
the necessary documents?

Yes, there you go.

From the Pentagon...
and from the Vietnamese government.

When we locate Norman's remains,

the DPAA is gonna send in a recovery team
to bring him back home.

Arlington National Cemetery.

Hey, man, what the... what the fuck
are they staring at, man?


Those two right there.

Shit. Those two over there, they've been
staring at us for the last ten minutes.

- Just chill, man. Just chill.
- Chill? People staring at me, man.

Staring at all of us.

Those gentlemen just buy you this drink.

They are former Viet Cong and wanna
welcome you all back to their country.


- One of them is my cousin, Nguyen.
- Get outta here.

And my father's younger brother.

- But you're from the south.
- They fought for the north.

Nguyen does tours
for North Vietnamese tourists.

The American War turned Vietnamese family
against Vietnamese family.

-Hey, man.

Those could've been the dudes
that zapped Norm, that's all I'm saying.

Will you raise your goddamn glass?
The American War is over. Come on.

Come on, man.


- Good night.
- Oh, yeah. Oh.

-Feelin' the love.
-Oh, man. Look at him.

-I tell ya.
-I know.


Now I know why this mission
was so damn important.

It's about what this war is all about.

There it is.

All right, Bloods.
Our objective is in the C-47.

Hold yourself! Hold on!

- Come on.
- Hold on!

- Lock it up!
- Cover the Bloods to the plane!

- Go! Go, man! You got it!
- Harlow and Cots, KIA!

Lay down cover fire!




Move out! Move out!

Fuck! Jammed!

Come on! Go!

Move, move, move!

Go, go, go!


Man down! Man down!

Check fire. Paul! Get up! Get up!

Team one, take security!

Set security!

Set security!

Hey, Paul, come inside!



Yo, come on in here.

All right. Let's see what we got here.

- Out of sight!
- Great googly-moogly.

You know what this means?

We gold standard.

We gold standard.

I've run many tours for GIs
from the American War.

Glad you can now see our country
in a different light.

Wow! Will you look at this?

- It's a whole different place.
- I can't believe it.

They didn't need us.
They should've just sent Mickey D's,

Pizza Hut and The Colonel,

and we would have defeated the V.C.
in one week.

- You got it.
- Finger-lickin' good.

Paul, when did you serve?

I did three tours, man.
'67 to '71. 1st Infantry.

Were you involved
in Operation Junction City?

-We were there. We were all there.
-Oh, yeah.


My father was there, too.

-25th Infantry, ARVN.

He fought to the very last man.

My brother, give it to me. Give it to me.

My family was here in Saigon when it fell.

My dad spent 18 months
in a communist re-education camp.


Many other were not so lucky.

Hey, y'all remember
those fugazi Rambo movies?


I like them shits, man.

You gotta be fucking kidding me, man.

Him and that... that dude, uh,
Walker, Texas Ranger.

-I ain't saying nothing about him.

Out there trying to save
some imaginary POWs.

All them Holly-weird motherfuckers
trying to go back and win the Vietnam War.

Yeah. I would be the first cat in line
if there was a flick about a real hero,

you know, one of our blood.
Somebody like Milton Olive.

That man jumped on that grenade
and saved his Bloods' lives.

And he was the first brother
to be awarded the Medal of Honor in Nam.

Eighteen years old.

Look, I love y'all and all that bullshit,
but, uh, I ain't doin' that.

Man, nobody want you to die for them.

'Cause I ain't.

Like Aretha sang, "You better think."

-Oh, Vinh.
-What the fuck he talkin' about?

Listen, Bloods, I'm out, all right?
Thank you very much.

-Thank you.
-All right.

-Oh. Oh, oh. Be careful, man.

I'll be careful. Later.

Where's he going?

He got something
to take care of, man.


you have hardly changed.

We both know that's not true.
But thank you for being so kind.

You look like
you've done well for yourself.

We find a way.

-Yes, we do. When we can.

The gold is belong
to Vietnamese government.

Monsieur Desroche converts the gold
into cash.

He's the only person that I know
who can handle a transaction of this size.

-Have you dealt with him before?

He's expensive. 20%.

And I will need 10%.

And there's no other way to move this?

International export is my business.

-It's why you call me.

This is my daughter, Michon.

And this is my old friend Otis.
From American War.

- It's, uh...
- Hello, Otis.

It's very nice to meet you.

Thanks, my dear.

Is, uh...

Is, uh... Is that our daughter? Our...

Yes, she is.

She was a bastard child of the enemy.

I was a whore.

Her father was a moi, the nigger.

The white GI taught us that word.

Everyone want us out.

We was too dirty to even clean the toilet.

They call our beautiful Michon
the cockroach.


Good night, Tiên.

Good night, Otis.

May I ask, how did they
end up in your possession?

You ask a lotta goddamn questions,

Monsieur, maybe they're from a bank
you just knocked off in Manila.

Or maybe the authorities
are looking for them.

I don't need that kind of shit.

We ain't no international criminals,
you dig?

In my line of work,
I have to be very careful,

and that means knowing exactly
who I am in business with.

This cat getting on
my last goddamn nerve, man.

Gentlemen, I believe
our business is finished.

Hey, wait a minute.

Do me a favor. Sit down, please?
Just give us that respect.

Where were Frenchies in World War II?

Hitler had y'all by the snails.

The goddamn US of A saved your asses.

If it wasn't for good ol' Uncle Sam,
all of yous,

y'all be speaking the deutsche
eating bratwurst,

schnitzels and sauerkraut instead
of croissants, snails and escargot.

Come on, Blood. Let it go.

-No, man, no.
-Just let it go!

No, fuck that. I ain't done.

This motherfucker can't tell me shit.

My daddy, God rest his soul,

landed in Normandy and killed beaucoup
goose-stepping Nazis.

Let me tell you something, them Nazis
weren't no punks neither. Not like you.

-Yeah, okay, I'm done.
-You feel better?

- Yeah.
- Well,

I thank you for this ignorant American
one-sided version of World War II.

Please understand. He taking big risk.

And we ain't?

DaRoach, we gotta trust you,
and you gotta trust us.

Mr. Desroche...

Our platoon was ordered
to find a C-47 CIA plane

that went down with a payroll
for the native people. The Lahu.

Now, they didn't wanna be paid
in paper currency,

so Uncle Sam was paying them in gold bars
for their help against the V.C.

Well, we found the gold, and we...

We bury it. For now.
They ask, we say the V.C. got it.

Later on, we come back and collect.

You mean rip it off.

We ain't ripping off shit!

Who feel like
they're ripping something off?

We was the very first people
that died for this red, white and blue.

Yeah, that's right.

It was a soul brother, Crispus Attucks
at the motherfuckin' Boston Massacre.

We been dying for this country
from the very get,

hoping one day they'd give us
our rightful place.

All they give us was a foot
up our black asses. Well, fuck that.

I say the USA owe us. We built this bitch!

So, what you sayin', Blood?

I'm saying... we repossess this gold...

like they about to come repossess
your cash yield convertible now.

We repossess this gold for every single
black boot that never made it home.

Every brother and sister stolen
from Mother Africa to Jamestown, Virginia

way back in 1619.

We give this gold to our people.

You feel that? You feel it?

- Now, let's bury our gold.
- Reparations.



We went back a few weeks later,
but the area was napalmed,

and we lost all of our landmarks.

But recently, a mudslide has exposed
what might be the C-47's tail,

and satellite pictures
have pinpointed the spot.

Mmm. You're more informed
than your friend here.

Sir, are you in or out?

This is my last offer per kilo,
less my commission.

Tiên said 20.

One cannot carry millions of dollars
through US Customs.

The extra two points will get you
a dummy corporation

and a tax-free offshore account in Macau.

You can then withdraw the funds
from any bank in the world.

How do I know that you two
ain't a con artist team?

As you said, you simply must trust us.

Yeah, well, the extra 2%
comes outta her cut.

That's right.

-I'll cover it.
-Price of doing business.

-So, we good?

-I'm good.
-Yeah, I'm good.

And, sir, Uncle Sam did no better
than France in Vietnam.

Gentlemen, I look forward
to seeing you again in a few days.

If you will excuse me,

I have a lot of things to do
for all of us.

And, uh...

vive la France.

This motherfucker, man.

I don't take that.

What the fuck are you doing here?

I'm worried about you.


-Well, I found out you were coming here.

And I came to check on you.

You don't give a flying fuck
about me.

I do. You been acting more crazy
than usual.

Yeah, well...

you consider me checked on.

You're here for the gold.

Don't lie.

You're going after the gold.
I read Otis' emails.

You gotta choose better passwords.

Come on now, Dad.

What do you want, David?

-An equal share for helping you find it.
-Hell to the naw!

The authorities find out about this,
y'all go back to the crib empty-handed.

So, you just a lil' jive-ass
gangster now, huh?

After everything you've put me through,
I'd say you getting a basement bargain.

You ungrateful lil'...
lil' Black Studies teacher nigga.

You want to tell your Bloods or should I?

You sure know
how to raise 'em, don't you?

What happens if we bum-rush your boy
and throw his ass off that balcony?

Know I'm taking
a couple of you OGs with me.

-Don't ever threaten my son, man.
-Or what?

Or you will nab more trouble
than you know what to do with.

-Oh, come on!
-Come on!

Cool it, God damn it! Cool it!

David, you are not getting a full share.

-You and your daddy can split a share.
-You can forget that.

You take it or leave it.

You see what you made me do, man?

Let me tell you somethin'.

You ain't been nothin'
but an anchor around my neck

since the day you were born.

Yeah, I said it, and I mean it, too.
Take this shit.

God damn it.

David, you're a buck private
in this outfit.

You do what we say when we say it.
No questions asked. Understood?

Overstood, Godfather.

-I have bad feeling about this, Otis.
-I'm gonna be all right.

Gold does strange things to people.
Even old friends. Be safe.

All right. Yeah.

I just hope I don't have to use it.

I'll see you in a bit, all right?

- You just gonna stay there?
- Motherfucker, go around.


Why did you come here?

Well, he's my dad.

Feels like my last chance with him.

-He needs counseling.
-I know.

Talks to himself.

Your pops was never the same
after we lost Norman.


-You know, he calls his name in his sleep.
-I can believe that.

-Who was that guy?

That brother was the best damn soldier
that ever lived.

Wasn't many brothers
who made squad leader.

The man was using Bloods
for cannon fodder.

White boys who stayed in college,
they'd dodge that shit.

They put our poor black asses
on the front line,

killing us off like flies.

Stormin' earned his name,
was in all kind of firefights.

Trained us in the way of the jungle.

Made us believe
that we would get home, alive.

To your left!

- To your left!
- To the left! Go, go!


- Cease fire!
- Cease fire!

- Cease fire!
- Cease fire!

- Everybody all right?
- Yeah.

- Good right here.
- Good, good.

War is about money.

Money is about war.

Every time I walk out my front door,

I see cops patrolling my neighborhood
like it's some police state.

I can feel just how much I ain't worth.

Gave us something to believe in.

A direction, a purpose.

He taught us about black history
when it wasn't really popular back then.

Schooled us about drinking that
anti-commie Kool-Aid they was selling.

Yeah, he was our Malcolm and our Martin.

Norm had a way of keeping us
from going off.

He wasn't no Tom.

He was a bad mother, shut your mouth.

Like Ali.

This is the voice
of Vietnam, broadcasting from Hanoi,

capital of the Democratic Republic
of Vietnam.

Black GI,

in Memphis, Tennessee, a white man
assassinate Dr. Martin Luther King...

who heroically opposed the cruel

racial discrimination in the USA.

Dr. King also opposed
the US war in Vietnam.

Black GI, your government
sent 600,000 troops

to crush the rebellion.

Your soul sister and soul brothers
are enraged in over 122 cities.

They kill them while you fight against us,
so far away from where you are needed.

Black GI, the South Vietnamese people
are resolute

against these fascist acts against Negroes

who struggle for civil rights and freedom.

Negroes are only 11% of the US population,

but among troops here in Vietnam,
you are 32%.

Black GI, is it fair to serve more
than the white Americans

that sent you here?

Nothing is more confuse
than to be ordered into a war to die

or to be maimed for life without
the faintest idea of what's going on.

I dedicate this next record

to the soul brothers
of the 1st Infantry Divisions.

Big Red One, 2nd Battalion,
136th Regiment.

Have a good day, gentlemen.

Be safe.

-Goddamn bullshit.
-Got the wrong motherfucking enemy!

Yeah, goddamn white man gone too far.

-The Bible says an eye for an eye.
-And a tooth for a tooth.

We need to kill some crackers.

Our brothers and sisters
are burnin' shit down back home, Norm.

I love you, man, but you're wrong.
Dead wrong.

You're talking about Dr. King.
You're talking about a man of peace.

And that's what got Dr. King killed.

I'm as mad as everybody.
All us Bloods got a right to be, but...

we Bloods.

Won't let nobody use our rage against us.
We control our rage.

Now, what y'all are trying to do right now
ain't changing shit.

So, stand down. That's an order.

Nah. Fuck an order, Norm!

You're gonna have to kill me first.

Blood on Blood.

And let me tell you, out of all
of us, your pops was closest to him.

Believed in Norman like a religion.

I don't think he believed
in anything since.

Floating market.
You brothers want anything?

Is there some barbecue up in here?

I might get a couple of things.

What's that?
You got bananas?

-Hey, who wants a cold one?

- Six pack.
- Bring 'em on up.

Hey, don't let her get on.

That's good.


- Oranges?
- Get your beer here.

- This is good.
- Here you go.

You're gonna cut it open? No, I'm good.
So, how you eat it?

It tastes like chicken.

That probably don't taste like chicken.
That's race-related.

Got any money?

--No, man. Not today. Không.

Không. Không. No.

Let me get some bananas.

- I know, that's what I'm getting.
- Bananas.

- That's amazing.
- You see this?

No, and thank you. Yes, it is.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

There you go.

That's great. No, thank you.
No, thanks.

- What's up with that?


No, not today. Not today.

No, I don't want it.
Nah. No, I--

-No, man. I...

No, man. I...

Okay, due respect. No.

No. Okay, all due respect, no.

Vinh, talk to your... Talk to this man.

Come on, no means no
in any motherfucking language, right?

Come on, man. Come talk to him, man.


Vinh, come talk to him!

No, man! Back up, okay.
Just back up. Back up, please.

Shut the fuck up.
I don't wanna hear that gook shit.

-You know what?

Fuck this place, man.

-Backward-ass people.

-Hey! Get that fucking thing off of me!
-Hey, get him.

-These backward-ass motherfuckers, man.
-Yeah. Let's go.

- Shit! I don't know what the fuck he got!
- Come on. Come on, man.

-No, motherfucker!
-Let's go. Dad, come on.

Man, it's just a goddamn chicken.

Huh? What?

You don't know nothing about me, man!
Fuck that!

You don't know shit about me!

I didn't kill your mother and father!
Fuck you!

--You don't know me!

Let's go. Come on.

You don't know what the fuck
you're talking about!

--What the fuck you know about me?

--Paul, relax!

-Man, nah! He kept coming up on me!

-I know.
- What the fuck?

--What the fuck is going down?

-I got you. I got you, brother.

Stop talking, and fuck you!

-Get the boat moving!
-Move on, man!

-I got you.
-Stop fucking talking!

-Don't know shit about me.
-You killed my father and mother!

What are you doing?

He knows what "gook" means, man!

I don't give a fuck about that!

I don't give two fucks about that.
I tried to talk to the man.

--Put the fucking camera down.

You're just having a panic attack.
This shit happen to you all the time?

-Yeah, he has PTSD.
-This happen all the time?

-He gets triggered.
-Come on.

The guy off with his shit.
It be all right.

Hey, David. What you know about it, huh?

You don't know nothin' about this.

-I don't have no fucking--
-Nightmares. You been having nightmares.

-He does.
-I don't have no nightmares.

- You do.
- We all got PTSD.

- Come on and tell me. Look.
- Just breathe, come on.

I see...

-Come on.

Come on, bud. Come on.
There you go. There you go.

- Come on.
- I see ghosts, y'all.

I see...


Well, it happens to all of us, man!

-You seen 'em, too?

Dead come to you at night? Huh?

Stormin' Norm comes to me
damn near every night.

Now, he talk to y'all like he talk to me?

- Brother, come on.
- I don't think so.

Come on. Come on.

-Take it easy, man.
-Go ahead, get it out.

-Get it out. Come on now.

-Come on, bud.
-Think I'm a crazy fuck, don't you?


- Come on, man.
- Smart niggas, huh?

- It ain't like that.
- Man, don't call me that.

That's right. Y'all saditty niggas
don't like that word.

You know what, man? Nigga. Nigga.

Nigga. Nigga. Nigga!
A yellow nigga.

- What?
- You feel me?

Look, I'm tired of this bullshit!
Squash it!

I'm with you. I'm with you.

Fists up!

Get in there, David. Get in there.
Put your fist up, David.

Come on.

You, too, Vinh. Go ahead! Fist up, man.

Come on, Paul.

-Norm! Norm!

Get that out of my face.

Get that out of my face.

And I told him,
"Pick your poison,"

and he told the waitress
to pick the poison.

-Excuse me.

- How's it going, boss?
- How you doin'?

I'll be better at the bar.

Didn't think I'd meet
another American here.

But I'm French.

-Beg your pardon?
-I'm French.


You're traveling alone?

I'm here with a group of Vietnam vets.

One is my father.

Must be something powerful,

coming back after all these years
with your father.

-Yeah, it's powerful all right.

What is your name?

Hedy. Like Hedy Lamarr. No?

Old time Hollywood star.

But, well, my last name is Bouvier, so...


It's cool.

-Uh, I'm David.
-Ah, David from the Bible.

Like David Ruffin from the Temptations.


Yeah, you got it.

Is there another place
to go at night around here?

Have you ever seen
so many scooters in your life?

Thank you.


what's their story?

Well, Simon is my best friend.

And Seppo and I use each other for sex
once in a blue moon.

What do you, Simon and Sep... Seppo...
Seppo... what do you do?

We locate old landmines,
and detonate bombs, too.


- Wow, okay.
- "Wow, okay!"

Yeah, that's some gangster shit. For sure!

How does one get involved in
the landmine disposal business? Pray tell.

The Bouviers have a history in Vietnam.

It's strange how a war never ends
for those involved.

See, like, landmines planted years ago...

and still harvesting death
all these years later.

Back to your family history.

My family made several fortunes
owning a rubber plantation,

and then they bought up much more of
the rice market and made another fortune.

See, the white gold.


Wonderful family business.

But one exception, we exploited
the shit out of the Vietnamese people.

So, that's the meaning behind the mines.

So, what did the Bouvier family
think about what you do?

What family?

I'm the founder and the director of LAMB,
which I started three years ago.


Yeah, LAMB. Love Against Mines and Bombs.

No. I must look like
some Patty Hearst heiress

who's cast herself
as a guilt-ridden bourgeoisie cliché.

Hey, look,
I know all about bourgeoisie clichés.

I'm a poverty-stricken fool
who loves teaching kids.

However, my guilt trip
is a lot less dangerous than yours.

-Yeah, less dangerous.

Unless you count school shootings.

School shootings. No fun.

You always been the solid one, always.

Got a... wife who loves you.
Daughter who loves you.

You got a son who loves you enough
for two daddies.

I couldn't love David...


You got back to the world,
you made that transition.

Me, I'm all... fucked up inside.

I'm broken, man.


- Fuck.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

-Blood, we're all broken.
-Not like me, man.

Norm and I were holding those gooks back
when the man bought it. I see him.

I saw him die, man.

-So what? You're blaming yourself?
-You don't even know.

Paul, when we get back to the world,
I'd like you to come with me to a meeting.

I don't do that "sit in a circle,
whine about shit" group thing, man.

I don't do it.
I never have and I never will.

You got to talk to somebody.

I talk to my brother Stormin' Norman
every single night.

- Oh, oh, oh, drink, drink.


Hey. Simon.

-David. Okay. How's it going?

I can't call it.

Hey, that dude over there by the bar,
is he with you?

-He's getting pretty shit-faced.
-Uh-huh. Brotherman.

It's been an emotional trip.

It appears so.

You Americans are just
incredibly uninformed.

I guess you're too busy
watching reality TV,

or electing a reality TV clown
for a president.

Knew that was coming.

Well, on behalf of all the black folks
in the USA,

which are the only group
who didn't vote for the motherfucker,

we plead innocent to all charges,
claims, accusations, allegations,

and associations connected to the Klansman
in the Oval Office,

so help me God.

The Bloods search
for the lost treasure of youth

and the remains of the dearly departed
Norman Earl Holloway...

-We're going.
-...KIA, December 7th, 1971.

We're here to bring home
a fallen brother. A brother!

A tomb is sacred, not to be looted
by rogues and vandals.

There's gold in them hills!
Gold, goddamn it, gold!

Thanks for getting us
this far, Vinh.

My pleasure.

I gotta tell you, you put on
one hell of a tour.

- Sure do. Thanks Vinhi-vin.
- You're welcome.

Nothing is more precious than independence
and liberty. Said by our uncle.

- What uncle?
- Uncle Ho Chi Minh.

Now he's your uncle?

Actually, he's the father
of modern-day Vietnam.

Like your George Washington.

Oh, my dear misinformed,
misguided... Thank you.

...Vietnamese brother.

Our Uncle George owned 123 slaves.

And as they say
in our colonists' second language, touché.

Get your arms out, man.
Get your arms out. And back, too.

All right, get my arms and my back, man.
What's up? Arms and back!

There, I got you. I got you.

Bloods, I can't believe
we back up in this bitch.

I'll meet you at this rendezvous location
in a few days.

-All right.
-If you're late or early, don't worry.

I'll be there.

I hope you find your friend.

Bon voyage.

Showtime. Showtime, baby.

Bloods. I'm gonna teach you that.
Y'all ready?

-Yeah, let's go.

You got the paperwork?

You can see I got
the paperwork with me.

Is that a MAGA hat? God damn!

Straight, straight. I got you.

♪ Hey, baby, whatcha know good ♪

♪ I'm just gettin' back
But you knew I would ♪


-♪ War is hell ♪

♪ When will it end? ♪

♪ When will people start
Gettin' together again? ♪

♪ Are things really getting better ♪

♪ Like the newspaper said? ♪

♪ Tell me what's happening, brother ♪

♪ I don't know what's happening ♪

♪ What's happening?
What's happening, brother? ♪

♪ What's happening, brother? ♪

♪ What's happening? ♪

♪ What's happening, brother? ♪

♪ What's happening, brother? ♪

♪ What's happening, my man? ♪

-What's happening, my man?
-What's happening, my man?

How you holding up?

Boy, you ask me that every five minutes.

You know, I did make it through Nam
on my own. Typical tours, too.

Hey! Hey, hold up.

Let Otis catch up.

Damn, Paul, you can still
hump it out on point.

Oh, yeah, baby.

What happens if somebody get heatstroke

or sprain an ankle or something?

Otis is a medic. A good one, too.

Even took a few rounds out of me once.

From your black monkey ass, as I recall.

What's that?


What? I need to take a breathalyzer test?

- Well, what are those?
- It's something for my hip.

I know that. But what are they?


Are you fuckin' kiddin' me?

You think I'm sneakin' a drink,
and you on that opioid epidemic shit.

-It's prescribed.
-Oh, yeah. You writing the prescriptions?

No, the VA. Just like everybody else.

You best be careful with that shit.

-What is this, an intervention?
-You need one?

Y'all think I'm a junkie? Hmm?

Oh, shit.

There. I don't need this shit.

This way.

Let's go.

You know he hurting.

Yeah, man.
I hope he's gonna be okay.


Dad, what the hell is that?

Dad! Dad!


I seen a leopard tear one apart once.

There are leopards out here?

Leopards are all gone now.
Poachers wiped 'em out.

-You see that?
-What? What? What?

Shh! Looked like a man walking out there.

It was just a flash, but I saw it.

-Maybe-- Maybe it was a monkey.
-No goddamn monkey.

Hey, you see something?

Clear. Clear.

Oh, my God.

I'm sorry about being on edge,
you know. Being back here...

it is not easy.

It's cool.

I don't like the way you did it,
but I'm glad you're here.

Your daddy loves you, you know.

You know that, right?

-You've got a funny way of showing it.

But I do. I know it.

I love you back.

Damn! Who got the bug spray?
Bugs out here eating my ass up.

Otis had it last.

Well, can you walk your big
pigeon-toed ass over there and get it?

What's wrong with your big lumbering ass?

Man, you sitting right there.

- Oh, shit.
- You sitting right next to the bug spray.

I gotta get up from my rock,
walk over there and get it.

You're one lazy-ass motherfucker.

You a Thanksgiving jive
turkey giblet sorry-ass motherfucker.

- Shut up. He's trying to sleep.
- We up, he should be up.

Every time,
you want me to get the shit.

You can't get up and do it your damn self.

I got to get up off my damn rock
and walk over there and get it.

You sitting right there. You get it?
You see it? Big paddle ass. God damn.

Hey, Paul.

Ain't this a bitch?

Nigga, get up.

- What?
- Get up, nigga.

Why you ain't tell us, man?

- What?
- What?

No wonder he wanted to make
all the arrangements.

-Tiên give this to you?
-So, what about it?

We should all be packin', you--

- No.
- Get the gun!

- Come on, man!
- You motherfucker!

- Come on. Beat his ass down, now.
- Shit.

You all right?

You a pussy-whipped motherfucker,
ain't you?

Man, you don't see who she is?

And that French fuck, Desroche.

I don't know Desroche
from Adam's house cat,

but if Tiên vouched for him,
that's good enough for me.

She's a Soul Alley ho, remember that.

You know, Paul, you better check yourself.

I know your mama-san's slanted pussy
strung you out.

She's still a fucking ho!

Whoa, whoa, man!

Get your motherfucking hands off me!
I'll kill you!

-I'll kill that motherfucker.
-Chill! Chill! Chill!

Chill! What the fuck's wrong with you?

Breathe, man!

Come on. Give it to him.

Go ahead, give it to him.

Take it. I'm through with it.



Man, we're walking
right on top of it.

You said that on the last hill.
Perspective's totally different.

No, it's gotta be here.

God damn! We're fucking lost!

- Otis and Eddie think they slick.
- What?

Marching us around and around
in circles so we give up and go home.

You come back,
you collect it all for yourself, huh?

Then why'd I follow your sorry ass
out here in the first place?

'Cause you couldn't afford
the airfare, the gear, hotel.

You needed
Banker Drysdale right there. Uh-huh.

Shut up!

You and Tiên are up to something.

Let me tell you something, Otis,
all y'all.

I don't need this shit. You got me?
I'm here for Norm.

I'm here for Norm.
I ain't going for no okey-doke bullshit.

Dope fiend double-cross, hell no.
Fuck that.

Where you going, boy?

I'mma go down to the bank
and make a deposit.

- Go on, son. Handle your business.
- Let me see that GPS.

This don't make no damn sense.

Shit, man. Come on.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

- Hey, Dad! Hey, guys!
- What?

I think I found something!

- Gold! Gold!
- Oh, shit.

Quick, bring a shovel!

I think I found the gold!
Gold! Dad! Dad, I found it!

- I hope he really found that shit.
- Gold!

Where you at, son?

Watch your step.

Shit, get your shovels!

Bring your shovels! Bring the shovels!
I found it! I found it! I found it!

- Watch your step over there.
- Right.

Holy shit!

- That's it, ain't it?
- That's it.


God damn! Oh, man!

- Let me see.
- Yeah, that's it.

Oh, shit.


Check your map. Check your map.
Check your map.

We're in the right coordinates.

- Yeah. Yeah.
- Hey, y'all.

Hallowed ground, Bloods. Holy ground.

Yeah, that's it, right?
That's it.

Yeah, that's it.

- Oh, Lord.
- Yeah, that's it.

- Thank you, Lord.
- Yeah, that's it!

Yeah! Yeah, it is! Yeah, it is!

Yeah, it is, Bloods!

Let me get a picture.

No! No evidence, man. No evidence.

- Put that camera down.
- My bad.

Hold that, man.


-Yeah! Yeah!



Come on!

- Come on!
- Whoo!

Oh, yeah. Come on, man.

-Come on, now!
-Come on, man, get it.

Guys! Guys! I got something!
I got something right here! Right here.

I'm getting a hit right there.

- Right here?
- Yeah.


- Yeah, that's something there.
- You in? Oh, shit!

That's it right there.

This the spot, right here?

- Wait, I see something here.
- Watch your fingers.

- Otis, it's right there.
- Mind your hand. Look out.

Look out for your hands.

- Let's go. That's a lid!
- I got a handle.

- Shit!
- What, it just come off?

- Damn handle broke.
- Shit. It rusted.

Don't put the dirt back
where I dug it out!

- Move it out the damn way!
- It's all right.

Here, let's just grab it.
Grab it. It looks like...

Yeah. Ready? Bring it up!

-Wait, where is it? Where is it?

- Come on!
- You gotta be kidding me.

Let me tip it.

Ah! Fuckin' fool's gold.


We are some gold-plated fools, y'all.

We're some gold-plated
motherfucking fools.

Hey, guys, guys, I got another one!
I got something right here.


-Right here.
-I got it!

- Right there!
- I got it! I got it! I got it!

- Got that one?
- Yeah.

All right, go.

- I got another one!
- I got it!

-I got another one right here.
-I'm coming!

-Right there.
-All right.

- You good?
- I'm good.

- I got a hit!
- Oh, shit!

I'm getting hits everywhere!

- Right there. Right there.
- All right. Come on.

- I'm getting hits all over the damn place.
- Oh, shit!

All right. Put it in your pocket.
Put it in your pocket.

- All right, I got three right here.
- I got one here.

Keep digging. Keep digging.

I'm getting hits all over the mountain!
All over the mountain!

Come on, give me some.

Come on, baby.

Hey, I got one here. I got one here.

They must've fallen in the mudslide.

Hey, I got something to tell y'all.


Holy motherfucking, motherfucking,
mother of gold!

- Mother of gold, motherfucker!
- Get your ass over here!

Why don't you start digging,

Motherfucker, I don't dig for the gold!
I find the motherfucking gold!

-Fuck you!

- Watch your fingers.
- Come on! Keep digging!

Forty-five thousand per bar.
Seventeen million all in.


But I'm not leaving here without Norman.

You think Norman cares
whether you find his remains or not?

You remember what Norman said.
"That gold should go to our people."

Whoa, what you trying to say, man?

That gold should go
towards black liberation.

Yeah, our black liberation.
You do for self.

I'm talking about black reparations, man.

I got mine's.

What about our people?

What about my people?

You do what you want with your share,
and we'll each decide for ourselves.

-That's what Norman said now.
-Now, see? See? Otis knows.

Norman wanted that gold
to go towards the cause.

Yeah, that's easy for you to say, Eddie.
You rich. Money don't mean shit to you.

-I am not rich.
-Yeah, right. Whatever.

- I'm not rich!
- Okay.

-I'm broke, man.
-How the fuck are you broke, Eddie? Huh?

-I lost it all.
-Oh, he bullshittin'.

I wish I was, man.

Spill it.

Come on, man. Fess up.

Ex-wives, bad investments, back taxes,

livin' large, drinking, being stupid.

-You fuckin' name it, I spent money on it.
-But you paid for all of this shit.

Yeah, yeah, I paid for all this shit
on a black card that's already overdrawn.

What about all them car dealerships
with your name on 'em?

I don't own 'em.

I mean, my name is good
in the business and all, and...

dealers choose to use 'em, but...

they'll pull that shit as soon
as it stops working for 'em.

I'm telling you,
I ain't got a pot to piss in

or a window to throw it out of.
And that's facts!

God damn.

Sorry, bro.

Can we just go find Norm?

Stormin' Norm's been waiting.


Ain't that some doo-doo.

Hey, Bloods, I got something!
Right here I got... I'm getting a big hit.

-I'm getting a big hit, right here.
-Are you sure?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's all over,
right in here. Right in this whole area.

It's a big hit.
Right here. Right here.

Right in here, baby. Right in there.

Oh, my God! Oh, God!



It's Norm.

Oh, brother.

It's Norm?

- Yeah, it's Norm.
- Oh, shit.

Okay. Okay.

Holy shit. Come on.

Shit. Shit.


Hey, Norm.

We all here, man.

Otis, Melvin, Eddie.

I got my son, David. Right here.

Took us a little longer
than we thought, but...

we came back like we said we would.

But this time when we get on that plane,
that Freedom Bird,

going back to the world,

you are coming with us, brother.
You coming with us, brother.

Now, both of your parents have passed,

I guess you know that, but your sisters,
Janet and Kim, will be waiting for us...

when we land, brother.

You goin' home, Blood.

You're goin' home, Blood.

Come on, now.

Blessed holy God.

We come around
your mighty throne of grace...

to thank you for this day.

We thank you for the reunion
of family... and friendship...

and the brotherhood.

Continuing in prayer, Lord,
we ask you for traveling grace...

and the mending of hearts.

In your son's righteous
and holy name, we pray.

- Amen.

Damn! What is that sound?

Uh, cicadas.


They don't sound like that back home.

We ain't home, son.

We ain't home.

- You all right?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Hey, son, get this off of me, man.

- All right.
- I got it.

- Just let it drop.
- Let it go.

Hand me my water, man.


- Lord have mercy.
- My man.

Hey, I can manage another 30, 40 pounds.

-That be just great, bud.

My son play the pack mule,
my son gets a fair share.

-It's fine, Dad. It's fine.
-No, the hell it is.

When did you turn into a grade-A,
first-rate, certified,

old, tired and crazy motherfucker?

Ah, fuck you, man.

When you've been cheated in life
as much as I have,

you learn to spot the sign of all them
dirty rat bastards out there.

- How much you need, huh?
- Huh?

That enough? You want more?

-Man, get that out of my fucking face.

Do you remember?

You remember what Norm said about money?

I don't remember that.

No, no, no. I am sick and tired

of trying to get you fools
to love one another.

Go ahead! You wanna
tear each other apart, go on. Go on!

Here I thought...

I hoped that we could be Bloods
one more time.

But, no, that ain't gonna never
happen again because of this.

Traded brotherhood for this shit.
Right, Paul?

That motherfucker
walks backward pigeon-toed.

"Eddie, you black as a damn crow
Ain't white like snow

And if you didn't know

If you ain't got no dough
Then you don't go

And that's for damn sure"

Yeah, well, my mama told me...

...that money is the root of all--

Oh, shit!

-Oh, my God!
-What the fuck?


- Fuck.
- Oh! What?

- Otis, don't move! It's a minefield!
- Eddie!

It's a minefield!

Don't move, Otis.

Okay, okay, okay. Shh.

I got you. I got you. I got you.

I got you. I got you.

-I got you.



Jesus! Dad! Dad!
I think I stepped on something.

- Whoa! Stay right there.
- Motherfucker!

David, don't move. Don't move.

- David!
- Hey!

- Everybody freeze!
- Everybody okay?


Dad, no, no! Put it down!
Put it down! They can help!

- We were just walking back to our camp.
- He stepped on something.

-Is it a pressure plate?
-Well, if it was, he would be dead.

Uh, maybe it's a dud. Or maybe it's not.

We can help you. Look! Look! He can help.

Okay, come on.

And, David... don't move.

What are we gonna do about my son?

Well, all he can do is lift up his foot
and pray to God it doesn't explode.

There's gotta be something else we can do.

Well, if there is, I don't know it.

Fuck. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

Jethro Bodine.


Remember that big ol' hillbilly kid
from Oklahoma?

He stepped on a toe popper. Remember?

-Yeah. Yeah.
-Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Okay, we're gonna spring my son...

the same way we sprung
that hillbilly kid, you got me?

Yeah, that'll work. That'll work.

Give me that rope.

Where am I walking? Where am I walking?

Straight to me, I swept it. You're good.
You're good.

Do us both a favor.
Don't fucking shift your weight, okay?

Stay right where you are.

David, I want you to take this rope.

I want you to wrap this rope
around your body. Two times.

Go ahead. Twice around your body.

Go on, like that. There you go.

High as you can, man.
High as you can. Right.

David look at me.
Where did you go to college?

-The House.
-The House.

Who went to The House?

-Come on.
-Edwin Moses. The class of '78.

-Come on. What he'd do?
-Won two Olympic gold medals.

-Four hundred meter hurdles.

He took 13 steps between each hurdle.
Everybody else took 15.

David, that man could fly.

What you gonna do?

-What you gonna do, David?

-Fly like Moses.

I want everybody
to take a piece of this rope.

Back on up. Otis, back on up.

Back it on up, man.
You, too, Mel. Back it on up.

All right.

- Here, take this.
- That's good, big man.

-That's good, big man! Right there.

Fuck. Fuck.

- Get that slack!
- Tighten up!

Now, everybody...

you get an armful and a handful of rope.

-We good?
-We good.

I hear you.

On count of three,
you pull harder than a motherfucker!

Yeah, baby.

You got me?

- We got you, Blood.
- Got you.

All right.




Come on, man.

God is great.


All right. Now...

- What the fuck?
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Get on your knees. If you get...
Get on your fucking knees.

-Put that damn gun down now!

We're compromised, Melvin.

Okay, okay, okay. Just take it easy now.

Whatever you're doing,
it's none of our business. We can just go.

Otis, the sound of those blasts
traveled, man.

Somebody is on their way here right now.

- We gotta get the gold and get outta here.
- You serious?

-We gotta get somebody for Eddie, Dad.
-Hey, man.

American Embassy. Somebody.

-We can't tell nobody nothing.
-Just slow the fuck down, man.

We have to bury Eddie.

Are you deaf, man?
Are you deaf? Are you deaf?

We gotta get out of here, Otis!

-I'm not leaving Eddie like that!
-I can be helpful to you.

You can be helpful? Okay.

Can you bring back the dead? Huh?

- Get the rope, tie 'em up.
- Not doing it.

Let's just talk about it.

Otis, you ain't giving the orders, man.
I'm running shit now.

Dad! Dad!

Dad nothing. Dad nothing. Dad nothing!

Boy, I've killed far better men than you,

and I will not hesitate
to plug a hole in you right now.

David, tie 'em up.

You want your share? Tie 'em up.

You wanna remain my son?

Get at it. Get at it.

Come here, son. Come here. Come here.

- All right.
- Give me your hand.

You had me fooled.

You got something to say?
You say it to me. Not my son.

Let me tell y'all something.

I'm the motherfucker.

I... am the motherfucker.

I'm the motherfucker.
I'm the motherfucker.

So long, Blood.

Rest in power.



We should give Eddie's share
to his family.

It's the right thing to do, y'all.

And David?

That's my boy. He deserves a fair share.


- Deal.
- All right.

I can't believe I was actually...
jealous of you, back at that bar.

Yeah. You seemed
so fuckin' sure of yourself.

Should've known you're actually
just a spineless fucking rat.

Hedy, you can't still want this guy.
Look at him, his father's gonna kill us.

Seppo, shut up.

Well, your father scares me
more than landmines.

Shut the hell up, up there.

-Yeah, over here.


Take us about a day, and we get to...

You be careful with this OxyContin shit.
It can be addictive.

-Where were we?
-What about right here?

-But I think that Vinh should--
-Mmm-mmm. Mmm-mmm.

Vinh is out. He in cahoots with Charlie.

Ain't that right, traitor?

If you don't trust me by now...

just shoot me... when you kill them.

What the hell is that?

Night vision, baby. Night vision.
Let's see what's shaking.

I need to urinate.

-She needs to pee.
-Yeah, I heard her. I'm not deaf.

Yeah, I know the Geneva Convention's
off the table,

but maybe just let her take a piss.

Well, could you untie my hands? Please.

You gotta go, you gotta go.

Fast, all right?

-To the tree.

David, don't you want
the first time I unzip and remove my pants

to be under better circumstances?

Were you flirting with me the other night
because you were looking for an easy fuck

or because you were
actually interested in me?

-Actually, I'm interested.

Yeah. You left your wealthy family behind
to do something good, help people, kids.

And you're fine, too. I ain't gonna lie.

Wow. Then let me go.

Give me a ten-minute head start.
All I ask, please?


You know, I hate to cockblock.
She cute, though.

Mel, take her back to the tree.

You better listen to your pop, son.

You're a worthless fuck. Just so you know,
I was only trying to escape.

I wouldn't fuck you
for all the gold in the world.

Just what I thought. Just what I thought.

Mel, you make sure that rope is tight.

- Oh, yeah.
- Hey, Dad.

Okay. Okay.

- God damn!
- Get the gun!

- God damn!
- I got the gun.

Drag his ass over there.
Drag his ass over there.

- Seppo's loose! Give me the gun!
- Get him.

I'll crack your head open!

I knew it! I knew it!

Another motherfucking
dope fiend double-cross.

David, you don't see what Otis is doing?

You're playin' into his fuckin' hands!

Your dear mother would be ashamed of you!

Yeah, you ain't no fuckin' son of mine!

You're dead to me. You hear me?

- Get the rope.
- Gone! Buried!

- Get the rope.
- You're a fucking coward.

-Fucking disgrace!
-Get the rope! Get the rope, David.

Don't get shit. You stay your ass
right the fuck there.

You stay your ass right the fuck there!

You've had quite an adventure.

-My friend, let me help.
-Oh, no.

I got it, I got it. Thank you.
Thank you, I got it.


-Get this off of me.
-Where's Eddie?

Broke his ankle.
We left him with food and water.

He insisted.

That boy is stubborn as an old mule.

- Sounds very bad.
- Yeah.

I knew you should not have gone alone.

I have a friend in the district.
He'll send a rescue group.

How would you like to earn more money
than you ever earned in your whole life?

Eddie didn't break an ankle, did he?

No. Help me.

You kill him?

Oh, God, no.



-Here come your partners.

Ain't no partners of mine.


- Hedy!
- Seppo!

Seppo! Seppo!

-He said you have his gold.

Forget that.

We trade
your friend for gold.

He ain't our friend!

-You heard me.

Hedy, for God's sakes, help me.

David, you've got to help him.



We want him alive.


We can share.

There's enough for everybody.

What's he saying?

I like you.

Black Uncle Sam. We share.

- This for you, rest for us.
- Hey!

Look, man, we're Americans, all right?

You kill us or hurt him, you got
an international fiasco on your hands.

We're not gonna kill anyone... yet.

You heard him.

Nobody gets nothing. Nothing!

Black Uncle Sam, this is belong
to Vietnamese people.

We take what is ours.

Hey, boy, you ain't taking what's ours.

You look on that gold bar right there,
it says USA, my friend.

You, USA?

Damn skippy.

-It say USA, but I don't think so.
-Well, you better believe it.

Who the fuck are you, man?

- We?
- Uh-huh. You.

Vietnam officer.

Oh, yeah? Where are your official badges?

We don't need no stinkin' official badges.

Do you know Calley, brother?

Yeah. And first of all,
you ain't my brother,

and I know California, yeah.

You imbecile.

It's not a state.

Lt. Calley. Ever heard of My Lai?

I know all about My Lai.

And you, GI murder,

killer of innocent children and babies.

There were atrocities
on both sides.

So why don't you go chew on
some motherfucking chopsticks?

-Chill, chill, chill.
-No, no, fuck him!

"Make America great again."
I show you something!

- Simon!
- Oh, fuck!

Chavy! Chavy!

- Simon!
- Stay down!

Come on! Come on!


Where's Norm?

-He's gone, man. KIA.

Đi đi mau! Let's move.

-Go ahead. Go ahead!
-Đi đi mau!

Go ahead. I got this.

Okay. All right, okay.

- Mel!
- Yeah, man.

- Bring a first aid kit.
- Yeah.

And a satellite phone.

He's just gone!

- Otis.
- All right. Roll over. Roll over.

Turn... I know, turn over. Turn over.
Clean through and through.

- Press this on. Press it down.
- Seppo.

I know, boy. I know.
There you go. All right.

Just keep the pressure on.

Breathe through it.
Just breathe through it. Keep on going.

Keep on. All right. Press this.
Press this on.

Here we go. Press it on. Press it on!

Press it. Press it tight.
All right, I know. I know. I know.

I know, come on. All right, you got this.

Move your hand! I know.

There you go.
Man, it's gotta be tight.

Clean through and through.

- There you go. Hold on.
- Hey!

Straighten up! Straighten up!

All right. All right, hold on.
It's all right.

How he doin'?

- You'll survive. You'll survive.
- How's he doing, man?

That's nothing but a mosquito bite.

- Don't fuck it up, man.
- Come on. Come on.

Man the hell up.

-All right. All right. All right.
-Okay, look...

First thing that gook's gonna do
when he gets back to town,

he gonna round up
all the local muscle he can. Now look.

Who you callin'?

I'm calling Tiên.
She can get us out of here.

- What the fuck you do that for?
- What the fuck...

- I should shoot your crazy ass dead.
- Do it.

Ain't nothing to it but to do it, Blood.

Don't tempt me, motherfucker.

What the fuck is wrong with you guys?


We have very little gas left.

Perhaps enough gas
to get to the temple ruin.

- A few miles from here.
- What do we achieve by that, huh?

If you wanna choose to fight these men,
you need some defenses.

Otis, try doing the math, huh?
Tiên is with the V.C.

Otis, that's how they knew
about the gold, man.

That's how this whole fucking ambush
was a setup! Mel?

You know Tiên?

No, I do not.

And you expect him to tell the truth.

Okay, look here. Look here, man. Okay.

We gonna cut through the jungle
to a river.

To a village, Hng Ng.
Right there, Hng Ng.

Wait till nightfall.
We gonna rip off a boat,

and then we skirt past Tân Châu.

- Hey, guys! No!
- Tân Châu.

We can't go there.
That's 20 miles away from here.

So what? You scared of
a little bit of exercise, fat boy? Huh?

David's leg won't handle that.

David ain't my problem... anymore.

Man, David is your son.

My son...

is a backstabber.

Are you with us or not?

My share is my share. You do what you want
with his share. Hear me?

Listen, you crazy fuck!

-Norman wouldn't want us to split up.
-That's right. He wouldn't.

And that's my problem. Ah.
That's my problem, Otis.

Stormin' Norm ain't with the living.
You feel me?

My problem.

Peace out!

"The Lord is my shepherd!
I shall not want!

He maketh me lie down in green pastures!

He leadeth me beside the still waters!
He restoreth my soul!

He leadeth me in the paths
of righteousness for His name's sake!

Yea, though I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death,

I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me.

Thy rod and Thy staff, they comfort me!"

I can help you get it out of the country.

-All right. We'll give you a share.
-How much is that?


We want in, too.

- You want in?
- Yeah.

All right.

Damn, Otis. Just put the gold
on Craigslist.

Mel, what am I supposed to do, huh?
Eddie, Simon,

that bullshit with Paul and the kidnapping
never happened, all right?

And what about Seppo?

We all know what happened to Seppo.
He stepped on a landmine.

Hey, so real quick,
just for our edification.

Our share is also gonna be a million?



They ain't snatching my gold.
Not me. No, sir. Not this time.

I ain't getting fucked again. Trying
to fuck me with salt in the Vaseline.

I dedicate this next record
to brother Marvin Gaye

and to the soul brothers
of the 1st Infantry Divisions.

Big Red One, 2nd Battalion,
136th Regiment.

Have a good day, gentlemen.

♪ Mother, mother ♪

♪ There's too many of you crying ♪

♪ Brother, brother, brother ♪

♪ There's far too many of you dying ♪

♪ You know we've got to find a way ♪

♪ To bring some loving here today, yeah ♪

♪ Father, father ♪

♪ We don't need to escalate ♪

♪ You see, war is not the answer ♪

♪ For only love can conquer hate ♪

♪ You know we've got to find a way ♪

♪ To bring some loving here today, oh ♪

♪ Mother, mother ♪

♪ Everybody thinks we're wrong ♪

♪ Oh, but who are they to judge us? ♪

♪ Simply 'cause our hair is long ♪

♪ Oh, you know we've got to find a way ♪

♪ Bring some understanding here today
Oh ♪

♪ Picket lines and picket signs ♪

♪ Don't punish me with brutality ♪

♪ Come on, talk to me
So you can see ♪

♪ What's going on
Yeah, what's going on ♪

♪ Tell me what's going on ♪

♪ I'll tell you what's going on, whoo ♪

♪ Right on, baby
Right on ♪

♪ Right on ♪

Their mind's weak.
They got no intestinal fortitude.

Ain't as strong as Paul. No, no, sir.

Ain't got the guts Paul got.
It ain't their fault.

They was born weak. Otis and his ho.

Car thieves, guttersnipes,
chain snatchers.

They ain't snatching... my gold bars.

Not Paul. No, sir.

I ain't getting fucked again.

Trying to fuck me
with that salt in the Vaseline.

Not Paul. Not this time.


Them son of bitches. Son of bitches.
Son of...

Turned my own son against me.

My own blood.

God damn.


we gonna see who's standing in the end.

I don't care what the VA say.
VA don't know shit from Shinola.

Worst fucking doctors in the world.
Malignancy? Shit.

You made me malignant.

This fucking place here...

bathed me in that lymphoma
Agent Orange herbicidal stew.

Those army bastards,
they scorched the earth with it.

Sprayed that shit in the air
and the water,

my bloodstream, my cells,
my DNA, and my motherfucking soul!

But I ain't dying...

from that shit.

You will not...

kill Paul.

You hear me?

Hear me.

You will not kill Paul.

And the US government
will not take me out.

I will choose


and how I die.

You dig?

You couldn't kill me then,
with three tours,

you sure in the fuck can't kill me now.

Right on?

Right on.

Right on.

Right on.

-I know that thing is throbbing like hell.


Don't thank me. Thank your Uncle Meli-Mel.

You OGs.

Hedy, he's running a fever.
I think that wound is infected.

Look after him.

Get off me! Get off!

Get off!

What's the issue
between you and your father?


Who is she?

My mother.

My mom...

She had a very difficult delivery.

And she didn't survive?

My apology.

I'm intruding. It's none of my business.

My father...

he loved her more than me.

Never let me forget that either.

He has hated me since the day I was born.

All my fault.

I should've died instead of my mother.

Goddamn snakebite. Come on.

Mother... Fuck you!



God, you're a trickster.
Oh, God. You're a trickster.

Come to Papa.

Oh, f--

You got it, Norm. All for you, baby.

Life is a bitch!

If I gotta go out, I gotta go out
like a man, Blood.

-Morals and ethics.

Sounds like Stormin' Norman.

You know,
I keep hearing his voice in my head,

telling me to do right,
just to get it right.

Stormin' had this whole living thing
figured out.

We are not gonna die in Nam.

Come on, let's battle, Blood.


I was asleep. Man, I was fast asleep,
knocked out, man.

God poked and woke me.

I said, "God... God, why you
waking my black ass up?"

God said to me,
"Paul, fuck them motherfuckers.

Keep on keeping on."

I said to God, "God, do what now?"

God raised His voice, didn't yell,

but put some bass
in that heavenly voice, said to me,

"Fuck them motherfuckers, Paul.
They don't know shit.

Do your thing. Show you're right."

What you doing here, bruh?

I've been wanting to talk to you.

About what?

You know.

Go away, man.


No, no, come on now.
Come on now. Come on now.

That I can't do, Paul.

Gonna have to come clean.

Hey, Norm! Norm!


There it is.

It was an accident.

Ain't no thing, Blood.


I forgive you.

You hear that?

I forgive you.

Ain't no thing, Blood.

Come on now.

Come on, Paul. Come on, Blood.

I forgive you.

God is love.

Love is God.

Come on. Hey, you got me now.

You got me good. Ain't no thing.

I'm sorr...

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

I know you, Blood.

I died for you, Blood.

Keep digging. You're outnumbered.

We're always outnumbered.

Where's gold?

Stormin' Norman took it, man.

It was his.

Who's Stormin' Norman?

One bad black motherfucker.

Where's all the GI?

No, I will never tell.

See, we're Bloods. We got a bond.

We fought... in a immoral war
that wasn't ours,

for rights... for rights we didn't have.

They're my brothers.

You killed my brother.

I did.

♪ Don't go and talk about my father ♪

♪ God is my friend
Jesus is my friend ♪

♪ He made this world for us to live in ♪

♪ And gave us everything ♪

♪ All He asks of us ♪

♪ Is we give each other love ♪

-My brother, Marvin.
-You're drunk.

-I ain't never been more sober in my life.

Okay, it's deep enough, man.



♪ Don't go and talk about my father... ♪


♪ God... ♪


♪ ...Is my friend
Jesus is my friend ♪


♪ He loves us ♪


♪ Whether or not we know it ♪

♪ And He'll forgive us all our sins ♪

You all right up there?

-Keep your eyes open.
-On it.

Kool and the Gang.

After you've been in a war,
you understand it really never ends.

Whether it's in your mind or in reality.
There are just degrees.

Tell me about it.

If I happen to die, send my share here.

One of you two should have this.

No. I don't want it.

I ain't fired a gun in my life.

I shoot, I'd probably miss by a mile,
especially with my leg.

My father? You seen him?

My hunch is Desroche is with him.

- Who?
- One of your countrymen.

He set up our deal,
probably gave us the old flimflam.

Perhaps I could appeal to him.

Worth a try.

Are you ready for this?

Blood, this ain't my first time in Nam.

Well, if we live, you'll teach me that.

We're all gonna live.

And maybe someday if I come to Paris,
you can show me the "Champs-Eleesees."

The what?

You know, the "Champs-Eleesees"?
That big thing y'all got.

The Champs-Élysées.

- Bet?
- Bet.

Remember the plan.

Yes, sir.

Who is your pretty companion?


What'd he just say?

That the green
is more important than black.

He asks for Norman's share.

I don't know.

Norman is pretty particular
about what he shares.

-May I ask you a question?

Was Tiên in on all this?

Tiên is a very smart woman,
but she doesn't have the appetite

for a venture like this.
She knows nothing about this.

She is as innocent as you are ignorant.

Well, take the gold and...

leave in peace.

Go with God.

We just want what we came for.


You bastards!

Go, go, go!

- I can't feel a thing.
- Fuck.

Straight through. Through and through.

- You'll survive, buddy.
- Be safe.



Your Bloods are all dead.

There is no one left.

Where is the gold?

Five Bloods don't die, we multiply.

Allow me.

Madness! Madness!

Godfather, you'll be all right.

Dear David.


if you're reading this,
you know I've met my maker.

I gave this letter to... my main man,

your godfather, Otis,

when we landed back in Nam.

I came back to confront the demons
that haunted me and tortured you.

I made you feel like you weren't loved.

Our brother Stormin' Norman always
commanded us Bloods, love one another.

In that way, I failed you, man.

All I can say to you is...

I'm sorry I put you through holy hell.

Believe me...

This just came.

...it wasn't your fault.

There are things about me that you
will never know or understand, David.

I wish I could turn back
the hands of time...

I can't.

Nobody can.

- Mic check!
- Mic check!

- Mic check!
- Mic check!

I got something I gotta share with y'all.

We just received a check
from our soldier Eddie

for two million dollars!

- Mic check!
- Mic check!

- Mic check!
- Mic check!

When I say "black lives,"
y'all say "matter!"

- Black lives!
- Matter!

- Black lives!
- Matter!

- Black lives matter!
- Black lives matter!

Black lives matter! Black lives matter!

Black lives matter! Black lives matter!

Thank you. Thank you, everyone being here
on this sad but beautiful day.

And I'm happy to tell you
that this three million dollar gift

is donated in the name
of my late colleague, Seppo Havelin,

and will work toward
removing mines and bombs,

and also restoring the lives of victims
all over the world.






But to eternity and back,

your dear mother, Jackie, and I...

will love you always.

You best believe
I will love you always, son.

Your father.

Your dad.


I couldn't go back home
without seeing you both before I left.

I miss you.
And I love you so...

And I love you.

♪ Mother, mother ♪

♪ Everybody thinks we're wrong ♪

♪ Oh, but who are they to judge us? ♪

♪ Simply 'cause our hair is long ♪

..."To save the soul of America."

We were convinced
that we could not limit our vision

to certain rights for black people...

but instead affirmed the conviction
that America would never be free

or saved from itself until the descendants
of its slaves were loosed completely

from the shackles they still wear.

In a way, we were agreeing
with Langston Hughes,

that black bard of Harlem,
who had written earlier, "O, yes

I say it plain
America never was America to me

And yet I swear this oath
America will be!"

Be safe.