D Block (2022) - full transcript

A young engineering student along with his friends unravels the mystery around his college where several girls go missing and dead.

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'Karu Palaniappan'

Saran Deep'

Save me.
Is somebody there?

- Hey?
- Yes?

- How long will it take to
- I am not sure

How long will it take?

- Still 10 more kilometers,
- 10 kilometers?!

- Seems, There are 10 more
kilometers, dude
- Gosh.!

Dude, Why do they always build
colleges in the middle of a forest?

Brother.. Brother.. One minute.!

Brother.. Brother.. Stop the
Look, Someone is standing there

Brother, Are you going to AKR
- Oh? Our college?

Check with them brother
They have hired my auto

Ji, Can you drop me at the

- Hop in
- Thanks Ji

Give it
- Come around & hop in

Ji, Which department are you?

- EEE? Ji, What about you?
- EEE, ji

Ji, I am also joining EEE
- Oh? Is it?

We have become a gang

Superb ji
- Superb ji

What is your native place?
- Tirupur


I was traveling in the bus
They dropped me at this spot

Oops.. - Good riddance
You came like a god & saved me

Who is going to save me?

You will be doomed, If you have
struck in this forest

Gosh.. Somehow I reached at last

Hey brother, Without checking
the room
number, You are going on - Thank god

What is your name?

They have allocated Room No. 202
to you
You can go upstairs

What a big hostel, dude?
- Okay, Okay.. Come on

Wait.. Wait.. Which department
are you?
- E.E.E.

- Your name?
- Arul

- Your name?
- Vijay

Lallu, Sir

- Room No. 161 is allocated to
- Okay sir

Go upstairs

- The room is superb
- I will take this bed

Oops.. Oops..

Who is he?
- Buddy?

Hey.. Who are you guys?

- Hey.. Come here
- Yes

Who are you guys?

Brother, We are first year
The warden asked us to stay in this room

Shall I leave, brother?

Hey, Wait
- Okay brother

Ugh.. This warden is jobless

Every year like this he is
me with some guys

Okay, Who are you?

What? Who am I?

Oops.. He is getting tensed
- Hey, I am your senior

- Hey?

Sorry brother.
I can't stop smiling

What? Can't you believe?
- No brother

That's why, I am looking young

Brother, Where can I sleep?
- Go Down

Hey chatterbox..
You can take the upper bed

I'll sleep in the lower bed
Because, I don't like heights

You better sleep on the upper
- Thanks brother

Whoa, Camera.!

Hey.. Put down the camera
If you touch the camera, I'll
kill you

Are you a photographer, Brother?
- Not an ordinary photographer

A wildlife photographer

Superb brother
- Actually, I may capture your

Hey chatterbox.. They'll serve
for breakfast tomorrow

If you didn't bring it to me, I
thrash you & make you cry


What are you seeing?

Ji.. The forest looks so

It'll look even more terrific
when you visit the forest

Yes.! The forest has fox,
elephant, tiger
and all other animals

But, You can't find a lion
- Why ji?

Because, It's here

- Oh god - Seems he is scared

Excuse me Ji? - Yes?
- Ah.. What is that Ji?

Um.. As soon as you arrive..
- What? Why ji?

Ugh.. That's girls hostel
- Oh.. Superb

Kamala.. Vimala.. Geetha.. What?

Why hasn't Meena slept yet?
- Why?

I will call & check with her
- Yeah, Okay ji

Help me to get down
- Thank god


This batch looks interesting

Ah.. My dear students, Welcome
AKR Engineering college

For the past 12 years..
This engineering college..

I am really proud to say
it has been listed as

One among the 10 top
colleges in the state

Thank you.

Okay, Now introduce yourselves
- I am Sowmya, Sir. I am from

Karthi sir

I am Lakshmi, Sir

Dilip sir


Me sir?
- Yes, You

Hey, He is calling you.
Get up

Ah.. My name is Vijay, Sir
I'm coming from Pollachi, Sir


Ah.. My mark is 840, Sir
- Is it?

Ah.. My father gave 4 Lakhs as a
for this college, Sir

Hey, Hey.. You shouldn't say
that here

You sit down.
He is just lying

No, I am not lying. He paid 4
- No, No, No, No.. Sit down.. Sit down..

You are a very good student.
Sit down.. Sit down..


Sir, My name is Arul - Okay

I've scored 1080 marks in higher
- Okay

Actually, I'm interested in
studying psychology
- Then, Why did you join engineering?

What to say? Actually, An
engineer resides
upstairs of our house - Okay

There is an engineering student
in the
downstairs of my house - Okay

There is an engineering student
in my
neighbouring house too - Okay

As I was sitting idle at home,
All my
relatives joined me here, Sir

Yeah.. Okay. Sit down
- Thank you, Sir

This is how many of them are
engineering, It seems

May I introduce?
- Hey.. Sit down

No sir. You already know about
- Okay

- The newcomers should know,
- Okay

- That's why, Sir
- Okay, Carry on

My name is Milo. Always hot

His name is Mayilsamy. But he
feels pride
in saying as Milo, Milo..

- He is just showing-off
- I am your senior

Not only to you,
He is my senior too

If you have any doubts,
You can ask me

Is it?

- I have a doubt. Can I ask?
- Yes, Ask me

- When will you leave this
- First, teach properly. Then, I'll leave

I know that you would have
mocked me

That's why, You are staying here
Do you understand?

Okay. Continue

- My name is Swathi, Sir
- Okay

I've scored 1170 marks
in higher secondary exam

How much?

1170 marks
- Very good. Sit down

I wanted to share with you
One more very important information

You should listen very carefully

Our college is located in a very
thick forest area

The forest has leopards, tigers
wild elephants

The college will be very silent
after 5 PM

Especially if the hostel

plan to roam anywhere here and

You'll see a different version
of me

I'll take very very strict
action, I say

I don't mind, Whoever it is

Do you understand?
- Yes sir

Do you understand?
- Yes sir

Say louder
- Yes sir

[Indistinct chatter]

Hey, What are you doing?

Look here. It doesn't resemble
my face
Show me yours

Ridiculous.. It looks worse than
- Oh, Damn it

What happened, dude?
- I've lost 4 years of my life


At least in school, Saroja,
Valli & others
used to wear anklets over socks & come

I thought that at least town
girls will
look like heroines & selected this college

- Is this your problem?
- No one looks pleasant

Gosh.. This is too much for you

Whatever he says is also right.
will be like that in the first year

But, Everyone will become
in the final year, Okay?

In the final year, everyone
will become beautiful, Right?

Definitely, They will become

- Promise me
- Promise, dude. Okay?

- Friend?
- Oh? Is it him?

Friend, Why is he feeling so

- That's nothing
- Okay..

No one is pleasant in our class,
It seems
He doesn't like anyone

- That's why, He is feeling
- Will anyone feel for such

- Friends?
- Yes?

- Listen to me carefully
- Okay

There is a big curse for
college students like us

- Our senior girls will look
- Oh?

Our junior girls will look very

- But, Our class girls will look
- Correct

That's our fate
But, One thing

I know as where the beautiful
girls of our
college will be?

- I"ll take you there. Come on
- Okay.. Okay

[Singing a song]
What is this, Ji? They are

- Friends, How is it?
- Superb, Right?

- They are superb, Right?
- Looks great, Isn't it?

Hey, She is the girl whom you
mentioned, Right?

Hey, Who are those guys?

- They are mocking everyone
- Leave, Leave

- All of them studied with me?
- They too?

Yes.! I studied with me, passed
their exams and became seniors

Oh? - With that pride, they
mock everyone

- But, Their tricks won't work
with me
- Why is it crowded there, Ji?

- Brother, Give it here
- Patience.. Patience

- Brother, I came first. Give me
the fritters
- I'll serve it hot. Please wait

That crowd?
Please, watch it carefully

Brother.. Brother.. Give it to

Fritters, Right? I'll serve it

- Brother.. Give 2 plates to me
- Look here. The SALT BAE style

Hey.. He is making fritters so

Who is he?

That is the most important
spot of our college

- The fritters shop

It is there from the beginning
this college

Is it?
- Yes

Even the neighbouring college
students wear
our ID tags & come to eat fritters here

This shop is so crowded. Buying
here will be a tough task, Right?

Then, It is very tough
- I have bought it

Look how she is eating by
hiding from others

Damn it!

If it's hot, everyone will eat
by cooling
it, Right? Why is she spitting on it?

Why is she bringing it inside

- Oh? Is it for them?
- Is it for me?

Yes, I bought it

She has bought these fritters
for me buddy


Hey, Why are you gawking when I
am eating?
Come here

Greetings brother

- My friend..
- Hey, Wait dude

Nothing brother

- The saliva in the fritters..
- What? Saliva?

No.. Not saliva.. Actually,
Seeing at the
fritters made them drool

Don't say it, Please

I am telling, Right buddy?
Nothing else

They are newcomers.
Very good fellows

Hey, The warden is coming, dude

Who are the first year students

- What?
- Oops..

Are you celebrating on the first
of college itself?

Buzz off.


Go.. Go..

Go inside
Everyone go inside quickly

Why are you standing even after
being instructed? Go inside


- I am Swathi

- They've shifted me to this
- Oh? Is it? Come in.. Come in

Ah.. Will you take the upper bed
or lower bed?

I'll take the upper bed - Thank
I am afraid of heights

Thank you so much

- Good riddance. You took the
upper bed
- Thank you

If not, I would have got scared
and not slept at all


Oh? She is Riya.
Our roommate

One second.. One second
I am on a phone call


- Which department are you?
- I.T

- Yours?
- Mine is E.E.E

Oh, Okay

Which is your native?
- Madurai

- Yours?
- Chennai

- Ah.. Do you like the hostel
mess food?
- The hostel food is average

- Hi..
- Hi..

- I am Swathi
- I know.. I know.. I heard

How.. Weren't you on a phone

My ears will be listening
everything here

She has been stuck to her phone
since yesterday

- You are first year students,
Aren't you?
- Yes

Warden meeting is there.
Come downstairs

- Shruthi?
- Yes ma'am

- Priya?
- Yes ma'am

- Swathi?
- Yes ma'am

- Riya?
- Yes ma'am

Okay.. Whatever I say now is
very important

Everyone should return to their
around 5.40 PM

We would lock the hostel
main gate by 6 PM

As our hostel is very near to
the forest

No one should come out of
their rooms after 9 PM

Likewise, The lights in
everyone's room
should be switched-off by 9 PM

Most important thing, No one
go to the terrace

- Does everyone understand?
- Yes ma'am. Understood

Has everyone understood?

[Mobile phone vibrating]

Ma'am, I was talking to my
family members

- Sorry ma'am
- Give it

- Sorry
- Give it

Here on, I won't repeat it,

Ma'am, Please ma'am..
Sorry ma'am

This hostel will run on my rules

If someone violates those

You are doomed

- Understood?
- Yes ma'am

- What?
- Yes ma'am

Everyone leave

[Indistinct chatter]

- Excuse me?
- Yes?

Where is the washroom here?

- Go there and turn left
- Okay. Thank you

I am inside. I am inside

- Brother.. Brother.. Give me
the fritters
- This is for you


Be patient.
Please collect it one by one.

Oops.. Everyone will get it

Why everyone is hurrying?
Come on, Take this

- Yes.. Yes.. You can take it
- What?

Be patient, guys

I don't know as how can
I buy fritters in this crowd

The seniors will create a
if I didn't buy for them

Why are you hurrying?

- Stay calm & get it
- Oh, Gosh.!

What is this?

I know that you will come for
It is crowded, Right?

That's why, I brought it for you

If I didn't give it to them,
They will rag me

You can take it

Okay.. Thanks.!

- You can start the procedure
- What? Procedure?

I know it. I won't say it to
You can start the procedure

- Ugh.. Please don't disclose it
- I won't disclose



Hey friend.. I think, Your
friend is crazy

Do you know that he created a
ruckus with the seniors?

Yes buddy. They caught him and
are not leaving him

- What did he do?
- Do you know as what he did?

They are not giving even 5
to bath. Damn it.!

- What life is this?
- Call him, dude

Hey, Come here

- Are you calling me?
- Yes.! Come here

Seniors are sitting here
Won't you greet us?

Good morning, Brother.

Dude, He should be heavily

- Rag him, dude
- Hey, Sing a song

- A song, brother?
- Can you sing?

- Okay brother
- Okay?

(Song from Ghajini movie)

Hey.. Hey..

Stop it.. Stop it.

Wait.. Wait..

Stop it

We thought of humiliating him.
But, He is humiliating us

Hey, Ask him to do something
- Hey buddy, buddy..

- Look there
- Yes.! It was superb, Right?

- Now, He will be humiliated
- Hey brother?

- Can you see a girl coming
- Yes brother

In it, A girl is wearing
white churidar, Right?

Yes brother

Just say one word to that girl,
She should cry

Hey, That one word shouldn't be
a bad word

One word?
That shouldn't be a bad word?

- Okay brother. I am ready
- Ready? Okay?

Hi, aunty!

Hey, She is chairman's
girlfriend, man

What? Chairman?


Wait, I will take care of you
Come on

- Hey, Kneel down
- Brother, Seniors ragged him

- That's why, He unknowingly
said it
- Did it unknowingly?

- Does my girl look like an
- No brother

- Sorry brother
- Sorry?

Are you a player?

I used to play lightly in school

Hey, He is a player, It seems

Let's do this.

Play a match against us

Score 3 goals against us
If you score, You can take him
with you

If not, Then, You too need to
kneel down with him

- No brother. Please leave it
- Hey, Are you scared?

No brother. I've not brought my

Hey, Give shoes to him

Score 3 goals

Hey, He seems pity.
So play gently

Superb buddy

Yet 2 more goals only

Hey.. Defend


Hey buddy, buddy..
Don't miss it

Hey.. Superb, Superb buddy

Hey, Rotate the ball

Hey.. Pass it to me.. Here.!

Hey, Why are they
making him roam around?

If they've guts,
Ask them to play one-on-one

- Stay silent, dude
- Stay silent

Hey, Go forward.. Go forward
- Superb, Superb friend

Hey, Sit and defend him

Don't leave him.
Attack him from front

Superb buddy

- Hey, Fantastic buddy
- Hey, Yes..

- Gosh.. Why did he miss it?
- Oh?

- Hey? Hey buddy?
- Friend?

You played properly, friend
Why did you miss it?

Hey, Now they will punish all of

- Hey, They are coming
- Sorry dude

It's an easy shoot.
Why did you miss it?

Nothing, Everyone is watching
You are a senior to us

It will become a blunder if I
scored the goal & you didn't

You are playing well

- Here on, You can join in our
- Okay

You have to accompany with
us for all tournaments

Superb buddy
- But, You need to come to
practice daily

We are all first year
students, brother

- They won't allow us to play
- That's not a problem at all

- You can get OD
- OD?

You'll have a class
representative, Right?

- Yes
- Ask them

Oh, Okay brother

- Hey, Come to practice without
- Yeah, Okay brother

Hey, I will wear a 7 number
shoe & come to the ground

Superb dude. You are a god

Hey, What do you mean by OD?

- Don't you know what an OD is?
- No!

You sinners..

- OD is like a golden egg
- Okay

Also, With the chairman's
It is like a diamond egg

We can enjoy

- What is he blabbering?
- What are you saying?

Hey, We can come to the college
But, We need not attend the

- We can enjoy completely
- Buddy, If we get the OD

You play inside the court
We'll sit outside & cheer you

Yes buddy

- Please get the OD for us too,
- Hey, What should we do?

Nothing man. If we know our
representative, We can get the OD from them

- Representative? - Swathi, the
girl in our class is our representative

We can check with her &
get the OD, Can't we?

The girl who always roams
with notebook, Right?

- Do whatever you want guys.
Buzz off now
- Hey. Stop dude.. Stop

She is a lunatic

Then, Read this without fail

Then, You can omit this

- That's right. My planning
doesn't fail
- But, Read this without fail, Okay?

Hey, Why are we sitting in the
library now?

Now, You guys need OD, Right?
We need not search for it

But, That will come to us

Okay. But, Why are we sitting
in library for that?

Only when we commit an incident
in library,
It will remain silent

Look what I am going to do now

Hey, Did you come here to read
or flirt?

- What are you doing here?
- He got captured. Let's run

Why? Can't I come here?

You won't come alone.
You will come as a group

Yes, My friends are here
What? No one is there

Oops.. They left me with this
moustache man alone

- Can I say that I came with
- Gosh.. Get lost

Where is the card?
- Card? Card, Right?

Look there. If you open that
You can see the forest everywhere

- You can dry your briefs
wherever you want
- Hey, Are you playing tricks with me?

- How many times have I warned
- Yes.. Yes

Hey, Will you guys
ever come to library?

- What book is it?

- That's.. Actually.. Harry
- Yes..

- Harry Potter?
- Yes

I have read it in my childhood

Okay, What is the other book?

In encyclopedia,
That reproductive system..

- What book is it?
- It's a different book.

Okay, Leave that
Our classmate Suresh is there,

Why? What happened?

The bloody dog..

That bloody dog has lied to me &
got OD
and he is playing in the ground now

He will surely fail in all the
Damn it

Here on, If someone
asks for an OD with me

I will thrash them meticulously

Gosh.. It's okay. I am tensed
saying all these to you

- You carry on with your work
- Thanks Swathi. Go dude

- I will thrash you mercilessly
- Everyone is reading

The management will dismiss

when a librarian like you is
shouting in the library

I will shut up.
You too shut up

Thank god

In the first chapter
of this book

Buddy, Don't go. Don't go

Hey Monica, Why have you done
only for one side today?

Oops.. I forgot my make-up
set in the class itself

Go & check it fastly

Oops.. He is doomed, buddy

- Okay Swathi, How are you?
- Yeah, I am good

- Nothing. I need to talk to you
about an OD
- What? OD?

Yes.. OD.! Why are you reacting
as if I've asked you to elope with me?

- Are you from other department?
- Why do you need an OD?

Won't you laugh?

Look, It's nothing. How many
days can
we stay caged within the class?

I thought of getting an OD,
Roam around the college

Go and play in the ground and
keep ourselves healthy

It's not my wish
Boys wishes, Okay?

Yeah, She accepted

However, Swathi is our friend,
Please don't fill the names

Because, 2 more people will join

Nice.! That's it, guys
The project is over

Give it to me


Nothing. This is a silly matter

If someone else asks OD with
Don't sign for them

They'll misuse it

Come guys

Come.. Come fast

- Hmm.. Will he come with an OD?
- Oh god, They are waiting for

- Look there. He has come
- Okay, Let me manage

Come, dude.

- Saluting you, buddy
- Respect to you, buddy

Then, Why are you standing here?
Come, Let's go

Hey, Come here

- Give it
- Hey, Don't read it

Shut up & go study in class,..
Damn it.!

You call yourself as a Senior
Hey, Come on guys

What? Why are you getting angry
such a small thing?

Last time, A girl scolded me
worse than this

Do you know that I didn't care
much about it?

Hey, What are you saying?
Is it?

Hey, Fantastic dude. Superb
- Hey, Hey, Hey..

Why are you shouting? You'll be
trouble, If our warden visits us now

Gosh.. Nothing like that will
I will manage it

- You tell me
- Gosh.. Hey Shruthi?

- At least, Can you put some
sense in her?
- She is not obeying me too

- You better sleep
- I can't believe you. Is it so?

Hey, Why is the lights turned on
till now?

I told you earlier to
turn off the lights, Right?

Turn off the lights

Hey.. First, Switch-off the


Riya? Can't you obey when said

We are going to face big trouble
because of you

You are doing it even when I am
asking you to stop

Hey, What are you doing
near the door?

- Shruthi?
- What is it?

Someone is there outside

- I heard some moaning voice
- Gosh.!

Gosh.. No one is here

The warden will scold us if she
us standing like this

Come in girls, Please

Hey crazy girl. That's why, I am
asking you
to not draw throughout the night

Gosh.. It's already late. Come
before the warden sees us

Hey, Hey, Hey.. I told you,

I saw a figure outside

- Oh? Is it?
- Yes

If you keep on drawing,
Without sleeping in the entire

This is how you will blabber
a crazy person

Everything is your imagination
If needed, Check outside again

- No!
- Check if something is there?

- What?
- Blabbering..

What about you? Didn't you get
any phone calls?

[Indistinct chatter]

Hey, Why have you made me stand
by waking me up from my sleep?

- Don't you have any other work?
- It's for achieving a good
deed, Right?

- Swathi will come from this
side only
- Okay

- We should at least beg with
her and get 4 days leave

Nice click.!

- OD, dude
- OD, dude..

I can't ask her, dude. If we ask
She will complain to the professor

- If you need, You can ask
- Hey, Buzz off, If you are not interested

Do anything as you wish
You won't obey me, Right?

- They will realize only when
they are doomed
- Yes, this is right

He is such a nuisance. Why are
you capturing
the chest? Capture the face, dude

- Sorry dude. I will reach your
- Buddy, Swathi has arrived

- I can't ask her dude
- Buddy, You will surely ask her

- I can't dude
- Hey, Your girl is coming with
Swathi, dude

Superb man. This is what I want

- Oh god
- Move away

- Hey Swathi, That OD..
- Hey, Hey, Hey.. Stay silent

- Aren't you guys coming to the
- Nothing Swathi. You go ahead. We'll come

- Come fast. I am going
- Okay, Okay

Ask that professor to start
the class after our arrival

What is your problem dude?

You are neither asking nor
allowing us to ask?

- We shouldn't ask her dude
- Then, Whom should we ask?

I understood it

Who are you guys?

She doesn't know, It seems.
Come friend, Let's leave

Who are we? Hey, wait dude
Canteen? Fritters? Saliva?

- Yes, That fritters..
- Oh? Is it you?

Ah.. What do you guys want now?

- All 4 of us need leave
- Need Leave?

- Yes.. Yes
- 4 days

- Leave?
- Only 4 days

Which department are you?

- EEE?

Look, I belong to IT department
If you need leave, ask in your

- Why are you asking me?
- Don't we know that?

- Swathi is your roommate,
- Yes

- She will be sleeping in the
night, Right?
- Yes

Then, Open her bag..
Take the attendance register

You should mark attendance for 4
of us
Very simple

- That's all. A silly matter
- Gosh.. This is a disgusting

- I won't do it
- Ugh.. If this is a disgusting

Hey, Show it to her

This is disgusting to the core
What will happen if we disclose

You shouldn't get shocked for
There is one more disgusting thing here

- Hey, Show it dude. This is
more disgusting
- Thank you, buddy

See. How is it?

- You sinner.!
- This is my friend's

- How is it?
- Taken perfectly with full

Are you splitting saliva in

What? Oops..

- Gosh.. What will you do now?
- The proof?

Think before you fight with a
girl, Okay?

This is an old technique

Hey, Take that
Move aside, dude

Show it to her

- Hey, Look.. Look..Look
- How is it?

See the photo taken by me
Try to tear again

- It'll be delivered to seniors
- Why have you made a movie with

- Yes, My click
- I curse you guys

But, I will do only once.

We'll determine the number of
times, Okay?

Do it correctly this
time Now, Leave


- I will do only once
- Okay, Please go

Put one more day leave for me
I need to take rest

- Buddy?
- Yes?

Isn't she looking cute?

- Hey, It is over. So come
- She looks beautiful from the
back side too

- She is sweet, Right?
- What?

I think that this plan will flop
She won't put OD for us

- He has started blabbering
- Hey, Tell me a plan

"When she is seeing me in a
melting way"

"My legs can't stay on the

"When she is speaking by
blinking her eyes"

"I can't bear it"

"I roamed around uselessly
before seeing you"

"I became extraordinary after
seeing you"

"O' dear, Your smile warms my

"O' your beauty is so soothing"

"My heart roams around you in an
uncontrollable way"

"Speak to me once with a casual

"Your sweet sight intoxicates

"I wish to become an ant & eat
the food
spilled by an angel like you"

"My mustache becomes a rainbow"

"When you see me slightly,
As I enjoy that"

"All my nights have become
and I have lost my sleep completely"

"When we join our hands and walk

"Even the staring walls will
to bloom flowers"

"As we talk leaning on each
other's shoulders"

"Even the sky would wish to
eavesdrop on us"

"When you say HI, my heart jumps
in joy"

"When you say BYE, I become

"My bike will become a flight,
When you hop on it"

"When she is seeing me in a
melting way"

Yeah, Okay
Should I say now?

I will tell you later..
We will meet tomorrow

Ah.. Hello? Hello?

What? Okay.!

What is it? Love?

I am noticing that you are
on the phone

Hey, It's not Love

I am just talking in a friendly

It doesn't look like that

[Mobile phone ringing]
Ah, Actually..

My battery is dead
I'll go to the room & charge the

Okay, Okay, You leave
- I am attending a call. Will
you come now?

No, I'll wash the remaining
clothes & come
You can leave

Yeah.. Okay, Okay
Hello? Hello?

Hello? Can you hear me?

Everyone will wash their clothes
on the same day

Now, Where can I dry my clothes?

Why hasn't it been locked?

Ugh.. Thank god. Such a big

The breeze is so gentle here

Why is that warden restricting
us from
coming here?

Hey, Hey..

Hey, Come without worrying dude
- College is really boring

- Nothing
- Hey, You go to the class

We've a small work.
We'll go & come back

Yeah.. Go on

Why are you looking there?
Come with me

Hey buddy, We won't get caught,

Hey, We won't be caught.
Just come

No buddy. Last time 2 people
were caught
& management troubled them a lot

Gosh.. Hey?
- Yes?

Only I know this spot in this
- Is it?

Okay.. Then, Come on.
- Come on

Hey, Walk fastly dude

Hey wait, I am walking dude

I am not sure as why I've joined
in this engineering course?

Always asking for projects,
assignments, etc

It's all our fate.
What can we do?

I am not able to handle it, dude
- Don't worry about the project

For projects, We have someone in
our hostel
We can ask him to do that

Hmm.. Wait for a second

Hey, Give it to me
- Wait. Take it

For smoking a cigarette.. Oh god

What is this dude?
- What happened?

Smoking it is making me want to
I will pee & come back

Has that girl fallen for you?
- Hey, Shut up

Didn't you've any girlfriends in
these many years?

Girlfriend Huh? Mine?
She got married long ago

Hey, Where were you guys?
I was searching for you for a
long time

What happened?
- Our Swathi was attacked by a

Come fast guys
- Attacked by a leopard?

Hey, Move away.. Move away
Don't stand near the body. Move

Move away.. Hey, Move away..
Don't come near the body. Move

What happened to her?
- Who are you?

Sir, She is my close friend
- Okay, Go

[Indistinct chatter]

Hey, Move away
I am asking to not form a crowd,

Can't you hear me?
Move away

Hey, I am asking you.
Move away

Sir, The problem is going out
of our control

We can handle media & press to
a minimal extent only

If students start to protest,
You may need to shut down the college

Sir, What else can we do?

We have fenced the entire
scaring for the leopards

The students shouldn't go out of
the campus after 6 PM

They can't go to the terrace

We have imposed a lot of random
rules like this

After all these, if this girl
goes to the
terrace, What can we do?

What can you do? Sir, You are
the root
cause for all these problems

You've constructed this college
destroying the forest

What else do you expect other
leopard attacks?

That's why, We are paying bribes
to you every month

It'll better if we find some
to capture the leopard

I am being tortured for

Do something, please

Take this

What can we do with this?

The members in the department
has been changed

It's not like earlier
We need to bribe many people

- Okay
- Please do something

When did you see her finally?

- She was washing her clothes at
- Okay

- I was on a call & slept
- Okay

I can't find her in the room
I woke up in the morning

Only after that..

Why do you girls behave like
College has imposed a lot of rules

They have fenced around the

Even after all these, If she
goes to the
terrace, What else can we do?

Look, There is a dense forest
around you

Do you know as how many wild
animals are roaming around?

You should be very careful

At least, Be careful from now

Don't cry, dear

I am asking you to not cry,

We trusted such a big college
admitted our daughter to study here

Will you send her back as a dead

Sir.. We have imposed a lot of
and regulations

If your daughter goes to the
irresponsibly, What else can we do?

Madam, You can blame anything on

But, don't say my
daughter is irresponsible

We thought that she will study
well and
take care of us

We have lost our only hope

Here on, Why should we stay

Mom, These are Swathi's

We will keep this drawing alone
as a memory of her

After losing our daughter, What
will we
do with her drawing?

At least, You girls stay
- Okay

Hey Shruthi?
- Yes?

Don't cry

I shouldn't have left her alone

I slept without even checking
she came to the room or not

Why are you thinking like that?

You didn't commit any
mistakes in this

She even said that she saw a
before a couple of days

She was very disturbed
I didn't take her so seriously

I feel that she wasn't attacked
by a leopard

Look here Shruthi. She was
attacked and killed by a leopard

You don't confuse yourself

No Arul
- Gosh.. Look here, Shruthi

I am not able to see you like

Everything will be alright
Don't worry

Hey, Hey, Hey..
- Do you need the ball? Take it

Superb dude. That's how you
annoy him
- If you throw up, How can I catch it?

- Come on. Take it

Hey.. Hey..

Hey guys.. Pass it to me once
I will also goal it

Always you are scoring the goal

Hey Lallu.. Pass it to me

- Buddy?
- What dude?

Isn't that girl staring at us?

- I too noticed her. Ask her to
come here
- She is our senior

Come on.. Come on.. I am calling

Hi.. I am Maya. Your senior

You are Swathi's friends,


I saw a drawing in college
It was drawn by Swathi, Right?

Yes.! Why are you asking about

Do you have the original
drawing with you?

Shruthi has that original
Why do you need that?

Ah.. Let's not talk about that

Come near the bus parking by 4

Also, Don't forget to bring that

- Did you bring that drawing?
- Yes. Give it to her

- Look here
- What's there to see in it?

One minute

Both look similar

This was drawn by my friend
during our first year of college

Before 4 years

This was drawn by your friend
Swathi now,
after 4 years

Both these drawings look similar

But, the both who drew these
are not alive now

What are you trying to say?

These many days, I was thinking
Poornima had died by a leopard attack

But, When I saw this drawing in
the college magazine

That's when, I realized that

There is some relation between
drawings, the figure in them & the girls hostel

Sister, We have just come out of
the grief of losing our friend

We came to study in the college
Please, Leave us

Vijay, I am saying this

Don't blabber something &
confuse us
Please, Leave us

Hey buddy, She is blabbering
You come with me

Arul.. Arul.. Listen to me once
- Hey, Leave me


- Yeah, Tell me

Where are you?
- In the room. Where else would
I be?

Are you angry?
- Am I angry?

Nothing like that
- Your voice doesn't seem right

No, It's fine

Ugh.. Okay. Had your dinner?
- Yes, I ate

Do you know what day is it
- Tomorrow is Wednesday. I know that

What? Are you joking?
- I am not joking

What is so important tomorrow?
- What? Don't you have anything
to say?

No, What should I say?
- Nothing, Right? Nothing,

Gosh.. I hate you
- Hey?

Oops.. Hey, Don't be angry

What? Is everything ready?
- Yes. All set

Hey, He would've done it
correctly, Right?
- Whom are you doubting?

He is Project Mani. He does the
for everyone in this college

He'll think creatively like a
crazy fellow
But, He does everything perfectly

But, If we interfere when he is
He will get confused

First, open the door
- Everyone, Please come. This is
his room

Stop talking & open the door

Oops Mani..
- Hey, Boiled egg

I will thrash you, idiot
- Hey, Who is the idiot here?

Me or You, who isn't wearing any

That's.. Yes, If my bottom is
Then, I can think creatively at the top

Didn't I tell you earlier?
- Okay, Who are you guys?

- Who are we? Hey, Haven't you
told him?
- What Mani? Have you forgotten?

That junior Love project
Love.. Love.. Love.. Love

Oh? That love?
- Yes.!

I've kept that project somewhere

Yeah, It's here.
Please wait

Hey, Come everyone.
Please, help me

Hey, Take it.. Take it
Please, be careful

Hey, Please lift it carefully,
- He has covered it using towel

Okay, Whose love is it?
- It's mine

Your love is 100 percent
confirmed, Okay?

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks

Bro, Will these lights glow?
- Yes, They will glow. Check now

Hey, Take that battery
- Hey, Take it. Take it fastly

Gosh.. Hey, Take it dude
- Okay

Okay, Where can I place it
to make the lights glow?

Give it.

Which course are you studying?

- Yes

Damn it.!

Look here

Superb brother
- You need to place this wire in
this circuit

- Ah.. How's it?

I have already told you, Right?
- Ah.. How's it?

Superb bro
- Ha.. ha.. ha.. Peace bro

Hey, He is sleeping..
Don't wake him up

Look, How distant the boys
and the girls hostel are?

Come.. Come fast

You are running with bare hands
But, We need to lift this,

Hey chatterbox.. Come fast
Come fast. Oh god, There is a

Oh? Isn't it a pit?
Come fast dude

Oh god.. The warden is standing
Hide somewhere

[Indistinct chatter]

Hey, She is flashing the light
on our back
Please, don't move & stand like trees

I don't know where this watchman
went-off to!

Oh, gosh.!

You are shivering, Right?
Please go inside, madam

Hey, She has gone inside
Come on, Come on

- Hey, Come on. Come on
- Hey, Run without making noise

She may come outside again

Hey, they said that there is a
surrounding our college

But, They've constructed the
college in the
middle of the forest - Hey, Shut your mouth

Oh god. Here?
- Hey, Keep it fast

- Be careful, Be careful
- Hey, Give it here. Place it

Hey, Keep it properly

Hey, Arrange it quickly

Hey, Arrange it faster

What? To set her for you,
We should set this?

Hey, Set it fast guys

Hey, This is the right wire
not that one

Hey, That's my waist band
Please, stay quiet

- Hello?
- Hey, Where are you?

I am here only
- Hey, Be silent

I am at the hostel only
- Don't I know that?

I am at the backside of your
Come out & see

What? At the backside of
- Yes

Hey, It'll become a
problem, if warden sees you

You better come
Hey, Do it faster

Hey, Idiot, do it
- You connect to her while we
connect here

Wait, I am coming

Hey, What are you guys doing


If our warden sees this, It'll
a huge problem

Please, Leave now guys

Hey, Are you done guys?
- Buddy, It's ready

Do it fast. The warden may
- Wait dude

After doing everything hastily,
now every wire looks similar

Look whether it is this wire?
It is glowing now

This is my idea

It's my idea

Hey, It's a ghost, dude

Come, Let's go

'Project Mani' never does
any proper projects

You are doing only such useless

If I see you again with them,
I'll kick
you out of the college.


You tonsured head, Are you
complaining against us?

Bloody educated illiterate idiot

Guys, How brave enough are you
to go to
the girls hostel through back gate?

What will you do if a leopard
- Sir, It's our mistake to go there

But, We didn't see a leopard
- Then?

Sir, He looked tall,
black-skinned and like a ghost

Shut your mouth

What? Are you cooking stories to
hide the
mistake done by you?

Sir, Whatever he is saying is
the truth
We didn't see a leopard


I am suspending all 4 of you for
a week
This is your bloody last warning

If you ever repeat such mistakes
I will dismiss you from the college



Get out fast
- Go quickly, guys

Hey.. Why did they suspend us?

Already, I've problems at home
Also, Why is he saying that we
are lying?

This college management is
something from us

Hey, Whatever we saw there
was a ghost, Right?


First, We need to find out this
Till then, Don't discuss it to anyone

Even with Shruthi?
- Hey, We should not say to her

She has just recovered from
Swathi's incident

We shouldn't say these to her &
confuse her more, Okay? Come on

No one will believe us too

I don't understand whatever's
happening here. Gosh..

Arul, What happened?
- Okay, You go to canteen. I'll
join you

Shruthi, Come here
- Hey, At least, Did you see it

We saw it correctly, Right?
- Hey, What's the big problem?

What did the Principal say?
- Nothing to worry

Yeah, Okay
What did you guys see yesterday

Leave that. Did your warden
question you?
- Hmm.. No.!

I think that she might not know
I came to visit you yesterday

You don't worry
You won't face any problems
because of this

Arul.. Won't I face any
Why are you separating me & you?

Nothing, dear. I don't want
to involve you in this

What's the problem?
First, Tell that to me

Shh.. Happy Birthday

- Oh?

Did you come to the hostel's
to visit this madam yesterday?

Madam is in Love, Isn't it?

Go to the class

You leave

I am asking you to leave, Right?
- Go Shruthi

Are you in Love?

Are you roaming around
to show heroism?

What if you had died yesterday?
- At least, You believe me,

What I saw wasn't a leopard for
That was something else

Hey.. Why are you lying to me?

You came to study in the
college, Right?

Instead, If you roam around
of Love.. I'll rip you apart

No madam. Please, listen to me
- Hey.. Leave

Sister.. We saw the same figure
this drawing yesterday

That's what, I said earlier
But, None of you believed me

What can we do now?
- From our knowledge..

Both the girls who saw
this figure has died

We don't know how many girls
have died before

First, We need to find that

Find it?
- Yes

How many girls are studying by
staying in our college hostel?

How many of them has
discontinued &
Why did they discontinue?

If we inquire all such things
Then, Simple

We can find out as what
is happening here?

Okay, But where can we find the

Hmm.. We don't have any other
We need to steal the college register

Stealing? We can't steal, sister
- Hey, Shut your mouth

Where can we find that register?

Principal will go out to eat in
the canteen

Then, Me & Vijay will enter his

You can stand outside and watch
out for us
- Okay buddy

You wait in the canteen till he
completes his lunch

Inform us when he leaves the
Before that, We will steal the register

Okay dude
- Hey, Hey, Hey..

They suspended us for going to
backside of girl's hostel

Now, You are calling us to steal
in Principal's office

If we are caught, We will be

Hey, Who is he?
- He is a chicken. Can't you see

You can laugh out guys
I will come back to college in a

If you are caught, You will be
I am not playing this game

Hey, Where are you going?
- Hey, Wait dude. Gosh.!

Hey buddy, He is leaving
- Hey, Stay calm for sometime

Good afternoon

Hey, Come on.. Come on. Run..

Good afternoon, Ponshekar
- Good afternoon

Hey, Nothing will happen. Come
- Hey, You stay here. Okay?

Yeah, Okay dude
- Call us if someone comes

Okay, Okay

Hey, Check that room

- Yes?

College owner has come, Sir
- What?

College owner has come
- Owner?

Ah.. Oops.!

Will someone wear churidars for
- Then, Can we wear nighties?

Wear nightie & come. It'll
become a trend
All the boys will flock you

What is this?

Are you an animal lover?
- How did you find out?

You are wearing tops of '101
- Hey, Our principal is coming

Don't worry. He won't come for 1
more hour
- Good morning, Sir

Good morning, Owner
- Oops.. We were warning you,

Hey, Be quiet girls
Oops.. They will be caught

Hey, Check this one

Give me

Hey, This is the register dude

Hey, What's your problem man?

You are calling me unnecessarily

Look, I have come in-person
Tell me

Sir, That's actually..
- Tell me, man

Sir, 4 of our college students
have gone
to the girls hostel

They saw something there and
they are
saying they saw a ghost and seem scared

Look, Don't you understand?

These boys would have gone to
ogle at the girls near the

As soon as you caught them, They
blabbering it's a ghost or something

You are talking without
understanding this

No sir. An incident happened to
watchman's daughter, Right?

I am thinking of a resemblance..
- Gosh.. Oh god

That issue is cleared
Why are you confusing both these

Why illiterates like me,
Construct a college...

and appoint people
like you as employees?

Because, You are an educated
No, Thinking that you'll handle such issues

Look, Already we've constructed
the college
by encroaching the forest

However, Before next year, I'll
bribe the
minister & get the land registered

But, If they find out before
I am not a sage for them to forgive me

I am an ordinary person
They will seal the entire

That's.. Actually..

We are charging 4 Lakhs to 8
per seat as donation

If they seal & close the
Will you give that money to me?

You won't pay, Right?
Shut up & Do as I say


By next week, I am traveling to

Please, don't call me for such
silly matters, Okay?

Okay Sir

Okay. Has that Vimala
teacher come today?

Yeah, She has come, Sir
- Come and show me

I will meet her & leave

Yes, He came back
Sir, I am not involved in this

It was their plan. Sir.. Sir?
Why are they leaving?

He has left

Buddy, What happened?
- Come fast

Come.. Come

Till now, A total of 12 girls
discontinued their studies

Out of which, We have the reason
the discontinuation of 4 girls

The reason for 8 girls is not

Out of them, We know my friend
and your friend Swathi

So, We can conclude 8 girls have

Yeah.. But, We don't
know how they died?

And why haven't anyone spoken
about this so far?

I heard the conversation of
principal and
the college owner

The reason for hiding all these
deaths is

Because, The college has been
by encroaching the forest

If this comes to limelight,
The authorities will shut down
the college

So, They have hidden everything

They won't disclose this even if
other girls die

They will use their influence &
hide it
- Yes.!

What can we do now, Arul?

Check the occupation of the
of missing girls

Arul, One of the girl's father
is a watchman

That too, He was a
watchman in our college

So, This has happened to the
daughter of our college watchman

If we meet him, We will get the
for all our questions

Is this his house?
- Yes.. This is his house

Okay, We don't know whether he
available or not?

Why is the house locked, dude?
- Gosh.!

Call Maya & check with her
- Who are you?

What do you want?

Greetings uncle
- Greetings.. Greetings

We are Manimegalai's schoolmates
He is getting married next month

That's why, We came to invite
- Oh? Is it?

Okay, Come inside
- Okay uncle

Come on

Sit down. Brother, You too sit

Hey, Look there

She is Manimegalai

Take this. Drink some water
- Thanks uncle

Huh.. Where is the marriage
- In Coimbatore

Oh? When is it?
- On 26th.. 27th..

26th or 27th? Say clearly
- 27th uncle

Okay, We both will attend the
- What?

Because, She has gone to work
I'll update her once she returns...

and we will attend the marriage
- Is your daughter alive?


Hey, Who are you guys?

Gosh. Uncle, We are coming
from AKR College

Are you coming from there?
Why did you guys come?

Hey, Get.. Get out
- Uncle, Listen to us once

Were you lying to me about the
- Uncle, Please uncle

Let us explain you. Please uncle
- Go, Get out. You too get out

Uncle, Please understand us
Uncle, Uncle.. Please understand

No, Impossible. First, Leave
this place

If you co-operate, all the
will be resolved, uncle

No, Not needed.
Go away immediately


They said no one is there at
Who is that uncle?

That is unnecessary for you
Please, leave immediately

Please uncle. Try to understand
- No, Impossible

Hey, Will you go away or not?
- Uncle, Please listen to me

Uncle, Please listen to me
- Impossible

Brother, Listen to me. Don't go

Uncle, Please stay silent
- Hey, Leave me

Hey, I am warning you. Don't go
- Uncle, Please stay silent

No.! Don't open that door

Manimegalai, Come here
- What, Dad?

I am telling you, Stay away from
that girl

Dad, Be quiet

Yesterday, She was talking
with some guy for one hour

As if I'll spoil your daughter
Come on. Let's leave

Where did this Manimegalai go?

Oh god.
She has not come back yet

Did you see Manimegalai
in the college?


I didn't see her from morning
She had not come to college too

Oh god. Is she staying in her

I didn't see her in the room
when I went for lunch

She wasn't there then too?
- No.!

Where would she have gone?

Oh god

Sir, I need to see the principal

Chokkalingam, He left by 5 PM
What's the matter?

Sir, My daughter hasn't returned
to the hostel

I searched her throughout the
I can't find her anywhere

Can I go to the town
once & check for her?

Hey, What are you saying?
If you go in search of your

There are 150 girls in the
Who will take care of them?

She will come back before the
Don't be scared

Don't be scared
- Sir? Sir?

Hello? Sir?

I told him that, Girls will be
in the hostel

She might have gone to the town
- Okay

I sent him away telling
that she'll come tomorrow


Then, He asked whether we can
a police complaint?

You send him to me. I'll take
- Okay Sir

Manimegalai, Where did you go?


Sir? Sir?

My daughter is missing from
yesterday night
- What are you saying?

You are the watchman of girls

and you are saying that
your daughter is missing?

I searched everywhere for her
I can't find her

She might have gone to the city
stayed back at her friend's house

She will return by morning
- No Sir, She won't go anywhere

She doesn't know anything other
me & college

Sir, Can I file a police
complaint that
my daughter is missing?

Police complaint?
- Yes sir

What? Are you playing? Your
would have eloped with someone

You will file a police complaint
that your daughter is missing

Today morning, In Television and

AKR college girl has
eloped with her lover

The principal has played the

Such a news should come in
and news channels, Right?

What is this, Sir?
I am saying that my daughter is

But, You are blabbering
- Shut up

Are you showing your arrogance?

Allowing her to roam & talking
like a saint
- Sir, I won't respect you anymore


Your daughter is lying dead near
the hostel
back side due to the leopard attack

Give way.

Oh, God!

Oh god.. Manimegalai?

Oh god. My daughter has left me

Manimegalai, You have left me
in this world

Hey, She is breathing

Uncle, Lift her. Let us take
her to the hospital

Lift her, guys.

Lift her quickly


Dear.. Manimegalai?
- Dad?

What happened, dear?

Wait dear

- Yes?

In the hostel, On that night..

Run away

Run away

Run away.

Leave me

Brother, don't do it

Brother, don't do it


Brother.. Don't do it. Leave me
Please, brother

I won't tell to anyone, brother
Please leave me back at the

Brother, Please.
I am very scared

Brother, Please.
Leave me

My father would be waiting for
me, brother

My father has no one else other
than me

Please brother.. Please

Leave me. Can I go?

Can I go, brother?

Wow.! Superb.! Fantastic.!

Both father & daughter are
a well fabricated story

- Stop it, man

Now, Can I tell the real story?
- What?

She would have eloped with

Some problem would have happened

Without knowing as how to handle
that problem

You are saying some random story
around the college hostel

and performing a drama like this
to extract
money from the college

Oh god.. No sir
- Shut up

I can read it on her face..

Manimegalai, Stop dear

What is this, Sir? I am
speaking out of
pain on seeing my daughter like this

But, You are blabbering
No Sir, I don't need this job anymore

Me & my daughter will go
somewhere and lead a life


But, One thing, Sir?
- Yes?

You won't have a good death, Sir
- Okay, Okay.. Leave, Leave..

You & that crazy girl, Both go &
admitted in some mental hospital

Manimegalai? Manimegalai?

'She would have eloped with

'I can read it on her face'

'Both father & daughter are
a well fabricated story'

'Performing a drama like this
to extract money'

Dear Manimegalai? Come. Let's
go home
- Dad?

- Am I lying, dad?

Leave them aside. Don't believe
You come, dear

Am I a characterless girl?
- Dear, Listen to me

Come, Let's go home
- Am I a characterless girl?

Manimegalai.. What are you

Look at me. What happened to

Am I a characterless girl?

Oh god. My daughter is
repeating the same statements

He said that I am lying about
- I don't know what happened?

Manimegalai.. What happened to

Am I a characterless girl?
- No dear

I am there for you, Manimegalai
- Am I a characterless girl?

My daughter..
- He said that I am lying about

I don't know what happened to my
- Am I a characterless girl?

Have it, buddy
- Okay

Hey, Come quick dude
- What?

Brother, Keep the change


Hey, Wake up. It is getting late

Have you slept at the table?
I forget where I kept this book

What? What is all these, dude?

College Magazines. Where did you
find all of them?

Maya, Where are you?
Immediately, Come out of your

Gosh, Come out. I will explain
- Hey, What happened dude?

Come, I'll explain you
Come Maya

We believed that leopard attacks
is the
reason for all the incidents in the college

That's how the college
believed too

But, Leopards are not behind
these murders
- Are they not due to Leopards?

Then, Are you believing the
watchman? Is that the truth?

Yes.! As you said,
From police report to-

-postmortem, everywhere it
is mentioned as Leopard

But, None of the leopards follow
same pattern to kill

A pattern? What are you saying?

Gosh.. Listen. I'll explain as
can understand

A man will kill either in anger
for revenge

Likewise, An animal kills either
for hunger
or to escape from humans

But, apart from these 2 things,
After selecting their targets

A man who enjoys his killing
is the reason for all these

If it's not a leopard or a
What we saw that day was a ghost?

That's not a ghost

He is a psycho
- What? A psycho?

Hey, What is he saying?
Hey, Wait.. Wait

Look, Based on Manimegalai's

Someone is coming to the hostel

He is remaining invisible and he
kidnapping & killing the girls of his wish

He made everyone blame the
leopards for
these deaths and he is roaming happily

Now, Where would he be?

Normally, It is looking like
a broken branch

But, What if, Someone uses this
his trespassing path?

What are you saying, Arul?

According to her father, He held
Manimegalai as a captive in some

Hey Milo, Watch your steps
- Yeah, Okay. You go ahead

Hey, Come man
- Yes, I am coming

- Tell me, Maya

You said that you found a
pattern, Right?
What pattern is it?

You said that your friend
knows to draw, Right?


What else does she know?
- She dances well

What dance?
- Bharatanatyam

Then Swathi?
- She too performs Bharatanatyam

We saw a photo in our
watchman's house, Right?


In that photo?
- Yes dude. It was a
Bharatanatyam pose

Then, Is that psycho kidnapping
the girls who dance Bharatanatyam?

Out of the 8 girls whom he has
Only 5 know to dance Bharatanatyam

What about the other 3?
- The other 3 may know to dance

But, They have not danced
in college cultural event

Their photos are not available
in college magazines too

- Hey?
- Hey

- Without knowing the situation?
- Sorry buddy

Buddy, We've already reached the
center of the forest

We have a girl with us
We can manage if it's only us

Let's leave, buddy
This is an unwanted trouble

Let's go
- Maya, Come. Let's go

Okay, Let's go
- Milo, Come. Let's go

I am not able to forget
our Poornima

She stayed so happily during
our college days

Don't you think that each of her
has some inner meaning in it

- Yes mom. I am coming

Hey Maya, I will call you later
- Okay

Tell me, Sir. How are you?

Seems, You went trekking into
the forest
with some girl?

Hey, Nothing like that
I will explain everything to you

Okay, But who told you this?
- How will you tell me such

Milo told me
- Hmm.. Did he say?

He is always doing such things

Seems she is a senior. Huh?

Hello? Hello? Hello?

Can you hear me or not?
- I'll call you later. Now, Hang


[Mobile phone ringing]

[Mobile phone ringing]


Buddy, Shruthi is coming
- Arul, What is happening here?

Yesterday, You went into the
with that girl

She has died today and everyone
is telling that she committed

Now, Are you going to tell me or
- Look here

Some unusual things are
in this college

Listen to me if you want to
prevent them

What are you saying?
I don't understand anything

Do you believe me or not?
- Yes, I believe

Show this drawing to everyone
in your hostel

Out of which, Inquire the
Bharatanatyam dancers

Whether they have seen this

If someone has seen, Call me

Okay, I will ask everyone

Who has been in this college
since a long time ago?

Principal, dude

Hey, How can we go & tell
these things to him?

Buddy, Our canteen fritters shop

From this college's construction
I used to sell tea & fritters in a cycle

The principal tasted my fritter,
appreciated it and offered me a
shop here

From then till now, I have been
in this college, brother

Do you remember any problematic
in this college?

Brother, From then till now,
Only that leopard problem is

Please think once & tell me
- Hmm.. A problem to think..

Hmm.. Yes.. Brother..

A huge ruckus happened while
constructing that D-Block

Hey.. Where did you go?
I was searching for you

They might close the mess
Go fast and eat

I will go to eat after bathing

No.. That's all it is

Don't try to manage it. Go.. Go
- Okay

There he is

Don't leave him.. Don't leave

Don't leave him.. Don't leave
Hit on his head, dude

Hey, He was peeping on you,
Go and thrash him


Hey, He will never reform
Go and beat him on that spot

Dude, He might die
- Hey, Don't do that

Hey, Go and catch his leg. Go


'Police station
J-8 Velliangiri. Coimbatore -

Hey.. Take this and go change
your dress

Hey, Sit down

- Greetings Sir. Hey, Get up..
Get up
- Okay

- Hey, What case is it?
- Pickpocket, Sir

- Is it?
- Yes

Lock him up in that cell

Hey.. Move. Hey.. Move.. Move.

- Go & sit in the cell. Go
- Constable, Why is he sitting

He was peeping when girls were
So, Everyone has thrashed him

- Is it?
- Yes, Sir

Sir, Come here

- Greetings, Sir
- Come on

- Sit down
- Okay

- Tell me, What's the matter?
- Nothing, Sir

- He has peeped in when a girl
was bathing
- Okay

So, All the boys thrashed him
Please, don't take it seriously

We'll take care of that

Constable, We have 4 pending
cases, Right?

Impose those cases on him
& get his signature. Go

Okay sir

- Hey, What sort of hair is
- No, Sir..

- Sir.. Won't you question them?
- They are not listening to us

- Whom will they listen to, if
not you?
- Brother? What is your name?

Leave that, Sir
I will handle it on my terms

I am asking you, Can you hear or

Is it?


There is a girl involved
So, don't enlarge it

That's why, I am dealing without
the girl

- What is your age?
- 35

- Father's name?
- Marimuthu

- Please don't disclose the
college name, Sir
- Okay, Do you have any scars or moles?

- Constable?
- Sir?

Ask him about his native place

Which is your native place,

- Masinagudi
- Sir, It's Masinagudi

- Sir, Come this side. Please,
come sir
- What sir? What happened?

Sir, Please come this side
Constables, Lock him in the cell

Sir, Who is he?

He is not an ordinary person
as you think

Before 20 years, I was working
as an
head constable in Masinagudi

Then, A terrible event has
which can't even be imagined in dreams

A 15-year-old boy called Kaali
showed any interest in playing

and was always interested in
staying alone

But, He had interests on many
other things

Those interests kept increasing

One day he was hiding something
in a pot without his father's

When his father inquired him &
checked the pot

He saw a lot of hair clusters

He got terrified and inquired
about it

Kaali smiled & said that those
were his friends'

His father noticed a bit of
blood stain in his hand

and asked him to show his

Then, Kaali took his father to
a dense forest

When they went behind a rickety

2 girls between the age of 12 &
14 were
lying there brutally murdered

and their body parts were

Without understanding the
When he saw his son

He was smiling without any guilt

His father was shocked and he
that his son is mentally unstable

But, Thinking that he should not
lose his only son

The father hides the dead bodies
those two girls

A woodcutter saw these events
and informed in the village

The entire village questions
Kaali's father

He took the blame to save his
son's life

The entire village kills Kaali's
before him

After 1 year, 3 girls who came
as tourists
to that place went missing

The entire village searched for
them in the forest

But, They did not go missing
They were kidnapped by Kaali

He even murdered 2 girls

But luckily, One girl escaped
from him and
informed us everything

When he was arrested, The entire
followed us to thrash him

Then, He was smiling in front of
in that jeep and I still remember it

We came to know all the past
in our interrogation

Then, I came to know that he had
from the Juvenile home

After that, I am seeing him now

- Let me see how he escapes
- Okay sir

- Hey, Order a Tea for me
- Okay sir

Hey, Check whether he is there

After that, I thought that he
create a ruckus in the college again

But, He never turned up
and I too forgot him

Okay, Why are you inquiring
about this now?

Nothing brother. Just to know
about the college

I have some work in the canteen
Can I leave?

Thanks brother

- You have heard him, Right?
- Yes? What about it?

This college and D-Block..
Everything was constructed by

Then, we saw him with some black
coating on that day, Right?

- Why was that?
- I don't know

He might have some reasons for

You go to the right side
I'll go to the left side

Let's see, if we are getting any
about his trespassing

Let's go & check that side

- Hey, What happened dude?
- No, Nothing!

What is it, buddy?

Hey, He is climbing up through
this way

[Mobile phone ringing]

- Tell me, Shruthi
- A girl has seen that figure in
the drawing

- Where is she now?
- In the auditorium

Wait. I am coming

Do you remember where you saw

- Who?
- Arul, this girl here

- When did you see that figure?
- One night, in the hostel..

I am scared after hearing all

I will call my parents & go home

Don't be scared
Already, Many girls have died

We don't know how much more
girls he is going to kill

If you help us, then, we can
all these murders

Hmm.. Yeah, Okay

Please don't be scared
What are we going to do now?

First, We will go inside
If he comes, Milo will call you

- Enter inside immediately
- No problem. We will be ready
by that time

- Whenever you call us, we will
enter in
- Okay

Okay, How will you enter into
the hostel?

We can enter only by 9 PM

Open it quickly. Hey, Come

- Hey, Go
- Careful.. Careful

Go.. Go.. Go

- Today, He may come
- How can you say it so

I don't know whether he'll come
or not

But, If he comes, what can we

Can we leave her alone knowing
that he will come for her?

Hey, It's 9 PM. The warden will
now for her rounds

We can discreetly go to Anisha's
only if we start now

- Come quick. I will guide you
to her room
- Hey, Have you informed the seniors?

Dude, I have informed everyone
If there is a problem, Our boys
will enter

- Hey, Come on
- Okay, Go

- Arul?
- Yes?

- What happened?
- I can't bear it if something
happens to you

Look here. Nothing will happen
to me

Don't worry, Okay?

Hey Arul, What are you doing
It's getting late. Come on

- Okay, I am leaving
- Okay

Hey, Come fast.. Come fast

Get in.. Get in.. Quick

- Hey, Go fast
- Arul?


Hmm.. Damn it
If I capture him..

Hey, You won't do anything
Why are you torturing me?

- Buddy, I am scared
- Can you guys stay quiet for

- If he comes, we will take care
- Hey, How can you remove your

- That's a wig
- What? A wig?

I thought all the Bharatanatyam
will have long hair

Should all the Bharatanatyam
have long hair?

- I just keep it since it looks
- Just for that?

Did you notice how she has
tricked us, dude?

He saw a lot of hair clusters in
the pot

They are shortening their hair
in the
name of fashion

Hey, You said that you saw that

- Did that figure see you?
- Actually.. I saw it

But, it was looking at something

Looking somewhere else?
Hey, You said that it saw you

Now, You are saying it was
somewhere else

Look, We brought these to
protect you

Tell something correctly

- Hello?
- Tell me, Swetha. What

Hello Arul, He thrashed me and
kidnapped Shruthi

- Hey, What happened? Tell us
- Buddy, What happened?

Dude, What happened?

- Gosh.. What is it?
- Hey, What's happening? Tell

- It is locked
- Locked?

Who locked the door?

Hey, Who locked it? Open the

Please, Open the door. Who?
Who locked the door? Open it

How dare you to enter into the
girls hostel
by fooling me?

Now, I captured everyone

I won't open the door until the
of principal & correspondent

Oh god, Madam.. Listen to me
Please, open the door

Um, You guys should've
been dismissed earlier-

-for visiting the
backside of girls hostel

How dare you enter inside the

Let me see how you are going to
continue your studies in this

Oh god.. Madam, Leopard attacks
are not
the reason for these hostel deaths

He is a psycho
Now, He has kidnapped Shruthi

Please understand us. If you
don't believe,
Please go and check in Shruthi's room

Hey, However you lie, I won't
open the door

Oh god, Madam.. We came to the
to capture him

We thought that he was
Bharatanatyam dancers

But, He has kidnapped
girls who had long hair


Now, He has kidnapped Shruthi

Please believe me, madam

He is crazy over hair, madam
Believe me

Believe me, madam

Leave me

- Leave me
- Hey..

- Hey.. Leave her
- Oh god

Hey buddy.. Run.. Save her

Hey buddy.. Hey..
He came this side

Buddy.. How can we miss him?
Where did he go?

Hey.. He is going there. Come on

Buddy, We should somehow save

- Hey..
- What can we do, buddy?

[Indistinct chatter]


Hey.. Hey..

- Hey, Gosh..
- Go that side, dude

Hey guys, Go fast

Hey, Hey, Hey.. Wait dude
Where are you going?

- I don't know where Shruthi is,
- Already, We are lost in the woods

Buddy, Think patiently once
before you proceed

I am scared, dude

- By which way did we come?
- Not sure, dude

Oh no, We can't find the way

Which side would he have taken

Dude, I am scared

- Hey, Pass the light on that
side and see
- There?

Buddy, watch your steps

- Buddy, You go up. I will watch
- Okay, I am going

Hey, Come on

Come on

Ah.. Leave me. Leave me


Go buddy.. Go

Careful dude.. Careful

Come fast, dude

Be careful.. Climb up

Come Shruthi. Be careful
Fast.. Come fast

Come on.. Come on..
Jump.. Jump.. Don't be afraid..

- Okay brother
- I'll take care. You leave

- Take him inside. Lock the gate
- Go carefully, dude

- Brother, Locked the gate
- Both of you go & take care of
that side

- Hey, Be careful
- Why are you shouting now?

Hey, You go that side

Hey, They have bruises
Come, Let's help them

- Someone do the First aid for
- Yeah, Okay

- Be careful
- Watch your steps

Arul, Who is he?
How did he enter into the

Ma'am, We don't have time
for such discussions

- Please inform the police
- I've already informed the

Coming around the forest will
one hour for them to reach here

I was scared to leave the girls

That's why, I assembled them

Look here. Everyone stay strong

Don't go alone anywhere
Everyone stay united

- What can we do now, Arul?
- I've informed the seniors,

If he comes, we will surely
catch him

- What?
- Hey Karthi, Go & check the
electricity board

He is somewhere around here

Hey.. Everyone stay together

Everyone look there

Ma'am, You take Shruthi and
Go fast

- Hey, Leave. Leave fast
- Shruthi, Come

Buddy.. What happened?



Hey.. Throw it

Hey.. Come on

Hey.. Don't leave him

Hey.. Come on



Leave me

- Leave her
- No.. No..

Leave me.. Leave me..

Shruthi.. Shruthi, Get up. Go

- Ah..
- Nothing.. Nothing..

He is upstairs.. Upstairs..

- I will take care. You go away
- He has hit the warden

Come fast.. Come

Leave me

Beat him
Don't leave him

Beat him

Beat him

Die, man

Leave me, brother

Greetings.. Today's important

In a popular private college of

The girls at the hostel thrashed
& killed the
psycho murderer who entered their hostel

This has created a sensation in
that area

The reason for the continuous
at the private college is not leopards

The reason for the murders is a
person called Kaali

When he tried to attack the
at their hostel

All the girls united and
attacked him

The psycho murderer died on the

4 investigating officers are
dismissed as
they didn't inquire the case properly

and the government has ordered
to suspend
8 other officers too

The reason for all these murders
not only the psycho murderer

But, Also the college management
took the issue very lightly

So, They should be severely

The parents of the deceased
girls have
placed such a request to the government

Also, For the crime of hiding
these murders
that happened in the college

The College's principal Senthil
has been arrested

After receiving the information
about the
college's owner, Rathna Kumar hiding in Dubai

A special force has flew to
to arrest him