DRIB (2017) - full transcript

The inside story of an energy drink marketing ploy gone wrong.

Being a bouncer
is not an easy job.

We know that because
you gotta deal with bozos,

with riff-raff
like this dude here,

who's coming up on this
bouncer in Oslo, Norway.

One right cross, down,
dude is out cold.

Little bit of blood.

Blood dripping out
of this guy's mouth.

This video going crazy viral,
had one million-some views in 24 hours.

But let me tell you something,
the dude in the striped shirt

was trying to make
a viral video.

So, Amir, I guess the question
- Why?

Hi, I'm trying to get in touch
with Amir Asgharnejad?

Yeah, that's me.

We're an advertising agency,

so our creative team is interested in
potentially working with you on a project.

So, we just wanted
to set up a call for you.

Like, for a commercial?
- Actually, before we can tell you about the project

we just need you to sign an NDA.

Uh, what?
What's an NDA?

Uh, NDA is a
non-disclosure agreement.

So, before we tell you
about the project,

we just have to make sure
it stays confidential.

Okay, so... energy drinks.

The enormous industry of energy drinks
has a yearly revenue of $50 billion.

Consumers buy less and less
of other soft drinks,

whereas the sale of energy drinks has escalated tremendously.

Ten times as much
now as in 2005.

While other big companies try to align themselves with sustainability,

with focus on health,
honesty, and ecology,

energy drinks,
on the other hand,

invite you to balance between
immortality and collapse.

Energy drinks deliberately try to come
off as supernatural and dangerous.

It is the myth
of its powers that sells,

some people even believe that they were even made by the devil himself.

Energy drinks sell because
of a male-centered marketing

that capitalize on what has come
to be known as collapsonomics.

Let's get the most
out of the present.

Let's light the candle at both ends,
crash and burn. We're gonna die anyway.

Consumers aren't worried
about their longevity anymore,

they want to live at 100 %
in the right now.

Energy drinks can be seen as a pop cultural discourse,
an anomaly.

Or at least a contrast to the gourmcore health trends, so...

instead of jumping on the sustainability fad and fixing what isn't broken,

I suggest we go even harder
in the opposite direction.

Okay, don't take this
the wrong way.

You know I love
your rants, Brady.

They're not rants.

It kind of seems like
it will be off-putting.

What do you mean?

It's as if you're trying to refer to yourself as really smart,

but I feel like the idea
should just be really smart.


Let's hold off on the notes
until the end, okay?

You don't even know where I'm going with this.
It makes zero sense.

It's like critiquing a joke
before you hear the punchline.

You're right. Sorry, continue.

Our core demographic
are males ages 13-17

who seek masculinity
and edginess,

but the edge has moved from
where it was 10 or 15 years ago.

Back then, a cobra snake on
a T-shirt could be seen as edgy,

whereas today with our heavy exposure
to real violence and graphic imagery,

our tolerance is much higher,
and statements need to be more extreme.

Blah blah blah.

I'll then segue smoothly
into the actual idea.

A "New Yorker" piece just came out about
a new sort of violent video culture online

that they have labeled
as "stream punk."

And that is what
I wanna tap into.

And more specifically...

I want you to take
a look at this guy.

...like this dude here,
who's coming up on this bouncer

in Oslo, Norway.

One right cross down,
dude is out cold.

Little bit of blood.

Blood dripping out
of this guy's mouth.

This video going crazy viral,
had one million-some views in 24 hours.

But let me tell you something,
the dude in the striped shirt

was trying to make
a viral video.

I wanna do a campaign with him,
and we need to do it right now.

Who is this guy?
I feel like I've seen this before.

I sent it to you
like two days ago.

Oh, right, right,
right, sorry. Okay. So...

What, you're just gonna have
him beat people up on camera?

No, he is getting beat up.

I've actually had a long conversation with this gentleman,

and this is not just simply a prank project,
but more of an artistic expression.

Yeah. It's performance arts.

And he's really conceptual

about what he does,
and he's really funny.

When he was interviewed
by the BBC News about it,

they asked,
"Doesn't it hurt to go out and get beat up like that?"

And he replied,

"It hurts more
not to be famous."

It's a great line.

Well, before I tap
into my critique...

finish your speech, then.

Okay, how does someone
dare to pick a fight

with someone twice
their size like that?

That is where DRIB comes in,

it's like a punk version of the Red Bull Space Jump,
you know?

Drink whatever and overcome extraordinary challenges,
and then in the end...

none of this will ever
be published by DRIB.

We'll have an anonymous source from DRIB

leak the whole campaign--
photos and videos--

to some big news
aggregation sites.

They'll all write about it.
It's a hugely scalable campaign.

DRIB won't get any
legal backlash,

because it was never
really legally published.

There'll be tons of rage,
which will work well with our core demo!

Okay. Sounds very interesting.

Maybe it's something that's better for down the line.
You know, just ease into it--

No. There is a momentum right now.
It needs to be right now.

I will even waive my fee on this one.
I just wanna see it done.

You know, it kind of seems like

you just want ISIS to make
viral videos for DRIB.

I mean, that--
that would be edgy.

Just-- just go there.

How many fucking times
do I have to be right

until people just listen
and do what I say?

This is how we built American Apparel.
I promise you.

Whenever you see
a leaked document,

it is because of said company
strategically releasing it.

This works.

I understand that you're
very passionate about this.

I'm just trying to be
a bit pragmatic here.

So, weren't they also
interested in this guy--

I don't know-- this trail bike guy who makes videos?

That fucking asshole is like an embodiment of a cobra snake T-shirt!


Hi, I'm Amir.

The Dream Cycle 3 ensures that

you feel refreshed, re-energized
and ready to take on the world.

This hotel is equipped with your own personal massage helmet.

It cures those unwanted jet lags after a long travel.

- Amir?
- Yeah?

Hey, I'm Jason, I'm a PA
with the production.

- Mind if I sit down?
- Sure, Jason, sit down.


Nice. Very nice.

How are you?
How-- how was your flight?

- It was good.
- Good.

- Nice hotel, huh?
- Yeah.

You should take
advantage of this.

Order a bottle of Dom P and a bucket of ice,
right to your room.

Wear those robes and those slippers and stuff they got us.

You should do that, make phone calls,
if you have like long-distance calls,

just charge it all to your room.

Meet some chicks here.

Yeah. Hey,
so I'm your guy if you need

anything at all while you're here.
So let me know.

Oh, petty cash, boom.

- Thanks, my man.
- Tell me if you need more.

It's no worries.
It's totally cool.

I'm gonna take you
to the office, but...

it's no rush, 'cause I'm
a little bit early here, so.

Okay, cool.


You know, it's still winter,
but I hear

it's gonna be a hundred degrees this weekend.

Do you believe that?
50 on Saturday, 50 on Sunday.

Right? Add 'em up.

You got Celsius? It's Celsius over there?
It's different, right?

Yeah, it's different.
I'm gonna take a phone call outside. But, um...

just no rush,
whenever you're ready.

We'll head out,
we'll head over there.

- Sure.
- Cool.

- Okay. Great.
- Okay.

- Hi, sir, can I get you anything?
- Yeah. A bottle of tequila.

No, no, I wouldn't
drink at work.

Uh, water. Sparkling.

Put it on his-- on his room.

- Sure.
- Cool?

- I'll be outside.
- Great.

Amir, I think they're
ready for you.

Oh, oh, here he comes.

Hey, Amir!

So glad you're here,
so nice to finally meet you.

- This is Sheila, my creative partner.
- Hello.

And this is Sven,
our interpreter.

Hi, uh...

- Sven?
- Uh...


That was a joke.

I speak English.

I thought it was obvious, you know,
we spoke on the phone. Right?

Oh, fuck.

- That's funny.
- Okay. We...

I told you...

Yeah, you were trying to tell me
that that sounded weird.

- Since he's Norwegian.
- Right, right.

Well, I guess we won't be
needing you, uh, Sven.

- Thank you, sorry about that.
- Yeah.

You can leave.

Oh, okay. Yeah, of course.

- Uh... Of course.
- Thank you for coming.

No, no, that's fine,
that's fine, that's okay.

Uh... Um...

- I-I do commercial work as well, like an actress.
- Oh, okay.

- Okay, you're an actor?
- I have a headshot and...

- Okay.
- ...I'm giving it to you.

- Yeah, leave it with Megan at reception.
- Of course. Megan.

- We're creative directors, we don't take headshots.
- Okay.

Thank you.

Okay, yeah.

- I should have understood that.
- No, it was a bad joke.

No, no, it's funny.
Fuck this, right? Advertising, huh?

So, let's rewind.

It is so nice
to finally meet you, Amir.

Yeah, thanks,
it's nice to be invited.

Of course. And things are
moving so fast, I know,

but it's just the way
that things go on here.

There's like a relevancy and potency to this project right now

that we just don't
wanna miss out on.

But we are working
with a big company,

getting everything approved
in time is always a challenge,

so we are not in official "go"
on the original plan.

There's still some slight
worries over the legality

of publishing
this type of content,

even if we do it by leaking it,
as we talked about.

They're still worried about
making real fight videos,

which is understandable
coming from corporate culture.

I specifically didn't want to
tamper with the recipe at all.

I don't want this to come off as
fake or be seen as advertising,

because then it'll just be
dismissed right away.

It's just so typical
that whenever a brand

embraces something
that was successful online,

they immediately remove
whatever was working.

And the authentic aura
becomes this fake empire aura

and they tamper
with the aesthetics,

turning it into this
"brand old thing," you know.

For this project to work,
it must be believable.

There are certain emotions that are more susceptible to sharing.

For instance, people don't share depression,
but they do with rage.

It's all about scalability.

Rage is one of the best emotions
for it in these snowflake times.

Now I was just so impressed
with how fast

your project scaled
in just a matter of days.

Now, nothing is set in stone,
but they are demanding

that we at least try to make
these staged fights,

just so they can see
how it looks,

but we'll keep pushing for the real thing, right, Sheila?

Yes, you... will push for that.

Unfortunately, I won't be here,
but Brady will be here to handle everything.

And I'm so glad
I got to meet you.

- Nice to meet you, too.
- Yeah.

- Yeah.
- It's exciting.

It is very exciting. You know why it is exciting?
Because we have you.

You are real.

You have made
a name for yourself,

and that helps with
the authenticity of this.

Now we're gonna be
doing some photos.

We got this great photographer
you'll love him.

He's actually more of an artist.
He usually does fashion and art,

but when it's the right thing,
he will do advertising,

I really want this
fake canceled campaign

- to be like a piece of art.
- He does.

We'll have you meet with our--

Is somebody's phone on?

While I'm talking?

We'll have you meet with our in-house director Thomas tomorrow.

The photo shoot
will be next Friday,

but we won't be having
the PPM until next week.

- PP--
- Yeah, PPM means pre-production meeting. Yeah.

But we won't have an actual "go" on the fight videos

until we meet with the CEO,

and who knows when
that's going to happen.

So, I know that this sounds
a little bit flaky,

but that's the plan,
and we'll do the best we can.


Oh, speed bump.
What do they call speed bumps in Norway?

Farts dumps.

- Really?
- Yeah.

- Farts dumps?
- Yeah.

- No.
- Yeah.

- No, you're fucking with me.
- No, I'm not.

No, you're doing one of your
"things" right now, aren't you?


- Wow.
- Yeah.

So, you know, that whole thing,

the office, the culture,
advertising, I'm...

I don't really feel like
I'm part of it,

I'm just more observing it,

so I can cynically
work the system, you know.

Not really married to that
culture or anything.

- Yeah. It's strange.
- Yeah, yeah.

- Have you ever heard of accelerationism?
- Um... No.

Well, it's this thesis that capitalism is not a sustainable system

and that it has
to collapse at some point,

and that seems to be the only way of getting rid of it.

And accelerationism is an idea
of helping to speed up

that process
of that inevitable collapse

by contributing
to capitalistic ideas.

Feeding the monster
until it bursts, so to speak.

So I'm not like a...

advertising exec douche bag...

- ...asshole.
- Yeah, it's--

Oh, oh...

- Yeah?
- Hi, it's Jason.

Uh, we're still doing
the shoot on Friday, right?

- The photos, yeah.
- Right.

Amanda from DRIB says
she didn't approve the location,

and we might not be able
to confirm until Friday,

which is too late.

They're still a fucking pain to work with.

Jason, Jason,
I'm on the speakerphone right now in the car with the talent.

- Uh...
- Yeah. So do you think that

this is a good way to be talking to me while I'm on speakerphone,

fucking up the energy
we have here?

We don't need to hear this right now, Jason.
- Well--

- No, don't interrupt me.
- No, I--

Don't interrupt me!

- Do you think that's a--
- No, I--

Don't interrupt me!

Do you think that
that's acceptable?

No. No, I didn't know
you were on speakerphone.

Yeah, no, well, I'm always
on speakerphone while I drive.

I practice safe driving, Jason.

Talk to Sheila!

- O-- okay.
- Okay, bye-bye! Bye-bye!

Okay, bye.

I'm sorry about that.

Yeah, this isn't a very politically correct thing to say,

but, uh, Jason, he is...

He's kind of retarded.

- Yeah--
- Oh! Help remind me, the client has a gift for you.

- They'd just love it if you'd wear some of their clothes.
- Okay.

You know, they're really cool. Not my thing,
I wouldn't wear them, but you know.

Stay awake!

If you've been bullied,
you know pain.

You know it's real,
you know the effects.

You can't change the past,
either side of it.

But what you can do
is change the future.

You can be part of shaping your future for a better tomorrow.

All you have to do is believe.

Uh, uh, do,
do you need the line?

No, I know the line.

It's just a bit...


- How so?
- It--

it makes it sound like
I work for Skin Loft,

and I'm... not working
for Skin Loft.

Okay. The, uh-- just that
final part there, or...

Yeah. It's just-- it doesn't...

- fit for me.
- Mm-hmm.

And it-- it just...

doesn't feel right somehow.

Right. And is it the--
it's the, uh--

it's right up until

"a better tomorrow,
all you have to do is believe" and then...

Yeah, all-all that kind of
"believe" stuff is-is great.

- Right.
- But after that it just gets a little bit...

- "Go Skin Loft!"
- Right.

I-- you know,
I thought it was really-- I thought it was great.

I thought it was just
going great up-- up until then.

Can we just try that-- just try that one line,
see how it feels?


'Cause, see, my concern is that
if we don't do this version,

then the client is just gonna make us go back and do it over again,

and so on and so forth, so...

Could we just give this one
just a try? Just that--

just that version?

Can we-- can we talk
to the client?

'Cause I've gotta-gotta jet home
tomorrow, back to London.

I don't wanna do this
and have it... suck.

- Right.
- And not be able to change it.

Right, right.

Well, I think the--
here's what I think.

I think if we go all the way to

- "All you have to do is believe..."
- Yeah.

...and then you add that line,
it's really easy to cut that,

cut that line out at the end,

if you don't feel
comfortable with it.

Then we can show them
both versions,

and then whichever one
we wanna go with. Is that cool?

Not... really,
but we'll go with that.

Okay. Okay. Okay.
Cool. Cool.


Are we still rolling?

Whenever you're ready.

Is it-- is it still that line?

- Yeah.
- Yeah? Okay.

- Yeah. Ab-absolutely.
- Yeah. Um...

All right,
why don't we just go--

why don't we just go
all the way up to "believe"

and then maybe we can capture it in a voiceover afterwards,
if need be?

Is that-- is that all right?

- Okay, cool.
- 'Cause it was great, it was great until then.

And if you feel like throwing it in there,
just throw it in there.

I definitively don't feel like
throwing it in there.

Okay. We're still rolling?

Whenever you're ready.

Yeah, just let it drib

a little more
out the side, there.

Yeah. Yeah.

That's looking good.

Do you have any allergies?

- Hey, I'm John, stunt guy.
- Oh, hey.

- How are you?
- Good, good. Thomas.

- Good to meet you.
- Hi, Thomas. Good to meet you. That looks pretty righteous.

So, you guys are gonna be working together.
- Great.

Have you...
Who, uh-- who contacted you?

Uh, let me see.
It was through my-- through my manager.

- Okay.
- So I'm not sure who...

- And you've done this before, right?
- Yeah, absolutely.

I do a lot of martial arts,
taekwondo kind of stuff

Okay, guys, how is it going?
Ready to knock this out?

Okay, so...

Yeah, let's...
Michael, right?

- Yeah.
- You ever done any fighting like this before?

Anything-- fighting on camera or off camera?
Anything like that?

- I'm from Sacramento.
- Ha! So yes? No.

So, great. It'll be really easy.

We're just gonna show you how to punch on camera,
make it look real.

But it's gonna be really straight-forward,
really easy. No problem at all, okay?

So what you're gonna do is...

He's gonna be comin' at ya.
It shouldn't be much of a problem at all.

He's just gonna come at you,
provoking you, provoking you...

You try to... you don't
wanna fight this guy.

And then finally you just get fed up,
and you come straight at him with,

sah sah! Right?

Does that make sense?
So, you're gonna be down--

it's all right. You all right?
I scare you?

You're just gonna do
two quick punches.

It's not gonna be anything at all.
He's coming at you.

"Aw, man, lay off me."
You're kind of gonna get a little bit defensive.

And then finally, just
out of nowhere, sah sah!

But fast. Yeah? Show me
what that would look like.

Yeah, so he's coming-- Amir's coming in at you.
He's gonna make you mad.

You're not gonna punch him right away,
it'll just take a second.

You don't wanna fight him,
you don't wanna fight him, and then suddenly!

And then left-left--
left hook to the-- yeah.

Yeah, yeah, that's it! That's it!
No, that's absolutely it.

What you wanna do is-- he needs to get a little bit more on it,

then you do boom and...

vertical punch to the face.

- Sah sah! Boom! Straight in.
- All right.

Yeah? Makes sense?
Once again.

- Sah sah.
- Yeah.

Yeah, but lean into him.
Right now, it's a little bit--

- John, John, John.
- Yeah?

- These-- thank you for bringing in so many options, it's great.
- Yeah, totally.

So, these guys are--
they're not martial artists,

they're not trained in any way.

They're characters.
These are just regular guys,

so what we want is just something a little bit more,
just clean and simple.

This is more like
a street fight.

- Right?
- Okay. So--

so not clean and simple, though?
'Cause wouldn't it be--

'cause I'm picturing that it's
real clean and real obvious.

But you want it, like,
a little messier? Or...

- Over. Like that, see what I mean?
- All right.

- So you could break his arm, or you could do-- sah! That way.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Or will you-- come this way...
- John. John.

- John.
- ...and you could do three quick ones.

Sah sah sah!
Right in the back.

See what I mean?

- Something like that.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I think probably the thing
to do is to just

sort of let them play
with it a little bit?

- Improvise a little bit?
- Okay.

- You and I'll step out of the picture.
- Sure.

Just--just-- I guess just improv it.
See what happens, right?

I think you gave them
some good ground work.

Absolutely. Absolutely.

So, what do you want us to do?

What did you do in the video?
How did you instigate the fight?

I had a bat and I
threatened the guy.

Okay. Um...

So let's-- yeah. Let's do that,
but let's only use words.

- Okay?
- Okay. And, Michael,

I want you to let things
escalate naturally as you--

Oh, uh, I mean...

I wouldn't respond
with violence myself.

Okay, but for this...

You know, I'll just follow the situation.
- Okay. All right.

So just as a little method-acting exercise for both of you,

Michael, what's something
that really makes you angry?

I don't know, man,
I get really upset if somebody called me a nigger.

- Okay. Yeah.
- Nigger?

Let's-- I think that we should probably stay away from,
uh... "nigger."

- Hey.
- I'm sorry, Michael.

Or fuck, or cunt, and all
of that harsher language.

- Yeah.
- The clients are gonna be looking at this and, you know...

- So just do it for real, then?
- Dude, I'm not gonna fight you for real.

No, no, no.
We don't need that,

but is there some sort of scenario or
something to kind of get the ball rolling?

Maybe if he's
on his phone texting,

and I'll come and interrupt
him or something?

- Okay.
- Does that work?

- Great.
- Okay?

- Yeah? Okay.
- Great.

Whenever you guys are ready.

- Nigger!
- What the hell?

What the hell is wrong with you?

- Oh, wait, cut, man! Cut!
- Whoa, whoa.

Serious, man,
what is wrong with you?

He just threw my phone
on the ground!

- I know, I know. I saw it.
- Is that too much?

Is it too much?
You screamed "nigger" and threw my phone!

I'm so sorry about
all that. It's just--

Unh. It's cool, as long as
I'm compensated.

Oh, yeah. No, of course.
Of course.

I usually did features.
I used to do features.

I was Paul Haggis' first AD
on "Crash," so.

- All right, cool.
- Yeah.

I always thought that I'd be doing more features myself,
you know?

Directing? But, uh...


Really chasing it, you know.
I'm so glad that's over.

I wrote this screenplay
that might happen.

Got a good friend at
a studio who's considering it.

It might be a series, or-- I don't know,
but definitively still about the chase.

- Yeah.
- Well...

You'll get over it.

What's it about?

Oh, it's actually inspired
by these really old mangas.

You know, Japanese cartoons.

See, I wanna do this anime story about Tokyo in the 18th century.

Really take it back
to the roots of manga.

Yeah. Right on.

Yeah, see, I lived
in Tokyo for like a year.

- I was a doorman at Harajuku.
- Yeah.

Really super-super fascinating.

Yeah. Yeah, you know,
I just-- I read that, um--

I just read the, um--

that author--

Oh, Murakami!

No, no, no. Um, it's, uh...

Oh, what was it?

He, uh-- I went to dinner.

Or I--

I-- well, actually, I went
to Little Tokyo the other day...

and, um...

Yeah, right. Cool.

...bought some groceries.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Oh. There he is.


- What do you say we have a little chat, huh?
- Yeah, sure.

Look, I know that this is all new and weird, right?
I can see that.

I hate that we have
to do it like this,

I so respect you in your work.

- Yeah, I'm just gonna get into--
- And maybe we won't even end up doing it this way,

but the client really
needs us to try it like this.

If they don't like it,
they might just end up canceling the whole thing

and that could be complicated in terms of your payment and everything.

But listen, don't worry about it,
I'm sure you'll do fine,

- just give it a real effort, okay?
- Yeah.

Everything good,
anything you need?

No, I'm fine.

Yeah, are you jet lagged? Tired?

- Yeah, I'm tired.
- Hmm.

And that interview
you did with "HuffPo,"

they called me,
you were fucking with them.

You were fucking with me, right?

Hi, Amir, it's Brady.
How are you?

I was just emailing
with "The Huffington Post,"

and they wanna do an interview with you in about a half hour.

Are you available to do that?

Fantastic. Okay,
so I have this idea.

So... let's mess with them
a little bit, okay?

How about you go on there
and talk about your videos,

which is what they're thinking you're going to talk to them about,

but in the midst of talking about all your work,
mention DRIB,

just start peppering it
in there, you know.

Just talk about how you like to drink DRIB before you start a fight,

and drink DRIB
after a fight, you know,

in order to take away the pain or something like that,
you know.

Just not too much,
and of course don't mention the campaign.

But let's start scaling
this a bit, what do you think?

Amir, are you ready?
- Yeah, I'm ready.


- Amir?
- Hi.

- Hi.
- I'm ready.

Amir, if we're going to do this interview,
you're gonna have to take those off.

Oh, I can't take it off
while watching the screen,

so I gotta have it on.

Well, we can't do the interview

with those on, though.
You have to understand that.

Oh. Well, I can't do
the interview without it on,

so I hope you understand.

Uh, no. You have
to take them off.

If you're gonna continue to keep trolling,
we're going to have to cut this interview.

I'm trying to give you
an opportunity here.

I don't feel like you're
taking it too seriously.

Well, I'm taking it seriously,
'cause I have a condition.

I have a condition that's called narcolepsy,
I got it from all the fighting.

So, if I take it off while watching the screen,
I'll fall asleep.

- So are you taking this serious?
- Amir, I don't have the time for this,

so please just take it off
and let's get on with it.

Okay, I'll take it off.

- Yeah, take it off please.
- Okay.

- We're all waiting.
- Okay.


Oh, God.



Guys? Yeah,
just close it please?

I was trying to be funny.

Oh, that's right.
That's fucking hilarious.


- So, should we get inside?
- Yeah!

It's "menge"?
How's it pronounced?

"Menge" or manga?
- You just said the same thing.

Okay. Amir's ready.

- Great.
- Have fun.

Sorry, guys.
- No, no, no, no. Good to have you back.

I think there were some
communication issues going on.

We have a safe word now.
If anybody feels uncomfortable,

you just say "manga,"
and we'll stop.

- Jason.
- Meg.

- You're on the DRIB project, right?
- Yup.

I need you to fix something.

Brady needs sleeping pills
for the talent.

- Like Melatonin or--
- No, he said Ambien.

That's a prescription drug.

I don't know,
but he needs it today.

- Well--
- Can you just fix that for me? Thank you.

- Thank you, Meg.
- You're welcome.

Cathy, my dear, how are you?

I'm good, Jason. How are you?

Good. I have a medium-sized
favor to ask.

Um, Brady needs sleeping pills for the talent on the DRIB project.

- But he needs Ambien, which is a prescription-- hi.
- Hi.

It's a prescription pill.

- Yeah.
- Do you have a prescription for Ambien?


No? Okay.

I have this guy,
he's like a dealer, actually.

He's a white dude, but he's a really nice guy.
He can fix anything.

Trouble is I actually owe him some money,
so he won't sell to me until I pay my tab first.

But... he's a super nice guy.

He's actually dealer.

- No, he's not.
- Yeah.

- How would you know that?
- He's like a celebrity dealer. It's his thing.

And you're sure
he's dealer?

Well, what does take?
- I don't know.

But you can find out because
since I can't go down there,

I need you to take down his number and go pick up some Ambien.

And you can tell him hi from me,
but just don't tell him it's for me.

Dude, this isn't
a medium-sized favor.

- Okay, well, I owe you a big-sized favor...
- Yeah.

...if you do this for me.
I'll send him a text on your behalf.


Seriously, I've been going
to him on the reg.

He's 's dealer.
I promise you he's not at all shady.

There's nothing to worry about.

- Fine.
- Yeah?

- Yeah.
- Great. Hey.

One thing you have to watch out for if you go down there is

don't spend all your money,
'cause he's a really nice guy, he's a very good salesman.

He's got excellent
product, so.

Hey. I got your number
from Jason Meltzer.

I was wondering if I could--
if I could, um, buy some Ambien?

Fucking stupid.

Oh, hi, Amir.

- Oh, hi.
- Cathy.

Catherine, yeah.

I brought you your Ambien.

Ambien? The sleeping pills?

Sleeping pills?
No, I don't think--

Brady made me get these for you.


Okay, thanks. I guess.

Yeah, so you might, um...

You might actually get
a hangover from them.

And they have sort of like
a hallucinative effect

if you don't actually
fall asleep, so...


- ...watch out.
- Yeah, cool. Thanks.

Um... Brady said that you also
wanted to check out Griffith.


He said that you wanted
to view Griffith Observatory?

No, I'm pretty busy right now,
so no, I can't, really.

So you're saying that
you didn't ask for--

- Okay, cut.
- Shall I?

I'm sorry, but he's
not following the script.

51, take 2.
51, take 4. Mark.

Well, do you
want me to take you?

...take 8. Mark.

- That must be Cathy!
- Okay, cut!

- Hi, Amir.
- Hi.

- Cathy.
- Cathy. Cathy. Hi, Cathy.

I brought you your Ambien.

- Ambien?
- The sleeping pills?

- Okay, why?
- Brady made me get these for you, so.

Oh. Okay. Thanks.

You might get a hangover
from them. Um...

And they have kind of a hallucinative
effect if you don't actually fall asleep.


Okay. Cool.

Brady said you wanted
to check out Griffith, too.


He said that you wanted to see the view from Griffith Observatory?

I don't-- no,
I don't think so.

So, you didn't ask to do
any of those things?

You didn't ask for
the Ambien or for Griffith?

I don't think so.
I don't think I did.

Okay. Well, do you
want me to take you?

What, like now?

Yeah, I can
totally take you, that's...

That's what I'm here for.
It's like what I'm supposed to do for you.

Yeah, this is pretty nice.

A bit foggy, though.

You going to that Oscar party?

- At Brady's house?
- Yeah.

Yeah, I'm going, are you?

I don't know.

Brady invited me, but, uh...

I don't understand
that guy, you know?

He's pretty scary,
pretty intense.

Yeah, he's only a dick
'cause he's insecure.


Actually, um...

I heard him crying
in the bathroom once.


Yeah, it was dark.

So, don't worry
about him, 'cause...

he's got his own stuff going on.


I didn't fit in,

I didn't fit in at all
after the vomit.

Do you wanna get
something to eat?

When I went and got the Ambien,
I was all ready to go,

and then he brings up hibiscus,

which he said
was synthetic coke.

What, like speed?

No. Um, he said that it's...

chemically almost exactly
the same as coke,

but it just is not illegal yet.

And it came in
a very professional bag.

And he basically gave me
the Ambien and was like,

"Here you go, but you just
really gotta try this shit out."

So, I'm apparently gonna
review it for him.


- Hibiscus.
- Yeah.

- Hibiscus.
- Hibiscus. Hibiscus.


Would you wanna
try some with me?

Um, I think maybe just the food,
you know, I just--

I'm sorry,
that was really premature.

We don't have to do that at all.

I just-- I thought that since I had it, like,
why not.

Yeah. Yeah, I'm in the mood.

No. I'm really actually
not like that at all.

I don't usually
take the talent--

I just was--

No, it's ok-- I'm not usually
this hungry, you know.

It's like, I wanna do drugs.

I always, you know,
I always wanna do the drugs.

Uh, like, maybe, like--

maybe I should eat first?

- Yeah, you should do that.
- Yeah.

You should do that.

You eat, and I'm gonna--

do you mind if I just--
like, just test one?

- Definitively do some.
- Cool.

Definitively. You're gonna
do the drugs, do 'em.

Don't judge me.

I actually have
this heart condition.

I think my heart
is smaller than usual,

so I shouldn't--
I should not do drugs.

Yeah, boy.

When they told me
about this project

I thought you were gonna be
this really horrible guy.

- Why?
- I don't know.

I just,
I really don't like violence.

And the things
you do are just... stupid to me.

Don't you feel like
you're kinda selling yourself?

What do you mean?

Why do you wanna be
the face of an energy drink?

- It's like a performance.
- How is that a performance?

What would you be doing?
Like, you're just here doing this.

What would you be doing differently if you were genuinely doing it?


- Do you want me to show you?
- Yeah.

Yeah, I'll show you, okay?

What are you doing?

I'm just gonna show you.

Um, what am I looking at?

At my ass.

My butt.

I don't really get it.

Are you cooler in Norway?

What do you mean?

I just feel like
I'm missing something.

I don't really--
like, what's the prank?

If I just go up to a person
on the street

and I slap him
and I tell him it's a prank,

and that's a prank?


To be honest with you,
it was all fake.

What's fake?


The fight videos,
the guy in the video was an actor.

It was just fake,
everything was just fake.

And all the other stuff
was just a performance.

And no one else
knows about this?


But they built the whole project
around you,

cause you're Amir,
the dude who fights people.

Yeah. It was funny too.

Brady was like...

Guys, we gotta do it real
like Amir does.

This is an art project,
not a commercial.

It's not gonna be funny when Brady
actually murders you when he finds out.

Actually, you can't tell him.

If you give me half your salary,
I won't tell.

Ah, fuck,
I shouldn't have told you.

Half your salary,
and I won't tell.

I shouldn't have told you.

Oh, my god. You only have DRIB.

How do you, like, make a living,
besides, um...

your performances.

I'm a personal assistant.

- For like somebody famous?
- No.

For this guy.
He can't use his legs.

Um, you mean somebody disabled?


Can I put a plus one?

No, it's this guy Amir,
he's with the company.

He's, um...

He's a performance artist.

- I don't feel anything. Do you?
- No.

Okay, either we continue doing,
like, a lot more of that...

or we do some Ambien.

Yeah. Okay, I'll do one
if you do one.

- Already doing it.
- Oh.

- Cheers.
- For LA, huh?

Excuse me, sir.
Can you hear me?

Is this your phone, sir?

My phone is--

No. This. The room phone, sir,
we found this outside.

This is your phone, right?


It's got your room number
on it, sir.

Please don't throw anything off our balcony anymore,
all right?

Sir, are you okay?

Have you seen the girl?

No, I haven't seen
any girl, sir.

The girl I was with?

I'm gonna let you off
with a warning right now.

I don't wanna have to
come back here.

Thank you.

Stay awake.

Amir, hi, it's Brady.

We've just received news that we won't be doing the shoot today,

a little issue with the client.

So, you can just do
whatever you want.

Hopefully we'll do
the shoot tomorrow.

Okay, bye.

Hey, this is Cathy.

I'm not here right now
to take your call,

so just leave me a message.

- Amir, hey, Adam.
- Hey.

I've just spoken to Brady
from the agency

and he said to ask is it okay
if we share a car to the party?

- Yeah, sure.
- Cool.

- Should be here in a sec.
- Okay.

Is there a dress code
for the party?

Not really, I just thought
I'd make a bit of an effort.

I mean, it's the Oscars, right?


It should really be
here by now.

Let me call Brady, okay?


Hey, Brady, what's up?
It's Adam.


Yeah, we're outside
but I can't see it.

Black limo? Quality.

Where's the limo?

Is it that one?

Well, it's a limo.
That's for damn sure.

Loving the shirt, by the way.

Thanks, man.

I'm very sorry.

- I got the wrong address.
- No worries.

Is there
anything I can do?

So, how's your project going?

It's coming along okay.
I don't know, it's kinda--

Cool, cool.
I got the Skin Loft gig.

- It's going okay?
- Yeah, happy. Happy enough.

It's about me.

It's one of those
well-put-together montages,

story of my life, triumph over adversity,
inspirational music.

- You know the deal.
- Nice.

I've got a rough cut
I can show you.


Check this out.

That's it, let's see your face.

I drawed that.

Tell us what it is, Adam.


If you've been bullied,
you know pain.

You know it's real,
you know the effects.

You can't change the past,
either side of it.

But what you can do is
change the future.

You can be part of shaping your future for a better tomorrow.

Yeah, nice, man.

Yeah, it's-- it's good.

It's kind of wanky
here and there.

Little bit too REM,
"Everybody hurts,"

but I think the message
outweighs that.

I really wanna put aside my ego
for the cause on this occasion.



What happened to your, uh...

Beard? Hair?

- To your...
- Beard?

Is it my hair? Face?
You can say face. I know about it.

What happened to your face?

I have neurofibromatosis.

And that's why they wanted you
for the commercial?

No, it's not that.
It's my boyish charm or rugged good looks.

No, no, no, I'm an actor.

I was in a film last year.

"Under the Skin"?
Don't know if you saw it.

- I haven't seen it.
- No, no, it's okay.

- I'm sorry.
- It's cool.

It was, you know,
not the biggest part or a really important one.

Got to work with
Scarlett Johansson.

Good for you, man.

Dude, like, smoking hot.

Like 10 out of 10,
"would kill my grandmother" hot.

Yeah, she's hot.

Yeah. Wow.

LA, bro, so much stuff
going on, man.

I probably shouldn't
talk about it,

but they asked me to read
for this villain

in the new Batman film.

Memories can be vile.

- Wow.
- Yeah, and there's a James Bond villain.

A lot of villains, then.

But they don't want to use
prosthetics anymore.

It's like blackfacing now.

What's going on, dude?
We're lost?

We lost reception down at the bottom of the hill down there.

Is this the right address?

I-I have no idea.
You're-you're the driver.

Oh, this is taking so long,

and I gotta pee so bad.

Hello, driver.

Ah, I hope that chick
from the office is at the party.

Have you seen her?
Young girl, blonde, interning.

- Cathy?
- Cathy, that's the one.

We were at Griffith Park
the other night,

and she was flirting
with me non-stop.

Laughing in all the right places,
very touchy-feely.

Sexual chemistry off the charts.

She wants to get up on this.

I got the wrong address.
- Jesus Christ.

Are we ever gonna make it?

Who's this?

Brady? What's crackalackin',
my man?

Dude, we are lost.

This has been a clusterfuck
from start to finish.


Driver. He wants to know where we are.
- Yes?

We're up on the top
of Mulholland.

We're up
on the top of Mulholland.

Oh. Oh. Yeah, okay.

Should we meet you
at the restaurant?

Uh-huh. No?

Yeah. I'll see you tomorrow.


So what's going on?

We are too far away

and won't make it
to the party in time.

Okay, so we're going
to a restaurant?

No. They are going
to a restaurant.

He said we can just keep the limo and drive around all night,

like it's some kind of
fucking roller coaster.

- Back to the hotel?
- Yeah.


Here's, um...

- Here's Amir.
- Oh.

Hey, Amir, this is Amanda.

She's our PR rep from DRIB.

Amir. Nice to meet you.

What'd he-- what'd he say?

He said it's nice to meet you.

Thank you.

I think you're needed
in wardrobe.

So I guess you're not
one of the bodybuilders.


Um, aren't you the guy that got, like,
hit in the face in the video?

- Yeah.
- Cool.

What are you?
Like, small, medium?

- Medium.
- Okay.

Cool. Can you put
your arms down?

And then can you face
that way for me?

Could you take your pants off?

We'll just try
some bottoms with that.


Okay. Pants off.

Oh, wow, those are... so--

you're like, probably--

those are medium,
so you probably need like an extra small, I think.


People are starting
to talk about how Red Bull

isn't even
an energy drink brand anymore,

it's a media house.

And that the drink
is more of a side gig

and what they're really doing is the Music Academy,
big stunts, the art shows.

They've managed to change people's perception of not only the brand,

but what
they're actually selling.

So... they're trying
to confuse the audience?

Is that the idea?

Well, their advertising is not perceived as advertising,
but as content,

advertising stunts
as commodities,

and some believe that they're just selling
a bunch of energy drinks on the side

in order to pay off all of these musicians and all these stunt men.

So, we need like
a music academy now?

No, Amanda,
I'm saying that you need

to pay attention
to your competition,

- or else you're going to fall behind.
- That's what we have you for.


Can I get the 50 millimeter, please?
Thank you.


I'll be honest,
I don't know if I'm loving these-- these lenses.

I mean, all of a sudden,
these are like the go-to lenses

for greater production value,
am I right?

I don't know.
I kinda like it.

I mean,
it used to be like a-- Stacy, please.

- Sorry.
- Thank you.

I tell you what. Change 'em back,
let's go normcore.

So, listen, the idea is
we're gonna have you pose

with some fighter guys
here, right?

Just like in your videos.

But it's gonna be
in this... exclusive setting.

It's gonna be like mashing low
and like high culture.

Yeah, you're not low culture, though,
you're somewhere in the middle.


- You like it?
- Yeah. Sure.

Well, we have to
do some packshots,

Amanda has to leave soon,
but you can just hang out.

There's some food
in the kitchen.

Crafty. As we call it.

So, what do you think?

This is
the most recent can, right?

Yeah, the 2014 one.

Are we gonna
do the latte version?

Uh... not really.

You said that you wanted
this to be the general brand

and not be
for specific products.

I know, but while we're here, you know?
- Sure.

Do these look okay?
- Does it look crowded?

- I don't know.
- Let's lose one.

Can we make them look
a little... colder?

Yeah, we'll frost it.



I'm sorry.

Whoa, so you're on
heavy drugs right now?

Yeah, I guess, sort of.

Wow, so what was that,

No, man,
it's called hacking, bio-hacking.

- Bio-hacking.
- Yeah.

You should look into it, man.

Yeah, maybe I should.
I mean, what does it do?

It's gonna help with energy,
your sleep patterns, you know.

It's gonna...

Hi, it's Brady,
I'm here at the DRIB shoot.

The client has changed
their minds about the casting.

They don't want just
Caucasian bodybuilders anymore.

So we need a black one.

No, because
they were all approved,

so I didn't have
any black-ups ready. Yeah.

Just check them all,
because we're supposed to begin soon.

You can offer them 3,000.

If they have a problem
with that, just add a thousand.

So, we need someone new,
a new guy, another bodybuilder,

they want a black guy.

So we need to wait for this?

Should we shut down
for a couple of hours?

No, I'm hoping to find
someone soon.

I have someone
in the office looking.

I have a friend from college
who's pretty into bodybuilding.

He's pretty big, actually, he's black,
but he's not like an actor or a model or anything.

- You went to college?
- Yeah.

Okay, well, can you ask him?


You got any photos of him?

Yeah, probably like, um...
on Facebook.

You guys didn't have
any black-ups, or...

Don't say that.


I mean, that is
totally racist and...

what, you're gonna
say that when he's here?

- No.
- Well... Jesus.

Hmm. He could work.

You like him? Great.

Please call him.
Please get him here. Do something.

I was--

Yeah, put the last wrap
on the fucking plate. Yeah.

- Oh.
- Make the phone call.

I'm sorry.

I-- I don't even know
what got into his head,

why he could think that he could
do something like that.


It's all being taken care of.

Oh, great.
Actually, I have to go.

Oh. Okay.
Need anyone to take you?

No, I have a rental.

Okay, great.

Any news on the videos,
by the way?

How they wanna go with it, or--

Yeah, Gary's meeting
with his lawyers right now,

so we'll see.

Oh, great, yeah,
we'll know tomorrow then.


Amir still really wants to
do the real deal.

He's kinda got
an artistic integrity about it.

Well, Gary is still really big
on that trail bike guy.

He doesn't really know
why we didn't go with him.

- He doesn't, huh?
- Uh-huh.

Well, you can tell Gary
that he can keep pitching me

these assholes
from fucking "Ellen,"

but I'm not gonna go for it.

I don't see why he doesn't just let go.
We're already going here.

Okay. I-I think his son
is like a big fan.

Oh, well, that's a great way
to run a company.

- What are you doing?
- What?

What are you doing?

What do you mean?
I'm talking to you.

No, you can't
talk to me like that.

Oh, wait, you think
I was being sarcastic?

- No. I do think we should listen to his son.
- I have to go.

And any other child.
Children have great ideas.

So great seeing you. So funny.

No, are they too small?

'Cause if they're too small
we can get other ones.

- It's fine?
- Sort of.

So, you've never been to a film
or a shoot or anything?

No, it's actually my first time.

What's up, buddy?

- Hey, how you doing?
- Good to see you.

- What's going on?
- How's everything? Still cut? Yeah?

Doing a little something, dude.

- Still doin' it.
- Yeah, where-- where'd yours go?

I'm doing the cardio now,
mostly cardio. I quit.

I hurt my back a little bit, so.

Hurt your back?
They got those back braces.

Things like that.

They need to see you
in wardrobe as soon as possible,

so I don't mean to interrupt,
but maybe you wanna...

- Get in there?
- Yeah.

- It's right back there.
- Good to see you.

All right. Yeah.

Thank you.

He's a good guy. Yeah.

It's no problem calling him up.

Would I get a bump
for bringing him in here?


Just like a finder's fee or--


Cool. Cool. Cool.

Amir, you know you're in
the shit right now.

No smile.

Get closer to him. There you go.

Really intimidate him
with your eyes.

You're a little bit in pain.

Not that much pain. Look at me.

A little less pain.

A little bit more
vulnerability, Amir.

A little less crazy, Tommy.

There you go. No laughing.

If I tell you, "Aggressive,"
what does that mean?

Except without the teeth.

You don't care.

That's the source
of your power, right?

Next one, let's just do
a basic choke, okay?

You okay with that?

There you go, Amir, look at me.

I really wanna see as though you're really squeezin' him,
all right?

Squeezin' his little head
off his body.

Get on your knees.

Okay, Jeremy, I want you behind him,
a little more behind him.

Get in there, get in his face.

Amir, look at me.

You don't know what's goin' on.

Yeah, perfect.
That's great, guys.

Don't smile. Don't smile.

Perfect. Creep in there.

Yeah, perfect.

Amir. That's great, guys.

Any chance
you can get in closer?

All three of you? Closer?
There you go.

That's perfect.
Relax for a second, guys.

You guys are doing good work.

- You guys all right?
- Yeah.

- Devin.
- Yeah?

This is great, but I was
thinking to try the real way.

What do you think?

Okay, Amir,
I'm gonna try some action photos with you, okay?

I wanna get a photo of your--
of your face being slapped.

I'm gonna catch
the exact moment of impact.

Oh, that's a great idea.

Are you okay with that?

What, you want them
to slap my face?

Yeah. Maybe just Tommy.

Yeah, if you go
on the other side...

I think I'm okay
with you Jeremy, thanks.

Well, can I just go outside?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

I'll call you if we need you.
- All right.

Step on the other side, Tommy.
- Sure.

Perfect. Move to your right.
That's great. Perfect.

Now if I can just see your hand on his face where you're gonna hit him.

Hold it.

All right, perfect.

Now just slap him gently. No.

Please wait for my cue.

Sorry. Okay.

Is that okay?

Yeah. Sure.

Okay, ready?

And hit.

Okay, I think
we're gonna need a count.

So, um, maybe on three, okay?

Okay, do I start the action on three or is the impact on three?

- Impact on three.
- Okay.


Ready? One, two...

I didn't get it.
All right, can we go again?

- Okay.
- One, two...

Yeah. Okay.

Oh, great.

Getting there.

Okay, great,
so let's go again,

maybe a little bit faster,
a little bit more impact?

So, you want me to hit him harder?
- Yeah.

I mean, you'll tell us
if it's too much, right, Amir?

I mean,
it's like nothing compared to the stuff that you do.

This is gonna work.

You know, it's gotta be
kinda real. Right? Okay.

Yeah? Ready?

One, two...

Amir, can you, uh--

can you keep like a calmer face,
like you don't even care?

What do-- what do you mean?

I mean, now, it looks like
you're expecting the hit.

Can you just give me one,
like-- like you don't care, just like a calm face.

Yeah? Okay. Ready?

A little bit harder.

One, two...

- Okay, again.
- That was too hard.

One, two...

Uh, Emil said
that was a bit too hard.

No, it's okay.

Just-- just continue. Yeah.

- We good?
- Yeah.

Thank you. Thank you
for letting us do this.

Let's just go again.

Okay. Looking good. Ready?

One, two...

Okay, that was
a little bit better.

It's looking good, guys.
It's looking really good.

Okay, one more, ready?

One, two...

One more. One, two...

Perfect. Okay.
One more time. Ready?

One, two--

Oh, you went too fast.

- Ready?
- All right.

One, two...

Perfect. Okay, again. One--

into the camera-- two...

Yeah. Let's go again. Ready?

One, two...

Okay, again. One, two...

Again. One--

How many
do you need, man?

I-I-- I just need--
I just need one, okay?

- Just like one perfect one.
- Yeah.

Amir, it's looking really great.

You're gonna be very happy.
This is all worth it.


- Yeah? Are we good?
- Okay.

Let's just continue.

Okay. Last one.
One more.

Tommy, a little
bit harder, okay?

- No, not hard.
- No?

He's not doing it harder, no.

Okay, just go the same.


It's looking
really good, guys.

We're almost there.
Let's go for perfect, okay?

Just one perfect one, okay?

Into the camera. Calm face.

Like you don't even care.
Ready? One, two...

A little harder, Tommy. Ready?

- Okay.
- One, two...

Two. Two. Two.

Again. Harder.

Yeah. Okay.

Ooh. Ouch. Okay. Great.
Ah, that's so good.

- Whoa, whoa! Hey, hey!
- Oh my god.

Break it up.
Hey, break it up! Break it up!

Holy shit.

Somebody get him.

Hey, Jeremy, Jeremy.

You gotta break it up, guys.
Break it up.

- Hey, hey!
- Break it up.

Come on. Come on.

- Hey. Hey, Jeremy. Wait.
- Stop! Stop!

Breathe, man.

Jesus. Are you okay?
That was nuts.

Yeah. What happened?

Hey, hey. Come on.
Walk away. Come on.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

- That was--
- Yeah.


I am so sorry, man.

Hey, have you
signed anything, yet?

Good. This is an opportunity.

I'm serious. You got attacked
by a man on set. That's insane.

I have to...
deal with all that stuff.

They just are, like, on my back.

So I'm gonna-- but you're okay?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Now I'm getting
amped up, man. Fucker.

I'm glad you're alive.

A lot of aggression.

So, we have sent them both home,
but we still have Andrew and Amir.

So that's a possi--

Actually, I think I'm done.

Oh. Okay, great.

Well, I guess we can
call it a day, then.

Everybody can start packing up.
That's a wrap!

- Amir, can I talk to you for a second?
- Sure.

Listen, uh,
somebody told me that you were taking pictures before,

and I just want to remind you
of the whole NDA deal,

so don't post
or talk about it yet, okay?

- Sure.
- Oh, and, uh...

Dave, the guy
who owns the house,

he dropped by the shoot earlier,
and he was curious about you.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

He's one of the guys
who invented the e-cigarette

and he's having a party tonight.
He wanted to know

if you're a celebrity,
and I told him about you.

He was intrigued
and he wanted me to ask you

if you wanted to be
at the party.


Oh, I don't know, I guess he just wants...
interesting guests or whatever.

I can tell him
you're not interested.

All right, tell me if
anyone is interested

in a white-powder
truth session?

Does that guy
have a permit for that gun?

Yeah, he's good.

- Really?
- Uh-huh.

- I doubt it.
- He shoots well.

- All right.
- Uh-huh.

So what do you do?

I'm a comedian.

Oh, yeah, you should see this.

This guy is internet famous.

He was here today taking pictures with these bodybuilders.

Fit right in there.
Lookin' good, man.

Famous for what?

They showed me this clip where he tries to start a fight with this guy.

Huge fucking guy, and, um...

- What was your name again?
- Amir.

And Amir here, he's got a bat in his hand,
but he gets, bam, knocked out.

And that's what he does,
and that's why he's here.

My God!

I've, like, totally seen that,
it's like so...

Here, take a photo of us.


Here we go.

Are you kids ready?
One, two, three, shoot.

Yeah, one more. Here we go.
One, two, three, shoot. Yeah.

Thank you.

So, wait, wait,
I'm kinda overhearing this, I don't get it.

You, like, start fights
or something, like pranks?

- Yeah.
- Really?


- With the videos?
- Yeah.

I didn't understand
the question well.

I'm not-- I don't get it.

Why would you do that shit?

It's just for fun, you know.

It's-- it's fun.

Fun for who, though?

For me, my friends.

- I had fun.
- We who made the videos, you know.

Who are these people?

- Who?
- The people in the video,

the people that you're fighting.

Oh. Just random people
in the streets.

Rand-- you don't know them?


I don't know. It just--
That's like bullying, right?

- Come on.
- Am I crazy?

No, that's not bullying.
I'm the one being beat up, so--

Why would you do that?

I would definitively call that
shit bullying. I mean--

I didn't even
hit those guys. No.

But-but they don't wanna fight.

They fight because
they fucking have to. Right?

'Cause you're all up
in their face, right?

Like, fucking "Wanna fight?"

Hey, Terry, Terry.
Calm down.

- Calm down, chief.
- We're just talking.

We're having a conversation.

You're sneaking up a little.
Just calm down.

I'm calm, Dave. I'm not...

It's like two gentlemen talking,
right? We're good.

We're good, right? Bam!
Two bullies yapping.



Yeah, so, yeah.

Seriously though,
it's just acting.

It's just-- just a project.
It was just acting.

I was bullied I was a kid.

I was bullied when I was little,
it sucked. Sucks.

Yeah, it was-- it was fake, man.
It was fake.

Oh, it's fake now,
all of a sudden?

It's fake? This fucking guy.

It's fucking bullshit, man.

I got a list of people I want to kill and you just made that list.

Seriously, I fucking hate
people like you.

Okay, Jesus, man.

- You wanna fight?
- Terry.

- You wanna fight me?
- No.

Why not? That's your thing.

I don't wanna fight, no.

- Then why did you do it?
- It's not my thing.

- Let's fight. Let's fight.
- Terry, Terry.

- Come on, Terry.
- It's just acting, man.

What's the problem, man?
Is this fun?

Terry! Come on.

You've had too much.
Right? It's okay.

It's just a prank. It's just a video.
It was just a prank.

- It was nothing.
- All right.

I'm chill. I'm chill.

- I'm good now. Let's start over.
- All right.

- Hi, I'm Terry.
- Hi.

- How are you?
- Good.

- Hey, hey, Terry! Come on!
- Fucking douche bag.

Fucking asshole.

- What are you doing?
- People don't like that shit.

That's fucked up.

She's 19,
but she acts like she's at least 23.

You wanna
meet chicks at AA.

That's where you wanna meet 'em.

You do.

Hey. Hey, Terry. Hey.

I just... I was thinking about
what we talked about earlier

and... I just wanted
to say, I'm...

Oh, he's good.

New roll and reset.

Apple 113, take 1. Mark.

She's 19,
but she acts like she's at least 23.

You wanna
meet chicks at AA.


Hey, Terry.

Hey, uh, I just wanted to...

What we talked about
earlier and stuff...

You know,
I just wanted to say I'm...


Did you meet anyone?

What happened to your eye there?

Got a little trouble last night?

You just need to fight, huh?
Can't get enough.

Okay, well,
I'll just jump in here.

Um, so, unfortunately,
the campaign has been canceled.

We're so sorry.
We thought, worst case scenario,

they would go
with the staged fights,

but they pulled the plug completely,
the meeting was horrible.

It's true.
I got back from New York

and walked into maybe the worst meeting I think I've ever had.

They just really
would not listen.

They wanna go with
a completely different approach.

I think it was
the little things--

the lawyer argued against it,
they didn't really buy the staged fights,

and they want to go with
this other YouTube guy

who makes...
trail bike videos.

We are used to
this happening. Like, a lot.

But, generally, it happens.

You have to have that.

You're always
making me laugh.

- Still rolling.
- Okay.

Right, and, you know,

we are used to this happening,
like, a lot.

But generally it happens
before production gets started.

Yeah, I can name you
a handful of campaigns

we've worked on
the last year alone

that were canceled out
of some bullshit fear.

Isn't it ironic?

This was supposed to be
a fake canceled campaign,

and now it's been
really canceled.

Well, so do I get paid still,
or what?

Well, you won't get the buyout,
which would've been your biggest payment,

but you will be compensated
for the time you've been here.

And you've had the hotel
for four days, so...

I think we have a card still,
and you're all covered.

And who knows? They might--
I don't think it's likely--

but they might end up
changing their minds,

so please, honor the NDA.

Either way,
I might end up using this idea for something else, so.

Very possible.

Are you okay?

Are you all right?
What's going on?

Amir, you seem a little upset.
You don't hate us, do you?

Please tell us
that you don't hate us, Amir.

- No. Why would I hate you guys?
- Right.

I should be thanking you, right?

Oh, well, I don't think
that's necessary.

- Thank you, Brady. Thank you, Sheila.
- Wow.

- Thank you. Welcome.
- Our pleasure.

I've had a great experience
being here.

Well, that's good to hear,
thank you.

I'll keep it a secret.
Don't you worry about it.

- Thank you for doing that.
- We appreciate that.

That's very professional of you.

I'm here a couple of days if you wanna hang out,
you know, so just let me know.

- Oh, that's--
- Oh, yeah.

If we have the time, sure.
We'll come by for...

- Maybe a drink or something.
- Yeah.

- Definitely.
- A drink or an appetizer, sure.

- Stay in touch.
- Yes, please do.

- Thanks for coming.
- Thank you.

- See you.
- All right.

Oh, my G...

- See you.
- Okay.

Oh, my G...

Oh, my G...

It's just you know,
these personalities, they--

they're like children.

Everybody is a fucking child.

- Come on, Brady, let's just...
- No.

- Brady.
- Shut up! That wasn't fuckin'...


Hi, Amir. Brady here.

Oh, hi.

You think that's okay, hmm?

God, you're hilarious.
You're such a fucking genius.

- Bye-bye!
- Bye.

♪ Someone

♪ Someone's alone

♪ In the city tonight

♪ You gotta do what's right

♪ In the city tonight

♪ Someone's alone

♪ Reach out your hands
to the one alone ♪

♪ In your city tonight

♪ You' gotta do what's right

♪ In your city tonight

♪ Someone's alone,
someone's alone ♪

♪ In your city

♪ Someone's alone,
someone's alone ♪

♪ In your city tonight

♪ You gotta do what's right

♪ In the city

♪ Reach out your hands
to the one alone ♪

♪ In your city

♪ Reach out your hands
to the one alone ♪

♪ In the city, in the city,
in the city ♪