#DUPE# (2020) - full transcript


Total four holes!

The air is getting blocked.
The air is getting blocked.

Don't block the air, don't block the air.

Oh, sorry.
Sorry, sorry!

-Extremely sorry.

My mind doesn't work properly
unless I take in the London air.

Anyway, tell me
what you were saying.

I was saying that there are four holes
in this man's body.


I can see that.

Why did you call me
for a case like this?

Actually sir, we can't understand
through which hole...

the bullet entered
and caused his death.

Of course.

Who better than a Bengali
to find loopholes?


What about the letter I sent to the Queen,
asking her to cook pumpkin curry?

Oh yes, sir.
Yes, yes, yes.

Queen Victoria is cooking pumpkin...
what do you call...curry for you herself.

That's good.

So, did you find
any blackmail letter?

Blackmail? Letter?

What about a cryptic riddle?


Finger print?

No, sir.

What the hell!

No blackmail letters,
no cryptic riddles...

No finger print either.
How is a detective supposed to investigate?

I'm forced to say that...

-this is a conspiracy against detectives.

It is acceptable in a backward country
like India.

But this is not expected
from an advanced country like yours!

We are extremely sorry, sir.

Actually, going forward we'll circulate
a notice in the city.

-Especially for potential murderers.
-Damn it!

Yes, please circulate a notice.

Make sure it clearly states...

That there can be no murder
without threats, riddles or finger prints.

Or else, the murder
shall be considered illegal!


If there's a murder
with no clue left behind...

it will be not be recognised
in the eyes of the law.

Absolutely right, sir.

-Any traces poison in the body?
-Poison in the food?

But the death
is because of gun shots.

Okay, maybe there was no poison in food
but it could be food poisoning.

-Do you know if he had diarrhea?


-Was the urine yellow?
-No, sir.

What the hell were you doing, then?
Whiling your time away?

He has been shot dead.

-Four holes!
-Shut up!

My God!

"Four holes!"


If there was excessive gas formation
in the stomach...

How would it escape?
Wouldn't it burst out of these holes?

Just cares about the holes.
Thinks he's a know-it-all!

Here it is!

But you said there were no clues.

What does it signify, sir?

Four spots on this card.

And four holes in the body.

I see.

See how I put
two and two together?

This card is a clue
to finding the murderer.

Then what about food poisoning?

Food poisoning canceled.

Detective Mahimchandra will
catch the murderer with just this card.

Just wait and watch.







-Hey! Bloody Watson!

-One moment, sir.

-It's Hutashon, sir.

A four of clubs in the victim's pocket
and four holes in the body.

We must get going, Watson.
Let's go!

Sir, I'm Hutashon.
How many times do I need to repeat myself?

-Hey! Don't you dare run away...


Sign here.

-When did I return from London?

When did you go to London?

You've been rotting away
at this detective agency for ages.

-Damn it!

You wouldn't believe
what an interesting case I'd found, Watson.

Wake up from your daydream, sir.

The commissioner called you
a long time ago.

I didn't wake you up.

-Okay, it'll be done.
-Let's go.

Come on.

Mahim, this is going beyond all limit.

Why aren't you paying attention
to your work?

What's your problem?

What to do, sir?
What can I do?

I never find a case interesting enough
to nourish my mind.

-No nutrition in mind.
-Shut up!

You've done a great job
in arresting those Swadeshi terrorists.

Thank you.

I want you to keep up
the same performance.

Now, take this up.

His name is Raktambar Dhar.

We have been keeping an eye on him.

Every day, the boy stands on the road
in the darkness...

when the District Mmagistrate's carriage

We suspect that the boy is planning
to kill the District Magistrate.

Track him down.

I want you to catch him red-handed.



We went a few days back.

Damn it!
I'm sick of this job.

Absolutely right, sir.

It's such an absurd job.

I can't even tell my wife
what exactly I do.

Even my wife has tried to ask me
in a lot of ways.

-You know what I do then?

I tactfully avoid it.

But beware, sir.

Your wife isn't a simpleton like mine.
She's an educated woman.

-Someday she'll catch you.
-Huh! It's not that easy.

If you don't mind
can I say something?

-Can I?
-Tell me!

You got married recently, sir.

Instead of reading detective novels
all day

spend some time with your wife.

And focus on your work.

Take it.


What's wrong, Sudhamukhi?

It's getting dark, why haven't you
turned on the lights yet?

I was just about to.

Sudhamukhi, how about a round of cards?

Sure, you get the deck out.
I'll be right there.

Tell me something...

Why do you light a lantern
every evening?

-Well, the other day I saw a scorpion...

That's why I keep an eye out
every evening.


Did your brother say
when he'll be back?

That crackpot is very unpredictable.

-You come.

Sir, this is the street.

And here is that lamppost...

where Raktambar waits every day
to assassinate the Magistrate.

Raktambar is
a hardened criminal, you know.

He's giving the British sleepless nights.

If we can catch him--

I mean, if you can catch him...

then your promotion
will be guaranteed.


I'll know what's on his mind
as soon as I see him.



Why does your brother come home
so late at night?

What does he do?
Do you know?

How would I know?

You're his wife.
Doesn't he tell you anything?

He tells me he's a tax recovery agent
for the government.

Who does he collect tax from
so late at night?

-Sir, look at him. That's--
-Say no more.

-I recognise him.

The unibrow means
he's a violent criminal.

Criminals often have a beard
to hide the scars on their face.

-But sir, he's the post--

Don't waste time on relative matters
like the past, present and future, Watson.

-Let's follow him.
-Follow who?

Raktambar Dhar, of course.

He looks like
a very talented murderer.

Hey! Turn away.
Hide yourself!

-But this is Chidam.

The post office peon, Chidam.

That letter the commissioner posted
never reached ma'am.

Please let us ask him
where the letter is?

Are you mocking me?



Has your brother always been like this?

Like what?

Tell me, you mean girl!

Tell me, when your father
fixed your marriage...

why didn't he get
my brother's brain tested?

-Oh God!
-These mosquitoes!





-Who's this?
-Raktambar Dhar.

I recognised him
the moment I saw him.

His clean-shaven face proves
that he has a scheming mind.

But you just said that criminals
have unibrows and beards.

Who's the detective here, Watson?

It's you, sir.

So who will decide if criminals
are bearded or clean-shaven?

You, sir.

-Then follow me.
-Who will you follow?

The man is just standing there.

Follow me means...

-Follow my orders.

I've told you so many times
to sharpen that thick brain of yours.

Look, look, look!

-I'm sure he's carrying a bomb.
-To kill whom?

Well, the District Magistrate
will pass this area soon.

-So let's go stop him!

You're working at a detective agency
with an empty brain?

If we catch him now
will you be able to prove

that he intended to commit murder?

The moment he's about to
throw the bomb...

Oh my God!

But by then, the Magistrate
will be dead!

So what can I do about it?

How strange!

I have simply been asked
to prove that he intends to murder.

I haven't received any orders
to prevent the murder.

Watson, I just got married.
I don't want to risk losing my job now.

I don't feel
like playing anymore.

Tell me something,
what kind of parents do you have?

They married you to a man only because
he's wealthy and has a government job?


Your brother is no less
than any other man.

How sweet!

Sudhamukhi, do you
make love at night?

You're becoming cheeky
by the day, Sneha.

-Why? Come on, please tell me.

-Please tell me?

-Tell me, come on!
-Don't do this.

-Tell me, tell me!
-Sneha, stop--

-Please tell me!
-Don't, Sneha. Stop it!

-Why are you doing this?
-Why are you feeling so shy? Just tell me!


I'd tell you
if there was something to say.


That's the Magistrate's carriage.



Raktambar, bring out the bomb.
Throw it!

Come on, Raktambar, do it!
Take out the bomb! Throw it at the carriage!

Throw it!


-What just happened?
-He didn't kill today, sir.

-There you are, Doctor.

-I got a little delayed.


I couldn't make it
the last two days.

How can I leave all my patients
at the dispensary and come here?

And why do you feel embarrassed
to go to the dispensary, Raktambar?

How can I help it, Doctor?

Your dispensary and my in-laws' place
are in the same neighbourhood.

If I go there...

everyone will get to know
about my hemorrhoids.

Oh, that's true.

Doctor, this has my stool sample.

Please conduct a test
and see what's wrong.

I spend six hours
of my day in the toilet!

-It's such a pain.

-I don't know what to do.

Disgusting! Disgusting!

-Where are you going?

Fool! Imbecile!

You have the potential to be
an ideal criminal.

And you're spending
a quarter of your day on the toilet?

You jackass!

When will we have a real criminal
in this damned country of ours, doctor?

-Who are you, huh?

-Are you here to lecture me, huh?
-Keep that away from me.

-Can you feel my pain?
-Remove that.

-Want to see?
-Keep it away! No, no, no!

-Don't you dare!
-Hey! Run!

-Want to see how bad it hurts?
-Sir, watch your step!

-Sir! Get up!
-Oh God!

-Hurry, or he'll throw his s**t at us!
-Lets go!

-What a failure this investigation was.
-All because of that haemorrhoid patient.

-Will he still throw it at us?
-No need to look back. Let's go.

Oh no!
What a deep gash!

What kind of a job is this?

Why do you have to recover money
at this hour?

You don't know
how cunning this client is.

Even the British government is scared
of recovering money from him.


You don't lie to me, right?

Why should I lie to you?

We hardly spend time
with each other.

Don't you ever feel
suspicious of me?

Sudhamukhi, it's my job
to be suspicious of people.

Tracking who paid up, how much is owed.
I'd rather not bring it home.

But it's not my job.

It's my nature
to be suspicious.

If you give me any opportunity
to suspect you...

I won't let it go.

(song playing)



-How many are we done with?
-About ten.


-Where's the Professor?
-Just a minute.


What's the matter?

Don't come here unannounced, Sudhamukhi.

This can get the entire group
into trouble.

I'm sorry, Professor.

Actually, I couldn't help it
when I heard the news.

-Is it true, Professor?

Lord Curzon wants to divide
our beloved Bengal to pieces.

The British government wants to create
a divide between Hindus and Muslims here.

But we aren't taking it lying down.

We're getting ready
to give them a befitting reply.

The group is growing
in strength, right?

It is.

And it'll grow even bigger.

Boys and girls from every household
in Bengal are joining hands with us

to bring this conspiracy
to a halt.


Can't you take me back
into the group?


A revolution calls for a monk's mind...

and a warrior's promptness.

Women and gold
weakens a revolutionary's heart.

So a revolutionary
can't have any feelings?

I don't want to argue
with you, Sudhamukhi.

We are engaged
in something very significant.

It calls for strict restraint.

I have seen great potential
go to waste.

I can't let that happen again.

(indistinct chatter)

Very well.

When you've already decided
not to let a woman into the group...

Then don't refuse the gold,
at least, Professor.

If my cursed beauty
is in the way of our country's service...

then let me reduce my sorrow
by providing some money.

I have a husband
who works for the government.

Let me be of some use
to my country.

Please don't turn me away, Professor.

What are you doing?

Ruining my own
and my country's future.

You know, my father said
he won't let me study anymore.


What do you mean?

He says that it's not good
for girls to get an education.

He can't stand Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar.

But then...

But then, how will we meet?

Mother found your letter
under my pillow.

Since then,
Father has been looking for a suitor.

And you'll agree to it?

Don't you get a say?

You need independence
to express your own opinion.

So first, we must
make a firm demand for it.

Sudhamukhi, Abani had come here.

He just spoke me.

My father?

What did he say?

He doesn't want you
to continue with your studies.

So, he told me
to forbid you from coming here.

What should I do, Professor?

Until the country becomes independent...

you should accept your family's wishes
like an obedient daughter.

How can you say this?

You may go now, Sudhamukhi.

Wait, Manmatha.

I need to talk to you alone.

I have been informed that...

you didn't attend the Swaraj Samiti meeting
day before yesterday.


-I had some personal work.
-Don't lie, Manmatha.

Service to the country
is above all other work.

It was a mistake to involve you in this
with your weak resolve.


-I'm weak, Professor?

Jatin told me that instead of attending
the meeting day before yesterday...

you had taken Sudhamukhi
to the theatre in the evening.


The boys are spying on me
instead of serving the nation.

That too is a service
to the nation.

The reason for you to agree
to discontinue Sudhamukhi studies...

is now clear to me.

But stifling the heart
and turning people into machines...

can't bring about a revolution.

I learnt this from you, Professor.


-Who's there?


Won't you go to sleep?



You read the papers.

Can you tell me why the criminals
in our country are so stupid and cowardly?

And just look at their crimes.

They're harmless, straightforward.

Let's hope it stays this way.

-It's not nice if crimes are on the rise.
-What's wrong with you, Sudhamukhi!

Read these books.

They commit such beautifully twisted
psychological murders abroad.

They probe into the dark recesses
of the human mind.

And here?

Why do even need to probe
into the dark recesses?

Are you serious?

Sudhamukhi, bloodshed involves a...

terrible, monstrous madness
which you can't even imagine.

When will the wretched people
of country get a taste of it?

Look at the frauds here.

They commit crimes
and ineptly get caught in their own traps.

I caught one of them
at Burrabazar the other day.

What do you mean by "caught"?

I mean, I read about it.

I mean, I read it
in the papers.

Let's go in.

Something looks suspicious
about this death, Chhaganlal.

Who told you that, Detective?

There's no scope for suspicion.

The terrible heat!
My goodness!

My younger brother
couldn't tolerate it.

He suffered a heart attack
and he left us all.

But your servants said that a few days ago,
you and your brother...

fought over the partition
of your iron business.

-Who's the detective here?
-You, sir.

-Then who will interrogate?


As I was saying...

Is it true, what Watson just said?

Apparently, he said
that he wouldn't give his brother...

any share of the business.

I'll shut up now.

I swear on God.

It's a lie, Detective.

I told him that after returning
from Haridwar...

I'll divide the business
into two parts.


-You're saying the truth, aren't you?
-I swear on God!

I swear it's a hundred percent true.

Where have you gone, Maganlal...


You turned out
to be a true devotee.

Your gods are here
to bear witness for your statement.

-Come take a look.

-Come take a look.

-Huh? Let me see.
-Here it is.


What the hell?

What the hell!

-Do you wear your rings the wrong side in?
-Yes, it's comfortable that way.

Otherwise, it hurts.

-Damn it!

-And you're admitting it too!

-Oh no!
-Who named you Chhaganlal?

Your should be
called "Chhagallal"!

What does that mean?

It means you're
as dumb as sheep!

Sir, he's vegetarian.

A goat, then.


You murdered someone
with an empty brain like that, huh?

-No, wait a minute.

Tell me frankly.

Did you do it
or was it someone else?

You did it?

Damn it!

Just see, he's admitting it to me!


Has your brain stopped working?
What do you think of me?

-I don't want to hear another word.
-You dare to threaten Chhaganlal?

-Let go, brother! Let go of me!
-I'll strangle you.

I'll finish you off.

-Shame on you!
-Shame on you!

Shame on you! Shame on you!
Shame on you!

He was a very dishonest man, Detective.

He had ruined my business.

Detective, please forgive me
just this one time.

I'll never murder
with my rings on again.

-Never again.
-Chhaganlal, listen to me.

Try to understand
my disappointment here.

It's great that you murdered your brother.

It's great that you killed
that cheat.

-Chhaganlal, don't you know about gloves?

You could have worn gloves
before killing him!

Hey! Why didn't you buy gloves?

Why didn't you buy them, huh?

Were you saving up
for an offering to God after death?

Couldn't you wear the ring
the right way up, you idiot?


I'm sorry.
I made a huge mistake.

I'll never make these mistakes again.

It's alright.
Don't cry, Chhaganlal.

God knows when this cursed country
will see a shrewd criminal.

-Yes, sir?

Take him away.

Go, Chhaganlal.

What's taking you so long?
Get up!



Sure your master was the one
who killed him?

Yes, sir.


Won't you go to bed?

Call him.


Hurry up.




Are you going
to continue reading?

It's very late.
Let's go to bed.



When will people write novels
on Bengali detectives too?

And housewives like you won't have to
waste time sleeping at night.

Instead, you can sharpen your wit
by reading them.

Bengal is about to see
worse days.

Lord Curzon has ordered
the Partition of Bengal.

Are you even aware of it?

Why should I?

These are political issues.
My job to is to deal with criminals.

I mean, tax frauds.

Do you like being subjugated
by the British?


What's wrong with the British?

They've educated the people
of our country.

Abolished horrible traditions
like "Sati", burning the widow.

They've allowed women to study,
introduced the railways...

And most importantly, they've produced
a detective like Sherlock Holmes.

And that's done us
a load of good.

What about occupying
and exploiting our nation?

What about the merciless torture
of those wanting freedom?

Oh dear!

It's fine that you're saying this to me
behind closed doors.

But don't say it
to anyone else.

Look, Sudhamukhi.
We have recently got married.

We have just started
our family life.

I can't lose my job now.

Go to sleep.

Where are you off to?

I'm reading a very interesting
detective novel.

I won't be able to sleep
until I finish it.

Read it on the bed.

But won't it disturb your sleep?

You sleep.
I'll go over there.


Oh shoot!

Who is it?


I'm not at home
most of the time.

Always keep the front door locked.


You do worry about me, then?

Oh please!
Are you serious?

How can I not worry about you?
You're my...

...better half.


I've been noticing something strange
for the last few days.

Tea, please.

Sir, your tea.

What's wrong?

What have you been noticing?

A genius.

Maybe Bengal's cursed days
are finally coming to an end, Sudhamukhi.

Sudhamukhi, your clothes are in that room.


-Don't be too late.




Are you done?

Manmatha, you...

With me dressed like this...

It's not the first time
I'm seeing you like this, Sudha.

You're forgetting, Manmatha...

that I'm married
to someone else now.

You shouldn't have come
to meet me like this.


We wasted all our lives thinking
about what we should or shouldn't do.

Why are you ruining your life
like this?

Come with me.

You're not sticking to
what we had decided, Manmatha.


Where did you go?

Come with me, Sudha.

Don't kill yourself like this, Sudha.
Come with me.

-No, Manmatha.

-That's not possible. You go.

No, I won't.
You come with me.

-Come with me, Sudha.
-Go away, Manmatha!



What are you doing here?

My sari...

Don't know who kept it here.

Let's go.

This is the sketch
of Arunabha Chattopadhyay.

He is the main culprit
behind the murder...

of His Excellency,
Charles Robertson.

Whoever can catch him...

He will be promoted to the post
of head of this detective department.

And the government...

has announced a prize
of Rs. 1000 to catch him.

We want him dead or alive.

Do you love your country
like you used to, Manmatha?

It's simply what you think, Professor...

That if you love someone,
your love towards another decreases.

Is that so?

Then prove it.

That's the unfortunate part, Professor.

You have to prove your love
for your country...

by blowing your own trumpet.

Even Sita had to go through
the most severe test, Manmatha.

To prove her love
for her husband.

Killing the people
of your own country...

-What kind of freedom would that bring?

Have you, the student of Gopal Krishna Gokhale
and Surendranath Banerjee...

taken the middle path?

Let me make it clear.
Your non-violent approach...

can never win us independence.

Enemies of the country
have to be killed!

I can't do it.


Ask someone else to do it, Professor.



Where did it go, Manmatha...

the burning Vesuvius within your heart?

How could you forget...

your brother...

whom the British police tortured
to death in jail?

Did you simply forget?

Why do you always remind me
about the same thing?


Looks like love
really does weaken a person.

-Love for your country is also love.


The greatest kind of love.

And for that, you need...

a tough heart.

And if you have to make some sacrifices
to prove your love...

...you do it.



Come with me.

The Goddess...

is a symbol
of undivided Bengal.

She embodies destruction
on the one hand...

and creation on the other.

Anyone who wants to
divide Bengal...

She will rip off their heads
and drink their blood.

So, light the fire
within your heart, Manmatha.

Sudhamukhi has left you
and married someone else.

Don't become weak
thinking about her.

And the responsibility
of slaying the demon...

the Goddess wants to bestow
upon you.

And that
you must do yourself.

Take it.

Hold it.

Go on.

Take it.

Hail to thee, Mother!

Hail to thee, Mother!

Hail to thee, Mother!


-Sign this file and send it upstairs soon.

Don't delay--

-Don't delay, okay?

What's going on, sir?

While the entire office is trying
to catch Arunabha Chattopadhyay...

you're just sitting here
and snacking away?

I'm not interested in arresting
any more freedom fighters.

That won't do, sir.

How will you get promoted
unless you arrest them?

You did a great job of arresting
some of them a few days ago.

For cases like that, you need
to run about more than rack your brains.

You keep waiting for days
and then they suddenly get caught.

And the motive?
Same old freedom for the country.

There's no...

There's nothing new about it.
I don't like all this.

I really don't get you.

What kind of a case do you want?

One that has
twist after twist.

Layer after layer.


-You want to know?

Let me give you an example.

Last night, Krishnamohan was murdered
on the terrace of his house.

There's a poisoned fish bone
in his left butt cheek.

That's why his wife, Khentimoni
is wailing.

When we reached...

the fish bone was still stuck
in his butt cheek.

This is the first time
I saw a fish bone like that, Watson.

Come back to me...


But upon investigation,
it was found...

-That it wasn't Krishnamohan...

but his wife, Khentimoni,
who was the target.

-Or...Or let's say...

Before Krishnamohan, six more--

No, not six, three.

Three more people were killed similarly
with a fish bone in the buttocks!

Well sir, given how expensive
fish is...

wouldn't it be cheaper
to get him bitten by a snake?

But that would make it
convenient, easier.

Where are the twists and turns
in the plot?

The most significant
thing is...

The fact that a fish bone
is used as a weapon...

What do we understand
from that, Watson?

What do we understand?

We understand
that the murderer...

...sells fish.


That's how we reach
murderer Khemankari's fish market.

A maze-like fish market.

It's pitch dark and various kinds of fish
are found all over the place.

We have to look through
all of them, Watson.

But we won't find the fish
we're looking for soon.

Then, suddenly...

We'll find a secret tunnel.

And right there...

At last...

in the fish's belly we found...

a ring with Khentimoni's name on it!

Khentimoni's ring was found...

inside the belly of a fish?

Just like King Dushyant had given a ring
to Shakuntala as a symbol of his love.

I've got it!
I've got it, sir.

Khemankari was secretly in love
with Krishnamohan.

But Krishnamohan was married
to Khentimoni.

That's why Khemankari takes revenge
by killing Krishnamohan...

so that she can steal the ring
he had given to his wife.

My foot!

Actually, it was
the other way round.

Khemankari was in love with...


"Shed not the band of love
I tied with your soul."

But it is illegal.

And Khentimoni's father forces her
to marry Krishnamohan.

To punish her for this injustice...

Khemankari brought a fish bone
from her own shop...

and committed the murder.

Khemankari stuck the fish bone
in Krishnamohan's buttocks?

Do you think about this gibberish
all day, sir?

Gibberish, huh?


One day, this will be published
and readers will lap it up.


Then why were three other people
killed with fish bones?

That's...that's important
to thicken the plot.

-Come on, let's go.
-Go where? Office time isn't over yet.

Have you ever seen a player
of the big leagues?

What, sir?

A player of the big leagues.

Come, I'll show you.


Sir, wait!

Office time isn't over yet.

What a hassle!





What's going on here, Watson?

-Haven't you heard, sir?

On October 16, the Partition of Bengal
is coming into effect.

That's why there's a strike
all over Kolkata.

Apparently, no food will be cooked
at anyone's house that day.

And to maintain unity
in the country, that day...

everyone will heed Tagore's call
to tie knot of unity on each other.

God knows how all this absurdity
will help.


Such energetic youth
in our society.

They should be sharpening their wit
by reading detective novels but no.

They just want
to free the country!

This is why our country is hopeless.
Just hopeless.

-Two teas, please.
-Celebrating unity like this.


There's a letter for you.

-Letter from who?
-I'm not educated enough to know.

Must be from my brother.

I've offered to give you lessons
so many times.

Times are changing.

Spare me, Sudhamukhi.

I've heard that educated
girls have a life of suffering.

And you know, Sudhamukhi...


What's wrong?


Check if the rice is cooked. Go!



I came face-to-face
with your husband.

What a man he is!

I'm writing to warn you
about an imminent danger to him.


If something happens to him...

I should not be held responsible.

Manmathanath Majumdar.

He's here...

-That man?
-Yes, do you see him, Watson?

Looks ordinary.

Two arms, two legs,
two eyes.

And a razor-sharp mind,
which others don't have.

Razor-sharp mind?

-Then let me tell you.

-It happened a few days ago.

I'm sorry.

What happened, Bhupati?

Wait, sit down.

A perfectly healthy man
suddenly died of heart failure.

So what?

Really? Can't you tell
that it's a very shrewd murder?

A shrewd murder?
What are you saying, sir?

I'm right, Watson.

I'm telling you,
the moment he bumped into Bhupati...

Bhupati's heart gave way
and he died.

Do you know
what actually happened?

Bhupati and that man
were crossing ways.

He bumped into Bhupati
on purpose.

In that brief moment,
he pulled a jujitsu punch on him!

And that killed Bhupati immediately.

Sir, please go home immediately.

Live a happy married life
with your wife.

You're completely losing
your mind.

Exceptional people have always
been called crazy. Nothing new about it.

It's a natural death,
he died of a heart attack.

And you say
it's a jujitsu punch!

-What rubbish are you saying?
-It's the truth!

Don't argue with me now.

I'm telling you, Watson.

This man will change
Bengal's dismal criminal world.

I must know why and how
he killed Bhupati.

-Hold this.

You stay here.

Hey, there.
How are you?

Uh... Sorry, I thought
you were someone else.

Did you see that, Watson?

He has the potential
to be a great criminal in future.

Why was he shocked to see you?

Good observation.

Criminals must have greater control
over their nerves.

He has to pursue this more seriously.

If criminals become too smart, sir...

-...detectives like us won't have a job.

-Why are you still waiting? Follow him!
-Yes, come on!

-Watson, who's the detective?
-You, sir.

-Then who will give the orders to follow?

Whatever! Why do you forget? Let's go!
-Yes, let's go.


Let's go.

Excuse me.



This man who just went in,
does he stay here?

-Who, Manmatha?
-Yes. What's his full name again?

Manmathanath Majumdar.

-Right, Manmathanath Majumdar.
-He stays here.

But why are you looking
for him?


I am his friend.


All his friends have gone home
for the vacations.

He's here alone.

But I've never seen you
here before.


How would you?
I'm his childhood friend.



Suddenly his childhood friend turns up now!


What are we going to do now?

I didn't pay attention to my studies
when I was younger, Watson.

I'm planning to start again.

Where are you going?

I have to leave town for a few days
on some important work.

You aren't going anywhere.
I won't let you go.

What a hassle!
I often have to go out for work.

This time you won't go.

Please listen to me.

Why are you behaving like this?

Why aren't you listening
to me?

-I'm scared.


For me?

Please! I repel Death!
Nothing will happen to me.

Don't worry, I'll...

I'll write to you.

What work is this?
That someone else can't do?

Someone else?
No one else is good enough for it.

I have to do it
and I must be successful too, Sudhamukhi.

Someone else!

Bye, Sudhamukhi.

You didn't listen to a word I said.


Who is it?

May I come in?

Who are you?

I'm Nishipadma Poddar.

My goodness!


My mother used to say
my face looks just like a lotus.

-But the lotus is hidden in the mud.
-Yes, and I'm here to clean it.

What do you mean?

-You'll be staying here?

-This is a student lodge.
-I'm also a student.

-You're a student?

Don't even ask, Manmatha.
It's really sad.

I didn't pay attention to my studies
when I was young.

That's why, in this old age,
I'm prey to such embarrassment.

My son has brought home
a dog of a foreign breed.

And he understands
nothing but English.

That's why I took admission in college
so I don't lose face in front of the dog.

I'm in the room
next to yours.

So why are you here?

I just plonked myself here!

Please don't mind,
I'm a little clingy.

Where are you from, Manmatha?



Very nice.

You're related to Bhupati, aren't you?

Bhupati who?

You know, Bhupati Sen
from Kumortuli.

The man who died of heart attack
the other day in front of my house.


Bhupati Sen?

I don't know any Bhupati Sen.


Thought I saw you
in the neighbourhood that day.

You're mistaken.

Maybe your eyes are growing weak.

Quite possible.

Sir, your milk.

Give it here, son.

I take opium.

That's why I drink a lot of milk.

I love the cream of the milk.

I hope you drink milk
every day too?

You look like you work out.

Do you know jujitsu?

Why should I tell you?

Of course.


We'll become friends gradually.

I'll come and bother you at times.
Please don't mind.



Did you lose something?


Everything is intact.

What could I lose?
What do I even have to lose?



Thank you.

You know, Watson.

I think he has guessed
what's on my mind.

But I must say.

Manmatha is a worthy prey
for a hunter like me.


So you haven't been able
to make friends with him yet?

-How will I? I can't get close to him.

-Actually, there's a problem, Watson.

I've lost my moustache.
I have the beard...

-...but can't find the moustache.

How will you be a detective
if you're so distracted?

I had to beg for the beard and moustache
from a theatre troupe.

-Watson, Watson, Watson.

Please get me another moustache.
I have the beard, just need the moustache.

Damn it!
That means you've made no progress at all?

Mahimchandra is no amateur.

If Manmatha is cunning,
I'm no less.

I have already
searched his room.


He has put down all his thoughts
in this notebook.

Well done, sir!

Really! You're so good
at your job.

With your perseverance,
you'll prove that he murdered Bhupati.

But how do you plan
to go about it?


What's your next move?

To know what's going on
in this genuis' mind, we need...

a woman.

A woman?


There she is!
Welcome, Harimati, welcome.

Come in, come in.

Watson, have you given her
all the instructions properly?

-Have you told her what to do?
-Yes, yes.

Harimati, he has told you
what do, right?

Look, sir.

I want the daily fees
at the beginning of each day.

I'm making that clear
right from the start.


I'll work for you
till eight pm.

If you want me to work till later,
you have to pay me extra.

-Let me make that clear too.
-Oh gosh!

You fleece us here
at the detective agency.

-And at night, you fleece your clients!

-You still want more money, you whore?

Mind your tongue!

I'm earning off my beauty.

-What's your problem, huh?
-Harimati, Harimati, Harimati.

-Don't get angry.
-If you're going to insult me...

-I'm leaving.
-No, no, no!

-Get lost!
-No, Harimati!

Why are you getting angry?
Did I say I won't pay you?

-We're about to begin something--
-To hell with your work!


You have to first pay me
two days' advance.

Only then will I leave
from your office.

What's this?

How will she
be of any help to you, sir?

Talk properly!

-Talk to Harimati with respect.

From now on, she's my...



Are you serious?

-You are...
-In love with her.

You see, my heart feels restless
at this age.

-Don't you have a wife?
-Oh, please!

That hardly makes a difference.

She has no charm.

Moreover, we've been together
for so long that it has become stale.

And I just can't do
without young, hot girls.

Manmatha, do me a favour.
Harimati just won't return my love.

-What's surprising about that?
-No, no, no.

Manmatha, please do something.
I can't live without Harimati.

What can I do?

I have some work.
I've to leave.

What work?
Jujitsu training?


Jujitsu again, huh?

Why have you been obsessed
with jujitsu since that day?

No, no. Let me tell you about it
in detail.

Remember your relative--
My relative, Bhupati, who passed away?

Later, I heard that he didn't die
of a heart attack.

Someone used jujitsu
to murder him.

What are you trying to say, huh?

-That I murdered him?
-Oh, no.

Not at all.
Why should you murder him?

But you know what, Manmatha?

There's a strange pleasure
in committing murder.

It's not for everyone.

Why not try it once, huh?


You discarded this one too?


My brother has no sense.

It's been so long.

But he hasn't asked about his wife.

And Sudhamukhi, why are you playing
if you don't feel like it?


Why is your brother so interested
in detective novels?

Do you know?

How would I know?

And why are you asking this
all of a sudden?

He isn't a detective himself, right?

My brother?

A detective?

My brother, a detective?

Oh, Sudhamukhi!

-No, I can't do all that.
-Manmatha, Manmatha.

Harimati goes to the park every day.
I've decided to propose to her there.

-What a hassle!
-Please help me out.

-Please help me.
-But how--

-How can I help?
-Just be there with me.

Be there with me.
Give me moral support, that's it.

-I really need your help.
-What the hell are you doing?

-Promise you'll help me, Manmatha?

-Fine. Now let go of my hand.
-Thank you!

-What are you...let go!
-Thank you!

-What a hassle--
-Thank you.

-Again! Let go!
-Thank you so much.

It's okay.
Let go.

Okay then, goodbye.




Look, Manmatha.
There she is.

Come, come with me.


Here he is.

Remember I told you
about Manmatha?

How handsome!


"O why must the moon
rise again tonight

And fill with tears
these forlorn eyes?

Why every night
should she fill the skies?"

Go to him.
And take this.


Go close to him.

"And though I know
he cannot be attained

This fiery 'burning',
how can I quench?"

Yearning, not burning.



"...This fiery yearning,
how can I quench?

Why again?

-Oh why tonight must the moon rise again?"
-"...must the moon rise again?"

Who are you, handsome?

At first sight,
I give my heart to you.

To me?

-Give me a hug.

What the hell are you doing?
Let go of me!

What the hell is happening,




Go after him!

You must get him to talk
about Bhupati's murder and jujitsu.

-Don't wait, go--
-Money, first.

What for?
I've already paid you.

You made me mug up a poem.
You think that's for free?

I need extra money for that.

All you care about is money!

Damn it!
He has gone so far.

Take it.

Go, go, go!


Hurry up!


I don't believe it.

Whatever he might be,
I'll never believe he's a cheat.

How long will you go on
with false consolation, Sudha?

You want proof?

Very well.

I will prove it to you.

And I'll also show you
what his job really is.

-No, he can't cheat me--
-He is!

He has been cheating you
since day one.

By hiding his real identity.

You just refuse to understand.

I'll send you a letter
about when I can give you proof.

Come see it
if you have the guts.

It repels me to even kill
a person like him.

Who was that man?

Harimati failed to get
any information too, then?

Damn it!

He isn't letting Harimati
anywhere near him.

Such a difficult man he is!

-Didn't you find anything in the notebook?
-No, Watson.

It's full of rubbish.

That sneaky man hasn't written anything
about jujitsu and Bhupati.

So none of your assumptions
turned out to be true?

Who's the detective?

You, sir.

Who will decide
what's right or wrong?


That bastard is the murderer!

God cannot be so unjust to me.

-No, I must find clues. Watson?

-I will find clues.
-Where are you going?

Gone case...

(indistinct chatter)


I'll look into it.

What's wrong with Mahim, Hutashon?

He isn't spending much time
at office.

Has he heard
that the commissioner is angry with him?

Even if his ears have heard it,
his head hasn't registered it.

There's a short circuit
in his brain.

And his head might just explode
if the wires aren't fixed soon.

He still can't stop running
after that man, huh?

No. Why don't you all
try to make him understand?

What is he looking for
in this notebook?

Jujitsu moves!

This is that man's notebook.

He has completely lost it.

your Professor...

Arunabho Chattopadhyay."


-Coming, sir.

Yes, sir?

What's more dear to you, Hutashon?


Or your job?

What's the matter?

I want an answer.

Why, just why?

Why is it taking you so much time
to do this simple task?

At the hostel...

With so many people around...

it's not possible.

I know that the students
are away on vacation.

Actually, you can't.
You won't be able to do it.

A government detective...

is so close at hand,
right under your nose.

And your hands tremble
to shoot him?


It disgusts me to call you a student
of Arunabha Chattopadhyay.

That's right.

You didn't have to come here, Professor.

I was compelled to come.

I don't want to listen
to anything else, Manmatha.

I want the news
of detective Mahimchandra shot dead.

And from you.

Keep that in mind.

Do whatever it takes
to prepare your mind for it.

Manmatha wants to kill me.

Bravo, you true blue Bengali!

Hail to thee, Mother!

-Hail to thee, Mother!
-Hail to thee, Mother!

Hail to thee, Mother!

-Hail to thee, Mother!
-Hail to thee, Mother!

Hail to thee, Mother!

-Hail to thee, Mother!
-Hail to thee, Mother!

I can't do it!

I can't do it.

I just can't.


Give me any other task
and I'll do it but...

But I can't kill anyone.

-What's the problem?

The problem lies
in morality, Professor.


Morality is a childish notion.

Whatever you do
to fulfill your goal is morally right.

And if you talk about morality...

Was making Sudhamukhi suspicious
of her husband's character...

...morally right in any way?

You know very well, Manmatha.

It is only
to get closer to you...

that Mahimchandra is using Harimati
as a bait.

He is not at all attracted
to Harimati.

Using him as a bait...

Or poisoning Sudhamukhi's mind
to break up her family...

Where's the morality here?

Even morality has to be moulded
to suit circumstances, Manmatha.

Does Sudhamukhi believed it?

Not yet.

She will.

Once the seeds of suspicion are sown
in a woman's mind...

it's only a matter of time
before the cracks start to appear.


In order to awaken
dormant volcanoes like you...

Sudhamukhi should be asked
to join the group back.

Why this sudden change of heart?

The fire of her youth...

used to weaken our group.

This blow will subdue
the fire.

And it will be replaced...

by a fire of vengeance.

What exactly are you
trying to say, Professor?


I'm thinking about something else.

If Sudhamukhi...

leaves her family...

breaks her marriage...

and joins our group...

I'll get the old Manmatha back, right?

Is this even possible...

It's possible.

Everything is possible
for the country.

Listen carefully to what I say.


-Oh, Nishipadma. Tell me.
-I need a word with you.

After a lot of trouble, I managed
to shift Harimati's interest from you to me.

We were planning to go
for a picnic this Saturday.

-Please come along with us.


-Very well.

-Excuse me.

I was thinking
if I take my lover along too.

Oh, wonderful!

Why should one journey
have different goals?

Let us both meet
there with our beloveds.

Then let's see what happens.

-Then it's decided.

I offered the bait myself, Watson.

Can you imagine?

Can you imagine...

that a talented criminal
like Manmatha

and a freedom fighter like
Arunabha Chattopadhyay...

are planning to murder me.

They're planning to murder
detective Mahimchandra.


I'm feeling so proud right now.

Sir, please let the commissioner know.

-Don't risk your life like this.
-Don't you dare tell him.

Don't say a word
to anyone.

Watson, I won't get an opportunity
like this again.

A duel between a skilled criminal
and a detective by the Ganges.

This Saturday.

Please be there, Watson.

I don't like unraveling mysteries
without you.

You'll be there, won't you?
Be there, my friend.

Don't say a word
to anyone.

Where are you going?

-"Be patient in faith."

-"Be courageous in action."

-Where are you going, sir?
-"Hold you head high."

-Have you lost your mind?
-"Have no fear."


Letter for you.

That man dropped it
in the letter box this afternoon.

I'm not educated.

But the contents of the letter...

is quite clear to me.

I heard everything, Sudhamukhi.

What did you get
by stifling your feelings like this?

You know...

Before my marriage...

I was in love
with someone too.

But my father forced me
to marry someone else.

And this is my condition now.

Sudhamukhi, I couldn't do it.

But you can do it.

Go, Sudhamukhi.

-What are you saying, Sneha?
-I'm saying what's right.

Don't stifle your feelings
like this.

It's a sin to stifle your feelings!

Go, Sudhamukhi.
You should go.

Please go away, Sneha.

Leave me alone.

Come, get off.


There you go!

I need double payment today.

-Let me make that clear.
-Why are you always after money?

Have you done what I asked you to?

I'm trying my best.

Look, if you don't like it,
tell me.

-I refuse to work and be insulted too.
-Hey, wait!

Why do you get angry?
Look. Manmatha is here.

Manmatha has reached.
You come this side.

Look who's here.

It's Manmatha!

There you are, Manmatha.
Where were you?

We've been waiting
for so long.

-So, where's your beloved?
-Oh gosh!

Why are you so concerned
about his beloved?

I'm simply a worshipper
of beauty.

If I must die, might as well be
at the hands of a beautiful woman.

What say, Manmatha?

(carriage pullers humming)

Shall I ask her to get off?

Of course, why delay?
Please do it.

Come out.

Why are you feeling shy?
We are all worshippers of beauty.

Remove the veil
and show us your face.



Give that back.

Your character and makeup
are equally ridiculous.

Give that back to me.

Don't tear these off.

-Oh no!
-I have to return them.

Sudhamukhi, this is my disguise
so I can catch Manmatha red-handed.

And Harimati works at my office,
I have no...

I have nothing going on with her.

Come on, tell her.

I'm not in this anymore.
I'm leaving.

Where are you going?

-But you took so much money.
-I'll return it to you in office.

-Trust me, this isn't true, Sudhamukhi.
-But Manmatha is my real lover.

From before my marriage.

He couldn't forget me
even after I got married.

And I?

I can tolerate my husband's neglect,
I can tolerate his lies...

But adultery?

Wait, you can't say it all.
I'm the detective, let me say it.

So let me start.

Tell me, Sudhamukhi.

Manmatha used to hover around our house
to see you, isn't it?


You are lucky
that you've got a wife like her.


It's true that...

I tried to contact Sudhamukhi
after her marriage.

Come with me, Sudhamukhi.

I'll deal with whatever happens.

That's not possible, Manmatha.

My husband has committed no crime.

I can't deceive him.

Then you won't listen
to anything I say?

Why are you worried
about what people will say, Sudha?

Why do you tell me
the same thing, Manmatha?

Then promise me something.

I will stand in front of your house
every evening.

Light a lantern and...

come to your
south-facing balcony once.

I want to see you
once every day, Sudhamukhi.

Don't deny me this
little bit of joy.


From what I understand,
this is a very complex case.

Exactly the kind
I've always wanted.


Very nice.

Bravo, Manmatha!

You really are talented.

You set up a crime scene
at a detective's house.

Extremely complex case.

And I was worried
about jujitsu and Bhupati.


An exceedingly complex case.


You're right.

I'm not worthy of you.

You should go with Manmatha.

Yes, she will.

She will.

Who is this?

I won't let Sudha waste all her life
with a sexless person like you.

But before she leaves...

she will kill the enemy
of the country herself.

Arunabha Chattopadhyay!

-Don't you dare try to run away.

How did the police get here?

You are under arrest.

-Mahim, did you inform the police?
-Me? No, I mean...

I can't really understand
what's going on.

I didn't call the police--
Wait, wait. I'll look into it.



What are you doing here?

-What's the matter?
-Mahim, it's the commissioner's order.

Arrest each of them.


How strange, Gopal.
I'm busy with a personal case here.

I'm trying to solve a very complex case
and you're jumping in the middle of it!


Take Gopal away.

Go away!

-Hail to thee, Mother!
-What the hell are you doing?


We have to catch them.

We must come back
with the force.

Mr. Detective.

Get up.

I know.

I know that this is all
a part of your plan.

But no matter how much you plan...

It's not so simple to catch
Arunabha Chattopadhyay.

-Shame on you!

You've been hiding this
from me all this while?

The thing that I hate
most in life...

You do that for a living?

You're a police detective?

You conspire against and arrest
freedom fighters like this?

All of you are blaming me...

I am a detective.

I only know criminals.

I don't care
who's a freedom fighter and who isn't.

I do my work with integrity.

I have not deceived anyone.

-Don't you have any sense of morality?
-No, I don't.

-Have you no duty towards your country?
-No, I don't.

I have no sense of morality,
nor any duty!

My only duty is
towards my detective work.

I am a detective
and that's my sole identity.

What's this?



Take it.

Finish the enemy
of your country, Sudha.

How can you say that, Professor?

Do what I tell you.

What's the matter?
Take it.

Drop the gun, Hutashon.

You're making a mistake.

You'll kill your senior officer?

I will not kill you, Gopal.

You'll be shot dead
by Arunabha Chattopadhyay.

That's what everyone will know.

Prepare your mind.

Take it.


-Professor, what are you doing?
-Step aside, Manmatha.

Shoot him, Sudhamukhi.

Listen to me, Sudha.

Don't make this mistake.

You can never achieve anything
by killing someone.


-Professor? Professor!
-Shoot him, Sudhamukhi.

-Keep quiet, Manmatha.

-Shoot him!
-No, Sudha, don't.

So many innocent, non-violent
young people...

have been framed by you and handed over
to the police as terrorists, Gopal.

You have murdered
so many of them in jail.

Only for your personal grudge.

And then you spread rumours
among the rebels...

That Mahim was the one at fault?

Shame on you, Gopal!
You call yourself human?

Why are you thinking so much?
Shoot him, Sudhamukhi.

Sudha! Sudha!

Don't do this, Sudha.
Give the gun to me.

This is like
a live detective novel, Sudhamukhi.

If this is a dream,
please don't wake me up.

Go on, shoot me.

-Shoot him, Sudhamukhi!
-Yes, go on.

-Professor! Don't let her shoot him.
-Shoot me.

Give me the gun.
I'll shoot him.

-Shoot him, Sudhamukhi.
-Sudha, don't do it.

-Don't shoot him, Sudha.
-Shoot him!

Wait, Hutashon.

You're forgetting
what our job is all about.

We are spies, Gopal.

It's our job to betray.

But even spies have mutual trust
in each other.

You have broken that trust.

A person like you
has no right to live.


Forgive me, Hutashon.

-Shoot him, Sudhamukhi!
-Let go!

Shoot me.

-Professor! You are forcing her.
-Shut up!


Think about all those
who have been martyred...

They, whom you called
your brothers.

This man is responsible
for each hanging.

You can't have
any weakness for him.

You'll have his blood on you
all your life, Sudha.

"Never be motivated
by the results of your actions.

Nor be attached
to not performing your duties".

-Do your duty. Shoot me.

What's wrong?
You're not holding the gun right. Let me...

What's the problem?
Should I show you how?


Hail to thee, Mother!

Hail to thee, Mother!

Hail to thee, Mother!

-Hail to thee, Mother!

I killed him.

-Hail to thee, Mother!

Manmatha, I killed him.

-Hail to thee, Mother!

I killed him, Manmatha.

We have to get away from here.

We can't stay here.
The police is here, let's go.

Come Sudha, get up.
Stand up.

Get up.
Let's go.

-I killed him...
-Let's leave, Sudha.

How did I kill him, Manmatha?


What happened to you?
What a disaster!




Oh God.
Must get him to the hospital.

Is anyone there?
He has to be take to the hos--


Sir, you're alive?

-Who's the detective, Watson?
-You, sir.


Look at this.

I had made this with great hopes.

Finally, it came to good use.

-Did you always wear it when you went out?

Why would I wear it
all the time?

-Manmatha wanted to kill me, remember?

I always wanted this, you know.

A criminal would shoot at me
and I'd survive because of this vest.

-Exactly like in detective novels.

Finally, my dream was fulfilled
by my wife.

Oh, it's a day
of great joy, Watson!

-But that man escaped with your wife, sir.

-Let them go.

For once at least, I did the right thing,
in my wife's opinion.

Say what you will but...

Constantly investigating
the twisted minds of criminals...

has made me
quite a skilled criminal too.

Isn't it, Watson?

Didn't you love your wife, sir?


It's for the best, Watson.

She'll be happy and...

I will be fine too.

The more I see you,
the more I am amazed.

Isn't it?
I am amazed too!

Oh, wait.

Hold this.

There you go.

-Return these.
-Yes, sir.

-Let's go.

Don't we have a new case
to solve?

Let's go!

-But really, Watson.

-There's no fear if I have this on me.
-It's brilliant!

-Do you want one?
-I wouldn't mind it, sir.

-Hey! Wait.
-What now?


Is anyone there, sir?

-No, no one there.

-All clear. Come on.
-Phew! Let's go.