D/O Parvathamma (2019) - full transcript

An investigative officer investigates a sensational and challenging murder case, which has many layers.

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It's been twelve days
since the death of Dr. Ahalya, but

the report from the top sources still
doesn't explain the reasons for her death.

For the discussion on the issue we've with
us Ex-Police Officer Mr. Kempaiah and...

we also have Women and Children
Welfare president Ms. Shashikala

We are expecting a direct answer from
Ms. Shashikala before we begin questioning.

So, let's hear what Ms. Shashikala
has to say on this issue.

Madam, please share your thoughts.

Whether it's a suicide or a murder...

It seems our police department
is still not clear about that.

The girl was a doctor, meant to serve
people through her noble profession.

It's unjust to find such
a girl on the road as a dead body.

Now it's time to question the worthiness
of our police department, our government.

Even we are doubtful about
the government's actions.

Let's hear what Ex-Police Officer
Mr. Kempaiah has to say on this.

Sir, what would you say on this issue?

You know, how our law and order
system has worsened.

Listen, call the commissioner.

Hello, Good morning, Sir

How many more days you need
to complete the Ahalya case?

Sir, investigation is under progress.

Enough of your investigation,
I'm handing over this case to CID.

Immediately make the necessary arrangements
to hand over all the case details to them.

Sir, just few more days...

Listen, just do as I say, hung up now.

Okay Sir.

Good morning, Sir.

Hi, good morning, Kishore...

Kishore, I'm handing over
the Ahalya case to your department.

I don't care who will
handle this case in your department...

but this case must come to
an end at the earliest.

All details related to this case
will reach your department soon.

Is that fine?

Alright, fine Sir.

Okay, very good, thank you.

They don't allow me to rest!

Hello Sir...


I am Gopal Sir.

Pass the phone to Vaidehi.


Ah... madam is in an emergency meeting.

Shall I pass it after 2 minutes.

Listen, tell her its very urgent.

Okay Sir, thank you Sir.

Sir says its urgent...

but madam is at complete relaxation.

What am I supposed to do?

What should I do?

The message needs to be passed...

I might damage the phone if I jump.

Using plastic is wrong...

but at this situation... nothing is wrong.



Looks like it's one kilometer far.

How should I go?

First, if the bottom gets wet...

the next will go with the flow.

I'm there, I'm there.

Good morning, Madam.

- What did I tell you?
- Huh?

By chance, if I slip into the water...

then you are supposed to
come and save me.


Not to come and disturb while I'm relaxing.

Sir, had called...

it's urgent it seems,
you need to call him back.

If it's urgent,
will you come wherever I am?

It was a mistake coming here.

Do I need all this?




Sit down.

You must be aware of Ahalya case, right?

Yes Sir.

There is a lot of pressure on this case.

Our Home Minister has taken personal
interest and handed this case to us.

So, it's your responsibility
to keep the government's,

as well as our
department's honor intact.

Sir, it's my personal concern...

more than the respect and honor...

getting justice to the deceased girl and
the girl's family is more important.

Once we achieve this, obviously the people’s
respect for our department will increase.

I know that.

I'm sure you'll keep the dignity of
our department high among the public.

And one more thing...

politicians or higher authorities,
no matter who it is...

if anybody interferes in this case,
just let me know.

I'll take care.

These higher authorities, politicians are
callous in their responsibilities.

They are alive only in their speeches.

We are all aware of this.


Only someone who desires for
death can interfere in my investigation.

You don’t worry sir,
I’ll take care of them.

It's still not clear whether
the death is murder or suicide.

But medical reports suggest it's a suicide

Madam, Take it.


No more hello... Ms. Parvathamma.

Haven't I repeated this...

not to send your daughter
to my home for tuitions.

Hello, Mr. Murthy, why are you so angry?

What has she done?

Are you asking what she did?

Without valid reasons, she had quarreled
with the tuition boys and has beaten them.

Their parents are complaining
and questioning whether...

I'm conducting tuitions
or taking Karate classes.

Please, don’t send your daughter
to my home for tuitions.

For us, that would be
a great favor from you.

Hello, listen to me.


All my peace is lost.

How could she sleep so relaxed
after creating such nuisance?

Get up.

Get up...


Instead of waking me with a good
morning wish and a coffee...

you are waking me with a pinch.

Go away, Mom.

You don't study at college...

I'm sending you for the tuitions,
but you continue the ruckus there.

Who told you, Mom?

Who else will complain?

Your tuition teacher had called.

The boy's parents whom you beat
has complained it seems.

Yesterday, I beat up three boys,
whose parents complained, Mom?

I had warned them not to complain.

Today, they'll get what they need to get.

Because of you, I have no peace anywhere.

I should have gone with your Dad.

At least, I would be
away from these troubles.

Mom, don't come to any conclusions
without knowing the facts.

Do you know what happened?

Yesterday, Anand had brought
new RX bike at tuitions.

You know, how much I love the RX bike.

I asked him for a ride,
he asked me to kiss him.


See, how angry you are and
I'm your daughter...

daughter of Parvathamma,
how angry I would be?

So, I gave him a proper blow.

What you'd have done, Mom?

If it was me, I would have banged his head.

If you approve, I'll go and bang his head.

My mother, you better get
ready and go to college.

Go, go now.

Okay, Mom.

Mom, where is Vatsala?

She got ready and already went to college.

Oh, is she that punctual?

We are done for today.

If you have any doubts, you can ask.




Whenever in doubt, youth
should be bold enough to question.

Only then our country will prosper.

Come on, what is your doubt?

Sir, your class period got over long back.

Peon has forgot to ring the bell.

Are you going to continue
the next period or will you leave?



This is too much...
she's teaching me how to teach?

Thank God, you got us
out of that baldy's class.

Vaidehi, give me your hand.


Give it, I will tell.


You are like a brother in our team.

As long as you're part of our group,
there will be no trouble from any boys.

Oh, thank you, thank you.

- Nice, right?
- Super.

Vaidehi, actually, my boyfriend is waiting.

I'd agreed to accompany him for a movie.

- I'm late, I'll leave.
- Hey...


What? Is it right to leave
all the friends for a boy?

What is so special about love?

You have no clue... there is some
unexplainable pleasure in it.

In a day's 24 hours, 12 hours at home,
7 hours at college, 2 hours at tuitions...

and another hour at a computer
class, wasting all our time.

Remaining two hours...

at least we should use it
for our personal life.

Those two hours... with the boys...


I meant spending time with your
lover will have a different pleasure.

You wouldn't know.


because of that pleasure,
India’s population has increased.

You'll understand only when
someone uses and then betrays you.

- Hmm.
- Enough of your company, I will leave now.


Vaidehi, wait I will also tie the Rakhi.


- Mom...
- Yes.

Mom, give me something to eat.

It's right there, take it.

Two boxes!

Take only yours.

Why do you take Vatsala’s?

What's this?

Who tied Rakhi to your hand?

My friends tied it, mom.
For them I'm like their brother it seems.

Oh, didn't anyone touched
your toes for blessings?

Right... no one took blessings from me.

I will deal with them tomorrow.

Oh God, save us.

Mom, good morning.

Give me a coffee.

Sister, many many happy
returns of the day

- Hey! Is it my birthday?
- Hmm.

I didn't know, thank you so much.

How could you remember any birthdays?

Mom, you have no clue...
I was studying all night for exam.

You still expect me
to remember my birthday?

But why, you didn't wish me?

Wait, where is my birthday gift?

First, you go and take a shower.

Only then you'll get
the wishes and the gifts.

Mom, please show me the gift.

First you go and take a shower, go.

Mom, mom... please give me the gift now.

I'll have a look and then take the shower.

- Please, please... Mom...
- Okay, okay...

Many many many many
happy returns of the day.

Thank you mom... thank you so much!

Mom, you know I don't wear such dresses.

It's been ages since I wore such dresses.

If I wear this dress to
college, everyone will taunt me.

For the whole year, you wear those
useless clothes and torn jeans.

At least today, wear this dress,
go to a temple and attend the puja.

On top of wearing this,
you want me to visit the temple for puja?

I won't go.

Excuse me.

Can you give us some space?

Thank you, sister.

Give the puja materials.




What's your name?

I'm asking your birth-star?

I don’t know all those things.

What's your name?

What’s your name?

Oh god! Why is she asking my name?



I don't mind even if you
don't tell your name.

From today, stop calling me as sister.


"You have filled my heart
like an emotionally moving poetry."

"Implications and thoughts are
intimating that you are my soulmate."

"There are a thousand words,
but anxious to say."

"Why don't you ask?"

"You are one among
the colours of the blue sky."

"Shall I drift embracing in your arms?"

"Keep your presence in all my dreams."

"Can't wait anymore,
need to hear the magical words."

"You are one among
the colours of the blue sky."

"Shall I drift embracing in your arms?"

"How to explain the relationship which
can not be described in words."

"I am surrendering to
the still unreachable love."

"The implications are alive now."

"I'm feeling the same because of you."

"It's subtle emotion of love."

"You are one among
the colours of the blue sky."

"Shall I drift embracing in your arms?"

Shastri... Ananthu.

Where have you been?

I went for game.

What's that wound?

That's nothing.

I fell down while playing cricket.

It doesn't look like
a wound formed by falling.

It's more like someone hit you.
What happened?

It's just a small quarrel while palying.

Quarrel? What is that?

I was an umpire for the game.

He hit me because I gave a decision of out.

Who hit you?


Who is Bhaskar?

Who is Bhaskar, here?

I'm Bhaskar.

I'm Bhaskar.

I'm Bhaskar.

- I'm Bhaskar.
- I'm Bhaskar.

If you let me know who is Bhaskar
then, I'll hit only one.

Otherwise, I'll hit every one of you.

The one who looks like
the boss here is Mr. Bhaskar!

How dare you to hit Ananthu?

Will you hit Ananthu?

Will you? Tell me?

- Hey, will you hit him again?
- Why are you beating me, sister?

If you beat Ananthu ever
again, I will finish you.

Be careful!

Hey, I cleared the exam!

- Are you treating us?
- Definitely!

Hey Kaushalya, you've arrived at the
right time, sit, let's eat together.


since, Ananthu failed in exams...

he committed suicide!

Madam, mom is calling repeatedly.

It's getting late, let's go.

Gopal, I don't know why...

Today, I'm reminiscing Shastri a lot.

True, Madam.

Memories are good for the mind...

not for humans.

When we think a lot about
the things which we couldn't get...

anger, grief, frustration will nag us like
the ghosts, in the form of tear. Right?

Yes, Madam.

Shall we leave now?


You could have answered my call and
said that you won't be coming...

I would have gone alone,
I still have strength in my legs.

Mom, you're aware that I don't
attend anybody's wedding.

Why do you always wait for me?

If I come, you discuss my wedding topic
with your friends and relatives...

and make me stand like a puppet.

How would you understand...

the grief of a mother, who has an
all-grown, unmarried daughter at home?

Forget about answering their
questions regarding your marriage.

I couldn't even face them.

Just because you couldn't face them...

I can't marry and sacrifice
my career for the sake of others.



You are making a scene, just
for asking you to join me for marriage.

It doesn't matter if you don't
come to anyone's marriage.

At least get married before I die.

You started this marriage
drama again, right?

How many times I should
say, I'm not interested?

Because of this attitude...

I had your sister married
to the guy who came for you.

You don't want me to die peacefully, right?

"We won't break this friendship..."

Because there was no music system,
I thought I would sing.

- Yeah, lets get it installed.
- Sorry madam.

Madam, my phone is ringing,
shall I answer it?

- Park it aside and talk.
- Okay, Madam.



Gundu Pulav?

Madam, my wife is asking
whether I can go on vacation?

Shall I go?

Are we free, Madam?


Hello... Ah, tell...

- Go out and talk
- Okay, Madam.

Hey, even after eating at home,
you have expanded into double L size.

If I get the Gundu Pulav and you eat, then
you'll definitely turn into triple L size.

Somehow to match your size,
I have bought two-wheeler in loan.

If you expand to triple L size by
continuing eating like this...

I'll have to buy some three-wheeler...

sorry, I'll end up buying a cargo truck.


To carry you.

- Gopal.
- Madam.

Take this.

Is it for Gundu Pulav?

- Buy some food for them.
- Okay, Madam.

Hung up now.


Give it to them.

I'm not sure what job I'm doing...!

Okay, Madam.

Take it

You too, take it.

Oh, grandma, I'll get you one.

Yeah, sure, I will get one.
No chance of returning here?

I am tired of doing this work.

Let's go, madam.

- Good morning, Ma'am.
- Good morning, Ma'am.

Hi, everyone.

Please sit.

Thank you, Madam.

Tell me Prakash, what are
the case developments?

Once, Ahalya's has been murdered on
Thursday night, February 1st, 2018,

around 10.30 to 11.00 PM on the Ring Road.

But at the same time, in another instance,
she has died after committing suicide.

Are you giving a speech here?

We already know this information.

Tell us if you have anything interesting.

Madam, we have CCTV footage,
shall I play it?

Yes, please.

Madam the night before Ahalya’s body
was found on Ring Road,

she had gone to her boyfriend’s home
at 9.30 PM and returned at 10.00 PM.

Prakash, give me the medical reports.

Yes, Madam.

Is it possible for someone
to commit suicide in this way?

God designs the death in
strange way for some.

- This must be one of them, right?
- Yes, Madam.

Let's meet the doctor
who prepared this report.

Let’s go.

Okay, Madam.


We want to meet Dr. Shashidar Bhat.

Who are you?

Investigation Officers.

2nd floor, left side,
he is in room number 5.

Thank you.


Madam, shall we take
the lift or walk through the stairs?

Gopal, come.


Please, come in.

Take a seat.

Thank you.

Namaste Madam, I am Dr. Shashidhar Bhat...

let me know what you need from me.

We need clarification on Ahalya’s suicide.

Is it possible for someone
to commit suicide in this way?

Yes, Madam.

If you take an empty syringe
and fill it with 2ml of air...

and inject it to the nervous system...

air bubbles will be created and it
will reach the blood supply system...

through the veins blood clots and when
it reaches the heart, it blocks it.

When the heart gets blocked...

in general, without the supply of blood
from the heart to the lungs...

lungs will stop all its functions.

So naturally, any normal person would
die with severe pain and suffering.


Madam, in general, you
might have observed this.


Any doctor, while injecting a patient...

would flush out the air and only after
that, he'll inject it to any patient.

Oh... yes.

- Doctor
- Hmm?

The girl... why did she die that way?

She could have died
some other means, right?

- Gopal...
- Yes.

Even Gopal has some doubt, Madam.

Yes sir, as she was
professionally a doctor...

and at that moment, she used
the available tool to commit suicide.

Thanks for the information doctor.

Its okay.

- Thank you, Sir
- Hmm.

Dear, can't you give
some advice to your friend?

Aunt, whenever I've raised
the topic of marriage,

she fights and stops talking to me.

Vaidehi is here..!

Hi, Vaidehi...

I felt I would leave without meeting you.
Thank God, you came.

Why did you come?

We are celebrating
my child's first year birthday...

so I came here to
invite you and your mom.

Why? Do I need your
permission to come here?

You could've invited us just
through a phone call.

Why? Did you come here to show-off that
now you have a baby after the marriage?

You be quiet, you don’t have time
for marriage and children.

So you expect your friends
to follow the same?

Everyone should be like you, right?

Are you satisfied now?

Aren't you here to create such scenes?

Why do you always talk like this?

It's your Mom who is scolding, not me!

You should answer to your
Mom, don't question me.

Be seated, I'll be back.

Hey, hello, what’s her name?

It's Sanvi.

Hi Sanvi...

Why do you trouble your Mom so much,
can't you get married?

I will get married when I feel
like it, you stay out of it.

Hey Sanvi…

Namaste Madam...


- I don’t recognize you.
- We are Ahalya's parents.

Oh sorry, please come in.

- Gopal, send coffee to the cabin.
- Yes, Madam.

Shall I order four?

I think I won't be part of this
discussion, I will order three then.

Thank you, Madam.

Madam, after losing our daughter...

we decided not to put
our foot on Bengaluru.

But this is the fourth time that
we were compelled to come here.

Why do you think like that?

Don’t you want to know the reason
behind your daughter’s death?

When we questioned the
police for the same...

they said our daughter committed suicide...

and showed us the medical reports.

Once she had become a doctor...

proudly, I wanted to share the information
among everyone in my village.

But, the fate...

has put us in the unfortunate situation
to carry her cut body in a plastic cover.

Madam, my daughter
hasn't committed suicide,

she has been murdered.

Someone has murdered her.

Excuse me, Mam.


Yes, Madam.

I can't ask you to swear on
the holy book, as this is not a court.

This is Vaidehi’s cabin.

If the questions that I'm going
to ask, must not remain as questions...

then your answers must
be believable to your conscience.

Thank you.

I'm not here just to answer...

even I have a big question to ask.

What is the reason for Ahalya’s death?

I believe only you can answer it.

How do you know, Ahalya?

I work as a medical representative.

I regularly visit the hospital.

That’s where I saw Ahalya.

From then we know each other, we
were in love for past four months.

It was night 9.30, it was raining heavily,
why did Ahalya visit your home?

That night, she had called me.

Where are you Rithvik?

I said, I'm at home, so she...

I'm close to your home, shall I come?

Then I said, come.

She came out after half an hour!

What happened inside?

She spent good time talking to me.

It's still raining...

It doesn’t look like it's going to stop.

I will leave, I have to go to the
hospital early in the morning.

- Ahalya wait, don’t go. - Bye
- It's still raining.

You came out 10 minutes
later once she left.


Ahalya had left her cell phone at home.

I came out to return it.

You mean for 30 minutes, nothing
happened inside the house.

What do you mean?

I'm not understanding!

What are you saying?

I meant...

between you two, quarrel for some reason…

any attempt of rape on Ahalya?

Between us, there was no
misunderstanding of any kind...

and, we had planned to
get married this year.

You can leave now.


You may leave now.


May I come in, Madam?

- Will you leave if I say no?
- Thank you Madam.

Madam, it's lunch time,
shall I get the lunch from home?

Not from home...

Shall I get it from neighbor’s home?


Yeah, that's me!

Order for cake delivery from Divina.

Shall I include my order along with it?

Gopal, go.

Okay, Madam, thank you, Madam.

Do you come here for work or play?

- Stupid... - What?
- Gopal?

Who the heck is Gopal?

Someone who ordered the cake.

It's me.

- Take sir. - What?
- Cake sir.

- How much?

- Four Eighty Five.
- Good, give me the change.

The cash?

Have I not given yet?

You must ask.

My hand doesn’t come out to give.

Take it.

The change?

Look, how my hand comes
out so well for this.

- Thanks for ordering, Sir.
- Thank you.

Did madam notice me putting the cash
into my pocket? Let me avoid looks.

Madam, that is for donating at temple.

Excuse me, what’s your name?

Ra, Rajesh...


Are you married?


- Shall I marry you?
- Huh!

Alright, hung up now.

- Gopal...
- Madam?

Call our team.

Madam, we have received additional
details from the police station.

When Ahalya’s body was discovered...

they had found a syringe at the spot.

And, there is a statement saying
that there was one witness...

who saw two persons involved in the murder.

Oh, okay.

Try collecting all possible details.

Okay, Madam.

Prakash, what is the first
report in the file?

Madam, as per the reports...

Ahalya had committed suicide at this place.

- Gopal...
- Madam?

The day Ahalya committed suicide,
her car was parked here...

park our car in the same position.

Okay, Madam.

Madam, the vehicle was in this position.

Gopal, now you are Ahalya.

You need to enact the way
she committed suicide.

- Me, Madam?
- Hmm.

Madam, is the acting fine?

Prakash, what does the second report say?

It says murder!

- How many were involved?
- Two of them have done it together.

You both will be the killers.

Gopal is now Ahalya.

Now, you both should kill Ahalya.

Hey, who are you people?


No, what do you want?

What do you want?


Hey, what do you want?

Leave me.

So naturally, any normal person would
die with severe pain and suffering.

She hasn't committed suicide.

She has been murdered.

Someone has murdered her.

Between us, there was no
misunderstanding of any kind...

and, we had planned to
get married this year.

None of this happened here!


You want breakfast?

- Wait, I'll serve.
- No, no...

Nothing, leave it.

Tell me, what it is?

Mom, how your son-in-law should be?


Is there any restrictions for your
wannabe son-in-law such as caste,

religion, work, salary or he should
be from a particular family?

Oh, my dear elder daughter...

I don’t have any such restrictions.

I just want you to get married!

Okay, I'll leave.

Tell me, what it is?

I will call you later.


Okay, wait she will come.


Your son-in-law waiting outside, go now.


What are you saying?

Go and see mom.

Hey, Vaidhu...

What has happened to her?

She is saying, son-in-law?

She's talking nonsense!

I don't know what kind of person has come?

Hi Ma'am, cake for you.

Can you move a bit?

Just a moment.

Yes, mom.

Vaidhu, nobody is here?

A guy from Divina must have
come for a cake delivery?

A delivery boy?

Yes, he is your son-in-law.

I like him.

But, I haven't told him yet.

You inform him.

Hey Vaidhu, what are you talking about?

Didn't I ask you earlier?

You said you don't have
any such restrictions.

Yes, I said.

Then, invite him inside
and offer him a coffee.

Okay, bye.

Hey, Vaidhu...

Come in.

It's okay madam I have
another order, pay me here.

It's okay, you come in.

Why is she calling me inside?

Oh, it's the lady police's house.
Something is fishy.

- Be seated.
- It's okay, madam.

I'm tired of thinking about this case.

They are inside, Madam.

You fool, why didn't you salute?

Which is Ahalya’s room?

It's there, I'll show you.

During that night, in such rainstorm...

What was the need for Ahalya to go out?

She didn't say anything.

She was doing some strange
things in her room.

Then she came out and...

Hey Spandana, give me the car keys.

It's raining heavily,
where are you going?

I have some urgent work,
I'll be back soon.

- Be careful, come soon.
- Yeah.

She didn't return.

It was around 11 PM.


- Hi...
- Hi.

Oh God, this rain doesn't seem to stop.

Is Ahalya sleeping?

She hasn't come yet.

- What? Didn't she come?
- No, she hasn't come.

It's been a long time since she went out.

She came to my house.

She was there for a while
and left without taking her phone.

I came here to return that.

It's her habit, she goes
for nightout alone.

I'll ask her to call you once she arrives.

Don't forget, no matter what
time, ask her to call me.

She didn't return at all.

Meanwhile, I thought of calling her parents

by then police called me...

that her dead body was
found in the Ring Road.

How is Rithvik?

He is a nice guy.

He used to visit to our hospital.

Do you have any doubts on Rithvik?

No Madam, they were too close.

They were planning to marry next year.

Do you suspect anybody or anyone misbehaving
with Ahalya or any such incidents?

Nothing like that.

But a few days ago, an incident
took place at the hospital.

But I don't think there is any
connection with her death.

We'll decide if there is a connection.
What is it?

You killed my wife, I won't leave you.

Hey get lost!

You are resposible for her death.

You killed her.

After that incident,
Ahalya was little upset.


Madam, Madam...

The way Spandana is responding..

I doubt she is the suspect.

Go to the hospital and get
information about David.


Please be seated.

Have you enquired anyone in
regards to Ahalya's case?

Any suspect in suspicion?

Madam, till now, I've enquired
parents, Ritvik, Spandana...

apart from them,
I haven't enquired anyone.

While I was investigating the case,
it has been assigned to you.

Yeah, I know that.

But then, is there any clue after that?

If someone has noticed or
heard about that incident?

No, Madam.

Till date, I haven't received
any such complaints.

If I receive any such information,
definitely, I will let you know.


Thank you, Madam.

Namaste, Madam...

The day after the girl's
body was found.

Someone came to complaint about
the Ring Road incident.

- Greetings Sir.
- What's the issue?

- I want to lodge a complaint.
- Sit.

Tell me

Sir, the night before yesterday...

At the outer Ring Road,
It was around 10:30...

It was raining heavily.

That is my daily route...

But that night my bike's
tire was punctured.

I was pushing my bike in that route.

A red colored car came at high speed.

-Hey Anand
- Sir...?

Come here.

Coming sir.

Sir is calling, wait, I'll
be back in five minutes.

Then I don’t know what happened.

He confused me saying that two
people were following that car.

You were saying something about a red car.

Sir, it's black, not red.

Hey, just now you said red car.
Are you playing?

No sir, I said black color.

Okay, continue.

I wanted to urinate.

I was urinating there...

the man who came in the black
car hit my bike and went away.

- Can I get his details?
- I have it, Madam.

Prakash, collect his details.

And collect the CCTV footages of that day.

Yes, Madam.

Vaidhu, wear this saree and get ready.

They will be here.

Who is coming?

Why should I wear a saree?

Mom, I don't get it.

I forgot to tell you.

Rajesh’s parents are coming to see you.

Why did you invite them
without informing me?

Didn't you say that you like him?

So I asked him to bring his parents.


It looks like they have arrived.

- You get ready soon.
- Mom...

- You got five minutes.
- Oh Mom, please...

Please come in.

Come in.

Please take a seat.

Hi, Aunty...

Aunty, she is my mother Mrs. Savithri.


Our son told us everything about you.

Look at her, she is very happy
about the wedding.

Then, shall we fix the engagement date?

Please don't take such trouble.

I will take care of everything.

I will fix the wedding date
and let you know.

Mom, it's getting late, I'll leave.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Ok, we'll leave now.


Bye, Aunty.

Where are we with David's information?

Madam, initially, he spoke
to us when we called...

When he realised we are
from the department...

he disconnected the call and
switched off his phone.

Our PSI Shivprasad has gone to his home.

What about Mani?

We called Mani, he is on the way.

- Call him again.
- Sure.

What do you do?

I'm a painter, madam.

How did you kill Ahalya?

I swear on my mother,
I didn't kill her.

I just saw it.

Okay, then tell me, what did you saw?

That day...

Hey, who are you guys?

Who are you?


What do you want?

What do you want?


Leave me.

Hey, what do you want?

Leave me.

Hey, leave me.

That's it madam.

If I had helped her that day,
she would have been alive.

I was scared and stood there.

And when I went closer, she was dead.

I ran from there.

At the station, you said something
about the black color car.

Which is truth?

I went to the station to
inform about this incident.

Which college?

Nitte Meenakshi, sir.

You must get permission tommorow.

- They won't, sir.
- You should be at the station at 10 AM.

- They wont give permission.
- You cant give such reasons.

- I want to study sir.
- Aren't you the eyewitness?

You can leave now, come back tomorrow.

Sir, please allow me.

Didn't I tell you to come tomorrow?

Come tomorrow.

- What about you?
- Greetings sir.

I want to lodge a complaint.


Tell me.

The night before yesterday, at
the outer Ring Road around 10:30 PM.

A red car came at very high speed.

- Hey Anand.
- Coming sir.

Come here.

Be seated, I'll be back.

What's wrong with him?

What is your problem?

Brother, we should never
be a witness to help these cops.

They are making me roam like a dog.

They want me to come tomorrow as well.

This is torture, brother.

If I tell the truth, I too will
be in the same position.

I should escape from here.

What an unfortunate life?

- Sir.
- What is your problem?

- They are not permitting.
- Didn't I tell you to come tomorrow?

Come tomorrow, leave now.

You were telling something about red car.

It isn't red, it's black sir.

- Is this true?
- I swear on my mother, it's true madam.

Alright, you can leave.

- Prakash...
- Yes, Madam.

Give him 600 Rupees.

Okay, Madam.

What about this David?

Shall I call Shivprasad?

No need.

- Let's go.
- Okay, Madam.


- Where is he?
- Nobody is there at home.

- Where is his house?
- It's there.

Let's go, madam.

Let's go.

Where is the person in that house?

I don’t know sir.

After his wife died, he was acting crazy.

I don't know when he
comes and when he goes.

Sir, it's him!

Take care.

Thank you.

Madam, it seems David is at Charcoal Pub.

We just got the information.

Let's go.

By telling the truth, will
you retain lifetime given by God?

Or, will you subtract those days
and meet your wife to tell...

that I am the reason to reach her soon.

Madam, she is the reason
for my wife’s death.

Doctor, where is the doctor?

Go there.

- Doctor, please it's an emergency.
- Call the doctor.

Call the doctor.



- Doctor, have a look.
- Get the stretcher.

Please check her.


Wait here.

She is not responding.

She is no more.

Doctor, how is she?

Sorry sir, you bought her
to the hospital a bit late.

Due to a lot of bleeding...

No, you are lying.

My wife is alive.

Please control yourself.

She was dead, when you brought her.

I won't believe it.

She was alive when I brought her.

You have not given proper treatment.

You didn't give her proper treatment.

I won't leave you.

She died because of you.

You killed her without
giving proper treatment.

I won't leave you.

Hey, get lost.

You didn't give her proper treatment

You did something to her inside.

That's your illusion.

It's written in medical
reports that you brought...

your wife to the hospital
after she was dead.

I don't know that.

I was very angry with her.

I wanted to do something for her

One day I had the chance.

Hey, lower the glass.

- I want to talk, lower it.
-What do you want?

- Who are you?
- Lower the glass, I want to talk.

- What do you want?
- Lower it down.


Aren't you the one who killed my wife?

- How did you forget?
- Leave me.

What are you doing?

Who are you?

How did you kill her?

I searched inside the car to
find something to kill her.

I got an empty syringe.

Using that I injected air to her nerve.

Then she died with lot of pain.

Alright, how did you know?

That she would die if the air
is injected into the nerve.

My wife was a nurse.

She had told me once.

Madam, this is the address
which David mentioned.

- Hi...
- Hi.

Did you come to see me?

Morning, I couldn't talk to you properly.

So I came here.

Then, can we talk inside
while having the cake?

Sorry, Madam.

We have to go to the Eden Park Hotel.

It's over there, come.


At the top.


Can we get those CCTV footages?

Oh, she is not here to see me.


We need twelve days footage.

It will be in the storeroom, come.



Hey, move.

Which date?

- February 1st.
- Time?

9.30 to 10.30 pm

- Open that footage.
- Show them.

Be seated.

Don’t you have the footage
of the outside camera?

Play that footage.

Madam, on that day outside camera
was damaged due to loose fitting.



Can I get the CCTV footage of that house?

- That house?
- Yes.

Sure, you'll get it.

You be seated, I will get it.

You couldn't get it, right?

I knew it, madam.

He couldn't get it.

Take the hard disk.

Thank you!

"Who is evil when all are
hunters for life?"

"Which is a sin, when savage is a custom?"

"The protecting hands will kill you,
the killing hands would protect you."

"Who is evil when all are
hunters for life?"

"Which is a sin, when savage is a custom?"

"Isn't the game hide and seek ours?"

"Aren't we the suits of a card game?"

"Keep rolling your dice every moment."

"No one knows who is catching who?"

"Aren't we the suits of a card game?"

You are a very good Storyteller.

But, the car didn't pass in your story.

There should be some writer behind this.

Tell me, who is that?

Or else I'll give ending to your story.

Madam, you, at this hour?

David confessed that he had killed Ahalya.

We are closing the case.

We have to submit the charge
sheet to court tomorrow.

I need your signature for your statement.


Madam, if you had called me,
I would have come to your office.

Tomorrow it has to be submitted
to the court at the earliest.

So we are here.

It's okay, come in Madam.

Coffee, Madam.

By the time I finish the coffee...

you tell and finish your story.

Or else I know how to finish it.

Madam, I will tell you everything.

But I need a favor from you.

Please, Madam.

First, you talk...

Whether to help you or not,
my team will decide that.


Where are you Rithvik?

I was just thinking about you.

I am at home.

I'm close to your home, shall I come?

Why not? You don't need
my permission to visit my place.



I invited you many times,
yet you didn't come to my home.

But today, surprise visit.

I couldn't believe it, Ahalya.

Outside rain, inside you.

Wait, I'll bring coffee.

There is so much that I
need to talk to you..

We can talk till the rain stops, wait.



What are you thinking about?

You are a first time guest to our home.

Next time when you come home...

you should prepare coffee for me.


Speak up, Rithvik.

Outside rain, inside me...

there is another girl,
right in front of you.

I don’t need your answer for my comfort.

Your answer, at least let
it be true to your conscience.

Yes, Ahalya.

She is my wife.

She doesn’t have a leg.

But she’s got a lot of property.

From my childhood, I'm fond of money.

I got to know that I'll get
a lot of money if I marry her.

Marriage is the only thing that
happened early in my life.

I don’t care about that.

What about me?

Few more days, I'll get a lot
of money from her family.

Then I'll marry and
take good care of you, Ahalya.

You betrayed me, Rithvik.

I loved you a lot.

You could have informed me earlier?

You are such a cheat.


I love you a lot, Ahalya.

I will inform this to everyone.

Including your wife.

- Ahalya, listen to me, Ahalya.
- I will call the cops.

Ahalya, don’t do it, Ahalya.

- Rithvik, my phone.
- Listen to me.

Listen to me, Ahalya.

Rithvik, leave me.

- Please, please...
- Leave me.

Listen to me, Ahalya.

Rithvik, leave me.

Listen to me, listen to me.

Listen to me, Ahalya.

Listen to me.

Don’t do it, Ahalya.




There is no time to sit and think
about right and wrong.

Shall I dig and bury her body here?

No... No...

Shall I cut her into pieces and
flush it through the toilet?


What if I go to the police station
and file a missing complaint?

You fool!

Her entry inside the house
is recorded in CCTV footage.

What if I erase the CCTV footage?

Won't the police raise the question?

Why only that day's
footage has been missing?

I must do something.

When the beast takes
control of the humanity...

the mind must think faster than the beast.

I wore her dress and walked
out of the house...

I went out in her car.

Since, there wasn't any CCTV
camera in the backyard...

I jumped the compound
wall and got inside...

I wore my dress...

deleted my family photo in her mobile.

To ensure recording on CCTV
footage, I came out again.

I came back from the back door,
took Ahalya’s body...

and I went out through the back door.

In her car, I passed through
the Eden Park Hotel 's next road...

went to the Ring Road and dumped her body.

I kept a syringe next to
her and then I left.

I came to Ahalya’s house...

Told her friend that
Ahalya came to my place...

and left her cell phone and that I
was there to return it.

Make sure she calls me when she returns.


Then, I remembered David.

Hey, where is David?

He is on the top.

Somehow I wanted to use David
and escape from this case.

So I went to meet David.

I lied a lot to David and tried to
instigate anger against Ahalya.

But, David said that there was no connection
between his wife's death and the girl...

that he acted like mad man the other day.

I realised that David was
not getting convinced.

Then, I told him about killing Ahalya
and dumping her body on the Ring Road.

I was convincing him to accept that
he committed the murder,

then I would pay him well and
bail him out soon, but by then...

Mani arrived.

Hey Mani, when did you come?

I heard everything you spoke.

If I have to keep my mouth shut,
how much will you pay me?

Ok, I will pay you both.

I'll tell you, what you both need to do?

David, which places you visited that day?

From morning to evening we worked
at welding shop and then...

I and Mani, we had drinks at a bar.

Then I went to Eden Park for dinner.

At what time?

Around 9.30 pm.

Then I came out at 10.15 pm.


I will make sure that department
will consider you as suspect.

Then, I will tell you what needs to
be told during police investigation.

I will leave now.


Then I got the Eden Park Hotel's outside
camera CCTV footages deleted by bribing.

Then I met the doctor and created
a fake suicide medical report.

Hey, its the Boss.


Mani, listen carefully...

You go to police station
and file a complaint.

That night, it was heavily
raining at the Ring Road...

your bike's tire was punctured...

two strangers in helmet were following her.

Okay Boss, okay Boss, I'll tell.


Tell me sir.

David, listen carefully...

When department people question you...

That day, David heard my plan...

Ahalya’s car went next to
the Eden Park's hotel...

then he followed Ahalya's car,
he was supposed say this.

Instead, he wrongly said that her
car passed opposite to Eden Park...

then he followed her,
that's how he got caught.

For his selfishness, human forgets
humanity and acts like a beast.

You are a perfect example for that.

Take him.

Madam, you said you would help?

What help you need?

David has already agreed that
he is the murderer...

You can fit him in the case and leave me.

If I leave you?

I will pay you how much
ever money you want.

How much will you pay?

You name the number!


What are all these?

I forgot to tell you.

Your wedding invitation cards.


Your wedding date is fixed.

All arrangements are going on.

Mom, without informing me,
why are you doing all this?

Oh, haven't you got
the boy here without informing me?


Sir, has sent a file.

He wants you to handle this case as well.

"Who is evil when all are
hunters for life?"

"Which is a sin, when savage is a custom?"

"The protecting hands will kill you,
the killing hands would protect you."

"Who is evil when all are
hunters for life?"

"Which is a sin, when savage is a custom?"

"Isn't the game hide and seek ours?"

"Aren't we the suits of a card game?"

"Keep rolling your dice every moment."

"No one knows who is catching who?"

"Aren't we the suits of a card game?"

"Isn't the light which kills the dark?"

"Isn't there is living by
a moment swallowing a moment?"

"Isn't its the play of unknown hands?"

"Which handcuffs will you use
for the bothering hands?"

"Who? Why? Where you will search?"

"To whom? For what? How you condemn?"

"Isn't the lies and truth are
for that moment?"

"Isn't the sin or sanctity
are after death?"

"Who is evil when all are
hunters for life?"

"Which is a sin, when savage is a custom?"

"The protecting hands will kill you,
the killing hands would protect you."

"Who is evil when all are
hunters for life?"

"Which is a sin, when savage is a custom?"